In Loving Memory Of Sweety Grey Mother Nash

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

The mid-morning sky was a vibrant blue over the Rainbow Fields. The sun, filtering through the tall trees, cast the most delicious pools of sunlight in the grass. Just about perfect for kidden lounging and quite a few were taking advantage of it. Katie and Miss Pris were stretched out side by side toasting their whiskers and enjoying each others company. Priscilla was under a willow tree busily washing Mister's face. "Now, do y'all see that?" said Miss Kitty to the girl peepers she had in tow. Remember that good hygiene is a must to all kiddens and that is awl right to help each other out."

"Yes, Miss Kitty" said Rainbow, wistfully eyeing the peeper rides Rocky and Eatbugs were giving. Miss Kitty laughed, "Well Ah guess that's enough for today. Y'all run along and play now."

Rainbow threw her paws around Miss Kitty and gave her a hug. The girl peepers ran off to join the fun. Miss Kitty sashayed over to join Spunkie and Ebony for a nibble of grass.

In the open field the sound of peepers squealing with delight floated in the air. Cosmic Bob had a pawful of Eatbugs fur in each paw. "Rides 'em Cowboy!" he hollered and Eatbugs took off romping around the field.

"Yeee HAAAAA! Looks at me!" cried out Cosmic Bob. The other peepers cheered him on. Peanut was helping Tiny Bubbles up onto Rocky's shoulds.

"You wons't go too fast? Wills you?" she said.

"Don't you worry little lady," said Rocky in his most gallant voice, "We'll take it nice and slow". He double checked that she was holding on tight and begain to walk slowly around the field.

"Ums, you coulds go a little fasters". He began a gentle trot. Before long the kiddens on the Field heard "Fasters! Fasters! Weees looks at me!" as Rocky galloped around. Peanut laughed and called out "Now you hold on!"

Isolde and Virginia walked side by side. The Council of Elders had finished meeting and they walked in silence. Isolde sighed. Virgina looked up at her furiend, "Thee are troubled?". Isolde's blue eyes held a sadness, "I have tried to explain to Eatbugs about the Great Cycle, that there is a purpose to all things, but..." Virginia's wise eyes studied her friend, but she sat silent waiting for Isolde to find her words. "But... Well he's right. Sometimes it just ISN'T fair".

Virginia gave her furiend a gentle smile and nodded, "No, sometimes it is not. But there is a purpose. It may not be clear, always, for us to see, but there is a purpose."

Isolde nodded.

"You think of the One Who Comes?".

Again Isolde nodded.

"You think it unfair that she must now join us when her life with her humans was so short and her life alone so long?".

"Yes" whispered Isolde, "Her life was so hard before her humans found her. It seems so unfair that she should lose them so soon....".

Virginia gave Isolde an earlick, "It is sad that she must leave her humans so soon, but remember we are each given a march of days in the sun. When that march is over, we must join our furiends here. The Creator of All Things saw to it that she ended her march in the warmth of human love."

Isolde smiled and nodded, "The Greatest Gift..."

In the Field Eatbugs was turning a corner at full tilt when he felt the tingling in his whiskers. He came around and stopped. "Geddseup!" said Cosmic Bob still clutching a pawful of fur. Eatbugs sighed, "I'm sorry. We will have to finish this later. We must go now".

"Go wheres?" asked Bob scrambling down from Eatbugs' shoulders.

"We must welcome another to our ranks". Cosmic Bob's little eyes filled with tears. "There, there. It will be all right. But we must go and help our furiend find her way to us." He took Cosmic Bob by the paw and slowly they walked together. As they traveled, the Company of Kiddens joined their ranks. Spunkie and Ebony walked with Mister and Nermal. Max and Picnic carried peepers on their shoulders. Pris walked with Sweetie Yellow Mother, talking to gently as they went. Peanut, carrying Tiny Bubbles, walked silently beside Beethoven.

Slowly, one by one, the kiddens bound by their humans love came to welcome another.

At the Gate, the Company formed a circle. Some linked tails, others bowed their heads as they heard the Welcoming Song play upon the wind. Eatbugs made his way to Virginia and Isolde. Isolde quietly wrapped her tail around him and they waited. The Song swirled in the air around them, it's sad, sweet air touching the heart of every kidden. The lights shimmered and danced until the now all too familiar flash of blue light appeared. In it's wake sat a lovely grey kidden. She blinked and looked at the gathering of kiddens before her. In the days of her youth she would have been frightened, defensive, but now she simply looked at them. Isolde came forward and offered her nose in greeting, "Welcome, Sweetie Grey Mother. Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge".

Sweetie Grey Mother took a step back, "The Rainbow...." Her eyes filled with tears.

Isolde gave her a tender ear lick, "It is all right. You are with furiends".

"But my humans, the big man that rubbed my fur? The lady that kept me warm?..."

Eatbugs came forward, "You will see them again. I promise!". One by one the Company drew near, gave their greetings and reassured her that her humans' love would not end, that they would be together again. At length Sweetie Grey Mother's tears dried. She felt herself awash in the love of these strange and wonderful new kiddens and she felt in her heart that what they told her was true. When the last of the Company had given their greetings a lovely yellow kidden approached her. She looked so familiar.

"Welcome, sister", said Sweetie Yellow Mother, "come and let me show you your new home. We will wait together". She took Sweetie Grey Mother's paw and led her home.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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