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2019 Tributes

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Bella Eastwood, June 3, 2002 - January 8, 2019

Bella, you were the best friend anyone could ever want.  I miss you and your sister Lizy so much.  You and Lizy have fun playing untill we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.  Love, Dad

BELLA KOHLER, 03/30/07 - 02/11/19

Bella, my beautiful Golden girl. Saying goodbye to you was the saddest day of my life. My heart is breaking every minute of every day. You were my heart, my soul, my life. You gave my life meaning. You were with me every step of the way during the most important chapter of my life, one that included loss of parents, extended family, as well as new family members which were to be your human cousins. You came into my world at just 7 weeks old and oh my how darling you were just a little fluffball of love and joy. We picked each other out. I knew I wanted a girl - you were the only one who came right to me, but I would always laugh because you gravitated towards everyone and everyone loved you. We bonded instantly even though we quite often argued over which one of us was going to be the pack leader...we both always wanted control, each thinking we knew what was right, even though more times than not you were the one in the right. We became inseperable partners in life. Through you I have met so many wonderful people, through you I have walked such beautiful parts of the earth that I never would have known existed if not for you. How we loved our adventures. My darling puppy Bella you would love to paw and catch the bubbles from your human cousins when we all got together. You would love to come everywhere with me just being on my lap as we drove around to puppy classes and Doggie stores and parks, lakes, beaches and trails. It didn't matter with us, as long as we were together. As challenges arose in life it was you who kept me sane, never wanting to leave my side but respectfully letting me go out when you instinctively knew I had to. You knew your presence was crucial to me as my presence was for you. For you would sacrifice a fun time if you knew I was sick even though neighbors and friends would try and take you out if I could not. If we couldn't be together and share the same experiences in life there was no point.
We got you certified as a Service Dog so we could see Daddy in the hospital when he was sick. I took you to nursing homes where you gave so much joy to so many. You came with us on Ferry boats, to hotels, restaurants, and malls where people treated you like royalty. We even took you to NYC...quite different than our nature trails but we were together and that's all that mattered. You rode the Big Bus all around town, we walked through Central Park where you chased the squirrels, to the Twin Towers where you proudly went into  Service Dog mode and the sadness on the faces of those who walked through would instantly smile seeing your beauty and calm. On 4th of July you would come with us to a beautiful spot on Cape Cod where we would bring our chairs and blankets. You felt so calm because you were blanketed in the happiness of all those around you. You found joy in such simple things in life. How you loved to gently fish in the lakes, how you would run like a racehorse on the beach chasing the birds, thinking that they were having a race with you, chasing the blowing leaves in the fall or in the snow. You would love giving yourself backrubs on the sand or beach. You loved every human that crossed your path either turning over so you could get belly rubs or siting so they could stroke you majestically. Then when you saw I needed to relax you would literally force me to relax, to be still. And how you loved your TV shows. You loved the Discovery Chanel, Dr Jack Hannah, but your all time favorite was Americas Funniest Videos. You would watch their antics and then watch me. Concern was all over your face when you saw people getting hurt. I would tell you they were just being silly and you would then smile. You loved watching doggie videos on the tablet, Beach Dog Boogie, Happy Dogs Running on the Beach & your very favorite Happy Dogs in Australia. Even if you heard it playing through the speakers you would go searching to see where it was coming from.  For your 11th birthday I bought you your own tablet. People laughed, but how you loved it. You overcame so much with your battled Lyme twice, cancer twice, and you always came through with flying colors. Your will was so never ever complained, you just accepted it. But hey, with the gourmet meals you ate every night why would you complain? We turned med time into appetizer or desert time...I called it goat cheese balls with blueberries time, or Bone de Broth. I made your homemade meals every night while you would patiently watch, noting every ingredient added. Then as mommy and daddy ate their dinner I would always make sure we had a little something for you. you would take gentle graceful bites from your special fork as you stared gratefully into my eyes. Every ritual was special..I would sing 'this is the way we brush our teeth, we brush our teeth we brush our teeth, this is the way we brush our teeth every single day.' You always had the sweetest breath. You always maintained that sweet milky puppy breath. Your whole being was so sweet inside and out. Intelligence, good looks, compassion, friendliness, and good intuition were some of your many were the Perfect Dog.  My Baba, my Mama, my Boo Boo, my Bell Bell , my Bellaboo, my Baby, Mommys life.  I prayed every night for you to have a long healthy life, and gave thanks for all we had. You departed this earth with the true grace and class that so defined you, my Beautiful Golden Girl Bella. I will love and miss you til the day I de and pray your beautiful face is the first thing I see when I go to heaven. My life will then be complete once again. Rest in Peace my beautiful Angel Bella...I am with you always.

Benny and Lauren, January and April 2008 to 1/24/2019 and 01/04/2018

Benny and Lauren were adopted on the same day and were brother and sister but not the same breed.  They were rescued from the same home.

I loved them both dearly and am heartbroken with their passing a year apart.

they are forever in my heart.

Blue, May/2012 - 03/11/17

In loving memory of my boy Blue..I love you, buddy..until we meet again..

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