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2019 Tributes

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Carrots Davis, 03/25/2003 - 01/22/2019

Oh Carrots.......I met you on the day you were born, bottle fed you and your brother, Peas until you were strong and then I just couldn’t let you go. For nearly 16 years you were always right here with us, through all of our many, many adventures. We already miss you so much. I promised you we would never forget you. You own a piece of our hearts forever. We never imagined you’d be gone so quickly.  We are glad you aren’t sick or suffering anymore. I am sure your brothers and sisters who’ve gone before you were there waiting to welcome you into your new life. Run and play in the green pastures, or on the boat docks of heaven with Moe, Twinkie, Cali, Booger, Inky and Buddie (and meet Poke and Tater too) while you wait for us to join you and be a family, together again for all time. Watch over us our sweet Carrots. We will always love and miss you.

Your family.....

Mommy & Daddy
Along with Zuzu, Pearl and your brother, Peas.

Cookie, 01/30/2019

Cookie you were the sunshine in my life. From the first second I saw you I was unconditionally in love. You loved being in the sun and you showed us you were there in Corpus Christi by giving us a sunny day to memorialize you. I will miss your presence always next to me. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I thought "at long last love has arrived!" That was our song. I grabbed your hands and we would sway. It was the song that played on your last day. I want you to know that I LOVE YOU and I would do it all over again. I will find you and choose you forever.



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