In Loving Memory Of Creamsickle Brenner

Written by Consta Jenkins

Reprinted by permission of the author

Eatbugs looked out over the Rainbow Fields. The sun hung low on the horizon and the sky was painted in the rosy pink hues of morning. He stood up and indulged in a long, slow, leisurely stretch, the kind that starts at your toes and slowly creeps it way to your tail. He padded his way along to find breakfast. He had promised Jasmine the night before that he'd play chasies with her, and Rocky would be waiting later to climb the willow tree, and, of course, Isolde would expect him promptly after lunch for his lessons. Life was certainly never dull here.

As he walked along he joined Spunkie and Ebony. They touched noses in greeting and fell into step with each other. They walked in silence; the comfortable silence of friends for whom words are not necessary. Eatbugs paused mid-step and twitched his whiskers and smiled. "What is it, Eatbugs?" asked Ebony. "One of my humans is thinking about me", he said with a purr. Ebony smiled with him, "I do so love it when that happens". Spunkie purred her agreement.

At the breakfast tree the friends found a vacant spot and began to eat. Eatbugs danced his tail to Peanut, who was arriving with Cosmic Bob on his shoulders and Tiny Bubbles trotting merrily beside him, chatting happily about her spectacular goal in yesterday's hockey game. "Dids I tell you that it bounced threes times off the limbs of the elms tree before its went in????". "Yes, Bubbles, I believe you mentioned that", said Peanut with a bemused tone. "Oh...well dids I tell you..." Eatbugs chuckled.

After breakfast the kiddens lounged in the sunny patches under the trees, grooming their whiskers and washing their paws. "Good morning to you, Eatbugs" said G'Max, "Have you seen Mister and Mouschi? We're supposed to referee the peeper wrestling this morning". "I think I saw Mister with Katie and Mittens," said Eatbugs, "over by the catnip patch". G'Max padded off to find his friends. Eatbugs was wiping the last of the kibble dust off his chin when Jasmine walked over to join him. He smiled a shy smile, "Um, would you like to chase me first? Or do you want to run?". She squeezed her beautiful eyes at him and smiled, "Oh which ever you prefer". Eatbugs felt his nose changing color and coughed, "Um, ahem. Why don't you chase me." She nodded and he took off. Laughing he turned his head back to call out to Jasmine and plowed full tilt into Miss Kitty. "Ohmigosh!", cried Eatbugs as he helped her to her paws, "I'm so sorry. Here let me dust you off..." "A gentletom ALWAYS watches where he is going", said Miss Kitty, "But your apology is most humbly accepted. I hope ya'll enjoy your chase". With that she trotted off, her tail held at just the proper angle. Jasmine and Eatbugs looked at each other and giggled. "Is she always" laughed Jasmine. "Oh yes," said Eatbugs, "She is, after all, a Southern lady kidden". "Well, shall we try again?" smiled Jasmine. "Oh yes, I promise...."

Eatbugs stopped mid-sentence. He turn his face into the breeze and felt the twitching in his whiskers. "What is it Eatbugs?" asked Jasmine. "Another of us comes", said Eatbugs, bowing his head. Jasmine bowed hers as well. After a moment he lifted his head and held out his paw for hers. "Come, we must go and greet our new friend". Quietly they walked together as the Company of Kiddens gathered around them. Pris and Freyja walked with Virginia and Isolde. Prissy and Miss Kitty guided the peepers. Together they came, once again, to welcome another to their ranks.

At the Gate, the kiddens formed their circle. The Welcoming Song was swirling around them, lifting it's voice onto the wind and dancing it's way Earthward. The lights in the sky glimmered and shifted, painting the horizon in the brilliant colors of the Rainbow. The bright blue flash appeared and Company waited for it to subside. A gentle looking tom, with creamy golden fur and a handsomely striped tail sat blinking at the group. He blinked his golden eyes, "Where am I?". Putt Putt stepped forward and offered her nose to her brother. "Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge, Creamsickle", she said. "I know you", he said, with a tinge of doubt in his voice. "Of course you know me silly. It's me Putt Putt". "Putt Putt? But..." his voice trailed off as he sat disbelieving. Putt Putt laughed, "You remember me as an old kidden, and a sick one. There is no sickness here. And our bodies are whole and strong again", she said and danced a small step in proof. "Look at yourself", she said gently. Creamsickle looked down. His legs, that had grown so thin and held such pain, where whole again. His fur glistened in the morning sun and his eyes were bright and clear. He looked up at Putt Putt. "You are whole again, brother. And you are home now. You will never hurt again. You will never grow old or ill. And Creamsickle, the best part? We can be together until our humans come for us. Come on," she said wrapping her tail around him, "Come and meet the others..."

And with that she led him to meet his new family.

© Copyright 1993 Constance Jenkins. All Rights Reserved. The author retains all copyright and intellectual rights to this work. It may not be printed in whole or in part without express written permission.
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