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2019 Tributes

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Isis Isabelle, August 2004 - November 14, 2018

Isis Isabelle Barton I – how we used to giggle when we said your name! You came to us on a warm late summer dusk. Your mom and siblings were nesting under our shed and in our neighbors’ yard. We tried to catch you all and hoped to find all of you homes, but you were the only one lured into that trap by the tuna. So tiny you were, and such a soft but mighty hiss you gave me, over and over, when I carried you home.

You were the wildest little thing we ever saw! You could climb walls like Spiderwoman, I swear. You were so scared of us. And the fleas! They poured off of you when we bathed you in the sink.

I thought it would take forever for you to be tame, and I wasn’t sure if your big sister, Luna ( would ever accept you. She was a tough one! But I was wrong, you became part of our family within two days. You were comforted by the sight and presence of Luna, it was like you realized: cats are loved and cared for here! Luna treated you like you were her baby, cleaning you and sitting with you, at least until you got bigger. We called you “the girls.”

My black Halloween cat, with the white neck spot. Those brilliant and pale green eyes. That high-pitched meow that always sounded like a kitten, no matter how old you got. Named after an Egyptian goddess, I had to explain your name in later years because the TV News starting using it to mean something else.

When you were loving, you were persistent. Loud meowing, head butting, licking our ears and eyelids in the morning. I’m sorry for getting mad. You would come visit me every night on the couch during TV time for your nightly rubs. Then, you went back to your cat-like ways, solitary and refined. Attached to me, trusting of me, always.

You never learned to not get mad when I cut your nails! Those teeth! But you always forgave and trusted again. And how you loved Vaseline! You would wait for me at bedtime so you could try to lick it off my hands! So funny!

You were so beautiful, my Isis Isabelle. Regal. You got more loving as you got older. I’m sorry about the dog that time and for bringing in all the new cats after Luna went away. I’ll never forget how you went from room to room, window to window, looking for her.

I had to let you go on a late fall night, after you had spent weeks getting sicker. I knew what was coming, that it would only get worse for you. I’m sorry. My heart will always hurt and my eyes will always spill over when I think of how tiny you were in my arms once again, how you curled into my neck and purred as you did when you were our new furbaby. Isis, handing you over was so hard. Watching you disappear through the door with that beautiful and kind veterinarian. I did love you. It took me so long to write this because it hurts too much. You are loved, and missed always.  By me, and by Josh and Laura too. Part of our family and hearts forever, my sweet little girl. We will meet again. I hope you and Luna are happy together. Love, Mommy

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