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2019 Tributes

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Niko, January 14, 2019

"A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart" Rest in the sweetest peace baby boy. I love you so much.

Noelle Glen, 12/29/09 - 02/09/19

My dearly beloved Noelle, with deep grief and numbness I try to write your tribute. You are my love.I will love you always and miss you till the day I die. Stolen from me in your prime, you were so full of love, devotion, joyful energy,and silliness. Dear spirited Noelle, you were my constant devoted companion,my forever friend, my world, my everything. You were my family along with Zoey, not my pet.   Whenever I was down, you were the one who lifted me up.  You taught me that love conquers all and to persevere even when times are tough because love will get you through. You taught me to love unconditionally each and every moment. To experience the full essence of life with all of my senses. You taught me that patience is a virtue and  eventually good things will happen again. You just have to trust that they will.  You taught me to keep striving to be present in the moment because that is when life is most full and happy. You taught me to always make time for fun because that is the key to a joyful life. You taught me to face a scary thing with courage because eventually you can work your way through it. You taught me to be kind to strangers because they each could become your friend and to show others you are happy to see them. At the end, you taught me to make the most of each day and savor the richness and fullness of life right to your final moments. Most importantly you taught me that love lasts forever and nothing, not even death itself or time can ever break that bond between us. So many lessons from one tiny golden retriever with a pure heart of love. My precious dear beautiful Noelle.
You brought love and joy and a zest for living back into my life after the loss of your dear granduncle, Sunny.  You brought a happy light and love back into our home. You and I , we went through so much together helping each other through surgeries and health issues, sharing happy times and sad ones too. But through it all , we were there for each other. In our photos, I see the brightness in your eyes, the joy of gratefulness and love for the life we lead. I treasure your unbridled devotion and love for me right to the very end. I hope you know that every little thing I did for you was done out of immense love my precious dear. Each and every act made my heart so full I thought it would burst from singing you our eye drops song" It's time for your eyedrops this morning Baby Noelle. It's time for your eye drops today" and waiting for you to come trotting around the corner. You were so brave and patient getting your drops, much better than me at the eye doctor.  And then I would sing the teeth brushing song" Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth. It is time to brush your teeth.. so early in the morning... Nice and clean and shiny bright and healthy pink gums too! Now we're going to  do the other side and get them nice and shiny white and healthy pink gums too!" You really didn't mind this at all and tried to lick the flavored toothpaste as I did your teeth.  It also brought me much peace giving you baths and watching you bask with delight in the heat from the dryer and towel massages. You brought me laughter with your silliness when I tried to brush and comb you and you'd whirl round and round till you'd flop over and end up full of leaf litter. It would also make me laugh when I'd still be at the table at the end of a meal, you'd stand up to give me a hug, placing your paws around my shoulders  and sneaking in a few sideways licks of the dishes. I was so happy to see how thrilled you were when I started cooking for you to make you healthier. You showed me your thankfulness with your exuberant kangaroo hops the entire time I was preparing your meal, bounce, bounce, bounce, and it made me laugh to see you carry your full , heavy food dish to your bed or carpet so you could more easily get the food out of it. I loved our hide and seek games with your toys and regret I didn't do more of that with you. We both loved to play outside with your ball and the agility jump. I loved seeing you happily jump over it with ease until the very last few days of your time on this earth. We had so much fun in your agility classes too and you always liked to do it your way, often choosing your own course. Our defining legacy is our hikes at Hudson Mills and Kensington. Oh Noelle,I hope you know how much it meant to me to see you keep gazing up at me lovingly so often and gently nudging my hand or knee as we walked the beautiful paths. Then when you'd always hug me by the river, that made my heart soar. All was right with the world. You were with me and I with you and our love knew no bounds. Time stood still , right there in the present and I wished it would never end. Our hikes were so amazing and one time we even logged 9.5 miles together. It reminded of that song, Follow me where I go ... all the way... all around. You and I , we went everywhere on the parks and trails and saw so much. You waited so patiently as I took photos and we enjoyed our snack and water times too. You received so many compliments from passersby and after they'd leave you'd give me that little knowing look that said, " see, I told you so."  You tried to teach me how to always live in the present. I am sorry for the times I got too wrapped up in FB and the computer to notice you were right there waiting for me with love. I regret the time I wasted doing something so useless. Sometimes I'd be wrapped up in watching the birds and you'd try to see what I was doing. I'd help you to stand and see and then you'd watch them right along with me. Even during your last week, you and Zoey enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds outside the doorwall. I treasure the memories of you always being right at the door to greet me when I'd get home and I was so thankful that the little song I made up for you, "Baby Noelle, Baby Noelle, She's my little Baby Noelle, boomp, boomp, " made you so happy as you'd wrap your paws around me while standing on your hind legs and we'd dance around, your tail wagging and wagging while you had a beaming grin on your face. Then you'd excitedly get down and start whirling around , looking for your favorite ball or tug toy to take outside so we could play once more. Back and forth over the jump you'd fly , dropping your ball or tug toy at my feet, ready for another round. In the summer , we'd add your weave poles and tunnel to our fun routine. Sometimes you'd stop in the middle of it all , just to give me a hug again. I loved hugging you back and kissing your sweet face and smelling the top of your head. I loved how your body felt as I wrapped my arms around you, feeling your fuzzy belly and your paws tightly around me. We stood there a while, you and I just grateful for each other's love.
You even shared my exercises with me, lying right near by and sometimes you'd crack me up when you'd stand right over me and I couldn't move. Sometimes you'd lie right across my yoga mat and I didn't want to move you so I'd do the yoga on the floor! Whenever I'd use the elliptical or play with Zoey, you added your version of getting in on the activity by chewing on your bone right by us or pushing your Ted Ted or tug toy around making them grunt or squeak.  And I never knew why you even wanted to help me vacuum. Even though the noise was so loud, still you'd follow me from room to room to supervise the whole procedure.
You were such a quick learner and it was so much fun watching you get the button and even this past year, you learned how to spin and to twirl.
On some lazy evenings or weekends, it was so peaceful to have you right by me on the sofa or in your bed, sometimes chewing , along with Zoey while I'd be working on crafts or reading. When it was time for bed, you'd leap up so gracefully , positioning your self right at the foot. But when I was settled in, you'd turn around and place your head and forepaws right across my legs. It has been so hard to sleep without feeling you by me.

I loved looking around when we were driving somewhere and seeing you sitting in your seatbelt right behind me watching the world go by, ready for the next adventure. You would sit there so thoughtfully after I took your leash off ,really thinking about everything before you decided to get out of the car.
I'll never forget your shoulder hugs when I was sitting on the floor. No one could have taught you that. You'd lean your head over my shoulder and give me a loving squeeze that I wished could last forever.
When I'd work out front, I loved seeing you and Zoey looking out of the door watching me. It made me feel you really cared about me.
Everything this last Christmas together was so beautiful that I wanted it to never end. I told myself we'd do it all next year, but why was it so hard to let that Christmas go. Our beautiful tree with lights all aglow, listening to all of our beautiful songs together and the thought crossed my mind that one day the song with your beautiful name in it might one day cause me tears and bring me to my knees, but it will also make me think of all of these beautiful times together and our eternal love.

How I'd give anything to just be starting this journey with you all over again my love ,to once more gaze into your beautiful loving eyes looking right at me.  I long for the day when we'll be together forever in eternity never to be separated from each other again. Please visit me in my dreams my love and if it's possible, please send me signs from your heavenly home, my sweet angel Noelle.

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