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2018 Tributes

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Mackie, 02/11/18

My dearest sweet Mackie, you are missed beyond words. The pain of losing you has left a void in my heart.  I miss your smell and the sound of your tags hitting together when you moved.  You were such a good boy and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I know that now you are running free, free from the pain that you suffered with. I will see you again one day!  “If love could have kept you here with me, you would have lived forever”.  Love and miss you so much, Mom

Maddie, 08-24-2007 - 09-10-2018

When I thought I was going to pick a little yellow Lab you picked me instead. You ran to me and nipped at my feet and looked in my eyes and I knew I found my new best friend. God sent you to help me get over a pet loss before you and you did just that, and now I have a hole in my heart since you have passed.  You were the light of my life and every good thing that has happened to me.  I will love you and will see you again when I cross that bridge and we can play together again.  God Bless and keep My Maddie Girl.  Love you for ever and ever (Pop) 09-13-2018

Maddie Mae! (Aka) Mar Mar, Sham Sham!, November, 14th 2004 - March 15th 2018

My Precious Maddie Mae, Sham, Sham, Mar Mar. my Heart is still broken. If I had known that morning when we dropped you off for your surgery you wouldn’t make it I would have not taken that chance. I woke up that morning not wanting to do the surgery but your daddy reassured me we would talk to the dr and ask lots of questions to ensure I felt ok about going through with having your spleen removed. I just wanted to give you the best chance at having the best care and a longer life without pain.. I hope you know how much I love you and miss your beautiful little face. You were the most loving and the smartest, most intuitive little girl I’ve ever had the privilege of loving! Our baby girl, Gerdie Rae your daughter misses you too! She has grieved along side me for the past month as well. Baxter Rae misses you as well. Jezabel is trying to take your Alpha position but I won’t let her. Please tell my Winnie And Monty I love them too up there in Heaven. I pray that you were the one who decided you were ready to go because the dr said you got through the surgery just fine but then your heart just stopped. I’m so sorry baby girl.  I did not know how sick you really were. Forever in my heart. Your mommy.

Maggie Mae, 10/2/2018

My beautiful brown baby whose one of many nicknames was Maggastino or Stinos for short.  You were part of our family for longer than any of your fur sisters.  You were only 2 years old when we brought you home.  When we had to send you to the bridge you were 14 yrs old and we knew you weren't happy any more.  You knew all three of the Pointers we had, Masey, Dixie and Suzie.   Masey and Dixie were already at the bridge and I pray that you are all together.  You were the exception to 3 Pointers, a chocolate lab/German Shorthair mix with beautiful fur and a beautiful inside to match.  So glad you were part of our lives for twelve years and to say I miss you is an understatement.  I still look for you at the window when I come home from work.  I also miss our walks thru the neighborhood and the visits to the park.  You always were so excited when the leashes came out! You were with us for so many things in life, hugging you always made things better. 
Sickness did not enter your life until the last months you were here.  I know you tried everyday, but now you can rest easy.  Have fun with Masey and Dixie.  Someday we will all be together.  I miss you so much, but the things that keeps me going is knowing I will see you (and your sisters) at the bridge someday, that you are not alone and you are happy and no longer in any pain.. 
We will always love you Stinos.
Someday I will get to hug my big brown baby again.

Love you forever
Lori and Rand Thompson

Maggie Mae Wechsler, 2002 - August 11 2018

We lost you on August 11, 2018 between 6 and 7 pm. I did not have time to mourn you properly because so much was happening and we were all in shock. We miss you and know you could not stay with us any longer. I am so grateful for the time to have had you in our lives. You were a soulmate to me even after I thought I could not have another one.
You were always there underfoot and visiting wherever I would go. You were stubborn and very loving. An enigma in everything nothing made sense at times. The dead babies in your belly. oh my the things you must have been through. We got you and almost lost you the same day and then you choose to find us again and never leave us until the end. I still remember you coming back from your adventure with your nose bitten up by red ants.  love you, You stayed and we took care of you. We let you be and you built trust in us. So many memories I remember you getting out of the yard and rat hunting next door. I remember you getting out of the back yard and jumping on my lap in the front yard when I was gardening.. How funny and adorable you were. I remember you always leading Skyla to the garbage cans , even opening up the cabinet door where we hide the garbage can. Smart and tricky. You certainly were food driven. We always thought we would know when it was your time when you wouldn't eat anymore but you tricked us. On our way to the emergency vet on the way out of the house Alie gave you a huge wad of turkey and you ate it all. You never stopped looking for me in the bathroom, where I would give you great rubs. Or looking for me in the garage. You would go around the whole garage until you found me waiting at the door.  There aren't enough words to describe all the loving and quirky things you've done.
I, we miss you so much. You were sweetness itself.
Mommy, Daddy, Alie, Matt

Mater, 2/28/2006 - 11/15/2018

My precious Mater. You brought joy to our lives, but especially your dad. You knew when he was up, and a Huge comfort when he was down. Where there was a routine, now there is just empty space and sadness. Never have I ever had a dog (hooman) like you. A piece of my heart is gone. I love you Mater!!

Max - aka Boo, 08/22/1999 - 06/12/2013

Max it’s been 5 years since you left us baby boy. So much has happened.  You were so so special to us, but especially me and the “momma” . I can still see her feeding you  your nightly yogurt whip. I know you know we lost her and I know you’re up there keeping her company to.  I miss you so much. You were always by my side for 13 years and just love me so much.  I got  another puppy his name was Murphy  but just recently lost him to.  I know he’s up there with you  and buddy .  I love  and miss you both so so much Max.  I will see you all someday. 

Max DiBlasi, 03/18/09 - 10/09/18

The strongest boy I ever met (person or dog). He fought the good fight, he was a soldier, so strong, so loyal, so loved, and so loving. He was a great, majestic, beautiful creature that awed anyone he met! He was so smart and so stubborn. He was my second son and my very best friend. There can and will never be another. I know you are running and jumping and playing again with all the other pets waiting for their owners. I know your hurt is gone and I know you can see me and hear me here on earth. I have seen the signs you have sent me that you are ok. I love you Max with all my heart now and for always and you hold a piece of my heart that can only be mended once we are together again.

Max--The Wonder Dog, 2/25/06 - 5/9/18

A feisty little black dog with an intimidating growling smile, that made him just misunderstood. You were truly a mans best friend and fierce protector. A true gift from God.
Thank you for being such a loyal and loving companion to my best friend. His loyalty to you as unconditional as yours for him.  Always there to comfort, listen, watch TV, be a lap buddy and protector of your loving and ever faithful Master.  You were his little Harley dog.
Although his heart is broken without you, he knows that you are free from pain and will patiently be waiting for him as you always did each day and night.
Until you meet free Max, pee on everything, find and play with your old friend Cinnamon, and rest peacefully knowing how much you are loved and missed.  Send your Daddy signs that you are ok every once in awhile to help mend his heart.
Love ya Max, rest easy. Love, Aunt Melinda

Meeko, 12/06/2018

Meeko was not only my Leopard Gecko, I felt like he was my child. I used to look forward to coming home from work just to spend time with him. Even though what happened was an accident I can’t help but blame myself for what happened, in hopes that he could forgive me and that I could forgive myself. He was my first reptile and i did all the research in the world before I got him, just to make sure I could care for him properly. The pain hurts so much right now but I know one day I will be able to look back and smile on the good memories and joy he brought me. Deep down I know that he knew I Loved him and that I would do anything to protect him. I just want to say I Love you My Meeko and sleep peacefully, you have bought nothing but joy to my life and I will cherish our memories.

Meesh, May 5, 2001 - December 29, 2017

I remember like it was yesterday...when a neighbor mentioned she knew someone that had taken in a stray cat that gave birth to kittens at their home and she was trying to find homes for all of them before taking them to the humane society. You were the biggest and fluffiest one out of all 5 kittens. I picked you up and looked at your tiny beautiful face and took you home. We had just moved into a new home and our boys were 5+8 and were having a hard time adjusting to our new life. They both fell in love with you the moment they laid their eyes on you. I'll never forget how much joy you brought to their hearts and the smiles you put on their faces for over 16 years. We watched you grow up into a beautiful magnificent gentle giant. I remember playing hide and seek with you, how much you loved playing with string and bouncy balls. You were our King, and everything was always on your terms. You never liked to be held for very long periods, never was the type to just come and sit on our laps but instead always welcomed a armpit scratch, belly and back rub. You loved being brushed absolutely hated taking baths and as you got older and bigger it would take 2 people to hold you when it came down to bath time. You never complained about anything, even when you were sick. You loved going out for walks in the backyard and would spend 5 minutes just rolling around on the patio before walking to the garden to sniff and chew grass. All we had to say was "Meesh do you want to go outside?" and you would run and cry to the back door. You waited patiently for your favorite meals like turkey cooking in the oven, tuna, chicken and beef. We miss your big green eyes and hearing your meows and chirps and how you always greeted us at the door every time we came home. You even tolerated your new little brother Cativo when we brought him home who misses you very much. Every so often you would glide along our legs just to let us know that you were there and would give us blinks with your beautiful green eyes whenever we talked to you. Just your presence in the room was good enough for all of us. You were a child to hubby and I and a brother to our sons. Thank you for giving us another Christmas together as a family. Our hearts are broken as you are no longer here with us but there is some comfort in knowing that you are no longer in any pain or suffering. Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to say our last good byes and to tell you how much we love you and to thank you for being such beautiful part of our lives. You will never be forgotten and will always be held in a very special place in our hearts forever. Hugs To You Meesh from MOM, DAD, PETER, ANTHONY AND Your Little Brother CATIVO :(.   

Mia, 06/18/2018

My little princess died one month ago. She was around eleven. Adopting her was the best decision I've ever made. She was a lovely and caring little dog and we developed a very special relationship. I miss you every single day, every single hour. I thank God you crossed my way and I know that one day we'll see each other again. In the meantime, I'll never forget you. A piece of my heart is yours forever. Mami te quiere mucho, Pizquito.   

Mickey, March 22, 2004 - February 4, 2018

Mickey Maroo the Bronxbomber 2004-2018, our gentle and loving chocolate lab, left us this morning for the rainbow bridge. I still remember him running towards me with wild eyes when he was a puppy. He chose us then and we are so happy he did. We'll miss him so much and can't imagine a day without our buddy. I hope you can run, play and especially swim in your new home my friend. 

Millie, Age 13 1/2 years - August 3rd 2018

Millie - you left before I was ready, but my heart would never have been ready to lose you.
I remember the day I fist saw you - thin and unsure and scared of where you had ended up. But it didn't take too long for us to fall in love with each other and for you to become the centre of our world.
Remember all the times I struggled to get you to eat? So I handfed you and I think you really liked that because you'd eat from your bowl for everyone else.
Remember the day that Fonzie joined our little family - you immediately let him know that 'Girls Rule' and he was happy to let you be the boss. Then, when you lost your hearing he became your guide in so many way - if he reacted to something it was your signal to react too and you grew to depend on him for so much - but you were still the boss!
Remember making the journey from Ireland to live in Canada in April 2013? When we picked you up at the airport we heard there had been a ferret on your flight - my heart stopped as I knew you'd probably barked at the poor creature every second of the journey.
Yes, you loved to bark! Everything was a reason to bark. In fact, sometimes nothing was a reason to bark but you barked anyway - everyone knew when you were around!
When you became ill with kidney disease in February I vowed to do everything I could to help you. Then, in March, we learned that you had a spinal tumour. But that didn't stop you fighting and it didn't stop me fighting right alongside you - together we tried everything possible to help you, took you everywhere that offered you help or relief, cared for you 24/7 with total dedication. But it wasn't enough Millie, it wasn't enough.
You were growing tired, your back legs were letting you down, the kidney disease was making you feel sick, you couldn't go for walks, you couldn't jump on the furniture, you couldn't climb the steps. Eventually your little body was trembling and jerking more and more and you couldn't even sleep properly. And you couldn't howl - your voice had changed - how I cried when I saw you trying to howl but no sound came.
The decision to grant you your wings was not an easy one Millie. I would have continued to care for you forever. My head and my heart screamed at each other for weeks, but while they were screaming you were growing more tired and I knew I had to keep the promise I had made to you many years ago that I would never let you suffer.
Your passing was so peaceful and gentle as you lay on my lap with Daddy beside you and Fonzie nearby keeping a close eye on the vet. Did you know that as you left this world you took with you the piece of my heart that will always belong to you? Did you know that the rest of my heart shattered in a million pieces? Did you know that Daddy took you to Pet Heaven himself and laid you in the cremation chamber as he didn't want any stranger to be the last to touch you? Did you know that Fonzie sniffed your beautiful face before you left the house and that his little canine heart also broke in two?
Do you know how much we miss you Millie? Do you know how much we loved you and that we always will? Do you know that Daddy gave me a locket with some of your ashes that I wear close to my heart so that I can feel that you're still with me?
Millie - I want to thank you for all the love and joy you brought into our lives. I want to thank you for loving us so completely and for accepting our complete love in return. I promise you baby girl that you will never be forgotten, I promise to keep your memory alive in everyway I can no matter where I am.
Watch over Daddy, Fonzie and me until our time comes to be with you again. But have all the fun you haven't been able to have since you got sick - be happy baby girl, be healthy and well and hold that piece of my heart that went with you until the day when I see you again and my heart will be whole once more. I love you Mommy's girl.

Milton "Moe" Koerner, September 29, 2018

Moe, the gentle giant, the warrior,the most handsome, and best buddy!

You came to our lives in the summer evening on 25 August 2010. You chose Anna, your best buddy, and us to be your family. You were the most awesome kitty we had ever known. You were a peaceful boy, yet knew how to fight like a warrior.

You moved with us to Hawaii in 2011. You made holes in the screen door to let yourself out to Hawaiian adventures. We were tired of changing a screen door one after another. We just let you out. Luckily, We lived in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. You went to walk along the ocean and visited my friend's cats all the time.  Your mighty paws and your Jackie Chan move would allow you to jump up and down our lanai. You would sit and watch the birds and trees under the plumeria tree. Some day, you just went and enjoyed the weather for a bit.

Moe, you were the best buddy to Anna. Your favorite place to sleep was on the top of her head. You gave us so much joy and happiness. You were a part of Anna's childhood.

Moe,you fought until the end. Only three weeks of your normal check-up, you left us so abruptly. We fought with you all the way, but the illness just overpowered you.

Moe, you passed in the arm of your best buddy and me. We love you so much. Our hearts are so broken.

Moe, we will never forget how soft your fur was, how large and powerful your paws were, and the cuddling love you gave to us.

Moe, we hope that you joined Max, your brother and enjoy every day with him...

Thank you for bringing love and joy to our lives. Our hearts have expanded with love and compassion because of you.

Until we see you again, my beloved Moe....

Mischa, 06/16/18

You picked us to share your life with for two years. You brought out the best in all of us. Most of all we will miss you plopping next to us in bed at night. We miss you and will love you forever our little peanut

Missy Meow, 2003 - August 31st, 2018

To our Princess, Missy Meow:

You started life as a stray and passed away a Princess. 

You were a part of our family for the past 15 years and the Prima Donna of our home. You were a tough cookie and your brothers and sisters knew not to mess with you.  However, your sweet and loving side became more apparent as you aged.

You have left your paw prints in our hearts and you will be greatly missed.  

Go mimi our little girl.
We love you mucho.
Patches, Pikaboo, Cici, Mami and Daddy

Misty, 06/2006 - 7/7/2018

Misty was a sweet loving soul. She loved us all unconditionally. Words cannot express how she made us feel. Her love will remain within us for the rest of our lives. 

Mittens, 05/16/11 - 05/01/15

Mittens, I will always remember the day you were born. I needed you just as much as you needed me. Your life on earth was cut short but one day we will be together, forever. I love you Mittens.

Moe Davis, 3/20/2001 - 3/18/2018

Oh, Moe Moe (Tiny)......our sweet boy. We just thought we rescued you all those years ago, but instead you totally rescued us and quickly stole our hearts. You helped us through some dark days and always met us at the door with your ‘happy Moe dance’ and the need for an immediate hug and kiss to make us laugh. You were ‘our boy’, especially Daddy’s. You two had a bond like no other and we always said Daddy was ‘your boy’. These first few days without you here are very hard for us, we miss you so much. You were the common link that bound all of our family together. You knew our first pup, Tater along with Poke, Buddie, Inky, Booger, Cali and Twinkie who were all there to welcome you over the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sure all of you are playing together now in the greenest of fields. You were such a great big brother to Peas & Carrots and sweetly tolerated your biggest fan, your little sis Zuzu. You slept between us every night; body under the covers, head on the pillow and now your spot is so empty.  Watch over us precious boy until we all can be together again. We will never, ever forget you.

We will love you always,

Mommy, Daddy, Peas & Carrots and Zuzu.

Molly, 06/22/2007 - 03/14/2018 9:00 pm

Dearest Molly, I will Never Forget The night You Left Us, A very Sad Sad Night. I will always remember you on all of our very special Moments, When I came home you were always there to greet me with your tail going 100 miles per hour. I hated to see you go but I Pray to God you are in a better place with no more aches and pains and having fun, There is nothing more special of all the unconditional Love you gave to me. You are gone now but will NEVER be forgotten. I hope this Rainbow Bridge that you went to takes very good care of my Loveable Molly. I hope you know that I will LOVE you FOREVER. Love you so Very Much.

Molly Marie, 10/17/05 - 06/28/18

Our dearest Molly, you are so very missed and beloved to us always.

You were taken much too soon but you are now in a much better place, with no pain or suffering.

We can't stop thinking about you and will take comfort in knowing that we will see you again some day.

Always our love,

Your Mommy and Auntie

Monet, April, 2003 - July 30, 2018

Monet was my little buddy from day one.  Met him in September 2005 when he was just 2 years old. He was as a friend stated: he was one of the most stately, sweet, cuddly, vivacious, cranky, adorable Shih tzus she had ever known.  And that described him perfectly. Cranky and very lovable at the same time. 

 I thought I had more time to share with him. He had been so healthy for most of his life that I mistakenly thought he would be here much longer than he was. He experienced more of the world than some of the people I know though in that time - he lived in several cities and in at least 4 different states across the US (CA, FL, GA and LA).  He had been to almost 20 different states and drove with me cross country 3 times.  He was a little reluctant to be the traveler he became over the years. 

Goodbye to my special friend.  This is where our roads take us to different places. Hope to see you again someday!!!!

Murphy, 12/28/2013 - 07/27/2018

I miss you so much Murphy. 4 years just isn’t enough time. I still remember me and Charlie going to the airport to pick you up.  All you could see was this adorable puppy with huge paws looking out of the crate.  You sooo so adorable.  I knew I loved you from just looking at the pictures Judy had sent me, but when I saw you that day my heart  was completely taken I loved you from the start.  I wish everyone could see how you were with me, a 175lb goofy silly  teddy bear who liked to be hugged and  petted.  I can see you sucking on your peanut butter Kong and perfectly content for the 15 minutes it took you to get every bit of that beanie butter out of it.  I wish I could turn back time and  do things better because you deserved that.  There are truly know words to express the sadness and loss I feel not having you here.  You loved me unconditionally and was there every time I needed you to be.  I miss your slobbery kisses. I even miss the bone crushing experience whenever you decided to sit on me.. you wanted to be a lapdog so badly☺️ I know You’re up there running and playing with Max and Buddy and alll the rest of the dogs up there and I find peace in that.  I love you so much and will miss you forever Pup-pup.  Your momma.

Murphy (pup-pup), 12-28-2013 - 7-27-2018

I’m so sorry puppy, 4 years just wasn’t enough time. I thought  I’d have you here with me for so much longer then this.  I miss you so much and it’s only been two days.  I love you and will miss you forever my beautiful boy.  I know you’re up there running around and playing with Max and Buddy and all the other dogs.  Rest In Peace baby your momma loves you.

Mylo, 10th May 2008 - 11th September 2018

My best friend, Maylo.
You were taken suddenly last night, 11th Sept 18, aged 10 and 3 months exactly
Mylo woke me up early hours with heavy rapid breathing, he was a king Charles cavalier and had minor problems supposedly related to the breed, nothing life threatening, I let him outside to the garden at 6am and he was vomiting and falling over so I knew something wasn’t right, but he had been sick before and always been fine shortly after, He didn't seem to be getting any better and wouldn't drink or eat anything, and he loved his grub.
I took him to the vets at lunchtime and she checked him over, gave him an anti sickness injection and antibiotic injection as she thought his stomach was very tender and he may have had an infection, said his heart sounded fine and the heavy breathing and nausea was due to high temperature and feeling sick, said he would be fine and if no improvement to bring him back the next day.
I left the vet satisfied and trusting their judgement so I brought him home and he progressively got worse throughout the day, wouldn’t move, drink, eat anything and his breathing was getting worse, wherever he fell he just lay there, struggling yet his tail would still wag when i was beside him, by evening I thought enough was enough and called the emergency vets who told me to bring him in, Mylo was lying out in the garden at this point after dragging himself out and within the time it took me to get inside and get dressed when I went back outside to get him in the car and noticed his heavy breathing had stopped, i went over and no tail wag, he was lifeless, I was in shock, no signs of life at all yet I tried to save him, i still don’t know why, how, was he poisoned, so many questions left unanswered, he was perfectly fine and his usual self the day before running around, begging for food, doing what mylo does.
I’m distraught and can’t stop crying, I should have acted faster but the comfort of knowing he didn't suffer for long may help, just not right now, rest in peace my little man, I love you more than words can say xx

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