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2018 Tributes

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Zak, 04/2004 - 01/11/18

Zak, we found you under the floorboards of an Amish barn where you were born. There was something special about you. You had such personality, and your own mind. We had to wait a couple more weeks to bring you home, but you came home to 50 acres where you ran, played, investigated, swam, chased woodchucks and squirrels and rode on the ATV for the first year of your life. We moved you from  there to a smaller place but you still had lots of room to run and play fetch for a couple years. We moved to an even smaller place a  few years later but we made sure you had a big yard where you could roam and play.  We went for walks, went to parks, visited Duke. You loved to go for a ride on anything, in the back seat of the car you ran  back and forward nipping at passing cars. In the truck, you claimed the passenger bucket seat as your own, sitting up straight, leaning back on the seat,  looking ahead and then at dad then back ahead.  You were so happy,  even smiling.  You loved riding in your golf cart, so proud.  You were such a rough neck, one day you did a flip running after a squirrel. You tore your acl while fetching a stick and hopped around for a few months, soon you were walking, but didn't want to go on any long walk. You still wanted to play fetch. You got sick when you were 12 and the emergency vet said kidney disease.  We brought you home to a mattress in the living room where you were put on a saline iv for several weeks. You came back to us. We put you on home-cooked food only, gave you herbal supplements for your kidneys. You had your strength back, played fetch as long as we would throw. You looked so handsome.  You did very well for almost 2 years then you gradually stopped eating again, you were having breathing problems.  We cooked everything you loved to eat, you refused it all, you only drank water. Once you were having a hard time walking, dad carried you in and out. Once you refused or were unable to stand we had to make the most difficult decision ever, you couldn't take any pain medicine, we didn't want you to be in pain. Zak-E-boy, we miss you so much. The house is so empty without you. We miss your quirky ways, your howls, your herding, your shadowing, your reaction to sneezing, and when dad mentioned your "nub." We will always love you Zak, and we'll meet you on the other side...

Zeke, June 19, 2004 - May 23, 2018

I miss you dearly and I donít know if the pain will ever go away. I long for the day when I will be reunited with you and  dear Malachi on the rainbow bridge. No one has loved me more or unconditionally the way you and Malachi did.

I love you now and forever.  You were and always will be my best friends.

Zelda, November, 1999 - Feb. 1, 2018

Sweet, loving "Zelda Zoom", who was my anchor and 'familiar', gently and bravely exited this world in my arms. She was 18 1/2 years old and was a steadfast friend and sister to Lizzie, our golden retriever who died March 2016. Zelda was by her side and wouldn't leave as Lizzie left us. She was a remarkable cat, rescued when she was 3 after living in a feral cat colony. Zelda loved her daily sunbaths. She never held back her opinions and loved zooming down the hallway. Now both our girls are gone and yet they fill the empty space with so much love. Thank you, my beloved little Zelda.

Zoe girl, 12/22/07 - 06/11/18

To our zoe girl, you left to soon, for reasons only husky god knows why, we loved you for 11 1/2 yrs, just doesn't seem long enough.but there must have been a need for big strong husky up their. hope you had an easy transition over the rainbow bridge and mayt up with your sisters MIKA N SHILOH. THEIR THERE TO SHOW YOU AROUND. god bless sweet zoe till we meet up again !!!

Zoey, 5/15/2002 - 6/22/2018

I found Zoey on the street when she was almost 6 months and quickly became attached to her. She had parvo shortly after and I nursed her back to health. She ended up being a sickly baby most of her life but that made me love her more as she depended on me to care for her. 3 weeks ago I made the mistake of covering her as I squally did with blankets when she was cold and accidentally placed her on top of a heating pad, when I noticed she was in distress and unresponsive we rushed her to the ER and almost a week later she was discharged and every day she got better. The next day Friday 15th of June I took her back to her Vet as she had a congested type of breathing coming from her nose and I was told she didnít seem too critical and to wait for her internist to see her on Monday. The idiot as usual recommend diagnostics that required her to be sedated even though theyíd mentioned she was too old to recover or even come out from anesthesia and so she was placed on more meds besides her IBD meds and since the in-home palliative care nurse mentioned she have a growth on her vulva checked the internist decided to perform an aspiration to check if it was cancerous. This was Monday June 18th. Zoey started yelping that night and then she stopped. I called the internist the next morning and she said Zoey probably had a histamine release reaction but no one seemed to think or mention it was critical. I took Zoey into the closest ER which is where they treated her for the heat stroke a week before. They told me she was stable and to take her back to the internist. 25 mins later she was unresponsive as I arrived and I instead rushed her to the ER side of the practice. She had an aggressive histamine reales and she was kept over night. I came in that night as I did frequently when she was hospitalized to syringe feed her because vets offices couldnít figure that out themselves, but I did it happily as she was my baby. The next Wednesday she was discharged and no one mentioned her mast cell condition was critical. Her oncology appt was still until next week. By Thursday morning Zoey was having another histamine release episode and I went back to the ER sheíd seen the first time. Again Iím told sheís stable even though sheís vomiting more than her own weight, thrashing around in pain and wailing which she never ever did. I waited, then a doc took me to the specialty clinic across the street and injected her vulva with chemo and said she should calm down but that she wasnít looking well. I asked all the questions hoping if understand how this all happened so fast and I was told the injection should calm her until she saw the oncologist the next day (this is a different oncologist). We went home and I prayed she got better but at that point realized my baby wasnít going to get better. She had awful episodes and by 2am we went back to the ER. She was kept and told her prognosis was very guarded. The next morning (June 22nd 2018) we spoke to the oncologist and she said what no one had sad before, Zoey needed to be put to sleep. This entire time Iím dying on the inside not understanding how a checkup for congestion led to an aspiration that triggered this response and no one warned me about it, no one took her seriously, no one even mentioned she should be relieved of her suffering until then. I schedule the in-home palliative care team to come in and help her transition but she didnít even make it long enough. We brought her home at noon and she died in my arms an hour later. I was hysterical, Iím still hysterical 2 days later. I donít understand, I donít understand.

I always knew what this day would look or feel like. I knew Iíd be inconsolable and itís worse than that. You were supposed to be invincible. Even though you died on my chest, you didnít give me time, I wasnít ready, Iím not ready. You were and are the love of life, my best friend...truly. You have been with me through pain of my illness, breakups, true happiness and joy, true confusion and disappointment and all over again. You decided to be my heating pad when I was in pain, you licked my tears, fought with me over your food and I loved every second of it. Every vets office fell madly in love with all 4 lbs of you, so much so that people came out of the woodwork volunteering to dog sit. Because of you, I worked tirelessly to have a profession that would allow me to always care for us, but especially for you. Iím sorry I couldnít save you my love, I tried but I failed you. 16 years, no matter what anyone says it was not enough and I would give anything to have you back. I love you, I love more than anything in the world my baby. Thank you for letting me be your mom, thank you for fighting, resisting, and biting me when I smothered you with kisses and bites and cuddles but most of all, thank you for being mine.

Zula, 3-21-2011 - 2-9-2017

Some love is too big to last just one lifetime. ♥️x Infinity, Zula. My best friend and beloved guardian.

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