In Loving Memory Of Peanut Nickel

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs was sitting in the grass with Spunkie and Ebony. They were laughing together as they watched Dudley the Duck entertain the peepers. He would flap his wings and quack loudly as he chased them around the trees. Squeals of delight rang through the air as the peepers came running back for more. "You see", said Spunkie with a smile, "I TOLD you he was a nice duck". Eatbugs had to admit that Dudley was a very special chirp. But then, he'd made some unusual friends here at the Bridge. There was that hamster, Henry, who liked to play chaseys and the rabbit, Redux, that was his dog dog friend Penny's playmate. It took some getting used to, but once a kidden settled in, there were lots of friends to be found.

Ebony was washing Spunkie's ears when Smokey and Isolde came to join them. Isolde picked a particularly sunny spot and settled down, her paws tucked daintily beneath her. She and Smokey turned bemused eyes to the game. "Peepers", laughed Smokey, "can find amusement in the strangest things". Isolde squeezed her eyes in amusement. Eatbugs had turned to Smokey to speak when he noticed a peeper stop dead in her tracks. She looked around her and began to cry. Eatbugs ran quickly to her, "Tiny Bubbles, what's the matter??", he licked the peepers face and felt the tingling in his whiskers. In a gentle voice he said, "It will be okay, little one. Come we must go". He nuzzled Tiny Bubbles and looked up at his companions. They, too, had noticed the change in the air. Quietly they rose and joined in the procession.

At the gate, the kiddens had assembled. They murmured quietly amongthemselves. "So soon", said Mister in hushed tones. "Yes," said Rocky "There is much sadness on the earth of late". As the colors began to dance across the sky and the music of the wind began it's welcoming song, Tiny Bubbles walked silent to the head of the group. The kiddens fell silent and bowed their heads. The blue light flashed across the Bridge and subsided; leaving in it's place a persian kidden. He sat and stared at the group of kiddens before him. Tiny Bubbles walked forward and gently nuzzled the kidden. "Oh Uncle Peanut", she said, "Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge". Her voice trembled as a tear made it's way down her nose. Peanut bent down and gently kissed her tear away. "Don't cry, little one. It is all right." Tiny Bubbles looked up at him her tiny bottom lip trembling. Peanut smiled, "Don't you see? My human has given me the most precious gift. She has given me peace. I don't hurt anymore. Here I can be whole. It was time. I told her that I was ready and she let me come. Don't cry little one". Tiny Bubbles threw her arms around her uncle and purred deeply. Peanut returned her hug in kind. One by one the kiddens stepped forward. "I am Sorry, welcome". "I am Picnic, welcome". "I am Puppie, welcome". "I am Eatbugs, welcome". Peanut looked around at the group, there were so many friends here. All of them seemed so familiar.

When the greetings were finished, the kiddens turned to lead Peanut to his new home. He hesitated a moment, pursing his whiskers. "Goodbye,mom. Thank you. I love you and I will wait for you". With that, he turned, took Tiny Bubbles' paw and crossed over to his new home.

© Copyright 1995 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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