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2009 Tributes

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H.B, 03/01/09

Rest in peace H.B, we love and miss you.

Cory Brooks

Hades, 01/22/09

My sweet boy, you were so brave to hide your pain. I wish you would have let me know sooner. I feel so bad that you hurt and I didn't know. I'm sorry that we didn't have more time together. I miss your silken coat on my cheek when I hugged you. I love you my little scratchy boy.

Chandra Marie

Hagen, 12/19/99-03/18/09

We love you and will miss you dearly.

Shirley Warren

Hagen, 03/09/06-02/07/09

Mommy will miss....

- greeting me every morning with your head tilted sideways to the left and your tail wagging.

- sharing my waffles with you every breakfast.

- following me when am eating something.

- watching you play with your favorite toys like the rope and your stuffed toy, Mr. Snake.

- playing catch with you and am the one chasing you to get that ball.

- watching you play with your red soccer ball during summer.

- drying you up when you get out during winter, snowballs evrywhere!!

- following your big sis, Bailey whereever she goes and bugging her all the time.

- hearing your daddy say every morning "Don't eat your bed!" and your bed was not in its usual spot when we get home. You had 4 beds in 2 years baby!! =)

- biting my bum when I get home.

- trying to squeeze yourself in when daddy and i are watching TV.

- know what "sleeping time" is coz you go to your bed.

I could go on and on and on Hagen...
We love you so much and miss you dearly...
Thanks for the good memories Hagen...

Hazel De Luna

Hailey, 01/12/09

I will miss you my little friend...who lived such a short life.
Hailey, you were so pretty and fun and I hope that I will be you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest in peace, young lady.

Your Mommy

Hailey, 01/10/08

Hailey was my little dog's very first friend.
She was such a sweet little girl and was loved very much by her family.
Everyone who knew Hailey will miss her so much!!


Hailey-Bop, 28 Nov 2008


Steven and Sharon Parker

Hailey Joyce, 04/17/09

Hailey went to the Bridge today. She was adopted/saved from a high kill shelter by Ann & Johnny Joyce,she came to them scared & aloof. She left here showing such love for her family as they did for her. Hailey was so special.

Nancy Greene

Hailey Marie Niermann, 03/06/96-03/04/09

Hailey was a beautiful, funfilled camp dog who was never fenced in and was free to roam about welcoming 12,000 people a year to her camping place. She ate, sang, and swam withall the campers and has hundreds of photos taken by all those who loved her. She was loyal to the core. I will never have another dog so wonderful and miss my great friend every moment of the day.

Beth Niermann

Hailey Nichole Ebony Darling Newby, 06/06/94-04/24/09

Hailey, you were everything I ever hoped for, my baby, my best friend.
I loved you with every fiber of my being. You will always be in my heart.
May you be free to run and play my precious princess.
I love you!

Deborah Newby

Hairy, 05/23/09

Hairy, during your short stay with us we loved you very much.
Say hi to Fuzzy Boy, Mr. Pudd & Mama Kitty when you get to heaven.
We will always miss you but will see you all again one day.
Be free and happy Hairy, you big beautiful, silver, cross-eyed kitty!

Ruth Wright, Ian Bennett, Tara & Cindy English

Halen, 03/09/02-09/07/08

We loved her so, so much and had her for such a short while and miss her more and more every day, it doesn't get any easier as time goes by..she lost her life to canine cancer.

Ed & Joyce Childs

Haley, 07/12/08-05/14/09

Haley was the bestest friend I could have ever had or asked for. She was so beautiful, loving, comical and also very stubborn.
When I lost her I lost a piece of myself.
I just hope she's happy and chasing all those "chippers" she loved so much.
She will forever be missed.


Haley, 07/07/08

Take care of Nikk and are missed


Haley, 05/03/96-12/06/08

Haley-boo, your Mommies miss you so VERY much!!
I'm not sure I know how to be happy without you, but I am trying.
Thank you for giving me love, for giving me comfort and security, for giving me life!
I will love you forever and my soul will not be at peace until we are together again!
I love you, my precious child!!

Sandra Olivera

Haley Hunt, November 1996 - October 18, 2009

For a fleeting moment you can feel it,

Like the wind brushing your face,  
Then it's gone and what is left is the smell of flowers,  
And the sounds of birds chirping in the distance.

There's a silence, an emptiness that surrounds you.  
The pain is unbearable and heart wrenching.  
How can this little being bring so much joy in our lives?

She came down from heaven to teach us unconditional Love,  
And for that brief moment that you hope would last forever,  
She's gone like the wind and what is left are the smell of  
Beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

She passed away before midnight,  
Her little soul has gone to heaven  
To be with her big sister, Hobie.

May she rest in peace as she looks upon us from above,  
Waiting until we meet again.

Half Pint, 10/12/92-12/03/09

Will love you always.
Your not in pain now and with your mum Bouncer at Rainbow Bridge.
Wait for me - I will come!

My heart is heavy - so heavy.
I can still hear you and see you in the corner of my eye - stay with me darling.

Love, kisses and hugs.


Halley Marie, 08/07/98-07/08/09

A loyal and true friend of our family who taught us how to be patient and loving


Hallie, 08/03/98-01/26/09

The Love I saw in your eyes I will see in no other.

Terry Kennedy

Halo, 06/13/09

Halo was our best friend and our pride and joy. We are crushed by your departure, but we rejoice in your new life! We know you won't forget us and we will celebrate together again in the next plane or our existance!
We love and miss you so much Halo!

Dave and Josiah Hoffman

Hamlet, 06/16/96-02/21/09

I miss you little man. I love you so much and wish you were here cuddled in my lap.


Hank, 01/11/09

Hank we will love you forever. I know we did the right thing for you,but we miss you so much.I know we will be together again. Daddy will never have a friend like you. The house is so emtey, but I see and feel you all the time. So for now
goodbye my friend until we meet again. LOVE YOU BROWN EYES!

Mom and Dad

Hank Gillean, 06/26/09

You have been a great dog and a great companion to the family. We will greatly miss you.

your family

Hana, 08/15/00-05/26/09

Hana was loved deeply and will be missed greatly. She was a wonderful dog and apart of our family. We love you Hana.

Rhonda Smith

Hannah, 07/01/94-06/15/09

Hannah was a loving little sweetie that came to use 15 years ago.
She has lived a full and healthy life until about a month ago - Hannah will be in our hearts forever. She was a joy to have with us and made our lives complete. We are deeply sad to lose her.

Pat Turner

Hannah (Accents Field Angel of Oxford), 07/97-06/12/09

Hannah picked me...I went to purchase a puppy, and ended up with a 3 year old blue merle collie. She was loyal, loving and is sadly missed by all.

Pam and Rick Staul

Hannah, 08/03/97-03/31/08

Hannah~ there is not a day that goes by that we don't miss you!! We love you very much and you still hold a very special place in our house and our hearts!! We love you Hannah Bee :)

Jeff, Melissa, Alexis, Allyson & Tyler Wenzell

Hannah, 06/20/99-05/30/09

Today I said goodbye to you, and my heart broke. You have been my best friend, and I will miss you until the day we meet again.
I love you, Hanny...

Hannah, 05/19/09

Hannah we love you...I'm sorry you were in pain the last few days of your life..If there was something else we could have done we would have. You will always be in our hearts and souls. Love you forever and we will see you again Pumpy..

Jeri Selinger

Hannah, 05/22/09

Our sweet Hannah Banana came to live with us on 3/11/2000.
She was such a good girl, full of life and energy, she kept us laughing.
She made our house a home.
We will never forget you and you will live forever in our hearts.
Mama, Papa and your brother Kodak love you.

Hannah, 07/03/94-03/21/09

Hannah! You were the best!


Hannah, 02/01/09

She was the sweetest dog who was always there emotionally (and under your feet). She loved life, and would always greet going out to play with unbridled enthusiasm. She also loved to play with (translate that chase) the cat, steal tidbits from the trash, lie in doorways, sit at your feet, and dance. A consciensius enforcer of home security, she was diligent to investigate everyone and everything that entered the house. She had an uncanny ablilty to remember visitors by smell, although there were those embarassing times when she would bark at one of us as we approached - couldn't see or hear so well in her last days.
Hannah was the answer to a small boy's prayer, and came into our life after being abandoned by previous owners. She was a nervous wreck and, according to the vet, within 5 pounds of starvation. However, she was a sweety and soon wormed her way into our hearts, even me, a dedicated cat person.
No one could have asked for a better dog and she will be sorely missed by all - except possibly the cat.

Jane, Sam and Izzy

Hannah, 08/17/07

Hannah, my love.
Your loyalty and companionship are beyond words. The day I found you and Heidi was the best day of my life.
I hope it was for you, too.
My heart is broken because you are gone.
You left when you were playing and we were all around you.
I want that to be my leaving as well. Thank you for your gift of love to me.
It is always in my heart. Heidi and I will see you again, one day. Be happy and hold down the fort until we get there.


Hannah Achatese, 05/26/96-08/08/08

Best Girl & loving companion forever missed.

Kelly Georg & Ryan

Hannah B, 12/12/08

Hannah Baby Girl,
My Bean.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and how hard you fought to stay with us.
You were a brave girl for months, but I understand you were tired.
We miss you so much.
Mommy, Daddy and your 5 Sissies.

Hannah 'Banana', 03/14/00-03/13/09

hannah my sweet "sassy girl" I miss you, you sure had a fiesty side to you and the teddy bear look it was so hard today the day before your birthday i wish animals can live forever you were very loyal to me (us) always greeted me when i came home, you head would perk up as soon as you saw me i will miss that most of all! i thank you for being with me through alot of things always willing to give a lick to make everything better. I hope lugar was there waiting for you at the bridge. I love you and all my animals and hope to see you someday in now my girl for i will be thinking of you and missing you terribly!! goodnight hannah banana!
love & kisses

Mom (Lisa) Chris, Chance, Chase

Hannah H. Kenal, 1998-02/21/09

Our girl was found by a rescue group wandering along the road in the desert.
They took her in and she lived with them for over a year before she decided she'd rather live with us.
Her aggresive licking and snuggling and tail-wagging will be greatly missed.
Hannah lived with us for just over 4 years before she decided she'd rather live with God.
I could almost wish Heaven weren't such a wonderful place so Hannah would have stayed here.
We miss her.

Morgan Kenal

Hannah Hearn, 01/12/89-06/20/07

Cat Poem

They will not go quietly,
the cats who've shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.

Old habits still make us think
we hear a meow at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,
And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them. . . and always will.

- Linda Barnes

Barbara, Howell & Joshua Hearn

Hannah Strauss, 10/20/95-11/20/08

An Angel who lives in my heart forever....
Your light will forever shine on.

Becky Hartesveldt

Hannah the Pokeydog, 05/15/97-01/24/09

I miss you so much, sweet friend. You will always be my number one best girl, my best friend, and my most treasured companion. Come find me when my time is up...


Hans Nerozzi, 03/30/09

Our fmaily had to allow our beloved greyhound, Hans, to pass away peacefully yesterday. Hans had a wonderful life with us for 8 long years and we were blessed to have him in our lives. He will be missed greatly, but always remembered.

The Nerozzi Family

Hansome, 03/97-04/27/09

To my protector that stayed by my side every day.
No one can take your place.
May you be happy now with all the other healthy dogs and other animals.
See you one day in Heaven.
Till then your always in my heart and mind.

Diana Parker

Happy, 07/03/09

Happy, I don't know how to thank you for all the years of love and loyalty.
You were the best friend that anyone could ask for.
I hope you know how much I loved you.
I feel like I've lost half of me.
I pray we meet again at the bridge, that's what keeps me going.
I love you, you will always be my girl.


Happy, 05/12/09

Happy you were awesome and well always love you. You always made us so happy!

Noah, Kyle, Mom, Dad

Happy, 05/01/09

My beloved Happy.
Who wasn't really fat but just needed grooming.
Who loved to jump bushes and play fetch all day.
We will forever miss you.


Happy, 08/25/92-04/03/09

Dear Little Happy, you gave us so much love and happiness. You blessed us with many years of joy. We are glad you are now at peace and no longer ill, and that once again you are "Happy".


Happy Dapples, 06/06/09

Happy lived up to his name and made it his goal in life to make everyone around him happy.
Toward the end he had lost much of his ability to be happy or make us happy, we were just all so sad to know that we were losing him.
He still continued to try to cheer us, though, even as they were preparing to administer the final shot, he found enough strength and love to wag his tail and to look to us with love in his eyes.
We are so thankful for the Lord allowing him to be a part of our lives and for him to be our daughter's special companion growing up. And we appreciate this opportunity to express our feelings on this site.
Thank you.

The Mackeys

Hari, 07/24/94-01/02/09

He had the most beautiful eyes.
He was courageous and loving always...our hearts are broken.

Joe and Gail Cochran

Harie, 02/14/97-06/18/09


Dorothy Jeter

Harleigh Jo, 03/17/09

You will always be missed and loved

Trais Hutcherson

Harlem Bandit, 04/16/09

"Harlem" our Great Dane was a gentle giant and was loved by many friends and relatives.
He had four kittens who grew up with him.
Also a stray cat outside who would take walks with him almost every day, weather permitting. We will sadly miss him.

Ann Jordan

Harley, October 9,2003 - December 26th 12midnight

My heart aches so just to hear you sing to me again. As I sit hear and light a candle that marks a year for and I apart,I can't help but feel so much guilt and extreme pain. I miss you so much that every day I almost wish that I to could pass just to see you again and hold you and apologize for not protecting you as you had protected me all of your living days!!Harley, I never thought that, that dog would kill you in front of me.. in the kitchen. When I pulled the 2 of you apart I thought you had ran away from him. But there you were next to me with no response bleeding from your head. I realized I actually had pulled your head out of his mouth. Harley, Oh my God...My soul has left and I am dead and have been for 1 year now. The pain is still as if it were yesterday. Especially, since I was told later that the old owner lied and the dog was a biter. He never, ever would have entered our home if I knew that Harley. You were the best friend, son, buddy,soul,spirit, I ever knew and I am lost without you!!!!! Sometimes when I walk in the kitchen I bend down where you layed and I feel the floor for warmth or something from you. You knew that I was alone and you always made sure I was never lonely. I am sure you know I went into mental shock for 3 days after seeing you die and how it happened 2 feet in front of me and I could not grab the dogs jaw fast enough. I am sure you know and have seen the new additions. I try not to cry in front of them because I don't want them to think I don't love them too. Harley, It's just you meant the world to me and understood me like no other could in some way. Even though you were a dog, you were so much more than a four legged friend. I miss you sooooooooooooooo much and I wish I tell you I am so sorry for letting that dog in our home. I don't care if I hurt the rest of my life, this is my punishment. Oh and by the way I have lost faith, no way should God take away my baby when I am trying to save the life of another. To those of you that never met Harley, He was a 3 pound white teacup maltese with a heart of gold and a soul that shined. He sang for anyone who asked him to and he would give you his paw to say hello or I want what you have. He even would try to tell you what he wanted by pushing you with his paws and moving his head towards whatever it was he wanted. He was amazing. We all love our companions and grieve when they leave us. But out of the 6 dogs or cats that have passed in my life.... Harley was my dogmate!!! I miss him so much, I don't know what to do. I feel that I killed him and I should have known better in something to prevent it. Or God could have given me 2 seconds more to grab him from the fangs of death.
Oh my gosh, the world has truly lost a great boy.
Harley, from the moment our eyes met I knew you were for me and I was for you. You were so cute, like a little ball of white. Singing with me in the shower every day.
Well, All I have now is your paw prints and some hair and your ashes beside my bed. Harley I am alone and I am lonely for you my baby. I can't wait to see you again. please be safe whereever you are and if you are allowed, can you somehow send me signs every now and then? I love you Harley and mommie will be back.
You were the best little boy I ever knew !!
I love you Harley.
Your mommie will be back ( remember whenever I left the house I always said mommie be back)
Well, baby boy mommie will be back!!!

Harley, 06/2004 - Nov 8th 2009

Harley AKA Roo I woke up this morning and still talked to you. Our house feels empty and quiet and the kitties, your brother and your family miss you so much. I never knew a dog could have a sense of humour but you did and you made us laugh with your crazy Roo games. Your heart was as huge as you were and you had a gentle spirit. I am so glad I got to spend all the time I did with you and that you were not sick long.

I can't take you back to Canada to be a snow dog again but I will take you there in my heart. I have your stinky teddy and will keep it safe. I know you will rest on a farm in Florida but you will be with me where ever I go. I miss you so much and I love yoy you big crazy Har-la-roo.

Harley, 01/06/94 - 09/03/09

Harley was truly my best friend, and the best dog I ever had. He was a rescue dog, we were told he had a barking problem.Most of his barking was when he just wanted to be by me. I didnt always enjoy hearing it but I sure miss it now. I was with him till the very end. He will allways be in my heart. Steve McSorley

Harley, 03/25/96-06/08/09

Harley, you were my constant source of unconditional love. I thank you for being part of my life. I will forever miss you -your smile, your hugs, your footsteps and even your barks.I hope that someday you'll come running to meet me at Rainbow Bridge.

Jing Flores

Harley, 03/05/97-06/29/09

I wish I was a good a person as Harley was a dog

Ashley Travis

Harley, 04/94-06/17/09

My "little bright eyes" - a wonderful, beautiful companion that brightened the day of many students, shut-ins, and family members.
You will never be forgotten.
And I will be looking for you as I cross the Rainbow Bridge myself.


Harley, 10/30/01-06/06/09

Harley was the best fiend Steve and I had, he was our little 100 pound baby. He loved people and especially children. When he was happy his whole butt would wiggle. We love you Harley and will miss you. Mom and Dad.

Sherry Thompson

Harley, 05/27/00-06/04/09

Harley was my best friend, the best dog anyone could ever want. For nine years he followed me every where I went and I never had to worry, all he wanted to do was to be right by my side. Today he passed away, he had a horrible disease that was taking away his quality of life and he couldn't follow me anymore. Today was the worse day of my life, he died in my arms but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I will always love him.


Harley, 11/06/03-05/24/09

We will miss you our sweet Harley.

Ron, Kim and Renee

Harley, 03/01/07-05/09/09

I will never forget your spirit or love, you were my best friend.

Monica McMillan

Harley, 05/04/09

Harley, you sustained my life through all the bad times. No human could ask for anything more. I will miss you forever.

Ed Berck

Harley, 04/25/09

Harley ill miss you so much, you were such a character, and so special. I wish i had more time with you, i would kiss you everyday and tell you how special you were. You touched everyones lives, and I was blessed to have been your caregiver. RIP baby boy


Harley, 02/28/09

Buddy, it's taken more than a month for me to put into words how much you meant to me.
The way you lived your life,
in the face of your life time heart problem, made you my hero.
I miss you pestering me while I eat ice cream,
and grooming my beard while I'm lying on the weight bench.
I miss the way you come when I call you, and you're thumping stride on the kitchen floor.
I miss you sleeping next to me at night, and periodically waking up to groom my forearm until it felt raw.
Or just sitting with me...
I miss you sitting with me while we watch television.

Teresa's been pretty upset,
and even Zena has seemed a little down since you've been gone.
The girls seem...
like the girls... chasing and hissing at each other,
but Piper seems more "lost" than normal without you around.
It seems like she's walking around whining and crying more than her usual self.

Anyway, I haven't been able to cleanup your heart medicines,
or even put away your food dish.
I don't want you to be gone.
You've been a large part of my life for the last decade,
and you'll always be in my heart.
I miss you,
and I'll always miss you.
--- Jay

Harley, 12/15/95-03/30/09

Harley was the joy of my life and I can't imagine moving forward without him.
He will be greatly missed and forever in my heart.


Harley, 03/28/09

Harley was a loving and happy little bird.
He loved everyone and brought lots of joy and love to everyone he met.
He is deeply missed and was very loved.

Jennifer Hammett

Harley, 03/24/09

Harley you were the man!! You grew up with the boys. You were there for all of us in so many ways. You were a dog's dog. I can't tell you how special you were to me (and always will be) you were my protector for many years and I so happily returned that favor as you needed me more and more as your age prevented you from doing things on your own. I would have done that forever but you needed to leave. It was time.
Harley thanks for letting us find you on the corner that one cloudy day all those years ago.
No more pain, no more aching bones. Run and bark and be free....we love you.

Linda D. Norvig

Harley, 10/97-09/17/07

Harley was the best baby in the world.
He was my best friend and even though it's been almost two years since he passed I still miss him everyday.
No one could ask for a better babydog.

Michelle Starnes

Harley, 07/29/99-02/23/09

Thank you for always being my constant companion.
You will always have a special place in my heart.
Piper and I will miss the boxer wiggle and whoo.

Be at peace Harley Boy.


Harley, 11/07/02-02/21/09

We had to put our beloved dog to sleep two days ago after he bit our 4 yr old in the face. This was the latest in a long string of incidences. After meeting with our vet, trainers, dalmation rescue and our kennel, we decided this was the most humane course of action to take to keep our family and others safe.

Harley was a wonderful dog 95% of the time and we have truly lost a member of our family. We are all heartbroken and feel incredible guilt for letting him down. We had him for a wonderful 6 years and are glad he is at peace. We will always treasure the good memories we have of him. It makes me so sad to think that our kids won't remember him (they are 4 and 2).

We love you Harley and miss you. We wish with all of our hearts that things could have been different. We will never forget you!

The Marks Family

Harley, 02/19/09

You were my best friend in the world for 11 years and you will be greatly missed beyond you Harley....R.I.P.

Terry Crook

Harley, 09/12/95-02/07/09

Today I had to put my buddy down. He was always a happy dog until today, and his age and his weary bones wouldn't let him get up and do what he loved to do best- Run,run, run. He was my first dog and I cherish the years I had with him. I love him very much.
God speed Harleyboy.

Lori Martin

Harley, 02/05/09

Harley you will always be with us in our hearts.

Ashley, Pat, Lois Colwell

Harley, 09/05/07

Our dear Harley and all his brothers and sisters had to be put to sleep, Harley was the last of his siblings to go.
Sadly a horrible breeder had bred their parents, grandparents etc to be fighters and as hard as we tried we were not able to train Harley to be kind.
Although Harley loved his family he was too dangerous around all other people he didn't know.
We loved our Harley and made the excruciating decision along with our Vet that it was in his best interest to go to Rainbow Bridge where he'd be happier and have a better life.

Loved always and sadly missed by Aliya (age 7) and all her family.

Harley Barley, 01/28/99-05/12/09

Harley you were the most devoted dog of my life. You came to me because you had a wonderful Dad. Maybe you picked me for him, I am glad you did because now I have him as a wonderful husband but I will never ever forget you my buddy. I see you everwhere I look. You were with me no matter where I was. You loved Sara too as your sister. You both lived for us, it was time to give you peace, I think. Love you, MOM

Harley Con Edwards, 09/13/07-04/08/09

In memory of a faithful friend and companion.

The Swingens

Harley Coulter, 02/22/09

To my Harley, who left us too soon.
We all miss you terribly..especially Dante.
You will always be with us.

Beth, Cody, Dante

Harly Davidson, 04/30/09

My Dearest Harly -

Tomorrow you will pass on to Rainbow Bridge.
We all know and understand you are bewildered and confused right now - not your usual sweet and loving self.
You are hurting and lost inside.
We don't want to see you suffer any longer.
Your mother loves you with all she is.
Yaya and Poppy also adore you.
And your Auntie Lori will never forget you.
Please tell Chase I love him.
And say hello to Joe and Maggie and Baron.
And don't forget Mika and Phantom and Ghengus.
We love you Poo-Poo Head... Always...

Lori Anne Merrihew

Harley Davidson Collier, 07/03/93-02/16/09

Harley, Thank you for the 16 years of unconditional love. You were always there for me no matter how bad the times were. You always had a way of turning the bad to good. The Collier clan will not be the same without you. Everyone of us had a special relationship with you. I think the only way to pay tribute to you is to go out and get another daschund and give them the same kind of love I gave you for the past 16 years. I pray that you're with my grandparents and that i will see you again. Love, Mark.

To our Beloved Harley.
It was so hard to tell you goodbye but your pain was breaking my heart also. You are in the hands of one now that loves you almost as much as we do. Holidays wont be the same without a plate for you or sending one home for you. You will always be in our heart.
Until we meet again one day our little friend.
Hugs and Kisses
Your Nana

Harley-Davidson Cruz, 07/07/95-02/27/09

Harley was beautiful in every way.He loved everyone,was always playful,happy,and(true to his Retriever roots)always grabbing something he wasn't supposed to have !
You are in a wonderful place now,BooBooKins,there is no pain,your body is healed and you can run and play as much as you want!The Angels will take care of you now.Me?Don't worry about me,I will always feel your love and time will heal my heart.
I miss you and love you always, my Special Agent H !
Love you baby boy,

Harley Davidson Ulrich, 10/26/93-03/30/09

I loved you more than anything else in the entire world

Kelly Ulrich

Harley Levi Garrett, 04/06/94-07/04/09

I received a precious gift when I got my beloved poodle Harley. He was a kind and gentle soul, always ready to play ball or just sit quietly behind my chair. While I had him I lost my marriage and my father, but Harley was always there. I do not know what I will do without him. He developed mast cell cancer and nothing I could do would save him. In the end the only thing left was to end his suffering. He was ready, he lay quietly while the vet administered the injection, and then silently left my life. Now my house and my heart are empty. There is no one to wag his tail and be excited to have me there. No one to nuzzle a wet nose into my hand for a scratch, no one to feed or take out for a walk. I will miss hearing him in the night, wandering around my room, the tinkle of his tags as he shook and made himself comfortable in his bed, the look in his eyes when he knew he was about to get a treat, or when he heard the word "go". He was like a child, my mother referred to him as the granddog before I had my son. He had a special bond with my father, and I can imagine Harley sitting in Daddy's lap now getting petted to his heart's content. He was a good dog, and he will be sorely missed.

Angela Garrett

Harley Mae Beatty, 12/2008

Dear Harley,
You were the best Grandog anybody could ask for.
I am so glad you were chosen to spend your life with Mommy & Dad(Debbie & Carl). Please know that you made them very happy and loved. You have and always will be a special part of their lives and ours. I loved being able to watch you and keep you company for a week. Please know that we will never forget you.


Grandpa & Grandma Gazso

Harley McFarland, 04/06/08

Hey Handsome Boy
I miss you every day, without ease.
Your presence in the house was so large, that it is impossible not to miss you every second.
I miss you SO much Harwood, and love you with all I am.
Please know you are loved and miss more than I can say.
Love, your Mom

Harley Wall, 06/98-05/26/09

Harley Wall

The best and toughest friend we will ever have.

She was rescued by me when she was only less than a year old. She had bilateral grade 4 hip displasia.
Harley was my friend; and after 10 strong years we had to say goodbye.
See, I am missing my left leg above the knee for the past 20 years. Harley didn't really have hip's.
We were great pals who somewhat new each others' challenges and she taught me to be fearless and to always be optimistic. She knew that there would always be sticks to chase, water to swim in and a warm home to come to and sit with her dad and mom. And if she drank to much water we wouldn't get upset if she peed on the couch, because it was her couch too.

We love you Harley and thanks for loving us and for all your direction and advice.

Stephen and Melanie Wall

Harmony, 01/18/09

Harmony, you'll always be my little baby, my little lover, and cuddler. You'll always be loved, and greatly missed.


Harold, 09/26/98-09/01/07

As the retarded, wall-eyed goof of the litter, Harold had alot of problems beginning with his name! We kept him tied up with a chain because he would jump or climb rather our fence and go for a little run. I was usually the poor SOB who had to chase him down on foot. Although he was a royal pain in my rump, he is sorely missed and thought about everyday. Along with his parents and twin brother who are all deceased. love you all!!!


Harper, 08/22/97-05/14/09

Harper was a "people" dog. Everyone who ever met her commented on how beautiful she was. She was known by many people in our community. Always seen walking slowly behind me, never with a leash.
Harper spent the last 5 years visiting residents at a nursing home every week. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma just a couple of weeks ago and began chemotherapy. Things did not go well and she stopped eating and drinking and had constant diarrhea. If anything more could have been done to save her, I would have done it. I miss her so much.

Michael Hoffman

Harpo, 02/05/93-09/06/05

We greatly miss you too, but have comfort knowing that you are back in Blackie's care at the Rainbow Bridge.

Connie Stuart

Harriet, 07/10/09

I want to leave this tribute for Harriet. She was the sweetest cat I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. She loved affection, a quick trip in the back yard for fresh air and to eat! She was a real cutie pie and I am experiencing unbelievable grief now that she is gone. Harriet, I love you so much and please know, that I will never forget you. Ninja misses you and so does Daddy. I know you are in kitty heaven now and you know I have not been doing well regarding your passing but know that I love you, always.


Harrison, 12/19/08

Harrison: my sweet furry friend, I miss you every day. I wish I could have made you better. There is still an empty spot on my pillow, and a hole in my heart. I love you and I hope that you are at peace, with lots of catnip. Bob and Chris miss you, too. We all wish you could come back. Please don't forget us, as we will never forget you.
Love always, mama.

Harry, 02/04/95-04/21/09

We miss you little buddy. Harry was our pal. He never complained through all his insulin shots and surgeries and everything else. See you again one day. Until then, you'll be in our hearts always.

J.B. Katz

Harry (Fuzzy Butt), 03/10/09

Harry, you will always be my little guy, my baby dog, my little shadow. I love you with all my heart. I am so sad that your gone. You were my son. I loved taking you to the doggy store to see all the other animals and I know it made you happy too. You loved going with your mommy. I will miss your companionship and not having you around to greet me when I come home. I will miss our long walks. I am so sad and I miss you so much, but I know that you can suffer no pain. Just know that mommy loves you and you can come back to visit me in spirit anytime. You were the best dog ever. You listened to everything I said and followed my commands. You wanted to chase every cat you saw up a tree.

Holly Kostura

Harry, 01/22/09

I sure do miss you little man... My Harry Dog will leave paw prints on my heart forever! Mommy loves you!

Harry, 10/01/00-01/03/09

Harry "The Bum" were the heart of our family and we are just devastated that you're gone.
We know you're not in pain anymore, baby...and that's what's important.
I hope my dad met you at the gate....I know you're running free and strong now.
Our hearts are breaking but we're trying to remember the 8 short years we were blessed to have you.
You were one in a million....the best dog ever.
Rest in peace, buddy.
We love you so much!

Julie Walsh

Harry, 05/01/03-12/02/08

Little Harry died young. I didn't know he had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Up until less than a week before his death, he was still the jokester in the house, galloping down the hall so fast he practically bounced off the walls. Harry was a sock kitty. I often came home from work to find my socks strewn around the house. Harry loved that laundry basket! Harry was such an affectionate kitty. He never jumped on my lap, but when I picked him up, he stayed in my lap and purred up a soft storm. He was a great cuddler. How I wish I'd paid more attention to signs that might have been there, had I only looked. I miss my sweet boy.

Kathy Rettig

Harry Peenie, 04/27/09

My darling little Peenie.
I often wonder how it came to be that you found me, but then again, we shouldn't question when God decides to give us a gift.
That is the way I will always think of you -- my gift from God.
My little hellfire with boundless love and energy, forever childlike in your happiness of life.
Run wild and free with no more pain or suffering.
Race through the wind with Sammy at your side until I am free to be with you two forever.

God grant you peace.

Kathy Stalzer

Harry The Cat, 01/22/90-01/03/09

Harry - was absolutely the most engaging, affectionate, 'human' cat anyone could ask for.
He knew the sound of the garage door opening; he'd be right at the door - meowing (for food and hugs).
He was always with me - in front of the monitor ... on my lap watching TV ... on top of me, keeping me warm (and staying warm) at night as we slept together....he was lively virtually to the end.
Finally though, he went under the bed and wouldn't come out - he was so teeny ...I said goodbye and I LOVE YOU HARRY!!!!! into his tired eyes.
He will absolutely be missed!
He was my baby and oh, did I love him!!!

Sandy Goodwick

Harry Winston, 08/04/04-04/11/09

My little monkey, and the love of my life, you were my heart.
Not a day will go by that I will not think about you, and how much you mean to me.
You were the best companion that I could have ever had.
I'll love you forever, and I will see you again someday.

Laura Schwiters

Harvest, 06/19/09


Beth & Roger

Harvey, 06/20/94 - 08/14/09

Mummy and Daddy miss you so very much Harv - you were mummy's baby and daddy's little fella. We long to cuddle you, hold you close and smell your fur.You are pain free now little lad and you can run around and play with your lovely son Gwillum. Mummy, Daddy, Gwillum, Effie, Phoebe and you, will all be together again one day, until then be happy little boy and know just how much you are loved and missed. God bless you our darling Harvey. Love always, Mummy and Daddy xxx

Harvey, 07/28/06-01/26/09

For our Harvey Boy ( Mr Casanova)
We will always be lonely for your BIG Entrance's
Harv,so kind ,friendly and entertaining,you made us laugh so many times.Your short free life was an adventure and we loved watching you explore, enjoy and grow.You were our company and our friend. I would have stayed with you little man if i knew you were not going to be strong enough to come back to us. Missing you always.
Love you Harv. Granma & Dad and Bonnie xxxxxxx

Harvey, 01/26/09

This tribute is to Harvey, a real superstar and loving boy who passed today with CRF.
He fought the good fight but heaven needed him more than earth!
An angel now for all of eternity!

Jackie Dymond

Harvey Bradford, 05/26/97-06/26/09

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I'll ever do, my little man dog.
You were my heart, my love and my center of the universe.

You were - are - the most amazing little being I'll ever know and I'll miss you every day for the rest of my life.
Your strength and determination to overcome all challenges that came your way were my inspiration.
Your joy for life was contagious to all who knew you.
Your love and devotion for me, your mummy, was the greatest gift I have ever received.
We'll see each other again, but until then you'll hold my heart in your little freckled paws.
I love you, my Bubby, my Harvey.

Becki Bradford

Harvey Griffin, 07/16/98-05/14/09

My best little buddy, Harvey, left me yesterday after a valiant 3 month battle with liver disease. He was 11 years old. He greeted me at the door every day, slept with me at night, and sat on me in the evenings.
He loved to play catch, nip at my heals and had his own strong personality. He wasn't shy to let me know what he didn't want. He was quick to comfort me when I needed it. He was beautiful in every way. God Bless you forever my faithful little friend. Love always
Theresa/ Mom /Friend

Hattie, 10/01/97-10/08

You were the best dog ever. We all miss you so much. Lucy still looks for you and doesn't understand where you have gone without her. I loved you so much and was so happy when we took care of you when Kris and Matt were gone. I will never forget you or stop loving you.


Hawkeye, 03/02/09

My little love, you were always there for me.
I will miss you more than you will ever know.
You will forever be in my heart, until we meet again over the Rainbow bridge. My sweet, sweet boy. I love you.

Hayden (Howell), 12/09/09

To our dear Hayden who came into our lives just over 3 years ago, "We love you and will miss you."

Hayden was a rescue, he lived tied to a tree. The only attention he got was when he slipped his collar and ran to our friends house. Our friend called one day to say the owner was taking Hayden to the pound. My better half said she couldn't let that happen. I said we didn't have room for another dog. She won. I'm SO SO glad she did. He brought so much joy into our lives in the three short years he was with us. He was taken away from us on 12/09/09. What was to be surgery to remove a blockage in his small intestine turned out to be cancer. Our vet said there was nothing that could be done. The choices were to sew him up, put him on a liquid diet, treat for pain, and wait or since he was already asleep on the surgery table to end it there. We spent some time with him and said our goodbyes.

Haylei Lynn-Marie Tannehill, 07/14/04-02/07/09

Haylei, You will always be my little girl, no matter what. It has been hard to grieve for your loss, but your memories help me move on. Not a day goes by that I don't cry and miss you and that will never change. Your sweet personality, friendliness, and love will never be forgotten. I hope you made it to Rainbow Bridge safely and will be waiting for me until the end. I LOVE YOU HAYLEI.

Cheri Tannehill

Hayley Monkey, 03/98-04/24/09

Hayley was given to me as a birthdy gift - I will never receive another gift as special or that I love so much.
We spent almost 11 cherished years together - my blue heeler always at my heels.
She loved to play with racquetballs and had an ruptured some disks when she was four - but after an intense surgery and long, slow recovery, I had my love for seven more years.
She went almost everywhere with me, and I love her more than life.
I'm not sure how to function without her always at my side.
Fortuntely I have a beagle on which to lavish all the love I have for Hayley.

Juli Ezzo

Haylie, 01/31/04-04/02/09

Haylie - There are no adequate words to describe what you meant to Bruce and I.
You were loved beyond measure by us and the entire community.
You would be amazed at the response from the community on the news of your sudden passing.
I will forever treasure the time we had with you; your unconditional love will never be forgotten!! One day we will see you coming to us from Rainbow Bridge - take care sweet Haylie.
We miss you!!!

Cheri Johnson

Haze Misch, 05/26/06-02/29/08

We love and miss you so very much! You are always on our minds and hearts!

Brianne and Jesse Misch

Hazel -Little Hay Hay, 10/02/05

Our little Hay Hay- We miss you. We love you. I will always remember your sweet heart, and your bone dance.


Heather (a.k.a. Heather the Feather, Meazer, Baby, Siamese-Face, M-Head, Striper-piper), 06/26/93-05/07/09

Dear Little Beastie, we will love you forever.
I'm sorry that we didn't know you were sick for so long. Our family will not be the same without you, and now I'm here as the only girl with all these boys!!
I love you Beastie Beast, my sweet pea, my girl.

I hope you are free of any pain and suffering and fear and hope you are happy in Heaven running around, chasing mice and watching the birds and squirrels.
I miss you so much already.
Say hi to Dee Dee Dawg and Grandpop and to Grandmom for Daddy.

I love you forever, Baby Kitty.

Mommy and Dadd

Heather, 04/26/94-03/06/09

Our best friend and loyal loving family member.You will live in our hearts forever and never be forgotten.We loved and cherished you.We will meet you on the other side.

Clara Mathis

Heavenly Angel, 02/09/09

I didn't have the chance to know you or love and care for you but that doesn't mean that I don't grieve for you any less than the ones that have crossed before you.
My heart dropped when I saw you laying there on the side of the road.I knew deep in my heart that the last touch you felt had to come from someone who really,truly cared so before anything I ran and scooped you up in my arms and carried you "home" and I prayed that My Angels would guide you and watch over you until it was my time to be with each and every one of you.
I gave you a name and I named you Heavenly Angel for that is the place your going and you now are an Angel..The tears are flowing down my face and I will never forget you and you will Always be in my heart along with the ones that passed before you and the countless ones that will pass after you.

Katrina Gorman

HECTOR, 26 / 09 / 1994 - 24 / 08 / 2008

One year since you passed over Hec. Cant believe the time has gone so quickly. Miss and love you so much "Little Bear". Life is not the same without you. I will love you and cherish your memory for eternity my beautiful friend. BOB

Hector, 03/05/01-06/08/09

To the greatest of Great Danes, our friend, protector and entertainment.
Our family member.
We will always hold you close to us in our hearts.
We LOVE you Hector
The Hahn Family (minus one)

Hector, 08/24/08


Bob Youens

Hector Taff, 11/07/07-04/01/09

I picked up Hector when he was eight weeks old. He was a big, beautiful black pug, full of energy and mischief. He got into a lot of trouble, but he was so sweet and loving it was hard to stay mad at him. He grew into a tall, lithe pug, totally unlike his older sister, the usual fat, wrinkly pug. His coat was beautiful and glossy, his eyes sparkled with fun and the thought of getting into trouble. And he was a great snuggler. He followed me everywhere and was constantly underfoot; when I went to the bathroom or took a shower or went to the kitchen to get a drink.

On Wednesday evening, April 1, I let him out to go to the bathroom. I live off a little-used country road, so I didn't think much of letting him and his older sister, Sylvia, out alone. I ducked in to quickly use the bathroom, and when I came back out, he was dead in the road, hit by a car that didn't stop.

I picked him up and took him home. He was pretty unmarked, just a little bloody nose, but he was dead. I sat on the stairs and held my baby for a long, long time, crying my fool eyes out.

It's been a few days, and I can't express in words how much I miss Hector. His energy and presence filled the house. he was always near me, slept with me, stayed with me. I loved him dearly, still love him dearly, and miss him terribly.

I will remember him forever, and look forward to seeing him again ultimately. Good boy, Hector. Good boy!

John Taff

Hedda, 16 yrs 07/16/09

My best friend for all those years. No matter what was going on you and your feelings towards me never changed. Bill and Robin miss you so much. We love you, our special girl

Heidi, 12/12/92-07/15/09

Heidi was the energizer rabbit..Always playing with her ball whenever she could.. But the ball had to be pink, no other color would do.. She was loved, adored and cherished, and will be sadly missed.

Joe & Victoria Gradowski

Heidi, 10/19/90-06/29/09

Heidi, I'm sorry you had to go, i love you so much, i did'nt want you hurting. My friend, you will be in my heart forever, I can't wait to see you in heaven xxxxxxxxx

Jane Drabble

Heidi, 01/01/00-07/17/07

I don't know that I will ever get over the passing of Heidi. She passed in such a tragic way! We loved her so much and miss her all the time. Momma is so so sorry for the way you passed, I know daddy is sorry to, I wish daily that I could go back to that evening.
I hope you know that. We'll love you forever.

Cecil & Melanie Plemmons

Heidi, 12/95-05/24/09

To the dog that truly opened my heart. I will always remember your "between the legs greetings" and the hundreds of explorations we embarked upon. Life goes on, but will not be quite the same. You played the best tug of war around. You loved to lie in and roll in green grass, and tracking and chasing anything was a way of life. It was fun watching you have so much fun and being your companion.

Till we meet at the "Bridge".

Gary Vandewege

Heidi, 03/07/96-05/21/09


Thank you for loving us so much and for being the best dog ever!
Now you can jump, play, and chase ducks across the lake for eternity.
I can't wait to see you again.
I'll miss your whole butt wiggling when you were excited.
I know our kitty Sassy was there to greet you today!
Miss you so much!


Heidi, 05/06/09

I will miss you for the rest of my life sweetie!

Dolores Dendy

Heidi, 08/23/95-04/24/09

Three words were constantly expressed by all who met and knew Heidi, Sweet, Beautiful and Smart. She was all of that and my loyal loving little girl with fur and four paws.

Heidi gave me love and support through the best and worst times in my life.

I am so proud of her as a Pet Therapy dog, helping my Dad and the residents in the nursing homes and rehab hospitals cope with their illness. Lastly, her work at Hasbro Children's Hospital, especially with those children afflicted with cancer. She made one little girl's life, named Heidi, very special to have "a little Lassie" dog, named Heidi, come visit her on chemo day to help her through it. I don't know what the outcome of that girl's life was since we moved away, but if that little girl passed on to heaven, she has her "little Lassie" dog now to play with again.

Mommy loves you Heidi and you are missed terribly. I know you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. You were the best and will always remain in my heart as my "Heidipuppy".

Paula Chappell

Heidi, 06/98-13 Apr 09

Our baby girl. Not the typical rottie, just a big baby.

Mike Brown

Heidi, 04/08/09

To Heidi:
I am so sorry you had to go last week - I was not prepared to lose you.
You were with me for every part of our day on the farm and it is lonesome without you.
I miss your wet nose and your company.
You were the best companion in the world.
I send you my love as does Becky, Coco, Spooky and Angel.

Your Human

Heidi, 06/05/99-04/10/09

To Gigi, the most complex, haughty and naughty girl.
We miss your feeble paw and all of your quirks.
We are so sad without you.
Sorry you will not get to raise the new baby.
We will tell her all about you.
Forever, Mommy and Daddy

Heidi, 01/01/93-03/16/09

Heidi you are a beloved creation of God, and I release you into God's loving care. I will love you and miss until I see you on the Rainbow Bridge.


Heidi (Pie), 09/26/92-03/19/09

I write this with a heavy heart today.
My beloved Heidi passed away yesterday.
She was 16 1/2 years old.
Here is a portion of the letter I wrote to her.
I understand you are suffering so I know I must let you go.
Sixteen years is a long time to have had you I know and never once have I regretted the decision to bring you into my life.
I know as hard as this decision is for me it must be done for YOU.
Even though you cannot speak words, your love and devotion has helped me through many of life's challenges.
When I was down and thought I could not pick up the pieces, you were there to lay in my lap and snuggle close, to let me know that together we would be okay.
As time and life carried on, you were with me when I married the man of my dreams, when I brought our daughter home.
By then you were aging and wished to be left alone, but as she learned to walk, you learned to hide hoping she wouldn't seek.
She carried you like a baby doll and sorry to say, dropped you a few times.
Thanks for letting her until she knew better!
Cateracts have clouded your eyes so you can no longer see, your hearing is leaving you slowly and you eat so much but are still so thin.
You can no longer control yourself and so I know the time has come for me to let you go.
I miss you dearly and my heart aches so much. My comfort is knowing you are now running & playing, completely able to see again, no aches or pains.
You were the best friend any girl/woman could ever have and I will never forget you.
Rest my friend, for I will see you again some day.

Tasha Gaddy

Heidi, 03/14/09

For Heidi my sister Penny's beloved companion.
We will miss her sweet presence but know whe is now playing and happy as a puppy.

Olivia Greco

Heidi, 03/10/09

You were a great companion and my best friend. I will miss so very much.
However, I know that you are in Heaven taking special care of my mom.
Now that you are not in any pain you can run and play just like you used to.


Heidi, 10/31/93-03/07/09


Rhonda Humphrey

Heidi, 04/16/04-03/06/09

Heidi, the most happy, joyful friend anyone will ever know. I miss your sweet little face, my friend. You are in my heart and thoughts always...I can't wait to see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Hase O'Hara

Heidi, 01/24/09

Heidi, I love you, love you. You gave me so much and made my life joyful. Thre were many times I couldn't have made it without you. I will never forget you and I will always love you.


Heidi Brookshire, 11/12/00-06/22/09

My dear Heidi, I am so sorry you endured the pain you went through.
You did not cry and I did not realize you were hurting.
You were and will always be my best friend and I know you loved me dearly.
My home is so empty without you.
I don't know how I can overcome your death.
I cry every day for you.
I cry for your pain.
You ran out the gate not knowing you would be harmed out there.
Thank you for coming home to pass away where you were loved and at least in your last days, you were held and bathed and given tender loving care.
I love you and I know you are in heaven without any pain with other pets and Pop and Jesus.
Please know I think about you every day.
My home is so empty as is my heart.
I love you.
Your mom, Jan

Heidi Brown, 09/13/95-03/23/09

Heidi was my very best friend in life. She passed yesterday 03/23/09. I had to put her to sleep. The vet said it was peaceful and I must believe she is in a much better place. I am and will miss her terribly. Her twinkle, her wagging tale and her infectious attitude. Heidi; God speed and have a great time with Nana and all the people you touched while you were with me on earth. I love you!!!!

Heidi Girl, 04/22/97-07/07/09

Heidi, You are in our hearts forever!
Love Dad, Mom, Kimmy and Eric

Heidi Lynn, 10/01/06-01/22/09

"Heidi" was the only dog I never wanted yet grew to love...

Shelly and Erica

Heidi Lynn Engel, 04/91-02/24/09

Heidi was our second pet and joined our family after being cared for when her barn cat mommy died.
We found homes for her Aunt, cousins and siblings and even her Daddy, but we kept Heidi.
She was a pretty dilute tortie with 15 front toes! We had never seen such a thing before!
She used to sleep on my stomach all night long, except when I was pregnant!
As she aged, she became blind and deaf, but was still able to find her way around.
She was a constant in our lives for 18 years and will be missed so much!
Fly free sweet Heidi, may Juliet (our first cat and Heidi's friend) be waiting for you.
See you someday again, until then enjoy Rainbow Bridge.

Nancy, Jim, Abby and Alex Engel

Heidi Maria, 06/17/09

I miss you and already momma... I love you so much.
Now you and and your sister (Kayla) can run and play together until we all can be together again....

I love you ....


Helen, 09/23/03

The world was never meant for one as beautiful as you. We miss you, our furbaby.

Corynne Carpenter, Gerri Carpenter, Clarke Carpenter

Henley, 08/18/92-01/05/09


Renee Gianni

Henri, 01/24/97-07/12/09

Henri brought much love and joy to all who knew him.
Henri will live on in the hearts of all his people.

Patricia Vanhamel

Henry, 02/2009

Thank you Henry for your many years of love and caring for us and the other dogs.
They miss you very, very much, even though it has been several months, we and they are still miss you.
Again thank you for being with us for so many years.


Henry, 04/04/08-06/19/09

henry came into our lives,i'm convinced to save mine.My husband & i have been trying to start a family and thru everything including invirto,nothing was working,I swore to my husband that if it didnt work again i was getting a puppy.We got henry from a rescue group,but who knew he would really be rescuing me.I loved that baby boy..he was my best friend,my pal,my comic relief.A couple months ago we found out that by some miracle a got pregnant on our own...i swear its due to my henry,my furry mamma's boy thank you...i still think you left me to soon your mamma still needs you...but i know you'll always be here with me& daddy....I LOVE YOU

Tom & Jen Rizzo

Henry, 03/14/87-06/24/09

Henry, there are no words to describe the pain that we feel upon losing you.
You were the GRACE of our lives!
You were the love at the core of our home.
We will not be the same without you. We can only hope that your spirit will remain with us for as long as we are here, and that we will join you one day and be happier than ever.
You left us too soon!
Please wait for us wherever you are.

Janice and Susan

Henry, 10/15/94-05/20/09

Henry was our "Big Man."
He joined our family as a rescue pup in Virginia; and as a member of an Air Force family, he moved with us to California, Alabama,Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey and New Hampshire. He was a great companion who always followed Mom from room to room.
He was Scooter's big brother (literally, he was 60 lbs and Scooter is 7 lbs!).
He had a gentle soul and the softest, silkiest fur--and lots of it (all over the house). He loved to go for walks (4 times a day) and would always flip himself upside down on the grass or in the snow.
His passing has left a huge hole in our family.
He was with us for almost 15 years, and I still look for him to be sleeping in front of the fireplace or by my side of the bed. We miss you Henry and hope you are running fast and eating well in your new home. Wait for us.

Karen Torres

Henry, 09/17/95-04/10/09


Thank you for coming to live with us.
We miss you so much but know you are waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

David Johnson

Henry, 01/15/94-01/23/09

Henry, you were just the best boy ever!
We feel so lucky to have had the last 15 years with you.
You put a smile on our faces everyday.
You were a happy, funny, and loving dog.
We love you and miss you so very much!

Tom & Wendy

Henry Bumpkin, 05/09/09

Henry was a very special little bird.
He could cackle like a chicken, crow like a rooster, worf whistle, and sing many beautiful tunes.
He loved talking to his mirror, and doing his "eagle" imitation.
I will miss starting each day listening to him go through his morning ritual of calls, songs, and whistles.
My house will never be quite as homey since Henry has gone away.
I am having my little feathered friend cremated so that he can always be with me.
Someday I want all of my pets ashes scattered on the winds along with mine so we can all be free together, forever.


Henry Leon, 09/13/96-04/27/09

Affectionately known as "Baby Kitty," Henry came to us as a stray weighing less than a pound. He had a pampered life and was spoiled like royalty from the moment he came to our home.
Our faithful friend and companion for almost 13 years, he was a rough and tumble, warrior kitty who loved the outdoors, catching mice, and eating turkey at Thanksgiving. He loved his turkey so much that he'd beg like a dog when he knew there was leftover turkey in the refrigerator. Thanksgiving's won't be quite the same without his antics. He was one of a kind and we will miss him always.

Kandy and Randy

Henry our baby Paulk, 10/24/98-02/24/09

Our boy had to be put to sleep unexpectedly yesterday.
He had not been eating or drinking much the last few days.
Got him to the vets and it was found that he had a large lymphoma in his gastronintestinal tract and it had spread to his lungs and surrounding lymph nodes.
He was the picture of health until a week ago; and now he is gone.
He was the sweetest of all dogs and I am waking up today without him.
This is an adjustment.
I still have his sister belle and she is looking for him.
Only those of us who truly love our pets understand the pain of their leaving us.
Henry I hope to meet you one day in heaven on the other side of the rainbow bridge my boy.

Laura Paulk

Her Royal Majesty Bubba, 03/29/93-01/26/09

Even though some would say she was just a pet, a cat, she was, is and will always be so much more to me. For fifteen and a half years, her and I shared a life and built a strong bond together. I will never have another like her in my life again. The things she has done for me will live with me forever. Things I thought about doing that I shouldn't had thought of, I didn't because of her. Things I did that were bad for me, I stopped because of her. She was and will always be my best friend. She was always there for me when I needed someone. Always listened to me when I needed just that, someone to listen and not say anything verbally.When I needed a laugh or cheering up, it was her to the rescue. She comforted me when I needed it the most. Helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life. Except this one. Monday January 26th, she left me forever and with her a part of me died also. For the last fifteen and a half years she was my heart, my soul. Now, a big part is missing, and will always be missing. I know to a lot she was a mere cat, but to me no. She WAS EVERYTHING but a mere cat. I don't know if she knew, (I'd like to think so 'cause she showed that I never needed to tell her what I was thinking or feeling)how much I loved her. I know she loved me unconditionally. She never judged me, never made me feel bad about myself. Always the opposite. Made me feel good always.
Bubba aka Mamas March 29th 1993 - January 26th 2009 I LOVE YOU BUBBA, ALWAYS WILL, AND I MISS YOU MAMAS!!!

Herbie, 12/25/96-07/05/09


Ron and Patti Laskey

Herbie, 02/03/09

Herbie Mommy misses you so very much you will always be in my heart and prayers sleep in peace my little boo boos I will be with you again one day.


Hercules, 04/15/97-06/16/09

My most loyal, most loving, and most devoted companion of 12 years.
You will always be in my heart and never will be forgotten.
You were the absolute best!!!

Lorie LeDoux

Hercules, 03/05/03-05/16/09


Hercules, 12/98-01/18/09

hi hercules,

we sure did love you very, very much''''
you were so wonderful
you will be missed, but remembered forever''
love, grandma

Hercules Thomas (Herc, Herca But, Peanut), Thanksgiving 2000-03/25/09

It's been 2 days and my heart aches for you!
God how Brittany and I miss you!
We were not prepared for this - but we NEVER could be. We did what the doctors told us to do...I'm glad we were there for your last breaths.
You were so spoiled, so loved and so much a part of our family.
You will be SOOO missed.
Wait for us my sweet boy...Love, your mommy and sister.

Carrie Jo & Brittany Rose

Herman, Summer 1993-07/09/09

In memory of my sweet baby boy Hermie.
I miss you so much already, and will love you forever.

Teresa Thornborough

Herman, 02/25/08-04/14/09

Let me tell you about this old friend of mine.
He protected and sat with me when I had problems to face.
You could not find a friend nearly so dear.
Because no matter the trouble he always stayed near
He has never asked for much from me;
Just to love and respect him and I think you'll agree,
To give him a good meal plus a nice warm bed is not much to ask;
When he has given me all his love and to him this was no task.
Now I understand you have a schedule to keep,
But I have a small favor before he nods off to sleep.
Please fold your wings around him and let him feel young while in no pain;
Dear Guardian Angel of Pets,
Please keep him safe and happy until I see him again.

Bess J Watts

Hermes Mr. Herms, 03/11/09

Mr. Herms was a fighter and we are all so very proud of him! We love you so much Hermes.You are forever in our hearts. I look forward to seeing you again. I miss you so much but I know that there is no more pain for you..only fun and dancing.


Hero, 04/01/05-06/30/09

True joy in our lives
Will be missed dearly

Wayne & Jennifer Thompson

Hero, 09/13/07-06/18/09

Hero was a very special boy. He was abused in his first few months of life. Then we rescued him and he was so happy. Such a good boy. So loving, sweet, just prescious. Then he started to cough one day. This let us to find out he was full of tumors, one on his heart the size of an orange. This was discovered during surgery to try to remove his periocardial sack so his body would quit filling up with fluid. We decided it was best if our young Hero would just be left to sleep and go to Rainbow Bridge. I never thought when I left him at the vet that day I would never see my prescious Hero again...........

Bob and Ann Hoffman

Hershey, 07/06/97-07/07/09

In memory of a loving, loyal, and sweet boy. You are sorely missed.

Leigh Ann, David, Tate, and Baci

Hershey, 05/02/99-06/01/09

We lost our darling beautiful girl Hershey yesterday at 11.10am.
She was beautiful in every way, sweet and loving, such a faithful companion who loved to take car rides, play with a ball or a bone. And she loved people.
Rest in peace our darling girl and we will see you soon again....Moya and Cheryl(your mommies)

Hershey, 05/10/93-05/04/09

Hershey you were the most beautiful girl. Tri colored Aussie with beautiful long hair.
Your job was to keep every one mellow.
You took it seriously
and it didn't matter if it was the boys, kitties or any of the other puppies you raised.
Dare anyone raise their voices you were there in their face telling them to mellow out!

You liked to push your head into our legs for some loves. You played ball with your nose like a dolphin...that was cool. You could run sooooo fast!
When you were young you darted out of the house several times.
One time it was across a busy street between cars.
Your guardian angel was watching over you and saved you.
I nearly had a heart attack! When you were just 4 months old you got parvo,
even though you had your shots.
Again, your guardian angel saved you and you lived for 16 years.
That is 112 in human years.

If only I can grow old gracefully as you.
Thank you for teaching and loving each of us and for being a part of our family.

We are glad that you are running and jumping in Rainbow Bridge and please give loves to Troy, Benny Bug, Raleigh Ray, Titus, Karl Malone and Sketchy.

You all are in our hearts forever and I personally can not wait until we meet again!

We love you Hersh. God Bless you and please check in on us from time to time.
Your family!

Hershey, 03/14/09

Im 12 and My dog and I were outside when he saw another dog and ran out into the street and got hit by a car and I had to see it and he was the most happiest and perkiest dog ever and he loved me and my mom and dad so much.

Justin Mills

Hershey, 09/03/00-11/26/08

Hershey Kiss-my baby & companion, the prettiest brown bear cub in the world! You brought so much love,joy and happiness into my life! I'll treasure
our days together and always remember you and our special memories. You meant the world to me and made my life complete. Thank you. Your faithful love will remain in my heart forever. Looking forward to the day we're back with each other again and we cross Rainbow bridge together! :)

Love you always-my Hershey girl

Your mommy,


Hershey, 07/04/01-02/04/09

Our hearts are truely broken. We miss you so much. It is by far the most painful thing we have ever been through. I know we did the right thing for you. You now have no more suffering. Our lives will never be the same without our boy. We love you with all our heart and being. See you again at the rainbow bridge. Love you forever and ever.

Laura and Dan

Hershey (Jensen), 08/08/94-12/22/08

How does one put into words the emptiness left behind.
She was our family Momma...from raising my boys, to pets who came into our home.
You arrived from England, a bubbly, cheerful blockhead lug of sweet as Hershey syrup, thus was your name, Hershey.
From eating the Easter eggs in the yard we planted for the children to find, to the garland you 'passed' on Christmas, you have always brought JOY to our family.
Your 'boy' adored you, and is now a man himself, but regards you as the best friend he ever had.
You used to love him strapping on his roller blades and hooking on your harness to 'go rollin'.
You adored your 'rides' in the car, enjoyed the parks, our vacations, and always loved your canine companions, as well as us, with ALL you had. A gentle giant...and a tender heart. WE were truly blessed to have you for all of your 14 years.
You will forever be missed my dear Hershey.

Rita Jensen

Hidden Acres Copper, 03/16/03-12/04/08

To the best little crazy dog we could ever have!
We love you and miss you so much! Brother and I wish you lots of fun times and hope to see you again! :)
Love ya Coppy!

Susan and Nicholas

HiDee, 11/03/95-03/13/09

Mahalo nui loa for being the best dog! HiDee no ka oi!

Kammie, Chad, and Miya

Hilary Ruedemann, 03/26/96-05/27/09

You were the best friend and nanny cat a girl could ever ask for. I love you more than my luggage and will forever keep you in my heart. I miss you so much. I will see you again someday my friend.Thank you for loving us!


Hillary, 05/25/95-06/06/09

My Hillary was the shining star of my life. I miss her terribly.

Jo Ann Ramsey

Hillary Shaeffer, August 21, 2009

Hillary left her grieving yet grateful parent Nancy after a brave fight and a long lifetime of loving companionship, loyalty, support, friendship and fun. She leaves many human and canine friends and a special feline friend who feels this great loss as well. Hillary's place is empty but her pawprint will remain forever on everyone's heart that she touched.

Hiro, 1984-1987

Hiro was my first kitty girl when I was 18.I knew nothing about cats,and sometimes even her sweet cuddle was overwhelmed.What a stupid of me,I take her my hometown and my parents let her live as indoor-outdoor-cat.One day at 3 years old,She was hit by car and gone.She was so sweet and smart,My mother said Hiro was waiting mom came back from work,everyday at house's gate..Now my mom is fighting with terminal cancer,think of this is very sad,but if her fight is over,Hiro will confort mom,at a gate of her new home.

Kaori Otani

Ho, 1991-05/01/09

To our old man have lived an extraordinary life and will be missed always.
Peaches and Booger are waiting at the bridge for you so be free of pain and enjoy your new life with your mate and friend...I will find all of you again someday........

Joy Roskos

Hobbes, 03/13/09

aka Hobbage
We love you and miss you so much. You were the most unique cat. Smart, demanding, funny and had such an air of confidence about you. You loved going to the cabin, even having to travel in the winter in the sleigh behind the snowmobile.
Your routine was so routine it is so very hard not having you here with us. Rest in peace dear cat with no more pain. Love you and miss you.
Donna and Jesse

Hobbes, 09/24/92-01/14/09

Best kitty ever - 16 years old and purred constantly. Even purred as he laid waiting to be put to sleep.
Rest in peace, my little furface!

Renee Brown

Hobie William Acord, 07/13/09

Hobie William, be free my love, see again, hear again, bark again, run again, enjoy peace again.
I will always love you.
You will live on in my heart forever and ever.

Mama Colleen

Hobo, 06/27/09

I miss you sweetheart


Hobo, 1993-02/15/09

Hobo chose me to love 14 wonderful years ago. He brought me nothing but joy for our blessed time together. As his health failed, he continued the love. On his final day, in his weakened state, he found the strength to look me in the eye as he passed to the other side. As his eyes closed for the final time, I asked him to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Hobo, you are sorely missed. Your pain has come to an end. Please wait for me. Love your Daddy.

Hobo Flo, 03/20/09

To hobo,who learned to trust and love, after being kicked out of a truck and left to roam. I am so glad that you came into our home. You will be missed,but I know you knew you were loved....


Hobo Sewell, 05/11/09

Thank you Mom (Danielle)... the last three years with you, Grandmom, Corrina, Murphy, Abby, and Zima were the best years of my life.
You took me out of a horrible situation and shown me unconditional love.
You never gave up on me and I learned to trust again; for that I am eternally grateful.
Please don't cry for me anymore and be assured that I am no longer in pain.
I love you all and I look forward to being together again when we all meet over the Rainbow Bridge.

Noelle Johnson

Hogan, 12/01/96-04/02/09

Letting you go was the hardest decision we ever had to make.
I remeber that day I saved you from the shelter, you had been taken away from someone who wasn't very nice to you.
You were so timid.
Over just a short period of time you realized we loved you more than you could have imagined.
You were our first "baby"! Jocelyn wears your name tag every day around her neck.
We know that someday we will all be together again.
Until then, we love you and hope you are enjoying Great Grammy, Tess, and Sasha again.
Love, Mom

Hogan, 05/11/96-02/09/09

Hogan was the most wonderful, affectionate Irish Terrier. He was always with me - in the car and on my lap in the evenings. He won many shows in Co. Cork over a period of 7 years. Although I have two other dogs (different breeds) nothing can replace Hogan and I miss him so much. Thank you Hogan for all the years of love and joy you gave me.

Janet Vesey

Hogan, 04/17/92-10/23/08

My wonderful boy!!
I miss you so much!!

Hollan Grace, 05/17/96-01/08/09

Hollan Grace, you have always been my heart keeper and today, even through physical separation, it is no are my teacher, my counselor, and my best friend time my tears will fade away but love for you is eternal. Thank you for choosing me, I love you baby....Mom

Holli Bear Smith, 10/25/1994 - 11/27/2009

We will miss you baby! You were the "bestest" puppy ever!!!!

Hollie, 07/19/95

have never forgotten you.

Timothy Larner

Hollie, 04/05/97-04/27/09

Hollie was a sweet little girl.Loving,trusting from the day she came home.Happy to curl up on your lap & just fall of to sleep in a blink knowning she was safe & loved!
I will miss her Love,Her sweet softness & the Love in her Eyes.Even the way she snored which even on a bad day would make me smile & laugh!
Now as I stuggle with the Lost I at least know shes no longer hurting.One day I will hold her again.I placed her Ashes in a Urn.She along with my other "4 Legged Loves" sit in a "Place Of Honor" in the Living room!

Cynthia Carey

Hollie, 04/16/09

A sweet and loving dog, who touched our lives for 5 years.

Tammy Meckley

Holly, 12/24/97-06/11/09

Dear Holly We will all miss you terribly! We love you so much. I will miss you always being there right at my side following wherever I go. You were such a loving pet.
Rest in peace dear Holly.
We love you

Marilyn Richmond

Holly, 01/02/92-06/25/09

Holly was an abused pup when I received her.
Afraid of men, noises, etc..,
through the 5 years that I enjoyed her, she returned to a
normal dog. she gave back the love I needed.
She passed away from an illness, not her fault.
I'm sure that Heaven will enjoy her, as I did.


Holly, 11/07/93-04/25/09

I loved her more than I loved any person in the world. She was my best friend, my Holly baby.


Holly, 01/10/97-27/04/09

In memory of our lovely Holly.
From six weeks old to her last breath, our very best girl, we loved her.
So very many happy memories, laughter and love.
You completed our family and we miss you so very much.

Ann Turton

Holly, 17/03/94-25/12/08

Thank you Holly for being my best friend and soul mate for 14 years. We saved each other. I miss you so much and think of you every day. I will never forget you. You were there for me no matter what. You shared my happiness and licked away my tears.
My love for you will never end, my beautiful girl. I know we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge and I can hold you once again. Until then, please be happy my angel and may your tail stop wagging. Look after for all the other strays. They need angels like you to watch over them and help them find love and happiness. Run free and be happy. I love you.


Holly, 11/09/78-09/12/97

You were my first kitty.
You were my baby.
It was so hard to let you go.
You will always be with me.

Conni Fialkowski

Holly, 03/04/09

Holly was a great beautiful dog.
We miss you and love you so much.....
Love your family

Holly, 01/31/09

Holly, You were the most loving and loyal pet ever and we miss you terribly! We all were hoping you'd rally back these last couple of weeks but it was not to be. You tried your best to fight the battle but then the time arrived when we had to let you go. You were weary and we couldn't let you suffer. We hope you know how hard it was to be there that day, but we wanted to be as loyal to you as you were to us for the last 14 1/2 yrs. So we held you, and talked to you--hoping you felt our love to the very end.....Remember to look for Grandma and all of our other departed loved ones up above and some day, we will all be reunited again.
We will never, ever forget you and will miss you forever!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Matt and Greg

Holly, 09/29/08-01/24/08

It was a mystery death.

Gunnar Doyle

Holly, 01/14/09

Go well sweet Holly. You wove yourself right into our hearts and we miss you so much right now. Your brother, is now alone. We will try to comfort him for you.

We will always love our quirky little girl cat who brought so much fun and laughter into our lives.
God rest, till we meet again.

Barbara, Nick, and Noah de Grunwald

Holly, 12/25/95-01/07/09

Holly survived heartworms, diabetes and asthma over the course of 14 years.
She was truly a survivor and the sweetest pet I've ever had.
May she rest in peace.

Good night, sweet Holly.
I will carry your memory and the good times in my heart forever.


Holly, 09/09/96-05/01/09

Our darling and beloved Holly. We miss you so much our little darling. Mummy loves you with all her heart. Be safe and happy now see you one day.

Peter Woodman

Holly, 09/24/91-10/30/04

Oh my Holly.
She was our first Papillon. She was my heart.
She was the light in my eyes.
She was one very special dog to me.
When she was born she was all white so the breeder was going to put her to sleep.
My friend so no, that she knew someone who would want
It was a love affair with no end from the start.
My white little baby.
She's been gone for over 4 years now and my heart is still broken.
She was always by my side, she always had to be touching me.
She slept in the crook of my arm.
I took her to the vet for a checkup and everything was ok he said.
Two days later she was her heart.
A big part of me died that day too.

Judy Hartman

Holly, 09/11/94-12/20/08

My beloved sweet baby girl, I remember when you were just a little thing I used to carry around in my coat pocket. My beloved runt puppy. I remember how when I cried you would cry with me, and when I stayed away from home you would sleep outside my bedroom door, to be sure you knew I got home safe.
I will wear your collar around my wrist sweetheart, and I will see you when I get there, I know you will be waiting, you always did.


Holly Birtwistle - Zitnick, 11/98-11/2008

We all love and miss you sooo much. Christmas was especially hard without you here with your family. You will truly be missed, but never forgotten, not a day goes by that you are not remembered and missed. You will never be replaced in any of our hearts...Your family will always love and miss you very much!!!!

Michelle, Anthony, Stephen, Renny, Buster, and Jenna Zitnick

Holly Bradley, 02/18/09

She is gone never to be forgotten and love like no other.
We will miss you, Love, your family.

Holly Collie, 01/15/09


Suzanne Stivason

Holly Jackson, 10/27/96-01/05/09

In memory of our precious, sweet little Holly girl.
You have brought so much love into our lives and given us so many special memories.
Everyone who met you fell in love with your sweet, gentle nature, never a bother, always full of love.
Your unconditional love for us will never be forgotten and our home will never be the same without you here.
You have been mama's little companion for so many years and always stayed by my side, now I feel so lost.
We will always remember how you were always waiting for us to come home and you were happiest when we were all here together.
We all miss you so much my precious.
Good night sweetie, I hope you have sweet dreams, I will see you at Rainbow Bridge.
We love you... Mama, Daddy, Brooke, Bubba and Pawpaw.

Holly Jo, 10/14/02-06/19/09

What a special and great dog - she will live in my heart until we meet again.

Chris Brady

Holly Jolly Lassiter, 12/25/95-06/10/09

Holly, we were happy to turn you over to God when your suffering was just too much for you to take.
We will miss your gentle comical ways and your unconditional love and understanding of all of us.
You were a true lady and the ultimate loving pet.
Thank you for gracing our lives, we were so lucky to know you.
Go with God and yes, we'll meet at the bridge someday!
Save us a place with you.
Your Family Forever!

Holly Marie Nadell, 08/05/07

we loved her so much. when you were down she was right there with that happy face trying to cheer you up. if you were sick she would lay right there to comfort you. she loved the kids and they could do anything to her and she would just lay there. she loved the snow and always wanted to jump and play even hide in it to scare every one. she had a heart of gold. she was hit by a car and as hard as it was we had to send her to the bridge because she would never be able to walk and she would have always be in pian. she has never left our hearts. i still feel her right next to me when i am not feel very well or if im down in the dumps i know she is right there with me. i would love to have another samoyed for she was the best dog i have ever had in my life.

Monica Nadell

Holly (Boo-Boo) Weber, 08/06/99-06/30/09

We miss you so much little Holly girl!
You will always be our Boo-Boo.
Thank you for all the kisses and the many years of unconditional love and affection.
You taught us well and we pray you are happy and safe.
Our world will never be the same, but that's a good thing.
We look forward to seeing you again someday.

Mama, Daddy, Sadie, and Lucy

Holly Zimmerman, 06/03/08

You will always be the "best dog ever" We miss you and will never forget how much you loved us.

Felicia Zimmerman

HollyBerry, 02/1998 - 01/23/09

My Dear HollyBerry

I look for you every where I go, and in everything I do. God took you way too soon, and without warning. My heart is broken forever. Please look for me on that fateful day that is my turn, and I am called home to the Lord.

God Bless you, and keep you safe until we meet again, on the Rainbow Bridge.

You are, and always will be, my choice in life. You live on in my memory, and forever in the very fiber of my being. You, were my soul mate. I loved you so~

Rest In Peace, little girl. I miss and love you~~


Hollyday, 05/30/95-05/15/09

Holly you have been such a joy to us for 14 years.
We know you and your sister Sumi are now playing again.

Carleen Waggoner

Homer J Anderson, 01/25/09

Homer, you were the sweetest little hamster in the world. I will miss you always.
Goodnight little guy.

James Anderson

Hondo, 09/19/04-06/24/09

Dear Hondo Pondo West of the Pecos, Oh how our heart hurts since you have been gone.You were truly part of our daily lives, But you will always be with us in everything we do. May the Lord give you plenty of room to run in heaven unitl we can see you again, Will all our love to our dear sweet Pappa.


Honey, 4/29/94 - 10/8/09

Our hearts are broken. Rest in peace our angel with Al and Kimba. Until we meet again....

Love you always, Mommy Daddy, Danny, Nicky and Paco. xoxoxo

Honey, 06/25/09

Dear Honey...I love you my dear friend....thank-you for sharing your love with me xoxoxox


Honey, 05/22/09

Honey was the best friend and companion anyone could ever hope for.
She was beautiful inside and out. Whenever I would walk her people would stop to ask about her and want to pet her. She was very gentle and kind with everyone including other animals.
Her best friend was a black cat and with her all white it was quite a combination.
Her cat friend named Little Bit was there for her during her last days, would come and wake her up in the morning and hang out and sleep cuddled with her during the days.
I feel that when she left she took a little piece of my heart with her.
I held her paw and said goodbye and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.
At this time I truly feel like I do not want to get another pet ever because I could not go through it again. Time will tell..

Linda Grimsley

Honey, 06/04/09

She was a loving dog and was loved by everyone i knew. She was energetic and playful, but knew when no one was in the mood. She always knew when i was feeling a little under weather and always let me know she cared. She always did what exactly i wanted her to do and no dog could ever take her place. I could never love any dog as much as i loved her!!!


Honey, 04/27/09-05/28/09

What a sweet precious soul to have had for just three short weeks. I loved you girl and can not wait to see you again. Kiss Little Girl for me !!!

Love ya


Honey, 05/20/09

Goodbye to the most compassionate little girl. She was the sweetest most loving little lady with a heart as golden as her fur. I have lost not only a pet but a sister. I can't wait until I see her again.


Honey, 11/01/91-02/27/09

A very loving,knowing & loyal friend who we had before the birth of our three daughters. She still sat at their bedside when they had bedtime stories and managed a steady walk up until the day before she passed.(17yrs 4 mnths) She gave and received lots of love in her life & will be greatly missed by us and Jasmine our Whippet. xx

Honey, 01/03/09

In memory of Honey, "Our beautiful beige rat who gave kisses freely, your sweet kisses will be missed". 9/08 -1/03/09 "We miss & love you!"

Amy, Matt, Faith & Serena

Honey Bee, 10/13/03-03/08/09


I miss you so very much!
I cannot stop thinking about you and wish you were still here with were my best friend and companion!

I think back on that dark day when you left me and I wish I could go back in time and NEVER have to face that day again!
I still cannot overcome the loneliness that I feel in my heart but I know that as time goes by I will become a little stronger.
Sassy misses you too and she helps me to overcome the sadness.
I have to remember the happy days and good times we shared and I will dwell on those days until we meet again!

Alice C Estrada

Honey Bunny, 12/23/04-08/14/07

My Rabbit was unlike other rabbits, she had jaws of steel, she was able to chew through wood, plastic and dry wall. A month before her death, I noticed a whitish blisher on her right paw and took her to the vet. But they said it was nothing and just ingore it. a week later It was oozing pus & getting larger also was spreading up her arm,I took her in again. They expressed it and wrapped it in a bandage, they said it was going to disappear. a week before her death Honey Bunny chewed through her bandage and it fell off, I saw her paw. It was awful, I can vomit just thinking of the sight of it. On the day of her death, I took her to different vet and made him look at it. He said it was too late. she was yet another victim of sudden cancer, I had her "put to sleep" because the cancer was going to spread to her heart and make her suffer.
I hope that you have plenty things to chew on rainbow bridge, rest in peace Honey Bunny


Honey Child, 08/06-05/29/09

My Sweet Honey Child,

I can't believe you are were and still are my best friend and the absolute love of my life. You made everything better. You will forever be on my mind and in my heart. I know you are with God now and no longer in any pain. I'm so sorry you did not make it completely through your surgery. Please know it was to help you. No one would EVER want you to suffer. You will always be my sweet baby girl. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge...once we meet again, we will never be separated.

I love you forever

Sarah Ullom-Morse

Honey Logar, 09/18/01-06/19/09

Thank you for being my companion...for the times you tilted your head as if you trying to understand, for sitting or laying close by, for loving family and friends, for being a proud girl and gentle with the kids.
You had your special spot at the end of the couch closest to the window and on the bench on the porch.
It was there that you seemed most content and would settle in even more when we were next to you.
You never liked your own kind or other animals, but you and Rock did well together and he admired you.

Chuck and Pat Logar

Honey Wabbles, 05/01/09

Honey came to me obese and a mess.
Little by little she worked and lost all her weight, learned how to groom herself and was a happy cat laying in the sun all last summer, sleeping with me on the bed cozy all winter.

She is gone too soon.
Love you Wabs.
Miss you much.


Honeybear, 07/11/09

Honeybear was a great teacher and saint. Always gentle and patient, she was the cornerstone of all the children who grew up in our neighborhood. Everyday as we walked you could hear the pattering of little running feet and distant voices of children runnng to hug on her, saying "Honeybear wait for us." And she always would welcome them. Even as she aged, she was never impatient or was like these were her puppies and she loved them unconditionally. She always made time for the children no matter who they were or how hard it was for her to stand there in her last year. She was a friend to all and my teacher. I will always love her and look forward to joining her on the rainbow bridge when my time comes.

Debra Smith

Honeybear -Bear Bear, 05/01/90-03/11/09

you where the sweetes kind loving giant amoung the others i love. when god sent you to my door he sent me love of the greattest kind. i will miss your nuzzle,your
warm nose agianst my face and all the sweet kisses. i will met you on rainbow bridge my love, but to keep you here living as you are is just not right. i love you too much to see you suffer any more. go play my love mommy will hold you in her heart till we are once agian together.honey bear cox I LOVE YOU.


Honeybunch Cheyenne Finan, 12/23/91-03/27/06

Honeybunch, my beautiful baby girl. It's been three years since you've been gone. We think about you everyday. Your pictures are on the mantle with your ashes. They are also on the fridge were they always were. Mommy, Daddy, Michael, Ashley and Ryan love you and always will. Your 4 legged friends Tytus,Vitani and Gizmo miss you. Your best friend Sophia is now in Heaven with you. Run and play in the green grass with Sophia. We love you Honeybunch!!!!

Brian & Pamala Finan

Honeybee/Sweetygirls and Budbud, 07/07/09

i hope you are waiting with everyone


Hooch Goode Bellotti, 02/16/98-01/03/09

Hooch was an amazing dog. Although his breed sounds a bit strange he was so loving. He had the most loving eyes. From the minute I rescued him I knew that he needed love and would give much love in return. I never expected him to leave as early as he did. I counted on many more years together. He leaves behind a sister that is heartbroken nearly 11 years and they were always together. Hooch touched the hearts of everyone he came in contact with. Sleeping at night is a bit difficult because Hooch would always be next to me hogging up the whole bed. You would think I would love having room to move but I hate it. Hooch will always be in our hearts forever and ever. He is running around with Josh who left us just 10 days earlier and is finally pain free. In time the memories will fill the hole in my heart. Hooch Lil,the kids and I miss you deeply and will continue to keep your memory alive. Until we meet again my beloved furry friend.

Kelly Bellotti

I love you Hooch and miss you so much. I miss playing slip and slide. Things aren't the same without you. Lil, Heidi, Coco, Nanny, Teddy, Ms Kitty and Chloe miss you so much. Heidi sleeps on your bed at night. Lil waits for you at the door she wants you to come home. Coco searches the backyard for you. I know you are with Josh now and you are free of pain. I will never forget you. Love Evan

Hooch McChesney, 02/17/09

My buddy my friend I find it hard to move forward without you, I miss you and love you so much I am sorry for not playing enough not hugging enough and not enough kisses But know this hoochie poochie Mommy loves you thank you for being such a loyal loving member of our family

Stella misses you bad she sends he love also

Tina McChesney

Hootie, 02/01/96-06/01/09

Hootie, you'll always be my little man!

Meredith Sypolt

Hoover, 07/13/09

I miss you Hoovie. RIP :(

Christopher Johnson

Hoover, 04/20/09

Hoover was my first dog, and I was lucky enough to get a really great dog in the stubborn little fuzzball he was when he came to live with us.
Hoover liked snickerdoodles, black licorice and peppermints, and had the nicest manners; unlike some dogs, you never had to count your fingers after giving him a treat.
He was half Shepherd and a quarter each Husky and Samoyed; needless to say, brushing Hoover was a continual job.
How did he get his name?
Like I said, he was my first dog...and little did I know that dogs eat fuzz off the floor just like...a vacuum cleaner.
Hoover liked cats, laying right underfoot [one of his nicknames was Mr. Underfoot], and being close to his people.
There will always be a Hoover-shaped place in my heart full of memories of my sweet dog.
I was glad to be there when he died, petting on him and telling him he was 'Mama's best' and 'Hoover good dog' and 'Hoover sweet boy' and letting him know how much he was loved.
We buried him with a peppermint and a piece of licorice, and lots of love.
We will miss you, Hoover Fuzzybutt!

Karen Isaacson

Hoover, 04/15/91-01/27/09

our smallest baby with the largest heart

Marybeth and Art Walter

Hoover Fluffybutt Golden Fish, 03/21/09

My big sweet gentle boy. You grew from a wee 1 1/2 inches to a grand old 8 inches in one year, full of fun, affectionate, what a personality!! You'd swim over to greet me whenever I'd walk past your aquarium. You'd give me a big kiss on the finger and splash me with water when you were doing your "I'm a happy fish" dance.
You lived a fun, happy lifetime in a year, becoming a real member of the family, best friends with Lizzie our iguana.
Rest in peace Groovy Hoovy............ Mommy smiles every time she thinks of you. See you again soon little buddy! I love you, we all do!

Maureen McCullough

Hope, May 1999 - Aug. 10, 2009

I hope you hear me. We love you and miss you so much. You gave us so much love and you always worried about us first. You only wanted to be with us all the time. I will alway remember your big brown eyes looking up at me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I hope you are happy now and I know that one day we will be able to meet again. Your time came too soon and you had so much more to give. I am sorry I wasn't with you in the end and I hope your passing wasn't too painful. I think of you every day and sometimes hear you in the next room. Maybe you are still with us, laying by or side. Waiting to see what we are going to do next.

Love you forever,


Hope, 05/28/01-07/13/09

My beautiful girl is at rest now.
She has been the joy of my life, and I will miss her so much.
I love you Hopey, and I know you are doing your tuck and run in God's beautiful fields, cancer free and back to your full self.

Lois Dix

Hope, 02/01/00-07/13/09

Hope was a loving ,faithful dog, that i am so happy to have had her in my life , she was truely unique she did funny things that could always make me smile ! I love her very much and I will truely miss her !!!!
My Hope !

Nicole Mangum

Hope, 04/18/91-06/17/09

R.I.P. My sweet Hopie kitty!!! You will never be forgotten and are always in my heart fur-sister!!!!!!! Love and miss you!!!


Hope Sophia Johnson-Fisher, 03/15/09

Dear little Sophie, and our dear friend, we love and miss you so much.
From the day we picked you up as a stray at office max, but when I think about it, I thnk you really picked us out that day!
You made a spot in our hearts that could only be filled by you. I loved to watch you chase and hunt birds, you amazed me at your patience from hunting birds, to being the pack leader, to letting the children play with you. you had plenty of love for us all.
I truely believe your in heaven with sparky and saving a place for when we arrive. Rest in peace little sophie.
You were one of those rare breeds of almost perfect dogs. (In our hearts you are perfect)!

With love your earthly family.
The Johnson, and the Fisher family

Hoppy, 25/02/09

You showed up at our front door in 2003,we never knew where you came from no one ever claimed you, so you became a member of our family.You were a quiet,gentle,loving cat.You loved to sit on the bench in the garden in the sunshine,and you loved eating chicken.You purred yourself to sleep every night.You had so many health problems,but you were always so brave,and you were brave to the end,we hope you are sitting somewhere in the sunshine now we will miss you love mummy and daddy.

Horatio aka Muffler, 07/23/93-05/27/09

Sadly missed by the family.A real friend and companion.

John/Barb Schertzer & K & K

Hortense, 07/06/00-06/26/09

always there for my peace of mind to protect my daughters. Although you were sick, I cannot support your loss

Hosanna, 04/02/92-04/05/09

Hosanna came home to me as a tiny 6 week old puppy who had kennel cough and I almost lost her. At night I would lay with her under a towel and a vaporizer praying for her to get better.
The lady I bought her from said she would trade her for a healthy puppy but it was too late, I loved her and could not give her up.
She slept across my neck with her little face on me as she got better.
I could feel her breathe. She was everything to me. I took her for rides in the car and she would sit on my shoulder and look out the window.
She waited up for me at night until I got home before she would go to sleep.
She always waited on me, always.
Our other Chihuahua would sleep with my husband but Hosanna never left the living room until I was safely home. A couple of years ago at the age of fifteen I knew she was slipping away and losing weight and I took her to the vet for her yearly physical. It was at that time that I was told she had a murmor that was getting worse.
She was ill and I remember praying and asking God to just give me one more year with her and I would be happy.
Just one more year God, please.
She pulled thru. That was in June of 2007.
This last weekend she got ill again and the Vet said her heart murmor was a 5 and her spine was in bad shape.
The murmor was so large it was pushing on her trachea. I felt she needed to be put down but the Vet said she might get better.
I knew better but we brought her home.
She suffered all weekend.
On Sunday morning I could not handle it anymore so I told my husband we MUST give her relief and we took her to the emergency room and made the decision to have her put to sleep.
Her coughing and gagging was torturing her and us.
They came in and gave her the narcotic to ease her pain.
I could feel her body go limp and I held her in my arms like the tiny baby she was to me for 17 years.
I kissed her and whispered in her ear and said.."I love you my baby girl, go to sleep...
I will always love you".
I had to leave the room before they gave her the final dose to end her life.
As I went into the hall I was sobbing and my body pulsated in agony at the thought of her leaving me once and for all.
We met them at the side of the building and they handed us the box like coffin.
We came home and my husband dug a hole in our backyard.
I had him unwrap the body and made sure she was really gone.
I touched her one last time in her wrapping and we wrapped her again.
We laid her to rest in our big back yard many feet deep and put a cross over her burial site and laid beautiful flowers over her grave. My baby girl is in her backyard.
The thing that bothers the most is that I am afraid she is cold outside in the box.
I know she is not there but just the thought of her in the box and her being cold is devastating to me.
I feel like someone has scooped out a part of me and I want it to stop hurting.
This is the first animal I have ever had from the day I brought it home to the day it passed.
I am hurting so bad.
I have to believe that Hosanna is in Heaven waiting for me. I hope she knows I did the right thing.
I did not want her to suffer.
I have another Chihuahua who seems to be hurting too and I don't know what to do about her loss ... I just feel so lost right now.
If you have any suggestions please share them with me.
Thank you.

Hosanna was more human than animal or maybe she wasn't.
Maybe humans should be more like Hosanna was.
She used to wait for me.. now I will wait for her.

I love you baby girl.

Mary Babb

Hoss, July 20, 2009

Hoss was a Tuxedo cat that was rescued from the shelter in 2000. He was my Dad's cat, and my Dad loved him very much. Hoss was overweight (hence his name, inspired by the character on the old "Bonanza" television show), and could be a bit difficult to get along with when he first arrived at his new home.

Over the years, Hoss became a part of the family and his temperament mellowed considerably. He was a finicky eater, and my Dad would buy turkey for him to eat at the deli. When Hoss tired of turkey, he'd eat flaked Fancy Feast tuna, but that was pretty much all he liked, other than various dry food from time to time.

My Dad passed away in August 2008 at the age of 81, and Hoss was by his side at the time. We knew Hoss missed Dad, but he eventually came around once he realized Dad wasn't coming back.

Hoss had thyroid problems for years, and was being treated by the vet for that. He underwent a radiation treatment in February to address the thyroid issue, and shortly after that seemed to be more active than he'd been in years. He was losing weight, which he needed to do, and he seemed to be a pretty happy cat.

The weight loss continued, and last week he stopped eating. He was taken to the vet for tests, and they discovered renal failure and a bladder infection. While out this morning to pick up medicine for the bladder infection, Hoss passed away in his bed. My Dad's birthday would have been on July 24th, just 4 days away. Now they can be together again. Being reunited with Hoss is the best birthday gift ny Dad could have been given.

Rest in peace, Hoss. You were a good friend to our family and you will be missed. We'll never forget you.

Hoss, 02/21/94-05/06/09

you are mommys special boy and i miss you very much, you are with mom dad brothers and sister run free and wait for me

love mom

Hot Shot, 06/17/92-04/02/09

I shall miss the merry jingle of your tags, your pawing me awake every morning (sometimes at 5 a.m.), your pouncing on every facial tissue you saw, tearing it to shreds.
The house seems strangely quiet and empty without you.
Thanks for being a trusted, loyal friend and a very important member of the family.

Evelyn Smith

Hotrod, 10/15/05-04/15/06

Gone but not forgotten.

Tina Terry

Hotwheels, 06/01/00-07/04/05

hotwheels - you were the best.
the way that you used to sleep with me every night and you were so cute.
the way that you would meow and chatter - it was like as if you were trying to talk.
Then on July 4,2005 you died from a cardiac arrest at the young age of 5.
it's not the same without you.
i still think of you every day.
your sister misses you very much too.
we love you.


Houdini, 03/01/93-06/13/09

You are in our hearts for all time.
I will miss you the rest of my life.
I love you.


Houdini, 10/31/93-01/09/09

We had 15 wonderful years with this loving, funny Siamese cat.
He is greatly missed.

Karen and Fr. Andrew Lesko

Houston, 06/28/97-04/18/09

Hughy we will miss you forever.
We love you so much.
You were our very best friend. Not one day will go by that we do not think of you and miss you.
Thank you for being a very special boy.
Our hearts are very sad and we will always love you, hugh.
Play with Phoenix and tell we miss him and love him too.
Until we see you again, remember we all love you very, very much.
Thank you for giving us a wonderful 12 years.
We love you Hugh!!!

Jess, Bob, Cody, Nate, Chloe, Riley Hawks and The Rest Of Houston's Extended Family

Houston, 04/22/93

My baby cat (31 lbs) was a constant companion and was not fat... just a huge and lovable animal.

Although he passed from this world some years ago, I still morn and miss him.


Howard, 05/25/09

Sweet Howard, my protector, miss you so much.
You thought you were my son. You were right after all.

When I got you as a rescue pup, your eyes weren't even open and you had to be fed every 3 hours, just like my human son. That eating every three hours thing never stopped and you just never stopped growing the entire seven years of your doggie life! Howard, your coat was always the best! Deep and soft, with mahogany and black sparking
I miss blowing bubbles for you and your passion for laser tag.
always remember the sneaky way you would steal dog cookies and
your joy at being wrapped up in my best towels. Even when you got so big that my bath sheets couldn't cover you, you still loved to "hide" in my laundry. That would always make me smile. I am glad we didn't dock your mighty tail, even though you wiped out some
expensive Staffordshire and fine china pieces if you wagged it indoors. You never hurt a flea, in fact you never had any. Neighbors loved you and fed you through the fence. You liked kitties and puppies and had a wonderful soft mouth for playing with grandkids. You let me lean on your strong body when I was to sick to walk around and if I placed my hand on your shoulders or head, you would lead me slowly through the garden.
It's OK that you hated that white lab at the end of the block. Everyone hates him. Your basso profundo growl was
otherworldly scary, but you did that stuff to protect me and I love you more for it.
I remember the way you scared certain people senseless with that low growl of yours.
Nobody ever hopped over our fence at night without wishing they could fly about 3 seconds later. Your " I mean business" bark made you sound like one of those mythical dogs from Hell, but I do wish you had not taught everyone to howl. I am sorry for the shock collar, by the way, but what else could I do? Glad you just kept taking it off till I gave up. You loved the water in all forms and I have already cried because I won't see your "rain dances" in these summer storms we are having.
I am so lucky to have had a little time to say goodbye. One day you were limping and I took you in, fearful of a hip problem. You were and "older" dog, you know. The vet took ex-rays and promptly said you had sarcoma in your left femur.
She said you wouldn't live through the week end. Start to finish, this kind of bone cancer in dogs begins and ends in a matter of days. So, we took you to IN and OUT and let you eat QUAD burgers at the drive-through, WITH tomatoes. It was your favorite meal next to Prime Rib. I gave you Essiac and pain killer and you were great for another 4 weeks. Almost good as new. Just couldn't run on the bum leg.
Just had to make sure you could reach the water without trouble. NO more diets for you. Eating every three hours again, but now with the pills. Gawd, you loved to eat!
I hope you were happy. I hope you didn't have much pain. You didn't seem to.
'Till Memorial day morning, I came out and you were suddenly leaving us . I sat with you until you passed, curled up with your huge soft head in my lap. One low growl..... Good dog Howard. Well done. I love you.
I called the grandkids and you had a funeral the likes of one for KING Kamehameha.
Everyone had something good to say and there was music and flowers and tears. You were a huge dog and a huge part of this family. A wonderful friend and "son" to me.
I hope they have quad burgers in heaven and lots of fresh towels. I know you will be there to greet me when I arrive.
I'll bring the bubbles. Bye for now Howard. kisses. Mom

Howard, 04/01/90-02/17/09

Howard is gone but will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts.
I saw him being born and had him for almost 19 years.
Now Howard can run and frolick with Oxford and Shoeboy.
Rest in Peace, Howard.

Laura Draiss

Howie, 04/12/03-05/21/09

Howie was my first dog. I loved him with all my heart.I'm glad he's in a better place now.He was such a good dog. He was the best.


Huck Pendleton, 05/26/09

You were my best friend.
I loved your gentleness and will always miss you.
You were much loved by Deb, Joe and Brian.
There will never be a soul so sweet as yours and faithful friend and confidant who was always happy to see us and purred your contentment in a most unusual way.
You were a big brother to Emily, Miles, Django and Hemingway and they will miss you too.
We know you are in heaven now with Twain, Oliver and Katie and you are healthy, happy and running again.

Deb Huntsman

Huckleberry, 04/2001-01/23/09

The biggest, most loving, and talkative of all furballs -- my big bear.


Hudson, 01/23/96-04/03/09

He was the neatest dog we ever knew and will be missed forever.
Our "Huddy Buddy."

Trish, Bob, Amber and Taylor Richards

Humphrey, 24/02/01-14/03/09

For my baby,
You are missed so much.......we love you and always will.

Lisa Paul

Humpy Bogart, 03/16/09

To my best boy in the whole wide world..I love you ...I'm so sorry you suffered, Bogey.. I will always have you in my heart.
you were my savior..and I love you so much...thank you for all your kisses, even in your final hours, I will always love you more thsn life itself.
You made my life bearible.
Thank you you for all the undeniable love you gave.. I Lovey ou and will never forget you....

Anne Evans

HunneyButt, 05/11/02-05/23/09

She was Daddy's baby girl. Her love and her beautiful spring will live on in my heart. Go home to Mommy baby Girl Daddy & Bubby Miss you. I love you little tiny one.

Jeannie Wallace

Hunnie Marie Maraugha, 02/22/96-01/16/09

I hope you understand and know that it was for the best. I could'nt see you suffer any longer.
You will always be Daddies Little Girl. Be patient, Wait for me by the gate.I'll be home soon

Todd Maraugha

Hunny Garcia- Mathews, 04/01/97-03/24/09

We have lost our dear sweet Hunny this past Tuesday we are heartsick and hope that God will take care of our little girl. Until we can be with her again. We miss and love you so very much my sweet little one.

Rico Gayton Garcia

Hunter, 04/17/08-06/05/09

my favorite memory about my dog Hunter is when he jumped over the bushes the first time we found out he could jump over them my mom accidentally threw his stick over the bushes and he jumped over them. That was cool so when we threw him the stick we threw it over the bushes almost every time. Another memory of Hunter is that his collar was so big it could of had fit a little bear..... THATS BIG!!!!

Spencer Sears

Hunter, 06/07/09

We loved you, Hunter, the very best we could.
You are finally at peace.
Meet you on the other side. You were very loved and we will miss your sweetness.

Tari, Scott, Julia and Don

Hunter, 01/09/94-04/27/09

He was the best and I had the pleasure of his company for fifteen years. I miss him deeply, but memories of him fill up my heart each and every day

Kathy Hamilton

Hunter, 01/13/09-04/14/09

You are a great pup, love you!

David Lis

Hunter, 04/11/09

Through all the new homes, jobs, boyfriends, and career paths over the years, you were the only thing that stayed strong and secure.
Thank you for giving me 13 years of joy and peace in my life.
I will love you forever.


Hunter, 02/20/92-11/17/07

Best dog anyone could ask for.
Miss him so much, he was the perfect pet throughout my childhood.


Hunter, 11/24/08

Hunter, you were my best friend. Every day with you was a gift. You were taken from us much too soon and I will miss you forever. I feel like there is such an empty spot in our hearts and our home without you here. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy. I don't know if I will ever get over losing you. Rest in peace sweet boy.

Jennifer and Jeffrey Rock

Hunter James Sears, 04/17/08-06/05/09

Hunter was a great, loyal, friend who will be greatly missed.
He was the highest jumping dog I have ever seen and amazed many.
He always had a kiss and a high five when he greeted you. Happy hunting in the abundance of your heavenly hunting grounds big guy.

Love forever,


Hunter Sue, 01/12/09

We love you and will meet you at Rainbow Bridge


Hurley, 05/26/09

A beautiful 4 month old kitten...had his life ended in a terrible accident. Please pray for him.


Hurricane, 11/2002-04/17/09

We lift up our best friend Hurricane Pope.He was the most loving and gentle dog I have ever seen. He was true therapy in any situation in life, he was taken from us far too early and for that the hurt is hard to bare. Hurricane your life will be lifted up every day we have breath. We cannot wait for our reunion in Heaven. We miss you and love you until the day we die!

Sean & Mandy Pope

Hurricane, 03/25/09

We had many struggles, Your battle with cancer which cost you your leg. But your spirit never faultered. You gave me hope, and your strength through your battle gave me strength. I love you dearly, and will miss you always. My heart is breaking, but I know that your passing has led you too a much better place and you and I will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge, and we shall walk into heaven together. Hurricane, my friend, and my family. I love you.

Heather Humphrey

Hustler, 06/27/05-06/13/09

To the most beautiful Rottweiler in the world. So sorry your life was so short. We will never forget you, and will always love and miss you.

Love forever,
Mommy, Daddy, and Brother

Hyde, 07/09/96-03/07/09


You were the best dog ever and will be missed greatly.

Dana and Christa

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