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2018 Tributes

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Paco, February 13, 2018

Paco has been a female Chihuahua mix, a senior dog.  She has passed away on February 13, 2018 due to a traumatic injury.  Paco is survived by her humans: Mama Lisa, Nanny Norma and Pappy Kenneth along with her house-sister dog Mandy.  She was really close to her human cousin Sierra.  Please keep Paco and us in your positive thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.

Let me tell you a little about Paco. Just because she’s awesome.  She still is... somewhere beyond here.

Paco loved ear rubs most of all.  Plus she’d see me coming and roll over on her back for a belly rub.  She was spoiled beautifully and petted constantly.

Paco came to us when she wasn’t fully grown more than several years ago.  Paco wasn’t an official therapy dog.  She didn’t need a certificate to be who she has been  to me. My Everything.  Paco was my main source of comfort and companionship.  These last two years I’ve barely spent more than a few hours away from her at a time.

Paco has taught me to love completely in pure Light and perfect Trust.  No one else, just her.  I didn’t think that I—or any human being—had the capacity to love as much as I love Paco. She loves me beyond measure in return.   Ours is a love that can’t be severed by death.  It’s worth being written about in poetry.  Paco herself is pure Love.

Paco has always had a spiritual glow to her.   In her prime her Nanny and I would call Paco an Angel Dog.  I guess Paco  couldn’t have stayed in this form forever. This is her time to move on. 

My sweet Paco.  You’ve graduated from the flesh. Have you gotten your wings yet?   I bet you have! Good Girl either way! Mama loves you, Paco.  You are missed and appreciated.  Your life mattered, every moment of it. I cherish every memory.  Your death was not in vain.

Your legacy will live on.  Every success I have from this point on will be in your honor.  I will live the life that you have always wanted for me, the life you helped prepare me for.   I will share with the world the Love, Light and Goodness that you’ve always seen in me.  Thanks to you I can now see it in myself. 

Our family will show each other more Love and Kindness. Your death has shown us how important our time together is.  You will always be one of us, the heart of our family.  The jewel of my heart.  Go forward in Peace, Light and Love, my infant. You’re the greatest!  The earthly world is a better place because you have been in it. We’ll see each other again, my sweet Paco.  But not today.  Until then, know you’re always on my mind and in my heart.  I love you Paco!

Patches, 04/07/2018

Patches Story…

It seemed like only yesterday, I was at a time in my life that I was feeling lost and depressed.  One of the reasons was because I had lost my son and was unable to cope.  I sat on my front stoop and asked God for a sign that my son was okay.   Within moments, out of nowhere, a black and white tuxedo cat came to me.  I had never seen him before and don’t know where he came from.  This cat and I made an instant connection with each other and I named him Patches.

My wife and I always fed Patches, every time he came to our door. I would spend time with him when he came around.  Eventually during a bad snow storm, we opened the door for Patches to come in.  He always stayed, however, as an indoor-outdoor cat.  He loved the outdoors; but always knew where his home, love and a good meal were.  Not once, did he ever hiss; not once did his claws ever come out; he got along with everyone… even our dog and seven other cats.  However, when Patches was outside, he did not hesitate to protect his “property” when strays came around.

Patches had an appetite like no other.  He devoured bowls of home-cooked chicken, ham, turkey, fish, and of course… my BBQ’d hot dogs and hamburgers!  Whatever was being served, he was “in”.  He also had a relentless, raspy meow; with a crescendo that got louder and louder until he was fed! 

After dinner, Patches made a habit of jumping up onto my wife’s lap while she was still sitting at the table.  She had made a joke that she could not do the dishes because Patches was snuggled on her lap.  Literally for years, this became a nightly routine and we continued to joke that my wife was “paying” Patches to come on her lap so she couldn’t get up.  It was his job!  There were occasional nights, however, that my buddy came on my lap after dinner, so my wife would ask Patch if I had paid him more!

Since I am retired, Patches and I spent many hours together and he always showed me he loved me by nuzzling his head under my chin. 

Suddenly, we started noticing Patches losing weight, even though he still had a good appetite.  One night, while Patches was sitting on my wife’s lap “working” and I was doing the dishes, she said Patches was just fur and bones.  We needed to get him to the vet.

Neither our vet and even the emergency hospital could determine the reason for his sudden demise.  It was suspected, however, that Patches had a brain tumor.  He was put on palliative treatment and pain medications.  Nothing helped.  He was suffering and in his last days, barely could eat.  My wife told me Patches needed us to help give him peace.  I couldn’t face losing my friend; but the day he could no longer nuzzle his head under my chin, I knew my wife was right and I made the call.  Patches peacefully went to the Rainbow Bridge at 2:28 p.m. on April 7, 2018. 

Of all the cats that have come through our doors, there was something special about Patches. He had the most gentle, affectionate, loving sole.  He was my boy, and my family and I will never forget him. 

I thank God for sending this cat to me that day years ago when I was sitting on the stoop as a sign that my son was ok.  Others always wondered why I named a tuxedo cat “Patches”. I never told anyone until now... I named him after the song, “Patches”, sung by Clarence Carter.  After listening to it, you may understand.  Thank you for reading Patches story.

Roger Diehm & Family

Pepper, 8/24/2018

I lost a piece of my heart on 8/24/2018. I will love you forever and miss you every day.

Pockets, June 2013 - 5/14/18

  I lost my cat of 5 years last week. I feel as if all the joy is gone and i live in a black hole. He was always there to make mefeel like i was the greatest. I am so lonely without him. We found him under a bush in our yard when he was just a few weeks old. I always said he was my gift from God.  His heart failed after fighting urinary disease.  I just cry all the time. He was a Maine coon mix and just beautiful. We would put him on a leash and walk him in the backyard.  I've never had a cat like him. He found the icemaker fascinating. He was everything to me

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