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2019 Tributes

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Oliver, 14th October 2003 - 28th January, 2019

We remember our most precious boy Oliver (English Setter), who departed this world at the grand old age of 15 years.

You came to us at 6 weeks old in France, and became a part of our family and other animals. Freyja and her sister Loki, and then Frodo joined us the French Farm Cat. You were such a sweetheart, and had the most loving and gentle soul. You were the one who stood next to me every year in my wedding dress on our anniversary, such a gentleman.

We then decamped to Nova Scotia, Canada, where dear Branwen joined our family, and you two became inseparable.  As a Siberian husky she loved the snow,  and you just made snowballs in your feathering.

When we returned to Wales, here was another big adventure. We sadly said goodbye to Freyja in Canada, and then to Loki in Wales, sisters, both 18 years old. Life was not the same with no cats to share our world, we missed them terribly. Then our world was rocked by the very sudden loss of our precious girl Branwen, that you became even more precious to us.

You were able to stay with us into our next adventure of living on a narrowboat, you coped beautifully with this change in our lives. As much as we knew the time for you to leave us was getting closer, we were still not ready to let you go, but did finally find the strength to say goodbye.

We think of you now running with Branwen, and a welcome party from Frodo Freyja and Loki.

Your new sister Hen that you left behind, is feeling a little untogether as we are, she doesn't understand where you are.

We are numb with the loss of you, it feels like you were with us a lifetime, we miss you more than you can know our precious Oliver. Gemma, Jerry and Hen xxx

Ollie, 15th October 2005 - 15th March 2019

Our Ginger Ninja Ollie. Please don't think we didn't love you but we couldn't see you suffer anymore. Mummy and Daddy will love and remember you for the rest of our lives. You will be kept safe in our hearts and all our love goes to you. Thank you for the most wonderful 13 and a half years of our lives. keep safe and well our little man and have fun with your sisters and brothers at rainbow bridge. See you soon our handsome son. Love you always. Mummy and Daddy. XXXXXXXXXXXX

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