Jack Boxer 11/2006 Is 4 yrs old. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week. My poor baby suddenlycan't walk Lisa & Jake Sauceman
Jack Cairn Terrier 16 years Kidney disease--doing all we can Patti Kidd
Jack Cat Emergency surgery after getting out of the house and being attacked by a raccoon or dog lost his tail both hind legs are fractured and he may be incontinent Barbara G.
Jack Domestic Long Hair Cat 04/28/06 Has Lymohoma of the Nasal Passage/eye - Please lord dont take him now, I am not ready. Cathy
Jack Domestic Shorthair Cat 15 years He is going to need to be PTS on Friday for kidney disease. Please pray for a smooth passing. Chris
Jack Labradoodle 9 years Chronic Liver Hepatisis has taken away his joy of eating, swimming and barking. Robin F
Jack Rott/Chow Mix 01/01/00 All legs have bad arthritis, now has heart problem. can't get up without help. heart problem bad. Angela Bloey
Jackson Hanger Keeshond 12/17/97 Jack survived a fall over a cliff but xrays showed mass - hemangiosarcoma. Praying for healing. Martha M. Boltz
Jackson Keeshond 11/21/05 Cancer. Will go to the Rainbow Bridge in two days. Heather
Jacob Guinea Pig 01/04/04 Blind Donna Wilson
Jacob's Rendezvous, now just our Bella Maltese 12 years Our little Bella has respiratory disease which is stressing her heart. Please pray for her comfort. David and Amanda
Jadda Min Pin 11 years Heal or get better from herniated cervical disks in neck, unable to walk, surgery not an option, Kim
Jake Cat Recently adopted with advanced FIV Dottie B.
Jake Miniature Dachshund 18 months There is a possibility that my Jake has Prostate Cancer + some other symptoms. I need prayers. Mariela
Jake Mixed Dog 04/2013 Was a liver shunt dog Cindi Edwards
Jake Newfoundland 3 years Please pray for our young Newfie, Jake. He has a lame hind leg and needs treatment. John and Gail Brennan
Jake Rottweiler 04/15/04 Hip dysplasia diagnosed the day he lost his brother Josh Nichole
Jake Shar Pei Has cancer Linda Graham
Jake ShihTzu 1999 Digestive System - has a bleeding ulcer and having liver ulcers (might be Cushings) Dianna
Jakey Tabby Cat 13 years Chronic kidney disease Kelli
Jamie Turkish Angora Cat 8 years Please pray for Jamie, we were told that she has a few days before crossing the bridge Christina and Lee
Jarvis English Bulldog 06/14/11 Need prayer please. Orphaned, small harelip, on O2 therapy, swimmer puppy, requires tube feeding. Deby Evans
Jasmine Cat Weakness in her hind legs (stifle injury in one of her rear legs) feeling better Carol
Jasmine Red Nose Pit Bull 10 years Bad Aginease. Mike and Ellwood
Jasmine Shepherd Mix 8 years My baby has has liver disease for four years. She now is diabetic, pancreatitis and anemia. Kim Smith
Jasmine Tabby and Siamese Mix Cat 05/01/01 Jazzie suffers from Crohn's disease and, recently, took a serious turn downhill Cindy Baltierra
Jasper Australian Shepherd 11/01/98 Energy restored & good health Jennifer Beene
Jasper Balinese Cat 09/23/04 Is suffering from kidney failure. Please pray for healing. Kristine Osborn
Jasper DLH Cat 10 years Heal from the surgery. Hope a vet tech goes to work early today. He's cold I feel it. Lisa
Jasper Maine Coon Cat 17+ years Prayers for Jasper Kim Gorman
Jasper Shih Tzu Liver lymphoma found today Kathy Harty
Jax Syrian Hamster 2 years Please pray for my sweet hammie Mr. Jax. He is a very good boy, but age is starting to slow him. Danielle Parish
Jay Beagle Mix 3 years He has been missing for two weeks and I have been unable to find him Margaret Powell
Jay Quarter Horse 04/12/14 Failure to thrive. Lost mom 5-13-2014. Has nanny mare but so sad and losing weight. Angela
Jebbie Collie Mix 16 years As Jeb nears 17, we have to make the dreaded decision. Carole and Bev
Jenni Pit Bull Was lost by a pet sitter in early January, 2013 in West Falls NY, and is still missing Grace Knoof
Jeremiah Ayer Bichon 5 years Jeremiah has lymphomia and is having chemo but prognosis not good...may help for fourteen months Linda Ayer
Jessie Border Collie X Samoyed 15 years Very poorly Anne Murphy
Jessie Ventura Boxer Mix 12 years For Jessie to gain weight and get his balance back. Been diagnosed with Ataxia - vet not sure why Carolyn Totta
Jessy aka The Bird Short Hair Cat 20 years My special girl has chronic renal failure -- please send postive energy to make her last days peace Linda and Paul
Jet Doberman 01/12/04 Has hip dyspalical and I know I prob spelled it wrong but I can't think what am I supposed Cathi Page
Jet Manx Cat Missing since shortly after New Years Gloria
Jet Mix Cat Mental problem Samantha
Jett DSH Black & White Cat 2 years Kidney, Thyroid, bowel and unknown health problems AWP Teresa
Jewell Beagle Mix 12 years She is in a lot of pain as her joints in her legs are just too old. Amy Smith
Jewell Siamese Mix Cat 8 years Appears to have intestinal cancer Steve Long
Jewels Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix 10/12/00 Heart Failure Lindsay
Jilly Boots Himalayan/Persian Cat 04/10/00 She has a heart murmur and mass in her stomach. Kristin McLellan
Jiminy Dog Turned the corner and improving Lisa
Jimmy Cat 16 years In nokill for 13 yrs I got him 3.5 yrs ago He is tired and need prayers. In no pain lovehimso Sandy Summers
Jinx Cat 8 years Severe renal problems possible blockage Jen and Graham
Job le Lemanteur Domestic Cat 2003 He has CRenalF and possibly cancer. He has lost considerable weight in the last several months. Jean Cohen
Joey Blue Siamese Cat 20/05/97 Needs lots of prayers as he battles heart disease and kidney failure. Kelly
Joey Mutt Border Collie 02/15/02 My doggie is dying. Susan Angellatta
Jojo Chihuahua Mix 14-15 years In renal failure and congestive heart failure. Betsy Dunnavant
JoJo Yorkshire Terrier 11 years Congestive Heart problems, weight gain, allergies Alicia Johnson
Jolie Yorkie 13 years Pleural effusion. Labored breathing, not improving, not eating much. Sick Robin
Jordon Beagle 09/12/98 My beloved Jordon has a cancerous turmor Grace Spangenberg
Josie Philippine Domestic Cat 7 months Kidney and liver disease, anemia, bacterial infection, gum inflammation. Patrick Berkenkotter
Jozie Poodle 06/06/99 Is 15 years old in her final days with congestive heart failure. My sweet girl. Jeannie Warren
Jr Junior Jack Russell 15 years Please pray for healing of my brother Mark's dog JR Karen Gawerecki
Jujubee Persian Cat 8 years Was diagnosed w/ a mass lesion in his color and lumps in his lung: cancer, little time left Diane Murray
Jules Cat Holding his own weight still low and needs to eat more Sandi G.
Juliet Maltese 12/25/07 Removed cancerous tumor in neck last yr. Now back in her mammory. PRAY PLEASE. Will be removed. Barbie
Jumpin Jaxx Orion Afghan Hound 09/01/00 Prayers for the recovery of the most wonderful Soul Mate God ever created~ Jim Dillon and John Leverson
JunkerDunk Cat 4 years Junker was hit by a car. Pelvis fractured in 3 spots. Tail broken at spine. Bladder damage Andrea Hitz
Jynx and Willow DSH Cat Prayers for healing (renal disease) and comfort as they recently lost their lifelong friend. Kelly