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2018 Tributes

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Tara Feeley, 07/04/2000 - 01/18/2018

Oh, Puffle Stuffle.  Our hearts just shattered when we had to send you over the Rainbow Bridge. At 17 1/2 you had the longest life of any kitty in the family. I told you I loved you every day of your life.  Multiple times a day.  You owned me, heart and soul.  You had so many sweet and funny quirks.  We miss you. I miss every tiny little thing about you.  I keep expecting to see you.  I cry every day for you.  I know you're young and pain free again.  I know you're with all your brothers and sisters. I've been telling them for days that you'd be joining them.  I asked them to meet you at the Bridge.  One day, my sweet precious baby, we'll all be together again.  Until that time, know that Mommy and Daddy LOVE you with all our heart and soul forever.

Run and play Puffy.  Watch for us when we leave here to join you.

Love you always and forever,
Momma and Daddy

Thumper, 11-1-2005 - 4-10-2018

My baby girl Thumper. I loved you more than you could possibly know. You had a good long life even though you got cancer and the treatments didn't work. Be free baby girl and look out for me and your new baby sister Layla

Tigger Ravyn Biehl, 6/2000 - 2/26/18

Tigger was a friendly lively cat. He was curious and playful. He walked with me through a divorce, my recovery from an accident, my loss of a job of 14 years, my move to another state, the death of Purrdita and Shasta (also tributes for them) the death of my mother, father and ex-husband and several friends. Tigger loved me more than I deserved. My companion, soul mate and best friend.

Titan Zeus Rochman, July 27th, 2001 - January 23rd, 2018

A very special friend passed away, many tears are here to stay, his gentle paws outstretched to hold, a mothers heart that's made of gold, they sleep as one come rain or shine, and now he rests inside her mind, forever loved and never gone, from in our hearts he still lives on.

We love you Titan.

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