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2019 Tributes

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Gromit, 01/04/2001 - 19/01/1973

I have lost the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  My heart is broken.   Gromit was called the miracle dog by our vet because of his thirst for life despite age catching up on him.
Gromit lived with a family up to the age of 12, but he was not so well looked after, when he came to me, he was not used to affection, he tolerated my hugs and kisses but he loved me.  He suffered from separation anxiety, would howl if I went to the shop without him.  He came to me in July 2013, my Dad passed away November of that year and since then Gromit has been there when I woke and there when I went to sleep, by my bedside.
He made me laugh, he made me get up and take walks, he got vestibular disease twice but came through it.  He would physically pull my clothes to make me walk with him.
My life feels so empty without his presence.
He died on my birthday, tragically, he was out doing what he loved pottering and smelling on his walk, I think he took a turn because he fell into the lake we were walking beside, the same lake he walked beside every day, twice a day, it was dark, I couldn't save him, he swam for a few seconds and then his head turned and his head went down.  The anguish I felt I can barely describe, the current was carrying him quickly, I had to go ahead to try and find a place to access the water, I was terrified in the darkness but thank God I managed to pull his lifeless body out of the water.  I will never forget that night.  I couldn't save him and I hate that
I love you Gromit and I think you know how much I loved you, I miss you and I will never ever forget you
You were slowing down, at monthly checkups with the vet, I asked every time did he think you were in pain
My sisters, tell me you died doing what you loved but what hurts me most is that you couldn't hear me calling you.  It all happened so quickly and I so wish I could turn the clock back

Please forgive me!

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