B Boston Terrier 4 years Prayers that his rehoming goes well Lisa
Babay DSH Cat 08/15/98 Prayer.....cancer has spread to her lungs, after a 2 year battle. Rebekah
Baby (Binky) Cat 16 years Bink is very sick She has fluid build up in her lungs Debbie
Baby Beagle Mix Puppy 1 month Needs to eat again Heather Pearcy
Baby Cakes Domestic Long Hair Cat 7 years I found out today Baby Cakes has cancer. Please pray she won't suffer. Frances
Baby Calico Cat 11/02/90 Has a tumor in her jaw, kidney disease, thyroid problems and a heart murmur. Poor old Baby! MaryB
Baby Domestic Short Hair Cat 07/99 Has colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. She is loved deeply by her family Elizabeth L
Baby Pug Ill Angie D.
Baby Rump Manx Kitten Recovering from rectal prolapse surgery Kim W.
Baby Sparky Kitten Hematuria eating and drinking well playful Josie T. Liem
Baby St. Bernard She was sick, she had heartworms, lyme disease, and water retention :( Gaby
Baby Tabby Cat 18 years Kitty has been diagnosed with renal failure. Pray for quality of life. Sydell Voeller
Baby Torbie Cat URI Josie
BabyJack Black and White Domestic Shorthair Cat 04/30/99 Pray he will heal, and that I will have help paying for diagnostics/treatment. May be a tumor Cathy Conrad
Bada Boom Cat 7 years Vet cannot find any identifiable, treatable problems. Just Bada Boom's time has come Nora Batty
Bagheera Cat 15 years Our kitty has kidney failure. Please pray for him/ send him good vibes. Hannah and David Lowe
Bailee Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 04/10/00 My furbaby has kidney failure and is getting worse. Pray for her Kristen
Bailey Australian Shepherd 04/29/05 Has just been diagnosed w lymphoma. Marybeth Foster
Bailey Boy Bell Yellow Lab 10 years Bailey has cancer in his thyroid and spleen Janet & Reed
Bailey Doberman Shepherd Mix 08/18/03 Slipped disc I beck, arthritis, gut health, old age Christopher McNees
Bailey Goldendoodle approximately 5 1/2 years Cancer begins chemo 09/05/12 Jen and Chris
Bailey Prior Domestic Short-Hair Tabby Cat 16 years Bailey is a Diabetic cat who was recently diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Suzanne Prior
Bam Bam Dog Hasn’t eaten in three days Lynda H.
BamBam Siberian Husky 06/05/99 Miracle healing prayer Frank Marchese
Bambi Chihuahua 03/17/02 She needs to come home She lost 2-8-2011 I Pepper Braggs
Bambou Rat 10/17/11 Tumor. Besoin de tenir jusqu'à jeudi pour l'opération.et plus encore..; Laurine S
Bantu Basenji 15 years Increased pain now on Tramadol sleeping better still has a good appetite and enjoys being outside Nora
Barley Greyhound 10 years Just not himself and diagnosis seems elusive Grammy Linda Thorpe
Barney Roy Cocker Spaniel Barney is Blind and has diabetes and thyroid problems. Lynn Roy and Cariss McCrank
Baron Akita Chow Mix 14 years Advanced renal failure. please pray for improvement and a few more months of happy times Tina Dunham
Baron Von Munchausen Cat 11/05/93 CRF- 2 years. Has mouth ulcer now, and just feeling badly Marta
Bart Chihuahua 14 years Requires a wheel chair cart and pain medicine Brian & Angi Benis
BAT (black and tan dog) Rottie age 10 1/13/11 Kidney failure Kathleen
Bat Mix Dog 11 years She is doing poorly, can't walk, and isn't eating. Tom
Baxster Labrador Mix 10/30/01 100 Deaf, Partially Blind Sharon and David Brewer
Baxter Rescued Pomeranian Prayers. Baxter is our first rescue, and I think most everyone remembers their very first. He has Lisa Brown
BC Cat Has seizures that are under control but the meds are affecting his health adversely Kelli Wright
Beaj Cat 19 years send her loving thoughts as she begins her final days in kidney failure R. Legg
Bean Dog 13 years Coping with congestive heart failure. Melanie Mitchell
Beansy/Tobey Golden Retriever 06/25/07 Malignant tumors on spleen, liver, kidneys Sherry, Jen, and Dan
Bear Black Lab 11/99 My dog had hip displazia along with getting cyst all the time... was blind in one eye. Mary Tice
Bear Chihuahua 05/20/12 Is recovery from Parvo,poor Bear has been through so much in the past 10 days.. Steve and Patty
Bear DeCastro Akbash 12/01/08 Cirrhosis of the Liver Paulette DeCastro
Bear Labrador Retriever 13 years Pray for my boy to travel and peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge… Bobbie
Bear Mini Schnauzer 16 years Prayers needed for Bear who has a tumor on his liver and a heart murmur. Peggy Meador
Bear Reed Rottweiler 02/10/11 A friend's Rottweiler is in the hospital with severe pancreatitis and is not doing well at all. Pra Valerie Murray
Beatrice Cat 2-3 years Missing since 09/05/08 Joni
Beau American Bull Dog 01/04/02 Going blind in right eye. Back legs are giving away.poops without knowing that he needs to go out. CJ
Beau Dog 01/25/02 Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetic Angela & T Counts
Beau Golden Retriever 03/01/04 Pray for Beau for his mama to make a decision that's in his best interest today. Susan
Beau Weimaraner 13 years Nearing the end of his life, for a peaceful passing if no meaningful recovery is possible AJ Demers
Beau Yellow Lab 11/24/99 Congestive heart failure and too many tumors to count slowed him down. Good tempered to the last. Joanne Asla
Beauty Being treated for injuries Lori
Beauty Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/11/97 Was dx with brain cancer today; secondary to diabetes/lung cancer since Nov. 2010. Sandra Ann Perez
Bebetha Tuxedo Tabby Cat 15 years Adenocarcinoma lung. Love removed. Dirty margins. Hope for her please. Kiera
Becca Yorkie 8 years Please pray for my sisters little dog Becca. She has been very sick and they recently found a mass Margery Lipenski
Becky and Lucie Labs Hips Joann, Fred, Glen & Cid
Becky Yellow Lab 10/2011 She was born with no hips and not at over 13 years old is having bit of a hard time even with meds Chuck Rebeiro
Bella American Eskimo Dog 6 years Bella has been missing since 4-6-11. I can't find her. I'm so worried about her. Pls pray 4 her. Jackie Bryan
Bella Ann Cat Likely severe herpes eye infection pupil of left eye now visible but always dilated right eye not so light-sensitive now Nora
Bella English Bulldog 5 years Crystals, Eye problems, every problem Bulldogs could ever have. Lacey
Bella Maine Coon Cat 10/01/03 Has a cancerous tumor which is very aggressive Terry Mastadonna
Bella Rottweiler 10 years We just found out our girl has cancer in her lymp nodes, please remember her in your prayers & hope Joe & Cindee
Bella Rottweiler Stage 5 lymphoma Ana A.
Bella Sabatino Yorkshire 11/22/00 Results of biopsy for enlarged liver. May not be treatable. Pray for healing and four more years Melody
Bella West Highland White Terrier 06/10/00 Was running chasing a squirrel and now she cant use her left rear leg and I am so worried- Ferrara Family
Belle Mix Dog 15 years Constant uti, stage 3 kidney disease Shirley Kennely
Belle Moody Dog Kidney failure Sandra Moody
Belle St Bernard Prayers for our big girl diagnosed with cancer. Susan & Amanda
Bello Golden Retriever 11/02/01 Please pray for my Golden Retriever Bello who was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. God Bless Lori Cacciatore
Ben Cavalier King Charles 12/05/06 He is in a wheelchair Joe Dickinson
Benj Ginger Cat Is a very special boy who is fighting all odds. Blind, deaf, arthritis, and FIV. Loved. Rachel
Benji Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat 04/06/02 Hyperthyroid, CRF and he just is not doing good! Heidi Helene Christensen
Benji DSH Tabby Cat 04/06/03 Ben is blocking Heidi Helene Christensen
Benjy Mixed Dog 14 years Has Cushing's Disease and lost his sister two weeks ago. He has been very depressed. Barb B
Bennie Domestic Cat 8 years Has fibrosarcoma, has lived with it for four years. He needs prayers. Robert & Debra Simons
Benny Dog Developed fluid in his abdomen being treated on hospice care Kim
Benson Water Spaniel/Lab Mix 11/19/01 Back & hip problems. Now liver damage. Can only walk me holdling up back hips. Bodily functions OK. Lynette Bishop
Bentley Westie 09/98 My poor family pet has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, he is our first dog, and very special to us Staci
Bergen Dog 14 years Diabetic, arthritis, blind, deaf Madelyn Levin
Bernese Leonberger 8 years We just found out she has a Malignant Mammory Tumor, it was removed but it has spread. Carol Frank Clark
Bernie Brown Tabby W/White DSH Cat Missing since 5/30/2016. Pls pray for her quick return or rapid cross-over to end her suffering. Angela Teresi
Bert also known as Liberty Cream Chow Chow 04/28/06 Ask the lump on his tongue, & other lumps disappear & Bert's normal cheerful nature returns Susan Abbott
Bert Domestic Short Hair Cat 06/22/94 Is in Kidney failure and has hypothyroidism and high blood pressure. Brenda Zeller
Bigsford Chihuahua 11 years Heart disease. Will lead to CHF. Bigsford is the love of my life. I dont know how I will continue. Megan Hansler
Bindi Brown Tabby DSH Cat 05/2011 Missing almost a decade. Pls pray for her quick return or rapid cross-over to end her suffering. Angela Teresi
Bingo Jack Russell 9 years She suffers from heart, lung disease and a collapsed trachea. The trachea is temporary corrected. Mike Mattingly
Bink Tabby Cat 7 years Please pray for my Bink who was just diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure Gayle Holden
Binky Boo Mason Moggie Cat 9 years Binky has a large malignant tumour on her pancreas and is currently receiving palliative care Jayne Mason
Binky Boode Boo Shitzu 05/05/08 Blind Dustin and Stephanie Kerley
Binxy Orange and White Tabby Cat 09/2003 Prayers that Binx does not have cancer and it is an abscess Lisa Heller
Biscuit Jack Russell 09/16/07 Sudden spinal injury that left him paralyzed in the hind legs Jason and Debra Lincolnton Nc
BJ Scottie 05/01/05 Has cancer and has been battling it since last April. He is such a blessing to our lives Diane
Blachee Cat 06/16/99 Needs to gain weight. She has Flea Allergy Dermatitis. & panluke Valerie McNutt
Blackie Shepherd Mix 01/01/05 Prayers for healing of undiagnosed lump. Due to get age her vet is leery of any treatment. Linda Adair
Blacky Black Common Cat 06/02/96 Kidney failure Maria
Blaise Standard Poodle 10 years He is in full blown sepsis Julie Guiner
Blake Labrador Missing Jan Hanlon
Blaze our Beloved Boy Yellow Lab 07/28/98 Thankyou for continued prayers, Blaze is still here! We got our miracle:)He celebrated his 14Bday! Shawna and Randy
Blossum Chihuahua/Pekingese Mix 07/05/03 Chronic Skin Condition, Staph Stacey Orillion
Blue Shetland Sheepdog 09/03/07 Is 10 yrs. old. He has difficulty breathing and has what is referred to as the 'Sheltie' cough Nancy L. Ross
Blueberry Betta Fish Showing signs of Dropsy, often fatal. May choose euthanasia if she doesn't improve after treatment. Giovanna C
Blumchen Emilie Pool Schnauzer 07/14/05 Blumchen has Cushings Syndrome, Cancer & was just diagnosed with diabetes. Terri Pool
Bo Domestic Shorthair Cat 03/18/05 UTI, has trouble urinating and won't eat much food. Mary Stone
Bo Jangles Beagle 03/31/01 Bo has been diagnosed with Cutaneous Lymphoma and has begun Chemotherapy. Deb Uden
Bo Lab Had only 3 legs Sharman Martin
Bobbie Pickup Dilute Tortoiseshell Cat My baby Bobbie is going to sleep soon, please pray for her. Eleanor Pickup
Bobby Cat Blind and in pain Nicole
Bobby Yellow Striped Tabby Kitten 4 months Manx Syndrome. Has bowel and bladder problems Louise Toney
Bobo Sealpoint Cat 15 years Advanced kidney failure Eric and Carrie Miller
Bogart Bichon Frise 14 years 's general health is declining with age. He hurts with arthritis. Bichons cant take most meds Dave and Mandy
Bolt German Shepherd 4 years Financial help 2 meet Vet Bill,concerns bleeding @ both ends,prayers 4 healing,also prob.get in car Teri Mota
Bonnie Dog i worry about you the most, i had to leave you for my own safety, miss you x Carole
Bonnie Mixed Breed Rabbit 7 - 8 years Very poorly. not eating and very lethargic Heather
Boo Boo Kitty Tabby Cat 14 years Prayer for our girl who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. She is receiving hospice care from us Darlene
Boo Cat 09/07/02 Was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago Lisa Murphy
Boo Cat Tumor has grown not breathing or eating well Sandi G.
Boo Stuart Grey and White Cat 2 years Breathing problem Mary Stuart
Boo Vilardofsky Miniature Dachshund 12 years Blind Jeanne Vilardofsky
Boo Yorkshire 4 years Is still missing.We have done all kind of efforts to get her back home.We pray she is safe.Love Patricia Figueroa
Booboo Draughn Dutch Bunny 09/01/02 Has arthritis, seizures, went blind Marlene Draughn
Booda Baby Yorkie-Pom 12/01/03 Our darling boy went missing in the woods on 11/15/11 while we were camping. My heart is aching. Verne & Debbie Campbell
Booker Lab 11 years Is very sick…we pray for healing! Mary and John Martin
Boomer Cat 4 years Osteosarcoma MRI 05/19/11 Karen and Joe
Boomer Golden Retriever 05/04/05 Found to have cancerous tumors in spleen and liver, please pray he can enjoy final days at home Lynn Dashek
Boopee Shih Tzu She needs blood transfusion. Lance Kaye Valle
Boots Cat 12/01/03 My cat has been diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma and is under going chemo. She needs prayers. Margaret Lane
Bootsy Mason Longhaired Black and White Kitten 4 months Pray for his FIV diagnosis to be negative with this next test. Pray for long symptom free life. Susie Mason and Jennika
Boris Boston Terrier 11/19/99 He has a cancerous tumor in his liver that has spread throughout. Keep him in your prayers Cynthia Doorlag
Bosco Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix 14 years Awaiting diagnosis, cancer probable Emily (His Girl) and Grace (His Fellow Lab)
Bosco Shepherd Mix 12 years Was a stray puppy when she wandered into our Senior Center 12 yrs ago. She has liver cancer Sally Conroy
Boston Terrier Mix Lost during traffic accident in Boise ID. prayers for a safe return Wendy
Bowie Scarlet Chest Parakeet 2 years Prayers for his recovery. Escaped his cage and flew into window resulting in traumatic brain injury Pam E
Bozley Lab/Shepherd Mix 12 years Please pray for our best buddy Bozley as he has been diagnosed with splenic tumors Claudia Quinton
Bradley Cockapoo 9 years Bradley may have a herniated disc. We are hoping he gets better. He's such a perfect dog. John de Freitas
Bradley Salkar Shih Tzu We found Bradley at the animal shelter. When we first met him we felt there was something wrong wi Nalini and Ajay Salk
Brandee Dachshund 07/06/00 She is Blind and cant hold her bowel movements, we just lost our Boxer Molly on 3-14-18 Carol & Gary
Brandee Rottweiler 12 years She can barely get up and has lost interest in everything she used to love. Heartbroken. Lori Kaiser
Brandi Powell Golden Retriever 03/10/03 Kidney problems. Put on meds by vet, had seizure this morning & is hosptlized. Please help her God Kristin Stark
Brandy Golden Retriever 01/26/07 My sweet Brandy has Ostioscarcoma and she is only 4 years old. Mary and Oscar Johnson
Brandy Miniature Dachshund 08/31/98 Suffers from kidney faillure as the result of lyme disease. She is such a little fighter. Mary Hierholcer
Bratty Siamese Cat Kidney failure constant URI Christine Tremayne
Breccan Se Saint Bernard 6 years Osteosarcoma - Strength and grace to cope is our need Dana & Dennie & Raemi
Bree Black Mouth Cur 07/09/10 She either has a staph infection or allergies..Pray the Doc figures this out Chuck R Chuck Rebeiro
Bree Boxer 04/21/91 We just found out she has diabetes and are asking for prayers. Steve and Angie Kelley
Breeze Collie Retriever 15 years She is old and fragile. She is the love our life and scared to live without her Jaime, Colin and Lily (Breezes Kitty)
Breezle Cat 03/17/11 Kitty has CH-Cerebellar Hypoplasia that is worsening.praying she can gain strength to walk better. Brianna Lynn Degener
Brewsier Burns Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu Mix 11/01/97 Brewsier is ill & needs your prayers. His brother "Butch" & I love and need him very much. Robert P. Burns
Bridget Black Golden Retriever Chow Mix 12 years Arthritis in back, legs. getting cataracts, other age problems. yet still active Patrice Humke
Bridgette Anne Golden Retriever 9 years She has cancer (hemangiosarcoma). Please pray for her to help her fight this battle. Thank you Mary
Brindle Pit Mix 05/16/03 Brinny has congestive heart failure and Cushions Disease. She is on a lot of medication. Julie
Bristol Black Lab 01/31/14 Has seizures almost every day. Sometimes small ones & up to 20 Grand Mals in a month. Ginger
Brodie German Shorthaired Pointer 04/04/00 Went blind from SARDS 09/12 and now has cancer on his liver, spleen and kidney. Pray for him Robert, Natalie & Casey
Brody Mixed Lab/Shepherd/Akita 8 years Has lymphoma cancer and we want to try treatment. He also has an enlarged spleen and liver. Nicholas and Alicia Eng
Brownie Mix Dog 05/31/00 He is senior and needs checked up Edyrose
Bruiser Rottie/Lab Mix Cancer/ pray for comfort and peaceful transition Shauna
Brutus German Shepherd Injured his knee Jaime C.
Bubba Cat 18 years Age, poss. cancer, euthanasia decision Justin, Ashley
Bubba Domestic Longhair Cat 18 years Has horrible wounds on his neck and cut in his ear. We think a racoon got him. Valerie McNutt
Bubba German Shepherd 08/13/04 Prayers for my Bubba would be appreciated. He has just been diagnoised with lymphoma in the GI trac Connie Van Gorder
Bubbles DSH Cat 12-14 years Continued positive thoughts, doing well on meds, recheck next week, special needs senior. Karen
Bubbles DSH Tabby Cat 13+ years Prayers and healing light needed, hyperthyroid, recent test results elevate, need to double meds.Karen
Bubblesauris Tortoise Injured by dog Nora
Buckeye Golden Retriever 07/04/02 Was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and we need prayers and Yunnan Bayaio for internal bleed Kevin
Buda Golden Retriever 01/28/01 Was just diagnosed with bone cancer. He is truly my sweet angel. Please pray for him!!! Sue
Buddy American Eskimo Dog 05/07/02 End Stage Kidney Failure Cheryl Johnson
Buddy Basset Hound 09/16/07 Lymphomia Teresa
Buddy Bichon 08/13/99 Was getting old he couldn’t hear or see anymore and was becoming increasingly confused Anne
Buddy Budder Buds Ferret 7 years Needed Prayers due to illness Darrell
Buddy Cairn Terrier 05/01/98 Was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday. I love my baby sooo much =) Please pray for him! Susie, Vern & Brad
Buddy Chihuahua 09/17/00 Bad rear leg Victoria
Buddy Dachshund 06/01/09 Having hip dysplasia, spinal cord issues and has a broken collar bone. Got in a bad car accident.=( Hailey Moore
Buddy Dog 12 years Stage 4 Cancer L A Curtis
Buddy Dog Has fast growing growth remove praying it is not cancer Jenni M
Buddy Domestic Shorthair Tabby Formerly Feral Cat 08/2015 Got into a fight protecting his new little brother kitten Ragnar and was infected with FeLV. Sandra Wichrowski
Buddy German Shepherd/Collie Mix 10 years Has developed intestinal troubles, no know cause as of 4-12-11 Thank you for prayer support. S. Grey
Buddy Gray DSH Cat 11/01/03 Indoor only cat, got out during our son's surprise 18th bday party. Pray for safe return. Sue
Buddy Mini-Schnauzer 07/11/04 Malignant melanoma is rapidly advancing..prayers for peace. Dana Vero
Buddy Shitzu/Yorkie 05/03/99 Please pray for Buddy, he's having a tough time right now, he's an old man. Gary G
Buddy Spence Albino Ferret 03/08/03 Buddy has been diagnosed with insuloma as of 03/10/2011. She has very little time to hang on. Maria Spence
Buddy Westie 10/99 Lost sight in right eye & now injured his left eye. Please pray for my best friend!! S.P.
Buddylicious Chewbacca Ferocious McCoy Johnston (Buddy) Yellow Lab Mix 11/01/04 Please say a prayer for his health, safety, happiness and lack of pain from his mast cell tumors. Deanna K. Johnston
Buffy Cat Up and down with her cancer kidney failure and liver disease Dottie B.
Buffy Domestic Short Hair Cat 12/20/00 High Blood Pressure; has suffered 2 strokes Stacey Orillion
Buffy DSH/Tortie/Calico Cat 17 years Renal failure, her time is soon, prayers for an easy passing Maria
Bunny Medium Hair Calico Cat 18 years My grandkitty Bunny has CRF. Please pray for her. We hope she has a few more years left. Melody Stamps
Burley DLH Cat 06/01/93 My 18 year old Burley is nearing the end of his time with me. Good thoughts and prayers appreciated Dave
Buster Boston Terrier 05/24/00 Pray that Buster has the strength to get up, eat & be the healthly dog that he has always been Patrice
Buster Brown Jackson Knight Fawn Boxer 09/08/05 Diagnosed 04/06/12 with advanced form of cancer. Please pray for him and us. He is my everything. Darron Knight
Buster Brown Minpin Signs of URI Becky added by KimW
Buster Cat 11 months Missing from night of 08/20/2011,must return safe and sound immediately Vijayalakshmi.R
Buster Lab 16 years Please pray for Buster...He is up in years and having health issues please keep him in your prayers Taffy
Buster Mix Dog Has cancer and will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge soon. Bernadette Corsaro
Butch Lab/Rott 11/18/99 OCD dog developing Dementia MJ
Butcher American Pit Bull Terrier 8 years Has severe internal bleeding from a ruptured cancerous cell Amy Rimmer
Butchie Boston Terrier 06/28/03 Diagnosed with terminal brain tumors on 3/6/15. At home on palliative meds Deb Salava
Buttercream Domestic Short Hair Cat 13 years Renal failure, heart murmur, muscle atrophy Erin
Butterscotch Retriever 7 years She has had a tumor removed but now another tumor has been found and vet said it is cancerous Lee Ann Noorali
Button Maine Coon Cat 08/17/05 He is missing from his temporary foster home in Totara Park, NZ. He has poor health. Bring him home Heni Hettinger