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When The Time Comes

Lord, when the time comes please help me be strong
my furry friend is sick; something's terribly wrong
The vet checked her over; there's nothing he can do
I'm afraid soon I'll be sending her; home to You

Please take her back home; on the wings of a dove
into Your loving arms; up in heaven above
Take her to a meadow; where she can play and run free
under bright sunlight; among the green grass and trees

She's been a part of my life now; for so many years
I'll miss her so much; my eyes are filling with tears
Please give me the courage; to tell her good-bye
as I know she'll watch over me; through her loving eyes

I'll never forget her; I'll see her one day
tell her we'll meet at the Bridge; then we'll go play
I'll cherish the memories; of the time we both had
they'll put a smile on my face; then I won't feel as bad

John Quealy

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