Nadia Kitten Found in a parking lot in poor condition now being fostered and improving each day Christine
Nakeetah Pickert Doberman 13 years Thyroid cond., hip dysplasia and urinary tract infection, please pray for comfort and more time. Dana and Clay Pickert
Nala Siamese Mix Cat 12/01/96 Aggressive tumor, reduced kidney function J. Mears
Nanners Cat Having issues with her tummy waiting on bloodwork to come back on Monday Kim W.
Naomi Staffordshire Terrier 10/01/05 Arthritis pain and allergy issues Julie Grudzinskas
Natalie Shih Tsu 13 years Had a stroke Jason Marina Madison Daisy Kim Joann Sylvia Claude
Nekomi and one of the hammock kittens from The Whiskerss Syndicate sick with EGC Lori
Nemer Cat Missing since 08/09/12 Debbie
Newfie Dog Tumors around heart and in lungs - still undergoing tests Kate and Dave P
Nicholas Lewis American Cocker Spaniel 5 1/2 years Nicholas is out of remission. Prayers that he goes peacefully and not in pain. Emily Lewis
Nickel Noc Flopadopaless Orange and White American Short Hair Cat 17 years Prayers for my Floppy, that he gets better, and that masses around heart are not the big 'C' Mary-Ann Kay
Nico Siberian Husky/Malamute Mix Has cervical and spinal stenosis which despite several medications, keep him in pain. Carol
Nielwen Weimaraner 5 years Lost/missing since 8/6/2012 Helen & Bill
Nikita Maltese 04/27/98 Prayer she started having seizures in June, do not like the side elects of the PB she is now on. Teresa
Nikki Domestic Longhair Cat 12 years Severe fatty liver disease, heart murmur, hyperthyroidism Sue Gilliland
Niko Dog Bring peace and comfort to Niko and the family that loves him Deborah
Niko Yorkie 14 years Dying from kidney disease Rachel
Nilar Cat She is getting old and starting to get sickly Jean
Nimbly Cat Nimbly is always sick, as stress affects him this way. Currently he has a sore tail that was bitten Margaret o Neill
Nip Jack Russell Terrier 11/01/96 Recently diagnosed with heart disease Bev Rusk
Nita Mixed Dog 06/14/13 She was hit by a car her sister Tinara died protecting her. Tina DiBartolo
Nixie Siamese Cat 10 years Skin infection John Strong
Noah Golden Retriever 9 years Prayers for healing and not terminal, has diabetes Brenda
Noelle Nilla Bean Gelman Cat 15 years Pancreatic and Liver Cancer Rachel Gelman
Nura Eskimo/Sheltie Cross 04/25/01 My baby is old and feeble, yet so strong and giving in her sweet nature to let her remain in pain. Patricia & John
Nutshell (Newt) Kitten 2 weeks This little kitten was found without a mum. She is not thriving and may not survive. Katherine O'Toole
Nysha Rottweiler 02/19/00 Cancer, old age Please send healing and postive energy Angel F