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2011 Tributes

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Caity, 3/17/2000 - 11/4/2011

Caity Girl - we did not know how ill you were - your leaving was so sudden. Now you are with Cassie, Mally, Riley, Petie and Reggie - you all can run and play. Last night, we lit a candle for you as you trotted over the Rainbow Bridge - we hope you had a big Golden grin on your face when you saw Cassie waiting for you.  
We miss you - we smile when we think of the "Caity moments" we had with you. You were such a sweetheart and a love - you will be missed.  
We love you - Mom, Dad, Doug, Michele, Lucy, Livvy, Jen, Lisa, Sara J., Leah, Rob, Grayson, Max and Tubs, Addie and Cyrus. Rest in peace, Caity Girl, rest in peace.

Cali, 9-1-2008 - 9-26-2011

I will miss my big, beautiful Cali, her life shortened way too soon. I will miss that beautiful face. Sweet dreams princess.

Cali, June 30th 1996 - June 27th 2011

You passed on a Monday. You started showing something was wrong on Thursday. A new medication and ground beef and rice perked you up for the weekend. Monday morning you just couldn't use your back legs any more. I am so happy that you made it thru the weekend and the hours we had that morning before we had to go to the vet.

I hope you are running and playing like you so loved to do - no more arthritis. Hope there are lots of balls and rope toys to chase.

I'll see you again some day. You will always be my little girl.

I miss you  

Cali Davis, 03/2010 - 02/19/2011


Oh sweet girl, you were much too young to leave us, just a puppy. We never knew that in just 6 short weeks we could love so much. We had plans for a life with you for so, so much longer. You melted our hearts the moment we met you and you left a mark there that will be there always. You were the sweetest dog we've ever known. Thank you for fighting so hard to live. You will never be forgotten, Our Cali Girl. Run, play and chase birds on the streets of heaven as you were meant to do. We look forward to the day when we will be together for all time. Until then, we send you kisses on your furry nose.

We love you Cali,

Mama and Daddy  
Along with Twinkie, Little Moe, Peas and Carrots.

Callie, April1-2011

My sisters' cat Callie went to the Rainbow Bridge last week after suffering from cancer. She was a beautiful Russian cat that had been a family member for some 15 yrs. She was a definite "lap cat" who loved to be fussed over. She will be greatly missed by all who loved and knew her but her suffering is now over and she awaits at the Rainbow Bridge with my sisters' other cat Fizzgig and with my dear Blanca and Blanco. Farewell Callie we love you and we will missyou

Cally Fails, 04/01/96 - 05/20/11

My beautiful beauty, I woke up this morning thinking of yesterday, you laying on the bed with me, looking up at me and I would kiss your nose. It made me smile,if only for a short time. I hope all your pain is gone and you're at peace now. Love mama.

Capernicous, 11/1/2005 - 10/14/2011

You gave all of your happiness and love to me and only me. I was the only one for you. I regret towards the end i wasnt really there for you but i always had you on my mind, I never forgot about you.

I remember i would be working late at the desk and you would peep through the window just to get a glimpse of me because you missed me, I am so sorry I wasn't playing with you like I use to but you always knew I loved you.

I miss you so much and you take care of Momma, Prince and Blackie. I will see you one day on The Rainbow Bridge with a milkbone baby boy.

Love Daddy

CARLA, 26 July 1985 - 3 January 2002

Dearest Carla, you were my first Wheaten Terrier and you came to me at the age of 5. I swear you never did a thing wrong in all the years we shared together. I'll never forget the day when you came in, looking so forlorn. You insisted that I follow you outside - so I did. That is when you took me to the vegetable patch and showed me where you had knocked a tomato plant over, - the one with the big ripening tomato that I had been watching! Then, you waited to be scolded. Apparently, where you'd lived before, this was what followed after such an accident. But I didn't scold you. I hugged you and told you it was OK - I would never hit or hurt you.

I had pet Guinea pigs at the time you came, but you never hurt them. In fact, you used to round them up when I let them loose in the yard, and watched over them for me. There wasn't a mean bone in your little body. After a while, I came to call you 'my little angel' because you were the closest to an angel I could imagine, or hope to see.

At almost 17 years of age, you had two strokes, close together, and the second one was so bad that I had to put you out of your pain. You died as you had lived, gently, peacefully, and surrounded by love.

I shall look forward, my little angel, to being with you again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you forever!

Your Audie.

Casey, May 2010

Casey, we will always love you. Hope you are happy and healthy right now. We will always love you and keep you in our hearts. See you at the Rainbow Bridge! Love, your family.

Casey, 1997 - May 2010

Still miss you. Always in our hearts.

Casey Snowshoe Siamese Kitten, 06/22/10 - 02/04/11

For the beautiful snow of your little white paws
the silky smoothness of your tail
the way you purred without fail
and all the energy that you saw

in the days although short
you gave a lot of love with all your heart
some thought you were an odd sort
but I always felt you were very smart

taking you to the cemetary
inside the kitty backpack
where we watched the spirits and fairies
you were unsure some of the time and the dark brought us back

you sat alongside me on the bench
meditating we did do
you liked to look up at the fence
forever and always sending love to you

by Michael in loving memory of Casey with love from Ma and Gran.

Casper, August 1998 - August 2, 2011

You have been the best cat and most amazing companion for the last 13 years. I'm so sorry things had to end today, but I didn't want you to suffer any longer. I pray you are now safe, comfortable, and eating plenty of treats. I'll never forget the way your fur feels, your smell, your meow, or how you drank water out of the sink and my glass. I have your favorite toy ball, and will never give it up. We have some wonderful memories together and I look forward to the day we meet again. You will forever live on in my heart and my memories- I will never ever forget you. May you rest in peace Casperoo, and always know how much your mommy loves you.

Caspy, 2/15/1993 - 2/20/2012

To our beloved Caspy...

..So many loving memories..can never be forgotten..
..You were the source of our strength..when life didn't seem fair..
..You would greet they came through the front door..
..You liked the smell of grass..the soil on which you lay..
..You loved the warm sun caress and the fresh grass..
..You liked your little room..but not as much as the pink chair..
..You liked to greet us when we came through the door..
..With TV blaring would put your head down and sleep..
..Any sound of will look for a bowl of milk..
..From that misty day in New came to us all silent..
..You then started to jump..on the sofa and the trees..
..You greeted Minky as your own even and cared for her as your own..
..The garage in vroom drive and you welcomed little munu..
..You had a new home when you flew all the way to California.. loved to bask in the warm California sun.. were fluffy and beautiful..but you down..
..I am just glad your suffering is no more..but you are in heaven..where you belong.

In our hearts forever,
Shilpa, Shomita, Ari, and Minky

We will always miss you.

Cassie, January 15, 2003 - January 19, 2011

In Loving Memory of a Sweet & Loving Beautiful Dog

Our Family will miss you dearly & so our other animals in our family as well.

We all are so very grateful the time we had with you .

Cassie you gave all your Love to Us & we loved you dearly .

Be Happy in the Rainbow Bridge with all the other animals.

We will think of you often in Happy Memories.

Love you Always,


Jennifer & Pablo & BABy Linnea

All our Loving Animals

Cassie Border Collie, Jan. 1, 2000 (estimate) - March 7, 2011

Cassie, our wonderful Border Collie, passed away on March 7, 2011. She came to us in 2000 and captured our hearts completely. She loved to play, swim, walk or just sit by our side when we needed silent support. We will never forget you, Cassie, we love you and miss you very much.

Eileen and Richard

CC, Sept. 2007 - Mar 02, 2011

CC.... a.k.a. FATdog, a.k.a CC Doppeliss

We (The Family) really really miss you! Any & Everything we do we find ourselves looking for you because you were always around us EVERYWHERE! Whether you were following our every move, playing with your food bowl or toys, or just sitting on our lap looking into our eyes with your pretty eyes. You were the best dog in the whole wide world!!!

You were always so sweet to everyone, even when you acted tough we knew you just wanted ALL THE ATTENTION =) We miss your winks & licks, you with your Turbo Tongue and all your affectionate ways!

You are truly missed & will be loved FOREVER!  
You will never be forgotten!

Love Daddy, Mommy & Jayden

Ceaser, Sept 5th 2000 - Feb. 10th 2011

Ceaser, My Chocolate Lab..He had many trials and surgerys..But was a great guy through every thing..This was a perfect perfect best friend..Ceas you were so much fun when it came time every weekend in the summer to go see cows (trips to the cabin) Ceas I cant stand the fact that you are not with me right this minute..I miss your kisses, I miss you sleeping in the bed, I miss you not greeting me everyday at the door..You were the best and most loyal guy ever..well you went to sleep at 9:18 A.M. on Feb 10th 2011..I have not gone one day without crying my eyes out, and its been 80 days today..I miss you so much and I really do pray we will meet again..Love Me (me love you)

Champ, 12/28/1996 - 12/22/2010

You were the best. People came and remained. You came to me when you were only a year old...and stayed with me for the next 14 years. You really became a part of me. We've been thru a lot, buddy. Up to the end, you were great! I miss you more than most people can imagine. I'm so happy for this Rainbow Bridge. It's so nice to see how many other people feel so intensely about their friend and companion!! It's so nice to be in their company. You were there when I needed you...everyday. I hope I made your little life as enjoyable, fun and worthwhile as you did for me!! I look forward to the day when I see you pictures I feel only happiness and joy...and not the terrible feeling of loss that I do right now.  
You were a blessing!!  
Your buddy, AJ

Chanel, January 14, 1995 - July 21, 2011

Our Darling Chanel,

From the time you were a kitten of 15 weeks old, we couldn't resist your adorable face at the Bide-A-Wee Shelter. You have filled our home and hearts with such endless love. It has been a wonderful 16 years with you in our lives...What a journey!! In April of this year, you were diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and you were nursed in our home with fluids twice a day and other medications..You were such a brave little soul, always taking your medicine so willingly and knowing your Mommy was trying so hard to keep you alive...then on July 21,2011 you finally succumbed to this dreadful disease and could no longer walk..our vet told us that it was "time" because you had begun hemorrhaging from inside your chest..we wanted so much to be able to fix it but we couldn't let you suffer any longer and you were by your mommies' sides until you crossed over to the Rainbridge Bridge.!
We know you are frollicking with your brother who passed in 2000 and your other 3 sisters who left before you...your brother Winslow and sister Sofia are still looking for you and miss you so very much..they are looking forward to the reunion one day with you at the Rainbridge Bridge...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for brightening up our home for these past 16 years...we will miss you forever..If only we had a little more time with you..but we have to believe it was your time..we know you are finally out of discomfort!

We will love you forever!!!!!! You will never be forgotten, you brave little soul.....

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Margie, Alice, Winslow and Sofia

Char-Coal, 5/24/2001 - 4/9/2011

I'm so lost without my buddy, I know you are in a far better place. No menu, you can eat what ever you want, no matter how good of care I gave you it wasn't enough...You ae in God's hands and have all my friend's to care for you, Mom Mom is there Bonnie is there and you get to meet my Dad who will take you hunting and swimming. God Bless you me wonderful guy, you are truly the love of my life! Forever my guy...sorely missed. I have such a heavy heart every minute of every day with out you...

Charcoal, 04/08/1998 - 04/22/2011

The happiest day of my life was the day i brought you home, I was so fortunate to have you in the past 13 years, you brought tons of joy and laughter into my life - you’re sweet, gentle, kind, and loyal, the best dog anyone could ever ask for, you’re my angle given from our Father in heaven, my buddy, my companion, you filled my life with immeasurable fun and love. I miss you Charcoal, I love you always and forever. Goodbye for now, I will see you and cuddle you again at the Rainbow Bridge - in His time, I can’t wait. Mama

Charley Ladisic, June 17, 2008 - December 18, 2011


You were a blessing from the first day we picked you up.. The second you ran out of the room and met me and your mommy we knew you were ours. The only thing you ever wanted was love and our approval; I hope it was enough. All you ever did was love and try to please us. Although at times it seemed you were going to be a handful and your mother wanted to kill you; like the time you ate the ornaments off of the christmas trees, we still loved you. You made friends with your cousins and played with them all day.. Sometimes we thought you would never stop and everything in the house was going to be broken, but we still loved you.. When I came back from Afghanistan you were there to greet me and love me.. You never stopped, even if I yelled because you broke something or jumped on my stomach, I knew you just wanted attention.. You are the only dog I knew that would not go outside in the rain or snow.. A Pitbull and you have booty's for your paws.. You were my road dog, going to work with me and everyone would play with you.. Everyone who met you fell in love with you.. I love you little girl, you were the best pupper I could ever have.. I hope you and Cindy are getting along; I am sure Grandpa is keeping you busy..

Love, your Dad

Charlie, 02/02/1994 - 09/30/11

Charlie- I cant believe your gone, thank you for always being there for me.. you were always the one to go to for me to feel comfort. you were the best dog i could have had grown up with, you are my baby dog forever and ever, you lived life to fullest and always acted like a young puppy, i love you so much and miss you greatly. I cant wait see you again someday. You are missed so much by everyone i love you so much

Love Forever,  
Your Family

Charlie, September 9, 1999 - July 20, 2008

There are no words to describe how I've grown to miss you...the way you would greet me when I came home. When we first met, I was scared you wouldn't accept me as I accepted you. From 2006 until you got sick and passed, we were together. I grew to love you for the cute little puppy you were and miss you terribly. As a 9 year old cocker-poo, you were playful when you wanted to be and rested when you wanted were your own doggie.

Miss you little man!

CHARLIE RASMUSSEN, 12/20/01 - 11/22/11


Chase, January 17th, 1997 - March 29th, 2011

Chase was with us for 15 years. He gave us nothing but love and laughter. Our children were small when he came into our lives and we have so many wonderful memories of him. Our hearts are breaking at the loss of our beloved family member....but I know in time it will get easier. God could not have created a more loyal soul. You will be missed dear Chase by anybody 2 legged or 4 who had the pleasure to know you.

Love Mom.....

Chauncey McCormack, 6/12/98 - 1/11/08

We lost our beloved Black Lab Chauncey 3 years ago today, and miss her now as much as ever. We always think of her and talk about how sweet and loving she was!!

Chen Chen, 06/06/1997 - 04/01/2008

Happy 3rd Bridge Day, Chen, Chen. You are still so missed, but while the pain of your loss has subsided, that pain has been replaced by the loving memories of your life. We are doing fine. Little Kobe is running the house like you did. We wish he had you desire for long walks and your fearless attitude, but he’s a good dog and we love him very much. Ronin and Molly joined you this year and I hope you were there to great them at Rainbow Bridge. Buddy is real sick and Sara and Artie are going through much of what we did when we lost you. He’ll probably be there soon. Take care of your old friend when he arrives. You are in our thoughts always; please be there to greet us when our time comes. Until then, play in the beautiful fields, our child…Love, Mommy and Daddy

Chester, December 13, 1999 - Nov 23 2011

Chester was an Old English Sheepdog part sheepdog part angel.  
He was euthanized this morning because of severe hip displaysia.

His mother Rosemary and father Bob loved him very much.

His sister's Posey and Baby mourn his loss.

He was a wise old soul, those that you find few and far between.


Chester, 2004 - August 16, 2011

I adopted Chester in 2005. I found him in the local animal control facility. When I saw him I immediately knew he was the one for me. I live alone and had been for many years. He filled my life with a love I did not know I could have. He would wake me up at dawn nearly every day and we would head to the local dog park and he would play for awhile and then we would walk the trails outside the dog park. He loved everyone he ever met. My parents would visit 2 or 3 times a year and really spoil him. I took him everywhere with me. He spent many weeks in Tennessee with my parents and got to see deer running through my parents back yard. Last December he developed a tumor on his tail. I had it removed but the biopsy indicated it was malignant. The vet said we may see more of these tumors. In February he started being picky about eating. He had always had a strong appetite. I tried various different foods thinking he was just being picky. In June I took him to the vet and blood tests indicated all his organs were functioning poorly. X-rays found a huge mass attached to one of his kidneys. I had it removed. But the biopsy showed it was of the same type as his tail tumor and the vet feared it had already spread to other parts of his body. He seemed to feel much better when I took him home from the vet after 3 days but by the end of the week he was vomiting and not eating. Tests revealed the other kidney was not functioning well either. That was 4 weeks ago. In the mean time he began eating and some energy returned but that all ended on Sunday when he seemed to crash. He refused to eat and was rarely awake. This morning I almost couldn't wake him. His eyes remained unfocused and he was nearly unresponsive to my voice. We went back to the vet. His kidney function had deteriorated over the last 2 weeks. The vet offered to do IV fluids and to insert a feeding tube. I told him I thought it was time to let Chester go. He agreed that he also felt we had done all we could reasonably do. And nothing would cure him, only prolong his life a few more weeks. When I looked in his eyes I knew what had to be done. While the vet went to get the drugs prepared, Chester laid down at my feet resting his head on my foot and I stroked his head. The vet administered the initial dose of sedative while he laid there and I continued to stroke Chester's head until he was asleep. I remained in the exam room after the final dose was administered to say my goodbyes. I feel like a part of me has been torn out.

I never knew a person could love an animal so deeply. I will never forget him. I hope he is finally at rest. I hope he is waiting for me in heaven.

Chewy Grainger, 6/12/1997 - 8/2/2011

We miss you so much. You are such a kind and gentle soul. We can learn a lot from you, and as a tribute to you, I am trying to be more kind and positive in my life. I thank you for all your love and loyalty. I love you, Chewy.

Cheyenne, 07/04/2004 - 03/18/2011

Cheyenne was found on the road when she was 4 months old. She had been eating a dead deer to survive. I had my husband stop so I could get her in to our truck. I took her to the vet the next day and got her shots then to a groomer to get her cleaned up. She was an inside dog and had the complete run of the house. We always joked that we live in her kennel.

Cheyenne ruled the house for 6 years. Today she had just been playing with her stuffed toy and went to get a drink, then we heard her drop and make a whimpering sound. I ran to her and tried to give her CPR but it didn't help. We ran her to the vet but she was already dead. The vet said she died of a heart attach or an aneurysm. It was so immediate.

I'm going to miss her. She would bark at every noise going down the street. She would even bark as birds. She didn't want anyone or anything in her space, except her family.

I will be with her again. For now I can hope she is in heaven watching over us and saving our place with her.

I love you Cheyenne.

Chi, my sweet angel, 3/15/11 - 9/24/11

My sweetheart Chi, you gentle soul. You were taken so abruptly, but I guess I'm glad that you did not suffer for a long time. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful time I had with you. You were such a wonderful and constant joy in my life, a constant source of comfort, you were so funny, my lovely little companion for 11 1/2 years. I miss you so very much, how you would sit on my head and chew my hair at night, purring wildly, or lay stretched out on your back, and nothing made me happier than seeing how you would snuggle with your brother Sunny and lick each other's ears and cheeks. I miss your snuggles and the smell of your fur, and how you would run to me to say hi when I got home. I will cherish my every memory of you, and you will always be in my heart, my beloved little friend. I know that our souls will be together again one day. May you rest in peace, my angel-baby Chi. I know you know how much we love you.  
Love, April and Sunny

Chico, Dec 1999 - May 5, 2011

My heart aches without you and the pain in indescribable. You were my savior, friend, confidant, and companion. You loved everyone that I loved as if they were your own. I feel you were sent to me when I could not deal with life and you gave me a reason to live. You welcomed Aaron into our family and I will never forget you delivering my underwear to him on our first date (thanks) and you welcomed the addition of Ali (your furry adopted sister) and taught her everything she needed to know. You were there with Ali to greet me in my wedding dress and became the child I never had. You greeted me every night with a toy in your mouth (despite the fact the toys were twice your size) and made the pain of my work day go away. You followed me everywhere I went and were the most devoted friend I have ever had. You adored Aaron and he was always the only arms you ever really felt safe in. You loved walks and stepping on fall leaves and greeting the first spring frogs and loved sleeping on grandmas crocheted blankets. Your heart was pure and your love never ending. Oh, how I wish I could hug you and hold you so this pain in my heart would go away. I pray that when my time comes and I must leave this life, that finally reunite with your loving spirit and soul as that is what I would call heaven. I love you furry little buddy.

P.S Ali and Daddy miss you.

Chiefie, 11/29/96 - 5/12/11


The world's best doggie kisser! From day one, so long ago, you stole my heart and soul. You were the absolute best doggie anyone could ask for. Even 7 years ago, when the vet told Daddy and I you only had 6 months to live, you proved them that you were a fighter. Everyone morning you greeted me with your warm brown eyes, and wonderful puppy kisses!
To have you lose your life, not from your illness but from the stupidity of another human being not being able to control their own dog, was too much for Mommy and Daddy. As hurt as you were, you never whimper once as we drove you to the emergency vet. And when they told us that your injuries were so severe for an old dog like you, we couldn't let you suffer. Oh Chiefie, how Mommy and Daddy cried. We said goodbye to you and told you we loved you! And we still do!

Chiefie, when you were a puppy, and before Mommy met Daddy, it was just the two of us. Remember, I use to sing you this song…
You and me against the world,
When all the others turn their backs and walk away,
You can count on me to stay.
And when one of us is gone,
And one of us is left to carry on.
Then remembering will have to do.
The memories alone will get us through.
Mommy and Daddy

Chikumaru, 7-?-11 - 10-23-11

As my oldest son walked home from school one day,he heard a faint meow.He looked around and on the ground under a bush was a tiny golden fuzzy kitten that had to be only a week old.There were no other cats in sight,he semmed to be abandonded.As my son walked through the door of our home,I heard ooos and aaws from my other children and wondered what all the excitement was about.So,I walked into the living room and there I saw hidden in his jacket,a small fuzzy little creature trying to focus his eyes on me.He was just the most adorable kitten I had ever seen.I had been longing for a cat for awhile...It had been over 10 yrs. since our last cat.But,I have to admit,I was reluctant to recieve one in this tiny and fragile,not knowing if it was healthy or sick.We decided to keep him and my son named him "Chikumaru".For me,that name was too long pronounce,so I simply named him "Chiku" We all agreed that we would take part in caring for him,which meant bottle feedings,making sure he was kept warm,helping him have bowel movements,and simply cuddling with him.It wasn't easy and in some way,it was just like taking care of a baby.But,as time went on it got a little easier as he grew.We were excited when he we first noticed his interest in playing.He would do the cutest things to make us laugh and I felt like Chiku actually brought our family closer.It was a couple of weeks before school was about to start,so the kids had plenty of time to spend with the new addition.It was a learning process as we tried to find out his personality.And he did have a personality all his own!At one month,he was already using the litter box.He was very smart for such a young kitten.Weeks went by and the kids started school.For me,being a stay at home mom,I spent most of the day with him.What I felt in the beginning of his arrival,started to turne into love.I couldn't wait to see what new things he would learn to do each day.The kids themselves couldn't wait to get home to see him and cuddle and play.We took lots of pictures from the time he came to us up until we had to let him go.I will never forget the quiet times,when he would just cuddle up on my lap and purr as i rubbed him.I will never forget the playful times,when at time he would chase a toy straight into a wall and make us all laugh.Or when he would jump as high as 5 ft. in the air.I will never forget the times he was being a little rebelious and getting into things.He understood the word,"no".I miss the times when I woul;d be walking down the hallway not knowing that he was mysteriously stalking me and as I walk passed hime,he would playfully attack my ankle then take off running.I will miss how we would just be sitting down watching t.v. and he would run up on the couch towards one of us and tap us on the face and then take off running as if he was playing tag.I miss everything about Chiku.His beautiful orange and white silky fur,his prowless walk,the way he would hide and look around the corner getting ready to pounce.I'll never forget holding him in the palm of my hand when he first came to us.I never thought that my heart would so attached.I am sorry Chiku.I feel so guilty because it was me that made the heartbreaking decision to have you put down.I feel like I let you down.You depended on me to love you and never harm you.It's been three days since you left and I still can't stop crying for you.I miss so much.This place feels so empty without you.Everywhere I look,I can see you.Sleeping on my bed,running down the hallway,playing with your toys.The nights are so lonely...and quiet.I miss hearing you play with your toys at night.or feel you crawling on the bed.I miss the laughter that you would bring to all of us by the silly and random things that you would do.My heart hurts so much right now and I wonder if I will ever get over the pain.I wish I could just hold you in my armrs one more time.You were only 4 months old and it's not fair that you had to be put down.You were so full of life and love.I am extemely gratefull that we were a part of your life,even if it was only for a few months.You have left an imprint on my heart forever.As I was driving home the other day,I was thinking of you,missing you and crying,then a beautiful butterfly flew towards the vehicle as if to let me know that you were ok.That butterfly happened to be an orange one...was that from you?You were always ther for me,to comfort me whne I was down.You just knew.I love you Chiku...with all my heart.And I know ,one day,I will see again.... <3

Chloe, 10/27/1999 - July 28, 2011

Chloe~ You are the love of our life and now resting peacefully in paradise. Not a day goes by that we do not think of your beautiful face, sweet kisses and funny personality. You truly meant the world to us all. We miss you every second of every day. You went through so much in your life and never let any pain show at all. You always acted like a little puppy and were such a fighter through your surgeries and when you were diagnosed with congestive heart failure you still did not let the pain show. We knew you were not comfortable towards the end and we know that you are now in heaven watching over us. The pain will never go away and the hole in our hearts will never be filled. Your sisters miss you more than anything and in time we will all be able to celebrate your life. God wanted you with him so we had to make the right decision and did not want you to suffer anymore. We all talk to you everyday and send kisses up to heaven. Your daddy and mommy miss you too and we will always keep your memory alive. Our special angel up in heaven~ may you get lots of rest, run in the grass as fast as you can, eat whatever you want and spread your love to all the other babies with you. Watch over our family and we will never let your memory fade. We love you Chloe girl forever and always.. Lola and Zoe send kisses as well and miss their meme girl. Love you forever..

Mommy, Mommy joanne, daddy, Ali, Chase, Heather, Brian, and last but not least your sisters Lola and Zoe..

Chloe Alexander, October 12, 1996 - June 22, 2011

Sweet little Chloe came to us when she was 4 years old. She took our hearts and in return gave us love and devotion beyond anything we have ever known. She was a Shih Tzu in appearance, but in reality was an angel on this earth. Her gentle spirit changed our lives. Everyone who came into contact with her, from veterinarians to family, friends and strangers were touched by her. We will love her and miss her forever. May God keep her precious soul until we meet again.

Chloe Belle Walker, 10/28/00 - 9/20/11

Chloe was a very special baby. She was a wedding gift to my from my husband and immediately linked her heart to mine. Wherever I was was where that dog wanted to be and she was happiest in my arms. She has seen me through the best of times as well as the worst of times. She never judged, never ridiculed, never stayed mad....just loved me immeasurably. Her loss was untimely and a tragedy, the result of a chosen anesthesia technique for a surgery that was not medically necessary, just deemed as a help in healing of a corneal ulcer. While I am trying not to lay blame, and believe whole heartedly that her surgeon had Chloe's best interests at heart, I wish that in discussing the surgery, it wasn't made out to be something that I shouldn't be concerned about and touted as "easy breezy"....this tribute is a reminder to all that ANY form of surgery on a pet is something that should be discussed thoroughly and be viewed as a LAST RESORT, not something to speed up a natural process. I will forever miss my special girl. But I am thankful for the good times and love that I have gotten to receive from her. I will always remember you sweet Chloe!

Chopper Zabalza, October 8, 2002 - November 7, 2011

My dearest Chopper (chop suey)

I miss you dearly, I know you are in a better place and with your cousin up in heaven, I still look outside to see if you are sun bathing as we all know that was your favorite till the end, Harley keeps on looking for you, he is sad as well,your brother Harley has lost a few pounds he misses you dearly and is not really eating, Thank you for being such a great doggie, you left me to soon, I think of you every day/night and I look at your pictures I miss you always, I will see you again someday, mommy loves you!!!!

The picture I have of us is right before you passed in my arms, bitter sweet I am happy I was there with you till the end, you were brave, I love you...

Chowder, August 23, 2010 - March 23,2011

To my baby CHOWDER I just want to say I love you so much and I am really sad that you had to die like that. I wish I could have protected you from that coyote. I just want you to know that we miss you so much over here at 8205. I know your in a better place with the Lord and I know we will meet again in heaven. I can't stop thinking about you and how sneaky you use to be and how you made me laugh all the time. Also whenever I was home alone I would always have you there so it made me feel much more safer. I miss you so much and Ijust wish I could turn back time then I would have never took you on a walk that late. I love you CHOWDER..

Cinnamon, 2002 - Feb 9 2011

I love you and miss you. you were a good girl

Claire, February 14th 2003 - December 13th 2011

To my beloved, faithful, and loving best friend. You touched mine and the lives of many others.
You gave us and all those around you joy, laughter, and happiness.
You were the sunshine of my worst days and moments in life.
I'm glad I rescued you and gave you the life you deserved.
You will never ever be forgotten.
"Claire Bear" "Camper Claire" "Goofer toofer" "Goof Ball"
Many names for many happy moments.
I love you sweetie and I will see you and we will be together again one day.

Cleo Kimbell, 2001 - June 19,2011

My big girl was lying at the bottom of the landing on the first floor stairway. I thought she was fast asleep. She was, but could not wake up. You had not been sick that I am aware of. If I missed something you tried to tell me about yourself in the weeks or months prior to your passing: and I missed the signs, oh darling I am so sorry. I feel so dumb that I had not taken you for a check up. I had a gut feeling that your were not up to par. Mommy loves you so much Cleo. I would never had denied you veterinary care. I wish you could have been able to talk, to tell your mommy that you were not well. I miss you so. Grover and Sweetie grieved so much for you. It has been almost three months since you left us. Cleo, how I have wished to hold you, love you, kiss you, and play with you. You were too young to go. Such a happy girl and the best kindest dog and so very patient with the other two babies. Not my Cleo, not my Cleo to leave now. It hurts so badly. Bye big baby girl, mommy, Neil, Grover and Sweetie send our love and know you will see us again one day, when We too get to Rainbow Bridge. Your Loving family.

Cleveland, October 1998 - June 19, 2011

My immortal beloved Cleveland, you were the most loving, sweet, wonderful kitty boy. You and your brother, Zachary, were rescued as 4-month old kittens from the park where you were obviously abandoned. You needed so much care at first, but you patiently let me medicate your eyes every day for two weeks, and seemed so grateful and we formed a bond that I never experienced with any other creature. You were never a lap kitty, but, oh, when you decided to sit next to me and purr that wonderful happy purr, my heart melted. It has been just two weeks that I had to take you to the emergency vet after you had a stroke and could not get up any more,and had to be relieved of your pain. You are now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, along with Zachary, Oliver, Hillary, Toby, Oscar and Sarah, and I think of you playing with them in the grass and chasing butterflies. Knowing that every day brings me closer to being with you again gives me the strength to go on. Be at Peace, my Angel. Your Mommy, Christel (and Daddy Alan)

Clover, 10/10/2011

My beloved Clover. I love and miss you so very much. You were such a gentle,intelligent and loyal dog. The fourteen years we had together were the greatest. I think of you everyday. You will always be a part of my life. You had such a chronic illness and at least now you are not in pain. I hope you are playing and having fun. I pray one day we will meet again over the rainbow bridge with the rest of the family. Love you forever. Patty

Clyde, August 16, 2002 - December 15, 2011

Clyde you will never be replaced. You were a one of a kind sweet big boy. With your silly ways you brought smiles to our face. We have had a lot of good times together, and we can remember everyone of them. Your little sister morns your passing. I am glad that God took you, ended your suffering and you now lay beside him in the Kingdom of Heaven. We await that glorious day when we will be reunited. So long my best friend. Our home will never be the same.

We Love You  
Mom & Dad

Clyde-Bailey Kuschner, April 21, 1998 - April 6, 2011

My darling angel dog,  
Oh, how I miss you. The pain has not stopped. All someone has to do is mention your name and I go to pieces. I don't want to stop hearing it. I love to talk about you. Everyone talks about you. Everyone misses you. It is not the same here anymore without your sweet, sweet soul.  
All of us....Daddy, me, Zoe and Grandma look for you everywhere. I wear your collar around my wrist and smell all your smells, hoping they never go away. Please know how much I need you to send me a sign that you are alright. I pray that you are. In my mind, I must know that you are. You have never been far away from me for long. It's so hard, Clydie. It's so hard. I love you so. Words cannot describe how much I miss you. You were a dog that never asked for anything. You gave everything and never wanted to take a thing. When God made you, he really broke the mold. You were the best, Clydie-Bails. The best. I LOVE YOU SO.

Coco, May 3, 1999 - May 15, 2011

Our dog-daughter died today. After weeks of being unable to walk, she is finally running with her sister Maggie and enjoying the life she deserves! She is truly one of a kind -- always there to help you, always there to love you unconditionally - always there with a smile to warm your heart. Got a donut, she'll steal it! Greenies? They are hers! Fallen and can't get up? Hang on, Coco to the rescue.Dad, is that you coming home? Here I am.. I'm waiting at the door for you!!!

She was our diamond and we will miss her... but we know we will see her one of these days... and she will be so happy to see us. Until then, dear Coco, party on!

Coco, 10/11/2000 - 12/7/2010

We miss you everyday. You brought so much love and joy to our lives. I miss having you follow me every where I went and peeking around the corners to look for me. I miss taking you shopping or going to the park. You would get so excited everytime you knew we were going somewhere together. You would dance in front of me when I would put on my sneakers to take you out. Your Dad and I will miss you on our next vacation. We took you to the best hotels, best beaches and of course the finest restaurants. You were a big part of our life and I miss you terribly but I hope you are now in peace and enjoying your new journey. I will see you again my son and we will never be seperated again...Love you Coco Bud.  
Love always,  
Mom and Dad

Coco, May 5th 2000 - January 6th 2011

Yesterday our beloved Coco has gone into her final peaceful rest. As much as she will be dearly missed we will giggle and smile remembering all of her happiness and love. How she romped around with her sister Chloe and the chases up and down the steps with her brothers Whisper and Moo. She probaly taught us more about ourselves then we could ever have given to her. Coco was always the traveler and just mention the work Car or a trip to the Park and her head would turn, she would smile and be ready to go. As far as other dogs well her bark was bigger than her bite. A liite noise then sniff sniff and she had a new friend for her address book. But when it came to her sister Chloe she stood strong and offered protection and care as family always does. Coco, God had brought you to us and now has taken you into a new dimension for another journey. We will see you again one day at Rainbow Bridge.

Be safe,We miss you!

Gus and Kip

Coco Chanel Nowicki, 12/1/2000 - 3/7/2011

Coco Chanel was a very special chihuahua. She was bron in Fruitland Idaho. She travelled back and forth to NY several times in her short life for Holidays and parties where her extended family just loved her. She finally settled down in Northport, NY where she spent the last year of her life. She was a fiesty little girl and was not afraid of a challenge. She thought she was one of the big dogs and that is how she lived her life. One of her favorite ways to spend her Sundays was on her Grandpa Rocky's lap where Grandpa Rocky would rub her little head and pet her for hours on end. Coco Chanel loved Starbucks! When travelling in Portland she had her breakfest everyday at the local Starbucks where she was treated like royalty. She was loved vey much every day of her life. She will be met at the bridge by Lestat, Smokey, Duke and Mischa. She is leaving her devestated owner Kathy and brother Boo. I look forward to the day when we can be reunited. I love you My Coco Chanel and I thank you for 11 wonderful years.

Cocoa, Spring, 2007 - March 20, 2011

To our wonderful Cocoa...your passing is so fresh but maybe this will ease a tiny bit of our pain. Your death was so sudden that we don't feel we were properly prepared. We thought you'd be here forever! We will miss your love for us, how you would roll over wanting us to rub your tummy, how you'd sit for treats, how you'd always bark if anybody was in the yard (you made us feel safe & secure), how you'd peek in the windows and watch us sometimes while wagging your tail, how you chased the squirrel/butterflies/bugs/whatever caught your fancy, how you always brought us your orange soccer ball and wanted us to take it and kick it (you always pretended that you didn't want us to have the ball), and how you'd comfort each of us in your own little way on days that we were lonely, sad, or depressed. You completed our family, and over the past few days, we have all been so lost and disoriented without you. We hope you can still feel our love for you and we can't wait to see you again ...keep the soccer ball handy and we'll play again some sweet day. Bill, Tina, Dusty, Cole, and Emma

Cocoui, 04/23/1997 - 09/27/2011


I don't know how I can say thank you in a way you can understand. You were my ever present companion. You were born in Pittsburgh in late April over 14 years ago. You moved to Japan when you were only 10 weeks old. I always wondered if you barked in Japanese. Remember how the Japanese girls would flock around you when we went on walks in town.

I'm sorry about all the vet checks and when I had to put you in a kennel for a month when we moved to Australia in 2000. But you had so much fun for the two years we were down under. I won't forget when you were barking at Kangaroos or when I snuck you into a hotel room when we went on a road trip.

I'm sorry for the long plane ride from Australia to Virginia you had to make in a crate. I tried to get you in the plane cabin with me but they wouldn't let me. You kind of out grew the pet carryon bags available and could fit under the seat in front of me.

We had so much fun in Virginia and some hard times that you were there to help me thru. When we found Stella you took to her just like you did to me. You stopped following me around the house and was always a few steps behind her now. I didn't mind. You girls need to stick together. I was heartbroken when your ears became so infected that you had to have surgery. I wish I could have done more then. I'm sorry about the problems with your eyes and that you became blind. I can only image how difficult it was for you when you world become became only what you could smell.

These last couple of months you were so tired. It was so hard for you to get out of your bed and just watching you walk and how stiff you were hurt me so.

Today Cocoui I made the most difficult decision of my life. Even though you may have not know it, I was there when the doctor ended your pain. I had my hand on his when he helped you over the rainbow. The state may say that he has to do the work but I made as much of my job as I could. I have a lock of your hair I will keep for as long as I am alive.

You passed from this world and the pain it was on you today, September 27 at around 4:45 in the afternoon. It was a warm late September day, with the sun shining with big white clouds in the sky, not much different from the first day I saw you as a pup back in June so many years ago.

I did something silly for you Coco-Bear. I had a star name after you and you'll love this, it's in the constellation of Canis Major, also known as the Big Dog constellation.

Wait for me in heaven Cocoui. It may be a bit but Stella and I will be with you again and we can play fetch with golf balls all day long and never get tired.

Dale & Stella

Cody, 09/2000 - 0922/2011

My Dear Cody, For so many years you were at my side, always faithful, so loving and trusting. Your illness came so suddenly and took you so quickly, I never had a chance to say really say goodbye. I believe now that you are in a special place, healed and restored. I also believe one day we will be together again....  
My heart breaks at your leaving, and tears fall often, you will always be my special guy. I carrying your image and memory with me, and am so grateful you were such a big part of my life. So for now my sweet Cody, I will say goodnight and not goodbye, for you are in my heart and never far from my thoughts.  
Thank you for your love....I will miss you so much.  

Cody, August 22, 2003 - January 31, 2011

My darling Cody, You were my soulmate if person/pet relationship like that exists. I loved you every day and couldn't wait to come home as I knew you would be lying by the door waiting for my arrival. I hung with people who only loved animals. I only went to stores and spas that allowed you to come. You would be so patient lying in my lap while I did my nails and laying in the stroller while I shopped for hours. I felt like a movie star in your presence, with every human being who ever laid eyes on you stating that you were the "cutest dog they had every seen." The questions were non-stop from "what kind of dog is that, how old is he, what's his name?" I wanted to carry a sign after being asked 50 times a day the same questions all relating to you. I was your invisible master only there to answer questions about you. I was so proud. I kept you so well groomed and cared for and loved. I made sure you never were hungry or thirsty (gulpie puppie) and fed you the best dog food I could find. If you were sick I tried to ease your pain and always ran to vets to help get you well. I will always love you and think of you and when the tears subside I will think of you and smile!

Cody Boy Felker, August 8 2002 - October 1 2011

Cody you were a wonderful dog you were so gentle and loving we couldn't have asked for a better dog. I knew you were the one when I picked you up from your litter and you kissed me on the nose it was love at first sight.. You were very funny you did the funniest things you made everyone laugh with your love for Chicken and just about every food out there, anyone who met you fell in love with you, when the kids came along you had an endless supply of food and always someone to play with they adored you and you loved them. I know the last few years were difficult for you we did all we could to make you feel better but we tried our best, it broke my heart and I feel like I've lost my best friend but we knew it would be the best thing for you so you could enjoy life again like a beautiful and wondrful dog should.. Cody we will never forget you, never replace you, Cody you will be in our hearts always and forever!! Love your mommy&Daddy,brother and sister xoxox

Colby, 5/1/2000 - 2/18/2011

On this very day, 10 years ago, I brought you home, my polydactyl angel, on August 5th, 2011. It had been two weeks since you chose me as your human. We had met in the adoption unit where I had been volunteering and it was love at first sight and you became the love of my life. You were found on the streets of Woodbridge with no mommy, little pieces of your ears missing, and EAR MITES! A nice lady named Pam rescued you and took wonderful care of you for 2 months until you were healthy to be placed with others. She called you Colby. That name fit you perfectly, no other name would have fit for you.

Remember the day I brought you home? Tawny, your new sister, was sooo mad at me for weeks. I never saw her so mad. Once you two finally became friends, I was ecstatic.

Over the years, you became the "daddy" to all the new additions in our family. You were King and everyone obeyed you. We loved how you always behaved more like a dog than a cat. Remember wearing your leash and collar to go outside on walks? Sitting on the front porch with me for hours? Nothing ever scared you. The big dogs never frightened you, in fact, they were scared of you! The family nicknamed you "roadblock" because you would always plop yourself in the middle of the hallway and people always had to step over you. 24 weeks ago today, you left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. You and my Grandpa are taking good care of each other, thank you both for showing me that you found each other. Please take good care of little Tawny, she was so young when she left us, your little sister. Your furry family still looks for their "dad". I miss you terribly my love.

Until we meet again...

Cole, 1998 - 7/18/2011

Your were a true friend. Your were there for some of the most difficult times of my life, and I loved you more than anything. I hope I see you again some day so I can throw you the tennis ball a few more times

Best friend forever  

Colleen, 12/01/04 - 11/28/11

We are so blessed to have shared so much love and joy with our Greyhound Colleen. Colleen rarely played with toys like our other Greys did, her toy was splashing in the small baby pool in our backyard. That was "her toy" but lovingly shared it with the other pups. She was always full of pep, tail always wagging and loved to come up to us licking our hands after a good time of playing. Colleen never let us forget how much she loved us on a daily or hourly bases, and we pray she will always remember how much we love her.

COLLEEN, 04/30/96 - 07/26/11

My darling little shamrock, Colly-wolly, how can I tell you how much I love you and miss you?

You were always a Princess, so beautiful, so obedient, so caring and so elegant. You loved everybody, and everybody loved you.

Towards the end, you were so brave, and so patient with us all, and I felt so helpless as my own disability meant I could not lift you when you could not stand, or carry you when you could not walk, and I had to have you put to sleep. I know it was the best for you, as you must have been in pain.

You died on the Birthday of your best friend, Carla, who departed this life in 2002, and I like to believe that you chose that day especially, so you and Carla could celebrate!

I'm so sorry Sweetie for the times when I failed you. You were, and always will be my dear, sweet companion. Winters are cold on my bed without you!

Good night my darling. See you in the Morning!

Your Audie.

Connor, 10/15/04 - 07/11/11

My dearest Connor,
I cannot find the words to express what joy you have brought to me and our family. I struggle to say goodbye and still feel your presents around me. Though your body was never quite as strong as your heart, you never let that keep you from always showing how much you loved us. I am sorry for not protecting you the way I feel I should have, and I'm sorry for getting upset with you when I didn't understand what you were going through.
Pumpkin and Oreo miss you. Oreo seems lost without you. I'm trying to comfort him.... I'm trying to help him move on without you although I still can't seem too. (Robert fixed the kennel you use to share with him so that Pumpkin could snuggle with him and to give him love. I know he misses you but I think this is helping him)
Pumpkin is being very calm and loving. (You would be proud of the pup)He is being very supportive to Oreo and seems to want to help me come to terms with my pain and sadness.
Hannah has been very depressed and I know she wanted to be here and say goodbye to you before you left. (I'm sorry for this too.....) I could not continue to have you suffer until she could see you again.
Always know how much that little girl loves you. Know that you will forever be loved by her and that you were not just a dog, you were "her" pet. Hannah will never forget you.
Sumer is doing ok.... she misses you but I think she is grateful to have had those last two days with you. She is a silent griever and I know she is suffering though she is hiding much of it from me right now. Sumer has a big heart and loves all animals but I know you will always hold a special place in her heart.
Robert is being brave although I know he is grieving as much as I am on the inside. He loved you so much. You were "our" baby and have brought such joy into our home and lives. He has been picking up the piece around here and even went to bring your body home yesterday. (I could not go... I wanted you home but just could not see the office that I said my final goodbye to you yet.)We will help each other through this process.
Paige has been struggling with the fact her beautiful daughter will not ever remember you. In her heart you were "her" dog. She loved you!

Connor, Connor; Thank you for sharing your life with me (and for putting up with the horrible name I gave you). Thank you for always being there for me and knowing just when and how you could best help me in times of pain and sorrow. Thank you for showing me unconditional love and forgiveness. I hope that you are running through sunshine filled valley's full of all your favorite flowers. I hope that your legs and hips are strong and youthful. Your eyes are bright and clear with happiness; your ears get to hear all the beauty that surrounds you now. That you feel no pain...
I will forever love you and never forget you. You will forever be in my heart.

Cookie (Burn Richards), 23rd September 2000 - 14th June 2011

Our beautiful Cookie (kennel name: Blacktors Velvet) chose us when she was a mere 6-week old long-haired german Shepherd puppy, as her mum and dad by wobbling over on over-sized paws and grabbing my shoe lace, from that day we have shared an unbreakable bond.

She grew into an absolutely fantastic girl, always happy, always playful, fiercely loyal and protective, especially over her mum. She was always in the middle of whatever we were doing, always wanting to jump in the car and go wherever we went, no matter if just to the petrol station, or even to sit in the boot of the car whilst I washed it on the drive.

She also touched the hearts of absolutely everyone who came into contact with her. She was a very well formed and gorgeous-coated girl, bigger than most male german Shepherds, we put this down to her body needing to be big enough to carry her huge heart.

I have too much I would say about Cookie, we had her for almost eleven wonderful, fantastic years. Words however are never enough to try and let others know just how much we loved her and how much she loved us. She was a real trooper, she battled illness and triumphed many times, even over almost certain death when she had a stomach twist ... but she kicked its ass and made an excellent recovery.

Unfortunately, she caught the cancer of the lymph nodes, after a few months she beat it the first time round, but it came back far too aggressively for anyone to be able to help her.

Cookie, our sweet, beautiful best friend and baby girl was sent to sleep whilst lying on her bed at home, surrounded by those who loved her, eating treats and remembering the fantastic day we had all shared at lake Ullswater (one of her most favourite places in the world). My parents (whom she adored) had been to see her that very day also .... When she was passing, she laid her head straight into my lap and just went to sleep .... peacefully, without any pain or suffering .... to meet with her fellow angels in Heaven.

Believe me when I say this, I have not even began to do justice to how fantastic Cookie truly was, how she had been her mums protector and companion whilst I was overseas, how she was a source of comfort, safety and a fantastic listener ... Never judging, always there ...

Cookie was cremated at Paws to Rest, she was lying peacefully on her favourite 'noodle' bed, with her ducky toy, her favourite squeaky ball from her swimming sessions and a chocolate rodeo treat ... I believe this is the perfect way for her. I had been to see her earlier on, she looked so at peace ...

Dear, sweet, beautiful Cookie ... we will never ever forget you my baby girl ... We will see you again one day, I know you are running in green fields, swimming in beautiful lakes and chewing on chocolate rodeo treats even now as I am typing this .... We love you!!!!

Copper, 7/9/2011

Copper,you were with us for 4 years when we got you from the shelter,you were about 4 years were a great little guy and a faithful companion,you brought us lots of joy,you didnt know how to give kisses but you sure did know how to love us in your own way and we will never forget sorry your time with us was so short but what a joy you were! im sorry you got sick i wish it was me instead of you,your in heaven now and i hope some day we can be together again because i miss you my friend,we are so heart broken that your gone and it wont be the same here at home,we love you Copper,my you rest in peace.....john and linda

Corky, 5/19/1995 - 4/1/2011

I was there when you were born...I watched you emerge; I watched your eyes open, and watched you scramble with the others to learn to walk and play. You were there for me when I hurt, and we both learned to deal with stairs in our old age. I carried you up and down, and you've carried me for years...

You always had the happy face; you always wanted to come up on the couch and just lay with me and be near.

Now, you are the last of your litter. Tonight you will be with LillyBelle, Buddy, Rocky and Sheba, and the five of you can run and play and be together again, with Scarlett and others. I will be along in what will seem like the blink of an eye, and we will walk over the rainbow.

Goodbye old friend...You will be missed....

05/19/1995 - 04/01/2011

Cosmo Todd aka cosmodino & cosmodinowitz, 06/15/96 - 07/18/11

The love we acquired for Cosmo may never be able to be duplicated on another dog.

Coto, 3/28/2011

Coto, I was there the day you were brought home and you accepted me as part of the family. I can’t believe how that little ball of fur would be able to wrap his love so tightly around my heart.

You grew up to be such a loving dog. Always there for your family, giving so much love. Your way of coming up and putting your head on someone’s lap looking up with your beautiful eyes, waiting for that hand to reach down and pet you. You always seemed to know when someone needed you.

I’ll never forget your special way of showing your love to me when I came to visit. The minute you saw me, you would run and get your favorite bone, bring it to me and let me take it from you, and wait until I told you how beautiful it was before I had to give it back. That was so special, just between you and me.

I remember how we played peek a boo in the back yard. You loved it. You would jump with joy every time I caught you.

But most of all, you made me feel loved.

Your family is missing you sooooo much, Debbie, your mom who gave you the most wonderful life a dog could have. She would talk to you with such love, because that’s the way she is. You two had such a bond.  
Bob, Deb, Trenton, and McKenna are broken hearted, but they were lucky to have shared your love for the 6 short years you were here. We are shedding tears now, but soon we can begin to smile with the memories you gave us.

Miss ya coto, Grandma FT

Coupe Canigiani, 08/16/2001 - 10/19/2011

Coupe you were my best little buddy, I will love you forever and miss you forever. You were the best friend and sweetest dog I could have had. You followed me for 10 years and I will forever look for you behind me. I will miss you terribly. And when I come home I will look for you and that happy jump and wagging tail will not be there for me. It will always be a sad time. You were my best little buddy. We all loved you so so much. Izzy, Gabby, Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so much.

Crybaby Puddin Pembleton, March 1990 - August 2011

In loving Memory: Crybaby Puddin Pembleton 1990 to 2011 (nick names: Green Eye Monster, CB, Pook)

When you came into my life I didn't know what to expect. I have never had one of you before. When I went to go visit Grandma you would only come with me. No one else was sure you still around. I think you always knew you would some day come home with me. For the first few months you didn't come out of hiding. But when you did you were the coolest cat. Every time I came home you would greet me at the door. You loved snuggling with me in bed and getting kisses. And Oh boy did you love to be kissed. You would put your facedown so you could get kisses on your forward head. If I was sad you would come over and give me tons of love and touch my face with you paw. When I was would ride my stationary bike you would jump on the couch and meow at me until I picked you up and held you while riding the bike. I'm not sure where you thought we were going. But you loved every minute of it. And so did I. You would love to run around the house. You would love it if I held you and we dance together. One of your favorite songs was Adele -Rolling in the Deep. You always made people feel welcome at our home. (Even the non-cat lovers- fell in love with you) Sometimes when people were over you would come out an hour after they came over. I think you loved being fashionably late. And so did they. You made many people smile. You warmed peoples hearts and was loved by many...

I have so many beautiful memories of you. I will miss you more then words can say. You were my buddy. I was blest to have you in my life.You loved being loved and I will always love you for that. I will always love you.


Crystal, November 27, 2011

In Loving Memory of Crystal you gave us 20 wonderful years of LOVE, HUGS, KISSES you were the youngest of them All. I know you were meet by the rest of the family Donald & I will Miss You Deeply the Daily Love, Hugs, & Kisses from You. May you Rest in Peace Love Wally & Donald, & your sister & Brother Wendy & Dinker. We know We will See You again Crystal.

Cupcake Frost, 03/18/99 - 05/27/11

To my sweet Cupcake, you were and always will be our forever kitty. I knew from the second I saw you in the SPCA, that you were ours. I will never forget all of your funny quirks. From your love of leather shoes and purses to your love of mint and plastic tops of cups, you were our silly Cupcake! I will miss everything about you. I will miss coming home and having you at the door to greet me. I will miss your warm, furry body sleeping next to me at night. I will miss your paws gently rubbing my face in the morning to wake me up. I will miss your meow when you wanted treats and food and to play. I will miss the sound of your paws running around and playing on the wood floors. I will miss watching you roll on your back and lounging in the sun. You could always find that patch of sun in the matter how big or small it was. There are so many things I will miss about you that I couldn't possibly list them all here. There will never be another Cupcake. Thank you for getting me through some of the most difficult times of my life. Thank you for loving and trusting me no matter what. When I looked into your eyes, all my stress would go away and all I could see was pure, unconditional love. I am so sorry that you had to suffer in the last couple of days or your life. If I could have taken your suffering away, I would have in a heartbeat. I will always be grateful that I did have the chance to say goodbye to you, pet and comfort you and sing to you. It was hard to let you go for my own selfish reasons but I know that you are running around free of pain and playing with MacGyver and Charlie now. It was truly a pleasure, honor and privilege to have you as my Cupcake and watch you grow up. I know one day we will meet again and I can't wait to hear your soft meow and purr, feel your paws on my face and look at your sweet Cupcake face and beautiful eyes. I love you, Cupcake, always and forever, Mommy, Daddy and Bon Bon

Cyrus Wadsley/Nielsen, 06-13-1998 - 09-02-2011

Our sweet baby boy. We love you so very much. You blessed our lives for 13 years and will bless our hearts forever.

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