In Loving Memory Of Jasmine Brozek

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs was lounging under the willow tree when he felt it. The tingling in his whiskers that meant another kidden came to join the Company of Kiddens at the Bridge. He closed his eyes and turned his face into the breeze. Yes, it was there. He bowed his head in silence for a moment and then slowly rose and began his journey to the Gate. As he walked, the others rose to join him. Nermal, still carrying Rainbow piggy back, walked with Putt Putt. Rocky and Pris, silently, side by side, made the journey. As they reached the Gate, the kiddens formed their circle. Katie sat with G'Max, tails linked and eyes full of sorrow. Puppie and Pris sat with Claws-a-Lot and purred quietly together. All of them came, all the kiddens bound by love.

Eatbugs made his way to Isolde and Virginia and settled beside them. He looked out over the Company. All of the kiddens, all beautiful and and strong and sighed. "There are so many of us now", he said.

Isolde nodded her head and nuzzled his ear, "Yes, Little One. So many."

Virginia turned her wise eyes on the young tom, "Yes we are many, but we are together, Little One. And together we wait until the Great Promise is fulfilled." Eatbugs nodded and turned towards the Gate. The music was swelling in the air, it's clear bell like voice rising in welcome. The lights shimmered and colors danced across the Bridge. The blue flash played across the Gate and in its wake sat a beautiful longed haired calico kidden. She was so beautiful that Eatbugs let out a gasp and then blushed furiously when Isolde laughed at him. His nose leather still a deep shade of pink, he stepped forward and gave welcome to the new arrival. "Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge", he said and offered his nose in greeting. The kidden daintly returned the greeting and said in a silken voice, "Thank you. My name is Jasmine. What's yours?".

Eatbugs stuttered out his name and stepped aside to let the others approach. One by one the Company gave greetings. Rocky promised to show Jasmine the Scratching Tree and Mister promised to show her the Catnip Patch. Tiny Bubbles promised to play hockey with her. Each of the kiddens gave their welcome and promised to help Jasmine learn her new home as Eatbugs stood transfixed. "Ummm, hey little buddy," said Peanut, "You might want to close your mouth. You're gonna attract flies". He laughed and clapped Eatbugs on the back. "Well she IS awfully pretty", he said blushing again.

As the kiddens led Jasmine into the Rainbow Fields, Eatbugs padded quietly along lost in his own thoughts and stoicly putting up with the good natured jokes of his furriends. So lost in thought was he that he didn't notice the others dispersing. He looked up and found himself sitting alone with Jasmine. She blinked her large, lovely eyes at him and he felt his nose leather getting hot again. "Excuse me, Eatbugs", she said in her soft voice, "But Virginia said I should ask you about the Promise. Is it true? Will I see my human again? And the meezers? I already miss them", her eyes misted at the thought of siblings.

"Oh yes! You will see them again. When it is their time, they will come and one day you will all be together again. It is true, I promise".

"I wish I could see them again" she sighed. "Oh but you can!", said Eatbugs, "I can show you how". "Really???", her eyes lit up.

"Sure, come on", he said, leading her to the edge of the Rainbow. "You can see them from here, but I have a favorite spot. Come on", he put out his paw for hers and holding it tight he leapt out into the stars.

Jasmine gasped, "But how.....Why don't we fall?". Her eyes were very round.

"Umm, I don't know, but we don't. You can go anywhere, even back to Earth to visit sometimes. Here we are!". Still holding Jasmine's paw they landed gently on the moon. Jasmine looked down on the Earth and sighed. "You have to see them with your heart" said Eatbugs, "just look at the Earth and think real hard and soon you will see them in your mind".

Jasmine did just that and let out a gasp, "There she is! Oh, Eatbugs she's crying! Momma, Momma don't cry. I'm here"

Eatbugs gently nuzzled her ear, "She can't hear you". Jasmine turned to face him, the tears welling in her eyes, "Can't I make her feel better? I used to make her feel better all the time. Oh, Eatbugs!"

"She's sad now because you had to leave her. That's why she can't hear you. But the sadnesss will pass, I promise and then sometimes you can make her hear you".

"How?" said Jasmine.

"Well, you have to purse your whiskers in concentration and purr real loud and think about them real hard. Like this. Eatbugs pursed his whiskers and began to purr. He held Jasmine's paw and she felt him turn his thoughts to his humans and she felt him turn his thoughts to Earth. Then the most amazing thing happened. She saw his Mommy Consta smile for no reason, and his Mommy Mary laugh quietly at a thought. Eatbugs opened his eyes and looked at her. "See? When you purr your love to them they remember you and they are happy."

"Can I try? Maybe I can reach Momma. I don't want her to be so sad." said Jasmine turning to look back at the Earth.

"Sure". Eatbugs held her paw tight and she pursed her whiskers and together they purred. She purred so hard that she rocked back and forth and then she turned her thoughts toward Earth. She reached out and touched her Momma and thought "I love you Momma, please don't be sad". And she saw in her mind her Momma look up and smile and she felt her love wash over her. "I'm here Momma and I'm waiting for you" she purred.

As they made their way back to the Bridge, Jasmine looked over at Eatbugs. "Can we come back? Can I see my Momma again?"

"Of course", said Eatbugs, "You can come back whenever you want to. I come here a lot. You can come with me if you want". Jasmine smiled at him and then turned her face towards the Rainbow. She knew she would be back and often. She purred as she felt, once again, the touch of her human's love.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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