In Loving Memory Of Sweety Yellow Mother Nash

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

The sunlight filtered through the trees and painted dazzling patterns of light across the lush green grass of the Rainbow Field. A gentle breeze set the flowers dancing. Eatbugs stretched a mighty stretch and sighed in contentment. He sat down and munched quietly on a flower petal. "Afternoon, Eatbugs", said Beethoven as she and Spunkie passed by on their leisurely stroll. Eatbugs nodded at the lady kiddens and munched. Moki and Isolde stretched out side by side under a willow tree, looking the picture of kidden dignity. Eatbugs smiled to himself. They didn't know he'd seen their game of chasies this morning. Well, their secret was safe with him.

Over in the catnip patch Max and Picnic were taking a brief respite from their story telling (and what tales they told!) to partake of a bit of nip. Dino and Mister had found their own patch and were happily munching away. In the field beyond, the peepers were bedeviling poor Rocky and Imbri for peeper rides. "One more time, please Misters Imbri? Please" said one of the Nash peepers, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Me too, me too" echoed one of the Johnson Peepers. Soon a chorus of peeper voices rang in the air. "Once more" "Please" "Wes wills takes our naps afters, promise". Imbri put on a stern face and turned his eye on the peepers. They fell silent and sat looking, well, peeperish.

"Oh all right", laughed Imbri, "What you say Rocky? One more ride before naps?"

Rocky laughed and nodded. The two toms knelt down and peepers scampered up on their backs. "Umm, well now, Rainbow is it? You're gonna have to let go of my ear, sweetheart"


"Now son, you gotta keep your paw paws out of my eyes"

"Sorrys". Once the peepers were safely onboard and the toms had established that their body parts were safe, they took off at trot over the field. The peepers squealed with delight.

And so life went on at the Bridge. Kiddens slept in sunny patches and nibbled on catnip. Games could be found in any field and the trees were spectacular for climbing. Eatbugs watched the peeper laden toms and smiled. It was good here. He missed the Earth and his humans, but this was a good place. He was considering whether to join in a game of hide and swipe or going to find Pris for a face washing session when he felt the prickling in his whiskers. He turned his face into the breeze and listened. Yes, it was there. The faint sound of the Welcoming Song building in the wind. Eatbugs bowed his head in respect for the kidden who was to come. He looked up and saw Imbri and Rocky halt their trot and speak quietly to each other and then turn to make their way to the Gate. Eatbugs turned to and joined Isolde and Moki as they rose to join the Company. In silence they walked, each lost in their own thoughts, each remembering their journey and the memories of love left behind.

As they reached the Gate, Virginia joined them and sat looking over the Rainbow. Her face was solemn and her wise eyes tinged in sorrow. Eatbugs turned to Isolde and found that she, too, had a far away, sad look on her face. "What is it?" he asked quietly.

Isolde sighed and looked down at her young nephew, "The one that comes. She led a hard life and..." her voice trailed off and she sighed, "There is a Purpose in all things, Little One, and it serves no point to question the Creator of All Things, but sometimes.....".

"What do you mean?" asked Eatbugs. When Isolde did not answer he turned to Virginia.

She smiled at him, but the sadness never left her eyes. "The one that comes was loved, Little One. But she didn't understand it. Long did she go with out the gentle touch of a human hand. Long did she go without food to eat or safe shelter from the world. When it was offered, at long last, she did not understand. Too long had the world been a place of danger for her. She was too frightened to see what the Creator had offered her. She comes to us now, still not fully understanding the gift that she was given. Do you hear that sound Little One?" Eatbugs listened to the mournful music in the wind and nodded. "That is the love of the humans that cared for her, their sorrow at her passing. It comes from the soul of those that cared that for a time this kidden walked upon the Earth, from those that shall remember her forever".

"What will happen to her? Will she ever understand?" asked Eatbugs.

Virginia smiled, "Oh yes, Little One, for we shall teach her. The other song in the wind? The joyful refrain that balances the sorrow? It is our Welcome. We shall teach her that there is more than the hunt for food or the need for shelter. We shall teach love and trust. And when the march of days the Creator has allowed on Earth has passed and those that love her come to us, she will be waiting to recieve what she could not accept on Earth." Eatbugs felt a warmth wash over him as the love from the Company of kiddens poured forth and he turned his eyes towards the Gate.

A blinding flash of blue light washed over the Bridge and in its wake sat a beautiful kidden with golden yellow fur and a sweet and gentle face. She blinked and then looked at the Company. She hissed and stepped back, puffing and taking the old defensive stance she knew so well.

The kiddens sat motionless until a soft Southern drawl broke the silence. "Would y'all excuse me please? Why thank you, kind sir" said Miss Kitty as Peanut stepped back to let her pass. R2D2 walked beside her. Miss Kitty gently approached Sweetie Yellow Mother and purred in her softest voice, "Now y'all just calm down and relax. There's no one here gonna hurt you, honey". Her warm accent and soft voice washed over Sweetie Yellow Mother and she slowly began to relax. "Now that's more like it" purred Miss Kitty, "This here is R2D2, remember him? We've come to welcome you to your new home. Now don't you worry 'bout a thing, cause we're gonna take real good care of you". As she continued her soft purring speech she'd drawn close enough to touch Sweetie and gave her a gentle face lick. "Y'all are gonna like it here" she said and with Miss Kittie and R2D2 by her side, Sweetie Yellow Mother passed through the Gate into her new home. As the Company of kiddens dispersed to resume their activities on the Bridge a soft Southern voice floated back on the breeze, "Oh honey, you've got a LOT to learn, but don't you fret. I'm gonna teach you..."

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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