Kaaboose Campbell DMH Black Cat 05/2005 Kaboose is 9 and has heart failure and fluid. She was born blind Please pray for a miracle Natahnya Campbell
Kacey Golden Retriever 07/22/00 Please say a prayer for Kacey. She has been diagnosed with a growth on her spleen, Martha Vogt
Kacey Rottweiler X Boxer 09/02/98 Has started to have seizures and my vet believes that she has either a brain tumor or lesion. Marijean Whyte
Kahlua Akita 09/20/95 Getting older and missing Sumo, my companion of over 13 1/2 years. I am broken-hearted without Sumo Diana
Kahlua Cat Missing Sue
Kai Boxer 09/17/02 Has fast growing tumours, we've been given a little time to spoil him and shower him with love Jayne Piper
Kail Border Collie/Saluki 17 months Hip dysplasia Kendel Hulbert
Kairi DSH Cat 3 years Idiopathic Feline Epilepsy Jude Reilly
Kaisa, Kaisa girl, Lover dog, Kaisa baby Border Collie Australian Cattle Dog Mix 11/06/96 Kaisa has liver & thyroid prob/ lost her sister Sparkle May 20, 2011. Been together from the womb, Judy Castellano
Kaiser German Shepherd 11 years Hip Dysplasia & Arthrietus Ed & Linda
Kalie Dog 12 years Bacterial or viral infection causing her atrial heart valves to not work properly on antibiotics and a drug to help regulate her heartrate Kay
Kallie Chow Chow German Shepherd Cross 06/06/97 Vertebra fusing had a seizure and has been weak in her back legs Michell Nelson
Karma Lhasa Apso Stage V Lymphoma Cancer - End of life decision Gayla
Karma Service Dog Ate some topical flea and tick medicine family watching for neurological issues Heidi
Karma Walker Cocker Spanial 05/01/01 Karma needs prayers for her comfort. She is not responding the treatments. Her health is declining Julie
Kashka Great Dane 09/14/98 Has cancer. Please pray for her health and spirit. Mommy loves her so very much! Tiffany
Katherine Adams Chinese Crested Powder Puff Dog 04/15/07 VERY ill with IBD - will not eat & now in hospital. Please Pray for her to start eating on her own & recover - thank you Rebecca Adams
Katie Blue Heeler X Border Collie 11 1/2 years Cong. heart failure; poor appetite; Doreen Hubbard
Katie Cat 13 years Please pray for healing of my sister Ruth's cat Katie who is sick with kidney problems Karen Gawerecki
Katie Chihuahua 04/20/04 She has a very aggressive form of nasal carcinoma Ruth Kamps
Katie Dog RBC count up from 35% to 42% prednisone reduced slightly Heidi
Katie Doxie Mix Life threatening infection Jean
Katie Lee Great Pyrenees Mix 02/18/02 Prayers for my dog Katie who has lung cancer…that she go in her sleep peacefully. Caron Allen Taira
Katie Miller-Hubbard Blue Heeler/Border Collie Cross 11/11/00 Prayer for my Katie who has congestive heart failure and her stomach keeps filling up with fluid. Doreen Miller-Hubbard
Katie Yellow Lab 12 years Just diagnosted with cancer.. Sharon
Kava Labrador Retriever Was recently diagnosed wih cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. Kim
Kaylee Terrier Mix 01/97 17 yrs old - please say a pray for her to slip away without any pain Enid
Keeper Dog Advanced bone cancer Dusty Jean and Carter
Kelsea Ragdoll Cat 05/19/10 FeLV stays in Remission Sharon Fazio
Kelsey Cat 2 years Feline leukemia positive, end stage lymphoma Julette Plummer
Kelsie Cocker Spaniel 12 years Kidney disease, chronic bladder infections, chronic ear infections Kelli
Kennedy Domestic Cat 05/20/11 Lupus Penny
Kennedy Shetland Sheepdog 12 1/2 years Experiencing Ventricular Degeneration disease - trouble walking-eating-sleeping-?pain Denise
Kensington Australian Shepherd Mix Kensey is mourning the loss of her friend and companion of 14 years and taking it really hard. Angela Lowe
Kenzo Afghan Sight Hound 05/03/02 He is only nine and has got a lung tumor, hope to keep him for a very long time Gudrun Seubert
Kerry Cat 11 years Anemic lost weight possible lymphoma that can be treated with prednisone very difficult to medicate Barbara
Kes Miniature Dachshund 02/20/97 Frail and thin, slight dementia, arthritic, injured left eye (eye is healed), still eats well Pam Giles
Ketty Cat 19 years Please pray for Ketty as his CRF is getting worse. Mark
Keymira Border Collie 02/09/97 Kidney failure- has been extremely active and so young acting... until this Joan
Kiki Persian Cat 14-15 years Has chronic renal failure and is experiencing a major setback Gina Watkins
Kiki Short Hair Cat 13 years Has diabetes. Can't afford the meds. Prayers that she does't suffer. K. Miller
Kiki-Girl Cat 14 years Prayers for special Fluffball battling lymphoma Dave & Renae
King and Rose German Shepherd Dogs Slain Cpl Nathan Cirillo's dogs - pray for a good outcome for them Louise
King Arfer Shitzu/Poodle 13 years King is suffering from severe IBD, Addison's and heart murmur. We are awaiting diagnosis of heart Cathy Appel
King Kong Black Tuxedo Cat 8 years Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Valerie Scalley
Kira, sister to Kes Miniature Dachshund 02/20/97 Just diagnosed chronic renal failure, UTI, antibiotics for past month, weak, eating well though Pam Giles
Kirkley Scottish Terrier 07/28/12 Fighting lymphoma; been praying for a miracle but his nodes getting larger; he is ONLY 5 years old Linda
Kissmet Himalayan Persian Cat 05/22/11 Infection has blinded her..looking at 2 pts Meredith Fallow
Kitkat Cat 01/2008 Prayers for kitkat he has a tumor behind his eye & vet think cancer in the bone around his eye. Patty
Kitkat Mixed Breed Cat Is lost and needs to come home, she has been missing for 5 days, i need my baby home!!! Haley Harter
Kitten Getting ready to cross the Bridge peaceful not suffering prayers for a gentle easy crossing in her own time Nora
Kitten Missing 03/09/11 Dyanne
Kittie Short-Hair Persian Cat 2 years missing since mid-January Pam
Kitty Puddy Kitty Domestic Long Haired Tabby Cat 06/22/04 She's missing we just found fur on the road we think is hers;she needs to be alive and home Donna Santagato
Kiwi Poodle Mix 11/17/01 Has stomach cancer. Please pray that she is not in any pain, and that God shows mercy on us. Jennifer Edwards
Kizim Cat High Cell Lymphoma G
Kizzie Tuxedo Cat 10 years My poor boy is sick with the cat flu and going to vet tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers tonight Jodi Colpitts
Kmeil Cat Not making it to the litter box but using pee pads pred dosage increased to help her mouth pain so she eats more comfortably Sandi
Kmiel Flamepoint 13 years continuing to lose weight from the cancer Amanda Ericka and Faith
Kobe Cat Missing for about a month Geri
Kobe Cockatiel 2001 Has diabetes, and is extremely weak now. Please pray for him. Nancy
Kobehre Flat Coated Retriever/Boykin Mix 06/01/95 Wishing for a final good night's sleep. Let him wake walking the Spirit Trail. Sandi and Doug Bright
Koda Ferret 05/20/10 Injury in mouth, losing weight; on antibiotics but injury hasn't healed and still bleeds Sarah
Koda Shiloh Shepherd Degenerative Myleopathy losing bladder and bowel control difficulty managing stairs Doreen
Komatsu Horse 32 years He is very old and arthritic. He also has cancer. He is a young and wise soul in an old body. Sally
Kozmo Pekingese/Maltese Mix 11 years diagnosed 2 mo ago with cirrhosis of the liver. Losing weight,losing hair Donna
Kukla Welsh Corgi/Springer Spaniel 10/01/96 Special prayers are needed for our beautiful angel who will be 18 years old on October 1st! Patti and Franklin
Kutts (Kikit) Cat 1 year Missing, to return very soon Vijayalakshmi.R
Kuuma aka Chicken Big Dog 01/26/12 Extreme fear Kristin
Kyzer Coonhound Mix 12/31/03 My baby has just been diagnosed with bone cancer and I am so heart broken. Heather Yob