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Year 2007 Tributes

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Fabio, 11/01/05-03/26/07

Fabio was a gentle,loving and kind cat who always tried to make others feel loved.
He sucumbed to FIP and is truly missed.

Laura Bondonno

Fable, 02/01/07

Dear Fable,
You were a wonderful, sweet, adorable little baby and we are so sorry that you got sick and that we couldn't help you. You brought us such joy and love and we will forever miss your cute little face. We know that Jesus is holding you and that you are all better now. We love you and will never forget you, sweet widdle kit.

Merry Morris

Face, 04/10/06-06/18/07

Face, I love you so much and I am so sorry you got sick.
I wish I could be with you right now.
I miss you sleeping on my stomache, and greeting me at the front door... my life will not be the same without you.
I will never forget our bond and I love you forever.


Face, 12/25/87-06/11/07

I'm gonna miss you so much Poodle Butt. I can't wait to see you again. You were the best gift God could have given me, you were my best friend.

Jenni Townsend

Fadge, 12/09/98-11/08/07

She was not the sunrise.
She was not the sunset.

She was the SUN.

Sleep on Beau's back tonight.
Stay warm.
Take care of each other.
We love you, and will always miss you.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at RB.

Robin and Paul

Faegan Ashley, 04/01/91-12/26/06

She was like a daughter to me, and she is missed immensely. She will always be in my heart,and no one can replace her.


Fagan, 10/29/80-10/04/93

Thank you for giving me your eyes so I could see the world.
I still miss you Goosedog.
Peace be with you my friend and companion.

Todd Morando

Fagin Mitchell, 04/28/06

Fagin was a special girl for me. We have three Goldens in our home, but Fagin was the one that was really "mine." Or, perhaps I was "hers." I don't know.
But her death came as a big shock as she had just turned seven years old the month she died, and was only a few months younger than our other female Golden Retriever, Kelsea. So, when I found out she had cancer, I knew I had to do the right thing by her. I could not let her suffer, especially since the kind of cancer she had was not the kind that had a high survival rate. I could not put her through that.
As I have no children of my own, all my animals have been my "kids." And every time I lose one, my heart breaks all over again. But, in honor of Fagin, I found that I had an opportunity to adopt what was called a "stray" at our Humane Society. She was a puppy of 10 months and considered a Golden "mix." A previous boss of mine had called me and told me about her and knew this special pup needed a special new "Mom" so she called me. I was hesitant, as I was still (and still am) grieving my loss. But I did adopt her and she has been a new joy in my life. In many ways she has habits and attributes of the two female Golden Retrievers I lost before and it is uncanny. I truly believe that they sent her to me to help mend my broken heart. Now I am looking at losing a faithful and loving cat that was also a "stray" and am hoping that I am able to do right by him, as I would want to be done with me. So many dogs and cats will be greeting me at the Rainbow Bridge!
I only hope that I am worthy enough to go there too.

India Mitchell

Faith 'My Angel', 04/01/91-05/17/07

My Faith,

You have always been my "human" kitty; an angel and a joy.
You talked to me with your beautiful eyes and made each day brighter for me.
You left me so suddenly and my heart is broken.
I miss your little face on my pillow at night and your little paw on my cheek. Everyone says I gave you a good home, but they don't know what you gave me.
You gave me a reason to smile each day and you gave me so much Love.
I will miss you each and every day until we can be together again.
4 days after you left me, your brother, Frisco, decided he missed you too much so he left me too! You both take care of each other and one day we will all be together again - until then - I love you my beautiful little girl.
Mom xox

Faith, 03/04/07

Dear Faithy,
it's been almost 2 days since you left this world,but you'll never leave my heart..even though our time together was cut short,i'm grateful i had you in my life..thank you,for being my constant companion..i love you with all of my day,i'll see you again..when i do,i'm going to kiss your soft,squishy head & shake your paw..may your sister Hope keep you cmpany up there..until i see you baby girl..

love you always,

Faith Always, 11/08/94-09/02/07

Faith was a part of our family for many years and will be missed dearly.


Fancy, 08/01/06-09/22/07

We don't know what Fancy's real name was, no one ever does though~~only their real momma knows.
But she was the fanciest black cat we'd ever seen.
A sweet natured girl that loved to purr, and chat, and sit on a lap.
She lived at the shelter with so many, just waiting for her own human to adopt her.
But that day never came.
She became ill and the illness was too much for her little body.
She became tired but still purred at the touch of a gentle stoke on her chin or beautiful face.
She asked for peace, she asked us to understand & accept that she didn't have to live a long time because her mission had been accomplished.
She became responsible for good things for the rest of the shelter animals.
And as she let the heavy yoke of life slip from her shoulders, I saw my beloved Angel Teebe, greet her at the bridge.
Bittersweet ~~ sadness at losing Fancy, peace that my Teebe finally has a playmate.
We all miss you sweet Fancy, we will strive to share your best attributes every day ~~
* Joy in the moment
* Contentment
* Unconditional Love
We will never, ever, forget you sweetheart.
Vita [a.k.a. Lynn]

Fane, 03/13/07

My best friend.
You came into my life when I needed you most. After all these years, rest in peace Faney cat.
I took for granted you would always be there. You taught me yet one more important life lesson before you were gone.


Fannie, 12/25/04-06/10/07

I loving and devoted little girl...


Fanny, 04/01/97-03/24/07


Fanny Girl, 1997/11/14 to 2005/12/27

my goregeous Great pyrenees girl fanny Girl was a very special friend and dog.
and loved her so much and I miss her so much to.
so I will say to her: I miss you my beatiful Fanny Girl !
and you lives in my heart forever and I never forget you. never forget your big brown eyes and yours cute face.


Farfel, 06/05/07

My beautiful baby......I miss you soooo much and I will never understand why you had to leave me so soon, but please know that I will love you always and forever.

I will see you again someday......

Candace Sylvia

Farkie Hamill, 08/80-10/29/93

I miss you Farkie! It has been such a long time and I love and miss you terribly. May God be giving you hugs and may you enjoy eternal bliss, until we meet again.



Farley, 10/17/94-08/26/07

To my Best Friend - I miss you so much.
Will always love you dearly.


Farley, 08/20/94-01/15/07

Dearest Farley,

We miss you so very much.
Our love for you is immense.
You came into our loves and filled us with pure joy.
Mommy, Daddy and Kiki love you with all of our hearts and miss you terribly.

Allyson and Jerry Zoellner

Farley, 04/20/91-05/25/07

He was my best friend when I was all alone. He was part of my family after I got married and had a child. As he got older, his hips got bad, then came the weight loss. Almost half of his body weight lost in one year, and he wasn't a fat cat. Now, after sixteen years of companionship, love and affection, I held him as he slowly drifted off to eternal darkness. I had no other choice, this I am certain but the guilt is absolutely killing me. Now he is gone and I am left empty. The grief is killing me. Goodbye my friend, thank you for sixteen years of love. Hopefully, I'll see you on the other side. I love you.

Mike Ellis

Farley, 01/21/01-03/15/07

Miss you little buddy.

Krista and Jim

Fat Boy, 01/01/92-11/19/07

Such a good kittie, always wathching over his brothers and sister kitties. We love you and will miss you our little Fat Boy! You are forever in our hearts!

Janice Thrasher

Fate, 03/04/01-07/30/07

to sit on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden. Where doing nothing was not boring - in was peace(milan Kundera)


Fattie, 07/31/07

So funny and smart.
You will always be loved.
You are truly going to be missed.
Your family loved you so much!

Christie Beighley

Fauna, 08/24/95-07/16/07

Fauna, my sweet girl, my triangle-head, I miss you so much. I was blessed to have you in my life, and the day I took you from that awful place and brought you home, it was one of the best days of my life. When I think of what good I did in the world, I think of you... I rescued you and loved you and gave you my heart and my home. And you gave me more than I ever gave you, just your presence at my side, your happy barks, your funny, fuzzy face, you just being here for me to love and cherish. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again when I go to Heaven, I know we will be reunited again. I was blessed with 14 wonderful months spent with you. Now you are my FurAngel, strong and healthy up there in Heaven, running and barking and playing. Fauna, thank you for being my sweet girl. I will always love you, always, and we will be together again for all eternity... Mommy.

Fauna, 10/21/86-07/15/03

Our first dog and first Bichon.
Loved much and missed every day.

BJ and Hank

Fauna, 05/96-02/16/07

To my Sweet Fauna,
You will never know how much you meant to me.
I’ll miss your unconditional love, your little “whining”, your playing with Maya, your sleeping next to me every night, and your adorable face.
I’m having a hard time letting you go.
There will always be a special place in my heart for you, and I’ll never forget you my little Faunie!
I'm going to miss you terribly!
Love, Mommy

Faust, 03/24/00-08/20/07

Byles calym naszym swiatem! Kochamy Cie i zawsze bedziemy kochac!

Kinga & Piotr

Fayte, 2006-03/18/07

to fayte my beloved ferret sadly missed you brought so much joy in your short life rest in gods arms my wonderful ferret

David Taylor

Feather, 05/84-08/20/07

Today I had to put down my beloved 23 year old cat, Feather.
I got Feather when she was 3 months old and I was 8 years old.
I was an only child so I was very close to my baby.
She has been with me through the death of my mother when I was 14 and I often felt she was my guardian angel.
I feel a deep sadness and so lonely without her presence in our home.
There are no words to communicate how sad I feel today.
I know I was beyond blessed to have had her for 23 years.
I hope she is somewhere looking over me.
I love you feather and thank you for your unconditional love.
There will never be another cat like you.


Feather, 04/30/99-07/25/07

Just a few hours before she died, she insisted in her gentle way that we bring her for a car ride--kept nuzzling the front door where she only goes out if we are going for a ride or a walk. Once outside she went to both doors of the van. When I opened the sliding door, she finangled her way to sitting in the front between the van seats and when we were passing the lake, she became very excited and we then realized she wanted a swim. She swam for an hour, found a stick to play fetch with, befriended a little girl and gave her a kiss. I'm telling you she was her old self for that hour--she didn't want to leave-kept running back into the lake--even though I know she must have been so tired. When we returned home, she didn't want any water or food and as the evening progressed she became too weak to stand and went downhill from there. When it seemed she may be coming distressed, we brought her in. I'm so glad she had that last swim--it was a gift for her and us. She was a very special dog who loved people. She was a great comfort to me as I struggled through 6 months of chemotherapy last winter. We miss her.

Holly Dawson

Feather, 01/29/07

Your were the best and will never be forgotten.
Love you forever.
Till we meet again.

Jeff and D'Ann

Feathers, 03/17/90-04/25/07

Feathers was a sweet gentle cat. She loved to be close, sitting on laps and being petted. I will miss her very much.


Feebie, 09/01/07

Feebie, my little girl, I will miss you with all of my heart for as long as I live. You've given me so much joy and happiness; i can only hope that I've given you half as much in return. I love you puppy. Forever.


FeeFee, 06/89-07/04/03

We Love You And Miss You, FeeFee.

The Gulli Family; Mama, Papa, & Kids

Feenix Grubbs - Harden, 04/20/91-04/13/07

It is with most sadness that we tell you that after almost 16 years, Feenix was laid to rest Friday, April 13, 2007. His health had been worsening this year and this week it got worse.
When Feenix quits eating, you know something is wrong. We took him to the vet Thursday a.m., made our decision to euthanize him, brought him back home to spend a little more quality time and then took him back Friday afternoon. It is definitely for his best. He is no longer in any pain, no more medications and he is now with Alex in kitty heaven.
If you hear loud romps of thunder, it is those two "booty kicking" just like they did on Earth.

I had Feenix for 8 years and 8 months. I adopted him before I adopted Gil.
Feenix, aka Boo as in sweet baboo, welcomed everything (sometimes reluctantly) into the home including our current terror, Abigail. I watched him come out of his shadow slowly.
He even made an appearance at a crowded party here which he would have never done. He and the bed were tight. For those that did not know,
Feenix was born into the wild in Phoenix, AZ.
He was found under a car hood. Luckily he eventually wound up here and made himself available to me.

He was a quiet kitty but he could be mischievous when he wanted to be. The Boo did own real estate by the way ... We sub-letted to him.

It is very hard to say good bye to such a loyal, beautiful companion and friend. The house just does not feel right but he is so much better off.
He let us know it is time and we listened to him.

Being a pet parent is hard ...

Marvin Grubbs

Feenjon Berch, 10/02/89-01/31/07

The sweetest little tabby, who gave me 17 years of love and affection, has gone to sleep. She will be missed not only by me, but all her adoring friends.

Wendy Berch

Feisty, 11/94-11/09/07

I would like to pay tribute to you, the best friend I ever had.
You helped me through so many difficult times, were always there.
Thank you, Little Buddy, for loving me.
You know how much love I had and will always have for you.
I will never forget your sweet face or your hugs and kisses.
Please enjoy your time with Buttons until we meet again. Love-Love.

Jeannine Manny

Feisty, 05/10/03

Feisty you were my rock when no one else was there. No matter how hard life got on me you were there beside always reminding me of how special life was and most things during that time that made life special was you.

You helped me look so many different adversity in the face and was always there for me to lean on when things got tough for the small little girl, then the "big" girl, then the teen and even when I was a woman. You were the only real friend that was always there.

I have questioned if you were an angel there to see that I continued to try throughout the abuse and neglect. I swear I can still feel you next to me at times just sitting there looking up at me like you did on the front porch everyday as we had our time together.

No matter how hard things got I could talk to you and many would say that you wasn't listening but that is were they would be wrong. I would sit there with my face in my hands and tears in my eyes as I talked to you and you would look in my eyes never daring to look away with this it is going to be okay look. And some how you always helped me feel like things would be okay. You were so much more than just a dog or a pet to me you were more like a sister to me.

Sometimes I will sit and think about our play time as you would run round and round the house or just plain acting silly with me.

When we buried in you in favorite spot in the backyard I felt as though we were burying a part of me. I knew it was your time baby and I am not mad at you for going baby doll because I know you were in pain sweet heart even though you were such a solider the vet even thought your life quality was still high. I am glad that you gave me a chance to say my good byes to you but I could never let you know how much I loved you and how greatful I was for everything in that one day. I know god sent you to me because you had the spirit and heart to carry me through the hard times and vise-versa.

I can't wait to put my hands in your fur again as we pass over rainbow bridge. It maybe a little while to then but you will always be in my mind sweet one until keep Samantha busy. :)

Crystal Nichols

Felipe Erazo, 08/26/07

He was the best dog ever and I miss him so much.

Adriana Erazo

Felis, 08/07/87-01/22/07

Felis was my sweet boy.
He took care of me for so many years that I am afraid I will be lost without his love and attention.
He slept with me, he sat with me, he was my shadow and my best friend.
I loved the soul of him and I am thankful to God for every day of his life!

Vickie Leinonen-Cook

Felis Cook, 08/07/87-01/22/07

We have faith that you are now in God's protective care and our hope is to be united once again!
We miss you with our hearts and souls Lovie!

Randy Cook

Felix, 12/07/07

To My Beloved Baby,

You were not just a cat or a pet, you were a very dear member of the family. I cannot believe you are gone, you were taken from us so quickly and unexpectedly. I still look around expecting to see you or hear you....this is just not real, it can't be happening.
I think of you laying in my arms, purring so loud and looking up at me with your beautiful eyes...this can't be real.
I remember you aggravating me about feeding you every 10 minutes and I use to get so upset with I just wish you were here to do that again. Its funny the things you miss.
I would give everything I own to have you here with me again, I miss you so much.
You were a very special friend who can never be replaced and who will be deeply missed.
Felix, I love you with all of my heart and nothing can ever take away all the beautiful memories I have of us spending time together and you getting the rips and running through the house 90mph, you were so funny. Your memory will always live in my heart and mind, and I cannot wait until the day you greet me again on the rainbow bridge to Heaven. I know you are waiting there for me.
I love you my baby and I miss you with all my heart and soul. Your loss will take a long time to heal.

You will never be forgotten my angel.

Deena Johnson

Felix, 05/25/06-11/06/07

Our sweet baby Felix loved to sneak out of the house under the feet of unsuspecting visitors.
On Tuesday 11/6/07, Our baby ever so curious darted out into the street and was struck by a car and our hearts were broken.
Felix loved to talk.. he made so many different sounds when "speaking" to my 11 year old daughter she swears she understood his every meow.
Although we only had Felix for a year and 1/2,
he will forever be a part of our family.
We love and miss you so very much.

Tanya Queen

Felix, 04/15/90-08/07/07

17 years and 4 months - what can I say?
Felix was my friend, my stable, stoic companion.
His mother, Bogart and his brother Fritz preceded him, and his sister Harry crossed over 7 days before Felix.
I know they are waiting for me, along with John (my man, their pa) and Lil Bro, BA, Blackie Boy (the Cats family) and Shasta, Foster, Balder and Bandit (the Dogs family).
I can't wait to see all of you again. Felix, my heart aches for you and Harry - it is too soon.
I see you in the hallway, I hear you in the night - no one could have asked for a better family.
So many years I was blessed.
Thank you for sharing your life with mine.

Linda Bell

Felix, 01/20/06

FELIX was such a wonderful companion for me.
He would be next to me everytime I was at home. He would wait patiently for me to come home from work. It's been over a year-and-a-half and I still grieve for him.
Life just isn't the same with out him. I will always remember him and cherish the time we had with each other.
I miss you, FELIX.

Gary Smith

Felix, 06/15/07

I loved you for the six months i had the pleasure to know you, and will keep on loving and missing you. I'm not handling our parting well, rest assured all your four legged friends still here are keeping me going. Fe it's just not fair! love always mum and dad and the four legged wonders xxxx

Felix, 03/05/07

wish i could see your furry face again.thankyou for being you felix,miss your miow when i come in ,your body on my hair wjen i'm trying to sllep at night,your head on my shoulder in bed when i'm trying to read.a fat lump on my chest too, me holding your little paw as we fell asleep..sitting on the floor by my pc just right height for me to tickle your head,.getting a lift in the laundry basket to hang laundry out waiting for it to empty so you can jump back in for the ride up to our flat.(apt)licking my eyelids to wake up.sitting on my lap in the evenings with a blanket on my knees for your kissing your head for being my friend.going to miss you lots,wish i could have made you better..till we meet again fi-foo..lots of love mummy wendy xxxx hope you enjoying yourself sunbathing in the fields of joy with sarah and poppy.wish i could be there,,don't sit on the end of the bridge waiting for me,i'll be along later..i promise xxxxxxxx mummy

Felix, 04/23/91-01/26/07

Free from pain and weakness now, our beloved pet.
You will live forever in our hearts.

Jill Smith

Felix, 25/12/06

To my darling beautiful, gorgeous boy, I miss you so much. You was too young to leave me but I will see you again one day. I go to bed with your picture every night and miss you so much. My heart aches so much it is often too painful to cope with. I wish I could have you back but that's not possible. I will always love you, gorgeous boy, night night, god bless xxxxx

Julie Tranham

Felix, 01/11/07

How quickly you were gone...special boy with the gentle layed down with you fur step-brothers/sisters as if you were their own Mama...chewing on boxes was one of your greatest obessions...allowing Jack to torture you but you still would sleep peacefully with the way to describe you...never rushing to be fed always knowing you would eat...sleeping under Kenny's arm...was your first way of showing us how kind, gentle and loving you were...there will be no other Feefa...may the time we were allowed to have you in our lives teach us how to be half of the beautiful being that you were. Oscar and Mama will never forget their brother and baby in happiness and love until we all see you again.

Lisa M. Raposa

Felix, 06/26/95-01/09/07

We all miss you very much.


Felix, 12/30/06

Felix was the joy of our home.
He came to us after being abused and had feline leukemia.
He gave us love, laughter and joy every day he was with us.
Unfortunately, he unexpected got seriously ill 2 weeks ago and lost his battle this past Saturday.
We miss you Felix, and will always love you.
We can't wait until the day we are joined again for eternity.
God bless you and keep you for us.


Felix Grube, 10/95-08/04/07

We love you Felix and will miss you everyday.
You are with Emma now.
We hope we made the right decision and you will forgive us. We love you, horse boy!

Elizabeth Grube

Felix Wallis, 02/97-02/24/07

For our bunny son Felix who passed away Feb. 24, 2007.
We miss you so much, and we hope you are eating all the raisins and bananas that your little heart desires in heaven.
You will always have a place in our hearts and we will always be grateful for the time that we got to spend with you.
Thank you for letting us pet you and give you kisses.
We wish we could've had you with us for another 10 years.
We love you Feelers.

All our love,
Chris & Olivia Wallis

Felix Whipple, 1990-11/07/07

Felix went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 7,2007 after a brief illness. He brought much love into our lives for 17 wonderful years. We will always love him and miss him.His pawprints are forever imprinted on our hearts.
Until we meet again, Felix,
Daddy, Mommy and your brother Tigger

Felony, 01/93-06/26/07

To my best buddy and constant companion for 14 great years. I,ll miss you and love you forever.My faithful friend. You are the greatest.Love you.....buster ,fel dog,charlie,maestro,big boy

Bob Pano

Fendall Green, 03/11/95-03/13/07

Fendall, you entered our lives on 03/11/95 and left us on 03/13/07. Of course we will not be the same without you. You were one of the most beautiful male Golden Retrievers we had ever seen. You were so smart, and funny. Oh, the stories we have on you! You'll never know what your unconditional love did for us through the hard times in our lives. We, along with your sister, Schuyler miss you like crazy. You will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we thank our Heavenly Father, over and over for creating you and bringing you, and the joy you provided, into our lives. We will be forever grateful. We picture you in Heaven, especially with your best friends, Billy, Mouse, Pooh and Sparky. We'll see ya on Rainbow Bridge Boy! Love, Mama and Daddy

Fendi, 10/17/05-09/04/07

Fendi, where to begin. To most people your "Just a Dog". To those that knew you the way we did, your more like a daughter. Fendi, when mommy and I got married, mommy always told me that she had this little void in her, as if she still missing something. Mommy felt that the missing void could only be filled with a little bundle of joy. So we went pet shopping, and mommy instantly knew you were the one.

Fendi, you have been nothing but joy in our lives. Fendi we owe you more than any lottery in this world, and we owe you more than any words can say.

We all love you Fendi, and we hope you are happy where you are, and we hope that you give us signs that your ok, because we miss you so much. Still, instead of crying, Fendi i want to spend my energy positively and instead Wish you the best.

We love you Fendi, and we will always have you in our hearts, always :)


Daddy, Mommy and Nonna


Fennster, 12/29/05-02/25/07

Goodbye my dear soft sweetie. Our time together was far too short. I know you will be the best guardian kitty angel, helping other kitties with their FIP sentences. I pray we will be reunited on the other side of the rainbow.
Until then,I will keep you in my dreams where we will always be connected. Your spirit is in my soul. Sweet dreams, sweet baby. Rest peacefully in God's arms.

Carol Horace

Fenrir, 01/05-05/24/07

For you our little and young "monster", you'll always be in our hearts and minds.
Lovely, loyal and caring member of our family

We'll never forget you.


Fenway, 11/07/05-01/11/07

Fenway you will always be in our hearts . You were taken too early from us.. You were a great dog and will be missed. We are all broken hearted that God decided to take you so fast. God keep you safe and may he all always keep a Frisbee handy to throw to you in heaven.

Bill Ziolkowski

Fenwick, 05/13/95-05/15/07

We love him so much, we will miss him every day.
There will never be another Fennie cat.
He was our furry "son" and he gave us so much love and joy for 12 years that we were lucky enough to share with him. He had to leave us much too soon.
God Bless you Fennie, we love you forever...

Tim and Sue Bina

Ferdie Katz, 05/02/07

you were the best boy ever. you were funny, talkative and really corralled me for food so much! you were and amazing buddy. we miss and love you more than we can express. you are our Gray Boy All-star!! the bounce back kid who knew when it was time to rest. we love you, puddin' head!!! ferdle, van pelt and all the other names. RIP. kisses, freddle. "ferdie, ferdie pussa" kisses, boy.

Laurel and David

Fergie, 08/04/96-09/26/07

We will miss our very special baby girl Fergie even though at times she aggrivated us.
We will miss the way she looked at us, how she snuggled under the cover next to us, even when it was 90 degrees.
We will miss the way she would just sit & stare at us, even it did drive us up the wall sometimes.
We loved how she got spooked at silly stuff.
We will miss her curiousity with everything, especially the fish we would catch.
We will miss how her ears blew straight up in the air when the wind blew.
I will miss how she sought safety in my arms when she got a bath in the shower with me.
I will miss taking her on walks with me & her sad eyes begging me to pick her up & carry her most of the way because her little legs could not keep up.
I said I minded & scolded her, but I really didn't mind.
Most of all we will miss the way she loved us unconditionally.
We love her in the same way.
Mommy & Daddy always loved you & we still do.
We already miss you so much.
Don't be scared.
Mercy will come for you & show you the way.
You & Mercy can have each other now as eternal playmates.
We love you Fergie.....your a very special girl.

Denise & Dan
(Mommy & Daddy)

Fergie, 06/01/97-05/15/07

Fergie came to us as a stray and we opened our door to her almost 10 years ago.
She was a loving and precious cat.
She will be missed dearly by all who met her.
She will remain in our hearts forever.

Jeanne Gormley

Fergie, 11/17/06

My sweet Fergie who was with me over half my life I still hold
you in my heart and love you more every day. Your friend Darla has come to be with you. Greet her with love and joy and welcome her. Stay with me always.


Fergus, 07/01/07

Fergus was most certainly my best friend. Always there for me in times of trouble.... He was so loving and caring. He was so much fun. He loved to chase the Bad bird , and loved to play football too. He loved his family, and he loved his life. I will miss him so so much.

Louise Minden

Ferocidad, 10/09/97-05/31/07

I miss you desperately, my sweet boy.
My heart is broken and aches for you everyday.
I can not imagine life without you. Please know how much I love you still and hope you are at peace.

Lisa Gutierrez

Ferro Cunningham, 01/06/07

Ferro was to say the least my best friend.
I miss him terribly and as having a terrible time.
I only hope that one day we can be together again.

Kerry Cunningham

Festus, 12/28/07

Festus, we miss you so much.
The house is not the same without your wonderful purr and nutty personality.
I love you and hope you see you/cuddle with you again some day.

Fezzik, 10/01/03-11/01/07

Fezzik (Fez, Fuzz, Fuzzie) was a wonderful little all-black cat, who loved attention, both giving and receiving. He passed unexpectedly, and will be greatly missed. He will not be forgotten, and will be remembered with fond and happy memories!


Fidget, 2002-07/09/07

I love and miss you Fidgejums Smidgejums, you will remain in our hearts forever. You were such a sweetheart and a little ferret ambassador everywhere you went. I will never forget your sweet little ear kisses.
You will be missed dearly by all of us. I know we will meet again one day.
Love always, Molly, Jason, Roxy, Pele, Lilly, and KiKi.

Fidget, 10/01/06-07/02/07

Oh Fidget, I miss you so much and I'll never forget you. This Monday will mark two weeks since I found your precious, lifelss body in the living room and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

You were such a well behaved little girl and oh so full of love. I could not have asked for a better dog and companion.

Things have been better since I had that dream about you over the weekend and I truly see what the other people have told me about thes "signs" they get....I think you sent me one!

I know you're healthy now and back like you were when you were young.....vibrant and wiggly which was why we named you Fidget! :)

I'll keep you always in my heart and on my mind, your pictures all over the house....we all loved you dearly and I'll see again some day. Promise!


Fidget, 09/08/02-03/20/07

To our precious "Little Girl"

Who would've thought that such a little ferret could bring us so much joy in life and so much sadness in death!!!
We are so thankful that you chose us to be your family that day at the pet store when you curled up in the sleeve of our sweatshirts and fell asleep!!
You were truly a special and unexpected gift.
Please forgive us for not noticing your sickness sooner.
Your spunkiness and love of life outside your cage masked the pain that you must have been feeling.
We will always treasure the time we spent together, especially all the "Cuddles" time the last couple days of your all too short life.
Thank you for your valiant fight and for hanging on overnight until we could get back to the vet's to say goodbye.
You showed such strength in holding your head up as we said our goodbyes and when you laid your head down to rest, I knew you were ready to go.
Thank you for letting me know you were ready and making the decision to let you go just a little easier to bear!
Thanks for being so strong at a time when I should have been the strong one.
The lessons we have learned from your death, we will take and use to give Chimp everything that we wish we could still give you.
His life will be better because of you!!!
I know he misses you terribly but we promise we will take extra good care of him.
Fidge, we will miss your cute little face, bright eyes, wet kisses, cute little paws, your happy dance, and everything else about you!!!
We will remember you always
and love you forever!!!
We'll see you again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge!

We LOVE you Fidgie!!!
Lots of Love, Hugs, Kisses and "Cuddles",
Mom, Peighton, Kayli, Chimp, Grayson and Liberty

Fidget, 07/04/97-02/05/07

Fidget is the best dog that ever lived.
He loved me when I did not love myself, loved me unconditionally no matter what I did, and protected me from harm from the moment his tiny body came into my life.
Without him, I will never be the same.
Fidgeroo, I miss you so much that my heart hurts.
I will meet you a the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you, my little boy--Mommy

Fidgit, 04/91-03/05/07

Fidgit was a beautiful and wonderful cat.
She was also a fighter for life.
We nearly lost her before from illness but she survived for 7 years before we lost her today.
May she find peace now.


Fifi, 10/13/07

I love you Fifi!


Fifi, 01/05/00-10/13/06

Fifi was the most remarkable companion. She was only with me for 7 months and yet she touched my heart and soul like no other. She had a life filled with sadness and discomfort as a "breeding" dog for a "breeder". When she came to me, she'd traveled a lifetime. I miss her each and every day and am grateful for the time I had with her. She went too soon - far too soon - and for human greed. I'll see you again - soon, I hope.

Amanda Lion

Figaro, 11/18/07

Dear figi, we now know you have your angel wings. we just wish we could go back in time and not feed you sophisticat. we are sorry for that. we will never ever in a million years forget you. until we meet again we know you are our guardian angel. We love you. we miss you,
love and care always
O'Malley, Bella, Lafayette, Lisa, and Hannah

Figaro, 11/03/07

Goodbye my sweet little green man, we tried very hard to keep you with us but today i could see it was time to end the pain.
The vet was so sad too, he said you were a very beautiful boy and your tumors were getting too painful. You were a brave and wonderful birdy and the Wilberries are missing you tonight. Your Pippa is flying around looking for you and calling for you, and your
buddies are very sad. You will be missed so much but I know your with Pavi and Isabella now and flying happily all around the rainbow bridge dodging all the kitties.

Valerie Blaise

Figaro, 06/25/07

Figaro was one of the best kitty's out there. He brought laughter and happiness to our every day's. His life was comprimsed after sustaining trauma to his back end and had to be put to rest so that he wouldn't be in pain. He is missed each and every day.....
we will always love you Figaro

Justine & Michael McNeil

Figaro, 07/96-04/21/07

we love you very much figgy! I wish that I could pet you one last time. I hope you felt me and the everlasting love that I have for you when I found you and petted you and told you that I loved you and how sorry I was. If someone did harm to you intentionally, I am working very hard to find this out. I won't let this go, for you and for your animal friends on our block. You will always be my favorite cat. Please come to me in my dreams if you can honey! We love you!
mom, dad, jordan and carly

Figaro, 03/26/07

To my sweet, beautiful little boy... I wish we had more than just a few short years together.
I miss you and will always love you very much!

Abby Schwartz

Figaro, 03/24/07

Figgy was the definition of a scared-e-cat, but he was also very loving. He would massage Chris' neck every night as she went to sleep. He was a beautiful cat with long black, gray, and brown fur. He the loudest purr. He was also a miracle in that 2 years ago we lost him at hotel during a cross-country move. He was found alive and well (albeit alittle malnourished) living in the wall of the hotel room 3 weeks later. We will miss you Fig.

Rob and Chris Pendrak

Figaro, 03/22/07

My purr puffer, fighter and strong spirit.
I'm so happy you are no longer suffering, but the thought of not enjoying your company each day is heart- breaking.

From your passionate love to your spin-outs and big butt hitting the wall as you played, you will be missed in every way.

I will miss talking with you - the way you looked at me like you understood every word I said.

Although I didn't get you into my life until 5 years ago, each day since has been so treasured.
I look forward to seeing you again one day, my beloved Figaro.

You go find an angel to purrpuff on in the meantime.

Take care, ma sexy boy.

Angela & Andrew Day

Figaro, 11/04/91-01/22/07

Figaro was a very special pet.
She was always there to comfort us when we needed a friend.
Figaro would greet us when we would come home and she loved to be around her family who love her very much.
Her favorite activity was to sit and look out the back door and watch the birds fly by.
Figaro will be missed very much and we will always love her.

Michael, Mary, William, Matthew

Figaro Lanspa Lyon, 05/93-10/03/07

we will miss your wonderful personality. so talkative and intelligent. You fought a courageous battle against cancer and never complained or were grouchy. You were my sweet, little best friend. We love you figgy.

Kelly Lanspa and Brad Lyon

Figo, 05/13/05-05/21/07

a great dog that left too soon, he gave more love than he needed to and was happy to do so, we will miss him

Daniel and The Gonzalez Family

Figs, 12/31/02-11/05/07

We miss you and love you Fighead.. Take care of Gary and Prunes until we get there!
Thank you for being such a good boy!

Duncan & Mary

Filli, 12/27/05

My little dear, you will always be in my heart which you touched as almost nobody before. I will never forget you and be sure, we will see each other again one day and I tell you what, I do look forward to this special day.

Berit Witthohn

Finn, 03/98-05/01/07

Finn was a great friend and we miss his smiling face, big furry paws and mischevious personality every day!!

The Morgans

Finnegan, 05/09/06-09/29/07

Finnegan, we love you so much.
You left us way too soon.
Mommy, Daddy and Erin will think of you daily. You will never be out of our hearts.
Please watch over us and give Irish our love.
Run and be free with no pain.

Trudy Downes

Finnegan, 01/26/91-03/09/07

Finnegan - I could write a book about you and I probably will.
You were a class act for a dog! I picked you up on a Sunday and took you to church with me that night.
I put you in my purse and you slept right through the service and the I had you dedicated to the Lord.
You were adorable and so well mannered after you got over your teething.
During that period you chewed all my shoe laces and a few friends and relatives had theirs chewed too.
Everybody loved you but me most of all.
I miss you terribly - our cuddling, your kisses, your unconditional love. I will look forward to meeting you again on the Rainbow Bridge - then on to heaven.
Together again - forever.
Watch for me Finnegan - much love.

Finnigan, 03/23/99-05/14/07

Finnigan was a tribute to his breed. He had all the typical Wheaton traits such as eating Kleenex, rolling in snow, jumping on guests at the door and sleeping on his back with his legs in the air. "Finn" was loyal beyond words, gentle and loved his family. He had a way of knowing when they were coming over and would patiently wait at the window for them to arrive so that he could smother them with love. He was a highly intelligent dog and could easily learn any trick you taught him including saying "I Love You." He was a gift and we felt truly blessed to have been his family even though it was only 8 short years . He has left us with memories that will last a lifetime and we will one day smile again when we think of him. See you at Rainbow Bridge furry friend. Until then we will miss you every moment of our lives.

Sharon Braun

Finlay, 10/10/97-09/13/06

We lost our beautiful boy so suddenly although he had struggled for 3 years with spinal problems. We miss you so much 'toots'.
The house is too big and quiet without your larger than life personality...
Rest easy until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge... loving you always Mum Dad and Jake xxxxxxxx

Finley, 05/18/06-08/07

You were so loved in your short life. I will always miss you.

Marion Satterthwaite

Fiona, 08/13/07

Fiona was a very sweet and sparkling cat who struggled bravely with diabetes.
She was well loved and will be greatly missed by me and her brother cat Frankie.

Laura McLain

Fiona, 03/10/07

Sweet Fiona, you are missed and will always be loved.
We'll look for you in the sun light.

Mat, Laura & Mojo Johnson

Fiona, 03/20/95-02/17/07

Fiona, may you find wonderful green meadows to run free and herd cattle, not cats.
You'll be very much missed by your brothers and sisters.
May the gods protect you always through the oceans of time.
Love you.
Till we meet again.

Helga Sokolovsky Clegg

Fiona, 01/30/07

Fiona was a special little girl who was rescued from a horrible life. Despite that horror, she remained innocent and filled with sweetness. She was the love of my life and brought me complete and utter joy. I wanted her to live a very long time with me --- in her forever home --- mostly because her prior life was filled with such trauma, but she didn't even make it to two years with me. My heart is broken in two, and I am praying that she is at peace, surrounded by sweet friends and flowers, and that she knows how much I love her.


Fiona Jackson, 08/05/07

Fiona's sweetness will be forever missed.

Monique and Pete

Fisher, 11/27/07

Dear Fisher,

Thank you for coming into my life.
I am so sorry things were so uncomfortable in the end.

I miss you sitting in my lap, walking on my computer keyboard, sitting on anything I try to read, and drinking from my glass the second I put it down.

I feel so bad that, even in death, Blue is overshadowing you.
You are a special soul and deserve to be free and happy.

I miss you Fishey-cat, very much.

Barrie Finger

Fisher Lewis, 05/19/95-05/06/07

Fisher. what can i say we had 12 good years together you will be remembered as a special friend

Wayne Lewis

Fiti, 01/08/95-08/17/07

To my beloved Fiti... You were my best friend, and I miss you so badly.
I held you in my arms until you took your last breath.
Please know how much you are missed.
I will love you until my last breath.

Fitzpatrick, 03/17/95-10/14/07

This is a special tribute to one of the best friends I've ever had.
Fitzpatrick was there for me when I was sad to lick away my tears (which I desperately need him to do now), he also shared the good times of my marriage and the births of my two children.
He always knew there was a warm lap for him, and I always knew there were some gentle purrs for me.
I will miss Fitzpatrick dearly for the rest of my life.
I know there will be other cats over the years, but none will ever replace the hole in my heart that will forever ache for my beloved Fitz.
I'll see you someday in heaven my special furboy.
I love you.

Kate Danvers

Five Kittens, 04/07-05/07

My cat had 5 kittens that all passed away in the month of May i am very heartbroken over this and i am crying as i type this. I loved them so very much and 2 of them died in my hands. I held them close to my chest as they went on. I love you kitties and know i gave you a good home.


Fivel, 08/11/89-05/19/07

For My Fivel ~You'll be so greatly missed~


Fiver, 03/09/07

Rest in peace, Face. My special boy, forever and always.


Fiynniyan Peabody, 03/11/98-01/02/07

When noone else was here to help me cope with the chronic pain , the fibro, the frustration of slowly losing my fine motor skills in my right arm, the depression..... Fiynn was here by my side . he always knew where to touch me so that he didn't hurt me and would cuddle close as he could...even if just meant the only thing he could touch me with was his warm breath.

I am lost without him...desolate,inconsolable...


Fizz, 05/02/07

in memory of fizz. missed by percy and baby.

Chris Wills

Fizzle, 09/07

We miss you little fuzzy guy!

Apryl and John

Fladson, 11/05-09/11/06

We will miss your energy,happiness and all the good things you brought to us. Your 2 sisters still with us. Your mommy joined you. Keep looking after us. We will miss you forever my boo boo boy.

Lopes Family

Flame, 05/23/07

Flame was a sweet, fun little guy, with energy, love and plenty of kisses for everyone that he met.

His life was far too short, and he will always be remembered.

We miss you and love you Flame!

Flame Jr, 12/24/07

Our Dear Flame Jr. was not with us long but will be remembered in our hearts forever. I will miss your purr and company always. You were the most remarkable cat I have ever seen. I hope you are in a happy place and someday I see you again. Lov, Mom Kathleen

Flap, 01/23/89-01/23/07

My heart weighs so heavy and how much you are missed is almost unbareable. Flap, You were by my side every single day and nite. The void that is left is unfillable. You were my Angel of Mercy when I needed you and I only hope and pray that I was yours when you needed me. You loved me uncondionally and for that I will forever be grateful. I hope that you know that the nite I had to be unselfish and make the decision that you needed to rest peacefully was the hardest decision that I ever made. I never wanted to live without you in my life. I thank God every day for blessing me with you and I know that you will watch over me and that we will be together one day forever. I hope that you understand and that you know that my love for you is so strong and that it will never change. I miss you with all my heart and will forever.

Suzzanne Rees & Tom Fogerson

Flapper, 02/05/07

today i lost the most lovable and nicest dog. he was filled with love. i saved him from a shelter and bad upbringing. cancer took my flapper but he will always live in my heart. we lived togeather for 8 yrs and now my dogs and me will never forget our buddy. so long friend we will meet again.


Flash, 11/18/07

Good-bye sweet boy till we see you again.

David and Jamie Booth and Family

Flash, 10/05/07

Flash was a good friend and a great watch dog.
She had a great personality and a really cute face. We had great times together;boat rides,vacations,sharing snacks, walks in the park and quiet times laying on the bed. She loved her belly rubs ! The house is quiet now and there is nobody here to greet me with a shoe when I come home.
I will miss you a lot Flashy girl and I look forward to seeing you again when we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


Flash, 11/24/97-12/26/06

Flash you were one of a kind. I cannot say how bad my heart is hurting, or how much I miss you. You have been gone only a few hours but it seems like forever.
You were a rescue,so mistreated,but you also rescued me. The love we gave each other for 3&1/2 yrs was intense and unconditional.

I'm going to miss you cuddling with me at nite. Snuggling so tight against me knowing you finally felt so safe. I can almost smile when I see you hopping across the floor like a bucking bronco because you knew it was time for your treat.

I know you are at Rainbow Bridge still hopping and playing and waiting for me to come for you some day.
Though the pain will ease, my Love for you will never lessen. I want to say Thank You so much for coming into my life. And for letting me be your Mamma. And I want to thank GOD for letting me have you for one more Christmas.


Flash/Mouse, 09/97-11/24/07

I got Mouse about 7 years ago.
He was a special needs greyhound and we had many good times together.
He will be sadly missed by myself, his great dane brother and Nova, his greyhound girlfriend.
I know he is in heaven with Pinkerton and Bert, and I know they wait at the rainbow bridge for me.
Thanks for being my dog, mouser.
I feel honored to have been in your life.

Flashy Sport, 06/21/84-08/30/07

Goodbye my dear friend. Thank you for 22 1/2 years of unconditional, unequaled love and support. You saw me through the rough teenage years, unsure collegiate, and trials and tribulations of adult life. You were and always will be my rock, my best friend and my deepest love. I miss you incredibly and do not know myself without you. I hope you are at peace and will stay close until we meet again. Goodbye my dear friend.

Elissa Contreras

Flatmeadow Lacie, 12/15/06

You are terribly missed!!


Flatmeadow Meg, 04/10/06

You are terribly missed!


Flea Marlow, 05/05/00-10/06/07

Flea you will always be in our hearts and minds and not a day will go by that we will not feel your presence or think about you. Til' we meet again, my one and only furry son. XOXO The Marlows

Flecklie, 06/08/85-04/11/07

I wish you could have kept me company an other 20 years.
I love you and will never forget you, see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Silvia & Fritz

Fleecey, 09/21/07

To Our Dearest Fleecey, letting you go was the hardest decision of all. But we know you are finally at peace and watching over us, your loving family. You will always be in our hearts. Daddy misses you. We all miss you terribly. You were taken away from us too soon. But we are forever grateful for the blessing of the joy you brought to our lives. We love you forever. Daddy, Mommy, Buddy, Penny, Buster and Domino.

Fletcher, 07/15/96-08/05/07

Fletch was the best dog, we were blessed to have such a remarkable animal share his life with us.....we will never forget him, and miss him terribly each and every day.
It does not get better, it only makes you realize what you had and how much you miss him.

Loraine & John

Flicker, 11/15/07

Flicker was like my shadow.
He slept under the covers with me, walked me to the mail box, and sat on my lap while I watched TV.
I had to give Flicker insulin injections twice a day for the past 3 1/2 years and he just sat there knowing that I was helping him. I don't know when the pain of losing him will begin to fade.

Gene Vaccaro

Flingpoo and Slingpoo, 10/03/07

You always thought you were part of our family.
As sisters you were inseparable in life and in death.


Flip, 04/10/95-08/10/07

She lit up our lives with her unconditional love.
Her favorite place was on her "daddy's" lap and near the end that was the only place she wanted to be.
Her last nite with us is etched into my memory, and I sincerely believe she knew her time was near.
She was in my arms when she left us, and I held her close to me for the last time.
Her soul flew, and I know she will be waiting when my time comes.
Flip, I miss you. My heart cries for you every day, even though I know you are no longer hurting or confused.
I will see you again, I promise.


Flip, 10/23/93-08/02/06

My spotted boy.
He and I spent our young years together in a VW Bus all around the country.
He climbed every mountain and crossed every deseret with me, ran every beach.
He's been gone now for 8 months, and I havent been able to get another dog, noone can replace my entire adult life travel buddy, you all know.
A cat (kitten) came into our home a month before he died, and now has disappeared.
I always called her my gift from God, as all our animal friends are, to keep my home from being empty from having the animal friend gone from my home.
Just the fact that we have come to this website is a gift, that we recognize the value of the animals life to us as humans.
There are, it seems, so few of us.
So many I know dont, for some reason, share our lives with animals, and dont "get" why we love them so much.
THEY are there for us always, and love us no matter what.
I love you all who come to this site so much, for just loving your animal FRIENDS so much, and your friends were so lucky to have found you all to love them....they are all there for you still, for having loved them

Michelle Ford

Flok, 04/98-14/09/07

I can't believe that spondylosis deformans can do so much bad to a dog. He gone to the rainbow bridge - in lost month he couldn't move at all...Moj dragi pas...Sanjam ga da gura glavu pod moju ruku, da me dočekuje lavežom, nikada ga neću zaboraviti...

Maja Pandurov

Floozie, 24/10/05

Flozie, the most loving, friendly, happy little terror in the world. It's not the same without you and I will miss you forever but I know that you're happy up there and are probably causing havoc wherever you go. We will never forget you

Sarah White

Floppsy, 10/05/07

Floppsy we miss you very much and we wish you were here with us right now we love you millions and millions and your no longer in any pain

all of our love from chloe and emma

Emma and Chloe

Floppy, 1997-02/27/07

Floppy was our basset hound foster dog. We only had her for five weeks but they were the greatest five weeks that we had because in that short time she became a beloved member of our family.


Florence Cholwill, 30/10/07

Gone too soon. We are so sorry to say goodbye to Florence so suddenly and unexpectedly. She was a beautiful rabbit and well-loved by us both. We will miss Florence and always remember her. Morris, Barnaby, Pedro (son) will miss her and Romily and Clementine are so sad that their mother has passed away.
Rest in peace dear Flomio. We love you always.

Sarah and Rob Cholwill

Floris, 29/11/93-24/12/07

You are so special for me and I miss you to much!

Y. Heijboer

Floss, 03/10/07

Beautiful and so loving.

Jill Bullis

Flow, 1985-08/29/07

Her star is added to the sky tonight. She shines and glows with God's Holy light.

Robin Donohue

Flower, 11/99

We all miss you ugee pup!

Debbie Blavos

Flower, 09/04/96-03/15/07

Flower was a wonderful, gentle friend.
We miss her so much.

Carol Barsky

Flowers, 04/13/07

You were shy and quite but had a heart of gold...You are out of pain and whole again...
You are with Sassy again, running and playing...We will meet again to cross the brige together...until then, I Love and Miss you...

Shona Nicholson

Floyd Richmond, 09/22/07

We only had you a few months, but you meant a lot to us.
You were so kind and loving. Your life was so brief and the world was so unkind to you.
We hope you are in cat heaven now.
With Love,
Your adoptive parents.

Fluff, 06/21/89-12/07/07

I am grateful for the many years she faithfully and unconditionally loved me. The little all white ball of Fluff captured my heart 18 1/2 years ago and shared so much of herself. She has left her little doubled paw print on my heart.

Deede Marchinkowski

Fluff, 1992-2004

We miss you.

Kim Doss

Fluff, 07/03/07

Fluff was the first dog I ever loved. She really did her job and continued to show her love down to the last kiss in her last breath. She will be missed but never forgotten.

Brenda Smith

Fluff Fluffs, 1991-03/08/07

my darling fluff fluffs tears won't stop falling,
wait for me at the rainbow bridge, love mummy and bubbles x

Fluffer, 08/22/07

In memory for a friend - Fluffer was our joy, playful and trusting with those eyes that just seem to see right thru you.
We do believe that he understood every word we spoke especially when it was about him.

It will be quiet here now and that will be when he is missed most.
God bless you Fluffer - save a place for us. We will miss him deeply.

Elayne & Jack

Fluffer, 02/04/07

In memory of my little buddy who added joy to my life.

Gale Downes

Fluffer Nutter, 05/11/01-06/29/06

Fluffer Nutter,my heart kitty, I love you and miss you so very much! Your a distance from me now, but I can still feel you near.

Love always and forever


Fluffy (Honey Bunny), 01/20/90-12/11/07


Fluffy, 04/07/94-08/22/05

Fluffy you were one of my favorites.
You seemed to know when I was sad and always would jump up into my lap and touch my face.
You were long haired and was beautiful.
A friend of mine found you and your brother and some more cats in an abandoned house.
She asked if we would take you.
My son had just died and we took you both but somehow Fluffy you helped me through my grief.
I could not see you suffer anymore when you had to drag your back legs around and knew it was your time. You knew it too.
We will see you again someday.
We love and miss you.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Fluffy, 02/24/07

Fluffy looked like a chow but the back half of him was black and the front half was orange black. He loved to run and chase balls. He loved stuffed animals and treated them like they were his babies. You would never knew he was as old as he was, he still ran and played. Then he got sick and died like alot of animals did in February and March.

Gail Torres

Fluffy, 03/03/04

was a beautifull mother and breader and we miss her verry much

Shirley Kerr

Fluffy, 04/31/05

A truly sweet and warm cat. Just a joy and sunshine to me.

Barry Goodman

Fluffy, 21 May 2007

Dear sweet Fluffy-boy, I loved you so very much and you knew it.
I miss your dear little paws on everything, I miss your lovely fluffy tail, I miss your little squeeks and I miss your lovely presence. You were half of the cutie-puff/sweetie-pie and cutie-pie/sweetie-puff combo.
I miss saying your name (and all of your nicknames).
I will never forget you my dearest, sweetest little mate.


Fluffy, 06/02/07

Fluffy, my soulcat, the most loving friend there could ever be. Forever in my heart, forever to be missed, until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.

In late 2000 a feral cat colony of about 12 cats suddenly showed up on my porch; 8 black cats among them.
Fluffy was one of them. From that day to present I fed them and they came by every evening. At first none would allow me to touch them but over time several warmed up.
One young long haired black female cat with a white spot on her belly started to take unusual interest in me and follow me around.
She actually talked to me when she saw me! I just stayed quiet and hung out with her. To my surprise one day she simply jumped up in my lap and purred!
I found I could even pick her up and she just cuddled and licked me! This was a feral cat!
I was taken with her from that time on, but I had indoor cats and she was feral so I did not bring her inside.
When I first saw her I called her ‘Scruffy’ because she was; as she filled out into a beautiful cat I renamed her Fluffy. Had I known she'd really be my soulcat I would have given her a more dignified name!
Fluffy and I got closer and closer over time.
She’d follow me everywhere around my little ranch and come when she was called. She always waited for me on the front porch when I’d arrive home.
I was clearly Fluffy’s human.

I had most of the feral cats, including Fluffy, spayed and neutered, having a little notch cut in an ear. I didn’t know at that time Fluffy would wind up a house cat!

One night when I returned Fluffy was nowhere to be seen.
I worried and worried, knowing something must have been terribly wrong.
Two days later, Fluffy suddenly appeared, dehydrated and looking terrible.
I took her to the vet’s who determined she must have ingested something poisonous.
I was so connected to this cat that I decided to spend the money to try to save her.
She was touch and go but she was a strong willed cat.
After a week in a cage at the vet's, lots of antibiotics and intravenous liquids, the doctor allowed her to go home, saying she had a good chance of recovery at that point but it was up to her.
She may have liver or kidney damage, time would tell.

I brought her home, Kept her inside, nursed her back to a full recovery, and Fluffy immediately acted as if she’d always been an indoor cat, being quite content to stay inside for several months to come.
She took right to the litter box.
She immediately established herself as the dominant cat over my other three cats, insisting on their respect (and my dog’s too!).
She took over the right side of my bed by my pillow, which became HER place, right next to me.
No other cats dared sleep there!

Eventually Fluffy got very vocal about going outside again, perhaps it was 6 months later.
She’d become a wonderful housecat, but I let her out as I knew she would make my life difficult if I didn’t.
She’d spend only short amounts of time outside, preferring the comforts of indoors.
She still mingled with her feral family, who, like the inside cats, she walked amongst as if she was the queen and they all moved out of her way.
Fluffy rarely left the immediate yard area.
She often clawed the trees, or ran up and down them;
She chased bugs and caught mice.
She loved rolling in the gravel driveway, white stomach exposed. She kept the dog in his place and stood off any attempts of his to chase her.
She followed me everywhere, even to feed my horses. She rarely let me out of her sight.

Fluffy played gregariously.
She’d jump on the table and knock objects on the ground to bat around. She loved the scratching post and attacked it with vigor.
She often meowed her thoughts. She’d always call to me when I was in the shower.
She chased the other cats when the mood hit her. She’d hide behind doors and swat at them when they walked by.
She never attached herself to any of the other cats, though she tolerated them; she only attached herself to me.

Every night I offered cat treats in bed. Fluffy had to get hers first or she’d slap my hand as I moved it toward the others.
She’d stand on her hind feet as if begging if I held my hand up above her head so I could pet her.
If another cat or the dog followed me into the bathroom Fluffy came in and chased them away, so she could monopolize me while I sat to do my business!.
My lap was hers; anyone sitting there had better move when she jumped on the sofa.
One look from her was all they needed, there was never a challenge.
Rarely was she out of my lap, unless it was to sit on the back of the sofa behind me, where I rested my head on her or she threw her front legs over my shoulder and rested on me.
And always, when reading, she would put herself between the reading material and me.

Fluffy was hit by a car two weeks ago. I live on a quiet country lane; I think she probably was singlemindedly chasing a squirrel across the street when it happened. I always thought I would have her until old age took her away. I dug a hole under a big shady pine tree where I visit everyday and talk to her. My sense of loss is nearly unbearable even two weeks later.
I have had many pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge in the past; none have affected me so deeply.

Fluffy is everywhere I look,I think there is not a place on my property where she has not been, where I cannot picture her. I can see her running up a tree, brushing up beside me as I water the garden, rolling in the gravel driveway on her back in the warm sun.

I especially miss her when I walk in the door after work...she was always there waiting.
And worst is when I go to bed.
Always, always she was there beside me, purring and licking me and claiming me as hers. In the mornings she would climb on me and just lay there, or sit on the bed with her paws resting on me.

My heart is broken, but my love for this wonderful cat is forever. I've had many cats and I've loved them all, but none like this.
Her loss is so senseless, why does God allow these horrid unnecessary things to happen?
I miss my babygirl so deeply in my broken crying heart.

It has been two weeks and one day since I last set eyes on her, since I stroked her and she purred and licked me and climbed on top of me first thing in the morning.
I still can’t believe she's gone forever from my life.
I don’t think I’ve ever mourned anyone more, even human.
I still can’t change the sheets because her hair is still there where she lay.
I lay my head against it and inhale, close my eyes and dream.
I keep thinking what could I have done?
I really do know I could not keep her from going outside.
It enriched her life so much and mine too. So many of my memories are of her enjoying life outside, always with an eye on me. None of my other cats are allowed out, but I had to give her the freedom.

I will always have cats in my life. But I know I will never have another cat remotely like my darling Fluffy.
THe relationship we forged together was so special, so unique, and so incredibly deep.
There cannot be a cat who was cherished, loved and missed more.

Andi Schreibman

Fluffy, 11/22/89-05/30/07

To my special little friend, I love you more then words can hold a special place in my heart now and always and I will miss you forever. You brought such joy and love to my life and helped me get through some tough times. I will miss seeing your beautiful little face, your incredible character. You had a good life, a long life...I just wish I had you with me just a bit longer but I know you were in pain and I had to let you go...You always be with me in spirit and in my memories...Your little friend Jade is sad without you but I will take good care of her so she is happy and lives a long life as you have...lots of love, hugs and kisses...your mom.

Fluffy (Tine), 02/2007

Yo Tine!

Just wanted to let you know how much we miss you.
When you did not come home that day we all knew somthing was wrong.
You were with us for seventeen years, and you were always so sweet.
We all miss you and we will see you on rainbow bridge.


Fluffy, 05/04/98-05/03/07

Be happy and well in Heaven, Fluff.


Fluffy, 07/2006-05/02/07

Fluffy you were my little angel. Some people told me that you were just a barn cat but to me you were a dear friend in a time of need, after the long illness and passing of my father. You will be in my heart forever. Love Mommy

Fluffy, 02/14/07-04/22/07

I miss you so much Fluffy. We are so sad that you had to leave us. I know that it is partly our fault for ur loss. But I miss you so much and i tried so hard to keep u alive.Im sorry but our dogs are hunting dogs. But that doesnt madder my dad was tring so hard to keep u alive and we were all praying for u but u just didnt want to suffer and god wanted u i guess
I wuvvv uuu <3 ssooo much u dont even know. you brothers and sister are doing fine but the miss you also and they arent acting the same with out u they know that something is missing (u)
~me <3

Fluffy, 04/03/07

May you find happy sunny hills to roam and all the things that make a heaven for you dearest Fluffy. Till we meet again...

Darlene Ragon

Fluffy, 04/16/94-03/27/07

Fluffy our Dear and precious girl. You came into our lives in the year 1994 of September. You were only 5 months old so cute and so white. You brought us joy and you grew up with our Grand kids and you gave them joy and happiness because you were so cute. Today March 27, 2007 you passed on to dog heaven. We know that you are in a better place but we miss you already but you will always be in our hearts. RIP.

We love you so very much and miss you so dear old girl of ours. You were like family who was raised with our 13 year old son as a Grade school graduation present.


Fluffy, 06/17/05-02/07/07

I love you so much Fluffmeister. I can't wait to see you again. Take care of my mom until I get there. Your #1 Fan.


Fluffy, 03/05/07

I love you Fluffy.
I miss you and will never forget you.
You are so brave!


Fluffy, 03/07/07

Fluffy was the cutest guinea pig ever. He had 3 different colors on him, Brown, Black, And white. My parents heard something bumping last night, And the next day, We found that fluffy was gone. We're not sure if he's dead or not, But we miss him. He was just gone from his cage by the time we went to give him some food at 7:30. I'll never forgive whatever did this. In loving memory of Fluffy, My guinea pig.

Leo Rae-Brown

Fluffy, 21/07/07

I've known you since i was a young child. You were my very first animal. When ever i was down, happy, lonely or mad, you were there to make me feel better, and would listen to whatever i had to say. I will miss you so much, i hope you find a place in heaven to rest in peace.
You don't no how much joy you have brought to our family, we will look after your brother untill he eventually meets up with you again.
Take care, we love you
Jonny x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Fluffy, 02/10/07

Fluffy i want you to know that i love u very much and i let you go because i loved you and i didnt want to see you suffer any longer my little kitty you know i would of saved you if it was in my hands i did everything i could and i coulnt. im sorry sweaty please forgive me you will always be in my heart.i love you fluffy


Fluffy, 09/11/92-01/25/07

Thank you for giving me 14 years of love, loyalty, and memories I'll never ever forget.
I know you're up in Heaven running in the fields with Tasha and SheRa, and I'm sure they both are happy to see you.

Jennifer Acker

Fluffy, 03/88-01/20/07

My beloved baby. I love you and miss you. My heart is broken.


Fluffybear, 07/21/92-04/11/06

Fluffybear, until we meet again, you are missed every day...

Jennifer Michalski

Fluffy Garcia, 03/13/07

In memory of Fluffy the greatest guard dog.
Survived by his son Tito. We love you and miss you!!


Fluffy Lauder, 10/10/93-14/03/07

My beautiful boy miss you more each day.
I hope you are happy at the Bridge.
Love and kisses mummy.

Fluke, 03/05/96-21/09/97

For my beloved Flukie, thank you for the many wonderful memories you gave us, you were a good little companion and we hope you loved living with us as much as we loved having you.
We know towards the end you must have missed your pal Buddy so much and now you are running together in the big fields with no fences, happy as can be.....we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, lots of hugs and u flukie....we miss you but we know u are in a much better place.....

Love mom and the kids

Flukey, 18 Aug 1997-09 Jul 2007


Michael Medway

Flying Pegasus, 04/01/96-09/06/06

I miss you sweet heart, but God knew it was your time. Your journey was complete. Fly high my handsome & proud brindle boy...I love you.

Hilda Taylor

Foe, 08/07/07

I am sorry you did not make it.
You were much more than a fish, and I loved you.


Foggy Ray Coulson, 01/26/07

He was the best boat cat that ever was.
He was a giant 20 lb. cat with the softest pink toes and one crooked white whisker.

Louise Coulson

Foley, 03/98-12/05/07

She was a fragile being; very nrevous and easily frightened, but, at the same time, a most sweet natured and gentle creature. Even though she carefully chose her moments where she would allow herself to be handled, much joy was received simply from watching her play like mad with her toys and hear her little chirps, whistles, and words she had learned.
In the evening, when the lights were low, we loved to approach her cage and she would puff up into this immense puff-ball and rock back and forth on her perch, giving little kisses to us. Sometimes, she would do this crazy little bobbing up and down of her head which was adorable. We love you Foley and will miss you terribly, Your life came tragically too quickly to an end and we all have a small hole in our hearts where you used to be. We wish you peaceful rest and pray that there is some sort of birdy-heaven out there and that you are happy and free there.

Brian W. & Brad W.

Fook Chai, Easter 1996

Lonely is home without you,
life to me is not the same,
the World would be like heaven if I could have you back again!

Miss you so much!


Forest, 12/10/07

Buddy -

Forest -

You were the best dog, I ever had

Plus you were a very good pet to have

You will always be my best buddy

You will always be in my hart for ever

You & I got along good

You can never be replaced, by another dog, like you

I will always be thing of you, every day

Plus I will think of the good times you & I had & spent together, on my days off from work


Jason D. Meemken

Forest, 08/14/05-06/27/07

baby forest, I love you and I miss you. you were the tiniest of all my kitties. but, you and I bonded.
you will be remembered for the baths you gave me at night, and the digging at the covers, to be close to me, so you could sing us both to sleep at night, after an hour of this, we both would fall asleep. you will always be remembered and loved. I love you forest.
may you play and sleep with the pet angels, in kitty heaven. I hope someday to walk the rainbow bridge to once again, see my baby. till then, love you from your momma. bye, for now my baby forest. I miss you and always will.

Laura C

Forest, 08/01/98-12/28/06

Forest was a special rabbit.
He started out as a classroom pet and ended up as my personal pet.
He gave me streght and courage to face many things that came along in my life.
I did anything for him including finding us a new home and sugery when he needed it. He was my baby bunny even though he was an older bunny.
When I came home from a business trip he always greeted me happy to see me home.
I was able to take him on some business trips and would let him out of his cage to run on the bed and that included jumping on back and giving me "bunny kisses".
I will miss the "the bunny Kisses"
and his really soft fur.


Forest, 12/03/95-12/27/07

Yesterday i spread his ashes on the beach in Carmel California. The instant I layed his ashes a dog ran up to me, sat down, from no where and sat right by me for four minutes. Didn't move. Just looked out at the beach. Wow. What an experience.

May God rest Forest soul.


Forest Tux, 07/03-06/10/07

One beautiful fall day in October, 2003, a little black and white kitten appeared from amongst the pine trees in our backyard.
He sat in the middle of our driveway and stared up at the house.
We went out to see this surprise visitor.
He was black, with white paws and chest, and a little, white bow-tie mustache.
Immediately he was welcomed into our home.

I named him Forest Tux because he appeared from out of the forest, wearing his tux!
He has been my son's best friend.

He was a true gentleman, and was devoted to Levi.
My favorite picture is one of them snuggled together in bed.

We buried him under a dogwood, just a few yards away from where we first saw him...

Corinna and Levi

Forrest, 05/12/98-11/25/07

My Forrest, "My Bubba" I gave you your wings today to free you of your pain. I will miss you so much. You gave me the strength I did not know that I had. You guided me to my chose of career. You were such a special Bloodhound and a wonderful Search and Rescue dog. I will forever carry you in my heart.

Melanie Russell

Fortune Wos, 10/01/91-05/21/07

She was a wonderful companion, rescued as a scared and shy bag of bones in 1992... but blossomed in to a sweet, loving girl. We'll miss you.

Lee Wos

Forzapup, 07/27/98-07/31/07

You have been the most constant thing in my life these past nine years.
You have seen me through my ups and downs. I love you and will miss you dearly. You will always be in my heart and I know your spirit will be with me. Until we meet again, my faithful friend.... I love you always.

Gail Hochfeld

Foster, 05/12/06

We got a dog named maddie and she didnt have no mom so we bought her this nice lovable mom and her name was foster she was one of the best moms to our little mddie and she loved her so much whenever maddie got hurt she licked her to feel better. Foster was a good mom to her. When foster died you could tell maddie was crying just like the rest of us. Whright after foster died our grandma died. It was a really sad year we all loved foster alot and we wish she was still here with us wright now we love u foster same with maddie.


Four Wheel Drive, 05/01/87-12/19/05

My baby girl I miss you so much.
I can't believe you have been gone almost 2 years now.
We will never forget you.
I hope your sister has found you and you are back together forever again, she missed you.
Please know that you will always be in my heart.
I love you my big footed girl.

Carrie Adams

Fox, 03/31/91-10/24/07

The very best companion and most loving cat I've ever had the honor to call my own.

Linda Burchell

Foxford's Blue, 07/16/93-01/27/07

You will be miss very much.
You can never be replaced.

Annette Rizzuto

Foxie, 2003-11/30/07

Foxie was feisty little dog who knew she was in charge, but took turns letting us run the day.
She loved to travel, wherever you took her bed, she would follow and hop right in, ready to take a trip.
She knew how to tell us what she wanted.
Most of all, she wanted to be with us.
The feeling was mutual.
We are missing her very much.

Marcia and Bill Davis

Foxie, 04/18/07

My best friend.


Foxy, 08/17/07

My special friend, my companion, she shared my life, she shared my bed.
She listened, she cared, she loved.
Foxy's big brown eyes will always be looking at me.
I will always feel her kisses and will always remember when she followed me everywhere I went.
Whoever is looking after her now, take really good care of her.

Valerie Pang

Foxy, 06/01/05-08/06/07



Foxy, 25/07/07

I love you and i miss you
You are my best friend
The world seems empty without you

Jenny Pugh

Foxy, 10/15/06-08/03/07

My little found pup, rescued from the Haven in Fairhope, AL.
Came to us as "Autumn" and so suitably renamed "Foxy" because my little corgi/chow baby looked just like a fox.
She grew so much emotionally with us.... opened up to us because we did not abuse her, but love her whole heartedly. I still remember the first time we let her off her leash on the beach walk... And they said she didn't like to run.
You keep on running in heaven Foxy.
We will miss you always.
My baby girl.

Lanie Unger , Brent Tingle

Foxy, 04/20/07

My smiley little sundog.

Sue Bowie

Foxy, 07/16/03

Foxy will be remembered by her mother. her mother and her looked alot alike and i am really going to miss her. Foxy will also be remembered by the 9 years that we spent together. i believe that i could trust that horse with anything.

Allyson Owens

Foxy, 03/2006

My foxy girl was my baby and always wagged her tail! x3

Always remember her soft bark.
Sparkling eyes, and long toe nails and soft fur, and rounded ears.

I'll always love her in my heart

Alice Artman

Foxy Girl, 1991-01/16/07

Foxy, You was my best friend and a child to me you was with us so long I miss you so much, it so hard to write this because, I can't hold back my tears, I know you was tired and weak at the end,you are my baby girl and I will always have you in my heart, Rest in peace my baby girl.

Billy and Jodi

Foxy Sletten, 04/24/07

Our Beautiful Foxy went to Heaven this morning, He went peacefully in his sleep after having a rough night, We will miss him terribly and i do not know how i will get over this feeling of lonliness we just feel so empty, Foxy if you can hear us we love you and miss you, you will be in our hearts forever until we meet again.

Becky, Royd, Cheyenne, Buddy and William Sletten

Foyer, 08/17/07

I miss you very much and hope you are beyond suffering.

Dwayne Skubon

Fozzie Bear, 02/14/97-04/02/07

To my faithful companion, who became a "Tri-State" dog with me as I ventured into a new phase of my life.
He was my one constant, my best friend, my connection to my home state.
I will always love my Fozzie Bear!

Val Rodriguez

Fozzie Bear, 08/11/88-07/23/07

Goodbye for now Fozzie... you're not sick anymore... go run and play in the sun and I'll see you again someday.
I love you and will miss you.


Fozzie Bear, 02/09/07

I love and miss you my little silly bear.

Tish Gutjahr

Fraizer, 11/23/03

My friend,

Please forgive me!
I should have known you were close.
My hurried life allowed me to overlook the signs of your pain.
I miss you greatly and we will never forget you.
Even now, I can still see and hear you.

Till we meet at the bridge,
Your Humans - Chris, Jenny, and Niko

Franchesca, 09/04/07

I only knew you for a short time, and I am sorry that your life had to be filled with pain and suffering before I met you. I wish I could have done more for you. Please know that the time I spent with you was one of the most special times in my life. I will not forget you.

Katie Johnson

Francis / Franco, 04/10/07

Mr. Francis went on his last adeventure with me early yesterday morning. I love him so much and keep expecting him to purr up to me any minute. My home is so quiet and lonely without him ...

Thanks for being such a dear and gentle friend Franco.

I miss my little baba.


Frank, 07/01/00-09/25/07

Frank, and his brother Bob, were the most special guinea pigs in the world. We lost Bob November 11, 2006. Frank was very upset when his brother died, but after he learned to beg for food and run around the house by himself, he was the happiest guinea pig. Frank helped me through a lot of tough times. He never liked to be picked up, but always loved to be held. He was my "bright-eyes." He always wanted more yummies, and mommy always gave them. He was always willing to give "pig therapy" or a boop on the nose. My baby "beeped" every time he walked anywhere, and loved to sit under the futon - his favorite spot!

I love you, my baby Frank. I am going to miss you. You have made me the happiest pig-mommy in the world.

Meg & John Hennessey

Frank, 12/07/02-08/03/07

Foo Cat,

I am so sorry I called you Friday night.
I know you were running across the street to be with me.
If only I had waited a few minutes.
It helps to know that Burt was with you and you did not die alone.
He and Clyde send their love.
Burt has been trying to take your place, but it is not the same.
I have been in shock and denial this past week.
Today is the first day I have really had a good cry.
I miss you so much FooFoo.
I miss you following me around the yard, laying in my garden and the flowers, waiting for me on your window perch.
I see you everywhere I look.
I have never missed an animal the way I miss you.
Eventually I will get another cat, but I am not ready yet.
At least you are there with Ernie.
I will see you two guys again someday.
I hope you have found some bottle caps to play with!!!
You are forever in my heart FrankieFooFoo.


Frank, 09/02/96-05/21/07

Forever we will miss you our beloved Frankie. Mommy and Daddy will see you again along the streams and rivers along the green pastures of heaven. Please be sure to wait for us, until we meet again.

Kim and John Brenner

Frank, 05/04/07

the amount of worry, frustration, determination, and love i had for this little weenie dog… is infinite. Frank was there with me through panic attacks, long nights alone, and when i couldn’t stop crying because i couldn’t see the end of discomfort and hurt.

he followed David and me around, never letting us out of his sight. he guarded us and barked ferociously when he thought someone was hurting me or David. he gave thousands of kisses when he
thought we needed to be cheered up, or just because. he licked my face when tears are rolling down my cheeks. he gave david and I constant company, constant loyalty, and constant love.

he was a small ball of fur & bones. a small, sometimes loud, sometimes smelly, sometimes annoying animal that david and i invested a large part of our love into. and some people may laugh, or roll their eyes, or think our love for him is ridiculous… and they can think & do all of those things, i don’t care.

he was our baby, our little hudda hudda…. our little boy who struggled through so much in his life and came out a proud, strong dog.

we miss you Frank. it won't be the same without you.

Evan and David Mersch

Frank, 01/01/98-04/08/07

To our buddy, Frank. We'll miss you. We're sorry for
all the suffering. We'll always remember you.

Eric Hansen

Franki, 09/01/95-04/25/07

My Buddy.
I hope you know how much I appreciated you as my companion and friend.
You are so dealy missed.
I hope we gave you a fulfilling life becuase you did everything to try and make us happy.


Frankie, 06/03-05/15/07

Every day I thanked god for giving me you.
You were my best friend and I have never loved anything as much as you.
4 years just wasnt enough time and I would
do anything to have you for one more day.
You were so loving and affectionate, I still miss you greeting me at the door when I get home and sleeping next to me.
I will never forget the feel of your fur and the way you smelled.
I miss you standing on your hind legs and reaching up for me to pick you up when I got out of the shower.

I miss you.
I love you.

I will never forget you.


Frankie, 11/25/92-11/24/07

Frankie was my best friend. I loved him with all my heart. He was my little guy and filled me with joy. He could be a stubborn little fellow (he was a Scot) but that just endeared him to me more. I thank the universe for putting him in my life. I will never forget him, his little face, his black eyes, his sweetness. He lives in my heart always.

John and Patty Phillips

Frankie, 09/07/03-10/09/07

Frankie was a very spirited bunny and a local celebrity.
His sudden, untimely death will be missed by his family and bonded mate, Chester.

Catherine Spitz

Frankie, 09/22/84

My first ALL BLACK cat from Salem Mass.

Ira & Joan Epstein

Frankie, 08/23/07

The pain I feel with you being gone, I would take it again if I could have you another 10 years.
I will miss you for the rest of my life.
You were the bravest, toughest kitty I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
You are in my heart forever.
I am so lucky to have been the person you chose.

Kelly Lewis

Frankie, 03/2000

You had been abandoned and we found each other. How I cherish our time together. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me such pleasure. For 5 years you lit up my life. Til we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, remember I love you.

Mama Sharon

Frankie, 07/05/07

I adopted Frankie when he was a year old. He was a comfort to me after the passing of my 20 year old cat, Snooky. Frankie was the sweetest, gentlest male cat. He was my cuddle buddy. He nurtured the male kitten I'd adopted at the same time, allowing the kitten to "nurse" on the fur on his chest. There wasn't a mean bone in his body.

We only had a bit more than a year together. I came home to find he'd died in his sleep, without any previous signs of illness. It's not fair, we should have had years of love together.

Wait for me Frankie. I hope Snooky is with you and we'll all be together again some day.

I love you forever.

Mary Llewellyn

Frankie, 06/16/07

Frankie was one of 12 shelties rescued from a local hoarder.
He had a wonderful life with Denice, although too short.
He was unadoptable due to his health but the last year of his life was wonderful!

Elise Penner & Denice Drennon

Frankie, 01/13/03

Frankie, Stormy led us to you. We found you in the lock up, half your head shaved, including the whiskers, and stitches circling halfway around your neck. You were our Frankenkitty. You were a delight, a pretty boy, and a friend wearing brown-black tabby tiger stripes and stomach speckles over an all-muscle street cat body. Your weaving through our legs--kitty hugs--were always appreciated, and your loud purr machine a special treat. We loved you then and love you now, and still think of you with fondness for all the good you brought us. Yesterday, Inky went to join you in Heaven--please greet her with a nuzzle of recognition. We miss you both and keep you in our hearts always. We share the love we had for you and Inky both with the kitties and puppies still with us, honoring your loving by giving love to other shelter and stray animals who need families like the one you blessed with your sweet lives.

The Oswalt Family

Frankie, 06/14/07

To my beautiful Frankie Girl,I love you so much,and hope you know that.I hope you are running with Ranger,and happy.I miss you so.


Frankie, 21/05/07

Frankie, I loved you so much and will miss you so much. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. xx

Jennifer Forbes

Frankie, 08/13/90-04/12/07

Today we buried Frankie. He was our Maine Coon who was 15 pounds in his prime. He was so sweet, gentle and calm and we will miss him more than words can say. Goodby old friend until we meet again in aland that knows no parting.

Billly & Cynthia

Frankie, 03/19/07

Thank you Frankie for coming into my life.
When you came, I was not ready for another cat, but there you were. We had 8 great years together.
I will miss you.


Frankie, 03/11/07

Frankie was a loving, caring and understand boy. He had eyes that could look into your soul and help you get over whatever was bothering you. His cuddles and purrs came easily and his love was great. He will be greatly missed for his companionship was one that will never be forgotten.

Forever Loving you Forever Remebering you my Angelic Cat.

Connie M

Frankie, 02/28/07

Goodbye my baby birdie boy. I loved you so much and I couldn't believe how much you loved me too!
Now you have no pain and can fly about in the big blue sky.
I hope you found my Dad (who you were named after) he will love you as much as I do.


Frankie aka Frankenpooch, Poochie, Puppy, Sweetcakes, 04/07/94-02/04/07

Our dear little gal.
How brave you were to hang on until we got home from our globe trotting.
You put up a good front so no one would worry, then all of a sudden you let go, knowing it was safe to let us know your time was nearing.
We nursed you for another month until you could hang on no more.
Then with the help of our good friend Christina, you gently took your last breath, at home as it should be.

The house is so empty now, but we still see you in all the old familiar places.
We hear your bark when someone approaches the door, your tail flapping on the floor, your tags clinking when you shake sleep’s fog from your head, your paws tapping across the floor as you run to the back door.
We miss the long walks in the woods where you didn’t have to worry about a leash.
God created dogs to teach us about life, and you were one of His best emissaries. Have fun now as you romp with Willow, Taz, Becky, Harpo and Jack.
We’ll see you all again someday.

Paul, Cathy and Michael

Frankie, 08/04/92-02/05/07

My sweet little black Frankie. She was such a fighter, and a little shy, but in her timid way she touched us all, and we will miss her forever.

The Duncans

Frankie, 01/27/07


Gina Oropeza

Frankie, 04/12/94-12/29/06

He was a loving dog who always had fun. He was a soulmate, friend and spiritual guide. He will forever be in our hearts and will be running and running at the bridge, with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

Joanne and Marshal

Frankie Ragan, 09/21/00-08/10/07

Frankie my beautiful six year old Lab,I miss you so much. I don't know if the oain will ever stop.
You were the reason I got out of bed every day. Go wait at the bridge Little Boy I'll be there someday to be with you. The cancer took you much to early. Until I see you again.

Frankie Wayne Manning, 08/30/07

Thank you baby... Thank you for loving me, for showing me unconditional love and most of all for simply being you. My life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again my angel...


Franky, 05/08/03-01/21/07

Franky was always sick with wierd symptoms and the doctors could never figure out what was exactly wrong with him.
In November of 2006 he was finally diagnosed with a bone marrow deficiency disease.
We tried everything, blood transfusions, more tests, more medicine, but by mid January it was either another blood transfusion that would just prolong his suffering, or to put him to sleep.
We decided that we were being selfish and it was time to relieve him of his pain.
He "the perfect dog" has a biological brother, and an apopted sister, both of which always need attention, where as he waited for his pat on the head, or his turn to eat or drink.
He was never unappreciative of the way we spoiled him and it probably only hurts as much as it does because he was so young, and always so sick, I wish he could have lived to the full 13 years that his sister is now, but the only thing keeping me going is that he is up in heaven with my other pets who have passed on, hopefully waiting for my family members to come and take care of them.


Frannie, 09/14/95-12/02/07

I loved Frannie very much. I nicknamed her the pretty grey kittie and even wrote a little song about her. We had her for 12 years, 2 years before my eldest daughter who is 10 and my other daughter who is almost 7. She brought great joy to our family. I was closest to her since I work from home and was with her everyday. She was very unique in that she would come when I called her - even 50 or more yards away. She died suddenly and wihout warning our our bed. I miss her deeply and pray that she is now in a better place. God Bless.


Fransje, 08/05/90-06/03/07

Hello my big Bozie, I miss you sorely. You were my 7th and last one to go from our 7-catpride.
You became suddenly very sick with a Sarcoma tumor, kidney disease, and even a swollen thyroid, all in the last 3 months. And even after the tumor was removed by a fine surgeon, the cancer kept eating you away making you loose half your weight. And even when you were weak you still went outside with me yesterday on my birthday, where we spent a high quality 2 hours, where I combed and brushed you very carefully, unknowingly, for the very last time. Four hours later you tried to throw-up but couldn't, you were just too weak and you lost the battle.
Hopefully you are now "home" with your adopted brothers Frits & Tommy, your momma Blossom, and Miesje your twin sister, Mikki your best friend, and Bonnie-Belle your adopted sister, all who went before you because of battles with extreme diseases. You are my last big boy to go to the other side. I will miss you so much, I don't know if I can go on by myself with everyone gone including my Mom, it's just a bit too much. But I hope to see all of you again when it's time for me. I love and miss you all deeply my dear pukkies (Dutch for little ones)! Hou veel van jou mijn kleine grote jongentje, Fransje-Bozie!

John O. d'Ancona

Franz Robertson, 12/01/04-07/10/07

In memory of our best friend.
You represented the true meaning of unconditional love.
You will be remembered forever and will always have a special place in our hearts.
We already miss you very much and think of you always.

Steven and Crsytal Robertson

Frasier, 08/11/94-12/23/06

My best friend and the greatest friend anyone could have. My heart is empty without him.


Frazier, 12/12/98-09/27/07

Words can never express what I feel for my noble, loyal and sweet dog.
My love is forever, and I can't wait until we meet again.

Until then - I hold you in my heart - Phillipians 1:7

Tim, Sara, Maya & Zoe

Frazier, 12/16/94-02/23/07

Frazier, thank you for the unconditional love you gave us for the twelve years we were lucky to have you.
I know I'll see you again on the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you and I know you are with your Buddy.

Sandra Holt

Frazier Nicholas, 04/11/92-11/29/06

Forever in our hearts, Frazier my old soul and loving companion.

Terri & Ed Soo Hoo

Frazier Spencer Ginsberg, 06/04/07

To honor my Frazier who helped my boys and I live through difficult times, who made us laugh and always loved us.

Sheryl Ginsberg

Freakus, 03/04/02-11/09/07

Dearest Sweet Freakus:

We all love and miss you, little one.
Zuni, Ebony, Otis, Simon, Zev, Mary and Moses send their kitty kat love, too and know that one day, we will all be together again.
We miss you so. I don't know why God took you away so soon, but he must have needed you badly.
We understand.


Mommy and Daddy and your Furfamily

Freckels, 11/30/07

you were such a loving pet to our familt with that wagging tail when we got home and your licks of affection and love,and the swimming in the pool/and you and your compaion casper always playing together,we will miss you and we will remember you always. love your owner carol

Freckles 'Freckies', 07/19/07

My little were such a huge part of our Family ad I will always remember you and your 7 yr fight against Granuloma Complex. You were my brave little girl who never failed to show your love for us. Go with the angels sweet girl and chase those butterflys. One day we will see each other again and when we do, i want you to jump in my arms and give me a big sloppy kiss. R.I.P. mommys good girl.

Kim Horne

Freckles, 1998-06/27/07

Freckles came to us as an emaciated stray pup who had been on her own for awhile.
She was the most gentle, sweet-tempered dog I have ever been around. It took little to make her happy, and she brought more joy and love into our lives than we could ever return. She was diagnosed with liver cancer in June of 2007 and faded quickly.
She taught us much in the last few weeks of her life, as she endured her discomfort with quiet grace and patience.
She passed away quietly on a trip to the vet to treat her. We miss her terribly and are grateful for the all-too-brief time she spent as a member of our family.

Freckles, 02/28/92-06/25/07

In loving memory of my beautiful now and be at peace. We will always love you.

Betty A Goldstein

Freckles, 12/28/06

You were my friend,companion,quardian for 13 yrs. I love & miss you so much. I will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge, where we will be together once more...


Freckles, 01/11/93-12/26/06

Freckles was my best buddy in the whole wide world! He gave us his best which we will cherish forever.


Freckles O'Reily, 06/09/02-11/29/07

I love you boy. You were my light and love
You are in heaven running, jumping and climbing stairs.

Angie Williams

Fred, 02/24/90-07/27/07


Anita McCartney

Fred, 12/14/07

Fred was the sweetest kitty I ever knew and is deeply missed.

Kelly MacIver

Fred, 11/15/93-10/10/07

Fred was our very first family dog. The one and only dog for 8 years, spoiled to death and lavished with love. The dog we learned how to raise dogs with. We purchased him in January of 1994. He would have been 14 years old on November 15th. In June of 2002 he was introduced to Max, a miniature schnauzer pup we brought home to be his pal, begrudgingly he befriended him, but it was difficult to share the attention with another dog. However, in May of 2006 when we brought him Brock an airedale pup he was less than enthusiastic. Fred was a good friend. We experienced a great 13+ years with him, but it was so very hard to let him go. His memory will always live in our hearts. We miss our ole friend!

Gina Callaway

Fred, 02/22/94-08/20/06

For my beloved Fred, who is my best friend in all the world.

Annie Partenheimer

Fred, 07/21/07

Fred was my best friend I knew when I was feeling down or upset he would always be there to put a smile on my face and let me know that I am loved.He was a blessing to have in my life,I was the luckiest person in the world to be able to share nine years with my best friend I ever had.I will miss you Freddie with all my heart.


Fred, 02/14/01-05/30/07

To my dearest Fredo,

We are so happy you came into our lives.
The minute we saw you in Narra, we wanted to take you home.
You were so playful, I remember throwing my slippers so far so that you can get it for me.
You got it but didn't want to give it back.
You were so adorable.

But then little did you know, the Pedigree food that they were feeding you was making you sick.
So Daddy and Mama came to the rescue.
When we brought you home, your bones were showing and you were so sick.
With the help of Doc Mike, we nursed you back to health.
We knew that your health will always be delicate but we were committed to do whatever it takes to make you well.

It was so hard to accept that after 3 and a half years of taking care of you that there was nothing else we could do.
It was so heartbreaking to see that the sickness has taken over your body, but you were a fighter.
Fredo, our fighter.
Your spirit was so strong, we knew you wanted to stay on for us, but your body was getting weak.
Daddy and Mama had to make a painful choice and it was very difficult, my dear Fredo.
Until now, I still wake up thinking if we did the right thing.
But we are comforted by the fact that your yayay is gone now, Fredo.
Mama did everything she could.
How she wishes she could take away your yayay herself or she be the one to get it so you won't feel pain.
But she can only do so much.

Fred, you and Tyson are the joys of our lives.
You know that our days and nights are not complete without you getting on our bed and just lying down with us.
I miss you lying down by my side of the bed and looking up at me and offering your belly for some belly rubs.
Daddy misses your wake up call to him, signaling that it's time for you guys to go down to yayas.
I miss the way you wolf down your food in lightning speed and the way you get so impatient when we take walks.
Tyson will miss the way you break in the rawhide bones for him, making it soft and chewy.
Tyson misses you. Fredo.
He's all alone now, and we are watching over him carefully because he looks for you.

Baby Fredo, we miss you so much and we love you so much.
We will never forget you.
You will always be our Baby Fredo.
Wait for us in the rainbow bridge with Kuya Homer, but in the meantime, keep Lolo company.

You are forever in our hearts!

Mama and Daddy

Fred, 05/29/07

He was Fred! His time on earth was limited,but he brought happiness and joy to those he touched. He will be missed.

Scott Paras

Fred, 03/20/06

Fred was a ginger cat - quite outgoing and wanted to be in charge of the other cats.
Which always didn't go down too well.
But with us humans he was pretty friendly - although he had a habit of giving you a quick bite - which the vet interpreted as a sign of affection. The jury is still out on that one.
We had Fred from a kitten he was quite the character and his
presence is missed.
I hope he's waiting with Pip at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marion Warn

Fred, 04/01/93-01/01/07

We adopted Fred in July, 2006 through Schnauzer Love Rescue.
We knew that he was thirteen, so we understood that we wouldn't have him for years and years, but we wanted to give him a loving home for the rest of his life.
Fred became my best friend and my constant companion.
Not a day goes by when I don't miss him still.
Thanks Freddie, for bringing so much to my life.
You are truly an angel and I can' wait to see you again!

Fred, 09/13/96-03/23/07

Fred, I miss you so much it hurts. If I had only known..........there are just no words, I guess. I will love you forever and will see you on the other side. Until then.. mom

Fred, 08/01/93-05/01/07

Fred was a very happy Dog. He made Us feel very good to have found him 15 yrs. ago. I was very lucky to have him in my life when my other Dog Tasha and my husband died. I will miss Him more than anything I my life. But I will be with All of them someday.

With All my Love to My beloved Fred.

Joyce Klossen

Fred, 11/15/94-04/22/07

Fred, I'm really going to miss you.


Fred, 03/14/07

We love and miss you so much Fred

Andrea, Amanda, and Nick

Fred, 01/27/92-01/02/06

Freddie you were so special and did it all.
You were our Flyball dog, Agility dog Pet Therapy, and Carting Dog.
You have been such an inspriation, and teaching friend.
It was because off you I learned to take things as they come and not, to ever hurry the good things in life.
We love you and miss you . Love Mom and Dad

Fred, 08/21/92-03/02/07

When you came to our life as a puppy, we had no idea how much love and joy you would bring into our lives. You changed our lives. You were always happy to see us, and with your love and devotion you helped us get trough tough times. We will miss you terribly, and you will always be part of us, part of who we are. We love you forever. Helena, Mika and Sakari

Fred, 05/01/91-03/02/07

I was blessed by sixteen years of companionship.

Connie Crowl

Fred, 02/09/07

Fred You were the most gentle soul I have ever had the joy of knowing.
Even though you were only with us for a short time (4 years a rescue dog)you touched more people than you will ever know. I hope you and Ginger are together now and I hope to see you both when I am gone.
I loved you with all my heart and soul.
You were my sweet prince and I miss you terribly.
My world will never be the same.

Becky Ward

Fred, 02/13/07

To my Dear Fred,

A gentleman through and through from beginning to end.
Soft as cotton, pure as the driven snow.
Big double paws and a pink nose to give kitty kisses.
My heart is broken, my tears won't stop.
I wish we could have spent more time together. Who will be my favorite valentine now?
My love goes with you and I'll be looking for you in your next life. Please come find me - I'll be waiting.


Fred (Fred E. Cakes, Esquire), 01/22/07

My sweet Freddycakes,

Even though I knew it was coming, and even though I know how sick you were, I am devastated that you are really gone.
The sun finally came out yesterday after what seemed like weeks, and you weren't in your sunny window.
Your spot on the pillow next to me on the couch is cold.
Nobody is waiting for me when I get out of the shower.
When I get home after dark, the house is silent.
I miss you so much, my sweet boy.
I would do anything to go back in time before you were sick.
Is there anything I could have done?
You made our final hour together so easy, even though I know you didn't want to ride in the car.
How strong and calm I felt making that decision, and how lost I feel now.
Oh, Fred, how I wish I were selfish and had kept you here.
What if we were wrong?
I wish I could wake from this dream.
Instead, I know you are gone.
I watched you draw your final slow breath, my tears still wet on your fur.
I know you are at peace, even though I am not.
I thank you for your grace, your perseverance, your infinite affection, your companionship and your unconditional love.
You were truly one of a kind.
I know I will find love with another kitty, but I will never forget how special you are.
"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."
With my whole heart, I'm yours,


Fred, 09/20/91

Fred was my best companion...he comforted me when I was sick or sad...he met me at the door every time I came home...he sat in my lap every time I sat down...he slept right by my side every night.
He developed pneumonia and didn't make it through.
I will always miss my sweet Fred!

Sylvia Smith

Fred, 12/04/06

I miss my "furry kid" and appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts.

Drew Green

Fred Licky, 03/03/07


You are forever in my heart and soul.
You are my light, my companion, my best friend, my baby boy.
Not a day will go by that I don't think of you and how you licked my face every night as you fell asleep on the pillow next to mine.

You are gone but forever present.
I will continue to sing "You Are My Sunshine" to you every night, say "Good morning baby puppy" when I wake up, and "I love my Freddy" when I return home from work.
More than anything I want you back here with me.
But I also want you to be pain-free so you can run, jump and bark to your hearts content.
I am comforted in the fact that I know I will see you again someday.
Until then, I love you, I miss you, and I carry you in the depths of my heart and soul for the rest of my life, my baby puppy, my baby boy, my love.
your mommy,

Fred Stanley, 04/18/98-12/10/07

You are my best friend, Fred. How will I face tomorrow without you? I love you so much, my baby.

Kristie Casey

Freddie, 01/07/94-03/16/07

Love you always Freddie. Remember what I said this morning.
Sleep peacefully

Vikky Trumper

Fredi, 02/07/07

Fredi, we miss you! Are you running with Nork at the Rainbow bridge? Joni will come soon, please, look after him for me! I love you!

Boštjan, Saša

Freddie our little frisbee girl, 10/14/07

Freddie Our special Frisbee girl!

Carol Gary Rick

Freddie, 11/19/02-02/26/07


Carol Walters

Freddie, 04/01/92-02/05/07

To our Precious Angel: We will always love and miss were a special gift to us....and you can never be replaced...see you at the "Bridge"...with love, your two Mamas

Freddie P. Nelson, 07/30/07

Freddie the day you came in our garage on that cold rainy nite was our lucky nite. We are so happy we could give you the life you so deserved. You will be in our hearts forever and you will be forever missed by Murphy, Moxie, Tucker and us- your mommy and daddy!
We loved you so!!!!

Debbie Nelson

Freddy, 07/15/07

Freddy was a wonderful loving family dog that had suffered various forms of auto immune diseases since she was 18 months old.
She was able to survive each one because she knew her job was to watch and protect my kids.
Her last battle was with lymphoma.
She was my loyal and best friend who slept with her head on my tummy when I was pregnant.
She comforted me when I was hurting.
She knew exactly what I was thinking.
She was a good girl!

Lynn, Walt, Addison and Kylie

Freddy Breto, 09/21/96-12/26/07

Our baby, our best friend who is now in heaven watching over us. He is our guardian angel. One day we will all be together again, we will be whole.

Cristy Breto

Frederick Allen Taylor, 06/01/91-07/30/06

I made your favorite today for Mother's Day.
Chicken & catfish.
And you were nowhere around to enjoy it.
Days are harder & lonelier.
I so miss my best friend.
I love you, bubbie.
XO, Mom

Freedom, 09/11/01-05/02/07

09/11/2001 – 05/02/2007

I remember the first day I saw her.
I had just woken up as Pat set her on the bed, and she ran over to me to lick my face.
She captured me from that moment.
A few weeks later Freedom contracted distemper.
We thought we were going to lose her at that time, but with a lot of love and home remedies, Pat and I were able to pull her through it.
Freedom was a good natured dog, obedient, loyal, and loved everyone.
No matter where you went, she was always there at your heels, even as a mature dog.
She practically raised both Sassy and Buddy, and became their adopted mother.
She protected Sassy (as a puppy) when Liberty decided to attack her.
Freedom hated the water, but when you could get her in for a bath, she would sit there and let you bathe her without trying to get away or making a fuss about it.
She loved to go for rides.
She was a great watch dog.
Sassy and Buddy would push her around, but when they pushed too hard, she put them in their place.
Freedom was a little thief too.
She would steal the other dog’s toys when they weren’t looking, and stash them in her special places.

Although we only had Freedom for a little over five years, we became very close to her.
She was a member of our family.
Not long ago, she developed bladder cancer.
The cost of tests, treatments and care by a vet were astronomical and they would not guarantee she would survive.
Pat and I decided to keep her at home where she grew up, and make her as comfortable as possible.
As the cancer progressed, she got weaker and weaker, but would still perk up from time to time, walk around wagging her tail, and try to be the dog she always was.
She fought with all she had, for she was a strong dog, but eventually lost the battle against this dreaded disease.

Oh, how we will miss this dog.
She carved out a spot in both our hearts that we will never be able to fill again.
Yes, we will go on, remembering how she touched us for this brief time.
We know she is in a better place now, happy and with no pain, and someday we’ll see her again.
Until then we will keep the memory of her alive in our hearts and minds.
We love you Freedom, and we will never forget…

RIP Freedom

Rich & Pat

Freedom, 03/26/07

You will be missed.


Freedom, 10/08/01-03/02/07

My heart is broken.
I will never forget you, Freedom.

I will do anything I can to help find a cure for Hemolytic Anemia.
You couldn't have been a better friend.
I will love you forever.

Judy Stewart

Freeway, 04/18/07

I am
a foster mom for Sheltie Rescue.
Freeway lived with me for over a year and I had decided to keep him but then this other person came into his life after losing her sheltie 5 months ago.
I let Freeway go because she was an angel from heaven.
Freeway came to me weighing 71 lbs.
His spirit was undaunting as he lost over 40 lbs.
Unfortunately he had bone cancer and they took his right front leg.
He died in recovery.
If anyone deserved to cross the Rainbow Bridge, he did.
I just wish it wasn't so soon!

Elise Penner and Carol Honig

Freida, 08/27/07

My darling Freida -- We are completely devastated without you and overwrought with grief of which I've never experienced. We cherish every moment that we ever spent with you, and there is an immense void and emptiness in our hearts and in our home without you with us. You were a precious angel who we were gifted and blessed to find, and we'd give anything to have you back with us again. I never knew that I could adore an animal as much as I adored you, and I never imagined that I could experience so much pain and hurt from losing an animal, such as what I'm feeling as a result of you leaving us. We will always cherish our memories with you, and I look forward to the day that we are all reunited (in immense happiness tears this time),and we once again are able to gaze into those beautiful eyes of yours again, and watch that rear-end wiggle like crazy while we get tons of kisses, and then walk together again as a family over Rainbow Bridge, never to part with one another ever again. We love you!

Your loving Poppa and Momma

Freida (Bo Beida), 1993-02/16/07

Freida was the best little girl anyone could ask for.
She was always happy and had kisses to share.
Everybody loved her.
She loved to run around her yard with her brother Mulligan and sniff the ground where other animals had been.
She loved to stick her face out the car window as we were driving.
Freida also loved warm days when she could lay out on the deck for hours with her family.
We miss her sweet face and kisses so much.
We miss snuggling with her on the couch and in bed at night.
We were so lucky to have her in our lives for almost 5 1/2 years, and she was the best girl right to the end.
Until we meet again...we love you Freida bo Beida - thank you for all that you have given us.
We are forever greatful and love you so much.
Love, Mommy and Daddy and Mulligan (and those bad kitties.)

Freida, 12/07/99-01/11/07


You were awonderful and loving dog. Even though you barked a lot and your hair was always everywhere we loved you dearly.
We will miss rubbing your belly, taking long walks together, sneaking sleeping on the couch when we were asleep, but most of all we'll miss you in our family.
We all love you,
Magali, Jim, Lily and Auggie

Je t'aime pour toujour mon amour.

Fremont, 08/12/91-05/08/07

It is hard to believe it has been 5 months since you went on ahead to the Rainbow Bridge, my little Freedie, although we knew it was coming, my sweet angel, you were so very sick. We are still overcome with sadness, that you are really gone.
We miss you so much, our sweet little boy, we would do anything to go back in time, before you were sick and to have you running and doing the little schnauzer dance you did when we would come in the house. It didn't matter if we were gone 5 minutes or all day, you were always so glad to see us come home.
Please forgive our selfishness, if we kept you suffering one minute longer than you should have, my angel.
I wish we could just remember the good times, but the last few hours just seems to haunt us, the car ride, the way you smiled at us just seconds before you went to be with JESUS, the vet crying, it is all so sad. We sometimes still can hear you crying in the middle of the night, and when Daddy gets up to go to work he still reaches for the cheese to give you with your medicine every morning.
Your presence is all around us, when I see a butterfly I think of how you would chase them, and when I look at your empty bowls it reminds us of the wonderful years with you and they are not enough.
My angel the pain you suffered is now gone, letting you go to the bridge was the final gift of love we could give you.
We want to thank you for always being there for us and for and for your loyalty, trust, and most of all for your unconditional love.
As I sit by your grave and reflect over the last 15 years, we have gotten so much from you than is imaginable, thank you angel boy. As long as I live you will never be forgotten, until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, when we can once again hold you in our arms, and kiss you and you kiss us, GOD speed our angel.

Mommy, Daddy and Christina

Frenchie, 03/02/92-07/19/07

My darling little Angel is gone forever. My little baby your mom is missing you so much. You where my best little friend.I never will forget you. Saddly miss. Your mom

Frenchie (Turultaji Zizi) Frenchzilla, 05/31/05-06/30/07

I'm soooo sorry Frenchie. If I had any idea I would have not left you there without checking on you. I had no idea you would be able to reach the fence. Your baby has gone with his sister and he is fine and safe. Now I know what a tragedy really feels like.

Renee Rettick

Frenchy, 06/25/95-04/27/07

Frenchy, your unconditional love and zest for life will never be forgotten.
You served selflessly as Theresa's guide dog from 1997-2003 and were retired after that.
While in retirement, you still gave selflessly of yourself to all around.
You've touched lives everywhere we travelled.
We will never forget our goofy grin and your wagging tail.
You were truly a special dog, and there will never be another like you.
I can just see you on the other side playing with your doggy friends and eating jalepeno poppers until your heart's content.
There is am empty space in our hearts where you once were.
We love you, and we will always miss you more than words can ever express.

Wayne, Bonnie and Theresa Weaver

Freya, 04/16/85-08/23/99

You live still in my heart

Pamela Haynes

Freya, 07/92-09/17/07


To the best friend we could have ever asked for. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you the most. You made us feel safe, loved and protected and we will miss you very much. Go and enjoy heaven. Run and play with Basia, and one day we will all be together again. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you and miss you.

Paul, Sandy, Tyler, Haylee, Kourtney

Fricko, 06/05/94-11/20/07

He was everything to me, he made my day happier, he blew away the sadness and filled my day with joy.Now this is all gone and my days are getting darker and darker.When I get home I keep thinking he will come downstairs and run to me.But no one comes.Never.I keep waiting, but there is just a desperate hope, desire and nothing else.Just a cruel realty.Once I was told that those who are truly loved are never forgotten, we can always find them in our heart.I would do anything to bring HIM back to.


Friday, 04/22/99-11/22/07

Running across a green field or kissing me awake in the morning, you were the most beautiful, loving dog in the world.
Thank you for being such a great teacher, beloved friend.
You filled my days with joy.
You were a clown, a companion and a brave defender.
Until we all join up in Heaven -
Your Mommy and Daddy

Friday, 07/23/07-09/16/07

My Dear Friday...I was so honored when you came into my life at a week old. I watched you and the Brother and Sisters grow.

As you left to go to your new home, I was very happy for you and Harry to find such loving parents.

Your time with all of us gave us many smiles and great laughter.

Be sure to know that Harley TiTi and Harry will be loved as much as you were.

Goodbye my Little Girl...I will miss you forever!

Varlyne Hines

Friday, 10/13/89-06/20/07

Friday, you were my best friend. You came into my life, the runt of the litter. But I'm sure you survived the longest. I'm glad you were picky about who you let into your life and were not afraid to show it. Even though you weighed only 8 lbs. max, you were one tough cat. I miss you so much, it is killing me. I know you will never be replaceable, but I'm grateful for the time we had together. Be sure to give them hell up in Heaven, you crazy cat. Love you, DeDe

Friday, 03/10/07

Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love.

Cathy and Jeff Secor

Frieda, 2006-2007

She was a good bird and my family will always love her.She was only a year she died of a sickness.That we did not now of.I just want everyone to now how much the Fogels and Mortons will always love her.

Lauryn Fogel

Frieda Von Alpensee, 04/29/00-11/15/07

if i go outside and scream your name will you come back?

will you never leave me?

i miss you so much

Ed Williams

Frisco, 11/17/89-03/21/07

To our little Frissy boy, we miss you and your kisses. Forever in our hearts. Mommy & Daddy

Frisco, 22/06/92-02/15/07

His loss was like losing a child I would never have believed the pain could be so bad for me, but in the end he did not suffer for long and I know he will wait for me across the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugh McKechnie

Frisco, 07/05/96-12/11/06

Frisco was the best buddy in the world.
A warm wet kiss every morning before I left for work and another one when I got home at night.
The best friend I have ever had and I miss him every day.

Joanmarie Goodwin

Frisco/Kikkies, 05/94-01/09/07

I lost my best friend of 12 years today.
The pain is unbearable but I know he's not suffering anymore.
I will receive his ashes in 1 week and he will be with me forever.

Kevin Becker

Frisco Lupita Phillips, 04/17/07

We have lost a family member.. No words can express the heartbreak and devastation that we feel.
God blessed us for 7 years with our Lupita.
She died of kidney failure due to comtaminated food.
The circumstances of her death are heartbreaking.
Rest in peace Little Lupita till we meet again. You will forever be in our hearts.
Love Mom,Dad,Jen Kaylin & Kelsey.

Friskers, 08/08/90-01/08/07

Oh how I love you and miss you, you will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. You were a true treasure and gift from God. I will never forget you and will hold you again in my arms and kiss your fuzzy little hands at the Rainbow Bridge. Be happy my sweet little boy. I love you.

Theresa Tomka

Friskie, 06/15/07

Please say a prayer for my beautiful black cat Friskie who was a joy to my life and my new house and loved the backyard.
I rescued him from the Humane Society but now I have lost him to a bad heart or from eating a toxic plant that triggered the heart problem.
I am not sure.
But he was happy and healthy and within 24 hours he had to be put down.
His little "brother" Lorne misses him as do Alex and I and Bernie.
God Bless you Friskie.
We miss you and love you.

Brenda Sears

Friskie, 04/14/07

You were a good kitty. We love and miss you.

The Loiselles

Frisco 'My Little Man', 05/01/91-05/20/07


You have been my "main man" for 16 years and I will miss you so very much.
You have been through so much in your life and even with your illnesses these past years you still sustained such spirit. You have been a tough little guy and you deserve to be happy and pain free now - so run around in that green grass and watch those butterflies and be happy.
When your sister, Faith, left 4 days before you, I think you just wanted to be with her, and as hard as it is for me to lose you both; I'm glad your together.
You came into my life together and you left this world to go into the next together.
One day we will all be together and I'll expect you and Faith to run into my arms as soon as I get there.
I will miss you so much and I love you my little man so very much!
Mom xox

Friskie, 02/14/89-07/06/07

You were my friend for so very long. I will miss
alway but in my heat you will stay. Until we see each other again I love you.

Friskie, 2007


Roy and Jennye Hanna

Frisky, 10/23/07

To Frisky who was always a graceful lady. You and your constant love will be deeply missed. I take comfort in knowing we will be together again. Until, then my dear Frisky, I will keep you in my heart. Love forever, your grateful Mom

Frisky, 03/07-04/20/07

How suddenly you came to us.
Someone found you, thinking you had been abandoned, and you found your home with us.
Such a cutie!
And even though you were small, you had lungs like a lion!
And your eyes:
so wide and full of curiosity.
Mom said you looked like a "possum" in the face - and you did (a little!).
But we loved and fed you and kept you safe and warm.
You were the office mascot - you had to be with me so I could feed you during the day.
And I think everyone there fell in love with you.
Then just as quickly as you came to us, you left us.
It was so hard today, having to explain what happened when people asked "how's the kitten?" or "where's the kitten?"
I know you've seen me cry numerous times today.
And I know my tears won't end at the close of the day.
My logical side tells me I did everything I could.
But knowing that doesn't make it any easier to lose you.
I know that you're not suffering like you were this morning when you woke me with your cries for help.
I know that you've had a busy day today, meeting everyone else who made the trip to Rainbow Bridge earlier.
I know they are taking good care of you.
Oh, my little "possum face" - it's so hard to let you go.
I love you so much and hold on to the belief that we'll see each other again -- someday.


Frisky, 06/2000

Fisky, you little cutie!
My child hood companion. never failing to kiss me when I had a broken heart, or snuggle me when I was sick. always flip flopping your tail in my face, and giving me unconditional love. You will never be forgotten, until we meet again Friskers, I love you, and enjoy all that warm sunshine with all the other kitties I know you love.


Frisky Gaumer, 04/24/07

You were a truly wonderful and loving furbaby-the best there ever was. We dreaded this day from the time you were a frisky kitten. We will miss your ear nursing and having you on our laps, shoulders, and in our arms. We will miss you carrying around your "babies" and crying whenever someone leaves. Now it is us who is crying because you are not here. We will miss you forever. We hope you are lying next to Jet right now.

Nancy Gaumer

Frisky Hugo, 02/12/07

Frisky Hugo - 14 years old - 1993 to 2007. Beloved Family Cat of the Hugo Family.
Frisky was a very unique cat. Black and white just like "Sylvester" the cartoon cat but Frisky had a neat black spot by his bubble gum pink nose.
He was proud the way he carried himself - always self-assured.
Frisky always knew what he wanted and he voiced his opinion if you made him mad. He loved table food - especially meat!
Frisky was always around our feet when he could smell food cooking - looking for a treat and yipping away to let you know he wanted some too. As Frisky became older he became a big old softy loving attention, snuggling and kissing you with his wet nose!
Frisky may have slowed down the last couple of years but he was of good health and spirits up to his passing.
He still enjoyed a treat from the dinner table and being loved by us petting and snuggling with him.
Frisky died suddenly of old age which was a blessing as he got to live his life fully, enjoying every minute up to end.
Frisky was an awesome cat.
His presence in our home will be missed but we feel blessed to have had such a wonderful cat.
We love yah Frisky - God Bless.
Love your Family,
Pepar, Samantha, Jason & Shelley

Fritsje (Tig, Tigger), 07/04/91-08/18/06

Fritsje, mijn kleine sprinkhaan = my little grashopper, I remember you the first time I saw you with your three little brothers when all three of you were only one week old. You were born with Claumetia because of your mom's birth canal with herpes, a bad eye disease which you always would have and did for all of your 15 years, right on July 4th! As Dr. Hill your vet, figured it all out and he was always right. You were my best friend and always loved me so. You couldn't wait when you saw me to pick you up after all eye tests and everything else were done to find out you had Claumetia. Funny thing is you never gave it to the others of our catpride, a contageous disease. You were always a curious little guy and always faithful to me, and forever forgiving no matter what, always giving head-bumps no matter what. Always uplifting, and the best Tiger-Tabby just like Poekie, also a Tabby who died in 1982. Both of you were my only two Tabs ever, both the same faithful and true as Tabbies usually always are. I'm sorry you broke your jaw, and the vet discovered the tumor under your tongue during the operation. You battled it for about seven months and yet you stayed happy no matter what, not wanting to be put to sleep because Tommy your adopted brother could not have lived suddenly without you, which he proved afterwards. You both were two peas in a pod, bonded for life. I still miss you both and all of my cat-pride. You still are my bravest little trooper who just didn't want to leave me and die because of the cancerous tumor which broke your jaw again in the last two weeks of your life. You lost weight, from about 11 lbs. to less than 3 lbs., yet you still ate and drank and kept on going, refusing to give up. You even still climbed on the couch and your favorite wall in spite of your weakness and condition. You just wanted to be so close to all of us and loved me so deeply death didn't face you, not until you really had to go, and even then you refused until I told you to go to your (adopted) mommy and friend Mikki who you loved so much you guarded her after she had died, by her little box. I miss you and all of my little ones. Frans, the only one left, misses you also after having been together for over 15 years. But he's doing ok now. I still miss you my Tig, always, mijn kleine sprinkhaantje. Love you my brave and dapper little trooper. Forever!

John O. d'Ancona

Fritz, 12/23/07

You are the best. Thank you for all the years of happiness and love. You will be in my heart forever. Your memory will be with me until the day I die.


Fritz, 11/23/89-04/24/06

Fritz is miss very much each day.


Fritz, 06/13/94-03/20/07

Lhasa love to you my little furbaby!! I miss you so much, I know you're pain free now, you'll be in my heart forever.

Amanda Bartlett

Fritz, 07/24/93-05/25/04

My Sweetest Little Buddy. You will always be the king. You were so special and made everyone laugh. You struggled many days with you illnesses but you never would let it slow you down. You were my shadow and provided me with many wonderful memories. I am so glad that your previous owner gave you away when you were 1 year old (they don't know what they missed) because you provided me with 10 years of laughter and love. I still miss you but I know you are running free. Love you always my little Fritzie.

Love, Your Mommy

Fritz, 05/15/88-12/30/06

I love you Boo Bear. You will always be in my heart.

Diane G

Fritz Parkhurst, 01/05/97-06/19/07

You were there to greet us home, I miss your welcome. You knew who didn't belong in our yard. I miss your bark. You knew who owned the bed. I miss your cuddling. You knew when breakfest, lunch, dinner was. I miss your adorable head tilt, with eager eyes. God only takes the best. You were the best friend man could have. Till we meet again my love.


Fritzi, 10/29/07

God bless you Fritzi,we treasured every second you were with us.
We'll see you again.

Ingrid, George, Mike and Don Coleman

Fritzi, 05/18/90-10/19/07

Good faithful girl doesn't have to be afraid anymore.


Fritzi, 03/15/84-11/20/99

We miss you Fritzi and cant wait to see you again.

Jennifer and Gary Heinritz

Fritziedoodle, 04/03/07

I found Fritzie in the park or rather he found me in 2000 -someone had left him no collar scared and hungry. We brought him home -it was obvious he had never been indoors after my golden decided he had a brother we became a family. I have had many dogs over the years and thought a dobie was my least favovite. Fritzie sure changed my mind. He was the sweetest most affectionate dog --not especially well behaved a real joker He love to grab his blanket and dance. I would clap and sing and he would dance around. He also liked to be covered up at night. I can't belive the grief we are having. He died of bloat after picking him up at a kennel -we had been on vacation. He was one great dog. Most of the time he had his head on my lap when I was on the computer

Barbara and Ness

Fritzy, 12/20/91-07/15/07

Wait for me at the Bridge - I miss you and love you so!

Kim Miller

Frodo aka Frodo Bag Boy, 03/15/04-11/24/07

My handsome little boy, oh how we will miss you.
We loved you so very much.
The house is so empty and sad.
I miss your high energy, your nuzzling under the cover only to peek out and see your sparkling brown eyes. You were such a snuggle-bunny.
Who will sit in the dining room chair and keep me company when I wash the dishes?
Who will tilt their head when I speak as if you understood every word I say? Your unconditional love; you'd follow me every step I took.
I loved you SOOOoo MUCH.
I will miss your always made me laugh or when you'd sit at attention like you were in the military.
I always thought you needed a bow-tie...No dog can ever replace were simply unique.
I hope you're having fun in heaven...I know Sashi,Sparky, Rufus and Fred will be there with you.
Sashi is the wisest so stick with her...If I make it to heaven please be there to greet here won't be quite the same without you.
Your sister Ellie misses licking your Tucker misses you too...he has nobody to play with him like you did. Aunt Lucy is still a grouchy old fart but misses you too.
Your mother Gabby stays under the couch as usual but her eyes are sad.
So little man, be good up there, God Bless You.. and until we meet again carry my love in your heart and I will carry yours in mine.

Teresa Finney

Frodo, 2004 / 2007-11/05/07

We lost our sweet kitty Frodo on Nov. 5, 2007. He died from kidney failure due to antifreeze poisoning. He was the gentlest giant of a cat and slept with my daughters every night. He will be sorely missed by his family and his fur-brother and littermate who is still here. I am so saddened by his senseless loss. Antifreeze kills, and yet people leave it lying around or even worse, posion innocent cats with it.
Rest in peace, our dear "fat-cat."
June 2004-November 2007

Julia, Stephanie, Brianna, Jennifer and Family

Frodo, 04/16/01-07/02/06

Frodo was a loving and caring pet who brought much joy into our lives.
I wish he could have been with us longer.

Minette Innerarity

Frodo, 1 October 2007

Dearest Frodo

Thank you so much for 4 years of pure love and friendship.

I am so sorry about tonight.
I wish I had got you to the vet earlier.
Please please forgive me.
I will always love you.
Please please know that I would have done anything for you.
I am so sorry if I failed you.

You've been through so much during your life and I am so proud of the fighter that you are.
I hope you enjoyed living with us.
You were taken away too soon.

I love you so much.
Rest in peace my gorgeous, gorgeous little boy.


Froggie, 1984

With much love. xoxo


Froggy, 1983

You were beautiful. xoxo


Frosti, 12/30/06

We miss and love you deeply Frosti, everything about you.Your companions Willi and Buddy miss and love you very much too especially Willi seems like he is looking around for you.You gave so much love and you will always be in our heart and soul.You were so strong and had so much pride toward the end and tried to stay with us at your side holding you. We know you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and in a very happy place now.See you again someday!In loving memory to you Frosti, we were very lucky to have you in our lives. Love Always George and Mary

Frosty, 11/01/89-04/30/05

Frosty was a special girl.
She loved to bark and herd all animals.


Frosty, 07/31/07

To my beloved Frosty - I miss you so!

Michele DeGhetto

Frosty, 04/14/07

We'll never stop loving you, Frosty. You were our heart and soul.Love, Danielle and Matthew

Rochelle Neal

Frosty, 08/17/97-04/13/07

My beloved and faithful friend.
I will truly miss you.

Nichelle Smith

Frosty, 12/22/76-02/04/92

Almost 15 years ago I lost my beautiful Frosty. I will never forget you sweetie, and think of you every day. I will see you at the Bridge someday. Wait for me and be a good girl. I love you. Kim

Frosty, 03/21/96-12/26/06

Lit for my friend's cat, Frosty.
Sweet, fluffy boy, rest in peace.

Liz Hansen

Frosty Rollins Stelly, 02/01/07

Our first adopted pet.
We chose a senior and did our best to provide the best loving home for the remainder of his life.
We didn't know at the time his health issues so we loved like he would live forever.
It was the best year and a half of our lives.

Dahl Rollins Stelly

Fru Fru, 10/28/07

Even though you were in our lives for such a very short time, you had a great impact on us.
We love you and miss you.
We can't wait until we get to the bridge and hold you tiny face in our hands again.

Mommy, Harold and Scampers

Fu, 05/12/89-08/12/92

Missing my beloved Fu.

Murray Cunningham

Fudge, 11/27/07

RIP my little angel.
I'll see you again one day, one day...


Fudge, 04/12/07-06/06/07

I will miss you my Fudge! Im sorry that the way you died happend. If i was home i could have stoped it.....but things happen for a reason. God decided it was time for you to go. Me and Oreo and Sam and Heather will miss you greatly my little Fugde!


Fudge, 01/12/07

My baby, brought you up from being that wild stray, to such a lovely rabbit. You had a wonderful happy life, and i miss you so much after that disease took your life and happiness away. I love you my little Fudgie Bun, forever and always in my heart.
Once remebered, never forgotten.


Fuji, 06/08/95-05/05/07


Liam Cooper

Fuji Kingston, 08/02/92-04/13/06

You are missed!
I love you my little sweet pea.

Amy and Troy Kingston

Fur, 01/15/07

May the Fur enjoy her new life on the meadows of Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful companion, child, and loved one of my dear friend Margaret A.

Shalom little one.


Furball, 10/24/06

I've been blessed with many furry friends, but there was something special about my Furball. I knew what he was thinking just by the way he would look at me. He had me well trained! His passing has hurt deeply. I will always miss him.


FurBeast, 07/01/07

FurBeast. The King of Beasts. A handsome, sweet, gentle, loving, compassionate soul. FurBeast was the family mend-cat giving a gentle healing touch & purr or grooming whenever needed.

He was the DroolyBeast bestowing love & drool to all. You could not meet FurBeast without being marked by his warm & loving drool.

Our little Buddha. Patient whenever any of the others acted up, never batting another back when he received a furry paw to his cheek. His large commanding size was deceptive to his kind, patient, gentle & loving nature.

We've never met a soul like FurBeast. His presence was pure light, pure love, pure healing. An angel come to Earth in a furry beast.

Mommy loves you & misses you with all her heart. I miss you sleeping on me each night. I miss my body aching from your weight as you slept on me. I miss wet clothes from your loving purrs while you sat in my lap.

You were all heart, all light, all love.

Go gentle into the heavens. I offer you a simple prayer from Blessing the Bridge by Rita Reynolds:

My blessed FurBeast: May you now receive all of the healing you desire, blending into perfection within the rays of holiness, expanding, softening, releasing all attachment, all resistance, that now and from now forward you are well in every aspect of your mind, body, heart and soul.

May I, as your friend, support your journey and your choices; may I offer you courage, strength, peace, and love. May the sacred light of your true nature cleanse, purify, heal, ans sustain you from this moment on and forever more.


Furface, 03/07/07

Our precious Fur, what a girl, playful, adorable. I remember when Joe first brought her home she was a surprise she was a tiny ball of fur with these little bright eyes and she never lost the bright eyes, they always so understanding andfull of love (from sis) We will mis you Furbag, I asked Bear to look over you and let you know it is okay, you can play again and no more pain-Let Mom (Robin) know it is okay and be with her Fur. We love you and will miss you. Send Toby a sign would ya...

Robin & Frank & Family

Furgus P. Magillicuddy, 08/06/07

When the doors to my shelter open to let a kitty leave for it's wonderful new home I expect to hear wonderful stories as they grow old. Yesterday I got a note that one of my favorite little Furballs took a walk to the bridge too many years early. His humans gave him love equal to what they gave him. Furgus P. Magillicuddy you will greatly missed by all............. Whisker Tickles MAGILLY!


Furball, 11/25/07

Furball brought 15 years of joy to the family.
It hurts so much not to have her there to snuggle up to, to listen to her purr softly and sometimes as loud as a motorboat that she is content.
The home is not the same without her in it. There is such an emptiness in our lives. Words cannot express the amount of love we had for her (which will never go away) and how she will be missed so much.
She lost her battle to cancer.
I just know that she is at peace now.
I also have the precious memories of how everyone that knew her loved her and how she touched others in her lifetime.

Barbara Herbruck

Furrball, 08/13/93-06/25/07

FurrBall was a "Hero Kitty." He saved us from a gas leak in our basement in February '98, and he saved our houseguests/cat sitters and the neighbors from a terrible fire on 11/27/04 while we were away on an 11 day Caribbean cruise. He is greatly missed!

Christine Partin

Furry, 03/01/89-01/08/07

I miss you Furry - everything about you, your loud purr, your pink nose, your extra long whiskers, your funny way of falling over when you started to lie down, how your paws did a shake and shiver whenever you took the first lap of water from your bowl, how you liked little treats of cheese.
18 years went by so fast - I never wanted to see this day come. You are my best kitty.

Annie Yoder

Fusty, 04/10/07

My sweet girl, gone but never forgotten. I could see the pain in your eyes, but the cancer kept returning. I will see you again at the bridge, I miss you so much.


Fuzzer, 06/10/98-09/11/06

My sweet little Fuzz-Buzz, what you lacked in size you made up for in spirit and a very big heart. You brought so much joy, comfort and love to me and so many others. You will always live on in my heart.

Marie Carey

Fuzzy, 08/06/04

Fuzzy was my heart and my soul.
We were inseperable.
There wasn't anything that I wouldn't do for him.
My family said that I loved him more then them, on occasions, I did.
He would lay next to my pillow and night, and I would fall asleep with his fur in my face.
I love you with my whole being.


Fuzzy, 02/10/95-08/26/07

I will love & miss you forever my fuzzy baby. And your forever in my heart. Sometimes
I can't sleep at night thinking about how much your missed, and how a part of me is gone. I have lost my little brother & one of my bestest friends. You will never be forgotten and I will always keep you in loving memory. Your the sweetest most precious soul I've ever known and all you have brought me was happiness. R.I.P. baby. And remember we'll reunite again one day. Until then...this is not good bye. But see you later.


Fuzzy, 2003

you are loved and missed everyday Fuzzerwuz. Mommy loves you.

Fuzzy, 04/28/07

Fuzzy, I love you and always will.
I miss you so much...nothing is the same without you here with me.
I am sorry...I could not bear to watch you suffer another moment.
I believe with all my heart that you are playing and running with "O" Pup, just like the old days.
Play my dear babies...I will be along as soon as my work is done.
I love you....You will always be my Bundle of Love.


Fuzzy Bear, 02/02/93-01/02/07

In loving memory of the greatest cat to have ever crossed paths with me.
I love you and miss you, you were and always will be special to me.


Fuzzy Stephens, 02/10/95-08/26/07

I will love you forever my fuzzy baby. You were taken from me so unexpectedly. I feel like I have lost my brother. Someone I've grown up with since i was a small child. We grew up together and I will always remember the good memories and times we've had. And I'll never forget you. You will forever live in my heart. And we'll reunite again one day.


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