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2018 Tributes

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YenYen, 12/96 - 4/25/11

My Dearest Yen Yen.. 

It's been seven years since your passing,
My dearest pet I will always cherish our love,
Tears are still flowing from my eyes as I think of you going over the Rainbow Bridge without me,
However, a smile appears as I remember your love and
faithfulness, your joyfulness and our friendship.
I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart and in
my memory.
You have my heart always,

Yoda 'Yodapods' Meredydd, Sometime in 2013 - 29th October 2018

Uncle John had found you when you were a kitten beneath a car in a car park near us. You had a blue collar around your neck so we were worried that you had gotten lost and that someone was looking for you. The local veterinary practice put your picture onto their social media sites, but nobody replied. We thought someone may have dumped you and we therefore decided that you should come to live with us and the rest of the felines. As you looked a bit like Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, especially when you yawned, you were given the name Yoda Meredydd. We would also call you 'Yodapods' from time to time for some reason we still cannot fathom!

While your name was Yoda, you were quite the opposite of your namesake; far from being patient, you would run around and be full of energy. In fact you once jumped by the stair banister and made Uncle Anthony jump. You were a handful and no mistake!

Some of the other felines weren’t as playful as you liked, they were adult cats at the time. However, we did get them to accept you. Auntie Janet told them that unless you came to live with us, you’d have to go to the workhouse! They did actually come to accept you and in fact Auntie Elliw came to be quite fond of you after we lost her twin, Uncle Trefor. We think she saw you as her younger brother (or nephew!)

You were a scally-wag, you once stole a chicken portion – much to Uncle Anthony’s bemusement! You also used to try to help the other cats (and the humans) to eat their food, we think you saw the late Uncle Cadwaladar (Cadso) do that so you wanted some of the action too. You had very similar markings and fur (colour and type) to Uncle Cadso, as well as something in the way your faces seemed to be similar; we think that you were actually blood-related to Uncle Cadso, which meant you were also blood-related to the late Uncle Trebor (not to be confused with Trefor – Trefor & Trebor were cousins) We have a picture of Uncle Trebor which you very often looked at, possibly in admiration! He was also a scally-wag, up to all sorts of mischief (especially with his cousin Trefor). We think somehow or other that you knew he had been a scally-wag when he was with us. Uncle Anthony also wishes that you and Trebor had been around at the same time, he’s sure that both of you would have been up to all sorts of mischief together.

You always seemed to want to go out at night, Uncle John wasn’t that keen – but you often found ways to evade us and therefore make us go looking for you. We’re sure you were probably having a good laugh at us while hiding. In fairness, you did always come back. Uncle Anthony always used to tell Uncle John that he would do anything to have those that had already crossed the rainbow bridge to be still with us and giving us the slip like you did.

When Uncle John had an accident in mid-2014 and was in hospital for some 3 months, Auntie Janet and Uncle Anthony never had any problems with you and the others coming home for the night – as if you all knew we were under some stress. We appreciated that of you!

In October 2016, Uncle John saw that you were coughing and seemed to be having difficulty breathing late at night; a respiratory arrest. Uncle Anthony stroked you and tried to help with the breathing issue. A vet had to come to our house, and realised you had a heart murmur. You did improve while the vet was with you. Uncle Anthony wanted a stiff drink afterwards! The next day you were given a course of tablets to help with the murmur.

You had a quite normal life for nearly two years after – still the scally-wag and giving us the run-around. However earlier this year (2018) in September, you had another attack. Luckily we managed to get you to the vet at their practice while Uncle Anthony again tried to keep you breathing. They kept you in overnight, and again you improved. The murmur had apparently gotten worse. Uncle Anthony realised that there seemed to be a common denominator with the attack 2 years earlier and then; you had been given flea treatment earlier in the day on both occasions. Some cats are very allergic to some treatments as we now understand.

You came back home, but you weren’t quite as you were. We put it down to you having been disturbed with the second respiratory arrest. You did still go out and like to play – but not quite as you did.

You didn’t eat as much of your food and started to go to places in the house where you rarely went to before. As your tablets were crushed onto your food, we were worried that you were not being medicated and Uncle John took you to the vet on the morning of 29th October this year (2018), you were given an antibiotic injection. You ate a lot later that afternoon. But…

About 2 or so hours later, Uncle John found you coughing and realised you were having problems breathing. Auntie Janet went to tell Uncle Anthony, who again tried to help you breathe. This time it was different; your lips and gums were turning a dirty grey and you were frothing slightly at the mouth. We managed to get someone to take you to the vet, while Uncle Anthony tried very hard on the journey to keep you with us - even resorting to blowing hard on your nose to try and keep your lungs going and massaging your heart area.

When we arrived at the vet, they took you in but sadly came back to say that you had crossed the rainbow bridge. Uncle Anthony lost his mind and angrily asked you how could you do that to them. Uncle John had to get Uncle Anthony to regain his mind. Uncle Anthony is sorry that he got angry with you; he hopes that you will forgive him and realise that he was bitterly disappointed and upset that he had failed to keep you with us like he had the previous 2 times and that you had crossed while in his hands.

The vet explained that heart problems do sadly manifest in that way. You were only about 5 years old, that rips deep into our hearts. :’(

We do hope that you are happy where you are now, hopefully with the others that have crossed before you (Smokey, Jar-Jar, Owain Gwynedd (OG), Ravage, Ginger, Clustiau the rabbit, Trebor, Trefor and Cadso)

Miss you lots sweet friend, :'(

Lots and lots and lots of love,

Your feline cohorts and your three human “annoyances” (John, Janet and Anthony)

Yoshi, July 26, 2006 - April 22, 2018

Our wonderful Beagle Boy, Yoshi, lost his battle with Lymphoma .  We are sorry we couldn't help you this time. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Our hearts are breaking.  Run free and whole over the Rainbow Bridge with Kirby!  Rest in eternity, Yoshi! You will always be Daddy's buddy and our forever Good Boy! We love you, Poonie, Poonzia, Pao-pao, Yoshman!

Yuki, 10/1/2002 - 5/17/2018

We brought you into our lives after the kids grew up and left the house.  You were just a tiny little cotton ball that fit right into our empty nest.  Our Japanese exchange student, Kana gave us your name and it fit perfectly.  Up and until a month before you passed you looked and acted as if you were a puppy no one believed you were 16 yrs old. 

We will miss the Bichon buzz that would come out of nowhere and make us laugh until we cried.  You had your little quirks just like humans and that was okay because we loved you!  It hasn't been very long since you left and already we miss your happy dance greetings, the snuggles on the couch or sitting with your Dad in his chair. 

There is so much more but suffice to say we will remember you always and hope you did not suffer much near the end when the inevitable was coming.  Thank you for being such a good dog for us, the best dog for us, we will love you till our end so be at peace knowing all this our sweet and beautiful Yuki!

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