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Year 2003 Tributes

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Lace thru Lynn

Lace, 11/08/03

She loved for me to sing Born Free to her, she would come and kiss me when I did.
I will miss her love in my life.

Mary Ellen Garcia


Lace I miss you so much you where around ever since I was born and I cant remember when you weren't. You where taken away from me two soon and my dad and me miss you so much. Sorry we had to put you to sleep but we had to the cancer in your legs got so bad that in a couple more days you would've died. At night it still feels like your laying right next to me. I miss you so much. Thank you for twelve years of protecting me and being my best friend.

I will always love you and you will never be forgotten I'll see you at the rainbow bridge.

Lacey, 02/11/96-11/28/03

With much sadness I bid farewell to you, my Lacey Pretty.
Your spirit of life wasn't here as long as I'd like, but its permanence will remain with me as long as I traverse this terrestrial orb.

Thank you for all you so freely gave me.
Until we meet again...

David Webb

Lacey, 01/01/96-05/01/03

My little Lacey girl, I loved you so much, more than you could ever know. I know you loved me too. You were everything to me, my whole world. The day that you left was the worst day of my life. Its been hard without you 'Tooty'. Its just not the same. I got a new friend to keep me company, but you will always hold a special place in my heart, little baby. I miss you so much. Thankyou for choosing to spend your life with me baby. Love, your mom.

Lacey, 11/13/88-02/24/03

Lacey, Our home is just not the same without you. I know you are well and whole and waiting for me at the Bridge. It helps me to know that you are not alone. Chad and Anna await with you. Thank you for loving me and trusting me. Helping you to see and hear made me a better person. You helped teach me the meaning of kindness, forgiveness and patience. I hope over the course of the last three years, I made up to you for all the times I was too involved with my own life to give you the attention that you always deserved. Love, Mom

Lacey, 12/31/02

She was so very important in our lives. I cannot describe how she will be missed. She left behind a bigger sister named Cagney who is lost without her too. We are carrying on without her, but know it will not be easy. Our hearts are broken.

Debbie Weppler

Lacey Larue, 11/01/02-04/18/03

She filled our hearts with joy and our little baby will never be forgotten.

Jeff and Sandi Minor

Lacey Marie, 01/31/91-09/07/03

Lacey marie, our special little angel. you were the first that showed me what a real bond was between a "mom" and "baby". you gave so much and only wanted love in return. I will never forget our show days, when you were such a little clown in the ring, I think you knew how cute you were. you were dad's "special lady". we will never forget you and you will always be in our hearts. thank you sweetie for raising "bailey" and "ripley", they miss you too. run free my baby till we meet again.

Penny and Tony

Lacey Rae Lynn, 07/23/93-07/19/03

"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one who never deserts him, the one friend who never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog...when others desert...he remains."

Lacey was my rock for 10 years. Born with degenerative bone disease and 3 major surgeries at the age of 6 months, they said she would make it past 5 years...she did. Lacey's time with us was shortened by the sudden appearance of a Mass Cell tumor and it was Graded a III....5 1/2 months we struggled with the cancer doing everything in our means we possibly could...but it won and today (7/19/03) we ended her pain and sadness and she now is romping with all her doggy friends...happy and joyful.

Nancy Braches

Lacey Too, 04/29/94-10/29/03

Miss Lacey Too has been my best friend for over seven years. Always there for me. Loved going places.

My heart is breaking.

Rosemary Kinsella

Lacy, 03/05/88-11/15/03

My beloved Lacy lived for 15 years, 8 months, and 10 days. She was my child, my constant companion, and my best friend. I miss her SO much. I have a hole in my heart that will never be filled until I see her again on The Rainbow Bridge.


Lacy, 01/02/99-11/22/03

Lacy you were my friend, my companion, my angel.
I miss you so much...I will love you always

Lori and Kelly Musgrave

Lacy, 03/??/95-09/05/03

Our beloved Lacy passed away Friday 9/5/03 only three days after being diagnosed with cancer.

She was our baby, our hero and the light of our life.

Kelli & Richard Santos

Lacy, 08/19/03

Love you baby. Lucy and I will miss you forever. I'm sorry baby, it hurts so much, I'm so sorry baby. Always in our hearts.

Elise Clark

Lacy, 05/16/03

Hi baby

I love you I miss you alot I don't know why you left but I hope you are happy where you are now Jordon misses you so bad he is lonely now without you I feel so sad with out you I just cry my self to sleep every night I even brought your squeeky upstairs and put it in my room and I cry every time I look at it I wish you come back to me I love you I need you here with me and so does Joron I just want my baby girl back love you forever and always Tina

Lacy, 08/01/93-12/13/02

Lacy was my prescription dog. In Nov 92 I had bypass surgery and during the surgery I had a heart attack. At first my recovery was good, but in May 93 I went into congestive heart failure. To make a long story short in Aug of 93, my doctor said "You have had a very hard year, get yourself a dog to help you through this. My son ask me what kind of dog do you want? I replied anything, his next question was male or female, I again replied anything. A few days later he came walking up the street holding his hand to his chest, my wife said Chuck has your dog, I said no dog would be small enough to hide behind his hand, but it was the prettiest little Beagle puppy you had ever seen. Over the years she learned to tell when I was having heart symptoms, she seemed to take care of me. I had her for a little over 9 happy years, until last November she began to ail. She continued to get worse, and the doctors were unable to tell what was wrong with her even after having been treated by two different specialist's she did not improve. Her loss in December has devastated me, even tho I now have a 6 month old Beagle, I still miss Lacy terribly.
I believe she saved my life at various times during my worse periods with my heart.

Charles H. Durham

Lacy's Gift of Gold (CW), 01/20/96

CW, my beautiful boy, from the moment you were born until your last breath I loved you and held such hope for the wonderful things that were to come. I miss you still and continue to light that "special" candle for you. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.. Carrie

Ladd, 05/27/03

Ladd was a very special friend. He was my first lesson horse and meant the world to me. I owned him for 8 years. He was put down this morning due to complications from old age. He was roughly 36 years old.


Laddie, 05/17/90-10/03/03

I love you, my Laddie, with all my heart,
I never thought that we would ever part.
I know that you are in a much better place,
But I only wish I could see your beautiful face.
I look forward to the day I see you, my precious son,
but until then please play, my baby, and have some fun.
Though you are not with me, you are always in my heart,
and when I reach the Rainbow Bridge, we will never, ever part.

Kristine Ratayczak

Laddie Bo, 05/18/91-05/09/03

In memory of a kind, loving, always faithful soul who will live within my heart forever.

Laddy, 05/27/03

Hello, my baby
My sister called me today and told me that you had left me last night. The pain is too much to bare and I don't know how I can go on without you. You were my world, my infant, and it will not be easy to go on. I will be making a trip this coming weekend in the hopes of holding you in my arms one last time before finally laying you to rest in my parents' backyard. It will be a great comfort knowing you will never be really gone and are just a few feet away when I need to see you.

I'll always remember and love you, my "bébé seveu".


Lady, 11/25/03

We had a place we walked when she was younger, that we called the "good place", because I could take her off lead & let her run free. I know she's now in the good place again. I love you Lady.

Judith McKinney

Lady, 01/16/91

My best childhood friend..I think of you constantly and daily. Thank you.

Gerri Himberger

Lady, 05/25/92-08/22/02

Thank you for being there through all the bad times. You were my best friend and gave me strength.


Lady, 04/15/87-07/20/99

My best friend who was there for me through all the darkness


Lady, 09/08/03

Lady, you gave so much meaning to the word loyalty, and we derived so much enjoyment from your companionship, it can only be measured by the depth of our grief at not having you around anymore... Thank you, dear friend! We pray to God that you are happy in that other place you now are, and trust as we do that sometime we'll be together again... God bless you, dear Lady!

Lady, 08/01/90-08/30/03

We love you Lady!! You brought so much happiness and joy to our family. I really miss my study partner!! You were my best friend, I Love You Lady!! We will meet again in Heaven.
You are the best dog ever!! We all miss you so much!! We love you Lady!!

Dave, Susanne, Emilee and Heather

Lady (My Chaperon Lady), 24/12/96-29/07/03

Lady you gave us a boundless unconditional love bringing great happiness to our family. We were so close and so your loss will be deeply felt for the rest of our lives. We will always remember the good times when you made us laugh and your natural cheekiness which we will all greatly miss and of which kept us and your brother Benson on our toes.

Shane Drobnick

Lady, 05/03/93-30/10/02

Lady We Still Miss You

Colin Mitchelmore

Lady, 09/22/87-04/30/03

Lady was a faithful friend for almost 16 years. She and I were so close and devoted and it was like we could read one another's thoughts. We were inseparable and I love and miss her so much and look forward to the day we are together again. I love you Lady.

Sharon Miller

Lady, 01/86-04/03/03


We've been together for a remarkable 17 years and although I know logically that you needed to go, my heart will miss you sorely. My comfort is knowing that Thunder came to get you and now the 2 of you are united again, playing again, together again.
Age had made you but a shell of your self and I know and find comfort in the fact that you can see and hear again as well run and play again.

You have been my family, my companion, my heart, my strength, and my courage. I thank GOD for your precious life. Wait for me with Thunder. I will see you soon.

I love you precious one.


Lady, 02/20/03

You were a true Lady, quite, gentle, and non-demanding. We're going to miss you (especially Lacey). I know Tyler has found you by now. Take care of each other. We love you.

Maryann Smith

Lady, 01/16/91-02/04/03

We love you Lady and we will miss you very much. You were the best dog. You made our family very happy. I hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you. I love you Lady!

Lady, 2/28/86-1/18/03

Lady was a 85 pound Black Lab/Rottie mix, black with light brown markings, who was about 15 or 16 when she died last Saturday afternoon. She was abandoned with her litter of 10 puppies and then adopted by us when she was about 1 or 2 years old. We also adopted 2 of her 10 puppies, one was named George and the other was named Henrietta by the Vets who treated them when they were rescued. We're so sorry that we weren't here for you when you passed away and we hope that you weren't in pain. We will always love you and miss you. We are lighting white candles to help you on your journey to the afterlife. We hope that you are with George, Henrietta, James, Toby and Pepper. You were so gorgeous, we never knew what an angel looked like until we had you in our lives. Your face lit up everybody's life and put everybody in a good mood because of how sweet and adorable you are. Before you left you started to lick Sara, which she loved, she wondered why you started to lick her and if you were trying to tell her anything? You were an incredible doggie!!

Matt, Lynn and Sara Capoccia

Lady, 12/25/02

She was so special. I will never forget her. She was my best friend.


Lady Anderson and Smokey Anderson, 05/09/03

My little Lady remember mommy loves you with all my heart, misses you very much. I hope you and your brother Smokey are being good. Mommy can't wait to see you both again, and your two other brothers Mikey and lucky, also your sister Prissy are missing you both too........we can't wait till we are all together again...hugs.....kisses...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.....mommy loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Bear, 05/04/98-04/21/03

She was our first dog and although she was with us for a short amount of time, she brought us much happiness. She will forever have a special place in our hearts. She will be missed not only by us but by Pooh Bear who misses her companion and best friend.

Mike and Judy Clear

Lady Bug, 09/29/03

Oh, Lady Bug my heart is aching so for you. I love you girl and I am praying that we did the right thing in letting you go. I want so much to believe that I will see you again. Lady, you were the best dog anyone could have hoped for. You taught us loyalty, obedience, to appreciate life more and the things that God has given us. You were beautiful, loving, and I miss you so. I loved the last days that we spent together loving each other and I pray you felt our love for you. Please wait at the gate for me. I miss you soooo!

Love your mom and family.

Laydybug, 02/25/03

My little Laydybug, I miss you so. When I didn't hear your "beeps" that night my heart sunk. Each step I took down the hall I hoped would awaken you but you had already gone.

Now you and Felix are playing together again and Tashi, Sashi, Sunshine, Oscar and Princess Tiger Lily are all there, with you, too.

Know how very loved you were, and still are, Baby-boo.


Lady Chatterly of Wicket, 01/01/03

Oh, Chattie! My heart is breaking, but I know that Grampa is taking care of you until we can be together. I sent you to Grampa the best way I knew how. With a belly full of cookies and water, well brushed, and a face and body full of kisses. Please know that Peter and I will forever love you and until I can watch you run with your fur flying in the wind and your nose pointed to catch the breeze I will forever miss you while we are parted.
I love you, Miss Moo,

Lady Di, 10/16/03

Lady Di was the kind of cat every owner dreams of. She was sweet and loving, no matter what was going on she purred just being touched. She was taken from us due to complications with liver disease treatment and throughout all of it, to the bitter end she continued to pur. She'll live on in the hearts of those who knew her now, and all of the people who had the honor to be with her in there lives. Even before she went to Rainbow Bridge she was our angel.

Lady Dog

Lady is waiting for me in heaven, I know it. She was the best dog in the world.

Donnalee C. Hilden

Lady Emily Yvonne, 08/00/95-01/12/03

Tribute - photo montage can been viewed at:

Madelyn (Magé) Apken

Lady Harley, 06/03/93-05/08/03

Lady, she was a beautiful greyhound. She had a hard life in the beginning-but adopting her was the best thing I ever did for her and our family. I would like to encourage everyone to please adopt a retired racing greyhound. The are the most loving pet.

Lady Heloise (Boo Boo), 10/06/02-06/04/03

To my darling little girl you brighten my life for as long as God left you on earth...I miss you so much I never knew how sick you were until it was too late, if only I had known I would have moved heaven and earth to help you. I miss hearing you running up and down in your cage first thing in the morning and coming to the cage door when I walked in the room!

I'm sure you're hopping around heaven bossing all the other rabbits...

We all miss you Boo Boo,

Rest in peace, We all loved you from your human mummy, William the rabbit, Zoe the cat, and Casey the dog.

Lady Kaleigh Casey, 03/13/94-12/23/03

I miss you my golden girl and although I wish you were still here, I know you are in a better place where you are free to run as you please with no pain. Your mommy loves you!!!!!!!

Wanda Casey-Dicks

Lady Lacy, 06/14/88-12/13/03

This is in Memory of Lady Lacy Lane, my dear friend's baby who passed on to DOG HEAVEN this morning to be with our Lord and Savior to wait at the Rainbow Bridge for them when their arrival comes due. In Loving Memory, CHERYL and Miss Lucy, and Marion, and Katie

Jim and Belle Lane

Lady Lou, 09/08/91-02/10/03

Changed the lives of many with her unquestioning LOVE

The Scott Family

Lady Luck, 05/29/00-03/23/03

Dear Lady, You were our little girl and best friend. We will always love and remember you. We miss you so much.

Shawne Ortiz & Frank Lagunas

Lady Marion, 05/04/03-12/11/03

Lady was only 7 months old, but she left deep paw prints on my heart and everyone who met her.
She had a very sweet and caring personality.
She will be very much missed.

Carol Owens

Lady Megan of Narragansett UD (Meggie), 3/25/89-9/10/03

Meggie we will miss you so much and keep you in our hearts forever. You were the best most loving girl and we are so happy to have shared 14-1/2 wonderful years with you. We try not to be sorry but we miss you girl. We love you.

Lady Nance and Chuck Nance, 3/23/03

To my lady girl and my chucky boy: (mother and son):
My beautiful dogs that I miss so much. Tragically died in an accidental exposure to bleach fumes in an enclosed room. My tears cannot stop and my heart breaks into pieces that you died from this exposure. Please know that I did everything in my power with the vets and the hospital to save you. You have been with us over 10 years and the children and I miss you. "lady", so beautiful, sweet and delicate and oh so loving---I miss you. "chucky", my little 'guard dog'. Overweight and a bit clumsy, you were my very heart!! My shadow wherever I went. I pray there is a dog heaven and we will meet again. I will always love you both and think of you always. Love, mommy.

Lady Niemas Crystal Jade (CJ), 07/05/92-02/08/03

CJ, you were the best dog anyone could have! You excelled at learning anything we taught you and loved us as no other dog could. Four years ago when you were diagnosed with bone cancer we thought we would lose you, after your rear leg was amputated the vet said we would be lucky to have you 6 months, well you made a healthy four and a half years more.
I think that was just for us.
Thank you, we love you and will never forget you.
P.S. Minnie and Annie miss you

Lady Poo, 12/02/03

Lady, was a special dog, she was my baby, she was the best. I will miss her so very much, She came to us when she was 2yr. old, a beautiful black lab. So very well trained. I work at home, she was with me all the time, in my shop, in my gardens, in my home, we walked together, we shopped together. But she had to go, and that's ok, she is feeling better now. I have her Ashes here in my home, she will always be with me.. Nancy C.

Lady Samantha, 11/15/90-11/02/03

To our dear Sam,

You were our first pet. Our first girl. When we first got you, you were tiny enough to fit into a stocking cap. They said you were the "runt" of the litter and tried to get us to pick out another lab puppie. We're so glad we picked you. We have been blessed to have you in our live's for close to 13 years. You've been with us through both good and bad times.

Though we thought we trained you, in reality it was you who trained us. You taught us so much about having patience and working together as a couple to "get through the tough times". We are forever beholding to you for that and hope we remember all of what you taught.

You were successful in life for you were a guardian to our family, a great playmate for all of us, a faithful companion. You brought us laughter and helped create many beautiful memories together. You were our sweetheart and will be greatly missed by your family.

Cheryl, Tim and Alexus von Cocoa

Lady Winnie, 12/31/96-05/03/03

I love you Winnie girl and I miss you very much. Please watch over us. We love you my Winnie girl. Fiona talks about you all the time. We know you are with us. Please keep a watchful eye on Frank. He needs some manners put on him. Love your family.

Lady Xena, 12/13/03

This was the most beautiful, loving, caring friend we had and she will be missed every single day of our lives.

Betty and Kirstie Camacho

Lakota, 06/02/00-09/28/03

Lakota, was our first siberian husky and he passed away from cancer at the age of 3 years. he was our special baby and will me missed alot.

Lambeau, 06/18/03

We love you forever. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Audrey and David

Lance, 01/01/96-04/03/03

Lance was the sweetest cat anyone could ask for. He was the light of our lives, and we miss him more than words can say. He was spunky and feisty, but sweet and gentle at the same time. He LOVED to eat, especially food that was not made for kittys. We are missing a piece of our hearts forever.

Melissa and Paul

Larry, 01/05/92-06/27/03

Larry was a truly, wonderful little boy. He played ball with himself, hiding it and then finding it. He loved to swim in the pool with my grandkiddos. He loved everyone. Larry was so intelligent that sometimes he amazed me. A great problem solver. He loved my as much as I loved him. He slept next to my tummy each night and was always so glad to see me. Life is so sad without him. I miss his lemon drop brown eyes and cold brown nose. He was a joy. I'm glad he chose me to be him MaMa. I love you, Larry. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Debbie Baker

Larry, 04/01/90-11/19/02

Dear Larry,
I love you, sweet angel. You are the light of my life!
I miss you so much. Please know that you are loved, always, and that we will be together again, someday.
Be happy! Be free. No worries.
I love you, my baby, Larry-- always.
All my heart & soul.

Larsen, 12/29/91-05/28/03

Larsen, You added so much to our family life - the joy of living, playing, being, togetherness, eating, walking, mischief making.... You're death has left a such huge hole in our lives. But we will not forget what you have taught us about loyalty and unconditional love. Please know that even though our hearts are breaking, they are still full of love for you and the love that you gave us. Mommy and Dad

Laserhead, 04/01/83-06/02/03

Laserhead was my husband's cat--they'd been companions since Laser's birth. I only knew Laser for five years, and it wasn't nearly enough for me. I wish we could have had more time together, but that wouldn't have been fair to Laser. He was a good cat, a good friend, and he deserved the best we could give him--especially what we could give him at the end of his life.

Laura A. Lewis

Lasianaga, 11/09/02-10/06/03

She was the best tortoise ever, a true friend, who always had such beautiful eyes and was always happy to see her family be near. We tried to send her away, thinking it was better climate for her, and she would have a loving family who would know to care for her expertly. We were wrong. It was a very hard decision to make. The instructions for her safe travel were in error. I trusted when I should have followed my instincts and kept her home. She died in the heavens. We will miss her forever.

Lassie, 3/20/91-10/09/02

Just another tribute, today you have been gone for a year, my Lassie Girl, it has been a hard year without you, but you sent Lucky boy to help me through the year and many years to come. I love and miss your kisses......

Lassie, 10/10/96-07/28/03

So long, girl. You were a blessing to our family and we will miss you terribly. We have a lot of wonderful memories, and these will always remain close to my heart. You always protected us, and for this we thank you. Say hello to Popie! I love you! We will meet again someday.

Lassie, 06/07/03

A truly great friend that some mad man killed. He will always be in our minds.

William Conley

Lauren York, 07/15/90-01/07/03

To my beloved pet Lauren York:
You were the love of my life, my best friend and my constant companion. When you died in my arms it was the most pain I had ever felt in my life. It was also the sweetest gift you allowed me to have as I held you and you looked back one more time to say goodbye and then took your last breath as I held you and loved you as you went to heaven. Lauren I miss you and I will always love you. You made life so simple and enriched my life more than I could ever have known. Rest in peace my princess. Enjoy your time running around in heaven and I will see you again one day and we will play and run together like we did before. I can't wait to see your wagging tail again and the sweet gestures of love that were always so good about giving to everyone that you met. I love you Lauren.


Lawrence, 24/02/00-20/01/03

My Darling Baby Lawrence who fell asleep.
You've gone to a better place but You were stolen away from me.
Now you're at Rainbow Bridge, I can't wait til I get there to give you a cuddle. - See you at the Bridge

Kisses and Cuddles

Layla, 04/06/93-08/31/03

She has been the child I never had, and given to me with the love of my husband. She is lost to us both with so much love to remember. I miss her for my own selfish reasons, and wish her a wonderful life. My husband often said he would love to come back as Layla. She had a good life here on earth, and I only hope she can find a better one , waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. We love Layla with our heart and soul. She will be with us until we meet again. WE LOVE YOU LAYLA!


Layla (Witchie-Poo), 02/13/03

Who will terrorize the house and the rest of the cats..
Rest well, I will miss you....
Meet with Rosie and watch for me when I cross that bridge.

Layla Marini, 03/27/00-03/07/03

Layla Loo,
We will miss you more than we could have ever imagined. When you left us today, so peacefully, with us at your side, you took with you a piece of us that can never, ever be replaced. Today we weep for you...for the suffering you went through...for the love that you always had in your eyes...for the way you loved us so purely and unconditionally. We will never forget you. God blessed us with an exceptional dog in you; perhaps he knew that your time with us would be short, so he gave us you knowing that you were special. May you have days filled with walks, treats, car rides, peanut butter, playtime at the dog park, and good memories of us up in heaven...You are surely there...if every anyone deserved it, it's you. Thank you for being so perfect. We love you, Mommy and Daddy xoxoxo

Lazarus, 04/20/91-12/14/03

To our beautiful boy, we miss you more than you could ever know.
You will always be in our hearts.

Melanie and Jeff

Lazarus, 01/09/03

Thank you for a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and more than I can ever put into words. The void of losing a childhood pet will never be filled but thankfully the memories remain. I miss you Laz. Take care of Bailey for me.

Sarah Massamore

L.B., 12/17/03

What can one say about a little orange friend that has seen you through so many good, and bad times over the years? I had L.B. from the moment he was born, and it was the greatest gift I ever received from the Gods. I have had many wonderful little friends, but never one like L.B. He was so gentle, and loving, and good. I pray that I will have him back in my life again, soon. May the Gods bless you L.B., and thank you for so many wonderful years of companionship....I bless you a trillion times my baby.

Gil Jenkins

L.B., 06/16/88-06/21/03

L.B., I love and miss you so. You will always be my little baby boy. I hope you and Sissy are together. Take care my baby.

Leaffy, 09/03/88-04/14/03

My beloved Leaffy, you were a marvelous gift from God that I was fortunate enough to share for four beautiful years. During that time, you brought me tremendous joy and happiness that I'll always treasure. It was an honor and privilege having shared my life with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having been the light of my life.

I miss our daily walks, running errands, and snuggling when we took our naps--but most of all, I miss hugging and kissing you and letting you know how much I love you. I remember how much you loved the simple pleasures in life: treats, tummy rubs, being brushed and massaged, playing with your ball, and roughhousing on the couch. The house is so quiet without you, at times it's unbearable. You were my little shadow who followed me everywhere. Whenever I come home now, I long for your wonderful greeting--you always made me laugh because you'd run around with joy and jump up and down with a warm-hearted smile while your tail wagged a mile a minute! You made me feel loved, appreciated, and special.

You were an extraordinary teacher who taught me some of life's most important lessons such as loving unconditionally, being patient, and living in the moment. In addition, you were my constant companion, confidant, an exceptional listener (you were intent on my every word as if you understood everything), and above all, you comforted me in difficult times and celebrated with me in happy times. You loved me unconditionally no matter what--you never judged, criticized, or belittled me. Your heart was filled with the purest love. Now, you are my special guardian angel watching over me from above.

You were so selfless that you waited until the day after my birthday to become gravely ill. You were very brave and courageous through it all. Oh, how I had prayed for a miracle, but it wasn't meant to be because God was calling you home. I didn't want to lose my precious teenage son, but I knew it was time for you to go to Heaven. On your last day, I was blessed to have been able to spend a few hours alone with you before your journey. It was a time of heartfelt tears, immense gratitude for the love, support, and comfort you had provided me throughout the years, and sorrows for having to say good-bye. I wanted to run away with you because bringing you to the vet's office was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I stayed with you until the bitter end, stroking your silky fur and comforting you with words of love because how could I not be there for my best friend when you had always been by my side.

My heart aches for you, but I realize that you are a freespirit-happy, healthy and peaceful in Heaven, now. I love you so much my dear, sweet Leaffy and you'll remain in my heart forever. Please remember me and wait for me in Heaven. Oh, what a joyous day it will be when we are reunited! Take care, my pumpkin boy.

Leah, 11/03/89-08/09/03

Never was a dog so loved or none who will be missed so much!

Karen Moldovan

Leah, 08/16/03

With much love to our little girl in a fur coat, who will hold a very special place in our hearts forever.
Thank you Lord, for giving us Leah for those precious years.

Marvin & Lesleigh Johnson

Leenie, 02/27/02-11/09/03

Love you always Baby!


Leib, 08/20/91-11/20/03

You touched our lives and our hearts with your wonderful spirit.
You were our friend.
Our comfort comes in knowing you are healthy and happy again on the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you Leibe.

Jodi and Andy Seila

Good bye my little friend - until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Amy Seila

Leila, 07/20/03-12/27/03

Leila, I love you and will miss you. You brought much happiness and cheer to this family, and I could always count on you to be there by my side everyday. It's a shame you could not experience a full life - 6 months of age is such young age to die. You were taken away from us by someone's evil mind and cruel hands. Nevertheless, your sister may live you will in our hearts. We still have your little green toy you loved to play with, and this will forever be a reminder of you and your love. We love you! May you rest in peace.


Lekcie, 08/20/01

My little boy and my friend,
I miss you !

Denny Bickel

Lelo Ku, 11/6/02-10/11/03

Lelo was a special angel sent to us from heaven, he was only 11 months and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure... He will be dearly missed! We love you, Lelo!

Lemieux, 09/??/93-06/16/03

I love you, I miss you. You brought me and the "family" lots of love and affection. Your ever lasting affection, always ready to give your love and friendship to me and your puppy dog friends, will always be remembered. Kenya loved your "kitty massages" and lately has been looking for you. Please give Cody and Ceasar some kitty kisses from me and Kenya. You may see "Bird Brain" Sequoia flying freely above you.

Love always, Jennifer and Kenya the puppydog

Lenfant, Baby, 12/27/03

To the most affectionate and friendly cat I have ever known. My baby will be greatly missed. You are always in my heart. Mommy loves you.

Lennox, 10/16/00-03/01/03

Lennox..I knew you were special from the first day I saw was at the beauty shop and you were just a little were soo happy and just layed on anyones shoulders that would hold had been found in a sofa at the back of the shop...there were several people who wanted you...I wasn't too sure as I have another cat...Oscar...I wasn't sure how Oscar would feel about a kitty in the house...I brought you home on a trial basis...and guess what you won all our hearts...<3 from then on you were a playmate for Oscar and my heart....I always called you my baby boy and I would tell you all the time that you were an angel sent to me by God....and I was right... no matter where I was in the house you were right there by me...I would attempt at work outs and you would lay below me and stretch out like you were working out....or soo it seemed to me...when I would do crunches you would lay on my stomach....when I was in the computer room you would lay on the back of the chair and watch the screen...and you were a great help in the kitchen...would always reach for something on the counter or just lay and night you would sleep next to me and I would wake at night feeling you give me kisses and on occasion would nip on me....I can still feel your paw in my hand....
I love and miss you my sweet boy.

Lenny, 12/03/03

I miss you my little buddy. <3 <3 <3


Lenny, 06/92-05/22/03

My dear dear Lenny kitty. How I miss you. Your good nature touched all who met you. You even persuaded non-cat people that cats are wonderful. When I had not seen someone for a while, they’d ask me how I was doing and immediately ask, “how’s Lenny?” You touched so many lives. Everybody loved Lenny……but no one loved you more than me. You were always smiling. I fell asleep to your smiles and I awoke to your smiles. I know your pain is gone now and you are in a better place and I am so thankful for that. I just wish this hole in my heart wasn’t so big. Rest peacefully Lenny. Mama loves you.

Leo, 12/21/03

Leo, you were there to see me through so many tough times, and I'll forever be grateful for the companionship, love, and fun that you brought to my life.
You made everyday special for us with your way of watching over us, begging for food, talking back, cuddling for a good night's slumber and waking us up by rustling bags every morning.
You are irreplaceable, and you will be sorely missed.

Grace and Matt

Leo, 09/17/01-04/09/03

Leo was the sweetest kitten to ever enter our lives. We rescued him after he was abandoned at just a few weeks of age. He never gave anything but love. His purr could fill a room. His affection could uplift us when all else seemed bleak. He truly was an angel sent to us as a special gift.

Unfortunately, he must have given more love than his troubled heart could handle. He passed on yesterday. He laid down for a nap and that was the last time we could hear his purr.

He leaves behind a big brother who accepted him as if they were from the same litter.....We love him, we miss him and we pray that he has found peace. May others be as fortunate to know the joy we experienced....the joy that was Leo.

Leo, 07/01/78-07/17/91

Knowing Love

When you first came

How could I know?

That I would truly love you so?

But little cat, I’m sure you knew

That I would fall in love with you.

And I think, you also knew

I’d love you till your days were through.

And now that God has called you home

You know you’ll never be alone

I know that now you’re in God’s lap

He knows my kitty loves a nap!

I know that though I’m left behind

A better friend I will not find.

And even though you’re gone, I know

You know your mama still loves you so!


León, 15/03/02-25/12/03

León came to me from a shelter in Spain. He was the only survivor of 4 siblings. He had been missing for the last three nights and I found him this morning, dead by the roadside, having been hit by a car. He passed on this Christmas. I grieve deeply that he was not given more time on this life, and I can only hope that I made his time here a happy one. We who remain remember his good naturedness, his love and friendship.
León - we will meet again on the other side of the Rainbow bridge. I forever love you.

Diana Hartig

León, 01/31/99-10/16/03

León, a beautiful golden tabby with big, wide grass-green eyes, has passed from my life, leaving an enormous hole. He was born in Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico on January 31, 1999, and was adopted by me at 2 weeks of age, when he became orphaned. He traveled here to the U.S. with me in March 2001, and was my constant companion and support until he was taken from me on October 16, 2003. He was the most faithful and loyal of companions, comforting me when I was in pain (I'm disabled), consoling me whenever I was sad, hugging me and giving me unlimited affection when I felt alone. He was the gentlest of beings, yet extremely protective of me. He was always there for me, when no one else was. He gave everything, and asked nothing. I am desolate without him. He was my best friend, as well as my only true companion. This is my tribute to my beloved baby, León. May he be at peace, rewarded for all he gave to me, and always know that he is never alone, but always lives on in my heart and mind.

Teresa Sabín

Leon, 07/23/03


I love you with all my heart and will miss you more than you know. I long to feel your stinky cat breath on my face one more time. I will see you soon Le-Lon.

Love Mummy

Leping, 12/07/89-12/01/01

Great dog, almost human. Never chewed on anything and always stayed in his own yard when outside. Great personality. Beautiful dog.

Ann Rogers

Leslie, 10/2002-07/07/03

Leslie was a dark golden Syrian Hamster who never once bit me or made any noises of complaint. After just a day of having her I realised she was an extremely pleasant hamster and hoped to enjoy a couple of years of her company.

Unfortunately, after just nine months she developed a tumour that meant she had to put down by the vet during an operation that was unsuccessful. She is now buried in the woods at the top of the hill close to where I spent much of my childhood.


Lestat, 03/19/95-11/24/02

Our loyal and loving friend. We miss you.

Jared & Linda

Levi, 07/02/93-10/02/03

I miss you buddy. You will be in my heart forever. Keep mom company up there till I get there. When that short time comes we will be together again and never have to part again. I love you Levi.

Joe Topp

Levi, 06/12/84-11/12/91

There are absolutely no words that can describe the numerous blessings, fun times, wonderful memories, and unconditional love that little Levi brought into our lives. He will forever be in our hearts and daily thoughts. We love you, and will see you again someday "Little Manny"

Daddy & Mommy

Lewis, 12/30/92

Even after all of these years I have never forgotten Lewis. He loved to ride in the car, especially if we went to McDonald's - he loved their french fries. We would eat the whole box together on the way home. He could open doors with his paws and learned to flip up hook-and-eye locks after we installed them to keep the doors closed. He would bite your chin to wake you up if he wanted attention. When the phone rang and you didn't answer it fast enough, he would get annoyed and knock it off the hook. He got out of the house an was hit by a car and killed on my birthday. I absolutely loved that sweet, handsome, ridiculously smart cat.


Lewis, 02/10/03

Lewis was a very special dog, and I miss her dearly. She was with me through some of the worst times in my life, and always met me with a happy wiggle at the door, and a friendly kiss.
For some reason, I just never thought about how short her life would be, and was shocked when the doctors told me she had cancer. What a cruel fate for such a brave dog.
Lewis, I miss you everyday, and will hold your dear memory in my heart forever.

Susan Goree

Lewis, 03/26/89-01/10/03

Lewis will always be in our hearts. He was very special member of our family and he is greatly missed. LOVE YOU LEWIS.

Charlotte and Lynn

Lex, 04/15/93-12/26/03

My Lex, my buddy, my heart. Be free and happy at Rainbow Bridge.


Lexi, 02/01/01-05/23/03

To our Dearest Lexi,

You came to us a skinny, malnourished rescued golden foster in need of a home. You left us as a beautiful, long-legged golden girl. You came in like gangbusters and we wouldn't have dreamt of sending you away. You were our first foster and you were the inspiration that helped us to find homes for over 60 other foster doggies in the two short years since you came into our lives. Your life here was too short, but you lived a good, full life. You are our "Princess" and you will be cherished forever in our hearts. You have earned your wings sweet girl.

Mommy & Daddy

Lexie, 03/1999-10/11/03

My Beautiful Little Girl--

Four years was not nearly enough time to have to spend with you. I was blessed to have you in my life and am now blessed to have you as my guardian angel. You will be greatly missed, and you will always hold a piece of my heart.

I love you,

Lexie, 05/01/01-05/22/03

Lexie, it has been 4 months since you left us, and it is only now that I have the strength to write a few words about your short but wonderful time here on earth. Your cancer came on slowly, if only you could have let us know! But your playful spirit masked the terrible growth, until it was too late. Phil and I miss you so much, and Buffer has not been the same since you've been gone. We miss your beautiful calico spots, your cat smartness, your loving nature, and your honed hunting skills! Your short two year life was happy and full. We just wish it could have been longer. Missing you terribly, Lexie Jean, Lexie Joan, Lexie Belle. Love, Phil, Betsy and Buffer


Lexie was the sunshine of our lives. When Lexie died, her brother Luther suffered her loss as much as we did. After we lost her, Luther had surgery and Lexie watched over him. Luther developed diabetes, and Lexie watched over him. Luther is now blind and Lexie still watches over him and leads him. Lexie is our angel with an attitude. (Being an extreme alpha puppy, she probably has all the dogs in line at the Rainbow Bridge.) Lexie was a smiling Dalmatian and had a big smile and tail wag for everyone she met. We miss her so much.

Lexis, 02/07/03

Lexis was a good dog. She was dealt a few bad cards in life, particularly in her early ownership and her breeding. She tried hard and she had a good soul. I miss my pretty girl so much, I only wish that we had more time together. Lexis, you were my buddy, my hand-warmer, my clown. When no one else loved me, when I didn't even love myself, you were still there, loyal to the last.

I love you, pup. I hope and pray that there truly is peace on the other side of the bridge.

Mary Peret

Lexus of Kenwood, 07/11/94-03/07/03

My "Lexy Girl" came to me as a "Rescue" in April of 1997 and from day one I promised her heaven on earth. Sadly, in December 2002 she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, fluid in her lungs, and arthritis in her hips. Medications worked temporarily, but it seems God wanted her in his heaven. Through obvious breathing difficulty, weakness and sleeplessness, Lexy was brave, courageous and loving to her last moment with me. I had to be just as brave and courageous and make the dreaded decision that the end was in sight and give her up to God's care. Lexy was my second Vizsla, and eventually, I will seek another one to know and love; however, my broken heart must mourn and grieve and become whole and happy once again knowing Lexy waits for me just over the rainbow! I will light a candle every single night in the future since I was blessed to know, love and have her for my companion! Seems she actually "rescued" me!

Carol Herbert

Lhotse, 07/10/88-08/27/03

Lhotse-Our "Little Man". You brought us nothing but happiness for over 15 years just by the wag of your tail. You always made us smile. We will miss you every day of our lives but you will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Little Man. We love you, mommy and daddy

Libby, 11/08/03

Libby, How can we go on without you! I hope god can produce enough snow for you to catch and play in! We will never forget the love and adoration you had for us as well as we had for you. We will be there in heaven to play with you, so wait for us.

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Libby, 01/14/03-07/15/03

Oh Libby Doo, We miss you so much. We loved you and your one little blue eye. Your sister Alli is doing good, even though it's hard on her not having you around. She yelps in her sleep, and we like to think its because she's dreaming of you. Oh, and we also just miss saying, "What did Libby Do?!" when we come home. Even though it really doesn't matter anymore now. If we could only have you back... I'd let you chew up a thousand extension cords. Only unplugged this time. I'm so sorry Libby you had to go, I feel like a bad parent we couldn't wean you from your dingo-like ways. You're in a better place now. Love Mom & Dad

Libby, 04/17/91-08/10/03

A beloved member of our family, Libby returned our love in full measure. She was a loyal and loving friend who sought only to please us, she was constantly at our sides during our illnesses. She had a good life and enhanced our lives immensely. She is sadly missed. Our one consolation is the knowledge that we will be reunited with her at some future time.


Libby, 03/03/03

Dear Beloved Libby, I know you are happy now. Finally, you are out of pain, which you suffered with dignity and strength. For almost as long as I knew you, you were sick with something but now you can run and jump like you did long ago. My heart is broken but I know that you are at the Bridge with Shadow now. You were precocious and you lived your life to the fullest. I will always remember you and the lessons you taught me. You were a brave girl. I can't wait to see you again, my dear. We all miss you terribly.
Infinite Hugs and Kisses, :)
Mommy and EJ and Cleo

Lickity, 11/09/03

Lickity had a milk moustache that made him look like he was always smiling!
He survived being transplanted from the country to the city, but his time here was to be short.
Sadly missed by brother Sylvester and human Dan....and new friend D.

Licorice (Licky), 07/13/03

What a special "Halloween Cat" we've had for 16 years...such a kind little soldier; loved everyone but especially his "dad". He climbs into bed every night and cuddles with Daddy. But it's time to say goodbye. The little man can go on to the Rainbow Bridge. Sleep tight, my love.

Linny & Ed Price

Liffey, 14/12/90-26/09/03

Sleep well sweet Liffey. You were so special and so loved. Nothing will ever be the same.

Sally O'Brien

Lightning, 2001-11/04/02

Zachary's first pet.
Lightning was the best little girl.
We love and miss her still.

Shannon, Zachary and The Rest Of The Ratties

Lightning (Timon), 04/12/03

You were one of our special friends. You brought us joy and made us laugh. Your had a character that no other could have. You were truly special. Today's decision was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but for you the best. The suffering has now ended. I look forward to being with you again.

Jaclyn, Andrea, Valerie, and Paul King

Lil Anne, 8/94-7/8/03

On July 8, 2003 I had to make the toughest decision I've ever had to make. We had to put our baby, Lil Anne, to sleep. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and her levels were so high the vet said we would just prolong her misery and suffering if we tried the available treatment.

I had to put aside my selfishness and do what I felt was best for my poor sick baby. I didn't want her to suffer and die a devastating death at home. Her condition was progressing so rapidly as she was already so far advanced once the condition was diagnosed. She wouldn't eat or drink and she was constantly throwing up. She lost over a pound in a little over a month which put her at 5 pounds and her body was so fragile and hair so brittle.

I have so many great memories of Lil Anne. She was my sleeping buddy every night. She would either sleep cuddled up beside me or on top of me. We had a special connection and I feel she knew how much I loved her. From her clawing on my leather shoes to her waking us up in the middle of the night tearing up paper, and even her accidentally peeing outside the litter box (bless her heart), I would do anything to have her back in my life, healthy and happy.

Lil Anne, you are truly loved and missed. We will never forget you! I pray that you are in a better place and aren't suffering anymore. God, please give me the strength to overcome this and to realize that I did what was best for my little one.

Lil Bit, 05/15/97-11/12/03

You were a loving best friend with a great big heart! You will be missed more than words can say. I'll miss your kisses & your dad will miss his best friend. We love you PUNK! Mom, Dad, Drew, Jeff & Cody

Lil Bit, 08/26/03

Lil Bit-
You were my companion, my confidant, my friend, and my playmate. I hope you understand that I had to let you go. I hope you are in a happier place with no cancer and no pain. I still see greeting me at the door each morning and see you waiting for me at the gate every nite. I miss you so much! You may not be with me in body, but your spirit will always be in my heart. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Asenia Hedgecoth

Lil Bit, 4/26/01-12/13/02

Lil Bit you were the joy of our lives, we will never forget you!
You are in our hearts forever. we love and miss you lots
love mom and dad,
sissy and lil J

Lil' Brown Face, 3/15/03

My angel, Mom misses you every day when she comes home from work and you're not sitting by the front door waiting for dinner. I'll meet you at the Bridge sweet girl -- and I hope you heard the song I wrote for you. Love,

Lil Cracker, 6/18/01-10/3/03

To my Lil Cracker who was a special gift from God that he sent to us during our time of need. You survived your 3 brothers and sisters for a reason my special friend. You left this world abrupt and way too soon but I understand that you needed to go Home. Its ok little baby....Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you terribly. We will see you again my baby...Just keep jumpin and reaching for the skies like you always did. Always in my heart....Mommy and Daddy

Lil' Feet, 6/13/03

Lil Feet was only with us a short while (5 days) as a foster kitty with 4 brothers and sisters mates. He was the tough one of the group but got very sick very quickly. We took him to the vet's and he was fed fluids and food but nothing could save him. He was a sweetie who like to bite your nose if you let him! And what a purr monster. He is missed terribly. Our little tuxedo baby.

Lil' Gurl, 07/03-12/17/03

by Damien

You took chances
Once too many times
As a puppy you thought -
"Oh no, never me."
Life is a gift,
Given and taken at some
Unknown time.
Your time came too soon -
You life was over in a flash.
The fun you shared,
The joy you brought,
All just a memory -
Behind us.

Myra, Nakiah, and Makayla

Lilith Lee Solis Bennett (Lil), 05/12/99-04/07/03

From the moment we laid eyes on you, we knew you were the one. God sent you as a companion for Slick. In fact, Slick sealed the deal by not letting you out of his sight. It was instant love for all of us. So beautiful you are, with your small brown and white body, silky hair, and the most incredible dark eyes (Cleopatra had nothing on you). You not only fit right in, but you took over - a little lioness with endless kisses.
There are so many things we won't forget - seeing you sit at the window watching the world go by, your ferocious bark as the garbage truck (your biggest enemy) rolled by, and your tireless hunt for cockroches. There are a million lovely memories of you, my precious baby girl. The thing I will remember (and miss) the most is how unconditionally you loved us. Through thick and thin, Lilith Lee, you loved and made us happy.
Thank you for being my rock when times got tough. I can't forget how you literally licked my tears away - even when you were sad at losing Slick.
The last year has been difficult for the both of us and I thank God for allowing you to stay with and comfort me for as long as He did. I was not ready to let you go - but I know you are in a much better place. I am at peace in knowing you are with Slick and I have no doubt that you two are around Lexx and me.
By the way, I shouldn't have to tell you how special you were to Lexx, or to all of us for that matter. We all miss you and think of you often. Have a great time waiting for us, my little angel. Will you and Slick please give us signs from time to time? Until we meet again, know that we all love you. Find all the golf balls you can mama... be a good girl and share with Slick. God Bless You, Lexx, Grandmas Chila & America, Grandpa Leo and Dianna, Leo & Andie, Aissa, your dad, and Mommy

Lilith Silverwind She Devil, 11/21/03

To my first baby girl.
You will be in my heart and thoughts forever.
Now you are forever with Scooter.
Love Mom

Lillie, 11/13/03

My dearest sister cat....thank you for all the wonderful memories of our time together that I will carry with me always.
I will miss the fun we had with the laser light and all of the letters we wrote to mom and dad on your behalf.
Your a wonderful sistercat and I will love you always.

Kym Porter

Lillie, 03/28/98-10/12/03

Lillie loved me so much, she was desperate to get to me, she didn't know she would be unsafe out of her kennel, she dug herself out to look for me. A car hit her. We believe she died instantly her body had just a small cut above left eye. I couldn't find any broken bones. She didn't have alot of blood loss. I was able to hold her, to thank her and to say goodbye...I am still having a hard time saying goodbye. I told her over and over I was so sorry I didn't realize she could get out. I was coming home, I would have never left her very long. I buried her on my property. I love you Lillie and I always will. No other dog will take your place. I know your first sensation in heaven was Chelsea welcoming you with her wet nose on yours. You were best friends, now you are together forever. I will see you again.
I miss you. I miss you. I almost can't bear it. But, I will because I have to not because it gets easier. I will always miss you. I remember picking you from your litter, you were special from that very first day. I named you for Easter when I got you. You are safe now my good friend, forever you are safe.

Ella Blair Cunningham

Lillie, 1/10/93-5/23/03

Good bye my little girl. You were the only flower .You were so brave and strong, I wished I could have your dignity and strength at this time. Mommy ,Daddy ,Drew and Bastian miss you dearly. I can still smell you on my clothes and on your bed and I've been looking at some great pictures, that one of you and boots when it unexpectedly snowed one spring , how you loved that snow and tried to eat it, and cried when it all melted away. How everything you did was special and meant something and made e in dreams , my sweet, I'll be looking for you. The luckiest mom in the world.

Lillie, 05/13/99-05/17/03

Our grief is unspeakable and we miss her more than words can say, love your mommy and daddy

Lillie Locke, 07/17/02-01/15/03

To lillie, I miss you so much, you where cheeky and naughty but so so loveable, you had so much love to give to us all, and we all loved you so much, I'm missing you your cuddles and your purr so much, I wish you hadn't gone I keep expecting you to just walk in I only hope you died quickly and suffered no pain or weren't scared cos you was the bravest kitten I've ever known, I just cant believe your not coming back, I hope you knew I loved you and were happy here with us before you passed. I love you.

Nicola Gerrard

Lilliputt, 09/04/97-01/01/03

Lilliputt died from complications caused by Diabetes Melitus, I Love you buddy and will miss you always.

Darcey Cooke

Lilly Fluff, 11/05/03

So long ago you found your way to our home and our hearts. You were the best buddy to a little boy who is now a man. The softest, sweetest ball of fluff any family could have. We watched you go from ball of fluff to little old lady. I will miss your sweet little face.
Say hello to Oreo and Abbey and Amanda for me....until we meet again

Jan Penticoff

Lilly Rainey, 11/10/03

Lily, God has taken you home to be with Esher.
Wishing you peace and love, Your family

Kristin Hansen

Lil Muffin, 04/01/92-5/12/03

Muffin touched the hearts of everyone she met and will be sadly missed.

Sandie Miller

Lily, 09/26/03

My name is Renee' Lee Greco and in 1998 had a very special addition to our family. My neighbor found a little white Shih Tzu on the streets and in very bad shape. She took it to her vet, and they took care of her. My neighbor had known that I was looking to get another dog, as my dog Lucky (a Shih Tzu) was happy with me, but was a bit lonely. I went to her vet, and even though the vet said she was in bad shape and may have kennel cough, I took her home.

I named her Lily, after my grandmother, whom had passed away when my mother was pregnant with me. For two months, Lily was so skinny, that I could not even eat around her and she would get this very, very bad cough. But I put her on puppy food and after two months or so, she suddenly was healthy.

Soon she was playing with her toys and liked to lay with Lucky on her big doggy pillow with her favorite dark green fleece blanket. Lily also liked to play with her buddy Lucky, and would sometimes chase him around.

Years later, her eyesight started going and she started having a hard time walking. It was really hard, because I did not like to see her this way, but did not have the money to fix her eyes or her body. But she tried real hard and I would pick her up to take her outside or to help her walk, etc.

I always though still hugged and loved her, and even though she was having a hard time, she would actually smile and stick her little teeth out on the one side of her mouth. This made me laugh and I felt good that she somehow knew that I loved her.

This past Tuesday, I had to go into the hospital as I was having chest pains and have been under a lot of stress. So, a very good friend of mine ran in and took my dogs out and fed them, etc. But I guess it was too much for Lily. I came home from the hospital late Friday evening and could not find her. Lucky did not even greet me at the door but when I went to him all he could do was to look up at me and was very very sad.

I looked all over and finally my friend found her but I guess he thought she was just sleeping. But I kept calling her name and she did not even lift her head up, like she used to do when I called her name. I went over and touched her, and just knew.

My heart broke, in a million pieces. She was not moving and looked as if she had just fallen to sleep.

My friend asked me to get a towel or something, but I did not want to get just anything for her.

I found her favorite dark green fleece blanket. When she was alive, I used to wrap her in it all to time to make her feel better and comfortable. She really liked her blanket. So I got it and my friend wrapped her up in it and carried her to my chair.

He went outside and spoke to my vet. I slowly went over and opened the blanket to look at her. She had her eyes open and ...was smiling, her teeth sticking out in the corner as she had always done. But for some strange reason, she looked... happy.

I covered her up again and hugged my other dog, Lucky.

I feel very guilty because I was in the hospital and could not be there for her.

I am asking God to put my other requests to him aside and to please look after Lily. To hug her, make her see again, and to make her body whole again. To let her see the beauty of heaven and to let her run with other doggies, and to let her be with Lillian, my Grandmother that I never met.

I miss you, Lily. I have no children but you were my daughter. You were and always will be the daughter I never had and will never forget you. One day, we will be together. I love and miss you.

Love, Renee' and Lucky.

Lily, 12/01/89-08/15/03

My heart is breaking. I said my good-byes to Miss Lily as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. There's a hole in my heart as I've lost my best friend. She was a wonderful dog who will be remembered for her feisty attitude, her sloppy kisses and her loving manner. She kept me on my toes, she gave her unconditional love and affection, as well as great laughs along the way, but the time came for me to let her go. She is greatly missed.


Lily, 02/14/00-05/29/03

We lost Lily to a very rare fungal infection called cryptococcus when she was only 3 years old. We all miss her here on Earth like you wouldn't believe...but we know she's dragging around her dirty stuffed tabby cat and chasing seagulls (a favorite activity of hers) on the beaches of Heaven. Until we meet again...I love you Lily.

Michelle Hoctor

Lily, 08/07/03

Dear Lily,

I am so sorry that I am not with you right now. I love you and I am so thankful for all of the love you have given me. Mom and Dad love you too, more than anyone. You are a good kitty. You have always been so kind and wonderful to us. Our best friend and a member of our family.

I remember when Mom and I first saw you at the shelter. You were just a tiny little kitten. When we came by your cage, you came up to the front, stretched out your paw to us and mewed hello. You took my heart right then. We brought you home at Christmas. You were afraid and hid for a while. Then, on Christmas eve, we were opening presents and curiosity got the better of you. You came out and scampered through all of the wrapping paper mess like a flash, just to participate. After that, you came back and played some.

In later years, I moved back home for a while. You comforted me and slept with me on the bed, purring and nuzzling. You would run up the stairs ahead of me, throw yourself down on the carpet and dig your claws in for a good back-scratching. Lots of black fur came off when you were shedding.

You have been such a great companion for my Mom and Dad. Thank you for loving them and being with them constantly, as I have not been able to be with them so much. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for loving them so much and being so constant and good to them, as they have been to me throughout my life.

I do not want to say goodbye, but I have no choice. Mom and Dad love you most and I think that there must be no greater act of love than the terrible decision they have had to make to let you go and set you free from suffering. Please understand this.

Please remember us wherever you are. I don’t know where, but I will always be looking for you, listening for your footfall and your mhurring. I will always love you. You will always be in a special place in my heart. Goodbye, dear friend, dear, sweet little kitty.


Lily, 07/26/03

Dearest Lily, taken from us far too soon. I can't describe how much we'll miss you, or how much losing you hurts. My heart has a hole miles wide and unfathomably deep. I'd give anything to have you with us again!

Lily, 01/13/03-06/08/03

Killed by a drunk driver. We love you Lily and miss you terribly.

The Castro Family

Lily HiRose, 02/24/92-07/28/03

My Lily
Oh, Lily, I do not know how much I miss you Charis misses you, too But I and Charis know you are happier than ever in heaven with Noelle No more heart problem, no more coughs, no more medications But mum is just hoping to hold and kiss you one more time You know, you were A special baby You had the softest fur and sweetest personality in the whole world You were the cutest puppy in the whole world, remember when you were a tiny puff ball sleeping in my shirt? You grew up to be the most beautiful and gentle lady I thank God and you for letting mum say "good bye for now" holding you in my arms looking into your beautiful eyes Mum and Charis will be okay, so enjoy heaven! It is a wonderful place, isn't it Play with Noelle until mum gets there (I asked Noelle to take good care of you) I will be there very soon based on your time zone -- I promised you so, right before you left for heaven with Jesus Love forever, Mum

Lily Ho, 03/01/91

Lily, I don't know where you were born, I don't even know when you died, but after all these years, I still remember you.
I love you.


Lincoln, 2/16/03

There was no sun from the sky today
Only clouds and rain
Lincoln, please wait at the bridge for me
Until we meet again.

Sweet dreams my sweet boy.


Lindsey, 02/14/89-10/14/03

Dear Lindsey, I can't believe you are not here with me. I know I have not lost you, because I know you are over the Rainbow Bridge. You have just joined Grandpa (my dad) and your cousins Jack & Sheena. You are in very good company, but I miss you so much. I feel a hole has been made in my heart, but I know you no longer feel pain or suffering. I know you will bring joy to that part of our family that is already there waiting for you.
I love you!

Lindy, 12/25/00-11/22/03

In memory of our lovely girl

Rosa and Rene

Lindy, 03/01/83-10/22/99

Lindy~ You were our baby when we couldn't have kids. We love you so very much. We will never forget all the times you made us so very happy! The memory of your Houdini routines always make us smile. There will never be another like you. We anxiously await out reunion at Rainbow Bridge.

Ling, 06/20/98-06/09/03

My Little Girl passed away this morning in a tiny Stainless Steel cage, surrounded by Strangers, needles and tubes.

Just shy of her Fifth Birthday, and new to the area, in which we moved last fall, now that the snow is gone, she was doing a little snooping.

She wondered into the yard, of a Heartless Being, and Drank the Liquid he left out for the Neighborhood cats. My Girl who had never done anything wrong, but dared to visit this mans, messy, disorganized, litter strewn yard, came home to us, with a belly full of Poison (Anti-Freeze), and fell asleep next to me.

I rushed her to the Vet, in the hopes we could catch what was hurting her in time to save her life, but after two mornings had passed, I received the news this morning at nine, that my baby would not be held in my arms again.

At least I knew her, she was my beautiful blue eyed queen, I wish you all could have met her.

Right now, I am trying to ensure her leaving us, was for a greater means, I will see to it, that this man, never hurts another animal or person ever again.

Guard your loved ones, you never know how close the truth of the world lives from your front door.

Maureen Graham

Links, 10/01/83-02/19/03

I got Links after my now-husband and I had had an argument and broke up back in 1983. Links was only 6 weeks old, not weaned yet, had upper respiratory, mites and was anemic. He cried all night the first night he was with me and I was ready to return him to the shelter the next morning. But something stopped me and that night he slept on my chest. At the end of this January, he was sneezing and so I thought, upper respiratory again...something easy to take care of. But then I couldn't touch his nose or his right eye. Only last week after taking cells from the roof of his mouth did we find out he had cancer of the skull, which had spread to his right eye and nose. The treatment would have been an MRI, followed by extensive radiation, with a feeding tube inserted in him, as the cancer had affected his ability to eat. I would do ANYTHING for my three cats, but knew in my heart this was a hopeless situation. My husband and I went to the vet the next day to put him to sleep. However, the night before, feeling as I was going to my own execution, I layed in bed and put links on my chest, as I did nearly 20 years ago. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing I EVER had to do. I received his ashes in a little wooden box, along with my pet-loss candle. I lit the candle this past Monday night, and hugged my little box close to my chest. No words can explain the grief I feel for an animal which was truly a gift.

Linus, 05/16/00-11/11/03

We had so much left to do before you were supposed to go...


Liquorice, 11/24/03

Just a few words about my dear Liquorice.

Liquorice was rescued from the animal shelter nearby. Actually we had gone there to see if we could save a bird and of course who doesn't look at all the plaintive faces waiting for a home?

There was this black and white guinea pig who came up to the bars of his pen. One isn't supposed to pet the animals to prevent the spread of disease but I couldn't resist scratching that little muzzle just a little.

As I walked away, I heard the familiar guinea pig "wheek" and there was the guinea pig on his hind legs wheeking at me.

He captivated my heart and I told him we would find the adoption person. Imagine an adult speaking to an animal as if he understands me? Maybe he did, because he went over and had a drink and something to eat.

The name on his adoption papers said he was named Liquorice and we kept his name. One of the staff even gave him a little goodbye kiss as he was adopted.

Liquorice's age was unknown and he lived with us for 2 years.

On Monday morning we found him where he usually sleeps in his pen. He didn't come out for his morning carrot and he was still warm but sadly he was dead.

That evening, after a few prayers for his little guinea pig spirit he was laid to rest with the other pets who have passed across to wait at the Rainbow Bridge.

His little grave is marked by the maple tree I had grown from a seed.

Rest easy little Liquorice. May God bless and keep your guinea pig spirit until we meet again.


Lisa, 12/01/03

Lisa, sweet little kitty, Erin's are sadly missed.
The Dec morning sunlight streaming in as you breathed your last and Dr. Corey whispering, "We'll see you on the other side someday, Lisa." We love you still!

Pam, Jose, Erin, & Patrick

Lisa, 05/12/03

She took our hearts with her.

Stephen & Gloria Cram

Lisette, 8/3/84-12/23/02

To my faithful companion of 18 years, my first baby. You were always there when I needed you. I love you and miss your green eyes. Find Nana, and wait for me. - Momma

Little, 05/05/93-09/15/03

Little was a black and white runt kitten born to strays we cared for in our backyard. Her legs did not fully develop, she had a terrible cowlick in her fur and she was allergic to fleas and fish. The mother cat abandoned Little twice when she relocated her litter, despite our attempts to reunite the family. I took her in, having pitied her situation and admiring her tenacity with trying to get around. Little was the cutest cat I have ever seen and provided our family with many wonderful and amusing moments. Her indignance when she was ignored, her faithfulness with following us around the house, the games she created to amuse herself... she was priceless She had great expression in her eyes and she behaved like she knew she was lucky to have us. We were the lucky ones, though, as I have never seen a family rally around a pet like we did for Little. She meant everything to me. That cat was loved and spoiled by it but she deserved it. She was a trouper and helped me through a lot of tumultuous times. Without warning, on Monday, September 15th, she let out a meow in the wee hours of the morning that sent us running toward her. We found her on her side, glassy-eyed, and coughing lightly. We surrounded her, crying, petting her, telling her we loved her over and over again and she passed 30 seconds later. I feel like she held on so we could all be together one last time and I will always appreciate that moment, as terribly sad a memory it is. I know in my heart that Little will be the best cat that will cross my life's path and I will miss her forever. Like I used to coo to her everyday: Love, Love, Love. You were the best, Little, and we pray we get to hold you again someday. I promise to let you chew on my hair. Love, Your Mother, Nana, & Poppy

Little Bean, 11/24/03-11/25/03

The runt of Fleur's litter Little Bean could not stay long
Your brothers and sisters miss you and so does your Mummy
Until we meet again special baby
Love Nanny X X X

Little Bear, 11/09/03

Little Bear was our baby, a loving companion and friend who asked nothing more than to love and be loved. She loved to hunt and was happiest when she was on the trail of a rabbit or a squirrel. She leaves behind a grieving mother and father, a brother "Bo" and a sister "Doofus'. She was killed by a hit and run driver who did not even have the common decency to remove her from the road or to offer assistance. She is now waiting for us just beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Watch for us "Baby Bear", we will watch for you! We love and miss you!

Mary Horton

Little Bear, 6/11/03

Rest eternal grant to you, our little friend, and may light perpetual shine upon you. We love you and miss you.

Littlebit, 07/01/88-11/18/03

Littlebit was my best friend. She was everything to me. She loved me no matter what. She didn't like thunder storms and depended on me to get her though them, and for some strange reason last night here in Kansas we had a thunder storm, only 5 days after passing. I'm praying that was her letting me know that she had made it to the Rainbow Bridge. I'm having such a hard time without her, I hate walking in the house and she's not waiting on me, driving to the mail box without her is even hard. Sitting here on my webtv without her under my feet, it's just such a big loss to me, a big part of my heart went with my littlebit..I LOVE YOU GIRL..MOM

Little Bit, 01/10/95-03/11/03

I miss you my Bit!

J.T. & Janice Hinton

Little Bit, 8/28/03

Little Bit was a sweet, loving cat who wandered into our lives about 3 years ago. He liked to curl up on my pillow at night and I would often wake up to him licking my face or my ear. He liked to get in small places and play games with us from behind the door. He was very affectionate and liked to get in my lap and get petted. I also loved petting him and he had the softest fur of any cat I've ever known. He will be greatly missed!

Little Bro, 12/19/02-8/16/03

Dear Little Bro,

Although you were only with us a short time, you made a difference in our lives. Always stealing slippers, always biting feet, you gave us a reason to laugh and play. We couldn't hold you back, always wanting to explore and run. Run Little Bro, Run. Now you can run and play in heaven, looking down on us. Run little Bro Run.

Love, Chloe, Mommy and Daddy

Little Bud, 06/2002

I love you. I wont forget about you.

Brandon Latham

Little Buddy, 05/09/03

Little Buddy passed on May 9, 2003. I love you and miss you and my heart is breaking, but I know you are safe and that your soul has been set free. I will cherish every moment we had and will never forget you. I love you Little Buddy. Rest in Peace and I will see you again. Love your Mom.

Little Cat

I just ask the Angels that Little Cat has a 'soft landing' and no pain.

Ruth Howard

Little Child, 11/09/03

She was and always will be my best friend. She loved me even when I was at my worst. I'll always miss and love her. She free from that tired old body.


Little Ditto Gin, 06/90-11/05/99

To my beloved Ditto, you brought me 9 years of joy. And you saw me through the hard times as well. Your little body gave out too soon. Possibly you felt great sadness as you watched your parents split up. I will never know, all I know is that mama misses you dearly. It's been 3 years now. Rest in peace my love.

Mary L. Espinoza

Little Ecoh, 08/04/01-02/10/02

To my Little Ecoh~

You will always be in my thoughts no matter how many other kitties I have. You brought me so much joy when I was down. I know when we moved you realized just how much I love you. I'm sorry you didn't get to be AOL's pet of the day until after you passed, but it was such a great day for me. I was so proud to see my baby girl get to be the star for a day. I hope you like your webpage. ( I still love to tell people about you. Especially because you liked to use me as a scratching post. I am sorry that I got Kamikaze so close to your death. Just know, he is NOT a replacement for you, for no cat will ever be able to do that. I am sorry that I didn't put you in my room that night. I wonder if things would be different if I had. I am sorry that you didn't get to live a long life with me. But I know the life you had was great until the end. And I know that you know you were and still are loved. I know that you are watching over me and other animals that I am around or who are in my care. Thank you for that. We all appreciate it. You brought us our Little girl, Angel. Thank you for making sure I was there when that psycho person threw her out the window on the freeway. Thank you for watching over me when I was on my hands and knees looking for her under the car when other cars could have hit me. You are my guardian angel and always will be. That's why I just bought that guardian angel charm for your collar. When the time comes and I can handle it, I will send your ashes up to the Rainbow Bridge or decide to have them forever with me. I am sorry I've kept them so long, but you will always be special to me. You will always be my little girl.


Little Feat, 12/19/03

Such a good boy to the end - 15 great years.
He will be missed for all the days of our lives

Maureen and Mike Roby

Little Girl, 10/29/02

The best cat, friend, and pillow partner in the world ever.

William Galbreath

Little Girl Squirrel, 08/2003

You, my dear Little Girl Squirrel, were what gave me a reason for living.
You never should have died...
I will love you always, my sweet baby, until we are together again in Heaven!
You never should have died my sweetheart!
I just don't know why a vet didn't examine you two weeks after you were taken into the rescue at Sarvey!

All My Love and God Bless,

Wendy & Bun Bun Boy

Little Guy, 06/01/87-12/04/03

He was my sweet little boy

Kristen Nelson

Little Guy, 11/24/03

I miss you Little Guy, you were my bestest buddy.


Littlehead, 09/09/03

This little guy has made a dent in my heart. I loved Littlehead and am so lost without him, he was my shadow. He was struck last year and had to have his leg remove, and from that moment on he was always with me, on 9-9-03 he passed away due to an aneurysm that burst in his lung. He will be sadly missed by me!!!


Little Kitty, 02/06/93-03/10/01

My little Feline Leukemia cat, you went through so much but we kept you for over seven years.

Donna Cox

Little Kitty, 04/22/03

Little Kitty found me in the summer of 1998. I was out to dinner with my roommate on one of those nights in Sacramento where it's over 100 for 15 days in a row. While walking out to the car appeared Little Kitty. She threw herself down at my feet and rolled around on her back purring. She had me at "meow". She was skinny and hot and flea bitten and pathetic. I knew I had to take her home. I put up signs around the area I found her but no one claimed her-Thank God!
Since then she has been my absolute best friend-kind of a combination between a cat and a dog. She was the smartest little thing, constantly finding out ways to make me panic, like the time she went on the roof and cried like she couldn't get down-she got down on her own after I went inside to put my shoes on to climb up to get her. She was playful in the morning and at odd times at night, always showing off her skills. She came when I called her and was always following me around-always at my side. When I did the laundry, when I went to my neighbor's house, she was always there to yell at me, "where have you been" when I pulled up to my apartment complex.
The thing I'll miss the most is our cuddle rituals. We had been together by ourselves for awhile and had our routines for cuddling. Every night when I went to bed, she would lay on my chest while I read, do a melodramatic leap off the bed when I turned out the light, then lay on my back when I turned over on to my stomach to go to sleep and she always gave me a back rub.
We did my homework together-she would try to lay on top of mine until I gave her her own. I would put down a piece of paper and say, "here Kitty, here's your homework" and she would lay on it until I was done with mine. She was the best kitty ever, and she always won over the staunchest "I'm not a cat person" friend of mine that came over.
Last Tuesday night I got a phone call from a neighbor who had found her lying in the gutter. I went over there and she was laying on her side, in shock, but still started purring when I started to pet her. She had been hit by a car and suffered extensive injuries. My boyfriend and I got to be with her when the doctor "put her to sleep". He held her paw and I stroked her little precious head. I miss her so much I can't stand it. But I couldn't put her through the pain of all the surgeries she would have had that probably would not have worked anyway.
I love her so much, she was the best kitty in the whole world. She was beautiful, loving, sweet, and sassy. I miss her and no kitty will ever be able to replace her.

Heidi Brockmeyer

Little Kitty, 1986-02/22/03

For our precious darling Little Kitty. We miss you.

Love, Dan, Anna, Reege, and Star

Littleman, 01/15/98-12/08/03

Littleman, it broke my heart to say goodbye and I will miss you forever. You were my baby, my littman, my little boy. We will never forget the joy you gave us and your funny ways. I will always remember that little smell of tortillas you always had on your neck since you were a puppy - Mommy loves you Littleman, your sister Red misses you and Daddy is so sad without you.
Love your Mom

Little Man, 01/24/88-06/12/03

Little Man,
You gave us 15 years of pure joy and happiness. You were our 1st born and you are always in our hearts. You always knew when something was wrong with either of us and you would always come and stay by our sides. Even when you did something wrong, like chasing the ducks, we could never punish you or stay mad at you for very long because of the "LOOK" you would give us. You provided companionship and more love than anyone deserves. Letting you go on June 12, 2003 was the hardest thing that we've ever had to do. We know you are in a better place and no longer suffering. Although you are gone, you remain in our hearts until the day we meet again. Only time will heal the hurt in our hearts. We thank God for all the memories and joy you brought us. Rest in peace my first born.
Mom & Dad (Mark & Kelli Modisette)

Little Miss, 10/04/03

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

- W.B. Yeats

Sam Blythe

Little Miss Muffet, 10/25/86-03/15/03

Muffet , you have filled a special place in our lives for 16 yrs.. now you fill our hearts forever.. we miss and love you so very much.

Little Miss Tuffy, 12/12/03

She was more than an animal, more than a friend, a family member loved more than one could believe possible.


Little One, 08/25/03

This is for the 6 month old stray kitten who never had the chance to trust a human and was put to sleep by the vet on his advice and my say so today, Monday August 25th 2003. I hope the little one can forgive me for the stress caused by her capture and short internment, and for being too late for her to be socialized easily. It may not seem to her that I saw her life as precious, but I did. It may not seem to her that anyone cared, but we did.

Elizabeth Duggan

Little Sarge, 12/15/85-06/26/03

I luv ya buddy. You were with me since I was 4 years old and I'll never forget you. You brought me happiness in times of extreme pain and torment and I thank you for those 17 wonderful years we had together. I'll miss you greatly. Good bye friend.

Greg Presley

Little Sassy, 03/08/03

For our special left one who left us on Saturday am. Little Sassy always made a dark-cold house and bright-warm home. You will always be in our hearts. We love you.

Tony & William

Little Schmidt, 08/15/92-06/05/93

To the best little buddy puppy. Rest peacefully Schmidt Bud - guarded by God's angels.


Little Sneaky Pete Sancho, 4/15/94-08/28/03

Petey Forever in our hearts
We Love you,
We miss you

Patricia A. Mieth

Little Sumo, 01/28/03

Little Sumo was a beautiful Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard mix. I wanted to take him and his brother home as my foster dogs, but a litter of 8 puppies came in and their mom. I just didn't have enough room for him.

That weekend I brought him and his bother to adoptions and was able to adopt out his brother but not him. I swore the next week I would take him again and if he didn't get adopted I would take him home.

Little Sumo got sick and was put down. I wish that I could have taken him home. I'm so sorry little baby boy. I know that you're with my Cassie and she is playing with you and acting as your mom.

I hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm so sorry.


Al and Linda

Little Tiger, 02/15/03

Little Tiger was a kitten who overcame great obstacles to live. She was born in the loft of a barn and all her brothers and sisters perished in the cold, but she cried out and manage to find my wife and I. She was growing fast and she was a delightful little cat. Brave and brash she straddled the food dish to get her share and it was that spirit to live that made us love and admire her. Sadly, she was trapped by a stray dog today and was unable to get away. She struggled to run and find escape but there was no place to go.. We pray her end came quickly and hope there is a better place for her now.

Littlewitches Magic Wizard of Magicadabra, 02/23/87-07/03/03

Magic, you are my sweetest bucky dent - I think of you constantly. mommy

Lizzie, 08/29/89-07/20/03

You were my first my last my everything.
You were such a big part of my life, now you are gone but will never be forgotten. Sleep well baby until we meet again. Love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lizzie Franklin, 10/25/03

Thanks for being the light of my life my pride and joy and most of all my beautiful baby girl. Thanks for making me smile all those years. You meant more to me than a faithful companion and you will be greatly missed. I love you so much and you will be in my heart always.


Lizzy, 26 Sept 2003

Lizzy was a great dog. She died of kidney and liver failure she was very loving and she used to follow me every where. I wish she could live more she died two months back only. She has been very healthy throughout. She loved carrots she used to go to the kitchen to eat. God bless her. Love you lizzy. She has been very clean and never
used to spoil her bedding. She used to welcome guests and would sit with us in the drawing room. She was my best friend in the whole world. Vaneet

Lobo, 11/15/03

My heart is heavy, and I have a hole in my soul. Just one more kiss from you, just one more hug is all I want. My tears they flow, and they will not stop. It is sooo quiet without you around. I'm soo sorry Lobo Little. Momma misses your very much. My heart will forever ache, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, play nicely with all the other pups there. Be a good boy, and remember, Momma really does love you very much. Please forgive me. May God hold you in arms. "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." Furever in my heart, your momma

Nancy Little

Lobo, 1989-11/12/03

Dear Lobo, you have been my companion for the last 14 years. I knew you were getting old. Lately you were struggling to get up, and I was torn between putting you to sleep or keep the pain away for a little longer. But you were a brave dog, you let me know that you were ready, and you gave me the opportunity to spend the last five hours with you, petting you and making you as comfortable as possible, until finally, your heart gave out, and you left me .My dearest Lobo, I will never forget you, I will miss you until my dying day. You were the most lovable and sweetest dog, and everyone loved and cared about you in the neighborhood. I wish you could lick my tears away from my grieving eyes. I am so sad. I hope that you
did not suffer and that you are now at peace.

Johann Tafertshofer

Lobo The Main Man Hairpig, 12/10/03

Lobo, my beloved little hairpig, has now passed away. He fought so bravely and wanted to stay with me and his girlfriend Tankgirl the Tyrant, but he was very old -around nine years- and could not find the strength to stay anymore. He was the most beautiful, colorful and furry little guy, and I thought it was hilarious to name such a soft and gentle little creature after the ruff comic character Lobo. He used to lie purring on my chest with all four legs in the air, showing off his stomach so I could rub it for him, and he nearly drove Tankgirl crazy with his tender loving rumblestrutting, chasing her all around, humming and wiggling his bottom, and trying to make some piggy love (forcing her to kick and pee on his nose in self defense, it was sure a big circus). Whenever I came home I was always greeted by his high weeks for goodies and he was always the unafraid one, curious and eager to explore. I miss him so much my heart feels like it will implode. I miss his soft fur, his soft noises as he went on adventures (commenting everything in his way), I miss his dark clear eyes looking into mine, I miss his little pink tongue licking my finger. I will always love you Lobo, and I hope that I will see you again someday.
All my love and kisses

Logan, 21/04/01-03/11/03

We only had you for a short time, but you were well loved and will be sadly missed.

Tracey Rymer

Logan, 05/13/98-09/07/03

Logan came to us as a starved kitten, weighing less than a pound. He lived with FUS, Myasthenia Gravis, and brain damage. He was a joy to us every day, a tiny but brave cat who never attained more than a five pound maximum weight. For the last few years he wore specially made coats to protect his fragile skin. Our other pets respected and loved him. His favorite place to be at night was between our pillows, often with big Simba cat grooming him as he burrowed into Simba's soft fur. Logan, you have been a blessing to us every day!
Steve and Mary Delaney

Loki, 02/01/99-07/14/03

To my ferret who was so sweet and lovable, you lived out a full life and you will be greatly missed. I love you and you can never be replaced.


Loki, 10/31/88-04/16/03

Loki, Your gentle and loving nature added so much to my life. You are missed so very deeply. The backyard is empty without you. I hope you are joyfully exploring fields of green grass in heaven. I know I will see you again, and await the time when I will once again stroke your soft fur as you lay your head in my lap. I love you buddy. "mama"

Lola, 01/14/03

We love you so much Lola and miss you more then words can express. You were my best friend and I hope you are happy where you are. I think about you all of the time and know you are watching over us.

Shelley Guilfoos

Lola Angulo, 10/29/02

Lola, you taught me so much about love and life. How I wish I would have been with you longer my beautiful puppy. I hope God lets me spend eternity with you.


Lola Brown, 01/01/02-07/04/03

Lola had the heart of a Champion and the soul of an Angel. No matter the abuse that she went thru the love she had for people was amazing. Now she is free and healthy and will not be forgotten by those who came into contact with her and immediately fell in love with her.


Lola Mae, 02/01/03-10/29/03

I love you and miss you every day.

Jennifer and Will

Lola Odette Liberty, 05/28/91-01/02/03

She promised nothing: friends will part,
All things must end, for all began.
She more than liked -- it was her style.
She loved what it was she saw:
Birds or squirrels, skunks or snakes,
And other things that burrow.
Cicadas that she ate and butterflies that she chased.
It was her passion for life and love,
That attracted so many to her door -- really her lick.
There were many who became putty in her paws,
They fell, one by one, into the spell that she would cast.

But eternal fate has also deeply cast
What her "masters" could not control.
Yet she lives in our memories and in our hearts.
And so for now, we to peace and sleep
And earth and you oh Lord restore,
The creature that you made,
And will bark no more.
But for those remaining in this paradise,
There is one last console:
Unable are the loved to die,
For love is immortality.
And we will remember this little lady
For her lick, her wag,
And the timing of her swag,
And for the many days we shared.


Lolly, 03/07/96 and Graceful Entry (Kimmy), 01/21/01

In Loving memory of Dynamic Lolly "Lolly' and Graceful Entry "Kimmy", both Lolly and Kimmy were Greyhounds, we have had Lolly for nearly a year and loved her from the first moment we met her. Lolly has made our lives brighter and fuller in the short year she has been with us. Lolly came to us after she was retired from racing, before Lolly came to live with us she never saw the inside of a home let alone knew what it was like to be petted or loved. It took us a while to get her to trust us she never really had anyone who truely loved her for just being her, we wanted nothing from her and expected nothing from her, she had already given so much to people who never really loved her for who she was but just what she could do for them. Tonight I had to say good bye to one of my best friends killed by a car. though Lolly did not die alone she was accompanied by her new found friend Graceful Entry "Kimmy". Lolly's DOB was 03/07/96 she was just 7 yrs old.

Graceful Entry "Kimmy" was new to our home having just retired this past month, we just got Kimmy Saturday 03/15/03. We really did not get a chance to really know Kimmy but we did get to love her and know who she was. Kimmy was just 2 years old when she was killed by a car, she was killed with her new found friend Dynamic Lolly "Lolly. Together they jumped a fence and made their way the street where they had their final run. Kimmy, like Lolly never knew what it was like to be loved for who she was. Kimmy was just starting to let us pet her and show her what it was like to be pet that was loved. Kimmy was just a baby and never got the chance to be loved and cared for like she really deserved to be. KImmy's DOB was 01/21/01 she was just 2 years old.

Diane Harvey and Melissa Baker

Lollypop, 11/16/84-06/19/98

What better tribute to you than the song I sang in comfort as we parted. Goodnight sweetheart, mommy will always love you- and will never forget. Thank you for helping me through it all. (hug)

"For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

I'm everything I am
Because you loved me"


London, 05/99-01/10/03

To my special were our "itty bitty little kitty" and grew into a beautiful cat. Your life ended tragically and for that I am truly sorry. Forever in my heart xo

Jackie Pluim

Lone, 04/21/94-05/01/03

Lone began life as a tar-encrusted street kitten, and was lucky enough to come into the life of a retired military guy with a soft spot for cats. This cat only socialized with a select few on his 'A-list', choosing to cloister himself when others visited, but all enjoyed hearing of his exploits. When his 'human staff' became virtually house-bound a year or two ago, Lone's presence as a pal became even more significant. When Lone was found to have inoperable cancer last week, he left a painful void in the hearts of both those who comprised his select social group and those who were just acquainted with him 'second-hand'. Godspeed, beloved buddy.

P.B. Muller

Lord Benedick, 06/06/98-12/23/03

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.
I'll always remember you...I love you, and I'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge...

Linda G. Richard

Lord Thor, 10/14/88-11/04/03

My beloved Thor I will miss you always. Thank you for fulfilling my life with 15 years of unconditional love and happiness.

Caren Cook

Lord Toby The Engine Rider (Toby Lynn), 10/11/91-7/30/03

My Toby
She was the first Christmas present my husband gave me after we were married. I received her Dec 26 1991. I will never forget watching my husband walk up to our condo with this puppy following right behind. He (husband) told me earlier he had to go and pick something up. I thought he was going to the grocery store.
At age 6 months Toby's trainer gave her name to a local commercial production company and Toby did a commercial for a local restaurant.
At about 1 1/2 she gave birth to 8 puppies. We kept and she enjoyed bossing her around. good thing the puppy was deaf.
Toby has been a joy to have, and has helped me through many medical problems. She would always give me a smile when I felt bad and shed make me smile. 3 years ago she had her first stroke but to all our surprise she made a wonderful recovery. Since she lived with 5 other dogs at the time we thought she'd do better living on palm Beach with her godparent. There she lived a wonderful spoiled life until about 6 months ago when our godfather was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We decided to bring her back home where she was doing great, she was happy and always had her tail wagging when the other dogs came around. she even started getting herself back into bed and seemed to start her 3rd childhood. But unfortunately today Toby's body could handle another massive stroke and we put her down. She couldn't walk or even stand, but she was surrounded by those who love her and will never forget her. ( her dad, Me her mom, Her godfather who cherished her and her loving vet). I can see Toby right now playing with her cousin Winnie (mini Hot dog who passed on 3 months ago) and Winston our cat (who was ran over) 8 months ago. If animals turn into angles Toby should be one. She was a blessing and joy to have. She will be greatly missed. And will never replaced there is no other dog like Toby.
My favorite picture of her is with her daddy on the fire truck (yes daddy a fireman)

Lordy Boy, 06/05/03

We put our Lordy Boy down today. His heart was giving out and we couldn't stop the suffering any other way. We tried, we really did. The painful decision didn't come easy but in the end we knew it was the right thing to do for him. He was the biggest, gentlest Doberman ever. Throughout the pain, he never snapped once. He loved our boys and was never happier than when he was around the family. He loved us, he protected us, he comforted us and now the void is almost too much to bear. We love you lordy boy and miss you more than any words can say.

Kim and Dan

Loredda, 1992-11/17/03

Loved to check wells with her daddy & climb steps to gauge tanks, between chasing rabbits and smelling for other animals. Touched the hearts of all our family & friends. The best hound puppy ever.

Pammy & Jimmie

Lotte, 10/30/87-11/06/03

Dear sweet Lotte, ,You were more than our special friend; You were a beloved member of our family. ,You came to us a tiny puppy. You grew up with the rest of our children, and you watched them grow into young adults. You watched as they moved out on their own; but you never forgot them, as you greeted their visits with much excitement. ,You were loyal and loving, and sought only to please. You lived a full life - more than 16 years - and you lived it to the fullest. Even in your later years, when arthritis set in, and when you couldn't see or hear as well, you had the will to go on. You were loved and cherished by many, and we believe knowing how much you were loved, is what gave you such a strong will to live. ,Still, we look for you, time and time again; Our hearts ache each time, as we are reminded that you have passed on. We miss you terribly, and hope that somehow you know, you will be Forever In Our Hearts. ,,,,,,Love, ,,,,,Your Mom & Dad, ,,,,,(Gaylene & Craig)

Lotus, My Hero, 04/21/98-01/24/03

Elegy for Lotus.

See the swift footed rabbit?
The flash of bright white.
The heart jumps with the exhilaration of the moment.
The brush rustles, and then no longer.
Now the Earth stands still to welcome its own.
This is the way of all things.
And so to live, listen to the fleet footed ones.
Love, with that blind love of a heart,
so innocent as to need no language.
Be brave and stoic, quiet and clever, funny and bright.
And live!
Live entirely, every second,
finding moments to leap with pure, unadulterated joy!

April, 21 1998 - January 24, 2003


Lou, 01/30/83-12/26/02

Lou was my best friend, soul mate, healer, and guardian angel. I will miss him every day for as long as I live.

Louie, 05/15/94-10/11/04

To Louie

My Frans beloved companion and a friend, not only a friend to our family but to all the families he encountered. Sweet and loving and good natured. Totally naughty but totally lovable.

We all miss you pal! All our love

Jason McArthur

Louie, 02/04/03

Louie was a retired sled dog. He loved to run, dig holes, and pig's ears. Louie only lived with my family for 8 months but he touched us all. Louie was the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank him for that. He was hit on the highway and I never had the chance to say goodbye. I love you Louie.

Valarie Grossart

Louie, 03/07/03

Louie was a special boy who suffered from brain damage because his mother had Distemper Disease. He was such a lover and loved to play with balloons. Dealing with his loss is very hard because he was such a special part in my life. He will always be in my heart.

Audrey Murray

Louie, 02/15/03

Louie we will forever miss you. We really hated having to help you pass but we couldn't let you suffer anymore. Please know we will never forget the love and kindness you shared with us. We miss you so very much Louie.

Louie Hocking, 04/13/91-07/25/03

My dear sweet Lou Lou....mama is missing you terribly as well as your brother Houie. Houie is calling out to you daily and nightly wondering where his best playmate is. Your fought a hard battle my sweet baby and I am so grateful for the extra time we had together though still not enough. Mama misses your nibbles and cuddles and your paw on my head while you purr and nap with me. I swear I hear you calling me and I find myself looking for you constantly. You were always by mamas side when I was sick or are my best little buddy and I love you so much and miss you everyday. I see you playing in the tall grass chasing butterflies and you look so happy and no longer uncomfortable. I can't wait for the day I can pick you up in my arms and love and kiss you again Lou Lou. Mama loves you with all my heart and soul my little pumpkin. BLESS MY LITTLE LAMB...LOVE MAMA

Louis, 07/25/03

Louis, aka Louie, was handsome, loving, loyal, smart, fierce, willful and whimsical. We will miss him every day.

Jan, Joe and Kelley Kneib

Louis, 04/05/97

Louis, it is over 6 years since you left us and I wanted to say that even though Angie and I are not together anymore, we still love you and think of you often. Please look out for little Tommy and help him as he gets so frightened.

Love Angie and Trevor

Louise, 11/03/03

To Louise, a truly great dog. She was kind and gentle and took care of our family for years. She was a racer by breed but a lover by heart. May she pass on quickly and painlessly and may God take her into his home where she can run and play again without the pain of her bone cancer.

Marcia and Amanda Gehring

Louise, 9/1/91-9/2/03

Louise (weezy) girl, you are already so deeply missed and it's only been a few hours since you left us. I remember the day you came into our lives like it was yesterday. The cutest little calico wild kitty I'd ever seen. You took such coaxing to finally let us touch you, and then you never turned back. 12 years you gave us, the only ones in the world you let into your world. That is an amazing gift, and an awesome responsibility. I know that some day we will be together again, and our consolation tonight is that now you can breathe again...easily, without pain or discomfort. We love you immensely and will never forget you.

Louise L. Damm, 09/29/88-08/13/03

On 8/13, my beautiful Louise asked me to help her go on to the next life. I looked in her eyes and knew it was time for her to go. She hadn't eaten in 14 days and refused to take her medicines anymore. I held her on my lap as the dear, compassionate vet gave her the shot to go to sleep. I promised Louise she would be with all her other kitty relatives she'd had in 15 years, and that I would miss her terribly, but I wanted her to be happy. She passed on peacefully, painlessly, leaving a big hole in my heart forever.


Lou Lou

Born in the desert, a land of heat, fire and dust. She ran among the coyotes, survived the bite of the Mohave Green rattlesnake. She inspired both admiration and curiosity in canines both domestic and wild. She was truly original and independent with her own life and dreams. Other dogs were immediately led by her charms. At 16 years she remained unafraid yet never engaging in conflict. This is a dog I will truly miss...and one that enriched my life and that of others that knew her.

Love, 01/10/03

Love, you were my constant friend and companion. We went through so many difficult times together. I'm not sure I could have made it without your constant love and acceptance. In your eyes I was without fault. And in my eyes you were always special, always beautiful, always so much joy. LOVE, you were, and are so much a part of me. The house is empty as is my heart without you. I will never forget you and someday we will cross that Rainbow Bridge together.

Betty Bloodworth

Lovey, 07/01/03

Lovey, a beautiful girl who was lost and found
a way into my heart. I will never forget you.
Rest easy in heaven, I am longing to see you at
the bridge.

Lovey, 06/02/03

Lovey, you will forever be the little motor that could....I love you and I know there is chaos in heaven because Sheena is chasing you...

Katie Yach

Lovey Dovey, 06/01/03

Lovey, you were my best friend till the end. You saw me through through some of the worst times in my life. You made the difficulties in life easier to deal with because of all the love you gave me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss you. I know you suffered at the end that is why I begged God to take to take you when he did even though it meant losing you. I would rather have you free of pain in heaven than here with me suffering. This is the hardest thing I ever have had to write because even though I told you and showed you how much I love you everyday. It reminds me that you are gone from me. I know someday we will be together in heaven. I can not wait for the day when I can hold you again in my arms. Please know I did everything I could for you and would do it all over again because I love you with my whole heart. Until the day we meet in heaven remember your daddy loves you and will never stop loving you.

Lewis Conklin

L.T., 06/90-11/19/03

I lost my dog today (11/19/03) I cried for an hour strait and I feel sick.
I loved L.T. so much.
L-pup I love you , I can't wait to see you when we meet again in the better place and you are no longer sick or blind or tired and I will hug you and throw you tennis balls and you will kiss me and slobber all over me.
I love you always L-boy.

Steve, Nancy, Brian, Merri, Tim, Mike

L.T., 08/10/90-07/15/02

LT my little buddy I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write your tribute but it has been hard to try and find the right words. You were an intelligent cat, being a feral cat not able come within10 ft of a human but I worked with you and earned your trust and you realized friendship has no boundaries and you and ended up tamer than a new born kitten. I do need you to know that watching Dr. Marks who is a very compassionate vet give you that final injection tore my heart out, but I want to say that I hope that my pain was much less than your pain. One final thing I hope you found Greyeagle and I want both of you guys to know I miss you both very much, and like I told Greyeagle we will meet again.
love dad

Lt. Commander Worf, 06/01/93-03/24/03

On Monday, March 24, 2003, 1:10am our beloved canine crewmate WORF resigned her commission here on Earth for an advanced promotion to an improved UNIVERSAL assignment.
She had survived her personal permeation of cancer as long as she could without torment and with great dignity and continued service to her crew.
As an 85 lb. Rottweiler of Klingon ancestry she was never ever known to wound anyone. On observing WORF in her interaction with other species, even human toddlers, it is swiftly obvious she instilled confidence, security and PEACE. As our "Number 1", she did, however, maintain discipline among our other creature crew members, Kerzon Dax, Bones, Nelix, and Crusher in her firm way.
Commander WORF is well trained in the arts of Human Companionship as a member of the Delta Society and acquired several certificates, in agility and human entertainment and support. She taught us much as to how better operate our ship.
WORF enjoyed her time here, mostly with her crew, but also in the white water on the beaches, at the ski areas in the snow, by the window in ground transit. Often referred to as "The Happiest Dog On Earth", she was known to wag her well coifed short tail so strongly as to knock her sturdy self off her feet!! She is a great tenor singer accompanying DAX and Bones to their favorite Star Trek, Friends and other select themes. She mastered the art of covert subtle petitioning of rations. Her favorite supplements are PupStickles (Popsicles), apples, food preparation clippings, excelled at K. P. quality control. One of her specialties is to conceal our right work glove, only and always the right, of a pair, somewhere in her back yard domain. We don't know how she knows the difference and we still can't find any of them.
Mostly she infiltrated our hearts in a unique, thorough and unanticipated positive effect to our emotions, her vacant position can not be filled.
As her surviving crewmates, we share with you our continued love and respect. We are so grateful for having had our opportunity to serve with her and trust that her next crew is as amazed as we are………….

Kerry Barnes, Kate Liston

L.T. Pima (Lucky Dog), 1993(?)-07/07/03

L.T. PIMA - Lucky/Trouble...aka my Lucky boy - died 7/7/03 (Aussie/Border Collie Mix)
Oh, my big Lucky boy, it has been just over a month that you were silenced from my world... (much too suddenly; it shouldn't have been your time to go - age and energy wise - so, I've had a very hard time trying to accept that you're not here). I still cry ... a lot.
There remains a big empty gap in my life - surroundings - daily routine - and my heart ... I miss you terribly.
I'd take all your crazy traits (like eating toilet paper! And getting so excited greeting company you could knock them out the door!) and double these traits just to have my 'Brat' back! I think about all your good boy traits and how well behaved you normally were, and how smart and patient! Even when I neglected giving you extra playtime or attention, your love was always and remained totally unconditional!
For almost 10 years you filled my life with companionship and love. You helped brighten my world. I will forever miss your smile and that happy tail! :) I miss seeing you first thing in the morning and kissing your head good night. I miss your howling/whining way of talking to me, Frisbee time and car rides, the many well performed tricks, the hugs and kisses, and being my guard and protector. But, mainly; I miss your constant companionship (my 'velcro' dog) and our routines, your happy 'welcome home' greetings, and your bountiful and unconditional love.
I will always miss you . . . I'm glad we 'found' each other - I originally 'saved' you and in lots of ways YOU saved me! Our bond and trust was strong. I'm sorry I/we couldn't stop or cure the tumor from invading your 'big' heart. We sure did try. After you were diagnosed with a terminal illness (mean cancerous tumor on the base of your heart) you still out-lived the horribly bleak predictions and gave me an extra two weeks with you, and I'm ever so grateful for that. I cherished the opportunity to pamper and spoil you and try to 'pay back' all the love you had showered on me through the years. You were 'ready to play' even up to your last day with me, then you declined suddenly and I fell apart. Though as hard as it was, I did not allow you to linger or suffer or go into distress, and you in return found it in you to give me some 'happy tail'.

Lucky boy, you were my 'kid', my family, my buddy, my brat, and my constant companion...
Now, without you near, this sadness and emptiness still feel so new and obviously overwhelming. I can't seem to stop crying . . .

I miss you terribly...yet, I know, I will love you always.
I wish I could call you back to me - come 'er boy! But, there's no such luck, this time.
So, Play hard, Rest easy my boy.
Love, your two-legged 'Mom',
Sharon Swab

p.s. Calli misses you too and looks for you every where!
I miss the two of you acting as a tag-team. Who would have guessed big you would let me have a little kitten two years ago, and that you'd become such pals!
My Big Boy and my Little Girl...I miss saying that!

Sharon Swab

Lu (Lucy/Lucifer), 02/25/03

You brought light to our lives, if only for a short time. We miss you terribly, and will think of you often.

Steve, Charlotte, Doug, and Laura MacDiarmid

Luba, 03/15/95-06/12/03

Luba was a great dog. I am 13 and I've had her since I was 5. I've had her for seven and one half years and now we had to put her to sleep. I hope she has fun at the rainbow bridge.


Lucas, 11/11/87-09/12/99

I still miss my big buddy. I was there when he was born, and he was my best friend from the first. He and I shared a special bond. I still miss him, still dream about him, even though he's been gone for nearly 4 years. I'll always love and miss him. He wasn't the smartest dog in the world, but he was big, goofy and beautiful, and he loved me and I loved him. Rest in peace, my beloved Lucas. I will never forget you, and nothing will ever replace you in my heart.


Lucca, 10/12/91-20/08/02

The most gentle, loving companion for my husband and I and our four children we could ever wish to have. Missed terribly by all, including Buffy his "baby sister".

Jayne and Peter

Lucee, 07/25/97-06/24/03

To My Precious Lucee,

Not a day goes by that I don't miss your warm, caring brown eyes and kisses. I have tried to write this tribute several times but the tears were too much and the pain so raw.

You were my precious LuLu that was always there to kiss my tears and be by my side. You heard the garage door open and knew that your mama was home and you were excited if I had been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours.

You loved our nightly walks and patiently stood while the kids were pet you and I would visit with the neighbors. All of our neighbors still talk about you and how wonderful you were. I knew that you were not feeling well but you were determined to take our last walk and go the whole route. It is as if you wanted to take everything in one more time.

Miss Kate and Dr. B miss you as does everyone up at the clinic. You were a special girl that they all loved.

Oh, how you loved to ride in the car and you weren't happy when I wouldn't let you hang out of the window, were you? It will be hard for me to go to the farm without you as you so enjoyed chasing the squirrels and barking at the birds.

Thank you for the 6 years of love and companionship that you gave me. I know the last month was hard on you physically and you worked hard to regain the use of your leg.

A new friend, Jaxson, showed up at Aunt Pammy's house and needed a new home. He will never replace you but he has made me laugh and love again.

I miss you, my Lucee and take good care of PePaw until we are all together again.

Debra Nelson

Lucie, 03/02/92-05/27/03

My little lovebird, my sweet, sweet pea. I miss you more than words can possibly say. I am grieving like I never thought I would.

Andrea Dempsey

Lucky, 10/20/03-12/02/03

you were the best puppies that I've ever had I miss you and love you

Tafari Newsome

Lucky, 06/22/02-11/23/03

My "Lucky", I miss you especially when I am off from work.
I miss not seeing you in the window, when I drive in from work in the late evenings. I miss you sitting with me, behind my back in the computer chair. I miss your whining meows, I miss you, "Lucky".


Lucky (Kee), 05/22/85-09/24/03

My best friend for 19 1/2 years

Lynne Currey

Lucky, 1998(?)-11/13/03

My best friend who just recently passed.
Till we meet again she lives on forever in my heart </3


Lucky, 03/21/84-09/18/03

Lucky was the best cat ever...I got her when I was six years old and I don't know what I am going to do without her.

Mary and Pat

Lucky, 09/14/03-09/18/03

A star that shines for one day shines no less brightly

Larry & Sarah

Lucky, 09/05/88-08/08/03

Lucky was my best friend, confidant, and child. I will miss him terribly. If only I had know he was so sick with cancer maybe things would have been different. I love him so much that I could not stand to see him suffer any longer. Pawpaws misses you too.

Linda Berkshire

Lucky (Prince Lucky Charm), 12/02/99


November 21, 1983 ----- December 2, 1999

Yorkshire Terrier

A Letter To Lucky

Lucky, you were the very best birthday present

Nick could have ever given me.

When we named you Prince Lucky Charm,

little did we know we were truly the lucky ones.

You were just a small ball of black and tan fur.

We loved you from the moment we saw you.

You chewed my shoes,

then kissed my face.

It seemed like your toys were everywhere.

Oh what a joy!

You were daddy's little tuff guy;

but, you were my baby boy.

For sixteen years you charmed our lives.

The love you gave was unconditional

and without bounds.

Such a little guy.

You were surely our biggest treasure.

Sadly the day came when we had

to say our good byes.

It was so hard to let you go.

There is a saying, "God can only mend a broken

heart when he has all the pieces".

Lucky, you took a piece of our hearts

with you and it can only be mended

when God has the other part.

How we wish you were here to makes us laugh,

to play tug of war or snuggle softly by my side.

Thank you Lucky for being

our little boy and constant companion.

We now have your ashes

in a small Rosewood box; but, your memory will

reside forever in a much

larger part of our hearts.

We love you and miss you so much it hurts.

With All Our Love Forever,

Avis and Nick DiBuo

Lucky, 06/25/00-06/14/03

Lucky, I love and miss you very much. You was my first little bird. You taught me a lot about birds. How much love you could give. God, only knows how much I miss that. You were a great little girl, so pretty. L.B. and Sissy are with you, now.
Take care of one another.

Lucky, 11/11/90-06/03/01

Two years has passed since you've been gone, and not a day goes by without me thinking about you, although we have a new Golden Retriever boy names Spike at our house and although we love him so very much. There will always be a special place in our hearts for you. You have been such a good girl, everybody fall in love with you the first minute they saw you. You have been my little shadow everywhere I went you came along. The only time we were apart was the times I was away on duty in my unit but even then I knew that you are in dad's good hands and that's you keep an eye on each other. I wish that up there in the Rainbow Bridge the angels keep an eye on you the same way and keeps you safe at night since we can't do it anymore. I light the candles for you every Monday (Tuesday here local time) and I know that you can hear my prayers. I pray that some day when you and your friends all run and play together, you will suddenly stops and looks into the distance. your bright eyes are will become intent; your eager body will quivers. Suddenly you will begin to run from the group, flying over the green grass, your legs will carry you faster and faster.

One of us have been spotted, and when we finally meet, we cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; our hands again caress the beloved head, and we look once more into your trusting eyes, so long gone from our life but never absent from our hearts.

We love you and miss you dearly, and I know you are happy that Spike is apart of our family but always there will a place in our hearts for you.

Elad and the rest of the family, and I know that you are happy that Spike is our lives

Lucky, 01/01/93-06/08/03

She was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. We will miss her tremendously. Our house will never be the same. Lucky, thanks for all you did for us and the love you gave. We will surely smile next time we go to the mountains and think of you on the hunt for the ever elusive froggies. You loved it so much up there, sorry we couldn't get you back there before you had to go.

Gin and Dan Peiser

Lucky, 05/09/03

Lucky was my best buddy in the whole world...when there was no one else to listen I had "my dawg" as I called him...since losing him I have gotten a Lhasa named Jasmine and I tell her about her "Grandpa Lucky" all the time..I will forever remember him and what he meant to me.


Lucky, 04/10/87-05/28/03

We shared 16 wonderful years with Lucky. She will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We will love her and miss her very much.

The Kaiser Family

Lucky, 10/13/87-05/14/03

Always there when needed, guarding a child's bed when she had cancer. He brought much to this world for a small soul. So long a member of the family, forever now in our hearts.

John & Viviane Bastien

Lucky, 04/11/03

Lucky, my heart is broken.
I will never forget you my fellas. You were a wonderful loving boy, especially with the children. Thank you for coming into my life. I will miss you . I love you now and forever and will never forget you. You will live in my heart always and I will love you always. Your human Mommy, Debbie

Lucky, 03/26/03

Lucky, you were beautiful when I first met you. I know you weren't my pet, but I think that I was your best friend and I know you deserve to be remembered. I'm sorry that I couldn't do more to help you. I know that for every day that you suffered, you will have a thousand days of happiness at the rainbow bridge. And, even though you didn't live with me, you are welcome to join me in Heaven with all of my pets. Until we meet again, remember that at least one person cares about you very much. Love, Dana

Lucky, 03/03/03

Fate brought him to me just nine months ago.
In less than nine minutes, Lucky was in my heart.
Immediately, he was family.
Full of life and love, Lucky's quirky sense of humor made me laugh.

I was only able to give him the home he deserved for a short while.
But, forever, he will remain in my heart.

While in my arms, he went to his final resting place.

March 3, 2003, 8:15 PM.


Lucky, 10/31/94-02/28/03

My first dog and best friend


Lucky, 04/10/95-02/22/03

Last Saturday I had to send your wonderful soul to God. I pray that you know how much we loved you and will always miss you.

Jasmine Free

Lucky Boy, 12/09/03

Goodbye Lucky Boy. You made Linda's life very special with your unique presence.

Bob Willard

Lucky Buck (Buck-Buck), 05/09/03

Lucky Buck, he was found by a family member in 1994/1995. .we took him in...that is where he got his name "Lucky"..because of the way he looked when he was found he was very lucky....he was a little pure white dog...he was like a baby to us with his little tongue sticking out just a little bit all the time..he would follow me everywhere around the house as I cleaned. Everywhere I went he went.. He loved to lay down next to you and sleep..he would chase Tyler in the yard and play..just like 2 kids would play chase..but years went by fast..and now he's gone to heaven we will see you in heaven lucky...we know you are there with "Hannah" playing now and you are in no pain..We love you very much!! No other pet could ever replace you! We love you beady-buck!!

Love, Mama, Dada, & Tyler

Lucky Charm, Red Dog, 03/17/95-12/02/02

Lucky Charm, it was the hardest thing in the world, coming home from that 10 hour trip to find you half blinded by your cancer, and knowing that you would be missing from my life the next day. As I sat with you, I knew it was the right thing, you hurt so much, and you knew too. I'm sorry you had to suffer that awful cancer.
there is a new baby in the house...almost a year old now. the house was so empty without you...I lay in bed crying at night, not for are no longer in pain...but for the hole you left behind. I know mom did the same. Toulouse will never ever replace you. We love him very much, but he's no Lucky. You would have put him in his place. I wish you were here with us.
we love you, and take good care of Aslan until I get there. He's the little champagne ferret who's probably trying to steal something shiny.
I'll see you again some day.


Lucky Dog, 11/06/89-12/08/03

There is no greater love than a pet for his family.
This was truly one of God's angels sent from Heaven to give us 14 years of joy.
He will be missed forever.
We love you with all of our heart.

Pat Randall

Lucky Ecker, 11/02-09/22/03

Lucky was a crazy little guy. We got him when a friend found some pups outside a Wal-Mart in near zero temperatures. We named him Lucky because he was lucky to not be in that box any more. For the short time he was with us, he was an absolute delight. He brought a real sense of fun to our house. A few of his endearing qualities were waking you up by licking your fingers, chasing a ball up and down the stairs, his "Timmy's in the well" routine where he would look from his toy that had rolled under the sofa to you and back again just begging you to rescue his toy, and his ability to keep every member of the house including the three cats in his sights at all times. Above all, he was a mama's boy and loved his favorite person, Georgia, best of all. We'll certainly miss the little guy.

Georgie Ecker and Laura Harper

Lucky Girl, 12/25/96-04/15/03

For my Angel Lucky. My best friend, constant companion and greatest joy. I will miss you and love you always.

Stephen Fossati

Lucky Tom Taylor, 09/24/03

In loving memory of our dear Lucky Tom. My "Tender Lovin Tom" . He had such a commanding presence, but had such a tender and loving heart. We saved him from a horrible life of neglect and we always felt that he truly thanked us for every day he spent with us, which would have been 11 years in Nov. Our lives will never be the same without our dear Lucky. He took sick suddenly and even though we pursued everything possible, he did not make it. I only hope that Lucky is at peace and with his beloved "Champ" who passed away on July 24 and I think Lucky longed to be with his buddy of almost 11 years. I hope they are running together and playing without pain. Forever you will be in our hearts. We miss you so. Love,
Mommy & Daddy

Lucky Wisenbaker, 05/10/98-10/23/03

Lucky boy-boy was our son, the light of our lives.
He was taken from us suddenly and without warning.
He loved to have his belly scratched and had the cutest face and body of any cat I've seen.
He also loved to eat/roll in catnip and play with a rug we have.
We miss him so so very much and wish we could still be with him.

Andie and Wes

Lucy, 02/20/01

Lucy, you will always be in my heart.
I loved you then like I still love you now.
I miss you very much.
I still have some of your fur on my wall.
Love you mush face.

Lori Mintz

Lucy, 10/10/86-01/04/01

Not knowing you until you were three as you came into my life with your daddy, but you became my special baby.
Your ashes are with us, but your soul is at that bridge.
Run free special baby, we will all be together again.


Lucy, 05/99

Always in my heart.


Lucy, 11/20/91-11/12/03

To a true friend and loving companion. May you always find fair winds and calm seas. Until we meet again.

John Stanford

Lucy, 05/0?/86-11/13/03

My little Lucy. After 17 beautiful years, we had no choice but to let you go, we miss you but you weren't well enough to cope with another winter. Now you can see and hear again, and you can play with Mungo and Max on the bridge. I will miss you so so much until the day we meet again.


Lucy, 03/05/03

Lucy my lovely 8 month old Devon Rex kitten was put to rest. You will always have a special place in my heart little one, and will never be forgotten. You are missed very much..Love
Linda and Rosie xxxxxxx

Lucy, 03/01/90-04/09/02

Lucy girl, you were my fourth birthday present. Grandma loved you, and she had a stroke the night before you died. She joined you a few months later. You were my best friend. Three months after you died, I got a new puppy. I know you would have liked a friend before you died, and well, I was lonely. I have your ashes beside my bed, and I put some in a locket. Thank you for everything you were with me through, baby girl.
I love you.


Lucy, 10/28/96-09/17/03

Loving, Loyal, and Beautiful.

Lanny Hiday

Lucy, 02/05/97-09/02/03

It's all too sudden. My heart is broken. I took her to the vet this afternoon where she was diagnosed with severe liver failure and came home grieving.

Sandra Furstman

Lucy, 08/01/03

Lucy - it has been my privilege and honour to share my life with you. I shall miss you more than ever you will know, puppydog Potts. Sweet dream sweetpea. Chase rabbits. I love you.

David Potts

Lucy, 11/15/92-07/08/03

Lucy was my very special girl. She was a very special part of my live and everyone in my family. She love to bark and run through the house that she was crazy. She loved her cookies and going outside. I miss her shoving me out of the bed every night. I will always love her with all of my heart. I will miss her forever. I love you, baby.


Lucy, 01/12/02-05/08/03

Lucy, our most beloved pet.

Mannie & Fredi

Lucy, 04/09/93-06/12/03

Lucy was our special little baby and we loved her as if she were a member of our family. She was our special baby. So little but such a large bundle of joy. We will never forget her or stop loving her.

Martha Simerson

Lucy, 01/07/03

She was lost with Abby in our house fire...we loved both of them so very much


Lucy, 07/76-09/18/91

Lucy Girl,
It's been a long time since you left us. We love you still. We talk and think of you often and have never had another pet that compares to you. I look desperately through the animal shelters to look for a pet as wonderful as you were.
We talk about how cute you were the day you came to us. We remember how young we were and how we were playing jump rope and you came to play. We laugh when we remember Dad saying you could stay with us if you didn't run away within the next few days, and how we begged and begged you to just stay there for a few more hours, and gave you bologna as a bribe.
Now that we are older we know you weren't going anywhere, that you were meant to be with us through all the hard times we had as children and to look after us as young adults.
When you got sick, it was hard on us all. We knew that we should take you to the vet and ease your suffering, but with youth and selfishness we watched you suffer until it was to late to help. We regret that so much when we talk of you. We regret that you suffered because we were to young and to selfish to let you go. I hope you know that. We wish we had taken you to the Dr. so that you wouldn't have hurt.
We know how difficult it must have been for you to take the long walk up to the back of the house to wait for us on the night you died. We know you were trying to hold on until we could get there, and we tried and tried to get there on time. In the end you died with Dad, and we got there 2 minutes to late. I've never seen that man cry the way he did when you left us. I've never cried as hard as I did when you left us. We buried you in the first quilt I ever made. I hope that it made your passage more comfortable, because I put a lot of love into it.
We have often talked about where you went. I sincerely hope there is a place such as the rainbow bridge, or that all dogs actually do go to heaven because I can't wait to see you again, I have missed you for so long. I'm glad that there is finally a place where I can make a tribute to you, for you were surely the best dog that ever lived on this earth. I hope and pray that you have a big meaty round steak bone everyday, and I will have one with me, just for you when we meet again, you wonderful little girl.
You have been and will forever be missed, and loved eternally. All Our Love,
Mom, Dad, Tammy and Jenny Slaughter (The humans that Lucy owned)

Lucy, 07/04/89-02/21/03

Lucy, aka, Princess, Lucifur, Missy, "Girl" was such a joy and best friend to me. I will miss her the rest of my life and I know in my heart that when I pass, I will meet up with her again.

Until we meet again sweetie, Your Momma

Lucy (Woocey), 07/05/90-08/13/02

Little Woocey, I saw you last night for the first time in my dreams and I savored every second. I thank you for finally coming to me to let me know you are all right. Thank you God for giving me that gift. I love and miss you sooooo much Lucy! We WILL be together again, I have no doubt.

Debbie Hadley

Lucy, 04/02/90-01/08/03

I miss you were a good cat for many years and there when I needed you.

Lizz Albertini

Lucy, 06/23/92-12/20/02

My little goose...I miss you so much. From the moment I touched you I knew you were mine. You brought joy to my life when things were at their worst. I know that you've forgiven me for putting you through the surgery, but watching you die of cancer would have been worse. Bob and Hyacinth miss you lots. Bob is just learning to play without you. You will always be my heart.

Lucy Belle (Loolee) Mann, 04/24/92-04/04/03

My darling, sweet little Lucy, she was never predictable, which was what was so wonderful about her. Even the doctors loved the challenge and spirit she presented. She fought valiantly for her life for over three years, truly the cat with nine lives. I simply adored this little girl. She was the runt of her litter but a pistol, a spirit, a character, bossy until a stranger would come into the room and then she'd run and hide. She was a baby who wanted to be held. She talked to me, smiled, scowled, could look puzzled, annoyed and always stood like a dainty ballerina with her feet in first position. Now that she has been set free life will never be the same without her, for me her momma, her sister Jamie, her cat sister Gracie and everyone else who fell in love with her "little face". It is unbearable without her. But my darling Lucy, I will be alright knowing you won't ever, ever suffer again. In our thoughts and hearts forever,
Momma, Jamie and Gracie

Lucy Dogge, 11/07/03

My little Lucy....You left on Friday for a world where I will someday join you.
Until then, I promise to love and remember you, my best little buddy.
I was once lonely, and you came into my life.
I don't know what I will do without you.

Barbara Snyder

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, 03/22/96-12/11/03

What will I do without you, my precious, furry friend?
Part mischief, but all blessing, and faithful to the end.
You looked at me with eyes of love, you never held a grudge.
You thought I was far too wonderful, to criticize or judge.
It seems your greatest joy in life, was being close to me.
I think God knew how comforting,
your warm soft fur would be.
I know you thought you were human, but I'm glad it wasn't true.
The world would be a nicer place, if folks were more like you.
A few short years were all we had, today we had to part.
But you, my friend, will always have a special place within my heart.
Author - unknown

What do I miss about you? Licking the water off my ankles after a shower. Drinking coffee with me in the morning while I read the paper, then letting me know it's time to stop my walking right in the middle of it and sitting down. Trips to Grandma's house together. Our Saturday morning walks/drives. I guess just about EVERYTHING. My partner, my friend. I miss you so. I know now what a real heartache is. Mommy's heart aches to hold you in my arms again. I love you Lucy and pray every day God will let us be together again someday.

Roberta Womack

Lucy Jo, 05/16/89-04/04/03

Our Lucy was the sweetest little cairn terrier ever. In 14 years, I never ever heard her even growl. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. We will miss her dearly and not a day goes by we don't think about her or wish she was still here. Lucy, may you rest in peace. Until we see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, know that we loved you more than words can say. God Bless!

Kim, Lou, Sean, Brian, and Craig

Lucy Mae, 09/22/88-09/11/03

Lucy Mae, you were such a sweet girl, and brought joy to our family for almost 15 years. If I had to describe you in one word, I guess it would be 'dignified.' You could have your silly moments, when playing frisbee or getting your belly scratched, but most of the time you were such a lady. Please don't think that the lack of tears from us has meant that we loved you less. It's just that having watched you grow so old and tired, we realize that now you are getting a well deserved rest. It was hard seeing you age, and become more and more dependent on our help, but now we have only memories of the wonderful times we shared with you. And lest you think you are getting a break from Ethel and her mothering, we now know she will join you soon. Just think, eternity with her constant licking and tail wagging. We love you still, Baby Girl.

Ricky and Brenda Long

Lucy Marie, 06/27/03

A sweet girl who thought everyone she met loved her like we do; and usually they did! I thank God for giving her to us for 14 years; we miss her sweet face and kisses and look forward to being reunited with her in the future.


Ludi, 1996?-2000

Dear little Ludi, you were my foundling, my rescue, but you added more joy and fun to my life and the lives of the boy birds than you could ever imagine. You were so beautiful and so intelligent, it's no wonder the boys fought over you! I was so devastated to lose you, and I'm so sorry you left in such pain. Now you, P, and J are all together. I love you all and miss you so. Anytime my little flock wants to pay me a visit, you are more than welcome. All my love.


Lugar- Tarrah's Shadow, 07/13/91-07/30/03

Lugar this is our first day without you, and you are terribly missed .I missed you so much this morning. you went so quick and I am so glad you were happy till the end. the boys will miss throwing the ball down the hall and you brining it back to ME they got so mad .lol. now you playing ball with tarrah I hope she was there to greet you make sure you tell her hi from us and she is still thought of often like you will be. Hannah is lonely but we will make her happy. I always said you should of had wings cuz your such an angel I guess you were "angel in waiting ,angel in waiting for wings". We had 12 long good years with you and not a mean bone in your body, you were very loved and we were VERY lucky to have you. I thank you for your devotion to us you made a big impact on our lives there will never be another you. The love seat is empty but we still can see you laying there. You were always so happy to see us come home to greet you and let Hannah in the door first knowing she was gonna attack you as soon as you stepped in...There are SO many memories I have with you and we loved you with all our hearts rest in peace little {PRANCER} lugar pretty girl god do I miss your gray face....Thank you for everything. you were a very special dog we love you and miss you, mom {lisa} Chris chance and Chase

Lugnut, 05/20/98-11/05/03

Little Lugnut I miss you so very much.
We all got such pleasure just gazing on you with your tongue sticking out in that adorable pose of yours.
You kept me warm and helped me laugh.
You always welcomed the siblings we brought into your life.
I still look for you with my eyes and always find you with my heart.

Jennifer Arnold

Luigi, 07/21/03

My Uigi Boy! We miss the Kangaroo Bop


Lujack, 05/28/84-02/13/98

My beloved Lujack. I miss you with all my heart.

Someday we will be together. I love you sweetheart


Lukas, 11/04/03

I am entering this for my friend Cindy Barrett in memory of Lukas, aka Pookie.
He was a special special friend to her and will be greatly missed.

Luke, 01/16/88-10/21/03

Luke was the sweetest and most loving dog you can imagine. He is already missed so deeply. We are so grateful that his suffering is now over and he can run, jump, play and bark until his heart is content. We'll see you again some day Luke. We love you.

Savoy, Brenda and Trevor

Luke, 1992-10/17/03

Most people choose the dog they want as a pet. You broke the rules and chose us to be your family. I did not want you when you followed Stephanie home. You were a stray. You were filthy, you smelled bad, you dug up my flowers, you looked like a skeleton, you were so clumsy I thought you were sick. And left bruises on my babies where you bit them playing. I didn't feed you for three days, hoping you would leave. You didn't. Now, 10 years later I have lost you. You were sent by an Angel I'm sure. It has been the best 10 yrs of my life. I miss you so much. I miss the song you sang to me every day when I got home from work. I can still smile about that. It took a few months for the neighbors to realize you were not in pain, but singing with joy. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. We miss you terribly. Love Mom and the rest of the clan

Lulu, 1991-11/23/03

Thank you for bringing all the unconditional loves to my life.
Thank you a thousands times again for being in my life for the last 12 years plus and all the wonderful things you
brought to my life.
Thank you for all of the years that you were totally faithful to me. Thank you for eating the last meal even though you did not feel like to eat.
Thank you for sitting in the front of our house the last time with me. Thank you very much for bring so much love to my life.

Now, I hope that you are free of all disease, you can run, and play freely, and find yourself a girl to have a family.

Peace be with you in doggie heaven over the Rainbow Bridge. When the time comes, I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and all of us will be united happily together forever.

Until then good bye to my best friend Lulu Lam.
I will always miss you.

Thomas Lam

Lulu, 11/95-10/19/03

Our sweet, funny, loving girl, we miss you terribly. I don't think we rescued you as much as you rescued us. You graced our lives for three short years. I am so sorry Lulu, it wasn't nearly enough time. We will never forget you. You brought such comfort into our lives, you were truly our little fur-angel, and a blessing to us all. I hope you are there with Abby, who I am sure engineered our meeting in the first place, and one day we will all be together again.

L. R. Nixon

LuLu, 07/25/97-09/13/03

We Love you LULU. We miss you so much.
Mom, Bobby, Mike, Joey.

Lulu, 09/10/03

You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Lulu. I know we will meet again in Heaven someday. We will always miss you.

John Brown

Lumber, 12/19/03

Lumber was a mixed breed dog that was a pal of my beloved Bruno.
He was a great dog as well.

Rich Lavoy

Luna, 12/14/02-07/26/03

To my beloved friend and constant companion, you are missed more than words can express. I am at peace knowing you died painlessly and loving the fun you were having that sunny July morning!

Your life lives on at your home where I can feel you watching over our new puppy, Zoie, and helping her get adjusted to her new home.

Lisa Worsley

Luna Lucce (Moonlight), 03/2001-1/03/03

My Luna brought such joy to my life. She was a very special cat who always greeted me at the door, sat at the window, and slept on my pillow every night, purring me to sleep. May she always have birdie's to chase, mice to catch, and be forever relieved of all her suffering. You were our Luna Lucce (moonlight), and I will always love you ...... Blessed Be, Momma Ashley.

Luna, I still think of you alot of the time, especially when I see a full moon. I have your pictures and you brought much joy to my life. Cody remembers and still looks for you. Baby Blue wishes he could have met you. Forever in our hearts, in this month of January, the One Year Anniversary when we held your paws till your eyes closed unto eternal rest --- you are loved. And never, ever forgotten. Watch over us all. How I love you -- *Momma A.

Lun Od Jadra, 04/18/89-02/23/03

Luni, thank you. For everything. You are always on my mind.
Ljubavi, tvoja Jeca.

Luther, 10/27/03

Luther lost his battle with osteosarcoma.
God helped us end his pain so he could cross the bridge.
Our house seems empty without him, but our hearts will always be filled with his love.
We love him and miss him with all our heart.
Thank you for being our friend.

Greg, Dana, Samantha, Lance

Luther, 06/28/87-08/12/03

Luther, You were my friend for 16 years. Much more remarkable than the ordinary cat, you ruled our household. Not just the other cats that passed through your lifetime, but the dogs and the humans. I'm not sure how I can go on without you. How can I have a bowl of cereal without you standing by for the last few drops of milk. How can Daddy make a turkey sandwich without being on guard for Luther the thief? Who is going to sleep on my head at night & lay on my Sunday morning paper? Who is going to sleep in the recliner with Daddy? You were so entertwined in our lives we will be finding new ways to miss you for months to come. Thank you for being there for me & Daddy and the boys when we needed you, you always seemed to know when. Thanks for the purrs and the laughs. Thanks for the patience with Joey, that is a precious memory that will last forever. I know you are with Thunder & Porsche now and that you have your tail back. That makes me happy. You guys have fun and wait right there until I come for you. I will always love you and miss you every day until we meet again. Mommy

Luther Pinkerton, 11/26/03

In memory of my big, sweet boy. I will miss your hugs, and looking into your big sad eyes. It is so sad you could not tell me something was wrong. The tumor we were unaware of grew so fast. Your brother misses you and keeps expecting you to come home. Please comfort him with your spirit. I am trying to help him understand. We love you, Luther.
Mom, Dad and Lucas

Terrie Pinkerton Barry

Luzie, 04/04/03

Unser kleiner Nasenbürzel Luzie starb viel zu früh an Trommelsucht. Wir werden Dich nie vergessen, kleine Lucille!


Lyle, 06/06/99-12/10/03

Lyle, you brought so much joy to our lives. The runt, only at first, you grew to be such a big boy. Now you are with your mom, and she'll take good care of you. We'll keep you in our hearts forever, and that twinkle in your eye will never truly be gone.

Jessica Miller

Lynk, 12/01/99-10/08/03

We miss you so much, Doop! We hope you're having fun in heaven picking on your kitty friend, Jewell. We will NEVER forget your joy for life and your wonderful ability to make everything better! Until we meet again...


Your Mama, Papa, Rocket, and Mykah

Lynn, 10/24/95-02/10/03

Lynn, you are my "Best Friend" and I miss you.


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