G monie Short Hair Guinea Pig 6 years He need x ray Mamie Heard
Gabby Miller Domestic Short Hair Cat 01/23/02 Please pray for Gabby she is having a rough time, not eating, grooming Mary Miller
Gabriel Toth Weim Not die Robert Toth
Gabriella aka Fatty German Shepherd/Mixed 2006 She has kidney problems and her heart is enlarged to,has thyroid defiency hope she gets better Ian Binda
Gabrielle German Shepherd 12 years Please pray for my sweet little girl that she recovers from her serious illness. She is so special. Suzanne Rosenorn
Gabrielle's Little Rusty Cocker Spaniel 13+ years Losing his battle with carotid carcenoma S Huppert
Galileo Part Maine Coon DLH Cat < 3 years Last seen 12/26, presumed lost. Hoping to see you again someday. Larry & Sarah Cook
Gandh Sphynx Cat 10/10/11 Prayers for my little boy Gandhi who is very sick. Amy.Kalani
Garry Greyhound 07/14/01 Good thoughts and prayers needed as he goes in for xrays this morning. Donna
Gatsby Domestic Medium Hair Cat 16 years Bladder cancer and kidney disease Faith
Genevieve Cat 10 years She is grieving the loss of her brother, refusing food, withdrawing. Christine & Levi
Genie Lhasa Apso 19/19/97 Mamary gland tumour Pooja
Geo GSD Collie Cross Fractured leg spine and internal injuries Carlie Charlie Ben and Josh
George Brown Tabby Cat 9 years Megacolon Kathy
George Dog Is getting very old & has had some health problems.He just had a stroke. Prayers appreciated Carolyn Magee
George St Bernard 01/13/05 Going blind Kevin and Laurie
Georgy Cat 04/28/12 Please pray that Georgy recovers from his seizures Amanda
Gibbs DSH Cat 09/12/09 Very sick and the doctors are having trouble detemining cause. Cathy Pie
Gibby Pomeranian 9 weeks Parvo doing a little better Renee
Gidget Pom 13 years Please pray for my baby, she has a collapsing trachea, enlarged heart and obstructive lung disease. Donna
Gigi Bengal Cat 06/05/06 Has stomach cancer Christine Regier & Perry Goldman
Gigi Chihuahua 03/2006 A prayer for her to recover from her seizures. A prayer for me to be strong. Kim Carroll
Gigi Maltese 14 years We need prayers for our beloved Gigi. She is suffering fro Heathwr Christensen
Gilbert Pittie Diagnosed with cancer Heidi
Gilligan Russian Blue Mix Cat 9 years Missing Terilynn
Ginger Cat 12 years Has inoperable lymphoma and now stricken by chemo, so sad. She is so wonderful. Please pray for her. Mike
Ginger Golden Retriever 9 1/2 years Has had two back to back surgeries in the last 2 weeks and may not survive the weekend. Jim, Deborah, and Shanna McFarland
Ginger Jack Russell 9 years She is passing away and needs all the prayers we can give to grant her comfort in her crossing over Timothy Hedges
Ginger Spot & CoCo Cats CoCO has mouth problems and gingerspot has an unknown illness that keeps her crying as if in pain. Natahnya Campbell
Ginger Terrier X 8 years Inoperable Thyroid cancer, beginning to have some really bad days. Barbara Wolfe
Gingerspot and other Campbell Cats DSH Cats 11/2005 Very sick unknown cause Natahnya Campbell
Gizmo Cat Bad reaction to DHLPP had a corticosteroid benadril and rimadryl shots still lethargic and unsteady Jenni Morrow
Gizmo DSH Cat 3 years Has lymphoma and is doing great and in remission with chemo. Please pray for her:) Jennifer Raheb
Gizmo Has not been feeling well improving slowly Jenni
Gizmo Sleeve Pekingese 17 years She is very sick and i will be surprised if she makes it thru the night :( Easter
Gizzmo White Shorthair Cat My beloved cat Gizzmo has widespread cancer. I love him with all my heart and soul. Linda Chan
Glenn's Oliver and Rocky DSH Cats Rocky missing since Tuesday before last. Oliver missing also. Carrie
Gojo Redbone Coonhound 07/25/01 Has a fluid build up around her lungs, at first thought pneumonia, biopsy positive for cancer. Ann Marie Papa
Goldie Goldfish 17 years Is breathing very shallow and can' no longer swim. Karen Piskor
Goldie Tabby Cat 06/01/92 Heart and kidney problems. Needs prayers. Ken and Shell Murray
Good Intentions of Kurtin Klimbers (Giovanni) Himalayan Persian Cat 03/27/02 Systems failing Meredith Fallow
Grace Chinchilla 07/21/09 Has an incurable dental disease called malocclusion Sarah Ann
Grace Half Himalayan Cat 11 years Cancer and blindness, have to be kind and let her sleep Tammy Christensen
Gracie Cat 15 years My precious Gracie has cancer in her sinus/forehead area. I know she hasn't long to live. Ellen Smith
Gracie Cocker 10/20/02 Diagnosed with cancer throughout her body Barbara Monk
Gracie Lhasapoo 10 years Graice has cancer and has been given only 2 more weeks to live. Tina
Gracie Mix Dog 7-9 years Will be undergoing splenectomy to remove tumor in spleen. Please help us pray that tumor is benign. Rebekah
Gracie Pit Bull 11 years Has been struggling with degenrative spinal disease for 3 years. Pamela Gardner
Gracie Pitt Bull 1 year I work at a no kill Animal shelter. Gracie is one of our babies who came in very thin and sad. Gracie is a sweet good girl who loves everyone and everything. She tries to clean the cats. Please keep this baby in your thought Debra
Gracie Schnauzer 09/12/96 Prayers for her Kidney and Liver failure as well as an ulcerated eye. Vet cannot perform third-eye Michelle Lightner
Grenville Domestic Short Hair Cat 10/01/99 Suffered a seizure 2 months ago, stopped eating and drinking this morning Liz and Drew
Greta DSH Cat 9 years Diagnosed with mammary cancer Mary Motyl
Gretel Kitten Whiskers’ Syndicate Sick with calicivirus Josie
Griffin Maine Coon Cat 09/15/98 Cat is missing/lost outside--please pray that we find eachother again Geri
Gripper Tortie Cat 05/01/00 We learned two weeks ago our Gripper Girl has mast cell disease/cancer. Theresa
Growly Dog 13 years Cancer Dolores Reyes
Grumples Cat He's has kidney failure and I just hope he's not in pain Kimber Jones
Guinevere Beagle 11 years Lymhoma Alicia
Guinness English Setter Possible diagnosis of intestinal cancer/doing better and eating for now Lori
Gunnar Rottweiler 9 years Pleasei say a prayer for my Gunnar....he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with bone cancer.. Deb Edlund
Gup Cat Missing,to return very soon Vijayalakshmi.R
Gus Scotty 11/15/05 Special prayer for our best friend, ultrasound tomorrow to rule out spleen cancer. Thank you Gary & Alicia
Gussie DMH Cat Mouth cancer - fibrosarcoma Cathy
Guthrie Bernese Mountain Dog 11/08/07 Prayers for a serious illness. Dawn Devries
Gypsy (The Queen) Gynan DSH SF Brown Tabby W/ White Cat 03/06/01 Has HCM & is in heart failure & starting to decline. Have had to incerase meds. Slowing down =-( Jenn Gynan
Gypsy Black Lab 11 years Cushing's disease. Meghan
Gypsy Cat Still vomiting and lost more weight Gloria O.
Gypsy Gynan DSH Brown Tabby W/ White Cat 14 1/2 years Gypsy has HCM and is in heart failure also discovered a lump on her jaw Jenn Gynan
Gypsy Short Haired Tabby Cat 09/18/99 Has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Please say a prayer! Nikki