Tabby Tabby Cat 18 years Prayers for tabby, pancreatitis, kidney fail, needs healing prayers and easy to jouney on Friend of Linda Featheredwolf
Taffy Lynn Calico Cat 06/97 Taffy has recently become diabetic and having a hard time. Please say an extra prayer for my girl. Ann Higdon
Talor Church Cat 05/20/95 She is near her beginning to the rainbow bridge, prayers for peace / comfort Harmony Tennessee Rl Church
Tamara DSH Brown Tabby Cat 6 years Has Auto Immune Disease and Advanced Lymphoma Teresa (AWP)
Tammy T Tabby Cat 2000 Tammy has developed mammary gland cancer. Kari Seelman
Tango Dog Been sick UTI Debby Dolen
Tango Dog Need prayers for victory over his 3rd recurrence of cancer Robert
Tank Cat 13+ Losing weight unsteady on his feet going senile fell off counter Amanda
Tank Mixed Dog 2001 kidney and neurological problems..old age has caught up N A E
Tasha Cat 2000 She has lung cancer Wendy Patterson
Taz Cat Diagnosed with FIP Lorri M
Taz Lab-Sharp 07/98 Is my sister's dog and has had two tumors removed from his face. Mary J. Oliver
Taz Maine Coon Cat 07/27/06 Diabetes, Liver Disease Sandy
Teddy Boxer 02/14/09 Kidney failure. Pray for his comfort and successful treatment Nancy Breadmore
Teddy Grey Bengal Cat 2 years He has been sick since I rescued him from an elderly ladies barn and he has FIP. Renee Bradshaw
Teddy Malti-Poo 06/15/02 Just diagnosed today with hemangiosarcoma ; has had heart disease for several years Judie Fezekas
Tess Cat Is a blind cat that resides at a special needs true no kill shelter Mark
Tessy Cat 6 years Missing, to return very soon Vijayalakshmi.R
Thomas Orange Cat 20 years Has cancer and going fast. He's my best friend. I'm devastated. Carolyn
Thomasina IV Persian Blue/Cream Cat 15 years Missing for a month-I am grief stricken. Please pray she returns to me and is alive & well. Cynthia Cupit Goodman
Thor Ferret Loss of cage mate; depression-won't eat:drink; possible loss leg paralyzation; Erik
Thumper Mixed Lab 4 years Has torn two crucial ligements in both his back legs. He cannot walk anymore. Hannah Mariah
Thumper Schipperke 17 1/2 years Going through treatment for epitheliotropic lymphoma Diane Harris
Thunder Domestic Short Hair Cat 11/10/89 He is an extremely old cat and please pray for continued good health for him Shirley Mullen
Tia GSD Missing 12/31/11 Karren Cooper
Tiberius Rottweiler 07/05/07 Was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Please pray he can be home, pain free for more time. Lynette Peterson
Tifa Tiger Cat 04/14/02 I found Lumps on Tifa. They are small! Please prayer for her Kathy Bedits
Tiffini Charmel Turkish Angora Cat 04/01/94 Hyperthyroid, Pancreatitus on Meds pray maintains wellness, our soul baby saved my life 19yrs ago. Connie & Vaughn
Tiger Orange Tabby Cat 05/97 Prayers for my 17 year old cat in his final days battling an aggressive cancer Angela
Tigger Cat 6 years To survive and get stronger Amanda Billings
Tigger Dark Gray Tabby Cat Prayers for Tigger who has pancreatitis IBD and possible lymphoma on medication pray for healing Maddie n Family
Tigger Domestic Short Hair Cat 14 years Kidney disease Shannon
Tigger Orange Tabby Cat 19 years Is elderly and has CRF, he's on fluids & happy but we have limited time. Diane Frain
Tiggie Snow Leopard Bengal Cat 04/23/01 Serenely and calmly entering his last few weeks with increasing kidney failure. Rosemarie Loft
Tiko German Shepherd 09/22/03 He has a neurological disorder 'wobbly' something Jeannie
Tillie Puppy Mammary tumor that looks like cancer Mart
Tilly Cockatiel 03/02/11 Severe balance issues, feather picking, needs special care Linda Brown
Timba Cat Fighting liver tumor. Heidi F
Timber Flat Coat Retriever 4 years To heal Timber from all future suffering from grand mal seizures free of medications. Marilyn Hollenbeck
Timer English Mastiff 01/17/05 She is a heart patient and is having a bone biopsy today to see if she has bone cancer Mary Siwak
Timo Lhasa Apso-Mix 9 years Severe allergies and liver issues Dianna
Ting Chinese Pit 02/23/01 Yesterday vet found cancer of the spleen Alexandra Gardner
Tinkerbell Cat 11 years Has large tumor on leg/chest. Can no longer use the leg. Giovanna Rossi
Tinky Domestic Medium Hair Cat 06/15/95 Our sweet little Tinky has just been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. All prayers appreciate Cherie, Gary & Heather Howard
Tiny Preston Dog 16 years Just diagnosed with cancer Linda P
Titus, nickname Pongo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Border Collie 5 years Massive fluid buildup in abdomen putting pressure on his heart. Can't imagine life without him. Meriel
Tober ShihTzu/JRT 07/04/06 Was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. Lisa Murphy
Tobi Dog Missing Jen
Tobi Dog Missing Tammy and family
Toby Aussie Mix 01/03/05 Has been missing since 7/24. there has been no sightings or information. Please come home Toby Ania
Toby Domestic Rabbit 2005 Terminal lung cancer. Please pray for more precious time with her & for timely, gentle crossing. C.P.Khoo
Toby German Shepherd Mix 03/02/07 Heart murmur, cancer survivor, necrosis survivor. Alyssa
Toby Neller Domestic Medium Hair Cat 03/24/04 FLUTD Jane Neller
Todd Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix 05/15/96 Eye sight,bladder Patricia/ Laura/Patricia
Todd Dog 12 years Loss of eyesight,hip pain Patricia Smith
Tom (Pinto Cat) Tuxedo Cat 18 years Old age; looks as if the end is very near Rachel
Tom Cat Swollen and bleeding ears probably from ear mites bad teeth Judy
Tomás Jorge Cat Mi gatito tiene 16 años y es ciego, está enfermo y creo que ya pronto será hora de ir al puente Cecilia Juárez
Tomas Perro 15 años Era un perrito muy viejito llevaba 15 años en la familia y su perdida es algo demasiado triste. Chanci
Tomasito Cat Tomasito is FelV positive, please pray for him, to immunize or stay good for many, many years. Cory López
Tommy Cat 02/2015 My cat won't eat and drink because of ingestion problem, he is currently fighting now. Mike Wijaya
Tony DSH Brown Tabby Cat 15 years Has a heart arrhythmia and his kidneys are beginning to fail. Kate Girosky
Tootsie Dachshund 04/01/06 My baby was given 3 months to live. She has heart failure and a stomach tumor pushing on her organs Taylor Howle
Topee Domestic Shorthair Cat 13 years Has been diagnosed with kidney failure she is still with me, but does not feel good Lynn Lauder
Topsy Brown Tabby Cat 16 years Little Topsy has a tumor in her lung and near her heart. I love her loads. Linda Chan
Torrie Shepherd 12 years Healing for Torrie, restoration of excellent health Natalie Keyes For Julie Smith
Toto Yorkshire Terrier 06/10/05 Has been diagnosed with a collapsing Esophagus. Coughs and gags every time he gets a drink. Barbara
Touta Cat 17 years We need to work out the best ckd diet available Stephen & Ed Field/Dunkley
Treasure Collie 13 years 10 months Baby girl is declining. She now has serious skin condition vet wants to put her down Dana
Treasure Himalayan Cat 13 years Was diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and is refusing to eat. I'm syringe-feeding her. Maureen
Trevor Cocker Spaniel Has many neuro problems & pain, but is such a good, good boy Bobbie & Stan LaSov
Trinket Pug 11 years His back legs have such weak muscles he can barely walk. He is ill. Danny Spence
Trioxide Morgan Rottweiler 08/07/99 Pease pray for our dog Trixie !organ who was just diagnosed with bone cancer. Aisha Morgan
Trixie Long Haired Dachshund 16 1/2 years Blind and deaf. Steve & Lori Lea Sawyer
Trooper Tabby Cat 03/03/04 Mast cell cancer. Had spleen removed and is undergoing chemo. Please pray for him. Thanks. Mary G
Trystan Orange Tabby Cat 03/14/04 My TrysTBear's heart is failing, praying he enjoys the rest of his time here and doesn't suffer. Tara K
Tubbie Domestic Short Hair (Black) Cat 04/2009 Has FIP....needs our prayers and help to have a miracle. Joe and Linda Morrison
Tubby Cat 16 years Diabetic and losing loss of his back legs Amanda
Tuck Ferret 3 years Completely deaf. Yasmin
Tucker Dog Spleen removal 03/21/14 due to possible cancer. Please keep in prayer! Kevin
Tucker Jack Russell Terrier 13 years My dog is nearing the end of his life, he has tracheal collapse. He is not doing good Joy Oda-Morlang
Tucker Nicholas Cavalier King Charles 09/29/00 Please pray for tucker as he has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray that I make the right decision Linda Nicholas
Tucker Shih Tzu Poodle 06/24/96 Is very old, hard to walk, can't see, but still loves his life. Bonnie
Tues Bombay Cat 09/01/01 Tumors/lumps on her neck, multiple biopsies have been inconclusive Julie Lantrip
Tuffy Cat 01/07/02 Please pray for my Tuffy who is diabetic, suffers from chronic pancreatitis and ostheoarthritis Johanne Jerome
Tula Pomeranian 04/15/05 Is suffering from cancer and it is her lungs now and incurable. Please pray for her. Patti Knight
Tux Domestic Shorthair Black Cat 2 years Looks like he has been poisoned! Any prayers sent for him to get well would be so appreciated!! Linda McCoy
Tyson Cool Dog 12/04/00 Tyson was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor Gladys
Tyson Pitbull 07/01/06 Lung Liaison possible cancer, bacterial or fungus Kelsie