Caeley Hovde Golden Retriever 11/23/98 Kidney Failure..Acute...Had bone Cancer...amputate rear right leg. Has struggled since..Pray Please Jim Hovde
Caezar Rottweiler 06/18/00 Bone Cancer Patient Kimberly
Cailey Ann Quarella Golden Retriever 10/05/00 Cailey was diagnosed last week with pulmonary hypertension. Need lots of prayers to help her. Dawn Quarella
Cali Campbell Tortoishell Cat 5 years Please pray Cali will recover from her repiratory problem and non regenerative anemia Natahnya Campbell
Calico Clark Cat 13 years Old age renal failure A
Callan Dog Completely blind but the happiest blind dog ever diabetes congestive heart failure Kim Easterbrook
Callie Calico Cat Kidney Donna
Callie Cat 18 years Poor appetite Kathleen
Calvin Clyde Dog 18 years Calvin cannot use his rear legs to push himself up so he depends on me to lift him. Connie Flanery
Cammy Seivert Golden Retriever 16 years Our dear Cammy needs to go to the Rainbow Bridge as she is the best dog ever! Dan Seivert
Campbell Cats Domestic Indoor Cats disease of unknown cause. pray no more die Natahnya Campbell
Candi Silk Terrier 9 years Lived in the toxic black mold with Lexi and I and also has cancer. Tina Hicks
Cara German Shepherd 01/19/11 We are hoping that we find out what is wrong with Cara...hope the doctors can fix her... Teri Pascazi
Carlisle Domestic Cat 10/05/03 He's been missing for 3 weeks and we're not giving up, we expect him to be waiting at the door. Cathy & Howie Brown
Carmel Vanlong Chow/Retriever Mix 9 years Carmel was diagnosed with diabetes ans pancreaticitis and wont eat food. Lost 10 llbs in a week. Ms P. Vanlong
Carmen Cornish Rex Cat 05/19/05 Has a fast-growing recurrent Stage 3 sarcoma growing number of on her right hip. Suzanne Peoples
Carmen Snowshoe Siamese Cat 19 years End stage cancer Katherine W.
Carocito Dwarf Hamster 06/2013 My beloved pet is declining, he has lost hair, he is restless, shaky and looks unhappy Marta Susana Mattos
Caroline Domestic Long Hair Calico Cat 13 years Has developed Vestibular disease and needs healing. Karen Chapman
Carson Domestic Shorthair Cat 05/13/11 Is Feline Leukemia Positive Michelle M
Carter English Shepherd Specialist are having trouble diagnosing medical issue may be an autoimmune disease. Lori
Casey Bob Flores Black Lab 05/27/08 kidney failure Miko and Bubba
Casey Cat 11 years she was just diagnosed with tumors on her lymph nodes around her lungs. she was given a week to liv Carrie Taft
Casey Longueuiel Cocker Spaniel 14 years Needs prayers of healing her sickness. She is Love. Christopher Longueuiel
Casey Maltese/Shitzu 04/98 Pray for guidance in telling me when it is time to let her go...she is blind and deaf from seizures The Marbrys
Casey Shih Tzu 11 years Has lymphoma. Please lift him up in prayer. Pray for us for strength. Thank you so much! Tom & Linda
Casper Jack Grant Russian Blue Kitten 1 1/2 years Casper is missing, please find your way back home my little love. know your PaPa will always love u Rodney Grant
Cayenne Cat Diagnosed with cancer now on meds for a URI Erin J.
Ceasar Miniature Dog 04/98 Wheelchair Jennifer Chambers
Cecil American Bulldog 13 years Suffering from Hip Displaysia, congestive heart failure, hearing loss Kim Johnson
Celsey, daughter of Kes Miniature Dachshund 01/09/04 Celsey disappeared from my yard 8/3/10. Looked for 3 mos. But never found. Still hoping. Pam Giles
Cenicienta Cat Girls from an animal shelter rescued her sick from the street. She is immunodeficient. Rafael Vargas Rivera
Cgirl Cat 08/2010 My pet is missing. i pray that she would find her way back home today. Chessca Quejada
Chai Tortie Cat 7 years 's been treated for liver disease. Just discovered a lung mass. Pray for a miracle. Judee
Champy Mixed Dog 12 years Arthritic leg Mandy
Chance aka Munchkin Tortoise-Shell Cat 06/94 Hyperthyroidism is taking my precious companion. I wish her peace. Lisa S
Chance Chow/ Shar-Pei Is lost and I so need to find him, I already lost his friend Band I can't lose him too. Suzie Haney
Chardie Ragdoll Cat 08/05/95 Suffering with overactive thyroid, high blood pressure, kidney problems & lack of appetite Mark & Gillian Cornwell
Charles Barker DSH Cat 16 months Thoughts to help us again deal with deadly FIP. Cappi Duncan
Charles Cat 4 years Feline Leukemia Marci
Charlie Cat Diabetes unable to start on insulin because he either didnít eat or vomited the food now eating and retaining food so started insulin Sally and Rob
Charlie Ferret 07/12/10 Heart failure Brittany Hill
Charlie Sir Charles Cocker Spaniel 14 years He has been diagnosed with cancer and given 5 to 8 weeks, Beverly Holliday
Charlotte Calico DSH Cat 17 years Losing weight, now on appetite stimulant, suffers from kidney disease and possibly cancer. Maria (Mom)
Chase German Shepherd/Saint Bernard Mix 03/11/07 Good thoughts and prayers needed for Chase he has lymphoma Lisa Novatka
Chaz Yorkie 05/10/99 Please pray for Chaz he has an enlarged heart and is ill. Kathy Carroll
Cheddar Cat Needing to lose 5 lbs and needs teeth extractions Kim W.
Chelsea Lab 4 years Blind Nicole
Chessie Chesapeake Bay Retriever 06/07/04 Has Liver Cancer and has a short time to live, are heartbroken. Hope she passes w/o pain Joanne and Tim Bainer
Chewy GSD 15 years Discoid lupus on steroids also monitoring her thyroid Wendy
Chewy Pug 04/07/96 She's got increasing medical issues was hoping God would take her but I know she cant suffer Pebble Cobb
Chicki Long-Haired Chihuahua 2 years Homeless dog (homeless man keeps her with him) and she suffers from seizures. Evangeline Liquori
Chico Chihuahua 05/01/09 Is suffering with breathing problems due to cardiomegly Kathy Ellis
Chicy Long-Hair Chihuahua 2 years Poisoned last weekend by homeless man she is with by accident, cannot walk, loss of motor control Evangeline Liquori
Chihuahua Hurt by larger dog but eating and drinking Shelley A.
Chinnlinn Martinez Japanese Chin 12/29/02 Congestive Heart Failure, final stages Vicki Martinez & Bill Campbell
Chiquito Shar Pei 11/01/07 Fever Jesus Moreno
Chloe Basset Hound 11/14/03 Has a slipped disc in her lower neck. Mary A. McCann
Chloe Dog 12 years Arthritis in her back legs making it harder for her to get around Nanci
Chloe Jack Russell/Fox Terrier Mix 03/07/07 Only 5 & diagnosed with lymphoma. Only has another 1-5 mos left. :( Please pray for us. Jodi Boothe
Chloe Jane Beagle 10/04/05 Pray for her please, she is very ill and will be put to rest on Friday. Kimberley Seibel
Chloe Yorkie 10/04/04 Is in end stage renal failure and I want her to stay with me as long as possible. Vivian Sturz
Chocko Wild Squirrel 1 year 7 months Injured. Sending you all my wishes for protection and healing, Chocko. I love you xxxxx Linda Chan
Choco Dalmatian 12 years He needs a 4 wheel cart so he can walk again Michelle Scholz
Chocolate Albino Siamese Cat 14 years Has gone down hill really quick he has hyperthyroid and most likely liver or lung cancer. Jennifer Siemens
Chocolate Philippine Domestic Cat 5 to 7 years Please pray, she's very thin and suffering from excessive diarrhea and possible kidney disease. Jesus Patrick Berkenkotter
Chop DSH Tuxedo Cat 19 years Kitty dying {is in kidney failure}, on fluids, and needs prayers for an easy journey Brenda
Chrissy Sheltie / Border Collie 02/04/01 Renal disease with food allergies, Blind, Separation Anxiety, Brain tumor, Cognitive Impairment Cindy McCarty
Christian Tuxedo Domestic Short Hair Cat 02/03/06 Seizures that are getting worse in spite of taking 3 medecines Colette O'Keeffe
Christopher Robin Tuxedo Cat 07/14/00 Suffering from feline aids Danielle
Church Turkish Van Cat Adopted 2002 Has a bad heart murmur and has recently been diagnosed with skin cancer on his face. Laina Weller
Cincy Mutt 06/97 Has Lymphoma. The tumor is her neck has grown so large she can no longer wear her collar. Debbie Smith and Zachary
Cinder Dog 1997 Is old and failing. She is a fighter, but getting weak. Jo Anne
Cinders Yorkshire Terrier 10/02/99 Extremely bad heart, hips out of their sockets, nearly blind, left eye painful to her. Jacki Inman
Cindy Golden Retriever 12/11/10 Her lymphoma cancer is becoming stronger, and she is having much difficulty eating and drinking. Melissa
Cinny Cocker Spaniel 06/15/03 Is dying of kidney failure. She only has 25% function left. Jamie
CJ Cat Hypertension active lesions in her eyes possibly caused by hypertension on norvasc seems to tolerate it well repeat B/P check in 2 weeks Dottie
CJ West Highland 03/02/97 Was diagnosed with a cancer that the only way to rid if the cancer was to remove his front leg, Brett R
Cleo Cat Slight improvement eating and drinking but not herself Jenny B.
Cleo Chow-Mix 15 years Has degenerative myelopathy, she is losing more and more of her dignity, fading fast Soila Sukupolvi
Cleo Domestic Shorthair Cat 4 years Is missing from home and needs prayers and wishes for a safe return home soon. Catherine Clark
Cleopatra English Spot Rabbit Demetrius Linda M. Spitz
Cleopatra Orange Tabby Cat 16 years Nasal Tumor Bob Quigley
Cleveland Toy Poodle 04/04/09 He has something wrong with a disc in his back. Donna Stanley
Clyde Cat 9 years Diagnosed with intestinal lymphona. Prayers for healing and for lessened pain and discomfort. Jessica/Jeremy
Coco Cat Diagnosed with arthritis in her hind knees starting meds and acupuncture Kim W.
Coco DMH Cat 01/15/05 Very sick losing weight please pray for her Natahnya
Coco Dog 05/08/02 Mammary Cancer and Thymus Tumor K S
Coco Dog Diagnosed with end stage CHF Lori S.
Coco Kelly Siamese Cat 04/13/94 She is going to be 21 this year. She needs healing energy. Ali Kelly
Cody Collie Please pray for Cody - he has cancer Ö Paula
Cody English Setter 03/22/96 Has diabetes and his body has become very frail from age. Please pray for all of us. Mary
Conan Grey/White Tabby DSH Cat Missing since 10/2015. Pls pray for his quick return or rapid cross-over to end his suffering. Angela Teresi
Connor Yellow Lab 02/14/00 Unable to use one back leg, intestinal illness. Praying for his comfort, guidance and strength. Lauren MacGillivray
Conor American Eskimo Dog Dying of Mast Cell Cancer Sheryl Stewart
Cookie Terrier Mix 02/01/97 Please pray for healing - CRF, Liver Disease, Pancreatitis, Enlarged Heart & Valve Hardening Junie & Marina
Cooper Andrew Sheehan Yellow Labrador 08/28/00 Cooper is13 yrs.old with health problems.He's been there for us through so much.I love you forever! Peggy Sheehan
Cooper Boxer 9 years Is sick and fraile and probably has leukemia. Elizabeth Lugo
Coqueta Garcia Maltese 05/31/08 Heal her belly, let all the fluid running in her body disappear. let her be healthy and wait for me Adriana Garcia
Cori Maltese 10 years She was diagnosed 8 mnths ago w/enlarged <3 and severe chf. Rejoice in hope, be constant in prayer Robyn Balmer
Cosette DSH Cat 14 years Prayers as her conjestive heart failure is preventing us from being able to provide treatments Cassie
Cosi DSH/Black and White Cat 04/2010 She is a Storm Sandy survivor, abandoned with no food, heat, water. She has PTSS. Patty Burkhart
Cosmo Himalayan Cat 11/96 Was just diagnosed with cancer and has kidney failure. Please pray for him. Becky
Cozy Cat 01/09/92 Started kidney failure/doesn't want to eat half the time Megan and Rita Baker
Crazy K.C. Bacchus Afghan Hound 1999? K.C. Is preparing for his swim across the Sacred River to the Rainbow Bridge Jim Dillon
Crispin DSH Cat 10/01/13 Unclassified cardiomyopathy, other unknown condition(s) Kate Weinberger
Cruiser Mutt-Rottweiler/Beagle Mix 13 1/2 years Has advanced Cushing's disease.We don't know how long he has left with us-pls pray 4 him! Liz Pizzi
Crumpet (Crumpy) English Bulldog 06/02/00 Crumpy needs prayers from good people that she will not have to suffer, and can die in peace. Jean B. Seegmiller
Crystal Ships Persian Cat 18 years My sweet girl is retaining fluids due to heart failure. I pray I make the right decision for you. Bianca
Cuchulainne Turkish Van Cat 14 or more years Her kidneys are not working and we will have to euthanize her which is an awful decision. Nathalie Reins
Cullen Black Cat 08/2010 Diagnosed with F.I.P. Doesn't seem to be in too much pain..yet Mandy Popavero
Cullen Black DSH Cat w/white tuft on neck Missing since 12/2016. Pls pray for his quick return or rapid cross-over to end his suffering. Angela Teresi
Cyryn German Shepherd / Siberian Husky Hybrid 07/26/12 Is epileptic xx Anne Marie Roberts