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2018 Tributes

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Sadie Jane. 06/12/2004 - 12/28/2017

To our beloved Sadie Jane, best friend and loyal companion,
You were a member of a family who loved you so much. You gave each one of us comfort and unconditional love. You added so much to our home and added enjoyment to everything we did: Watching you sit on the porch enjoying the sun, fresh air and watching the birds, seeing you prance on the lawn, opening Christmas presents, and knowing just when one of us needed you by our side. Words cannot describe how much we miss you as there is an empty space in our lives. You remain in our hearts forever good girl.

Love Always,
Allie, Chris, Bob, Lauren

Scooter, 08/04/2002 - 05/16/2018

You have been our Best Boy. I do not even have the words to write how much we miss your earthly presence. You were always one of a kind. Like no other. We have been humbled by the out pouring of love from this community since the news of your death has been shared.
The love you gave is only exceeded by love that continues to give. Our hearts overflow with all the joy, happy times, laughter and special memories you blessed us with. I was reminded last week that with great love, comes great sorrow. I would not trade anything for our love and time with you. It would seem there is not a moment that we are not thinking of you.
We cannot wait until we see you again. Fly free Scooter- With all our Love-

Shadow, February 28, 2004 - December 26, 2017

Shadow my beautiful German Shepard you’ve gone to heaven and we will miss you so much.  But I know someday we will be together forever in our own paradise in heaven.  You were our pried and joy for so long but now we have all those memories of your beautiful smile along with your pictures.  You were so smart, Obedient, loyal and so loving and I will miss that part of you so much.   Shadow my love mommy will always keep you in her heart and will always think of you up in heaven.   You!ll forever be loved.

Shaymus, 09/07/05 - 04/22/18

My best buddy who I loved so much words cannot describe it. May the Lord let me find him in heaven

Sophie, 04/08/2009 - 03/14/2018

There are no words that can express how much you are loved and how so very much more you are missed.  Thank you so much for 9 wonderful years of unconditional love and companionship.  You will always be in our hearts and thoughts until we meet again.

Love Mum, Eric, and Kirra

Sookie Frugard, 2/8/18

Sookie you were the best thing that ever happened to us. You had so much love for us. I will never ever forgive myself for getting you spayed. You didn't want to go and I shouldn't have taken you because you would still be here sitting with me on the couch. I am going to miss our walks at the park every weekend and playing in the back yard. I can't even look at the rooms you used to lay in. I can't sleep without you next to me. I don't know why God took you away from me. Please watch over us and please give us a sign that you forgive us. Please come back to us reincarnated. My heart hurts so much. I love you so much Sookie words cannot express how much my heart aches for you. I hope you wait for me at the rainbow bridge so we can play together again one day.

Sophie, May 2009 - December 2017

You and 7 siblings were dumped off outside a shelter in Toledo, Ohio.  I saw your picture on Petfinder.  You were with us 8 short years and we shared so many good times and traveled with us everywhere. You were afraid of lightning and thunder and strangers and sometimes the wind.  You weren't a "barker", but you told us when someone was at the door or in our yard.  You had the sweetest face and loving eyes.  Liver cancer finally made you so sick and we had to keep you from suffering but it was such a hard decision. But I knew you were ready by the sad look in your eyes.  Life is so sad without you. Memories are everywhere. We hope we see you in heaven. ❤

"Starr" Watson, November 30, 2010

What can I say about this tiny girl?  When we first adopted you, you were so tiny and we couldn't figure out why.  Come to find out, you needed a major surgery which we promptly got you and then you were so thankful, you jumped in my bed all the time and sat by me.  Your fur was more like rabbit fur, so silky.  You had the sweetest personality and gave me plenty of kisses.  I think of you often and I miss you so much.  I can still see you looking at me in wonderment.  I will see you again some day and I want to hold you close to me again.  Love, Mom, dad, Heather, Faith and fur bros and sisters.  xo

Stray Cat, April 24, 2007 - January 26, 2018

My sweet, affectionate, handsome Prince Charming, I miss you so much. My heart is broken without you here. When you were diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in March of 2016, I thought for sure we could lessen the symptoms with medicines. You were so brave to take all of your medicines for so long.  You were so complacent allowing all those blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasounds every few months; and in October 2017, you successfully went through the chest-tap procedure to remove fluids from your lungs.
I was so sad that the relief did not last very long, and we planned to have another one done after the new year. I am so sorry I did not take you until January 26th, and I am so sorry that I did take you, because maybe if I didn't, you would still be next to me.
I loved so much how you followed me around the house. I adored your meow, how you chirped and trilled. I loved our morning snuggle time, and how soft your hair was. How you would pat my face with your paws, and if I talked too much you would put your paw on my mouth. You made me laugh all of the time. You were such good company.
You always greeted me at the door, so excited for me to come home. In the last week of your life, you stopped our morning snuggles, and the greetings upon entry - I think I knew the end was coming, I just had no idea it would be THAT soon. I did not want to admit you were as sick as you were.
I am so sorry that you suffered, that you couldn't get oxygen into your lungs, I hate knowing you felt any pain at all, and I am so sad that you didn't accept the oxygen mask or feel relief in the oxygen tank at the animal hospital.  It broke my heart to watch you struggle to breathe. I hate that I took you there and it caused you to panic. Your beautiful enlarged heart could not handle the stress of going back to the doctor's - I wish I realized that you weren't strong enough to go through the chest-tap procedure again.
I am so sorry I took you. I promise you, I took you there to get comfort, to relieve your pain, and to bring you back home feeling better. I never imagined or wanted you not to come home with me.
The 10 years, 09 months, 02 days we had together were the best years of my life. You are a great cat, you were the best cat, so friendly, so loving, and I hope I did right by you. You deserved a great life, I hope I gave you that.
I miss you every day, and I know I always will.
I love you Stray Cat - I am sorry I did not name you Prince Charming - but you know that you were my Prince Charming, regardless. Love you so much.
There was never a moment I wasn't loved by you. There never was a moment I didn't love you.
Looking forward to seeing you in Heaven, my handsome and funny Prince.

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