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2018 Tributes

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Reddie Downs, 11/02/2000 - 2/26/2018

My sweet little one, How I miss you so. You were our Mothers angel, and I can see why. Thank you Reddie, for helping me when Mama passed. You came in our life and made it better. You brought me joy, happiness, and peace..I adore you and will forever miss you. I smile knowing Mama and you are together again . You both are free from pain. Until we meet again little one, I will never forget you . . You live in my heart

Roani, January 27th

I absolutely loved my German Short Haired Pointer more than any pet I've ever had.  Roani was my loyal companion.   After she passed I even made a imovie of her.   Now I am feeling guilty that I had her put to sleep by my Vet.   She could not control her bows,  was very restless especially at night, she fell on the floors constantly and could not get up with help.   We had given her several rounds of antibiotics, plenty of pro-biotics as well.   I had paid for a very expensive ultrasound which did not show anything but a somewhat swollen pancreas.  She had some strange liver readings from the blood test. We picked up all our area rugs to have cleaned and just let her live for about six months like this.   Short of having a biopsy of her colon, I am not sure what else could be done. The Vet had pretty much given up. The Saturday morning we had her put down she had pooped in every corner of her crate.  Nevertheless forever is forever, and now I feel guilty for putting her down.  I had her cremated and she has a special corner in my office with photos of her.  I miss her so much. No one really understands the depth of my grief.  My daughter's dog is giving me some support by staying her, yet I still feel the sting of her loss a month later.  She was adorable and we loved each other.

Gary B

Rocky (Vass), 03/24/2001 - 02/03/2018

Rocky:  A wonderful cat that had unconditional love for me the owner and my family.  
Always greet me in morning and when I came home for work. 
Would always lay on my lap in the evenings at night. 
He will be truly missed by me.

        Greg Vass

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