In Loving Memory Of Rainbow Dresslar

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

The Rainbow Bridge was bustling with activity. Sire Anthony was showing Princess Di the best sleepy spots and where the best catnip grew and the peepers were showing the Nash babies and the Johnson peepers the bestest ever spots to hide for lunging at passing tails. A hockey game was going full tilt and over under a particularly shady tree, Picnic had been coerced into recounting more of his adventures.

Eatbugs was munching on some especially tasty grass when Isolde approached him, "Good morning, Eatbugs", she said as she settled beside him, "Are you feeling better this morning?".

Eatbugs looked down at his paws, "Yes, it's.. it's just that there have been so many youngs ones. It isn't fair..." His voice trailed off and his eyes misted over.

"There are those who would say the same of you, little one. You did not even see the passing of a year."

"But that was different. I was so very loved. I had my mom human and the big man and Mommy Consta and Mommy Mary..."

Isolde wise eyes studied him a moment, "Yes, Little One, you were well loved, as were these peepers" she said, casting her glance at the game of hide and swipe starting before them, "And that IS all that matters. It isn't fair, as you say, but it is the way of the world. A kidden can only stay on earth for a certain time and when that time is over, we must come here to wait. But no life is wasted that has known love, Little One. For every kidden here there is at least one human heart that holds it dear forever, one human to cherish that time we walked upon the earth. That is what is important. Do you understand?"

"I think so", said Eatbugs, feeling the warmth of the love that came from the earth for him, "Yes, I do understand".

"Good, because today another human heart aches and another whose walk of days upon the earth was few comes to join us. Come, let us gather our Company and make her welcome".

Eatbugs looked into Isolde's eyes, "Another peeper?" he whispered.

Isolde nodded, "Go and gather Consta and Miss Priss, they must make ready to meet their sister". Eatbugs took his leave of Isolde and went to find the Dresslar kiddens. He found Miss Priss under a tree telling a story to the peepers. She looked up and saw the sorrow in Eatbugs' blue eyes. "Again?" she asked. Eatbugs nodded and gently lifted the peepers onto his shoulders. In silence they walked. Prissy fell into step with them as, one by one, did the other kiddens of the Rainbow Bridge.

Once again, and much too soon, they made their way to the Gate for the Ceremony. They formed their circle and linked their tails. The wind had begun to sing and it's music seemed tinged with more sorrow than ever before. Whether because the one who came was so young, or because it had sung so much of late, Eatbugs did not know, but it pulled at his heart and a tear rolled down his cheek. The peepers had gone forward and formed a circle within the circle of adults and they lifted their tiny voices to join in the Welcoming song. He closed his eyes and felt the music swelling around him until he knew the familiar blue flash had come. He opened his eyes and looked at the little kidden sitting in the center of the circle. She blinked her eyes and mewed.

Consta stepped forward from the circle and nuzzled her sister. "Don't worry Rainbow, it will be okay. I'm here."

Rainbow nuzzled her sister, "But where is here?".

Miss Priss stepped forward and gave Rainbow an ear lick, "This is the Rainbow Bridge, and it will be your new home."

"But I have a home. Where's my human????".

Gently Miss Priss explained. Rainbow cried and cuddled in close, "But won't my human be lonely?".

"Yes, precious one, but you will be together again".

Eatbugs looked up at Isolde and finally understood. He walked up to Rainbow and nuzzled her face, "And will never truly be apart. Your human will hold you in her heart forever, as you will remember her. That bond can never be broken". He lifted her onto his shoulders. As he walked he felt the warmth of a human hand gently stroking his fur. He looked out over the Rainbow. His human was thinking of him. He savored the feeling and smiled, "A bond that can never be broken", he whispered and carried Rainbow home.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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