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2018 Tributes

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Chugs, 2/09/2018

A beautiful girl with a silly name bestowed on you by a toddler grandson. You moved in with us permanently in 2011 and were a Daddy's girl; he loved you immensely. You loved running along the fence with the neighbor's dog running with you on the other side; chasing squirrels; pouncing on mourning doves; and cornering all the wild critters that wandered into the yard. And being very protective of us--you had the most awesome deep bark when visitors fist arrived!

You were taken from us so suddenly--less than two weeks ago you jumped up on the bed I had just made up, rolled around and undid my workmanship. It made me laugh, you were so cute! Then suddenly, just days later, your back legs would barely work and kept getting worse until you couldn't stand even with help; probably arthritis, we thought-- after all, you were about 14 years old, we think. Gary carried you in and out of the house and vowed to do it as long as it took. But-- probably neurological, the vet said, and will worsen rapidly. That very night you were having seizures and seemed to no longer recognize us; Gary wrapped a blanket around you, held you in his arms and tried to calm and comfort you; by morning you were crying out and trying to stand as well as having the seizures.  You fought so hard to not die! We pray that you felt no pain that long, horrible night. There was nothing we could do but let you go in peace; Gary held you close as the vet administered the drug that took you to the Rainbow Bridge.

We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, our sweet, beautiful lady. We can see you now, whole and healthy, happily running along a magical fence with your buddy Ling. Say hello to Mandy and all the other fur babies that got there first, please.


your mom and Daddy

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