Mabel Australian Shepherd 04/13/17 Prayers for a successful retina surgery on 4/15/18 Diana
Mabel Husky Mix 15+ years She is old but still has a good appetite. I just want her to have a good life in her old age. Gigi
Mac Aussie Mix Possible Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen red blood cells an odd shape in very poor condition the Everetts
Machin Rat 1 year Il respire si mal, offrez lui de l'air par vos pričres. Je l'aime tellement. Laurine
Mackie (Doodle) McCrank Cocker Spaniel 08/02/99 Mackie is blind and deaf now. He still seems content and happy still. All The McCrank Family and Lynn Roy
Macy Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix 9 years Acute Renal Failure not responding to treatment Este, Tiffany, and Lou
Macy Scottie 06/01/00 's blood work is perfect but her legs are just not cooperating with her! Amy
Maddie Beagle 6 years Lymph nodes are enlarged. She recently beat a terrible MRCA infection. Please pray for her Heather
Maddie Chihuahua/Maltese 06/16/04 We just found out that Maddie has congestive heart failure :( Jody and Marty Hodges
Maddie May Meek Chow/Shepherd Mix 08/99 Maddie is elderly with skin problems and just lost her best friend, Sylva Bell. The Meek Family
Maddy Cocker Spaniel 10 years Has progressive cancer in a tumor on her face. Krista
Madeline Dog Injured in an accident and in pain Medu S.
Madge DMH Black Cat 6 years Kidney Failure and Liver Problems, Not Doing Well AWP Teresa
Madras Kit Cat 11/2004 Missing,to return very soon Vijayalakshmi.R
Maggie Beagle 05/20/09, Our very special little girl, was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for us. Alice and Vic
Maggie Border Collie 06/99 Abdominal carcinoma I need the strength to make the right decisions for her Sydelle
Maggie Border Terrier 04/04/03 She is going for Chemo after having surgery for yet another mammary chain lump. Prayers please. Patricia Schaeffer
Maggie Dog 3 years Low platelet count -18. Waiting on cause for treatment. Elaine
Maggie Dog I had to leave maggie in spain, for my own safety i had to go, but i will be back for you x Carole
Maggie German Shepherd 07/2005 My baby is suffering right now from a bad knee, bad hip and possibly liver cancer Nurse Steph
Maggie Husky Mix 09/26/06 She has cancer and is going downhill. I dont want to lose her but I fear I will Nichole
Maggie Lab 9 years Knee and leg, ears, skin Ron, Tracy, Steeler, Parker
Maggie Rottweiler 10 years Increased mobility of arthritic hind legs Stacey
Maggie Yellow Lab 03/28/01 Maggie's liver and kidneys are failing rapidly Stuart
Maggiedog Golden Retriever, Collie, German Shepherd 09/15/98 Diagnosed with visceral hemangiosarcoma - spleen; praying for peace without pain Charlene
Magic Black Lab 01/17/98 Cancer Renee Freeland and Jim Rudolph
Magic Cat 15 years This sweet brave 3 legged cat is now fighting jaw bone cancer. Elaine
Magic Catahoula Leopard/American Bulldog 6 1/2 years Immune mediated hemolitic anemia Brandon
Mai Thai Cat Is diabetic and has enlarged anal gland needs to improve quickly or vet may have to do surgery Stephany H.
Maize Kitten 09/06/13 Diagnosed with possible FIP. Please pray for him! Lindsay C
Makena Siamese Mix Cat 02/01/04 She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, with a bone tumor on her hind paw that has spread. Laura Kray
Malachi Cat 9 years Kidney failure, on sub-q fluids for over a year, taking a turn for the worse Rachel Miller
Malfoy Mcquillan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 8 years Heart problems please everyone pray for my malfoy most ppl all kno me on here as goldiesmommy Mags Rachel Mcquillan
Mallo Merman Chihuahua 01/16/04 Mallo suffers from an enlarged heart, arthritis and some cataract symptoms. Thomas and Adeline Merman
Mamma Black and White Cat 13 years kidney /bladder problems Eileen
Mandy Rottweiler 12/19/01 Has cancer and is failing much faster than normal, please pray she understands I love her Malinda Gibson
Mandy Yorkshire Terrier 04/12/04 Neurological disorder Cindy
Maple Tuxedo Cat 14 years Diagnosed with lymphoma Jennifer J.
Marcel Cat 06/06/98 Pray for my beloved cat who is ill and I cannot find comfort from my pain. Larissa Montiel
Marcel Cat 06/08/98 Get well soon, if it is not possible not to suffer much Larissa
Marcel Cat 17 years I want my baby not to suffer with his kidney failure. Larissa Montiel
Marceo Shih Tzu 09/21/01 Marco has dementia and it is getting harder to feed and water him (basically by hand exclusively) Lori and Kevin Garrett
Marceo Woo Shih Tzu 09/21/01 Pray for Marceo to feel better. He has stopped eating, is lethargic, and having many accidents. Lori and Kevin Garrett
Marceo Woo Shih Tzu 16 years Marco is suffering from dementia (2 years)..I've lost babies b4 & am not ready to tell him goodbye. Lori Garrett
Marley Lab/Spaniel 17 years Good thoughts and prayers for a painless and easy end of life time for our Marley dog. Betsy
Marley Labradoodle 22/05/10 Hip dysplsia and congenital spinal problems Anne
Marshall Bull Terrier 6 years Breathing problem. Specialists cannot figure it out. Jenn
Marshmallow Cat Cat was scared and has been missing for several days. Please pray for his return. Nancy
MaryAnn Black Lab Mix 02/14/03 MaryAnn has severe nighttime anxiety and may have canine cognative syndrome at only 9 years old Karen Caron
Master Puddings Chinchilla Cat 10 years Ear cancer Anne O'Shea
Matthew Mongrel Is a very sick dog Helena
Mausi Rat Terrier 15 years Sweet Mausi has Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and has good and bad days. Gigi
Maverick Quarter Horse 33 years Very arthritic Lynelle
Maverick Retriever Mix 11 years Prayer to keep Maverick Comfortable while ill with Cancer Merilee
Max Bassett Hound Deformed right leg Heather W. Bowers
Max Bichon Frise 10/16/13 Loves to be held and given Doggie treats. He is the best Dog!!! Janet Hudson
Max Border Collie 06/99 Diabetic/blind /aging hips Marlo Baxter
Max Border Collie Mix We just found out Max has cancer. Pray that he does not suffer& give us strength Irene & Carl
Max Cat Missing Allyson
Max Cat Missing Kim
Max Chow/Lab 12 years Is special but he is getting very decrepit and needs prayers William Cotton
Max Cocker 7 years Severe allergies Susan
Max Dobie-Shepherd-Black and Tan Mix 05/98 My old guy has mobility problems, has sundowners syndrome and becoming more and more fragile Laura B
Max Dog Declining rapidly, heading to bridge soon. Prayers for peace and comfort .Strength for his Master Melinda
Max German Shepherd 13 years Starting medication for hip dysplasia prayers for comfort in his older age Tommy, Karen and Mikki Dog
Max German Spitz 6 months Our dog will be put down tom as has chronic renal failure, pray for a miracle Tracey Carney
Max Poodle 9 years Our boy has had his spleen removed due to a tumor, we pray it isn't cancer. Marsha & Keith Walters
Max Poodle-Cocker Mix Needs surgery for tumor neurological issues and deteriorating front left leg Iris C.
Max Terrier 01/14/99 Is battling lyphoma bravely…please add him to your prayer list…God bless all of our buddies Rebecca Carstenson
Max Weimeraner 05/30/98 He has arthritis and it is progressing very quickly Lynelle
Maxie DSH Cat Pray that Maxie does not have cancer and gains his weight back Natahnya
Maxine Yorkshire Terrier 04/09/99 Has maliginant Melanomia Cindy Bobnar
Maxwell Black and White Cat 03/30/98 Max is a end of life CRF cat and we are having to make a decision about quality vs quantity. Doris & Don Worthen
Maxwell Springer Spaniel 13 years Max suffered a stroke and is in need of prayers for recovery. Brian
Maxx Cat Missing Kim W.
Maxx German Shepherd Mix 5 years Back Problems and Hip Dysplasia Kristina
Maya Great Pyrenees, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd 03/17/13 Tore her back left A.C.L., and is slowly tearing her back right A.C.L. Neveah
Mayberry Long Haired Gray Cat 05/04/93 Please pray for my beloved who has seizures. We just lost our love Ren a beautiful and kind Tuxedo Han
Maynard Cat This is my friends cat that has been missing since 6/28/13 Becky
Mayzi Mix Dog 16 years Kidney failure Marian Boden
McTiggerty DSH Tabby Cat approximately 11 years Tiggerty has stomach cancer. He has lost a great deal of weight and is on Sub Q fluids and meds. Barbara Weimann
Mega Puppy Border Collie 15+ years Suffering from Idiopathic Vestibular disease Charles Kaczor
Meggie Australian Shepherd 07/31/99 Has cancer without much time left Marilyn Bertelsen
Meisha Oriental Shorthair Cat Is almost 16 and has stage 3 renal failure. Her time is coming and I am a heartbroken Mom. Sharon Doria
Melody Corgi Cardigan 11/19/08 Mel has addisons disease. She's being treated but it's hard on her. Please pray for her. Carolejane 'CJ' Barrett
Melody Schnauzer Beginning kidney failure T. Zieba
Merlin Border Collie 14 years Started having short seizures a few days ago Tirzah and Larry
Merri Mixed Bunny 10 years Slowly fading. Please pray for a gentle passing. Connie Beach
Mia Chi 06/2005 CHF needs pace maker but can't have one due to CHF Angela
Mickey Black Lab 03/29/98 Is aging fast and is in much pain.. We are having a hard time doing what is 'best'. <3 Lisa
Mickey Cat 12/020/1997 Renal failure. Please pray. I cannot stop crying. Kelly Wade
Mickey Russian Blue Cat 12/17/93 Prayers Lory Peters
Midnight American Shorthair Cat 03/10/10 Diabetic Mark
Midnight Black Cat 11 years He has kidney disease and is staring to decline. He has had kidney disease for 21 months. Susan Leer
Midnight Cat Has a sinus problem TH
Midnight Lerasle Domestic Shorthair Cat Midnight has an aggressive brain tumor which is making it difficult for her to breathe and eat. Michelle Haag
Midnight Tabby Cat 03/14/90 Has had kidney disease for 8 years. A decision will have to be made today. Kate Ogden
Midnight the Music Man Shorthair Domestic Cat 10/31/95 Midnight has diabetes and is struggling with related constipation issues Joa
Mikey Grey Tabby Domestic Short Hair Cat 04/01/97 Healing prayers for Mikey, she is healthy but losing strength in her hind legs cause unknown. Janet Mishalanie
Miki Pomeranian 10/22/93 's in critical condition, anemic from loss of blood. It may be cancer. We pray for her. Gail and John
Milaah Bonita Cat 08/02/16 Milaah was always getting into something all the time. She got a hold of sewing string and she had Isamar Argomaniz
Mildred Service Dog Torn/ruptured crucial ligament Heidi L.
Miley Beagle 05/10/08 Liver Cancer. Taking chemo 3x a week. Nancy Rodriguez
Milkdud DSH White Cat with Orange Spots FeLV+ for 4.5 years without symptoms, but now has multicentric lymphoma Marsha H
Millie also known as Millard Fillmore Scotty Mix 13 years Tillie is very sick with pancreatitis. So terribly worried. Andrea Hitz
Millie Cat Is missing somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, UK. Please pray for her safe return home! Gillian Holliday
Milo Cat 8 years Intestinal cancer Michelle
Milo Mixed Dog 11/15/96 Failing health from old age Bill and Dottie
Milo Pomeranian Is a very sick little doggie. Please pray for him and his family, Picnic Wolf
Mimi Holland Lop Rabbit 01/26/07 Fluid in her lungs Laura
Mindy DSH Calico Cat Intestinal Cancer AWP Teresa
Mindy DSH Cat 14 years Possible lymphoma Marie W
Miney DSH Black Cat 6 years Has FIV related anemia and is not producing red blood cells. We are trying to do all we can. Gloria Statham
Minnie Bridges Yellow Lab 05/29/98 She has had 2 seizures and if suffering from arthritis. Not sure if putting her down is the right t Rosy
Minnie Cat Untreatable cancer doing well despite diagnosis Jen S.
Minnie Mac Domestic Shorthair Cat 08/10/00 Our girl has been missing for eleven days. Please pray for her return! Jamie Brown
Minnie Wild Squirrel 11-12 months Injured back leg, possibly broken. Sending you all my wishes for protection & healing, Minnie xxxxx Linda Chan
Miracle American Long Hair Cat 17 1/2 years Its hard for her to get around,I assist her to the litter box,now all she does is lay around. Judy Huggins
Mischief Black Domestic Short Haired Cat 4 years Diagnosed with FIP and losing the battle Terry
Mischief Domestic Shorthaired Cat 4 years Diagnosed with FIP Terry
Misha A Cat 06/10/01 To recover and start eating again Debra Aarens
Misha American Staffordshire Terrier 11/01/01 Please help her stay comfortable through the rest of her time here on earth. I love u so much Misha Rebecca
Misha Husky Mix 12 years Cancer of the throat Terri Cornwell
Miss Amber Norwegian Fjord Horse 1988 Amber has Cushings and is Insulin Resistant. She had one mild attack of laminitus over a year ago. Deborah Stai
Miss Belle Beagle Mix Deaf with cancer Patricia McMahon
Miss Fancy Pants Miniature Poodle 03/02/08 Fancy was abused before she got me. She is still scared I will hurt her too. Shannon
Miss Francis Cat 6 years Needs to lose weight Deni
Miss Holly Dog 06/15/05 She is very ill with cancer and is going to the Rainbow Bridge tonight :( Alexis
Miss Kitty (Kitty, Missy, Missy Pretty, Miss) Long Haired Tabby Maine Coon Rag Doll (?) Cat at least 10 years Our Beloved cat Miss Kitty - has hyperthyroid, DX Dec. 21 - has stopped eating 2 days ago E. A. Stashko
Miss Kitty Cat Is struggling with cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts as she approaches the bridg Kathy Gianassi
Miss Kitty Domestic Shorthair Cat Today I had found a cat about 7 months old, she is hurt and needs medical attention shes a stray. Deborah Toney
Miss Scarlett Rottweiler 04/22/08 Lymphoma diagnosis, got it early, Prayers for Scarlett and my judgement Katherine Trowell
Missy English Springer Spaniel 16 years Needs prayers for her recovery from thrombocytopenia and undiagnosed hypothyroid crisis. Susanna Erickson
Missy Golden 13 1/2 years Cancer Cathy
Missy GSD 16 months Very aggressive may have to be helped to the Bridge because of it Lori
Missy Miniature Schnauzer 01/05/97 Is dealing with congestive heart failure and kidney failure. Paula
Missy Molda Llhasa Apso 16 years Has Altzheimers disease and needs some prayer Louise Molda
Missy Spike Cat Renal failure Annie
Mister Rhee Pug 01/01/95 He is ready to transition and needs prayers Ali Kelly
Mistletoe Cat 05/01/02 My dear and precious Mistletoe is nearing the Bridge and I am heartbroken. Andrea
Misto Cat 04/10/99 Needs tooth extraction & also has early stage kidney disease. Barbara Vatza
Misty Blue Cat 14 Going in for CT scan Katherine W
Misty Blue Cat Renal failure Katherine W.
Misty Chocolate Lab 14 years Wouldn’t eat or drink Laurie
Misty Keeshond Mix Strength and comfort as she is suffering from kidney disease Ann
Misty Mixed Dog 17 years She is very old and lost her twin brother about a month ago. She still misses him. Valyn
Mittins American Shorthair Cat He needs surdgree Bridget
Miya Boston Terrier 8 years Is staying overnight for treatment for a spine inflammation. Her sister Kiki is lost withouth Linda Beach
MJ Calico DSH Cat 1 1/2 years Very bad heart murmur, congestive heart failure Karen Kreller
Mocha Newfoundland 12 1/2 years Probable laryngeal paralysis. Getting surgical consult. Please send healing prayers Lee Simpson
Moe Clonts Cat 17 years Kidney failure Ellery Clonts
Moe DSH Orange Tabby Cat 06/11/02 Gereatric feline anorexia Angela
Moey Chihuahua 15 years Has a rapidly growing tumor on her spleen. Pray for a painless passing, please. Mariquita Solis and Aunt Jan Danielson
Mojo (Mohave) Grey Tabby Cat 08/16/05 Chronic renal failure, possible cancer Kim Rushnell
Mollie Labrador 11/24/09 Remission from lymphoma Lori Schur
Mollie Schnauzer 05/12/03 She is diabetic and needs insulin and diabetic food and antibiotics for chronic uti schnauzer 14 Susie
Molly aka Bug Rat Terrier 8 years Please pray for Molly's recovery from an attack. Pray for healing of both her leg & her spirit. Susan Robards
Molly Beagle 02/09/98 Found out Molly has 2 large tumors, other major health problems, dealing with losing her. Jim Masterson
Molly Boston Terrier 09/01/97 Has cancer, arthritis and is almost blind. She is has trouble walking, but is still spunky! Mary Grambsch
Molly Bug Rat Terrier 15 years Molly has a tumor on her liver, please say a little prayer for her. Surg is not an option. Thank u. Susan Robards
Molly Bug Rat Terrier 15 years Prayer for little Bug. She lost another companion, & her liver is failing her also. Susan Robards
Molly Bull Terrier 10 years Was just diagnosed with end stage Mast Cell Cancer. Pray that she has a good long life yet. Miche Branscum
Molly Cat 8 years Problems with teeth and gums Mary
Molly Chihuahua 06/2007 Dying day by day of heart disease, but holding her own so far. Sandie Gill
Molly Golden Retriever 11 years Arthritis Linda & Todd
Molly Jean Bradley Beagle 03/03/98 Kidneys going to shutdown after 15.5 years.God Bless Molly when crossing over to the other side Constance Bradley
Molly Jo Short Hair Cat 1 year 3 months Molly is lost. Inside cat. Please pray we find her..... Jan Gibson
Molly MsFluff Ragdoll Mix Cat 10 1/2 years Recently diagnosed with a mass on her liver, stopped eating, losing weight. Many prayers needed. Maddie
Molly Pug 02/08/04 Cancer. Also grieving the loss of Otis (my other pug) her best friend Eileen Domnitz
Molly Silky Terrier 06/12/97 Has Cushings disease and a heart condition Cathleen Anderson
Molly Sue Tabby Cat 17 years Suffering renal failure. Loss of appetite, have started at home fluid therapy. Michael Kopnski
Molly Tuxedo Short Hair Cat 01/01/00 Went missing from home 10/17/11; need prayers for her to safely return home, much missed Terry Miltier
Mom Cat 13 years Prayers she is currently very sick, Janey
Momma Cat Missing Martha
Monica Aussie 10 years DX with cancer in heart & liver! Very sudden. Connie Fry
Mono Grey Tabby Cat 19 1/2 years He is blind, deaf and has kidney failure Joanna
Montana Border Collie UTI Ariel D.
Montana Dog Unknown lump Ariel
Monty (moo moo) Basset Hound 04/16/03 Monty needs help to grieve his best friend and brother, Oscar who we lost just over 48 hours ago. Patricia Yott
Moo Moo American Bulldog Bone Cancer and is going in for leg amputation Kira
Moo Shoo Japanese Bobtail Cat 13 years She got out two months ago and i worry she is not safe out there Haven't seen her at all ? Trudy Woolf
Mooch Lab/Pit Mix 2003 Found out today that Mooch has done cancer and already has a fracture in her hind leg. Corinne
Mooch Tabby Cat 1993 A small prayer for a very old sick and very special cat. I know her time now is limited. Enid
Moochie DHC Cat 09/93 Moochie has kidney issues and needs special prayers to stay well - thanks to all who pray for her Marie Murphy
MoonLite Cat Lung fluid Colleen
Moose Cat Having inner ear problems, might need surgery, prayers n positive energy needed Sylvana and John
Moose DSH Black Cat 11ish Has a cyst in his ear and needs prayers for this to be benign Sylvana and John
Morgan Cat 8 years Cancer of the eye Joan
Mork Domestic Shorthair Grey, Black and White Tabby Cat 05/97 Prayers for him in his last days. Nicole, Hugh and Nelson
Morna Domestic Long Haired Black Cat 04/01/01 Chronic digestive problem, hypertension, probably on way to Rainbow Bridge Martha S Jones
Morris Cat 03/15/95 Pray for healing here or at Rainbow Bridge. He is 16 and ill. Judy Jay
Mother Cat and 4 feral kittens missing PA
Mousy Cat from The Whiskers’ Syndicate Trying to determine reason for a sudden swelling of his nose Josie
Mousy Cat Underwent emergency surgery on his nose to remove a blood clot Josie
Mowglie Milam Mix Dog 12 years Prayers for healing & Pain free days & easy passing when it's time dx of osteosarcoma last week. Melissa Milam
Mr Been Mix Black Cat 19 years Vet deciding whether to put him down or not Grace
Mr Griffin Cat 15 years He has just lost his life long companion Sylvestre, and I don’t want him to make himself ill with gr Anne O'Shea
Mr Kitty 18 years losing weight needing fluids Larry
Mr. Bengal Large Brown Tabby Cat 4 years Chronic FIV Michele Josephs
Mr. Hemingway Himalayan Cat 19 years Mr. H is in 3rd stage of renal failure and has advanced anemia. Losing weight everyday. Nina
Mr. Jingles Long Haired Chihuahua 18 years CHF, collapsed trachea Debbie
Mr. Magoo Siamese/Tabby Cat 12 years Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Chris Malkove
Mr. Rhee Kelly Pug 19 years He survived a major stroke, got better, and now is slowing down again. He needs healing energy now. Ali Kelly
Mrs. Grey Cat Came home with tail almost severed had to be amputated Lori
Muffin Lhasa Apso 06/11/96 Tiger's brother who passed away yesterday, is battling mass cell tumor cancer level III Daniele Leach
Mugsy Shih Tzu Inoperable tumors. Continued prayers for my sweet girl. She is fighting so hard. We love you. Karen Miller
Muky Tobar Dog 02/14/14 Pray for his prompt recovery. Has two Vertebraes fusion together causing him pain. Roxana Y Roberto Ramos
Mulder Boxer 09/11/00 Please think of Mulder as he battles Degenerative Myelopathy. Michael and Kaitlin Chidester
Mulligan Ingold Mixed Dog 9 years Has an illness/disease disease probably caused by being bitten by a wild animal Martha Grubbs
Munchie Maine Coon Tortie Mix Cat 3 years Heart murmur and kidney failure Robin and Alex Parsons
Munchkin Dachshund 02/13/90 My little Munchkin has a swollen tummy and needs vet care I can't afford. Rochelle Odell
Murdock Mixed Dog 18/05/99 Has a tumor in his bladder, diagnosed five years ago and was doing well until recently. Cecilia
Murphy Shepherd Husky Mix Prayers for healing please. Thank you so much. Susan Connolly
Mya Border Collie 06/01/98 Is is sad sad shape. Very arthritic among other problems Peggy Northrop
Mya Boxer 09/24/07 She has lymphoma and is going thry chemo Donna Hubbard
Mya Labrador Retriever 11/07/05 Positive thoughts and prayers needed for our sweetie, Mya, who is beginning heartworm treatment Kathy Kocher
Myla Ludwick Lab/Shepherd 8 years Cancer Ken Ludwick
Mylan Neller Domestic Medium Hair Cat 02/12/04 Kidney Disease Jane Neller
Myst Russian Blue Cat 12 years Hyperthyroidism Beth and Ruth Quisenberry
Mysti CT Tuxedo Cat 01/10/06 Mysti is dying of kidney disease, therefore renal failure. Pray for no pain and easy passing, plea Deanne & Dale Cotton
Mysti Rat 10/17/11 Tumor. Besoin de tenir jusqu'à jeudi pour l'opé plus encore..; Laurine S
Mystic Cat Broken leg and very skinny Lorri M.