Eads Bridge Colony Cats Colony cats (6) living by the bridge, most have FeLV, healthy for now but 2 succumbed this year Sue
Easter Domestic Cat 22 years My sweet old boy was diagnosed with Renal Failure last year. He needs peace. We love him so. Send Denver Norsworthy
Ebbie Toy Poodle Teeth & gum problems, infection Joy
Ebony DSH Cat 16 years Is not doing well, she needs lots of prayers Dennise
Ebony Poodle Mix 8 years She has an enlarged heart and is getting worse! Please pray for Ebony! Pat For My Friend Debby
Ebony Rottweiler 02/12/08 You need to keep your face clean of the ooze. Also so you can eat. Terry L. Mason
Ebony Tuxedo Cat 14 years Was just diagnosed with lymphoma...please pray for our baby girl Jennifer
Echo and Tri Cats 04/18/12 Sick Shelly
Echo of an Angel German Shepherd 8 3/4 years Hip dysplasia and arthritis Sarah Ellis
Edinboro Terrier Mix 9 years Ed has Cushing's Disease and spondylosis. He is Fading quickly. Please pray for him. Richard Clipman
Edward Siamese Mix Cat 17 years Missing Chuck Brad and Marion
Electra Cat Continues to improve and gain weight barium enema showed serious inflammation of the bowel on metronidazole and a weekly B-12 shot as well as her weight being monitored Kathleen
Elieen Cat She is a tripod that has issues getting used to other cats Mark
Ellie and Gretel Kittens Ill with calicivirus Josie
Ellie Australian Cattle Dog 02/10/00 Ellie is experiencing Neurological, equilibrium and arthritis problems..help please! Glenn Stewart
Ellie Dog Suffering From Lyme Disease meds are helping but prognoses isnít good Merri
Ellie Morsell Brussels Griffon 05/08/10 Prayers for hearing Susan Morsell
Elsa Min Pin 06/02/13 Very sick - inflammation of the spinal cord - please pray for her. Joanne
Elvis Cat Complex tumor in his intestine Josie L.
Elvis Mix Dog 04/30/99 Diagnosed with probable brain tumor. We are just heartbroken. Kathy
Emma Labrador 03/20/08 Has lymfoma cancer, we can use a lot of candles for sweet Emma! Claudia Goovaerts
Emmie Long Hair Doxie 16 years Enlarged heart and kidney problems, on new medication, please give her extra time.. Karen
Erik Maine Coon Cat Was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. April
Esmeralda Dog Esme is in ICU hooked to catheters and fighting for her life. Please help her regain her health. Jessica C
Ethan Jack Russel Terrier 3 years Poisoned Katherine
Eukanubo Russian Blue Cat 13 years Sudden weight loss of unknown cause, general decline, withdrawing, could be on his way out Hector Barreto