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(Updated 02/23/13)

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The Grief Support Chat Room

This is a place of support for hurting hearts. All are welcome here.
It is very important to be non-judgmental toward others here.

Please read the Chat Room Information Page before using the Chat Room.
As of 03/27/14 there is a NEW number tor reporting problems.

This Chat Room is open 24/7.
Unfortunately many of you when logging in at random times have not been able to find anyone else in the room.
If you are in the lower 48 states, I suggest that you try the room at 8:00 PM your local time.
If all of you do this, it will make it much more likely that there will be others in the room when you join it.

(If you do not see the chat window after clicking "connect", click the chat icon on the Windows task bar)

If you are having problems with Java, Here are some Basic troubleshooting tips for Java issues

Currently using the Chat Room:

Select Java or Flash (Java is best but if you don't have Java on your computer, select Flash)
Next, enter the name you want to use in the chat room and click the connect button: