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2018 Tributes

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BABY NEVE, MAY 26 2008 - MARCH 23 2018

You were always my special gift from god and the greatest love of my life, your constant love and happiness for life and for everyone and everything taught me much, without will always feel empty, you filled me with so much...I am broken without you. I love you my little one and I pray for you to come see me in my dreams, in my life and I want to see you again and cuddle with you again. love you forever baby Neve

Beanie, January 20, 2006 - February 8, 2018

For Beanie, our  Boston Terrier- we wish you could have had one more summer to spend at the lake. Congestive heart failure left you struggling to live in a physical body.
I could not let you suffer one more day.
You were our silly, stubborn girl who lived for food and swimming in the lake.
Your unconditional love was a gift from God. Thank you for watching over Oliver , mothering a schnauzer puppy who came into your life two years ago. He looks for you everyday..
We loved you and pray that heaven is filled with  lakes and creeks to swim in

Bentley, 12/31/2010 - 5/31/2018

Our little girl, princess and angel. The joy and love you brought to us cannot be described.
You fought so hard for the last four months and we know how much you tried. You will be thought of everyday and the footprint you left on our hearts will last forever.

We know your running again our Bent.

BJ "beej", Aug 2005? - July 10, 2018

 BJ "beej" Brook
a sweet and gentle soul who loved everyone.
we will always love you, miss you and carry you in our hearts.
run free now big guy;give kisses to your brother and cousins.

till we meet again


choopie and maggie

Brandy, 30/12/2004 - 4/10/2018

Brandy I MISS you!!  Your brother and you were adopted as puppies. After two day you made it clear you were my dog. For the next 14 years plus you were/are my girl and the alpha dog.  All the other dogs moved out of the way at the water dish for Brandy.  You showed your love with countless kisses  which I miss so much. When you started to limp and had trouble with your rear legs we did all we could to take care of pain.  Then your rear legs gave way.  I tried to see about getting you some rear wheels but your front legs could not pass the test.  After watching you watch the other dogs coming and going,I knew I had to seek a better life for you. After a great meal and a chance to pee out side we went to go to the rainbow bridge.  I long to the time I meet my special girl at the bridge and get some more of those  special hugs and kisses. I miss you Brandy so much.  I have your`ashes but they can not hug or kiss. Wait for daddy love  oxoxoxoxxxx to you.  Love dad

Buster Bigkitty, 1/6/18

I miss you, man. It's so hard to be here without you.

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