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2018 Tributes

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Gigi's Itsy Bitsy, 10/26/16 - 09/05/18

Lent to us through the Grace of God
Taught us to love,
And then went home.

Gizmo Davis, 04/01/2006 - 06/17/2018

Our heart is broken that you are gone. You were the light of our lives. We built everything around you.

We will miss you standing up on your fat back legs, begging for bacon. We will miss your warm body at the foot of the bed, rustling through the blankets when you get slightly uncomfortable. We will miss making you miserable by dressing you up in crazy little costumes. We will miss having our best friend at home, always waiting for us. You were the embodiment of love to us. You were so pure.

We wish we could have kept you longer, but we know that we did all that we could. We will miss you, from this day until our last days.

I hope that I get to see you again. If I don't, then make no mistake - I'm nothing but thankful for all of the love and friendship we were able to share.

Goodbye my loyal friend. There will never another one like you.

Gus Tumolo, 03/14/04 - 05/14/2018

loving yellow lab

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