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2019 Tributes

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Jax Duhigg, 6/24/16 - 2/5/19

Our sweet baby boy, we lost you so suddenly my heart is breaking. But I feel blessed to have had your unconditional love in these 3 short years we shared. My heart has an empty space, the house feels empty. Sleep peacefully my angel, I will always always hold your memory with me. I love you Jaxey.

Jetta, 10/25/05 - 12/28/18

Where do I begin?  I saw your pretty face on and immediately knew I had to have you.  An 8 month old Border Collie mix.  The meet and greet was at a fundraiser at a bar in downtown Austin.  We went for a walk and upon our return I told them I wanted you.  You were brought to me a week later and our relationship began.  My all time favorite dog had passed away 2 weeks prior to my meeting you.  And you helped  me through my grief and gave me a reason to love another.  You were obedient and smart and loved life!  Running like the wind after a thrown tennis ball only to bring it back for more.  Riding with me to the ranch to see Tanner, visit with Kris and Bill, swim in the tank, and chase the chickens and guineas.  Always trying to catch the resident squirrel at our house but never quite able.  Didnít stop you from trying!  And as you got older, you wore a life vest to the dog park and stayed in the water content to paddle around aimlessly, enjoying your swim.  Iíll never forget your sweet face and kind eyes, my precious girl.  You have a healthy body now.  Say hello to Chamois, Nilla, Zera, Mazie, Casey, and Tanner for me.  And I will meet all of you soon at the Rainbow Bridge.  Much love to all of you ❤️

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