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Year 2003 Tributes

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Mabel thru My Wee Oscar

Mabel, 03/29/92-09/20/94

Mabel, it will be 9 years ago tomorrow that you left Buffer and your life here on earth. We still miss your beautiful blended calico fur, and your playful nature. You were Buffer's pal, and I hope he still dreams of you, his littermate. From the moment I saw your beautiful "Maybelline" eyes, you were Mabel, the angel kitty. You are still loved and will always be remembered in our hearts. We still miss you, Mabel. Love always, Bufferoo, Phil and Betsy

Mabel, 04/24/94-04/16/03

My special friend, beloved companion, dog-of-my dreams...I miss you so much. There will always be a hole in my heart that looks like you. I love you, I miss you, I thank you for all you gave to me. Love, mommy

Mac, 12/24/89-10/24/03

To us you were only Mac, the most wonderful dog in the world, but your AKC name, Ch JLC’s Heartbreak Kid v Ryndam is appropriate too, for you were heartbreakingly beautiful as a young dog, and now our hearts are broken that you are gone. You were so tightly bonded to me that you followed me everywhere – until your back legs started to weaken. Worst of all was the canine Alzheimer’s which caused you to walk endlessly in circles. When the circles got smaller and smaller, and when you, who never, ever complained, whimpered as you circled, we knew it was time to say good-bye. We love you Mac, and miss you terribly. – Margi, Chuck, Erik & Anders

Margi Nowak

Mac, 11/21/03

You were a loyal and faithful protector and friend that got us through the hardest of times. You'll always be with us and we'll miss you. Rest in Peace.

Dad, Mommy, and Sissy

Mac (Mackenzie), 05/01/94-10/18/03

Mackie, Our Angel Dog!, Mami and Papi miss you. Our loyal and great Friend, we know one day, we will be together and happy again. We will cross the Bridge together. Mami and Papi feel very fortunate and grateful to have you as a friend and partner for the last 9 and 1/2/ years. Our "brown Rubber Nose" this is not good bye, be patient, Papi promised just before you departed that we will all be together again. You always be with us in our hearts and thoughts.

Jorge & Paula Urtubey

Mac, 04/01/91-09/26/01

Mac was my best friend and companion. He will always be by my side. Now he is at peace, he is no longer in pain. He was a special boy - I will never forget him. Mac, I miss you so much!!

Whitney Walker

Mac, 1984

Courageous to the end.

Mary Lou

Mac, 04/18/90-11/11/02

Thank you and Bailey for sharing your lives with me. Nothing is quite the same...

Diane Williford

Macca, 30/05/90-28/10/03

A loyal and devoted friend. He was always by our side and we wish we could have had him for ever. In our eyes he was the best dog in the world, we loved him and we will always miss him. We will never get over his loss.

Audrey Lea

Macey Shadowbear, 01/10/94-08/06/03

Macey, You were the one true friend in life that I had. You loved me no matter what. You listened to me and didn't laugh at me. I will love you forever and always. One day in heaven we will meet again. Love your Mommy (Jennifer Mason)

MacGyver, 10/15/94-07/29/03

To MacGyver,

an adventurous soul who is sorely missed. Happy 9th birthday and first birthday in the Rainbow Bridge. So many squirrels and rabbits miss your chasing them, and your little cairn brother Kirk misses you as well. Please know that you are missed and loved. You are our angel in heaven.

With all our love,

Your family

MacGyver, 09/08/91-01/12/03

MacGvyer had a sudden onset of hematuria and pain, had two surgeries and died all within a week following Christmas of 2002. His passing has devastated many, as sheltie deaths often do.

MacGyver has ribbons in confirmation, and was accomplished in obedience, agility, flyball, and loved pet therapy in nursing homes and hospitals. He was very, very gentle, compassionate, loving and had quite a sense of humor. His very presence and beauty brought so much joy to anyone who just looked at him! He traveled the United States with me, made it through nursing school, a marriage and divorce with me, raised many friends' children and pets with me, and loved playing with "his" cat, Chloe.

I can't believe he is gone and what is most hard to take, is that he is the one that would console my crying whenever I was blue or had a loss in my life. Now that he is gone, no one will ever take his place. I try to hold on to the idea he is still with me and lives on in my new sheltie pup, appropriately named, "Spirit of MacGyver's Miss Daisy". I have included a poem I wrote for him about his passing, and photo from Christmas, 2000. He looked like this still the day he died. I will love you forever, my little baby boy.

He's Not Here

When he was here my arms were full but never too heavy to bear him…
never too tired to hold him.

He was my life, my joy and my pain
Yet always he was the sun through my rain.

Coming to me when I needed a hug…
When loving "too much" was to him, never enough;
In all the world who would've thought so much joy---
Could've come from one four-legged, furry boy?

Year after year time passed and we grew;
As long as he was with me I always knew…
He'd be here forever with me, but you see?
He's not here. He's not here.

Now this house is silent and throughout all these tears…
Who will ever comfort me? Where is he? He's not here!
I try and I try to be strong yet I cry!
When will it ever end? Can my heart ever mend?

I'll never again feel his beating heart and smell his sweet scent against my chest---
And no more of his kissing away my tears without rest.

I can never look upon his gentle, dark eyes, but just stare at myself in the mirror…
And realize…
He's not here.

Janine M. Lay 1/31/03

Mach Abbee, 03/27/91-01/24/03

Abbee was my canine soulmate. She was my journey to the places deep within my heart. She was my best friend.

Barb Kamp

Mack, 04/06/03

My cat name is Mack. Mack gave me a good company. Mack's my best friend as well. Mack is very healthy. Mack lived for 18 months old. Mack I will never forget you at all.


Mackenzie Winter, 7/23/03-10/23/03

Our sweet Mackenzie Winter, our beautiful white sunshine. There are not enough words to tell you how much we love you and miss you. Thank you so very much for all that you've given us. Our lives will never be the same without you. Love Always, Mom, Dad & Annie

Mackie, 08/28/92-10/02/03

Mackie, my sweet baby boy, my mackie doodle doo, my doodle boy, my sweetest most loyal companion, I miss you more than I can bear! Tomorrow it will be two months since that sunshiney day beneath the tree when I let you go. I felt like I had killed my baby, but I pray that what I really did was spare you misery. You were the bravest doggie I know! You were hit by a van when you were only one and survived! You let the vets poke holes into your lungs, and you didn't even wince! God gave me ten more years with you, and for that I am so thankful! I feel greedy, though: I wanted more! More time with my handsome, proud boy! My silly Mackiedoo! I miss your sweet expressive eyes, your snorting, your slobber! I miss how you would lick at the air in excitement for no apparent reason! I miss that little wagging nub that twirled in frenzied circles! I miss seeing your concerned face in the window when I'd pull out of the driveway and your hopeful expression when I'd pull back into the driveway! I miss your clamorous excitement when I'd walk in the door! The way you would slyly sneak your front paws on my lap, then one back paw, then the other, and before I knew it you had snuck onto the couch into my lap! Oh I miss snuggling with you, watching your paws twitch as you slept and hearing your funny stifled barks as you dreamed. I miss the hilarious I'm-so-ferocious bark you'd let out when someone came to the door. It was as ferocious as a yodel and just as melodic! To be such a strong 80-pound boxer, you had the most nerve-wracking hysterical bark when you were left by yourself in the back yard but knew I was in the house! I don't care if it bothers the neighbors -- I wish I could hear it now! If it were up to you, we'd have been inseparable! My mother told me how, even though all of your extended family was present and available to give attention, you would sit at the front door where I had exited and sit there looking for me, worried, until I returned! You were Mama's Boy! You were the sweetest, most compassionate friend ever! I knew that you knew when I was upset, because you would come to me, get directly in front of me and literally climb onto me, just to comfort me, and I saw you do that when others were crying. You possessed qualities we humans can only hope to achieve. You selflessly gave love -- and not just plain old love, but uncontainable outlandish displays of pure joy and affection! No one has ever made me feel more loved than you! No one has ever made me feel more special than you! You were a beautiful brindle boxer, with cute floppy ears that bounced as you trotted around. Yes, you were physically adorable, but inside you were gold! You never judged and you offered swift forgiveness. Mackie, I beg your forgiveness now for all of the times when I left you alone while I went to work all day and for all of the times when I left you alone while I lived my selfish twenty-something life! Please forgive me for not providing you with a companion with whom you could have shared time while I was away, and please forgive me for the time I spent away. Please forgive me for all the ways in which I failed you, though I know you never noticed. I pray that I gave you a good life with me. I pray that you were happy and fulfilled during your eleven years on earth. I wish I could have taken you to the beach again, so you could again dig your way to China and cover your entire body with sand. I wish I could bathe you again, even after you roll in horse-piles, your favorite delicacy! I wish I could have you shed your fur all over my clothes, something I foolishly complained about over the years! I wish I could experience you slinging another of your foot-long slobber strands from your mouth all over me and all furniture within a three-foot radius! I wish I could see your beautiful, strong stride as you run and run! I wish we could play! I wish I could tickle your paws! I wish you could push me with all fours and leave me only a foot of bed space for myself! I wish I could hear the jingle of your collar in the middle of the night, the clicking of your nails on the hardwood floors. I still look for you. I still look for your sweet face poking out of the lattice work underneath the deck, where you broke it so you could look out for me. I miss your scent, the steady rhythm of your slumbered breathing, your intent and steady eyes, your sweet, tender, good-natured presence. Please, Mackie, I can't feel you. Please come back to Mama! I love you. There's no other like you! I will always love you! I will always miss you! I hope that you are with God, comforted, healthy, and running. You fought lymphoma for six months. You fought bravely and happily and were my perfect companion all the way! You are my best friend, my most special companion, my most trusted confidante, the only man who's ever stayed in my life, my truest, truest, most faithful friend, my baby, my boy! Words cannot describe the emptiness I feel without you! I love you! I wish everyone could have known you! You are such a gift! Such a treasure! And I'm not sure what I ever did to deserve you, but I am so eternally grateful to have shared those years with you. Don't you worry about Mama. I know you always did. Mama's okay. I pray, pray, pray that I will see you again one day, my precious baby, My Mackie!

Kim Mason

Mackie, 04/29/90-04/17/03

Loving trusted friend, always there, always loving, giving love and affection asking only to be loved in return. I will miss you.

Stanley Parker

MacTavish, 12/2003

To the special guy who made our home so filled with joy. Mactavish you will be missed terribly, it's not the same without you. I know the you're at Rainbow Bridge having a good time and you aren't in pain any longer. It was the hardest thing for me to do but it for your own good. as I cry writing to you you will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. We will love you forever.

Love dad & mom

MacTavish, 12/24/87-08/13/03

MacTavish was the most amazing dog. Over the years he endured several operations always bouncing back to his old wonderful, loving self - truly at the amazement of his vet who could not get over his uncanny ability to hang in there - especially when he was older. She told us time and time again that another dog would most likely not have survived all that he had been through. He also had cataracts, was hard of hearing, had thyroid problems and was on several medications. Despite all this he continued to be a happy, loving member of our family.

At the end we were with him. He was in so much pain that we had to have him put to sleep. He never took his eyes off of me. I held him and told him how much I loved him and that it was okay to go to sleep. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. MacTavish was our "first" baby and we will miss him so very much. I pray that he will never forget us - I know we will never forget him.

Ann, Bill & Alex

Macy, 09/2003-12/19/03

Dearest Macy,

I am submitting this tribute on your Mom's behalf.
You lived such a short time, before parovvirus struck you down, but touched so many in that time.
We love you and will miss you terribly. I hope your days at the Bridge are filled with joy until we will all be reunited.
Bonnie Girard

Macy, 08/22/03

Merlyn's Best Friend

The Ridaughts

Macy, 06/30/90-01/06/03

To my precious baby girl. The love you gave me touched my heart each and everyday. You made the sunshine even on the cloudy days. You'd make me laugh you'd make me cry but I never knew how painful until you had to die. You were such a sun bunny we use to say. Lying on your back in the grass in the heat of day. You protected me day and night as I always knew that I would be safe. The anguish of knowing you are gone is more than I can bear but one day we'll meet again and our journey together will go on from there. I love you my little velvet ears until we meet again. Love, Mom

Maddie, 05/30/93-12/15/03

My beautiful Maddie came into my life when she was just 7 weeks old, not even old enough to realize she was a dog, and never believed it since. She was my first pet, and my best friend for over 10 years. It was Maddie who first allowed me to believe I could be a capable single mother, and when Maddie was 6, I adopted my son, Spencer. I had always said that "my dog needed a little boy" and they were inseparable for almost 4 years. Maddie provided Spencer with a floor pillow, a play mate, and yes, even a teething toy. Never thought I hear myself say "Spencer, don't bite the dog!" Today was my turn to give back to Maddie, and give her the ultimate gift...letting go of her while she still had her dignity, and allowing her to stop the pain. She had been "telling" me this weekend that it was time, and she was right. I will love her and miss her for the rest of time here on earth, and know she will be waiting for me in heaven. Although I do plan to get another dog soon, I know there will never be another Maddie. Thanks, Maddie, for all the love...

Martha Piligian

Maddie, 12/01/88-12/10/03

Dear Maddie: I loved you more than words can say. You were a true and faithful friend.
You were there for me thru divorce and the death of both my parents.
You loved me unconditionally and I loved you the same.
I will always miss you but your legacy is one of love and trust.
I will miss our walks in the woods, those big brown eyes, the fun we always had at Christmas when you opened your gifts.
You survived two operations; one ACL and the other on your back. The last one you almost didn't make it but the UGA staff pulled you through.
They and that big heart of yours. You never complained or whimpered about anything all you wanted to do was please me and you did. I will never forget you and you have a special place in my heart; so long my dear and faithful friend until we meet again.
I love you and Harley misses you.

Susan Glidewell

Maddie, 11/13/03

Maddie was my cousin, Betty's "little girl". She is deeply saddened by Maddie's passing.

Theresa Moore

Maddie, 05/23/91-05/24/03

The finest gal, loyal friend, Empress of the Universe and all the galaxies that are, were, and every will be. Endlessly loved.

Leslie and Dick

Maddie, 11/08/89-02/23/03

Our dear Madeline left us quickly while we were all briefly away. I believe she thought she would spare us the pain of our loss if we were not physically present when she passed. She was a truly unique (and often endearingly obnoxious!) creature. Maddie was emphatically insistent on receiving the constant and undivided attention she deemed her self to deserve -- truly a canine feminist and never hesitant to let her boisterous voice be heard (no matter what time it was!). She grew old in body buy never in spirit. Her playful nose nudges will be dearly missed and her constant demanding presence at the dinner table will be an unfillable void. Her consistent and favorite position directly in front of the television is an annoyance we would love to experience just once more. We all know she knew she EXACTLY what she was doing! clever girl!
We choose to remember her with her nose in the wind while on board her beloved jetski!
Ride on, Maddie... We will miss you always!

Wendy Brown

Maddie, 02/13/00-02/18/03

That Maddie of MineMaddie of Mine She was bright, energetic, loving, sensitive, delightful, independent, spirited, and special....that tiny Yorkie of mine. She fills my thoughts and my heart. I look up and see her. I listen and hear her. She fills my head.In our almost 14 years together, we slept apart less than 7 nights. She was my constant and night. Now, from the bed where we once snuggled, in the middle of the night I reach out to make sure she is cozy and comfortable and find only the place where she should have been. Instead of the warmth of her tiny body, I feel only cold covers. I lie very still and quiet though and in a few moments I feel her little body as she jumps on my chest. She brushes my cheek with her light kiss and rests her head on my shoulder. I feel the rhythmic beating of her heart on mine and as we have 5000 times before, she and I fall asleep once more...bonded by time and love. I know my broken heart will ease one day and I will be able to smile once again. And in the dead of this night and in the quiet of this moment, I thank God for this depaI can't help but wonder though, who she now cuddles with at night....could it be "Katie Lou", our constant Yorkie companion that she so adored and who went before her? To all the Furbaby Spirits at the Rainbow Bridge that she now entertains and delights, I send my love and ask that you love her watch over her as I did. I know you will receive as much joy in her presence as I always have. To my tiny Baby Maddie, I thank God every day for sending you to me. You will always be as close to me as the breath I breathe. One day soon you and I will once again be together, never to be separated. Love Mommy

Maddie, 03/23/89-02/28/03

To Maddie my friend, thanks for all of the comfort, companionship, and unconditional love. I will miss you more than I can put into words. You will be forever remembered as the very definition of a true friend. To have such a companion in my life is truly a blessing. I will be forever grateful for the joy and happiness you brought to me. Love, Randy

Madeline, 10/29/03

To Our Beautiful Madeline

Thank you for being our precious
Maddie. You were always the perfect
little lady. We will miss you always.
Our hearts are broken, little darling.
We love you very much.
What a wonderful cat you were.

Mommy, Daddy, Greta, Emma, and Vivian

Madeline, 12/05/89-02/13/03

To Madeline, my forever-friend: I miss you dearly sweetie-girl. With my unending love, dad.

Madeline, 11/28/02-02/14/03

Even though your life was very short, it was full of love. We will never forget you.

Mandy Szwarnowicz

Madeline, 01/26/03

Dear Madeline, the one who talked to me, the one who unconditionally loved me. You gave me the most wonderful 2 1/2 years. I'll never forget your meow's or the way your soft fur felt against my skin. There will always be a place for you on the bed and a bowl of fresh water waiting for you. With love always,

Madison A.K.A. Madie, 12/01/03

A special friend and loving companion has left our sides this day but not our hearts. Although her warmth and joyful play will not physically accompany our remaining days, the past has painted a future of fond memories and occasions. We await our reunion...over the Rainbow Bridge. - A tribute by Wes Christian

Madison, 07/04/97-03/24/03

Madison was my pretty princess who loved her Mommy unconditionally. She was so beautiful, being a tiger maine coon. Her twin brother, Mommy, and Daddy miss her terribly!

Madison, 12/09/98-05/28/03

Madison, I love you more than words can heart is empty since you left, play, and know will be together again someday. Love Mom and Orielly

Madison, 03/14/03

To our beloved Madison. She was true friend to all who knew her. She was a very special family pet.

Tom & Shelly Casey

Madison Mae, 12/17/96-11/16/03

Our Maddie Mae was a beautiful, loyal & loving part of our family for seven (too short) years.
She loved to run, swim & play with our horses.
It still doesn't seem real to us that she is gone.
We will miss her everyday of our lives. We were blessed to have had her enrich our lives with her love & devotion while she was here. l
We await the day to see her again.

Nickole Bradfield

Madison Willow Daze, 07/09/93-09/20/98

You will always be my whisker-bisker,blue-eyed boyee-woyee.


Maestro, 01/01/91-03/28/03

Maestro was a very special member of our family. We loved him more than anything in the world.

We only hope that we may someday see him again.

Rest in Peace, Little Stronie-flube.

You were such a good boy.

Steve Roach and Diana Mehegan.

Steve Roach and Diana Mehegan

Magdaline Sophia Steidl, 04/10/99-05/29/03

Mommy, Schaeffer and Britney miss you very much and can't wait till we see you again. Uncle Jerad misses you terribly. We love you!

Magestic Calvert, 03/11/89-07/31/03

Cal was a handsome red chow .
He was funny , smart , daring and above all , a loyal member of our family :-)
Old age caught up with him this past month ..and death claimed him today .
But he will be in our hearts forever .
We will miss you Doopers ...and will meet you on the other side .
Love you !
Jody and kids , Becky and Darrell , and Sunny

Maggie, 12/19/03

An illness took you from us - we are so sad to see you go but you are at peace and your owners did everything possible to save you but it was your time to go. May you meet up with your "cousin Ruby" and all your furry relatives that have passed before you and find peace when you cross the "Rainbow Bridge"

Aunt Diane- (Diana Powell)

Maggie, 12/09/02

Maggie: you were fun.

Ed and Chris Sigman

Maggie, 04/91-12/18/03

For my brave little puppy who endured everything I asked and then finally left the pain and confusion behind along with a heartsick and very sad mother, grandma and other family.

Joni Montover

Maggie, 10/15/98-10/31/03

We will always love you! We hope that you know that! We pray that you are no longer in pain!!!

Tim and Laura Fleck

Maggie, 08/30/95-12/10/03

Maggie, you will be missed forever.


Maggie, 04/01/89-12/07/03

Beloved friend.

Rita and Bill Johnson

Maggie, 12/10/03

You were a wonderful companion. You were loved unconditionally, and will be very missed!


Maggie, 04/24/02-12/08/03

Our Precious Maggie left us too soon but her footprints will dance on our hearts forever. We Love you Maggie miss you so very much. It's so hard to sleep without you snuggled beside me. I know that you knew we Loved you, and we knew you Loved us.


Maggie, 11/25/03

My boyfriend had this story framed for me when he told me that Maggie had passed away before surgery.
I had prayed very hard for 3 days that God would let her stay with us.
He did give Maggie enough strength to spend one last night with us, very happy and playful.
Jim carried her to the vet on her special blanket, and God took her to the Rainbow Bridge on that blanket.
I am so thankful for this website and the people who have shared their stories.
You are in my prayers.

Sherri Foxworthy

Maggie, 01/15/89-11/19/03

The years passed so quickly Maggie our love. We miss your big black head and warm wet nose telling us each morning it is time to get up. We knew your time was coming, though we tried to pretend it wasn't. Your tired bones and joints and gray muzzle told the story to well. Our prayers are that you were not aware of the stroke you had in the night....did you do that for us? To take the painful decision from us. Katie looks all over the house every morning for you wondering where you are and when you will return. Perplexed eyes scanning the corner where your best still rests...she whines sadly. I tell her you are still here in spirit and always will be. We love you so, Maggie. Farewell until we meet again.

Bob and Carol Pfeiffer

Maggie, 01/14/89-11/19/03

Maggie- From the day I brought you home to Mom and Dad you brought nothing but joy and happiness. Even though we lived 2000 miles apart and we didn't see each other often you were always in my thoughts and prayers. I loved talking to you one the phone and I know you loved it too. Thank you for loving everyone I brought home. Zulu is a great friend because you were her first role model. Max may not have been able to say your name the last time you saw him but he sure can now. We know you will be there waiting for all of us.

I love you Maggie and we will play ball for hours when I see you again. Go play and smile baby girl.

Your Big sister, Milissa

Maggie, 12/28/92-11/20/03

Maggie was my constant companion when ever I was home, she followed me everywhere I went. She was a true Yorkie, a perpetual 2 year old. I couldn't tell her a thing and couldn't teach her a thing but I loved so very much. She will be always remembered and missed.

Peggy Nunley

Maggie, 04/01/86-11/18/03

Maggie sweetheart, I could never have asked for a more devoted, loyal member of my family.
After nearly 18 years, I cannot imagine what my life will be without you.
Know that I will never, ever forget you and your sweet face and I can't wait to find you waiting for me on the other side of the bridge.

Kim Jent

Maggie, 01/28/88-11/14/03

You were the best friend I ever had.
You were the maid of honor in my wedding, and my first born named after you.
You are such a good girl.
I will miss you with all of my heart. I love you shmoo
Sleep tight

Tamra & Jim Boyle

Maggie (Magritte Mocha), 12/07/00-09/17/03

Best friend, constant companion, loving dog daughter, you graced my life for twelve and a half years. Your kindness to friends -- dogs, humans and cats -- will never be forgotten. I miss your warm body, your sweet scent, your smooth-as-velvet coat, your shiny brown seal coat, marked with the white butterfly on your chest, the way we shared licks, your fearsome bark, your uncanny ability to always know what I was thinking. One day our ashes will be mixed and returned to the earth together, the grand earth that hosted our walks in the redwoods, our runs on the beach with dolphins and seals, our last trip to the river with dear friends, humans and canines. I love you Maggie.

Wendy Boxer Jacobs

Maggie, 08/16/86-09/23/03

My dearest Maggie you gave me seventeen years of joy and happiness. I loved your spunk and kittenish heart. I loved the way you slept with me and how you loved sleeping on Grandmother's afghan purring contentedly. I miss you so much. You were a rare cat and can never be replaced. I don't know what I'm going to do without you.

I love you Maggie.


Maggie, 04/05/03

My most treasured baby. She was the best friend a woman could have. She was happy and loved to run on the beach and roll in the sand. I will miss her always.


Maggie, 5/15/92-8/29/03

My baby...My Maggie,
You left me just yesterday. I pray you weren't in any pain. It's just not going to be the same walking next to your house every day and seeing your bowl still full of water and your food bowl. I'm sorry you had to leave so soon, because I'd rather die a thousand deaths than go through the pain of losing you. Though I know nothing can be done to bring you back (not even a fudgecicle) I'll still always love you and there will never be another animal or person to take your place. I remember how I used to set on the porch steps on a bad day and you'd put your paw on my lap or nudge my hand with your nose...and we loved playing hide and seek were always so good at finding me. I remember when I'd look into your beautiful brown eyes I knew you always could feel what I was feeling. You weren't just a dog, you were my baby...we were the best friends in the world. I hope you have a palace for a doghouse and steak or chicken for every meal. I've got a picture of you in my wallet. Thank you for never failing to greet me every day with those smiling teeth and friendly bark. Maybe you can meet up with Danielle's cocker spaniel Heidi and hang around with papaw and Henry until I see you again...I can't wait until the day I find you and can hold you once again in my arms...I promise after that I'll never leave you again, and we can spend the rest of our eternal lives together. No matter where you're at now, nothing will ever take your place...I'll make sure if I ever have kids to tell them what a wonderful companion you were. I know that just like in the movie, you'll be waiting there for me in heaven with your friendly smile and kind bark. No dog deserves to be there more than you...I love you so very much, my sweet, sweet baby...My Maggie.

Many fudgecicles and lots of love
forever and always,
Your mommy,

Maggie, 6/1/90-08/21/03

Oh Magster, I never thought that I'd have to say good-bye so soon although I've watched us all grow older (and wiser) through the years. Words can't describe what you meant to us, you took with you a piece of our hearts when you left us but I know that you are now at peace. You were so brave, even wagging your tail in greeting when your body became so weak and tired.
You're once again healthy and happy and watching over us as you always did. Probably tearing up "dinos" and chasing bugs! You were always there to welcome me home and make me feel better. No matter how tough a time I was having your unconditional love and concern got me through times that I never thought I could. You helped me through a difficult split and welcomed your new Dad with all of the love that you had. You will be with us always, and as I promised yesterday, I will think of you every day. I hurt so badly now that I don't know if I can bear it, but I know that you want me to be happy as you always did. And someday we'll all be together again. Watch over Small and Laz, you're finally together with your cats again! And watch over Odie down here, who's missing you terribly and keeps looking for you everywhere. You took such good care of your dog brother I'm not sure that he knows how to be by himself but we'll all help each other through this time. Being at the beach again without you will be hard, somehow "vacation" became another word for a lazy week in the sun at the Outer Banks that we all enjoyed together. We will take your ashes there so that you always be in the place that made us all the very happiest and where we able to spend so much time together.
Our lives got so complicated and busy we treasured those precious days every year.
You will always be my girl, my princess, and my very best friend. I miss you. Be at peace, sweet Maggie---and smile down on us. Knowing that you will be safe and peaceful forever will help the healing begin.
All my love, "The Mommy" (and Daddy and Odie)

Maggie, 03/30/00-08/12/03

Maggie was the best friend we had, she was our baby. In the three years we had her, she made it through a house fire and an attack by another dog, but she couldn't fight the cancer. I hope we made her as happy as she made us, and I pray that she knows just how much we love and miss her.

William and Melissa Naylor

Maggie, 11/01/89-08/09/03

You were the sweetest most gentle dog in the world. We were so happy to have had you in our lives for the past 4 years. I know that you are not in any pain now and that you are with Bo. Go play and do all of the things that you poor little body kept you from doing here. We love you "Mag Dog" you will always be our babydoll.

Johnny and Buffy Rauhuff

Maggie, 3/90-7/28/03

Through the many years we spent together you were my pretty baby. Your love was unconditional to everyone and you did no harm to anyone you met. You companionship and loyalty will be greatly missed. You are out of pain now my 'lil girl, go and run with the wind.

Maggie, 02/14/87-03/26/03

Maggie was the most incredible rescue Chow ever and our family was so blessed to be able to have shared her life for so long. She's forever in our hearts. We love you girl!! Until the day we meet again...

Mindy Fenton Samuels - Forever Maggie's Mom

Maggie, 01/01/87-06/04/03

Maggie was my favorite white furry kitty, who was faithful and stayed with me for 16 years--through moving from Denver to Houston to Dallas and to Houston again. She will always be in my memory in her favorite spots---on the pillows on the daybed, between the pillows on my bed, on the couch, on the easy chair in Mom's house, on the back of the easy chair in the den, etc, etc, etc.
I will never come home again without expecting her to run to the door to great me, and I will always remember how she and Mandy and Tiger were my 3 Musketeers for so long. Now they're back together again, and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me.
Maggie I'm so sorry to have let you go---but I had to! You had lost so much weight, and had been through so much, at the vet's--then at the Specialty clinic. Your little body just gave out, and I could tell you were resigned to letting go when I held you in my arms at the vet's office for so long. You were barely purring, and so calm and accepting of me to do the right thing. I hope and pray it was the right thing---and I feel that it was. Maggie I'm so sorry you got sick--but the kidney failure plus the liver tumor were just too much for you to handle. I miss you so much---and I love you so much. I will be looking forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge!!
Love, Mom

Maggie, 08/01/00-06/06/03

Our sweet, gentle Maggie lost her battle with Renal disease. We will all miss her very much, but we know she will be in a safe place now. We love you Maggie.

Susan, Tim, Trent, Blake & Brittany

Maggie, 09/14/90-05/10/03

Maggie, We love you SO much and miss you already. You were the best dog we ever had and there will be no dog that can replace you. I miss your soft fur and your beautiful eyes that were always filled with love and joy. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget You. I love you Maggie and will always remember the good and bad times with you. I LOVE YOU MAGGIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Maggie, 10/10/99-01/01/02


I miss you everyday, but I know you are looking down on us and I hope you know you are missed. We will be together again someday and I can see you right now jumping into my arms.

With Love,


Maggie, 03/07/03

Maggie was a rescue many years ago. She came to us seeking love, and gave us more of it than we could ever give back. Maggie, we love you.....


Maggie, 5/29/89-1/23/03

I felt so much pain when our beloved little Maggie left us, but her brother is still with us and we have seen so much of her in him lately - he is doing things so unusual for him, things she used to do - so I know she is teaching him new things. She truly taught us buckets more than we could ever have taught her.
She was my shadow and I miss her so much, but she died in my arms and I know in my heart that she knew how much she was loved and I know I'll see her again one day - till that time I am comforted by the fact that I truly believe she is running and playing with new friends - no one stayed a stranger with her for long. She was such a special gift to us and we are grateful for the difference she made in our lives.

A. Martin

Maggie, 02/20/89-02/06/03

My beloved Maggie, I miss you very much. You gave me 14 years of happiness that I will never forget. I only wish we could have spent one last night together so I could have told you one last time just how much I loved you. I took you to the vet and tried to get you better not knowing you would never come home, I am very sorry for you passing at the vet. I tried to get there as soon as I could, you were taking you last breath as I walked in, I can only hope you knew I was there for you. I hope that we will meet this side of the Rainbow Bridge and cross over together, please watch for me as I will be looking for you.

I will keep you in my heart and think of you every day.

Love, you Dad

Maggie, 05/07/90-02/03/03

Dear Maggie,
Your will always be our Baby Girl. We love you and will miss you dearly. I know Samantha was there to greet you since you passed so peacefully. We will take care of Sofie & Lanee for you.
All Our Love

Bill & Linda Kaczmarski

Maggie, 1992-1/18/03

Maggie, you were a gentle, sweet, loving, happy-spirited little dog. You filled every day with love, from the moment you woke me with kisses(you were much more of a morning person than me), and I sang to you "I've got to get up, with my beautiful pup", to the moment I went to sleep, with you on the bed. You viewed every person as a friend, and loved to kiss and be cuddled. I'm missing you terribly! Waking up is so hard now. I hope you're in a lovely, peaceful place, free from pain. I hope you're reunited with your loved ones, your own doggie mom, perhaps some of your puppies, and any nice people you've known. I promise I'll always love you, and you'll always be my little Maggie-Moo.

Maggie, 1/7/03

Maggie was a very beautiful, kind, sweet and loving dog. My husband and I rescued Maggie from the pound a year and a half ago. She was about 5 years old. a healthy ,Vibrant, active beautiful animal. Maggie has touched my heart deeply and I will remember and cherish the time we had with her. Maggie is forever in our heart. May she rest In Peace.


Maggie Heid Malone, 04/02/96-01/23/03

My sweet blessed angel, when you left me you took my heart. Hold it close until I see you again. Love, Mama


Maggie L., 1988-07/28/03

The Needlenose Dog of In This Corner in the Loudoun Easterner for years

John Geddie

Maggie Mae, 03/09/95-12/01/03

Maggie was the dearest friend anyone could have. She brought in the paper and could find my keys. I miss that little poke to let me know she was there.

Judy Leclerc

Maggie Mae, 07/04/93-11/04/03

Maggie was gentle, smart, caring, sweet, pretty and shared those qualities with everyone she met. She touched many lives and was a regular visitor at our local nursing home. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten. We love you Maggie, you will always be with us in our hearts.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. (Author unknown)

Kim and Cynthia Johnson

Maggie Mae, 08/25/94-09/23/03

To my Moo-Moo,
We had 8 short years together, but they were happy. I loved you so much and I miss you terribly. You'll live in my heart forever. You're my special little mommy cat, my little kneader. Be happy and healthy, sweet baby.

Until we meet again, all my love.


Maggie Mae, 02/14/00-02/19/03

Maggie, your daddy and I love you so very much. We were so blessed to have found you and in the short time that we had together, you have filled our hearts with love. You showed us how to love wholly and completely no matter what. You were the most precious person in our lives and there is a void that will never be filled again. My precious baby, the Lord gave us such a wonderful gift when he allowed us to take you home and love you. I truly believe that you are an angel and your time had come to help someone else in need. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Take care of Suki, Saki, Rascal and Dinky. One day babydoll, we will see you again, and that day will not come soon enough. Mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, harmony, auntie sissy, nana and papa love you very much. We miss you so. All our love my beautiful sunshine, my sweet sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you Maggie Mae. We can't wait to see you again.

Maggie Mae, 12/24/02

We lost our dearest Maggie Mae on December 24, 2002, Christmas Eve. She was a LhasaPoo who died at 12 1/2 years of age. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her wonderful soul. Your service is so appreciated and helps us mourn our loss of such an integral part of our lives and helps us to move to a different plane of thought...believing that we will join Maggie forever some day and cross that bridge together.


Julie, Ben, and Lauren Allgood

Maggie Mae Hardy, 06/03/89-11/06/03

The happiness you spread to our lives and all the lives you touched is forever felt in our hearts. We will not say, "You'll never know what you meant to us", because we do know that you knew exactly how much we loved you and still do. You truly "spoiled" US and we will see you again in Heaven. WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!

Rick and Mitsy Chambers-Hardy

Maggie Magee, 05/09/88-02/08/03

Maggie was loved by so many people for her warm caring ways, for her little poodle smile and her poodle hugs for her human daddy. She will be missed by us her family and her best buddies. For she thought of us all as little people living together, some just had little fur coats. We wait for the day we will be reunited at the rainbow bridge and the deep ache leaves our hearts and me, her human mama has to cry no more. We ask God to keep her close and love her til we can.

Maggie Magrette, 12/20/03

Dear Maggie,
I hope you are happy and not missing us too much. I love you sooo much and it was very hard to let go. When I was in that room with you, well I just couldn't imagine ever being there. I knew that the day would come but I didn't know that it would hit me that hard. I know you are in my heart and you always will be. It is hard to be here in an empty house... It feels empty because you aren't here. I miss you so much and I hope you will watch over us and protect us. You were there my whole life, through everything, and you were a trooper. You were getting sick, I think you were longing to be with your brother, huh? My heart is broken but you will find yourself on both halves. You were my life and I didn't realize it. I need memories of you, that is why I got out all my pictures and we are making you a scrapbook. I cant wait to get your ashes because it will mean you are finally in heaven enjoying yourself. I am sure you are happy now, you will be even happier. Maggie say hello to Frankie for us and send our love.
Maggie, my baby, my pretty kitty, I love you more than words can say. I think I cried enough to fill an ocean over the past few days. You gave me the heart to be strong and to hold on, letting go of you-something that I was so close to-was the hardest thing I probably will ever have to do. I don't think that I would be right again without a constant reminder of you and Mister Frankie up there. I need to see you. Can you and Frank pick us out kitties that look exactly like yourselves? Maybe they will have a little of you in them, so I can look into their eyes and say, that is Maggie, or that is Frankie. I hope we gave you a long life of happiness and joy, I want you to know that no animal can EVER replace you. You will never ever be replaced in my heart, no matter how many animals we have, we will always love you guys the most. We may love them and care for them, but I want you to know you two take up my entire heart, you and my family. Yes new pets will be loved, but we will find a little bit of you in them and love them for that, ok? Oh mags I love you so much I cant even say. Have as much fun as you can and always remember that you can be replaced physically but my love will always lay under your name. Maggie you are my one and only (you too Frank) and I want you to pick out good ones ok, just like yourself. I also want you to know that I am going to plant flowers in your food bowls and put them in my room. I need to love you more, and I am loving you as hard as I can. Frankie I love you, take care of your sister Maggie and treat her good.
Maggie I love you, I was devastated when it happened.
I love you my pretty kitty, ok? Ya hear? I am sending you nine billion scratches behind the ear and belly rubs and love from me and the family, be sure to give some of that love to Frankie too because we love him too.
I feel better now knowing that you know all of this.
I love you sosososososososososo much. I love you I love you I love you times infinity.
With tons of love
anna (and love from Blair, mommie, and daddy-he loves you guys very much and so do we)

Maggie Marie, 12/01/88-12/18/02

A special dog and a special part of our family

Gary & Debbie Borelli

Maggie May, 12/15/86-08/07/03

Maggie, you were the most precious loving being either of us ever had in our lives. You loved and protected with tenacious loyalty. If only we could have had you with us forever. You rest now and play in Heaven frolicking with Grandma N. She will be so happy to see you! Give her plenty of nose kisses. We will see you again someday. We love you!

Skip and Cathy

Maggie May, 04/25/03

The greatest friend one would ever need. Always there to listen, always there to comfort with a purr or an understanding meow. Deeply missed by all the family.

Kasey Dunham

Maggie-May, 06/11/92-02/15/02

Maggie you will always be loved, our strong, magnificent beauty!

Erin, Gord, Ryley and Morgan

Maggie Mundy, 08/29/03

My dear little angel, Maggie, you brought so much love to us for such a long time, but in the end, the years were just too much on your tiny body. Despite being told to go with Shatzi, you fought bravely on and on, even at the very end. You've taken a piece of my soul with you, my little girl, and I'll never be the same. Watch over us, we'll all be together again someday. We love you, Pooky, and we will miss you always.

Sean, Marlise and Mom

Maggie Sparrow, 03/17/03

To our Beloved Maggie who died of cancer today. We will miss dearly with all of our hearts. You will always be in our thought and memories. Please rest in peace and be happy as we were when we were blessed with you.

Maggie May Mc Gregor Mendelson, 1990-02/03/01

You were to bowlegged for a blue ribbon, but you won first place for sweetness.

You loved being outdoors. Whenever we told you we were going for a walk, you practically pulled us out the door in your excitement, trotting impossible fast on those stubby little legs.

You loved your tummy rubs. Whenever we talked to you, almost if on cue, you would roll onto your back and invite us to rub that fat little belly.

You loved us. You began each day at Bruce's feet as he read the morning paper and each evening found you at his side in the family room. Those places are empty without you now.

You were loved. You were there through proms and graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs and new homes. You shared all the ups and downs with us the past eleven years.

Goodbye, Bipper, our sweet and gentle Scottie dog. Your time with us was brief but the love you gave us and the memories we have of you will last a lifetime.

Love from your family.

Maggi Mae, 11/16/98-07/15/03

Until we meet at the Bridge.

Jo Ann Raidt

Magic, 11/15/03

Magic was my beautiful and brave little furbaby. A tiny, petite cat, she always was a kitten at heart.
Ever playful and loving, her favorite toys were always bright red. She was diagnosed with VAS in August, 2003 which she battled with all her might despite the fact that the doctors could not operate to remove the terrible tumor or treat her cancer.
She kept her brave spirit and was my sunshine until the end.
Although the cancer engulfed her little body, penetrating her lungs, her throat and making it impossible to walk, she continued to greet me everytime I entered her room.
Her playful spirit stays with me in the many, many memories I have of her.
I pray that the general public is made aware of this terrible monster VAS and that a cure is found soon so that no other furbaby has to die this terrible death.
God bless you, my little girl. I will join you in time at the bridge.

Pam Simpson

Magic (Big Black Bug), 10/06/03

Dear Magic, we had to show our love for you by letting you go today. No longer will you suffer from bladder problems or cancer. It is just not fair to lose you so young. You are the most amazing cat we have ever known. Intelligent, witty, soft, strong, and the loudest purr I've ever heard. We will miss you between us in the bed kneading, purring and drooling. Our laps will seem very empty without you. We will miss your quick presence whenever "somebody's in the kitchen!" and sticking your head in the refrigerator hoping for a snack. No other cat we know has developed the fine art of walking up to us and flopping as well as you.
Seven years ago you wondered out of the woods in need, seeking a refuge and worked your way into the center of our little family. You became one of us and added so much more. I promised you then I would take care of you for the rest of your life. I had no idea that we only had seven years left. I leave you in peace to no longer suffer and I know you will watch over us as our little kitty angel in perfect health. We will always love you and will never forget you and your amazing presence. Go in peace my dear friend. Our tears will dry, but the salt will always remain.

Magic, 11/25/96-07/12/03

My faithful companion, my trusted servant, my beloved friend Magic died this morning. Gosh how I miss him already and am grieving his loss. He was such an amazing dog, full of love and wonder. Innocence and joy, what an amazing gift from God he was in my life. I miss him so much right now. I keep looking out at all the dogs wanting his face to be there, wanting him to greet me with his wagging wiggle like he did, always with a toy in his mouth. Some of you who knew him, knew his strength and his gentleness. There was wisdom in his face. I was connected to that dog like no other, he was my best friend, I know we had a soul connection. He is terribly missed.

Ilene Robbins

Magic J, 03/22/80-03/22/97

A wonderful and trustworthy friend who will always be remembered and missed.

Joe Golden

Magic Wizard, 07/03/03

So much more than a friend, A part of a family that will forever remember.

Heidi, Olivia and Brian Marks

Magothy (Maggie) May, 08/20/01-11/11/02

Baby Girl!

I miss you so much and love you! You are my best friend and I can't wait to see you again. You were there for me always, even when I had no one, and I thank you for that. I know you were spoiled, but I wish I had you here so I could do more for did so much for me!

You held on as long as you could and I love you for it - I just wish it could have not happened to you! You didn't deserve the pain and I'm sorry for it. Please feel my love and hugs and kisses...and until we see each other again, know that you are always on my mind.

Love you Baby Girl :)

Lia & Bobby

Mahoney, 06/13/02-11/09/03

We miss you and love you with all of our hearts. We can't wait to see you again.

Micki and Eric Moss

Major, 11/27/03

Major, I will love you and miss you until I die and come to stay with you forever! You were a great dog!

Tearza Christine

MaKito, 11/25/02-05/22/03

MaKito: You were our fuzzy little butterball. You brought us happiness and unconditional love.
Your best friend Princess doesn't understand why you are gone...she misses and cries for you just like we do.
We love you buddy....we will miss you and love you forever.
Run free with your friends to Rainbow bridge and we will meet you again someday. We love you MaKito

Mako, 09/13/98-10/19/01

One very special little one, too young for cancer.

Bob and Sharon Blake

Malachai, 12/20/94-04/22/03

You are my sunshine, my world, and my heart. You have been gone for less than 24 hours and I can't believe it's true. The tears seem as if they'll never stop. You've been my sweet boy since the day I could finally bring you home. I love you so very much. This house is so empty, now and I wish this was all just a dream and you are still laying on the bed with your head on my pillow. I just want to see your sweet face one more time. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I know you had to leave, but I just wish I could have held you one last time. They told me you went so peacefully as you slept and I'm thankful that you felt no pain. When I could finally see you, I couldn't believe you were really gone. You're face was still as sweet as ever. My Mal, I will always love you. I don't know if this hole in my life will ever be filled again, I don't care. The years we spent together were worth this pain. I love you.

Goodnight, sweet prince.


Malcolm, 07/14/91-05/31/03

Malcolm, my special little friend, I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you when you left this earth. I'm so sorry you had to spend your last days in a kennel. Although I know you were comfortable there and well cared for, I wish deeply that your loving family could have spent those last precious hours with you.

Bonni tells me that you played fetch on your last day. How fun that must have been! Did your teeth hurt when you picked up the squeaky toy? Do you remember the many times we played fetch and tug-of-war? Remember how we'd ask, "Malcolm? Where - is - your - BALL?" and you'd run in circles, then find your ball and bring it to me to play?

You left quietly in your sleep, and for that I'm grateful. I'm glad you didn't suffer, little Malkie. But now there's a huge hole in my heart and an emptiness in our house. I wish we'd had more than 11 1/2 years together, but I'm grateful for every day we had. I hope you know how much we loved you. James has put two pictures of you in his wallet, and on the backs of them he wrote what a special dog you were to him. So, even though he used to chase you and tease you (which is what 7-year-old boys do, I guess), he really loved you, too. I love you, Mookie, Malchizadek, puppy-doggy. And I miss you. Rest well, my Malcolm. I hope I see you again one day. I love you.

Love, Mommy

Mali, 04/26/01

I had a dog named Mali:
She always used to make me jolly:
She had a white spot on her tummy:
But she will always be my honey:
Mali laid like a rabbit:
Because that was her habit:
I remember that last kiss:
Which I truly miss:
And when you gave me the last lick:
When you were sick:
Mom took you to the vet to see what was wrong:
Then she got home and I saw her face crying so long:
Then I knew what they would have to do:
I couldn't even take a breath with out thinking about you:
Then you had to pass away:
Which was one horrible day:
The loss of our friendship made me cry:
When you had to die:
While I said "GOOD BYE":
It tore a hole in my heart:
Since we were apart:
It didn't feel the same:
While I was still in pain:
You were up in the sky:
Waiting for me to die:
So we could be together:
And always forever:
Those days with Mali passed so fast:
And I would never forget how they would last:
I know before you had to die that you were in pain:
Since you have liver cancer, it was insane:
But I know now that God has taken care of you:
And will still do that too:
I will always remember you:
And I hope you will remember me too:

By Lauren Follebout , Age 12

PS: Mali we miss you very much! You were the best dog I will ever have. We all no your taking care of Toto and "Baha", so give them alot of kisses from the family! Much love from your Little Sister

Mallie, 07/04/88-10/15/03

Mallie found us when she was an abused, malnourished dog of a year and a half. So easily pleased with the least amount of affection and so eager to please us. During the years with us she never missed a day fetching the paper. She enjoyed bringing items to us when asked and always had a kiss ready. She was ever so much better our dog than we were as her humans. We have had good dogs in the past and have another good one now, and will have good dogs in the future. But we will never have one as loving and loyal as her and our hearts are breaking with her passing. Rest in peace baby sister.

Bob & Michele Hughes

Mallory, 10/31/03

Mallory, you are so deeply missed. You were a very important part of our family, and we all loved you very much. You were so special, especially to Jimmy, and you gave him such wonderful, happy memories, and I know once his grief eases, the many happy times you spent with him, will give him comfort as he remembers.

Jimmy Huver and Debi Yock

Mama, 11/03/86-01/27/03

Mama was the most wonderful cat in the world. HE loved everybody and everything, humans, cats, and dogs alike. HE has friends around the country who will miss him, but he knows he was loved very much. I will miss him everyday, and so will his brother Potatoe and sister Gray.

Kim Carter

Mama Kitty, 10/10/03

To my Mama Kitty, I just want to say I am sorry for your being attacked and left to die. I felt like dying at that moment too. You were just feeling so good after your surgery, outside playing by the house and a neighbor dog attacked you so quickly and you died right there beside the house. Bless your little heart for all the wonderful things that you were to us and the beautiful babies you gave us over the years. You were always quite shy but always such a wonderful Mama, that is why I called you Mama kitty, cause you were everybody's Mama. I buried you out where Sir Kohl was buried and I know you are all now together playing in God's land. Please don't be shy anymore and watch out for the others there too. We still have a lot of old animals here that I know will soon be going home where you are. God bless you Mama and I will see ALL of you someday. Love you forever...your Mom

Mambo, 02/05/91-02/25/03

You were 10 years old when you came to me from rescue. Before that, your life wasn't so great. You left me last night, to go to an even better place, The Rainbow Bridge. I am glad we had the years together that we did. I am glad to know you loved me, and knew I loved you.
Your memories in my heart, and your love all around me, will in time help to ease the pain, but as long as there are memories, you're never really gone.
We love you Mambo :)

Amanda Bartlett

Mammapig, 03/17/03

Mammapig - the first time I saw you, were being a protective mom to your 3 baby sons. Now you have joined two of them at the Rainbow Bridge. I was happy to share part of my life with you. I'll always remember your fuzzy face, unique coloring and sweet personality. I hope you were happy living with me. Please wait for me with the others until we meet again. I love you.

Manatee, 04/16/03

Sweet T I miss you so much, and you will always be in my heart and never forgotten. I hope you have gone on to a better place, where you will suffer no more. Thank you for the years we spent together and being such a good boy. I love you so much

Shelli Currin

Mande, 02/25/03

Mande' was a very special pet. She always seemed to know when I was hurting or not feeling well and would come sit with me for long periods of time. We took her everywhere.
She loved Florida and its weather especially traveling there by car.

Her heart finally gave out after years of suffering from liver disease and gout during her last year.

She got up one morning and passed away within the next two hours with my husband holding her as she left us.

Mande' you will always be alive in my heart. I miss you so much and not one day goes by that I don't think of you often.


Mandi Marie, 10/08/03

Mandi was a faithful companion and was loved very much by all as she loved everyone. We will miss her very much and I hope God does have a Rainbow Bridge for our loved pets.

Sheri Welser

Mandy, 11/10/03

I hope you can now run and play again baby girl.
I miss you already and love you with all my heart. Wait for us...Mark and Carol.

Mark Weatherholt

Mandy, 10/28/03

My wonderful little friend passed from this life this night in my own loving arms. The same loving arms which brought her home so many wonderful years before as a puppy. Mandy was always the most gentle of souls. Loving, caring, kind and always there when I would be ill, hurt or broken. She was loved by all who met her, and all who met her were impressed by her kindness and affection. Even some of the hardest hearted people I have known, Mandy broke down their defenses to show them love and they too, loved her. I will always love this little Sheltie of mine, never had I a finer, sweeter four legged friend.

Rick J

Mandy, 07/08/89-09/25/03

For 14 years you were always there for me. You were and always will be my best friend. I miss you more than words could ever say. I loved you beyond measure. I will meet you at Rainbow Bridge.

Jordan Kellner Griffin

Mandy, 1987-09/10/03

Mandy was the most beautiful, smartest, most loving & loyal dog a kid could ever ask for. As a child, she allowed me to dress her up in silly outfits & sunglasses. As the years past she lost her teeth, her vision & hearing. She was in pain from her arthritic body. She held on years longer than I thought she could but when it was time she just laid her head in my hands & let the dr. help her from her pain. It was the worst thing I've ever had to do & I will never forget this horrible feeling but if I was able to give her 1/2 the love & comfort in her time of need that she gave me her whole life then my pain is worth it. She will be loved & missed forever. No dog will ever replace her in my heart.

Mandy, wait for me baby, I will be with you again someday. I love you my good girl.

Deanna Narron

Mandy, 06/03/89-08/16/03

Mandy was a loving and affectionate girl who loved to chase balls and frisbees. She loved to play chase with her mom and dad. She always helped cook dinner and kept the floor neat and clean during preparation. She loved to go for car rides and over the years traveled around the country with her mom and dad. She was very smart and had a great personality. Mandy passed away on Saturday August 16, 2003 of kidney failure. We shall forever miss the joy she gave us.

Love forever,
Mom, Dad and Duke - your brother who is still looking for you.

Mandy, 06/13/83-07/13/03

She was the runt of the litter, but had the biggest heart.

Her purrs and mutters brought sunshine to my gloom and calmed me when I was upset.

She woke me from occasional nightmares, and I repaid the favor.

She licked my cheek at bedtime...

She begged for her special treat (furball medicine) EVERY NIGHT at 7:30 - 8:00 PM (she COULD tell time).

She slept by my pillow...

She muttered when my wife and I kept her awake at night.

She woke my wife and I up EVERY MORNING (even weekends) at 5:30 AM. She was the BEST alarm clock...and kept me from being late to work more than once.

She was my friend, my companion, she was MORE than a cat.

Mandy, 06/10/03

To Mandy, our source of companionship, comfort, and entertainment for over 17 years. You will live in our memory and hearts forever.

Adde Lou Garter

Mandy, 06/01/90-04/28/03

Mandy was my beautiful red Persian kitty who shared her special gentleness with me for eleven years. She was such a sweet, loving little kitty and will always be missed so much!! I love you, Mandy. Sophie and I miss you terribly!
Love, Mom

Mandy, 08/23/89-04/18/03

You left us peacefully tonight. You have etched a space in our hearts forever. When I hear Rod Stewarts 'Down Town Train', I'll always think of you and our puppy training days.

Love you and miss you,
Mommy, Jonathan, and second mommy.

Mandy, 4/21/86-3/15/03

We love and miss our Mandy (Mandy-Girl, Man-Cakes) very, very much. Mandy was a beautiful, brown eyed Shepard-mix rescued from the pound.

She is our little pound puppy. She brought so much joy and happiness to our family for the past 17 years. We thank her for all the unconditional love she gave us everyday.

Among other things, she was a great running partner for Heather and Petey. She loved walking with her Mommy and her nephew Dakota, a Siberian husky. She loved eating bologna and chocolate chip cookies that Scotty would give her. She enjoyed roaming around outside and especially loved to lie down in the sun or under her tree. She also loved to do round-ups. She was such a great protector, not allowing anyone to go by the house without hearing her mean bark.

She loved to sleep in our beds, making them her own and was never shy about giving us kisses. She would love to dance and watch other animals on t.v.

She would ask us "where were you" when we came back from going out. She enjoyed going for car rides, visiting her Grandma Helen and walking in streams.

Although we are very sad of her passing we find comfort in knowing that she is in heaven where she is running around, with her Poppy free from pain and soaking in the sun.

Thank you Mandy, you will always be in our hearts and our thoughts. We were truly blessed to have you be a part of our lives. God bless you and may St. Francis watch over you. We love you.

Mandy, 07/14/88-03/19/03

To the sweetest little girl in the world. We all love you. Your family will miss you deeply.

Lu Scott

Mandy (Lady Amanda Von Tam Le TAR), 05/25/92-02/26/01

Her name was Lady Amanda Von Tam Le TAR, we called her Mandy. The day she joined our family, it was because she picked us. She knew from the beginning what she wanted, and what she wanted was, to be the "BOSS" and she was certainly that.! She was a wonderful girl, so loving and caring. She gave Marcus a hard way to go sometimes, but only because he let her. She had HD and could not run and play as I know she wanted, some days were better than others and on the good days, sometimes she would chase (flying) airplanes off her territory, later that night she would pay dearly for that little romp. She was the most loveable Dog I have ever been owned by, she would let you hug her for as long as you wanted, she was like a cuddle Bear. If she had been a Boy, that is what I would have named her. We lost her due to HD complications, we love her so very much and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

JR & Terry Robertson

Mandy Amelia, 7/26/86-8/01/03

Mandy Amelia was a truly sweet cat and a joy in my life for seventeen years. It was with much sadness that I had to have her put to sleep yesterday. I'll miss Mandy's sweet disposition, little squeal, soft gray fur, and piercing green eyes, but most of all, I'll miss her unconditional love.

Carla Duls

Mandy Dog, 06/10/90- 01/21/03

Our pound puppy who gave us more love then one could ever hope for. Being blind and deaf for the past few years never stopped you from doing anything. You were one gutsy little dog who is so very much missed. Enjoy all the sights and sounds sweet girl and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Daddy D and Mom

Manni, 04/2000-10/02/03

Manni was my best friend. He went through everything with me. He even knew how much I hated doing dishes so when I would do them, he would come over and lay his head down on my feet. I miss him so much.

I love you, Manni. I'm glad you're not in pain anymore.


Manny, 01/95-11/14/03

I was so blessed to have had Manny in my life. he was my bright moment. his soul was so special. I know my mr. Manny is at peace. I will miss him forever. he was my companion, and bestfriend!

Renee Marie Paxton

Marbel Muesli, 15/08/96-22/06/03

I knew he was going to go soon. He was with my Grandma because I was in Disneyland Paris. I love him so much...


Marcel, 08/15/90-02/23/03

Marcel- You were the light of my life for 12 short years and now the candle dims for you. Bailey and I miss you so much. He's looking for you to play with. For all the joy you brought us, I am eternally grateful that your last 2 hours with us on earth were the only sad part of your life. You know how much I love you and always will. Come visit me in my dreams, little buddy. Until we meet again. Love, Mom and Bailey

Marcus (Lord Marcus Von Paw Le TAR), 02/21/89-10/08/01

His full name was Lord Marcus Von Paw Le TAR, we called him Marcus. He stole our hearts at first glance, and made us "forever" Rottweiler Lovers. He was so very intelligent and so caring, it was unbelievable the way he could sense my every mood. If I was sad, he could always cheer me, and would not give up until he did. When he first joined our family, we were living in Bermuda and far away from family. He became my family, my friend and my playmate. He taught me so much, I could never repay him. We love him so very much, and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

JR & Terry Robertson

Mardas Midzy, 21/10/91-26/03/03

My darling Midzy, I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because I did not love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay.

Mari, 09/01/88-09/09/03

Mari was my true best friend because she was always there for me and her just being there was comfort.

Chihiro Saito

Mariah, 02/20/92-11/24/04

Oh pretty girl!
How will we get through these days.
You have taught me all that I know about being a good friend, neighbor, and mother.
How will we ever get by without you.
Who will greet us with a wagging tail, and take our shoes to the other side of the house?
Who will listen to us when we need to talk and who will we pet and love on when we need someone.
I will never feel the soft, soft hair in between your ears again or rub your belly, or give you your bath or buy your food.
I can't brush you or make your treats or fill your water bowl before I leave for work.
How will I know when someone is at the door?
How will I get by without your barking at who knows what, or scratching to get inside.
Oh girl, at least you didn't hurt too much.
I hope your life with us was as good as it could have been.
You were always there for us, I wish you could have stayed a while longer.
How many airplane rides did you take?
Such a well traveled young lady.
Always happy to get where we were.
You never did meet a stranger.
Always loving everyone.
Helping me to take care of the babies.
Waking me up in the night when they would wake up crying. Oh pretty girl...what will we do?
What will we do without you.
So smart and noble and willing to please.
There is no other like you in all the world.
With all my heart I hope you knew how much we loved you.
We loved you like one of our own children.
You were often called my first born - and I feel as I've lost my first born.
Mariah, Mariah, I will miss you deeply and I will never forget you and all that you did to help our family to be a family.
No more pain girl, no more hurt.

Todd and Maria Stoyka And Kids

Mariah, 11/03/90-07/21/03

Mariah was a huge part of our lives and her loss leaves an even bigger void. We know she is no longer suffering but she will be greatly missed. We Love You Mariah!

Brian Baum

Mariah K. Rosati

For Mariah K. Rosati

We loved and will continue to love you Mariah; you have touched and filled a place in our lives and hearts that can't be described with mere things like words.

As you left us I whispered in your tiny ear "Go wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge". I pray that you are at peace, happily playing with Kumar, Kimba, Joshua, and Buffy until that day when we will all meet again. I hope you have no more pain or fear and that I was able to help make any pain and fear you did have somewhat less.

Mariah, you came to us straight from God's Hand and it is again in His Hands that I place your love, your amazing spirit, your unique personality, and your gentle, kind, loving spirit. I will MISS ever so much. Jesus promises that I will have a place in Heaven, and He says that whatever I ask for in His Name will be given to me. So my request is that you will be with me for all time to come.

I LOVE YOU DEARLY, little bundle of love. -Your Human Mommy

Maria Wells, 05/11/95-04/18/03

A special little girl, we nicknamed Puppers, full of love and joy and sunshine for us all. Maria Puppers could be strong and playful, she greeted us every time we came home with all the joy in her being, running circles around us till we picked her up and loved her. She was the best. Our Maria Puppers.

Marie, 04/29/03

We loved Marie as much more than a pet. She was our friend, our comfort, our playmate, and so much more. She loved being a kitty, playing and getted loved. We will never forget the toys she would leave for us as presents in our shoes or on our pillows. She was only three years old and though she died of heart failure, her heart was the biggest and strongest we have ever known. We love you, Marie, and we think of you every minute. Thank you for being part of our lives, and we will look for you in Heaven. You will always be our guardian angel.

Missing you,
Jill, Steve, Dharma, your sister Isabella, and adopted brother and sister, Allister and Bingo

Marieke, 05/28/02

Dedicated to Marieke
Jan 1992- May 2002
For ten years of love and laughter

© 2002 Words & Music by Dan Leski

There's a hole in my heart
There's a hole in my heart
E Am
It forms a silhouette of you
Like the shape that's cast
By a pane of glass
E Am
As the sun comes shining through

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

There's a space in my life
There's a place in my life
E Am
That only you could fill
Now I can taste
the emptiness
E Am
I guess I always will


I walk along
The same old streets
Without you by my side
I bear the scent
Of loneliness
It's one thing I can't hide

Sometimes I think
I hear your voice
It's carried on the wind
Why do I
Deserve such pain
It seems I must have sinned


We were together for just
Ten short years
And then you had to go away
Leaving me unprepared for
all these tears
You can believe me
When I say


I'd trade all my
tomorrows for
a single yesterday.
To feel your fur
Beneath my hand
That's a price I'd gladly pay.


Dan & Joanne Leski

Marilynn (Gigi), 11/24/03

Marilynn-We hope that you will be waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge.
We loved you for 15 1/2 years and we will miss you.
You will always be in our hearts.

Sheri Anderson, Sheri Anderson, Anthony Anderson, and Anthony Anderson

Marina, 09/29/96-12/03/03

I love you and miss you so much, mommy's sweet girl. Please don't forget me as I never will forget you. We will be together again someday. Please be happy and content in the mean time, and never forget our song "You and me against the World.... and when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on....then remembering will have to do...think about the days of me and you...."

I Love You Marina,


Marina, 1989-01/10/03

Marina, you lived a long and wonderful life! Even though we miss you so much, we know you have gone to rainbow bridge where you get to play with all of the other animals. We know you will have endless beds to jump on, pillows to mess up, "cookies", and table scraps. We love you so much ....We hope you will be there to greet us when it is our time. We love you! Take care "Reegie"!! Love: Mom, Dad, Kearstin, Russ, Yagi and Montross the Pugs, and Penny the Cat.

Mario, 05/19/03

Sayonara, Mario. You must have been chasing that bird. Hope you catch it out there. You were the sweetest cat. You had a beautiful face, beautiful eyes...

Maybe we'll see you again.


Mary Palmer

Marius Dmitri Alois, 05/11/90-11/20/02

Marius was a dignified, loving, gentle cat.
He was loved by me, my husband and our children.
We miss our little 'Oosie'.

Sherilyn A. Herron

Marley, 08/23/92-05/27/03

"She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown

Jennifer & Bryan Minehart

Marley, 08/31/95-06/27/03

Marley loved his way into our hearts and lives for 6 years. He showed his love and loyalty everyday. His spot under the chair is empty now. We miss him so much. There is a hole in our lives where he once was. He was suffering so we let him go. It hurts as though someone has ripped our hearts out. We know he is in a better place but we still miss him and hope to be with him again some day. Good bye dear friend - you may be gone physically, but you live on in our hearts everyday. You were and still are our beloved furbaby.

Traci & Christopher

Marley, 11/16/94-06/29/03

Marley, you were are first baby. And when Dawson & Mia came into our lives, you were their best friend. You never resented the attention they received from us. You just showered them with love, because that is what you did best. Mia misses your kisses & Dawson misses playing house & hockey with you. We heard thunder yesterday & he said that you were bowling with the angels. I miss your seeing your adorable face poking around the stairs, and trying to coax you to come down. I'm so sorry that you suffered for even a second. The house feels empty without you. Please always know how much we loved you and will love you forever. Thanks for your special kisses. I miss your "snorts". We miss you. We love you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Dawson & Mia

Dina, Rob, Dawson & Mia

Marley, 05/06/93-05/30/01

Marley We Still Miss You

Colin M

Marley, 04/07/95-03/31/03

Goodbye my special friend. You loved without question and we adored you in return. You brought such joy to our lives. You filled my days with joy and my nights with your watchful comfort. You always knew what to do -- to just sit by quietly or to nuzzle in love. You were my ever-faithful friend. I miss you horribly. I love you Marley.

Brenda May

Marleybone, 04/01/98-06/30/03

Marley -
You meant the world to me - I'm not sure how I can go on without you! Please know that I will always love you and someday I will meet you again and we will play frisbee and chase squirrels.


Your Mom

Marlin Dog, 03/23/88-12/03/00

I lost my baby over two years ago and still miss her terribly. Thanks for coming to me in my dreams when I especially need you, Marlin Dog - I'll see you again, my darling.


Claire Mendelsohn

Marmalade, 08/15/96-04/21/03

He left us suddenly, and too soon.

Susan, Andy, Cinnie & Charcoal

Marmite, 21/07/91-24/08/03

My Mate Marmite.

My friend a loved loved tabby who was run over yesterday.
I am so sorry. I will miss you forever. You are in my heart and my mind. Take care up in the sky. John ... please look after him.

Alison and Simon Bull

Marmite, 04/24/01-12/15/02

Marmey, You gave us such entertainment watching you, catching you, chasing you. I know you are still as cheeky now as you were when you were with us. I know your last days with us were a struggle but I hope you were happy. When I held you as you left I felt a part of me go with you. I miss you sweetheart and look forward to being with you again, when we meet on the bridge.

Thank you Marmey for all you gave.

Sarah Cramb

Marraine, 09/25/90-07/25/03

Marraine was a friend to all and an ambassador of love. She was the very best friend we ever had. Someone who took care of her once said "Everybody loves Marraine". So true. Her spirit hung on, until the end. She is now at peace and we will honor the special gift she was forever. Godspeed to you Marraine, our dear friend and companion.

Kathye Faries and Jim Braun

Marshall, 03/07/03

My beautiful Black Lab/Rottweiler was killed by a car on March 7, 2003. He would have been 15 this year. His name is Marshall and he was my best friend.

Betsy Lanham

Martina Louise (Marty), 03/17/03

This for you dear friend. Your love, loyalty, and compassion and thoughtfulness and your demeanor will never be forgotten. Thank you for the laughter and the love. I only wish there were more People like you. What a wonderful world that would be. Mama

Kim Head

Marty, 08/08/95-12/15/03

Marty was a beautiful brindle Boston Terrier. She came into my life at 5 months old. I adopted her from an abusive situation. She filled my family with love from the instant she became apart of it. My dad was suffering from enphazema. She was constantly at his side when I went over in the afternoon to visit him. She filled the house with laughter from all of her antics. From putting her bone in my hand for me to hold so she could chew it to all of her different ways of communication. Each sneeze, grunt , or noise meant she needed something different. Each night between 7:30 and 8:00 was her snack time. If we forgot she made sure we didn't forget for long. I never had a dog like her before. I miss her terribly and wonder if I will ever we able to get another dog. When you have had such a loving one it so hard to even think about getting one to fill thein void. God Bless you My Marty. Mom and I miss you. It's been 5 years since my Dad died. I guess he needed you in his lap now. love, Gina

Gina Pursley

Marty, 10/10/90-09/12/01

You found you way to my Mother's house when I was in law school. That weekend I was going home to Austin and you were very sick. We did not think that you would live. Mom found some penicillin and gave it to you. That cured you. When I got back you were a new cat. I brought you and your sister, Murphy with me back to Austin. You learned to come when we whistled for you. You would follow us as we walked around the block.

Your time was also too short. One summer night you disappeared. We could not find you - you didn't come when we whistled. Finally, we received a call from a vet in North Austin. Someone had found you huddled under a bush in their front yard. They thought you were suffering from a heat stroke. The vet said that your blood count was all messed up. We had them give you a blood transfusion. For about ten days you were your old self again. But something was terribly wrong, you were not producing enough red blood cells and the vet said that things were going to get worse. So with a very heavy heart, we had to release you from your pain. We cried as we held you for the last time and whispered our love for you as you breathed your last breath.

Marty, you were the best friend we could have had. We love and will miss you very much.

Karol and Vic

Marty, 10/10/89-06/27/03

I'll always love you... forever.


Mary, 09/09/94-11/11/03

You will be in our hearts forever!

Cara and Devon


Mary was a true friend right to the end. She was the best friend to my daughter who was at the time battling brain cancer at the time. My daughter won her battle but yet Mary lost her's with renal failure. She is now on the bridge with my step-father waiting for the one day we will be together again.

Anji Jordan

Mary and Evan, 02/01/02-04/15/03

Mary was a beautiful black cat. She was very sick with a auto- immune disorder. She had two litters one of three that all died and a litter of four. Three were healthy and one had deformed front legs. Evan couldn't survive with two lame feet but he did love to hop and play with his brothers and sisters. When his paws broke and he could barely move we put him to sleep. He preceded his mom in death at the age of six weeks. Mom followed two months later.

Dave Barlow

Mary Clydine, 01/15/86-06/05/02

Clydie was the sweetest cat I ever knew. She & I bonded the moment I saw her and we were inseparable all of her life. I will miss her always.

Terry Dean

Mary Jane, 06/01/03-09/03/03

MJ was more than a chihuahua, she was my world. For the short time I had with her, she was and will forever by my baby girl. I will miss her dearly and look forward to the day we unite in Heaven.

Marvellous (Maxxine), 08/23/90-09/21/03

Maxxine was not "just a dog". She was a faithful and loving companion to all of us and served as a guide dog to Joe until retirement. She constantly amazed us with her intellectual ability. She saved Joe's life numerous times by waking us when he was having a diabetic seizure. When we were sad or troubled, she made sure that her "happy spirit" infected our lives. She taught us all the true meaning of unconditional love.

She will remain remain in our hearts until we meet again,
Joe, Nola, Dave and "Thorr"

Mason, 05/28/02

Lap dog wannabe.

Mary Lou

Mason, 03/01/96-06/30/03

We loved him so very much. We did not expect to lose him so soon. He had a bad heart and went very suddenly. We miss him so much!

Denise & Harry Dickson

Matija, 10/19/87-07/30/99


You were our joy. We miss your begging at the table, your smile, your snuggles, and just being able to make you happy. I'm sure glad we got to share that prime rib roast just before you left us to go with the angels. One day we'll see you again at the doggie "parkies" in the sky.

Rest in peace my sweet pea.
Love forever and always, Mommie

Matisse, 02/14/01-12/01/03

Matisse was the sweetest & most loving dog.
He was there for me, loved me, & cared about me no matter what.
He is & will always be greatly missed.
Matisse, I know you're out there watching over me.
I will see you soon, baby.

Love, Mommy

Matisse, 08/07/03

Matisse was my brave protector. He was always there to give me kisses and cuddles He loved to take naps with me, go for a walk and chase land crabs. His favorite food was pizza (which he had the night before he went to sleep). He was so sweet and courageous. I miss you so much, Bubby. life is so lonely with out your kisses. I know you are in heaven, running free and without pain. You were truly a blessing from above Love, Hannah

Matisse, 25th June 2002 to 15th January 2003

Our dear beloved Mati, our Wonderdog and special little fluffball, we were truly blessed to have him in our lives even if it was only for such a short time. We love him and miss him dearly, not a day goes by when we aren't thinking of him. Our special little boy will always be in our hearts. Mai-io Mati, Mai-io.

Matthew, 05/17/98-05/07/03

Good bye, my beautiful Matthew, Carousel's The Fyre Beside Me. You were my collie for only two years, but I loved you so much. Your spirit will be with me forever.
"He's my bonny, bonny boy, and he's growin.'"

Laurel L. Tryforos

Matz, 05/13/94-08/06/03

He was my best friend from the very day he was born. I bottle fed him and he was my protector and my son. He will be greatly missed.


Mau, 11/01/83-07/14/01

Mau, you were a wonderful boy and we still miss you. You joined your sister, Koko, a year to the day. We're sorry you were so sad for a year. Cassie missed you, too. You will always be our Buddly the Studdly. Terry and I will get you at Rainbow Bridge when we go to meet our Maker. I know I will see you and Koko again.

Love, Mom and Dad

Mau, 03/15/80-04/02/98

Mau was a special kitten from the start. There were 4 kittens to choose from but Mau chose me. He was the first to sniff my hand and the first to allow me to pet and hold him. So away we went home. He sat in my lap, purred, happy pawed and slept the 4 hour drive.

For the next 18 years, Mau's unconditional love was overflowing. He was always there for me no matter what.

Until we meet again my friend... I love you and miss you very much. You are always in my heart.

Maude, 05/91-09/02

Maude had a mind of her own even though she was a velcro dog. She liked to play but getting petted was top on Maude's list of favorite activities. Her second favorite game was chasing rabbits and squirrels--she almost caught a squirrel once, a big surprise to me and to Maude. She hated being bugged when she bedded down for the night but if she wanted attention, she could bug you. I miss being bugged.

Laurel Wilson

Maude Jewel, 11/20/03

Before I go into my story
I want to say it has been very cleansing to write.. I like to thank the people behind this website for giving me the luxury of freely expressing my pain without judgment. I am an animal lover. I celebrate them... They are pure and as real as you can get. Their personalities are very clear to me as I have connected deeply with animals since early childhood. I was an unhappy child.. And animals gave me much comfort during difficult times. Most of my companions have been cats.... I also was great friends with a Benji look alike terrier mix .....that thought he was a cat.

Words fall short when it comes to our feelings for Maude. She touched many people lives. You really had to meet her to see what a wonder she is. Maude is the most loving soul I've ever known. I say "is" because I like to believe she is still out there waiting for Chad, myself, Auntie Carrie and Chris... All of those who were lucky enough to love Maude. She lived a long, rich life of travel, adventure, lots of winter nights 'melted' by the fire & summer days stretching out as long as she could in the sun. Chad and I are musicians and we use to take her on the road with us. She was a keen mouser when she still had her eyesight. She slept in our bed in my arms like a little baby with her teeny head on my pillow. One late morning Chad and I were rudely awakened by an earthquake. People always talk about 'the big one' that is gonna come here on the WestCoast and my life flashed before my eyes. Maude was in my arms.. She clung to me as it slowly passed. She helped us nurse a teeny stray kitten (we found while playing a gig out of town) to health by taking her in as her own without hesitation. Again, words fall short of how wonderful life with Maude was. She lived to be quite old for a kitty.

Maude J. Q. was rescued from a shelter so we never knew her true age. We had her for nearly a decade.
She always looked like a little granny to me. And as soon as I met her I made a voice for her with a thick and lazy east coast accent (we live in Washington state... But you couldn't argue with that affectation for her) Her mouth would make this adorable crooked little expression... She had to have a few teeth removed when Chad took her in so her little love bites (which she did a lot of) were gummy with little scrape scrape teeth. We called it playing Maudie Roulette.. Because she still had her 'dagger' tooth in there somewhere and those mollahs were killahs!) Her eyes were always a little funky and she started going blind about 3 years ago. Ever the acclimation wonder cat, she was still playful (she was coo coo for those furry little mousey toys) spry and adventurous and bold as ever. A remarkably strong kitty all the way to the end. I felt so selfish when she started to get sick. I just wanted to keep her forever her in this world... But we knew it was time to leave her sick body behind not long ago.

It seemed like she planned her departure for us. See, Chad and I broke up this last spring. I moved out of our home and into an apartment that didn't allow pets for a short time while I shopped for a new house. It was a very tough time. I was heartbroken. I missed my home and my kitties (Maude has 2 younger 'brothers' Cody and Cole) I was still getting settled in my new home when Chad called and asked if I'd take Maude in while he went to Europe for about 2 weeks. Maudie's health started to slip again not long after we'd spent some wonderful nights snuggling. It was so nice to have her back in my arms. It didn't take me long to notice she'd quit eating... She started to lose weight and really slow down. Her hearty purr
(what use to be what we called popcorn) dimmed to a teeny rattle I could feel but barely hear. She no longer arched to meet the pets on her back. She seemed really tired. Her body was just giving out... But her spirit was still strong as ever. I took her to the vet but since I'd moved out of Chad's home the vet said that putting her down was not an option as I was not considered her owner anymore. They gave her an IV of fluids, a shot to perk her up and some special high protein wet food with a syringe to feed her with along with various meds to be given to her through droppers. It did perk her up but then she developed congestion making breathing difficult. Chad came home and I told him it was time. He found a wonderful vet that does housecalls to come over. Maude passed surrounded by love, comfort from familiar sounds and touches on our favorite sofa she seemed to really go for. The vet left us alone to say more good-byes. Chad leaned close over her... His face pressed down on her.. He was whispering to her... I was looking up... Saying "don't be afraid Maude. Don't worry about us. We're just jealous that you're there and we're not! I want you to be free..." When the doctor came back to take her for cremation... I fell to pieces. Seeing her going away in a box. I hadn't prepared anything to deliver her in. I felt terrible that I didn't have anything planned for this. I hadn't even thought of it. My Maude, our little baby was laying on her side in a shallow cardboard box. I grabbed Chad.. Held him tight and howled into his coat. He then reminded me of what I said to him not 4 minutes earlier when we were alone with her empty little body... "She's not in there anymore." It was like looking at a caricature of our little Maudie. She was gone. We decided to go with cremation as she loved to snuggle down by the wood stove so much we swore she'd jump in one day she'd get so close to heat herself. In her final days here... My whole world revolved around Maude and my spending every minute I could spare with her during my last visit from her... Now that she's not in the material world anymore I am keeping as busy as possible and away from my house as much as I can. Away from my bedroom where I set up her box, dishes and meds. I can't bear seeing her little things. Not right now. I miss her so much my heart is shattered. I was positively inconsolable when Chad and I finally said goodnight and parted ways on the 20th. I took three Nytol to finally calm down enough to sleep. We love her so much.....
She now is and will be greatly missed. Concerned friends ask me when I'll get another kitty. I say I am not in a hurry but I am sure some little soul in need will find me. They always do. But.. As Chad and I always use to say ..."There is only one Maude."

I plan to put up a tribute to Maude on the backend of one of my websites tonight. The address will be:

Liz Aday and Chad Quist

Maui, 11/11/03

Mom & Dad miss you so much!

Maui, 07/14/89-07/28/03

I love My dog, Maui so much! I picked her out as a puppy for my fourth birthday. She was the cutest puppy in the world. Now I'm 18 and Maui is very old. She shakes all the time and can barely stand. She has two tumors on her body, one on her leg and the other on her back. I know she is hurting. Most people I know that have pets believe you should let them die naturally. I care for Maui so much and I believe it is time to go. I will miss her so much and I hope she will always remember me.

Maurice (Morris), 07/04/97-07/14/03

Thank you god for this special creature, that left his paw prints forever in our hearts.

Bill & Anita Bridges

Maverick, 04/16/95-11/20/03

Mavy we miss you so so much. When you left us you left a huge hole in our hearts but we pray that you are happy and healthy now and enjoying yourself over the bridge with Anika and of pain. We miss your howling just before feeding time, we miss watching you chase your tail and most of all we miss your loving ways.
We will always love you Mavy!!!

Steve and Linda Abram

Maverick, 3/23/94-1/24/03

Mavie, our handsome loving German Shephard. When we got you as a puppy you had the biggest ears. We called you our little mule. It took a long time for you to grown into them. You were such a great pup. You never got into trouble except when you would sneak into someone's room and steal their socks. As you grew into your big ears you became more handsome and loving each day. You had the cutest habit of always tilting your head to one side or the other when we spoke to you as to say "yes, that's right I get it," or, "what was that you said?" We called you our "Victrola" dog because of that. You were picked to be "Mr. December" on a pet calendar and your picture was surrounded by beautiful red poinsettias. You never looked more handsome or proud Mav. When you unexpectedly got ill a few days ago and we had to make the decision to send you to the Bridge a wound opened up in our hearts that we will never be able to completely close. You were the most loyal companion, our friend, our protector and our love. Your zest for life and your keen sense of knowing when we needed comfort was uncanny. Thank you for always being there for us. We will miss you always and keep you in our hearts. Tiff will miss taking those longs walks in the park with you. We hope you have met Brutus, Cody and Pepper and will have fun playing in the green meadows. We will all be together again one day. Until that time know that we will miss you and love you with all of our hearts. Goodbye my precious Mav man.

Mommy & Daddy

Maverick Haney, 01/01/99-09/24/03

Maverick was such an awesome guy, more then words can explain. He was a great fisherman, loved to swim in our horse's water tanks, and had grand fun chasing anything that ran. He was only 4 1/2 years old, way too young to have to fight so hard for life. His courage and bravery shown through even more when he was faced with 2 surgeries and recoveries. He tried so hard to make me happy, in spite of his pain. I tried everything I could to fix him, but it was out of my hands. Maverick had a perfect fishing trip 1 week before we lost him. He got to play with the fish we caught and run through the mountains with his mom, Cheyenne. It was incredible. I would do it all over again a million times, just to see him smile. How blessed is my life for the time here on earth that we shared, and how I can't wait to spend eternity with the ones I love. Maverick, you will forever and always be "the baby" and in our hearts! Love and Miss you! Mom, Dad, Sprocket, Cheyenne, Harley, Oakley, Dixie, the cats, goats, and horses, and everyone who was lucky enough to be loved by YOU!

Max, 06/01/96-12/23/03

Your loving presence is enormously missed. I used to ask you while you were undergoing chemotherapy how I would live without you. Now I am finding out, and it is not so good. I miss you even more than I imagined I would. But we were blessed to have been loved by such a good, sweet, strong boy. I know you are in a better place, and I will look forward to meeting you there someday. We love you, Max.

Donna Beszhak

Max, 10/18/00

Max was the love of our lives. Even though we only had him 4 short years, he took a big part of us with him when he died. Never will we find another to take his place. We still miss him terribly.

Bill and Kathy Burress

Max, 07/01/89-12/21/03

Max was a true and loyal friend.

Frances McGill

Max, 10/18/03

We love you, Maxie,

John Weeks

Max, 05/15/87-12/05/03

I miss you more than I thought possible. I always loved you and I always will. Wait for me at the bridge.

Alissa Sherman

Max, 02/21/94-12/07/03

My tears are best friend has gone before me....will I heal...yes...I have the love of Max in my heart....He is beside me as I write.....He is everywhere in our home....He is huge, white, and adorable...Cancer ravaged his body but never his disposition...a lovable giant weighing over 140 lbs....a big baby.....a of the greatest loves of my life....Until we meet again over the bridge....Love, Mommy

Max, 10/01/00-12/03/00

We miss you sweetie and are so sad you had to leave so soon.
We love you very much.

Amy and Kevin McCoy

Max, 11/29/03

No dog could have been sweeter. He was indeed my baby and I will never forget him. Mommy knows you died in a fire while I was on vacation. I can barely think of it. I'm so sorry I was not there to save you. Someday, I know we'll meet again.

Bette Levine

Max, 11/13/03

I never knew any other cat. Kisses forever.


Max, 11/25/03

I have lost my very best friend. Never have I had a so devoted companion. We'll meet again someday. He'll be sadly missed.


Max, 07/01/89-11/19/03

What a wonderful, kind, gentle soul to have lived with 10 cat siblings and me! He will be greatly missed by us all.

Nancy Ewing

Max, 10/11/03

I am so sorry I left you at home that day. I knew something was wrong, but I had to work a nine-hour shift. I wish I had stopped in during my lunch break, but by then I had convinced myself I was imagining the whole thing. By the time I returned home you were dead and I did not know what to do.


Max, 11/16/03

Maxwell Bruiser French was a member of the family and passed away November 16, 2003. He was a Na-Na to the children of the family, and watched them grow up. He protected his family every night, and never left anyone alone. Maxwell will remain in our family's hearts forever, and we never be forgotten. A family dog only comes once in a lifetime... until our spirits meet again.

Lisa French

Max, 07/29/03

Max - our little ball of fluff - taken too soon from us - we love you and miss you - Love, Lisa, Kaleen and Kristy

Lisa Hodyl

Max, 04/28/03

Max followed his furry sister in a battle with cancer just weeks later.
We miss him very much


Max, 07/16/92-11/11/03

Max brought such love into this family. He was so loving and gentle. His tail never stopped wagging when there were people or children around or other animals. He acted as though everyone was his friend and most that met him were. He lived for his daily frisbee outings. He could sense when you were sad and would seek to comfort you by lying on the floor really close to you and laying his head on your feet. May he rest in peace and know that we will always hold him close to our hearts..
with love from his mom and dad (angelo and dotty boiano)

Max, 11/10/93-11/09/03

Max, we love you and miss you. You were the best doggie, and you'll always and forever live in our hearts. Rest peacefully, sweetheart. God bless you.

The Exelby Family

Max, 03/12/97-12/19/02

Max was my best friend. He was a better friend then any person I ever met. No matter what kind of mood I was in, he was right by my side. He would greet me at the door when I got home from work every morning with out fail. When we found out he had diabetes, we were shocked, but we learned everything we could about the disease and did everything we could for him. It wasn't the diabetes that took him, it was something else. We still don't know what it was. Making the decision to put him to sleep was the hardest one I've ever made. I know he is in a place where there is no pain and he is running around playing with all the other animals. I know I will see him again one day. I miss that cat so much...I will love him forever.

Natalie Shearstone

Max, 10/11/03

Maxie Boy was a great companion and the best friend you could have. Max will be sadly missed.

Barb Richau

Max, 08/15/92-10/12/03

Max, you are a wonderful dog. You gave us so much pleasure and laughter. You are the best tennis ball player especially the way you time the ball and knock it out of it's bounce. You are a handsome boy and the best clean baby. I will always remember you when I see the moon and see you drinking out of the pool and lying on the cool grass. You are loved. mj

Max, 02/02/97-10/04/03

To 'our boy' Max. You were taken from us much too early. Your loss has created a hole in our hearts and lives that will never be filled.

Love, Steven, Denice, Emma & Rachel

Max, 02/14/84-10/18/00

Until we meet again my friend-We love you & miss you. You remain in my heart now & for always.

Lisa, Zachary & Danny

Max, 04/86-09/03

We had to put our cat Max to sleep on 09/10/03. I found Max in Queens, New York in 1986 while visiting a friend. He was a tiny kitten that I could hold in the palm of my hand. He grew into a handsome boy of 23 pounds. Max had an easygoing, friendly personality and greeted everyone as they came in. He loved to be picked up and hugged and carried up on my shoulder so he could get a better view of things.

I went through some bad times during those years but Max and his buddy Junior, our other sweet cat we put to sleep in 2000, always made me smile. They were my ray of sunshine. I cannot believe how fast seventeen years have gone by. Max developed diabetes, then kidney failure and finally heart failure and we did not want him to suffer. It is very different now without him and we miss him very much. Max was an amazing cat and I am so glad I had him as long as I did.

Thank you Max for seventeen years.

Lori and Steve

Max, 01/08/89-09/12/03

This sweet baby of mine was so gentle and so much fun at the same time. Looking back at pictures of him and how young the kids were in those precious pictures makes me realize that God let him stay on this Earth for much longer than I had realized.

If it hadn't only gone so fast...I will always love you Max!

Karen Roestenburg

Max, 04/01/88-09/12/03

My wonderful Max: Life has not been the same since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge a week ago today. I miss you so terribly. You were the light of my life - an absolute joy. So affectionate and loving - I miss your kisses terribly and the feel of you curled up against me with your wonderful purring motor going. I lost you so suddenly - I don't think I will ever get over it. I look at your picture everyday and will love you with all my heart until the day I die. Your sissy, Tess, continues to call for you and search the house for you. I know she misses you too. Max, you will always be Mama's "beautiful boy".

Kay Robinson

Max, 09/07/03

Once upon a time long ago God put the most incredible soul into a boxer body. Where this soul was the spring, summer and fall of his life we will never know. For the winter of his life this magnificent soul was given to me to tend.

Though Max was with me only 7 months (to the day) his being will remain with me forever and I know he will not be forgotten by the many people he met this past summer.

This morning his eyes told the story. He said it was time for him to go. He slipped away peacefully in my arms, his body whole once again. He is free to run like the wind.

I love you Max, I wish you could have stayed with me longer.


Max, 02/01/87-08/26/03

To my little boy and buddy Max. I love you. I will miss you. You brought me joy and love these past 17 years. You are the best dog anyone could have ever asked for. You are now an angel up in doggie heaven having fun, running, jumping, and barking. I will always hold you close and dear in my heart. I love you Max. One day we will see each other again and be happy together.

Lydia Delgado

Max, 07/24/03

In memory of Bernie's Max who will be welcomed at the Bridge by Sam.

Max, 04/17/93-06/18/03

Our Max, we love you and miss you every moment of every day. Your smiling face and exuberant spirit fills our heart with the joy that was you.

Until the day we are together again - fly free our boy, we love you.

Mom and Dad

No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you,
and not all the power of death can keep my
spirit from wagging a greatful tail.

Eugene O'Neill
"The Last Will and Testament of an
Extremely Distinguished Dog"

Joanne and Ron Patton

Max, 12/27/98-07/28/03

Max crossed the bridge this past Monday after battling osteosarcoma for two years and two months. He was 4 1/2 years old, and he was my baby. He was a gentle, loving, giant. Wherever you may be papa, I send my love. No more pain, no more cancer. Cross the bridge and wait for me. I will honor your memory by living my life with love, courage, and a smile. Just like you did.


Max, 11/15/89-7/07/03

To Max, my beloved companion and best friend. You were my heart and soul. You carried me when I could not find my way. We played together, walked and ran together, and loved totally. You will live in my heart forever. Not a day will go by in my life here on earth that I will not pray for you and smile for the way that you chewed your toys, the funny names that I called you, the way that you followed me even into the bathroom, and the way that we always knew that we cared so much. Godspeed, my beloved Max, I love you always. You are my best friend and 'my boy'. Be at peace and play and kiss all our friends until we are together again!

Max, 07/02/03

Max was the best dog in the galaxy!


Max, 05/05/96-07/01/03


I CHASED A LIZARD! Wooda caught him, but I just wore out. Everyone was there; Mom & Dad, Buster & Kali. I could tell they were proud of me.

Mom cries a lot. I wish I could cheer her up; maybe crawl onto her lap or play with her, to make her happy again; but I'm just too tired and it's hard to breathe.

Mom gives me chicken broth and I like that. She carries me to the potty-place; HOW EMBARASSING! And she fusses over me when I'm trying to sleep.

It wasn't always this way.

It is my job to wake Mom and Dad in the early morning. Sometimes I rattle the window blinds. Other times I put my face in Mom's and wake her with my purring. She would reward me with back massages and tummy rubs. Then I would get a treat. I miss that.

Now I just visit the doctor. I hate the doctor. There are big dogs, awful smells, and needles!

Mom says I don't have to see the doctor anymore. I am glad.

I miss hiding in grocery bags and jumping in boxes and helping Dad read the paper. I miss helping Mom cook dinner and fold the clothes. I miss climbing up my cat tree and playing with feather man. I miss chasing Kali and licking on Buster.

But mostly, I miss going outside to the courtyard. I love to lay in the sunshine and roll on the cement. I love to watch the squirrels and birds and butterflies. I love to chase the lizards.

And today I almost caught one!


Just last week, Max was a perfect, playful, under-your-foot, in-your-face, pain-in-the-butt kitty cat; crawling into grocery bags, helping me cook; sitting on Dad's paper or helping him make the bed. Today he is lying beside me; his heart is failing.

I am glad I didn't know how sick Max really was. He had a heart murmur and had slowed down some, but he still let me pick him up anytime, day or night, for kitty kisses and hugs or to do the "Maxi-dance".

And today Max chased a lizard. That short two minutes of fame probably ended his life as he collapsed soon after and has not moved much since.

We got the news that Max was terminal this morning; maybe 30 days; with drug therapy. So we took Max home to hopefully have one "last hurrah" before he died.

Well he did. Today Max chased a lizard. Way to go Max!

Maryjo Anemaat

Max, 06/27/03

We love and miss you very much!
Momma, Daddy, Joshua & Dolly

Marjorie, Wesley & Josh

Max, 05/01/01-05/20/03

Max will truly be missed. He was "Daddy's Baby" even though he belonged to the whole family. Such a loss, especially considering that two dogs killed him right in front of our house. Max, we Love you!!!

Donna Towe

Max, 04/27/87-06/16/03

Max, not a day will pass when I don't think of you. I love you big guy. You were always a loyal and true friend. I miss the gentleness of you in my life. I know you are well and happy now. Please visit me in my dreams and we can go to play in the park. Please visit me in my dreams sweet Max.


A Tribute and Remembrance to MAX~ who was a kitten who weighed only 9 ounces, and was 3 weeks old.

You brightened our lives for just a short time,
You made the rain turn into sunshine.

How we loved you and tried to help you live
Each day all we knew was to give and give.

But however lovingly we gave, you were called to leave,
we forever will be saddened and forever will grieve.

Such a furry little guy, and so soft to the touch,
Max, our friend, we still love you, so much.

Bonnie and Jim

Max, 09/07/91-06/05/03

Yesterday 6/5/03 I had to put my Rotti down. It was done in my home. I miss him so much and feel so lonely without him. I missed work for the week just to stay w/ him and make him as comfortable as possible. Everybody tells me that I did the right thing, but it sure don't feel like that right now. My prayers are w/ him and I miss him so much. He was a clown w/ me, and when I had nightmares, he would wake me up by sticking his wet nose on my face. He looked at me w/ such a great love. So many people were scared of Max because of his size, but at heart he was my big mush. When people would meet him, they would say this is not a dog, but a horse. He always seemed to know people were scared of him, so he would play w/ him. They didn't realize he was playing, they never could see his tail waging, since there isn't much there to see. Whenever somebody slept over on the couch, first thing in the morning, he would go over to them and lick there face. Of course they were scared, so they would lay there w/ there eyes closed and just pray he would go away. I would laugh when my friends told me the stories. He loved to snuggle, takes bath, get brushed, car rides, play w/ bubbles and to be a clown. I love him w/ all my heart. May he be at peace now.

Max (Nana), 06/04/03

Our friend and companion for 13 years we will miss you forever.

Andrea Pettengill


Max disappeared 7 years ago on Good Friday. He is still loved and missed terribly by his family, including our Boston, Sissy, who loved Max very much. We searched for max, but never found him. I love you Max, and know that someday we will be together again forever, and never separated again.


Max, 08/01/97-05/07/03

Max passed away on May 7, 2003 at 8:30am. He is a beloved pet who will be missed. Mom and Dad to AngelMax- Warm yourself in the sunshine of heaven, play with your ball, don't steal too many socks and kitchen towels. Know you are loved greatly.

We miss and love you. We know you will be waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge. Kiss, Kiss.


Max, 01/31/01

A truly super dog that will always be missed and remembered. We both miss you a lot. We hope you don't feel mad at us for having to have you put to sleep but we could not stand to see you in such pain from your cancer any longer & that last morning when we looked into your eyes it was as though you were pleading with us to help you stop the hurt. We had some fantastic fun times together & I don't ever suppose that the sales lady in the furniture store has ever had a couple of crazier customers where the choice of sofa was dependent on it matching the dog. We miss you still. We hope you will be happy to hear that we are now taking care of another 'rescued' dog called Tess (half German Shepard half Collie) who was being badly abused and was terrified of everyone and everything when we first got her but now very much rules our lives the same way you used to. We know that eventually she will have to join you as will we but hopefully that is a time in the distant future. You'll like her - she's quite a 'babe'. We're still as crazy - the new carpet and curtains need to match with Tess. Enjoy your wait for us Max, then we can all go on a fantastic walk together. Remember us to all of our other pets who are waiting with you.

You'll always be the definitive 'Max the dog'.

We love you always.

David & Lorraine.

Max, 04/86-04/29/03

The stars on high are shining bright,
Sleep well, my darling, sweet dreams, good night.

Karen M

Max, 04/22/03

Max was the best friend that we could have asked for - he was beautiful, smart, strong and loving. He was with us through our best times and our worst - always there with a knowing look and comfort or joy. We have lost a part of hearts with him.

Kat & Mike

Max, 06/25/84-08/25/97

Max was so missproportioned. He had buck teeth and shorter front legs then the back. He was feisty. Thinking he could take on any big dog. When he was 10 he saved my daughter from getting burnt on our floor furnace. I ran to grab her and he was there in a flash. and got in front of her and held her back until I picked her up. He loved to swing on the porch swing with my dad. And I know somewhere in heaven dad and Max are swinging

Karen C

Max, 06/26/93-04/07/03

I love you Max and always will.

Shirley Richard

Max, 09/10/02

A lovely little fella who touched all that knew him.
Missed every day by his family.

Pam MacIntosh

Max, 03/21/97-03/30/03

Although you have gone before us, you will always be with us in our hearts and memories. We will always love you and we miss you very much.

Love Mommy (Cindy), Daddy (Rick), Sister (Jasmine) and The Brother (Jonathan)


It has been almost two years since you went to the bridge. I miss you, you were such an important part of my life. I still talk to you everyday, and I know that your spirit it here with me. I also know that one day we will be together and then nothing will separate us again. I miss you and I love you very much.

Love, Mom

Max (The Million), 3/1/88-2/28/03

To Max:

We sadly lost you on " 2-28-03 " of this yr. You put up a long hard fight with your cancer rght up until the very end. You'll always be my very special sidewalk day special, because that' s where you found us. When you followed Joycelynn & I into the old Kressege's dime store to the lunch counter. I had you ever since. We all loved you then, & we still all love now & always.

You brought love & joy into my life from that time on. You had the same vet for the last 14 yrs. as Maxine ( " Miss Bubble-But " ) also, had the same vet before she died. You had Dr. Schroeder, that day when dad & I brought you in cause Dr. Nicholis was out of town. But she was always good with you too, Max. You had her & Heidi that day which she is a very good nurse assistant there.

You'll be very, very sadly missed all of us. You were always so very cute with your sunglasses on all of the time, when you wore them in the car or truck, or in our semi on the road, when we' d go out of state to state with you & the other "2" dogs " Chester Elvis, & Maxine. When Maxine was with us she' d go all of the time too.

" Max ", you'll be in our hearts & prayers, & our thoughts " FOREVER & FOREVER." We'll never ever forget you. We'll love you always. There'll never be another " babydoll " like you to ever replace you either. We'll always remember how you & Maxine used to talk to dad on the phone in your howling & how you' se use to listen to him on the phone when dad would call from on the road. Everybody would just get such kick out of that & make people laugh. You always made us laugh, smile, listen, happy, to you when you had something to say in your very own way.

We'll all sadly miss you, everybody in the family including your " 2 " brothers " Chester Elvis & Shorty, & "1 sister " Maggie May " & also our son & "daughter - Brad & Colletta, also the " 2 " grandchildren - Des Ree & Sky Brooke. Also, " uncle Johnny & aunt Marge."

Your in our hearts & prayers forever & ever, always.

" WE LOVE YOU & MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love You Always;

" Mom & Dad "

Brothers & sister, " Chester Elvis, Shorty, &" Maggie May" ( is our new addition to our family )

Brad, Colletta, grandchildren - Des Ree & Sky Brooke

Max, 06/01/85-03/14/03

Max was a wonderful friend and companion for 7-1/2 years, loved by many people and a gentle soul. He was a Hospice Pet Therapy dog and we visited Hospice House many times. He will be with us in spirit always.

Julie Royal

Max (Take it to the Max), 05/2000-03/2003

Max was a wonderful dog and true friend to all of us. He greeted everyone with a thousand kisses. He will be deeply missed by many.

Bob, Kim & Justine Hutchins

Max, 01/01/90-03/06/03

Max became a part of our family when he was a very small kitten. We found him alone outside our office and brought him home where he joined our calico cat, Garfelda. (We liked Max from the beginning, but I think she wasn't so sure.) Even for a little guy, Max displayed the fearless and hearty personality that would become his trademark for life.

Max loved people and the outdoors, hunting and playing the yard, and perching on his shelf in the garage. He had a beautiful, majestic face, and never lost his kittenish sense of play. Whenever you returned home, whether it was from an errand or after six months at college, you could count on Max to be at the door to greet you when you came in.

We lost Max to effusive F.I.P. this morning. I am thankful for his long life and for all the joy he brought our family. Yet it still feels like he was taken from us too soon. Hopefully, the sadness I feel will lessen and I'll be able to remember Max with a smile. But right now, it hurts too much.

Thanks for everything, Max. Take care 'til I see you on that Rainbow Bridge.

Your friend,


Max, 07/25/90-03/04/03

Max. Always our loyal friend and loving companion. How will we ever fill the empty space in our hearts? You have found peace at last.

Gene and Tammy Stoeckley

Max, 12/12/03-13/04/03

The love a dog can not be described in words, but the love from a sick dog is so special. It is as if they know they don't have a lot of time to spend with you, so even though they are dying, they try to love you as much as they can. At fist I was angry, I was mad that Max was only with us for a short time, but now I am grateful. I am grateful to have spent time with such a sweet puppy. In time I will be able to think of Max and smile.


Max, 02/23/03

Goodbye, faithful companion. You will never be forgotten!

Dawn & Peter Balbus

Max (Maxine), 01/16/03

Sweet Max,
I miss you more than words can say. My heart is so heavy.
If ever I saw the soul of a friend I saw it in your eyes. Thank you for sharing your life with us, thank you for your love. I know one day we will be together again, all of us, and the family will be complete. Until then, run and play, eat and sleep, but listen always, for when I leave this world yours will be the first name I call.

Max, 04/15/93-02/11/03

Oh, Max, how I do miss you. You were my constant companion through thick and thin, always there ready to play, walk, ride in the car, or just be with me. You have got a very very special place in my heart, and you always will. You were the first dog I ever had that was truly mine. No matter what was happening around me, I always knew that if I could just get home and see my Max, everything would be okay.

Max, never will there ever be another like you, my little Brown Buddy. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

With all the Love you let me see in you trusting eyes, I give to you.

Your loving master and friend,

Max, 02/10/03

Max, your long battle with cancer ended one week ago, when we finally "put you to sleep". How hard it is not to have you sleeping on my bed any longer, and I know you'd love this snow, even though you hated the cold. That only makes it harder. I will miss you Max, I know you're in a better place now.

Mary F. Hanauer

Max, 05/14/94-02/14/03

To our beloved Max: How much we will miss you! Already there is a hole in our hearts. We will always remember your bed launches, and your sock-stealing. You were wonderful and had such a great life, and it's hard to believe you are gone. We couldn't let you suffer anymore, so in our hearts we pulled the strength to let you go. And we will meet again one day, and I look forward to it.

Amy Seyler

Max, 01/29/03

Max: protector of our Family and our Best Friend

Mark & Craig Woollett

Max, 10/02/01-01/24/03

My tabby and white cat was one in a million. A kitten I adopted from the RSPCA. He let our other kitten suckle from his leg as she thought he was mum. He never pushed her away,
he loved her. She still sits by the door waiting for you Max, why did you go on the road??????
I knew when Max was not home for food something was wrong.
He had been run over. Where ever you are Max I love you and cry for you, for the loss of you from our family.
You are not the first cat we have lost, we seem to be fated to lose the ones we love. God bless Maximus. MUM xxxxx

Max, 04/25/86-01/19/03

Max joined our family in June 1986 and grew up with our two young sons and daughter, now ages 27, 24 and 18. Over the years, he has had countless "sleepovers" with our sons - in one of their beds or on the family room couch, taken evening walks with me and my husband, tolerated our loving cat, Erma, who joined the family two years after Max, begged for many Milkbones and given our family so much love. We miss him very much and thank the authors of this page for helping us remember him and cope with his death.

Holly Vanslambrook

Max, 08/16/01-12/20/02

Max, thank you for the wonderful comfort and joy you brought to our family during your short-lived time in this world. You were indeed our "buddy" and you will be greatly missed by all of us. You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Mom, Dad, Ryan & Wella and all of the kinfolk.

Mamie Clipper

Max, 01/10/03

I had to put max to rest yesterday. I miss him terribly.

Kirk Long

Max, 01/06/03

MaxiMoomers was my baby angel here on earth, certainly sent from up above. He was my sweetie, my best friend, my comfort and my joy. My love for him is unending and I cannot express how much I miss him...every part of him. He was perfect for me and I was perfect for him. He died suddenly as we were taking one of the walks that he loved dearly. He brought so much to my life...I am lost now without him. Thank you Max being so pure and loving, for comforting me and loving me unconditionally, and for teaching me how to love unconditionally in return.


Max, 01/01/99-01/05/03

You brought joy to our life and the lives of so many others. You are missed so much, but are in a better place, where your heart doesn't have a murmur, and everything is functioning 100% correctly. We will miss you and love you MIMI !

Nina, Michael, and your brother Clancey

Max, 12/15/87-12/25/02

I never had dog like Max. I bonded to him so deep the the pain on is death is extremely hurting. I only had him for two years. My son had him for 7 years and original owners had him for 6 years. But the last two years to me were the best. He taught me mainly things about life. About pain and about joy, but the one thing he taught me was the unconditional LOVE. I will miss you MAX, my main man. Until we meet again. Your Master for ever. Bruce

Max III, 10/10/97-11/29/03

Max III died oh so young at 6 from cardiomyopathy.
We saw him breathing labored last night, took him to the vet, x-rayed him, saw his heart 6 times its normal size, and was told he would probably be dead by morning, so we held him in our arms as we cried and watched him pass.
The pain is HORRIBLE.

Tom Watson Joe Reveles

Maxamillion, 07/04/88-12/14/02

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by...
it seems as it were only yesterday...
but you will never, ever be forgotten Baby Max!


Maxamillion, 5/13/91-3/7/02

In Loving Memory of MAX "A MILLION"
" and heaven will bless those stars that shine not the
the longest...but the unforgettable stars that
shine the brightest."

Max Bray, 02/21/03

Max was my angel sent from Heaven. Although he had leukemia, he was very healthy. When we took him to have his teeth cleaned in order to keep healthy, we never thought he would pass away from the anesthesia. You will be missed until the day I die and meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you always, baby. Wait for me.


Max, Callie and K9 Crew

In love they served as loyal and devoted K9s in retirement they did the same, partners come in all breeds and sizes and here are those we have been blessed to have had in our lives and cars and home, especially in our hearts; Max Callie Tasha Vonda Midnight Riggs I Samson Ace Lady and now with us we appreciate the same yet individual distinctive person each one is; Riggs II Trixie (a Ratfiest Terrior, runt of the litter, bad attitude toward bad guys) and Jacobs Ladder II aka Jacobs Shadow (very close following and right there when you need him.) We also wish to thank and salute each and every unknown to us K9 who ever did the sometimes unsung hero routine just because "thats what they do". Be it a major terror to all or a routine search and rescue or apprehension they all deserve Rainbow Bridge, someone once said All creatures great and small the LORD GOD made them all, so surely I believe HE has a place of love and peace for them all. Hugs and slurps; from every nurse who found out how valuable you are and why we love you so much and from every officer, volunteer, firefighter or human unsung hero that already knew just why you were each so special. On behalf of all of them; enjoy Rainbow Bridge, someone will come along with a need--they always do and one of you will meet that need. From the nurses and officers you have helped. P/B

Max Carter, 09/18/03

Max Carter passed away today, September 18, 2003. He was much loved by Allen and Debi for 14 years. He was a beautiful black cat with a kind and loving heart. He is now at home with Grandma and Grandpa, Queenie, Snowy & Sam and he will meet us on the Rainbow Bridge when we go home one day. We love you Max.
You were simply the best.

Maxdog, 12/05/03

My precious- I will love you always.

Sallie Kleist

Maxfield Q of Dakota, 04/01/86-10/08/03

For seventeen years you were my best friend, and I miss you so. I hope heaven is taking care of you. I Love you


Max Fritz, 07/03/85-02/10/03

Max was my best friend. I will always love you Max and I will miss you.


Maxi, 04/02/97-11/21/03

I am unable to write, it hurts so bad.........
My beloved special Friend has left us and it sure is lonely without you Maxi.
But now he does not suffer anymore..........
No more needles, no more testing, no more pain.....
The only pain we have is you gone from us.
We miss your soft barks to tells us your needs, we miss you special reminder bark to take you for a walk, and we mostly miss your love and kisses you gave us everyday.
I never knew how this could hurt.
Just tell us somehow that you there waiting for us.....
With all our Love your
Mommy, Daddy, and Friends Opie and Andy

Maxi, 09/01/96-04/01/03

We miss you so much Maxi, I hope that you are truly happy again. Your life was so special to us!

Joe and Suzanne

Maxi, 09/06/88-12/12/03

Our Maxi gave joy great to me and my mother and father while he stayed with us. He stayed with us since he was 2 months old and he was passed away at the age of 14 years and 4 months old. He will never suffer the pain again from the cancer from his bladder. He tried to win this disease for me but we could not bear to see him go through another surgery. He was such a brave soul and was such a fighter for life. Finally he gave up fighting and looked at me with those beautiful eyes and was telling me to let him go. He was more than a perfect dog. Maxi had a perfect ten on the score when he had a pet I-Q test that was on the Reader's Digest. He was the smartest dog I know and may even be smarter than some humans. We thank you Maxi for making our life a big difference and when you went, you also took some part of us as well.

Jennifer Kim

Maxie, 04/02/98-04/09/03

To Maxie, my special baby. I love her dearly and will always remember her and her cut ways, even though she did not like any one but me. She chased my grandkids and my grown kids around, she would hiss and growl at them. She wanted no one here but her and I. This was OUR home. I have such a heavy heart and feel so alone without her. She was my best friend, companion and my baby. She always was at the door when I came home from work, I could hear here meowing as I got out of the car, she knew her Mommy was home. I want her to know how much she is loved and missed. Her Mommy

Maxie, 03/27/95-04/06/03

Max was my loving baby for 8 special years. He was a part of our family and we will love and miss him forever. As a family, we mourn his passing but will hold on to the many joys and smiles he brought to our lives. Thank you Mommy Max and as you journey on....Know that we love you and cannot wait until we see you again.....

Dad, Mom, Natalie, and 4-legged brother Eddie

Maximillian, 05/16/91-11/13/03 my life, I love you more.....

Marilyn Durst

Maximillian of Meade, 12/11/89-05/20/03

Max, I miss you so very much.
You passed so fast I never got to prepare.
But, I suppose that it was better for you that way.
I am very thankful for all you brought to my life and to that of everyone you met.
You were the best and I will always love, remember and miss you little buddy.

Rest easy and know that I will always be with you as you are with me.

Goodbye dear Maxie.

Love, Jason

Maximum Dog, 07/25/90-03/04/03

Max, our loyal friend and loving companion. How will we ever fill the empty space in our hearts? Your free. Free from the misery of your diabetes. Swept away in the arms of an Angel, your in God's loving care now. Play with the squirrels and chase the snowflake shadows.

Gene and Tammy Stoeckley

Maxine, 12/31/89-01/15/03

Not a day goes by that I do not see your leash and collar, my darling little girl, and think of you with a sad smile. We had a wonderful life together, didn't we? I miss you more than you will ever know, and when we meet at Rainbow Bridge, be sure and kiss me on my nose, for old times' sake.

I will always love you.


Maxine, 03/08/03

Maxine was a sweet cat and a member of our family for 16 years.
We love her and we miss her very much.

Zambrano Family

Maxine, 12/18/89-08/08/03

I lost my most beloved Max today. She was the light of our lives, and I grieve for her so. She loved to swim, take walks, and eat Arby's. she was incredibly, almost too smart, but I loved that. we challenged each other. She was my simpatico. my other part, and I do not know what I will do without her. I only know that she no longer has any pain, and that is worth everything.

Diane Artzberg

Maxine, 01/27/97-01/28/03

Maxine was my special companion and loving friend. She was always there to greet me with her beautiful face. I will miss her forever.

Maxine, 01/13/02

We adopted Maxine when she was only 6-8 weeks old. My 1 yr old cat, Peggy, had had kittens and we had just given the last one away. She adopted Maxine. Maxine was a shy girl saving most of her attention for me. I remember when she was a kitten, her purr was so loud it would keep me from sleeping. She was a happy cat. Then in Jan 2002, she started losing weight, became very thin and weak, and after much struggling I finally decided we had to help her die so she would not have to suffer. It was so hard to let her go but for her it was the last thing I could do for her. Now our hearts were left with 2 other cats, Peggy and Bessie and a dog, Jack to love and care for. It is with great sadness that I tell you that Peggy and Bessie also died this year to illnesses and Jack Dog was struck by a tour bus on our quiet street. I could never have imagined that we would lose all four furry friends in the span of 1 year. It has been more that my heart can take. So much heart ache. We will move on with out lives, being thankful that we had these four friends to love and remember always. Till we meet again, take care, Love Mama

Max Molino, 06/06/91-07/21/03

There were times I didn't think I would make it but you were always there for me. You were my best friend.......and I love you with all my heart. You will always be with me forever. I can't wait till we are together again.......I will bring a bagel!! Love you forever. Mommy

Maxwell, 11/10/03

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...

Young, Wha, Mike, Liz, Jim & Lisa


I know that I was not with you and your family for very long, but I want you to know that I loved you very much. I want to thank you all for the love, patience, and understanding that you all gave to me. I know that I was a problem from time to time and you helped me in every way that you could. I will miss running in your yard, playing with you, sleeping in your bed, it was so comfy. But I will miss you most of all. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful master and remember I will be with you always in your memory. I am waiting at the Rainbow Bridge just for you.
I love you--Maxwell

Maxwell, 07/04/03

May God hold you in his arms as I had the privilege of doing so many times. You were once my best friend and now my guardian angel. May you rest in peace. You will always be loved even after death and you will live in our hearts always.

Tanya Minnick

Maxwell, 07/26/93-02/09/03

Max you will be missed terribly, you were a big part of our family. We will never forget your smile and the way you talked to us. We all love you and hope you are in a happy place.

Dave, Laurie, David and Alex Atkinson

Maxwell, 11/06/95-01/08/02

One year ago today I had to sign the papers to let you go.. Immediately came the regret, how quickly I forgot the pain you were in and second guessed the decision. He will probably not survive the surgery the vet said. The vet had the bedside manner of a sociopath which didn't help. All it did was make me wish later that I had scooped you up and taken you somewhere else. However, I knew before I took you that it was time, you were in so much pain, crying out and staggering. I will never forget your voice, it broke my heart.
You were such a Romeo, my handsome little man. I'll bet you have your own little harem of ladies fawning all over you up there. We will keep a candle burning today for you. I know you peek in on us from time to time I can feel it. I can picture you shaking your head at Spencer and his clumsy antics. I wish he could have known you, but then he would be grieving too.
I miss you so much Max, I will always love you, and I think of you everyday....lots of love ..Linda

Maxx, 09/06/93-12/27/03

Maxx passed away today and our hearts are breaking. He was only 10 and we wanted him to live forever. He was our baby and there will never be another one like him. Maxx, tell Bear-Bear that we love her and miss her too.

Mommy and Daddy

Maxx, 10/25/03

Maxx, when I got you at eight weeks old from the shelter two days before Christmas, I never knew how much you'd change our house and the awesome gift of love you'd give. I remember how at six months old you became very sick and the people at the emergency vet wanted me to put you down but I refused and brought you home, but how this last time, though I wanted too, I didn't bring you home. You gave your love unconditionally, no matter how bad a day we were having. Life with all it's ups and downs was made easier with you there to share them with us. How many times I held you during those moments and what I wouldn't give to hold you just once more now. As your name Maxx implies, you were the greatest and the years we spent with you were far too short. Please understand the night we let you go, we wanted more than ever to bring you home. Maxx, you had always been there for us and we wanted to be there for you at the end. It was hardest, heart breaking decision we have ever had to make, but now you are at peace. Though I have no idea if the pain that we feel will ever ease, the love and memories you gave us, will be with us until we see you again. Lots of love, hugs and kisses until we meet again. Love you until infinity Maxx. Mom & Dad

Maxx, 10/22/88


It doesn't seem like it has been 15 years since you have left us. We love you& miss you. I hope you helped Tiny cross the Rainbow Bridge. Please help take care of Tiny in heaven,& one day we will be together again.

Love, Lisa, Gregg & Whopper

Maxx, 05/03/87-08/08/03

My beautiful, beloved, cat Maxx passed away yesterday. He was my special cat who loved me unconditionally. He had gone blind, deaf and was a diabetic over the last year. He was 17 years old and those 17 years were wonderful. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do yesterday to give him to my vet, who knew him the entire 17 years and be put to eternal sleep. I will always remember his warm touch, his sweet smell, he loving meow when I was down and most of all his spirit. He was always by my side, never wanting anything, just my love. I feel he had a wonderful life, but it was so hard to let him go. My heart is empty and aching now, but I know he is in a better place without any pain. He can now run, jump, see, hear and play. Blessed is the creature that makes my heart full. I will never forget him.

Lisa James

Maxxamillion Thanksamillion Watkins, 06/13/86-09/05/03

Thank you Maxx for the best 17 years of my life. My life has been empty along with my heart since we said good-bye. It is tough to carry on without my best friend at my side. I long for the day we are reunited at Rainbow Bridge, never to be apart again. I hope you forgive me for sending you to the bridge. I did what I thought was best. I love you my little Buddy. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. I ache to hold you and give you a million kisses. Wait for me as I know you will. My heart is broken. Will it ever mend? I love you Maxx! I am so lost without you. Thank you for 17 years of love. You are the best. I love you.


Maxxum, 07/15/87-08/15/03

Thank you Maxxum for 16 years wonderful years of love and affection and joy. May you always eat tuna and ice cream and have all the Q-tips and ponytail holders to play with that your heart desires. I will never forget you. You will never be replaced. See you when I get there someday.

Love, Kellie

May, 05/05/01-02/10/02

Thinking of you always our special little girl. God bless and sweet dreams. xxx

Brofiueld Mayden Surprise

Maya, 06/27/92-01/15/03

Maya Jones, you were my first baby and my furbaby. I feel a terrific emptiness in my heart now that you've gone to doggie heaven. Our entire family feels one member short. Your neighbors miss you too - many have said they wished they had dogs just like you. You never met a stranger (other than the workmen with toolbelts) and your kisses were always generous. I miss our snuggle time on the bed and especially rubbing your soft belly. Now you sleep on Aunt San's bed - she must love your company. We love you so Maya Jones! Mama, Baba and Madeleine

Maya, 01/16/03

Maya come to me through a shelter, she hated the snow and rain. Funny for a Sibe. I know you will be waiting for my lap to rest your head on while I read or watch tv at the rainbow bridge. You are missed more than you know.


Maya Octavia, 08/25/96-12/14/03

Maya, you were a great dog, a great friend, a great companion, a great protector. My soul mourns you, the house is too quiet without you. I hear your nails clicking across the floor and I feel your presence on the bed and I miss you with every nerve I have. I am sorry your life was cut short, you didn't deserve it.


Maybelline, 1999-02/10/03

She added joy to our lives.

S.C. Hicks

Maytea, 02/01/03


I loved you so dearly! You were so beautiful and you were so funny you always made me laugh. I am so sorry you were so sick and in so much pain. I will think about you every day, you will be deeply missed. Love always your mom

Mc Coy, 01/25/02-10/09/03

To our faithful little friend- now free to roam with WASABI and KADY

Strugnell Family

McDougall Bovine, 08/11/87-03/07/03

(Most Beautiful Black and White Scottish Fold)

Dearest Douggie,
You were the love of my life. I will miss you forever. I have been blessed to share my life with you.
I Love You,

McGarrett, 09/01/92-01/01/03

McGarrett was the best cat in the world. He was always by our side looking up to us with his kind little face. The tiniest pink nose and sweetest purr you've ever heard. He lived 10 happy years with us, his Mommy and Daddy, and his cherished "sister cat" Sydney. He loved to have his face and cheeks rubbed "Rat Cat" style every night at bedtime, along with a good brushing. I sit here and cry out for you, Mackie, wishing you would come around the corner and tell me everything is alright. I want you here to bite my legs when I get out of bed in the morning, hurrying to get your breakfast. Please wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge. Please watch over your darling Sydney, Daddy and me. You will never be replaced. You will never be forgotten. If everyone had such a wonderful pet as you, the world would be perfect. I wish you perfect health again in Heaven and lots of hugs and kisses from your kitty Mommy, kitty Daddy and all of your brothers and sisters you haven't seen for so long. God bless you, sweet little prince. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll always know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my Mackie away. I will always remember "our song". Good night, little buddy. Love, Mommy & Daddy

McGuire (Mac), 04/20/03

You were the most beautiful dog we have ever had, and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. We miss playing ball with you and giving you bellyrubs. You truly were our baby, thank you for loving us and protecting us. I hope you know that we couldn't let you suffer anymore, and we knew you wouldn't be happy if you couldn't run and play. We let you go on to a better place, and we cannot wait to be with you one day. You will always be our "buddy" and we will never be able to replace you. You will be in our hearts forever, we love you.

Shane & Jody Spurgeon

McKayla, 12/08/90-10/22/03


I hope you know how much joy you brought into our lives. We brought home at a very sad time but you brought in so much fun and happiness. We miss you every second of the day. Please know that you will always be in our everyday thoughts and memories. The emptiness in the house is unbearable now. I love you my little Mickey, I know you are in a better place now. Know how much you were loved and will always be loved. Rest my little one.


McKay Ramsey, 12/25/02-03/11/03

She was born on December 25, 2002 and passed away on March 11, 2003. She was owned by Alyson L. Ramsey and Michael B. Johnson of New Jersey. McKay had been battling parvo and was recovering from the virus when she contracted pneumonia and just couldn't fight anymore. We have a website dedicated to her and her story at:

McKenzie, 06/11/89-07/08/03

Mckenzie was my best friend.
I miss her so much and think of her everyday.
I miss the way she would hold her paw up like she was saying hi when I came home.

Anne Morris

McTavish, 11/11//03

In loving memory of by best companion and friend McTavish Christy, you were the best dog I ever had.
Thanks for coming into my life.
God is watching over you, now.
You will always be on my mind.

Rosie Christy

Meatball, 11/08/03

Meatball was taken from me on Nov 08 2003 by dogs. He was so mean, playful, and loveable. He was a baby when he was taken from me. I love you Meatball always and I miss you.


Meatloaf, 02/11/95-09/08/01

Meatloaf was the sweetest, kindest guinea pig ever born. He was my buddy and got me through some very hard times. He always seemed to know how I was feeling and encouraged me. I doubt that I would have been able to go through my own healing without him. I think about him everyday and still miss him. Even though I now have 22 guinea pigs, none of them can replace Meatloaf. He will always have 'most favored pig' status in my heart.

Cathy Crosby

Meeko, 11/21/03

You choose us as your adoptive family for Christmas in 2001. You were a perfect companion and joy in our lives. You were always gentle, loving and patient with us. We will miss you dearly. Pumpkin will be happy to be with you again.
In Loving Memory, Lavon, Terry, Mikky, Bri, Chris, Andrew and Cocoa

Mee-Mur, 02/14/03

I took our precious, sweet cat to the vet today, constant drooling. We found out he had feline HIV. Since he lived to play outside, we were told he had to be kept in the house because he could "spread it around" just like he got it. His mouth was filled with sore's and the vet said his immune system would get worse and worse till he died.
She suggested Euthanasia. There I was, holding the pet who loved and trusted me, in my arms, sobbing and wishing I had never taken him to the vet in the first place. They have a shot for it now, but it is too late for my darling, sweet cat, who found us. He never jumped on the furniture, or knocked anything over. He followed me like a little puppy everywhere. He was the light of my life. Little did I know that Valentines day would break my heart.
I can't sleep nor stop crying. Did he have to die today? Couldn't I have kept him longer than this? I am in shock. AND I miss him beyond words already. I love you, sweet, sweet Mee-Mur. RIP

F. Collette

Mee-Too, 06/14/95-07/19/03

Mee-Too Peluso Nicknames: "Woman"; "Chugga"; "Baby Girl" and "My Puppy"

Mee-Too was the most wonderfully incredible and most special dog in the whole world. Its so amazing that such a little dog could become such a huge part of our family and our lives. Each one of us loved her so very much and she certainly knew it. We truly believe that we are all better people because she was such a gentle and loving part of our lives. She truly made our family complete and she will be loved and missed forever.

She came into our lives in such a special way. She was a gift to our family from my sister Karen. She was the only puppy left in the litter who didn't have a home to go to and my sister kept begging us to take her. At first we were reluctant because we thought we wanted a larger dog. My husband joked that she was "not even a real dog". That was until the day my sister decided to just show up with her at our house. That puppy walked across our patio/deck and straight into our hearts. She will have a special place in our hearts always.

Mee-Too was only 7 years old when we found out she had mast cell cancer. Unfortunately Mee-Too had been misdiagnosed by her vet and precious time was lost in saving her life. What we were originally told was a "cyst" was really a very aggressive and very malignant mast cell tumor. We tried so desperately to save her life. Mee-Too was getting chemo-therapy, a home-cooked special diet, vitamins, green teas and all of the love and attention possible. We tried to do everything we could not to compromise her quality of life and to make sure she always felt safe and loved. We would have done anything in the world to save her if we could have. We lost our precious Mee-Too just one month after she turned eight years old.

Our family will never get over the loss of Mee-Too. There isn't a day that goes by when each member of our family doesn't think about her or picture her in one of her favorite spots. We all still stare at her pictures in disbelief. What gets us through the really sad times is thinking about how much love and happiness she brought into our lives.

We Will Love You and Miss You Forever, Mommy, Daddy, Nicole & Alicia

Linda Peluso

Meg, 02/20/90-11/03/03

To my darling Princess Meg, so sorely missed -
I lost a treasured friend today,
The little dog who used to lay,
Her gentle head upon my knee,
And share Her silent thoughts with me...
She'll no longer come to my call,
Retrieve no more Her favourite ball,
A voice far greater than my own,
Has called Her to His Golden Throne..
Although my eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years,
He let Her spend down here with me,
And for Her love and loyalty...
When it is time for me to go,
And join her there, this much I know..
I shall not fear the transient dark,
For She will greet me with Her bark
Sweet dreams my darling girl

Michaela Jane

Meg, 03/12/99-01/09/03

Meg was the Best Friend anyone could have ever wanted. Her name meant 'Mighty One" and she sure lived up to it. She was so smart & devoted. She loved to "GO" Anywhere! She loved to chase anything - but her Frisbee was her favorite. She loved to ride in the pick-up, on the 4-Wheeler, Sea Doo's, Boat & would even catch a ride on a horse in the saddle with you. She loved to be hugged, pet, rubbed & played with. She could not stand it if my husband & I were hugging & she was not included - so she would bark until we opened our arms & let her jump up into a "Group Hug." She left this world way too early & we can't understand why. She will be missed more than words could explain.

Stacia & Lane Hughes

Megan, 06/30/93-12/25/03

Megan: you gave to me and all around you the greatest gift of all...unconditional love and affection which filled our hearts with joy

Ed Sigman

Megan, 12/21/89-07/14/03

Rest in peace our beloved Megan. You brought to us many years of joy and warmth. We loved you with all our hearts and will miss you very much. We know that you are now with God. We will never forget you.


Megan, 3/15/03

Megan, you were my first and very special little girl. You always loved me no matter what and my heart aches for the empty place you filled with love for so many years. I am so sorry that you left us so tragically. We all miss and love you. I hope you are with our Honey girl now playing on a beautiful beach and eating lots of chicken. You filled my life with joy and thank you for giving your heart to all of us.

Love, Mom, Dad, Lady, Sugar and Mango

Megan, 11/8/88-12/18/02

The day finally came that we wouldn't let ourselves imagine. When we took you for the last ride in the truck you loved to go in, the one you always left nose kisses all over the windows. We dreaded this ride, we knew but could not accept that the hated cancer had taken away all that made you our precious puppy girl all those fourteen years ago. You were our first and you will always be first in our hearts. You the princess with the secret knowledge that the rules didn't apply to you. Like when everyone was told to stay inside, we always knew when we heard the screen door close again it was Megan. How you'd come tail wagging and non-apologetic, then sit and look off in any direction except at us as we reminded you you were supposed to stay inside. You our silky soft-coated little lady who walked with a feminine, swishybutt gait we could spot a mile away. But inside you were anything but. It was always you first one out the door after you'd danced around on back legs, wide-eyed and barking excitedly to let me know there was some critter who didn't belong in your yard. You and Mackerbie worked as a team to patrol the yard for "bad kitties" etc. But it was always Megan first face in the bushes to flush out whatever monster lurked within. Megan who ran the fastest, jumped the highest, always ready to roughhouse. You lost your baby teeth tugging on toys. I miss you so much sweet girl, my heart hurts, so many things make me think of you like vacuuming the house every day. You made it your habit to sit (usually on the cord) not to play, you simply made it your business to observe. I can't believe you're gone. We took you that last day praying for some miracle, but you had let us know you were ready to make your journey to the bridge. We held you and kissed you as they gave you the help to free you from your poor little wasted body wet from our tears. I will always picture your sweet face over Jeff's shoulder as the two of you went off to bed every night, You will forever be his Honey. Run free and play baby girl, while you wait for us at the bridge. Your best buddy Mackerbie will be with you soon, but that's just too heart wrenching to talk about right now. I will forever be grateful to you for making your journey first, it somehow makes me able to face the reality that Mackerbie has the same dreaded disease and will join you before much longer. We are grateful for the years we were together here, we find solace in the knowledge we'll be together forever one day. Remember to take special care of Jeff's heart, it's there with you always.
Our Love Forever, Mom and Jeff

Megan Aurora Ciampa, 02/15/88-05/09/03

My husband and I had to put Megan to sleep today, she was 15 years old and 3 months. The front half of her was doing well for her age, her appetite was great too, but the back half, mostly her legs was not doing well. In the past week at times she only walked with her front feet and drug her back legs. :(
We decided last night that it was time for her to travel on without us. This morning we put her on the bed with us, in the middle, Tony petted her tummy (her favorite thing) and I just petted her. She had her usual steamed chicken and veggies for breakfast, she chowed down! Then I gave her 6 ginger snap cookies and some cheese. All her very favorites. She had not been able to have any of them for about a year now because of her stomach problems. I am only sad that we did not have a piece of pizza for her. Another favorite.
We took her to the vet in her favorite blanket, he came to the car and gave her a sedative. We stayed in the car, I held her and petted her sweet little head as she fell asleep and Tony rubbed her belly. After about 10 minutes she fell asleep, the doctor had us come into the office where he administered the last shot. She died within a short few minutes. I held her the whole time. She felt loved, safe and secure. We asked her to save a spot for us when she got there, I gave her a long kiss on her sweet little head, the last I would have.
Tony and I will miss Megan. We had her for over 15 years, and had a litter of pups with her. They would be 13 years old now, I am sure she outlived most of them, as she did her sister Betty Boop.
Now the times she seemed like such a brat (in her younger days) don't seem so bad, they only left us with funny memories of her and ourselves. Megan shared herself with us fully. She loved us, she tried to make us feel better when we were sick or sad. She gave all of herself to make us happy and to help us live life to the fullest. In her death, we miss her, but she has left us with years of happy memories.
Sam and Angie, our Greyhounds, don't know yet, they probably think she is out to get groomed. In a few days they will miss her, then they will begin to mourn and it will be my turn to try to make them feel better. Right now, Angie knows there is something wrong because I am crying, so she keeps whining sadly at me as if to say "what's wrong?" Sami is trying to be a clown and is jumping around trying to cheer me up, but neither knows what for.

Megan Aurora
2/1988 to 5/2003

We'll Miss her, the earth was a better place because of her presence here.
Linda and Tony

Meggie, 06/99-08/13/03

Meggie, PDD took you from our lives, but it will never take you from our hearts. Fly free and healthy now, Sweety. We love you. Mommy, Daddy and Amanda

Mego, 02/04/03

I'll miss you Mego.....I love you.


Meiko, 07/23/90-08/03/03

Meiko my best friend and beloved dog of 13 years. My heart aches for you more than ever. My loyal companion who never left my side. A true German Shepherd true to his breed.

Marilyn McLaughlin

Mei Ling, 2/85-8/15/03

My dear, sweet, beautiful queen girl, Mei Ling. It seems like such a short time ago when I first met you, thought it was in 1986. Your green eyes, freckled nose, and unique (calico) coloring were irresistible. I took you home from the shelter. You hid under the sofa on the first day and then decided you were going to be the Queen of the house...and you were. You went from being a young brat to a graceful adult to the regal elder stateswoman; from jumping onto every surface - no matter how high - to following me all over the apartment and into the hall, to resting more often than being awake. I almost forgot the games we used to play. You loved swatting at string, and when you decided it was beneath you to do anything of the sort, you looked at me as if to say, "why do you continue to do such a silly thing?" You had so many nicknames: Queen girl, Lilly, Queen Lilly, Jewel, Lish, and so many more. I doted on you. In the beginning, you were the scampy girl to Nonny, the older gentlecat. Years later, when Sammy came into our lives, you accepted his antics as a natural part of things. You made sure that you gave him a daily cleaning. He loved the attention you paid to him. He loved you so much that he made sure you were always in sight. I loved watching my two cats sleep side by side. You aged so gracefully, my love. When you could no longer hear the words "I love you", I made sure that you saw me say them to you all the time. When you could no longer get to your bed, we put a step there to help you to go up and down. When I was told that you had cancer and that surgery wouldn't prolong your life, I took you home and made sure you received extra tender loving care. When you could no longer eat or walk, I knew it was time for you to be free from this torment. My sweet one, the vet came to the house. I was petting your head when you were set free. You are now resting under a shady tree. Thanks for enriching my life, my darling Mei-Ling. Rick, Sammy, and I will miss you. Sammy is going around to all your favorite places wondering where you are. I will always think of you and cherish the time we had together. Rest in peace, my love.

Meiling, 1992-2003

"Pretty Girl" you will be missed. Play with Boogins Conehead and one day we will see you again. Say hi to a pretty boy named Palmer for Joshua and Gina.

Meisha, 01/20/97-10/18/03

My "Fur Face", "Hoofa", "Meesie". My beloved Meisha, I don't know how I'm going to go on without you. I'll miss our spaghetti dinners and ice cream for desert. Our games of hide and seek in the house. Your drool all over my clean kitchen floor. Until we are together again please know how so very much I loved you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy and laughter you gave me in the six short years we spent together. Love you always and missing you terribly. - Your Mom

Meisha, 10/31/91-09/16/03

Our sweet Meisha is gone to a better place. What a very difficult night it has been, but it was time. She knew, came and tried to tell us when her little legs gave out on her. I scooped her up and she rode to the vet in style in her favorite place, Mommy's arms. Once there she never left my arms, except to give Daddy one last cuddle. It was very peaceful and now she's busy scampering around the Rainbow Bridge looking for the biggest tuna she can find. It is amazing what a big hole such a little cat can leave. The house seems so empty already and it hasn't even sunk in yet. We were so lucky to have had her. She was at the humane society for seven months before we found her, like she was waiting for the Mommy and Daddy she wanted the most. Halloween would have been seven years that we had her and we treasured every single day.

Michael and Jamie Sladky

Meka, 05/29/95-06/26/03

In loving memory of my beautiful Meka. Mommy made the difficult choice to put you to rest so that you would not suffer! I loved you too much to watch you suffer! Your little heart, so full of love for 8 years, just couldn't take any more. You had a heart condition called cardiomyopathy. This is why you began having seizures! Life without you is very difficult, and there is not one hour of one day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you!

Mekare, 08/89-04/00

The pixie cat... mischievous, daring and a clown..

Liz Patrick

Melanie, 04/15/90-11/30/03

Mel we love and miss you. You will always be in our hearts. Your sweet loving face, the way you would give us little gentle love bites when you wanted us to keep stroking your beautiful fur, the sweet sound of your singing, the bright sunny afternoons we would spend in the swing under the oak tree will always be wonderful memories. Till we meet again. Sleep well love.

Sheila & William Ford

Melanie, 06/06/89-05/11/00

We miss our little sweetie, so very much.

Eleanor Mascitelli

Meling, 04/09/03

This was my aunt's pup I took care of her while my aunt was away. She passed 24 hours after my mom's pup Cleo. Now they are over the rainbow bridge waiting, together


Mellie, 08/19/88-04/07/03

You were our little girl and we loved you so much, we will see you again, at the "Rainbow Bridge" Mom & Dad

Melody, 06/08/93-09/16/02

Much loved and missed by her "mom" & "dad" and housemate Klint.

Melon, 03/10/87-12/12/03

Melon was my little baby dog for 16 ½ years and was almost 17 years old when we had to put her to sleep. That was on 12/12/03. It feels like the hardest thing I ever did. My husband of 4 years and I took her little body away with us to the pet cemetery. It was a whole day away from home, going to the auto body shop where she and her siblings were being given away for free and other places she had lived after that when I adopted her. It was so hard coming home to that empty house. Melon was a Peke-a-poo (and other things) and she loved going for walks and runs more than eating. It was always hard to get her to eat because she wanted to skip that part and go for her walk. She traveled with us everywhere because she was easy to be with and we loved walking her. Melon was sweet-tempered but not showy in her love. In fact, I didn’t know how attached she was to me until later in our years together I handed her leash off to others to hold temporarily. She would strain to follow me, peek in doors and windows so as not to lose sight of me and watch each person as they came out until that person was me, when she would joyfully wag her tail and sniff me. She would quietly follow me about the house and I often wouldn’t know she’d joined me until I found her sitting in the doorway of each room I went in when I had to be careful not to step on the little one. I taught Melon lots of tricks, all the standard ones plus she would yawn and wipe her eyes on command. Gradually we could not get her to do these tricks, begging and shaking hands were the last to go in her repertoire. She had a winsome clowny look on her face because her lower teeth stuck out, but that didn’t keep people from exclaiming how cute she was wherever we took her. She was a great gopher hunter and once caught a mouse in the garage. God granted that we would be nearby to save her when she fell into the pool about 2 years ago and could rescue her and fence her out of that part of the yard from then on. In her old age, she became more clingy and I liked that she allowed me to hold her in my arms while she slept. I miss her bark. I miss her little footsteps in the kitchen. I miss her big warm brown eyes. I miss the pine needles hooked on her fur that she dragged into the house through her dog door. I miss her so much and feel so empty without my little baby. My husband and I cry for her and he tries to cheer us both up by recalling her little oddities, quirks and intelligent ways. She was a dog with heart and soul and my husband always said he felt she had a conscience and reasoning power beyond what dogs are supposed to have.

Rossean Hunter & Lee Rice

Melrose, 04/01/91-06/30/03

Aloha Melrose, Uncle Dave, Aunt Amy and Ginger will forever love you for the kind and gentle soul you were. You will be missed by all you touched.

May you always rest in Peace and be Eternally Happy.

Melt My Heart (Ashka), 09/15/03-12/08/03

We lost our beloved ashka earlier this month and the days leading to Christmas will not be the same this year, she brightened our mornings with her soft laughing song and even though she was so young she still touched us every day of our time together we miss her very much.. She died without pain in her sleep as I slept with her head gently touching my own she came to me in peace and in peace she left......

Mysti, Jessie and Tristan

Memphis, 3/13/86-7/25/03

Memphis, my best girl ever, my sturdy little critter, my little bear - taken from me suddenly and shockingly just yesterday. You forever changed my life coming into it, and have changed it just as profoundly by leaving it. I miss you so, my babycakes - your sweet face peering up at me hopefully, eyes alight with devotion as you sat on my foot and asked to be held, your paws holding onto my toes as you lay on the floor, just so you would have the human contact you craved, your raspy-engine-like purring filling whatever room you were in. Always happy, always charming, always friendly, always giving, your furry little barrel body filled with more love than seemed possible. You enriched my days for more than 17 years with joy; now your leaving has ripped a hole in my heart and my life. You were so small, but your personality filled the apartment to overflowing. How I will miss hearing you meowing as I come up the stairs, knowing you are no longer sitting by the door to greet me; I will miss having you sleep on my lap, in the crook of my arm at night, or draped over my throat. I will miss everything about you, my little 'furry container of desire,' but I know you are with God now, sitting on his lap, and that you are together again with Boomer and Tigger, all sleeping in a big furry pile o' cats. Give them my love, and Smokey, Negra and Cocoa, too. Wait for me, all of you, I promise I will see you again someday. Until then, I will pray for you and love you and miss you more than you will ever know. My sweet little girl...forever.

Memphis, 02/14/96-11/26/03

We miss you Peanut.
We were truly blessed to share our lives with you.
You were a wonderful, sweet little soul that loved nothing more than to sit on the back of the couch.
I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, please wait for me!

Juli Kruszynski

Memphis, 3/13/86-7/25/03

Memphis, my best girl ever, my sturdy little critter, my little bear - taken from me suddenly and shockingly just yesterday. You forever changed my life coming into it, and have changed it just as profoundly by leaving it. I miss you so, my babycakes - your sweet face peering up at me hopefully, eyes alight with devotion as you sat on my foot asking to be held, your paws holding onto my toes as you lay on the floor, just so you would have the human contact you craved, your raspy-engine-like purring filling whatever room you were in. Always happy, always charming, always friendly, always giving, your furry little barrel body filled with more love than seemed possible. You enriched my days for more than 17 years with joy; now your leaving has ripped a hole in my heart and my life. You were so small, but your personality filled the apartment to overflowing. How I will miss hearing you meowing as I come up the stairs, knowing you are no longer sitting by the door to greet me; I will miss having you sleep on my lap, in the crook of my arms at night, or draped over my throat. I will miss everything about you, my little 'furry container of desire,' but I know you are with God now, sitting on his lap, and that you are together again with Boomer and Tigger, all sleeping in a big furry pile o' cats. Give them my love, and Smokey, Negra and Cocoa, too. Wait for me, all of you, I promise I will see you again someday. Until then, I will pray for you and love you and miss you more than you will ever know. My sweet little girl...forever. Lisa

Memphis, you were such a good little girl, so pretty and sweeter than sugar. Everyone was your friend, everyone a potential source of love and affection - both to give to and to get from. In your 17-plus years you never knew a moment's fear or hesitation - oh yes, you were a brave one! You were a great cat, our Little Bear, our Sturdy Little Critter, a very great cat indeed, and we thank you for the years of love, joy and good times you brought to us. Rest in peace, small one, and someday, God willing, we will see you and all our other beloved felines again. Be brave for all time, so we may learn from you in our grief. Fare well, our most excellent and cherished friend, we will love, remember and miss you always - Steven

Menew, 02/18/83-07/07/03

My Beloved Menew...
More than just a Pet, you were like a Mother to me.
Of the many lessons you taught me, I learned the value of graceful yoga stretching, and that nothing is more important than a quiet nap...
Today (somewhere in amongst all your unconditional Love) you unexpectedly prepared me to set aside my desperate efforts to keep you here with me on Earth...just long enough for you to receive eternal rest...

You will live forever, and ever in my heart, Menew...
And we will meet again, in the Meadow at the edge of the Bridge...

Meow, 05/10/03

We miss you meowser. Hope your happy and healthy playing at
the bridge.

Kim, Emma and Megan

Meow Meow, 11/25/03

Dear Meow.
Oh how we miss you!!
It was because of you that the sun always shinned and our faces always had smiles. Remember how much we love you and that we'll meet again, on the Rainbow Bridge.

The Yagi Family

Meow-Meow, 04/86-12/28/02

Meow-Meow, we had you for over 16 years, and you brought us so much happiness and joy. I miss you so much every single day. Our home is so empty without you. I still grieve for you, and how I wish I could see you again and feel your soft fur, and have you on my lap at night.The pain of losing you will not go away, and my heart is broken without you. I will always love you, my beautiful Meow-Meow, my baby girl. Please wait for me at the rainbow bridge, what a joy our reunion will be!!


Mephisto, 01.12.90-09.01.03

I tried to say goodbye and thank you last night for being with me these years. I tried to say sorry for the long days I pulled, and that I was sometimes grouchy, and the bumps you didn't like me to clean. I am afraid that all you saw and heard were tears and grief, even though I wanted you to go in peace. You are loved. You are missed. I am so sorry you had to leave. More than I am capable of conveying.
*hugs* kisses*
I am a better person because I had you in my life. Please wait for me.

Mephy, 04/04/86-06/04/02

Dearest Mephy, not a day passes that I don't think of you a million times. The long grass outside our garden, the wagtails chttering in the bushes... all remind me of your gentle presence that I took for granted for 17 years. The pain I felt when you left us will never go away. Be happy sweet Mephina, run in the sunshine chasing butterflies and roll in the grass as you so loved to do and never forget us who love you so much...

Anasuya Elisha

Mera Mera, 00/95

She gave the most adorable and lovable cats anyone could have ever given us. She will definitely be loved for that.

The Azua Family

Mercedes, 05/14/97-12/01/03

Mercedes was my service dog, she was loved by many and gave her love willingly to all. Mercedes loved doing therapy work in hospitals and at old age homes. She worked with children with autism and was also a search and rescue dog in her spare time. Her passing at such a young age was a tragedy. She is missed and loved.

Joseph Gottwald

Mercedes, 04/30/01-04/03/03

Mercedes was a tiny dog that was not granted a long life. She loved me very much and tried "so hard" to get better, but in the end, we both knew she couldn't try any more. I thank God and her, that she let me know for sure she wanted to leave this world and cross the bridge. I thank her for letting me know she loved me and it was all right for her to let go.

Mercedes (Cedes), 01/10/89-03/03/03

To a very special pet that brought so much joy, fun, laughter, and adventure into our lives.
You will be missed but we will keep you always in our hearts. I truly believe that now God has a special place for you where you are now in peace and merrily frolicking away and waiting for us!
We love you so much, CEDES!!!
MOM, Dad, Marilou, Andy, Laura and Laurence and all our friends

Mercedes, 01/12/03

Mercedes, we thought you were getting well but God called you home. We miss you already. I knew there was a chance you would not get well but we were praying and hoping. Rest in Peace "Sadie-girl" You were a sweet friend and we will see you again with Sky and Lemondrop at the Rainbow Bridge. We Love you
Aaron, Beth and Sheba

Mercedes Griffin, 3/28/84-8/27/03

Mercedes Griffin 19 years old. You are the love of my life. From the minute I saw you and you did the forward roll, I have been in love with you. You have always been there for me, and I miss you sleeping on my neck. Mariah misses you, and so does the whole family. I love you forever.

Mercury, 06/22/90-08/24/03

In Loving Memory of Mercury -- My best friend and companion for 13 years. I love you.

Kelly Kuhn

Mercury, 09/01/91-07/02/03

Merc was a loving dog and we miss him immensely.

Mercy, 06/11/03

Mercy, Mercy, that's my good girl. Go home, darling girl.

She was always my little girl in puppy dog clothes... she found me at a time of need in my life, and she was God's Mercy to me. Eight years we were blessed; I do not know what life she lead before we came together, and I do not know her name before that day when she changed my life. But I know this: I have never been loved so unconditionally for so long in my whole life, nor have I ever deserved such a love. She made me want to be a better person, and yet, she loved me in all my faultiness. To an entire family, she was Christ's love, embodied in the form of a little red cocker spaniel.

I do not doubt that she is with God; she was my "angel unawares".

Forgive me, my Mercy, that I was ever less than pure love to you, for you were truly pure love to me. Return to the One who sent you, and give him my humble thanks that He gave me the chance to know you. You are a better Christian than I could ever hope to be, but I promise, I will try...

You have given me love, and a message even in your passing...

Parting Song

In the mirror, you will see
The vision that I take with me.
My spirit flies, and far away -
the heart that loves you cannot stay

With eager feet I go before
To wait beside the open door;
The God who loved, and set me free
Will someday bring you home to me.

Oh, darling, how we miss you. Danny, Roxy, Gracie, Zorro, Peekaboo, Gramma, Daddy, and Mommy; we all feel your loss, but we all feel your blessing more. Go home, Mercy, beloved angel. I will meet you there.

Merdette, 03/18/03

We will always remember your nice morning kisses, we will always feel so lucky because we were able to be your friends and share your company. And for that we are so grateful to god. God Bless you Merdette.

Oscar and Kimberly Cabot

Merf, 3/15/03

Merf, a wonderful Blk/Wht. cat in your everyday Tux. You left our lives on: 3/15/03 and went on to a better place in Heaven, where there is no pain and suffering, only fields of green, and flowers to brighten the skies above. You've brought Happiness into our home since you where a kitten and everyday after till your passing on to Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us on the other side and your not alone, your with Love ones and Friends, Midnight, Smokie, Baby Girl to name a few. Merf your going to be missed by one and ALL and especially Mommy, Please, she loved you with all her Heart and so did I, never forget us, cause we'll never ever forget you, and for all you've brought into our lives. Love, Mom and Dad

Merle, 04/21/96-07/28/03

You fought the good fight, little buddy. You were gentle and dignified to the end. The chipmunks in cat heaven must be quaking with fear! We'll miss hearing your jingle. See you in the next life, you sweet beautiful boy. We miss you!

Parker, Chris and Rowan

Merlin, 09/03/96-07/21/03

Our little girl past away suddenly Monday night. We, especially her little brother Bandit, will sadly miss her. She is now up in heaven with her big brother Shadow who died when she was a young kit. We will always love and miss the both of you and will meet again one day. Love always, Mom, Mommy, Bandit & Dakota

Merlin, 10/01/93-05/24/03

Your sweet gentle soul will always touch our hearts. Your sudden loss has left us all in shock and we can only hope that where you are you know how much we love and miss you.

Our sweet boy we will miss you.

Goodbye for now dear Merlin. We will see you someday, but until then you will live forever in our hearts.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Maverick

Merlin, 05/13/98-03/22/03

Merlin was a best friend to our family. Even at the very end, he was comforting my two youngest daughters who were upset, giving them kisses as they cried, in spite of his severe illness. That was Merlin, always thinking about others first rather than himself. He was a great dog and great friend!!

Lauri Ringgenberg

Merlin, 05/25/90-05/02/00

I didn't know about the Rainbow Bridge when Merlin passed two and a half years ago, so this tribute is pretty late. Merlin was our first German Shepherd and the reason that we'll always have Shepherds in our home. He owned our hearts from the first day he waddled away from his brothers and sisters and over to us and started chewing on my husband's shoe laces. He grew quickly, as puppies do, into a beautiful, sweet, devoted member of our family. Merlin always knew without fail that when his active duty military dad was away from home, *he* was the man of the house, and he took his duties seriously. My daughter and I always felt secure with him. When we found out just three weeks before his tenth birthday that he was terminally ill, we were devastated. Letting him go was the hardest thing we'd ever done, but we loved him and knew it was best. We understand that he was waiting for Aries, our second Shepherd and his best friend, who recently went to join him, and though it broke our hearts to lose them, we're so happy that they're together again. We carry you in our hearts always, Merlin. Hope you and Aries are having fun. Just be nice to Mickey, would you?

Mummy, Daddy and Jordan

Merlot, 09/17/00-10/03/03

What a special cat...we saved him from a certain death from a farm...he died accidentally tonight ...we will miss him dearly


Mersadie, 07/23/88-01/16/03

Mersadie was a spunky, attention seeking, head strong gal. She was the best companion, loyal and affectionate. Playful and sweet till the day she died at 14 1/2. She was deeply loved and will be sadly missed.

Merv, 05/27/03

Dear little Merv.....a special soul who touched our lives and allowed us to help him know love for all too brief a time.....thank you for blessing us with your sweetness.

Judith Apy

Mervyn, 10/13/03

We are so glad that you came to live with us, Mervyn. At first, we just thought we were giving you a place to stay until you went back to Mark. But as we got to know you, we grew to love you. We were overjoyed when we found out that you would be staying with us permanently. You brought a lot of laughter into our home with your "talking" and your begging for treats. I'll always think of you when I eat fried chicken, remembering how you would tap my knee to ask for a piece. And I will always remember sharing my cereal milk with you. You are greatly loved, and we will miss you. Fritzie and the girls miss you, but they understand that you had to go on ahead. We will see you again some day, dear friend. Love, Momma and Daddy

MewMew, 06/15/89-01/02/03

May our MewMew rest at the rainbow bridge. We will see you when we get there sweety! Love, Mom and Dad

Mews, 02/14/99-11/08/03

Mews, You were the youngest of them all. Why were you in the house that night? Did you know something? I guess you couldn't leave Libby could you? You stay with Libby, BearButt, BooBoo, Cheyenne & Nikki cause they will protect you until we get there.

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Mhandi Lynn, 03/12/03

Mhandi, it was hard to do what we decided to do, but we could not see you suffer anymore. You are at peace and resting on the land at the cabin you loved to roam. With your button brown eyes and big tongue and big smile, you were patient, and gentle and kind. We will miss you and always love you. See you someday, say hi to Daisey, and Nanci and Max. Love mom and dad.

Mholly, 03/10/97-04/28/03

I'm sorry that you ever had to suffer, Buster. Your sister and I miss you every single second of the day. You will never leave my heart, and you will always be my T.C. Kitty.


You never know how much you can love until you love a pet. They are the best thing God ever gave us. Take care of them, protect them, and love them with all your heart. Missing you, baby girl. See you in heaven.


Mia, 5/7/97-2/15/03

I always believed in saving a life and one day went to the Humane Society and took "Mia" home. From the minute I started petting her she dropped to the floor and wanted to be pet for hours. After going through some rough times, I found the consolation in being around her. Like Clockwork 7am came & she was ready for her Breakfast. As each day went by she learned how to call me which always sounded like "Mama," I loved her so much. One day I went to feed her and her food was still full. When I picked her up, she cringed to get down. The next morning I saw the food still again in her dish and the water full. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. I cried....She stayed for 1 week and today I got the call she passed on last night. I am so lost without her. I need to hold her, to pet her and to feel her on my lap. It happened so fast and there was very little resource for someone with not a lot of money. I just wished I would have been there when she passed on. She was in a hospital without me by her side. I feel like I let her down. I love you Mia & I miss you so much. But God has better plans for you.

Girl, I miss you so much.

Love Mommy & Nicole

Mia, 03/29/93-02/19/03

Mia came into our lives a month before we married and we couldn't have asked for a more affectionate, devoted and love of a dog. You were with us through the births of our three children and always next to me with every nightly bottle and diaper change. Thursday was one of the worst days of our lives when we had to decide what would be best for you. I am so sorry. Our hearts are broken and we all miss you so terribly. I look forward to the day when we can see you again. We miss you with all our heart and will love you forever. You will always be our good girl Mia. We love you so much.

Daddy, Mummy, Maria, Steven & Michael Xoxoxox

Mia Katrina, 07/04/88-06/20/03

To our beautiful 'Puddie,'thanks for 15 years of understanding and compassion. We will miss you terribly and our lives will not be quite the same without your presence. Please know that we will love you always. Mom, Dad, and Olivia

Mica, 03/00-01/27/03

Such a special bunny who taught us what unconditional love is.

Dona Bushong

Micah, 10/27/03-11/22/03

You were here all to briefly, and yet the day you left you took my heart with you.
Thank you for all you gave while you were here. And yet again I find myself reminded of the fragility of life. Sleep well little baby. I'll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Go find Daisy, she will take good care of you. Love you forever.

Lindsey Huff

Michael (Mooka), 08/15/95-03/28/03

It is impossible to sum up what our sweet girl means to us, even in her passing. She made us stronger for each other, she gave us love and in turn taught us how to love. She personally taught me more about myself than any person. She is part of our hearts and always will be. Maggie would say that she is simply pure goodness, and that she most definatly was. We love you sweet Mooka, angelest of Angels, we will never forget you.

Adam and Maggie Wheelock

Michael Corleone, 02/01/91-02/06/03

Mikey, it has only been a few hours since you went over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much. The house is empty without your purring. Please forgive me if I didn't make the right decision. I wanted you to stay but your kidneys were failing and I didn't want you to suffer anymore. We will all miss you here -- Matti and Fredo especially -- you took such good care of them. Your loving positive nature made things seem alright. I will never forget you, Michael, my sweet angel. Thank you for loving me. I love you always...Mom

Michael Mouse, 12/02-12/20/03

Michael, I don't what to say, you left without warning. I guess I should have known because you didn't eat your special treat. I remember the day I found you at the store, you looked so lonely. I hope I made you life a little better. I'm sorry I didn't put your running wheel together right a few weeks ago and you fell on the floor, the vet said you'd be fine but I guess there was something else. I've lost you and Phoebe in the same month and that really hurts. I hope you find Maurice, Brandon Michael, Trystan, Nikita, Christopher, Sylvester, Muffin, Phoebe, and the others, they will help you find your way. Run and be free. Mommy miss! And again there is only one....


Michel, 12/82-22/02/03

Ciao Michel,è arrivata Due qualche giorno fà...ti assomiglia molto,è come riavere Te non sei Tu.
Mi aiuta,mi fa sorridere,rende tutto più facile,mi distrae perchè,guardandola,Ti rivedo.
Non avrei potuto scegliere nulla di più simile a dipendo ancora dal bisogno di guardare i tuoi colori,la perfezione che rappresentavi per me.
Ogni tanto la chiamo come chiamavo Te,a volte per errore,altre con appellativi consumati per Te...e mi sento in colpa..
E'tanto carina,ogni tanto spero che Tu sia tornata a ho paura di pensare a questo...non voglio illusioni contorte...non può sapere cosa sia "la nanna della mamma"
eppure mi si è avvicinata...e questo ha deciso per me.
La mia anima è ancora con Te...è Tua.
A Due spetta questo compito difficile...arrivare dopo TE...
proteggila,guardala e sorridi ancora un po' con me.

La Tua Mamma

Michelle Adler, 11/10/89-09/22/03

Always friendly to everyone. A faithful companion to the end. You are missed by your whole family but especially, your daddy.

Mick, 12/11/03

At my darkest hour I found you there trembling scared and alone. I chased away those who would harm you and brought you into my home. Two souls in need who found eachother in this big and uncertain world yielded kindness and love the likes of which I had never known. You shared your love with all you met both man and beast alike especially the most frail and vulnerable who had no reason to love. Your wagging tail and greeting dance your patient and playful ways brought light and goodness to everyone even in the darkest of days.
Now your gone, again I'm alone to face these uncertain times, I'll be right here and wander these roads without you safely at my side. Rest now my sweet boy until we meet again, I'll think of you and the love that never ends.

Thank you Mick.

Chris Damian

Mick, 05/21/01-10/13/03

Its been a month since you have been gone and we miss you so very much.
The house is so empty without you and your skeaky. Mick you were our baby and we loved you so very much. You brought so much joy into our lives.
I want you to know how very much we loved you and always will love you.
Mick you stole our hearts.

Stan & Jan Thomas

Mickee Pup Wynberg-Brown, 02/21/88-06/13/03

Mickee are such an awesome dog. When we first saw you with your brothers and sisters, you looked at us and ran the other way. You were one of a kind, a runt of the litter they say. But you were the best dog friend a family could have. The memories of you are endless, are love for your overflows, we will meet you someday, my friend, at Rainbow Bridge. Where I'm sure there are no ironing boards or vacuum cleaners to make you bark........just the smiles on our faces when we see you. Love, Mommy

Mickey, 1994-06/21/03

Mickey - my darling. you came to Grandma's in 1994 bedraggled and starved. Mommy took you home and you joined the family. you were scared and the vet thought you may have been abused or beaten before you found me. people couldn't even pick you up or pet you, you would go totally ballistic. many people told me not to keep you, to send you on your way, that you would never change, but I didn't, I kept my baby boy, and just kept giving you my love and patience.

it took 4 years, but you changed into a different cat, you finally trusted me and I was so happy to have you really know that I would never hurt you and would never let anyone hurt you ever again, and that I was in it "for life" with you.

you have been gone 2 days now and there is a terrible void in the house. although, your fur brothers and sisters are left, I deeply miss and love my special boy and always will. Mama will see you in the stars............I love you

Kathy Gambill

Mickey (Mouse), 01/14/03-05/21/03

My little love I will miss your precious little face & your little mouse ears and all the love you gave me. I love you, Mickey Poo. I know I will see you again !

Your Mom

Mickey, 04/01/93-04/16/03

Mickey was my best friend for 10 years. Her passing leaves a hole in my heart but her memories fill that hole with so much love and happiness. Thank you for letting me share her memory with everyone.

Amy Kowalczyk

Mickey, 10/25/85-03/20/03

Our sweet Mickey left us on Thursday, March 20th after 17 years of total devotion. He was the most precious thing to everyone who knew him. As a pup, he was full of life and wonder. As an older doggie, he was as precious as an old man with fuzzy slippers. Mick baby, we will always hold you in our hearts and the joy of having you all these years still outweighs the horrible pain we feel today. We will always love you honey. Rest in peace baby. I will see you again some day.

Love, Mommy, Jeffrey and Grammy

Mickey, 3/20/89-3/14/03

My Best Friend
By: Jessica Davis - 3/14/03

I have a friend
Whom I've known since I was very young
This friend knew where his food bowl was
And where his long blue leash hung.

That friend was a nuisance
Always getting in my way
Always running around
Always wanting to play

He'd look at me with those sweet brown eyes
And raise up his big paw
Wanting me to pet him
And give him a bone to gnaw.

The days went by
Both he and I got older
I got really busy
And he had become a little bit bolder

Today has finally come
The day for him to go home
He has treated me well
And never let out a moan.

Today I will go see him
This day is the end
My last words are this
"I'm proud you were my best friend."

In Memory of Mickey

Mickey, 12/11/02

Mickey had been with us for all of our married life. She was the only furbaby left in our original group of three, and now she's gone to join Merlin and Aries. Bye bye Mickey Mouse. Hope there are lots of pens for you to play with up there.

Mummy, Daddy and Jordan

Mickey Blue-Eyes, 06/02/03

She was just a little bundle of love...she was very sick during her short life...and in my heart I want to believe she is in a better place....Mickey mama loves you and I will miss every day for the rest of my life.......

Micki-Su Hart, 5/1/99-10/4/03

Softy the leaves of memory fall,
Gently I gather and treasure them all.
Unseen, unheard, you are always near,
so missed, so loved, so very dear.

We are so proud of you Bubby Girl.
Run happy, run free.
Love, Mama and Daddy

Micky Malone, 5/30/92-3/31/03

I miss you Micky. Please play with your brother Murphy and watch over Mac and Abby. Mac keeps looking for you.

Mickey, 11/29/03

We miss you and love you so much Mickey.
We know you are in a better place now running and playing!
Until we meet again Little Buddy!

Lisa Reynolds

Mickey Dees, 12/06/03

Mickey we miss you so much and love you more than words can say

Jim and Darla, Tyler and Trevor Scudder

Mickey with a 'D', 12/23/94-01/14/03

Our 'Mickey with a 'D' left us today, for the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. There are no more tears left to shed for his mommy and daddy. On his fresh little grave, at his most favored spot in our yard, there is a single rose. But Just wait! There will be tulips tomorrow and a white marble plaque bearing his name. I can't wait for tomorrow. I have so much to tell him...Like how tough it was to look at him for the last time. Maybe few more tears....The house is still full of his scent. Everywhere I look there is Mickey. Even my wallpaper, on my computer, there is Mickey kissing mommy. Toys and balls on the floor and pictures on the walls, everywhere, everything is Mickey. People call and ask...How is Mickey? ....I wonder about tomorrow. Perhaps it will really, really hurt worse than today. And again, this funny lump that has been in my throat all day, will it go away? But what if it does not. I know. I'll just sit by his grave then and talk to him about things. Tomorrow, I must try to tell Angelo, Mickey's younger brother, that after eight joyfull years together, Mickey is now a true Dalmatian Angel and he is not coming back. I do not know if I'll succeed. Perhaps we sit together by Mickey's new place and get silly. Yes, I may do just that. Besides, we have the rest of our lives to talk about him. Angelo knows everything. I love Mickey more than I ever thought possible. He can never be replaced. In spirit, we will always be together and his beautiful eyes will always be open in my mind. Goodbye my Mickey 'D' (Dalmatian) I hope you found Missy cat! Love from your Dad.......lots of love from your Mommy, Angelo and Meffi cat too.......

Stavros and Joan Mihail

Mickey Shula, 08/31/90-11/25/03

My dearest Mick Mick. You are such a brave and willful little Tootsie Girl and I know those traits will help you as you cross the Bridge and look to find Jerry and Boomer and everyone else... They will help you over and help you to find a new place to rest and Ba-Dump... We made it through four years with CRF and you lived each day not with an illness, but with fun, fight and an everlasting determination to go on. That is your legacy Mick Mick. I will always remember your strength when I want to quit at something and I know I will always feel your love. I love you so much and I hope you remember that as you play through eternity. We will be together again one day, but for now, Babycakes please be good, go find Jerry Go-Go. He will help you, I promise. After all, what are big brothers for? Rest well, my little girlie. I love you, love me.

Arlene G

Midas, 10/03/91-11/02/03

Tonight is a lonely night with my best friend of twelve years gone to Rainbow Bridge where one day owners will one day again meet their best friends.

William Hedges

Midas, 09/29/98-09/21/01

Midas The dog 09/29/98-09/21/01 Midas you left us so quickly ,we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. But I know you & I know you hear our prayers to you. We know you hear us speak to you. We only have your ashes & our memories to keep us going. But we know you are there waiting at the Rainbow Bridge as patient as always. We will be there someday to meet you. For now we will keep our memories In our hearts & the pictures in our minds, 'cuz when we come to get you we won't need them anymore.We will make new ones together.We will finish what we started.We miss you Midas but we still feel your presence. I still hear you bark when there is a problem & I know you are always watchful of Tiff.We both feel you here with us especially when we need you..Even after all this time we still have days that we cry for you. What we would give for one more day with you. We love you ding-dong. LOVE MOM &TIFFANIE


we wish our little Midgy the best in the past life we miss you soooooooo much. Midge died in her sleep she meant the whole world to us. Midge wasn't quiet old but she lived a good life we miss you heaps and heaps Love and remember you always, your Family

Midgee, 01/12/96-12/04/03

Mom, Pop, and Amos miss you very much.
We have never experienced so much joy and unconditional love in our lives. You will be with us always!

Midge Kyle, 12/13/90-08/03/03

This is in the memory of my sweet little girl, Midge. She and I were together for 10 years. She was the best dog, always quiet and sweet. I loved to hold her and kiss her. She was my world. She passed away from cancer on August 3, 2003 and my heart aches horribly for her. My only comfort is that she is no longer in pain. I miss her so much. I need that little dog in my life. I wish I could say goodbye and kiss her forehead. I will never ever forget her little face. Midge made everyone smile. She was a huge part of our family and I will love her forever. May God please keep her and love her until I may do so again one day.

Midgett, 07/01/86-07/11/03

Midgett was a beautiful little toy/miniature poodle. She had black hair that we always kept sort of fluffy. My wife bought her 17 years ago to help keep her company because of all of my business travel that year. She had an older "sister" Chrissy, a white poodle, who also lived to 17. Midgett was very fast and loved to play "catch". She was our constant friend and companion, such a wonderful little pup, always by our side. She had a long and happy life and will be missed to no end.

Rick & Karen Allen

Midnight, 11/29/03

Our little monkey faced baby, you were 1 of 10 and now 4 of you are gone. You took our hearts with you. Sleep well baby.


Midnight, 09/12/02

My precious girl, I miss you so very much.
I know you are now healthy with no pain.
Take care my sweet.


Midnight, 1994-04/24/02

Midnight was my little boy, he was very special to me and his big brother Batman and I miss him. I had to get 3 more black cats to replace him in the family. Midnight II, Beauty and Batgirl. I miss my little boy so much and he will always be with me in my heart. Dad will always love you Midnight. See you soon!

Larry W. Lytel

Midnight, 04/26/96-11/05/03

Midnight was my beautiful baby girl.
She helped me through some very hard times, even kept me alive sometimes with the bond we shared.
She continues to live in my heart.
I will never forget what we shared.

Anne Degolier

Midnight, 06/09/93-08/08/03

Just a little black fur ball with white tipped tail who stole our HEARTS, who grew very large and looked so mean; always a GENTLEMAN who smiled for all he loved! We will miss you a long time, the pain is gone for you but we still hurt and wait till we meet again.

Mellissa/ Sandra

Midnight, 06/09/92-08/05/03

A once in a lifetime dog. My little boy, who is greatly missed by grandma Rockton, And Ed along with many other family members. Baby Sister ASA.

* * * * * * * *

Such a bundle of fur that turned into such a GENTLEMAN always missed; always SMILEING we loved you ALWAYS!!!!!

Grandma Rockton

Midnight, 02/14/88-07/28/03

Midnight was a faithful and loving cat, who always had something to say. I had him since he was about eight weeks old. I will miss his morning conversations, his singing, and miss the warmth of him cuddling next to me. I will miss him terribly as will his sister, and companion for those 15 wonderful years. I ask for your prayers for his sister, Melissa especially. She will feel the loss greatly, even more so greater than I, because she was there with him, everyday. God Bless all animal lovers who share there hearts and lives with animals. We, the animal lovers are truly a unique breed of people.

Midnight, 05/05/03

Thank you all for saying a little prayer for her. She had many animal brothers and sisters that went before her. I hope they all met her and escorted her over the bridge. I know she will be right there to greet me when it is my time. I only knew her for the last three years of her 23 years on earth but it felt like I had her from the time she was a kitten. I miss you Midnight and love you always. (Kelsey and Dad miss you too)! Casey says thank you for leading me to him at the shelter. He has once again made me smile. I think you had a lot to do with choosing him!

Midnight, 06/08/03

I need to know that someday I will be with Midnight and we will once again laugh and play. I miss him my heart aches.

Susan Dumoulin

Midnight (Big Guy), 07/05/93-05/02/03

Thank you for your time and your love - you took a piece of our hearts with your, and left us with many special memories. We miss you, but we know you feel better now and we'll be with you soon.

It's amazing what an impact six pounds of fur can make in your soul.

Love, Mamma & Dad

Midnight, 04/12/99-02/27/03

She will live in our hearts forever.

Kendal and Sami Poole

Midnight, 01/01/00-02/21/03

My dog Midnight had to be put down This past Friday Morning. He had developed seizures over the past month that were very painful to watch. He also became too aggressive in order to be treated. I already miss him soo much.

Steve R

Midnite Angel Mocha, 01/01/90-03/25/03

She was with us for 13 wonderful years... she was our first Baby. We got her when we were first married, and do not remember life without her. She will always be missed, yet I still feel her around us.

Donna Hornsby

Midnight Sanchez, 10/12/84-01/26/02

It was a cold winter day in late Jan. of 2002 when I learned that needed to say goodbye to my best friend, my baby. He had a vet appointment, he had been sick and test results were in. I thought his vet would just decide to increase the dosage of his medicine and everything would be fine, but no, not this time, he was too tired, too old and too weak. She said I would have to let him go soon, so that Sat. coming up, Jan. 26, 2002, would be the last time that I would take him to the vet. I tried to be strong because I didn't want him to be afraid but it was hard to do, my heart was breaking, I was losing my baby, my friend, my companion of 17 years. I thought of all the things we had done together, our walks, picnics in the park, vacations to Lake Geneva for his birthday and he loved his rides in the car and his favorite treats, his bones. I remember teaching him all those the cute little tricks, especially how to brush his paw by my pillow to wake me up in the morning so I could take him outside. He was such a good dog, so smart, so cute, so loveable, such a loving companion, what was I going to do without him. I spent every minute of our last few days together by his side, I took the rest of the week off from work. At night, I slept on the floor next to him, during the day I sat with him on the floor and he put his little head on my lap. I had long talks with him, I told him that I understood that it was time for him to go and that I knew that he had been hanging on for me because he didn't want to leave but that he just couldn't do it any longer, I told him that it was ok to let go. He gave me one of his wet little kisses as if he were saying, thanks Mom, I love you. I told him how much I loved him and how special he was and that he was the best friend and companion anyone could ever have and that having him with me made my life better, made me a better person. I took him to our family church on Thursday so that he could receive blessing for his journey. On Friday the rest of the family came to say goodbye, he was a part of the family, my brothers called him their nephew, my mother thought of him as her grandson and he was my child, my baby. Saturday was here, my mom and my best friend were with me, it was 7:30am when my friend said that it was time for us to leave for the vet, I kept thinking that I must being having a bad dream, a nightmare and I wanted to wake up but I couldn't, this was really happening. We stayed with him in that room, I held him, I told him that loved him, I cried and said goodbye to my baby and kissed him on his little head for the last time, he was gone, he had started his journey to the Bridge where he waits for me to join him one day. My first year without him has been the worst, nothing was the same without him there. I miss him so much, I think about him all the time and will love him always, he lives in my heart forever. "Got a picture of you I carry in my heart, close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark, got a memory of you I carry in soul, I wrap it close around me when the nights gets cold. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, after all this time you're still with me it's true." "I miss my friend, the one my heart and soul confided in, the one I felt the safest with, the one who knew just what to do to make smile again, I miss my friend "I miss you Midnight, you were the best, I love you, Mom

Midnite, 05/01/90-02/10/03

Our dear girl, we love you and will always carry you within our hearts. Someday we shall all be together once more and Ronald will call to you :Momma" again.

Miesje (Dutch For Little Girl, Pronounced Meeshuh), 08/05/90-01/29/00

To my Special Angel Miesje,
You really are a cat-angel and the biggest sweetheart ever, and the best daughter/partner and friend to your Mom Blossom for over 9 years, as well as to me. I still love you and always will, not just remember and miss you deeply.
God always bless you sweet Miesje. And love and protect your Mom Blosom who just recently passed on this week to your side.
Love you, with a very special place for you in my heart and soul.

Mighty Lucky Dog, 06/04/93-10/03/03

Lucky's mom could not take care of her, when Lucky was born, I took over and fed her from a bottle. She was fragile and not expected to live for long. But she fooled all of us including the vet. She was fragile all her life, but also was determined to live. I took her to the university in Minnesota many times and also we made frequent visits to our vet. I was also determined to make sure she received good care. She had many good days and played like other dogs. Her heart was not good and the vet and I had talked about it, if she ever got pneumonia, she would not survive. This is why she passed away. She developed pneumonia. I miss her and her special love for me. She was a big part of my life. She is and was precious to me. Thank you. Fran Smestuen

Mignard, 05/01/84-03/12/03

My soul, my heart, my child---you were my most special love. Always there for me, always ready with the best head-butts anyone could ever hope for. You were naughty, funny, loyal, and so special. You were a one-person cat, and the day you found me and adopted me as your Mom was a day I'll thank God for forever. I have so many special memories of you--how you loved tomatoes, peas, doughnuts and corn. How you played with with olives and growled in pleasure as you ate them. You will always be in my heart and soul. I can't wait until the day I see you again, strong, healthy, eyes clear and shining, waiting for me on the other side of the bridge.

Judy Bloom

Migs, 01/12/88-11/27/03

Migs is a special dog, as I am a recovering addict...she saved my life a couple years back after a drug binge, when she alerted my neighbors...I owe my full recovery to her and her unconditional love and loyalty.
she has been battling cancer, today she unexpectedly suffered a stroke and died in my arms...I am blessed to have had her for so many years, and even more blessed that I could feel love and grief, as I am not under the influence of any substance but the depth of her love..she knew it would be okay to leave this world, because she knows I am okay now...thank you for allowing me to share.....she will remain forever in my heart......maureen wade

Mika, 12/02/03

Precious little dog of my dear friend.
She is missed by many.


Mikan-Boyo, 05/31/02-04/04/03

Dear, dear Mikan,
We never knew how much you impacted our lives until last Friday. Our home isn't the same without you. Mikan, though you "pestered" Kiri, she misses you very much, too. You were our precious little guy. Both Dad and I see you in every little thing we hear or see; Kiri visits the spots you frequented and looks for you constantly. Sometimes, I think you left a part of you in her. We shall NEVER forget you and you can NEVER be replaced!! We only hope you are happy where you are now.

Dick & Amie McClary

Mike, 10/26/03

Mike, you were a great friend and taught me a lot about enjoying life and about what it means to be independent. You showed me how to love someone without overwhelming them, to love them as an equal and let them be themselves. I am glad that you chose me out of all others to befriend. It was a great pleasure knowing you, and I will never forget you. I hope we will meet again one day and that God takes care of you. Your friend, Harry.

Mike, 04/19/71

You were so loved--so sorry for what happened to you, you are always in my heart.

Tootie Truesdell

Mike, 09/09/03

Mike was a wonderful loving foster kitten. All of my friends loved him dearly! He brightened everyone's lives but now he clearly must be needed elsewhere. We love you Mike! cutie patootie!

Mikesch, 06/83-01/08/01

Mikesch my beloved cat, words cannot express how much I loved you nor how much I miss seeing your beautiful face. I am so thankful that I met you and had so many happy years with you and I am confident that we will be together again. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge my boy. I love you forever.

Brigitte Howe

Mikey, 02/13/88-12/19/03

I was 12 when I first saw that energetic, yellow puppy who seemed as if he were part kangaroo, and who we dubbed Mikey. Throughout my entire teenage years, life revolved around him so much so that, until his passing, we didn't even realize how much he was apart of us. His mother died at his birth, so he never knew the dog way of life. He knew he was human and even tried to "talk" about life to us. He was wonderful, and I cherish every minute of everyday of the last 15 1/2 years that I spent with my lettuce-loving mutt with the golden coat and constant grin. I sure hope they have tennis balls in heaven.
I'll miss you boy.

Jerilyn Fargo

Mikey, 09/14/03

You came into our lives as a rescue. Your love was amazing, so unconditional. We loved you with all our hearts. We miss your cheerful Aroooooooo and your beautiful howl. We miss kissing your velvet ears and holding your big paws. You had the paws of a lion and the heart of God, your maker. Oh, if only humans could learn to love like you. Daddy misses you sharing his ice cream. Mommy misses you always knowing when I hurt and you allowing me to hold you for hours. Your Basset brother Vinnie misses how you were always concerned about him. You were the most unselfish dog that ever lived. It is so quiet and empty without you. I don't know how I can make it without your beautiful heart. We will see you again soon, my brave boy. We love you so.

Saralyn and Jeff Seiler

Mikey, 08/23/03

Forever and Always in my heart. Until we cross the Rainbow Bridge together, I will think of you often with joy in my heart. I cannot imagine my life without you, but will put one foot in front of the other. I am so blessed that you were a part of my life and love you and miss you more than you will ever know! I know you love me and miss me too, but now you can run and be free of pain!


Mikey, 12/20/92-07/14/03

Little Mikey or Schmack as we called him, left us suddenly and unexpectedly on 7/14/03. In my heart, I believe he went first so that he could be with his little "brother" who also was assisted out of pain on the same day. The two boys Chadda and Schmack . .laid together on their last night on this earth and will be together forever and forever in my heart. I miss you both!!

Donna Watts

Mikey, 07/06/03

To my Mikey I shall see you again when I cross the Rainbow bridge myself someday.

Anne Young

Mikey l, 05/23/83-07/12/99

Will forever be missed and loved but always in our hearts

Randy, Marg, Shannon Howell

Miki, 04/28/03

To my long time loyal friend & companion, I will miss you dearly as my heart aches for you, but I know your in a better place & feel so much better now. I will NEVER for get you.


Mikki, 27/02/03

The night you were taken from me haunts me every day.
I thought you were going to have another antibiotic injection and you would be coming home.
Vet said you would last another week. I was shocked and totally lost it. Vet said it would be quick and I could stay.
I didn't. I ran out of the vets and let them kill you.
I am so sorry baby. I Lost it when I should have been there for you. I let the vet take care of all of it. Your death and disposal.
I am so so sorry baby.
Mummy loves you and misses you all the time.
No one else here really understands.
If you are in heaven somewhere then please forgive me. I will love you till the day I die.
Lost my dad when I was nine and a half. My eldest brother who was so wonderful two years later. Mucked up my life from then onwards.
Its still ok but not as good.
Your death was my choice and I have to live with that for the rest of my life.
I cleaned your bum every day.
The last day I left you on the sofa and noticed your bum was dirty so I washed you.
The hot water bottle with the furry cover is still in my cupboard and I wont let anyone near it. The water I put in for you is still there and always will be.
I love you baby boy.
Just with I could have spent more quality time with you but you always knew I loved you.
Been in contact with the vet lately, found the guts to try.
I want to know where your ashes are.
They have not bothered to get in touch.
Guess memories are all I have.
The last day, we were so very close.
Sorry for being horrible the last two days. I thought you were playing up.
I smacked you.
I am so sorry for my ignorance.
We loved each other. The last day was special, the night before too. I held you ever so tight and told you how much I loved you.
Guess without realizing it I was allowed to put all the love I had in to you. Don't know who to thank.
I am glad I had the last two special days with you but the last thing I remember is running out the vets door and him going into another room and the fur on your bum as it went through that door.
Lost over two stone in weight since you went.
Wont eat liver. You loved it. It took me 3 months to put it in the bin. I liked a bit of liver but only when I cooked it for you.
I miss you every day and the guilt is awful.
Lots and lots of love always.

Mikko, 08/13/98-03/25/03

To our loving departed Mikko:

You brought all of us joy, happiness & unconditional love to your family. We know that You have crossed the rainbow bridge and you are in a better place.
Your love & memory will last forever & always..
You will be deeply missed & never forgotten

Loving yours, your family

Miko, 03/08/03


The minute we saw you hiding in the bushes 6 1/2 yrs ago, I knew you would be ours. How your daddy loved calico cats. The vet said you were so skinny that you should have been dead. But once we fed you and cleaned you up you turned into the prettiest little girl we could have ever wanted. May you rest in peace up at the bridge now that you are no longer in any pain. Tell Casper hello and we can't wait to meet you all again.
With love mom and dad.

Milady Sophie, 01/09/03

In loving memory of Milady Sophie, a dear "loved one" of my dear aunt Charlotte. She was a special gift from a very special man to my dearest aunt. She was a comfort and a very special companion for 13 years. Dearest aunt Charlotte, I know that she now sits in the lap of a very dear man who also loves her very much and he will take care of her until you can meet them again. May it comfort you that she has returned to God who loves you and her more than we can comprehend.

All my love,
Your neice Lisa

Miles, 12/09/95-08/02/03

December 9th 1995 - August 02, 2003
Rest in Peace My Dear Companion, Rest in Peace.

My Dear best friend, The Puppy I raised from the womb has passed away tonight. We don't know why, but it seemed like a heart attack. Complications from Cushing's Disease. We do know he was very sick, and the stress of all last week his little heart could no longer take the abuse his body was going through.

Randy and I will miss him dearly as, he was our little boy.

Miles may God take you and show you a better place to be. We will forever remember all the good times we spent together,
I can't type any more,

Good night everyone,

Please say something nice for him before you go to bed tonight. He is with our other loved ones on the other side now waiting for the day we will all be reunited

Bless you Mr. M, We Love you with all our heart and soul.......good bye for now! We will see you again!!

Keith and Randy

Miles, 04/23/03

Our Miles took off into the night on 4/20/03. We searched tirelessly in vain. Two days later, we got a report that a dog was found killed by a train on the railroad tracks, but we didn't think this was our dog because we had a sighting of Miles that afternoon on the other part of town. Today, someone else saw this dog & thought he looked like the photo on our flyers, but when we got there the body was gone. We don't know if this dog was our Miles, or if he is still lost. We pray if he has passed, that he is at peace. We pray that if he is alive, he will remain safe & we will find him soon to bring him home.


Miles, 02/24/03

Miles, my sweetest guy, some people think that animals don't have souls, but I know that can't be true, because you'll always have a piece of mine. I love you always, my little tail guy.


Milkey, 08/01/88-06/16/03

He has accompanied us for 14 years,
Through laughter and tears
Now he is in a better place, with Mom who loved him most
without suffering and pain.

Milkey, you will always live in our hearts, and we love you with all our hearts, rest in peace


Milky Way, 07/04/88-11/24/03

Milky Way crossed the Rainbow Bridge leaving her people with out her protection and love. She guarded her boys from children to young men. She greeted their children with her protection and they gave her their love. It is with great loss that we place this faithful companion's name on the list of crossing. We love you Milky Way!

Marilla Humberd

Millie, 04/02/88-03/31/03

My sweet girl saw me through 15 years of good and bad times. Even though I've felt guilty for giving her less attention in her later years because of adding a husband and another dog to our home, she showed me the ultimate unconditional love by waiting for me to get home last night before she left. I sat on the floor and took her in my arms, and within minutes she quietly went on. I love you Millie, I don't know what Bucky and I are going to do without you. Thank you for all you gave me.


Millie, 1/9/03

Millie, you knew it was time to leave me. I didn't want it to be so, but you knew. I will miss you so much. You were the always knew when I was sad, you were always there for me. I hope you & Shadow are both playing in a bright sunny meadow right now with no pain. Be happy. Have fun. Please know that I loved you with all my heart, that you were a very special girl. Wait for us, we will be there with you in time. Jiggi & Sophie miss you too.

I love you, my "puppy girl" Millie....I miss your kisses...I miss your unconditional love....Mommy loved you so much. My heart aches for you... .

Millie - Sweet Millie, 01/28/03

My sweet Millie - I hope you know that love that you brought to my life. I can't imagine that there won't be anyone to jump up on my desk. You are not here when I come home and you are not there when I wake up - oh how sad I am!

I am, however, happy that you didn't suffer long and I thank you for waiting for me. I know when you saw me that you were happy I was home, so I could 'help' you.

You are the best and I pray that you are happy and warm and know how grateful I am for our time together.

I love you, sweet Millums!


Milo, 11/28/02-10/25/03

My little baby. How I miss you so much. I am so sorry I couldn't protect you. I am so sorry that I couldn't help you... I am so sorry that I wont see you for a while, but I love you and I miss you so much, the pain I feel right now is unbearable. I know you are in a good place, and maybe I'm being selfish, but I wanted to keep you here with me! WE all miss you and your antics, it just hurts so bad missing you. I love you... and I know you've taken a part of that love with you.

Rose Stewart

Milo, 09/15/03

We only had Milo for 5 short months. He was the runt of the litter and had to be put down due to complications. My heart broke completely in two that day. Those 5 months gave me a lot of joy and many memories. I know Milo is now up in the sky on the other side of the Rainbow bridge. I know one day I will be reunited with my little boy!

Melissa Bailey

Milo, 11/03/91-09/10/03

Milo...My big guy...You were the King and oh so very handsome. You fought so hard for 2 months, but the cancer finally won. I helped you cross over because I loved you too much to watch you suffer so. You were there for me through all of my hard times, and I promised you I'd be there for you till the end no matter how hard it was. I held you. I kissed you a thousand times. I didn't let you go till it was time to hand you over to Tammie [the wonderful person I found to help me through this hard time] and who will bring your ashes back to me so we can be together again.
This horrible pain will ease with time, but I will never forget or stop loving you.
You are now my special angel kitten. You were my buddy for almost 12 years and I miss you so so much. I know we'll be together again someday. Till then, you wait for me. Brook, Maggie and Munch miss you, too.
All my love to you my special angel. Till we meet again. Never forget...YOUR MAMA LOVES YOU.

Milo, 08/01/00-08/08/03

Our little Milo went to the Rainbow Bridge tonight, he lived a full year longer than the vets said, he was three years old. He had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and passed away peacefully tonight with the help from the caring emergency vet on staff when he was going into his third and final heart failure. Milo, we will always remember you, you were our little boy! You will never have to take another pill or visit another vet again, you are under the care of our good Lord and we couldn't ask for a better situation. We pray that you will have all the tuna and pumpkin you can eat, and that you will cuddle with all the caring souls in heaven. We love you so very much and will miss you with all of our hearts. Love Forever, Mommy, Daddy and Shamus

Milo, 05/14/03

We miss you so much Milo! No other cat will ever replace you, we will struggle through and keep you in our minds and hearts forever. we love you so much!<BR>God brought me an angel with a dark mask and blue eyes. He brought me an angel of unconditional love and spirit. So beautiful and loving, no heavenly creation can replace. I pray that in heaven you can find your beautiful garden, and bathe yourself in the golden rays of the sun. Wait for me and I will join you in time, for all of eternity.<BR>We love you more than any words can ever express!! I love you!

Milo, 10/31/89-02/15/03

Milo was the sweetest Goldie ever - I miss her more than I can say.

Anita Vassallo

Milo Edward, 10/20/91-11/08/03

Dear Sweet Milo: You truly were a family member and a most special companion who gave much unconditional love.
Your unique personality always put smiles on our faces and produced many humorous nicknames. We miss you so much! The memory of you and the good times shared together will forever be cherished in our hearts. All our love,

Mark, Vicki, and Ashley Dessort

Milos, 07/28/03

Milos was an incredible pup. He was probably the happiest dog I've ever seen. He loved everyone he met, loved to ride in the car and go for long walks. He was one of my two doggy companions for six out of his eight years, and he was taken from me way too soon. My heart is broken. Milos, I will miss you dearly and love you forever.

Nancy Lott-Schlicher

Milton, 08/2003

About five weeks ago we lost our beautiful, gentle, loving, 2 year old, Great Pyrenese. I've lost pets before but it was through old age or other natural causes. It wasn't like this.

Milton was so special to me--to all of us. So loving and happy. I can't put into words how he was able to love all of us so. We all loved him in return. We'd gotten him as a stray. He'd had a badly fractured leg and was found abandoned in a parking lot at 4 mos old. When he came to us, he began to fit right in immediately. He was beautiful and I always felt that he could have been a reincarnation of all the loving dogs I've ever loved and lost. He was able to cheer me even on the bleakest of days. I'm disabled--I use a wheelchair-- and he was a source of encouragement and a great deal of help. He was rapidly learning to be a service pet without ever being taught. He adored me and I adored everything about him.

On a Saturday morning, my husband let him outside (we live very remotely on 40 acres) After about 1/2 an hour as I lay in bed, my husband went out to call Milton. At that same time, I heard 3 high powered gunshots. Milton never came home after that.

I'm sure it was a neighbor who killed him. I'm sure it was for no reason, since this man is an animal hater and has no respect for any living thing.

When my husband confronted him, he denied doing anything. I'm sure he hid Milton's body so we couldn't prove what had happened.

I can't seem to get over this. This is so painful for me and I'm having a difficult time. Thinking that such an evil man could harm something so loving and innocent is beyond me. I feel terrorized and victimized. How can someone do such a thing to a family pet?

I have no words to describe my agonizing grief over all of this. I weep when I'm near the grocery store, see a dog on TV, when someone asks me about him. He was such a part of all of us and to have him taken like this is beyond what I'm able to comprehend.

Writing this is so difficult. I hope that someone out there understands.


Milton, 05/09/01-11/12/02

Milton-our dearest little popcorning piggie-we miss you more ever. We can still hear you wheeking which was like music to our ears and we can still see you popcorning all over the floor with happiness when we would play with you all day long. Our home just isn't the same without you. We know your in a much better place over at the Rainbow bridge where you can run and be free with all the other guinea pigs and other animals who have crossed over the rainbow. We think about you every night and day and we will never forget you and how happy you made us. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge so we can all be together again. Love-your daddy and mommy-Steve and Theresa.

Mimi, 12/10/03

Mimi Cat, you are such a good little person!
You chose to leave without letting any of know how ill you were.
From your little nose, to your black spot to those boxing paws of yours, I want to say thank you for all you taught me.

Mary Deis

Mimi Kitty, 08/01/82-01/30/03


You were so old but still loved. You were my first kitty and my oldest friend. I miss you but I'm glad you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I will see you someday.


Mindy, 06/02/86-01/98

To the sweetest of faces, and the dearest of hearts...I will always miss you Mindy-Love


Mindy, 09/15/91-09/30/03

You truly were the best dog in the whole world. You were a lover and nurturer. Even though you were ill half of your life, you hung in there for your people. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much! Your kids miss you too! Your unconditional love will be remembered until the end of time. Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge...I'll be there for as many belly rubs as you'd like. I miss your ear flaps, your paintbrush kisses, and most of all your hugs. You are gone, but will never be forgotten. Ariel misses you too. She's still searching the house for her big sister. I keep trying to reassure her. Just know, she loves you too! Until we meet again, I love you!

Beverly Morris

Mindy, 05/17/88-07/18/03

To a very special lady, you brought love and compassion to our lives. We had you for 16 years and they were indeed special filled with love. Mindy, we know you're in a special place and that Herschel has now joined you to keep you company, both of you healthy. We will be together one day. In the meantime take care of each other, help Kitty and Bonnie who recently joined you and we miss you each so much every day. We only hope you had as much love from us as we know you gave us. all our love, mommie and dad- lee and dana.

Mindy, 07/20/03

You were Mommy and Daddy's little girl. You were loved and will be missed. Hope Riley was there to meet you and help take care of you. We am so so sorry that the alligator got you--we won't have had that happen for the world. Remember, if there we stairs to heaven we would climb and bring both you and Riley back to me with us. Hope someday to see you again

Mindy, 11/29/93-12/31/02

Mindy brought such joy to our lives and will be missed so much. We may get a new one some day, but she will never be replaced and her love will never be forgotten.

Jill & Marcus Riefel

Mindy Reynolds, 06/02/91-08/17/03

Mindy your pain is finally over. Your passing will leave a big void in Aunt Ann's life but you will never be forgotten. Sweet Mindy though the day was coming I'm sure no one anticipated that it would happen the way it did. As you wait for us on the other side with Harry and Doris and all our loved ones we will take strength in knowing that one day we will all be together again. Rest in peace dear Mindy and give our BABE dog a big doggie kiss.

Heather Tom and Girls

Minerva, 9/13/03

Minerva was my 'roommate' for awhile as she had 4 sisters and 1 brother who, unlike she, are healthy and do not have fel-v. She was very loving and sweet and told me she could no longer stay with me and needed to cross over one day...She is sadly missed not only by me but also her siblings...

Minerva Jayne, 06/09/03

Mineva Jayne was a homeless stray we adopted on December 28, 2000, while volunteering at a local Animal Rescue League. She was extremely affectionate despite never having a home for the first 15 months of her life. A kind woman fed her and her litter and then brought them to the shelter where she won my heart.

She immediately added joy to our home, and showed her appreciation by becoming a loving "lap cat". An indoor/outdoor cat she loved our wooded yard and shared her "catch of the day".

Minerva was struck by a car on Monday, June 9, 2003 very close to home. She looked very peaceful as she died on internal injuries and no visible ones. We buried her in our wooded yard, marking her resting place with a stone which reads "PEACE". Forever, Minerva will live on in our hearts. She graced our home and our lives for 2.5 years. She is sadly missed.

LOVE to Minerva, may she be in a better place!

D & H Desch

Ming, 11/84-12/04/03

She was a wonderful, Faithful friend.

Carolyn Stroud

Ming, 11/20/83-07/05/03

You were the best dog, ever and We miss you everyday

Doris and Anne

Mingau, 10/15/88-05/09/03

You were a beautiful Siamese cat with sky blue eyes that I will always remember. I miss you so much.
I will honor you and the life lessons you taught me, now and in the future. I promise to be a person of service and to help those creatures here in the physical world.
I promise that I will live in the present moment. What I have realized from you is that all we really have to offer, from minute to minute, is love. I have grown as a person because of you and I'm grateful. I feel very fortunate and honored that our lives were joined here on earth. Your memory and spirit will always be connected to my soul.
All my love, Mom Denise

Ming Foo, 01/03/93-05/31/03

Ming Foo, our precious Chow, you were what made our house a home. You loved us both equally, though we liked to ask you who your favorite human was, you made it clear to us that you needed us both. Thank you for all the joy you gave us...we will meet you at the bridge. Randy and Nora

Randy and Nora Lindsay

Mini, 09/22/89-08/26/03

Mini, The girls and I miss you more than anyone could ever imagine. One day I hope to see you again, your time was now and mine is later - I have to look after the girls for awhile. Until we meet again, you will be forever in our mind and hearts.

Frances Banks

Mini Poo Copley, 02/08/98-10/26/03

My darling Mini, I miss you so much everyday. It is so hard not seeing you. I only wish I could've held you, kissed you, and told you how much I love you one last time, but God called you home so quickly. I only hope we filled your little heart with as much love as you did ours. Galli and Nicholas miss you so much too. Nicki doesn't know what to do with himself, and Galli isn't feeling to hungry. You know that's not like him! I can't wait til the day I can see you again baby. You will be forever in our hearts. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Amber, Nicholas and Galli

Minmay, 09/25/03

Minmay, you were the sweetest kitty! We love you and miss you so much!

Erin Hawkinson

Minni, 11/19/03

Minni's Love

You came under a Christmas tree,
A gift from God, on loan.
For 19 years you lived with us,
And this became your home.

You ran this house so perfectly.
We all respected you.
We watched you age so gracefully,
Until your life was through.

You were the center of our lives
Your pills, your shots, your charts.
How sweet you were, how much you cared
We held you in our hearts.

I close my eyes I see your face,
So soft and so serene.
Sometimes it seems like you're still here,
But no, it's just a dream.

I long to pet your soft sweet fur
And kiss your pretty head.
Oh how it hurts not seeing you
In the center of our bed.

Our lives are empty without you.
There's a hole within our hearts.
After so many years together
It hurts to be apart.

We hope you're at the Rainbow Bridge
With all those who loved you too.
That you're young and free again
And one day we'll be with you.

Then we'll walk that Bridge together
Into the heavens above.
Until then you'll live within us
For we're left with your love.

No one can take that love away.
It's strong, and real, and true.
Our pain and ache may be here to stay
But the love will see us through.

Diane Gallagher

Minnie, 01/10/89-26/02/03

Dear Minnie, today would have been your birthday. I love you and miss you, forever in my thoughts always in my heart, night night minnie mog...xx

Linda Sroka

Minnie, 07/06/88-07/28/03

My Dearest Minnie,
You were a good baby and Mommy & Daddy will miss you dearly. You are with your sisters Dusty and Sno-Ball now. I know you are free from pain now and in a much better place. Look down upon Mommy & Daddy and know how much we truely love and miss you. One day we will all be together again. Look for us at the Rainbow Bridge. You are forever in our hearts. Love Always, Mommy & Daddy

Minnie Mouse, 04/18/87-08/28/03

I love you. I am so glad you came to me. I could not have asked for a more wonderful pug to share my life with for the past seven years. I miss you everyday. I love you and I'll meet you at Rainbow Bridge.


Minnie Rose

Soo sooryy

Alec Gould

Miracle, 6/27/03-07/03/03

To my sweet baby Miracle,
While you were only here for a few days, you were so loved by all. You are with your Mommy and your siblings who never took a single breath. your sweet little cries, and your cute little face will always be in my heart forever. You brought joy to us all, and you are sadly missed.
We shall meet again someday, and I will be there with open arms to greet you and your sweet Mommy Pepper. I love you both so very much. I am so Glad we shared some special time together.
Wheek Wheek!!!

Miranda AKA Randi, 03/30/90-01/17/03

Yesterday you were here and today the house and my heart has a big emptiness. You were such a proud, protective friend, always at my side. The last few days, you seemed to separate yourself from me, looking at me with eyes that said, "I have to leave now, please don't make me stay, as I'm not having any fun." So, I kept my promise to you, that I would let you go with the dignity you deserved. I love you and miss you, but am happy that you are free from pain. You will be in my heart always....Love, your Mom

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miranda was my Mother's furbaby, her devoted follower. When she looked at my Mother, it was with a pure and total love. Whenever Mom would go out she would sigh, lay by the door and wait quietly for her return.
Miranda didn't do those things for me, I was not her chosen love, I was her company when Mom was not there, I was her guarantee that Mom was going to return. Miranda loved me for my soft words of that guarantee, she loved me because I waited with her for my Mother's return. She loved me because I love her Mother like she did, faithfully, undyingly, forever.
As fate would have it, I wasn't there when my Mother had to make that painful decision all petlovers have to do when the time comes. I wasn't there to hug my Mom in her time of utmost pain and heartache but my love, thoughts and words were there, my spirit was with my Mom. I know she felt it but how I cried and how I longed to hold her, to allow her to pass some of her pain into me, so much for one person to bear alone.
Fate can be so cruel sometimes, it's an unfortunate, but natural part of life. And of all the things my Mother taught me throughout my life, love and strength were the most important. She taught me that a strong love will overcome any cruel trick Fate can throw your way, it will soften any hurt, any pain you can imagine. For a strong love never dies, never falters, will never fade. It will only grow stronger and carry us safely through the sorrow of goodbyes because we know in our hearts that goodbyes are never forever, not when love is involved. Funny how our animal companions seem to know this instinctively.
The late Helen Hayes said it better than anyone could, "Love is perhaps the only glimpse of Eternity that we are permitted." My Mother's painful decision to allow Miranda to go to the Bridge when she needed to only proves her strong faith in a love that will be reunited once again, for all Eternity. I love you, Mom.

Mirri, 05/26/98-05/26/03

This was my husbands cat who died suddenly on Monday night, Memorial day. We had just come back from vacation and found lying on the floor when we walked in. He misses her a lot and is trying to work through it. Please think of him in his time of need. Mirri will be greatly missed.


Mischa, 08/08/91-08/26/03

NOTE: This biography of my very first service dog appears at the web site of Northern CA Golden Retriever Rescue. Mischa became ill with multiple difficulties and passed away on August 26, 2003.

Distinguished Service: A Disabled Dog Owner's Story of Courage and Grace

by Kari Ann Owen

In February 1993 I was ready for a new golden retriever. Having had one successful experience with a Northern California Golden Retriever Rescue dog, Reggie the Wonder Dog, I knew where to find another golden.

I contacted Ardith, our local NGRR representative. She knew of "Highway," a beautiful golden retriever then being boarded with a foster family in Vacaville who had rescued the dog from Highway 12, where he had been abandoned. This family had put forth a great effort to find the original owner, paying for advertisements in local media and working with their local animal shelter. Having had no success, they had contacted NGRR. I knew within five minutes of meeting Highway that he was the brightest dog I had ever seen. I took him home with me that day, and named him "Mischa," after the dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

At that time, I had never heard of service dogs. But I had and was still struggling with a sciatic nerve inflammation, and abuse- and grief-related PTSD, and certainly needed a dog like Mischa to physically help me on stairs and to assist me in dealing with my fears of aggressive, impulsive people. Although I am not a professional trainer, I knew enough to assist in creating a glorious career for Mischa. I taught him "corner," which means "sit in the corner"; "down," "stay," "sit-stay" and "heel-heel," which means "go down the steps with me one at a time." I also taught Mischa how to go up staircases using "heel-heel." This did not take long at all, because of Mischa's intelligence and love for me. We had many short but consistent sessions over a period of about six months.

With letters from my physician and an attorney for the disAbled, Mischa became eligible for recognition under the Americans with DisAbilities Act, which legally protects those of us who need canine assistance with mobility and other disabilities. With those letters, Mischa and I have been almost everywhere. Allowed a special BART pass, we have ridden buses and trains. We have attended professional meetings at the Performing Unions building in San Francisco's Financial District; gone to sobriety meetings and several churches; received the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation; visited stores, restaurants, movies, plays and dance classes at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mischa was an attendant at my wedding ("On behalf of the dog and myself..."), where Mischa wore his backpack and observed the nuptials from a special place in front of the first pew. He accompanied my husband and myself on our honeymoon.

Not everyone understands about the legality of service dogs: we were once kicked out of a shopping mall. I called our local newspaper immediately, and after the appearance of a story recounting the incident, consulted with an attorney, who obtained a fair settlement for us. Mischa and I are happy to express our deep gratitude to NGRR, without which we would not be together. And we are proud that the contributions of golden retrievers to the health and well-being of disabled people continues to be considerable. We thank NGRR, and hope that if anyone desires a public presentation about service dogs, they will contact Mischa and myself.

We love you, NGRR!

Kari Ann Owen

Mischief, 04/13/00-12/15/03

We will always remember the "thief" kitty who ate and talked all the time, played as long as she could and purred her way into our hearts.

Linda Blatchford

Mischief, 04/01/01-10/13/02

Even though you were only with me a very short time, I loved you very much and miss your friendly licks on my nose in the morning to wake me up.


Mischief, 10/41/93-04/62/03 had such big loving eyes...your purr could be heard so loudly and clearly. You loved being loved...and we all loved you. We will all miss you and remember you. You had a good life, not without its struggles, but you stuck it out...I know Mom will miss you for sure. You are in a better place now and I know in my heart you are you weren't going to be alone...Rocky is up there to be with you. You still live on down here, in our hearts and our memories. Take care big guy...we love and miss you.

Stacey Roth

Misexperience, 03/15/86-09/11/02

Missy had a heart of gold. She survived the racetrack for 4 years and came home to be with me for 12 years. She was and still is the leader of the other horses that I also own. She never gave up, always kept on trying, she was my momma, my best friend, and will always be in my soul. I love and miss her so much!

Miriam Brock

Mish (Bear), 06/03/90-11/21/03

Mish fought a courageous battle with blood vessel cancer from October 2002 until November 2003. When his tumor began to grow bigger on Thursday, November 20, we saw that it could burst at any time because his delicate skin was stretched too much. We didn't want to take the risk of him hemorrhaging while we were at school and work, so our family decided to give Mish the ultimate gift of compassion and love. We ended his battle at 12:45 p.m. on Friday, November 21, 2003. Mish was a warrior against cancer. He fought a mighty battle and was so strong. God lent him to us for 13-1/2 years, but now, he's back with God being a warrior for Him. God bless you, baby boy! We miss you terribly. We are so lost without you, but we know we'll see you again.
Mish, we love you and always will.

Diane Humberger

Misha, 11/17/03

Misha was my sister's best friend for 14 years and she is missed so very much.
I know she is waiting at the bridge.

Vivian Bragg

Misha, 03/05/87-05/19/03

Misha has been my Main Dog and Senior Wiener since she was a year old. A friend of mine directed Misha's original owner to my house because she knew I'm a sucker for a dachshund in distress. Misha's been the love of my life ever since. On Sunday, May 17, 2003, she was unable to rise to her feet, even with help. Misha has always, until recently, been a spitfire. She has dozens of opossums notched on her gun, and almost as many mice, rats, and sparrows (she used to leap up and snatch them out of the air). She took her duties as a dachshund seriously. I'll miss her like crazy.

Alice Duncan

Misha, 03/26/03

On the 26th day of March 2003, God decided to take one of his most beloved sons, "Misha" back to his safe arms. After 16 years and 11 days of bestowing all of us with his unconditional love, extreme kindness and goodness, my Misha left us all to join God. Thank you Mishu for all the love, care and concern that you had for us and for everything. We all miss you very much my dearest Misha, we all down here are grieving in your loss and will cherish forever the wonderful, memorable and sweet moments with you. We pray to the Almighty that you rest in peace, happiness and love with him.
We all loveeeeeeeeeeeee you from the core of our hearts , we all miss your sweetest face, your "bou-bou" and we miss everything about you ....................................  
Baba, Ma, Noty, Dada, Partha-da and Your Didi  
We miss you Mishu/Mishu Mattan / Bhutuma....We all Love you very very very....much..................

Misha, 03/29/03

Dear Misha,

It has been a day now that we haven't seen you and we are already missing you like crazy! You have been the best companion, being there through the good and bad. You are the epitome of kindness, caring, loyalty and trust. We didn't consider you to be a dog, you were a human and part of our loving family, such a kind and gentle soul. You will never be replaced and never forgotten. We are lost and empty without you. I know you are still around in glimpses and I can feel your presence. The eight years we have spent together were full of loving and happy memories which we will always carry in our hearts. Misha, you were always trusting and your sweetness made the world a better place. This is one of the hardest things we are having to go through and your loss is felt immensely. You are at peace now and will not suffer anymore. You were treated to the best things in life that most people don't even get to experience. You shared in our joys and sorrows -- you always understood and comforted us. You were the child everyone would wish for. Misha, we will miss your smile when you would greet us at the door. You will be a hard habit to break.

You were very sick at the end, but I know you are better now and we will see you again. Always in our hearts and minds Misha. We love you very, very much!! Love Daddy, Mommy and Sidney

Miss Abbee, 03/26/94-12/14/03

Miss Abbee was a wonderful companion to me, particularly after the horror of my Laddie's passing in 1997. Miss Abbee's motto was "Girls just want to have fun". How I will miss this fun-loving bundle of energy and love.

Delores Lafontaine

Miss Daisy, 05/26/03

My crazy Miss Daisy: you were the dog I always wanted and you far exceeded all of my expectations. There will never be another one like you... laid back, easygoing, independent, and the queen of everything. I will miss you every single day but I'm finding comfort in the fact that you're at peace and your struggle is over. I've put a little white picket fence around your grave and a little bulldog sits on top, guarding your special place. I'm going to cover it with daisies next spring and you will soon have the grandest headstone in Texas. You were my beautiful girl and nobody will ever be able to fill the empty spot that you've left. I hope that wherever you are you're young and whole and can see clearly again. I hope that you get to take a bath every day and that somebody's there to scratch your back for you as much as you want... I wish I could do it for you now. I'm really going to miss you old girl... Say hi to Pork Chop and Riley for us and I'll see you on the Rainbow Bridge some day.

Miss Ellie, 04/10/03

Ellie came to us two years ago as an older cat in need of a home. Ellie was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, both physically and spiritually. She loved everyone, all people, all other cats and dogs, she had an inner peace and was just so full of love. Ellie became ill in January of this year, upon being admitted to the University Vet School where she had been a patient during her time with us, it was discovered that Ellie had a severe gall bladder infection. For the next three months Ellie fought valiantly to get better, she had three surgeries, a feeding tube placed in her abdomen, and four blood transfusions. Through all of this she remained forever tolerant and loving, a testament to what a wonderfully sweet individual she was. Ellie passed away on April 10, 2003. She is greatly missed and will forever remain in the hearts and minds of those who love her dearly, until the day we will once again scoop her up, kiss her nose and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Summer Henry and Chris Szluha

Miss Jackson, 10/26/91-09/26/03

My best friend has left me. Miss Jackson (often called Doo-T-to-T) was more than my pet -- she was my child, my confidant, my joy. I miss her terribly -- I retired 6 years ago and for those 6 years we were constant companions, 24-7. Her first 5 years, when I was still working, I could always depend on her to be at the door when I came home, tail wagging, eyes bright, quivering all over. She knew that it was then "our time" -- every day we spent at least 2 hours outdoors, exploring, playing with her ever-present tennis ball, meeting people, and (for Jackson) swimming. Her 3 greatest loves were people (to the exclusion of other dogs), her tennis ball (which she rarely missed catching and learned to throw it back to me), and swimming (she was so good at diving off docks into lakes and swimming in the ocean -- again, always with her tennis ball). There is so much of her life that I will never forget. But, in August this year, she was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, had an emergency splenectomy which helped for a while, but the cancer still metastacized and on my birthday, September 26, I had to make the decision to let her go. Her eyes told the story - she just stared at me, asking me to let her go. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was the best thing for her. I truly believe we will be together again someday -- this belief is the only thing that keeps me going. I shall miss you, my doo-t-too-t, my Jackson-dog, my best friend. God will take care of you.

Vonnie Viau

Miss Kitty, 11/13/03

The most devoted pet anyone could ever have. She will always be remembered.

Traci and Zoe

Miss Kitty, 10/06/02

Miss Kitty, it has been a little over a year since you left us and I miss you so very much. I know it was your time to go, but the pain remains nonetheless. You brought so much love and laughter to our lives. Although you wanted to be a "one pet family", you didn't get your wish until six months before you left for heaven. At least you got your wish! I will be with you again one day, my beautiful little girl and a part of my heart will always be yours. I'll always love you Miss Kitty and thank you for choosing us to be your family.


Miss Kitty, 10/31/97

Miss Kitty, its been almost 6 years since I had to let you go to the bridge, and I still miss you. Sometimes when I lie down to sleep, I can still see you in the vets office that day, and remember so vividly how everything happened. I still love you, and hope you met Dr. Martin when he came in last year, and was nice to him. Love, Mommy.

Miss Kitty, 01/21/03

Kitty was so special-my friend and companion. She sang to me when I was so ill last year and helped me recover. No one could have a more caring friend.

Dona Puckett

Miss Kitty Marie, 08/27/03

Your pawprints are deep within our souls. Thank you for the good times and the bad. You taught us to love and laugh out loud.


Miss Lacy Susan, 07/31/91-10/21/03

My husband and I just helped our most beloved basset hound, our little girl, Lacy cross the rainbow bridge. We were so blessed to have her as a part of family for 12 wonderful years. She will always be in our hearts.
Play hard, Little Girl, we will always love you. We know that you are watching down on us, with Sniffer, always.
Apart of our hearts will forever be just for you!
We love you so much!

Jen and Mike Husson

Miss Lily, 11/10/03

My beautiful dog Lily passed on last Monday, 11/10/03. She was 19 years old with a severe heart condition and was starting to decline due to kidney failure. Instead of putting her on an I.V. like my ( ex ) vet recommended, I opted for quality of life and allowed her to pass in comfort with dignity. I made the dreaded decision to put her to sleep and was backed up by a trusted , well respected vet and a good friend who raised chihuahuas. I opted for a valium shot so she could gently fall asleep before the " final " shot. I held her in my arms until she fell asleep and she began snoring. I tried not to cry but that was impossible. I sang to her and after awhile I had to hand her over to my friend to complete the process; I could not be around to watch that. My friend Barbara told me the next day that the moment I handed Lily to her, she stopped breathing. She didn't even need the second shot. I was so grateful that she truly died in her sleep but was still haunted by the guilt associated with putting an animal down. The next day I went for a walk, crying all the while, trying to understand it all. I begged for some sort of sign and before I even completed the thought I looked up and gasped...there was the largest rainbow I had ever seen...and I'm not was huge. I wanted so badly to believe it was a sign...I needed something to let me know she was ok and that my pain would subside. Today I found your website and the rainbow bridge and put it all together. I pray that the rainbow bridge exists somewhere and that all of us meet our little furry children again. Thank you Lily for all the unconditional love you gave me.

Susan Otten

Miss Molly, 11/23/99-08/15/03

TO our special baby girl, thank you for the little time we had together, miss you so very very much, till we meet again. love from mum, dad, bekki, kirk, connor, poppy and k.

Miss Murphy, 04/06/96-06/15/02

Bye, bye baby girl, it was time for you to go
You be good and we'll see you later
We love you.

Barb & Jim Ambrose

Miss Piggy, 10/2001

Your life was not very long, but we made the most of every day. You always made me laugh and lifted my spirits when they were low. I will miss you and never forget you.

Miss Plaid, 05/01/85-10/15/03

I still miss your meow every morning when it's time for breakfast.
My heart breaks a little more when you don't come running.
The other kitties miss you too.
Daddy misses you (as do I) more than anything.
I can't wait to see you again. Goodbye good friend, Miss Plaid.

Shelly Pettyjohn

Miss Priss (Missy), 12/16/90-11/05/03

My Miss Priss was always the little Queen. She was the leader of our pack. She was her dad's baby girl. And her sisters little friend.
She was very loved and lucky.
I miss her bright, demanding, huge personality

Donna Tipton

Miss Priss, 05/13/03

She was the best kitty one could ever want - an extremely affectionate and loving cat. Sadly though in Dec 2002 right after Christmas we found out she had cancer - basil cell carcinoma in the mouth.. The vet's prognosis wasn't good, nothing could be done. So we spent as much time as possible with her and spoiling her even more. We helped her with her Last Battle on May 13, 2003. We will really miss not being able to cuddle and hold Priss. We'll miss her plaintive calls while cooking chicken, her favorite meal, her waiting at your feet for just a bite. Her patting on doors to open them if she was left out of a room you were in. If the door wouldn't open she would continue to pat until you opened that door, even if it was in the middle of the night. So many fond memories too many to count, these are just a few of the best. We will miss you Miss Priss.

Miss Scarlett, 12/31/92-08/17/03

Miss Scarlett was the "matriarch" of my Sheltie-family; the first of my special line of sable & white children. She leaves behind 4 children and 4 grandchildren who are "spitting images", but each unique in their way...

Scarlett is the one that would always get up on the bed and get as close as she could every night before curling up to sleep...

Good-bye old-girl...I shall miss you...

Brandy Herbert

Miss Sophia Marie, 12/30/02

This little sweetheart was rescued from an incinerator in which all her family perished but her. She was totally blind from the time she came into our lives. Sophia was a treasure from God. Full of love and trust. She made ours lives an adventure everyday! She was not only the Queen of our home but the Queen of our hearts as well! She became ill the Saturday before Christmas. Needless to say it was very serious and today we had to set her little spirit free. Our hearts are broken to pieces and only someone who has shared the same lost (as all of you have) can truely understand the hole left in your heart. But we will not dwell on her death but celebrate her life with memories of happiness she has left behind! She will never be forgotten! God bless us all!

Isaac and Sarah Hylton

Miss Swiss Mocha Fudge (Mocha), 07/15/03

Mocha -

Dear One, I'll miss you - your barks and the way you spun in circles to let me know you wanted to go out or needed a french fry or chew bone. I will miss your snoring in the middle of the day and the way you would softly lay your head against my chest or lay down right beside me when I needed you to comfort me. You were my "doorbell", barking at me when I didn't hear someone knocking at the front door.

I wish I could have helped you more, but it was obviously your time to go, so I didn't let you suffer any longer. Now you are free of pain and are at peace. Please say hello to Charley and Candy. Patsy will miss her "aunt"

I'll meet you beyond the sunset, but until then be a good girl - I love you very much and you will always be in my heart. Your "Mom" Kelley

Miss Tilly, 05/22/84-05/26/03

Miss Tilly was a joy to our lives for 19 years. She was a dignified, intelligent, beautiful girl...who maintained her health until the week before she crossed the rainbow bridge. We miss her so very much!

Pat Wright-Tanous

Missy, 11/23/90-12/27/03

Missy, Good Bye my dear dear Friend... I miss you so! May you have unlimited Rawhides and Bones where you are now... You have given so much! I love you!

Howard Jeger

Missy, 06/30/95

Dear Missy you will always be in my heart no matter where life my take me I will never forget my first dog I will always love you


Missy, 06/22/02

Missy left permanent Golden paw prints on the hearts of all those fortunate to know her.
We will always love her with our hearts and our minds will never forget her.
She is truly a star amongst those at the Rainbow Bridge.
It was comforting to know that she is waiting not only for us, but also for our Golden, Samantha who just passed on to The Bridge 2 days ago (12/05/03).

Ron and Marj F

Missy, 11/30/03

My sweetest Missy, where do I begin?
I grew up with you. You taught me about patience & unconditional love. You were once the runt of the litter, but you grew to be the strongest of your siblings. We'll miss the way you circled around our feet in the kitchen & the way you looked up at us with those beautiful green eyes.
Your spirit took my breath away. We love you & miss you terribly.

Heather White & Bruce Maushart

Missy, 04/17/90-11/27/03

To the best little girl we ever had!!

Sandy Bickel

Missy, 11/17/03

you will be missed by all of us little girl.
We loved you so very much

Cynda Belmain

Missy, 03/84-03/05/03

Missy was a sweet baby, who had the best personality. She always had a smile on her face. Missy and I grew up together, she was the best friend anyone could ask for. Unfortunately she lost her battle with time and she went to a better place this spring. She is now with all of the ones we have loved and lost. I wrestled with the decision to put her down, but my mom and I decided she spent her life making us happy, we had to do this for her to end her pain, and let her move on. We were deeply saddened by her death. I still think of her everyday, and I hope she knew how much I love her. I look forward to seeing her again one day.

Sarah McKillip-Krause

Missy, 05/87-06/30/99

Fierce to strangers;she was a sweetheart to her family and a real "daddys girl".Forever known as our sweet baby girl.

Cheryl Barron

Missy, 06/13/00-10/27/03

Missy- we loved you so much and hated that it ended the way it did. You're now where you belong- with all the other angels. Look down from above and watch over us- we need you.

You'll be our "muffin" always,

Mommy & Daddy

Missy, 02/02/90-08/07/03

I miss you so much Missy, rest easy in heaven.


Missy, 08/07/03

I loved my Missy-girl more than words can say. She has been a member of this family as long as I can remember, and not a day in my life since we got her have I not stopped what I was doing to pet her. She was my protector when I was alone and scared; she was my comfort when I was so miserable I broke down into tears hugging her; she was my oldest and dearest friend whose existence meant everything to me.
Yesterday we had to put her to sleep. She was so tired that we couldn't even get her into the vet's office. So our vet, angel that she is, told us we could do it outside under the big oak tree in the back. Missy didn't suffer; she just went to sleep in my fathers arms in the sprawling grass on a sunny day.
Missy lived a long, happy life. We loved her, and someday I pray to see her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Jennifer Reckner

Missy, 07/20/03

You will be missed.

Carol Malec

Missy, 11/23/01

You took my heart that November day that you went home to Heaven to be with "daddy" but someday I will see you again if there is a God-AND THERE CERTAINLY IS

Agnes Schumacher

Missy, 5/12/03

To My Beloved Missy who brought so much happiness in to my life in the short time that she was with me. No one can ever replace your little voice calling for "mom" or laughing when you bit someone who got to close to me. I will forever treasure the memories until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.


Missy, 17th Of Oct. 2002


How many times have I told you that I love you…too many too count? How many kisses have I planted on your sweet purring face? Not enough...for my heart still longs and remembers the feel of your frail body in my lap. Your wee habits as you became older signaled how much in tune I was to your geriatric needs. You had gone deaf, but when you saw my hand signals you came running. You explored with great interest the new surroundings we have moved to. New beginnings for an old girl!

Today I feel sad. I miss you so much. Daddy bought new patio stones to mark the place I have laid you to rest. Your furry feet touching the very foundation of the house that inspired you to go on living even though your body was bone weary! There was fire in your eyes as you snooped with renewed interest and delight. Did the walls whisper stories telling you of other furry people that have lived within the rooms of this house? Were they happy stories of young kittens and puppies that have grown old with their human families?

I still miss you. Your crystal cream bowl sits in my china cabinet, no one else will ever get to use it. I miss your quiet voice; you were the only cat that was allowed in old age to sit on my counter waiting for her morning bowl of cream as I made coffee. We had that quiet morning routine together...a time of immense contentment. You sang your songs of devotion and love as my heart slowly woke up to take on a new day. No one else has taken that position in my was reserved for you alone.

You are the one whose unseen company motivated my spirit to love again. Your memory encouraged me to give my heart to another. I feel your smile resting over this place like an umbrella of protection. Yes, another Siamese? She needed two to fill the vacancy that I left behind? I see that fire in your eyes again; you are sweetly smirking like you did when you set me up as a kitten? Yes, I needed two. Do they remind me of you? No! You were the hellion that stalked me, wrapped yourself around my ankle when I least expected it. You nipped lovingly and ran off laughing that you caught me off guard again. I was an easy mark!

These two are different, but I have dared to love again. They are not as rambunctious as you were terrorizing my life. I'm not complaining...God in his wisdom knew I was too old for another spitfire! I am glad you were entrusted to me. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Are you watching over our lives like a guardian angel? My Dear, Sweet Missy Girl, you were a treasure, a jewel of were the first feline love of my life. I was afraid to love again but you gave me the courage, which I needed to reach out, and try again to capture a heart that purred songs of comfort, that made an empty house a home. That filled a lap late at night when the whole world shut down to sleep. Thank you for stirring me to find a devoted heart again. Good Memories are never quiet; they niggled and reverberate until you give them freedom to run through your life again. I am once more ruled and owned by a feline...but it takes two to fill your void.

How many times have I told you that I love you…too many to count? How many kisses have I planted on your sweet purring face? Not enough...for my heart still longs and remembers the feel of you in my lap. This is my love letter to you sweet little Girl written for the whole world to read…not forgotten but etched in my memory forever! Love, Mom.

Missy, 03/24/94-05/27/03

She was a sweet and loving kitty. She went way before it was her time. I will always miss her. She will always be part of me, in my heart. I love you my little Missy. I will be with you someday. Love, MOMMY


My baby lived very long in good health it was her time..she will never be forgotten....I love my Missy 19 yrs old is old.


Missy, 11/15/85-05/12/03

Our faithful and dear companion for 17 1/2 years. Never a burden always our joy!

Myrna and William Streeter

Missy, 6/29/95-4/7/03

The best dog in the world!!!!!!!

Lee and Joe

Missy, 12/01/97-04/05/03

Missy we miss you very much, you were more than a pet you became our family we love you very much and you will always be in our hearts. It went the way you wanted it with us together thank-you

Miss you mommy & daddy

Missy, 08/30/83-04/01/03

Missy, we will always love you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Maggie

Missy, 07/21/86-02/11/03

"You never thought of her as being old.
She had a girlish sparkle right till the end of her life."

Thank you my Missy for the years of joy and happiness you brought to me. Now go in peace and know that you will always be loved, missed, and remembered.


Missy, 07/23/99-01/03/03

Missy you made Jeremiah's (daddy) life happy he like to watch you play and be mischievous and funny there will not be a day goes by when he will not think about you and as well as me (mommy) daddy's heart aches for you a swell as mine, We know you will be safe with "Mini" you will always be daddy's little girl we love and miss you very much..

Mommy and Daddy

Missy Bandit, 03/18/03

Missy came into our lives a rescued bully last year. Little did we know how much we would come to love her in such a short time. Her time with us was much too short, but she truly taught us the meaning of dedication. Our love is with you our beautiful girl! You were such a blessing to us and we thank you for the love and affection you showed us. Our lives will never be the same without you.

Tiedeman Family

Missy D. a/k/a My Miss, 06/20/88-12/14/03

My Miss: You have given us so many years of happiness..always made the tears go away..always made us smile. That June day so many years ago when you entered our lives and became our girl was a lucky day for us all and was simply meant to be. You needed us, and we needed you. You made us happy. Words cannot say how I feel this day as I send you to the bridge..such feelings of loss and sadness. I will miss you always and carry you along with me in my heart forever. What we were, we are; What we had, we have. Thank you so much My Miss; I will love you eternally and until we meet again, sleep well my child and God speed. Angels never lose their on earth or in heaven. I love you. Mom.

Missy Deloach, 07/03/87-01/25/03

A family dog, friend and companion for life. Me my wife and kids will miss her forever


Missygirl, 11/10/97-7/26/03

Our precious "Most beautifullest girl" We will always remember how you came down the stairway and poked your head through the rails ,and waited for someone to acknowledge you and say "how beautiful the room became" as you gracefully waltzed down the steps. And how you loved to pose in your "beautiful basket" and how daddy always begged you to do the ear pose just for him. Missy we love you so much "way too much". Your gentle love and precious "tisses" we will miss so much. Mommy will always remember holding you close to her heart as cancer took your last breathe of life from you. Singing your favorite song "She's our Missy and we love her too much way too much" I gave you back to God and thanked him for taking your pain away, and thanked him for sending to us such a "precious little girl" who's love and tisses filled our lives with such joy and happiness. Our hearts will always be filled with love and wonderful memories of you. Someday we will see you again ...this I know. Until then dear Missygirl, go enjoy your new health and run and play with your brothers and sisters, and know our love for you will go on and on forever. "Love and tisses" Mommy Daddy & Katie and all those who's hearts you've touched.

Missy Toe, 09/18/99-04/21/03

I love you my baby. I will always miss you.

Kimberly Riedel

Misty, 12/23/03

Misty - I love you dearly and I hope that you will forever run happily and without anymore pain or limitations.
Thank you for all you have given me.


Misty, 12/19/03

You will remain in my heart forever. I will miss and love you forever.

John Fuselli

Misty, 07/09/03

I love you and I miss you Misty. You were afraid of everyone but me. You chose me as the one person you would love and trust and when you crawled into my lap and purred it was heaven. I miss you.

Judy Goodstein

Misty, 09/10/88-12/05/03

Our beautiful two eyed little mischief maker. We will all miss you!
Give Belle a great big hug and kiss from all of us. Mom T. Happy Birthday We gave our special Misty
to you. Misty as I sit here I will remember the fun you always had taking the garland off the x-mas tree and decorating the room with it! We loved how you wrapped your paws around our necks when cuddling. Are you sitting on grandpa chuck's shoulder like you did with daddy? I will miss your special gifts on my birthday! (a mouse in my face when I awoke.) Lastly when you would take the fishing line and sluggo and run around the house with it. You have received your special angel wings help Belle watch over us and protect us all. Give everyone up their we miss greatly a great big kiss and keep on purring your beautiful melody.

Patty, Barry, Brittany & Cassandra Thomas

Misty, 1988-11/08/03

Misty was a special cat, who was very tuned in to human emotions. She always sat on our chests whenever we were sick or upset to take care of us. She was the one animal that all our other pets liked. She was the matriarch of the pet clan. I had to leave her at the vet's while we went away. She had hyperthryoidism and jaw cancer, both of which she persistently fought, but I think she gave up after a week that we were coming back for her--and died. That makes me feel so, so badly; since she always "was there" for us. She was a rescued cat, who rescued us. Thank you, Misty. I love you and think of you every day.

R.J. Smith

Misty, 07/01/87-08/19/01

The most wonderful furbaby in the world.
She was my friend, my companion and my familar.

Hollie Yahola

Misty, 06/08/87-09/13/03

She was a wonderful friend, companion and I loved her so much as she did me. I will always miss her, and my heart aches for her.

Barbara Wagner

Misty, 1997-10/2003

"For Misty"

For 17 years this world was blessed,
With an angel from above.
And though your wings were hidden by fur,
You never hid your love.

You came to us 13 years ago,
On a rainy, springtime night.
Abandoned, abused and neglected.
Still trusting through your fright.

Through the years we built a trust,
And watched your wounded soul mend.
You willingly gave all of your heart.
And became a precious friend.

Now the time has come to say good-bye,
But it seems just yesterday.
That we brought you in from the rain.
And gave you a place to stay.

But we also gave you our hearts,
And a love that will always be.
Buried deep within our souls,
As your spirit gently flies free.

And now we remember the happy times,
For we know you frolick and play.
In the fields by the Rainbow Bridge,
Where we'll meet again someday.

Richard & Kelli Kersell

Misty, 04/18/62-03/26/02

She was my baby and I still miss her so. Her little eyes would look at me so trusting, and when she got sick and the Vet couldn't help her it hurt so bad.

Minnie L. Besendorf

Misty, 06/04/90-09/30/03

My sweet, beautiful Misty, how I miss you so. You were my baby when I did not yet have children. You were loyal with unconditional love for 13 years of my life. You were my companion, my shoulder to cry on, my comfort when I could not find it elsewhere. Thank you for your love and all you added to my life. I will see you again on the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you greatly. I ache because you're no longer here. But your love and memories of you will live forever in my heart. Until we meet again...

Beverly Morris

Misty, 08/20/89-07/12/03

Love and miss you very much, your mom and auntie

Misty (Aka The Kitten), 08/20/03

What a long, filled life you had kitten! Bringing home birds and mice almost up to the end! You were a loving and protective mother, a guardian of all us kids (walking us to the bus stop every morning), and never let us forget that you were The Queen of the house. If only Misty had human speech, we would have had so many "behind the scenes" stories to hear about our family ;) I love you kitten and I'm happy you are pain free now...and am happy you'll be soon running to meet our mom in heaven, you and she had such similar personalities, she's gonna be tickled when she sees you!

Annette Verdolino

Misty, 10/01/89-08/09/03

Misty's personality was that she was very playful, fun, active, cuddly and she loved to listen to stories. She loved to eat bread crust and chase frisbees. She was still playful until 2 days before she passed. We will miss her so much. Her canine companion, Arnie, will miss her most of all.

April, Pam, Ken, Amber Hausle

Misty, 17/09/95-19/07/03

Our darling babes and very special friend we love and miss you so much you will always be with us. lots of love and kisses till we meet at rainbow bridge mummy, daddy & mindy xxxx

Christine Hayton

Misty, 05/27/87-07/13/03

This is for our precious little girl, Misty, who left us to cross over the Rainbow Bridge on July 13, 2003. Misty, you were the light of our life and we miss you tremendously. It is so hard to come home everyday and not have you there to greet us. You were our sweet baby for 16 wonderful years, and we will be together again. We love you. Mommy & Daddy

Misty, 03/28/89-06/23/03

You were always so loving, happy and willing to please. You had many medical challenges during your lifetime but you pulled through them all and had a happy, full life. For the last 10 months we battled disc problems in your back. We gave it a good fight and you had many good days. Finally, the pain became too great and I realized the last act of love I could bestow on you was to release you from your earthly pain. I know you are now at peace and enjoying your heavenly freedom. I will see you when I get there! Thanks too to Dr. John and Dr. Gary for all they did for you and me during your lifetime. They are the greatest! Love, Sally

Misty (The Beagle), 03/01/88-07/07/03

Misty was the best dog ever! She was my baby girl and always there to keep me company. I still hear her little bell in my head as if she is still close by and step carefully at night so I don't step on her paw and make her cry. She was the world to me and at this point in time I am totally lost without her. After 15 years of constant companionship it is a huge loss to me. Misty was rescued from a very abusive home and was spoiled all the rest of her happy life. I know she had a good life and knew that her happy little life was coming to a sad and unhappy end. She was in pain and I didn't have the heart to allow it to take her over and had to send her to her happy place in doggie heaven. It was the hardest decision I have ever made and even though I know it was the right one to make I still question myself time and time again. I am so sorry my old friend, I hope you understand why I did this to you. You will always be close in my heart and thoughts forever because you will be impossible to ever forget. You had so much love to give and received so much love back from your family and friends.

Goodbye my baby girl, we all miss you and love dearly and will never forget you! Frank, Tina and Grandma Phyllis

Misty, 11/25/95

I've never forgotten my precious grey poodle, Misty, and never will. Now, I hope she has found her buddy, Murphy, who just passed on June 2, 2003.


Misty, 09/16/88-05/31/03

Misty was my true fur baby. She helped me thru a lot including my moms death on May 1st of this year. I love you baby, play with Doc and Gizzy and I will see you on Rainbow Bridge.

Barb & David Sculley

Misty, 09/21/02

Dear Misty, my Mishy-mish, my Baby Girl, you were my spoiled baby girl. I know your brother, Joey, was waiting at the gate for you. He always protected you and he will continue to now that you are there with him. I hope the two of you are playing with the toys that I sent with you. My Mishy-Mish...

Misty, 04/00-05/01/03

I loved the 3 years I had you. I will always miss you 'talking' to me, laying in my lap, and sleeping with me. I'm sorry it had to end so soon, but you will always be remembered..... my baby.

Misty, 1989-04/27/03

Misty you gave me more love then anyone could ever ask for. You will always be in my heart and I will carry you forever with me. You were not just a cat you were and always shall be my best friend. You came into my life when I need someone to love and through out the years we had together you made me smile more times then I can every say. Mommie and Daddy will always love you and miss you forever. I love you my beautiful Misty Cat.
Love Mommie and Daddy

Misty, 12/10/87-04/05/03

Misty gave us so much love, affection, and companionship for her 15 years. She was the best dog! Everyone who met her, fell in love with her instantly. She loved to share... especially your bread, popcorn, and potato chips. I've watched her grow from a little pup to a to a gentle elderly dog, but she was always still "my puppy." It's so hard to think about life without her, because she was always there. She was one of kind, and no other dog could ever compare. I know in my heart that she was sick, probably much sicker than we knew, so she is in a better place now - free from pain and full of the life that she once knew. It's so amazing how much she's touched our lives. I know how lucky we were, too, to have a "family member" be with us for so long. We miss our little Misty! (aka: Misty-Pumpkin, Misty-Dog, Doggie, Ruffs, Ruffers, Ruff-a-tonamous, Ruff-a-roos, Mutly, Little Guy, Baby, Misty-the-Wonder-Dog, and Foo-Foo)

Thank you Misty for giving us so much love. We love you too!!!!

Misty, 03/03/92-03/05/03

We rescued Misty from the pound. She was the only dog who was not barking at me. She just put her nose through the fence and I fell in love with her and her loving brown eyes. She was the most loving dog. She was with me wherever I went. She will be sadly missed. Her death has left a huge hole in our lives. We will always love you Misty. Your Mom & Dad

Misty, 11/12/91-11/8/02

You will be missed my love. You left me so suddenly I wasn't prepared. You are in my heart and thoughts every day of my life. I miss you so much.

Diane Charuk

Misty, 01/17/03

Rescued from a bad life, we had her for only 11 months. They were the best months of her life and added nothing but joy to ours. We love you and miss you.

Dennis Campbell

Misty & Kittens, 05/28/03

Please pray for our foster mom & kittens who we fostered until they were old enough to be adopted, only to have a vet tech decide that they were unsocailized and had mama & two kittens "put down." We went back to the shelter and adopted the remaining two kittens who have been thru quite an ordeal. What wonderful companions they were even for a short amount of time. They stole a piece of my heart forever!

John R. Pedersen

Misty l, 04/78-07/27/90

Will forever be missed and loved but always in are hearts

Randy, Marg, Shannon Howell

Misty Bleu, 12/25/88-05/16/02

Misty Bleu, I sure do love ya and I miss you more as each day goes by!!

Debbie Grade

Misty Meadows Billington, 02/10/89-06/24/03

In memory of a special family friend, Misty, for my special friends - the Billingtons.

May you feel some comfort knowing Misty is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Missy, Chris, and Olivia Sieders

Misty Tabby Buffy Bandit

Each one with a special gift of love to me.
In a way of there own yet different from the other and touching my heart in the same way. Your all so special to me.

Jean Weaver

Mitch-Elizabeth, 11/17/89-5/23/03

Mitchie was 13 years old, but she was always my "little girl," the one who needed me the most of all my cats. She had a blood clot travel to her back legs ("saddle thrombosis"), cutting off the circulation and causing her terrible pain. There is no cure, so the only decision I could make for her was to end her pain when we went to the emergency room. She was a talker, always needed attention, always made me laugh and ALWAYS had to be close by. She entertained everyone by lying on her back with her paws in the air and calmly surveying the scene from that angle.

She was greatly attached to her big brother, Misha, who died two years before she did, nearly to the day. I buried her next to him in the back yard, and I know that -- just as in life -- he's showing her around and teaching her how to act in the next world. She loved the heat, even going as far as to sleep on the hot air vents, so I wrapped her in a towel and then a warm blanket, so she'll never be cold again. I used to call her my "silly bunny," so I buried her with a wood bunny, so she'll always remember my name for her. Her bowl that she used to con me into giving her milk from ... the treats she loved so much ... her favorite catnip toy ... and a lilac, because she loved to sleep next to me on the lilac-print bedspread. Godspeed, little girl. I love you and I pray for your soul. I know you are running pain-free with Misha now and someday your brother Irving and I will be there as well. If you have read this far, please pray for me, too, because I miss my "silly bunny" so much.

Mithra, 02/11/03


I am so glad that we shared almost two years and I am so glad that I was there at the Humane Society to adopt you.

You were such an affectionate, gentle, and loving feline companion to me and I will miss you so much.

You know that I will love you forever.


Mitsey, 1991-06/12/03

Mitsey was a loyal friend to her original person . He was an elderly man , and very deaf . Mitsey was his ears :-)
When this gentleman knew his health was failing , he asked me to please take Mitsey . I told him she would definitely have a home with me when it was needed .
Mitsey was 2 when she came to live with me .
She had the sweetest nature , and I loved her very much .
Mitsey died yesterday , and I am sure that she is with her gentleman , and that they are so happy to be together again :-)
Be at peace Mitsey :-)
I will miss you !

Mitsy, 08/07/88-03/13/03

We miss you Mitsy Sue, we know you are at peace now and not in pain, you will be loved always and forever.

Dawn Green

Mitten, 05/18/87-12/03/03

Mitten was my companion for almost 15 years. She gave me many good memories. She will be sadly missed by me and my grandchildren. I loved her very much. I cry for her every day. I will meet you again someday Mitten. Love Mom

Mitten Angel, 09/01/85-02/17/03

Mitten Angel you gave us 18 years of love, how fortunate we were to have you. We will miss your cute cold pink nose, your bald belly, and your big green eyes, the way you loved to be held like a baby and most of all we'll miss you in our arms at night to sleep. Your tail is wrapped around our hearts forever. Mommy & Daddy Love you

Mittens, 01/22/03

I miss my little kitty. I used to call her Miss Mittens because she was so small and dainty. A very ladylike cat. She had a cute way of creeping ever so slowly onto my lap she thought I wouldn't notice if she went slow. She loved spaghetti sauce and people. She hated other cats. I used to love it when she would stand on my lap and put her paws on my shoulder and hug me. I would rest my head on her body and enjoy her purring motor vibrating and making a very satisfying noise in my ear. In the mornings I used to wake up to a face pressed on mine and loud purring. All I would see when I opened my eyes was a pair of green eyes staring at me. "Mommy get up!" she seemed to be saying. She was the best and the cutest and I miss her everyday.

I love you Mittens and I think of you often.......Sadly missed but joyfully remembered. Kisses Sweetie Love Mommy

Mittens, 05/30/89-06/16/03

Mittens, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. Despite the difficulties in your life, you were still a loving, precious soul. We will miss you.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge... MamaCat and the kids

Mittens, 10/01/89-04/04/02

Mittens was the sweetest mass of fur you could ever hope to have as a pet. He was a mass of gray and white fur with white paws (thus Mittens). We my son and I traded a beautiful white rabbit for Mittens. He was a very quiet and loving cat. He died very quietly on April 4, 2002 of cancer from one of his shots he had received about 1 year earlier. All three cats received the same shot, but only Mittens got cancer from it. It was very sad when we had to put Mittens to sleep. Our vet came to the house, gave him a shot (which gave us 10 minutes to say our goodbyes) before he gave him the shot that put him to sleep. It was a very sad, but meaningful way to say goodbye. We will always have a place in our heart for you Mittens and will always love and miss you.

Joyce Jones

Mittens, 03/26/90-05/17/03

My sweet little girl. I saw you come into this world through tears of joy and I helped you to the bridge through tears of sorrow. You were a gift to me from your mom, Tiffany-Sue. We shared 13 wonderful years together. Now you will join, Buttons, Tiffany-Sue, Amber, Muffin, Punkin, Monster, Lucky, Puddin, Gretchen and Kesa, your brother. We went through a lot together and I will miss you forever, until we are reunited at the Bridge. Thank you for your love and friendship through the years, my best way to thank you was to let you pass in peace. I love you honey, Go with God.

Schluft Gazunt


Mittens, 06/05/86-05/23/03

To my sweet Mittens:

You were and always will be my best friend. You were there for me always, from the first day when I saw you.. I remember stumbling in the door from school in fourth grade, to find a cute black and white kitten at the doorstep. I was so young, and of course I named you Mittens after your white paws. You were there with me all throughout my growing up, the hard teenage years, when I was stuck at home without a date.. I would joke that you were my date. You were there with me through college, through good times and bad.. and you were there when I entered graduate school. I don't remember a time without you. Somehow, I knew this day would come, but at the same time, I thought it never would. There is a huge hole in my heart that cannot ever be filled or replaced with anyone else. You were my first kitten long ago, and you shall forever be my favorite. I hope to see you one day in heaven.

Cindy Thomas

Mittens, 12/11/02

My best friend, Mittens
19 1/2 years old
Died 12-11-02

I always said that my Mittens was my most adoring fan. I miss his love filled green eyes watching me and waiting for me to sit so he could lay on me - for hours if I wanted. I love him and miss him terribly.

Kathleen Foley

Mitty, 1984

It has been so long . I am sorry I left you.. Please forgive me and play with Daisy . I loved you so .. I really did... You were my true cat buddy and I left you. I know your new owners took good care of you.... I hope you found Ting at the Rainbow Bridge. He was your true friend. You were one of a kind.
My love buddy who always called "Lor" I haven't forgotten you.. I love You............. Lor

Mitze The Courthouse Cat, 01/07/03

We weren't really your owners - you were the companion to the whole city of Boston. For 19 years, you ruled the roost at the news stand in the McCormack Courthouse and Post Office in Boston. Your presence provided endless joy to those who worked in the building and a sense of comfort and calm to the harried or scared visitors of the court. Your friendly greetings will be missed by all - please know that you made a difference and were loved by so many from all walks of life. We know you will be there to greet us again when we all cross the bridge.

Mike Paternostro & Lucinda Valero

Mitzi, 07/31/89-11/24/03

My Dearest Faithful Trusting Loyal Friend Mitzi,

I write this today with tear filled eyes and an immeasurable emptiness in my heart.
Yesterday on November 24, 2003 you crossed to Rainbow Bridge.

You came to me at age 3…younger energetic and healthier.
Through the next eleven and a half years you became a national and international traveler with pet savvy.
You possessed almost human intelligence. Through the years we shared many wonderful times together.
Times I will keep in my memory until I die.
You were always there to comfort me on those dark and lonely nights when I needed you most.
I smile as I think of the past and all the memories we created together.
Memories I will forever cherish.
You were the perfect mother to your puppies.
You handled them with the most precious tender love I have ever seen in human or animal.
You were smart enough to know what would hurt you without being taught.
Oh, and those beautiful smiles you gave upon my return from running errands.
They were the best!
The camping trips, shopping together, the rides around the block, and so many other memories.
I thank you from my soul’s heart for them.

Then, illnesses began troubling you.
We over came them one by one, except for this last one.
We were able to beat it for 14 months.
But with all the drugs and knowledge in this world, it couldn’t keep you here with a good quality of life.
I promised to help you through the difficult times and end your pain and suffering when the time came.
And I did.
Please, my wonderful pet enjoy your journey across Rainbow Bridge to the welcoming of all those that have passed before you and please forgive me.
I love you so very much and I know I will join you one day.

Your Very Proud Owner,
Jeanne Helms

Mitzi, 08/08/92-11/22/03

The most beloved dog on earth - my special angel.
She will be sorely missed........forever

Debbie Linkhart

Mitzi, 4/14/03

Taken tragically from us on 4/14/2003. was our sweet little kitty Mitzi. We love her so much and miss her so much. Our hope is she is happy, free and no longer in pain.

Sarah Graham

Mitzi, 03/89-03/29/03

The best feline companion I have ever known. Her heart kept giving long after her body began to give out on her - never was harsh (Except maybe to the puppy! ^_^) and always loving and ready to give kisses.


Mitzi, 03/22/03

Our most precious, adorable loving Mitzi: oh how we do miss you. You were such a gentle, caring lady. You never complained even toward the end when you were so very ill. Each of us left a part of our hearts when we left you there. You gave us such joy, such love, such absolute trust. We can't wait 'til we will see you again.

Ruthanne Haefka and Pat Wilhelm

Mitzi, 12/07/86-03/12/03

My baby passed away yesterday. I miss her. My heart is broken but I know she's in a better place. She's at the rainbow bridge waiting for me.

Stephanie Jenkins

Mitzi, 01/23/03

Mitz you were the best, the truest, the most incredible friend I ever had. God was kind and you went to him peacefully and quietly. I held you at the end just as I held you in the beginning. I miss you so.

Melinda Lawley

Mitzi, 11/01/90-12/20/02

Our hearts are broken, will it ever stop hurting? You brought so much laughter Miti Moo with your silly ways. I know you are in a better place and that you will be waiting for your family at Rainbow Bridge.

Albert & Linda Bowles

Mitzie, 08/06/87-09/14/03

Thank you for 16 years for your companionship and love. I'm glad we found you and chose you. Enjoy chasing bubbles with your friend and companion of 15 years, Susie. You are both missed.

Beverly and Lee

Mitzi Lin, 11/28/03

My best friend and companion. I love you so much and miss your wake up calls. You have been by my side through so much, I will be thinking of you every day and sending my love to you. Until we meet again!


Mitzi Styx, 11/24/00

Mitzi it has been three years today since you went to Heaven to cross Rainbow Bridge. It is a cold rainy day today just like the day you left. I will never forget the day that we had to say goodbye and that I will always be grateful that you and I where together in our own special way at that moment that you kissed me goodbye. My heart aches today but I also rejoice because I know you are not suffering anymore and that you are up there with all my other furbabies enjoying Heavens beautiful gardens running and playing. I know in my heart that one day we will be together again and no sickness or death will ever separate us again. Until that day remember Mitzi that I will carry you in my heart FOREVER!

Teresa Weldon

Mitzi Thompson, 12/11/03

We'll always love you Mitz!

The Thompson/nichols Family

Mitzvah, 07/16/93-12/13/03

Mitzvah never knew she was a cat because I was the first thing she saw.
I bottle-fed her and watched her grow in every way.
Our 10 years together were a treasured gift that lives on in both our hearts until we can be together again.

Susan Shadle

Mitzy (Baby Girl), 11/10/03

Mitzy was 16 years old. She brought me alot of happiness and acceptance and love for the years that I had her. She was layed to rest today she got sick and suddenly happened. It has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do but I thanked her so much and she died knowing I loved her dearly. She will me with me always and I hope to be with her again someday. My Baby girl - thank you for all you have given to me ~ I know your resting now and you are free just liked the birdies you loved so dearly to watch out the window. I will take care of Simon he will miss you too. We miss you dearly and it has only been an hour since you have been gone. Thank you Babies for all the love you given to me ~ rest now babies it will be ok I will see you again someday. Fly, fly, fly with the birdies. Love you, mama

Mitzy, 03/14/03

To our sweet little Mitzy. You will always be in our hearts. Love Mom & Dad

Jack Vanders

Mixie, 01/01/96-02/15/03

My Princess, You'll be in our hearts forever, I love you Baby Girl...

Stefanie Wilson

Mixta, 1991-05/17/03

My sweet little Mixta, you taught me so much about sitting quietly, jumping joyously, and holding on to the one you love. Your presence in my life was a beautiful gift. It was only yesterday that I held your weak little body in my arms as we said our goodbye, but already I miss you profoundly. I pray that you are now out of pain and that you know how much I ache in your absence. I will never have another kitty friend like you again because there was only one Mixta.

MJ, 07/18/03

MJ was a special angel sent to me from God. I adopted her 6 years ago from a pound and loved her with all my heart and soul. The time came when I had to make the gut wrenching decision to put her down. I miss her today as I'm sure I always will. She brought a comfort and joy to my life like nothing else. I love you, MJ and I promise I will see you someday!

Christine Costello

Moby Dickinson, 07/27/02-11/21/03

Moby came into our family and just 'fit' instantly. He lived the college life with Cammi and would come to Grandma and Grandpa's home on the farm every weekend and all summer. During the summer months when I taught Red Cross swimming lessons, Moby learned to swim too. He helped some of the kids who were scared by jumping in the water beside them. He just knew when he was needed. It is with heavy hearts we said good-bye. A car hit him last night. They didn't stop to tell us. Moby, you love all those little kids in Heaven like you did here. And until we see you on the bridge, you will be in our hearts.

Cammi and Shayla

Mocha, 1986-11/02/03

Mocha was the sweetest, warmest kitty we could have ever hoped for.
He was born with a patch of dark fur in the exact shape of a heart on his side; he filled our lives with love for almost 18 years.
He even taught our 2 year old daughter, his sister, how to love a kitty.
We miss you Mocha.


Mocha, 09/09/03

Mocha declined rapidly in the last few days and no longer enjoyed her scooter or eating "nanners. Mocha went to the Bridge today. She had to find the joy in her journey. We cherish the joy of her journey that she spent with us. Mokie is in the great company of some wonderful bunnies who will show her the way. Binkie, Binkie Mokie.

Mocha, 06/08/95-09/03/03

She was our best friend and a wonderful companion. She loved having her ears scratched and enjoyed playing ball, going for nightly walks and sleeping at our feet. Swimming in the pool and chasing shadows were her favorite things to do. She never complained and was a very loyal friend. She died suddenly of "bloat," a condition that we knew nothing about. We are very sad and will miss her forever. Mocha will always have a special place in our hearts. We will remember her forever.
Sue Forbes

Mocha, 10/10/93-06/02/03

Mocha was the sweetest girl in the world. She loved everyone and was loved by all in return. She always had big, wet, sloppy kisses for us. I'll never forget the feel of her tongue on my face. She would wag her entire body when I got home from work. I feel fortunate that God granted me the honor of her love and companionship. She was truly a special little girl. We will miss her forever, but I know that she is now free from the pain of this life. I picture her healthy and whole once again. It gives me peace. Mommy and Daddy love you Mocha. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Patti & Greg Ferguson

Mocha, 05/25/01-05/21/03

My guilt and my grief for my special angel will never leave me. There was a terrible accident and my precious Mocha suffered the consequences and I will always take the blame for my babies passing over to the Rainbow Bridge before his time. I Loved my Mocha and he will Never leave my heart. I pray that I will be able to see him again someday at the Rainbow Bridge!

Mocha, 1994-2002

Always happy


Mocha, 05/04/99-03/15/03

Mocha was with us just short of 4 years and we loved him very much. We wish him well on his journey to the other side and know one day we will be getting bunny kisses from him again. We love you Mocha very much and will miss you with all our hearts.

Mocha, 07/10/83-02/15/03

Mocha, we have been together so very long and shared many memories in life together. You were such a constant source of comfort and joy in my life. You understood me like no one else ever could. Everyday we spent together meant so much to me. My life will never be the same without you. I will miss your meowing, purring and spooning. You will always be with me, and one day we will be together again. I will always love you. Mommy

Mocha, 10/11/01-02/04/03

Mocha came to us one month after 9/11. His birth was like a small yet significant voice that whispered of hope in the midst of the blackness of our nation's tragedy. His kind and gentle nature was an affirmation of life that eclipsed the shadow of death.

Mocha came to us when we needed him...and in the wake of the Columbia tragedy, so he went to those still waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to share his gift of gentleness.

His love and his light will be sorely missed by all. There will never be another like him.

Jay and Marie

Mocha Creme, 04/01/02-01/16/03

Mocha was my baby. she never reached her 1st birthday. she got hit by a car in my neighbors driveway while they were leaving for the hospital to have their 1st baby. while they had theirs I lost mine :(


Mochastripe, 01/06/03

My Dear Family & Friends & Fellow Catlovers!

"Kindness works simply and perseveringly; it is the furthest-reaching and most effective of all forces."

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

This was printed on Mochastripe's adoption certificate on 4-19-87. It seems even more meaningful today!

I had to let her go yesterday and make the most difficult and painful decision I ever had to make in my entire life! In addition to the Diabetes we were fighting to control and recently had under control, she was diagnosed with a tumor against her heart and thoracic region! She was always a fighter and I brought her back from the brink once but it was time to end her suffering and let her be at peace!

"Are they the pets or are we" Quote from "The Tribe Of The Tiger"

In my case I certainly was the pet and she was the owner and wouldn't have had it any other way. I had 15 blessed years of her faithful companionship and unwavering support! For those that knew Mochastripe, they were enriched by the experience! For those that didn't, they missed out on something special!

Thank You! for your kind prayers and thoughts in the past and God Bless!

Rest In Peace Mochastripe,


Mochie, 04/02/98-01/04/03

Native American (Hopi) Prayer

I give you this one thought to keep --
I am with you still -- I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone --
I am with you still -- in each new dawn.


Moe, 10/30/94-01/28/03

A year has passed my beloved friend, and I continue to ache for you. Until we meet again, hugs and kisses, mom


Moe Moe, 10/12/03

My Little Moe Moe was my little boy, he was like my baby, I called him my moemy.
He was killed by a car, and it was so quick that all our lives changed in a split second. Our pet family misses him very very much, they are having a hard time loving the newest member of our family.
Moemy, Mommy loves you and misses you, forever.

Mog, 5/18/03


I love you as I have always loved you even though you are no longer here to soak up my tears with your soft fur.

You were my best friend when I felt that everything and everyone was lost.

You were always there and always loving even through the long days and nights when I was so sick and barely able to take care of us.

You were supposed to live forever, and I'm so sorry that I didn't make that happen.

Mom, Dad, Diann, Kaylie and Courtney all miss you too. Everyone loved you and as Kaylie put it "Mog is the prettiest."

Now nobody snuggles in my armpit at night and I spend the time before I go to sleep thinking about you. I miss your kisses, your purr, your thick, soft, beautiful fur.

I was never a perfect mommy, but you were always a perfect cat and you will always be my best friend.

I'm so glad that you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, my arms ache until they can hold you again.

Moggy, 04/01/87-05/22/00

Moggy became paralyzed, hardest decision to make.


Moira, 11/01/89-01/18/03

Moira; You were one of the finest creatures --animal or human-- we have ever known. Your gentle spirit and kind demeanor, your beauty and your intuition made you one of a kind. Thanks for the 13 years of love and warmth you gave us. You are missed and loved. Love forever, Mom and Dad

Mojo, 01/14/93-11/09/03

The chimes rang
as the heavens moaned,
for the girl on earth
who lost one of her own.

The moon hung low
From the weight of it's pain,
It would never hear the song
From Mojo again.

You lived with me through 3 states and a dozen homes, always clingy when we moved as if I would leave you. As if I could leave YOU.
Your size only belittled by the size of your heart. Mothers worried when their children tripped over you or pulled your hair, but I didn't worry, you knew they were small and defenseless, you wouldn't hurt a fly. You were my shadow for over 10 years and in less than 2 days you were gone. If I didn't do everything I could for you in life I did all I could for you in sickness, unfortunately it would not be enough. Remember all of our adventures, we went everywhere together. When I added Maya to our family you resisted but she made you love her, now she waits for you, but your not coming home. I always knew you were the best dog I could ever have, and that will stand the test of time. Goodbye my gentle giant, we will miss you. Love, Swan and Maya.

Mokabean, 02/01/96-08/27/03

My sweet little baby girl I hope you know how very much you are loved. I will forever miss you Mokeypokey. You are the sweetest baby girl in the whole world and I love you more than anything else. I hope we meet again, I can't stand not being with you.

Mollie, 10/13/89-12/12/03

A great friend and companion for 14 years, Mollie always greeted me with a smile and a wagging tail.
She is greatly missed.

Tom Hawkins

Mollie, 02/09/91-06/03/03

Our Beloved Mollie...loving, faithful companion and best friend. We had twelve wonderful years with you and until we meet again, you will forever live in our hearts.

Mary & Danny Kimberly

Molly, 04/26/92-11/29/03

Molly was our little long hair dachshund and we loved her very much .she is missed every day by us and her better half, Max. We got them together one day in august of 1992 and they were never apart. she became ill in sept. of 2003 and never was the same after that. We hope that she is happy and we miss her every day. we loved her with all of our hearts.

Kathy Brandstatter

Molly, 16/12/03

Molly passed away today after a long and tiring illness. She never lost her sweet and playful nature.
She will be missed terribly by all the Betts' and Broughtons'.

You are gone but never will you be forgotten x

Florence Betts

Molly, 01/13/98-12/10/02

I love and miss you my beautiful gogi girl


Molly, 04/26/92-11/29/03

molly was our little girl. she was always ready to have a snack at any time. always very lovable and would always be waiting for anybody to pick her up and let her sleep on their lap. we loved her very much and miss her greatly we WISH THAT SHE WERE STILL HERE TO LOVE AND HUG HER.

Kathy B

Molly, 11/20/95-10/23/03

She was my best friend. She was so special and kind, even though she had been horribly mistreated for years before she came to live with me. It took time for her to learn not to be fearful and I'm grateful that she had that experience of living free of fear and knowing that her unconditional love was returned before she died. Miss you my baby Mollywog.

Angie Webster

Molly, 05/12/91-10/15/03

Molly has been my best friend since I was four years old, when we got her from the pound.
She will be deeply missed forever.

Laura Kiblin

Molly, 03/13/97-10/31/03

For the best beagle in the world, thank you for bringing all the joy and happiness to our life, we'll miss you.

Lou & Lauri

Molly, 03/23/03-10/24/03

Molly, my girl... I miss you so much. You're everything to me, and I don't know how to get through without you. I love you my baby, always and forever... I'm yours.

Thank you,

Molly, 02/14/95-10/22/03

I'm not dealing well with you being gone. I loved you so much and I feel so guilty for not seeing symptoms sooner. Forgive me.

Molly, 11/10/93-10/06/03

Dearest Molly - You certainly knew who you loved didn't you? And from all of us that were in your special circle we thank you for all the wonderful times and memories you have given us. Thank you for the kisses you gave me this morning, you don't give them out freely so I felt special. Molly thank you for almost 10 wonderful years of your life. We love you.

Molly, 2/9/94-8/6/03

Molly, My Special Angel and Precious Baby girl, you were loved by all and my dearest and special friend. I did not want to let you go but you were so sick. Each and every hour, day, and year we had together were precious and special. I loved you with my whole heart and soul but I did not want you to suffer anymore. You will always be with me in my heart and I know that someday we will be together again never to part, my dearest and most precious and special friend.

Molly, 02/18/93-09/29/03

Dear Molly-

You were so brave and smart and you loved to eat! I knew that you needed to go when you could not stand long enough to eat your food. I pray that you are free of pain and are at peace. Know that Scott and I will miss you so much even though we only had the pleasure of your company for a year. Your original family including Evelyn, Sandy, Matthew and Ryan are missing you too. Please know how much we loved you and how we will always remember the joy you brought to our lives. Cinder dog is lonely, but she understands. She misses her playmate. Be a good girl Molly and look in on us from time to time...

Scott and Melissa Romsos

Molly, 05/10/93-08/06/03

My Dear "little kitty", you stole into my yard and then into my heart. I hope you find your brother Harley, as I know how much you missed him. I love you and will miss you always. There will never be another silly cat like you. You made us laugh all the time. I miss that, I miss you. You and Harley wait at the gate for me. Love you. S.A.L.

Molly, 12/03/88-08/02/03

Molly was the sweetest dog who ever lived.

Marty & Denise

Molly, 05/27/95-07/25/03

Molly's battle with cancer became too much for her and we put her to sleep. It was the hardest thing we've done. But she is no longer suffering. We miss her so much it hurts. But she is at peace now. Goodbye for now Molly. You will always be in our hearts and memories.

Matt & Yvonne Frey

Molly, 6/94-7/14/03

Molly you were the last goat to be born at the lake house. You were so special because of the circumstances of your birth. You were born in the middle of a summer thunderstorm to a mother who was mistreated before she came to us. You were the best mother in the herd, and always came to the fence first for sugar cubes and crackers. Molly, sleep well, and I will see you again.

Molly, 03/13/99-06/14/03

You were there when I was alone
You gave me love everyday.
I have never missed a friend as much as I miss you.
Know that you were greatly loved by all that knew you.
Goodbye my Pet.


Molly, 10/18/88-06/29/03

This is a tribute to a wonderfully loyal, fun and precious member of the family. I helped my dad bring Molly home at Christmastime, 1988, to my sister, Amy. Molly immediately bonded with not only my sister, but also my parents. They are very sad at her passing, but are comforted knowing that she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lori Dearing

Molly, 06/12/03

My precious baby puppy Molly. I am so glad you found us. Even though your time with us was short, we miss you so much. Such a sweet little girl who made me smile. I miss your precious little face & snuggling with you among many other things. I even miss you biting the water hose when I would water my plants! Our home is empty without you. You can never be replaced but you have inspired me to adopt another little homeless pup in your honor. Till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge........I love you!

Rhonda Jordan

Molly, 09/27/94-06/03/03

Molly was a beautiful dog with a beautiful soul, The family and myself will miss her. We are thinking about her today, tomorrow and everyday in between.

Molly, 06/23/91-06/12/03

In memory of my beloved bassett, Molly. You were my best friend for 12 years and I will miss you every day until we meet again in heaven. Be happy and healthy now. I cannot wait until the day comes when we can go for a walk again, and I can feel your beautiful coat and velvet ears. I will love you forever and thank God for sending you to me for 12 years.

Paula Greene

Molly (Moose), 05/24/03

Molly was our first foster dog through our golden rescue group. She was one of 12 goldens who were rescued from a puppy mill auction. She had lived for nearly 8 years in a cage having puppies and had never so much as walked on grass. Molly was so sweet and loved everyone. We had hoped that she would be with us much longer, but the life she lived at the puppymill caught up with her too quickly.
Molly you were a sweet old girl who instantly stole our hearts and we are so glad you stayed. We were so lucky to have been your family for the last two years. We miss you so very much. We love you old girl, we know you are waiting for us at the Bridge!

Molly, 1996-03/29/03

For Molly, a beautiful lemon Beagle who bugled at every stranger and parked car, stumped on her rear for treats, went by the names Bumps, McButter, and the Goat, and forever kept escaping the backyard, only to sit by the fence till we came to rescue her. Her character was as lovely as she was and our family will never be the same without her.

Krista Sigler

Molly, 11/04/95-4/22/03

My dear Molly, how beautiful you are, I miss you so much. Your babies look so much like you. It's so hard without you, I never knew how much I depended on you every day, until you were gone. There are so many things I wish I would have done that day, I'm so sorry. I'll see you in heaven when I get there, and not a day later, I'll look forward to it. I love you baby.

Molly, 04/05/03

For our little girl, the best friend we ever had who brought us love and laughter for 14 wonderful years. You will always be in our hearts and memories will keep you close. God bless baby, mummy daddy love and we will find you again someday.

Molly, 06/15/94-03/10/99

My sweet, sweet silly girl, I miss you still. Wish you were here to lick the tears like you used to. You were my best friend. I hope your having fun wherever you are-don't get into trouble! mmmmmmmmmm, I'll see you when I get there sweetie. PS Harmony and Patience miss you too. I love you with all of my heart sweetie.
See you soon-
Love and hugs and kisses, Dad

Molly, 04/28/03

Our sweet, shy Molly--ChiChi and I miss you terribly. We love you. ChiChi has lost her best friend...

Julie and Chichi

Molly, 02/02/90-04/01/03

Our precious little girl went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge on April 1, sooner than we expected. Sissy, we will miss you snuggling with us, begging for food at the dinner table, sitting near us when we're doing something, falling asleep in our laps, kneading the blankets when you're about to take a nap, sitting our faces and loving on them to wake us up. Wait for us at the Bridge. See you later, Tweetum Pie.

The Triplett Family

Molly, 07/12/89-03/24/03

The best friend anyone could ever hope for.

Katherine Chopak

Molly, 02/24/03

Even though you weren't with us for long we love you so much!!

Steve and Victoria

Molly, 03/05/90-15/02/03

Molly, It is so hard to believe that something that made such an amazing difference is our life could be gone. You taught us unconditional love. I know that in my head it was time for you to go but my heart still hurts. We miss you so much. I know that you must be happier now, able to see and run again. Say hi to Sam, Jill and Rose. Till we meet again.
Love Mommy and Daddy

Molly, 4/25/92-1/1/03

Molly "our golden sweetheart" 4/25/92-1/1/03
Molly had canine lymphoma and fought a valiant battle for 13 months before her body failed her. We, her family, learned a great deal from her during her short life here with us. She always had a golden smile, wagging tail and paw to share even when she was very ill. She was a special girl and we will always treasure the joy and happiness that she brought to our family. She was a special gift; and she is greatly missed.

The Dougherty Family

Molly, 10/28/88-12/30/02

Molly Dog... You were forever my faithful friend. May you find peace and happiness at the Rainbow Bridge. You will be forever in my heart.

April Keiffer

Molly Boo, 03/17/92-11/13/03

My life is empty without the wag of her tail.
I miss her smiling face, the guarding of the groceries, the greetings at the door.
She was a regal queen in our home, and everyone knew it! She was my friend and companion, we spoke without talking, she was the ultimate classy dog, and I miss her desperately.

Shelley Wagner

Molly Bug, 05/00/90-08/22/03

Goodbye to my special little Molly bug, my best friend for 13 years. You were loved by everyone who met you and I know I will never meet another like you. I will never stop thinking of you or missing you..I love you baby.


Mollybygolly, 04/07/92-10/26/03

Our wonderful golden girl, Molly, who had the kindest, and most loving heart and soul. She lit up our lives with joy and is sorely missed by Jane, Dave and Kitems. We love you, Molly and will meet you at the rainbow bridge.

Jane E. Jones

Molly Girl, 10/13/91-06/15/01

Molly was our precious black pug that was the joy of our lives. Her favorite pass time was eating pizza and sleeping.
When her sight stated failing her little spirit died. We loved her to much to let her live a life of darkness so we made the decision to let her go to a better place.
She has been missed and always loved.


Molly Magee Laverty, 11/18/99-12/19/03

We miss you so much. We did everything possible to save you. Your suffering is over. Give Bridget our love at the Bridge.

Chris & Sherry

Molly NeNe, 05/17/02-04/07/03

We never thought our poodle Molly would ever leave us so soon. We were and still are shocked about her sudden death. But other than that, she made us smile, brought us happy times, and gave us precious memories that we will hold on to forever and ever. Molly was the best dog we ever had. May she be in peace and know that we still love her and miss her very much.

Molly Rose, 11/14/97-02/03/03

Molly Rose you are such a wonderful lady!!! You are so smart and pretty and we miss you so very much. Everything happened so fast and we hope and pray we find a cure for cancer in all humans and animals fast. You were my best friend, my soul, my love, my life. Your sweet nature, your protection, your warmth, are all so missed. I will miss exploring with you and am so happy that I spent so much time with you. We know you are in heaven now and with your beloved brother Max. Please wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge so we will all be together again for eternity. We all love you so much. You can never be replaced!!!!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Sister.

Molly Tyfolly, 10/13/03

We were the perfect group. But there was something missing. A prancing poodle, a curious chihuahua and a skitzoid tabby, and me. We finally found you - runt of a litter of five. Spotted, stripe and all-out adorable. We played together and you fit right in. I named you Molly Tyfolly, it seemed to reflect your playful, jocular persona. I fit you a collar, leather and tiny. So tiny, but it had to be, for your neck was miniscule as well. And your purple heart tag - why I'm wearing it around my neck right now. We are all grieving you, because we feel you went when you were too young. It feels like you've been stolen from us. Geeorgie, Patch, Jessie. They've all noticed your gone. It's empty here. I have to remember to cancel your vet appointment I made for you. Just remember, Molly, you are loved and missed.
Mommy, Geeorgie, Jessie & Patch

Molson, 10/16/93-12/15/03

You were a great dog and you will be dearly missed. I will never forget you. you will be in my heart forever. rest in peace

Brad Foster

Molson, 10/06/90-03/04/03

Molson was my best friend, and she was always there, sometimes I'd get mad at her when she did something she wasn't supposed to do, but now I'd give anything to have her chasing the cat or trying to get in the garbage. When I said goodbye to her last night as my mom drove her to the vet, I had no idea that she wouldn't come back. I'll miss her more than anyone or anything. And I'll always keep her close in my heart. I love you Molson, I hope to see you at the bridge on day.


Molson, 01/01/01-06/31/01

Molson was my safe hold he was my strength in a time of need

Debra Lewis

Mommy Cat

Mommy Cat, you couldn't be more special to me. You brought your baby kittens to my patio and knew that I'd care for them. Devoted mother that you are, you faithfully came to nurse them several times a day until they didn't need you to anymore. But you always checked on them and made sure they were safe. You trusted me, Mommy Cat, and I'm so happy and flattered that you did. I really wanted to be your friend, Mommy Cat, and I hope you forgive me for my clumsy attempts at friendship. I sensed you understood I didn't know any better. You were wise and knew things I didn't know. I listened to you, but didn't understand. I drove you away unintentionally because you knew what harm I was doing to myself and that you couldn't stop me. I searched for you and know you were there, but I couldn't reach you. I hope you derived some comfort from the houses and beds I left for you. You unselfishly and generously gave me your babies to care for when I needed them to love and to love me. You blessed me, Mommy Cat, and I will never forget you. Then you came into someone else's life who needed you -- a kind old lady who was lonely and needed you worse than I or your babies did. I'm so glad you found each other, and I know it was a match made in Heaven. She made you feel comfortable and you trusted her finally. I know you were both happy, and I hope you're happy still. You changed my life forever. Please know how grateful I am for that, and how much I will always love you, think about you, and wish eternal happiness for you and your family. A lot of lives were touched by you - one sweet, wild cat who gave so much and never complained.
Thank you, Mommy Cat.

Marty Thomas

Monday, Summer 1998-12/31/02

We will really miss you, Monday. You certainly surprised us that you lived as long as you did with the heart murmur you were born with. Always loving and playful and a great part of our family that will be truly missed. Remember us always as you go to "kitty heaven" as you pass over the "rainbow bridge"

Sam and Joyce

Mong Mong, 09/14/01-11/09/03

We love u and we missed u very very much. Rest in peace.

Faith See

Mongy, 23/08/03

To my special friend, I feel lost without you. Take care and be good till we meet again all my love your broken hearted mum.

Julie Wilson

Monica, 03/10/89-02/07/03

My Precious Little Angel is very much missed and still very much loved.
Till we meet again.


Monique, 09/09/03

Monique was a rescue that I adopted 2.5 years ago. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis on her first visit to the vet. We did everything that we could to save her, but today we ended her suffering. God love and protect her! She has several brothers waiting at the bridge to guide her to peace.

Barry D, Snyder

Monkey, 04/12/89-10/31/03

Monkey, you were one of a kind, happy, loyal, courageous, so very smart---but most of all you were my best friend for 14 years. I will miss you always, because you were always there for me. If I was happy you were happy, if I was sad you were sad. we spent many happy times ,in the mountains, me on a horse, and you eagerly following. You are in my heart forever. I love you

Irene Hall

Monkey, 01/20/91-03/21/03

I love you Monkey, I know you are watching over me, I can still feel you. Until we see each other again, night monkers!

Milissa Chapp

Monnalisa, 06/15/92-02/05/03

Thanks to Monita
To have been to wonderful part of our walks for the life
For that wonderful and unforgettable decade that we share
Through of the Good and bad times she will be always in our hearts
The Good memories will be our strength in the difficult moments of our lives
She was an example of courage for our lives
She fights until the end of their days
And although their forces saw go
she lived every day as if it was the first one
thank you Monita, we'll love you for always

Ximena Monturiol

A Monita
Gracias por los buenos momentos compartidos, por las noches y dias maravillosos en que tuvimos tu magia de nuestro lado. Fuimos afortunados al compartir esta decada increible con vos. se que pasaran los años y siempre te hecharemos de menos, no habra noche en que no extrañemos ver a nuestro angelito dormir placidamente bajo las cobijas, ni habra tarde en la que al regresar olvidemos esa danza de bienvenida que nos sabias dar, y siempre que en las noches alguien vaya a la cocina en busca de algo para picar esperará sentir esos pasitos suaves y el ronroneo que siempre habrian de llegar. Hay tantas cosas que quisieramos decir, pero es tan dificil escribir y no quedarse corto cuando se trata de alguien tan importante en nuestras vidas. Sabemos que ahora tenemos al mas bello angel guardian de nuestro lado, y que sabra cuidar nuestros pasos en el camino por la vida, de seguro no te defraudaremos ni te haremos sentir triste. Siempre estará una luz encendida en nuestros corazones que te indicará a donde vamos. Atraves de los años ninguno de nosotros dejará que en nuestro corazón se apague el amor por los animales, y siempre que un animal sufra, o este abandonado haremos lo que este a nuestro alcance para ayudarlo, por que sabemos que en cada animalito que sufre hay algo de nuestra Monita. Popita y Piye te extrañan como locos, tambien la Bonita y la Chiquita, creemos que sabran entender esto de las despedidas, que aunque muy tristes, son parte inevitable de nuestro andar por la vida. Tuviste toda la fortaleza del mundo para enfrentar el sufrimiento de tu enfermedad, sabes que venciste por que al lugar donde has ido nunca te podrá alcanzar el dolor, y algún día no muy lejano nosotros tambien cruzaremos el puente y estaremos con vos. Cualquier noche de estas en que salgamos a ver el cielo lleno de estrellas, buscaremos la mas brillante, por que seguro desde allí estaras enviandonos todos tus besos, que tanto extrañamos, los mas dulces, los de nuestra Monita. Esperamos que en donde estes el correo llegue bien. Por aquí todos seguimos luchando por seguir, como algún dia lo aprendimos de ti. Un beso, adios, cuidate. no nos olvides, muy pronto, nos volveremos a ver.

Carlos R., Ximena, Jaime, Sergio, Gilma, Ricardo, Maximiliano, Minerva, Bonita, Chiquita, Pacheco, Rebeca. Te amamos y extrañamos muuuuuuuuuuuchoooooooo

Monte, 08/02/87-09/18/03

My beloved Monte passed over the rainbow bridge on Thursday, September 18, 2003. My grief is overwhelming. He was my baby, my world. He gave me the best 16 years of my life. In the end, it was my gift of love to let him pass peacefully into a place where there is no pain, where he can run and frolick again like a young healthy pup. A piece of my heart is gone now without my Monte. I know that the happy memories with eventually replace my tears, but for now, there is a little less sunshine in the world for me. Please watch over my Monte and guide him in his new residence somewhere over the rainbow. Monte, I love you more than words can say and I miss you with every fiber in me. God Bless you my precious sweetheart. Mommy will never forget all the love you have shown me.

Montmorency, 05/11/96-04/28/03

To my Montmorency, who taught me to be a better human.

Jean H

Montmorency, 05/11/96-03/28/03

My heart, my guardian, my sweet love.


Monty, 03/05/03

Just to say what a special dog we have just lost, but will treasure the memories of Monty the beautiful beagle - a "one off".

Chris Munns

Monty, 07/11/89-02/24/03

Sausage McMont-Mont, Chicken McMont-Mont, The Old Bitch, Kisses One, Sweet Pea, Little Darling & all the other names we had for you...
you will be missed little one. travel safe and know there will always be a huge hole in our lives without you.

Lots of love from the daddies, all your aunties and uncles, cousins & everyone who knew you from the shop on Darling Street.

"you make me laugh!!!!"
"ready,... set,....GO!!!!"


Colin McCarlie & Martin O'Loughlin

Monty, 10/11/02

Monty was rescued literally from the roadside. Our vet had given him two weeks to live yet he was with us one year and two weeks! He was a magnificent creature with an imperious manner that ensured no cat even contemplated confrontation with him. Throughout his time with us he remained stalwart, gradually his temper mellowed and he allowed affection in his in last few months. I want to honour his life with this tribute to a memorable cat whose voice left you in no doubt that attention was required for his needs. I miss you Monty yet see you everyday, I hope we meet again.

Linda Hrtley

Monty Rose, 07/03-04/09/03

Monty, you have been my companion and friend for the last 13-years and I will always hold you in my heart until we meet again...

Fr. Ray

Moochie, 05/20/03

Moochie was thrown away by another, right into our hearts. It took time for him to trust us, but he came to know a life of great love, even as he loved us. This big orange guy was kind enough to share his life with us without holding back. When he hugged you, he HUGGED you! Mooch, may you rest in God's garden till we meet again, Big Guy! You have our hearts. Forever warm love, Nana and Abba.

Mookie, 06/06/03

We will miss you Mookie. Thank you for being a lifetime friend, and a great pet. May you enjoy your new life in heaven with all your new friends. Say hello to Puffy and Loco from us! Love, your human family

Scott, Lori and Kennedy Bell

Moon, 07/21/03-03/10/03

To a loved family member who constantly occupied our thoughts. We miss you and love you dearly. Until we can hold you again in Heaven.

We love you MOON.

Jerry/Elizabeth Mask

Moonbeam, 10/05/91-09/25/03

My Beautiful Angel,

Two days have passed since you left me. My heart feels so empty without you here. I know you were in pain being here, but I wish you could have recovered and stayed with our family longer. The grandkids miss you dearly. Thunder and Flame have been playing on your grave - they think the mound of dirt is a wonderful playground. I wanted to stop them at first, but I know you wouldn't mind them being so close to you. Your daughter is grieving for you and will only walk around your grave. Snowy and the kids ate the flowers I left for you - but who could blame them - you would have eaten them too!
I miss your big rolling eyes when you spotted your seeds or sticky buns, and your rough long tongue that ever so gently took the smallest pieces of grass from me.
You bought sunshine into my life. You always knew how to make me smile.
Our last week together was so special to me. The nights we spent looking up at the stars - I have continued to look at our special star each night remembering the few nights before hand when I was cuddled into you and we were staring at them together.
You have made the past 10 years of my life so happy and I will always cherish our special times together. I will hold closest our goodbye hug as you wrapped your head around me and held me close to you. That meant alot to me - to know you love me and would miss me just as I and the rest of the family miss you too. We will see you again soon when our time comes. In the mean while have fun gallivanting around those green hills we were talking about with all those handsome stud bulls. I will miss you terribly until we met again, I love you my sweet girl,

Love Always,

Mooney, 07/11/03

My lap feels so empty now..........She will be missed so much, nothing can ever fill the void my ol' gal leaves behind.

Moose, 10/23/99-12/19/03

A true survivor! The kindest dog in the world and Catherine's best friend.

Catherine Kebler & Family

Moose, 05/08/83-10/05/03

Moose was my best friend for over 20 years. We knew each other so well and loved each other very much. My heart feels heavy and I feel empty, but I know she is now free from her tormented little body and is running around with her mother, sister, brother and aunt. She was a fighter and fought right until the end. My husband and I told her it was okay to go and she died on our bed with us. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I know we will meet again.

Laura Carberry

Moose, 10/05/89-09/24/03

Moose, You taught me how to love cats, and I loved you so much. Rest in peace my sweet girl and I will see you on the other side. Mama

Moose, 12/01/96-08/04/03


Moosepie, my big , fluffy sweetheart. A big guy with a big, gentle heart. You were always there when I needed someone. I don't understand why you had to be taken, I can only hope that it was because God has a need for you to help others in heaven. Please look for Pheonix, Poco, Cherokee, Buddy, Sidney, Riki, Soda and Tommy TBone. You will live forever in our hearts. Until we can see each other again, I will miss you always.

Love forever,
Mom (Lisaann), Pheonix Jr (Beans), Susquehanna (Sketch), Kira, and Frank.

Moose, also Eddie, 06/01/91-05/01/03

Moose was a beloved friend and companion who passed on much too early. Her loss is deeply felt and she will be greatly missed. Her best friend was Eddie the cat. Eddie died several years ago and has been missed since. Moose's loss has affected her parents and her fiends Rocky and Skylar.

Laurie and Rob Murphy

Moosh, 04/18/03

I didn't have you very long, but I will always be your Mama. I feel so bad that I had to give you up, but I know that you are going to very nice home where they will take care of you and love you just as much as I do. You are still my forever kitten in my heart, and we will meet again someday and be together forever, and I will never have to let you go again. Your Mamma loves you and misses you very much, my baby Moosh.


Moosie (Sweetie), 08/28/86-04/01/96

I love you, and miss you especially at Christmas. You are never forgotten. I think of you always. Your brother Precious is with you now. And I know the two of you are happy to be with each other. He would still look for you. For seven years, whenever he saw a black & white in the distance his ears would perk up and there was excitement in his eyes. He missed you very much. Please take care of each other. Mommy misses both of you, very much. You gave me almost 10 years of companionship, and I will treasure it always.

Merry Christmas my little baby boy.

Love Momma

Moostache, 6/02/92-02/22/03

You were (and still are) our beloved soul mate and best friend.
You always made us smile and just looking into your eyes and touching your soft fur brought joy, peace and comfort to our hearts every day.

Although you were taken from us too early and unexpectedly, we reflect on all of the wonderful times we've had with you in the past 10 and a half years and all the love you brought to us and allowed us to give back to you. And, we know that you are still with us everyday....

"In one of the stars, you will be living.
In one of them, you will be laughing.
And so it will be as if all of the stars are laughing w
when we look up at the sky at night"
-the Little Prince- Antoine de Saint- Exupery

You have left paw prints on our hearts and souls for the rest of time...
We love and miss you so much little Moostache. You are so very special.

Mopey, 10/14/87-08/07/03

Mopey, you have been a true friend and my companion for 14 years. I know you are at peace now. God bless you and you will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Goodbye Mopey Dog.

Rosemary Wielgosz

Mopsy, 16th June 1996 to 7th July 2003

Mopsy was my little rabbit, who was put down with cancer at the age of seven, I am 14 and had her for more than half my lifetime. she was born on 16th June 1996 and laid to rest on 7th July 2003. She leaves behind her companion Casper who misses her and of course me and my family who love her very much. with love Claire xxx

Morag, O9/11/95-08/31/03

You saw me through the loss of both my Mum and Dad. You loved me unconditionally and showed great humor and personality throughout your life. You never lied about loving me, or judged me for my many failings. You were my best and truest friend. Please wait for me.

Shelagh Budgell

Morgan, 11/04/90-11/24/03

To MORGAN a dear ,loyal, faithful friend and family member.
I miss you terribly and look forward to the day we meet again.
You are forever in my heart. I was truly blessed to have had you in my life.
The love we shared was special.


Morgan, 12/06/89-11/01/03

This baby was all about love


Morgan, 1996

Lover of people, dogs,......and cats.

Mary Lou

Morgan, 05/05/94-05/02/03

This baby of ours was a special dog. Gordon Setters are needy by nature and you don't come by them easily, most breeders insist on an adoption type interview. Morgan was smart, funny, persistent, and gave us joy for 9 years that we could never have imagined. He died too soon, a seemingly healthy dog went down hill from lymphoma hiding in his liver, lethargic on Monday to our vet with possible eye infection, to Angell Memorial, Boston by Thursday with lungs failing and dead on Friday.
Devastation is the only word to be used. He is everywhere.
The loss can never be replaced. His two companions, Scottie, Sophie and Cairn, Emma miss him terribly as do we. We love you Morgan!

Morgan, 03/05/03

My sweetest most precious Morgan passed this last week. It is a week today, Wednesday, 12 March, that I had to make the hardest decision of my life so far. Morgan had gone into renal failure due to cancer. I didn't know she had this - only a week before she had a normal healthy vet exam. This was not to be however. She was her happy lovable self up until the following Sunday. The day it all started. She was no better by Tuesday morning, the morning I brought her back to the vet. It happened so quickly. By Tuesday evening she couldn't even stand for any length of time. After all the bloodwork, x-rays and IV for dehydration had shown what was going on I was given the prognosis, not good. Leave her over night see how she is Wednesday morning, a nurse stayed with her at the hospital that night. Wednesday morning proved to be worse. I had to make the decision to end her suffering and help her reach Rainbow Bridge. It felt like a part of me had been taken, I've had Morgan since she was only a couple of weeks old, left in a box with a container of milk on my doorstep. Does the pain get any less with time, not so far. I cannot wait to meet my precious baby and walk with her again - across the Bridge. Good bye, my special Angel.

Morgan, Goddess of Frolick, Exuberance, 03/24/94-06/10/03

To my sweet baby girl---
Thank you for your love, your joy, your irrepressible Berner exuberance & hugs. Thank you, Morgan, for choosing me to spend your too short life with, for your acceptance & tolerance of others, both human & creature, for your undying loyalty, & courage on my behalf & as we faced your need to dance with the angels.

You will live in my heart through eternity. I will never forget your beautiful puppy eyes (still visible just days ago, despite your true years & your declining health), your gentle, loving spirit, your adventure-dog attitude, & your soul touching Berner hugs, bumps, cuddles & kisses.
Rest in peace my sweet baby girl, perfectly healed in the arms of the angels, until we meet again across eternity. Love, Cindy, David, Harry, Dempsey, Maya, & Goliath

Cindy Gerster

Morgen, 08/31/03

Morgen, you were the most beautiful cat I ever saw. We helped you have your kittens when you lived in the parking lot. We took you in when your "owner" moved and left you and your kittens behind. We loved your beautiful daughter Squeaky until her sad death in 1998 from cancer. Morgen, you should have stayed with us just wasn't your time. I hope you know that we loved you more than you can ever imagine and to say that you will be missed doesn't begin to cover it. You had the softest grey fur....all I had to do to feel calm was to pet you and hear you purr. I loved our little "chats" and the way you "barked" ("Morgen, the incredible barking cat" we called you). I miss my "cat hat" at night, and the way you would gently place your paw on my hand, then put your little head on your paw. Morgen...please know that Mommy is missing you and would have done anything to have made you better. I hate that you died in a cage at the hospital. Please forgive Mommy.....I just wanted you to get better. Go now with your darling Squeaky.....thank you both for changing all the misconceptions I had about very first two babies, now both gone. I love you, Morgen.

Margie Richardson "Mommy"

Morrey, 08/15/85-03/22/03

I adopted Morrey out of a litter of siamese-tabby kittens 17 1/2 years ago. He was a very well-loved and cherished member of the family up to the day he died. We will always love and miss you Mo-Tim. May your boistrous meow echo loudly throughout the the Heavens. We look forward to seeing you in the next life.

Morris, 12/04/03

Morris was a peaceloving, kind cat

Linda Golba

Morris, 02/2002-10/12/03

I don't know what happened- one day you were fine and the next you were very sick- the vet tried to help you, but you couldn't respond because you were so sick- I'm sorry I couldn't see you were so sick.
I'll see you later- be a good cat- love, Diann

Morris, 07/24/03

In memory of Hezar and Morris (07/24/03):

Albert McDonnell

Morris (Morry), 03/15/00-04/01/03

A timid, thin little stray he found my mom and asked for some food and a little kindness. As he gently pushed his way into her door and into her heart, what he found was a loving, caring forever home. Although we cannot understand what and why he was taken so quickly and so young and full of life, we know that the biggest wrong would have been not to have known him at all. At the very least, now we can tell our friends and people we meet that we loved a kitty named "Morris" and he loved us in return. From thin and scared to big, handsome and constantly loving this beautiful orange guy will be forever missed and remembered.

Kerie Angele for Kathy Bowen

Morris, Kerie already wrote a wonderful tribute to you and I was very touched that she did that, but I wanted to add a tribute of my own to you. I remember early last summer when I began to notice several stray cats around the dumpster at my apartment early in the mornings and my heart went out to all of you and I began to put food and water out for all of you. You and another younger cat began to come close to me and then you began to wait outside my door early every morning meowing VERY loud!! I named you Morris because of your orange tabby coloring and the other black and white kitty I named Star. You and I were drawn to each other in a special way early on. You were already grown and I was not sure if it would work out with my other 6 cats that were already in the house. In December I decided to take you to my vet and there you were tested, and then when that came out o.k. they neutered and vaccinated you and you were in my house (you were already in my heart) from then on. You were absolutely wonderful in the house from the first moment you came in. You never bothered anything and were faithful to the cat box. You were the most loving cat and were not aggressive to my other cats in the getting acquainted process. No matter what room I was in you were there to. You loved to jump in the tub and chase your tail. I put your picture up at work and told everyone who would listen about you. You were such a big beautiful orange cat, over 17 lbs. I got comments from "wow, big cat, to that's not a cat, that's a small lion". I called you the poster cat for strays, no cat could have been any sweeter or more loving. You really lifted my spirit and gave me a new purpose since losing my precious Mom a few months earlier. I have other wonderful cats and they mean the world to me, but you were special in a different way. I have no idea what life was like for you before you came into my life, I pray it was not awful. I do know that no one could have loved or treasured you any more than I did. The awful day of your leaving will never leave me. When I left for work you were fine, we had been playing together. When I got home from work I could not find you at first and that was not like you, you were always at the door to meet me. I began to feel a sense of dread and then I found you. It was so awful. You were a victim of heart worms that you had contracted before I began to care for you. I am still in shock and disbelief. I thought we had many years together ahead of us. The house is empty without you even though I still have the original 6, it is like in the Bible when Jesus talks about the shephard knowing that one sheep is missing even though the other 99 are still there in his care. You left your paw prints forever on my heart. I know you are with Jesus at Rainbow Bridge, you were too wonderful and precious to be anywhere else. Life is not the same without you and as hard as it has been to lose you, I would do it all over again just for the honor of sharing part of the journey with you. Thank you for sharing your special life with me. You were one of the best Mo Mo, I miss you deeply. Though we did not have a long time on earth together, I am comforted by the thought that we will have all eternity together. I hope that by telling your special story it may encourage someone else to reach out to a stray in need and be blessed as I have been. Until I can see you and hold you again at the Bridge.
All my love,
Mama (Kathy Bowen)

Morticia, 08/30/03

To my gentle and loving companion, I miss you terribly. My days and nights are empty without out. Till we meet again....


Mose, 12/05/88-11/07/03

I love you, my bud, my pal.
Thank you for giving us your love.
Your free now!
Run, play, swim!
This is how I will remember you!
Jumping and diving into the water, how you loved it so!
You were so strong in your last years, even though I know it was hard living in that old body.
I couldn't let you suffer anymore but I know you would have for me.
Rest in peace my beloved friend, you are ALWAYS here with me.

Valerie Light

Moses, 06/01/89-05/01/98

Moses, hi sweetie. We love and miss you so very much. You were such a strong kitty even when you were born (asthma) you did so much for us. We hope that you are up with your sisters and brothers. Also that you are much happier without the pain that you lived with for so many years. You will always be remembered. love you so much mom and dad.

Mosie, 03/06/88-02/27/03

Mosie, You are precious to me and Craig and Michael. We love you so much, and the house is empty without your sweet presence. For 15 years, you gave such joy and love to our lives. Please stay with Michelle, and we'll come for you soon. We all love you, MoMo. Mom, Dad, and Michael

Motzart, 03/17/01

Dear sweet Motzart, touching my heart and spirit every day of your life, playfully yapping at me when I bring your breakfast to you your heart innocent and pure...God took you away from me on that terrible and cold march afternoon and I watched with tears in my eyes as you passed from this earth laying in my lap...we buried you down by the pond were you used to get loose and go for a swim on any hot summer day, we planted wildflowers over your grave and said our prayers that we may meet you o

Love Mama

Mouf, 01/07/03

Sunbeams are with you forever. We will play hide and seek again forever. Bless you for all the joy and love you brought.

John Adams

Mouse, 04/28/03

Mousie, Mousarella, Mouseltov, Mouse-guy, the Gentle Giant. I imagine you rolling in fields of catnip, chasing & retrieving sparkly balls, purring ecstatically under a celestial "glove of love" and indulging your foot fetish by trying to disembowel the angels' feet while lying on your back, bunny-footing like crazy. We miss you dearly, sweet guy.

Love, Kim, Mishka, & family

Mouse, 12/01-04/10/03

Mousepet I could have asked for. She was one of my best friends, and carried me through some hard times. She has been battling pneumonia since December, and today she stopped eating and looked at me in a way that said she was ready to go. Together we went to the vet and she was put to sleep. I will never, ever forget her, and I want everyone to know how special she was and always will be, and how much I love her. You are the best, Mouse.

Mousehole, 18/08/03

To anyone else he was an old cantankerous mog of dubious parentage. We spent the last 17 years of life together, growing up and growing older. He was my baby, my old man, Mr moops and Don Diego. He had many names and often bit me. But for all the times he bit there were countless times he gave me love, jumped up and licked my nose. He gave me himself and quite simply I loved him. I had just put him down from his usual love and a minute later he was dead, run over. Over his lifetime he had beaten cancer, broken his jaw, being shot, and he once went missing for three months. Nothing beat him. It took a fast moving vehicle and someone with no love for cats to take his life. A few hours ago I buried him. I have to believe we will meet again. Mousehole you will always be with me.

From Lindsay

Mouser, 06/92-08/09/03

You joined our family in June of 1992. You were scrawny and had patches of hair missing from fighting others since you had no claws. We were moving out of the old house and you kept coming into the house. Dad wanted you, so this "dog person" agreed to take you in after we couldn't find out who you belonged to. We had you 11 years and in that time you became my (the dog person's) "Little Heathen." You grew to 16 lbs. & ruled the roost over the two dogs who together weigh 210 lbs. I knew you were getting older, but you never acted old. Then, you got really sick and your kidney's failed. I tried to save you, but it wasn't really working. You weren't my Mouser. My little heathen never hid from anyone! So, I made the heartbreaking decision to end your suffering. I thank you for picking us to be your family. Mouser, sleep in the sun, chase bugs, annoy dogs and know that when the time comes we will be at the Rainbow Bridge looking for you so we can cross it together.

We love and miss you Mouser the "Little Heathen."

Mom, Dad, Nicole,
Duran & Izzy

Mousey, 08/2001-03/11/03

Mousey was ,my first glider. I have had many pets in my 23 years, but she was the first I ever grew to love, and be attached to. She was the sweetest lil thing. I could tell her to give me a kiss, and she would run up to my shoulder and lick my cheek. It was like she knew if I was upset, and she would cuddle up under my chin and just sit there. Many people have told me she was "just" an animal. But I will be the first to argue that, she was my friend. A companion. However small she held a big place in my heart. When she died, she was holding my fingertip with her paw, and as she passed, a small piece of me went as well. Mousey, sweet lil precious Mousey, all my love........R.I.P

Mousie, 1991 - May 20, 2003

What makes Mousie a special cat was that he chose us. When one dark night we saw two green glowing eyes in our apartment window, we opened it and let him inside. By doing that, we let him into our hearts. Mousie was known as Mouseketeer and he belonged to Lisa who ran the stables where we lived. When we moved out in 1992, Lisa said that we could "keep" him and take him with us.

I will never forget when Mousie spent the whole night up a tree in a neighbor's yard. Eventually, he came down by himself after my attempt to get him down failed.

What made Mousie so special was his even temper. Very rarely did he ever mix it up with our other cats. Mousie had kitten like qualities and often gently kneaded his front paws on our laps.

Mousie had good manners, he never jumped up where he didn't belong and he wasn't a pest when humans were eating. Mousie never really wanted anything beyond his dry food and water. Mousie was lazy though, he was a terrible groomer. Very seldom did he even clean his fur and he had what I call a "butt nugget" on his backside until I would gently remove it.

For the past two years we got closer to Mousie when we lost our first two cats to illness in the Spring of 2001.

A few months back Mousie was diagnosed with diabetes and although he was getting insulin twice a day, he never did seem to get better. After watching Mousie continually seeking out water and never getting his thirst satisfied, it became evident that he had more problems than just the diabetes. When his walking became labored, we knew that it was time to let him go in peace.

We buried Mousie next to where Duncan is buried and although I have old Lucille and two 6 year old cats to comfort us, it still isn't the same without my sweet black cat.

Mousie- Thank you for 12 years of love.

Wendy & Rich Himes

Mousse, 01/19/92-07/14/03

Chocolate Mousse has left a void in our life that pains us deeply. Our loving man is no longer suffering with pain and discomfort. We miss him, will never forget him and hope we can overcome the grief and sadness at his loss as time goes on. We love you, Mousse. You will remain in our hearts forever.

Jerry and Anne

Mousse, 11/25/97-06/27/03

I would like to add my dearly beloved Bernese Mtn Dog "Mousse". He was one in a million and almost human. From the day I brought him home from the airport (I bought him in Germany) he became my shadow. After going through a very difficult divorce, job loss, and major relocation, Mousse was always there as my pillar of strength. When I felt that life wasn't worth living any more, all I had to do was look over at him. Instantly, I became worried about him and how any decision would effect him. He would hug and kiss me and tell me that he loved me (literally) and everything seem to be alright. I would like this tribute to THANK Mousse for all the happiness he gave me. He was always my pride and joy and couldn't take him anywhere where he didn't become the center of attention.

Mousse I love you and hope that you are with your brothers and sisters that past before you. I also hope that what Peggy said about you being my guardian angel here on earth is true, because then I know you are still there for me.

Your pack leader, best friend, and Mama
Laura Sampieri

Moxie, 10/25/03

She was a loyal, loving kitty up to the very end. She will be missed so much!!

Larry Weiser

Moxie, 07/02/96-01/10/03

Moxie was, as my 11-yr old son would say-"The cutest dog in the world"! She was bright, funny, loving, and was our special little friend. My kids would call her Moxie-doodle. She was a great soccer player, just one of the gang. We are all suffering from our profound loss, and we have started a photo album just for her. Even though we are reeling from the shock of her death, we look forward to the day when we can open up her photo album and let her make us laugh again-Connie

Mozart, 06/1991-02/2000

We all miss you.
You will always be my best buddy..


Mozart Green, 12/12/94-10/24/03

You have brought so much love to our lives. We will miss you until we meet again.

Mr.B, 11/13/03

We Love you!
We sure were not prepared to lose Miss Sophie two weeks after you but we find much comfort knowing that you are both together.
I hope that you find the sweetest grass to chew on and enormous sun beams to bask in.
You are sooo loved by us always.
Your people, Kirsten ,Mike, Hannah, Caroline and Mr. Henry

Kirsten, Mike, Hannah, caroline and Henry

Mr. Blackjack, 09/20/03

I only had Mr. BlackJack in my life for five months, but he has touched me deeply. I am so thankful I could rescue him from neglect, abuse and starvation for that short time. But I was not able to rescue him from the advanced and painful intestinal lymphoma sarcoma that took him from me too soon. I hope "my bubby" is in a land of sunshine, plentiful cheese and all the other luxuries his wonderful soul might like!

Michelle Ooten

Mr. Bo a.k.a. Bo, 12/11/91-02/17/03

Bo, from the moment I saw you at the humane society, I knew you were the perfect match for me. You were so beautiful with your handsome brown eyes and eager wagging tail. Not to mention that beautiful smile of yours. Me and Mom and Dad miss you sooo much! Most of all, we love you. I wish I had the chance to say goodbye. I wanted to bring you to Kentucky with me because I hated having to be away from you while I was attending college. I knew Mom and Dad would take good care of you while I was gone and when we saw each other during holidays & breaks, we always had fun. Do you remember the summer when I put you in the car and we drove to the beach at Lake Michigan? We couldn't get in because I'd forgotten it was Saturday and you had to pay to park & I didn't have any money with me. On the way back home we had a good conversation while we were waiting for the sailboat to pass under the bridge. I'd love the times when I'd come home from school and had a bad day. You'd come and put your head under my arm and I'd pet you & hug you and in your own special way, you told me everything was gonna be okay. I love you for protecting me from all the 'bad people' who came in our back yard when I was younger and for playing 'doggie soccer' with my basketball and for playing tug of war with me when I was on crutches& using a wheelchair because I torn a ligament in my thigh the summer before my 6th grade year. Even for the times recently when we would play 'races.' You sat next to me & I looked at you...On your mark, get set, GO! And we raced! You had the cutest looked of anticipation on your face right before I said GO! and I will always remember that look. Dad has to get used to you not poking your head around the side of the house when he closes the car door in the driveway. He misses you. He loved taking you for walks while I was away at college. I loved rollerblading with you. Mom really misses you too. She spoiled you rotten! She fed you table food all the time and you loved her for it. She loved you too. Emma loved watching after you while mom & dad were gone to see me in Kentucky. I wish they could've brought you down here once. You would have loved the fresh air and the cows across from my apartment! Bo, I promise you that the next time I see you, I won't ever let you out of my sight and I'll hug you so tight. We'll go on as many walks as you want. I'll have all the time in the world then. We love you Bo, and we all will miss you very much.

Mr. Boejangles (Boe Boe), 11/03/03

We love and miss you so much BoeBoe Boy

Keith and Donna Tyrer

Mr Ed (Edwina), 05/31/88-01/06/03

Mr Ed (Edwina) was my best friend for 14 years. I will miss her so much, but she will always be somehow with me.
Goodbye Ed.

Rick Frank

Mr. Frisky, 06/02-02/19/03

I breathed in and there you were. I exhaled and you were gone. You were a BRIGHT flash, a shooting star. You were greatly loved. You will be greatly missed.

To our dearest little buddy, our most precious baby:

You were so special right from the beginning. You were the littlest kitten of the litter and the loner. I remember when you would play and play all by yourself in the garage while your siblings slept, and then you would sleep real soundly while your siblings frolicked around you. You had a fascinating face with its large lower lip and little chin that jutted out. We called it the ‘little mug’. Then you got very sick, and your little kidneys began shutting down. You were only about 14 weeks old then. The veterinarians told me that with kidney problems cats don’t live very long. I was in denial. I would not believe that for a second.

I nursed you day and night, and it was hard on you. But you were such a little fighter. You fought hard to get better. You fought hard to live. And you DID get better and you DID live.

You were so sweet and funny. You did some things more like a little human than like a kitten. I could swear that you understood some of the things I said to you. I talked to you all the time. I am sorry for ever scolding you. I loved your call for me – “mow wow”, “mow wow”, and you had a different call for Rob. I was always kissing your little face and head. You often wanted to be on my shoulder so you could place your sweet face in my hair, where you would make thousands of biscuits and purr and purr and purr. Rob always rubbed your little, sweet paws. He would ask you to give him the ‘grip’. You almost always gave him the ‘grip’ by curling your front paw around his index finger. By now we had nick names for you like Little Boog, Boog Myer, and Spunky Monkey.

Remember your Christmas trip to Decatur? You were so happy and pretty healthy then. You had a blast riding in the front seat with me looking out the windows while you sat on my shoulder. Then you had a sinking spell when we got home.

I nursed you again and you got better again. Remember when I saw you outside running and climbing the tree? Wow, was that one of the greatest days of my life and yours. You were that little, happy fellow again. We even let you stay outside one night and you loved it. Most of the time I let you sleep with me. You would sleep on my shoulder and make biscuits in my hair and purr until you wore yourself out and fell asleep. Then you got sick again.

I nursed you again, but this time I failed to bring you around. I heard your whimpers and felt so helpless. You went down fast. I held you most of the time during this last struggle for life. Your little paws clung to my shoulder. You were too weak to make biscuits, but you managed to purr ever so softly. I kissed your little head and face. And most of all I loved you very much.

Mr. Frisky, you were such a little fighter for life. You fought hard to the end. I hope that Rob and I made a bright spot in you short life. You certainly made one in ours. We loved you...still love you...very much.

If there is a place where kitty spirits go I hope yours is outside where you loved to be. I hope there are lots of trees for you to climb and grass to run through and things for you to chase.

You will be missed, Mr. Frisky. You will be missed very, very much. We love you.

Leslie & Rob

Mr. Heathcliffe, 04/17/87-08/02/03

To a truly special friend who was with me through thick and thin, he will be surely missed!!!!

Gloria Rozansky

Mr. Jangles, 02/20/03

Even though we only have met for almost a year, since we moved here, it took some time for you to come around to us since you were a wild cat. But once you trusted us you always kept coming back for more attention. You became a good barn cat and helped out Sassy catch the mice on the night shift while she worked days. We miss you, but we know that you're still around here in spirit and won't ever leave us. It was sad to see you leave us. You were always very cautious in crossing the road when you went to the other barn, but we kept on telling you that you belonged over here with us and that getting the mice in our barn was more important. We still love you anyway and we'll meet again sometime. Say hello to the rest of our "crew" up there to let them know we miss them as well and love them!

Love, Patrick and Miriam

Mr. Kitterz, 03/2002-02/27/03

Mr. Kitterz changed my life in many ways and was truly a treasure to share my life with him during his short stay here. He will be missed.

Tyler Younger

Mr. Kitty, 01/03/02

Mr. Kitty, When we took you into our home, you had already taken our hearts. Then we learned that you were blind, but you coped so well. You were so special to us with your funny ways. It was very difficult to see you become so sick and our hearts broke when we knew we would lose you. We love you and miss you, but know that at the Rainbow Bridge you are better. And when we see you again you will finally see us!

Bob and Mary Ann Ferone

Mr. Kitty Aka Roger, 10/23/03

You will always be a part of who I am, I miss you!


Mr Kitty, 01/08/83-02/03/03

My husband had the pleasure of having Mr Kitty for 20 years. He was the best cat there ever was.
I miss and love him so much. My heart hurts.


Mr.Kitty, 01/14/03

Sweet, Handsome, Gentle Mr.Kitty!! We love you.

Dayna & Doug

Mr. Loopie Bean, 12/30/00-12/05/03

A very special friend, a large part of me , and my family, Mr. Loopie bean, who gave so much love and caring , to those he knew , and touched his heart. He lived a free and loving life. He is my friend.

Mark McCrae

Mr. Man, 11/04/03

Mr. Man was my second foster baby for IMPS, and I fell in love immediately.
He was only with me for 5 months before he passed on to the bridge, but I loved him with all my heart.
"Mr. Man, Mr. Man, your a mighty, mighty man ! Your a manly, man.
Your a mighty, manly Man, Mr. Man !"
He'll always be momma's mighty, manly Man !
I love you sweet baby, and miss that gentle soul more than I can say.

Anita J. Smith

Mr.Meaner Von Felony, 12/9/97-9/04/03

you were my helper, companion, but most of all my BEST FRIEND. I will always treasure the times we had together. You NEVER let me down, and were always by my side to help me. I am so sorry there was nothing I could do to help you . You will live on in my thoughts, dreams and my heart. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.
Goodbye my friend, I miss you.

Mr. Miage, 01/24/03

Thank you for waiting for me to get home and say goodbye. I feel blessed that I got to hold your little pink hand one last time, before you breathed your last. I'm glad that you didn't die alone but it still hurts to say goodbye, so don't be too worried if you see Baby and I crying for you sometimes. We love you. Goodbye for now.

Dana Ishiyama

Mr. Moth, 03/10/03

For my one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable Moth-man. It's the never again that hurts so much. No more hugs. No more kisses. No more q-tips stolen from my hand. No more waking from naps and coming immediately over for a hug. No more nightly prowls through the hallway. No more nudges in the middle of the night.

I miss you so much.

Mr. P, 09/14/03

You have given us all the love you had to give and we thank you for each rub and purr. We will miss you everyday until we meet again. Someday our tears will be replaced with smiles when we join together again. Love never dies. You will live forever within all of our hearts.

Maryellen, Jim, Garry & Greg

Mr. P, 07/2003

Mr. P, I hope that you are hopping around in the gardens of bunny heaven. I'll miss you.

Cindy Thomas

Mr. Spritzer, 06/06/93-11/15/03

Mr. Spritzer chose us...not the other way around...and we are eternally grateful for the blessed gift of his love. He made each of us a better human being. He was a physical manifestation God's unconditional love, mercy and grace. We are forever changed by his presence in our lives and will miss him dearly.

We are all terribly hurt over his passing, but are grateful for the time that we shared. God bless Mr. Spritzer.

The Unruh Family

Mr.TJ, 02/14/87-03/03/03

My BEST friend, My Buddy, My Companion through good times & bad. You made me smile. You gave me comfort. You gave me hugs. There will never be another you. I love you. I miss you. Daddy, Mommy, & Chester.

Mr. Toes and Mr. Paws, 05/03/85-10/11/94

Boys we still miss you very much. and it still hurts no that you are not coming back to us but I will still remember the all you loving years we had of you. And I still miss you very much. The way I get over this is by your pictures and all of the loving years we had.

Amanda Wehling

Mr. Niki, 10/23/86-06/01/03

Our beloved Niki, or "Tick-Tock" because he could tell time so well. Especially when it was time to eat! He arrived as an energetic ball of white fluff with a spitfire personality 16 1/2 years ago to be Teddy the Keeshonds companion & buddy for 13 years. Your coat was so thick that we couldn't even see your skin, your black lips always curled into a happy smile! What a character you were & how smart too. The memories are there for us & always will be. This is a very hard time for us with many tears shed, lots of blowing of noses. You are at peace now, no frail body, no arthritic pain, you can be a free spirit running with your head high, white fur flying as you hurry to see your best friend Teddy waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We will Love You Always, Linda & Daniel

Mr. SamSam, 02/14/94-05/16/03

Mr. SamSam:

I miss you tremendously little buddy. The vet said you had an enlarged heart and that contributed to your death. I know that your enormous spiritual heart contributed to my quality of life for nine years (and Margo's and Skippy's too).

I'll never forget the way we once talked to each other. And I'll always remember how much more you gave than you expected to receive.

Rest peacefully, my little friend. You'll live in my heart forever. And wait for me ...

Brad Newcomer

Mr. Tibbs, 03/17/91-11/26/03

No better friend.
No better soulmate. My black hunter of the night.
I love you and miss you with every inch of my being.

Karla Meinberg

Mr. Whiskers, 12/09/03

My arms were hold this special puss puss the day he was put down. He was purring as I petted him and told him that he would never be replaced in my heart and that the doctors had no more medications that would work. He was a real sweetie and even knew some easy works! He too will be a angel on our tree this year and sorely missed when he's not in bed to cuddle with my hubby and me on cold winter nights. We sooooooo loved that cat!


Mr Wrangler, 09/12/87-08/08/03

Dear Wrangler
Oh how we miss you running around, playing, you are the most wonderful cat a person could ever have to raise and "LOVE"
You have brought us so much joy and love into our hearts to last us a life time.
When its our time to head for the heavens above we know you'll be there to greet us. "We Love you and miss you so much. LOVE mommy & Pops.

Mr. Yellow, 10/08/03-10/21/03

Sweet Mr. Yellow, you were only with us for six short weeks but in that time you filled our hearts with love. I loved playing with you and cuddling you and kissing your little nose, and you had a very special place in my heart as you had the same ribbon color as your dear uncle Ryley had when he was a puppy. Your little body just couldn't keep up on Earth, and now you will be able to run and play with Ryley, Fergie, and Maggie Mae at the Rainbow Bridge. Linda, Al, Lexi, your littermates and I all miss you, and are very sad that you had to leave us so soon. We send you kisses sweet little one, and we will see you in heaven.

Lorie Mathewson

Mrs. Beasley, 04/07/91-12/03/03

Mrs. Beasley was a very important part of our lives for 12 years.
It hurts so much to come home to an empty house.
Everything we do reminds us of our special friend.
We love you sweet dog.

Jo and Dale

Mrs. Claws, 2002-12/18/02

In memory of the sweetest little holiday angel. Gone too soon...but thank you for the joy you brought in the precious few days we had together. You will be missed.


Mrs. Meow, 1/15/03

Meow, you were so special -- my first cat. You came into my life and chose me to take care of you. We had only 8-1/2 years together, but you taught me how wonderful a cat is, in your wonderful and gentle way. I miss you so much. Because you left me much sooner than you should have, I'll wait for you to send me another cat as wonderful as you always were to me.

Ms. Gucci, 08/25/84-01/31/97

To our very first love are so missed..........

Roger Ruggiero

Ms. Kitty, 11/23/03

I will miss you !!!!!


Ms. Missy, 01/15/03

My little girl who brought so much joy and happiness into my Life. Always a sparkle in her eye, always there by my side through thick and thin. . . No one could ever have such a devoted and caring friend. My Little Angel and Best Companion! I will always Love You and miss you terribly. Until we meet again, I will always have you in my heart and soul. I Love You!

Ms. Ms. Mittens, 05/85-06/18/03

Ten days ago our Tawney Boo died of CA. This morning at 4:30 am we were awoken by a cry. Ms. Ms. Mittens who was asleep in the 8 ft. high fenced back yard in her secluded corner of the house was found down the street. Her tail had been decapitated and her neck was broken. A coyote must have come up into our yard and ambushed her. She was the sweetest girl who used to make her rounds in her back yard and would let you hold her. She was the last link to my deceased sister-in-law as we adopted her after her death five years ago. I am sick, I can't stop crying. I just want to die.

Mufasa, 01/15/03

Mufasa was the most loving dog. He had a very big heart despite all of his medical problems later in life. He would put a smile on anyone's face with his little brown eyes and lion like face. We miss him terribly.

Kat & Mike

Mufferdoddle, 03/06/92-11/10/04

Today was so long
our muffie is gone
to Rainbow Bridge she waits
till it get so late

her body's not healed, she's at a loss
she doesn't understand,,, the bridge she must cross

two friends see her sittin, she has never met
peppie and tiki see , she does not understand yet.

at the bridge she still waits, for her masters and friend
so they run with tails wagging, a paw they will lend
"masters we shared, and you are our friend
come play wit us now so your body can mend
they'll come along someday, the time will go fast
you'll romp and youll play, and remember the past
so, into the rainbow with pippie and tiki she went
feeling the healing, but with a hart heavy yet
they don't understand, it wasn't her time
and the little friend she left behind.
to the bridge she goes every day to wait
she won't miss her friend, she musent be late
wickett is comming, muffs help she will need
to blaze the trail, and stay in the leed
her friend is so frail, a paw she'll be needing
to cross over the bridge, with muffie leading
the rainbow is fadeing, it's getting late
today she's not comming,
tommorrow muffie will wait!


Muffett, 11/28/03

We will all miss you. You were the best dog a kid could have growing up.

Love you always!!!


Muffie, 27/10/89-01/02/03

Muffie, My life, my best friend,
gone away for now but please wait for me, I will come to you as soon as my time here is over. and together again we will be and never to part again. I will always love you and you will stay in my heart always. until we meet again sweetpea be happy.
Mum C.

Muffin, 12/27/02

she loved us, and we loved her.
Everybody who knew her loved/or really liked her because she was so different.
There will never be another one like her and that makes me sad. That was my Muffin, and I still miss her.

Mariellen Nagle

Muffin, 12/22/02

Muffy was a good boy who will never be forgotten and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Katy O

Muffin, 08/23/90-11/20/03

Our sweet Muffin, the most extraordinary and beautiful poodle we had the opportunity to know.
She was truly a gift from God to us.
I pray she is with Mom and Dad now..

Muffin was a stoic little girl, even with cancer, she would still wag her tail when she saw us...
She will remain in my heart forever, and I know I will see her again.

Nancy Wilson-Hagen

Muffin, 08/05/91-10/16/03

We grieve your parting from our lives and pray to see you again in the place reserved for such a sweet dog and pure spirit as yours.

Roger & Nadine Morse

Muffin, 07/31/82-09/30/03

Muffin, you were the greatest cat that ever lived. You were always there for me, during all the changes life brought me from the young age of eight-years-old, until now, at twenty-nine. There have been no major life events that you were not around for, up to, and including, our final goodbye in the physical world. You never judged me, never laughed at me, and never left me. You were the only one who ever really heard me cry those loud, heart-wrenching, breath-stopping cries. You made it so that I was never really alone. And you sure put up with a lot! You certainly had your very own unique personality! I miss your sweet singing in the night. I miss holding you. I miss your beautiful face and hearty hello welcoming me every time you saw me, "Meeeeooow- hi, mommy, I'm glad you're home- I missed you!". I miss YOU. It seems surreal to not have you here after sharing three-quarters of my life with you- this is so hard! I'll honor our special time together. I'll remember how you initiated and loved to be raced through the old apartment in my doll stroller. I'll remember how you'd meow up to my bedroom window when you were ready to come in, and then race for the front door as soon as you heard me tell you to come on up- and always beat me to the door (I hope you've long since forgiven me for no longer allowing you to go outside after awhile- I didn't feel it was safe any longer, and you tended to get a bit aggressive when you were allowed to wander... I am glad, and I know you enjoyed, your time outside in our nice, big back yard in our last home, and first house, together). I'll remember how grateful I was to be able to take you each time I moved, and that you always adjusted to your new surroundings, and the other animals and people you had to share your space with- I am also grateful that we had those few years together on our own before we moved to the house. I'll remember how you loved to sleep in my drawers full of clothes, and in boxes, baskets.... I'll remember how you loved to play with my hair when we were young. I'll remember how you proved just how much you were your own little "person" with the way your likes changed over the years-always something new...Like how you went from being terrified of water, to climbing into the shower with me in your later years. I'll remember how you shocked me by finding a new and unlikely hiding place at 18 years old- the cabinets above the refrigerator in the last apartment- and still jumping up there for as long as you could still jump that high! I'll remember how you'd check on me each morning by sniffing my face, tickling me with your whiskers, if I slept later than you thought I should. I'll remember how I'd miss your old habits and likings, but that I'd love whatever new thing you found to please you. Thank you for being with me for the last 21 years. Thank you for being a never-ending source of unconditional love in my life for the last 21 years. You will always be in my heart, sweet old girl. My precious little angel. I thank God for bringing us together- I thank my dad for taking me to "the pound" to get a kitty, and making sure we got you (remember how I wanted your mom?!)- you were the perfect match for me, and God saw that we'd spend this time together. I hope you were able to see the love in my eyes and feel it in your heart, all throughout your life, and most of all, when we said goodbye. I pray that I made the right choice. God knows it was possibly the hardest decision I have ever had to make, as of yet. I am so sorry for any pain your were suffering as you fought what was happening to your aging body, perhaps in order to stay with me. I pray that you are pain-free, with God, and experience only love, peace, and joy, where you are now. I pray that you know just what I feel, every day, at every moment, and that you are able, either directly, or indirectly through my remembering our special time together, to help me to always return to Love. I pray that I will always be able to remember what I learned about love, from you. I pray that God will again allow me to experience such a source of our pure Love, while I am still here. I love you so much! I look forward to the day we meet again, baby girl.
All my love,

Muffin, 09/19/03

We got her through a divorce when she was around 2 years old. She was scared of us at first and hid. I don't know what happened but she warmed up to me and the feeling was great. She fit in our small family like a glove. We all loved her just like a child. She slept with me, my husband said she so small how do you do that? Not move, I just knew she was there. She went blind and slept alot, I knew it was time and didn't want to let go. We had her for around 9 years, it flew by. I fought her being sick and later realized I couldn't handle it. I found the best vet and they helped me do what I knew was best. I know now she is not suffering, but it still hurts. I miss her!! There will never be a kind or sweeter dog than her to me.

Muffin, 02/09/88-09/15/03

I had muffin my entire life....she was more than my dog...she was my best friend. My mom called me today and let me know she had passed away and ive been balling every since. Muffin was there for me through good times and bad and I knew she was there loving me no matter what. Im always gonna love her with all my heart and ill never forget her. ='(

Rebecca Higgs

Muffin, 8/9/03-8/23/03

She was our beloved cat.

She was my little girl, she was my daughter. She came into my life only 3 hours old and I was a mere child myself. But we grew up together. And no matter what friends came or went, family came or went, she was always there. Always. My best friend, my sister, my little girl. She was such an amazing, mysterious, incredible creature. And the last few months of her life, we grew even closer. And the hole in my life is deeper and darker than I ever would have imagined without her. That room remains dark where you slipped from this life. I can't bear to go in, or even walk by. I ache with the thought that you're not going to be there. That room that you slept every night of your 19 years. I pray I did all the right things for you. I pray you passed the way you wanted to. I pray most of all that I'll see you again. That you're with me now. I love you Muffin, my Boo, my Mugwy, my Mommie. I love you more than words can express.

Muffin, 5/29/90-8/28/03

My little muff fluff, you are my best friend. For 13 years you have been my playmate, my baby, my protector, and the love of my life.
Nowhere in the world is there a more powerful force than the unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty between the two of us. you were 6 weeks old, I was 9 when I picked you out of all the cocker spaniel pups. for 13 wonderful years we grew together. I'm so sorry you had to suffer from all the pain of congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and finally cancer. my tough old girl, you deserve the very best.
Know that you are VERY LOVED and VERY MISSED, my little long legged curly blonde. I never thought I would have to face this day, but may you finally rest in peace, always get your ears scratched and your belly full. Years from now when it is my time to go, I promise I wont be scared cause I know I'll see my baby again. All my love from my heart and soul~ Emily (sissy), Mom, & Dad

Muffin, 11/15/90-5/91

We lost this beautiful baby girl to a car accident in May 1991. Muffin- Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy cried and hurt so badly when you left us. We often blame ourselves for your passing. But know that we loved you so very much- you were our first baby. Your baby brother Bubby has now passed on to the Bridge as well Muffin. Although you two never met, Mommy and Daddy hurt over his loss as well. Be a good girl and go find him and help him find his way around in your home. Mommy and Daddy will be coming for you both at the Bridge one day. Then we will all be together again for eternity. We love you Muffin and think of you every day.
Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy

Muffin, 02/09/88-07/03/03

Miss you munschkin

Elfriede Marterer

Muffin, 05/18/86-09/19/02

Muffin was a beautiful dog with the best personality and the funniest disposition. She was so loyal and so stubborn. We miss her so much! Catch those bunnies Muffin!

Muffin (Princess Muffin), 05/31/95-05/27/03

Thank you Muffin for giving us eight love and fun filled years. You will always be remembered in every part of our lives as a very special friend and member of our family.

Moira, Graham, Joel, Lynda, Tarryn, Kerry and Purdy

Muffin, 01/03/90-05/23/03

To my beautiful best friend and canine soul mate. I thank you, honor you and I want you to know what a privilege it was to have had you in our lives for 13 years. God sent you to us when my husband passed over and I was left with two young children. You were our savior. You weighed only 1/2 pound and the mother dog rejected you completely - so we set out to save you. We got the smallest eye dropper that the drugstore had, we bought goats milk warmed it and started to feed you, sometimes all we got in you were a couple of drops and as the weeks went by, you finally started to gain strength and after about a month, you started to play. We loved you immediately because you were so helpless and the mother dog did not want you (the course of nature would have ended your life at the beginning), you needed us to save you and in turn, it forced us to focus on you and saving your life and the bond began in full force - we became your Mummy. The kids and I took turns holding and cuddling her, feeding her with the eye dropper and nurturing her until she could hold her own and from that day forward, she gave us purpose when we did not feel like carrying on. You helped us on our journey of grieving. We saved you at birth but you saved us and gave us purpose as we traveled our journey of grieving.

I will always love you and cherish you and the life we shared, you went everywhere with us and how you loved the cabin....... your earthly remains will be there in the place you loved so much and everytime I mow the lawn on the tractor lawnmower, I will remember you and how you always had to sit on my lap and mow the lawn for 2 full hours and how happy you were to sit on my lap and mow.

I look forward to the day when I can hold you in my arms once more my dearest friend.

Love you 'til forever......... Mummy

Muffin, 04/26/97

To Muffy: Thank you so much for loving my parents and keeping them company until they died -- and then for sharing your love with us afterwards. I'm so glad that you taught Peace humility and treated Harmony with such gentle kindness. We all miss you, and we love you. Blessings!

Aurora & Blaine D'Amico

Muffin, 12/24/81-11/16/01

MUFFIN my beloved cat. I cry all the time for you. 20 years together, we saw each other grow up. we went through everything together. The loss of my whole family, my divorce, my cancer, a war, The TWIN TOWERS, Auntie Linda's cancer, the loss of our dog Snoopy. MUFFIN, no words could ever begin to describe how I feel about losing you. I replay the day at the Vet's office, over and over in my mind. How you found the strength one last time to push my nose with your paw. I know you were THANKING ME for letting you go, so you could hold onto a little piece of dignity. I know your with Snoopy, and grams and grandpa, too. Goldie, Hopeann, and Cimbajames, all miss you too. We will always love you, MUFFIN and you will be forever in our hearts. Love, your catmom, Debra Athans. xxxxooo 143 to you.

Muffin, 08/21/00

Sweet have been gone for 2 1/2 years now and I still dream about you. I love and miss you so very much. I know we will be together again someday and can't wait to hold you in my arms again.

Carole & Mike Bouchard

Muffine, 05/25/91-03/30/03

love brought you to us
cancer took you away
but your love will
be with us forever

terry oldenburg

Muffin Mandrier, 07/15/93-05/12/03

To the best pet anyone could have. Muffin made a big difference in my life. She should have a special place in heaven because she was such a dear little soul. I will always miss her. God bless you, Muffin, you are missed so much!

Muffin P., 7/31/82-9/30/03

Muffin, you were the greatest cat that ever lived. You were always there for me, during all the changes life brought me from the young age of eight-years-old, until now, at twenty-nine. There have been no major life events that you were not around for, up to, and including, our final goodbye in the physical world. You never judged me, never laughed at me, and never left me. You were the only one who ever really heard me cry those loud, heart-wrenching, breath-stopping cries. You made it so that I was never really alone. And you sure put up with a lot! You certainly had your very own unique personality! I miss your sweet singing in the night. I miss holding you. I miss your beautiful face and hearty hello welcoming me every time you saw me, "Meeeeooow- hi, mommy, I'm glad you're home- I missed you!". I miss YOU. It seems surreal to not have you here after sharing three-quarters of my life with you- this is so hard! I'll honor our special time together. I'll remember how you initiated and loved to be raced through the old apartment in my doll stroller. I'll remember how you'd meow up to my bedroom window when you were ready to come in, and then race for the front door as soon as you heard me tell you to come on up- and always beat me to the door (I hope you've long since forgiven me for no longer allowing you to go outside after awhile- I didn't feel it was safe any longer, and you tended to get a bit agressive when you were allowed to wander... I am glad, and I know you enjoyed, your time outside in our nice, big back yard in our last home, and first house, together). I'll remember how grateful I was to be able to take you each time I moved, and that you always adjusted to your new surroundings, and the other animals and people you had to share your space with- I am also grateful that we had those few years together on our own before we moved to the house. I'll remember how you loved to sleep in my drawers full of clothes, and in boxes, baskets.... I'll remember how you loved to play with my hair when we were young. I'll remember how you proved just how much you were your own little "person" with the way your likes changed over the years- always something new...Like how you went from being terrifed of water, to climbing into the shower with me in your later years. I'll remember how you shocked me by finding a new and unlikely hiding place at 18 years old- the cabinets above the refrigerator in the last apartment- and still jumping up there for as long as you could still jump that high! I'll remember how you'd check on me each morning by sniffing my face, tickling me with your whiskers, if I slept later than you thought I should. I'll remember how I'd miss your old habits and likings, but that I'd love whatever new thing you found to please you. Thank you for being with me for the last 21 years. Thank you for being a never-ending source of unconditional love in my life for the last 21 years. You will always be in my heart, sweet old girl. My precious little angel. I thank God for bringing us together- I thank my dad for taking me to "the pound" to get a kitty, and making sure we got you (remember how I wanted your mom?!)- you were the perfect match for me, and God saw that we'd spend this time together. I hope you were able to see the love in my eyes and feel it in your heart, all throught your life, and most of all, when we said goodbye. I pray that I made the right choice. God knows it was possibly the hardest decision I have ever had to make, as of yet. I am so sorry for any pain your were suffering as you fought what was happening to your aging body, perhaps in order to stay with me. I pray that you are pain-free, with God, and experience only love, peace, and joy, where you are now. I pray that you know just what I feel, every day, at every moment, and that you are able, either directly, or indirectly through my remembering our special time together, to help me to always return to Love. I pray that I will always be able to remember what I learned about love, from you. I pray that God will again allow me to experience such a source of our pure Love, while I am still here. I love you so much! I look forward to the day we meet again, baby girl.
All my love,

Muffin The Beard, 05/20/03

My old friend, little bundle of love and warmth. Now your blind eyes sparkle again, your deaf ears hear every sound, your poor old bones move easy again. You are healed. You are free. God bless you and keep you, and give you back to me someday...

Stephanie Stark

Muffy, 12/29/03

Our hearts are sad, but you are without pain now, we will always love and remember you Muffy

Peter and Heather

Muffy, 04/07/91-12/08/03

You were my sweet little soul and forever friend.
You will always be missed and never forgotten.

Love your mom, Lana

Lana Baldwin

Muffy, 12/02/03

Everyone will miss your sweet little kitty face. I will miss you most of all, you saved me and I hope you feel the same.
I know one day we will be together again. You know you can come down and visit when ever you need.
I miss you so much!!
Blessings and love my little angel.

Jessica Barnes

Muffy, 10/07/03

Muffy are my little sunshine and I miss you desperately. There was never a cat so loved as you. You enriched my life with your sweet little spirit and I will never forget you.



Muffy, 10/92-7/7/03

Muffy was given to my 11 year old son (who is now 22 years old) by his grandmother. My son has since left home and Muffy has been like our kid. We took her everywhere with us. She has brought us many smiles and much laughter. Anyone that has ever had a Shih Tzu knows how comical they can be. While on vacation last week and on my husband's birthday 7/7, Muffy had kidney failure and had to be euthanized. Needless to say our vacation wasn't much fun without her and it was terribly hard to come home without her as well. She will be forever loved and missed. I have never seen my husband so emotional in my life as he is over the loss of Muffy. A part of our heart is gone now, but we will get it back the day we meet Muffy on Rainbow Bridge.

Muffy, 10/22/86-07/18/03

Thank you for all the wonderful love that you gave to us.
Who ever would of thought that the time would come this quick? We had each other for almost 17 years but yet somehow it doesn't seem long enough.
You will always be with us in our hearts.
We love you!!!

Steve, Polly, Matt & Michelle Webber

Muffy, 05/06/03

Muffy was a one-of-a-kind cat. He was loving and affectionate and loved every new person that came into the house. He will be missed.

Erin Finnerty

Muffy, 01/10/85-01/29/03

To my sweet, happy and loving Muffy - you were here with me for 18 years, providing unconditional love and trust every day. I'll miss you sweetie, but will always remember the happy times we shared.

Love always,

Muffy, 12/12/91-01/11/03

Muffy was the best gift God gave me, and Saturday I had to give her back to Him. I pray we will see each other again one day. She came to me at the happiest time in my life, was my very best friend at what was the saddest time in my life up till now, and was the most gentle, loving and loyal companion anyone could wish for. (not to mention cute and full of attitude). We used to call her the little empress of the universe, ruler of all she surveys. May she reign forever. She will always be remembered and missed.

Roberta De Fiore

Muggey, 9/30/86-10/16/03

This little fellow meant more to me than any words can express properly. He was my heart and he is missed every minute, every day in so many ways. When we come home, he is not here to greet us as he always did for the past 17 years. He could not hear or see very well, but he still knew when we were there and wagged his tail and looked at us so lovingly. The pillow on my bed is empty where he once laid beside me every night and the emptiness will be there forever just like the emptiness in my heart that can never be filled. He was my best friend and loved me and my husband unconditionally as we loved him. Now there is no one to put out at night or shovel the snow away from the yard so he had a place. The food dish is gone and only the memory of it is still there. I can still hear the little feet on the floor when there is food out and when a morsel is dropped I still look down to see if he is there to scoop it up. He was a very happy little fellow right up to the end when his heart and lungs failed. He was just worn out and when it was time we let him go. He gave us so much happiness in those years and in time we will be able to talk about him and laugh again but there will always be times when tears will just come because we miss him so terribly. Someday there may be another dog, but there will never be another Muggey.

Muggsie, 05/02/91-11/21/03

My beloved Muggsie has been the light of my life and my dearest friend and companion.
He has been at my side through joy and sorrow and comforted and loved me endlessly.
I thank God for each day we were together and will hold him in my heart until we are reunited.

Patricia Canady

Muggsie, 05/26/03

Muggsie had been my "furry baby" for 16 1/2 years. He came to live with us when he was two years old. His previous people wanted to give him free to a good home. We were extra-ordinarily blessed to have him as a special part of our lives for so long. He was loving, gentle and so intelligent it was sometimes scary! He seemed to know more about what his people were doing than we did. I will miss him and always love him. He died in his sleep last night. This is the way I wanted him to go, without suffering and to be able to die at home as he should.

Linda Wilard

Mugsy, Our Handsome Buddy, 02/96-11/25/03

To our little angel~ Mugsy, our little buddy, you have given us so much happiness and love. You will be forever in our hearts. We will miss and love you always.

Melissa, Pat, David, and Christopher

Mugsy, 03/07/03

Goodbye Mugadog. We miss you.

Mugzy, 10/86-12/02/03

My Mugs was a special little boy and companion to me for 17+ years. I loved him as if were my child and treated him in the same manner. He in return gave me such joy, loyalty and so much love and support all those years. You will forever be in my heart, Mugs. Mommy loves you and misses you and thanks you for your love.

Love, Mommy

Mulder, 07/96-12/25/03

My little Chrstmas Prince.

Diane Needham

Mulder, 06/96-01/31/03

Mulder, you were a wonderful friend and a member of the family. I will miss you greatly, but, more importantly, I will always love you and I will remember the good times we have shared. We will be together again someday, and I look forward to our reunion. Thank you for loving me, you are the world to me and I am glad you are in a better place now. I love you, Mulder, with all my heart and I always will.

Love, Amanda (Mommy)

Muldoon, 12/13/03

In memory of my beloved Muldoon, who had to be put to sleep suddenly. I can't believe you are gone. I would rather experience physical pain than the kind of pain I feel now. My heart is breaking. You were so sweet and affectionate and funny. You were my best friend. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. I love you and miss you so. Rick misses you, too. I thank God for sending you to me and for the time we had together. Someday we will be together again. Sleep soft, dear friend.

Marie Bernier

Mummy Dog, 06/19/03

She was picked up at a gas station, with a puppy in tow. At first meeting you couldn't help but love her. She loved unconditionally. She shaped up the "puppies" in her old age. She was a shoulder to cry on when you needed it. We miss you Mumma.


Munchkin, 11/11/03

Smart, loyal, and good cat. Was a stray and lived with us for six years. Became sick with a kidney tumour and died peacefully at home. We will miss him very much.

Susan McIlroy

Munchkin, 1988-03/25/03

Miss Munchkin passed away on March 25, 2003 peacefully. Her battle with liver cancer was hard fought. Things recently took a turn for the worse. Sparky (my other cat) and I spent the day with her, and I told Munchkin everything I wanted to say -- that I loved her, that I will miss her, that no one will ever replace her, that she will always be in my heart forever and ever. I thanked her for loving me and told her I was sorry for what I had to do, but I hoped she understood - I think she did. She was my best friend and my heart has been broken, I will miss her terribly.

Munchkin didn't give up without a fight, but now she deserved to rest and to have peace. We're going to miss you "lady bug."
Love, Arleen and Sparky

Munchkin, 07/21/95-03/09/03

Munchkin, I want to Thank-You for making my life so very happy. You were mommy's little baby & I don't know how I will go on without you. I love you so much, the way you made me laugh, I could never stay down with you around. You passed on way too soon. I'm sorry you got so sick & mommy & your Dr. couldn't save you. I feel like I'm dying inside, you're everywhere I look & I don't think I'll ever get over losing you. You were my best friend, always keeping me company & taking care of me & my handicaps. I'm burying your toy Dino with you to take care of you & keep you company & comfortable. I love you so much Little Guy. Please don't forget me, I'll be with you again some day soon, watch for me. Love, Mommy

Munch Mouse, 10/12/03

Munch Mouse crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, October 12, 2003, to join Paw Christopher, Angelle, and Spigot. Munch Mouse was a very special granddog to my husband and me. She was part of our family from puppyhood, and is greatly missed. In her younger years, she could leap vertically in the air until she could look you in the eye. She knew how people were feeling, and when you needed a lick. She was a good mother to her puppies, but didn't seem to miss them at all once they left home. She loved her human brothers, and even tolerated her feline brother, Puddums, but saved her real devotion for her human Mommy, Karen. She was the most devoted of friends, and we all mourn her passing, and look forward to seeing her again, when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Muppy, 02/15/88-05/25/02

I miss her so much. I can't wait until I see her at the Rainbow Bridge so we can be united once more.

Pam Ryals

Murmur, 10/25/00-12/09/03

You are our baby, I know losing Daddy was too much for you so now maybe God will let you two be together. and you can set on his lap again. You brought us such joy and laughter.

Juanita Redeker

Murphy, 03/09/91-12/09/03

We love you and miss much it'll live on in our hearts forever. We miss the everyday routines...going to the dump on Saturdays..seeing the sheep..want a carrot?.. noseing Abbeycat...your greeting us at the door..telling mom that dad is ready to leave for work..Dunkin Cousy, Archie, football, chasing the pitch on TV, playing stick...time for bed puppy pup..See you at the bridge.. love you with all our hearts!
Mom, Dad, Jill, Andy and Abbeycat

Murphy, 11/26/90-10/28/03

You were my loving little companion and very best friend for almost 13 years. I truly believe you were my little angel on earth that brought me joy beyond words and loved me unconditionally. You were right beside me while I was recovering from a stroke and helped me transition into a new lifestyle. You sensed my sadness and fears, and licked away my tears. You brought joy, laughter and smiles to everyone you met. You were probably unaware of all the folks that wanted to take you home with them. You know I loved you as a parent loves a child. I miss your snuggles, kisses, and the sound of you little footsteps following me everywhere I go. I know you could no longer endure the pain of your earthly life and had to leave us Tuesday. Remember Murphy girl that I love you and that you cannot be replaced. Your spirit is with me in my heart and in my mind's eye until we meet on the other side.
Love, Bob
Murphy girl,
I miss my little friend. You were Bob's best friend but we loved each other too. Your kisses and snuggles can never be replaced. I loved being your "momma dog" when you didn't feel well or when you did something you knew you shouldn't and needed a place to hide. I am so sorry that I couldn't make you better this time: I know you fought courageously and I tried my best to help you get well but I didn't have the power to make you well this time. I'll never forget the look in your little eyes when you told me it was time for us to let go. My heart is breaking and the tears won't stop; but I think maybe God has a need for a precious little angel dog. Perhaps you're teaching little apprentice angel dogs on how to bring abundant joy and give unconditional love to those who need it most? But whatever it is, I know it's special.
The tears still won't stop and you're not here to lick them away. But I feel your spirit is with me in my heart and mind's eye. Please be there to meet me on the other side.
Love, Kathy
Dear Murphy,
I miss you. I have been looking for you for days. I have searched every inch of the house, sniffed your tracks in the yard and I can not find you. Why did you go away? I knew you were sick but you were my friend and companion for almost 13 years. I helped you learn the house rules when you were little and how to fool Bob and Kathy into thinking you had to go out when you just really wanted them to get you a cookie. I'm sorry if I was cranky at times, but I'm 18 now and thought I'd be the first to leave. So my little friend, I'll see you soon on the other side.
Gabby Girl

Murphy, 01/21/02

Play with the friend you followed here. Protect him and always befriend him.

Robin Downing

Murphy, 08/18/92-16/10/03

I am sorry I had to have you put down, but I could not stand by and see you suffer. You were in great discomfort, but where you are, there is no pain, and one day we will be together again. I miss you so much, and we both had 11 good years together.

Sherry Work

Murphy, 11/2000


At the mat you probably stare
and wonder why I am not there
and why the house appears to need
that handsome head upon the lead
My first two years were pain and sorrow
but then you rescued my tomorrow
we walked together in the park
You, not scared and in the dark
your boy beside you, and not afraid
of anyone who's threats were made
the world was ours, we were but one
and now your dreams are all undone
don't weep for me be brave for me
your heart will always let you see
the many visions in your head
I am still here, I am not dead

Copyright Jim O'Halloran 2000

Murphy, 01/94-06/03

Murphy, we enjoyed nine glorious years with your loving, faithful companionship and unconditional love. From the day you first extended your paw to Katie when you were in the pound, you were such an important part of our lives. We love and miss you so much, and it is so hard to be without you. I pray all the time that I will be reunited with you in heaven one day - you represented the incredible love Jesus has for us, and you were truly a gift from God.

Stacey, Katie and Lauren

Murphy, 03/25/88-06/02/03

We lost our beloved "Murph" on June 2, 2003. He was a constant companion and best friend. A loving animal who had a wonderful personality. A buddy to Anita after she had a stroke. He filled our home with love, and we will miss him terribly. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome.

Anita and Deb

Murphy, 04/96-05/24/03

Murphy was a wonderful friend and companion. She brought smiles to others in her service as a Therapy Dog.


Murphy, 06/03/95-10/20/01

Dear friends,
I lost my precious little cat boy Murphy on October 20, 2001. He was six years old.
It was a Saturday morning and he was lying at the foot of my bed washing one of his white paws when he suddenly went limp and slid off the bed. This was about 11:30 am. By 12:15 pm, I'd been to the vet and back and come home without him. I think he died in my arms on the way over.
The vet said it was a cardiovascular accident of some kind(or maybe a stroke)because he said that's the only thing that takes them that fast without any symptoms. I think it was probably Feline Hypetrophic Cardiomyopathy. I read an article about this in my Cat Fancy magazine & it seems to fit.
But that's only part of the story. You see, Murphy used up a couple of his lives before I even got him. He was born off an exit(137 or 138)of the Garden State Parkway. He and his siblings were feral and his mother was either feral also or a stray. She got killed. I captured Murphy w/ my bare hands & took him home. He was pretty tame by the next day. All his sibs were also rescued and got homes.
He was very unusual, technically a male calico because even tho' he was an orange and white tabby, he had charcoal grey hairs throughout his fur & a couple black whiskers. Also, he was sexually immature when I took him to be neutered at about nine months.
As to his breed, I called him a near-Ocicat, because he obviously had Siamese (liked to jump on my shoulders & back & got darker in color as he got older) Abyssinian(ticked fur & he liked to fetch, an Aby trait)and American Shorthair. By the time I lost him, his ears looked they were edged in charcoal grey & you could barely make out his stripes, so he looked even more like a ticked tabby.
When he was almost 4, I noticed he was favoring his right hind leg & thought maybe he'd dislocated it. I took him to the vet. The vet said it wasn't a dislocation; it was a mass. They did a biopsy & it turned out he had Vaccine Associated Fibrosarcoma. And he'd only been vaccinated once in his life(he never went out or downstairs), when he was neutered. In fact, I made a decision NOT to have him vaccinated every year because I knew there was a risk & he was going to be an indoor-only cat. But he got it anyway.
The vet said they could do surgery to remove some of the tumor & chemo & radiation to shrink it more, etc., but they couldn't guarantee he'd be around in 8 mos. even if they did all that. So I said, "What about amputating his leg?" and the vet said, "That's probably the best way to treat this, but most people won't even consider it" & added that "cats do very well on 3 legs."
So that's what we did. While recovering from the surgery, he developed one of those urinary tract infections cats can get. But I got him through it & he recovered. He could do just about everything he did before except jump on my back & shoulders. I didn't mind that, because when something that has claws & weighs 15 lbs. jumps on your shoulder you really know it.
He lived nearly 2 1/2 yrs. after the surgery. And then he died right in front of me. I think it was worse because it was so sudden. if he'd died when he had the cancer or after the surgery I'd've been upset, but I would've been prepared. I'm still devastated over losing him. I know this may sound a little corny, but he's they only cat I've ever had that felt like he was part of my soul. He went through so much. And even tho' he was only six, I'm willing to bet those are six years he never would have had if I hadn't rescued him.
aka Imperial Topaz Murphy Alexander(he had amber eyes & his fur changed color, so I called him Alexander for alexandrite) aka Murphy's irish amber aka Irish Amber Murphy June 3, 1995-October 20, 2001
Here's a limerick about him that I came up w/ for a beer contest & never sent in (missed the deadline):
There once was a red cat named Murphy
A feline so fine and so purr-phy
He liked a good stout
When his folks let him out
Cuz it made him so frisky & burp-hy

Thank you for listening.
Linda Koenig

Murphy, 04/30/03

Dearest Murphy, Your mom and dad and your sister, Susie will miss you so very very much. We will always remember you laying at our feet and wading in the puddles at the park. We will always remember that you were to lick out the yogurt cups when we finished them. One day we will all walk together through the park and your cousin Heidi will be there too. Never ever forget us Murphy. We will never forget you.....

With much love and affection,
Mom, Dad, Susie, and Heidi

Murphy, 12/24/90-04/30/03

You will never know how much we loved you, my dear dog, my Baby girl. You were like the fifth kid of the family and you will always have a special place in our hearts. We know we will see you again, but not soon enough. Go with God and run through the fields of heaven with your head high and your tail wagging proudly. Bye for now, my beautiful dog.

The Auger Family

Murphy, 03/12/03

I miss you Murphy with all my heart. You were taken so suddenly. At least I could say goodbye then but it's not enough. I want you back so badly. I love you and will always love you and think about you. I'll take care of Mona for you.

I wish I could stroke your fur and hear your purring. I am glad to have known you and to have been your friend.

Maybe find Grace and Michelle and Timmy, they can keep you from being lonely. I wish I could help you.

One day I'll see you again and until then, goodbye.

All my love, mum

Murphy, 02/17/03

A true gentleman and beloved dog.

Ann Herlihy

Murphy Case, 05/31/03

Murphy was put to sleep due to a horrible case of Hepatitis, we all are devastated and believe he was way to young for his life to end. We would give anything just to tell him how much we love and miss him just one more time. We will NEVER forget our baby.

Holly, Patty, Matthew and John

Murphy Girl, 10/14/01

My Murphy Girl

There has never been nor will there ever be another Friend as loyal and loving as you. I know that you are gone to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge but we will never be apart. I think of you and miss you every day. You are my soul mate.

Sleep tight my baby girl

Lots of Love

Murphy Johannes Brown, 12/24/89-09/12/02

To our greatest and dearest friend. May the wind be forever at your back and sun shine forever on your face. May you eat to your hearts content! We will always love and miss you.

Tina Maldonado & Stephanie Bloom

Murphy Malone, 5/17/93-3/26/03

We miss you Murphy. Please play with Micky and watch over Mac and Abby. She doesn't know what to do without you.

Mushi, 06/26/99-06/01/03

I loved you so much Mushi. I wish I had the chance to tell you that one more time, however, you were taken from me so quickly. I don't understand why. I hope you were happy with me. You gave me so much joy and I will miss you very much. I love you Musha. May you be able to run and see freely without pain. Mommy will always hold you close to her heart. Not a day will go by that I won't think of you. Until we meet again.

Diane Gaertner

Mushroom, 07/15/95-05/26/03

My dear little Mushroom, how I will always miss your sweet little face. My Precious Angel Bunny was not just your nickname, but it truly represented the way in which I saw you each and every day. For nearly eight years, you were the best little companion I could have ever hoped for, eagerly greeting me, sitting beside me and searching me out for extra "pets". We all knew how you loved attention and that our love for you, never adequately measured in "pets", was more important to you than food for your survival. We tried our best to give you the happiest life a bunny could have. We will love you forever and miss our darling little boy. Never be far away.

Love always, your Mommy, Daddy, Spikey and Baby Nina

Mushroom, 01/10/03

Thank you, Mushy, my beautiful white girl, for the love you gave me and the things you taught me. Your brother Popcorn and I miss you very much; the pain is so fresh. I will treasure the 4 years we shared until I see you again at the Bridge. God's Peace and Joy!

Marie Hutchens

Musje, 05/15/01-11/19/03

Dag lieve mus. Ik hoop dat je nu rust zonder pijn en ik hou altijd van je.


Musky, 1988-11/2003

In Loving memory of Musky who was loved by Tina Fronheiser.
Lovingly submitted by Bonnie Girard

Mustang Sally, 1982-04/23/96

A big dog and a Big heart, you are missed.

Bill & Carolyn Kutz

Mutley, 05/01/80-09/12/03

Mutley was 23 - I will always remember you buddy...


Muttley, 16/04/89-04/11/03

Muttley I love you, I miss you, you made me what I am today because you loved
me and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart, you were my best friend, my life, the day you left me you took a piece of me with you, my light seems to have gone out. You were my special gift, I just hope you are happy and free from pain altho my pain now goes on. Good night my son I love you, all my love as always your heart broken Mum XX

My Juliette, aka Didi, 1986-10/12/03

Oh, baby, we miss you so much. You were our only child and our lives without you are so empty. We try to find peace in knowing you aren't suffering anymore but we miss you desperately. I wish I could have done something to have saved you, but I know it was time for you to go. I know you will be there waiting for me when my time comes, and I will think of you every day until then. Merlin will keep you company until then. We have adopted a new kitty, and while she does not come close to replacing you, she helps fill the void in her own ways. We will always love you, our first child.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

MyMagicalJacob (Jake), 10/05/92-07/22/02

Even though our time together was so short my life was made so much better and happier by Jake. He brought laugher, special moments, and pure love to me. He gave me a gift I will treasure forever. I thank God for lending Jake to me as I needed him and his love.

Martha Gonzalez

My Sassy Girl, 08/12/00-09/01/01

My Sassy girl, I miss you so. Every time I look out to the garden, I think of how you used to run up and down the hill, and around in the yard, and play for hours. You were such a smart little girl, and you brought me to find Lilly. You knew she needed me, as much as I needed her after you passed away. I still feel so much pain from losing you, but, I try to concentrate on all the love that we shared in our short time we had together. I know you are not alone, I know you play on, and you have your favorite things with you, and you are just out of my sight, not out of my heart. Thank you for all your slurpy kisses, your sniffs & snorts, and most of all, your unconditional love. I miss you!


Mystery, 01/12/02-06/23/03

Darling Mystery - our little Myssy Muffin - it was so hard to lose you and we miss you dreadfully. You are safe now, little girl, and I long for the day we are reunited,

My heart and our love goes with you, Myst - we both hope you and little Xena are now at peace .. xxx

Julie and Paul

Mystic, 05/27/03

Mystic was a most special dog. She originally was "sent" to me by another dog I lost, Munchkin who was dying of cancer. The night before Munchkin went to Rainbow Bridge was the night that Comet Hale Bopp was so vivid in the sky. I prayed to Munchkin to help me heal her passing and asked her to send me another who needed me. The day Munchkin was released, I called the Rottie Rescue and told them if they ever come across a pup, to let me know. They didn't often have puppies, but kept my name. Three days later they called me about a little girl who had been abandoned, hit by a car and now had a physical disability, a rear leg that would never grow to normal size. That didn't matter to me, and when I went to see her, I immediately fell in love and that was the beginning of a wonderful 6 year relationship. Mystic had a tough go of it her first year of life, but she survived the odds and ended up moving to Texas with me and her "husband" Majic and starting a new life far from the mountains of Colorado where she grew up. She had kids to play with and a very senior citizen (90) to keep an eye on. She brought such joy to our lives and her sudden illness and loss has left a huge whole in our heart. We know, baby girl, that you are no longer suffering but our house feels empty and Majic misses you so. We won't forget you!!! Mommy, Daddy, Doug, Chelsea, Poppy and Majic

My Wee Oscar (Mummey's Boy), 04/04/99-05/08/03

My wee Oscar, you are my star, you won my heart and I am forever grateful. You will always be in my heart and my head.
I miss you more and more everyday. I miss everything about you. I am so sorry that you had to go. I am so very sorry.

Love Mommy XXX

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