1998 Tributes

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Tabatha thru Tyson

Tabatha, 10/76-6/22/97

My 21 yr. old cat and Poco's good buddy. - We've been through a lot together, sweet kitty. You and Poco wait on the Rainbow Bridge!

Cheryl Reese

Tabby, 12/31/95-3/4/98

Tabby - you were the light of our lives for 3 short years.
I know you're in heaven with all your other sister and brother cats and enjoying yourself.

Our heart is broken and know that no one can replace you.

When it is our time to pass on from this world, I know we will all be reunited again.

All our love,

Robert and Marie

Tabitha, 02/17/98

I miss you Tabbie. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. Take good care of dad.

Tabitha, Easter 1983-07/20/98

Our Little Baby Girl gave us so much Happiness during the last 15 years. She still LIVES in the Hearts of those She touched. She will be remembered for her gentle and loving ways. May you Rest in Peace Little Girl. We will always Love You.


Tabitha & Nicholas Johnson, 12/20/77-12/20/82

I Love and miss you two very much. I will see you when I get there and we can be together forever. Meet up with all of my other friends and we will cross the bridge together. You were wonderful friends and I will love you forever.

Love, Your Mom

Taco, 05/23/98


Taco's story wasn't like many other rats. She wasn't bought from a pet store or picked out of a litter. Taco was found at a local Taco Bell (hence the name) by my sister-in-laws brother (the manager). Surprisingly Taco was friendly and acted like she had always been around people. He decided to keep her.  
He bought Taco over to my house and I instantly fell in love with her. I never knew that that upcoming Easter she would be mine.  
I had some great times with Taco. She would try to bite my cat's tails when they would walk by her cage. She would chase a string like a cat. And she loved to go places. She would ride in my overalls or my purse or sometimes she would even ride on my shoulder.  
I knew that it would be hard to lose Taco. She was more then a pet, she was my friend.  
I know that this tribute wasn't perfectly written but it came from my heart.

Casey Lewis

Taco, 07/07/83-05/14/98

We adopted Taco, a terrier-mix puppy (6 weeks old) from our local shelter on July 7, 1983. All they could tell us about her was that she had come in on the truck with her two brothers that day. We fell in love with this little black ball before we ever completed the paperwork in the shelter office. We took her home and she became our ""first baby girl"" (two human daughters followed in 1984 and 1987). Our family was fortunate to have this precious dog share her life with the four of us for the next 15 years.

With much sadness our Taco passed away (euthanasia) on May 14, 1998. All of us went to the vet that Thursday afternoon, as we were very concerned about her. Taco had become lethargic and refused to eat. The vet was so kind to all of us, and determined Taco's kidneys were failing. All of us remained with Taco while she received the injection. You can imagine the sadness in our hearts......

Taco truly lived the life of a princess. She brought us so much joy, love, and laughter! We are certain that she lived so long because we loved her so much. Our family was so fortunate to have found her! We know she is basking in the sun at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you, Taco girl, and miss you. Our house is so quiet that the silence is deafening......

John, Kim, Kate, and Courtney

Taffy Snow White Princess, 05/17/86-07/30/98

Taffy was the love of our lives. She gave us unconditional love during the twelve years of her life. She gave us much love, joy and happiness and was loved by everyone who knew her. Taffy, mommy and daddy miss you terribly. We miss not seeing your beautiful and smiling face. A part of us died the day you had to leave us and go to Rainbow Bridge. We cannot not will ever get over losing you. Our precious little girl, our beautiful white powder puff.  
We know that you are no longer suffering and finally at peace. You fought till the very end. You never gave up. You kept on smiling throughout the past two months when you became sick. Taffy, even though you are no longer with us, your spirit lives on in our hearts forever. We have the wonderful and beautiful memories and pictures of you and they can never be replaced. We are all heartbroken by your sudden illness and passing. Mommy and daddy look forward to being with you once again at Rainbow Bridge. Until we are all together again. There is not a day that goes by without shedding tears, it is hard to go on without our precious Taffy, but Taffy we know you would want us to be strong.  
And go on. We will not disappoint you. You will always live on in our hearts forever through all eternity.  
Love you and rest in peace. Your with god now looking down at us watching over us here on earth.. You are our guardian angel. You are that shining star shining ever so brightly in the night sky. We love you.

Mommy and Daddy (Robert and Jo Anne Mallano), Anthony, Grandma Marie and Grandpa and Grandma Mallano and Aunt Di and the rest of the family.

Taffy (Bripp Bripp), 03/11/85-07/02/98

Oh, sweetheart, Momma misses you so much... Daddy too. Its so empty in this house without you. I knew that one day this time would come when we would be parted. I dreaded it... Live on my beloved in your special place and always feel the love.... Thank You for being my best friend in the world. Thank You for your nonstop unconditional love. Thank You for the joy and love you brought to my life daily. You're such a good girl and a pretty girl and Momma loves... I miss you, Taffy, more than words can say....

Amy and Larry Allen

Taffy, 11/21/92-06/16/98

Taffy, I will never forget the night you walked into my life. It was a cold and snowy November. You were starved, cold, wet and very sick. I brought you in, cleaned you up and fed you. You were so happy to have a warm home. You would curl up on my lap and purr constantly. It wasn't long before you were my best friend and companion. The time we have had in these past five years has been wonderful. You won my heart in a way I cannot explain. Ever since I found out how ill you were, I haven't been the same. I can't seem to think about anything else but you, and the days when you were well and happy. I couldn't bring myself to put you to sleep, knowing you weren't suffering and that we both wanted you home. When I saw you this morning, and you had passed away, I was relieved that you were at peace and torn apart as well. My life has a huge void without you. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that you could never leave my memory. You not being here could never change how much I love you. You are my baby, and you will live on in my heart forever, and always. Remember your daddy loves you.

Daddy xoxoxo

Taffy, 05/12/96

He was a beautiful and independent cat, and I love him very much, and miss him always...


Taffy, 8/8/80-8/24/94

To our first "baby girl" We love you and miss you very much but we know you are with us in spirit and in the five wonderful "children" that live with us now. You are always in our hearts.

Linda and John Turnak

Taffy Ann, 5/6/80-7/29/95

The best friend I will ever have!!

Candy Kuhn

Tag, 11/20/84-11/14/96

Elhew Tag -- our beloved first Pointer. Because you were so very special, we wanted more just like you. We cherish the time we had with you, Tagaboo, and we still feel you with us every day. We remember your style, your sense of humor and fun, your joy of life, and your devotion. You'll always be in our hearts. We're so glad we belonged to each other -- wouldn't have missed it for the world! We'll see you again because we love you.

Rob and Linda Lee Martin

Tai Tai, 04/05/86-03/03/98

We laid our beloved Akita, Tai Tai, to rest under the apple tree.

Karen Church

Taji, 01/19/70-09/12/98

Taji, I will always love and remember you. We were together for over 28 years. You helped me sew, pulling threads away..., you helped taste test all my food, as long as it wasn't green, you understood "No" but chose to ignore it selectively, your visits to my shoulder to see why I wasn't feeling good while laying there on the sofa, always made me grin. You would call me to the door if I didn't see someone coming, greet us with a welcoming chirp no matter what time we came home, "wolf-whistle" and lift your wings to show how pretty they were - your one trick if I asked and you felt like it. So many little things that made you so special. Your love was unconditional, you were always there to share. You were there to help me mourn the loss of your mate, Keoki, 14 years ago. Now your spirit and Keoki's fly together once again. Your "new" mate, Kiri, of 14 years misses you, too. Soon, I will find her another companion, just as I did for you so long ago.

Taji, I will always love and remember you, so will your Dad. We were together for over half of my life. Goodbye, Little One.

Marla Spellenberg

Taku's Allegro Non Troppo of BurmaSauras, 02/12/98-07/07/98

Allie, my little "flying squirrel", you were the best of all the kittens, and the feline love of my life. I was looking forward to enjoying your company for many years. My only comfort is in knowing that you are with Love Potion, Baby and the others at the bridge, healthy and whole again.

Mary Rhyne

Tallen, 10/05/96-11/15/98

My precious light,

I imagine your running as freely as ever now my dear Tally.
Your loved my angel... and god knows deeply missed. I still can't believe it...
I pray, if anything, I was able to give you the best two years of your short little life... the way you gave us ours. Toby misses you Smel...we all do. May god keep you safe.


Tamahara, 08/80-11/96

Cancer took you too early, I'll look forward to meeting you at the bridge.

Glenna Burleigh

Tammy, 19/11/87-18/11/98

Our lives were enriched by your presence. We cannot say how much we miss you. We shall cherish your memory forever.

Give our love to Sid when you meet up with him.

Love you always

Mum & Dad

Tana Marie, 5/8/85-6/18/98

Tana you were our best little friend. We miss you and we will never forget you. We love you Tana.

Mom and Dad

Tango, 06/98-09/19/98

May he rest in peace. He was an ever-playful, talkative and sweet baby.


Tank, 04/19/82-10/07/98

Our sweet baby will be so missed. The last year had been so hard for him. He still always managed to greet us with a waggy tail, even on that last day when he was so sick. We can't begin describe our grief and sadness over losing him. Tank was a good boy---our only child.

Lyn & Lisa

Tank, 11/22/88-02/28/98

You were our "big guy", we loved you so very much and will miss you always. your devoted family


Tanner, 06/30/98

You always loved to roam. When we found you you were roaming. You were sick then but our Mommy made you better. 3 years later we tried to stop you from getting away but you were too quick for us and a car hit you. I am glad at the time of your leaving that you were doing what you loved best. Your brother.

Tannis, 08/08/98

I would like to let it be known that Tannises passing has left an unending void in our lives just as Raggs, Happy, and Angle have and to let her know we have an unending love for her and all our other pets that have passed on.

Josh Glover

Tanner you are still loved as much as possible and we will see you again someday and we will be together again in the meantime I hope that you find Angel Happy Raggs Lady Sage Bell and all our other dogs that have gone before and after you. We will be together again someday when god decides we should until we meet again see you Tannis we miss you!!!

Karen Glover

Tanya, 11/26/86-1/21/98

Tanya... my first best friend, you listened even though you didn't understand, you consoled even though you didn't understand, you made me laugh, even though you didn't understand. I know you tried and you were there. I miss you dearly and my life is so empty without you. You never gave me a chance to say goodbye. To tell you I love you and I will miss you. But I know you are no longer suffering and that your in a safe place. Please understand this though, I love you and miss you and here is my chance to tell you that. Nobody could ever replace you.

I love you.

For our baby, Tanya we miss you so much, our lives are not the same without you. We love you and hope you are watching down on us. I know your no longer in pain. Mommy, Me, Joey and especially Daddy miss you.

The Hegel Family

Tapsi, 06/27/81-04/04/98

Tapsi was a very special member of our family. For the first nine years of her life she was with us with her mother, Sunshine (1978-1990). In 1988 our daughter , Anna was born, followed by Inga in 1990. This was a very gentle, kind and obedient dog who went everywhere with the family. Always the baby (Hunde Baby), she had many special nicknames including "Taps Edward Hundeheimer Schmidt" sung by her kids. Her most recent nickname had a certain International_religious tone, as "Hundegarde von Bingen" she personified St. Hildegard. Tapsi loved swimming and visited the LesCheneaux Islands in Northern Michigan for 17 summers. We are thankful for the loving memories which will live within our hearts ..what a special friend , our Tapsi.

Love Forever, Ralph, Petra, Anna, Inga and all your Family and Friends

Tara, 04/30/85-09/28/98

Tara has joined her son Ernie. She will be missed by my family. But she isn't in pain anymore. Tara was a wonderful friend for many years. I miss her

Jackie O'Guin

Tara, 04/05/98

A very special family member and a true champion right to the end. We miss you lots our bouncey girl.

Karen & Brian

Tara, 01/24/91-04/4/97

Dear My Precious Tara, It's been a little over a year since I've been able to hold you in my arms. I miss you so much. On Wednesday, April 2, I came home to find you very ill. I didn't know at first that you were following me around because you were sick. It got to be late and I realized I hadn't seen you for a while so I went looking. I even looked in the front yard because you had followed me out there and I was beginning to think you were lost. I finally found you in the backyard, so sick that you could not come when I called. I took you in and you threw up. It was then that I realized that you had somehow gotten into Daddy's dinner. I called the vet, and made an appointment for the first thing the next morning. Oh how I wish I had stayed up with you that night! I awoke in the morning thinking I would find you better, but you were not. When we left for the vet, something told me you would not be coming home. He hospitalized you, said it was probably pancreatitis. I left you at the vet's so he could run tests and keep an eye on you. Your human sisters and I returned that evening to visit. You had an IV in your leg, but got up and turned circles when you saw us. We thought you were getting better. Daddy now wishes he would have gotten out of the van to visit you too. He assumed we would be bringing you home with us the next day. I am very grateful that the girls and I were able to see you for one last time. The next morning I called the vet to check on you and he said that you were doing great but he hadn't fed you yet. If you kept down the food that night, you could come home in the morning. Not an hour later, he called back saying that you were not doing well and he didn't expect you to survive. I rushed to your side. Your were obviously suffering, and it wasn't until you were so very sick that the vet realized you had a huge liver tumor. Seems he had seen something on the X-ray and wanted to X-ray you again, but the time was not right. He said that everytime you relaxed a little more, he could find more tumor. It was so hard to see you there. You did improve when I got there, but your breathing was labored. I could not stand to see you suffer. I am very thankful that it was not the spaghetti that killed you. Dr. Quinn said that you would have soon gotten very ill anyway, and now that I look back, I see little signs of illness in you. I hope you understand why we allowed him to give you that medicine that let you slip away from us. I am sorry about not noticing you were sick sooner. I am sorry about the bad person who took you away from us as we were searching for a place to bury you. You would think that a person who deals with grieving people would understand. I try not to think about that Saturday. I just remember how good it finally felt to have you in your final resting place. I know that Heavenly Father watches over the Bridge. I just hope you know how much I love you and how much we miss you. We had you only six short years and I feel cheated. I look forward to the day where I can hold you in my arms and stroke your sweet head. I LOVE YOU!!

Love always, Mommy


I can still hear your bark through the yard. I still see those golden eyes look into my soul You were my friend and loved me unconditionally God let me have you for almost 11 years and everyday was full of joy. I am going to miss you , Boo Until we meet again.....

Thank you,

Tara, 11/26/81-01/17/98

Tara, I loved you for 16 years. I still love you now, even though we aren't together anymore.

I rescued her from the animal shelter when she was 7 weeks old. She lived in 7 locations with me. She was with me during the lean years as a student, through the birth of a baby, and through my divorce. She was always there for me with a smile on her face. I've cared for her through knee surgery, and a host of other illnesses and parasites.

Finally, the years took their toll on her, and we both knew when it was her time to leave.

I love you and miss you and look forward to someday when we'll be together again.

Linda Lavolette

Tara, Buffy, Baby, Tybo, Cat, MoMan

They were by special friends and each one has given me such love and joy. There is not a day, I do not think of them for they are always in my heart. Have peace, my beautiful ones ... I love you all and miss you so.


Tarka, 01/08/87-09/27/97

Tarka was always a joyful boy and the most loving of creatures. He was our heart and we miss him so very much! We truly look forward to joining him again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Barry and Barre Wright

Tarzan, 10/1/90-2/25/97

Our sweet baby Tarzan. How have we made it a year without you in our lives. I miss your loving nose kisses and your "gooshing" on my tummy. I miss the way you always greeted me at the door and the way you kept me warm at night. I still think of you daily and still shed many tears. Sheena has been lost without your company as well. We will never forget you. We love and miss you deeply. Sleep well my brave angel.

Suzy, Larry and PJ

Tasha, 04/82-10/29/98

For my Tasha, a.k.a. Miss Mew

On November the 29th, it will be exactly one month since you took the express ride to Rainbow Bridge. I say the express, because I feel that you were taken away from me way too soon. When you came into my life, you were an outside cat and there was no way, I could have converted you into an inside cat. I didn't like the idea much, but I strongly feel that it was the only thing I could do, it's all you knew. Remember that first summer, when I realized that you weren't spayed and you had a surprise litter! That's when I knew how much you enjoyed the outdoors. That whole summer you stayed inside. The first ten days you were content on being a 24hr a day mother, but then you wanted out! Well in order for you not to surprise me again, I forced you to stay in the house, and when you're kitten's were finally weaned, we had to wait because you still had breast milk and when we finally got you spayed, you still had to wait about a week before going out! You hated that summer, you stopped purring, stopped talking, and you wouldn't come when I called. That's when I realized that you needed the outside for your sanity and mine! I don't regret letting you have your way, as hard as it was, I knew it was the only decision. Every single time I heard a car go by in front of our abode that was going too fast, I worried about you, especially that time when you were almost hit in front of me, remember Tash, I was really mad!  
Unfortunately, you were hit and killed by a car on October 29th, 1998. As devastating as the news was to me and still is, I find myself being thankful for a lot. First, to Lynne for bringing you into my life 5 years ago, second for being the best cat anyone could ever have and more. I'm also thankful, for your special ways, like taking walks with me (and actually following!), greeting me every single time I arrived home and running up to the car to see me. It was you and me for the first four years and then came Charlie the dog, who quickly outgrew you. At first you weren't too excited about the idea of sharing your home with a puppy, but I guess you realized that he was staying for good, so thanx for having the patience with him, I know that was hard for you, especially when he wanted to play! Never once did you claw him! Finally I'm grateful to Christine (a total stranger), who found you on the road, taking the time to find me, which wasn't an easy task! Call the vet's from the info on the tag, then my mother via my sister who then came over to my place to tell me what had happened (I really should get a phone!) If it wasn't for the her kind hearted gesture, I would still be wondering what had happened to you and that would have been far worse! Last but not least, thank you baby girl, for all of the unconditional love you gave me. I miss you Miss Mew, bye for now, I'll see you soon.

Lot's of Luv Syl, a.k.a. Mommy

Tasha, 04/15/87-11/2/98

Dear Leo,

You went to the rainbow bridge 2 years ago. Now your baby sister Tasha will be joining you... She is on her way now.  
Please take care of her! Tasha needs to be loved.  
Show her the sun, the grass, the butterflies. Take her under your wing.  
My heart is hurting right now, but I know you are in a happy place... Soon you and Tasha will be playing together, she will be happy and secure and healthy again.  
And someday I will be with you, and the smiles will come out again.


Tasha, 1/1/98

Dearest Tasha,
I know you can hear me, and I just want you to know how much I love you! That's why I sent you to the bridge. I didn't want you to suffer anymore! If there was anything I could have done to keep you with me, you know I would have done it. I tried all I could, but I knew you weren't happy here suffering. You were such a good kitty, so cute with that silent meow looking like a one-eyed bandit with your eye shut. I never knew why you did that! Iím so sorry for anything I may have ever done to make you sad in any way. You know I always loved you, always will! I will see you on the bridge. Please wait for me with Domino. Nemo and Diva miss you lots!!!

Gina Jozaitis

Tasia, 09/82-06/97

We love you and miss you dearly !

The Broussard family

Tattoo, 2/2/98

I was chatting with a friend at bird chat tonite about my toucan and his inoperable spinal tumor.....we discussed how hard it was to lose a pet...he died while we talked! Thank god for Mary.

Tattoo was such a special and unique animal......I can't believe he is gone....he had a real burst of energy the last couple of days...I WILL MISS HIM!

Cheryl Reese

Tawney, 9/97

To Tawney,
a beautiful, noble gentleman who will never be out of our hearts.


Tawny, 03/01/98

In loving memory always of Tawny.


Tawny, 9/97

I will never forget your sweetness, your playfulness, your loving nature. Thanks for all the joy! I will always miss you and look forward to seeing you again my little sweetie!
I love you!!
Your Best Friend Always,

Tay, 8/24/84-2/22/98

Tay was our baby. He loved and trusted us and we loved him with all our hearts. He made friends with everyone and thought anyone who came to our house was there to see him. He lived for 13 and a half years bringing us joy and love. He was a quiet little dog, rarely barking. Yet, now that he is gone our house is so very, very quiet and empty. Our lives will never be the same without him. I don't know how we will get over this.


Taylor, 09/01/87-11/03/98

In Loving Memory of Taylor ...who gave love and was deeply loved.


Taylor, 01/14/96-07/29/98

To Taylor, our sweet baby boy who, although many had called you "the big one," was and always will be the biggest, littlest, sweetest rat in the world. The first time we held you and your sister, Clio, was the day we were blessed with having the sweetest furry angels. You were always gentle, even when taking your food from our palms, especially your favorite, organic baby carrots, which mama bought at the farmers' market each week. Papa remembers taking a nap with you and waking up with you kissing him on the nose. Mama remembers the time she was petting you on the head and you fell asleep for about 30 minutes leaning against her. Thank you for being a wonderful companion, listening patiently through our worries and tears and kissing and cuddling with us through our joys, never expecting anything in return. We know that you tried to be strong for us until the end. We are so sorry for all of what you went through and wish that we could have taken all the hurt away. We wish that you didn't have to go so soon. We miss you and love you so much and will hold you in our hearts and thoughts always. We look forward to the day when we can hold you again on the other side of the Rainbow. Sweet dreams, dear Tayls.

Romely and Joshua Levezow

Taylor (Tay-Tay), 02/05/95-06/24/98

I can't believe my girl is gone. I love you Tay-Tay. You will always be in my heart. While your there sweetie say hello to Kitt. Tell everyone how much we miss them. I love you baby girl. The flowers you're always getting into are now in your memory. Memory is such a long and cold word. But that is all I have of you now. I love you and good-bye for now sweetie. In loving memory, Brenda

Taylor Muffin, 3/9/95-6/21/98

Taylor, you are at the Rainbow Bridge now. I'll see you there one day and I will tickle your belly and you can give me kisses. Mommy and Daddy miss you, so do all your ferret friends. Rest in peace, dear Taylor.

Pam Williams

Taz, 06/01/98-7/22/98

In his very short life Taz touched many people. 4 specialists and countless assistants rallied to his aid when he dropped down to 2 lbs. and needed emergency surgery. The vet even took him home with her. I have received cards and donations from so many people. My vet even donated all her time to help me pay for the extensive bills incurred. He was a precious precious baby kitty. He loved everyone and everyone loved him! He had the cutest little stump tail and his ears flopped over. If you picked him up, you had to let him ride on you shoulder. I'll miss my sweet baby.


Tazmania, 11/15/97-7/15/98

We love and miss you dearly. Hope you are with Manic and looking after each other.

Craig and Julie-Ann Miskell

Taz Stewart, 10/10/98

Taz brought the sunshine out in everyone's heart. He was the most intelligent, sweet, and caring sheltie we've ever had. Taz was my best friend, he cuddled me, and loved me unconditionally. He took care of my father, and loved my mother. I want to honor him, in the only way I see fit...for such an exceptional dog/friend.

I love you my sweet Taz, take care of daddy...we'll all be together one day!

Thank you,

Tazzy, Bear, Whitney, Jamie, Onta, 01/14/89-04/29/98

I just lost my beloved Tazzy today, she was just 9 years and 4 months old, she was a very sweet, gentle loving girl. Last week I lost her son Bear, he was just 7 years old, in November I first lost my sweetheart Jamie and three weeks later I lost my Whitney, and lost my old mare Onta in March. Each and everyone of these babies were very near and dear to my heart and I loved them dearly and miss them more than words can say. I just hope there is a somewhere, where I will be with them again. I love you all kids and miss you so much, my life is empty without you here.

Love Mom

T.C., 1985-01/07/98

1985 - January 7, 1998  
T.C. the Siamese...

Teaser Cat, Tissy, Miss T,  
You, Joe Clifton and me  
Econocat, Otter or Grace  
Fall from the covers, a smile on your face?

Those were the pet names we called you  
Deep were the feelings we felt  
So much love we had for you  
From the start our hearts quickly melt.

I miss seeing you "dance on the ceiling"  
Your tail whipping Ďround "like a worm"  
Your "kitty belly" warmed by the fireside  
Your "motor running" without a concern.

We were blessed on the day that you found us  
And thank God for the mercy He's shown  
That you left us so quickly while sleeping  
On the day that He called you back Home.

You brought us joy for 12 years. I miss my baby girl.  
From "Karenamia"

T.C. (Theordore Calvin) McGinity, 10/22/83-10/26/98

To T.C., I miss you very much, and will always love and cherish you. The best thing that ever happen to me was you, and the whole in my heart and life will never be filled quite the same way. I won't forget you and in all the important ways, you live on in my heart. The lessons you taught me were the most important; unconditional love, without judgement. I love you T.C.

Brian McGinity

T.D., 03/05/98

I have much to thank you for, T.D. Although I am allergic to cats, you ended up on my front porch one day and showed me what I had been missing. You followed me around and never let me out of your sight. Although there will be other cats in my life, there will never be another YOU!

Pamela Andenes

Teak, 01/01/85-09/29/98

Teak, thank you my friend for allowing me to share 5 1/2 wonderful years with you. I miss you so much, and I can't stop crying. Knowing that I will never hear you bark or see your beautiful brown eyes until it is my time to leave this earth, just breaks my heart. Sleep peacefully my peanut and know that we love and miss you very much!!


Ted, 06/26/98

Ted I wish you were still here. I miss you terribly! You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.


Ted E. Bear, 04/15/86-11/23/98

The best friend we ever had We love you Teddy

Mike & Julie Fuller

Teddy, 11/02/89-10/28/98

Teddy, we love you so much. From the time you were just a little ball of fur and we were first beginning to know you until the time when we could no longer deny that you were confused and scared and just not yourself anymore. When we decided to let you go, please know it was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Thank you for being such a loving and caring boy. Thank you for all the hugs, rubs, cuddles and head butts along the way. No one could ""cop a lean"" like you did! You were the best lover boy and we miss you. Please run free with the wind in your hair as far and as wide as you can. Know that we look forward to seeing you again and know that even though you are not here with us in body, you will always be a part of our lives. We are forever changed and much better humans for having known your doggie love and devotion. Peace.

Lorie & Gordon

Teddy, 07/09/83-12/15/97

We love you for all the years you gave us a special kind of love and joy only you could bring. All the memories of you with us will be cherished dearly.

Wally Kissel

Teddy, 02/13/98

We will always love you!

Gregg Rosen

Teddy Bear, 05/01/86-03/28/98

Teddy Bear was the best dog anyone could have. I will miss him greatly, there is a big void in my heart now. I will never forget him. I know that he is in a better place now and not suffering anymore, but I will miss him so much. Thank you Teddy Bear for 11 1/2 years, you will be greatly missed by all of us. I Love You, Mommy

Teddy Bear, 09/05/82-3/05/98

Teddy Bear was the most loving dog I had ever known. He could communicate with us better than many humans I've known. He was a truly loyal pet. He always protected us by barking to warn us of intruders. His favorite past times included; lying in the sun, chasing after and eating grapes, sitting on our laps, and being rocked to sleep. I couldn't have asked for a better and more loyal companion. Our entire family misses him dearly already (1 day later). I will cherish my memories of him forever.

Schindler family

Teddy Bear, 10/07/97

My wonderful pet and companion died on the one-year anniversary of my Mom's death. I don't know how I ever got through that day. I had the help of some wonderful friends and a very caring group of vets. I choose to believe my Mom called him to be with her. She, too, loved him very much. I miss them both terribly. I have since gotten another dog, B.B. (Brenda's Baby). I already love her, but I'll always miss my Teddy.

Brenda Raymond

Tedster, 4/11/93-10/16/98

Your absolute unconditional love will never be forgotten.
We are all in such terrible pain, missing you.
You were such a loving and happy companion--our best friend, and my beloved companion.

There will never be another like you.
We will always remember you and keep you deep in our hearts.
I love you Teddy, always and forever.

Thank you for all the love you brought us
Thank you for all the happy times,
Our memories will sustain us, now and until we meet again.

I know you are chasing your tennis balls and rolling in the lush green grass in heaven, happy and in no pain.

I wish I was with you.

Love always and forever,


Teeka, 7/11/83-8/29/98

Teeka, my beautiful Siberian Husky, my soulmate, my protector, you came to us during a low time in my life. We recognized each other immediately, and it was love at first sight. You pushed all your litter mates out of the way to get to me, and my heart did flip flops. When we brought you home, you fit right in, sleeping with the collies at first and eventually in the bedroom. It was as if we'd been together always. You took over the house, the other dogs, and our lives like no one else has ever done, and brought us such joy. You were very shy with people at first, but after much socializing you got over it, and together we conquered our fears. Then you became very protective of me, to the point where you scared off a potential carjacker, and a drunk who came up to us on the street. You also warned off a possible burglar who came to our door late at night, and you wouldn't back off til he was gone. You would have given your life for me, as I would have for you. You were always there when I was grieving over the loss of the other dogs and never left my side when I was sick. You knew just what I needed. You touched the lives of everyone you met especially the children, and changed my life in so many ways. You made me stronger and more independent. It was you who taught me about unconditional love, and I'm a better person for having known you.

Ever the maverick, in the obedience ring you walked with your head held high. You were a challenge and a treasure. Even when you disobeyed, you always did it with style. I was so proud of you. How I miss the sound of your joyful voice lifted in song.

You couldn't stand it when I smoked, and constantly tried to find an open window to stick your little nose outside when in the car. So twelve years ago, I listened to you and quit smoking, something I never believed I could do.

How you loved the beach --- watching and chasing the seagulls and greeting the many children who were drawn to you like magnets. I will never be able to go out there again without longing for you.

When you had your first seizure, we didn't think you would ever get up again, but you proved all of us wrong with your indomitable spirit. During the night you fought to get up to get a drink, and continued to get stronger after that. You and Toby, your favorite Sheltie, made it clear that you wanted to go back to the beach, so that's what we did even though neither one of you could walk very far. How happy you looked that day. I will always remember you that way. You fought so hard for life, but in the end, although it broke our hearts to do so, we had to let you go to spare you any more pain.

My beautiful girl, thank you for coming back the next night to let me know you were OK. You bumped the bed to let me know, then when I didn't respond, you came to me in a dream. I woke with a jolt, and the feeling of love & joy in the room was so overwhelming it took my breath away. It gave me such peace. Every day with you was a gift, and although it's hard to go on without you, I will be eternally grateful that we had so many years together. Someday we'll be together again --- somewhere.

Love always, Carol

Teelah, 03/20/88-10/15/98

Little Lady Teelah Anastasia, I am sorry you went too soon. I did my best to keep you here.  
The boys miss you. I hope you are romping with Rusty now. Just keep up that circling til I meet you again.  
Thanks for being a friend to all of us. Mom

Annette M. Jaeger

Teezer Perrin, 02/18/83-06/05/98

Who could imagine this! First Tippy, then Barkley and now you! Our hearts break with grief and pain of losing not one, but three much-loved pets all within six months. Adopted from our local humane society, you were my much-loved fur son.  
You were a cat who had perfected the fine art of lap sitting and who never, ever, could get enough love and attention. You nursed my children through illness and night-time fears, sleeping in their arms, under the covers from the time they left their cribs.  
We miss your talking, your warmth, beauty... even your chronic vomiting... Most of all, we miss you and trust you have found an everlasting sunbeam in which you have curled up with Barkley and are now at peace.


Tena, 12/10/97

Tena was a loving dog,who will be remembered forever for her loyalty and just being herself. We will never forget you Tena and you will always be in our heart's.

Ryan Mcbay

Tequila, 10/07/80-12/08/96

The most beautiful and loving cat - a gift from the Universe to teach me love and how to accept love. Thank you precious Tequila - I miss you so much.

Caryn Spriggs

Terra, 08/26/84-10/26/98

Terra introduced us to the wonderful world of Westies and we've been addicted ever since.

Peg and Jay Heilman

Terra, 5/10/83-3/14/98

Nothing I asked of her was too great or insignificant a task for her undertaking, whether it be my nightly request of her to take care of the house and cat as I went off to work ... or performing in local college plays, to giving birth to 4 litters of puppies to share with friends and family. She was brave, clever, resourceful, patient, comforting and most of all loving. She always gave me the best she could and held absolute trust and belief in me, no matter what I did or forgot to do. She was a friend, a teacher and a guide ... I am going to miss her dearly, but I shall never forget!


Terra Tales, 06/06/82-03/23/98

"How's my girl, Terra? How's Mommy's little girl?" Those words were always your favorite words for me to greet you with each day. How I wish I could still look into your beautiful brown eyes to say them to you! You've been "my girl" for 15.5 years. Sometimes I still think of you as the 2 month old terrorist I brought home on August 5, 1982. At other times I think of you as the dignified "leader of the pack" who managed to keep all the other dogs in line. You are and always will be both of those things to me. and someplace between those two extremes, you and I developed a bond that many people couldn't begin to understand...

I will always remember you best as my closest friend, and you always let me know that I was the same to you. Daddy will always remember you as the first dog who met him and checked him out to see if he was someone we should keep around. You approved; he was relieved.

Cairns have a Scottish heritage, but you were my all American girl. Your favorite treats--hot dogs and Coke-- will always seem a little different to me without you.

The house is too quiet without your extensive vocabulary of whines, grunts, and growls you used to keep the pack in- line. The pack is behaving pretty badly, too, since you retained your role until the end--never training another to take place as the leader. I guess that's only fitting, since there is no one that ever take your place.

I've heard of a wonderful place where you can wait for Daddy and me. Lucky's there; he left us last August 5th to go there. Samantha, Biscuits, Tyger, Cinnamon, Trouble, Mac, Kandy, and all the others you were with at different times during your life are there, too. The place is called the Rainbow Bridge. I hear it's really great. So, my little girl, we'll meet you there. Please remember to run and jump into my arms, the way you always used to do, so I can have "Terra kisses" when I see you. I miss you now and I want to be with you again.

Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, please know we love you and miss you more than words can tell...

Mom and Dad

Tessie Marie, 01/19/90-03/05/98

Tessie, I loved you each and every day we were together, and I love you still today. You were TRULY my BEST FRIEND!! We were an unstoppable team. I will miss all of our walks together and our quite times together. I look for you often but with no luck. I know your passing was best and I can only look forward to the time we will be together again. I pray for you every minute of every day. With all my love my sweet BIG RED, Mom....

Tessie Polatty, 01/02/98

Bye my sweet dearest pie face... We will miss your sweet eyes and face. You tried very hard to fight this evil illness. You were a trooper, my sweet cat. Now you are where you should be.
Love you always...

Leslie and Anna

Tex, 02/14/91-11/25/97

Tex was love, humor and fun wrapped in a kitty body. He came to us out of the blue, a happy, spunky little guy, who knew before we did that he belonged in our home. Everyone who met him loved him. I was so grateful that he chose us to adopt. He battled against asthma for 3 years, before finally succumbing much too young to the effects of his medication. His last days were filled with suffering, but even as he was fighting to breathe at the end, he still purred for me. I still feel such pain that he suffered at all. It has helped me to imagine him as an angel in heaven now, watching over us and never again struggling to breathe. I love you, Tex.


The Little Goose, 04/01/98-07/10/98


by Sandra L. Toney

They thought they were safe at this beautiful lake  
The migrating flock of Canada Geese  
Stopping only briefly to search for comfort and peace

A few morsels of bread,  
Some leftover corn or wheat,  
And plenty of green grass was enough for the growing families to eat

Some residents began to grow angry  
Because their lawns were their life  
But the birds never meant to cause discord or strife

All the yelling and shooing could not prevent  
The tired, unknowing flock from going ashore  
To rest their weary legs for an hour or more

One day a loud gunshot rang throughout the air  
And a sleepy little gosling took a bullet in the head  
The gunman didn't seem to care if an innocent baby was dead.

The remaining flock fled in fright and fear  
But one brave goose stayed behind  
To see if her beloved child she could somehow find.

The little one would die an agonizing death  
And a mother and father would live forever with the pain  
But from all of this hatred, was there anything to gain?

The gunman now had a lawn free of droppings and muck  
But he could never bring back the young life he had ended  
And a flock full of broken hearts can't ever be mended.

Theresa, 06/01/91-11/22/98

Our first cat as a married couple...Theresa...but my girlfriend Karen and I nicknamed her long ago Cat Lips...she was the mother of Speedy and Socks which we still have...we have 13 inside cats, all neutered and spayed...a tragic accident happened in our home and she died this Sunday morning...we feel to blame...we are really hurting, my husband even had to go in to the Emergency Room for anxiety.  
It is a hard time...please remember us. He keeps saying he killed his cat and the guilt and emotions are very difficult to handle...She was a solid black cat with a broken tail (came to us with a broken tail as a kitten) and she was really my husbands' cat...she laid next to him every night in bed and she was on his lap everytime he sat down. He feels responsible because she adored and worshipped him so much, of course this was no ones' fault. It was an accident...please keep us in mind...the stress and feelings of loss are about unbearable...
Thank you for praying for us.

Mrs. Luther Fields

The Riddick's Commando, 07/04/86-01/08/98

To my "baby", Mr. C,
Your duty on earth was done and it was time to move on. When my baby died, it was you who kept me going. Oh to most you were the monster dog, to me you were my life line to sanity. Although you weighed over 90 pounds, you were the ideal lap dog. I will always remember you, especially your first run in the snow. Swift followed you, so look out for him, I know the two of you are running and playing and telling stories about me. You will live forever, in my heart, my giant baby."

Par-Daron Riddick

Thomas (Tommy), 16 November 1998

He brought us years of joy and love and comfort. He will be sorely missed.

Michelle Sullivan

Thomas, 04/30/95

He was an alley cat that chose me to love. He was my best friend and I still miss him.

Sue Baudry

Thor, 12/14/95-07/19/97

Thor was a very special dog to myself and his mother. He passed away through seizures. Although he didn't live long, he was well loved and very special.

Kathy Self

Thor, 11/27/89-7/4/97

"Thor" Boan - The depth of your loss is unfathomable to me. You gave me a love that was far better than any I've ever known. It was unconditional. You will always be with me, you're my special "Thothee"

Jennifer Boan

Thor, 02/05/84-02/28/98

We are so lost w/out you buddy.

John Elster

Thumper, 08/15/96-11/09/98

My best friend!


Thumper, 05/04/90-02/24/98

Thumper you followed your Sarah so soon. We were not ready. We miss you too.

Sam Wood

Thunder, 02/26/88-02/09/98

A special guy!!!!!!!


Thurman, 07/24/98

We all loved you so much Thurman. It was so hard to say good-bye. You were such a GOOD BOY .... and a great cousin to BINGO. Yes... you are out of pain now .... and waiting for the day we will meet again..... we miss you so much..... You KNOW how much we loved you ....

Mom, Dad, Dan, Aunt Paula, Tommy, Joanie & BINGO

Tia, 07/11/98

Good-night T-bird mommy loves you. Be a good girl.

Debi Benton

Tia, 12/02/97-06/21/98

Tia, Mommie loves you and misses you very much.

Debbie Smith

Tibbles, 10/1/98

To my baby, my first. I love you and always will.

Lisa Kirkpatrick

Tiberius, 22/09/98

Now crowing amid the stars.

This morning I found my favourite bird Tiberius dead. :-((  
He was a modern game who I had hatched out about 6 years ago, He was such a brilliant ambassador for the breed. always willing to sit on shoulders and arms, eat ice-cream offerings from kids, and stand around at exhibitions for hours being picked up and down by all and sundry.  
He loved being carried around nestled in crooks of arms etc. At exhibitions I rarely ever had to put him in a pen, he was happy to stay standing on a hay bale admiring the view and watching what he obviously regarded as his fans. He had the sense to escape no less than 3 fox massacres, the last one in August. (He was found up a tree with one of his wives)

He was dead on the floor of his house this morning,  
He had a full crop and was fine yesterday, I had even brought him into the house yesterday morning to get a cat food tit-bit before I went to work.  
It looks like it was sudden. So probably a heart attack. I'm going to miss him.

Frances Bassom

Tiffany, 3/20/98

Tiffany was a special dog, she traveled all over the world and was loved by everyone she met. She would not wish for me to grieve, but I must she was my friend.

Anne Gallina

Tiffany, 2/13/98

I'll miss Tif alot. She was too young to die and I'm so mad at Rocco, the German Shepard that killed her. I'm so sad. It's hard for an eight year old to understand. :-(

Jodi Lee

Tiffany Lady, 12/30/88-11/10/98

It has been fourteen days since Tiffany's passing and everyday we miss her gentleness, her love, her noticeable snoring and her presence. It has been very difficult, but we as human's are adjusting the best we can, though TJ (Toby Junior) her son, is noticeably missing her. It seems just like yesterday when I brought this little bundle of fur that could fit in my hand home. I remember the "Breeder" telling me if I did not like her to bring her back. How could anyone even think of that, she was so special and so precious.

It would have been 10 years this December that Tiffany was with us, and every moment was a joy, with her always being at the door when you would come home from work, giving you massive little kisses, waiting for you when you came out of the shower, sleeping between your legs, seeing her and TJ at the window when you came home, floating in her boat in the pool, running and playing with her ball, or just taking a slow walk. She brought smiles and joy to everyone she met. She will be missed.

Darlene E. Kane

Tiffany Q., 10/31/82-05/26/98

To my dearest Tiff, I write this as a loving tribute and memorial. You truly were the best friend that I ever had. Your kind disposition and gentle nature made you the most lovable that any cat could be. I will always smile as I remember that it only took my eyes to meet yours to make you purr and come running to me. You were always there for me in good times and bad. When friends were few and far between, it only took your love to turn things around. Thank you for everything, my little love. Words can never adequately express the sense of joy you gave me or the love I will always have for you. You were such a blessing in my life and it is such a sorrow for me to have lost you. Please know that when I had you put to rest it was because I loved you too much to let you continue to be sick. No one will ever take your place in my heart. I love you so much and will miss you forever. Rest in peace and wait for me to join you one day. Until then.......XXXOOO


Tiffany-Sue, 4/30/88-5/24/97

I searched for you for over a year and finally found you. You were an 8 week old ball of shaded silver fluff. You were my precious lady. You brought love and joy and a feeling of royalty into our home. At age two, you gave us 3 beautiful kittens, which we, of course, kept. You were the gift giver of the house. At age 9 came your illness. We held on for 8 months, until that terrible day when your suffering had to end. I held on tight to you until God took you home. I will forever love you and there is always a tear in my eye which is for you. Until we meet at the bridge.

Schluft Gazunt,

Love Mom

Tiffy Tiana, 01/04/85-03/20/98

We got Tiffy as a puppy and she grew right into our hearts. She was loving, playful, smart and so very adorable. She did everything with us and never cared what we did or where we went as long as she could go too. She went to school everyday for 13 years and gave love to children and adults there too. She was the mother or 6 and grandmother of ? But most of all she was our baby and our pride and joy. Without her our home seems so empty and sad, but we know that we were most blessed to have had her for 13 years and to have know the special love she gave. She was truly an irreplaceable treasure and we will never forget her! We love you Tiff!!

Doug and Colleen Illsley

Tigee, 1/6/98

Tigee 9/12 years old.
Now you can snuggle next to Mom and you won't be alone.


Tiger, 12/5/98

Tiger, Mommy will always miss you. Kisses.

Kristy Hess

Tiger, 12/4/98

Tiger was, in a way, my daughter. She was an abused stray when I found her. Unconditional love was all she ever gave. I will most definitely miss her.

Nancy Willis

Tiger, Spring 1985-11/12/98

Adieu ma chere Tiger, et merci pour tout.
Ma belle "puss", je t'aimerai toujours.
Amuses-toi bien au Paradis
Et au Pont de l'Arc-en-ciel, on se reverra un jour.

Rachel Gautreau

Tiger, 08/06/98

Tiger, we will never forget You.

J Fabri

Tiger, 08/10/98

A true friend that will be missed.

George and Mary

Tiger, 07/07/85-05/11/98

We love you and miss you Tiger.


Tiger, 06/85-03/24/98

Tiger was my first pet and I will miss him so. He will always be in my heart.
Love and God Bless Tiger
I will miss you


Tiger Lily, 04/20/97

All she ever wanted was to be loved. She gave more love to us than she could ever know. She had a personality that I had never seen in a cat and don't expect to ever see again. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and miss her.


Tigger, 11/28/98

My darling sweet bright eyes. I love you with all of my heart. You were truely a king and it was an honor caring for you. We will meet again. Loves eternal.

Love Mia

Tigger (TC), 10/24/77-11/7/98

In memory of Tigger, our loyal companion of 21 years. You live on in our hearts and memories. We miss you!

Jorge Family

Tigger, 06/01/98-11/07/98

Tigger was with us such a short time, but he will be sorely missed.

Cheryl Bratt for Nancy Moser

Tigger, 06/85-10/26/98

Tigger, you were the "glue" of our feline family. You were the one everyone loved. Daddy always said you were his first cat. You put up a good fight, but now you've joined Sara and Cinders at Rainbow Bridge. God is with you there. And always remember how much we love you.

Sally & Paul Bahner

Tigger, 05/19/98

From the time we found you as a starving kitten, hiding in a trash heap, meowing for help as the rain fell, we knew you were a special cat. Although we were "dog" people, you came into our home and stayed for 14 years. Sam wants you to know that he thought you were a wonderful friend and Isabel, although too young to really talk, made "Kitty" her first word. Sleep peacefully, Tigger.

Judy, David, Sam and Isabel

Tigger, 12/15/95

Tigger was an abandoned and homeless kitten, being mistreated by some bully children, when we rescued him. He was the greatest kitty ever, and I still miss him after over two years. He lived a long, full, and happy life with us. I'm so glad he came into my life.

Marsha Harden

Tiggy, 04/19/80-04/06/98

My greatest friend, who loved me unconditionally and taught me so much about acceptance in the last few months of his life.


Tiki, 09/17/94-10/06/98

Tiki was a precious little kitty who loved his parents. He is now our angel in heaven to watch over us and protect us. We are heartbroken and lost without him. We babied him and gave him a happy, cozy life. Tiki, please wait for us. Mama and Dad will be with you again someday. For now, we remember and cherish the short time we had with you.

Mari and Scott

Tiki, 04/17/97

My Dad tried to convince me to prepare myself when you were to pass away. I did not want to hear it. You have been with me for so many years, through so much turmoil in my life. Always a faithful friend by my side. Then on April 17,1997 I came home from work, I knew your health was failing but I was not ready for this. I tried to feed you your favorite food chicken breast. You would not eat it. I took you to your vet, they said your body temp was low and that you were trying to die. I held you and cried, this is the hardest decision I had to make. I am sorry I didn't hold you as you took your last breath. I suffer deeply now with that guilt, as I know I will the rest of my life. Mama Loves you Tiki, I miss you terribly, My life is empty without you. Sleep well my baby.

Linda Nordlund

Tiki, this Friday the 17th will be a year since you passed on. Not A day goes by without me thinking of you... my sweet Little Yorkshire Terrier. I keep your ashes with the Angel doll (that arrived at the door the day you passed over to the bridge) in the lighted curio cabinet with all your favorite little things, including a lock of your hair from your top knot on your head. I miss You soooo much Tiki. My heart aches for you. You were truly my dog soulmate. I hope that we will meet again because my life is so lonely without you. Sleep peacefully now baby, Your Mama loves you.

Linda Nordlund

Tikko, 05/20/81-02/02/96

Tikko was my best friend for 15 years. Though I have a new friend, he is not forgotten.

Deborah Yingling

Tillie, 06/11/98

You are forever in my heart! Thanks for being such a good dog.

Mommy and Daddy

Tillie, 02/14/85-01/14/98


Rest my little one for you have earned it. Saturday when we stood around you and let that beautiful heart stop beating part of the four of us went with you. Heather was there her hand on your back gently back and forth it went while we watched Elaine's hands holding that little head so soft. You layed where I think you would have wanted too. In Cindy's lap and she sang, "You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skys are gray... Me, my friend I wanted to be there when that heart stopped . I know you were sleeping and didn't know, but I felt it that last little beat.

So rest, there is no more pain. You can now see again, you can hear again and as Cindy said we know that your essence is in some other little girl's puppy and she too will know the joy that you gave us.

Tillie, as for me, thank you for being there. When I was alone, you came to me, when I was mad you soothe me, when I was sad you made me laugh. One last request Tillie I don't know what happens to dogs like you, but just as Cindy said in her poem, ever now and then come back into my soul and let me feel the joy one more. I love you, Bob

Tilly, 24 May 1998

My precious little baby  
Eight months ago you had to watch as your real mum faded away across the rainbow bridge. I know how scared you must have felt then as I too watched you fade away in my arms. But in the short time we were together I know you grew to love me like your mum by little things you'd do. I so miss those little things like
 - you coughing when I stirred early in the morning to make me get out of bed and let you downstairs for a romp  
 - you making that adorable clicking sound to call me back when I got too far away from you  
 - the way we'd snuggle on the couch to watch TV  
 - the way you'd scratch the backs of my legs and try to jump in my arms when I had a special treat  
 - the way you'd hug my arm in those tiny little hands  
 - the way you'd stretch your neck backwards for a scratch under the chin  
 - the way you'd only jump on the couch when I wasn't looking 'cause you knew you weren't allowed to  
 - the way you'd come when you were called  
 - the way you'd stretch out in the sun with a wise look on your face  
 - the way you'd zoom around the yard never crashing into anything even though you were going so incredibly fast  
 - and especially the way you accepted me but wouldn't accept anyone else.  
I don't know why you were taken away from me when everything was going so well. I'm so sorry about the pain you had to go through in your last days but you were so incredibly brave. I know you didn't want to leave, the way you kept fighting so hard to stand up 'cause you knew if you rested you might slip away. You were so much braver than I was. I'm so glad you're not in pain anymore as it was more than I could bear.  
Oh Tilly I miss you so much. I hope you knew that even though I wasn't your real mum, that you were my baby. You were the one that made me smile and made me feel so needed and loved. My only comfort is knowing that you are now hopping madly around on the green grass reunited with your mum. I can just see you now hugging her with those precious little hands of yours. Please don't hate me for being jealous but I wish those little hands were hugging me.  
No joey will ever replace you. I've had many before you so I know that you were the best. Your real mummy will be so proud.  
Please save some hugs for me when I come to join you one day. I love you so much.  
Goodbye my precious little baby.


Timber, 03/21/98

Timber was the most devoted dog I have had the privilege of being friends with. She lived only to please me and I pray that I was able to give her just a small part of the happiness she passed to me. Timber...You will be very missed! I love you.

Debie C.

Timber Joe, 10/26/86-11/29/98

JC'S DANCING RED TIMBER 10-26-86 thru 11-29-98

Timber our big guy, we will miss you so very much the days will be longer now without you but thank God for the memories we have so very many! you took your ball with you to play with so I know you will be happy until we come to meet you! And I know Peppi Missy and Sheena were there to greet you and now all of you are playing in the green grass with no fences to lock you in! SO HAPPY AND FREE  
We love you big guy Timber Joe and miss you already you were the best

All our love Mom Carol, John , Alex, Maggie , Rowdy, Newt, Rosco, and Elvis

Timmy, 08/20/79-06/04/97

Simply the best!
It still hurts so much, tim. See you over the rainbow.

For any one else reading this, somthing that's helped keep me sane.

Little Fly,  
Thy summer's play  
My thoughtless hand  
Has brush'd away.

Am not i  
A Fly like Thee?  
Or art not thou  
A man like me?

For i dance  
And drink and sing,  
Till some blind hand  
Shall brush my wing.

If thought is life  
And strength and breath;  
and the want  
Of thought is death;

Then am i  
A happy fly,  
If i live,  
Or if i die.

Stephen Hughes

Timmy, 04/07/82-10/04/98

Timmy. Miss you always. see you at the rainbow bridge.


Timmy, 07/11/97-03/02/98

You were not with us for long, my little orange friend, but in less than a year you brought joy and affection to our home. I am amazed at how trusting and loving you were; almost as if you always knew us. You made friends with everyone, even our crusty older cat Fritz. Who would have thought it possible.
We are so sad that you had to die so suddenly. We will never forget that sweetness and spark that you brought to our family. Rest peacefully, little one. You touched our hearts. We will never forget you.


Timothy, 05/27/79-02/06/98

My Mom And I Will Really Miss Our Black Short Hair Cat Timothy Deeply!!!! Timothy Was A Very Good Cat To Have Around With Us!!!! Our Cat Timothy Was Born In Whitewater, Wisconsin!!!! Our Cat Timothy Died This Past Friday Afternoon February 6,1998 Here In Richland, Washington!!!! Our Cat Timothy Was A Indoor Cat!!!!!!!

Edie Malone Cain

Timmy Leary, 12/16/98

My beloved Timmy, you were the best friend I have. You always loved me. Everywhere I went, you went. Lots of times you kept me alive. You had humor and bravery and smarts. You were kind to your human and cat friends. You were a great cat, and I will miss you forever, my boy. I love you, and I hope you are happy with Squeaky. I hope I will see you some day, my Timmy.

Love, Karen

Ti-Mousse, 01/29/98

Tu me manques, mon minou. J'espere que tu as trouve la paix et que tu joues avec tes copains, ou que tu sois. Tu resteras toujours dans mon coeur. Pardonne-moi de n'avoir pu te sauver. Adieu, mon minou...


Tina Louise, 10/23/98

Although you had only been with us a couple of years, I felt as though you only recently became more sociable. Maybe it was the catnip. I know that it was hard for you to come into our family, and I hope that Glavine and Olson didn't torment you too much. I miss you, too.

Carol Terry

Tinker Belle, 01/23/98

Tinker Belle was a calico cat that chose my husband and I shortly after we were married to be hers. She blessed us with five kittens Smokey, Bucky, Pennywise, Asreale, and Patches. All of whom have already gone to the bridge except Patches. Patches was her mom's nurse during the last few days of her life.
Tinker had a rare form of muscle cancer that went into remission....for five years she remained happy and healthy. Until shortly after Christmas. She fought back again...only to finally become ill this week.
We gave her the ultimate gift of love and put her suffering to an end today. We love her and miss her....she was our first fur-child.....We know she is looking down upon us now reunited with her other children.....happy, healthy and waiting for us to join her. She was a brave girl right to the end....purring as I held her for the last time. As she passed I know we did the right thing......sadly missed by Mommy and Daddy

Tiny, 03/19/77-04/06/98

Tiny, my best friend of 21 years, who has taught and given me the most important things in life...with love and happiness being at the top of the long list. You will always be with me until we are together again.

CarrieAnn Clark

Tiny, 05/11/98

To my dearly beloved dog Tiny

Just to let you know that you will be sorely missed. You were in our lives for 16 years and will always be remembered for the special little person you were.

I know that you are happily playing around in Heaven with your beloved ball as you used to in your youth, and our only comfort is that one day we will be able to join you and be a family again.

With all our love

Your beloved family Jean and Shona

Tip, 4/80-08/30/98


You lived to such a ripe old age. I wish that I could have spent more of your life with you. Laura reminded me of when you were a kitten and we found you hidden behind the hay bales in the loft. You stood out because of the white tip on your tail! You were such a faithful companion. When Mom sold the farm and tried to leave you there, you somehow found your way to her new home, appearing on her doorstep. I love that story about you! I remember the last time I saw you, when I was home for a visit. You came and slept with me at night, crawling under the covers and putting your head on the pillow next to mine. You were so cuddly! I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye, but I know we shall meet again, my gentle little soul. You are loved and missed, especially by Kitty. Good-bye Tipper.


Tipper, 23 July 98

Tippy, we all love and miss you so very much! You would be delighted to see the statue on your resting spot. Till the day we all meet at the bridge, you will be forever in our hearts and prayers. Zero and Cactus still look for you. You were and always will be a handsome fella.

Love, Sue, Lori, Andy, Spice, Nancy, Donna, Vernon

Tippi, 03/24/92-06/20/98


I was there to bring her into this world  
when her mother labored hard into the night  
and could not do it on her own.  
Mine was the first touch she felt,  
the first scent she smelled,  
the first skin she licked,  
the first face she saw.  
She was nurtured and loved,  
and she nurtured and loved in return.  
She ran and played, barked and yipped,  
tumbled and bounced through life,  
to the very end.  
I was there when she left this world,  
snuggled in my arms,  
struggling to kiss my face one last time.   
Mine was the last touch she felt,  
the last scent she smelled,  
the last skin she licked,
the last face she saw,  
before crossing over Rainbow Bridge  
to play once again with those gone on before her.  
She will be missed and loved,  
and held dear in the hearts  
of the many, many lives she left behind.  
Especially mine.

Debra Broking

Tippy, 03/31/88-10/26/98

Our sweet, loving girl; we miss you very much.

Joyce & Bob

Tippy, 10/17/98

(Written by Granddaughter, Evie)

Tippy was a very special dog. I remember when my grandparents got him. He was so adorable. We have a picture in our hallway of him and my brother staring at each other, both only babies. That was just the beginning of Tippy's long-lived life here on Earth.

Over the years, he grew older and less capable of acting "puppyish". BUT, at the age of 10 he could still play a good game of ball. He could run and jump and would always let us know when company was coming by leaping onto the couch, poking his head through the curtains, and barking a "hello" to whoever was outside.

Through these past 4 years though, he began to slow down and act more his age. He gained weight and got sick easier and was forever being taken to the vet. But he never lost that sparkle in his eyes. He was always a puppy at heart and he will always be missed.

Goodbye sweet Tippy. Rest in peace old friend. And say howdy to Raider while your waiting for us. Have fun with your new-found strength. We love you...

Roy & Betty

Tippy, 07/25/98

Mommy loves you no matter where you are. I found this poem and it felt like Tippy sent it to me.

When I'm gone, release me, let me go......  
You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears.  
You can only guess how much you gave me in happiness....  
Grieve for me a while, if you grieve you must  
then let your grief be comforted by trust......  
and then when you must come this way alone,  

Thank you Tippy for always being there for me MOMMY LOVES YOU WITH ALL HER HEART.........

Janeen Grondahl

Tippy, 08/10/98

Darling Tippy,

I never got to spend any time with you before you passed away, but you were so loved by me and everybody at Pets, Inc. You will always live in my heart, and I know that your not suffering and in pain anymore. I am just grateful for the few moments I got to spend with you, and I look forward to seeing you at Rainbow's Bridge with your brothers and your sister.

Love, Mommy

Tippy, 1968

Tippy, you were my first pet and hold a special place in my heart. From a little girl to a young woman, you were there with me. This candle is for you. Cindy

Tippy, 6/15/98

A special tribute to a very dear friend of 17 years.

Jim Bishop

Tippy, 08/16/85-04/15/98

Tippy was a lovely dog: spunky up until a few days before his death, Stoic through it all. He had beautiful baby brown eyes, and a furry little body. He was a true bundle of joy.  
From being a back yard terror (and a beloved terror he was) he grew into a dignified and independent old man, filling our days with funny little expressions.  
His most memorable trait was his unrelenting habit of barking whenever he felt there was not enough food in his bowl. He had a big, big appetite. 
He will be sorely missed, and loved forever. 
I love you Tippy!

Love always,

Tippy Perrin, 10/19/97

Tippy was a rescue dog found abandoned on the highway when she was about one year old. She was, at first, a submissive and frightened creature, but with time and T.L.C. grew to understand that not all human hands deliver cruelty. Tippy lived for tennis balls and would spend hours staring them down with hope that. somehow, they would go into orbit on their own. She was a loving "fur sister" to my two children, a reluctant companion to my two old cats and a best friend and confidant for me. Tippy was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in later September and, within six weeks was gone. She was only about seven. Tippy, we miss you dearly and hope that you wait for us in heaven... where the angels never tire of throwing tennis balls.


Tir, 9/18/98

Old age takes all, and this morning I had to make the very painful decision to put my 18 year old dog - Tir - to sleep.

Tir has been with me since 1986 when I adopted him from the Amanda Foundation. A schnauzer-scottie mix, he was my dearest friend, a son, a companion, my shadow and knew my heart at all times.

I found his name in an ancient Celtic Runic Poem:

Tir is a very special sign,  
Of Princes and Kings,  
It guides them through the darkest of night.  
It is ever loyal and faithful.

(Tir was an ancient Celtic name for the North Star).

And Tir was all that and more. He was by my side through most of my adult life since college. We've traveled from Los Angeles to Michigan to New York to Buenos Aires to Missouri together.

When I was pregnant, Tir was convinced he was the father! LOL He would lie on my bed, in front of my giant stomach, and not let anyone near me.

I'll miss my shadow. But at 18 years of age, his hind legs withered to the point it was getting painful for him to walk, an ulcer started in one eye and tremendous weight loss - it was time to let him free.

I have been the luckiest person in the world to have his trust and affection these years. I hope that wherever he goes he is happy, free and with companions.

I will miss the welcomes home, the big brown eyes that danced with amusement and the graceful long tail that wagged ferociously when it was time to eat.

Most of all, I'll miss his dog like hugs.

Thank you for letting me share. Diana

Titian, 12/25/95

I called her my house angel. Titian was a faithful friend, a comfort in sorrow and a loving companion. I'm grateful for the extra time she gave me before she had to leave. And I hope she remembers being held tenderly in loving arms at the last.


TJ, 06/11/98

To our beloved, faithful and special friend, TJ. How I miss you! I think about you everyday. I will never forget your gentleness, your love and companionship, your courage or your loyalty. I pray to God that you are happy and that someday we will be together again. That hope gives me comfort, strength and consolation. You brought much happiness into my life and I thank you for that. Till we meet again, my dear TJ. You are always in my prayers.
           With all our love,
           Myriam and family

T.J., 04/30/98

My little baby is so very missed

A. Yarborough

T.J., 8/84-10/5/98

T.J. was a cherished companion for 13 years. He will be sorely missed by his family.

Chris and Grace


T-na was such a precious angel, our little munchkin and we know she is at the Rainbow Bridge with her sister Keri, and brother Andi.

She'll always be the love of our life, she was a big part of our hearts, that's it's impossible to realize life without her.

God keep you in His precious hands, T-na, until we can come to be with you again. We loved you so much and know we'll all be together again.

Love to you Precious Angel, our baby Munchkin

Momma and Daddy

Tobie (Tobias Arnulfo Ian Scott), 08/30/97

Precious Tobie. We miss you so much. Your little brother Doogie is very lonely without you. We pray that when our time comes we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and go home together.

Arnie and Becky

Toby, 12/14/98

Toby was a wonderful, loving kitty-cat, and we'll miss him terribly. The girls' beds won't be quite as warm without him.

Cindy Gilbert

Toby, 11/27/84-12/3/98

You were mine since I was a little girl. You died in my arms tonight. You fought the injection. But it was the best for you. You were 16 years old it was the best. I still picture us running through the fields together. I love you and I can't bear this pain. I wish I was with you. As I sit here at college I cry my heart out I have never felt this way before. You and I spent 16 beautiful years together please help me through this time.

Jessica Leck

Toby, 11/25/98

In the early morning hours Toby left us. He so much wanted to stay to love us more. After 17 years of love and companionship he can never be replaced. I wonder if I can live without him. Please say a prayer for this very special little guy...........

Dave Crowe

Toby, 10/80-11/14/98

Goodbye to my beloved companion of 18 years who left me today. You were the best cat ever.
I miss you achingly.


Toby, 10/21/98

A very special friend who shared so much with me.

Marilyn Gerrity

Toby, 08/15/83-09/26/98

What a joy it was to have the love of one of God's most precious and wonderful creatures. Toby you were and are so dear to me. I know you are at peace now, but my heart is breaking so badly and I miss you so much. Everywhere I turn there is a reminder of you. I know I must dwell on the happier times but right now the pain of losing you is too real. God I hope this emptiness fades soon. I will forever love you. Love, Mom

Margy Houston

Toby, 06/81-07/03/98

   We see you in everything and have a deep hole where you once were. We know that you were suffering those last few days and hope that you found peace at the bridge. We thank you for 17 years of grace, trust and love. You were our baby and you are missed more than I can even express. Thank you for the wonderful gifts during your last days on earth. You will always be in our hearts, minds and your spirit ever lingers. We will be with you before you know it.

Love, Mom and Dad

Toby, 05/22/98

Toby I love you and miss you very much. You wait for me and look for Nicki, Jessie and Oreo tell them to wait for me too we will all be happy and together someday.
I love you
Love your mom

Toby, 04/06/92

If one believes that all life forms are here to serve him, often times this is translated as carelessness and privilege of abuse to so called "lower life forms"; it is just another form of the master-slave relationship. If, however we can view "ourselves" as EQUAL to all forms of life by putting our egos aside and connecting with our true essence, we would recognize, and know deeply within ourselves, what all the schools of wisdom, philosophy and most of the world's religions have said for centuries is true....All Is One....While this view is not shared by all, I believe its only a matter of time in our grand trek through human evolution

Jay Bruno

Toby, 4/5/98

You were a very special part of our family and are missed so deeply. You were taken from us so suddenly. I still haven't moved your bed or water dish. Somehow they make you seem closer...like you're not really gone. You were such a faithful friend, unconditionally showing your love every day. You'll be in our hearts forever. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Sheryl, Kendall and Pebbles Angie, Nelson, Alyssa, Crystal Doug, Rambo, Roscoe, Rudy

Toby, 5/11/81-4/13/98

Our little "puppums" as we called him was such a major part of our lives every single day. We miss him terribly.

Jake and Arnold

Toby, 04/11/98

The best dog ever, we will miss you always old friend...til we meet again

Rick, Tammy, and Matt

Toby, 11/5/75-5/8/89

Dear Toby,
It has been many years since you were taken from us, but we still Love and Miss you, very much! You were my #1 Companion, and I enjoyed our wonderful years together. You were a real popular Boy, in our neighborhood, and no one here, that ever knew you, has forgotten you, either! People miss you coming by for a visit! I miss our walks together, that took me a long time to get used to, Toby! And, I really miss, your Beautiful, expressive, little Cocker Spaniel Face!! Having you with me, was like having a child, that I never had. But, you were always very protective of me, too. I also miss, our key words, that used to get you so excited, like: "Treat", "Car", and "You want to go Bye-Bye?" I hope that you are happy, at the Rainbow Bridge, my darling, little Fellow, and since you have gone, you now have the company, of many friends that you knew, like "Kitty", "Tucker", and probably your other old Pal's "Chip", and "Rocky". I hope you are all very happy, and I look forward to the day, when we can all be together, and play again! I love you, with all my Heart "Tobins", and, I always will!

I Love You, Toby!

Mommy (Tracy R.)

Toby, 10/15/87-02/25/98

You were my north, my south, my east, my west.
There will only be one Tobydog. I love you and miss you terribly.

Mary VanderBloomen

Toby, 05/18/97-03/03/98

My little baby Toby - such a short life. You were so sweet and I love you. I will miss you always.

Sandy Howard

Toby, 2/6/98

My Toby was the best dog in the world. He made each day a special day for my husband and I. When we would come home from a hard days work, you could hear him come running with his "baby" in his mouth, crying loudly to welcome us home. He was always full of kisses and that unconditional love. He was the most beautiful dog.
He knew the greatest tricks, and he was so eager to please. He loved to walk around with his flashlight in his mouth, and proudly light the way. We miss him more than words can say, and we know that he is in a better place, playing and running with all the others who have crossed over, and no longer in pain.
We love you Toby! And we shall meet again someday.

Julie Baranowski

Toby, 11/6/82-7/7/97

Toby brought more joy to my life than anyone can know. He lived a life of adventure and fun. He is dearly missed.


Toby, 1/20/98

This sweet boy bounced around from home to home because noone knew how to communicate with him. Now, on the other side of the bridge, he will hear tender thoughts that tell him how special he is.


Toby, 12/91-03/15/97

May you always run wild forever

Charles Fierimonte

Toby and Nicki

3 years - 5/22/98   and   8 months - 5/18/98

I love you two very much and I wish you were still here with me today. I haven't stopped crying since I lost you two I'm sorry Toby and Nicki that I couldn't have done more. I wish Nicki that you could have lived trough the night so we could have taken you to the vet. And Toby I wish I would have looked at what the dogs were chasing maybe I could have saved you. I really wish that I could have helped you two. I loved you both very much. Nicki, Kellee misses you very much and she wishes she could have done more. And Toby just to let you know I held you in my arms from about 8 until 930 and I didn't want to let go of you. Toby and Nicki Brandy misses playing with you. Toby Theda misses you very much and still bring home special treats for you even though you are not with us. She still expect you to jump over the fence. I still expect you to scratch on the door when you want in. I love you both very much and again I'm sorry that I didn't do more for you sweet cats. I love you so much.

Your mom,

Toby Keith, 04/22/98

My Baby, I am going to miss you so much. Who will wake me every morning? Who will head butt me? What am I going to do without you? Max misses you too, and we will both take comfort in knowing you have gone to the Rainbow bridge to wait for him, and me too. Love you baby**

....Love Mama and Max

Toby Magic,

Toby Magic was a very special boy dog. His personality and enthusiasm for life lit up our home. As a puppy, he could jump as high as Magic Johnson so he got his middle name. I couldn't watch him limp from arthritis any longer. I want to remember him "running like the wind." I give thanks for the time we had together and for his unconditional love and companionship. I will miss Toby forever, but his spirit will be in my heart.

Suzy Stanek

Toby Roy, 08/95-05/22/98

Toby Roy

Toby Roy you came in to my life just 2 1/2 years ago. I remember when I asked my mom if we could get you. I remember when my sister dressed you in doll clothes when you were just a kitten. I remember when Kellee and I fought over where you were going to sleep. I remember you as a tiny kitten mom wanted to call you Roy because that was the name of the town we got you in. I said yuck let's not call him Roy it didn't fit you. Then she said Toby it was so perfect it sounded so right. Then we came up with Toby Roy. Over time you became like my cat. I remember all the times you followed me down the block. I was so afraid you'd get killed or hurt by a car. I remember all the times I went to call the other cats in you were always the first to come even when It wasn't your name I called. I remember The times the back of your neck was slobbery from Ricky carrying you around like a puppy. She probably thought you were a puppy. She never hurt you. I remember when she stopped carrying you around but you still slept with her. I remember before you knew better you would get in our faces when we ate swatting at us and the food often stealing a bite. It took you awhile to brake that bad habit but you did. I remember trying to teach you to walk on a leash it never but we had fun. You'd run all the way back home with me chasing after you. I remember the time you killed two of my gerbils. I was mad at you but I was mad at myself too. I should have known better. I only had them for a few days. It didn't take you long to find them. We always kept the door closed after that. I remember when you went into Theda's house and laid on top of her mouses cage. She called him Roy T. mouse or Roy Toby mouse because you were always on top of his cage. I remember all the times she feed you special treats. I remember all the times we ate pizza you'd sit on the end of the bed waiting almost always getting a bite. You were so lucky. You loved Theda's house and her dogs Tuffy, Tippy Sue, Penny, and Jack. Jack always played with you and you always let him. Sometimes I thought he was playing to rough but I guess not because you never swatted or scratched him. I remember coming home from school and you would be on the front porch waiting. It was so nice to come home to your sweet meow and your beautiful face. I remember the hole in the fence behind our house you would go through and play in the long grass. You loved it over there. I also remember the time you brought the dead bird to me. I wasn't happy but you were a cat so what could I expect. These are just a few good memories you have given me in the past 2 1/2 years. I love you so much and I miss you more then words can say. I remember all these things like they were yesterday.

In loving memory of a beautiful cat named Toby Roy. August 1995-May 22, 1998

love your mom

Toes, 05/07/98

Toes lived a wonderful, healthy 21 years...he loved all animals and treated everyone with respect. He died of old age peacefully in his owners arms and was buried underneath the bird bath he loved to sit on and sunbathe...

God Speed Toes !!

Anna Cantu for Nancy Bryant

Tokey, 12/15/87-08/24/98

We will miss her in our family, and we love her...She was our angel...and always will be...

Charlotte St. Clair

Upper Gaby Cerberhof (Toklat), 06/96

Time cannot steal the treasures,
That we carry in our hearts.
Nor ever dim the shining thoughts,
Our cherished past with them imparts.
And so we go on living,
With memories shining bright.
With gladness that we shared some time,
In happiness and love.

Rita Hemmings

Toko, 12/10/98

May your holes be deep and in the most prestigious of gardens. May you have plenty of mud and no hoses. May your dreams continue to be as interesting as they are from this angle. May your walks be long and your snacks abundant. Mostly I wish for you all the love, companionship, affection, delight, and uncompromising devotion you have given me while you were here. May you get all that doubled.

Kara Cheek

Tom, 08/30/92-05/26/98

I sent you to the Rainbow Bridge because I really loved you. You were our truly friend for almost 6 years, and friends like you must not suffer. We'll miss you all our lives, and our love will be with you forever. The Light is with you now, and you are safe and wealthy again. There are no evil or sadness there, I'm sure of this. Please, receive a big kiss on your nose from Juan Ignacio, Florencia, Max, Chiara, Irene, and from your four-legged wife Chichi, from your sons Atos, Aramis, D'Artagnan, Portos and Milady, and from your grand-daughter Casimira.
God bless your wonderful soul!

Tommie, 08/10/98

My Tommie gave me so much JOY the last 13 years. He was a truly amazing kitty, sometimes more like a dog than a cat! He was so loving and affectionate to everyone he met. I was able to spend a lot of quality time with him during his illness-I always thanked him for letting me feed him and give him his medications. He would always look at me as if to say "I love you, too"! He was my little buddy and he will be forever missed!

Sue Christ

Tommy, 1979-1990

You made me laugh, you made me smile, and you made me feel loved. I'm so blessed to of had you in my life. I still miss your funny voice and your warm soft purr. I'll always love you my friend.

Pam Hallmark

Tommy, 10/06/98

I loved to hold him and let him crawl up my shirt. He was so soft and cuddly. He was so cute and his paws were so soft when he walked on my hand. We would let him run in his ball and he would follow us around the house. I would listen to his wheel squeeking at night and smile as I fell asleep. He was the best pet ever and I will miss him so much. So will my mom and dad and brother.


Tommy, 05/26/98


My sweet, sweet Tom, I miss you so much. You gave me so much love for 17 years. What a good kitty you were. I miss your purring, your snoring, sharing popsicles; you were always so patient, so forgiving. I miss you waiting at the door for me when I'd come home; how you'd follow me around the house, and be right at my feet while I was working at the desk, or wait for me to open my eyes in the morning. If only I could hug you again, and you could bite my nose ever so gently, and touch my face with your big fluffy paw. I'm so sorry the cancer took you from me, mommy tried everything to save you. I know you're with your sister, Beezie, running around and playing in heaven. I will never forget you.


Tommy, 01/16/98

Your passing has left a hole in our hearts. We will always remember you and love you. Good by our furry little friend.

The Armstrong Family

Tommy Gerber, 12/08/97

You gave far more to us, than you ever asked of us...thank you for your unselfishness and the unconditional love you showed.

We could have never imagined the massive void , that your unexpected death has left.

The tears are ever close to the surface, with each remembrance of your wonderful life.

You will never be forgotten, and could never be replaced.

We miss you terribly, as do your pet siblings. they are lost without their leader! We pray that we will meet again in Heaven!

The Ritchey Family

Tommy Milmerstadt, 10/01/82-10/13/97

You were a little man stuck in a cat's body. You were a real talker and quite the ladies' man, I must say! We love you.


Tony, 08/20/98

Tony was my Best Friend and I will miss him greatly and He had a strong will to live for me the Vet's call Him their miracle dog

Tracey Nance


Tony, we all miss you. You were a large part of our family and our hearts.

You helped Dad to heal after his back surgeries by forcing him to go for his necessary walks. When I was growing up, whenever I would cry, you would lick my tears, as if to say, "I love you, and it's going to be OK." You protected me and Mark from parental punishment - we considered you to be our brother - and you always seemed to know when any of us was feeling down. You spent the most time with Mom. She was very close to you as well, and she loved to listen to you snore. As a matter of fact, the sound of your snoring used to make all of us comfortably sleepy!

We feel so much pain right now, and our only condolence is that we know you don't feel pain anymore. I believe that right now, you are guarding over us still, only in a more powerful way. When we see you again, you will be in terrific health, and will be ready to "talk," sit up, and go for walks again.

We'll see you later, Tone-Bone. We love you so much.

Eric and Angela Tucker

Tooser, Lady, and Dusty

The three best friends I ever had

Zach Bytsura

Toot, 07/28/78-08/02/98

Thank You Toot for your love you gave to me for 20years...I miss you!

Love mommy

Tooter (Mom), 09/17/82-03/22/98

Tooter, you were truly mom's little diamond in the snow. Please know my love for you will continue to grow always.

Sarah J. Babin

Tootsie, 01/1984-10/1/98

Tootsie girl was the best little girl ever We will miss her so very much always


Tootsie, 08/98

Hi Tootsie,
All your Mom's friends were hoping you would get better, but we know that sometimes we have to say good-bye. We know that you are happy and well and now you can eat again and be a strong little Tootsie. We hope you are having fun playing with your new friends. We have little friends waiting for us too at the Bridge. I think you have met my little Cream Puff by now. Be happy and know that your Mom loved you enough to not let you suffer. You will see her again and on that day you will be together forever. Until then, you are another little star shining down on us in the sky.

Bye for now,
All your Mom's friends.

Tootsie, 1972-11/24/89

Tootsie was a devoted part of our family for about seventeen years. I'll always remember her four white feet, and the little white streak down her nose. The most precious memory is how much she loved all of us.

She is resting now. More than likely she is patiently waiting for her family to join her.

Tootsie we love you and miss you. You will always be remembered.

The Miller Family

Tootsie, 02/17/98

Tootsie was a special pet--very much a part of the family. She will be missed. If a pet can feel compassion, Tootsie was living proof of that. She understood tears, and was always there to offer her unconditional love and support. When my own little furbaby-Gizmo-had surgery, Tootsie actually took care of him. He was laying under the kitchen table, sulking. Tootsie came into the room and begged for a treat, as she often did. When my mother gave her the Pupperoni she begged for, she promptly took it to Gizmo. She wasn't asking for herself, but for her buddy, Giz...and making an effort in her own doggy way to make him feel better. What a sweetheart she was!

Keeper of the "cookies" and Pupperoni
Guardian of the dining room window
Biter of feet
Loved her Cheerios
Hated to wear a bow or bandana after being groomed
Earl the Cat
Her Tiger
Lisa's Fiero
Her 5 bark alert (mail's here)

It was heart-breaking to watch her wither away. Thank God she's at peace now. We miss you, Tootsie.

Love, Craig, Kathy, Courtney, Lauren and Gizmo (whose heart would be broken if he knew you were gone)

Tootsie, 12/07/82-02/17/98

Our beloved Tootsie it has been a week since you left us and our hearts are broken. We miss you so much. I hear your little feet walking through the house, I look and you're not there. We hope you know how much we loved you and that's why we had to let you go. We did not want you to suffer anymore. I hope we will be together one day real soon. Until then, we miss you and we love you.
Mommy and Daddy


A beautiful little girl passed away on February 17, 1998. She was 15 years old, and brought so much joy to so many lives. Toot was a little over one when we got her, and quickly won everyone over. You would swear sometimes she was smiling at you... and she never thought twice about protecting her family or her house. She guarded every new baby as if it were her own. If she went outside, it was only to lounge in a chair. Her zest and joie de vivre made everyone love her.

Tootsie began losing weight last year and was diagnosed with kidney failure in January. She fought quite a battle, and we knew in the end from the look in her eyes that she was saying goodbye to each of us. She was wrapped in baby blankets the last day, a shadow of the playful dog she used to be. By that time, she weighed about 8 lbs. We all held her, talked to her, and said our goodbyes.

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you, I loved you so -- 'twas Heaven here with you." - Isla Pachal Richardson

Losing Tootsie was like losing a little sister to me. You'll never be forgotten, furry girl. I'll save some peas for you. Rest in peace, baby. I miss you so very much.

Love and kisses,


Tootsie, 10/20/82-02/08/97

...Tinfoil, Lobster and envelope glue...
Remembering all of the things we would do...
Loving, Missing and Cherishing You!!!
Floyd and Rascal would have liked to meet you!
Watch for me at the Rainbow Bridge where we will someday meet again!
This time last year we were struggling to keep you...
I can't believe that on Feb. 8th you will have been gone for a whole year!
The candles I light are for you!!
Loving you always; You will never be forgotten!
Tracey... and all of the other people that loved you dearly!

Tracey Welburn

Toot-Toot, 1985-7/26/98

To my little girl and best friend, that gave me 13 wonderful years. I love you and I miss you very much, but I will see you at the bridge.. your momma

Pam Price

Dogs: Topper and Tess, Cats: Triptych, Tripper and Trio, 12/14/97

These five gentle and loving pets died in a house fire in San Luis Obispo, California on Dec. 14, 1997. We think of them each and every day, we miss them more than words can describe. We hope they've gone on to a better place. They taught us that love is always spelled with a T.

David Congalton/Charlotte Alexander

Topsy, 10/06/98

Full of life and charm and grace, that I could be like thee. Let us play together in Heaven, Topsy.

Dana Law

Tora Dancer, 11/22/82-07/15/98

To, Tora

Thank you so much for fifteen years of unconditional love, joy and pride that you have given me.
You are forever in my heart.
I wish I could hold you in my arms once more.
I love you and I miss you so much.


Tori, 12/87-1/15/98

Tori, you gave us 11 years of happiness without ever asking for anything in return. Our house has a big empty space that will never be filled again. Your pal Jessie goes to Rick's room every morning looking for you, she stole your collar the other day. She won't go into the yard, just sits on the steps and waits for you to follow. Rick cries so much his eyes are swollen, his best friend, his first dog is gone. It was so hard for him to let you go, even after you went to the bridge. We love you Tori and look forward to the day we can all be with you again.

Love Forever, Mom, Dad, Marla, Rick, and your furfriends, Jessie, Frisco and Mandy

Torri, 8/9/98

This is to my wonderful little boy who was there thick and thin for me and who was my best friend. I remember your little beautiful orange face when I brought you home and how you love to talk to me. Your memory will always be with me.

I do hope that you are well and happy and reunited with Jill.

Until we meet again, my love is always with you.


Tosca, 11/15/97

Daughter of Tilly and Oscar, a wonderful grinning companion and friend, loyal to the end.

Kay and James McCulloch

Tosha girl, 03/20/98

Tosha was the sweetest, friendliest most loving cat. She loved to be brushed and pet. I always remember her sitting in my lap just wanting attention. I can still see her laying in the sun or sitting in the window. I miss her quiet little meows. I miss her sleeping on my bed at night. I miss everything about her. Tosha touched my heart in many ways and I will miss her dearly. I know that someday we will reunite, but until then I will think about her every day. Hopefully this will get easier with time.


To To, 10/19/94

To our champ ,from Mommie and Dad and Grandma Corrine we miss and love you so much. Now you'll have Megan and Daddy there to play and love you. Till we meet on the bridge some-day soon. Love Mommie & Grandma

Cookie & Donald Hildago

Toto, 06/98

Our Little "Deegies":
It broke our hearts when we lost you. You were so important in our lives and brought so much love and laughter into our family. You and I grew together and we shared lots of hugs, walks, snacks and quiet time. I used to cry to you when I was little and you always jumped up and licked away my tears. You did everything you could to make me feel better. I used to look into those little brown eyes of yours and tell you stories and you tilted your head and listened. I miss you. We all miss you. If only one last time I could rub your soft little head or kiss your soft ears. Mommy loved to kiss your head too. I miss rubbing your belly and smelling you after your baths and when Mommy dried you off. You smelled like Head & Shoulders. You were so smart and such a happy little pup. From Day 1 you were a little apple in our eyes and left us with so many laughs of your personality. Some days I wake up and my heart hurts because I think about you so much. I never really lost a pet that was anything like you. You were my little co-pilot, my best friend. If I could only approach Mommies door and see you greet me again. You were always there waiting for me. Mommy, Daddy, Neeners, Tinky and Muffy all miss you too. Mommy misses your love and companionship. Tinky won't warm her toes like you used to. Daddy misses taking you out to see the birdies, Neeners misses her MilkBone Pal, Tinky misses you cause he has no ones beard to nibble on and Muffy misses you because she has no one to play games with anymore. We know you are up there at the Rainbow Bridge with Alf & Jessie and that you are happy and safe. We just miss you so much. Grandpee D will probably be the one who will see you at the Rainbow Bridge before any of us will. You can have a heaven donut with him every Sunday. You never deserved what happened to you. Mommy and Daddy did all they could to be sure that you were well taken care of while you were in the hospital. Everyone loved you. Don't worry, no one has your grey cat....Mommy keeps it by your collar at home and no one will ever get that kitty. I can still see you running across the bridge at Mommys house sniffing your way to the pond. You were always the first one.....and in our hearts, you always will be. We love you Tote. See you at the bridge someday little puppers.

Kisses & Love,
Anne Marie, Jay, Mommy, Daddy, Neeners, Tinky, Muffy, Grandmee & Grandpee Rizzico, Grandpee Deletoso, MaryEllen, Eric, Loudman, Alyssa, Brian, Kris, Susan, Mindy, Chloe, Maureen, Pam, Kelly, Griffiths "Monsters" & the Paperboy.

Toy, 04/27/73-01/21/92

Our precious Toy-Toy. Happy, loving and sweet. Mommy's angel kitty. Play with Joy and Kayla till meet you on the Rainbow Bridge.

Ron and Maureen Musilek

Toyo Pumpkin, 05/15/93-11/5/98

Toyo was a very special soul. She was deeply loved and will be severely missed. We pray that she is in a wonderful place and that we will meet again. We love you Pumpkin.

Alison and Jeff Wood

Tracy & Kelly, 1977

I can remember you meant so much to my sister & I while we were growing up. I'm only so sorry to you and my sister that I just "had to take you on an adventure to John's". I lost you both and have felt terrible guilt about that awful situation since. I pray that a compassionate person found you and took care of you and that you are happy now. Tracey & Kelly, I'm sorry.


Tramp, 01/85-03/08/98

You are loved by so many people. The smiles and joy you brought to this world are your living legacy. 13 years were not enough time with you so we anxiously await our reunion at the bridge. Until that time we will hold you in our hearts.

Mom and Dad

Tramp and Tigre

To my 2 beloved babies:
Dear Tramp and Tigre,
I can't believe you're both gone. I cry over both of you everyday. You both meant everything to me and meant more to me than any person on this earth. I will miss you more than you'll ever know. You brought sunshine and meaning into my life. The pain is unbearable, the grieving is incessant, the sorrow is burdensome, and knowing you're not in any pain anymore helps a little, but I'm hoping that you're both either sitting on my Grammy's lap in Heaven or sitting beside her. Tigre, I'm sorry I couldn't say Goodbye 1 last time, and I'm soooo sorry I left you with "stranger" to put you to rest. I just couldn't bring myself to see your limp body! You were my both my 2 baby boys and you will be treasured and remembered in my heart till death bring us together!!! Please stay close together until I get there and Tigre, don't (hook) Trampie in the forehead when he's not looking, okay?

Love Mommie

Trapper, 6/15/93-7/21/98

Through my veil of tears and broken heart I say good bye to my best friend. You always knew my when I needed comforting and my sorrow fell on your big ol' head many times. Now in my deepest sorrow, my broken heart bleeds on a cold grave. I miss you, my buddy, rest in peace until I come over the bridge to be with you.


Trapper, 04/02/88-03/02/98

What can be said for a dog that would of been a perfect mate? He looked after my son, following him on all his many trails. We live in the country and I was never worried as long as I knew Trapper was with him. We would often refer to him as Andre, after Andre the seal in the movie. He had a way of throwing his head on your knee when he wanted something, even if it was just to be petted. We miss him terribly but know that he is in a better place, feeling like his old self again.
We love you, Trapper!

Jennifer Doyle and son Jeb

Trash, 09/97-03/0298

Trash was a very sweet puppy who I found abandoned on the side of the highway, he had a wonderful disposition and was a big angel.
I don't know what kind of dog he was but he was fuzzy, black and white, and big.
I am going to miss you Trash.
I love you,

Travis, 03/12/98

We adopted him as a stray and he became one of our "kids" our little boy. He filled this house with love and joy.
He loved everyone and every activity of the day. He would jump up and down by his hanging leash when time for our walk. He would play with his favorite squeaky toy, laying on his back biting it and squeaking. He would run circles around the coffee table and smile at us when he quit. He would follow us from room to room, no room was private from Travis. He just belonged with us. When we drove in the driveway we could see him waiting, sitting on his chair looking out the window. He would be so happy to see us. What a greeting. We were truly blessed to have had our Travis for the 17 months that God gave us to love and care for him. He is missed and my heart is broken and my tears will not stop. I miss my little Travie Boy.

Joanne and Donn

Travis, 01/17/98

Travis left this world at 4pm on Saturday January 17th. As was in keeping with his regal, gentle nature he departed in calm surrender and peace. Now he is with his sister Clementine at the end of Rainbow Bridge. A noble prince in every sense of the word he sought so earnestly only to serve, please and comfort.

I have many times often pondered the real difference between our human and then our canine children. It is only now at times like these that I am once more reminded that there really is no distinction at all.

We all need to share our love and lives with someone. To care for them. To need and be needed in return. He was my son in canine form and I only await the hour that my life is poured out and my days have come full circle. For my soul now carries the knowledge that Travis and Clemie will be waiting for me at the end of Rainbow Bridge.

God's Love and Peace to you.


Trazzy, 12/07/98

Trazzy you were our special girl. We are glad we took you in when some one so carelessly threw you away. I miss you laying under the desk when I am on the computer. I miss you laying next to me on the couch as I read the Sunday paper. We miss you laying at the foot of the bed every morning and we both miss your kisses. Ace is not well and will be joining you soon. Look for Bitsey and Sparky in the meadow beyond the Bridge. I am sure you will all be waiting for us when we cross the bridge.

Vickie & Keith Clark

Trinket, 11/06/94-11/20/98

Trinket, during your short life you were the best friend I ever had. God blessed me greatly when He sent you to me. I will always be grateful for having known you. I love you and will always miss you. I hope that we will meet again soon. Love, Lizviola.

Tripod, 05/20/98

To our wonderful brave Tripod, we may have other kitties but you will remain in our hearts forever. Though some uncaring person may have thrown you away, you came to us for a special reason. Though your leg had to be taken that made you more special to us. I will miss you most at bedtime when you are not there to give me a kitty kiss on the chin. Kyle and Daddy miss you so much. I know by now you have your leg back. You my special kitty angel will be with us always. Wait for us at the bridge. Your family will come for you, we will be together again. We love you very much you special three legged kitty.

Opal Payne

Tristan, 06/01/81-10/26/98

In loving memory of a beautiful cat, dearly missed by his twin sister, Isolde, and little friend Cassie. Reunited with Charley and Callie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sheila and Ron Thorsen

Tristan, 02/02/86-02/13/98

Tristan was one of the smartest and most loving shihtzus to ever grace this world. He was the epitome of intelligence, devotion, and love. He brought endless joy to my father and mother; may he meet them on the other side when their time comes. We love you, Tristan. We could never forget you.

Lola, Gerald, and Marbel Williamson

Tristen, 07/08/98

Tristen was a very special girl, never a cross moment. Made many families happy with the wonderful bouncy puppies she produced over her younger years. She loved everyone and always had a wag of the tail and lick to the hand to everyone that encountered her. She was always very special to the people and pets that entered her home for her master to groom them. She will be sadly missed by many.

Jackie Carlson

Tristen, 05/26/84-12/23/96

To Tristen, who was my constant companion,
who loved me when no one else did,
who comforted me when no one else did.
I miss you very much.


Triton, 07/20/97-04/27/98

My darling baby -- rest in peace and I will see you again someday!

Sandi and Juan

Trixie, 12/23/98

I didn't mean for you to be hurt. I was only trying to help another lost kitty. I didn't know he would take you from us.
Trixie, you must have been so scared, but we loved you so much. I'll miss forever your lying upon me wherever I was. I miss you so much, pretty girl.

Claudia Collins

Trixie, 06/23/97-10/6/98

Trixie was born from a litter of three. She was second to be born. She had a older brother named Tigger, and a younger sister named Patches. Trixie's mother is a Calico also and her name is Belle. She was a very cuddly cat when we got her from our neighbors, the Murrays. She was a very playful kitten, she really liked my dad's back scracher. She use to like to climb up on my shoulders and rub her face on my cheek when she was young. She played with my other cat Sammy, a shorthair tabby who is about 4 years old. I was in charge of cleaning Trixie's litter box. Everyday when I came home school, she was always so happy to see me. On October 6, 1998, She got into a fight with a wild animal and died at 5:39 PM. But she wasn't alone when she died, I was the last one who she was with when she died.

Christopher Cardona

Trixie, 02/28/81-06/23/98

We miss you so much, Trixie, and we always will. There will never be another like you. You can never be replaced. Don't ever forget how much we love you, always! We hope that you are happy up in heaven, and I await the day when we can be reunited again. I love you, baby!!


Trooper, 10/12/94

He was one of best friends I ever had.

Lynn Collings

Trotsky, 07/10/98

I know you'll look after Donald too, and I can't wait until we are all reunited once again. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and love.


Trouble (Trubby), 1980-1/14/98

(After the few words below, I share two interesting "coincidences" some of you may have experienced)
   Trouble (usually called Trubby, Tubby, Bubbie, or even Fatso), was brought into my house literally off the street in 1982, after he persisted in following an acquaintance. He was a healthy, trim, and very muscular 2-year-old street cat, an orange and white tabby. Within a year he fathered a litter with a friendís cat I was keeping, and I kept the smallest kitten to be dadís companion (which he was throughout his fatherís life). I soon married and became stepfather to a wonderful 5-year-old boy, and we later welcomed two more kittens into our family.
   During his sixteen years with us, Trubby was not only very healthy, but was an intelligent, communicative, and warm companion. He enriched our lives, and offered us the opportunity to share in unconditional love. Trubbyís life with us reaffirmed our love for each other, and deepened our appreciation of fellow human beings. Moments of joy are fairly rare in life, and perhaps the highest compliment we can give Trubby is that he provided more joy in our lives than we could ever hope for or expect.
   We were truly blessed. We feel his loss deeply, and we celebrate the great gift he gave us through being a family member those many years. Trubby was truly a great cat, and we know his spirit is at peace.
   (Two "coincidences", or rather, connections) -- Trubby died quietly last Wednesday, 1/14/98, at the age of almost 18. We placed him in a special blanket and box, but for some reason decided to wait until tomorrow (Monday) to have our ceremony. Tonight, Sunday, I was searching for support on the Web and found the Pet Loss Grief Support Web site, and the Candle Ceremony held on each Monday. I knew instantly this was why we waited. Trubby deserves a great tribute, and the Candle Ceremony is just that.
   Also, the evening Trubby died, we had gone out to eat, and at about 7:30 pm, made a toast to him. We later determined that he must have passed on at about just that time.  
We love Trubby, and always will.

Greg McCormick/Adria Fredericks/Zach Bear

Troy, 10/08/97

Still missed by Wallace, Gromit, Sisco, Fitz, Cleo, mammy and daddy.

Trubluberry Muffin (Muffie), 06/05/83-11/24/98

We miss you, so much Muffer. Tommie & Tippie Toes Too.

The Sheppard Family

Truck, 08/13/98

Every dog we've ever owned has found us and "Truck" was no exception and because of that, we feel certain they have been chosen for us and have been part of our mission here on Earth. Praise God for giving us such loving pets. "Truck" came to us when our son needed him most and we thank God for that. May his precious and loyal soul rest in peace.

Patty Gates

                     "My Friend"

He came from out of nowhere and refused my awkward touch,
We studied one another, slowly building up our trust.

I wondered why he shied away from my extended hand,
But then I saw myself in him and began to understand.

This loving emotion that we are supposed to share,
Is based on respect, patience and willingness to care.

I opened my heart and took the chance that he would enter in,
He licked my hand, lay by my side and healed my wounds within.

I tell him all, this friend of mine, who softened this strong will,
How good to find he knows me well and yet he loves me still.

Truma, 1998-11/23/98

This is in remembrance of a small black kitten. Her live was terribly short.

My daughter and I rescued her from the jaws of a dog on Saturday. She had scab on her head and neck. She has badly dehydrated and only the Good Lord knows the last time she had eaten. I would have guessed her age to be around 9 weeks old. I tried all I could to save her. But nothing worked. In the 2 days that she lived with me she was loved and cared for. Our consolation now is knowing that she is over the Rainbow Bridge running and playing with other kittens.


Truman, 10/04/98

You were such a brave little kitty Truey to try to fight such a terrible disease. We can't believe you are gone so soon. We miss and love you so very much.

Chriss and Jeff Bowman

Tucker, 08/02/98

Hit by a car...rest in peace my sweet darling. ill never forget you and forever miss you.


Tucker, 5/29/94-5/13/96

He was my love, my first scottie. The one who taught me how much I could love and be loved, and how much his loss could hurt. He was taken before his time, and far earlier than I was prepared to let him go! tucker, I will always love you best!

Christine Hart

Tucker, 9/8/86-9/4/96

My Darling Tucky,
Mommy misses you so very much, Tucky! I will never forget that terrible day, at the Vets! We truly thought, all you needed, was to have a couple teeth pulled, to get you back on the road to recovery. Then, we were told, that you had the Leukemia Virus, and there was no way to make you healthy again, and we had to send you on, without us, so that you wouldn't suffer. I never would have believed that you wouldn't be coming home with us again! And, home has never been the same without you here, Tucky. I never thought, I would ever get over living without you! It is still hard, but it has been over a year and a half, and the pain has eased some. I look forward, to the day we are together again, and I can hold you in my arms, and cuddle like we used to. Until that day comes, please remember how much I love you, and that I always will.

I love you very much, Tucky!

Mommy (Tracy R.)

Tucker, 02/27/90-01/03/98

Tucker, you were so much to me. Not just my pet, not just a show dog, but a true companion. You were beautiful, smart, willing, everything a German Shepherd Dog should be. You taught me so much about training a dog with love and patience - and you rewarded me with many obedience titles. You took with you a chunk of my heart. My heart will never be the same....

Allison Huck

TuckerBear, 11/28/92-03/26/98

TuckerBear was our gentle, cuddly furbaby. He was a wheaten brindle Scottish Terrier who stole the hearts of everyone. Although he was only 5 yrs old, he passed over the Rainbow Bridge Thursday nite, March 26th. We will remember him always by his gentle ways and loving eyes. He leaves behind two brothers who miss him dearly and search for him constantly. May they find comfort too, knowing that TuckerBear is at peace in his new home.

J&N Stillmunks

Tucker Marie, 1992-03/27/98

Tucker Marie, You have been gone now for 5 days and I still have not accepted that you are gone. I am sorry that I was gone when you were ill and I still wish I could have had Tucker kisses one more time. I'll see you again someday and I know we will meet with your tongue hanging out of your mouth just like when I used to come home from Texas. You'll still be my favorite: most handsomest and skinniest dog in the whole world. When we meet again we can play "chicken" and "smoofie" for days and never be interrupted. I will always love you Tucker Bear. Missing you in TX, Renee.

Tuffy, 04/28/98

The best Pom (small furry person) there has been and will ever be.

Tuffy, I found you when you were alone and scared. I hope I gave you the best home you could ask for. You were my constant companion at home, at work and at play and I miss you. I tried to save you but GOD wanted you back with him. I will meet you at the bridge when my time comes. Play with Bear, Bosco, Tiki and Shadow. Tell them I miss all of you!

Cindy Kae Volz

Tuffy, 08/26/98

We all love you some much Tuffy, and having you gone is like missing part of my self. I am so sorry for having you put to sleep, I loved you so much that I couldn't have you suffer with fear forever I hope that your last moments were ones you can remember with and I am very sorry. You mean so much to me. Every day I will come home from work, I will miss seeing your exciting happy hyper self. I am truly sorry for not teaching you when I had the chance. I will always love and remember you forever. If there is a heaven I hope you are the first that I see my wonderful loving Tuffy. May God take you as his personal companion as I have.

William Pentz

Tuffy, 03/03/86-07/06/98

He gave us much joy.

Dan and Agnes Russell

Tuffy, 04/13/98

You took such good care of me for so many years, Tuffy, I never realized how much a part of my life you were or how terribly I would miss you. I like to think of you playing in the green grass with all your new friends. I feel you coming around from time to time to check on us. I can still smell you sweet puppy ears. I'll see you soon little boy, I love you.

Linda and Cliff Romine

Tuffy, 6/6/84-4/25/92

Tuffy died of feline leukemia over 6 years ago but I miss him every day. Sometimes I think I feel him near or hear him crying at me for attention. Someday I'll meet him at the bridge. I can throw big wide rubberbands for him to catch like he use to. God bless all you do for us who have lost our babies.

Louise Hiatt

Tuffy, 10/88-06/06/98

Always Mama's girl, no one can ever take your place in my heart. I will wait to meet you at the bridge.

Amanda Jackson

Tuffy, 08/14/84-05/31/98

To my special companion who was the light of my days and nights. I'll miss my buddy who loved pizza and ice cream and who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Good bye my friend

Kathy Reulbach

Tugg, 12/31/87-4/18/98

You were our best friend and we will miss you always.

Cindy, Kate, Ben and Chris Hedstrom

Tugger and Perky

These were the two best pets anyone could ever have! We will miss them forever and we will never forget them.

Sheryl Sutherland

Tuppence, 20/3/1998

To Tuppence my beloved cat.
I will miss you so much you was just not a cat to me but a friend too. I hope you have some peace now we will always love you.

Robert Gibbs

Turbo, 02/86-02/10/98

Turbo, I miss you laying outside the bathroom door while I take my shower and protecting me. I miss your bright eyes and your love. I miss you cuddling up to me and your kisses. I JUST MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH.


Tutu, 03/16/84-03/31/98

Tutu, our little "wiglet", there was never a more precious little dog. You were the light of my mother's life, until she died in '93. Then you took over my wife's lap and lit up our lives since then. How can such a small dog leave such a big hole in our hearts and lives? We miss your "hugs" and the excitement you showed when we came home from work. Farewell.

Jim and Joanna Macaulay

Tuxedo, 10/14/98

My sweet boy, Tux, was as sleek and graceful as a puma. He was the smartest cat I have ever known. He was my beloved friend and companion. I was privileged to share his life for 5 years.. Why such a young and vibrant animal had to die remains a mystery. He will remain in my horribly broken heart always, and I look forward to our final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. May God bless my beloved Tuxedo.

Laura Z.

Tuxedo Soft Tail, 11/14/93-01/26/95

Tuxedo was my beat friend and he was a great part of our family we still miss and Love him very much.

Helen Pfau

Twerp, 08/06/80-04/29/91

Twerp, Wonderful and Funny Guy. 19 years of love and companionship. You accepted all new pets and never doubted my love. Play and wait for us at the entrance of the bridge...look for Derwood. Mom

Ruth Giuffre and Stephen

Twinkle Delight, 03/01/96-05/12/98

My Dearest Twinkle, you were always my very special most precious baby from the first day I met you, when you climbed up on me all the way to my shoulder and proclaimed me your very own person from that day forward. Because you weren't expected to live very long, I always felt you were my extra special gift, and after two years, I came to believe you would be with me for a long life. No one will ever take the place that only you hold in my heart. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, my little Twinkie D. I love you and miss you terribly.

Your loving Mommy

Catherine Bryan

Twinkle Sophronia Binkstar, 1991-01/07/98

We will miss you, blue-silver sprite!


Tyga, 8/31/83-10/9/98

My precious baby, Tyga. You were my best friend for 15 yrs. You are my Angel. You protected me when times were rough. You were there for me when I had no one or nothing. You hung on to make sure I would be taken care of. I love you so much. You came to me unexpectedly and left me the same way. Please forgive me I didn't know. I would have done anything for you as I have in the past. My life isn't the same without you, of course it can't be. It's because of the special girl you were, that made my life so unique. I've never shared such a bond, I'll miss you my baby girl. Your always in my heart and forever with me. Be in peace now. Love your Mommy...


Tygger Boo, 01/30/92-11/18/96

Tygger Boo was my best friend and was the best cat I knew. She was such a great sport even though she was sick a great deal. Isn't it ironic that the good ones go too soon? I just hope that one day I'll be able to be reunited with Tygger (and maybe Molly) will join us. I'll never forget you Tygger, you were the greatest friend to me and I love you.


Tygrrr, 01/07/84-02/28/98

Tygrrr vigorously and with highly evolved purpose gave 14 years of unconditional love & comfort to me, to his wife Jezebel, and to their daughter Garbo... For me it was a bond of love so strong & so real that it will never end. As each day passes without his physical presence I feel a light growing inside me that has his name on it... A beacon that will light the dark, just ahead of me, for the rest of my life 'til we meet on that bridge... Thank you my TygrrrHeart for all that you were, for the courage you had in the face of heart disease, and for the spirit you have now become...


Tracy aka KatGyrl

Tyler, 10/12/98

Tyler True, we love you and miss you. You are an angel and our prayers are with you.

Melissa Curran & Kelly Conner

Tyler, our Mr. T, 08/17/98

Tyler, Our Mr. T  
Gallant Gentleman  
Marauder and rogue  
Held tightly in our hearts  
Lighting our way  
to that Holy Place.  
Wait for us "T" we'll see  
you in awhile.  
Love your other Mom

Sue Mysynuk

Tyler, 02/23/98

Tyler you are missed so very much. Our hearts feel like they have been broken into a million pieces since you passed away last Monday. We love you with all our hearts and anxiously await the day that we can look into those mischievous eyes.....

Hope there is lots of catnip there for you and your best buddy Muffin......

Love Always, Mom and Wendy

Tyrone, 1981-6/4/98

For my Mom's kitty, "Ty," who passed away on Thursday.

Linda Allen

Tyrone, 1/22/89-3/8/98

Tyrone- was the best, most loved bunny ever to be.
He made me a better person for having known him.
God bless you bun. You will be missed and never forgotten.
Rest peacefully.
mom, Maya and Merlin

Tyrone, 11/27/81-01/08/98

Tyrone Nov. 27 1981 To Jan. 8 1998

For 16 years Tyrone was my Monday Night Football Buddy We never missed a Game.
When I Chipped Golf Balls he help me Retrieve them . He loved to go Fishing but I'm sorry now that I did not take him more often. Even so My Wife and his Little Sister Dog Tiffiny were all ready in bed He would not go to Bed until I went to bed. He was always at my side no matter if it was watching the Evening News or in my Computer Room. Now I have his picture on my Desk top.
I Loved him and I will always miss my Buddy Tyrone.

Jens & Rosetta Eskildsen
Little Sister Dog Tiffiny

Tyson, 05/98-11/16/98

I just lost my dearest Tyson and I wanted to give him a page. Tyson was almost 7 months old before he died. Tyson was a very special and dear kitty to me. When he was first born, I didn't want him because he was solid white, but after I got to know him more and more, I feel in love with his snowball-self. No matter where I went, Tyson was there beside me, in front of me, or on me. At the computer, he would lie in my arms like a little baby and snuggle closely to me while purring as loud as he could! I used to just love to sit there and listen to his purr as it was so soothing to me. When I was off to use the potty, Tyson followed me in there so that he could chase the water when the toilet was flushed. Tyson was my baby. I let him out the night he was killed so that he could potty while I was on my way out. He followed me across the street and was sitting on the curb right before it happened. I saw the lights of the car coming up the street and just that time, Tyson was startled and ran right in the street and under the car. I sat in my own car screaming bloody murder as I watched him dart across and get hit. He didn't die right then and there as he scooted off under my own car until my neighbor was able to get him out. My husband and I rushed him to the pet ER, all the while he laid in my arms like a little baby crying and whining. I was bawling, my daughter was bawling, and we just didn't know if Tyson was going to make it or not. When we got to the ER, he was still crying and they had to put him on oxygen due to his collar turning grey. Five minutes later, my worst nightmare happened...they walked out the door and told me he didn't make it. I lost it! My dear Tyson, I miss you so much! I have been severely depressed all week and this is the first time that I have actually made it to the computer this long. I should have never let you out, but I didn't know that you would follow me across the street. I know it's my fault that you are dead, and there is nothing that I can do to bring you back. I am very angry with the car that hit you, because he was speeding down the street with that loud old car anyhow. Tyson, he didn't stop, he kept going after you were hit. Oh Tyson, I wish you were here with me....I miss you nuzzling my chin at night when I am struggling to go to sleep. Why did you have to go.

We love you,
Tonya, Khadijah, Pockets, and Cleo.

I am sure that you are up there with Thunder who left a month ago today. Give her hugs for me Tyson!

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