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2018 Tributes

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Nelson, 05/08/18

God gave me twelve years with this precious boy.  I thought I rescued him, but he really rescued me.  He gave me a purpose when I needed one the most. I know he is in a better place and he and his sister, Reba, will be waiting on me at the bridge.  For now, my heart is broken in two, but I will see him again.   I love you, Nelson, be a good boy!

Niko, 11-10-03 - 9-10-18

Niko was the love of my life and my rock through hard times. He was my constant companion for the past 8 years after I rescued him from a horrible situation where he was dying. His love for me was strong and ever present and he expressed it very often. He was a joyous and happy guy who loved his life and loved his sisters and brother. He was gentle to children and curious about most people, but fiercely protective of me when he sensed danger. We had many adventures together, took lots of hikes, walks, and travelled together. When he was able to get up on my bed, he slept beside me and brought me comfort. Later, when he began to have hip problems, I helped him up on the bed and picked him up when he fell. Although he had reached a point of life where he slept most of the time, he relished his nightly walks and enjoyed sniffing out the other dogs' scents. Today he was in great pain and I knew he was suffering. I chose to free him of his pain knowing it was going to hurt. And now I am heart broken missing him and his sweet, funny and loving spirit. God I loved that dog! I miss him greatly. There will never be another Niko, or "Nee" as I called him. He was my love~

Norman, May 22, 2006 - October 6, 2018

Tonight we lost our beautiful Norman, a most gentle,loving basset hound soul, who’s big brown sad and droopy eyes were just pools of love you immediately fell into.

Norman was abandoned at a shelter when he was 8 years old. This experience broke him, and he was the saddest looking dog I had ever seen when I picked him up. It took a few weeks but he slowly started to open his heart and he became the most loving and cuddly dog, who loved cheese and wouldn’t even touch a meal unless it had a sprinkling on top. He earned the nickname ‘cheesepig’, but no others, as he truly was a Norman. He drank like a camel, scratched the pantry door for endless cookies, hated the grass vacuum, loved to be toweled, to lap up rainwater off of our outdoor table, and for his belly and neck to be stroked, and would shove your arm if you made the mistake of stopping the caresses. He had a wobbly front leg but this never deterred him from his zest for life, or in trying to keep up with his canine sister Daisie whom he adored and always had to mark his spot on top of hers. We will miss this sweet, gentle soul so much.

Norman has left giant Bassett paw prints on our hearts forever.
Loved and adored by Kim, LJ, his best friend Daisie , Millicat and tolerated by Amycat. Reunited now with Midgie, Murphie, and Tigger who loved his gentle presence. Fly free sweet little man, you have earned your peace. xoxoxoxoxo

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