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2011 Chat Room Supporters

Contributors to the Chat Room Fund in 2011:


Barbara Tucker In honor of my furbabies that have passed and gone one to the bridge, I love you very much and miss you so much. Much love to Storm, Thunder and now Scooby Doo. May you all find each other and comforte each one until we meet again one day!!!

In memory of Bailey 12-18-96 to 12-25-09 My loving soul-puppy. Love, Mom (Nancy)

Sheila E

Edgewood_Wolf In loving memory of my Silver Prince Edgewood Reeves

Nancy True We miss you Tyler.

Teri Tanzer Bruno you will always be with us.<3 Mommy/Dad

Kevin Court In Memory of Dingo. A stray who adopted us 12 years ago and left a huge hole in my heart 2.6.2011

Tammy Carson

Jill Martin In memory of Summer, the best dog ever -- and my best friend.

John D Pierce

Christine Guerin

Kelly Laishes In memory of Stew.

In loving memory of BlackTop. You left a big hole in our lives. Seth and Michelle

Winifred Newton-Byron

Jennifer Lombard

James Nicholson

In the name of GennaWolf for her love and caring for animals, from angels Irish, Divot and the rest of their catpack, love MyIrishWolf, aka, Russ.

Dustin DeMille

Helen Cohen In Memory of Munchkin

Debra Durham

Roberta Kobb

Joan Raessler In Heidi's Memory

Kathy Benson In honor of my dog Samadhi

Kathy Viggiano In Honor of the love of my life, Colby, rest in Peace, May 2000 - February 2011.

Janet Hagglund In Honor of Rosie, Buff, Hannah Jo, Snickers and Ezekiel; my beautiful babies that gave unconditional love to all the students they worked with in my classroom for Emotionally Disabled students. You beautiful babies will always be loved and never forgotten!

Lisa Stickdorn In memory of my kitty Tommy

Mary & Jasper Johnston in memory of Myles

Kathleen Williams In Loving Memory of Becky Mick Betsy and all my FurAngels.


Michelle Marez In Memory of Fubby Marez

Beth Gibbs

Bern Ayotte

Pamela Boudreau

Rita Carlson

Amy Channen

Randall Krzak

Glen Smith

PuppyChops In memory & honor of my Tessie Trueheart.

John Sullivan for Cassie 6/27/09 and Caity 11/4/11

Melanie Mulford In memory of Joey 16 years 11/15/11

Nicole Chambers

Karen Kuchar

Christopher Barry

My Rugged - Best friend ever. Love, Dad 2/1/01 - 7/21/10

Jacqueline Noveck

Mari C. In memory of Zena, Dec. 15, 2011

Carol In memory of my beloved little rescued Schnauzer, CJ, who went to the bridge last year.