1998 Tributes

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Sabanero thru Sylvia




Sabby, 09/01/98

We will miss you Sabby. You brought a very special place in our life. Sabby was a very loving and affectionate male cat who loved us. He died of feline diabetes and liver failure. We miss his little meows and purrs and how he always greeted us when we came home from work. He was true friend and family member whom we loved very much. Sabby was 13 years old when he died on Sept. 1st 1998. We buried him in a special place in our backyard beside his brother Buzzy who died from a neighbor's cruelty about 5 years ago. He is running and playing with his brother now at Rainbow Bridge. There is a big space in our life since we lost Sabby but we know that we did all we could to save him and he is no longer suffering from his ailments. We sympathize with all pet lovers who have lost a part of themselves by losing a pet. They become so much a part of your life and you feel so separated when you lose them. We Love our little Sabby and He will not be forgotten. He's having the time of his life at Rainbow Bridge.


Jeff and Janice

Sabi, 1/85-11/08/98

Sabi - I couldn't have asked for a more gentle wonderful dog. We got him from an animal rescue when he was about 6 mths old. He was a companion for our older dog and a gentle playmate for the children. He could handle them climbing all over him. If it really bothered him he would get up and leave but never growl. He barked when it was really necessary and then it was only one bark. He'd then leave it at that as if to say "that is all that is necessary". He would always let you know he was around and needed a pet by pushing his nose into your hand.

Sabi, lately I knew you were getting older. You would gaze into the distance trying to get those old eyes to work. You would come around and stare at me from the front gate when I left to go so many times. I'd reach over the fence and say "I'll be back soon". Your hearing was gone I believe because I would have to be right by you for you to notice me so many times. I know it was your time; your heart had pumped as much as it could. I am so glad I was there with you when you went, petting you, telling you what a good dog you were. I hope you could hear and feel me. We all are going to miss you so much.

Sabi, you really were a very good dog and I love you.

Jennifer and everyone

Sable, 07/31/98

In special loving memory of our Niece-Dog, Sable. She was always a love and a joy to be around- always full of energy and kisses

"aunt" Karen

Sable, 05/05/98

Sable was a manx cat with beautiful green eyes. On May 5, 1998, she was put to rest due to cancer on her lower jaw. It is very hard knowing that she will not be there to greet me everyday when I get home from work. She was the best cat I have ever had. Sable will always have a place in my heart and will be missed dearly. I know that I will meet her sometime again. Goodbye my friend.
Rest In Peace

Sabre Orion, 06/03/94-09/12/98

Sabre, I never thought I could miss a dog as much as I miss you. I will always remember how you would sit and make me give you "head rubs" before I could come into the house, and how you would demand a doggie treat before you would eat dinner. I'm sorry your life ended so early, but I know that you are in a better place now, where illness and seizures can no longer hurt you. I'll see you soon, Cheryl

Sabu, 2/81-08/97

My SABU was my best friend, My heart is so heavy without him...There will never be another to fill my heart the way he did...He was the brightness at the end of my dreary days. I saved him from Euthanasia when his original owners no longer found him convenient, and we quickly became dependent on each other....It seemed he knew I was his angel as he was mine. SABU, you are so missed. Tears come to my eyes everytime I pass your picture, or speak your beautiful name.
My wonderful friend SABU, one day when God says it is my time, I will once again be able to hold you and stroke your tummy. And I promise to let you sleep on my pillow next to me in heaven just like you did here on earth.

Missy Hayner

Sacha, 10th Oct 98

Thank you Sacha, for bringing us together. For making me go out in the middle of winter, in blinding rain, in the cold, for making me enjoy life that one bit more.  
Thank you for the laughs you have given us, and the love you have shown us.  
You have made Dipti happy in your 6 short years. I have only known you for 3, You and Dipti came as a package. And now you are gone. No more of you opening the doors, and creeping up to the bedroom, lying down on the carpet on Dipti's side of the bed! As if you thought we hadn't heard you! You were the most beautiful of dogs I have seen and known. We will never forget you, we will always love you.


Sad Eyes, 5/15/98

In remembrance by a small group of people in a condo complex who tried to help

No one knows where he came from or what his name was. I called him Sad Eyes. This kitty appeared 2 weeks before his death. He was skinny and limping and out in the rain. It rained for 10 days straight and all of us in the neighborhood tried to feed him and take him inside. He resisted but was finally caught. A lady that works at a nearby vet took him in to get help. The kids collected money for his vet bill.  
Sadly when he was put under to be neutered and have bloodwork his heart stopped. The vet had found 2 large tumors on his kidneys which is why he limped. The pain must have been awful. They didn't revive him and euthanized him. He has gone to the Bridge now but left a little of himself with all of us here in the complex who tried to help. It was estimated he was about 10 years old. I only hope his life prior was good and he had some loving along the way. He had the saddest eyes I have ever seen but would love to see how bright and happy they are now.

Sadie, 08/18/98

To my dear girl- Even though you were only with us for just over a year, you touched us more than I can say. I know that you were happy while you were here, and I'm glad of it. I'm so sorry that I wasn't there, holding you to the end, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Never forget us, and that you left us with all our love. We'll be together again someday, Cody included, and we'll be happy together forever. We all love you girl.....

David Wild

Sadie, 09/02/98

She was my best friend. She had developed heart problems & when her liver began failing, I made the decision not to let her suffer. She died in my arms. I have a great emptiness inside me. Sadie sent me off to work in the morning & greeted me at the door in the evening. It's hard to come home now. She was my constant companion & I miss her dearly every day.



Still miss you and think about you. Sophie and Maggie miss you too.

J. Morrison

Sadie, adopted 7/20/95-8/2/98

Thank you, Sadie, for teaching me to love and feel joy again. You brought me nothing but happiness in the three short years that we were together. You are the best dog. I miss you so. I promise to keep your spirit and enthusiasm in my heart and share it with others. Goodbye, my baby girl.

Therese Llanes

Sadie, 07/02/98

You were loved so much! You were my best friend. I cry for you and you are not here to cuddle up to me as I cry. I will never forget you.

Darnell Johnnie

Sadie, 8/89-6/26/98

Sadie always had a smile and a tail wag for us, no matter what kind of day we had or what mood we were in. She was always full of love and happiness and shared it with everyone. Sadie was with us from the beginning, before we were married, was with us for 5 moves and in 2 different states, she went with us everywhere. She was a special part of our lives and always will be. We will always treasure the memories she helped us create.

Jennifer and Andy Zutter

Sadie, 01/98

Sadie you had such a hard life, first you were abandoned by your owner in a parking lot, and than after your new owner found out you had heartworms she didn't want you anymore. We hope that in your last few weeks you found the love and reassurance your life had been missing. When I lay a flower on your grave in my backyard I am trying to make up for your life as an unloved animal. Sadie, know that someone here did love you and misses you now that you are gone. Please look after my Rufus, Cliff, Max, Marley, and Cutey Pie up in Rainbow Bridge (and the many more that I cannot name here)

Sadie, 03/09/98

My Darling Sadie..I miss you so much. I would do ANYTHING to have you back with me without your vaccine site cancer.
I just hope that, as Dr Sarah says, your terrible disease will help others and hopefully result in the eradication of a cancer that is caused by humans. I will cherish your memory forever...You were such a brave, determined and loving girl.. rest in peace, my beloved Sadie.


Sadie, 9/5/83-2/5/98

My little Sadie Mae...I miss you more than words will allow...life just isn't the same without my little baby...thank you so much for the 15 years of unconditional love and friendship you gave me...I love you more than words can say and would give anything to have you back with me...you were my sunshine....love mama

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My sweet little Sadie...It's been almost 3 months since you've been gone and I still miss you like it was yesterday..Pearl and Nicholas miss you too..My life just isn't the same without you, my little buddy..Thank you for your unconditional love and companionship, my little baby..you are so missed and I pray you are at the bridge waiting for me..I love you, little Sadie....Mama

Sadie, 01/18/82-12/03/97

Sadie was a noble, patient, gentle and loving friend for many years. We miss her every day.

Chuck and Terri Sinoway

Sadie-baby, 21/09/98

The most precious, beloved friend I could ever have hoped to love. We are truly broken-hearted, and so very, very lonely without her there to make us laugh, to love us, and to let us love her. To never, ever, be forgotten - Sadie-baby. (21/9/98).


Sadie Belle, 3/15/98

One tough old, crusty, bitch!

The Kirby Family

Saffie, 09/82-04/16/97

We miss you. See you soon.

Bernadett, Tom, Jenny and Mike

Saffron Gold, 11/29/97-06/10/98

You will always be in mummy's heart angel,  
until we meet again  
as does Romeo and Grandma


Saffron, 12/29/97


Saffron was an Angel kitty on loan from God. She was with us for a very short time, but reserved a place forever in our hearts. From our first meeting, she cuddled upon my chest, next to my heart and never , ever left that spot.

Her love was consistent and unconditional and she was responsible for saving my life during a difficult time. She never asked for anything in return, just stared at me with pure love from her kind and sensitive topaz eyes. My touch sent her into a purring frenzy and I could feel her love flowing freely...

Thank you Saffron for teaching your very special lesson of love and thank our Lord for sharing you with us.

I know that you are healthy and heartily running free at the Rainbow Bridge. I know that you are safe and warm in a giant snuggle with God. We miss you more than words could ever say.

Goodnight sweet angel, until we meet again...

Maria and Alex and all your kitty and bunny brothers and sisters

Sage and Molly, 03/24/98

This is a tribute to Sage and Molly. Taken too soon. Sage, you will always be remembered for your smile when you were being scratched.

Molly, your sweet old self will be missed.


Saguaro, 09/97-06/13/98

We miss you dearly sweetie. You are always in our thoughts. We will always love you and you hold a very special place in our hearts. We hope that you are OK and not suffering anymore. I hope that you hear our prayers. We love you! You will never ever be forgotten!

Sailin's Splitten Image, 02/03/83/11/30/94

My very first, very special canine friend. So long until we meet again.

Jim Groenke

Saki, Suki, Simi and Sizi, 10/01/98-10/04/98

My sweet babies, you fought so hard to stay alive. Without your mama to take care of you, you did not have a very good chance. I will always remember our short time together and how much I loved you. Saki, my big boy at 3.2 ounces, all black, with the loudest voice. Once you were comfortable you hated to be disturbed. Suki, the little brother, so soft, so sweet, Siamese like your dad. You loved to cuddle. Simi, the smartest girl, you learned how to nurse from the bottle first. Sizi, my precious girl, at only 2 ounces you were the runt. You tried extra hard because of that. I couldn't believe it when you struggled to get out of your warm bed to get closer to me. I loved you so much. You all are safe, warm and happy now with your eyes wide open, enjoying the beautiful colors of Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget you and will always love you. You left paw prints on my heart that will never go away.


Beth Poisson

Sally, 06/02/85-10/14/98

Please God help my mother through this time of pain.
Sally was her best friend.

Valerie Lucero

Sally, 1/1/86-1/13/98

Best lovable dog ever. Loved people, children and loved to swim. Never did anyone any harm.

Linda Westin

Sally Girl, 10/30/71-03/09/85

You were brave that day, and all alone there . Until Dusty Lynne came to the Bridge. You both talked for hours about us. She even told you about her chucky. So, now I know you both are having a great time together. I know that you met Dusty but sent her back to us. But she is now with you. Please take care of her for us. Until we cross over to be with you both.

Love , Mom and Dad.

Salvador, 6/14/90-3/9/98

Paloma and I love you and miss you very much. You were such a beautiful cat, with your orange stripes, pointy face and golden eyes. Nothing will ever replace you. I will miss your loud purr, the way you used to kneed in my hair, and sleep on my chest. Thank you for bringing me almost eight years of happiness and unconditional love. You will live on in my memories and in the Rainbow Bridge. Paloma and I will see you there again one day.

Carolyn and Paloma (Salvador¹s furry sister) "

Sam, 10/22/98

Sam, We will miss you!


Sam, 08/11/96-10/17/98

He was our joy


Sam, 04/09/84-05/02/97

Our darling Sam,

Always loved, never forgotten, up above looking down on us.

We will never forget you baby


Sam, 08/90-09/02/98

Sam-you were my best buddy for 8 years that were too short. Now you are cancer-free. I hope you are happy, nose to the ground and tail in the air. Sadly missed by your mommie, Sandy & Tyrone.


I wasn't looking for a dog the day Sam came into my life. A manager in the office where I was doing a contract brought in an eight-week-old puppy he said nobody wanted. The little guy was so cute and friendly I just had to take him home. I put Sam in the car and soon as I got in he got up on my lap and licked my face. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. A few months latter I started working at home. Sam seemed to have a sixth sense and could tell when I was having a bad day. He would come into office with one of his toys and an invitation to play or jump up on my lap and take a nap while I worked on the computer. Most of the time he would just lay by my feet and keep me company.

Sam liked to play fetch, go for rides and walks in the park. His favorite activity was swimming in the creek. We would head out the back gate to go for a walk along the creek but many times he couldn't resist getting wet. I would through a rock or a stick and he would run to fetch the splash. He liked to hit the water with his front paws and bite the splash. He seemed to be on a happiness overload when he was swimming because his little butt was always wiggling.

Sam was very special. All the kids in the neighborhood liked to play with him and I had lots of offers from the neighbors to baby-sit if I had to go out of town. I got a bed for him but I couldn't get him to sleep on it, he always wanted to sleep with me. When he was too little to jump up he would make a fuss until I would pick him up. When he was big enough to jump up on the bed he would wait until I got under the covers then come up and lay down beside me. He was always there in the morning to get his tummy rub and an ear massage.

The three and a half years I had Sam made a lot of wonderful memories. The unconditional love we shared enriched my life. I miss him more than words can say.

Steve Haug

Sam, 8/29/97

Dear special Sam,  
You were our very special friend, who was sadly very ill and had to be taken away from us. We love and miss you so very much. You are all now together once again, Snip, & Sheba. Love and take care of each other, until we can all be one again.  
Our little old Sam, we miss you so much, sleep well sweetheart until we meet again. All our love always, you are forever in our hearts.  

Love your mum & dad. xxxxxxxxxx

Helen & Dave.

Sam, 12/84-8/11/98

I remember the day that I found you at the pound as if it were yesterday. I walked through the door, and there you were. I remember that there were other puppies, but I only had eyes for you. And then, as if on cue, you sat down, looked at me, and cocked your head to the side. And with that one swift motion, you captured my heart forever. Until I find you again, I'll always be chasing rainbows. All of my love...forever.

Mr. Sam-man bring me a dream........


Sam, 07/11/98

Sam was not my cat......for I never really appreciated cats, that is until I met Sam. Sam was a very special cat.... He made me realize how loving and special cats could be. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Sam... for he is the best friend a friend could wish for.

Your Friend Ron......

Sam, 07/79-03/02/94

Sam, Sammy, Samantha--we called you all three names, and you knew them all! You were the best friend any family could ever hope for. You were loving, kind, and gentle. I remember the time you caught a baby rabbit in the yard, and carried it to us unharmed. You had a long and, I hope, a happy life. As your age caught up with you, and you could no longer walk with me the way you loved to do, I knew the time I hated to think about was finally coming nearer. The day you looked up at me as if to say ""It's time!"", I felt my heart would break. As the vet injected you, you fell asleep with your head in my lap, as I gently petted you; I hope you knew how much you were loved as you left us.
We will always love you, and never forget you!
Your loving family: Phil, Elaine, Mike and Bob

Sam, 4/14/83-7/8/98

Born a dog
Died a gentleman.
Our Baby...

Patsy Elmore

Sam, 7/18/98

Sam was a neighborhood stray who adopted me when he was about 2. For 14 years I had someone who was always glad to see me, who listened to all my troubles, and loved me unconditionally.

Sam, I will never forget you. I like to picture you enjoying your new life by the rainbow bridge. Someday we'll cross that bridge together, my friend, and enjoy each other again.

Good-bye sweet companion. I love you and I miss you.

Teresa Sayers

Sam, 08/01/95


Here we are  
where we started 3 years ago,  
just you and me and fluffy quilts.

Me working graveyards,  
sleeping while the world wakes, worries, works,  
as you tuck in tight to my hollow spots,  
sensually stretching and curling to my touch.

who taught me the true pleasure of giving pleasure,  
and goose bumps with every inhale, exhale, inhale;  
cold purring nose in my ear.  
Unconditional loving green almond eyes turn to slits  
as we drift off into cat dreams.

step-mom, Sherri

Sam, 07/30/84-05/10/98

We have lost a big part of our family!!

Margaret Paulus

Sam, 3/8/98

Sam. She was my baby. She met so much to me. Whenever I needed her she was always there, like she knew I needed her. Now she needed me, and I was there. I wish I knew how she was feeling the last few days, and if we'll ever meet again. I love you Sam, you may be gone but will never be forgotten.


Sam, 02/21/79-02/25/97

Our sweet Sammy came to us as a pup in 1979. He was a beautiful fawn Doberman, kind, intelligent and funny. I tried hard to resist him, but when I found out he was born on my birthday I knew he was meant to be my baby. And for the next nearly 8 years he was my heart and soul, and a special friend to everyone who knew him. We shared our last birthday together on 2/21/97. Four days later he went to wait for me at the Bridge. He said a sweet goodbye to me and told me it was time for him to go. As that final shot did its job I felt his spirit rise away from his tired sick body, up to the freedom he needed and deserved. Through my pain came a joy for him. I know he's strong and happy again, and waiting for me. Someday, Sammy, Mama will catch up with you and we'll be together always. I'll always love and miss you, big boy, until we're together again. But I'm okay, so you have fun in that big green meadow until I get there and don't worry about me.



Sam came to our family with his sister Samantha, who already crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as twin kittens. As they grew older it was obvious that Sam was the leader...if not by personality alone, then by sheer size. Sam was by no means a graceful cat..no....in fact he was perhaps the clutziest cat I have ever known. He was a BIG kitty, weighing in at 25 lbs. But Sam had a heart that was certainly in proportion to his enormous size. Sam loved to get ready for work with my mom....and later with me...he would jump up on the sink in the bathroom and look at himself in the mirror and then at us and then at himself again until we put pink blush on his cheeks...we never really knew if it was the brush stroke, the color or his new "look" that he liked more. He also drank water from the tap in the sink and would dip his paw in the water bowl and drink from the water cuped in his paws. He was not your typical cat, but he was a sweetheart. In October, I came home from a weekend trip to find that he had not eaten anything. He was not himself the next day and then the second day I found him on the kitchen floor, unable to walk. A trip to the emergency vet revealed that he had Diabetes and a liver disease and a growth in his belly. He was clearly suffering. We got to spend one last hour with him and through our tears we held him and pet him and he seemingly understood ....in fact at one point he pulled himself over to his boy, Corey and placed his head and a paw on his arm to soothe him from crying, Sam understood our tears and sorrow and when we finally had to go, he found the strength to stand up and walk to the sink in the exam room and look at the faucet, looking at us with that...I wanna play look...so our final memory of him is him batting at the stream of water. We miss you SAM!!!

Jeannette Lippert

Sam, 08/80-05/97

Sam cam into our lives in 1980. He was just a black and white cat with a pair of piercing green eyes.. He wandered the neighborhood keeping all sizes of dogs out of our yard. I remember once as a kitten he wandered up to a restaurant and 2 kids brought him back home to us. He died in May 1997 of Diabetes and purring knowing that he was going to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our other cats. We miss him dearly because he was there when there was sadness cuddled up next to me. Met me at the door everyday when I came home from work.... We feel a void in our lives that will take a while to be filled. He died in May 1997 at the ripe old age of 18. Love and Kisses Always WE LOVE YOU SAM

Vicki, Jay, Heather and Jorie

Sam and Spencer, 6/25/98

Sam was my first kitty since I was married to my wonderful husband. Sam was a Christmas present in 1985--my husband and I chose him together in February 1986. He was four years old, a big orange tomcat who had been found by a vet technician. She cleaned him up, had him neutered, and then advertised for a loving family, which turned out to be us. We always described Sam as our Great Western Slow Cat. From his days on the street, he learned to be cautious and move slowly and carefully. He was a mellow cat who warmed our hearts and our laps.

Spencer was a present for my daughter who wanted a white female kitten. What we came away with that day at the shelter was a male tabby cat with a white "shirtfront" who stole our hearts when he climbed right up my husband's leg and sat on his shoulder. All his ten years, Spencer was a kitten who loved to play with ribbon, rubber bands, throw rugs and anything left on the floor. We'd always find Spencer in strange places, looking out from inside paperbags or boxes.

We miss our beloved boys. Our laps are empty of their comforting weight and their throaty purrs.


Sam Girl, 6/80-5/11/96

Missed very much!

Joyce Maready

Samantha, 06/02/79-08/07/97

In Loving Memory Of Samantha
6/79 - 8/7/97

In June of 79' a baby was born for me,  
An Angel of Furr kind,  
Samantha her name will be....

The day I came calling for you to see,  
The fireplace had been such a  
interesting place to be.

Soft and furry still damp from a bath,  
I hugged you and held you,  
My shoulder became your grasp.

Days in the country for you to roam,  
Became 12 wonderful years of the place  
you would call home.

You blessed me with laughter and with your love,  
You blessed me with mice, rabbits and even a dove.

1990 brought you a new home and quiet times,  
Your ears grew silent and you were deaf,  
For age had robbed you of your hearing,  
But many years you had left.

You accepted Tabitha, then Scooter too.  
Along came KC, but my Princess you are and you knew.

1994 brought you yet another new home,  
Age was robbing you of your friskiness  
But you still never let me sleep alone.

You are tired dear friend, you are so dear,  
Your body aches, your face greets my tears.

You have fought such a battle, to the very very end....  
For Rainbow Bridge your body will now mend.

So when the time comes, look back and know,  
You have given my your love, your loyalty,  
and now it's time to go.

I miss you dear Samantha, my dear dear furr child...  
But Rainbow Bridge waits for you, and I'll join you in a while.

Go romp, go jump, go run and play,  
See the flowers, the meadows, your friends  
and the day....  
That I will join you dear Samantha, and you can show me the way.

I love you dear Samantha, my heart now aches for my loss.  
But I know you are healthy again, and our paths will always cross.

You left me a Christmas gift dear Samantha, and this I must share,  
You brought me little Sassypot, so your loss would be easier to bear.

Come visit me in my dreams, come warm my lap...  
Come comfort my broken heart, for you my dear Samantha,  
You are my Princess...never just my cat.

I love you and miss you Princess, Love Mommy

Samantha (Sam), 08/26/98

Dearest Sam,
I will never forget that day more than 15 years ago when you followed me home from work. No one could have written a better 'boy and his dog story'. You have enriched my life so much. The world is indeed a better place because you were in it. Your cold, wet nose, big brown eyes, and that left ear- permanently half-cocked, are forever part of my heart. Your heart-of-gold, your unswerving loyalty, your unconditional love, are a part of my soul throughout eternity. I will never stop loving you...

Shane Ellis

Samantha, 7/12/80-8/26/98

What Is A Cat?

   Gentle eyes,  
that see so much.  
   Paws that have the quiet touch.  
Purrs to signal  
   "all is well"  
and show more love,  
than words can tell.  
   Graceful movements,  
touched with pride.  
   A calming presence,  
by our sides.  
   A friendship  
that will last and grow --  
   small wonder,  
why we love them so!


Samantha, 3/15/82-7/2/98

You entered my life when I was 13.  
Through confusion, changes, struggles, and growth....  
Staying with me.  
The green eyed gaze ingrained in my memory.  
A breathe of life into me, providing comfort and sanity...  
You helped set me free,  
Into a world in which I was scared to be.  
Waiting each time for me to come home....  
High School, College, and every work day.  
You remained in my breath each time I was away.  
Head nudges, soft purrs, and white pitter patter paws...  
By my side when I close my eyes.  
Over 16 years later we stay....  
Except you are not physically with me today.  
Falling asleep in my arms,  
Totally unharmed,  
Safe and secure,  
Off to a new world.  
With that magnificent gaze branded onto me.  
That last breath in my arms said, 'I love you' once more,  
With an added 'goodbye' that ached as it tore.  
Samantha my angel, my world now rearranges...  
You know me, my baby, I'm in pain as this all changes.  
The constant that you were always there,  
Has moved to a concept that hurts to bear.  
But in the sky, so far away...  
My sweet Samantha, you stay with me...


Samantha, 05/28/84-06/27/98

I lost my very special friend on 6/27/98. My life is not the same without my precious little Samantha. I hope she is at peace and that she knows how much I love her.


Samantha, 05/19/98

A year ago today I decided I could not see you suffer any longer. You overcame the first battle when I first got you but this one was bigger than both of us. I know you're up there watching over us and probably smiling over the three little hellions I've added since you left. You were always so good about the new additions. I miss you Sammy. One day we'll meet again

Your human mom

Lee Fritz

Samantha, 08/01/80-06/30/97

Gone but never forgotten.


Samantha, 09/97

To our special friend...

Florence and Martin Thomson

Samantha, 12/11/97

Sam was a wonderful part of our family for 17 years. We had her for 6 years before we had children. Losing her was one of the saddest things we've been through. We miss her dearly.


Samantha, 02/14/81-05/01/97

For sixteen years you gave me love, joy, and reason for being. You were so good, so very very good. You took good care of "our" daughter. I miss you, my precious Sam dog. You were just a sad little puppy in a cage in the Michigan Humane Society when I first saw you. Somehow I knew that I was meant to get you that day. I took you to the vet. the first thing. Dr. J. told me you had a bad heart murmur, and I could return you to the humane society, I couldn't you were already a part of me. On May 1st 1997, God told me I must return you to him and you knew it too. You rejoiced because you knew you would see again, hear again, and run like a puppy again. You left me with a wonderful gift in Precious. Daily she reminds both Jamie and me of you. Rest well my friend, may the angels of heaven watch over you, Vanessa, Burger, Hansel, Jenny, Pat, Sandy, Soxie, TerrI, and Cleo


Samantha, 07/09/97-01/22/98

Samantha baby we love you and always will!!!
We will see you at the bridge, please enjoy your puppyhood... Wish you could have spent more time with us here....We love and miss you....Love, Mom and Dad Segnit

Samantha Elizabeth, 03/92

Her dad and mom miss her terribly
We love you Sammy girl


Mom and Dad

Samantha & Halley

Our pets Sammy and Halley were our kids, and we'll miss them 'til we die. We hope to see them on the other side.

Darcy Canu

Samauri, 7/4/87-9/11/95

My huggy bear -- I miss you so much.


Sambo, 9/18/80-10/31/97

To my special friend Sambo,
I shall always hold you in my heart
for that is where you made me happiest
My world is not the same without you
but my love for you shall never die
My dear Sambo I promise you
that we will be together forever

Susan A. Montelius

Sam I'am, 06/30/79-10/02/87

Dearest Sam I'am, I love and miss you and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love mom

Sammanth, 02/14/83-09/25/98

She was a great dog and the best friend for me. She will be in my heart has long as I live. No one could ask for more than what she gave, perfect love.

Dave Willinger

Sammers, 04/18/98

Sammers was the joy of my life, my big, beautiful, emerald eyed tabby-boy.
He will never, never be forgotten by any who knew him.


Sammi, 05/08/86-02/28/97

My Sweet Sammi:

It's been 1 year ago today, that I lost you. Sometimes, it seems like yesterday, sometimes, it seems like forever. The pups turned a year old on Valentine's Day. Maggi and Shelbi are starting to fit in our family. The old gals accept them at least. Holly even tries to play with them. I have carried your picture around with me since you left, (the one taken not too long before you left, with your ears sticking straight up as they usually did) then I lost the wallet insert with your picture. I retraced those steps I took that day, but couldn't find it.

I will always love you, my dear little BooBoo. Suzi has a heart murmur too, and also a little back problem. I'm afraid she will be the next to join her sister at the Bridge. I hope you and Ellie are having a good time, chasing Rainbows and tennis balls. You will be in my heart forever.

I love you, BooBoo
Love, Mom

Sammie, 10/27/98

Sammie was the cha-cha cat..everytime you called her name in a high pitched voice she would cha-cha...she'd come running only when you called her name in a squeaky voice...everyone that met her loved her..she was so good natured and would sleep on my pillow with her paw in the palm of my hand...if you put your hand out she would slide her paw across your hand like she was slapping you five...she didn't like to be held but during the last week of her life she would sleep on my stomach all curled up and let me give her all the lovin' I wanted...I miss her terribly...there is a void in my home and my heart that will take a long time to heal...I'm so happy to have had her in my life...it won't be the same without her...


Sammie, 09/07/98

He was only with us for 3 months, but he was so special. We will miss him.

Ami and Sherri

Sammy, 11/15/87-10/20/98

Special Friend

I lost a special friend today  
the kind you can't replace,  
and looking at her empty bed  
I still can see her face.

I see the endless energy  
the sparkling puppy eyes,  
Not the tired, fragile friend  
I had to bid goodbye.

I know she's in a special place  
our Lord has for such friends,  
Where meadows, fields & flowers  
help make them strong and whole again.

I remember how she'd run to me  
to play her favorite puppy game,  
And how her ears would perk right up  
When she heard me call her name.

But as those precious years went by  
And we both aged and grew,  
I'd find her often slowing down  
But-we had still so much to do.

She did her guard dog duty well  
Each time the doorbell rang,  
Strangers surely couldn't see  
My gentle friend--behind those fangs.

I've noticed in the recent times  
Her ears were not as sharp,  
Where is that running ball of fur  
The years have shown their mark.

She started sleeping next to me  
Was this her special clue,  
Because she felt the end was near  
I only wish I knew.

My Sammy is a special dog  
She always gave her best,  
But as I looked deep into her eyes  
I knew it was time, for her to rest.

It will truely be a struggle  
I don't know how I'll face each day,  
I have to let her go--I know
But in my heart she'll always stay.

This special place our Lord has made  
Health and strength, wait for her there,  
So with my very special friend  
I'm sending all my prayers.

I know she's watching over me  
She'll be with me when I cry,  
So with one more kiss on her beloved head  
I told my Sammy Dog goodbye.

Author: Christina L. Tronnes

For my beautiful Sammy Doberman. Love you always Maureen.

Sammy, 12/20/88-10/29/98

Our hearts are broken. We miss you so much. We always felt safe with you in the house.

The Newcity Family

Sammy, 11/3/98

A tribute to Sammy, our wonderful ferret.....who died in surgery, 11-3-98 of a large tumor.  
We loved "Baby Sammy" and will never forget him. He brought so much fun and laughter into our home. He stole shoes, would hide the TV changer, and loved cheerleader pom-poms. His favorite snack was bananas, may there be lots of treats at RAINBOW BRIDGE AND NO MORE PAIN.  
We love you BABY SAMMY.

Val and Marlie

Sammy, 07/05/98-09/23/98

Sammy was with us for only four weeks, and only lived to the age of ten weeks. My wife was originally more of a dog person, and not really attached to the cat I had when we got married seven years ago. But much to everyone's surprise, including her's in particular, little Sammy stole her heart. She was really crushed by the loss. But something good came out of this loss: I now have a wife who is a newly-converted cat lover. Thanks, Sammy! We miss you.

- Matt Wilson

Sammy, 09/92-08/27/98

Our beautiful loving kitty. We miss you so...your face at the window watching for our return, your warm greeting as you ran to meet us at the door, your playfulness as you chased the flashlight and we laughed, snuggling and cuddling you with your soft warm fur and quiet purr. In the neighborhood you are remembered as a "cool" cat. In our home you were a member of our family. Thank you Sam Boy. We will remember you and love you always.

Eric, Kendra, Aaron, Robin, Georgia and Ric

Sammy, 7/97

Dear Sammy,

Thank you for taking care of the baby kittens, the baby birds and all the other animals we brought home. I love you and I still miss you. I cry when I reach down to pat your head at the side of my bed and you are not there. Stay safe at the "Rainbow Bridge" till I meet you.

Love, Mommie

Sammy, 08/92

For my best friend! You stayed with me through my time of need, when I was so sick. You was so loving and always knew just what I needed. God gave you to me for just a little while, and for that I will always be so grateful. You will always be remembered, never forgotten. It's been 6yrs but your still a little twinkle in my heart!
I will always love you Sammy!

          Love your mommy

Sammy, 09/22/91-05/28/98

Sammy was a member of the Midwest City, OK, Police Department.
He had two handlers, Officer Lackey Harkins and Corporal Steve Owens. Sammy was trained as a drug dog. He assisted in the arrest of 229 suspects. Drug and property seizures amounted to $208,558.00. Due to his work, 452 charges were filed against the defendants. Sammy is interned in Precious Pets Cemetery in Spencer, OK. He is buried in a special place reserved for law enforcement dogs who made the extreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty!

Luke 12:6 Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.

Sammy-Bob, 10/27/98

Sam came to me by accident...she was found declawed and spayed outside a hospital by a friend..an ad was put in the paper but no one claimed her so my friend took her home...she kept her for a year and was to marry but her fiancée didn't want cats so she asked me to take her...I had just lost my 13 year old kitty Patches and even tho' I had 3 other kittys I took her...what a delight...she came in an took over the place, being Siamese, she acted like, "move over cause I'm here now" She would sleep under the covers against my leg every night...she didn't like to be held but slept on my hip or tucked in against my chest whenever I fell asleep on the couch, on her terms of course!  
These last few weeks she became blind; thinking that it was from having been diabetic for a year, she got around fine, never banging into things...her diabetes went into remission but she kept losing weight...after a complete work up at the vets, everything was normal...these last 2 weeks she lost her coordination...she couldn't walk straight  
but would go around in tight circles...then one eye became totally dilated and the other was constricted...it was a neurological problem that kept staring me in the face everyday I watched her...she would sleep on my belly at night, something she wouldn't do when she was well...I spent these last weeks sleeping in the recliner with her cuddled up...I told her how much I loved her and held her close to me every chance I got...on Tues. I couldn't find her for 15 mins. she had wedged herself behind my washing machine hiding from me...I knew she wanted me to leave her alone...I picked her up and held her by me all day...I knew it was time to let her go but I wanted to be selfish and keep her with me...she passed on that night and I buried her near her buddies in my backyard...a place where I know she is still near...I miss her terribly and there is a gap that cannot be erased...I'm so thankful she came to be mine...she will forever hold a special place in my heart for always!! I love you Sammy-bob!


Sammy Cat, 02/89-10/07/98

To my Sammy Cat:

You were known by many different names: Sammer Jammer, Samantha Toes, Samantha Suzannie Annie Fancy Toes, and of course my favorite at the end, Pooh Kitty. You were my bright blue-eyed meow meow kitty. Forever talking to me and giving me that "big what for". You were always there for me when I needed a kitty hug and purr. It's a wonder your motor didn't burn up as much as you purred for momma. You purred even when you weren't feeling well, during the long and frequent trips to the vet. Such a sweet boy you were, I think you invented snuggling. I could always count on you for a snuggle when I got out the fuzzy kitty blanket. It's going to be a long cold winter without you. Your brother, Baby Grunt Kitty, and I will be ok. We've still got each other and our memories of all the good times.

Pooh Kitty, I hope you understand why I did what I did. Dr. Castro said that there wasn't anything else we could do. Your kidneys were tired of fighting and you were starting to feel yucky. I couldn't stand for you to feel yucky. You'd been sick for 3 1/2 years, 3 1/2 years filled with love, caring, cuddles, snuggles and many many purrs and your never ending meow meows. That' why I had Dr. Castro help you start your trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge with Bubba, Hobo, Beaumont, and Gus. Remember that Momma, Dad, and Grunty will meet you there someday.

I love you Pooh Kitty, with all my heart. I will always and forever miss you.

Love, Momma (Tammy Hazlet)

Sammy/Sammers/Sambos, 08/05/97

To my beloved cat. I miss you so incredibly much! You death was over a year ago but I still mourn for you. I miss you!

You're human & feeder,

Samson, 01/18/91-12/13/98

He was my trusted friend, my confidante, my playmate...the closest thing to a son. He left so suddenly yet with his last gasp of breath he looked up at me as if to say "I'll always be at your side." Within this simple act of love lies the lesson he left us with. In a world full of hate, anger and rage the only hope we have is our love for one another. My world seems so much emptier knowing he won't be waiting for me at the front gate when I come home. His mate Delilah is lost without him as I am. I want the world to cry with me. And I know he is happy and running again.

Roger Reguera

Samson, 8/24/84-12/15/98

To my dearest and most trusted friend. Thank you for all of the years of love and comfort that you gave to me. We will be together again one day.

Sandy LaPlante

Sampson, 10/23/98

Sampson, even though you and your owner were new to our household, you, too, were cherished. Your owner, Tina, was right; you really were a good tortoise, and I enjoyed watching you. I'm just so sorry that we were unable to rescue you and the other animals. Tina still has nightmares about the fire. We hope and pray that you and the cats went quickly and didn't suffer. Our loss is great, but you will be remembered.

Carol Terry

Sampson (Sam), 08/29/98

Sam was a very sweet dog. I didn't know him very long, but I did have the pleasure of dog sitting him while his mommy and new daddy took their honeymoon.

RIP, Sam. Say "Hi" to my furchild Katie when you see her. Tell her Davie is all grown up and married, and her boy Chris is now well and strong again.

Cathy Turner (Sam's step-grandmother)

Sam/Sambo, 06/87-11/08/98

Bobie, love, thank you for your 9 years of love, warmth and caring companionship...  
Thank you, my love, my best friend, my cat son...  
Mummy's heart is breaking ...  
Mummy's only consolation is that you are now free of the diseases,
the pain,  
the debilitating ailments,
the medications,  
the growing inability to do the things you love and were so good at....  
You chose to go in the great outdoors, in the woods you love,
in the brilliant sunshine, didn't you?  
You didn't want Mummy to watch you go, you know Mummy would never be able to let go...  
Well, it's not the way Mummy wanted it.  
But then, what choice does Mummy have?  
It's been always your choice, the way you want it...  
OK, Sam love, till we meet again, Mummy will light an orange and a white candle for you every Monday night.  
tie orange and white ribbons round your favorite trees,
place orange and white flowers at your favorite spots...
Till then, Lord Jesus will take care of you and love you and make you happy as Mummy tried to.

Your Mummy

Samuel, 02/27/91-06/03/98

Samuel was only 7 years old when he died of cancer that spread through his body so quickly despite constant veterinary care. I have two other dogs, but I feel as though I lost my identity when I lost Samuel.

Terita Reeve

Samurai, 05/06/86-05/11/98

Loving thoughts of my wonderful friend and companion I have shared my life with for 12+ years. Samurai, Brindle Akita Dog, Born May 6, 1986. Put to rest 05/11/1998 with my arms around him, gazing in my eyes. Released from pain at 5:30 this day.

Patty Jarvis

Sandbur, 04/02/96

You were not mine in name but in my heart and our home you were our special guy. You brought alot of joy to us and you are missed terribly. I could only give you all the love and caring, knowing you had missed out on that for the first 8 yrs. of your life. You are with your soulmate, Naomi, who loved you dearly. You are in my thoughts every day Sandbur.

Kathy Frahm

Sandi (High Falutin), 3/5/77-11/4/98

Sandi touched many people in her life, particularly those who had physical/other disabilities, myself included. She just loved uncondtionally..She was also quite a character with a wonderful sense of humor..she will be missed by many.

Diane G.

Sandi, 08/31/97

It's hard to believe you've been at the Bridge for a year now. I still miss you every day.



Sandi   2 years have gone by and I miss you everyday. You're still in my heart sweetheart. I love you. Forgive me for not holding you at the end. I cant get past that. You're still my little girl.

Sandi, 11/05/95

I will never forget Sandi. She was the best little sweetheart.


Sandie, 4/10/89-11/1/97

I say good-bye to the best friend I ever had, you gave me many days of happiness how I hurt that you were taken away so young it makes me so sad. I will always love you forever you'll always be in my heart and thought's I'll never forget you sleep peacefully my baby.

Gina Nowak

Sandy, 11/85-08/98

I just want to say a little something about Sandy... She was my very best friend. We had a very special relationship. I still look around as if she should be there looking back at me. She was my baby, and I miss her deeply. If she was able to hear me, I would want her to know how much I love her, and letting her go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. How do you let your best friend go, even though it was for the best, and get over it. I am having a very hard time, and she still holds a very special place in my heart that no one could ever fill again. Sandy, I love you very much, and when its my time, I pray that you will be there to meet me with open arms.... I love you boobie!!!

Michele Damiano

Sandy, 11/25/98

What tribute could I give to the best pound puppy that ever lived. In 1986, Sandy took one look at my kids and fell in love with them. We took her home, shinny but full of life. In no time at all she knew that this was home and she would guard it with her life if she had to.  
She was always under my feet. I would turn around and there she would be. That skinny dog turned into a 90 pound eating machine.
If I was eating she had to. Even down to my coffee. I could never leave my cup where she could get to it.  
Her favorite things, playing ball, and the garden hose.  
The days and years went on she became a true friend. She love me.  
I was going through a really rough time in my life. Both my parents had been in and out of the hospital. Mom had cancer.  
I was in the worse possible shape I could ever been in.  
Sandy had a stroke. I told her please not now I could not bear to loose you now. I still need you here with me.  
As a true friend would do she hung on. I was able to get stronger.  
Sandy past away the day before Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for having her in my life for 12 years.  
I will always miss her, until the day we will be together again forever.

We love you Sandy.
Mom, Dad & Jr Andersen


Sandy You were a dog that adopted us, we took you in and cared for you after someone dropped you without a care. I believe it was one of the summer people who get a pet for their children while they are here in the Catskills, but you fell in love with our 6 year old son and so you came to live with us. For 17 years you were loved and taken care of and the care you gave us was even greater. You watched over our house, children and the neighbors children. When you heard the children swimming in the lake, you would unhook your chain and escape, which we never understood how you did it, but as a neighbor told us you would swim around the children and keep them at a safe level of water at the lake. One day, a neighbor called and said that her two year old had wandered off into the woods and they could not find her and would I unchain you and tell you to look for her. I never dreamed that you could do this, but within twenty minutes I heard you barking and we found you sitting next to her, licking her face. Sandy, you were a special dog and we all love you for being with us for 17 years.


Sandy, 09/30/98-07/26/98

We love and miss you very very much.  
I know someday we will be together again.  
You brought so much love to all of us and I know you were loved so much.
The holidays are sad without you. Hope you are happy and playing with others. Keep close to Kasey.

Love you always,  
Mommy, Daddy, Scotty and Stacy

Sandy, 4/21/84-10/28/98

Sandy, although you would whine at my door at whatever hour in the morning on Saturdays, and made me get up to open the door, I'll always love you. U were there when I was a baby, and have always been there for me. I hope that you're happy in heaven, and u can count on me takin care of myself and I'll see u again some day.
P.S- Thanx for lettin me be the last one you gave a "kiss" and I know mom never liked it when I got you started on that. hehe

Sandy, 04/83-09/06/98

Sandy was the best dog a person could ask for. She originally chose us as owners when me and my college roommate went to the local pound. Sandy was the only dog that wasn't barking at us. She just looked at us with those big brown eyes. I kept her and during the last 15 1/2 years she has been my constant and faithful companion. I spoiled her rotten and loved every minute of it. Sandy passed away over this past Labor Day weekend after a brief illness. It was one of the hardest days of my life. I'll miss the way she used to bark and dance when I would come home, how she loved going for walks and car rides or how we would play in the yard. Most of all, I'll miss just having her around and the unconditional love and joy she brought to my life and those who knew her. Sandy, I know you are in a better place. You will always be in my heart and some day we will be together again.

Chuck Stephenson

Sandy, 12/07/79-09/17/98

She was the sweetest little angel, who stayed with us for almost 19 yrs. Never complained or wanted anything but love, in return she gave unconditional love. This the saddest day of my life. as I look around the room the void is so painful, my heart is hurting. We will never for get this wonderful little gift that God gave us and has now taken back to be with him in heaven.

Carol Reiser

Sandy, 12/01/82-09/06/97

In loving memory of Sandy  
My best friend  
Thank you for 14 years of unconditional love  
I will be good  
so I can see you later in heaven

Love, Sharon  
(Sandy - Dec. 82-Sept.97)

Sandy, 07/22/98

You helped me deal with every day activities, and always was happy to see me when no one else was. You were always eager to walk and talk with me! If ever I needed a friend, you were there!! I love and miss you already. goodbye my faithful beautiful friend.


Sandy, 2/28/85-3/13/95

I loved my dog a lot I still do I like grew up with her and she had ran away and I feel really bad because I wasn't paying much attention to her because we just got a new dog, I will never find another dog like her

Jennifer Lerma

Sandy, 1992-03/10/98

He was our best boy - a light that came into our lives for too short a time, yet will always burn brightly. We will always remember him.

Donna and Brian Monkman

Sandy and Spooky, 15 1/2 and 16 yrs - 12/31/89 and 02/78

You both have been waiting for Czar an Mommy for a long time now but we will come pretty soon now, sweeties. Watch for us. Czar is 15 1/2 now and Mommy is soon 77 so be patient and we will be there to join you. I have missed you both so very much and I know when you come back because I feel your little spirits close and look forward to your visits. See you soon, my dear Spooky and Sandy. I will always love you and we will all four be together soon.

Ruth K. Hixon

Sapphire, 04/01/81-01/29/98

I will truly miss the warmth and companionship you've given me over the past 16.5 years Sapph.
You always greeted me with your special meow, when I walked into a room. Your cute face and black smoked fur.
I'll never forget you, I miss you girl.


Sara Ashley, 06/08/88-09/23/98

Sara joins her brother, Cinders, at Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed by her mom (Ashley) and sister (Sophie), Tigger (say a prayer for him), Dusty & Coco. And, of course, the two of us.

Sally & Paul Bahner

Sarah, 09/93

She was my heart of hearts! She was extremely personable and a compassionate friend. Her smile is in my heart every day even after all these years. She's missed by many! I Love You Sarah!

Lonna Kelsey

Sarah, 11/26/88-9/6/98

Suddenly my beloved Sarah went to the Bridge. Play on my friend, free from that awful arthritis that plagued you most of your life, and wait for me at the Bridge.

Bonnie Washburn

Sarah, 12/10/90-12/06/97

Sarah was the light of our life, she showed us, that not to take anything for granted, to always thing that there going to be here always. We miss her so deeply, our harts still hurt for her.

Mike and Patricia Jones

Sarah, 01/01/93-04/17/98

Sarah, you were a sparkle in our lives for the all-too-brief time that you were part of our family. We will love you forever and it was with deepest sadness that we had to let you go. We will always miss you, but you will stay tucked in our hearts.

Maureen Harmonay and Bob LaCroix

Sarah, 08/17/90-12/29/97

Sarah we loved all of you, your naughty and your nice. We miss you.

Sam Wood

Sari, 08/84-12/08/98

Sari was our very special "Speedo", he will always be in our hearts.

Lynn & Cathi Smith

Sasha, 11/28/89-11/24/98

To Sasha, my "Forever" dog. You touched my soul the moment I saw you. I knew from then on you would always hold a special place in my heart. Your blue eyes were filled with so much joy and a love of life and mischief that you filled my life with love and laughter. Thank you for everything that you brought to my life over the years. You were truely loved and will be greatly missed.

Suzie Torre

Sasha, 08/18/98

Our dearest Sweetcakes Sasha,

Its been a month since you left us. We all miss your shining eyes, your (sometimes) annoying bark, and most of all your loving, gentle and wonderfully spunky nature.

Now, when I wish upon a star, I make a wish for you and I know that you are there, and that there are lots and lots of other dogs to play with, a warm, sandy beach to dig in, a dish full of all that mushy dog food you loved but we thought was not as good as kibble, and a caring hug. Wag a tail and give a good "woof" for us. We miss you.

God speed to the beach, and we'll see you soon!

Terri, Colin, Brett, Mathew, Julie, Ken, Sonia, Laura, Jamie, Shannon, Grandma, Grandpa, Bailey (Julie's dog), Elmo(Ken's dog) and Mr. Rankin. We all love you Sash puppy.

Sasha, 12/16/87-08/03/98

I got Sasha when I was 7 years old and my little brother had just came along. I bonded with her the second I saw her in the back of my dad's car. I think the whole street knew we had gotten a puppy because I screamed so loud. She has always been there for me when I needed her and always cared about me. She was such a great dog. We would find her on one end of my brother's teething bisket and my brother on the other end. She would clean Francis' face if she thought it was too dirty. She loved me and I loved her with all my heart. But sadly enough she got cancer. We removed one tumor but three more sprang up. We couldn't remove these because she was too old and would not do well with another operation. So we were able to keep her comfortable and alive for 3 weeks after we found out that the cancer was fatal. I miss her very much and wish I could be with her but I know she is waiting for me and looking out for me always. I can't wait to join her and see her sweet face again.
I will never forget my puppy, Sasha as long as I live. No dog will ever be able to fill her paws.

I Love you Sash, forever

Melissa Gilman

Sasha, 1997-5/6/98

They say memories are golden,  
well, maybe that is true.  
I never wanted memories,  
I only wanted you.  
A million times I needed you,  
a million times I cried.  
If love alone could have saved you,  
you never would have died.  
In life I loved you dearly,  
in death I love you still.  
In my heart you hold a place  
no one could ever fill.  
If tears could build a stairway  
and heartache make a lane,  
I'd walk the path to heaven  
and bring you back again.  
Our family chain is broken,  
and nothing seems the same.  
But as God calls us  
one by one,  
the chain will link again.


Sharon Reuther

Sasha, 9/27/81-5/23/98

We miss you!

Tom and Vicki

Sasha, 5/22/98

We had a lot of fun and laughs together while you were still here. You gave so much to me and your little bird friend Joshua. We both miss you so much and we love you. We both feel so empty and lost without you. I am so sorry I couldn't help you when you where so sick. Please wait at the Bridge for us and be real good girl until we see you again. Just know we think of you everyday and love you so much. You will be missed.

mommy and Joshua

Sasha, 5/4/97


You have been gone for one year and I still miss you as much today as when you went to the Bridge. You are now truly my angel. I would not have traded the little time I had with you for anything. There has not been a day that's gone by that I don't think of you and miss your big green eyes.

Your "mommy"

Sasha, 06/01/96-04/29/98

Sasha packed a lot of love and living into her short life, and she was taken from us much too soon...I will never forget her--her curious eyes, crazy up-or-down ears, the way she would groan when she laid down for a nap, as if her life was sooo hard...I hope she can feel my love for her now, that she has passed over the Bridge.

Monique and David


A gentle companion - she was quiet and loving. She always wanted to be near us. A few months before her trip to the Rainbow Bridge, she was really very sick. We had to make a family trip but we just couldn't leave her with a stranger - so, we decided to take her with us. She would stay our son and daughter-in-law's apartment while we stayed in a nearby motel. We wanted her to have every comfort. So, we drove to Michigan from Richmond - stopping whenever we had to refresh her litter box, get her fresh water and make her comfortable. One of us sat in the back seat with her, while she rested on our lap - getting comfort from our caresses and words of love to her. During the day, at our son's home, she rested in the rays of the sun that came through the windows - bathed in light like a halo - this silver haired sleeping ball of softness that we all loved so much - our Sasha. We fed her everything we thought she would love - buying special treats of chopped chicken livers and sardines that she loved and let her lap warm milk. We made sure that she knew she was loved every minute of the day. She made it through that trip. We took her to the vet and she suggested that we think about letting her go! We couldn't do it! How could we let them take her away - but could we ask her to stay even one more day - when she was in pain, was hurting, was so sick! A few days later, when we got home - we found her near the sofa, where she had spent so many hours those last months. She had gotten down and must have slipped away. We were distraught. We had wanted to be there with her - holding her. But she knew better. She made it easy for us! Even as I write this to you, when she had been away from us for over four years - my throat is tight and I can feel a sadness for not having her with us. We now have a wonderful cornish rex - our Dutchess, who we adore. And our daughter has brought her Maine Coon to live with us - but we will always cherish and honor the memory of our beautiful Sasha because she really did steal our hearts completely.


Sasha, 07/18/82-08/08/97

Sasha, you have created a void in my life which will never be filled. I miss your furry face and special personality more each passing day. Until we meet again, be happy.

Kathleen Jennings

Sasha, 07/02/90-08/22/96

This is for my VERY best friend Sasha. She was the light in my life for her 6 short years on earth. Cancer struck her down in 3 short months, but we held on to each other until we could no longer do so. My only regret, and I really had none to speak of before this, was that she also died in pain. She did not deserve this. Please forgive me Sasha for having to have done that to you. There was no other way out. I'm carrying this guilt since you left me and I can't shake it. I wish there was a way for you to let me know you're okay and you don't blame me. You were a joy to anyone who would meet you. Loved by all. You are my hero. I'll love you always until the day I die and go to the Rainbow Bridge to meet you. Please be there.

Michele Petacciato

Sasha, 12/03/93-03/20/98

To our Sasha - A dog who though she was a cat. May you find all the bagels, oranges and chinese spareribs that you can eat in heaven. We will always feel the warmth of your body next to us when we sleep at night. We love you.

Debbie, Andy and Leah

Sasha and Pitou, 05/12/98

In Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, may 12 Sasha and Pitou, two small dogs were on their way to a local park with their friend Clyde Barnaby, 73. Clyde was riding his bike on the sidewalk with his two beloved pets in a milk crate strapped to the back fender. They were heading out for their daily romp in the park together when they were struck down and killed instantly by a 15 year old fleeing the police in a stolen van. Bless you Mr. Barnaby and your two wee beloved dogs.

A friend

Sasha Von Anderson, 12/16/88-02/06/98

Sasha showed ALOT of people in this world that Rottweiler's are NOT the ferocious and vicious beasts that everyone thinks they are. But that they are very kind, gentle and loving dogs. Her work on earth is done and now it is her time to rest. Thanks for being so special and being a part of our lives. We were very lucky for the time we had with you. We miss you ALOT and you will FOREVER remain in our hearts. We love you sweetheart.

Kenny, Connie, and Alex

Sassie, 9/6/95

Sas, I feel like I was never able to say goodbye. I still remember the day mom called me and told me you had gone. My best friend, my companion. I saved you from what might have been an uncertain future and gave you the love that you needed and deserved. I don't even remember the last time I saw you baby. And it tears me up inside that I wasn't there to hold you when you needed me. I am sorry that you got sick. I am sorry that I couldn't help you. I have the pictures and the memories that will live on forever. Please forgive me for not being there with you. Please forgive the mistakes I made. I love you. You knew that at least. You will always be my sassers. And when the day comes that Reeses joins you, please show him the way to fun and let him know I will join the two of you. Until then, I will hold Reeses and give him a big kiss for when that day comes. I love you and miss you my baby.


Sassie, 01/26/96-05/12/98

You came into my life as a little pup. I loved you so much and now here I am shedding tears for myself because you have left me and I feel empty. Until we meet again my sweet little angel. I LOVE YOU!


Sassy, 1986-09/14/98

Sassy was the loving companion of my mother and father. She had kept my mother company in the ten years since my father passed away in 1988. We had taken care of her since my mother's passing in January, 1998. Sassy had her own unique personality and her favorite thing was to give "kisses". She loved being with people and would carry her food from another room to bring it on the couch so she could eat it while being near you. She will be missed but we hope she is reunited with the two people she loved most - Harriet and Nick.

Paul and Kim Nixon

Sassy, 10/2/98

For 5 long years we fought diabetes, Sassy. You endured two shots a day; multiple trips to the ER and vet when things went haywire. But you were always so loving. And so gentle. And so much a part of my life. I'm so sorry we couldn't fight the disease better or harder or longer. I love you and I'll miss you terribly my little 4-legged angel. Now if you were only here to help me deal with this horrible sense of loss and grief. I never knew a little 8 pound bundle of love could cause so many tears. Or leave such a huge hole with her passing.

Cheryl Bullock

Sassy (Natt), 11/28/82-06/11/98


You were a loyal companion for over 15 years, the second child I could never have.  
You watched Shayna grow from a toddler to a young woman, she can't remember live without you.  
A true "bow wow" on our family boating trips as you'd sniff the breeze as we skimmed along the water.  
You've traveled the world with us, a part of the family, allowed in castles and restaurants in Europe.  
As you grew old, your body began to fail you, no matter how hard you tried.  
I could see in your eyes, your unconditional love for me.  
I will miss you terribly, but I never will forget you.  
Say Hi to Nifty, my childhood boston terrier, and all of Dad's childhood pets.  
We will continue to add to the family, not to try to "replace" you, but to enlarge the circle.  
My heart is breaking, old girl, but I will look forward to the day we'll be together again.

LeeAnne, Phil and Shayna Barbee

Sassy, 12/97

Sassy was cute and cuddly.


Sassy and Ninja, 3 and 2 yrs 1988-89

Two more stray cats that "adopted" us that were wonderful pets too! They both passed away within a short time of each other but in the short time we had them they gave us much joy. They both had their own distinct personalities and were very unique. They will always be loved and remembered.

Dave and Char Reep

Sassy Taz, 08/14/98

Sassy was only one year young when we had to send her over the Rainbow Bridge. In that short year she gave us much love and trust. She had a tumor inside her that prevented her from seeing another year or another day. Sending her on her way was the hardest act that we ever had to do. We will miss her always but we are sure we will see her again, waiting for us as we approach the other side of the Bridge.
Good bye Sassy Taz,

We will always love you and miss you.

Mom and Dad

Satin, 08/30/90-10/02/98

Satin, I know you only wanted to please. Nothing was your fault. We miss you, but know that Gretel was waiting to help you across the Rainbow Bridge. You two have fun playing together.

Gloria Wiesike

Scamp, 12/2/76

Scampie-We Love You and Will Always Miss You

Carole Panella

Scamp, 9/8/89-10/18/97

Still missed. I thought he was going to live for ever. For a while it looked like maybe he would. Even tho he had become blind and deaf he was still feisty and happy. But then he started to slow down and his digestive system started to shut down. Even tho, I knew the time was near I encouraged him to leave on his own. I would be okay. But Scamp didn't want to leave me either so I had to make that very very hard trip to the Vet - alone. My husband got in his car and took off. I stayed with Scamp 'til the end just like I had always promised him. Even tho he looked very peaceful and was old I still wonder if euthanasia was the right way to go.


Scampy, 05/26/86

Hi "bestest" buddy. Your portrait came today! You look so good. Jack, (a very good artist) did a wonderful job. I miss you Scamp. Have fun, make friends and watch for the candlelite, yours will shine the brightest! Hang in there mister, because we'll be together again.
Love you, Mommie

Scarlet, 12/16/98

Monday I knew I would have to end my beloved dog's life so I wrote this e-mail to my family and friends:  
As I sit here in extreme sadness with the fact that on Wednesday afternoon I will be seeing Scarlet for the last time, weeping profusely, I am reminded that my mother is going through the same thing with her cat Fluffy. No, they are not human but pets become such loved creatures, that most treat them just as if they were human. In time mom and I will get over this but for now I ask for your support and understanding in our times of need. Only a loving pet owner can know what we are going through. I wish I had never scolded or hit scarlet for doing something "bad." I wish I never would have left her alone all day, locked in a cage, or out in the cold garage. But through all of the trials and tribulations that come with having a pet, it all comes down to this: I love her and will miss her.  
That says it all my beautiful Scarlet. I love you and miss you so much it hurts.

Ron Kusz

Scarlett, 2/14/93-3/15/98

We already miss you so much, but we were so lucky to have shared your life with you. We'll miss your sitting on our laps, crawling under the covers, dancing, and playing with the flashlight light and the $100 bill. We hope that you've gone to a happy place where you can finally get the pigeons.

Scarlett, you can never be replaced -- you were the best cat imaginable.

We'll never forget you.

We love you.

AMK and TL

Scarlett O'Hairy, 12/22/98

Gone With the Wind (Kellerman Style) A sad-but-true Christmas story

(special picture at web site, but full text below)

On December 22, 1991, I broke down and decided to get a dog for John. You see, he had been begging me for a dog for years. But I waited until I knew he would be old enough (or mature enough) to handle a dog without killing it. (Not kidding about this!) I went out and bought a doggie bed, which was about sooo big and had ruffles around the edge. I figured I would like to get a medium sized dog, a female (because the bed has ruffles), old enough to be house-trained, but young enough to grow up with John. I wanted a dog that would not shed, and not require a lot of grooming, would not jump the fence or chew up my shoes or dig up the plants in the yard. Quite an order, I thought. How would I find a dog that meets all these criteria?

Within hours of making this decision, while I was wondering how I, who knows nothing about picking out dogs, would possibly be able to find the right dog, the doorbell rings. It's a neighbor girl who came to ask if I knew anyone who wanted a dog. Now, I know they have three dogs, and I wonder which one they are trying to get rid of. She tells me her Mom is looking for a new home for Scarlett, their little 10-month-old cocker spaniel, because Daddy says no dogs in the house, and Scarlett is a house dog. So I go over to their house, where I see this frantic little dog jumping at the patio glass door literally trying to claw her way into the house. I thought, oh great, just what I need, a hyper dog. The mom assured me that she was not like that all the time, she just needs some love and attention. So I agreed to buy the dog, and arranged to surprise the kids with her on Christmas Eve.

On the morning of the 24th of December, 1991, I put the doggie bed under the Christmas tree, and Johnny said "What's THAT for?" I said, "What do you think it's for?" He just about jumped out of his skin for joy. He said, "Where is it?" I said she was at the groomer waiting for us to pick her up that very moment. We brought her home to our house, and the little thing was so scared that she shivered and shook in my arms. It only took her a few hours to relax and make herself at home as a member of the family.

And never has she chewed any shoes, dug up any plants, or jumped the fence. She hardly shed at all, and only had a couple of "accidents" in the entire time she has been with us.

When she was still young, she came down with Valley Fever (not uncommon for dogs and humans here in Arizona), and she almost died. But with daily medication, she has been able to fend off the deadly illness (caused by a spore in the air here). Valley Fever is not contagious, but is caused by breathing in the dangerous spores which can cause lesions in the lungs. As a matter of fact, Johnny got Valley Fever the same time Scarlett did. He also almost died from the related pneumonia he contracted. But they both survived, and became the best of friends. She has provided us all with love, attention, loyalty, and affection every day for the past seven years.

Yesterday, exactly seven years after her day of adoption, Scarlett became suddenly ill and died. Her death was due to complications from the Valley Fever, which she could no longer fight. After some stuggle with breathing, she laid herself down on her favorite spot on the grass (outside my bedroom window), and quickly and quietly passed on.

Needless to say, this has been a very upsetting experience for all of us. My greatest pain is in seeing my three children grieve. For John, it is the loss of his best friend, the one person who was always happy to get his hugs, who listened to his silly fantasies without laughing, who was patient with his incessant affection. John had just trained Scarlett to stay in the front yard without a leash, a great accomplishment for them both. He took her death very hard. "She was my best friend, Mom." We both sobbed.

Karie is having a particularly difficult time, as she just doesn't quite understand "why?" and is angry that she was not at home to say goodbye to her. Karie told me she wants to cancel Christmas. Then she called a trusted friend to ask how one goes about canceling Christmas. So sweet and innocent she is. She feels totally helpless with no control over what has happened. This is her way of trying to have some control. Maybe I can talk her into just postponing Christmas. Karie, who is obsessed with food (because of her disability), loved to feed Scarlett her dog food... one morsel at a time, by hand! And of course, it always gave Karie great joy to give Scarlett a treat every time she came to visit. We had even trained Scarlett to let the treat sit on her nose until we gave her a signal to eat it.

Of course, there is a great emptiness for Chris, with whom Scarlett had slept almost every night, at the foot of his bed. When Chris played the piano, Scarlett would sit at his feet and listen.

As for me, well, as a single mom whose kids no longer need much "mommylove," Scarlett satisfied my need to baby someone. She gave me the physical affection of the loving touch that I crave. Whenever I felt down, she could sense my need, and she would stay close, as if she were keeping vigil. Whenever I felt lonely, she was there to sit with me, just to be with me, together, and I no longer felt alone. Lately, I couldn't walk anywhere without finding her sprawled in the middle of the doorway, waiting for me to pass. If I paused before stepping over her, she would gaze at me with those big eyes, then roll over to expose her tummy to be rubbed. My sister who is a massage therapist came to visit once and taught me how to do doggy massages. Scarlett quickly learned that if I was sitting on the sofa, she could come and sit down, with her back to me, and she would get a massage. I was happy to give back to her a little of what she has given: unconditional love and unquestioning devotion.

Scarlett, we will miss you. Even though your body has deceased, your spirit is right here, at my feet. If there is a Doggy Heaven, and you have become a Doggy Angel, then I expect you will be busy for quite some time watching over three children who grew to love you very much, and your adopted Mommy who feels your loss so keenly. Goodbye. We love you.

Scarlett in the News with John: http://www.azstarnet.com/~tjk/fas-star.htm
Karie's story: http://www.azstarnet.com/~tjk/pwkarie.htm
The Kellerman Family: http://www.azstarnet.com/~tjk/family.htm

John, Karie, and Chris

Schatze', 03/23/92-07/10/98

...love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation...my beloved Schatze'

Sandra Reynolds

Schatzi, 01/17/98

Schatzi gave me the strength to face each and every day. He helped me to reparent myself through his unconditional love. I am grateful for the many gifts he has given to me. Thank you and good-bye, my friend, until our spirits meet again.

Jessica Adams

Schatzie, 07/23/86-07/22/98

She barked at mailman, played with the kids, and was always good for a snuggle. She just got too old and she spent the day before her 12th birthday in the vet's office, leaving us with the big question. It was final, there was nothing we could do. The world will miss that extraordinary dog, our Schatzie.

The Stroklund Family

Schindler, 01/16/95-10/08/97

Schindler was our first Great Dane. We fell in love with him from the very first moment we laid eyes on him. We loved and still love him and we will never forget him.

Arthur & Anna Hickman Jr.

Schmendrik, 4/86-8/8/98

Schmendrik was my special friend for 12 years. She was there every time I cried, through all the good and bad times. She played with the ribbons on my veil the day I got married. She sat in my lap constantly while we began the journey through infertility. She was a loving, caring cat, and I miss her now and will miss her always.
I love you Schmend.


Schnapps, 11/27/85-10/28/98

Schnapps brought me and my family so much happiness. I still can't believe she's gone. She was everything to me, and I think about her all the time. I loved her so much, and always will.

Ann Marie Halal

Schubie, 12/86-8/21/98

I love your smile... good-bye Schubie.

Val Schultz

Bullhollows Red Sky (Schuyler), 11/8/88-3/21/98

Schuyler-Dog, we will never forget you and will love you forever.

Ceil Wallace

Schnapps, 06/22/83-01/16/98

Schnapps was a sweet, lovable, good looking, smart, and playful pet who always had a sparkle in his eye waiting for you. His path crossed many and those of you who knew him, can understand just how special he was. I pray that he will rest in peace and happiness in dog heaven!

Kim A. Akerman

Schnitzel and Ginger, 10 yrs. and 16 yrs. - 1995 and 1996

Gone but not Forgotten.

The Alexander Family

Schnookums, 03/95-07/26/98

We know that you have joined your 'Silly' Sally up there in bunny heaven. She heard your thump and knew you were there to bounce with her again. Mommy wants to thank you so much for all the love you brought our Bun-Bun. You cleaned her pretty face and were her bunny pal. She will miss your company very much. We know That you are back to your feisty and spunky independent self. There is an unlimited supply of carrots, pears, and strawberries for you to enjoy. Mommy gives you unlimited amounts of kisses too and she will miss chasing you around the house. You were quite the little stinker sometimes. That is what mommy and daddy love about you so much, though. You just loved to cruise up and down the house like you owned it and hang outside on the patio without a care in the world. You be a good little koala and give 'Silly' Sally lots of foodies and kisses for us. We love you forever 'little man'. Stay smart and loyal to your bunny pals, and always keep that spunk. Lots of hugs and kisses 'schnookie doggie dogg'!!!!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXO

Melissa and Steve

Schultz, 09/20/84-11/16/98

Schultz was truely my best friend. He was with me through all the hard times of my life and with me for the most joyous. He went peacefully in his sleep, for which I will be forever grateful. I miss him so much, and my children miss him too. I truely want to believe that I will have him back when my time comes. Please pray for him, as I cannot stop crying over my beautiful boy's passing. I just hope he knows how much I loved him, and that I will be forever grateful for his love and friendship.

Penny McCabe

Schwarz, 8/28/98

In loving memory of Schwarz  
our beloved 'boy-boy', 'puggy boo-boo',  
constant shadow, lap warmer and ice-cream-dish washer.

Departed for Rainbow Bridge on August 28, 1998, aged 14.  
Run softly, sweet baby, find Norman.

In the wind, Hope  
on an earthlnight sleepless  
that you have arrived  
at a cloudgarden  
where the wind urges  
you smile  
to warm our hearts  
We love you

Adi Woon

Scooby Doo, 09/01/94-06/15/98

Suddenly lost - forever remembered...


Scooter, 12/18/98

"Scooter Pie" was the first dog I ever had the pleasure to own (or rather, the first dog to ever own my heart). We had so many wonderful years together, from elementary school right to this year, my last year of college. I encourage all dog lovers to obtain their new friends at your local animal shelter like I did. I cannot imagine growing up without Scooter in my life.

Jessica Scott

Scooter, 07/01/88-10/13/97

Dear Scooter,

Just shy of a year later, and I still cry when I think of you. I want to remember all the love and joy you blessed my life with for the 9 years you were with me. But I seem to still only be able to focus on the last week of your life when you were suffering so much from your unexpected illness. Only 2 months ago was I even able to out a photo of you in a frame by my bed, and still I cry.

You were so brave, Scooter, and I want you to know how unbelievably proud I was of you in your struggle for life that last week. I wish I could have done more. The doctors did everything they could, but my biggest regret is that you passed away as they were fighting to save you before they could call me to come down. I cried so hard as I came to tell you goodbye, as I held your cold paw in my hand. I cried again when I flew your ashes to our old home in Seattle that was your favorite and spread your ashes under the tree where you watched the birds from the big window.

God, I miss you so much. Pouncer and Kirby send their love. I want to stop crying, and I want to remember how you were well for the majority of your life. But a year later, it is still so hard.

I love you, my girl. I hope we will be together again, some day. Bye, sweetie.

Love, Mom

Scooter, 05/83-10/02/98

Scooter was a very special, loving and intelligent dog. She was my constant companion through all the joys and pains of adulthood. Scooter joined our family as a puppy right after my husband and I were married. Six years later she adopted our first born son, then gracefully accepted the second arrival three years after that. We will all miss her greatly.

Karen May

Scooter, 05/31/84-09/08/98

Scooter, you were my little buddy. Oh how I will miss you. Thank you for being my best friend. I will love you forever. I know that when it is my time to enter heaven, you will be there waiting for me. Go and run free in the fields of heaven little buddy.....

Brian Jeannette

Scooter, 11/14/82-08/17/98

Thank you for 16 years of the most wonderful companionship I have ever known.


Scooter, 08/11/98

We love and miss you very much. Hardly a moment goes by that I do not think or shed a tear for you. One day I pray we will meet again. You brought so much to our lives and we will cherish you forever.

Mom, Dad, Nina, Gia, Lucy, Simba.

Scooter, 08/10/86-06/28/98

Scooter, I was hoping that you would stay a little while longer.....it was so difficult to lose you so soon after losing your mother Connie. Sadly missed.......You can see photos of Scooter herding sheep at http://members.tripod.com/~susiebk/scooter.html

Susie K.

Scooter, 10/1/77-1/12/96

Faithful friend for 19 years. Just seeing your red curly head at the end of the day, was such a joy. Your Grandpa never said he loved you, but we caught him loving you every chance he got.
Rest sweet Scooter bug, your in our hearts forever.


Scooter, 04/03/98

Scooter was the most wonderful dog, I miss him so much, he was my life, my love, my heart. we were inseperable, he loved riding in the car so much, so when he died, I had his body cremated, and stays in the car with me wherever I go. he made my life worth living, I looked forward to each day with him. I only hope and pray the God healed his sick body when he went to heaven, and I hope he is with Frankie and that they are with me in spirit always. Momma will see you soon, baby, I'll always love you, pop-pop, granny, and Thomas love you too.....


Scooter, 01/10/98-05/14/98

Always in my heart and forever missed,
Scooter you gave me so much happiness.
Sweet dreams my baby,
All my love


Scooter, 04/24/81-02/14/98

In tribute for the one who was there when no one else was. He listened to me, humored me and loved me unconditionally through all those years--I will never forget you and will see you on the rainbow bridge, restored and happy.

Elaine M.

Scooter, 01/30/98

The Idaho Humane Society

Click here to read Scooter's Tribute

Scooter, 12/27/97

A happy, feisty, tough little trooper until the end, master paper shredder, and expert fetcher of the Daily Growl! You will be missed!

John and Gail Becker

Scottie, 08/15/82-10/19/98

To Scottie, who has blessed so many with his unconditional love in his 16 years on the Earth Plane. I sat as you took your last breath, telling you to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet there, but till then, I'll be seeing you in all those old familiar places, that my heart embraces.

With love, Tricia


You came into my life for a reason;  
At a perfect time and season.  
Before I knew you, I never knew  
How much unconditional love could do.

No matter how tired and moody I got  
You were always right there on the spot.  
When times were down, you seemed to know  
The amount of love you needed to show.

My dear pal, I hated to see you in pain.  
I hope what I did relieved your strain  
Of the age of your life that you shared  
With those of us who truly cared.

My Scottie, I can't tell you how I grieve,  
But I do know that you are relieved  
Of the endless attempts to continue on  
The battle that was already foregone.

I know you went to the Rainbow Bridge,  
Where your friends met you at the ridge.  
You were my pal for so many years,  
I will miss you with love and tears.

Farewell, farewell, my shitty kitty,  
As I said to you so often being witty.  
I will always love and miss you, Scot.  
No one will ever fill your spot.

I thank you for the unconditional love,  
For the times when you reached above,  
To touch this heart of mine that ached,  
Knowing always how to give and not take.

Farewell, farewell, my lovely friend.

Scottie McDougal, 4/15/87-7/3/98

This is my baby scot-scot, that was his nick name. He needs lots of love and care and needs to have a hose spouting water to play with all the time. He was so handsome and very spunky! We loved him alot and he will be missed so much. He died because he had heart problems, and died with his family and sister bonnie jean by his side. We will miss our dog and will always keep a place at home for him in spirit.

Stefanie, Lynda, Bonnie Jean, Scarlet, and Jay..

Scotty, 11/07/98

I miss you, my curmudgeon. I miss your cold nose on my arm and that frowning face you liked to wear. I miss your squeaky meow and the way you would stand on your hind feet and stretch way up with one paw to touch my arm or hip while I cooked. I miss seeing you on the bed with all four paws tucked under, your eyes half-closed in meditative bliss. You will always be my first sweet baby, always in my heart. Love you, Scott-man.


Scout Finch, 01/22/98

We adopted Scout Finch on Nov. 4, 1997, from the humane society. She was just one year old and with us for so short a time! She began feeling punk on Jan. 21, 1998. Diagnosis: Cardiomyopathy, a birth defect. No hope for her. She deteriorated so rapidly--she was gone within five hours of the diagnosis--that it took our breath away. It was as though once the secret was out, she had to go. We were with her when she was put to sleep. She joined our (and her) beloved Sparky, who died on Jan. 16, 1998. She was such a young dog, with so much love--and every promise within her! We looked forward to spending years and years with our little Scoutie. Be brave, girl! We will see you again! We'll hold you close and scratch your velvet ears. And you can nuzzle our necks and play catch once again. We love you, Scout! And know you loved us.

Carl Halbirt and Clara Waldhari

Scrapper, 06/82-07/01/98

We lost Scraps on July 1 at the age of 16 yrs. She was our friend since she was a scruffy tough little rescue kitten and 16 yrs. wasn't nearly long enough. Scraps had renal failure for three years and what kept her going was her supreme delight in food...she never met a meal she didn't like! The day I brought her home from work she was only supposed to be an emergency rescue who was going the next day to my mom's to live as a barn cat. She spent the night on the waterbed and by the next day had decided that the amenities were acceptable and my roommate Barbara would be a suitable mom and can opener. Scrapper was a tough little gal who was not in the least bit sentimental..we always said she would take food out of the mouth of a kitten. She wouldn't want us crying over her but it is awfully hard not to. We miss her chirping and purring and hanging on our leg in the kitchen. Next to food, she loved Christmas best, especially making a cat bed under the tree with all the presents. She was a gorgeous tortoiseshell and did the best back flips of any cat I ever knew. She is also remembered for the unique ability to drag whole trout out of the broiler by their tail. The day she left us she had some bites of Mexican food for dinner then curled up in her kitty bed and went home to Rainbow Bridge. We will always miss her shining eyes and happy spirit until we meet again.

Love from Barb and Sue (your real mother and other mother).

Scrappy, 01/15/86-05/26/98

I'll miss you always, sweetheart.


Scratch, 10/22/95

Dear Scratch,
    You are very sadly missed, you were taken from us too soon, your life was so sadly cut short. You were such a affectionate cat. We love and miss you so very much. You will be forever in our thoughts & hearts. You were so special to us, little Scratchet Ratchet. All our love always little Scratch,

Love from your mum & dad.
Helen & Dave.

Scronger, 11/10/98

We miss you Scronger, Our golf cart rides just wont be the same without you. We will take care of Boots for you. Take good care of our Little Man. Let him know how much we love him, and miss him. I'm sure He and Neeka have been having a ball. Take care and we love you....

Darren, Adrena, Mark, Nicole, Buddy, Barb....

Scruff, 08/28/98

Our little Scruff, how we miss you! Though you had no real home, you were welcome at our doorstep at any time. We didn't even know that you were sick until it was too late. But know in your heart, little one, that you were loved on this Earth, and you do not go to the Bridge alone...You will have many friends there, and someday when our time comes, I will be "your person" and will come to get you myself...No kitty should ever be unloved or alone. When we sent you on to the Bridge, we did it out of love for you, to end your pain and suffering when there was no hope. And though it hurt us to see you go, we know in our hearts that you are now all better, free to run and chase butterflies. We will carry you with us in our hearts forever.

With love,
Maria & Glenn & Jordan,
BK, Tiggs, & Tux

Scruffie, 10/9/98

Scruffie will be sorely missed. We thought that he was almost human and could understand what we said. Our hearts are broken. We know in time they will heal. He was a beautiful sweet cat and was much loved.


Scruffy, 10/7/98

Scruffy was a wonderful guinea pig and pet. I loved him from the day I got him at the pet shop. I knew he was going to be a great pet and friend when he came up to me as soon as I walked into the room. He was the only short haired there and that's the kind I wanted and I knew he was meant for me. Scruffy was a great pet who loved attention and his favorite treat was a yogurt drop. Scruffy died of a bladder stone and is missed by everyone in our family.

Matt Warren

Scruffy, 06/08/98

Scruffy, you brought us such joy during the two years we had you. You were called away from us much too soon. We hope you are somewhere where you can run and play as much ball as you want! We hope you know how much we love and miss you.

Terry and Sandy

Scruffy, 1985-04/15/98

I will be forever grateful for the gift that God gave me ten years ago. I know that God sent Scruffy to me because I needed him and he needed me. The first years of his life were filled with neglect. The last ten years of his life he was spoiled! I will miss him always and although the grief is very difficult to deal with, I know that he is no longer, diabetic, or blind, or sick. I also thank God for all of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and my friends at the Pet Care Forum for their love, prayers, and expressions of sympathy.
God Bless you All


Scruffy, 04/06/98

A loving companion.


Scruffy, 01/31/98

For my dear little Scruffy who has left this world but not my heart.
You were there for me through all of my grief and never questioned, but, just loved.
When your eyes and hearing were failing, you never complained, but, followed my shadow. When finally you were starting to prepare to leave your body, I recognized your signal for we were that close. I gave you permission to leave your old shell and you fell asleep, peacefully in my arms. I miss you terribly, but, I am comforted as I feel your presence quite often. I felt you brush up against my leg also. I know you are whole again, and playing in field with all of the other souls who are healthy, happy and whole too. When I arrive, I know we will not have any problem seeking each other out. I will always Love you Scruffy.


Scruffy, 12/28/97

Scruffy was my baby cat. He was the one that was always there for me. He died of complications due to diabetes. He went on to the other side while I was holding him in my arms.
I have a great hole in my heart. I will always miss him.
I will always love him.


Scully, 07/98-08/29/98

"Scully" you didn't have much time on this earth, but you will always be loved and remembered.
"God Bless"

From Roy, Dylan, and Brooke

Seabreeze Rags Sunny, 12/26/85-07/14/98

A very loving bird who will be missed very much.


Seba, 09/15/98

In remembrance of my late grandfather's little mutt, Seba. The loving companion who stood by him during his battle with heart disease. Who, even after his death refused to believe he was gone. She would sit at the bottom of his favorite chair, watching the door as if she expected him to enter through it. She was a faithful little dog, and now, at long last, she and my grandfather have reunited at the rainbow bridge.

miche' Todd

Sebastian, 1/18/93-2/25/98

To Sebastian:
You were truly an angel sent to us from heaven. To love the way you did, you had to come from heaven. We love you so much. You will always be in our hearts.
With Love forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Sebastian, 09/01/95-03/02/98

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Sebastian Verdi, 07/04/86-06/06/98

Dear Sebastian,
It has been a week since you so unexpectedly left this world. I miss you terribly. I have begun to remember the many good times like the way you slept on my chest or wedged beside me on the couch and how you could wake me with the stare of your beautiful green eyes and how the minute my eyes opened in the morning the loud purring started. I miss you waiting for me just outside the shower with your head in my shoes, and I miss our playful chases through the house and your love bites on my chin. I want you to know that you were a constant and loyal friend and the best darned cat in the world. You enriched my life more than you will ever know and I look forward to seeing you again someday. Good Bye my little 'Bastian Boy,

P.S. Chad Boy misses you too.

Sebastin, 06/04/98

My best friend......

Jodi McCullough

September Morn' Sunshine, 05/01/90-05/25/98

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Serena, 03/85-10/20/98

Thank you Serena for your unwavering devotion, your lifetime of friendship, and your steadfastness in the storm of life. My heart is aching with the loss of you. I will carry your memory with me forever. I love you....Mommy


Shad honey, I love you and I miss you. I am sorry I did not know you were as sick as you were (you were dying) or I would have done something sooner. I am so sorry. I miss you terribly and wish we were together. Emerald misses you. I have Tum now but will always love you. We will be together someday. Tum loves you too. God bless you sweetie. I love you and I miss you and will always be here for you. Love, Mommy

Shadow, 06/06/86-12/21/98

She was a special friend. She loved her treats and her soccer ball. She is sorely missed.

Regina Sims

Shadow, 05/13/87-12/12/98

Our dear Shadow-lica,  
Yesterday at this time you were with us, enjoying the good life you shared with Sunny, Miss Kitty, Beauty and your Mom. I can't believe you left us in a split of a second apparently for no reason or only because your almost 12. You looked and acted so young! You are now on the Bridge with Peachy and Cinderella while we are left here to miss you, King of Tomcats. I can't stand the idea that I will never pet your "big hands" with 6 fingers.  
For eleven years you have called us to go to sleep, to put you in bed and to tell you "Good night!" while you were kissing our nose. Today Miss Kitty looked for you and waited for you to come to breakfast as usually. Sunny is sad and cries after you, Beauty is also sad and would love to jump on you.  
Our dear little gray lion, we will always miss your dignified posture, your love and devotion, your jealousy, and we will always love you.  "Good night Shadow-lele!"

Mom(Adina), Serban, Bunica and your brother and sisters

Shadow, 02/18/95

Shadow ruled our household. He helped me get through a lot of the vicissitudes of life. He was a smart, strong cat who taught me a great deal about this thing we call "life." I still miss him more than I want to think about.

Donna McIntyre

Shadow, 10/18/81-01/2/98


You were a sweet girl and I miss you. Your last years were spent with Ted and Mary and the girls, and I know that was best.

Love, mom

Shadow, 10/6/95

I miss you so much since you have been gone. Wishing that you were still here to brighten my days.
Love to you, Shadow.

Charline White

Shadow, 05/06/95-10/8/97

I really miss you and all I do is cry for you and make bargains with God to take anything else of mine just so I could have you by my side again. I also regret the days that, when you where here, that I never played with you. But I wish I could of said goodbye and that I loved you but when we meet again I will never ever let go of you without saying I love you again.

I love you my best bud,

Shadow, 3/11/96-3/13/98

A special, sweet little animal who deserved more than life gave her...


Shadow, 07/97-01/04/98

Shadow was lost by a simple mistake but she taught a very important lessen in giving her life. She was greatly loved and is greatly missed by all of us.

Shawna Brown

Shadow, 05/12/81-06/01/98

My brave boy Shadow died early this morning with me at his side. He went quickly, only crying out once (which is what woke me). The only warning sign I had yesterday was that his appetite was down and he was stumbling a bit. We took two walks yesterday and he enjoyed being outside. He bravely dealt with malignant cancer for months, although we only knew about it since 4/20/98.

I feel that I told him everything that had to be told, and he gave me every ounce of love that he could possibly have given. We buried him on our property and he is already missed. There will never be another cat in my life that showed such devotion and love. I was his "mommy." Sue :(

Shadow, 12/94

Shadow, a German Shepherd, black lab, huskie mix was a big baby. She had one brown eye, and the other blue. You could never be sure if she was really looking at you. I met Shadow in 1989 when I met my wife. Shadow was a very quiet dog, very laid back. Laid back that is until I taught her to wrestle! I don't think to this day my wife has forgiven me for that. She was friend to man and beast, she didn't care, the more the merrier. She loved winter, having you throw snow on her was as good as sliced bread with baloney on it. She used to steal them from me. The first time she did that she had taken it right out of my hand, my fault it was down at her level. All you could hear was the smacking of lips and a wagging tail, looking like that was tasty, any more? Her next favorite goodie was watermelon. She would stand in front of you drooling on your pant leg soaking it until she got a bite. Christmas 1994, we sat down to christmas dinner and Shadow was at her usual place ready for some turkey. She always sat on the floor between us so that she would not miss out on anything coming her way. Later we noticed she was having a hard time walking and then she fell and could not get up. We took her to the Vet, but sadly she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that christmas night. Needless to say, we still miss her terribly and Christmas has never been the same at our house.

Doug and Jolene Hagerman,

Shadow, 1987-05/09/98

1987-88-May 9, 1998

Shadow came into our lives the weekend before Christmas 1997.

The first ten or so years of his life remain a mystery that he alone knew. But, the last 10 months of his life were the story of a courageous, caring, intelligent, wonderful dog that fostered an attachment and a love that few dogs can inspire, even given an entire lifetime.

Shadow was found in mid-June 1997 chained to a vet's door. He was so covered with mud no one could even tell he was a Collie. Once cleaned, he weighed 50 pounds, looked like a greyhound and had a terrible case of mites. He almost died from the mite dip, but his determination to live pulled him through. A few weeks later, he was well enough for Collie Rescue to place him with what they hoped would be a permanent home.

But, the permanent home was only temporary, as work opportunities forced Shadow's new family to move to another state. Although their cat moved with them, Shadow didn't make the cut. Instead, they listed him for sale in the weekend classifieds.

No one called but me and my wife, Debi. Everyone else wanted a young puppy for Christmas; no one cared about an 11 year old Collie. With two shelties and a cat, we weren't sure we wanted him either. After hearing the story about his determined recovery from the brink of death last summer, though, we agreed that a dog that determined to live deserved a chance in our home, not the pound.

Besides, we figured at the very least we could provide a foster home until Shadow could be placed in another permanent home by Collie Rescue.

At that point I had no idea how much we would come to love Shadow, nor how much Debi and I would miss him now.

Christmas night Shadow and I bonded. We were at my parents house. When I let him out that night, he wandered between their house and the neighbors. Thinking the area was fenced, I didn't worry. When he didn't return, I went to investigate. I found him stuck between two fences, unable to get out.

Many dogs would have panicked and injured themselves trying to get free. Instead, he looked at me as if to say, "please help me." He was so calm. I pried the two fences apart, enough for him to slowly back out of the tight spot he had wandered into. Ten minutes later he was free. Although he was exhausted from the effort, he was so grateful. He trusted me, and I knew then I would never betray that trust. I promised him a home for the rest of his days, my friendship and total commitment to him.

We gave him the best nutrition, the finest health care, and I truly believe, the happiest days of his life.

Gradually, yet undeniably, his health continued to fail him, despite his and our best efforts. The trips to the vet became more frequent. His appetite dwindled and his weight fell. Friday he went to the board-certified vet specialist, who diagnosed him with myasthenia gravis, a serious auto-immune neuron-muscular disease where the nerves send a message to the muscles to contract but they don't respond.

As a result of the disease, his esophagus was four times normal size. He couldn't keep food and water down and developed severe pneumonia.

Faced with a chronic auto-immune disease and severe pneumonia, he began today in critical condition at the animal hospital. I had to make the decision I dreaded. As I talked to Debi, friends and various vets, I remembered the look he gave me on Christmas night.

Was "please help me" this time a plea to help him out of his pain?

Debi drove, since I was too upset to operate a motor vehicle, and I wanted to really think about the decision. When I saw him, I realized it was time for him to go. He was so weak he couldn't get on his feet. He couldn't even accept the treat we offered him by hand. Debi and I didn't want to make the decision to let him go, but we had to.

It was so hard to say goodbye to him. I know we did right by Shadow, but it really hurts to not have him on the floor by my chair tonight, or to not have him to go for a walk around the neighborhood tonight. Shadow had a depth of character and a soul that I will truly miss.

Whatever those first 10 odd years of his life were like, I do believe we made him happy in the last 6 months, and I know he left us today surrounded by love. He drifted away with us holding him and petting him.

Ben and Debi Morris

Shadow, 1997

I don't know very much about Shadow except that he made someone I care about very happy..........

Shadow, 12/85-1/15/98

SHADOW - December 1985-January 1998
"If I could put time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do"--We have all the wonderful memories of the things Shadow, our schnauzer, used to do. The way he loved everyone, barked each time we were going to go someplace together, stuck his back legs out behind him like a frog when he laid down. So many wonderful times we shared for twelve years. We miss you so very much, Shads. Until we meet again-Your Family.

Jim and Peg

Shadow of a Bear, 07/08/94-04/26/98

Bear was a Search and Rescue dog, everyone that met him loved him. He had one find to his short SAR career. He touched many lives, in nursing homes visiting the elderly, and at schools doing SAR demonstrations .It was with fellow teammates by our side that we placed him in Gods hands and a better place.

I love you Bear, May you never hurt again.

Steve your best friend.

Shadwick Jr., 8/19/96

Shadwick Jr., you will be forever with us.

Lynne and Don

Shady, 10/08/96

To my baby of all time


Shaina, 05/02/98

Our beloved SHAINA would never have know a good life if he had not rescued her at the Humane Society. She came into our home scared and timid, and blossomed into the most wonderful animal. We still think she was human somehow, she was so smart! We will always miss her, although it is good to know that she has gone to the Bridge.


Shakey, 06/06/92-09/09/98

I got you when you were only 5 days old. You and your brother were so sick. I remember your big scared eyes and fat tummy and no hair. I was almost afraid to pick you up, you looked so fragile, like you'd break. I found out you had Cerebellar Hyperplasia or what we humans call Cerebral Palsy, kind of. You grew up so beautiful with black long hair and a mane that sometimes looked silvery. You'd prance like a horse when you walked until, you would almost lose your balance and then you'd look around as though to say, "Who pushed me?". Your cry was tiny and had a gurgle in it. I don't think I ever had to scold you. You went to Rainbow Bridge today and I miss you so much. I don't know what I will do without your precious sweet personality . I won't see you come running anymore or playing with the others. I know I will see you one day and we will be together, but I really miss you so much right now. I will never forget you, sweetheart. I love you. Be happy and tell God I said thank you that He let me have you for a while.


Shaky, 02/20/78-13/02/93

Dear Shaky Thank you so much for being my best friend when I so desperately needed you. I miss you every single day and hope that you are well and happy somewhere. I hope to meet you again somewhere, somehow. Love always, "Matte"

Shalimar, 08/15/98

Last Saturday Aug 15 we lost the most important part of our family. His name was Shalimar and he was 18 years old. His doctor told us he had 6 months to live, but he made it 7 months and 15 days. We knew that day was coming, but no matter how hard you try to be ready, you never are. Are hearts are broken from our loss. It seems we hear Shalimar all through the house. We know someday we will be with him again, I ask you Jesus, please take care of our baby, till we meet him in Heaven.
God Bless Everyone Who is Grieving From The Loss Of A Pet.

Linda Baker

Shaman, 02/13/94-11/11/98


When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see;
If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today,
while thinking of the many things we didn't get to say.
I know how much you love me, as much as I love you,
and each time you think of me I know you'll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand,
that an angel came and called my name and took me by the lead,
and said my place was ready in heaven far above you see,
and that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love.
But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye,
for all life, I'd always thought I didn't want to die.
I had so much to live for and so much yet to do,
it seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday, I thought, just for awhile,
I'd say goodbye and nicker and maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized that this could never be,
for emptiness and memories would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly things that I'd miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did, my heart was filled with sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me, from His great golden throne,
He said, "This is eternity and all I've promised you".
Today for life on earth is past but here it starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow, but today will always last,
and since each day's the same day, there's no longing for the past.
But you have been so faithful, so trusting, and so true.
The next time the rain falls, or the sky turns blue
Listen for my hoof beats, and know at last I'm free.
So wonderful was the life shared between you and me
So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart,
for every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart.

Love you always,


Shammy, 7/27/94-8/22/98


Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. You were and are our little angel. Please remember us and have fun at the Bridge with your sister "Squealer". We know that you are happy and healthy now. It is so hard to say goodbye. You will live on forever in our hearts. You were our little toddler cat. You were so young to die. We know that God has a plan for everyone and it was just your time. However, that will not keep us from missing you and crying everyday. You were so special and irreplaceable. Please watch over us and take care of Blackie who misses you so much and doesn't really understand what happened. We love you always


Mommy and Daddy (Blackie too!)

Shamoo, 09/73-05/19/98

Shamoo, Mommy loved you so much and wanted you not to suffer any pain and to heal in God's Love. Run, Play and be Beautiful and Healthy again -- meet Mommy and family at the Rainbow Bridge to guide them to God ..you are their Little Angel.

Love, Lisa, Bobby, Adam and Trevor

Shampoo, 9/97

A sweet and loving pet Shampoo spent 14 years as the smallest and nicest member of our family. She is now in a memorial urn in our garden to be remembered with love forever. Don't worry Poo you will always be in our hearts,

Love Mom and Chelsea

Shamus, 5/13/85-10/26/98

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Shandi, 1972-03/85

she was my best friend


Shane, 08/01/98

Shane was a chestnut gelding I had the pleasure of owing for the past 28 yrs. He was a gift from my parents and sisters for christmas 1971. When I got him he was under fed and dirty but I fell in love with him anyway. During that 28 yrs I had the best times in my life riding and caring for him. He was my best friend. Someone I could tell my problems to and he would listen to me like he understood what I was saying. It wasn't a chore for me to take care of him everyday. I looked forward to seeing him every day. We went to several different barns of the yrs. until I got my own place. For the past eight yrs. I have looked out my window and he was there waiting for me and now that he's gone I'm lost without him. He was the best horse. He would let anyone on him especially children. He was the type of horse that loved being around people. He loved to eat the grass in our yard and follow you around. When Shane saw you eating or drinking a soda he would give you his paw (hoof) for you to give him some. He loved to drink soda from a can. He had a heart as big as the sun. I wish everyone could experience what I did from owing a horse. He was like a big dog but he wasn't allowed to come in the house. I'm sure if he was allowed to he would have. Owning Shane taught me responsibility and caring. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I just have one wish that he could have lived with me forever but I know that I will be riding him again one day.

Cathy Kennedy

Cathy Kennedy

Shang (Sanjo's Fortune Cookie), 1/1/81

You are not forgotten...

Bill, Mary Jo, Sandi, Keith, and Melanie

Shana, 06/84-06/03/98

Shana was my beautiful "big" dog as I have a lab/spaniel mix that is my "little" dog. She was the love of my life for almost 14 years.

I will miss coming home and seeing her smiling face at the back door waiting for me and always happy to see me. As she got older, she wouldn't be at the door as often but sleeping very soundly when I would come in. When I would walk near her, she would wake and get up suddenly as if to say "Sorry Mom, I was sleepin' but I sure am glad to see you now".

I can see Shana everywhere in the house. Her favorite places to lay. I always knew where to find her. Usually it wasn't tough, she followed me everywhere.

Shana (and her "sister" Cody) were through a lot with me. Moving into the house, several relationships, the death of my brother (to which they brought me great amounts of comfort), and much more. They always provided ears that never tired of listening and kisses that never ended.

I found out June 1st that Shana was very sick (tumors that had moved into her lungs) and was told that she had only 1-2 weeks at best. I was (and still am) devastated. The vet told me that Shana would tell me when it was time. After the second night, I could tell that her breathing was getting harder. When I returned yesterday, I sat with her and stroked her and she looked up at me and yes, she told me it was time. She looked at me to say "Mom, I'm tired..please help me". It was one of the hardest things I ever did but I know she is a peace. I'm a wreck but I know in time that will heal.

Shana was the best dog anyone could ever have and I look for the day when I can join her again. In the meantime, I know my brother Michael is up there taking good care of her as he always did. I love them both with all my heart.


Shane, 10/25/94-07/07/98

A wonderful golden retriever, who was my constant love and best friend.....you are missed and loved more than words or tears can express.

Kim Lambdin

Shanna, 27-Jan.-1998

27 January 1998

Today, Shanna left this world after having spent a wonderful, vibrant and adventure-filled life during which she was loved and cared for. We got her as a pup after another beloved Collie, Jessie, passed on very tragically. Shanna had two litters, the first the result of a 'love' liaison with Rinty, my first and very special Collie who helped me through very dark times in my life. There were 7 healthy pups. It was a very happy experience. Her one son, Ben, owned by my best friend in South Africa, passed away last year just before his 10th birthday. To my knowledge, all her pups had good, loving homes. Her second litter, here in Australia, was not so happy. Three pups were born dead, and only one of the remaining 2 survived. She, Tossca, is still with us and turns 8 this year. Shanna(with Rinty) spent 9 months in quarantine(7 in England and 2 months here in Australia). They handled it well aided by each other's company. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life, to bring them here and subject them to all that time in quarantine. Unfortunately, Rinty passed away 6 months after arriving here, aged 12, Nov. 1990). I miss him with an ache still. Like Rinty, Shanna has a good, happy quality life until the very end for which I am very thankful. I am so very comforted by all the information I have read so far today about the grief I am experiencing , and how to deal with Tossca's own loss. Just being able to type this letter is a balm as I know people like you truly empathize. I am very new to Internet, have only had the PC a short while, and how timeous it has been. Thank you for 'being there' in this my time of great loss. Yours very sincerely Sandy Moore

Shannon, 03/10/86-10/29/98

A beautiful loyal and affectionate dog with us in our hearts forever. Till we meet at the end of the day. Thank you for all the happy years Shannon.

Val Gamble

Shannon, 7/6/93

To my buddy who I miss more than words can express...

Marilyn Bowie

Shannon, 03/03/80-01/15/97

Never has there been a better dog.

Michele Shaffer and sons Art and Josh

Shanti, 1975-02/02/88

My best friend, she shared my life for 12 years and died peacefully in Santa Fe with my hand on her muzzle. You'll be loved forever, my little half-coyote.

Christine Rachel

Shara, 04/83-10/07/98

Shara was the son of nipper and was a real attention seeker.
Shara would spend his time sleeping with us on bed, watching TV and playing with his mother.
Shara's uncle conac taught him all the manly things like catching butterflies and chasing mice.
Shara liked to climb things and one time jumped on the stove.
Never again since he burned his paws.
Shara like to chew the telephone wires.
Shara Shara go join your mother and start your life all over.

Veronika Hering

Shasha, 5/4/98

You were my best and only friend. I will miss you. When I pray I know prayer will go to the Lords ear upon your white wings.

Meeka Jade

Shasta, 09/05/88-11/18/97

It's been 7 months since I ended your pain but mine still remains. I pass your grave as I mow the field where you kept a protective eye on things and it gives me a warm feeling thinking of you. I toast a beer for you. Rest easy my friend " Shasta "


Shauna Caleb's Fair Lady, 08/20/82-11/12/95

My "Shaunles"...My companion, protector, and pal for 13 years.. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and the fun that we had...Your gentle nature and kind sprit is reminisced over much wine and usually alot of tears...I still cry for you but know that your are much happier since I released you from your Cancers grip almost 3 years ago..That was the hardest day of my life...Inevitably I almost failed my Thesis because my Prof. didn't think that your peace was important enough. Well, old girl, it's been almost 3 years and I still miss you like mad...One day we will see each other again...Until then, I will keep your urn on the mantle and remember our walks down the old roads and our swims in the pond..

I miss you, I love you

mom xxoo

Shawnee, 07/31/98

We miss you so much Shawneegirl. I'm so glad we had you cremated, because now you are here with us always. Sarge still looks for you constantly, but he is getting better now. Rest in peace my baby girl.


Sheba, 10/22/98

Sheba Will be missed very much

Rob Collier

Sheba, 09/01/93-09/29/98

In memory of my partner and family pet.
I am sorry partner but I tried an so didn't the doctors to make you well again.
But the good lord needed you also to help protect the that rainbow.
Partner we will meet be together again and you will be missed by everyone in you will always be in my heart and soul.
Sheba rest an peace you earned it remember the badge of courage earned it today.

William Fyler

Sheba, 9/23/97

To our dear friend Sheba,  
who was sadly taken away from us, we love and miss you very much, our little goody four paws. You are forever in our hearts and thoughts.  
Goodnight sweetheart, until we meet again,

We love you, your mum & dad. XXXXXXXXXX.  
Helen & Dave.

Sheba, 08/01/87-08/13/98

Sheba you gave us such joy with your constant attention, talking, playing and snuggling. We think of you often

Yvonne & Dan Schwartz

Sheba, 03/07/87-04/28/98

She loved to chase squirrels upto the end.

Conway Family

Sheba, 09/05/83-04/21/98

A loving friend and companion whom I'll miss dearly.

Patti Powers

Sheba, 01/04/98

Sheba, elderly grey kitty departed this world Jan. 5, 1998

I don't remember a lot about my days before the shelter. They gave me a chance to enjoy life before it was my time to go. In my last months I had nothing but love, gentle hands, kind words, good food, warmth and a secure place to sleep. Then I was allowed to pass over to the next world with the dignity of a queen. Do you know when we animals cross the Rainbow Bridge we are given a greater ability to understand humans? Our eyes are opened and all the sacrifices people made for us, all the love, all the tears are seen with clarity. My humans were so good to me, especially Pat...I can never repay all that love, except to say I'll be waiting here for you in the land where old kitties are made new again, and every day is sweet.

Pat R. and Shelter Staff at WCHS

"I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain,
not because I did not love you,
but because I loved you too much to force you to stay."

source unknown

Pat R. and WCHS shelter staff

Sheba, 11/22/97

She was a beloved friend and I miss her terribly.


Sheba Sugar Babe, 03/17/92-12/19/97

A little One from Heaven that taught me to love and laugh again!

Lois Higginbotham

Sheeby, 08/01/84-10/04/98

Sheeby, you were such a great friend to me for so many years. I thank you for every one of them. I miss you so much and would give anything to have one more hug and a chance to say good-bye. I love you. Mommy


Sheena, 10/19/82-08/30/96

     Sheena cheese??? Sheena M's??? I could find you anywhere if I called that out to you. I know dogs aren't suppose to eat candy but from the time you were a baby to the last couple of day's you were here with me you ate your M's. I miss you so much Sheena, I remember all the good times just the two of us had, and then all the times we had when Allen came into our lives and then when I had Michael. We went all over together, Hawaii, Tx, and then we went back to Calif. to visit. When you first left us Red was so sad and didn't want to do anything. When the lady brought you back home it was like Red knew you were back home and things would be ok.  
Sheena I remember the last week you were here with me, I know that you were in pain at the end and the vet told me that you would tell me when it was time to go. I was raised that you don't put your animals to sleep so I was having a really hard dealing with it all. I asked your dad what to do and he wouldn't help me b/c you were my dog and he didn't want me to be mad at him if I changed my mind later on. So I thought and thought and prayed about it and the last time you went to see the vet she said that your heart was going out along with your liver. I didn't want you to suffer any longer so I said ok to it. Dad drove us to the office where they could do it, I sat in the back with you and loved on you the whole way told you I loved you and I was sorry to have to do it to you. But I had tried everything else, I would have done anything in this world to save you I hope you know that. Daddy and a lady put you on a carrying thing b/c you were to weak to even walk in. I had a shirt I had under your head that I had been holding so you could smell me when you fell asleep. Sheena baby it's been almost 2yrs and I still feel so bad that I wasn't in there with you when you took your last breath on this earth. I just couldn't do it, I loved you so much and I knew I would loose it if I saw you dead. I'm so sorry if you were scared but the really nice vet was there and I know you were in good hands with her. Please remember this for mama, I will see you one day again and we will play ball and do all the things you loved to do here. I know your playing with all the babies and slobbing on them. Tell Trevor Michael misses him and wishes he was still here for him. Also Sheena I wanted to make sure you knew even though I have gotten another Belgian doesn't mean I have gotten another YOU!! You will never ever be replaced there's no way it can, you were one in a million. But your breed is a really neat one and I want to raise more of them.

Love for ever Sheena Maria
your mama

Sheena, 10/06/96-04/01/98

Sheena, you were a very special cat. I will miss you very much.

Ben Zeloof

Sheina Maidel, 02/17/85-11/13/96

Sheina, you will always live in my heart. You were beautiful, sweet and loving. What more could anyone ask? I will always miss you.

Ruth Solomon

Shelbie, 02/17/87-05/12/98

Thank you for being a faithful friend for 11 years. I will miss you until we meet again. :(

Barb Pierce

Shelby, 11/24/98

Shelby was one of my first "dog pound" rescues. She was destined for execution for biting someone (impossible!!). She was the sweetest, best natured little Tortie ever. She was rescued in 92, age unknown-kidney failure claimed her life. She use to love to jump on my back and then sit on my shoulder. The light of her life will be very missed. :(

Donna Baker

Shelby, 12/80-04/19/98

Shelby, my boy, oh how I miss you. When our good friends gave you to us as a kitten, God must have known that you would take the place of the children that we would not be able to have. As you grew you to must have realized that were so very special to us. For 17 years you brought joy and happiness to the two of us. Thank you for the unconditional love that you gave us. I will always miss your purring and waking up in the middle of the night to you kissing my face. Mom will miss you keeping her feet warm on those cold winter nights. She always called you the radiator cause you were so warm. Yesterday we knew you were so sick and in pain and as I kissed you in the vets arms, somehow I knew you would not return to us. I know you don't hurt anymore now but the pain of losing you is so great. It will get better and our lives will go on, but we will never forget you. Rest in peace my boy, daddy loves you so much.

Don and Paula Mounts

Shelby, 04/17/98

Dearest Shelby
You will never be forgotten. We know you are up there waiting for us somewhere. In the meantime, we will think of you every day. The clear sky will always remind us of your gentle blue eyes.
I hope you are enjoying your stay in your new home. Every day that passes brings us closer to seeing you again.

We will always love you
Leo, Grace, Jon and Mom, your sisters and brothers...

Shelby, 3/21/98

Shelby, what were you doing in a shelter in March of 1993? You chose me as much as I chose you. You brought such love to my life. It will be very difficult to get used to not seeing you in your favorite rocking chair and kitty bed. It will be unbearable not to have my little lap cat in my lap anymore or next to me as we sleep at night.

You are the joy of my life and I will always love you very, very much. You will always be at the center of my heart. I can't wait to be reunited with you again some day. God Bless You my sweet Shelby.


Shelby Doodle, 12/01/93-10/02/98

Shelby, In my hours of deepest despair you were always there.  
You taught more about unconditional love than any human ever could.  
I miss you so much. Always happy, always a lover of life, always ready for any adventure, and they were all adventures with you around. I will go on, and as this pain eases I promise to remember all the lessons you taught me and to try to live up to your standards. Always friendly, happy and loving, not having to forgive because you never blamed, living life to the fullest, and always injecting fun and play into every situation. Thank you for sharing all of your too short life with me. I will always love you and never forget you.

Dear God, thank you for gracing me with Shelby's presence and letting me enjoy her for so long.  
Thank you for taking her quickly and painlessly, and not making her suffer. Please take care of her until I can hold her again. Please make sure she knows how much I love her.  
Please help me through this pain.



Shelly, 12/29/97

This is for our dear, dear Shelly--so much a part of our family--she shall be and is truly missed--she was a pal to all and the many people and children who came into our home these 14 years--not a pedigree, but the classiest dog there could be--All Our Love Forever. Sandy and Family

Shena, 08/16/84-10/31/94

We love you bean, your missed more and more everyday, will see you again some day soon, Love Mom, Dad, Marla, Audra, Rick and Eric

Shendoh, 05/07/86-06/26/98

"Hidden." You know what I mean. Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge, please know that I love you.

Luise Bennett

Shep, 01/01/83-08/24/98

You entered into our lives like a ray of sunshine that shines brightly.  
You brought us peace and happiness and made us "one".  
As time goes on throughout the day-so did your love for us -it always shined brightly.  
But as the sun starts to set into the horizon, and gives way to the darkness; a big emptiness starts to set in.  
The void in our lives is there--knowing that your not sharing with us anymore. We wait for the sun to rise again--but it never seems to be. Maybe someday it will happen...When we meet again across the "Rainbow Bridge"--Please do not forget us, because we could never forget you. my sweet, sweet little boy--go towards the glow--my sweet, sweet little boy--till we meet again.  
Always in our hearts and mind and soul forever. Love Shep's mommy and daddy- Jenine and Randy Meiner  
Shep's siblings-Nitie, Bo and Dittalie

Shera, 07/23/98

To my lovely Shera, the faithful follower in life and death.

Lea Karahka

Sherlock, 06/12/83-12/12/98

My darling buddy:
Sherl, I know you understand. You were an angel to me--compassion incarnate. My vegetarian pledge will not end. I now remember the 'why' of it all--you, your amazing, complete love for me. I'll never forget your warm smell, your soft hair, your intelligent, moody eyes. You were my gift for 15 1/2 years, and you will ALWAYS be my buddy. I only regret not being able to hold you, my sweet furry love, as you died, but I hold you in my dreams now.
Spread your beauty, my love.



For my beloved Sherlock  
who chose me to love  
and taught me to live  
in joy  
testing the limits  
and always bounding forth  
into the world  
with a grin

Sherri Mac

Sherlock, 03/10/87-08/27/98

Oh Sherlock, you were taken from me so unexpectantly, the pain was so intense my entire body ached. I had always thought I would be with you when your time came, but I guess you knew it might be too much for me. That is why you decided to go to heaven while I was in Minneapolis and you were at the lake.

I had a dream the night you died--I didn't sleep much--I was at the townhouse all alone--but, in the dream you told me you were waiting for me at the Pet Ranch--the pet store that frequently would have baby American Eskimos in the window. I would always think of you when I would see them and be tempted to go and buy one. But, I knew with the amount of traveling I was doing for my job, another dog would be too much for us.

I went to the Pet Ranch the next day, and there were three American Eskimos. I asked for all three to be brought into the back room and one little fella really took to me. I was crying because I was missing you and he came up and licked my tears away. I brought him home and named him Romeo. Your spirit is in Romeo, I know it. He is very attached to me and I to him. He is not a replacement for you, but a way for me move on. If I had not gotten Romeo, I believe I would still be crying, comatose with grief. Thank you for giving me the courage to get another dog. I guess you just couldn't imagine my life without one.

I dreamed of you again last night, and you gave me your quizzical look and then came running up and licked my face. You looked happy and we were together again.

I love you Sherlock, my baby Sherlock so much. You are forever in my heart.

Romayne Kilde

Sherlock, 12/25/94-5/24/98

Sherlock, my baby, my buddy, my pal! How can I help but miss such a funny, sweet dog? I love you! You know I think about you everyday! You are the best dog our family's ever had! Your death was very unfortunate! If only I could go back and keep you away from that evil snake! I had no idea you were going to die! I will never forget you my beautiful dog! You were so intelligent, handsome and funny! You will always be missed! I will never, ever forget you! I know you will not forget your family! Please wait for us on Rainbow Bridge! Have fun chasing squirrels and playing with your "baby". You were buried with it! I know you loved that slipper! Sherlockie I will love you forever! I'm glad you got to spend a fun day with your family before you passed! You got to fish, play with Shelly, run around and even chase a deer!
"It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never of loved at all." Poor Mister! You will not soon be forgot but remembered eternally! I will forever love you!


Sherman T. Pussycat, 10/28/87-02/14/98

Sherman, my baby, my little son, I love you beyond words. We'll see each other again, and we'll all be together forever.

Love forever,


Sherry, 1995-01/06/98

... Sheriba, I miss you.

Susanna Hase

Shilo, 5/90-4/6/98

My dear SHILO Thank you for being the best friend I have ever known. You were always there for me. I cant wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge. We will cuddle in bed again. I LOVE YOU!!

Love Daddy

Shiloh, 05/05/98

You were my BEST friend. I will love you always and never ever forget our 15 loving, fun and wonderful years together. You were the best. We will meet again one day, until then you will be in Gods hands and he will make you feel better. I love you BIG my dear Shiloh. Love your mama.

Shiloh, 09/10/96

I miss my dear Shiloh so much. He was the best friend I ever had in my life.

Marveen Drill

Shiloh (Fairway XLNT Adventure), 08/12/97-09/02/98

We'll always remember you in our hearts.

Susan and Frank Chow

Shiner, 08/24/93

She will always be missed and forever loved

Jody Sherman

Shiva, 3/17/97

Do you walk through the world
Rending souls with their love for you?
In various guises ... meaning various things ...
and always turning out to be more transient than we could ever expect?
And more vulnerable ...
My little goddess,
I looked to you for answers
When you were as clueless as the rest of us.
As dependent as all the goddess's creatures.
I can't believe that.
No, my Shiva,
You touched and were touched, held whom you would ...
And left your mark ... deeper than dreams
You claim the only place in my garden where a loved one sleeps.
I visit your soul ... and worship its strength
I hold you again in my heart and hear the whispers of your wisdom
You speak, my life holds,
crowds part, petals fall.
You become a face in my dreams.

Linda Mosca

Schmoo, 06/02/92-07/10/98

Our baby Schmoo,

We loved you more than words can say. You never let your pain or disease get in the way of loving us back. We're so proud of you for fighting so long; just so you could love us. Rest now little buddy, Mommy and Daddy will see you someday soon. We love you.

Schmoo Kimball 2 June 1992 - 10 July 1998

Gary and Ann Kimball

Shocker's High Hope, 06/18/74-12/18/95

You were 17yo when you came into my life, Your eyes were bright but so painfully thin. In time, you became shiny and sleek. Thru the years you gave me your son, Hale's Willow Dancer and a daughter Trinket. You were a good living mother but very protective. Slowly you came to trust me. Even thro', your beauty had faded and age had swayed your back, I still can see you on a warm summer day, head high, tail and mane in the wind, doing your running walk, suddenly you became a black beauty racing the wind. At, times, I could hear your throaty voice calling to your children, On that last night, you had laid down to sleep, I checked on you, you raised your head up and now I realize that was your way of saying good bye. The next morning you were gone to those well deserved pastures with the warm summer sun warming your bones, running along side with your baby that went with you on that night. The other horses that morning didn't nicker for their breakfast as they would normally do as if they knew a friend was gone. I'll miss your throaty voice in the night, Grandma and take care of that baby that I will see when next we meet.

Juanita Hale

Shoodoobe, 09/20/84

Shoodoobe-The GREATEST dog/friend/buddy a guy could have. There's no greater love then a boy and his dog. No boy and dog love each other more then we did. Love Ya buddy, we'll be together again, I know your waiting. You-the-bestest-boy!!!!!!!

Keith Amdur

Shore, 05/18/98

The most gentle and precious friend. You were well behaved and fun. May you romp in doggie heaven with your brother "Ship"

Marty Gouin

Shots Z, 01/05/98

She was so gentle and loving. I miss her very much.

Susan Randolph

Shotzy, 07/08/90-11/27/98

Shotzy you came to us under unusual circumstances, with you, you brought us love, joy and pure devotion. A love and devotion we could see in your eyes at all times. I only hope we were able to show you how much we loved you.  
I miss you my dear friend and buddy. I hope you are free of pain now and can forgive me. You are now with Grandpa and he will continue to love you as we have and do.

We love you Shotzy and miss you terribly!

Colleen and Erin

Shotzy, 06/07/82-04/06/98

To our beloved Sweetheart. We miss you. Your personality and energy and love.

Fran and Steve

Shredder, 6/13/97-1/7/98

To our little guy - you touched our hearts so deeply in such a short time. Your were a very special puppy. We miss you so much and cherish all the memories.


Shultzie, 1/20/98

Shultzie..you were very special ! You brought my parents great love and happiness!!!! They miss you dearly, and so do I! Please remember that you will never be forgotten !
Be at peace now little guy !
We love you..Ann/Jim/ and Vicki
please watch over them !

Shyla, 10/26/96

You came into our lives so suddenly with your shy ways and kind of sad eyes saying "Please take me"....... I will bring you so much love..
You're such a joy to come home to each day greeting us in your own special way.
Pouncing like a bear..you have filled our lives with such happiness that we didn't know we would have again.
Thank you Shyla
Stay in our lives for a long while.


Shy Sara, 06/29/98

Sara the Shy Mastiff was one of the first dogs to WOOF in rec.pets.dogs.misc at woofchat. Her voice will be missed by all the dogs, hoomins and cats there.

We ask healing thoughts for Gizmo, Annie, and Magic their owners and friends.

The Woofers, for Jennifer Robles

Sidewinder (aka Apple Siders), 10/13/98

Our Apple Siders came to us in the early fall of 1982 and had a broken hip (hence the name Sidewinder...for a long time he walked sideways, like a sidewinder snake). He was accompanied by a maine coon we named Sherbie. The Dr. estimated both babies to be about 6 months old. The Dr. repaired Siders hip and except for occasional bouts with arthritis, he was a very active, playful kitty. His favorite thing of all was playing with and grooming on Sherbie. We lost Sherbie to feline urinary disease many years ago, and in the following years, Sidey became a surrogate male nursemaid to three new kitties that joined our family and 2 puppies :-) He was also the designated greeter for any people who came to see us. He will be greatly missed by our remaining one kitty and 3 puppies, and by us........he was our last living link to all our animal family of a quarter of a century, our favorite foot warmer, and our purring lap kitty. In short, he was quite a cat!  
We hope he and Sherbie are playing again and that they and all our other babies are watching for us. You died in my arms today with little discomfort and I sincerely hope your eternity will be a happy one.  
We love you and miss you Siders,  
Your family

Darrell , Becky , Peach , Mitsey , Daffy , and Becca

Sidey (aka Little Sammy Jr. ), 08/22/98

The little fellow was injured in a freak accident and was rushed to the Vet, but could not be saved.
He will be sadly missed by his people family and by his fellow animal family.
Watch for us at the bridge :-)

The Garner family, which includes Sidey's mamma, daddy and sister cat family members

Sidney, 10/10/98

In memory of Sidney, even though you suffered intensely before you passed on I want to remember you and let you know that some one does care about you and that your death will not be in vain. You will be remembered along with all our other special friends and I will meet you at the bridge someday.

JoAnn Seabreeze Rags

Sidney Michael, 4/24/90-3/16/98

To my Sidney, you will always be in my heart, forever...you are my little man. I will look up in the clouds every day and think of you, knowing you are having a wonderful time in Heaven, looking down on mommy. Waiting for the day we will be together forever. Mommy will miss you so much, my handsome boy...


Sienna, 07/09/98-09/08/98

Darling Sienna,

I know that Hootie is with you, showing you around.. you were so special to me, and I wish I could have been there more for you. We tried all we could to save you, but you just didn't make it.

I loved you so much and so did everyone at Pets, Inc.. I hope to see you again my special baby..


Sierra, 11/21/91-12/09/98

A part of me died with my best friend today. Although I know the pain will subside, the sudden loss of my "Pookie Bear" brings a sadness that reaches the very depth of my soul. Sierra, I know you know you will always be loved and cherished and I thank you for the joy, love, and happiness you brought to my life. I miss you and I love you.

Perdita & David

Sierra, 1985-11/02/98

Although you've only been gone a short while, know that we love and miss you. You'll be in our hearts - always.

Christa & Carter

Sierra, 03/14/97-06/02/98

Life will never be the same without you, Sierra. My heart is empty and my house is quiet. I'll miss you forever...


Sierra, 4/13/93-3/4/98

Dear Sierra,

I picked your ashes up at the vet's today. Dr. Karen made sure that they were put in a beautiful handmade wooden box for me. She knows how much I miss you and how her kindness has helped me through this. I think the thing that has helped me the most was seeing how peaceful you looked after you had the injection. I knew then that you I had done the right thing by you and had ended your suffering. I know that you are always with me in my heart and I know we will be together again.
I promise that I will continue to educate people about being responsible dog owners. You were such a glowing example of what proper care and respect can achieve. I will miss bringing you to the dog shows and local pet stores where we would set up our table and show them all that Rottweilers are wonderful, loving creatures when they live with the right family. I know the local kids will miss seeing you on fire safety days. They always got such a kick out of how you knew how to "Stop, Drop and Roll", crawl out of a burning building and touch a door to see if it is hot. Somehow it just won't be the same when your firefighter daddy has to be the one to demonstrate those lifesaving skills. You were a true hero to those kids. I met so many interesting people through you. Some that have profoundly changed my life. Deb in particular has been a great shoulder to cry on. She's the woman who was speaking at the Rottweiler Club open house the first day we went and you howled through her entire talk.
I guess you were just trying to tell me that you thought she would make a good friend and you were right. You have taught me many things my dear. Too many for me to count. I thank you for that. I know that one day I will allow another canine into my life and I will put all of those lessons to good use. I know that the only reason I am hurting so much now is because of just how good it was to have you in my life. Thank you for everything my sweet. You will be the first one I look for when I get to rainbow bridge.
All my love,
"The Mama"

Sierre, 02/13/97-06/12/98

I will miss you licking my nose to wake me up every morning... you were my most precious little girl, and I will never forget you.
Thank you for being so sweet and loving... be happy.


Silkie, 5/30/87-6/14/93

My beautiful, sweet Silkie, child of my heart, every moment with you was special. You filled my life with love and light. It has been five years since you left this life, and I miss you as much as I did then. My little soul-mate, thank you for sharing your life with me. I love you, Silkie.

Rebecca Dennett

"Remember me with joy and laughter,
For that's how I'll remember you all.
If you only remember me with tears,
Then don't remember me at all."

-Robert Burns"

Silkwood, 08/19/98

We will miss your loving mews and little chirps. You are dearly loved and will never be forgotten.

The Croll-Reid Family

Sillie Boi, 08/26/92-12/10/96

I miss you Sillie, you are in my heart and my soul.
Please be safe and warm as you have made my heart.
All our love,...


Silly Sally, 05/96-04/13/98

No longer do you need to wait for your food our silly girl! You have an infinite supply to your pellets now! We know you are doing your special acrobatics to show off to your bunny pals up there....trying to make the girls jealous like you did with BunBun and teasing the boys like you did with Schnookums and Whiskers. I bet you are stretching out in front of your "poopie" box listening to jazz music also, ha?! Mommy and Daddy will miss your precious sweet spirit so much. You will always be our original "silly" girl. You are the prettiest and silliest bunny ever. Go on and bounce girl, We love you always and forever. When we meet again, all you have to do is give us a big grunt and we will know you are waiting for us. Until we shall meet again pretty girl=)BE GOOD and NICE SILLY GIRL=)

Melissa and Steve

Silver, 10/03/98

My Dear Sweetheart Silver, Mommy and Daddy did the best they could to make you better but your eyes told us that you needed to leave us to go to a place where you would feel better again.
We Love you very much and you will always be in our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy.

Silver, 04/22/86-03/16/98

Silver was a very special part of our family and we miss her very much. Her two canine brothers, Taylor and Austin, and two feline brothers, Scrounge and Rusty really miss her too. She was the girl of the family.....

Bruce and Katie Rose

Silveracres Benchmark, 02/18/98

Benny was a special boy -- loved by everybody around. he carefully raised the youngsters in the household, and was a loving companion to the adults. He will be missed by friends across the nation.

Mike and Ann Campa

Silverado, 07/08/88-11/02/98

Silverado taught us how to love and care for one another in that special way that dog's can do. We will miss him terribly, but we know that we will be reunited one day.  
Thank you for 10 wonderful years.

Michael and Bill


It is difficult to write this as I listen to the theme from "Lion King." Simba was a year and a half. I found him in the back yard trying to crawl through the snow. Simba was named from the movie because of his relentless determination and stubbornness. I was thrilled at finally moving into a home. Simba managed to sneak out when the door opened. About an hour later I saw him trying to maneuver on the picket fence. He fell into the next door's yard where two dogs flung him like a stuffed animal. I couldn't get to Simmy in time. He died at the vet's an hour later. You were my buddy Sim. I am so sorry.

Simba, 05/09/96-07/19/98

I want to give Simba a tribute to show him how much I loved him and how much he will be missed. I will love and think of you forever and I will see you again when I come join you. You made the two years that you were with me so happy. To me you are a one of kind and always will be. I love you Simba and miss you terribly. Be safe and please watch over me.

Love- Your Mom.

Simba, 01/02/97

A special rescue-she had been shifted from place to place and abused-she came to us scared and mistrustful-her age unknown. But with love and understanding she became a part of the family and gave us 8 good years of love and devotion. She was always there with big brown eyes and a soft chin to rest on your knee and make you feel better. She is missed greatly-she was my constant companion-my being ill she cheered me up--my heart still aches and the tears still flow at thoughts of "Simmy"

Jim W

Simba Scott, 12/23/90-06/10/98

Simba was a protector, companion, and most of all he made his little girl extremely happy. We miss you Simba!

Dick, Susan, Kristal

Simon, 11/01/98

Simon was the first cat I've ever had, and what a sweetheart he was! He suffered from kidney disease but never complained when he had a needle stuck in him daily to receive his fluids.  
There's much, much more I could say about him, but now he's in heaven with my father and mother to take care of him.  
I love you Simon and will see you when we're all together again.

Simon, 7/13/88-8/25/98

We will always love our beautiful Simon boy,  
he was our delight, our comfort and joy.  
He taught us about love and inspired us to create Art.  
He was magickal and a familiar to me in my dark night of the soul. I know there were guardian angels to help him cross over. He will remain beloved and ever alive deep in our hearts.  
Please include him in your prayers,  
the lovable personality man.

You can see photos of him at his page: http://www.madkats.com/simon.html.

All our love always, Annie, Erin & Goya

Simon, 04/96-07/09/98

Dear Simon:
The two years you were with me were the happiest years of my life. Thank you for the joy you gave me. I love you baby cat. I will always love you. We'll be together again sweet cat. I'll see you in heaven.


Simon, 11/27/79-7/16/93

Simon, you were my first and will always hold a special place in my heart. You worked with us to teach us the rules of cat owning and loving and loved me enough to sit with me, kneading and meowing, during some of the most difficult days in my life. I love you for always being there to listen and love, unconditionally, when I needed it most and felt so unloved. I love you always.......Sandy

Simon, 3/11/97

Simon --my first baby.. After a long hard battle with kidney failure we had to let him go. He left while I held him and stroked him, and dad made sure it was painless with candles all around to see his path to his new home. He is in heaven over the bridge for he was a true angel with whiskers.. Will be missed all the days of our lives....Simon babys mom and dad


Simon, 4/3/89-10/23/96

To My Darling Simon

I felt I needed to write you another tribute because when I wrote the first one all those months ago I was so very sad and I didn't focus on the love we shared. I wouldn't trade knowing you for anything in the world. You taught me so many lessons about life and unconditional love. Because of you I am a better person and mother. I had never had a relationship with an animal before you and I never understood people's love for their animals before you. You were so special, so loved. Everyone misses you still but you will be happy to know your girls are fine now. I have taken a little longer to begin to heal but at last I am progressing. Thank you for your love and for spending your life with me. One day we will be together again my boy. I love you. Forever.


Sinbad, 07/26/83-11/23/97

Our best friend

Lynn and David Kobin

Sindy, 12/87-08/21/98

My dear little Sindy, It's only been a few days and I already miss you so much. I woke up so excited, you were coming home. When I got the call from the doctor , that your little heart gave out ,I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You'll be missed, you'll always be in my heart .You changed my life my little Sissy Girl! . Love Anni

Singing Jim, 04/92-06/25/98

I would like for everyone who lights a candle on Monday, please light a candle for Jim. He was a grade A racer and was retired. He was adopted out from our adoption agency and returned back with cancer. Three vets said he would not live more than two months, but he lived almost three. He raced his heart and soul out completely and then died of cancer. Please light a candle in the honor of Jim and all of the racers still caged and muzzled that have to run for a living. Jim is free now to run and romp whenever he wants. He is with the Lord and sitting pretty. I will miss my Jim so badly. I invite everyone to visit Jim @ http://www.mylink.net/~petadopt. Click on enter and go the bottom of the page and click on his banner.
Thank you for allowing me to write.
With love to all animal loving people on earth. God Bless you all!!

Jackie Brantley

Sir Albert, 1987-06/22/98

You gave us everything a best friend had to give and more...
Our hearts are sad and we cry for you, not because you are finally at peace, but because we will miss you so very much.

================== ===================
We love you and you will always be in mom and dads' heart.............forever and ever.............

Mom and Dad.....Cyndie and Ed

Sir Benjamin Backbite, 07/09/98

He loved me to the last.


Sir Bucanan of Presteick a.k.a. Butch, 05/31/84-09/02/98

This tribute is to Butch... My baby, my love, my life. I miss you more with each passing day.


Sir Chaps Huxley, 11/14/89-5/17/98

We lost our little Yorkie due to kidney failure. He will always be in our hearts. He was a very special, lovable pet who we enjoyed for 8 years and 5 months. He will be missed by our family. He was born in Texas and barked with a "y'all". He sired 6 Yorkies, 1 male and 5 females. We loved him so.

Joe and Joanne Gravitt

My dear little Huxley: It's been a month since we lost you. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. What a special little friend you were. You were so sick that Sunday I wished I could have done more for you but your little kidneys were giving out. Fergie misses you a lot. She walks around the house looking for you. I found your little chew bone under the couch a couple of nights ago...that brought tears again. You are very missed by us and I hope you are very happy now that you have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I know we will see each other again. Again, goodbye, Hux.

Joanne and Joe Gravitt

Sir Dandy Silver Whiskers, 08/25/85-03/13/98

Whiskers will always be the BEST dog in my eyes. He will live in my heart, mind, and soul until we are reunited. He was my first True Love. I love you Whiskers! And I miss you dearly.

Tanya Fancher

Sir Henry, 01/19/98

For Henry..who's loyal and loving ways will live forever in my heart. You were my only friend in the worst of times and my truest friend always. I will miss you deeply.

Sandi Righter

Sir Jacob of Joppa, 06/94-12/25/97

To the best friend we ever had. Your short stay here with us was tiresome work for one so young. With your tail always waging and your gently soul you became a vital part of our family. You were taken from us too soon and are greatly missed. There will forever be a part of our hearts that belongs to our Jake.

Rose M. Brown

Sir Lancelot, 03/23/98

He gave so much love and ask for so very little. Part of our hearts is gone with him.

Gerri Scholtterback

Sirrom, 08/16/80-12/01/95

Dear Sirrom,

You were a very special part of our lives
For over 15 years, truly unique, and
Brought us many days of happiness.

Although you have gone from our house,
You will ALWAYS have a home
In our hearts.

We'll never forget you, Sirrom
You gave us so much and asked for so little.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sisco, 02/22/84-11/25/98

Sisco was born 02/22/84 He left his body 11/25/98. He is a Border Collie mix and was the most perfect beast that ever walked this earth. He was the most noble person I ever knew. I say person because he was far more a person than most people I know. He was so full of love for everyone that came near him. He had a tail wag for all. Even that last night when he had a stroke, when my friend entered my apartment he still wagged that tail to let us know that he was still full of love right to the end. He accepted his illness (lymphoma and old age) with complete dignity. He was a very noble fellow right till the end and I will never forget his courage and loyalty. I miss him so very much but I deeply thank him for 15 years of total joy. He made the world a happier place for all who knew him. Thank you my beautiful Sisco!

Sissy, 03/01/90-05/13/98

To Sissy,
My second best girl. I miss and love you always.

Gail Shoemaker

Sister, Spring of 1996-8/24/98

Sister was a snowflake in my hand. So beautiful and gentle.  
Her brother, Batian, will miss her so. They were stray cats I feed since they were kittens. I decided to take Batian in because he was very friendly. Sister was more shy, and I already had three other cats. But the first evening I took Batian in, Sister and him would meet at the screen door, meowing to each other that they wanted to be together.  
I had hoped they would be together forever. Now that isn't possible. I was lucky to know Sister for two years. She lived in my house just over a year, but she will live on in my heart forever.

Kerri LaShelle

Sita, 2/17/98

This was one of the gentlest souls -- the one everyone wanted to take home with them -- The one who curled up in everyone's arms, nuzzled their ear, and laid her head on their shoulders. I'm sorry you didn't leave us as gently as you loved us. But your "Cat Fancy friends" are helping to get the word out so that others might be assured of a gentle exit. I know that God Blesses and Keeps you. Know that, as always, you have our hearts. Maybe that's how we'll find each other again - we'll reconnect with the missing bits...

When we pick up your ashes next week, we'll send them to your fried Judy (who would have taken you if anything had happened to us). She'll scatter your ashes in the Pacific with prayer and with love and with the gentleness that I wanted to have offered you at the end.


Skee, 12/6/98

Skee, I love you and I'd do anything to have you back. For my entire adult life, you've been my best friend. No one else has even come close. You've been beside me through my good times, and sat with my while I've been sick. You've always given me unconditional love and I'll never have a friend quite like you. I'll never forget the way you watched me every morning, patiently, while I took my shower. Or the way you always answered me with a friendly ""meow"" whenever I spoke to you. I'll never forget the way you'd ""fetch"" a drinking straw, just as good as any dog, and wrestle with me and try to grab my hand. I'll never forget the way you'd nudge me with your head every evening, so that I'd make room for you next to me on the couch. Be assured, my friend, that you've been the best friend I've ever had, and I'll be there to meet you some day. Just wait for me.
I love you.


Skeena, 09/07/89-05/18/98

Skeena was a beautiful little Border Collie with soft brown eyes. Everyday before I left for work she came to have me put "dog- kissed"on her head. Thank you for all the love and joy you brought into my soul.
Always loving you,



Skeeter you were a beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppy that we got at the Pet Shop. Our Vet said that you were in perfect health. Three years later you suffered a massive coronary and went blind. We had no choice but to let you go to the bridge. We miss you and so does your friend Soco and your Siamese cat, Rascal.

Skeeter, 7/1/79-9/18/98

Skeeter accompanied me through more than 19 years of life's up and downs. Beloved by everyone who was lucky enough to know her, she joined every gathering, every party, every conversation to warm laps and receive petting. A grand huntress in her youth and a remarkable tree climber, she only lost interest in the world in her final months. She was bossy, loving, beautifully pink and white with calico patches and a ring tail. She was curious, smart, possessed of a sweet voice, and a lady. She was my constant companion.

The tears I have shed stop when I picture her coming to the Rainbow Bridge and being greeted by her dogs Molly and Midnight, who got there ahead of her. What a reunion they must have had last Friday, and how happy I feel when I think of all the pairs of eyes that will turn my way in delight when I arrive.

I will always love you, little sweetness and light, my perfect kitty.


Skeeter, 4/7/98

He was a real buddy and the best friend a person could ever have.

Ed Oliver

Skeeter, 07/01/84-10/23/93

We love and miss you gentle giant

Belinda and Mike

Skeeva, 03/18/80-09/15/98

I would like to pay a tribute to Skeeva, even though she was a Chow she did not meet the reputation of one. She was a breed in herself. A very loyal and loving member of our family. She will be missed till the day we die, with hopes of joining her.

Jean Johnson

Skip, 06/10/78-11/24/90

Skip was the most beautiful and caring cat a person could have.
He depended on us so much and we will never forget his love and friendship.

Walter and Sheryl Dupont

Skipper The Airedale, 1/1/83-7/29/98

I must tell you that yesterday Skipper was put to sleep because Tom had to end Skip's suffering.
Skipper was Tom's first & only dog he ever owned, and they were inseparable companions. My Schipperke, AWOL was just 3 days older than Skipper, and I put AWOL to sleep 6/24/98.
What a heartbreaking experience this is...

Skippy, 04/22/86-06/04/98

Our best friend and constant companion. You are so loved and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I look at the place where you used to sleep and it is so empty. My heart is breaking now.

Love, Your Family


Skippy, 5/15/98

        In Memory of Skippy

We will always remember you Skippy -

How you would jump up halfway on the back door and hang onto the screen,  
Or peer through the porch door with your face pressing against the door to see us.  
At noontime you would come and sit with Daisey, our other black and white, and beg for your cheese,  
Later during the night you would come to lap our ice cream dish and put your face in it.

You'd bat your beloved dog, Daisey, with a paw in her face when you'd had too much of her affection yet you'd also rub up against her for attention,  
One time you'd spit at Peri and another you'd climb up on his bed when he was there,  
You'd steal Petey's food but you'd let him wash your face.

You'd either look out your bedroom door or from your chair by the window to see anyone passing by,  
And we'd go to see you and up your head would come up looking up for some loving care,  
We would pet you and off and away you'd go purring -  
Soon followed by your tongue sticking out and the toes on your paws would knead up and down because you were so happy,  
And you would often turn your chin upside down and want it rubbed.

But now you were a shadow, of who you once were,  
You could no longer go out and play as you were once able,  
You fought hard against the cancer and tumors, Skippy -  
We understood it was time to let you go,  
When you took your paw and wrapped it around my wrist  
And snuggled your head against my arm.

You told us it was ok to let you go into the Father's arms,  
That you understood you were saying good-bye and that you also loved us.  
We all miss you very much for right now our hearts are grieving.

Yet we take consolation in the fact that now you're swishing through the grass with your tail held high -  
Chasing butterflies to your heart's content and pouncing on flies,  
And again doing all the things you once loved to do and could no more.  
Even though you're no longer with us -  
One day we will see each other again and play together once more.

Lynn M. Hancock
May 17, 1998

Skittles, 7/2/82-12/8/98

Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!

Susan Friday

Skooter, 09/13/83-08/09/98

The most wonderful friend who came into my life and stole my heart, and cradled me with love and devotion throughout our 15 years together.

Crandall Storey

Sky, 12/18/87-9/9/98

Sky's spirit was larger than life itself. Her life force greatly impacted my life for over 10 years and her very existence gave greater meaning to my life. She provided me with immeasurable joy and solace. You can help celebrate her life and cherished memory by please visiting her online memorial:


Carl Talerico

Skye, 06/20/98

To the most wonderful cat in the world. you were Awa's so patient and loving. you taught many things in your to brief life. I know your waiting and someday we will all be together again


Skylar, 06/22/87-03/02/98

I miss you my little buddy. The whole family loved you and you were the best.

Judy Alfano

Smaug, 05/13/98-05/31/98

May he rest now in the desert from whence he was born.:

Oh, Majestic Dragon of peace,
buddhist in nature,
love in captivity,
the noble, and powerful.
now gone....home.

Paul Miller

Smitty, 03/94

Smitty, We were not aware of the rainbow bridge when you left us but we are sure you are there. You came to us as a stray and you adopted us immediately. You didn't have very many years with us but we hope the years you had were happy ones. You were so mischievous and such a devil but how we loved you. I wish we could have been with you that last night but at least we were with you when it was time to go on. Hillary is with you now and we will all be together again. We still miss you.

Andrea and Michael

Smog, 1/21/98

For all born under heaven, in such a vast universe, the greatest gift is granted, a love between two species, that death can not reverse.

Patti Schwanke

Smoke, 03/31/98

Goodbye Smoke  
There wasn't a better cat to walk Gods' earth as you  
I miss you so much  
I loved you so much  
I know your in a place I can only dream of how wonderful  
I thank God for giving me you.  
Rest easy dear boy  
I know we'll be together again one day

Love your best friend,

Smoke Lee, 04/14/98

It has been 2 weeks since I held you in my arms for the last time.  
I miss you so much...You will always be my best friend, I will miss you forever...  
Please know that I think about you every day...I will see you again one day.  
I can't wait to hold you in my arms, feel your cold nose on me, and pet you...I miss those loving brown eyes so much.  
I take comfort in the fact that you are longer suffering, you are free to run and play...see and hear...  
Just like you did when you were young. I love you Smoke..  
Love, Mom

Smokey, 21 Dec 98

I know you are reunited with Joshua and are having a good time playing with each other. My mom was also there to greet you, so the three of you will have some wonderful times while you wait for me.

Your Mama loves you very much, big hugs and kisses!!!

Ed, Thank you for this site.

Carol (Winnie)

Smokey, 11/3/98

Smokey, our little-girl. You are terribly missed by both of us, you little daddy's girl. They say that cats have only 9 lives, God must give ferrets more, but not enough! I know you are in a better place where you can bite and chase every dog you wish and do the ferret dance whenever you want to. We miss you and will light a candle in your memory on Monday night.

Smokey a.k.a. Smoker-Doker, 04/01/93-09/21/98

To our beloved Smokey Dokey Cat -  
We loved you so much Smokes. No more medicine at the Rainbow Bridge. No more feline urinary syndrome. No more depression. No more liver disease. No more restricted diet - all the ham you can eat! Don't let Peaches pick on you - give her and Fiona our love. Your big grumpy gentle spirit and sweet eyes will linger in the kitchen forever - no one else can fill your place at the top of the cat perch.  
It hurts so much to lose you. Till we meet again, BooBoo.  
much love,  
your Mom

Smokey (BUBBA KITTY), 05/06/90-08/19/98

I am so sorry I didn't think a trip to the vet would cause you to cross the bridge. Your heart just couldn't take the car ride, I love you and NEVER thought you would go so soon, Peewee just left Tuesday am and runt last Sunday. My family is leaving me. Smokey I will miss you and always leave a little extra food for you.

Fair well my sweet big BUBBA

Sandy Kuplis and David Page

Smokey, 08/17/98

Smokey, we all love you and miss you. Someday we will all be together again, and you will once more and forever be able to sit on my lap and purr.  
Smokey was my friend Barbara's 'Dream Cat': Barbara dreamed, in 1991, of befriending a grey and white kitten. The next day, she learned that a litter a friend's cat had recently given birth to included a grey and white kitty.  
Smokey came home and immediately began to follow 3-year-old Shadow cat and old Foxy dog around the apartment. He loved a white teddy bear and helium balloons, which he would carry around the house by their ribbons.  
Smokey learned to quit fidgeting and sit on laps that winter. He was a goofy cat with a big heart. The other cats were always grooming him. He never fought, just loved. A Smokey hug was something to be treasured forever. Smokey was diagnosed with diabetes two and one-half years ago. He was regulated until last Thursday, when he had a hyperglycemic episode. I discovered him semi-comatose that afternoon. He spent 4 days in a vet ICU, with liver, kidney, and blood abnormalities.  
Smokey seemed to improve slightly each day, so it was a shock to learn of his death on Monday, August 18, in the evening, two hours after we spent an hour visiting him. Little did we know that we were saying goodbye!  
Smokey, you were a wise fool and a tender lover. You are missed by Donna, Barbara, Rachel, Shadow, Sunny and Mao.

Smokey, 5/90-5/97

Smokey: You showed me SO much love. Mommy, Slinky and I miss you VERY much. I knew from the moment when the pet store owner opened the cage and you jumped to me---that you and I would always share a ""special"" bond. Not a day goes by without special thoughts for you. You will always be with me buddy.

With Love,

Daddy, Mommy and Slinky

Smokey, 09/79-05/19/98

You were my best friend for over 18 years. Always loyal, never judging. Sharing your life made me a better person. Letting go wasn't easy, but it was time. You take with you a part of my heart...until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Smokey, 1990-05/07/98

Smokey was the bravest bunny who ever lived. He entered our lives and stole our hearts in April, 1994 at the age of four. He was my first true "rescue", and gave us great joy as we watched him "come out of his shell" as he was given love and attention.

Smokey was a fighter. He suffered severe malocclusion his entire life. In 1995 he battled a severe ear infection for 9 months. On December 4, 1997 he was diagnosed with a very aggressive and fast-growing oral cancer. After his first surgery, Smokey made it clear to me that he wanted to fight to stay with us. He fought through 4 more surgeries and 4 chemotherapy treatments before the cancer finally won.

Smokey was truly a courageous and inspirational creature. Logically, he should never have survived the 4 years alone in an outdoor hutch before he came to us. Had he not been such a fighter, he would never have beaten such a severe ear infection. And if he did not have such incredible strength, he would not have been able to give us the last 5 wonderful months. Smokey was truly a gift from God. He taught me SO MUCH about love, courage, and unselfish giving. Smokey will always be a part

There is an empty space in our lives and a huge hole in our hearts right now. Smokey, know that you were the light of our lives and that no other bunny has ever been loved more than you. We continue to honor your memory by sharing that love (as we always did) with the 3 other bunnies in our home. I know one day we will all be together again.

Kathy Smith

Smokey, 3/10/85-12/06/97

Simply the best companion and friend we could have ever asked for.


Smokey, 1992-10/01/96

I was so shocked when Mom said you were gone. I always expected Spudrunner to go first, and I wasn't at all ready for you. But we'll be together again, I promise! Love Shannon.

Smokey, 06/15/91-01/04/98

To our beloved Smokey who we love so much sorry to see you go but we know you are over the rainbow playing with other animals and that one day we will be with you again.



Smokey, 12/29/97

My heart is broken, and will ache for you until we can be together again.
Then I will hold you tightly to me once more, and my heart will mend and fly free with the joy of loving you.

You will forever be my best buddy!

Love always,
your Tina

Smokey Joe, 3/20/83-8/30/98

Smokey touched our hearts for 15+ years and blessed us everyday with his tender love.


Smokey Topaz, 10/28/80-04/18/98

My friend for almost 18 years!!!!!

Ann A. Dunetz, CPP

Smudge, 02/14/96-09/05/98

Smudge was the best kitty I have ever known. I loved him so, so much. He was my love and my life. He was always waiting for me when I got home from work each day and he wouldn't leave my side until I left for work the next day. He had so much love in him for me and he counted on me too.

I wish that I could have helped him when it mattered most, when the car came speeding down our street as he was waiting for me to return home. I miss him so much and feel so, so bad for what happened to him. His sister, Tara and our other manx kitty cubbie are very lonely without him. He was one in a million but not everybody thought so....he was so very, very fiesty. Only I knew how much love he had inside his little Black and White, furry body.

Rest in peace my "Mudges", you will never, ever be replaced in my heart or in my life.

Peggy Schrello

Smurnoff, 11/10/81-12/31/97

The beautiful joy of my life for 16 years. There are no words to express the love I have for you or the pain I feel now that you're gone. You will live in my heart forever.
"Mamma loves you best."

Jo Ogden

Snaggletooth, 06/98

Dear Snaggletooth - May you be at peace now, swimming in Heaven's beautiful sea. You brought me so much joy and comfort. I loved watching you glide gracefully, and loved your beautiful, long black tail. I watched you for hours, while forgetting my stressful, hectic day. I thank you for sharing your short time on earth with me. I hope you are happy now, swimming peacefully, and nipping at the algae you loved so much. No one can hurt you now. I love and miss you. Rest in peace, my poor sweet Snaggletooth.

Love always,

Snappy, 07/04/84-10/20/98

Its been 38 days now and I just want to say that we love you Snappy, the most loving thing we've ever known. We will always LOVE you and will one beautiful day, be together again. Because LOVE can never die. It goes on.....

Mark Runyan

Sneaker, 06/30/95-07/25/98

What a wonderful companion you were. You were such a joy to our family. You taught us what cat love was about! It was such a surprise - that you were ill. We miss you deeply and you will always be in our hearts.

The Scott Family

Sneezer, 12/10/98

In tribute of my special friend Sneezer, Fur Daughter of my best friend Barbara.

You have always been a talker, Sneeze, an old maid in disguise. In a past life you were a school-marm, I could see it in your eyes. These past few weeks you tried so hard to heal your fragile state. Your Mom was always close at hand to help you gain some weight. Today you passed your kitty soul into the great beyond. Leaving an empty hole among our hearts now that you're gone.

Always to remember we will love and miss you.
Your friend,

Snick and Jill, 7/95-11/27/97

I still catch myself looking for you to come strolling into the yard. Your brother, Jack, misses you terribly so. I even catch him looking for you too. As each day passed in these past two months, I slowly lost hope of you coming home. I now must face the fact that you will never come home again. I don't know what happened to you and I will always regret not being there for you to the end. I can only look at your pictures and hold tightly to the memories we shared.


Snickers, 12/85-10/26/98

Your timing for entering my life was perfect. I am so very grateful for your many gifts over the years. But your last gifts -- tears and the ability to feel true sadness could only be received by me after you crossed over to the other side. I miss you so much, and I thank you for the last 11 1/2 years of my life.


Snickers, 06/26/91-04/14/97

Snickers was my buddy, confidant, traveling companion and my best friend. When he died, he took with him a piece of me. I now have 2 other Shelties, but they will never replace the friend that I lost. He will always be in my heart. One day, I know that he and I will be reunited.

Sandy McDoniel

Snickers, 10/20/92-10/01/96


You are always in my thoughts and I miss you dearly. You were with me during the hardest times of my life, and it broke my heart when you passed on. You were so young, but so ill, and I know you're in a happier place now. I know that I will see you again some day and you will be in my arms once again.

Love Mommy

Snickers, 10/18/82-02/20/98

We love you so much and dearly miss you!

Mommy and Daddy

Sniffles, 4/11/88-10/25/90

I miss you so much. You were the greatest friend. You always knew how to cheer me up. I loved that you never had to be in a cage. You were free to go where ever you wanted and you respected everything. I miss the walks we went on in the park. Everyone always thought you were a tiny dog, we fooled them. I miss and love you so much. I will be there some day to go over the bridge with all of you so we can be together forever. Love, Mom

Jocelyn Cotter

Snip, 7/13/98

To Snip,
Our special friend who we love and miss very very much. We miss your voice, it is so quite now. Your new friend 'Scamper' also misses you. We love you and will never forget you. Till we meet again our darling.

Your loving Mum & Dad
Helen & Dave xxxxxxxxx

Snoball, 02/14/95-04/10/97

I had this animal for 13 years, through thick and thin. He would get upper respiratory at least four times A year and I would hand feed him chicken soup and help him as much as I could. He was my sunshine and my rain, he loved me unconditionally as I him.  
He would sneeze and he would go to the vet. He had so much love!!!!! I was ill he never left my site, he knew when I was coming home. When he started losing weight I knew something drastic would happen. I have three friends who are three of the finest.  
When it was finally known what he had I cryed like A baby, I still do when I think of him. At night about eleven he would stand in the entrance of the living room and tell me time to go to sleep. I would work on my computer and when he got tired and sensed I was he cryed. He was loving, A disposition of A baby, and my best friend I wish I could get over the grief but I can't.

Gary S. Wilczek

Snooches, 8/21/90-10/26/98

We'll always love you my little angel...your sister Riz misses you very much and will miss chasing the squirrels with you...you are my heart and touched our lives for only a short time but will live in a special place in our hearts forever....take care my love and please be waiting for us at the rainbow bridge....... :( .....mommy will always miss that little pink belly.......

Laura & Anthony and Riz (Rottweiler)

My sweet little love, it's been a few weeks and I miss you so much angel. Your first Christmas away from us, what are we going to do without the "little bean girl" under the tree? I would give anything to have you back...I never got to say goodbye-you left for the bridge so unexpectedly-you woke daddy and I up but by the time we got to you you were gone, Mommy tried to save you but I couldn't and that hurts me so bad and it always will. I know you were tired my love and I am happy you are pain free and new again. You taught daddy and I so much. Daddy misses his baby girl more than you'll ever know. You were IT to him, the sun will always rise and set on his "little bean girl". You are my heart and my love I can't picture our lives if we never would've had you, you were our sunshine and I can't seem to get thru the clouds without you.....Merry Christmas my sweet little angel keep the other doggies company until Daddy and I and Riz meet you there...Stay warm....and save that little pink belly for me.....Forever Missing You, Mommy :(


Snooky, 12/19/98

Our dearest Snooky - we had to send you into God's arms today. It was the hardest thing we had to do, but after 14 years of your undevoted love, it was time for you to enjoy greener pastures. We will never forget you, and your spirited naughtiness will keep putting a smile on our faces. Know how much we love and treasure you, and thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives. Never forget us, and keep the angels company until we reunited again at the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you forever but your spirit will always be with us.

Love your mom and dad.

Snoops, 10/01/84-06/06/98

Snoops, Our Puppy Face, For the past 13 1/2 years you were a very special part of our lives. You were our best friend and protector. There will always be a special place in our hearts for you. I know your brothers Baby Rocky, Muggsy and Tigger were waiting at the bridge for you. We will miss you puppy cakes.

Barbara, Mario, Mario Jr, Dawn and Charon

Snoopy, 10/04/84-06/18/98

We miss our "big boy", whom we had for 13 1/2 years. He has left a big hole in our life, and will always remain in our hearts.

John and Margo Baldrige

Snoopy, 12/20/92-07/09/98

To dearest of all : Snoopy,  
You were a little puppy when you stepped into our lives and lit our hearts with joy. You were the strongest bond that knit the family together. All of us miss you deeply and feel your presence in our hearts with every breath we take. Your exceptionally expressive eyes and your caring and bubbly nature are gonna remind us of you all through our existence. When you stepped out on the street, the children called you a "lion". And truly you were a lion at your heart who fought and 'won' every single battle that came your way.  
You gave us the strength to go on and taught us to love life. We cherished you for five wonderful years, but god wished otherwise and sent his angels to escort you to heaven. It almost feels like you are sitting right next to me.... my little gorgeous baby! We were truly blessed to have you as our faithful companion. We are going to feel the void in our lives and pray to god that you meet us again - you handsome boy!  
May god give you all the love and comfort that you truly deserved.  
We're gonna miss you forever and ever....

Your sis Priyanka, papa, mummy, mama, pati and pummi kaka.

Snoopy, 06/82-12/31/96

Your missed very much Snoopy, Love Niki, Sammy, Sam, Audra and mom MaryAnn

Snow, 03/11/86-03/03/98

Snow was my best friend I feel like a part of me has passed on too. I hope he is at peace now and hope to be with him one day again.


Snowball, 10/09/98

Snowball passed away Oct the 9 /1998 she was only 5,1/2 years old I thought I would have her around for a long time I miss her very much she was my baby girl I still have her brother he missed her a lot he just started to be his self again we both love you Snowball your mum


Snowball, 2/17/94-10/3/98

Snowball, you were so very special to us, coming to comfort us after Yankee. You joined our whirlwind lives, and gave us your love and affection. Our time together was short in all, but you lived well and were loved for every minute of your life. We all miss you terribly. You have brought us a new friend to love, but you know your place in our hearts will be ever filled with you alone.


Snowball, 08/01/74-07/13/98

My Dearest Snowball (Snowy)

You have been my best friend for twenty four years....
I will never forget all the great times we shared. you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you.
Today you have left us and I feel such sadness and pain. I will remember how for twenty four years you gave us unconditional love. You will always be with me forever and I will always love you. You will always remain a part of our family in our hearts.

Love John.

Snowball, 12/29/97

You were my friend for a while. I loved you so much. I know you are in a better place where you could run around with your relatives. I will see you one day and hold you so tight and then we will be together again.

Bruce Forstater

Snowdrop, 11/24/95

Snowdrop was killed by two big dogs, I miss you kitty girl


Snowflake, 04/15/91-05/18/98


Farewell, my friend. Mommie, Buttercup and I miss you dearly. But we know you are well again, and able to run and play to your heart's content. Wait for us at the bridge.

All our love,
Mom, Dad and Buttercup" Brian Walker

Snowy, 12/27/78-09/26/98

I lost my best friend last night at 9:09 p.m. She was my absolute best friend. She died in my arms. The hole that now exists in my heart will never be filled or replaced. She was diagnosed with a lung tumor in her right lung about six months ago. Her health steadily declined since then until she passed away last night.

Snowy was a German Shepard/Samoyed mixed breed. She was loyal, loving and most affectionate. She was a better friend than most of my human friends. She was always there. She was there for me when I was in despair. She was there for me when I was watching television. She was always in the car. She was simply there. That what makes a best friend. That is what makes it so painful to say goodbye.

I remember when we first got her. My mother had Snowy in her fur coat to keep her warm. I remember helping to teach her to climb up and down the stairs. I remember my brother teaching her to bark at cows. I do not know why he wanted her to bark at cows but she dutifully barked at any and all cows she saw. I remember her having fun in the field. Rolling around over and over on the grass and happily playing with one of the neighbourhood dogs. I remember her sleeping next to me when I watched television.

I miss her terribly. She had a wonderful 19 years and 9 months. She was my foundation and she was my friend. I keep looking for her. I remember she got away from my brother early in her life but she immediately made her way home. I hope against hope that I will find her at the front door. I (should) know better. She died in my arms. I heard her last breath. I felt her heart stop. I begged her to hold on but she could not.

I deep down hope she is happy and in peace. In time, I know I will be able to put aside the loss but it hurts too much.

Geoffrey Spencer

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I too lost a best friend at 9:09PM Saturday night.

Loyal she was. She was also strong, intelligent and stubborn ... She was best described lately as the Grand Old Lady.

When I look back I cannot help but be reminded of all the fun we had together. I forgot until I was reminded by my brother's e-mail that I had taught Snowy to bark at cows. It got to the point where I had to spell cow. I also remember her getting away from me only to later find her back at home. I remember the 5KM runs, the two hip operations and how she and REM (our other dog) would wrestle in the backyard. I remember her eating all the sugar out of the sugar bowl and barking in the backyard. I remember her pushing her way through a crowd of people, racing down the stairs and jumping on my bed. I remember her catching a ground hog and me telling her to let it go (which she did). But what is most vivid in my mind is the image of her chasing after squirrels, only never to catch one (thankfully).

It is fitting that after so many wonderful years she would choose to call it an end in our backyard. She loved the backyard and spent many an hour there digging holes and chasing squirrels.

She will certainly be missed. However, I say good-bye with an easy heart knowing that we did all we could for her. She lived to be almost 20 (which is unheard of), had the best veterinary care money could buy, ate better than I do, outlived her mates by many years, had all the love she could possibly want, and never suffered.

What truly stands out in my mind is the kindness and devotion shown to her by my mother and brother. If she survived until now it is thanks to their efforts. She could not have lived a better life.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Rogers of the Alta Vista Animal Hospital for the compassion and professionalism her showed my mother. He is a credit to his profession and a very decent human being. Thanks.

I too lost a best friend at 9:09 Saturday night.

A Proud Son and Brother


Snuffis, 05/10/98

I miss you so much darling. I don't think that anyone could imagine how much I miss you. My heart is crying, and it won't stop cry before I meet you again darling, because it's crying over you Snuffis. I wish that you are feeling well and that you are happy there you are now. I know that you are there and waiting for me, and some day, some day will we meet each other there, and then will my heart stop crying, because I'm together with the one I love then.  
It's one thing that hurts very much, and that is that I never got to say goodbye to you, it would feels much better if I just have got to say goodbye....  
I hope that your trip to the rainbow bridge went alright, and that you are happy there.  
But until we meet each other again, so that I could tell you, I want you to know that I love you of all my heart, now.... and forever.  
So my cute little friend, now I'm saying goodbye to you, but just for a while, because we will meet each other some time again. Just always remember that I love you of all my heart, now.... and forever.

See you! Love/Camilla

Snuggems', 1992-07/10/94

Snuggems' we weren't certain what road we were headed down taking you in. You gave us eight beautiful babies and thought more about your babies and stayed away from them while watching over them while we fed them. We love you Snuggems. We didn't have this page when you left us with such heavy hearts, but now I am hoping you know we still think of you constantly. We still love and miss you so much sweetie and I'm glad God, decided you suffered enough pain as you had. You were in such tremendous pain and we just didn't have the heart to make you suffer anymore. We sent you to a better place as much as it hurt. We love you and miss you baby. Hope you are taking care of the babies God, has asked back and we sadly have let go.

In loving memory,
Brenda and the family

Snuggles, 08/15/98

~Snuggles - sweet fur baby - run once more at the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me.~

Jim, Lois & Len

Snuggles and Barkley, 12/16/84-01/22/98

Snuggles and Barkley were sister and brother - we got them as a 2-for-1 deal, because the lady selling them didn't want them to be separated. They lived their entire lives together, and she became sick with diabetes, and later blind and deaf, but we couldn't bear to separate them. Two weeks before we were to move into our new house, he had a stroke, became totally disoriented and lost most of his sight. We knew it was time for their suffering to end, but our suffering had just begun - I miss them so, but I know that they are in a better place, and no longer suffering-and they are together-always.

Lisa Riley

Sobig, 1/1/83-7/8/98

Sobig was a tremendous addition to my life and many, many other people's lives. She will be missed by many people. Her presence, her personality, and the dedication and love she gave were very visible and strongly felt. I will continue to love her as I continue on with my life. Thank you, Sobig, for being with me. Thank you, God, for Sobig and the life she brought with her.

I love you, Jodie.

Sock, 08/16/93-08/19/98

Run with the wind my friend, run with the wind.

Alisa Craddock


Socks was only nine weeks old when he died. He was the runt of his litter and so very small. He had the cutest little nose and the brightest most sensitive eyes. I remember when he first came up to me and cleaned me for fifteen minutes, then curled up in my arms to fall asleep. I also remember him curled up on my bed so sleepy and he would wake up when you came in and just look at you so you would pick him up. He was a wonderful, beautiful kitten and I loved him. I miss him and wish he hadn't had to go but, I guess someone else needed him more than me in heaven. Goodbye Socks, you were so very sweet and I love you.

Debbie Shuey

Socks, 11/82-1/11/98

Socks loved the snow, jogging, stealing the cat's food. She also loved to sit in our laps, and would bat at any newspapers or books she thought were in her way. She struggled very, very bravely for the last year with diabetes and congestive heart failure. She never complained about her shot every morning. We will miss her more than we can ever express.

Elaine and Russ

Socrates, 05/15/87-12/05/98

A little dog, with a big ego and a bigger heart. We will miss him dearly, but know that he is here, protecting our home and us. I'll miss the way he would bring in the mail, or the newspaper (of course, on sundays he could only bring in one section at a time!); lick my ankles after every shower, sleep on the pillow above my head, bark at the phone whenever it rang, and bark at me when I was on the phone (knowing he'd get a treat to quiet him down). His "one ear up and one ear down" made everyone notice him....his personality made everyone love him....


Sols, spring 1988-10/07/98

The first time he spent the entire night in my room sleeping on my bed with me was the night of the 6th.


Sonia, 10/22/92-10/24/98

Sonia was a kind gentle soul who brought warmth and love where ever she went. She is greatly missed.

Klent Harkness

Sonny, 06/08/86-11/04/98

My precious little Sonny boy, my heart aches from missing you. You gave me 12 wonderful years of so much love! I'll always cherish the happy memories of you. How you snuggled with me and purred your marvelous purr. How you loved your cat tree and catnip toys, and how everyone wanted to play with you. How you came running with your fluffy little tail with its white tip held high in the air. Your beautiful silky red fur and your cute little nose and your precious golden eyes. Sweet Sonny, you'll forever be close to me in my heart where I'll always love and cherish you and all the joy and love you gave me. Dear God, please watch over my beloved little friend until I see him again.

Alice R. Thompson

Sonny, 07/05/89-01/09/98

To Sonny:

You were the light of our life and when you left, the bounce we became used to in the last 8 1/2 years went with you. Girl misses you as much as we do. Protect all those injured animals up there as you protected those here at home. Please understand that we did what we thought was best for you and it broke our hearts when you fell asleep for the last time. I cry all the time and wish you were here to comfort me but that is selfish because you were suffering. Your body failed you but you never failed us, you were a good dog, a best friend, and you are very deeply missed. God be with you always.

Mom and Dad

Sonya, 02/17/98

Our tribute page direct access url is:


~~Rev. L. Dowell


Mr. D.C. and Rev. L. Dowell and The Dowell Family

Sophia, 01/27/86-10/20/98

Sophia was my best friend and was the best dog I have ever had. We went every where together and did every thing together. This was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do but, I could not see her suffer any more. She had a condition called Mega esophagus and had to be feed a certain way and held up right for 20 minutes she was always so easy to get along with as long as I was with her she would do any thing. But Monday night she got really sick and let me know in her way that she wanted to cross the bridge. I loved her so much that my heart is still broken, and the funny thing is that she always made sure that I knew how much she loved me.  
Our time together was short but we were as close as a person and a dog could be. Thank God I had her for the time that I did.

Gayle and Gene Szoka

Sophie, 12/03/97

Our gentle soul from the pound. She gave us tremendous love and companionship. I still cry for you. Until we meet again at the bridge.

A. and W. Muniz

Sophie, 11/15/96 -3/13/98


You were only a baby when you died and I am so, so sorry your life was taken away. Although I am grieving for my loss, I feel worse for you. You were too young, too sweet, and too innocent to die so soon. I'm sorry we didn't recognize the signs and try to save you. I know you had a happy life filled with many different experiences. You have no idea how much you changed my life, bringing me out of a depression and getting me out of bed in the morning. I know you want another doggie to take care of me, but there will never be anyone as special as you. Your heart was bigger than any person I know, and you will remain in our hearts forever. We love you always and we will miss you forever. Love, Mommy and Daddy"

Tom and Linda

Sophie, 07/21/86-03/12/97

The morning my Sophie died was a beautiful one for her to enter the Heaven for dogs. Then almost immediately afterwards, the skies darkened and the rain and snow fell. All the angels in Heaven were mourning the loss of one who was loved so much-- my Sophie. Sophie feels no pain now and isn't suffering or in any discomfort. Sophie's romping through beautiful meadows of green grass, filled with bright, colorful and fragrant wildflowers. She's happy, though I miss her. She was happy on earth ends, our confidants, our psychologists, and to some extent our children. I love you Sophie!

Amy Lucas

Sophie, 12/13/94

She strayed into our yard and stole our hearts.

Chuck and Terri Sinoway

Sophie Marie, 06/05/98

She was a kind little friend,  
Faithful to the end.  
I know she had to go,  
I hope it wasn't painful and slow.  
I wonder,  
Was it me?  
Did I do something wrong,  
She wasn't here for long.  
Then I sit back,  
With tears in my eyes,  
And I realize,  
She was a gift.  
A big gift from God,  
With little feathers,  
And a BIG heart.  
And from my heart,  
Her memory will never part.  
The End

Lee Lane

Souffle', 05/11/81-11/24/98

Missed by Lolita and Daisy toupee'.


Spaaz, 02/85-07/02/98

My dear friend Spaaz, I am so sorry for letting you down. I am still filled with overwhelming grief and guilt. I hope you know that I did what I thought was the best thing for you and even though it killed me, I stayed with you to the end when the vet gave you the shot to stop your suffering. You were my constant companion for so many years that it is unbearable to think about life without you. I miss the way you greeted me at the door with your little meow-you had such a sweet voice. The way you used to chase Buddy and the way he would chase you. You two were such a pair. He misses you also, and he has taken to grooming himself, I guess that now he thinks he is a cat instead of a dog. The nights are still the worse for me. I miss you snuggling up next to me as I sleep. I cry myself to sleep nearly every night. I still cannot bear to think of you without bursting into tears. Please know that I loved you with every ounce of my being and I am so sorry that the time between us ended the way it did. The vision of your lifeless body is forever painfully burned in my memory. Will this hole in my heart every heal? I love you dear girl and miss you more than words can ever say. Forgive me. Cathy

Spanky, 06/04/98-06/21/98

To our beloved Spanky whom we tried with all our hearts to save. We will miss you dearly!


Spanky, 03/24/98

He was soft cuddly, a character,and loved

Matthew Acevedo

Spark, 032187-082198

Spark, the greatest friend that I could have ever had. I didn't know that you would be leaving me so soon, I wish that I had a chance to give you one last hug and kiss. I hope that you have peace in your new home. I shall meet with you again someday. I LOVE YOU


Sparkie, 05/15/91-11/17/98

My handsome boy, I love you-always!
With all our love, your moms, Maureen and Shiloh
Forever in our hearts, until we meet again.

Sparkle, 11/21/87-9/27/98

The essence of Sparkle was her beautiful loving way. She brought much love and happiness to our family. For me, she touched my soul. Even though I can't see her or touch her she will always be part of me. I sorely miss her but, I thank her for sharing in my life and filling it with much brightness. Goodbye, my foosch face. I love you


Sparkler, 07/04/98-11/03/98

You were here only a short time, but you touched our lives so deeply.

Terrye Lambert

Sparky, 1994-11/18/98

He was with us just one year but in that year we had his love and gave him all the love we could. He'll always be in our hearts.

One thing I have learned upon loosing a pet since I also lost one last August 1st (Smokey - Male Cat). I learned that by putting another animal in the house helps to heal the hurt and loss. You don't ever replace or forget the one you've lost but you seem to heal sooner. Sparky came to us last August, 2 weeks after we had to put Smokey down (Kidney Failure). We were happy but in May, I noticed this red place on Sparky in the Groin area. Took him immediately to vet - Had Surgery that night. Lab results were Mass Cell Tumor, grade 2 (aggressive). Second Surgery in July - Again Mass Cell Tumor. Finally went to Oncologist - Sparky started Chemo in August - Another lump grew. Surgery again in September. Removed Spleen, Lymph nodes in groin area. Started Radiation in October - went thru 9 sessions. On November 4th had another growth removed from the head which of course was another Mass Cell Tumor.

On the 9th radiation treatment the Oncologist noticed fluid in the abdomen. She decided to wait until the fluid was gone before doing 10th (last treatment) radiation treatment. Sparky went in on the 16th everything seemed fine. Wednesday his breathing became labored so my daughter took him to Berkeley to see Oncologist. I got there at 4 p.m . saw Sparky and realized that he would not make it thru the night. I told her to go ahead and give him the shot because I didn't want him to die without family around him. That was the hardest thing I had to do. We put several thousands of dollars into this treatment but do not regret it. We wanted to do everything we possibly could to help this little guy. Lost in the end.

Sunday, Nov. 29th, we went to a Jack Russell breeder and purchased a 5 month old male. He's as cute as a bugs ear but we still miss Sparky. Logan is what my father calls "Sparky2".

Sorry for bending your ear but thought maybe this story might help some of the others who have lost a pet.

Janice E. Sigler

Sparky, 08/83-10/31/98

Sparky taught us much about life and love. We are thankful for having the privilege of knowing this wonderful creation from God. We miss him much, having known him for over 15 years. We only wish that all that we did for him in return was commensurate with the joy, love, and fidelity he gave us. If we live another 50 years we will never forget our beloved Sparky Spaniel.

Sadly missed by Steve and Gary

Sparky, 3/4/88-10/6/98

Sparky was a very special friend. We loved him very much and we will meet again in Heaven.

Mike and Leanne McAuliffe

Sparky, 08/04/98

Please think of our beloved cat Sparky, whose loss is breaking our hearts.
We wish he could be back with us. We love him and miss his patient, gentle ways.

Diane Stone

Sparky, 06/10/98

On Wednesday June 10, 1998 our beloved Cairn Sparky passed away at the age of 15 years.  
Sparky was a beautiful golden Cairn, and had a temperment that could equal no one. She was a champion US dog and had many champions herself. One of her offspring is her son named Suny. He misses her sorely. Lacey is a new addition, so is not so much affected.  
Me Christine am the emotional one in the family. Peter my husband favoured her. And Jessy our daughter of course adores her wee Lacey.  
But we all miss her dearly  
Personally, I didn't realize how much it hurts, like the loss of a child.  
The tears come and go and come and go.  
May Sparky find as much peace in Heaven and she did on earth.  
Sparky the beautiful golden Cairn, always happy, always kind.  
May God look after her until we meet again........   

Our love is always with you Sparky WE LOVE YOU AND WILL TREASURE YOU IN OUR HEARTS  

Sparky, 8/87-12/96

Sparky we sure miss you as well as your sister and playmate Tasha, she is so lonely now. We know you had a good life and we know you are at peace now, we think of you every day, all the years of love and loyalty you gave us, the day you crossed the bridge and fell through, yah spark you were a big boy, we had some great times together, will always love yah big guy.

Mommy Carol Smith

Sparky, 1/16/98

Sparky was the worst case of animal abuse in Pima County (Tucson, Ariz.) And we were fortunate enough to adopt him! He was all heart and love, a true gentle creature. He was beautiful in body and in spirit. We loved him, and he loved us. After a courageous battle against mast cell cancer, Sparky died in his sleep in the early morning hours of January 16, 1998, in northeast Florida. We are bereft. It comforts us to think that he's over the Bridge, no longer suffering, but healthy and happy--smiling that big grin of his--romping, digging, barking--even peeing--just doing all those doggie things he so enjoyed. Thanks, Sparky, for coming into our lives!

Clara Waldhari and Carl Halbirt

Sparky, 12/26/97

For the best little friend that a family could have, taken from us so young and suddenly, we love you spark, we miss your barking and tap taping of your nails on the floor... Mike, Patsy and Graheme.

Mike Armour

Sparta, 04/16/84-09/18/98

In loving memory of Sparta born; 4-16-84 died 9-18-98

You were the sweetest Scottie and most loveable. Always there by my side, when I was sick looking up at me with those big brown almond shape eyes. I will never forget our walks together, and the holidays you unwrapping your presents. The fun we had. I feel lost without you, the tears still flow down my face, I feel empty. And on your last day when you could not eat or walk anymore I was there with Andrea when you fell into your deep sleep looking up at us. God has you now, may you rest in peace, knowing I will and promise to meet you on the other side of rainbow bridge I love you Sparta and always will Sharon.....XXXXXXXOOOOOOO


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sparta there wasn't a day in my life that you didn't make me happy. You were always there for me and pulled me through some rough times. I just want you to know how much you were loved and I will never forget you and the good times we had together. I feel empty without you. I will always think of you and hope you will watch over me. And hope to see you again someday with love always


Spats, 02/25/98

I will always treasure my time with Spats. She was my best friend when I was single and lonely. She made me smile and kept me going even when I was at my lowest ebb.

Just a few anecdotes. She wasn't exactly a lap cat. She loved me (you can tell these things), but she just never sat on my lap. The first time though that my husband came over to visit me, he sat down on my couch, and Spats just hopped into his lap as though he had always been there. She knew before I did that he was my soulmate.

She was a real food slut. Up until just a few weeks ago, she could steal a hamburger right out of my 7-year-old daughter's hands while she was watching tv and my daughter wouldn't even notice. That's how sneaky Spats could be. She adored chicken and would get so enthusiastic about it that she would forget what was your finger and what was the chicken. And that's my picture of her -- with her kitty wings and snapping pieces of chicken out of God's hand.

I love you Spats and will always save a piece of my heart and memory for you. I'm so glad you picked me to own. All of my love forever.

Joanne Voisin

Spaz, 06/97-06/15/98

For such a little guy, you took up a lot of room in our hearts.
We Miss You so much.

Debbie and Patrick

Spaz, 01/15/98

Spaz was the most loyal dog I have ever known: mine or anyone else's. Spaz grew up with Mechelle' and I on a farm and was a natural herder for the cattle and horses from the day I got her at about 5 weeks old. She loved to ride in open trucks and a little Cushman truck. All you had to say was "truck" and she'd run to the nearest truck and jump in, ready to go. She'd bark with delight all the way to your destination and no matter how hard you yelled at her to shut up, she'd keep barking. This dog would follow me around, so close on my heels that she was constantly in the way or in danger of being stepped on. Whenever I would laydown to take a nap or go to sleep, she would run into the bedroom with me, excited to take a nap. She would always lay at my feet next to the bed, until I got up; she would not get up or leave the foot of the bed until I did. We used to joke that if I died before she did, that she'd lay at my grave and never leave because I never got up.

Spaz was a great dog and a loyal friend and I'll always remember her.
I hope she went to a better place and can be free to bark and aggravate at her pleasure!

Joe and Mechelle

Spazz, 04/01/72-08/24/81

My dearest Spazz mom loves and misses you.
Happy Thanksgiving. XOXOXOXO


Special, 1994-1/24/98

It has been a month since you have past.
Purring and playing, that you did.
Soft meows and sweet brown eyes
touched my heart all the while.
I miss you sweet dear cat.
My heart is empty and my arms do ache
to hold you once more.
With every passing moment, it seems unreal.
No more greetings at the door,
No more mouses will you catch,
or romances with the lady cats.
No more games will you play,
playing catch with my toes.
The tears are gone, the sadness remains,
Dad made the decision to put you away,
Mom stayed with you until the end.
You gave a good fight,
Amazing the doctor's as you did.
They said you would go fast,
no more pain to endure.
We will grieve forever more.
There's never to be another you.
You were one in a million, that you was.
We laid you to rest in the yard,
Each and every morn, as I pass by,
I stop to think how bless was I,
to have had you in my life.
The memories will carry me throughout
the days until the time we can meet again.
To see those beautiful brown eyes and
feel you at my feet.
The nights are lonely, I can still feel you
near me, singing, and purring that you did.
Throughout the night I have visions of the time you were
so near, to wake in the morn to find out
it was only a dream.
You are in a place now, where there is
no pain or sickness, only green grass and
fields to play in all the day while.
You are absent from my life,
but present in my heart.You will be missed
forever more, MY DEAR AND SPECIAL CAT.

Amy Garriott

Speck, 10/09/97-11/15/97

A sad, sad day. We all miss you Little Speck.


Specs (Spectacles), 09/23/98

Thank You, Specs

   - for coming with us on Cat Walk, always

   - for your special meow demanding milk (mi--i-i-l-l-k)

   - and all those other times you made us laugh

   - for being a cuddly lap cat just at dinner time

   - for sharing the joy of your life with us

We love you and miss you, our 'Gentleman' cat.

Betsy Ley and Ed Williams

Specky Yummer Puppy, 03/70-08/86

What a sweetheart. Gentle, adoring and so loving. Never was a problem. Always such a joy. She will always be with me close to my heart.

Cissy 1811

Spencer P. Puppy, 10/14/86-04/16/98

Spencer was given to me when I was sick in the hospital. He was always there for me when I was sick, and when I was well.

He was my best friend and I loved him a lot.

We miss you Spencer.

Jeremy S. Pepper

Spike, 06/98

Mr. Boo, star of stage and screen, we still love you. You were and always will be a sweet boy. You're in our hearts still.

The Temkos

Spike, 01/10/98

The brightest flame .... and HOW he shone, but how soon his light was gone.


Dreams (by Terri Onorato)

Please don't think you are alone
because I've left your sight,
for I proudly sit atop a cloud
and visit you each night.
The angel paws upon your skin,
and the nudge within your palm  
are really me inside your dreams,  
the quiet hours before dawn.  
Please know I'm waiting for you,  
but until your time arrives  
I'll be the touch and comfort  
in the dreams that fill your mind.

Copyright (c) Terri Onorato. All rights reserved.
Not for reprint without author's expressed written consent.

Spike, 09/91-08/23/98

Spike loved people and playing.

He would chase his toys around the house, then stop and look up at you with his beautiful green eyes, as if to ask "did you see me?"

He was always in the room where we were, always ready to purr if you came near or spoke his name.

We will truly miss this wonderful cat.

Jean and Richard Wagoner

Spike (aka Stray Kitty), 07/24/98

Spike, aka Stray Kitty, showed up in our neighborhood about a year ago. He stayed until yesterday, moving on to the Bridge at that time. He was very thin and very anti-social, but all of the neighbors in my cul-de-sac fed him what we could. He got healthy again. I think we all knew he was dying when he started to rapidly get thin again. And then, for the last 4 or 5 days, he got very friendly with people and pets -- a complete change for him. I think he knew he was going away. The afternoon before he died I was able to lay on the concrete of my driveway and talk with him for almost half an hour. I am so glad we had that final time. When I went out to get the newspaper in the morning, he was dead, but his little thin body was still warm, he looked like he was sleeping.

I guess the tribute to Spike, aka Stray Kitty, is that even tho he couldn't get close to anyone until the end, he was a cat who belonged to the neighborhood. He was like a little transient, a little cat who had had some sort of tough life, but he took what little he needed from us. The whole neighbor- hood is saddened at his passing, but we are so grateful that he let us be closer to him in his final days. We all loved his little spirit, even tho it was clear that he was deeply troubled by something in his life. And I am grateful that I had some special time with his little spirit prior to his passing. This is really a tribute to all of the troubled stray kitties out there -- they are all God's creatures, each and every one of them.

Anne M. Whatley

Spike, 10/19/81-12/31/97

Spikey was my best friend for 16 years. I count myself most blessed for having shared my life with him. He slept with his head next to mine on my pillow and I loved him so deeply. I know he's in heaven because the Bible says in Revelation 21:4 that there will be no more death, mourning or crying or pain in heaven. If Spike were not in heaven, I could not be happy and I would have pain and would cry. So he must be there. I will cherish our memories always and look forward to seeing him again.

Amy Hansen

Spoke, 06/91-11/09/98

Spoke was our best friend! She was the most gentle, smart and fun-loving dog. She never met a stranger and there wasn't a person that didn't love her. She will be greatly missed! We are thankful for the wonderful 7 years we had with her! We are also thankful that she was able to live a year after being diagnosed with cancer in her nasal cavity.

Max, Diana, Renee, Chad, Tami, Amber & Angie Coltrane

Sponge, 05/20/98

Earning your trust was a slow process but it was worth it, Sponge. I knew you were unlike the other strays in the neighborhood because you were so scared and had no confidence but you sure knew what a food bowl was. Two years was not a long time but I sure loved you. I am going to miss our routines, your bombardment of affection and my little greeter at the beginning and ending of my day.


Spooky, 05/04/98

Beloved gentle friend of Jo and Sam, sweet and loving boy.

Sport, 03/08/89-11/27/98

I thank this little guy for adding so much to my life. We should all love so unconditionally. I will hold you in my heart forever.



Spot, years ago when I found out you were given to a good home, I was shocked. I was told you ran away. Oh how my heart was breaking, and I couldn't understand why you would run way. You found me, and took me under your loving care, then to leave just like that. But now I know the real story. That heartless person took you to the vet to be put down. For what my friend, I do not know. Probably because you loved me. I know someday you and I will be together, along with Pepper, Holly and Andy. I still have Andy. As old as he is, he is my loving son and my only living link to you. I just wanted you to know that you are forever in my heart and to this day, I miss you.

All my love.....Sue

Spot, 07/04/94-03/07/98

To Spot:
The best Piggy any kid could ever have!
I will always miss you!
You are my best friend!
Love always
Ray and Mom

Spotty, Ridge, Seaweed, Laddy, 08/29/98

I didn't know that it could drown my fish all my fish swam into the breeding area and they had gotten tangled by the brush I felt so sorry for them because they died unexpectedly and I wish that they could of been bigger fish to survive the tangle. I am so sad about it only because I have been trying to breed fish and of course as you read I failed but I will try again.


Spotty, 4/94

Spotty was just an ordinary kind of guy found stuck in a tree when he was about a year old. No one wanted him, except us.
He stuck with us until my dad let him out accidentally and then disappeared. I still miss you, Spot.

Zoe Johnson

Spotty Shao Mao, 07/15/83-8/10/97

Spotty, you were a special cat in so many ways. You made me laugh with the things you did and the way you did them.
I can still see you carrying your stuffed skunk to your food bowl, meowing all the way to let me know you were there. I can't believe that you have been gone from this earth for 4 years, your spirit remains with us here. I remember the day you came home from the shelter with me. I signed the adoption contract and you officially became "my" cat or I became your person is more like it. You are definitely the best $10.67 I ever spent.

You are gone from my sight now but you will never be gone from my heart. You have your brother with you at Rainbow Bridge and some day the rest of us will join you.

I will never forget you Spotty, you are always in my heart.

Love from your family,
Brothers Purr, Sooty and Daffodil, Sister Shimi and Mom Barbara

Your lights reflected now
Reflected from afar
We were but stones
Your light made us stars.

From Light Years by E. Vedder

Sprite, 07/14/98

Sprite, I loved you from the moment I saw you in that garage all the way back in 1980. You and I shared so many special times! How I loved the cinnamony smell of the top of your head and the rusty purr that made your entire body vibrate. You were there for me through thick and thin, always ready to comfort me. You stayed with Mom when she fell in the bathroom, guarding her like a sphinx until Dad came home. Thank you for comforting her. Your beautiful gray and white fur soaked up the thousands of tears I shed after Mom died last year. My sweetest boy-boy, I will take your ashes and scatter them around Mom's grave. I know you crossed over the bridge and she was waiting for you. How happy she must have been to see you! I am so grateful that you were there to share my life for 18 years, and that the end came quickly, so you didn't suffer long. Go in peace and know you were the most loved kitty that ever lived. You were like my baby and I will miss you the rest of my life.

your human mom Christi

Spritzer, 12/23/98

Spritzer, the beloved dog of Carol and Al, she had a personality all her own and provided Al and Carol with 13 years of happiness and joy.

Spudrunner, 1989-02/25/97

I hope your life was happy. I love you, and we'll all be together again someday. Love Shannon.

Spuds, 10/30/98

Spudsy you were the sweetest little girl in the world. Mommy loves you very much. I remember the day I brought you home. You were so little but you had the heart of a giant. You were my light my joy and my and my heart. You were so smart and so loving. Whenever I was sad you always tried to cheer me up if I was hurting you stayed by me. You will be forever in my heart and my memories. I'll always treasure the special times we had like our Easter treat hunt, wrapping and hiding your Christmas presents. You always seemed to find everything. You were my always my strength and it made mommy very sad to loose you you were so full of life and love but this last week was to much for you. I know you tried hard to fight but it was to much for you there was to much pain. I know you know that mommy was there with you to the end. Baby girl I know that you are in a better place now and that there is no more pain, no more sickness. You can run and jump and play. I hope now you know why mommy couldn't play frisbee or fetch with you anymore. When you look down from rainbow bridge and see mommy crying don't be sad.  
It will take a little while for mommy to heal but It's ok because mommy has friends who are going to help her be strong. You only got to meet one of them but you know them now so you know mommy will be ok.  
Bubba is trying hard to fill your paws but he misses his sister too. I love Spudsy you are my special angel. I will see you again on rainbow bridge and we will never be separated again. Till then be brave and remember I love you now and always

Love you Mommy and Bubba

Spuds, 11/21/86-7/9/98

Spuds was my loyal companion for twelve years. She was a very special dog. Loving and smart and funny. It was an honor to have her with me.
I will miss her the rest of my life.
She must have gone directly to heaven for there was no meanness in her only love.
Good-bye my sweet baby. I hope I will see you again.
Your Mom

Colleen Mijokovic

Spunky and Mikey, 7/24/97-05/14/98

Your headed to a place with no pain guys. Your better off in the long run, for your guys not for me. There must be a reason God, chose you guys. I will remember you guys always and will always miss you. Spunky your mom is headed your way. Mikey you have a new brother. I love you guys and always will. Missin' and lovin' you forever.


Sputnik, 9/10/98

Sputnik was our wonderful son. He traveled with us in the car to Cambria Ca., Palm Desert, and Lake Arrowhead. He loved to go places and would purr all the time. He was born in NYC in my apt. My husband held him only 2 hrs. after he was born. He had a white ring around his tail, hence the name Sputnik. He is buried in our backyard with pictures of us, his sister Petula and catnip, incense, and a piece of my clothing. There is a Buddah plaque on his grave and a candle lit the last two nights. We miss him so much, we feel so much pain. He was a wonderful friend.

Kathie & Mark Tindle

Squeaker, 12/19/98

Squeaker is the first guinea pig I ever owned. I never knew it was possible to get so attached to a rodent. But I did.

Squeaker, I know you are safe and in a better place now. I know you are no longer suffering. But I want you to know that I love you very much. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you Baby.

I'm so glad I was able to have you in my arm as the life drained out of you. I know it gave me comfort, and I truly believe you knew I was holding you as you left this world.

A special thanks to Dr. Wilson, for the valiant effort he made to help Squeaker. He never quit researching to find the problem, and he was there until the very end. I am grateful that veterinarians like Dr. Wilson are out there.

I love you Squeaker.

Anne (Mommy)


I'm writing in behalf of my mother. Her cat, my little sister, has finally joined her loving older cousin (Valkyrie) in the Fields. She was cute, curious, and a wonderful friend to me and Val when we left our family (my husband and son ... her son and daughter) in NY on our great move to South Florida. She slept by my head when she wasn't making herself comfortable in Mom's bed. I loved her. I miss her. Mom has created her own collage ... a tribute worthy of kings (or queens). Good dreams, Squeaky. Val has joined you and will protect you. You were the only cat she ever loved!

Squealer, 06/29/97


We miss you so much little girl factory! You are our sweet baby girl. We miss you laying with Shammy and Blackie and all licking each other. We miss how you used to play with your milk tops and meow as if you were saying human words. We love the way you would look out the window and bob your little head around. We always knew you were special needs. You would let mommy hold you like you were a baby. You never even moved. You would just stare at mommy and give her love. Shammy and Blackie send their "miss you's" too. Please watch over Shammy and don't call him to the bridge yet. He is very sick. Help him to get his appetite back. He is only a baby. We love you girl, watch over us. One day we will all be together.


Sharon and Randy

Squeeky, 12/01/98

A cat is a Forever Friend..............


Squeeky, 9/14/98

Squeeky we will always have that one place reserved in our hearts that belongs to you and always will. We miss you terribly our dear little girl.

Barbara and Michael Beverley

Squeeze, 03/11/80-04/16/98

Bless my sweet Squeeze. She gave me 18 wonderful years and memories. I will miss her dearly. Until we meet again Squeeze, you will be with me always. I love you!

Love Always, Mama Deb xoxoxo

Squirrel "B", 7/1/84-5/31/98

My beloved son Squirrel "B"
I cannot believe that you are gone, but deep with inside me your memory lives on. There is not a day, minute, hour or second goes by that I do not think of you. I have cried so many tears, It doesn't seem possible that I could have any more. People say that time will heal, but so far nothing has changed for me the loss is still great, so hard to bear, if I knew it was possible I would be right there. I see your toys, and clothes all over the house, I call your name and ask God Why, Why did he take you? I know your in heaven, and have been restored to new, I just wish God could send you back to me. My days are empty now, I have nothing to do, I spent all of my time just caring for you. I visit your grave several times a day, I know your not there, but I find comfort just being there. I miss you more than ever my son and I will see you soon, please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, and we will enter Heaven together.

Tomie Burris

Squirt, 10/05/98


Annie M

Squirt, 6/30/88-11/04/98

This is a letter I wrote to my best friends in Texas as soon as we got home from having to put our dog to sleep:

Wednesday, November 4, 1998 1:00 pm

Hi guys!

Not a good day. We both had to do something awful today. About the hardest thing either one of us have ever had to do. We had to take Squirt to the vet and have him put asleep. I know you probably don¹t understand how we feel and how very sad we feel. Unless you have an animal for that many years and in your home, no one can really understand how very close they become, just like one of the family. How does a person make such a decision? Who are we to be God? How does a person decide to take the life of a living, breathing thing? even if you believe it¹s the right thing to do? How can a person stand there and watch as you see the life leave your loyal friend as the vet injects the dose? Some people think, "Why are they so sad?" or "Why are they crying? It's just a dog." He was a part of our family, just like a child to us. I tried to distance myself from him as soon as we found out he had diabetes in order for the hurt not to be so bad when the inevitable came, the time we both knew would come when we had to make this horrible decision. And you know what? Distancing myself didn¹t work. It only ended up making me feel guilty for not loving him more and giving him more of my time during the last few months he had left. I could NOT distance myself from the last 10 years of good memories and from the unconditional love he showed me and Byron all these years. It could not distance me from remembering all the cute things he did or how adorable he was the day we brought him home. How smart he was, or how he would look us right in the eye with such love and trust, even the first day we ever saw him when he was just a baby. Maybe you can¹t understand how we feel and why we feel like this but I know that just because you are our friends and love us that you will try and will feel bad that your friends are hurting. Friends are who we turn to when we hurt for comfort and understanding, and I know you both have lots of those things inside of you. Friends can help the hurt go away. Just knowing that they¹re there and that they listen and care. Just writing this to you and knowing you're reading this helps ease my broken heart. I think he knew what was coming today. He acted nervous at the vet. We waited in a larger room with 2 chairs. They gave us extra time before the vet came in. We sat with him and held him in our laps and petted him and loved him up. The vet and a nurse came in soon after. She held his neck while the vet injected him in the front leg. Oh...... his little eyes looked up at us and he looked scared. I can¹t forget that look. We both petted him and held his face and told him it would be okay. He then got sleepy looking, and the vet laid him down on his side. The vet listened to his heart and left the room. Byron and I stood and cried our eyes out and stroked him and held each other. We spent about 20 minutes in the room alone after it was all over, saying good-bye to our friend. "Rest in peace" Byron said. We told him we loved him and turned and walked away. We both knew this day was coming, but how do you prepare for it? Knowing it is going to happen doesn¹t make it any easier. I¹m not even sure this whole thing has totally sunk in yet. Maybe it is going to get harder and hurt even worse before it starts to get better, before I can start healing. We are going to miss him, every night when we now only put one dog to bed, and every morning when we greet only one dog to the start of a new day. Even Mice will miss him. She will be hurting, too. Time heals all wounds. Time, please hurry and help me feel better......

Squirt was just getting worse every day. He wouldn¹t eat hardly a thing anymore and he was getting so skinny. His hair was falling out. He was losing control of his bladder again. It had to be done, but I can't help feeling guilty. I feel like I made God angry at me for making the decision to take the life of one of His creations. Tell me I am wrong to feel like that. Tell me it was the right thing to do. The vet, who we like so much, said we were doing the right thing, which helped a little. I¹ve never lost anyone this close to me before. It¹s so hard. I had called my folks that morning and told them what we were going to do so that they could come over and say a last good-bye to Squirt. They were glad they were home so they could do that. They really liked him, too. So, that was our day. Sorry if I made you sad, but writing for me has always been a way for me to heal when I am hurting or sad. I hope it didn¹t bring you down. Thanks for listening. I am grateful for you and your friendship. I hope you know that.

Well, I think I am going to go somewhere and cry for a while. It always seems to help...... Love you guys! Talk to you later. XOXO


Sriprit In The Skye, 11/02/98

We would like everyone to know that Sriprit was a great mare even though we had her for a short time. Her life was full of happiness and lot of love. Our students and Amy, and me miss her very much and loved her a lot. She will always be the one horse that could not proved to the world her greatness but she did in our harts. Sriprit's illness with cancer was a hard battle that in the end we all lost. Thank-you all for your support and kindness.

Jeanne-Marie and Amy

Sriprit's Hope, 11/13/98

Dear friend Sriprit's hope may you now rest in peace with your young daughter Sriprit in the sky. You gave me and Amy lots of love just like your daughter and though you are both gone you will always be remembered as kind and loving friends. You took me and Amy plus some of our students to many shows and we thank-you for that. Now you are free of pain and suffering. I know our friend is waiting with your daughter to welcome you home. So good-bye my friend and wait for us .

Jeanne-Marie And Amy

St. Nicholas Claus, 07/25/85-08/03/98

Claus was a very special part of our family. He was my husbands very best hunting companion. He was a great family dog. He was a buddy to his K9 buddy, Popcorn, who is still walking around the house daily trying to find him.

Debbie Gervais

Stacia Bear, 07/06/89-11/04/98

Truest friend, trusted confidante, fierce protector, guardian. My sad heart aches for my pretty black woofie, a rare "black woobus" more precious than gold. Thank you God that she did not suffer long. Thank you for the kind hearts and hands who tended her when we could not be there. No one knew she had so little time. To the "Rainbow Bridge", Please remember this special little lady who died of lymphoma just yesterday. (11/4) Please include her in your prayers this coming Monday and from now on. I will be there remembering yours.


Stan, 06/21/92-04/10/98

A lover of all things great and small...little people, big people, other dogs, sometimes cats, birds, bugs, flowers, trees..a gentle creature whose heart was far greater than his body..He will be missed.

Maddie Bruhn


Stanley was the sweetest and most trusting dog we have ever known ; his sister Lucy will forever miss him. We love you Stanley.


Star, 08/28/97

I wish to thank my god for giving me my dog, she was there for me when no one else was. Star i will miss you so much but i know that you will be there with me through some of the hardest times that lay ahead. I always have and always will love you.


"nothing really dies, for as long as we have memories our dearly departed will live on through us" Jamie kokot 1997

Star, 12/24/81-09/19/98

After seventeen years our Star has gone to be with the stars in heaven. He was the best dog and friend any human could be blessed with having. He was our stargazer and was always looking to the heavens wondering what was up there. His questions have now been answered. Our love for Star will never dim. All we have to do is look at the stars at night and see our boy. Needless to say we will miss him and our home will be empty without him.

John & Marsha Knighton

Star, 08/03/90-08/12/98

Little Bit, if only we could have said "goodbye" before you left for the green fields I always promised you. I know you still love me, and you must know I'll always love you.

Thanks for being my dog....You can never be replaced, only honored...You taught me so much more than anyone...

I Love You, Itty Bit.....Come see me once in awhile...


Star, 2/12/98

She never knew anything painful or unhappy. And she paid us back by bringing nothing but joy and laughter into our home. She even arrived at 6 weeks old housetrained.

How you lit up our lives, Little Star. Your wonderful, even temperment. You had not a mean bone in your body.

Murdered by someone evil, who threw poison into your yard. She suffered too long. How our hearts ache. We know you are well and whole and playing and laughing now. YOU ARE SO LOVED, PRECIOUS ANGEL STAR!

Meredith Rubar - DUTCHworks Rescue Network

Starbuck, 1990-1996

Starbuck was an Australian pony also registered with the Buckskin Association. We purchased him as a two year old who had just been broken in. He was extremely quite and very cheeky.  
We had some help from some friends who took him to our local pony club and taught him how to be a good boy. This took quite a while as his cheeky nature seemed to shine through all the time.  
He gave us only a few years of riding pleasure but to us it will last a lifetime in our memories. He was fortunate enough to spend his last year living in a huge paddock with some other horses.  
He was always such a cheeky pony with loads of character. We will always remember him. His name came from two sources, firstly "Star", this was from his huge star of white on his forehead. The "Buck" came from the fact that he was buckskin in colour.  
Sadly we were forced to make his life less painfully because he suffered from laminitis. We chose for a friend to arrange his final day because we could not bear the thought of him no longer being with us.  
To me and my family, he is still enjoying life on our friends farm, still being our cheeky little STARBUCK.  
I will love him forever and never forget the fun times I had with him. He taught me heaps about owning a pony and I have been lucky enough to go on and own another pony, but nothing can ever replace Starbuck in my heart.

Krystal Gordon

Starr, 01/28/82-04/14/98

Starr, we miss you so much. Thank your for giving us your love and devotion. Through The Years, by Kenny Rodgers says it all.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Tommy

Starry Night, 01/23/96-110398

I miss you with all my heart Starry. Thank you for gracing my life even though it was such a brief time. Thank you for teaching me how to give and receive love, for giving me new friends, for laughter and joy and for always showing me how much you loved being with me. You are my angel and please continue to guide and protect me. I think of you every day and will never forget you. I love you my sugar plum, baby love and starry night. Until we meet at "The Rainbow Bridge".

Love, Mommy

Stella, 08/19/98

Who wants to go for a ride in the truck ?
Come on........................Let's GO !

My Little Punkin I miss you so

Dane, Jennifer, Jodie, Jason

Sterling's Lovely Lady (Ladybug), 2/12/88-6/26/98

My Ladybug... I sent you across the Bridge, just 25 days after your mate and my lil' bud, Champ crossed. Although I know your passing was through no fault of my own, I feel guilty just the same. The lump that formed over your left eye, which, sadly, was a brain tumor, was causing you pain.

How could I allow one who gave so much to me, to so many others... one who has always been my heart and soul... one who trusted me above all others, and loved me unconditionally... how could I ever consider letting you suffer?

The answer is, my true best friend... I could not. It hurt so much, sending you across the Bridge - my heart screamed, take me with you! - it isn't my time yet, this I know. But knowing, does not stop the pain of parting.... Losing you, I've lost my best friend, my confidant, my one true source of unconditional love.

Ladybug, you are my world, my heart, my soul.... I know, in time, the pain from your loss will ease... but today, I still hurt as much as I did, the day I sent you across the Bridge.

How do I live without you? I'm lost without you.... How do I get through one more night without you? You were everything good in my life.... How do I show others, just how special you are?

Your candle burned out long before Your legend ever did...(Elton John, 'Candle In The Wind')

Merry Part, my Lovely Lady... until we meet again, until we meet again....

Shari Lyne DuShane

Stetson, 02/27/90-03/01/98

To our very special boy, Stetson. You will be missed by many but especially by Dad, your little sister Lacey and me. We were thankful for the time that we were able to share with you and hope you are happy in your new life. You will always be in our hearts and memories. We love you very much. Until we meet again.

Love Mom, Dad and Lacey

Sticky, 02/16/85-04/06/97

I miss you so much. The 12 years we spent together are more important to me than I could ever describe. I'm sorry about your strange name, but I was only five. I wrote on a card to Midnight's mom that you and Midnight would be playing together (since you're in a perfect place).
I know we'll be together again. Love Shannon.

Stimpy, 04/03/98

Happy hunting! We miss you!

Tim Trapp

Stimpy, 12/29/97

In loving memory of our Stimpula, the Wonder Cat. We all love you so, and will miss you helping in the garden, and chasing the dogs out of the yard. Sammi and Coco wonder where you have gone. I'm sorry that your little kidneys would no longer keep you happy and healthy. It was so hard to let you go today. I'll be looking for you at the rainbow bridge.

Suzanne Buell

Stolichnaya, 02/17/98

Stoli was a beautiful dog and friend to myself, husband, and other four legged companion "Korbel". He was a great watchdog and loved children, including my 9 month old son. He died on 2/17/98 on the freeway near our house by climbing over the fence and being chased by a bunch of rowdy teenagers with their Rotts in pursuit. The teens chased him on to the freeway into oncoming traffic, were he was killed. He will be greatly missed by all.

Lisa Wiebe

Storm, 04/25/81-08/15/98

Storm, you have been my buddy for 17 years. I don't know what to expect without you! I know I will miss you forever!! Thank you for the memories and love!!


Stormy, 11/05/98

Stormy was a fighter who was unwilling to give in to CRF, IBD or anemia.
When she decided it was time to go, she rallied to give me her time, purring talking and being petted.
As I carried her out to her gravesite, the sun came out and smiled on us.

Alyce Joines

Stormy, 03/24/98

We love you Stormy you will stay forever in our hearts. Scooter misses you but we know one day you will be together again. Free to play and cuddle just like you once did. We love you.


Strawberry, 07/24/94

Strawberry was a great friend and a wonderful dog


Striker Lynn Hartz, 3/15/85-7/29/98

Striker was a great dog, She turned 13 this year. I grew up with her. She was like one of my friends. Everybody loved her. She was so nice but she protected us too. She loved to play with our two other dogs. She was still young at heart. Just a few weeks ago she was fine. Then she started getting a little down in the dumps. She got depressed. We left for vacation thinking she would be ok till' we got back. She was ok Wednesday afternoon, but on Wednesday night she passed on. We got home today to get the news. I was devastated at first still am, but I know deep down she is in a better place now. She was and still is loved by everyone. Now she is watching over us. She will be truly missed and never forgotten. We all love you Striker Lynn. You will always hold a special place in our hearts that will never be able to be replaced or forgotten!

Love You Bunches,
Mom, Dad, Kristy, Tootsie Roll, Queeny, Midnight, Sheena

August 1, 1998


Stripey was always a good cat who never needed much. She came from a very animal loving family who was always picking up a stray or abused animal here and there so there was always another who usually had special needs, so stripe was happy to live quietly in the background so other animals could be paid attention to or shine. Her twin sister Fuzzy passed away due to an accident and I am sure they are together in the Kitty Kat Summer Lands.
The last year of Stripey's life was spent between my family's and an adopted family's place in Manor Park and she was also know as Puddin. I will miss you and always love you.

Love always and Bye from Mom (Kendra) and Natalie

Stroodle, 12/04/85-1/22/98

Stroodle, my sweet darling who gave me and many others such joy, may you enjoy the peace of the realm beyond. Thank you for the many lessons you taught me over the past 12 years, and all the love we shared and will share forever. Daddy and Alex and I will treasure your memory always, until we meet again.

Suds, 08/08/92-07/11/98

"Suds" was a special St. Bernard. He was one of "Beethoven's" puppies. It's ironic that the movie Beethoven had a hidden message about "some vets" that mistreat animals. It's ironic that "Suds" died and suffered because of a vet.

He died in July after a vet had totally disabled him and he could not get up and walk for over 5 weeks. Today is his birthday, he would have been 6. I am still in pain because of his loss. He was so loved and cherished. The void seems endless and the tears never seem to stop pouring. I feel so lost and at the same time feel so guilty for having taken you "Suds" to that vet. I hope you will forgive me and I hope someday we will meet again with Mugg and Wrinkle. Happy Birthday "Suds"! Our love for you is endless and will never cease. Our prayers are with you, I hope your looking down on us and I hope your with us daily. I miss you so much and love you endlessly.

Nanci and Bob and "Rio"

Sugar, 1991-8/25/96

Take care of Missy.

Jane Bennett

Sugar, 09/19/98

We love and miss you Sug...Please wait at the Rainbow Bridge

Francine & John

Sugar, 09/18/98

Today, Friday, Sept. 18, 1l998, our dear little Shetland pony crossed across the Rainbow Bridge. She went to sleep with her head in my lap. I told her it would be alright, that her feet wouldn't hurt anymore and she could eat clover all day and it wouldn't hurt her anymore. She would see Bedouin and not to kick him there!!!!!
She was a dear little soul and very important to us but she suffered a neurological problem after having a tooth pulled and could not recover. In her honor and to try to fill the void she has left I am searching for an abuse case perhaps from the slaughter house to give someone else a chance to enjoy this life.
Shuggie, Shuggie, Shuggie, Ill miss your sweet voice. Wait for me with all my other babies and Ill see you again.

Donna Baker

Sugar, 03/15/93-09/01/97

It has been a year since you left, and I still miss your special snuggle, your demanding meow, and your wonderful purr when you were all curled up next to me sleeping.

Until we meet again, all of our love from Earth

Cheryl, Dave, Grandma, Grandpa, BooBoo, Kiki, Scully, Mulder, Chloe and Dixie

Sugar, 03/01/70-09/13/86

Sugar was my best friend and brought such joy to my life. Though I have other pets, there will never be another who is truly my child, as she was. The Rainbow Bridge story gives me hope that I will indeed have the joy of holding her again.

Diane King

Sugar, 04/19/98


April 19, 1998 is the day Sugar went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know she is happy there, waiting for me with Max, Peaches, & Irah. I was privileged to share Sugar's life for a mere two months. I didn't know much about her when she came to stay with me except that she had been a "Puppy Mill" brood bitch, she'd had several litters, and that she was about 13 years old. What was obvious to me was that she was skinny, scared and starved for attention. What happened is that she won a place in my heart the size of Yankee Stadium. Sugar was supposedly called Chris. That wouldn't do since that's my son's name, so George and I pondered what to call her. Just then she snuggled up to George (smart girl!) and gave him a big old sloppy kiss. He said, "Well, she's just as sweet as she can be. We'll just call her Sugar." So Sugar she became. It was a most appropriate name. Sugar was happiest when she could snuggle up and place a paw on you. That paw in your lap, on your leg, in your face, just anywhere she could put it, was a sign of affection. When Sugar first came here, she was overwhelmed by a houseful of male dogs. She fiercely protected her space, no matter where she was. My tennis shoes became her tennis shoes, and no other dog could get near them. However, it didn't take her long to get comfortable here. She had plenty to eat and drink, became housebroken, and even learned run with the "golden gaggle." Morocco was her special friend. They would play for hours. He followed her around and she would groom him and pester him. The funniest thing I saw them do was watching Sugar "play bite" him first on one leg, then the other. Morocco just kept lifting alternate legs up and looking at me like "Aren't you going to do something here?" Finally, Sugar grabbed Morocco's tail and held on while Morocco walked off, dragging her behind him!

Unfortunately, we learned that Sugar had chronic renal failure and wouldn't live very long. It seemed so sad that she would finally have a home, only to have her life cut so cruelly short. Sugar's condition worsened today. I knew it was time to let her go. I took her to the vet who eased her peacefully into her new life. Sugar accepted death with the same quiet dignity that I'm sure she accepted everything in her life. She was a special, loving old girl, and I will miss her very much.

Thank you, Anne Martin

Sugar, 2/1/98

Sugar came into my life very unexpectedly just 7 short years ago. I wasn't looking for the responsibility of a pet and I had no idea what to do with a geriatric cat! Her former owner was really vague about her age and I didn't know anything of the needs of a cat her age (15). Her health was always there in the background, but she rallied every time she took ill: Dehydration, Cancer, Kidney Failure, etc. I had been nursing her for the last 2-1/2 months, but she wasn't able to rally again as before. She was such a loyal, wonderful companion! I can't imagine life without her and am really struggling with her loss. I know there were people who thought I was wrong to take in an animal of that age and the expense of maintaining her was a major stress. But so worth it when it added to the time we could share. She was my constant companion for seven years and she went through so much with me! Always there, so loving and dignified. I lover and miss her more than words can say. Rest well, sweet Sugar.


Sugar Baby, 12/05/97

The most precious life I ever knew

Frances Wyrick

Sugar Plum, 04/01/81-12/12/97

Sugar Plum, the wicked witch of the west, but the love of my soul! No cat can ever take your place.

Perry R Kuhn

Sugar Smacks, 1986-12/24/97

A tribute to my best friend. I love you and miss you. I can't wait till we meet again. You will always be in my heart. Smokie Joe sends his love too.


Suki, 1982-8/29/98

To Suki: Bon voyage! thank you for the years of companionship. Wish you all the best as you continue your journey. Until we meet up again, keep on chirping.

Harvey Hakoda

Suki, 5/8/87-1/10/95

Suki - You were the most beautiful cat that ever owned me. I still miss you.

Noreen Boles

Suki, 4/11/71-6/3/91

To my dear, loving friend and companion.

You have been gone almost seven years now. It still seems such a short time ago. The twenty years we spent together were full of joy and happiness. You brought that joy into my life. For that, I will be forever grateful. I look forward to that day when we will me at the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget you, my dearest meezer, Suki. Your life and love are forever imprinted on my heart and in my mind.

Love, mommy

Summer, 1985-08/27/98

Summie never earned a title. He never went to school. His challenges and accomplishments, however, were profound.  
First, simply sustaining life through years of unconscionable abuse until the State Police notified me 9 years ago. He was 20# underweight and carried scars and raw patches in his coat. He was also damaged, dehydrated, wormy and very ill. He broke my heart. I took him "home."  
With time he overcame disabilities, and developed an endearing personality through the companionship of sweet Rottie housemates.  
My love he returned with a heart so honest I sometimes thought it would burst with expression, and routinely he made an absolute fool of himself with the grandbabies.  
Yet sadly, he remained forever encumbered with a surfeit of complicated past insights.  
Erasure remained elusive, restricting his joys and personal security to the house and fenced acreage.  
I owe him this eulogy for 13 years of hard work.  
For companionship and devotion and cheek-by-jowel existence on this difficult and incomprehensible planet, I miss you my Sum.

Wild Thing You Made My Heart Sing

Sundae, 12/23/84-05/22/95

You were my special one, my special love.
We miss you terribly even after all this time.

Michelle and Todd Derbin

Sunny, 4/1/84-4/23/98

Sunny I love you and miss you. Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. Take care of Quannah for me.

Vicki Miller

Sunny, 06/09/98

Sunny lived up to her name by bringing sunshine into my life daily. Cancer took her from us and I miss her SO much. I am grateful for the extra year I had with her and treasured everyday until her passing. I promised her I would not let her suffer.

Terri Schembre

Sunny, 10/83-072298

To Sunny, our best friend. We will miss you.


Sunny, 7/8/86-5/13/97

To Sunny, the sweetest cat whose unexpected and sudden death devastated me and his cat mom, Casey: Sunny, it is so hard to believe you are really gone. The world now seems such a harsh place, to bring you such a cruel and unfitting death. Your love and warmth will always be remembered. You will never be replaced or forgotten. I would give anything to relive the days before you were killed and do things over so that you might still be here with me. I know you would not want me to be unhappy, but it is so hard not to suffer and miss you. Your sweet face and comforting, loving ways will always be remembered. I will try to make something meaningful out of your death, so the same thing does not happen to other sweet and defenseless animals. I know you would have it no different. I miss you so much. It is so hard to say a final farewell.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The past year has gone by like a blur. It has been one of the most painful of my life and I seem to recall very little except that you are gone. All the other things that used to matter to me lost their meaning. The song 'Stormy Weather' says it all -- 'Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky. Stormy weather, since my love and I ain't together. Feel weary all the time. Life is bare, gloom and misery everywhere, stormy weather, since my love and I ain't together. I'm weary all the time. When you went away, the blues came in and met me. If you stay away, old rocking chair will get me.... All I do is pray, the Lord above will let me walk in the sun once more...'

You loved music so much Sunny. It suits you so well still. You are a thousand melodies and songs and may become a thousand more if I ever regain my creativity and compose and perform music again.

Please Lord, let me walk in the sun again until the day comes that I can be reunited with my Sunny. I make this prayer on the eve of what would have been Sunny's 12th birthday; born July 8, 1986, eternally alive in my heart.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunny was born directly in my home on July 8, 1986 and this is the third July 8 that I have had to endure without him.

It seems like he has been gone forever, and yet also as though it has just been a moment.

I will love Sunny my whole life, I know that now. When he died, a lady at the Pet Cemetery gave me a poem which read: I loved my cat, I love him still. I miss him much, I always will. She knew better than I did at the time that this would be the case. Maybe it had something to do with my hysterics at the time. Naively, I thought I would be over it in a few months for some reason.

Sunny was taken from me when he showed signs of having contracted feline leukemia virus a month after he returned from a vet visit for dental cleaning. A top vet said he likely contracted it there. It is rare for any cat over 10 to contract this virus.

He died two short months later, leaving me in shock and devastation and not being able to think straight. By the time he passed away, all the blood was drained from his face. All his membranes were white - around his eyes, nose and mouth - ghostly white. I remember having nightmares about it. I could not believe my beautiful Sunny, a cream Persian, looked like this. It was so heartbreaking.

This past May, I had a litter of 4 cream Persians born in my home. They all had white around their eyes, nose and mouth. No, this was not from feline leukemia - Sunny was my only cat with that, thank goodness.

Two have since developed tabby markings, but the other two still have the white around their eyes, nose and mouth (and some other areas) and have not shown tabby markings yet, if they are going to.

It seemed so eerie to me to see a litter of kittens come into my home as babies looking like Sunny did in his last days.

I have come to regard this as a sign from Sunny and the Buddhist gods; that life goes on; it renews itself; Sunny would want me to be happy and love again; maybe he will come back again; I should not think of him in his final decrepit state.... It is sort of like a visitation from Sunny's spirit and is erasing my bad associations of how Sunny looked before he passed away.

I still miss my Sunny very much and will always cherish the gift of love he gave to me so selflessly.

It seems in spirit with him, that maybe he had something to do with sending these kittens to me like this. I wonder if cats at the Rainbow Bridge have prayers too for the ones they left behind.


Sunny, 7/04/86-12/3/96

The day my dear Sunny went over the rainbow it was a sad day. I found him in his cage with his little parakeet friend named Skylight. I hated it he was laying in the cage on the bars on the floor and Skylight was pushing him with his beak, the lady that was with me said "Guess he's sleeping that dumb bird got what he had coming!" I felt like I was gonna punch her!

age: 9

SunnyGirl/Sheba, 2/26/98

I ask for prayers that SunnyGirl has a safe journey to the light. I pray she can hear me and feel my love.


Sunny Sunshine, 4/25/84-8/29/98

My Sweetest Sunny,

Sunny Sunshine Red Remmey - Red Dog!! I still can't believe you're gone. For the ten years that you & I were together, we went through so much. So many times I thought you were going to leave me, but together me & you pulled you through. Your will to live was so strong; you never gave up & neither did I. I'm just glad you let me be there for you for those ten years and especially in the end.

Was I blind that night or did you just not want me to know what was happening, that it was time? Earlier that night I even told you that it was OK for you to go if you wanted; but I just didn't see it until the very last minutes. I'm sorry! You know if I could have done anything, I would have. I just didn't know.

Everyone tells me that you lived 14 years because of my love for you. And I did love you very much and always will. You were a "People Dog" with always a smile on your face, even when you could barely get up from the pain of arthritis in your spine. You never gave up. Your spirit never faltered, not once, not even on that last day. Just as I had decided to let you go and end your pain, you decided for me. You always gave & gave & gave, even in the end. It was just you & me in the house when you passed so peacefully. But God was it hard. I know you're better now, playing on the Bridge. I know Major will be there with you someday, too. So please, please wait for me. I love you & miss you so.

Mommy Valerie Remmey

Sunny Young-Parizal, 7/2/98-8/15/98

My life will never be the same. Thank you, Sunny, for the best year of my life. Even though my heart feels tremendous pain, I don't regret my moments with you. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Your my baby and I will never ever forget you. "Be a good boy, Mama loves you".

Charlynn Young

Sunshine, 04/21/81-10/19/98

Sunshine was a true, loving cat. Most remembered is her meow. (the key of E flat.)She would meow whenever I sneezed. She never cared where she would walk on me, one time she gave me a big bruise on my breast (foot print). She was my "load cat" my "brat cat". I will always miss her. I will miss singing "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine........" but she has gone away... to cat heaven


Sunshine, 05/11/98

Sunny D--
You were the light of our lives for almost 17 years. You can now suck your thumb and eat all the turkey you want. Have fun with your buddies Sadie and Muffin and we will see you all again. We love and miss you...
My sweet orange baby D.

Christy and Matt Matt

Sushi, 07/04/86-09/04/98

Sushi was the best dog in the world. She was the most important thing to me, I miss her deeply.


Sushi, 03/06/97

In Loving Memory of Sushi,

We loved you so very much and miss you dearly.

Our memories of you will never fade,
You came to us as just a babe.
We shared so many happy times,
Your love and devotion were truly sublime.

You stayed with us for many years,
And when you died we were filled with tears.
Until the day we meet once more,
Together again at heaven's door.


Susie, 06/13/92-09/27/98

Susie, our special little girl, was taken from us on 9/27 by acute AIHA (autoimmune hemolytic anemia). Her time with us was too short, much, much too short and now there is a big void in our lives. We miss her terribly. I'm sure she waits for us and her little brother, Max, at the Bridge...

Gary and Dorothy Modun

Susie, 06/83-06/23/98

My Susie is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me I know because she was such a wonderful girl who hid her pain and was always there for me. I will never forget her.

Lynn Nolan

Susie, 01/20/92-06/06/98

Susie was a Pug dog, who became part of me. She never left my side, a faithful, loving dog. She brought me many years of joy and love. I never realized how much I would miss her funny expressions, but most of all, her presence in my life. I will always remember her, but she still lives on in my heart and on her own webpages, I was constructing when she passed away.
Please visit if you get the chance.

Julia Nelson

Susie, 05/15/81-03/16/98

My poor little Susie girl, you were so beloved, I'll never forget you

Pat Bauer

Susie, 1980-12/28/97

We love you and miss you. Thank you for visiting us that sad evening to tell us you are all right and that you are happy.

Love. Momma and Pappa

Susie, 01/26/98

Your spirit runs free now - your memory, grace and beauty levies in our heart. We will never forget you or that terrible night that took your life. Know that we loved you and we always will. Your were too young to leave us. You left your legacy behind.

Susie, 1/86-1/13/98

Susie, beloved pet, friend, companion to Lorraine, Wally, Margo, Jim, Jimmy, Cheryl, Bry, and Samantha. You will be in our hearts forever.

Susie (Velvet Sue), 4/20/98

Our dearest little Susie, although you are not physically here with us right now, your love and your memory are still very much with us in our hearts. We miss you more than words can say. You intertwined yourself through our lives so much, that there is nothing we say or do that doesn't keep you constantly in our thoughts and hearts. It is so hard to believe that you are not here with us, but thankfully that is just a temporary separation. We love you dearly, and know that you love us back, and it is that love, together with God's promise of a home in Heaven with our loved ones and no more parting, sickness, or sorrow that is getting us through these sad days because we know that we will all be together again someday. We love you and we miss you.

Mom and Rich

Suzette (Suzie), 05/02/81-09/25/98

My Angel.....I will always love YOU. Here is a tribute to Our Suzette.


Mary Anne & Tom (Mommie & Daddy)

Suzette Michelle, 02/11/67-01/14/78

Suzette Michelle, my little Suzie --

Although you have been gone many years, I still miss and love you very much.

I had to have you put to sleep the day after my dad's funeral. You had a malignancy and surgery helped for only a short while. I didn't want to see you suffer, so I did what I thought was best although it shattered my already broken heart.

You and Sheina are buried together in the pet cemetery and I hope that you are playing together at Rainbow Bridge and waiting for me to join you. Although you didn't know each other in this life, somehow I have the feeling that you are the best of friends.

I love and miss you both.

Your Mommie

Suzie, 30/1/98

My little sweetpea, never has anyone entered my life and gave me so much joy and will to live. you were my light at the end of the tunnel, my little angel.

Matthew McPherson

Suzy, 9/5/88-4/18/98

A Tribute to my Suzy

My beautiful, blue eyed, nine and a half year old Siberian Husky, Suzy, passed on to Canine Heaven on April 18th 1998. She was my loyal and constant companion. Every time someone would meet her their very first comment would always be, "what a beautiful dog!". In her effort to find out what was going on outside her kitchen window, Suzy managed to wear out two kitchen chairs. She loved to watch squirrels, cats and other dogs, never barking, just watching intensely. She was friendly to all, but her heart belonged to Papa. There will never be another Suzy. Although my heart aches at not having her with me anymore, I know she is now at peace and is looking down on me along with her Cousin Spencer.

I will love and miss you always,
Your Papa, George G. Koenig.

Big Beautiful Sweet Suzy, 04/01/98

Suzy was old, we knew it wouldn't be long, but there is a huge void in the pasture today. She was truly a lady. We know she is now with her son, Shammy, who went to the bridge last year. I hope they are smiling.


Suzy, 2/16/98

Suzy was truley, mans best friend. We never left home without her. Suzy loved to go for rides and refused to get out of the car Suzy was the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. Suzy was also the child my husband and I could not have. Suzy will be missed by all.

David and Sharon Kantor

Sweetheart, 03/12/98

Thank you Sweetheart for your love and companionship thru all my illnesses. You brightened our life with your ability to make us laugh. You gave us 17 years and much joy. You died in my arms, in your own bed, with your blanket- I am thankful for that. You will be missed.


Sweet Pea, 1/83-12/18/97

Ah, Sweet Pea - you came to be a true member of the family. Purchased at a kennel in NJ, the kennel owner so sure you would not come when called - you sure fooled him! A tiny little puppy somehow(?) getting tree sap all over her, had to put you in the kitchen sink to clean you off. Then, hit by a car, never quite the same again. Hysterectomy, back surgery, dislocated hip (more than once) - you kept your spirits up. Oh, you'd whine and whimper when your various parts hurt and ached. But, you were always there when we needed you. How you helped me when first Gizmo died and then Little Bit. You "dogged" my heels, walking in my shoes to make sure you stayed close to give us the support we needed.
We miss you, but know that you are now in a place where you are no longer in pain. It helps to know that you are playing again with Gizmo and Little Bit, the rabbits you loved so much.
We will all meet again Sweet Pea, and when we do, you can call to us and we will come, just like you did that first time we saw you 14 years ago.

Love, Sue, Norma, Alison & Samantha

SweetPea KousKous, 03/25/85-02/22/98

To the sweetest, most wonderful, bestest friend anyone could ever dream of, I ask that God watch over you because I cannot, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Melody J. Hoeber

Sweetie, 10/03/97

Dedicated in loving memory to my Sweetie
My life won't be the same without her!

You forever, my heart will miss
Upon your head one last gentle kiss

Remembering early mornings, cool wet grass
As I'd stretch, across my feet you'd pass

Circling and nipping, my shoes no longer tied
The brightest smile I'd wear as you watch me go inside

Quick to follow
Through your bunny door

Eagerly waiting for crackers
In the usual spot on the floor

Another morning for us
Your time to sleep, my time to wake

Quietly with each passing
A loving glance of you I'd take

My heart aglow with love so deep
All at once I have only your memories to keep

You were always the most understanding friend
Holding on til together we could be at the end

I experienced a happiness that only you could give
A sacred love I will cherish for as long as I live

November 1992 - October 3, 1997


Thank you for giving me the gift of your life for 5 years. I will miss the special bond we shared. Though our time together was cut short, you gave me an indescribable joy that I otherwise would never have experienced In my life.

I love you with all my heart and soul, and one day we will be together again. Until then, remember me, as a day will never go by that I don't mourn you, miss you, need you, and love you as much as I do right now!

You will be in my heart and mind always!

Roberta Lopez

Sweetie Pie, 12/25/98

Thank you dearest, most cherished Sweetie Pie for giving us so much over these many years. You have been an incredible teacher and healer. These are some of the qualities you have taught us so much about: innocence, love, trust, sensitivity, intelligence, simplicity. And maybe above all, your incredible sweetness, which is how you got your name. We will hold you in our hearts, always and forever.

Sasha and Marc

Sweety, 07/14/98

My Little Sweetie, You will always be in my heart and in each star I see in the sky. We all love you and will never forget you.

Your mommy

Swift, 12/21/92-10/03/98

To my "Pretty Boy", May you have as much fun as the joy you bought to my life. I still expect to find you, in your usual place. I look for you, but, you are not here in physical form. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget your. Some have pedigrees, but, you my friend had beauty and friendship. Tell Commando, I love him, too and may the two of you play, in spirit as you did in life.

Par-Daron Riddick

Sybil, 09/26/98

I love you Sybil. May you rest in KITTY HEAVEN! At least you are outside.

Cindy Stoerger

Sydney, 04/07/97-07/05/98

Sydney Girl,

How much I miss you and still do not understand why I was only able to love you for such a short time, your suffering was not long, but much to fast for me to bare.

I think of you every second, but I know that your pain is gone and you are at peace now. We will meet again one day. I will never forget you my very special friend.

I Love You


Sydney, 07/16/98

Sydney was a great and unique, one of a kind, cat. Losing him is so hard.

Sharon and David Mote

Sydney, 08/15/90 03/23/98

For Sydney

I remember when your mom picked you out in the pet store. We were on vacation. I thought what a hassle this will be to get him home. You injured your leg at the store before we even got you home. We worried about you on the plane.

As you grew up your enthusiasm you couldn't contain. I would pet your belly and you would pee on me. Your mom taught you all the tricks; rollover, beg, shake and standup. You mastered them with ease. Mom would kid you about your spindly legs. But you would catch a Frisbee with them and roll and tumble until we made you stop for a drink. You loved to fetch the porcupine or ball.

The things you did to amaze. Shaking a spider toy until you shook off all the legs. We were sure it would make you dizzy. Tugging the rope until you pulled it out of our hands. Our "baby" doggie that insisted on being a lap dog. As soon as your mom sat on the floor she became your pillow. I even remember the time we left you inside too long and were sure you had soiled the floor, only to find you had diligently held it till we returned. You traveled all over the country and adapted to different homes.

When you became sick, I was at a loss. You had never been sick before. The illness took its toll. Your back legs dragged and your appetite fell. Your eyes still sparkled and you insisted on sleeping in our bed even if I had to help you up. You let me change the bandages on your feet every day, without protest or withdrawal. Wherever I went you followed as if to say "let me be close to you for just a while".

Today (3/23/98) the doctor told me there was nothing more to do. I held you, petted you and cried for you before the doctor took you. I knew it was for the best but it still hurts. You will be missed my friend. Good-bye until we meet again.


Sydney, 3/5/98

Precious Sydney, tabby kitty, loved his Mommy and his Missy.
Lived a good, long life, well-loved. Will be dearly missed.

Nancy Lawrence

Sydney, 02/13/98

The dog with the big heart. We sure had good times on those vacations in Maine. We'll miss you always.

Tim Merrill and Rudy Garcia

Sydney, 5/26/95-4/08/96

A soft bundle of love. She was my funny little girl.

Glenda King

Sylvester aka Silly Kitty, 02/10/80-12/12/98

My Purrish angel, you have been called by Max and Grandpa to the Bridge.
Run on the wings of the Angels with all your Cancer, Kidney, & Liver pains gone.
You are totally healed now and can play in all the Catnip fields at the Bridge.
I know that you are in such good hands now.
Purr in my ear as I try to sleep to let me know that you are happy and found your way.
Do Dad just one favor, ask God to take the pain and hurt that I feel away, Please.
I love you so much,


Sylvester, 08/05/89-08/22/98

To Sylvester...you silly boy...Silly Vester..Tiger & I loved you and always will...Take care of yourself until we can join you...I know you miss your tiger....You always whine when you can't find him....Love and pounces ... Mommy & Tiger

Sylvia, Sep 88 - 13 Apr 98

Sylvia: companion (and antagonist) to cats Thor, Tristan, Jake, Elwood, Tigger, and Tiglath. Snugglefriend to Annie, our dog who journeyed to the Bridge last November. Mentor to Andrew, our new puppy. Sylvia brightened our days and warmed our hearts. She was a source of courage and energy. I take solace only in knowing that her last hours were without discomfort and she is waiting at the Bridge with her pals.


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