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When We Meet Again

I was laying on the couch early one day
a dog was barking; from where I couldn't say
I got up from the couch and went outside
then off I went out into the countryside

I took a path thru the bushes and trees
but the sound of that bark kept nagging at me
I followed the path till I came to a river
I reached for a branch and caught a sliver

Under an oak tree I sat down to rest
I watched all the bird's fly from their nests
After awhile a group of ducks waddled by
then a fox gave chase so they decided to fly

I walked down the river past a small ridge
and down in the meadow there was a bridge
Down by the bridge thru the fog
I saw what I thought was the barking dog

Like a bolt of lightning in the dark
I knew right then that was my old friend's bark
I looked thru the fog toward the bridge again
and sure enough there was my old friend

As healthy and beautiful as the day we met
I ran down thru the meadow to greet my pet
She ran thru the meadow at such a fast pace
it was like the old days when we used to race

I hugged and kissed her as she licked my face
all her sickness was gone there wasn't a trace
We were together again after such a long time
the sun was shining and all was fine

We walked toward the bridge together again
then we crossed it together me and my friend
This is the way I know it will be
when we meet again my pet and me

John Quealy

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