In Loving Memory Of Grandpa Max Magee

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

All days on the Rainbow Bridge were glorious, but Eatbugs thought that surely today was the most glorious of all. The breeze was singing gently through the branches and the sun was trickling through creating the most comfortable sleepy spots Eatbugs had ever seen. He stretched out his paws and yawned one of THOSE yawns, the kind that stretched out a kidden's face and felt ever so good and contentedly looked around him. Miss Kitty was surrounded by young girl peepers and was busily instructing them on the finer points of etiquette. Eatbugs laughed to see Tiny Bubbles trying to walk with her tail held "just so".

Over across the clearing, Picnic was busy telling stories to the boy peepers about his many adventures. "Did you REALLY tangle with a dog dog????" asked a little tabby peeper.

"Of course that was before I came here, we're all friends here". The peeper still looked side ways at the beagle sitting beside him. The beagle laughed and gave him a lick.

Eatbugs turned to give his paw a lick when he felt the tingling in his whiskers. It was stronger than he'd ever felt it before. He lifted his face to the breeze and listened carefully. The Welcoming Song was starting, but different than ever before. There was a sound of celebration and triumph mingled with the bittersweet refrain. Eatbugs looked up to see Virginia's wise eyes on him. "Come, Little One we must make welcome". Eatbugs asked about the difference in the music.

A small smile painted the corners of her mouth, "It is a special kidden that comes today, Little One. One who has lead a rich and full life on the earth. One that has known great love and given great love. A fortunate kidden, indeed".

Eatbugs and Virginia walked side by side to the Gate. They were joined by the Company of Kiddens. Rocky and Picnic walked with heads bowed. Isolde and Pris had twined their tails. Puppie and Spunkie and Ebony walked shoulder to shoulder. One and all the kiddens bound by their humans love gathered to welcome another of their own. Eatbugs looked out over the kiddens and saw that more came. By the hundreds kiddens were joining the circle. Eatbugs felt a lump in his throat. Truly a special kidden was coming.

As the kiddens formed their circle, the Welcoming Song swelled around them. It sang of the joy of life and the tenderness of love. The music drifted through the trees and played across the Rainbow, winding it's way to the earth, sorrow and longing, joy and welcome, it's message went forth to guide the new kidden home.

The Bridge was washed in a flash of blue light, that left a handsome black and white kidden sitting in the center of the circle. He blinked once or twice and looked at the crowd of kiddens around him. Picnic stepped forward from the circle and touched noses with the new tom, "Grandpa Max" he said, "Welcome, old friend, to the Rainbow Bridge".

Max smiled and returned the greeting, "Not bad", said Max taking in his surroundings, "Not bad at all". Picnic laughed and stepped aside for the others to give their greetings. One by one the kiddens touched noises, welcome their old and dear friend to his new home.

"Are you THE Grandpa Max", said a peeper with eyes as wide as saucers.

"The one and only", laughed Max. Amid promises of stories and surrounded by his friends, Max walked through the Gate to his new home.


© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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