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Year 2007 Tributes

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A Beautiful Unnamed Stray, 06/05/07

2 days ago I found a beautiful, little stray dog wandering on a busy street. She was excitedly following a pedestrian, a young man, who said that the dog did not belong to him, and that she had just appeared and started to follow him. I easily coaxed the dog into my car, and brought her home with me. For 2 days she brightened my home with her loving and playful nature - she was so happy to be alive. I had placed found ads with both local newspapers and with SPCA, yet no one had called to claim her...I was planning on giving this sweet girl a permanent home if no one came forward for her. Yesterday as we were pulling our car into our gated back yard area, this little dog saw a pedestrian walking down the street in front of our house and darted out of our gate before we could close it. I frantically called out for her, but she was determined to cross the street and follow the pedestrian on what in her mind was probably a great adventure. A car struck her, and she sustained some serious injuries. We rushed her to the vet in our neighborhood - she was given IV fluids and pain meds to allow the staff to take x-rays to access the damage - the films indicated that she not only had a fractured femur but contusions to her lungs and internal bleeding. We made the heartbreaking decision to euthanise her to end her suffering. I am so sad that the very disaster I was intending to prevent days ago when I took her off that busy street occurred anyway, despite my best efforts. I'm not sure why she came into my life for such a short time, or what lesson there is in this for me - I have faith that someday I will understand - but I wanted to honor this beautiful spirit whom we hadn't even given a name yet. I love her and I hope that she is in a safe place wandering happily down a path on a great adventure, as she seemed meant to do.

Stephanie Callahan

A-Bet, 03/04/07-05/13/07

I remembered taking care of you until you were all grown up, even after I didn't have time for you, you, out of all the litter loved me more, you followed me more. What did I do in repay? sold you to my aunt with your sister and kept the other two puppies. Now you're gone, I'm sorry A-Bet, I shouldn't have let you go. You were the bestest and my favorite, now I regret it and you've passed on to a happier place.

Alex Lam

A Devall, 30/11/02-18/08/07

Our strength

Jen Devall

Aa Vega, 11/20/07

Oh Vega girl..
Remember when I first got you?
You were a little baby..
I remember going into the petstore and seeing a plastic log in the rat cage.
No rats? I asked.. Hmm..
So I went to look into the next bin but I saw something moving in the first bin..
So I reached in and picked up the plastic logg and there you were..
Little scared, shaking, baby rat.. All by your lonesome self.

Well, I just couldn't leave u there.
I looked at Robin with big sulky eyes and he gave in.

I remember we had to put u in a box and take you to a hotel where Tori was having her b-day party. What a fun time that was trying to sneek you in.

But you were so cute. Everyone at the party loved you.. and so did your new sisters once they met you..

You were such a gentle soul and loved to cling to me.. Kisses were many and so were poopies.

I'll miss you, Vega.
Mommy's so sorry.


Abandoned Bunnies Spot, Brownie, Spotty, Feisty and Peter, 05/07/07-05/12/07

We found the five of you in the road, someone had taken you from your hole and left you there. We watched out for you in our yard, when you heard us coming you would all lift up your heads and turn them our way. You were very sweet bunnies. We will miss you.


Abba, 08/16/98-02/26/07

My sweet little Abba, illness took you away from me too soon, but I know now you are in a better place. I will forever be grateful that you "adopted" me. I miss you terribly, but nothing will take away the memories of happy times I shared with you, my companion and devoted friend.


Abbee Lee Masching, 06/96-06/15/77

In Loving Memory Of My Fuzzy Daughter, Abbee Lee

My Dear Sweet Abbee Lee was welcomed into my home when she was 1 1/2 weeks old.
I bottle fed her every two hours around the clock until she could eat on her own.
My life was so much happier for having her in it.
Words cannot begin to describe my love for her!
I was lucky enough to be the only one she would let love and hold her, and sleep with (on her own pillow above my head-and many times would take her paw back and forth until I held it, and then we would fall asleep holding hands.) Abbee had surgery on June 12, 2007 for a intestinal biopsy to find the cause of her chronic diarrhea.
She never perked up after the operation.
After taking her to another vet and then to an emrgency pet hospital and then to U of I small pet clinic-I was told that she had organ failure from massive infection.
On July 15, 2007 I had to hold my fuzzy daughter and tell her how much I loved her-that it was ok to go now and that the tremendous fight that she had given to survive had truly showed how much she loved me.
I told her to wait for me at Rainbow Bridge and I would be there someday to love my baby again.
The whole time I talked to her she gave a soft purr-even with all of the pain.
I was kissing her when she left for Rainbow Bridge.
It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do!!!!
Our bond was a once in a lifetime one and I was lucky enough to have that with Abbee.
I have lost my very best friend and the love of my life. I don't know how to go on knowing that it is a life forever without her now.
That I can never look into her light blue eyes and tell her how very much I love her and hold her in my arms. The finality of it is overbearing.
I had my Sweet Abbee cremated and our ashes will be put together when I am gone.
And then the day will come when we will be together at Rainbow Bridge.
A day I am looking forward to with all of my heart.

Jeanne Masching

Abbey, 12/11/07

I found Abbey at a local shelter when she was about 3 months old.
She was terrified in her cage unlike the other dogs.
Her curled tail had been broken and the shelter believed abuse was involved.
When I opened her cage, she cowered in back until I stepped away.
I knew she was my girl when I squatted down and she came out and nuzzled up between my legs and placed her head on my thigh.
From that day forward she was my little girl.
We had 8 great years together, playing, obedience training, walking, snuggling and just being there for each other.
She will be sadly missed by those who knew her, especially me and her adopted brother Austin.

Till we meet again, my little girl.

Jim Weekly

Abbey, 08/06/07

Our Abbey died today and she was one of the most precious cats anyone could have the honor of having-she was always as sweet as a bowl of sugar even when dealing with her cancerous tumor.
She knew last night would be her last as she struggled to get into bed with me for her last night of snuggling.
I will miss her sweet little face every morning at breakfast time and miss her laying in her little bed at the top of the stairs-Abbey-you were one of a kind!!

Lisa Chandler

Abbey, 04/11/96-05/22/07

Abbey, we were to happy to have you as part of our life, if only for such a short time. You showed us all about unconditional love and we can't wait to love another furbaby when our hearts have healed a little.
It's because of you that we can do this.
Thank you Abbey and many happy days to you on the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again.

Joe & Michelle Deyear

Abbey, 08/31/93-04/25/07

The loss of a Abbey is the saddest day of my life.
Right now, it doesn't seem possible that my closest companion is gone.
I know that she is going to the wonderful place in the poem, and I can't wait to meet up with her again.
To see her tail wag and her loving "smile" will certainly be a treat.

Terry Sweitzer

Abbey and Max, 2006

Two beautiful, bold and loving alsations that are missed beyond belief - they remain alive in our hearts,minds and dreams.
I see Abbeys wonderful alert expression when ready for play and Max, his loyal loving glance.
Forever missed.

Debra Brian Smith

Abbey Lynn, 01/05/92-02/09/07

Abbey was my very best friend for the past 15 years. I miss her loyal companionship and unconditional love. I feel so lost without her. She was my baby. I don't know if the huge hole in my heart will ever heal. I miss her waiting next to my bed every morning waiting for the smallest stirr or the slightest eye movement. Her tail would be wagging saying, "come on mom, get up, get-up". I miss her greeting me at the door every time I came in. So happy and excited to see me, no matter if I was gone 5 minutes or hours. My house and my life feel so lonely and empty now.

Life will NEVER be the same without you Abbey. I love you and miss you dearly. You will be in my heart and memories forever. Please wait for me until we meet again.

Love, Mom

AbbeyGail Driggers, 04/19/00-09/05/07

Abbey was a true best friend,she had been with me thru birth of my daughter, to death of my father, divorce and death of my mother last year, who we lived with for 2 years prior to her death, and now finally my "binkie girl" has had to be put down due to Lymphoma,anemia,enlarged spleen/liver, and possible internal bleeding. I will always lover her and miss her till the day I am no longer am here. I am very sorry that I had to put her to sleep, and wish I could have taken away her cancer and pain and put it on me.

Keith Driggers

Abbi, 07/16/98-04/04/07

You will be always surely missed, and loved always. My alpha girl. You can play ba;; with your buddy JD. and never forgotten.

Ginny Milgo

Abbi K'Lar Gottschall, 04/13/95-10/22/07

Abbi was a sweet, beautiful and tough little girl. It's amazing how such a little dog can fill your home and your heart. It's too quiet here now. We will miss her.

Ken and Mickey Gottschall

Abbie, 12/28/92-08/06/07

Abbie, you were a very special dog and gave so much to my life and Allie and I will miss you dearly. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Abbie, 11/21/91-07/20/07

We will miss our little lady so very much.
She grew up with our children and was a very real member of the family.
Thank you Abbie for sharing your life with us.

Kala, Russ, Olivia, Chloe and Evan

Abbie, 05/96-01/26/07

To Our Lil Lady Abigail with all our love, sweet thoughts and what wonderful memories we share.
I love you dear friend!!
You suffer no more!!
Cancer took you from me - but now you are pain free, playing with your dear friend Hailey, & flying high with all the angels!!
Be free my dear one and know I loved you with all my heart. God is now there to protect you.

Sally E. Watters

Abbie Laine, 07/03/00-02/03/07

You were such a good dog.  
Your sisters and I will truly miss you!

Traci Hamby

Abigail, 06/23/95-11/26/07

Abigail-you are my special gift that was there to help me through some of the most difficult times in my life.
A piece of me will always be missing now that you're gone.
I still can't believe you're gone.
I feel like you're still here and maybe that's because you my heart...always.
All my love, my angel.


Abbigail, 11/05/95-12/21/05

Abbie was our only dog and child. Needless to say she did get spoiled but she listened very good too. She would greet either one of us in the morning when we awoke and when we came home from work. We really do miss her and there will never be anybody else close to her. We had a family portrait taken with the 3 of us and we treasure the picture to this day and always will.
Rick made a very nice casket for her and we buried her on our country lot with her favorite toys and blanket. She'll be in our hearts forever!
We Love and Miss You Abbie! -Mom & Dad

Abbott, 06/26/93-04/27/07

Abbott has been the best dog I could have asked for.
She was fun, kind, caring and always there for me.
She knew when I was sad.
She even licked my tears.
She was always so happy to see me when I came home.
I loved that.
She was there for the birth of my 3 kids and moving into our new house. She was always there to comfort me through my dad's long battle with cancer and his death. She was well trained and so good with the kids.
I can't imagine life without her. I have had her almost my entire adult life.
I wish she knew how much joy and comfort she has brought me.
There will never be another dog like her.
I will miss her so dearly.

Beth Hibbard

Abby, 01/18/94-10/13/04

Abby has been gone now for over three years. Time has passed, but the memories never fade. Abby was one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs anyone would want to meet. Always there with a tail wag and a tennis ball in her mouth upon every greeting! Your buddy Max is still with us. He will be 12 soon! We know he remembers you..all it takes us is to say, "Where's Abby?" and he gets that look that we all know so well. Katie came into our lives shortly after you left. She is now 3 and has proven to be a great companion to Max as he has gotten older. She thinks she is the boss, but of course, you know Max is laid back and nothing bothers him too much! Many times, I think about how Katie and you would have done together! Abby Girl...our Pretty Girl...we miss you so much still!

Mark and Jim

Abby, 04/91-12/24/07

Abby was the sweetest, smartest, most gentle animal that I have ever known.
She has been my friend since I was five years old; now, at twenty-one, I don't know what I will do without her.
Please find a beautiful, sunny place at the Bridge for this amazing, tiny kitty.
She's so much bigger than her body gives her credit for.

I love you, Abby.
Always your special person, Katie

Abby, 07/23/94-11/28/07

My beloved, beautiful poodle girl, you will forever be in my heart.
We will meet again.

Cindy Fawcett

Abby, 03/11/00-06/10/07


We used to call you our 'little baby momma' as you were so tiny to be a mommy to "Little", our other cat, your daughter.
You, my sweet precious one, gave us wonderful kisses by blinking your eyes and actually leaning your face in to kiss us.
How we all miss you so much and oh how very much you were loved.
Everyone always commented on how beautiful you were and to me you were the most beautiful cat I'd ever seen.
You will always be in my heart and I will always remember you and the joy you gave our family.
You will always be my special Little Baby Momma. Always and forever. I miss you still.

Shirley Mudd

Abby, 01/20/95-11/15/07

My best friend, always.

Michelle Nelson

Abby, 11/14/07

I got Abby three years ago from a friend who could no longer care for her.
She was definitely meant to be mine.
Abby was my sweet baby girl, the most affectionate and sweet cat I have ever met.
A couple of weeks ago she began behaving strangely.
I took her to the vet 7 times in one week before my vet told me she needed greater diagnostic help.
This was after I noticed she could no longer see last Friday.
She had gone blind due to brain disease it turns out.
I called the hospital this morning to see how she was.
The vet tech told me she was doing better and that she actually ate last night.
Then the vet called at noon and told me that she had arrested.
I wasn't prepared for this at all.
I expected to have Abby for another 10 years.
I never knew I could love an animal so much.
I will miss her forever.

Jaime Bailey


Abby came to my partner's and my life shortly after the loss of another beloved dog.
Soon thereafter, my partner decided he had made a bad decision, and his contempt for her grew for a year and a half, greeting all visitors to our home with the introduction "she's ED's dog...she hates me and I hate her".
The person even went to the extreme of telling my sister, on a visit from the United Kingdom, the he "would kill her for the first reason he could find".

My Abby never showed me anything but a wagging tail and behind, lots of kisses, and an occasional "widdle" of over-excitement.
Our love for each other was strong.

Then, domestic dispute reared it's ugly head, and as an act of pure hatred towards ME, Abby was removed from our yard, and placed in that of a friend of his, who had 5 or 6 other dogs.
She was scared and in a lonely place, and apparently bit the woman at whose house she was staying.
My former partner finally found his "reason" for the inevitable.

I did not find out about this act until at least a week after it occurred.
The former partner of whom I write is a local Police Officer in a small Wyoming town, and the woman who kenneled my beloved Abby is an Animal Control Officer in the same town.
My Abby was set up for failure, shearly as one last knife in my heart, over our domestic dispute.

I can only hope now that I can find Rainbow Bridge as quickly as possible, and find my little girl.
No one in law enforcement, PETA, ASPCA or even in political stature are interested in helping me find justice for Abby--therefore, I must find my way to Rainbow Bridge as quickly as I can get there, and give it to her, myself.

Thanks for reading, and pray for Abby's and my speedy reunion.
God bless you all.

Ed Powers

Abby, 06/08/03-10/07/07

We were so blessed, and so lucky to have you in our lives, Abby.
I know I speak for all of us when I say how devestated we were when we lost you so suddenly.
Every single one of us loved you very much.
Your daddy liked to tease you by singing silly songs to you.
He is still singing your songs Abby, because he misses you so much.
The girls have their momentos to keep your memory alive.
I don't think they would have traded the world for you.
You were the most beautiful little dog I ever knew: inside and out.
Your love and affection made my cup run over, and I will honor your memory forever.
I would do it all over again, honey because that's how much love I had for you.
Love forever, your Mommy.

Abby, 01/18/94-10/13/04

It has been almost 3 years since Abby left us. We still think about her all the time and miss her terribly. She was a Golden Retriever dog that was definately special in her own way. Her buddy Max is still with us. He is approaching his 12th birthday now. I swear if you ever say Abby's name to Max, his eyes show he knows who we are talking about. They were a pair together! Abby's angel to us when she left us was Katie, another Golden. She is now 3 years old and is now Max's best buddy. We all miss you Abby Girl!

Mark Holmes

Abby (Abigail), 01/15/93-09/23/07

Major health challenges - paraplegia (disc injury) at the age of 9. Mast cell cancer last three months of her life. We will always love her and never foget her. Sweetest disposition - gentle and loving. We love you Abby.

Joan Fogel, Lauryn Fogel, Becky Morton

Abby, 09/07/07

I just want to pay tribute to my beloved min pin Abby.
I loved her dearly and will never forget her.

Kristin Corbin

Abby, 05/10/06-09/15/07

Abby was rescued as a 2 week old kitten, along with her two siblings that died soon after rescue. But each day, Abby grew and became strong. She snuggled into my neck each night, attempting to nurse to comfort herself over the loss of her mother. Soon I became her mom and as she grew older, the nursing became little licks of comfort for us both. She never grew very big and she was never completely healthy. Her medical issues finally took her away from me. My heart is broken at her loss. She was only just past a year old and I was expecting her to be with me for a lot longer. Dearest Abby, Momma loves you and misses you terribly. Please wait for me at the bridge...I will see you there again someday. I promise.

Cheryl M. Melton

Abby, 01/31/05


You'll always live on in our hearts. You've been gone 2 1/2 short years but you'll be with us in spirit.


Abby, 10/11/91-08/22/07

I didn't want to let you go yesterday,Abby.
But you told me that you needed to go.........My heart is breaking with the emptiness.
I love you so much, you gave me such joy and love every single day of your life.
Thank you for that.....


Abby, 02/19/94-07/27/07

You brought such joy to our lives for 12 1/2 years.
It is hard to believe you are not with us any longer.
We will always hold you in our hearts and will miss our little girl for ever.

Debbie & Jerry

Abby, 08/26/91-06/22/07

Our dear Abby was a gift from God. She along with our other gift from God, our daughter, Erin, brought so much love into our home. Erin being our only child fast became best friends with Abby. She was Erin's playmate,confidant,and little sister. Many times I would be asked to hold Abby until Erin would hide. Upon hearing her name called, off Abby would go, barking, going from room to room until she found Erin hiding under blankets or behind the shower curtain. After a good game of hide and seek and a reward of treats she would patiently sit as Erin would put string after string of beads around her neck. Tripping over the beads she would then parade around proudly as if to say, "This is what being a poodle is all about!".
We will miss your cute bark, the jingle of the bell on your collar, your presence by our side and most of all your little wagging tail and kisses when we arrived home.
Until we meet again, love you.
Mom, Dad, Erin and your buddy Allie

Abby, 08/12/90-06/22/07

To my childhood friend. You were in our lives for 17 beautiful years. You may have left this life but you memory will live in our hearts forever! I love you abby!


Abby, 04/01/95-06/16/07

And that's it. My best friend of 12 years is gone now to a better place. She went quickly, I think because she was so weak. She hadn't eaten or drank any water for four days. She didn't have the strength to go to the litter box on her own so I was taking her there - coming home on my lunch break even - to use the litter box. She was so weak and she'd gotten so thin.

She had been diagnosed with mammary cancer in May of this year and it moved quickly. I opted not to operate. She was diabetic and diabetics don't heal properly. As she would require several operations, her little life would be nothing but pain and she wouldn't understand. So I decided to let her go peacefully without suffering.

She slept in our bed between us last night. I woke up at 5 a.m. and took her downstairs to use the litter box. She went a little. And she wandered over to the patio door. So I put on my shorts and we went outside. She laid on her little blanket and we watched the sun come up. She watched the birds. After about an hour we went back inside. She laid back down. Colin and I took turns petting her and talking to her.

We went up to a nearby vet that we had made arrangements with yesterday. On the way, Abby weakly headbutted me one last time. She hadn't done that in a while. They took us right in. Colin and I cried some more and we then let the vet know we were ready.

They put in an IV cath, and I held her while they did the injections. One to put her to sleep and one to stop her heart. She was still purring when they injected her.

I sort of feel really stupid for feeling this way. I know logically she was just a cat. But I loved that cat more than I ever loved anything. There were times in the last 12 years that she was all I had in this world. And she was such a sweet loving little soul. I broke down on the vet table next to her.

Before we left, I held her one last time. I put her down gently on the table and shook her little paw. "It's been nice knowning you."

God I'm going to miss her. I'll never know another cat like that one.

Good-bye Abby. My friend.


Abby, 03/01/96-06/18/07

My Abby was my baby.
I even named her Abby because it sounds baby.
She was physically beautiful.
A white mini poodle with the most beautiful almond shaped brown eyes and a nose cute as a button.
Smart was not the word.
She possesed the qualities I covet the most--beauty, intelligence, sweet.
Such a sweet, loving girl.
You could take a steak away from her and she would not growl.
She would lick your tears when you were sad.
She gave me and my family so much joy and happiness.
I know I had to let her go because the condition she was in from the cancer was not a life for her.
Why did G-d have to take her now?
She was only 11.
I know I made the right choice for her and she is at peace.
When she died, part
of me went with her.
I am destroyed right now, but I know in time it will get better.
She will always be my little girl, my baby lambchop.

Debbie Feynman

Abby, 09/18/01-05/30/07

Abby was such an amazing cat, and a wonderful companion. We will miss our little Abby.

Melissa and Tom Sealock

Abby, 06/20/06-05/12/07

We love you Abby and will never forget you, we didnt get to keep you with us as long as we wanted but you gave us much joy and happiness and for that we are truely grateful. Your little body just wanted to rest. Love you always my sweet darling baby girl. bisous

Laura and JB Barat

Abby, 04/10/07

I lost my little Abby a few weeks ago and the pain is still very strong. She was the sweetest little dog I have evr known. I adopted her from the local shelter three years ago even though she was very old at the time. Something in her eyes drew me to her and I knew that she was the companion for me. I miss her every day. I look at her collar and leash, her food bowl, her bed and I start crying.

Curt Santner

Abby, 02/12/89-02/17/07

We lost you and Teddy within a week of each other.
Our hearts are so broken.

Ed & Francine Jones

Abby, 05/31/93-03/26/07

Our little Abby collapsed in our driveway on Saturday 3/24/07. She seemed to be ok that night. Then Sunday she had no energy. We took her to vet on Monday morning, after examing her and x-rays, the horrible news came. Abby had congestive heart failure and lung cancer. As much as it hurt, we did the best thing for our baby and put her to sleep. We held her until the end. We miss you, our little girl, she was the best dog in the world.
Love Mommy and Daddy

Abby, 08/22/06

abby your mom kristi could not write thsi so she asked me grandma lisa to do it for her. she misses you and loves you. we all missed at christmas your favorite time of the where her best friend. your were suppose to be a family pet but you picked her to be your best friend. since you lefted have have lost simba and eli but you know that because they are with you. i hope you guys are having fun just like when you were young and that you take little eli in and fritz is also with you. love and will always remember you till we meet again.

Kristi Lisa Kim Glen Tuck

Abby, 01/13/07

Abby was my best friend, protector, and my baby.A gentle and humble soul that provided me with such a sense of contentment. She surrounded us with her love.She loved adventure and we had many wonderful times together. My best memory, us walking on the beach and her pulling me as she tried to chase a kite her ears flying in the wind the day golden, the spray of the surf, and her barking with excitement and joy. Abby we will do it again in heaven. I Love you my girl.

Abby, 07/16/91-02/14/07

Lady Abilene Brown, that's the name we gave our dog when we were lucky enough to get her.
But the name that became so near and dear to our family was Abby.

She was our daughter's high school graduation gift.
Promises were made to take good care of Abby.
"Honest, I will feed her, walk her, water her and love her.
That's all I want for my graduation gift!"
So pleaded our daughter, Stephanie when we went to see the litter of puppies that our Abby was part of.
But anyone who is a parent knows how long those promises last.
As soon as Stephanie had to "clean up" after Abby while walking her, the promises soon went by the wayside.
Needless to say, Mom and Dad gladly took over.

Abby was one of the best dogs we have ever owned.
She was a lovable, loyal, frisky, happy addition to our family.
She was always there for us no matter what the circumstances, you could ALWAYS count on her to show you the love and affection you needed.

As happens with all beloved pets, they too get old and ailing.
Abby began having difficulty walking because of something neurological with her spine.
Recently we found out that she may have had cancer in her lungs.

This week was not a good week at all for us.
Abby began having much difficulty breathing and was getting very weak.
We took her to the vet's yesterday and the prognosis was not what we wanted to hear, but we knew in our heart of hearts that it was what was best for our dearly loved Abby.

We knew it would be a terrible, terrible loss when it came, but it is so much more than we can bear.
We only lost her yesterday, but this has been one of the longest, hardest day of our lives.
Missing everything about her and wishing she was still with us is what we are dealing with now.

We will always keep her in our hearts and remember the fun and happiness she brought to us.
Never forgetting all the love and compassion she could convey to us with her eyes or a nuzzle!
We thank the good Lord above for blessing our lives with her presence.
For us, there will never be another Abby.
We hope that she knew how very, very much we love her.

Thank you for helping us mend in our time of sorrow.
God Bless You!

Stephen and Theresa Mitnik

Abby, 01/18/07

My darling Abby. My Friend. My shadow. I miss your whole body wiggle when I saw you, your kisses, I miss playing ball, your soft fluffy snuggles.
You will be forever loved.
You are missed so much. You were taken far too soon. I hope that I gave you a whole lifetime of joy in your special, precious time as our family.

I'll hold you forever, Baby.

Abby, 07/22/96-02/01/07

Abby, what can I say ? We miss you. You passed quietly on a cold winter morning, watching the world go by from your favorite spot in the yard. You died as you lived, never any trouble. You were always the quiet "good dog" always keeping an eye on things. I thank you for all the years of companionship. You were the best and you are missed in our hearts.

Blair LaMere

Abby, 07/28/05

it has been 2-1/2 years since I lost my precious Abby and believe me, it doesn't get any easier for me.
She was truly an angel on earth - her main goal in life was just to love us.
From the moment I first held her until the last day of her life, she was nothing short of perfection.
I sometimes think I can't wait to join her in heaven because I know there is a place in heaven for her.


Abby, 10/96-01/08/07

In remembrance of a cuddly kitty who was always there for her humans.
We miss her greatly, but know she received the best love and care while she was here for her 10 years.
Even though she was ill with cancer in the end, she still held on and showed her love.
She will be missed.

Summer and Bryson

Abby, 01/06/07

Abby was truly one of a kind. Always a spring in her step and love in her eyes. Although you went to sleep way too soon, you gave us a love we will always have with us. So long big dog. Sleep in peace.

Steve and Candy

Abby, 12/94-01/11/07

A sweet baby - always ready to go somewhere or do something.

Peg Olson

Abby, 03/25/97-01/02/07

I am writing this as I watch my beloved Abby labor for breath. I have an appointment at 4:45PST to put her down. About 8 weeks ago she had her spleen removed. It was very grave news....hemangiosacoma. How I wish she would have just passed in her sleep. Through my tears I am remembering the love and good times. Abby loved to swim. As the kids grew they resolved to beat her in a swimming race across the river but Abby is still the champ. Abby was the mommy to 11 beautiful pups. She never miseed an oppportunity to perform for a cookie. She was a truly sweet dog and everyone was her best friend. She protected us and gave her unconditional love to us for 10 years. I guess it is now time to love her unconditionally in being kind enough to make the agonizing decision to let her sleep peacefully. My heart is breaking. Please help me be strong. We love you Abby girl!

Lori Simmons

Abby aka Little Gray Monster, 07/12/00-12/31/06

Abby,you brought just joy to my life, I am so sorry you had to leave us, please forgive us if we did anything wrong. You were a loving and sweet dog.


Abby, 01/23/95-01/02/07

Abby was the best pet anyone could have asked for.
She did everything a dog is supposed to do...she was my friend, my confidant, my constant companion and I will always remember the adorable way she filled my days with her presence.
I believe she was meant to be my dog and she came into my life for a reason.
I will never forget everything she did to enrich my life and the lives of my friends, my mother, and my son.
We all loved her dearly and hope she knew how much we loved and adored her everyday.
Sweet dreams dear Abby.

Amy McGowan and Family

Abby Dunn, 06/01/94-02/02/07

We miss you so much already Abby. Noone curling up under my arm to wake me up and no toys being knocked down the steps all day. Carson has noone to play with. All I can pray for is the blood clot happened right when I found you and didn't happen earlier in the night while we were sleeping and you had to be alone all night with your legs not working. I'm so sorry it took me so many hours at the vets to let them take away your pain forever. I just couldn't bear to see you go.
Love, Mom

Abby Girl, 05/12/94-10/27/07



Abby Grace Horne, 02/27/07

My heart as well as my husband's is broken as I try to write this about our little girl Abby Grace. Words cannot even begin to capture what she meant to us in the 2 short years we were blessed with her sweet companionship. Abby was our world, truthfully our lives revolved around her. She graced us with her sweet disposition and loved and looked into our souls. Abby was a VERY sweet , laid back girl who had EVERYTHING she could have ever wanted or needed. She slept in a king sized bed with her mommy and daddy and fursister Chloe, was never cold, had her own blanket, good food, toys,fursisters, and a mommy and daddy that thought she was the sunshine of our lives. Abby loved chair lovin. This is when she would come to us and stand between our legs if we were in a chair to get her sides rubbed. SHe loved us to rub her back legs and would back up to ous and beg for this. She loved to be petted and each time we would pet her she would drop her head as is she was shy and humble. She was just so sweet!!!!She loved sitting in the window watching the outside from the front of the house or from the bedroom. She LOVED us, her family. Oh how we miss her. Our lives will never be the same without our Abby. A heart arrythmia took her away from us too soon. Our hearts are broken and we just sit in silence thinking about her life and how it all seems like a dream. We will never forget the most soulful dog that God allowed us to borrow here on Earth. She taught us what real love is. I just know that we will be together again one day.

Jenni Horne Jenni and Tony

Abby Innis-Foy, 12/24/97-10/02/07

The best gift I ever gave my mom!!!!

Cheryl Moore

Abby Loretta, 03/01/92-07/05/07

I miss you terribly Abby, but I know you're where you wanted to Mom's side.


Abby Wittwer, 04/21/94-07/18/07

We miss you, Sweet Abby.
You will be in our hearts foever.

Tom and Mari Pat Wittwer

Abbyegayle, 08/15/90-01/12/07

Abbye - the sweetest little girl in the world - my best friend - my little shadow - my constant companion - I miss you so.

Pat Mack

Abbygail Hull, 01/20/07

Abby i'm so sorry i had to put you to sleep. it broke my heart to see you walk to the car to go do it . i know if you had any idea i was doing that you would not have gone abby i love you and i will see you in heaven. you are not suffering anymore. you will always be with me, what is sad girl is looking at your empty space you slept. i miss u my girl

Mary Hull

Abbygirl, 01/08/91-06/18/07

I miss her everyday. She was my constant companion.
There will never be another one like her.
The only soulmate I will ever encounter.


Abe, 02/12/07

I noticed a less than a week ago that you hadn't touched your food at all. I had noticed when it started getting colder that you were starting to lose the spark that you had managed to retain up until old age. You were with me for fifteen years. Fifteen years.. now that you're gone.. it hardly seems enough time at all. But how could I watch you struggle? You could hardly stand up anymore.. You diminshed so quickly this past week. Just like Cinder. You would have turned 17 this year. Who knows.. I don't know when you were born.. you may have been 17 already. But up until recently.. besides being completly deaf, a little hard of seeing.. and maybe even a little senial.. you still had that spark. Even until we brought you in... just a little movement into your line of view, and you'd thump your tail at us.. even if it's only once.. and you still gave Mikey a hard time for coming near you... I hope I did what's best for you...
I knew this time was coming soon. I had a feeling you wouldn't be around for another spring... I wish I could give you just one more romp in the sun. It seems almost cruel how I would rush you in on days I was late for work... when you just wanted to be outside. I know it's impossible.. but I'd take it back if I could. I always promised myself I would never make you suffer. You suffered so much before I got you. It was so apparent when you came home with us.
You were never a snuggle type dog... but.. I could wrestle with you.. and get you to sing with me when you could still hear. You loved the sand. Even now.. I know I can't even afford to take your ashes home with me.. and take them to the place we would go to.. where I would let you off your leash.. and you would go nuts once you felt the sand on your paws. I didn't want to let go of you... not yet... but I promised you I wouldn't let you be in pain. Everyone keeps telling me I provided you with a good life.. you were so healthy.. for so long.. I
consider myself lucky I had such a loyal friend for so long. The past few months... I remember I would say in passing.. "Soon... his time is coming soon" I honestly wish I wasn't right.. I would have been happy seeing you hit 20. But I can't be selfish here. I know it's impossible... and I know watching you.. that you weren't happy.. I could see it in your eyes, Abers.. and I wasn't gonna let you be sad.
I hope you find the sand again... under a warm bright sun... and I hope there's pleanty of rabbits and squirls for you to chase...
I love you... and I'll miss you terribly.

Good boy, Abe.... good boy..

Janna LaPenter

Abi, 05/04/07

I miss you, Ab,
Your sense of fun, your soft fur, forever in my heart


Abigail, 06/96-09/11/07

Dear Abigail: Words cannot begin to encompass all that you were to us, how terribly we miss you and that you had to leave; we thought we had more time together. Even so, we're glad your pain is gone and you're with your brothers, sisters & parents now. We will always remember you and hold a special place in our hearts for you. Thank you so much for the light, laughter & love you brought into our home and hearts. We look forward to the day when we will be together again. Love, hugs & kisses - Louise & Dale

Abigail, 09/21/81-02/18/96

Although it has been almost 12 years since Abby died, there is not a day goes by that I don't think of her.
She was a special friend who went through several significant traumas with me....I hope that she and Samantha are running together somewhere.........

Paige Ellis

Abigail, 01/13/00-08/19/07

You were a very special gift from heaven. I am so very fortunate to have been the one selected to be your people-person.
I will love you forever and you will always be my Miss Perfect.

Paula Carroll

Abigail, 09/30/06

Dear Abby,
We miss you.
Its been so long.
It was so hard to let you go, but you were in pain and we had to free you of it.
Now you are happy, healthy and in no pain.
Did you meet Nicholas when he came?
He was not long after you.
I can see you in the sunshine with a light breeze blowing sitting with Grandpa.
You always were his girl.
Keep Nicholas with you and run and play.
After all you were "Nicholas Darling Abigail".
We love you old mama.

Scott and Daina Dickmeyer

Abigail, 1989-01/09/06

My Baby Doll,

Oh my precious little Doodlebutt.

I know you had to go to the Bridge, but Mommie is so lonesome here without you.

For those who love as we do, there is no parting.
Only eternal union.
Please remember that every day while you wait for Mommie at the Bridge, my Baby Darlin.


Abigail Lynn, 05/23/07

Abigail was with us for such a short time. She will be missed.

Chris Ovington & Frank Clarke

Abilene's Lone Starr Von Wos, 04/14/91-07/21/04

Awsome in every way.

Lee Wos

Abraham Gould, 03/07/93-03/07/07

Abraham, my one wish I have of you, is that you continue to walk with me in spirit. I will continue to visit all the places we loved spending time.
Natural Bridge, Mount Greylock, Appalachian Trail, Ashuwillticook, and our back yard.
I love you and miss you.
Thank you for the 14 most satisfying years I've ever, and will ever know.
I know how fortunate I have been having you share my life with me.
Thank you for choosing me.

Todd Gould

Abu, 10/10/98-06/15/07

My kitty Abu was the sweetest and most "dog" like kitty to ever live.
He would gladly greet me at the door each day, even when he became very weak.
He gave sweet snaggle tooth kisses, and loved me, when no one else did. I will never forget my sweet friend Abu.
No one will ever take your place.
I look forward to meeting you at the bridge soon, where your pain is gone and your eyes are bright again.
Love, Mommy and Daddy.

AC's Naughty Newtinski, 10/96-07/06/07

Newt : Where to begin? My pycho dog to go with Alex! You were a one and only one of a kind!
Noah came to really like you at the very end and you two would of been good friends Bella too!
festus misses you most your not here to chase him around and keep things stirred up LOL!
Alex misses you too and Mom is without a black, snoring bed partner and watch dog! I hope your sharing your ball with the other guys up there
See ya another day Loves and many snuggles until then!

Carol, Alex, Noah, Bella and Festus

Ace, 08/04-10/08/05

Ace was found alongside the highway by my bro. on Oct. 31/04 (very approp. as he was totally black). He was cold, wet, hungry & suffering from an upper resp. inf. He came to us in Dec. 2004. at the age of 16 wks.

Ace had a lot of spirit & a little bit of attitude, but he was also very loveing & affectionate. He would climb into my lap & nuzzle w/me before curling up & falling to sleep.

In Sept. 2005, after surgery, hosp., biopsies, xrays, labs, he was diag. w/Feline Inf. Peritonitis. For 2 wks., we force-fed, medicated w/potent antibiotics, antivirals in the hopes of prolonging his life. But FIP is always fatal & on 10/08/2005, we told him goodbye. He was 13 mos. old.


Ace, 05/21/07

Acer boy, I miss you so much, but I can just see you running free again, able to see and hear and not having any pain in your foot ever again.
Lucy and Fat Louie miss you too but they know they will see you again some day.
And so will I.

I love you, little buddy.


Ace, 1989-03/24/07

Ace was the best friend, nursemaid and cuddle cat I've ever had. He loved erery person in our family, especially my father who never liked cats before Ace. Ace I know I'll see you again someday, because Heaven can't be real without my pets!

Thank you for being my best friend for so many years and for loving me so much. I'm going to miss you so much.. every time I lay on the couch I'll feel you next to me. I Love You My "Best Friend"!


Ace, 04/01/92-03/05/07

My sweet kit, Ace, I miss you so much.
I couldn't let you suffer, I had to let you go.
It is not the same.
I miss your purr as I cry myself to sleep-- the spot on the bed between pillows is empty.
I love you, baby kit -- you had me from the moment you wrapped your tiny black paw around my finger.
It wrapped arouund my heart.
I know that you and I will get to be together again, and that you won't miss me because you'll have so many friends and people to play with.
But know that when you died, a part of me did, too.
You have always been there for me, and I will never forget what a special, special cat you were.
Thank you, loving friend, thank you for loving and accepting me unconditionally.
I hope I did right by you.

Chris Fortin

Aces High At Bearcreek, 06/30/05


Lyall and Heather Black

Acton, 03/09/93-08/15/07

I love you. Forever. 14 years was not long enough. Thank you for loving us.

Michele Barasso

Ada, 03/07/07-08/12/07

My beautiful baby girl. The only kitten I've ever seen who would cry at the door to be allowed to shower with me and wouldn't allow me to sleep unless I was cuddling her like a teddy bear. You were precious, and I loved you, and you deserved a much more dignified parting... and many more years to terrorize the house. Even the rats miss you.

Rebecca Ray

Adam, 09/08/07

To my Adam, the eternal puppy.
You grew and grew and GREW but always had the heart and spirit of a puppy.
I don't know what to do without you.
I wake up without you, I come home and you're not here.
I hope that you've found Fawn and Joy.
I'll see you again someday at the Bridge.
I love you and miss you so much, my puppy.

Linda Thomas

Adam, 07/02/07

You were my confidante, my soulmate, my friend.
My heart feels like it's breaking.
I love you and miss you so much.
I gave you a gentle kiss as you left me my boy.
Keep that kiss with you until I can be with you again.
You can now gallop across the hills and meadows free and without pain and for that I'm thankful.
I will hold you in my heart forever.
Goodbye sweet Adam until we meet again.


Adam, 01/17/07

Adam, better known to his family as Catso, passed on January 17, after a decade of love and companionship. A beautiful dark chocolate Burmese with wide blue green eyes, he loved to eat, luxuriate in sunbeams, play with his sister, and beg shamelessly for cuddles and tummy rubs. He was a quiet cat, not prone to crying or meowing often, or even purring, which just made his purrs all the more special.

We teased him for snoring, but he was the most good-natured, friendly, loving cat we have ever known. He loved to play with his toys, drank out of any unguarded glass of water a human put down, and loved nothing better than to be held and petted.

He became ill, suffering from infection and renal failure, and the hard choice was made to let him go. He deserved a peaceful passing, and we are so thankful he was our cat, and we know he's snoozing in a sunbeam, waiting for his humans.

Courtney & Simon

Addison, 12/02/06

My Dearest Addie,

You made me love you!!!!!-I didn't want to do it , no I didn't want to do it.

But of all the doggies in the world, You belong to Me!!!!!

And of all the doggies in the world, I belong to You!!!!!!!!!

My heart is breaking without you, but it is bigger and fuller because of you, my baby boy!!!!!!!!

I will love you always, Addie!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy and Bill Dougherty

Adelade, 1987-1990

You were the best fish I ever had. Very pretty and fun to watch. You lived a good life. You were loved. xoxo


Adidas, 06/23/07

My sweet baby boy, I will hold you in my heart until that day comes when we are together again.

Dalee Camp

Adirondack's Tai Chi, 12/06/80-09/15/89

Tai, you'll always be my inspiration and that one special dobe.

Paul T. Vesely

Adraine and Rocky Wittman, 06/15/89-09/27/04 And 02/15/05

My wife and I were lucky enough to have two of the best pups ever. Soon it will be three years since Adriane left us, and four months later it was time for Rocky to meet his sister at the bridge. 15 1/2 years of true bliss. I think about my pups everyday, and everynight I talk to their stars. We miss them so much. My heart will never be the same. Bubba and Scubby will be in my mind till the day I die. Soon it will be them coming to get me for our last walk down the dirt road. They'll soon have a chance to show me the bridge. I'll have your ball and chew toy with me, and a couple Frosty paws incase we need a snack on our journey. I love you guys and always will. Love Always Dad and Mom.

George and Sheree Wittman

Agent Mulder, 10/09/98-04/13/06

Wanderlust got the best of you. You just had to see the other side of the road.
It's ok. You made a promise to lil Gimp that day and she opened the gate giving you your freedom on that fateful night. And as you promised your sickly daughter if she would perform her magic and open the gate she would make it through the magic door. She did. She's still here Agent Mulder and even though she has been sickly she is still healthy enough to run and play and bark and roughhouse. Love you Mulder and hope to see you and Scully soon.

Shelley Deiss

Agent Scully, 06/08/98-09/19/07

It was a good ride for us both Miss Scully,chasing birds and airplanes,and happiness. Hope to see you soon. You will always be etched in my heart,I am so sorry we could not make Florida together,just one time! Run free keep your head up high with the breeze in your fur and watch for me as I will watch for both you and Mr. Mulder

Shelley Deiss

Aggie, 12/11/89-03/27/07

Our Aggie grrl
Always remembered
Always treasured
17 years wasn't long enough
You'll always be in our hearts
Mommy and Daddy will always love you

Agogo, 03/20/05-08/01/07

I'll see you later my little Buddy.
I miss you.
Sasha misses you too.
I wish you were still here to keep me awake all hours of the night, benchpressing your litter pan.
We'll see you later my Beloved Friend!!!!!
Try not to bite Jesus' toes, I don't think he'll think it's as funny as I do.


Ah Boy, 12/12/07

Although you are gone, you are dearly missed by mama, gorgor, uncle, ah gong, me, dennis and xiao bai. You will never be forgoten and will forever live in our hearts. We thank you for the many years you have been with us, bringing so much joy and happiness to our life. May you cross over the rainbow bridge in peace and need not have to worry for us. Don't be afraid my good boy, you are not alone as over the rainbow bridge, there will be many doggie friends waiting to play with you and there will be no loud thunder to frighten you anymore. We love you ah boy. And someday, we'll see you again.

Karing Tan

Ahee, 04/19/96-02/16/07

Ahee was my buddy and I will truely miss him.
I wish I could have done more for him.
He was with me through thick and thin and always gave me his unconditional love.


Ahle Megre s Lone Star aka Sammy, 04/22/85-11/01/07

Sammy you were the best Horse A Person COuld ever want to share their lives with.
I watched you be born.
I helped them Break you in.
Rode you at the First Show.
Rode you at the Last.
In between we took home so many wins and prizes to make anyone who loved you proud.
You were so gentle and Kind.
With a Heart as big as the Sun.
Even the smallest child could ride you.
They loved you to the fullest.
You'd wait ever so patiently for them to learn how to get on your back.
And walk around the ring
all day like an old pony hack.
We thought we'd have you forever.
God wouldnt take you back.
But all good gifts from heaven.
all too soon called back.
We had a wonderful 22yrs with you.
15 of them in the Show Ring.
The best horse we could ever want.
Had to be called back to heaven.

We miss you Sammy. Everyday I still go out to feed the other Horses and keep hoping your still there. Waiting for your Carrot and Apple that you had every Morning. I miss your Dark Coat with your Wonderful Paint Horse Splashes.
I miss your gentle eyes. And you doing trcks for a treat. Of all things we could loose you to we could think that Cancer of the Liver would be the final Barrel Race for you. You fought hard for 6 mths. But the pain got to much for you. And we had to say good bye.
Wait for me at the Bridge Sammy.
I'll be there soon I promise.
And we'll ride the heavens at a gallop once again.

Sebastian Conner

Aida, 03/08/00-02/06/07

Aida: My sweet Diva were my fuzzy and beautiful little girl. I brought you home from a shelter - and your name was Boo-Boo then, So because of my love for Elton John - you became Aida - Boo Boo. Your beautiful marked fur and loving ways will forever be missed in my life, you comforted me through the passing of my Mother, and three short weeks later the loss of my two brothers only months apart. You seen me through 3 surgeries and the cancer scare with your human Daddy. You have done so much to bring comfort and love to our home. You did not deserve this illness so early. Rest in your pink blanket my sweet girl - I know you are on that Rainbow Bridge with a Tiara on and waiting. Thank you for being a wonderful pet to me. Love always: Mom

Aiden Walker, 04/07/07

Aiden, you were so much dog masked under so many problems. I saw your gentle side, your loving side, your happy, playful side. But I also saw your fears and your troubles, problems created in you by some faceless, horrible owner. He made you what you were and he took away your life. If I could have saved you I would have, but you were too far gone and it was unfair to keep you here. I will miss you forever and remember you always. You have taught me much about the nature of life and those living in this world. Please forgive me for the choice I made for you.

Gemma Zanowski

Aiko, 04/89-10/28/07

My beloved baby cat, my dear Aiko, I will cherish and adore you all the rest of my days, my cherished angel. You brought more joy and comfort to me than I can ever say. I am lost without you, but I know your body was very tired and you had to go on.
I miss your soft fluffy white chest, your sweet soprano meow, your lovely purr. Your love and sweetness was felt every moment I was with you. You remain my cherished angel, I will always love you, my dear love.

Flavia Bellu

Air Jordan aka A.J., 04/15/91-11/02/07

A very special rescue cat that came into our lives looking for love and gave back even more then he received. we will never forget you our loving A J.

Florence Doyle

AJ, 09/22/07

I am writing this not about my own dog, but about
my best friend's dog 'AJ'. She has had him since he was 8 weeks old and he was her baby.
He went everywhere with her and loved going to the ranch with her to teach kids riding lessons. They later added another corgi to the mix and that was his "little sister" KC and he took it upon himself to teach her the way things were. They, as a family, have been through a lot together and my friend and her husband nursed him through a lot of health problems and he loved them with all of his heart.
They were all the best of friends and now they are horribly sad without him.
His "little sister" KC also misses him terribly and they are all doing a lot of grieving together.
AJ will be missed as a companion and as a "big brother". All that have known him are better off for having had him in their lives no matter how briefly.
Rest in Peace AJ and just know that you will all be together again someday.

Anna Brown

A.J. aka The Tasmanian Devil Behind The Front Door, 08/12/07

Oh AJ, my sweet and funny looking friend - I don't know when or if I'll ever stop crying because I miss you so much. I know that you would not want me to feel such pain over your loss and I look forward to the time when thoughts of you will put a smile on my face instead. You were such a unique friend and such a wonderful protector! When a stranger knocked on the door you would twirl and growl and spit like the Tasmanian Devil! You even had two different barks - a loud, low growl/bark that convinced the postman there was a huge dog on the other side of the door and that your regular-dog bark that you used to get my attention. I would always see a great look of surprise from visitors when I opened the door and instead of a big ferocious dog they saw you instead - a funny looking long wiry haired terrier type who had short legs, a long body and the markings and chest of a pit bull. Ah yes, and then you had that hilarious Albert Einstein look with a stripe of pure white hair on your forehead that grew several inches longer than the rest of your hair. What a sight you were! Passersby would continually stop me and ask the inevitable question - 'What kind of dog is THAT??!!' You weren't the dog I expected to adopt when I attended the local ASPCA Pet Fair but they forced your leash into my hand and told me to take you for a walk. I saw the chuckles and sneers of the other people when I walked by with you and I wondered who would ever want to adopt you? Your hair was long and unkept, matted and stinky - you had the stereotypical junkyard dog look and a don't-care attitude to match. I felt so sorry for you and was afraid that no one would want you so I rather relucantly adopted you and have NEVER regretted it! I took you to the groomers the next day for a bath and to have your hair clipped short so you could enjoy the pleasure of being clean. I didn't even recognize you when I went to pick you up - you were a different dog! The matted wiry hair was replaced with a beautiful brindle coat, and you had the sweetest and most kissable face I had ever seen! You quickly became the most well-behaved dog a person could want. You were kind, patient and respectful of all of my other beloved adopted companions, even stepping back and letting the cats eat from your bowl if they wanted to and returning only when they had finished. You were simply amazing with all of the birds, tolerating the most beligerent parrots and once you even caught an escaped finch and held it gently between your lips until I discovered you were holding her for me. I nearly fainted when I saw the little finch tail sticking out of the side of your mouth, for you had thick solid teeth with the grip of a pitbull. I asked you to let go of the little bird and you slowly opened your mouth and put the frightened yet unharmed finch into my hands. How can I ever thank you enough for so many years of companionship, friendship and undying love… I know without any question of a doubt that God blessed me with your presence in my life, and I thank Him every night for such wonderful blessings. My nightly prayers have become much longer now, as I also pray that you constantly feel my love for you, and I ask that you and my other beloved pets greet me at the Rainbow Bridge. I further ask that they all accompany me across and join me in a blissful afterlife that will keep us all together forever. I know that I will be happier than I have ever been for I will be surrounded by those whom I loved best. I will always be thankful for your presence here with me on earth, for it truly became Heaven here when you looked at me with your loving eyes or when I held you in my arms. I have always wished those moments could last forever, and now I know that someday they will. Rest and be well, my friend, and know that a big part of me is always with you. I look forward with MUCH anticipation to the day when I hold out my arms and you run into them, and I will never have to let you go again. I Thank You, God, for blessing my life with AJ's wonderful spirit, and also for the many other companions who have filled my life and heart with the purest and best love of all. I shall be forever grateful. My heart, my soul and my life shall always spill over with the greatest love of all….

Karen Arpaio OKeefe

AJ, 05/09/07

Aj was probably the nicest and sweet tempered dog a person could own.
People who were afraid of dogs loved him, and people who didnt like dogs loved him.
He was great around children- he loved children, he wanted to protect them.
He was full of love even on his last day.
I wish I could say more about what a truly amazing dog and friend he was- but it just hurts to much. He will be truly be missed.
Goodbye my sweet friend- goodbye.


A.J., 03/25/07

My big dog in a little body.
When we first got you we called you our Sumu wrestler.
You weren't afraid to stand up to any dog, yet you were the most lovable and cuddly thing.
I miss you, but know you are in a better place with Sassy, Lady, and Tyler.
Have fun playing with all of them until I can see you again.


AJ (Andrew Joseph Knouckles Martindale), 03/01/86-02/27/07

Oh my handsome boy AJ. I will miss you terribly.
You had a great life and loved to eat your BBQ chicky.. You sat with me faithfully for 21 years through thick and thin move after move and by my side at every bath for 21 years. I love you my Handsome boy.

Kim Martindale

Aja, 07/01/07-12/17/07

Aja was an amazing kitten, with a great personality and highly sociable.
She was dealt the wrong cards at birth, with so many congenital defects it was a miracle she lived to be almost 6 months! Everyone who's met her was charmed by her endearing qualities.
She left us too soon and will be missed immensely by me and my husband Steve. I do urge anybody considering to get a purebred pet to please check on the breeder and make sure they're reputable. The heartbreak is not worth it!!
We'll always love you and remember you, Aja...

Caroline Hallereau-Williams

Aja, 01/15/07

Our beautiful pretty girl -
You were an unepected gift from a truly good friend in such a time of need.
You opened our hearts, protected us from the bad guys and instinctively knew your daddy was the one.
We have gone through so much together and after 16 months of battling cancer together we peacefully let you go.
Once again we have a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled in quite the same way.
Rest in peace pretty girl - we know you are with God now.
You will never be forgotten.

Theressa and Scott Charles

Ajax, 08/18/07

A great pet and my best friend

Bruce Altimar

Akia, 12/12/93-03/17/07

My dog Akia was given to me as a gift when she 8 wks old.
She was the most gentle loving chow that anyone ever met.
She went everywhere with me when she was younger. When I took her home she squeaked in the car.
That sqeak stayed with her her entire life.
When I would come home she was always there sqeaking with happiness.
I will miss her dearly.
She got me through alot of hard times.
Everyone was so shocked that she was so gentle.
I was so proud to be her owner.
When she barked she sounded like a seal.
It was so cute.
Akia, I will always love you and no pet could ever replace the bond that we had. I will miss you always and life will be different without you.
You are in a better place I know, I just wish that place was here with me still. Watch over me honey and know that you will always be in my heart.

Akira Lynn Diehl, 03/02/07

My Sweetest Akira Lynn,
You are the sweetest most gorgeous, beautiful and perfect pup in the whole world - my girly-girl, doll face, pretty baby girl.
There will never be another like you.
We'd have done anything to make you better.
We did everything humanly possible to get you over your constant lung infections.
We tried everything offered to us by the vet and specialists, but your body couldn't fight it anymore.
You were such a good girl through all the tests and meds - you were the best.
We couldn't have asked for a more patient, loving girl.
I hope you know how very hard we tried and how very much we love & cherish you.
Life will never be the same without you and your comical antics, your loving, beautiful personality and "woo-wooing".
You were the "Chosen One".
Be happy, healthy and free Baby Girl.
Now you can run and play without coughing.
Play to your hearts content.
I know you'll be waiting at the Bridge for us when we get there.
We'll love you always and forever!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

Al Pachino, 09/13/99-12/27/07


Alaska, 11/25/98-10/23/07

Dropped out of college
Dropped three classes
My mother caught pneumonia last spring
Her friends from Georgia visited us this Christmas
I spent 30 minutes in the cold on Christmas morning,
I found a job in a warehouse that was seasonal employment,
My friends all left town for college.

And the last thing I needed,
was the first thing this autumn
Was to have my dog pass away.

I looked into your mouth by accident
Because your breath smelled like cow manure.

I thought it didn't matter
Because you like putrid eatings
And you fill such a big empty space.

But Dad took you to the vet,
And the tests showed you have cancer
I thought I'd break down and cry.

And the last thing I needed
Was the first thing this autumn.
Was to have you pass away from me.

So excuse me for looking
Like my world just ended

And excuse me for looking
Like I just lost my best friend.

And excuse me for living and being forgiven.

Just fly over Rainbow Bridge if you want to be free.

But the last thing I needed
And the first thing this autumn
Was to how you passed away from me.

Matt Edwards

Alaska, 12/07/98-06/12/07

Despite Alaska's disabilites, he was the most obeident dog in the world.
You see, Alaska was born deaf and partialy blind.
He was an abino border collie.
Being deaf, we taught him commands in sign language.
He picked up on those commands fast. He was such a great dog.
My fondest memories of Alaska is taking him for walks in the summer.
He loved to go for walks.
He would look up to me as to say "thank you for taking me for a walk".
He was so happy.
He was also my running partner.
I would get a lot of compliments on him being such a beautiful and unique looking dog.
Alaska would also play fetch about all day long if we let him.
He was an active, happy dog.
He loved both of his grandma's.
He loved to play fetch with his grandma's.
Alaska, we miss you so much. It is so empty in our home without you here.
We know that you are here in spirit.
I hope we get to see one another again.
We love you so much!!
Love, Mom,dad,cassie,penny, and your grandma's.

Alaska Bean McClure, 12/26/96-04/03/07

Loving and noble guardian of my heart.

Marilee McClure

Alaska Silent Whisper, 07/25/07

Remember us while we wait to meet you in Heaven

Thomas Himinez

Albert, 03/18/90-12/24/07

After a long, hard-fought struggle against kidney disease and hyperthroidism, Albert's pancreas began to fail and I was faced with the heartbreaking decision to let him go peacefully.
After rallying so many times this proved to be a battle we couldn't win.

Albert was born almost eighteen years ago, on my lap, and has been my true friend and companion for over half of my life.
He never knew a day's want or unkindness, and was the sweetest most gentle creature I have ever known.
Devoted to his family, a fearsome hunter in his prime (and the emptier of next door's carp pond).
He had a deep and abiding love of cardboard boxes, and a tendency to pee on my bed if he disapproved of whoever I was dating.

This is the first Christmas I face without him, and the world seems that bit less bright for his passing.
As a last tribute to him, he was wrapped in a beautiful shawl and will be cremated.
When my time comes, the little guy is coming with me!
I'm sure I sound like the mad cat lady at this point, yet strangely enough I can't bring myself to care.

Rest in peace my darling, until we meet again.

Sally Patterson

Albert, 12/02/07

Albert was adopted from the collie rescue two years to the date...and we had two wonderful years together. He had brain trauma of unknown origin, and left us for his more comfortable place. We miss him very much.

Cathie Haertter

Albert, 10/15/00-09/04/07

Our little boy was on borrowed time...we found out after we got him (he was a hand me down) that he had a heart murmur, but you couldn't have known with his energy level and his happy face and wagging tail.
Even the last day he was wagging and barking and eating up attention from his extended family who had come over for Labor Day.
Now he's not hurting anymore, and can squeak his hot dog toy all day long, and do the Hi-Ho-Silver without fear of hurting his back.
We will miss our sweet boy very much.

David E. Meads

Albert, 04/06/06

We lost a few of our animals pretty close together. Albert was so affectionate. Years ago we went to the pet shop to buy a shorthaired tabby cat - but as soon as the lady put Albert who was cream in colour and very hairy,into my arms, and his legs went either side of my neck and he kind of pulled me to him - I knew that he was the choses one.
Such a lover.
Sadly miss hims so I hope he is waiting with Pip and Fred at the bridge for me.

Marion Warn

Albert, 05/04/91-03/23/07

Goodbye to the dearest friend a girl could ever have.
Dearest Albert, you were my friend when all others forsaked me.
I shall always remember the comfort you provided to me during all the years of David's illness.
My heart is broken.
I pray that the Lord is comforting you now and I look forward to your "face aiming" throughout eternity.
Sleep well, my Prince.
Until I see you again; I love you so.


Albert, 02/15/07

My beautiful boy, please know that I never wanted to leave you. It was the best thing for you, even if it was the worst thing for me. I'm glad you've had wonderful years with your dad and your sister. I've missed you every single day since I left. I love you so much. We'll be together again someday, I know. But I miss you so much.

Shea Avery

Albie, 11/07/97-08/01/07

Thank you for all your love and your wonderful presence in my life.
I will miss you always, deeply.
I love you my best friend.


Alden, 11/01/96-09/08/07

Alden was and is my dearest friend he always had a smile...There is a hole in my heart that will always be there


Alejandra Esteban, 01/10/07

Alejandra was an angel who came down to earth to fill our days with joy and love.
we thank God for letting us have you and love you for all these years, you were our friend,companion and little girl.
we will never forget you, for you will always be in our hearts.

Pilar Esteban

Aletta Marie, 05/02/91-02/12/07

She was the most elegant, distinguished diva-dog around!
She lit up the room when she came in, and expected ALL to bow at her presence.
She truly was a lady and quite a snob sometimes!
I will miss her so much. She was my daughter's best friend, and mine too.
We have 3 other dogs, but nothing quite compares to a st. poodle.
Her elegance and love for humans will never fade.
If she were a human, she would be a mix between Princess Diana and Mariah Carey.
We love you Aletta.
Hope to see you soon.
Wait for me with Jesus.
He'll take care of you well.

Wendy Henning

Alex, 04/24/91-12/29/07

Alex my little kitty.
You are the most beautiful soul and will be missed dearly.
We loved you so much!


Alex, 04/09/97-11/19/07

We love and miss you!

Troy and Susanne Langer

Alex - Stevie's Kitty, 10/03/76-10/03/07

All nine lives are now one soul.

Patrice Stevens

Alex, 09/06/07

Our Heart
Our Light
Our Smile
Gone Now

Van Robinson and Glenn Lezon

Alex, 03/04/99-07/16/07

Mommy loves you. I'll never be the same without you, or because of this experience. You were so good to stick it out with us - always looking for home. Always protecting your family. What a truly precious soul. Oakley, Texas, Max, and Mommy, your loving family miss you. We know you are snuggled in God's arms now. We will see you again, buddy.

Elizabeth and David

Alex, 03/99-07/21/07

I'm so angry and I miss him so much. He was only 8 and he deserved a much better fate. That boy was with me through EVERYTHING. He never left my side and I feel like he waited for my visit this morning (even though I saw him last night) before he let go. I would be sitting just like I am now and all I'd have to go is call him and he'd coming running from the other side of the apartment and jump in my lap. He was MY baby. I love all my cats but Alex was my boy. We had a bond from the second I took him home.

-- He was very sick before, a few years ago, and I pulled him through. Ironically enough, right after that, I got sick and he never left the couch. I must have slept straight through 36 hours and at one point I just felt this soft pat on my face, and I opened my eyes and he just gave this soft mew making sure if I'm ok.

-- Everynight he chased me into the bedroom, would jump up on the bed and wait for me to curl up in bed and then the second I was laying down he'd come and just plop down next to me and purr and purr. That's all he knew how to do was purr and jiggle his tail. He was always happy and waiting for me to come home from work. I don't think I'll be able to eat salmon for a very long time. He always shared my dinner with me. He literally was a child to me and I would've done anything for him. I feel like I failed him. It was so quick. He was perfectly healthy when I brought him in for his teeth and then in two days he's just gone.. GONE. How did I let this happen to him?

I just don't know what to do anymore.

Susan Crosby

Alex and Zoey, 07/14/07

We love you both so much and your love for us will be missed. There will always be a place in our hearts for you.
A part of our heart will travel up to heaven with you- and when we meet again, our hearts will once again be whole.
We love you Alex and Zoey.
Take care of eachother till we can watch over you again.

Kelly Frey

Alex, 06/15/07

My Boo. I miss you so much.
I wish you hadn't been taken away from me so suddenly and so soon.
I will never know what exactly happened to you, if there was anything that I could have done, and I'm so sorry about that.
You truly were the most special, loving, and devoted cat anyone could ever ask for.
You were my baby, and I wish you were still here with me. I hope there really is a Rainbow Bridge, and I will see you there.
I still love you with all my heart.

Kari Kaiser

Alex, 07/22/93-07/07/07

Alex, was my best friend for almost 14 years.
He helped me through all of MY rough times, death of a brother, divorce, and numerous moves around the country.
He was my camping buddy who loved to be outdoors, especially in the snow.

I will miss him terribly.
I had to put my beloved Alex to sleep on Saturday, July 7, 2007.
Even though I knew it was for the best, it was the hardest thing to do, but I know that he is happy and healthy now.

Mary Lynn Kelley

Alex, 07/05/07

Thanks for many wonderful years Alex. Miss you!

Mary & Bill

Alex, 10/28/88-08/21/01

Alex was the first dog I had once I became an adult and lived on my own. We always had dogs growing up, but they were always the family pet. He was all mine and I spoiled him like an only child. My parents even referred to his as "grand-dog." He was a very sweet, loving dog that thought he was a human. He always looked like he had a smile on his little face. I still miss him.

Chris Ann Black

Alex aka Baba, 19/04/03-25/05/07

Little Babs, your Mommy loves you always xx

Sylvie Lecomte

Alex, 12/26/992-08/31/06

Hi Alex, my boy how I miss you - all dogs I meet remind of you and our life together - yo are in heart as always.
All my love remains with you
my special friend. Hugs and Kisses and Pets
Peace and love surround you always --love


Alex, 05/05/07

Sweet baby boy Alex.
You were the most special cat I have ever known in my life.
You were just a different breed from day one.
You were so smart, doing tricks when you were just a tiny kitten.
Your love and affection will never be forgotten.
I don't know how this huge hole in my heart will ever heal, or how I'll ever sleep without you sprawled across my chest with your sweet face next to mine.
I love you so very much!

Susan Dean

Alex and Alex, 1997/09/11 and 1990/03/04 to 1997 and 1999

we miss you,Alex and Alex so much.
and we never forget Alex and Alex,they always lives in our hearts forever.
we loves all this dogs so much.


Alex, 04/13/07

In loving memory of a loving companion.

Marge & Jack

Alex, 04/05/95-03/15/07

My family and I got Alex from a friend in Wisconsin whose female Golden had her first litter of puppies on my birthday. About 8 weeks later, he was able to come home to Illinois with us along with his brother, later named Todd. (Todd is no longer with us, either.) He's was a big part of my life, up until his passing on March 15, 2007; just 3 weeks shy of turning 12. He will be greatly missed.

Megan Modric

Alex, 10/17/72-07/03/89

We terribly miss our precious boy,who was so gentle and loving....someday,we'll cross over that bridge and be with you for all eternity,little one....

Pegi, Jim, Carriann , and Jim Isman

Alex, 10/12/91-12/12/07

To the most competitive and yet loving dog I have ever known......

Art Walsh

Alex, 03/13/07

Alex, it was so hard to lose you, baby girl.
I hope that you did not suffer needlessly by us trying to save you.
We did know that it was time to let you go.
God speed.
I know that Dad was waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Enjoy playing with all our dogs that went before you.
We love you.

Carol Lair

Alex, 10/26/94-03/01/07

To the Bright Light that was and continues to be that which is only Alexandra Spotsalot (Alex) ~

You entered this world a Dalmatian, you departed a lady and the best of angels. I love you so and will forever be your best friend as you are mine.

Shine into the Starry Night and know that to me and J., you are the Star that lights our way.

Thank you for being such a faithful servant and true friend. Love is larger and Hope is eternal in my heart because of my life with you.

Now soar my Joyful girl with the golden Heart. There are no limits to how high and how far you can fly.

Love forever,

Robin... and Ellie, and J.

Alex, 09/09/96-02/19/07

For Alex -aka: Bunny:
I love u so much...I'll miss my welcome home everyday, seeing your smiles and watching your tail wag when I say your name. You are a huge part of my life and forever, will be a huge part of my heart. So many wonderful memories -I will cherish you always...You'll always be my little bunn xoxo


Alex aka Buppy, 08/17/95-02/01/07

Dear Alex,

We're going to miss you so much.
You were a very special and dear friend to us.
Everyone always said you were the happiest cat around.
You were such a trooper through all of the moving we did.
We're going to miss your nudging and snaggle tooth.
I wish you wouldn't have been alone.
Miss Kitty misses you dearly, but she'll be ok.
I'm so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you.
We love you, Sweet Alex.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Mommy, Emily, Bella and Miss Kitty

Alex, 12/01/00

Dear Alex

Its been over 6 years since I lost you and now my Rocky is up in heaven with you.
Please look after him for me until we meet again.
I love you two.

Sue Watson

Alex, 08/08/93-07/22/06

My dear heart still breaks over losing you.
You were so happy all of the time and brought so much joy into my life.
You were my best friend and I will always love you my little man...forever.
I love you so much Alex.


Alex (Lexi Lu) Miller, 01/15/07

Our little baby girl how we loved you so. you mended our hearts when our baby blue died and you were a gift. you were so loved by everyone even at the vets office. you were a special dog. I hope my mom and my grandma and elijah blue were there to greet you. please visit us... "come close" when it is bed time. my love my love... my tiny tiny. love you forever... love Mom, Dad, Drood, Aspen, Kiki, Pacey, Ellis and uncle DJ.

Maria, Daniel

Alex Cooley White, 04/06/89-02/27/07

My sweet Alex.
They say memories are golden,I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
I miss you terribly.
I hope you are breathing easily now.
I can't wait to see you again, then we can be together forever.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill.
I love you so much

Alex Hall, 08/11/07

I love you Alex.
I will always miss you and your happy little face.
I cry everyday for you Alex.
I hated to see you in pain and I know you're in heaven in peace.
I love you Alex. You're going to look up one day and I will be there looking at you wagging your tail.
love your Mommy

Alex Maximillion Pickel, 08/06/99-06/17/07

We were taken by surprise when we were told how sick Alex was. He was the best friend we has ever had and he was loved more then most kids. Alex was the most special dog any one could ever ask for. Any one who came into contact with him loved him because he was just that kind of pet. He never gave us any thing but love and he was so loved that I don't think my live will ever be the same since he is gone. He met us at the door, he waited for us before he went to bed, he helped carry in the mail and he always helped bring in the morning paper. He is going to missed for a very long time.

Dean & Carol Pickel

Ajax Naspo, 09/11/07-11/30/07

Little Ajax, you are forever in all of our hearts..I know your with Ruger,Elsa and Heidi now and will be loved and cared for...Until we meet at the Bridge my little buddy...

Bob Pac Sr

Albin Misko, 05/09/99-11/09/07

We love you and miss you!

Rory and Liam

Alex P. Kitten, 03/02/93-11/04/07

Alex, mommy will always love you, and never forget you. I'll see you in heaven one day, and we'll be together always.

Marta May

Alexa, 02/07/07

I miss you Nonita, there is not a single day that past by with out me thinking about you, sometimes I think I hear you and still I can smell you.
te extrano mucho nona, mi corazon todavia siente mucho dolor porque ya no estas. siempre te llevare en mi corazon
I love you Nonita!


Alexander, 10/07/96-07/25/07

Alex was my best friend, family member and champion of my heart.
He will always be with me. Nothing can take away my precious memories.
I love you Alex and I know you are truly free of all your pain and suffering.
Thanks for loving me. I miss you so much.
Wait for mama on the other side.
Run free for me my love.

Leigh Ann Rassler

Alexander, aka Big Kitty, 02/01/93-06/05/07

Alexander, aka Big Kitty, was a very gentle, kind, cuddly, and loving creature. He died yesterday at the age of 14. I found out yesterday that he had cancer (probably feline leukemia) and that there wasn't much to be done, so I had him put to sleep. He had lost 3.5 pounds and would growl and hiss when we picked him up, which was not in his character at all.
He stopped eating and grooming and began hiding under the bed. At first people (including the vets) thought there wasn't anything seriously wrong with him (they thought maybe he was having a bad reaction to moving into a new house with a strange kitty), but he has moved many times in the past and has lived with many different kinds of animals and people and has never had a bad reaction.
He kept losing weight so they did a chest X-ray and found a tumor in his lung which had probably metastasized from his blood.

He was such a nice cat that my various international roommates would fall in love with him and want to steal him and take him back to Turkey, or Belize, or Germany, etc., with them.
He was my comfort and friend through many hard times.

I have no regrets: I couldn't have loved him any more than I loved him, and I couldn't have taken better care of him than I did. I just miss him and wish he could have lived a little longer. He was 14 (about 74 in human years), but he had been in perfect health until the last month.
I had hoped that he would live to 17 or 18 or 18 or something.

Alexander is survived by me, Valerie, his sister Chloe, his new friend Latte, and my boyfriend, Donald.
We will all miss him.

I love you forever, Big Kitty.

Valerie Fuller

Alexander (Alex) Nathaniel, 06/18/95-06/04/07

You were our puppy dog! We love you Alex so much! We know this was your time to go and we know you are looking down on us every minute of the day!

I will miss you everytime I come in the door! I am going to miss my Best Friend!! I love you Al!

Steve, Karen, Kristen and Kaden Borggraefe, The Lanini's, The Morgan's and The Werner's

Alexander, 04/23/07

I will always miss you. You were the best boy a mama could ever want. You gave me 11 wonderful years.

Karen Hoth

Alexander Sebastian, 10/30/79-08/15/83

You were the light of our lives and when leukemia ravaged your body, you never lost your soul or your heart.
My little man was brave until the very end when you took your last breath in my arms.
It has been over 23 years since you have been gone and not a day goes by that I don't look at your pictures at home and on my desk.
You will live forever in my heart and soul.

Ramona Breen

Alexander The Great, 09/26/07

Alexander The Great,

As a puppy you came to us

You were so very small
And although we made a big fuss
You would not eat at all

They said you missed your Mother
We were so worried about you
With the help of your new sister and brother
Food you began to chew

From that day on you grew and grew
You got so big and strong
Our whole family fell in love with you
A place where you would always belong

For years we walked side by side
You were always there to see us through
A lick for a sad face and that grin so wide
When you left us we did not know what to do

But even in this time of grief
When tears and sorrows do not end
We know your soul has found relief
And you will always be our loyal companion and friend


The Bates Family

Alexander The Great Von Kern, 02/09/97-10/29/07

Today I sent my friend to play in the green grassy fields of Heaven.

To run through the woods with a stick in his mouth and chase the deer away.
He was my friend through thick and thin and devoted his life to me.

I hope someday we will meet in Heaven and be together again!
In loving memory of Alexander the Great Von Kern

Megan Bradley

Alexandra, 08/11/01-04/28/07

Never have we know such a wonderful little dog.
While she was unbelievably cute, it was the size of her heart that made her so special.
She posessed a sweetness that was joy to behold.
We have been blessed to have been the recipeients of the amazing love and devotion of our little fur ball.
We lost her too young (only 5 1/2) to cancer.
She was brave, but we are proud to have helped her to the Rainbow Bridge as our last act of love. Darling Alexandra, you will be missed forever.

BJ and Hank

Alexi Dvorakovsky, 02/20/96-02/22/07

Alexi, We miss you more than we could have ever imagined. Nothing is the same without you; none of us are the same without you and we never will be. If there was any way to keep you here for just one day longer, to get one day with you again, we'd do anything.
We miss your dances, your kisses and more than anything your cute little hands and the way they held onto hugs.
We think of you every day and hope you think of us too. You're in everything we do and don't do.
We truly hope you are in a better place... happy, peaceful and no longer in any pain. Please visit us. We love you,

~Mom, Kris and Sushi.

Alexia, 11/03/96-24/09/07

Our 'Lexi' was a beautiful dog, loving, faithful and obediant, intelligent and quick to learn, always playful, protective of her loved ones and home but never,ever nasty. As each new grandchild came (we have 7) she would adopt this new 'pup' into her pack and was so very gentle with them, often they fell asleep laid against her. We have so many wonderful memories of times out with her - too numerous to mention, all the family loved her and we all miss her so very much. For me and James, she was our 'bairn' and always will be. No dog had a finer spirit and we look forward to seeing her in heaven again one day - 'Rainbow Bridge' gave us great comfort

Susan & James Wilson

Alexia, 08/07/93-03/14/07

Alex was a very sweet, loving friend. She always gave us a run for our money...seeking out mice in bales of hay, chasing us with a snake, going out on thin ice on the Lake because there was great fish guts to be had that ice fishermen had left behind.
She would be on the constant search for food of any kind, eating things that meant trips to the vet. Spring time was always the best for her-it provided the oportunity to roll in every dead fish the she could possibly find.
Her little legs were so short that when she took our daily walks in the fields, her belly would be covered in mud, but it got all cleaned off on the bedspread, so she was good to go.she will be forever loved and with us in our hearts.when our time comes i know she will be waiting for us and we will all be together again forever.

Jay & Susan

Alexie, 06/01/07

My Alexie was a wonderful dog. She was a stray we found about two years ago.
She had been beat and mistreated. After we got her well, she showed us what a great dog she was.
She was so loving. She would look at us like she was saying thank you for saving me. She had the most expressive eyes! She would let the kids play with her and never even growled when one would accidently hurt her by pulling her ears or tail.
I beleve she was grateful to have a good loving home.
She had some chronic ear problems and skin conditions, but I know that now she is in a better place and free from health problems. I know she is running around and she is happy.
I love you Alexie and I wish we had more time together.
I hope you know that I always tried to make sure you were happy. I dont see how anyone could mistreat an animal. You deserved so much better than that! I hope I see you again one day. The two years I had you, you made my life so much happier and brought me so much joy.

Mary Ferrell

Alexis, 03/10/04-07/19/07

The best dog ive ever had.She was not only my pet but my bestfriend..Gone but not Forgotten.Untill we meet again my babygirl Alexis.

Craig Allen

Alexis (Alley-Cat), 06/13/07

We miss you Alley-Cat! I hope you and Wizzy are having fun at rainbow bridge and that you don't hurt any more. Thank you for 15 years of unconditional love! We miss and love you so much!

Nick, Tami & Jenna

Alexis, 01/05/00-04/14/07

Alexis was abandoned at a the Humane Society in Ohio and wondeful people at Siamese Rescue, rescued her and brought her to me when she was just a year an a half.
We only had Alexis for less than six years but she brought joy to everyone who met her.
There are not words to express how she touched everyone in our family.
We were greatful to have her and give her a great home for such a short time, she deserved it.
We gave her so much love but as you all know they give back twice as much.
Alexis died of cancer on April 14th, 2007.
God Bless you Sweet Heart we love you.
Mom, Dad and your sisters.

Alexis, 05/97-05/12/07

I will always love my precious baby girl.
Thank you for giving me 10 wonderful years.


Alexis, 01/98-02/23/07

We miss you and we will always love you.
Our lives are empty without you, but we will see you again.
We promise.

Heidi & Greg Fulcher

Alexis, 07/06/06

We lost our companion and friend on July 6, 2006.
Up until this time, as you might be able to imagine, it would have been very difficult to write this letter.
Our precious dog, Alexis, was a very special part of our family and the loss of her has been very emotional for all of us.
We had Alexis since a pup and she suffered through several serious illnesses and injury, any of which could have taken her life but she recovered each time to continue sharing her life with us.

This time however she did not and the pain that we suffer in our hearts is like no pain ever experienced.
We never really thought we would ever loose her.
We can’t begin to express what she meant to us.
Each day that passes heals the pain but our love for her continues and the paw prints she left on our hearts will never fade away.



Alexis, 03/03/07

I knew Lexi for only five years but she gave me the best five years of my life. She was my neighbor Mike's dog who moved into our condo and into my life. At first, guarding her building, she wanted nothing to do with anyone else but slowly we became friends to the point of her staying with me every other week after Mike moved away. That first overnight, she came into my bedroom, made sure it was safe, and laid down at a 90 degree angle between the two entry doors just as Mike said she would. I know she would have given her life for me. Helping to care for her these past five years has been my most rewarding experience. She was my best friend and constant companon during the times I had her. I would always count the days until the next visit. These past few weeks, very un-Chow like, she has wanted to be with me constantly because she knew something was wrong and was afraid. Sending her to Rainbow Bridge was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I know for her it was a blessing. Lexi's favorite thing to do was to go for dog walks and protect her friends. She tried but could no longer do either so it was time. Already I see her everwhere and I know she will be waiting for me some day. I miss her so much already.

Bruce Anderson

Alexis King, 06/15/03-02/08/07

Alexis was my best friend and companion. I will never forget her and I wait to see her again!!

Michael D. King

Alexis Uslander, 11/21/93-10/08/06

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY BEST FRIEND .My sweet,sweet baby.I love you! Ilove you more than life itself. I am not whole with out you. I would gladly give up my life and switch places with you. I and anyone who you touched, became an instant friend. You gave my life everything. Oh where are you my sweet baby? I went right to mass after the urgent care and a servite blessed your ashes when I got
them back.please let me know you are okay. I will be waiting. I love you!! your companion for ever. "REST IN PEACE"


Michael Uslander

Alexus Wilkes, 11/01/07

My baby girl just crossed the bridge about 3 hours ago.
She was not sick, but was prone to seizures.
She had a mild (or so I thought) seizure, had trouble breathing and died in my arms.
I am soooo empty right now. I love her so much, but am grateful for the time we had.
My heart is bleeding, but I know I must go on so that I can properly take care of her brother Otto (Bully).
God Speed Alexus and mommy loves you still!!!!

Wendy Wilkes

Alf, 02/07/02-06/18/07

Alf has finished his journey in this world. He was born on Sam's birthday...not really. We always just celebrated both birthdays together. When
you saw Sam, you usually saw Alf. Every morning he went with Sam to the office. Once there, he had his own couch. A trusting soul, Alf would hop into Sam's plane and fly away with him on adventures. The day before he died was an especially good day for Alf. He splashed in Aransas Bay, ate sausages from the Oakridge Smokehouse, and chased a few cats. We were blessed to share in the journey of this good dog.
We love and miss our beautiful Airedale boy.

Sam and Debra

Alfa, 04/30/01-11/21/06

I miss you every minute, my blue-eyed baby boy. I would do anything to have kept you safe from harm. I know you can never come back, so we will meet you when it's time.
The rest of the kids miss you too...Gianni, Maggie, Faith and Romeo. You are in our hearts forever!

Dell Harbin

Alfalfa A.K.A Alfie, 2004-06/21/07

Dear Alfie
My sweet fat boy. You will be missed very much, now that you are gone you can join your brother Parker over The Rainbow Bridge. I am sure he is waiting for you with a big leaf of romaine! You were a darling boy and I am happy that you are on longer in pain. Our herd will never be the same.
Rest my big boy - many hugs and kisses

and herd.....Ben, Izzie & Poppie

Alfie, 11/24/05-09/25/07

Too my moon shadow Alfie,

You had a short but brilliant life little man and we miss you more & more each day... without you life is a little less shinny...Can't wait to meet you again..

Love always
Kerry Michael & Aiden...

P.s Clover and Arnie miss you terribly... Clover is lost without her best friend xxxxx

Kerry & Michael

Alfie, 11/07/07

Alfie, I only had you for a short while, my love for you will go on and on.
I miss you so much XXX

Toni Gibbs

Alfie, 05/14/95-03/29/07

Alfie, Will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge...I loved you so much..I know you loved me very much too...I'm so glad we had all the time together, and were able to travel all over the USA, and Canada...You were the best friend I've ever were always there to stand guard for me while I slept...You were always there to protect me...I miss you sooooo much.
You will be in my heart forever....You be a good girl, and know your loved and I can't wait until were together again...I Love You Very Much....Your Daddy, Wally

Alfie, 12/13/06

You were courageous in battling your cancer.
We love and miss you.

Ana Haget

Alfie, 08/13/03-02/10/07

Alfie (Alf, Alfred, Alfredo)
I found you in the garage soon after you were born. You were with 2 brothers & your mommy. I just couldn't give YOU away. I fell in love with you right away!! You have been my snuggle bear, always curling up next to me at night. You would wake me up by walking around my head on my pillow in the early morning. You were always there for me, ALWAYS!! When I looked in your eyes today, I could tell something was not right. I held you and cried. I will miss you forever. I Love You!!

Amy G

Alfie Fester, 10/05/04

Alfie, When we first visited your owner "puppy mill, as we found out later" we fell in love with you immediately, we had planned to go to other breeders that weekend, looking for the best breed we could find, we looked at you, we had doubts about your "breeder" and had already gone to our car to leave, but something about you called us back. During your puppyhood we found out the real story about your owner. During your puppyhood you had to have bi-lateral hip surgery for hip dysplasia. You did real good for the next eight years, in fact you were great at"tracking", you were fantastic from a puppy on, you "got it" from the first attempt at tracking, you were so smart, but as life goes, nothing lasts forever, the spring before you died we noticed a lack of appitite, increased thirst, heavy, labored breathing. We took you to our Vet, found a large mass in the chest. We took you to an Oncologist for dogs, and you underwent 6 months of chemotherapy,They led us to believe you had a good chance of recovery, but your breathing always caused me concern, and sure enough, just when they told me me you were in remission and "doing ok" you came out of remission and there was nothing else we could do for you. You were no longer able to breathe normally. It was a sunny warm day when I took you out in the the yard to do your "business" and you lay down on the grass trying to catch your breath. I then saw the suffering you were going through and made the decision that it was unfare to make you suffer any longer. We took you to the Pet Emergency and put you out of your suffering, my one regret is that you would not lay down on the blanket with us as they put you to sleep, you stood there until the drugs took effect, and then you slowly slid to the floor.You didn't seem to be in anymore pain, as you had been for the past few weeks. But no mater what people say, it's heartbreaking"to put down an animal", and something you live with always.You have been gone 2-1/2 yrs now but seems like yesterday. The pain of loss doesn't go away, and we will miss you always. Love Mom & Dad

Alfie Gallus, 09/10/07

What a sweet, sweet animal he was; dignified to the end.
My buddy.
I miss him...

Jenny Gallus

Alfie Rae, 02/01/98-03/09/07

Alfie is my baby, my companion and a true sole mate.
He actually picked me to be his momma and I love him dearly.
I missed him so very much.
I can only be thankful that he passed with no suffering or prolong illness.

Madeline Backes

Alfred, 07/13/94-11/11/07

Min älskade Lilla Alfred. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma dom fina stunderna du gav mitt i dítt liv du är världens finaste katt, Jag hoppas att vi gjorde rätt så du slipper lida mer.
Men nu är du med Emil och busar tills vi en dag kommer att mötas igen när tiden är inne.
Saknar dig så min lilla katt.

My precious alfred i will always love you for ever my best friend.
i miss to have to you beside me in the coach.
i knkow that you fight to not get to sleep of overdose you got from the vet but i thought that was a better option for you.
so you will not feel pain any longer.
i hope a did the best chocie for you my friend and i hope we meet somwhere at the rainbow road when my time has come.

Lennart Linde

Alfusha, 02/10/05-11/26/07

Our poor baby got hit by a car. Alfusha, we will miss you so bad... I can not stop thinking about you. You were our joy. We love you and ask for your forgivness if we ever did anything wrong. We will always remember you.

Julia, Mark, Leo

Alfy, 02/21/92-11/04/07

You are always on my mind and always in my heart. My life is empty without you. I miss taking care of you. I miss helping you. I just miss you.

Where are you? Who is taking care of you now?

Indio and Kaylee are forever looking for you too.

Nanci Esper

Ali, 08/04/06-10/04/07

Your family misses you so much, especially your bestfriend Abigail Jin, she keeps on saying that you are in heaven with Papa Jesus...and I said, you are happy where you are.
I wish one day, when it's my turn to cross the rainbow bridge, you will be there to welcome me.

Catherine Digno

Ali, 11/09/07

We had Ali for 14 years.
He grew up with my boys and now was growing old with me.
I wasn't ready for him to leave us.
I just want everyone to know what a GREAT dog he was.
I swear, he was perfect in everyway.
I wish I could've cloned him.
I sincerely hope we will be reunited one day.
Rest in peace, my little buddy.

Marilyn Van Horn

Ali, 1993-05/17/07

Ali was my very best friend, whenever I had to just lay there after a surgery, she'd always come and bark until I picked her up. She always made my day brighter and full of fun.


Ali, 10/31/94-02/08/07

Ali - Was the runt of the litter born in Ohio.
My brother Dave fell in love with her right away.

She was almost all black and then her tip of her tail white, belly white and paws white.
As she got older her little mouth got white as well as around her ears.

I remember holding her as a puppy.
I wanted her to sleep in my bed with me.
She was not yet potty trained.
She peed in it. :) I loved holding her!

My brother did a great job potty training her later.
He had lots of patience and love with her!

She had energy from the git go and loved people.

She ran in the hills in Ohio and I got to hang out with her sometimes.
She ate part of a sneeker one time and almost died.
This was a big scare.
I prayed for her!

She use to take showers with my brother Dave.
He told me.
They were like two pees in a pod!
They were good together!

She lived in Ohio for many years then when my brother moved to GA she went too.
Then we all decided to move ie. job situation and missed my brother too!

Ali was a happy girl.
She helped everyone.
you were sad or lost she was there.
She listened and cared!
She loved to run.
She use to take off running in my Family's Backyard in GA and go nuts! Go Girl Go!
Man, I those days of her running free like that!! I know she is doing this now!! No more pain Baby no more pain!

Before my brother moved we would all be running like crazy in the mountains in Kennesaw on the Trails! She loved the water too! Chasing after the sticks. My brother could throw!
She was a born swimmer. A true natural! She chased the squirrels too!

When I was expecting Ali kept me in shape running too.
She was very protective too!
All 3 of us sometimes would be running 6 am sometimes.
It was a highlight!

She took a backseat after baby was born for awhile but she was a great Mommy as I introduced her to the baby!!
It was hard for me as I was a single parent but she understood.
Once we had a routine she would run with me as I pushed the stroller with baby and ran with Ali.
We did lots of walks/runs too!!

I took sometimes special times just me and Ali to let her know I still loved her and cared! We would go for special dates to Kennesaw mountain and run the 5 mile trails.
Later, we did the 3 mile trails and then 2 mile ones in Mableton!! Ali always led the way until I notice she was always behind me!
It took me awhile but finally I figured out my baby was blind!
Another adjustment!
We still ran the smaller trails and did the walks.

The years whent by too fast.
My son was growing up and Ali was his best friend.
They shared secrets together and loved on each other!!
He would help get her food and water.
Me do it Maman. He played and played with Ali. :)

I played peek a boo with her ears - one of her favorites!

She use to eat my mom's bread on the sly. My mom swore she had already eaten the bread when she caught Ali in the act one day! It was funny! :)

One day I thought I lost Ali in the fenced backyard. I did not see her.
She had pushed open the back door up the steps and was inside the house! I was screaming her name outside! She was a smart girl. I hugged her so tight!!

All three of us were a family!! I hated leaving her alone as I went to work but I had no choice!

She always new when my car came in.
She went with the flow! She loved special treats and was happy to see me wagging her tail!!

Her illness came out of the blue though she had allergies during her life.

I did not know she had hip dyslpasia which at the end she could not walk.
Then she had the skin cancer that was not good on her legs.
I got all the xrays to find out how to help her!
It was too late though.
This is something that can not be fixed.
My baby was dying! I became her nurse!
So did my son, Shayne.
My brother Dave became the support person over the phone!
My mom became the silent helper giving her special blankets and treats.
My dad was praying for her and all of us!

I washed her wounds as I could, luke warm towels.
She had all kinds of meds.
I had to keep a pet collar on her from the vet or she would bite herself too much!

I loved and cried with her! Shayne and I made pictures - paintings and drawings!
We watched the dog movie together last time she got up the steps! We sang songs together.

She started sleeping with a teddybear prayer bear!

I told her I was sorry for her disease and for her battle with this. I tried to save her from it all.
I read about the hardest thing I know I would have to do is the euthenasia.
I did not want her to suffer anymore.
She never cried except the day she left this world!
She held on for Shayne and I.
She was our best friend and confidant!

I miss you girl! I told her I was sorry for the times I was not there enough! I laid down and held her. I put a beautiful pink velvet bow on her.
She licked my hand and kissed me!
She knew I was doing the best I could I think!

I made all her favorite foods and bought her extra cans she loved.

Girl, I never knew how old you were getting!
I did not see it or could not see it!

I loved you from the bottom of my heart and there you will always be with me! You helped me do the hardest thing in my life! You loved me as I was with all my faults.
God sent you as our Angel to us.
That day I said I had two babies to God you and my Shayne! I miss you girl!! I want to see you in my dreams! I want to run with you again!

Je t'aime Ali Forever! Maman Nathalie & Shayne

We send you ballons whenever we want to send you a message and we pray to you! I lite a candle for you!

Nathalie and Shayne

Ali, 01/14/07

We love you Ali! Have fun at Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you and think of you often.
Lots of love,

Your Family

Ali Bias, 03/26/07

Ali Bias was a very special, sweet, girl. She is loved sooo much. She was a lost dog that came to us 4 years ago. We tried to find her owners, but no one ever came forward. She loved me so much. She followed me around the house, I never could even go to the restroom alone. She was alway right there behind me. When she became sick, I never left her side. I stayed with her and kept her comfortable for the 3 days that she was ill. I would have done anything to save her. There was absolutely nothing that could be done. I did the best I could to keep her happy and comfortable.

Erica Bias

Alice, 11/23/07

We brought you home w/ your litter mate Ted, just 2 little tiny babies all by yourselves in the store glass case & we couldn't break up the set.
You were the funny girl always chasing the squeeky ball down the hall whenever it made the slightest noise, so energetic & clownish. Then you got the double adrenal gland disease, that you did well with the hormone I gave you everynight, since you couldn't get the surgery for fear of losing you with it on both sides. Then Thanksgiving night you had a stroke & that's what slowed you to a halt. I will miss the way you ALWAYS gave me kisses, & bit anybody else that handled you that ALWAYS made me laugh. To me you were the sweetest little girl & I think of you every day. Ted & Washington miss you awful too, as they took days in not being themselves.
Go to the bridge babygirl & find your buddy Nardo & finally rest your weary little body.
Mommie misses you

Alice, 03/25/95-12/10/07

Alice, thanks for being a great furry friend for 12 1/2 years.
You sure were a character. I'll miss you!

Laura Steinke

Alice, 06/12/00

Love you Alice, I miss you xxx


Alice, 03/02/07

Dear Alice,

You were Kent and Marlinda's pet. I loved meeting you and talking to you while relaxing in the wonderful garden that you lived in. I am sure you will be at Rainbow Bridge and I know you will be missed. Thank you for the happy times and may you find peace in your next life....

Kent, Marlinda and Julie

Alice, 04/92-02/07

Alice will always be in our hearts for ever.
She was the most loving & sweet dog that any one could have.

Eddie & Maureen

Alice, 02/25/93-01/14/07

Our beloved darling Alice.....We loved you so deeply we don't know how to live without you here.
You overcame a stroke at age 12 and many other serious illnesses. What a little fighter you were.Now you are in Heaven with all your siblings.God was pleased to see such a beautiful girl today.
We will never forget you. As we whispered in your ear...wait for us ...we will soon be with you .
Mommy and Daddy

Pamela and Fernand

Alistair, 07/05/97

He will be missed by his skin parents (Mary & Paul) & his four fur siblings.

Jean Collier

Alix ODonnell, 04/90-03/22/07

alix was the most loyal,loving and darling creature that God could ever conceive.For sixteen years she was the love of our life and her loss leaves a void that will never be filled.She cannot be replaced but will live in our hearts for all time.We await the day when we will be united with her.

Sheila and Ed ODonnell

Alix Weicht, 04/09/00-07/18/07

Our Sweet Alix!
We love you and miss you very much; however, I know that you are no longer suffering ... I know that you are healed and playing your brother, Bailey and your sister, Bootsie-Boots ... We love you all and miss you all so very much.
Travis, Gertie and Gracie send their love and miss you very much.

Tim and Pamela Weicht

Aliyah's Darby O'Gill, 03/13/99-12/16/07

Darby will always be alive and running through our thoughts and in our hearts. Until we meet again puppyboy...

Laurie & Andrew

Alkaia, 09/22/06

Alkaia was the love of my life.
We awoke to the crisp air of each day at 6 am.
We walked with purpose and patience as time went on.
We had a great time at play, resting under a tree or chasing away other dogs.
She was my motivator, coach and friend.
She is with me in Spirit and we shall meet again.

Rebecca Lopez

All Our Loved Ones, 2000-2007

in memory of all our pets. we miss them all.

Chris and Mark

Alle, 29/07/07

To a true friend , whom I have known since your birth so tiny in my hand, to your final breath in my arms,only hours ago,you has always been there for me and loved me for who I am, unconditionally and I will miss you so much,you will always be with me, in the middle of my heart where you belong. So until we meet again, be happy furrball, we love you big.


Alle, 02/26/99-06/01/06

I miss you so much.
It is your eight birthday.
You left us too soon.
When you were here, I always smiled, now I hardly ever smile.
I love you Alle.
You will always be in my heart.
I would give anything if I could hold you just one more time.
But I will send your kisses to heaven.
and hope that one day we will be together again.
All my love,

Allegro, 2002-08/11/07

Allegro was born as a sweet, beautiful little black sharpei.
Mayself and my daughter, Chelsea helped to bring him into the world and we loved him from the moment he was born.
Allegro had such a kind soul and loving way about him.
His health was never good but he never changed his personality through everything.
He was always the one who loved to love and be loved.
Even when the time came to let him go to sleep forever, it was him that let me know it was okay - even welcomed as he was tired and he was ready to make his final journey.
We will miss him forever but know that he is in a better place now free from illness and the limitations that his early body had placed upon him.
He taught me so much in his 5 short years and he will live forever in my heart and the heart of our family.
Goodbye sweet boy ... we love you forever 'Leggie' and will alwsys miss you dearly.

Barb, Ray, Zack, and Chelsea Zaremba

Alley, 10/10/07

Thanks for being my best friend for 11 years, Alley Cat. I miss you!!!

Jill Torrence

Alley, 05/03/07

My special baby
You greeted me with kitty kisses when I came home
You ran to my car, if you managed to be outside
You met me at the door otherwise
You slept with me every night
And watched me every morning
You loved to lie on top of me
Sprawled out along my body
You loved to sleep on my hands while I typed
I miss you so much

Kimberly Leyden

Alley, 05/2003-12/11/06

It was love from the start. Alley and his brother Jasper came to my house on August 8, 2003 as strays. I decided to keep them. They wer both black and I assumed they were brothers. My sweet Alley Cat passed away on December 11, 2006 of Feline Leukemia. I had to put him to sleep. I did it for him because he was in pain. He just wasnt enjoying life like he was. I am so proud of the cat he become. Although he is gone he forever remains in my heart. Those we hold most dear never truly leave us. They live on in the love they brought to our lives. I will never forget Alley or how he touched my life but he is not far because he is in my heart. He will never be forgotten. I love you ALLEY CAT.

Alli, 04/30/07

Yesterday I lost my beloved kitty Alli, a beautiful black "Halloween cat," who I had had for almost 11 years. I got Alli as a tiny kitten, along with her mother (a beautiful Siamese, Chantal), at the pound. In fact, Alli found me by tapping me on the ankle when I paused next to her cage. She was the sweetest, most affectionate cat to ever live. All Alli ever wanted from anyone was to be loved. She was recently diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and while her prognosis theoretically was good, she did not tolerate the chemotherapy and became critically ill after only two doses. Yesterday was a good day for her, but the vet told me her prognosis was poor (complications with liver and heart as a result of the chemo) so I made the decision to have her put to sleep. I wanted her last day to be a good one, without a decline that seemed inevitable and ended with her being horribly sick and then having to be put down. Today I feel horrible and wonder if I acted too soon, but I did not want her to suffer anymore than she already had. I love her with all my heart and will always have her with me in my heart and soul. I love you dearly, Alli, and miss you more than I possibly can say. I am so sorry I could not save you but please know I did everything I could and only did what I thought was best. I know you are with Chantal now, and hopefully grooming and play fighting and snoozing like you both always did. Forever, Alli, my darling beautiful Halloween kitty.

Cathy Sellers

Allie, 08/05/06-09/20/07

Allie was life, spirit, and love personified.
A bundle of curiousity, zest, and pure joy.
I will love and cherish her forever, my dear little Alley-Oop-Boop.

Lynn Terzich

Allie, 08/05/07

I miss my sweet old lady so much!!!

Ginny Williamson

Allie, 11/21/92-05/31/07

I miss you so much it is hard to breath at times. I know you are in a better place and are able to play and run, but I miss your smiling face and warm kisses. Every now and then I think I hear your tip tap on the floor and then I turn to realize you are no longer here. You were my best friend, my sister and my little girl and I thank God everyday for making you a part of my life. I will see you across the rainbow.

Stephanie Sprankle

Allie, 03/13/07

As I looked in her eyes to say goodbye, I knew we would see each other on the other side of the Rainbow and she would give me the ride of a life time.
Together for 18 years, losing Allie is losing a part of me.

Judy Barker

Allie Cat, 05/01/07

We miss you old man...It just isnt the same without you. Love mom and dad

Allie Mitchell, 1997-06/01/07

She was the best dog and Amanda's very best friend in the world. We loved her so much and will miss her so terribly.

Amanda, Jeff, Beth and Caitlin Mitchell

Ally, 06/16/97-12/05/07

Our ally gave us so much.
She was a blessing to each of us.
The loss we feel is indescribable.
She was part of everything.
We are so lost without her.
Ally was our steadiness, our laughing, our worries and our spirit.
She's all better now.
No more medicines, no more fevers.
Shell be waiting for us just like she has everyday.
Her greeting of joy
and all she did are here.
Her heart is here.
We are so blessed that we were all home.
It was snowing.
We were all together, just what she loved the very most.
Please pray for her family.
Our hears are broken.
My Ally-pal, my best friend, my sweet girl.
Mommy and Ally stay together.
We love you forever.


Ally, 04/30/07

Ally was a very special cat. I am from Seattle, and she kept me company when I lived in New York - away from my family, and saved me by making me late to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
She came to live in Seattle after that, and has been the most wonderful companion since.
I miss you & you will always be in my thoughts & prayers.

Cristina Quinn

Ally, 10/10/96-04/23/07

Our baby has gone on before us but she has all her own babies and Deano waiting for her.
One day we'll all be together again.

Ciara and David (Mammy and Daddy)

Ally, 01/07/07

Ally your were such a beautiful girl we all miss you why someone dumped you off I will never understand but I thank the Lord they did because I would of never got to know and love you. You will always have a place in my heart. I will see you at the bridge.

Kathy & John Lemire

Aloysius, 02/95/30 - January 2007

Our dear Aloysius left us on 30 January. He has been our pride & joy since he entered our home in 1995. Sadly, he died alone at home. It's so painful not to be able to say goodbye & comfort you for the last time. It was hard to find you stiff & lifeless when you used to be such a warm & loveable dog. You may be gone now but you will live forever in our mind & heart. We will treasure all the memories that you have given us for the last 12 years. Thank you for giving us unconditional love, joy, loyalty & laughter. Our regret is not giving you more than what we could. I pray that you are in a better place now & you are free from this worldly pain. You'll live in our heart forever. You are the best and nothing can replace you. Missing & loving you always!

Your family

Alpha, 06/21/07


You were a beautiful, vibrant, active fish.
We all enjoyed watching you swimming in your aquarium.
We are glad that you lived until after the school year ended.
In August, when we tell the children what happened we know they will be sad and will miss you.
We won't forget you.
Rest in Peace, Alpha.

Everyone at WES

Alpine, 08/20/92-08/27/07

Alpine was a wonderful friend who came to me just before his first birthday. He had been abused by a UPS driver and hated all UPS drivers for the remainder of his life. He loved me and protected me for 14 long years and he will be sorely missed by me. Rest well my friend. I hope that one day we will meet again. I hope that you know how much I loved you and how much I will miss you.

Heather Taylor

Alto Back, 08/20/99-12/29/07

Our beautiful Alto is now at peace and playing with his mates. Our hearts are broken and empty from this loss. The love,joy and fun we had together is truly missed. God is now looking after this tall, handsome,wonderful animal. Rest in peace and without pain. Love always Mom and Dad

Alydia Melissa Hocus Pocus (Babygirl), 11/04/94-06/11/07

She was such a feisty little pup when we first brought her home at 6 weeks old.
She claimed our home and our hearts.
She was so beautiful, she was just breathtaking.
As time went on, she knew she could rule the roost with an iron paw (which she did very well)!
When she was 5 years old she developed Hypothyroidism and was on medicine.
Then when she was around 6 years of age she was bitten by a tick and developed Erlichiosis (a form of Lyme disease) and it attacked her joints.
We took her to UT veterinarian clinic and after many tests they determined it was a tick bite that took her down.
She was put on Prednisone for about 4 years until her (and she could walk to some degree with the medicine) liver enzymes went through the roof.
The doctor took her off the medicine and then she was like a baby, she just couldn't walk anymore.
My husband carried her in and out of the house, at all hours of day and night, to do her business.
I guess the doctors thought maybe we should have put her to sleep at that point, but she was as sharp as a tack.
She wasn't ready to go.
I always knew she would let me know when she couldn't go any further and she did on June 11, 07.
It happened so fast, we knew she wasn't feeling well because she wasn't eating (the thing she loved most) and barking at all the things that aggravated her (the mixer, the shower, the vacuum cleaner, etc.).
That evening she got to where she couldn't breathe very well, so we took her to the vet. He told us her lungs were filling up with fluids and he doubted she could live through the night.
My husband and I had already decided that when she let us know she couldn't go any longer, we would do what was best for her, which we did.
She passed Monday evening and I sometimes think it is very hard to go on without my babygirl. We were together 24/7 and took care of her like you would an invalid.
It has been hard to walk into her room and not be greeted by her loving bark.
I guess everybody that came to our house spoke to Alydia first then us second (which I enjoyed and she did too!).
She was the most beautiful girl dog in the world and I will miss her tremendously.
We love you Alydia and know we will see you in Heaven one day.
God, please give her the rest she so deserves.
She has been a wonderful friend and companion.

Gary, Jane and Sara Hardin--Jamie Earls & Lisa Hall

Amalfi, 01/06/07-07/20/07

A loving angel that gave us 9 weeks of joy.
His footprint will forever be etched into our hearts.

Michael & Melissa Oesterreich

Amanda, 04/05/91-07/02/07

She was my heart.

Trudy Sparks

Amanda, 12/16/06

Amanda, my sweetheart the love of my life. I don't know how to go on without you after having you by my side for 15 years. You were always there with your kisses and cuddles. I loved the way you meowed whenever I sneezed..I miss that so much. I miss your little pink belly as you would roll over and want me to kiss it warm and sweet.. you were my shelter from all of lifes storms and your look spoke a thousand words only I could understand. You were so brave and never complained as you grew more tired. Letting you go was the most painful experience I ever faced. My life will never be the same without you. Everyday I miss you more and doesn't get easier. You were my queen..the queen of my heart. You were the Mama of the house. I still keep your bed for you hoping I will see you there..the others didn't sleep in it for weeks after you were gone. they knew and maybe were waiting for you to come home. I told them you went crossed the Rainbow bridge, where we will all be reunited someday. I think they understand now because they take turns sleeping there ...the bed by the window remains the birds and squirrels scurry about the way they did as you watched and did that cat chirp..those last months as you slept in the sunshine and ventured out on the patio...I knew your time was drawing near because you didn't care to go was as if you were seeing the world for the last time ...I love you my Mandy, Panda were everything to me will always live on in my heart..please stay close to me till we meet again. Your Mommy, Debbie..

Amanda Jane, 01/30/07

Amanda Jane,
You loved me through happy times, you comforted me through sad times.
This morning you woke up sick and I knew I had to do the kindest thing possible to take your pain away.
I know you are with Grammy and Grampy and playing with your sister Brandy.
My heart hurts with your loss but I know you will wait for me.
I love you so much.
Thank you for finding me and giving me so much love.
You are always going to be in my heart.
Love, Mommy

Amanda Lyn Campbell, 01/13/93-02/10/07

Amanda came home with me as a 4.5 week old little ball of fur. She was such a sweet animal, but believe me she had her days of eating the sofa, waterbed, hot tub lid and being alpha animal until the day she died. She weighed 140lbs and if she were to step on your foot, you knew it.....she was good with other animals and adopted a stray boarder collie and taught her how to hunt and be a "wolf" she will never be forgotten and will always be the leader of our pack. She is so missed, but now she is at peace and in God's care......


Amanda Ruth-Marie, 08/04/98-03/26/07

You were so special from the start.
How am i ging to go on without your continuous love and kisses?
I'm glad you are no longer in any pain, you fought so hard to stay with us.
You were so special in that you knew just how each of us needed to be loved. My little Princess, you are going to be forever in my heart.
I love you!

Brenda L. Masters

Amaretto, 05/07/89-07/05/07

You were an unexpected gift who forever changed my life. I was honored to be your person for 18 years. You left me with a lifetime of memories and took with you a part of my heart. RIP and safe journey home baby girl.
Love always,

Amber, 01/01/97-06/22/07

I grew up with my dog, Amber throughout most of my childhood. We shared 10 great years together, the best anyone could ever ask for. Not only was she a great dog and family member, she was also my best friend. She was simply the most beautiful dog on the planet, with her long red hair (the same color as mine) and the black around her eyes that made her look like a "bandit."
On the night of my high school graduation (06/15/07), I came home and noticed Amber was acting very strange, and I thought it was her reaction to fireworks or loud noise however, there was none. The whole week after, Amber was still acting strange. She was not eating or drinking, and hid at the side of the house all day long. On the thursday after my graduation, my dad found a possum Amber had gotten to and figured maybe she had been posioned by it, but sure enough, she was sent home from the vet with only a few containers of pills. When that had happened, I knew something was terribly wrong. The next day, friday, I had woken up surprisingly early and overheard my parents talking about how Amber was not doing well at all, so my mom asked me, "Why don't you go take Amber for a walk. It might make her feel better." And so I did. During the walk, she lagged a bit, and looked quite tired which was unusual since she was normally a puller. By the time I got to the end of my street, Amber sat down and didn't move. She would not return back home. Thats when I called my mom to pick us up in the car & take us home. When she picked us up, she told me this was not looking good for Amber, and that I should take her to the vet ASAP. When I took her to the vet, the techs took her to the back, and I waited for 2 hours to hear some news, only to be told that they got ahold of my dad and said I could go home. When I got home, you could imagine how angry I was because I was literally told nothing, so I called my dad and thats when he told me...He told me that Amber was going to be put down. I hung up the phone and started crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe it. I immediately called my mom, and she rushed home from work and from there we went back to the vet together so I could be with my dog. It turns out, Amber had a toxin in her blood that had completely shut her kidneys down, and that there was little to no chance of her surviving. Before the vet put Amber to sleep, they brought her in to see my mom & I one last time and were told we can take as much time as we want, and we did. Amber just seemed so happy to see us, she even wagged her tail and looked like she was ready to go home. That was all until the medication started to wear off...thats when she went back to looking like she was helpless and in pain. It hurt, it tore me up inside. I didn't want to do this, but I knew I had to. Finally, Amber looked at my mom and I and it was as if she said, "It's time." After hugging her and kissing her good-bye, I told the vet it was time. Together, Amber and I sat on the floor, hugging each other, and then when the Euthanasia was administered, she gently relaxed on the floor and took her one last breath and went up into Doggy Heaven, and there she waits for me and my family at the Rainbow Bridge. To this day, Amber's ashes sit on the mantle by the fireplace in my home, and every weekend I come home from college and spend time with her.

I love you, Amber.
You are forever missed.

"Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge."

P.S. Say hi to Buddy for us <3


Amber, 02/06/93-08/10/07

Words can't describe what a very, very special girl Amber was.

She was the most pleasing and obedient pet there ever was.
If you walked by our home she would charge only to the edge of the property (You may have thought you were a gonner).

Aside from that, I cannot find the words to tell everyone what a wonderful personality she had.

I lost her today by making that awful decision that sometimes must be made.
At 14 1/2 years of age, not nearly long enough, her kidneys were failing badly, she wasn't eating and loosing weight rapidly.
She was becoming very week and had great difficulty getting up and walking.

She is now at piece.
I honestly pray to God that some time in the future I will be reunited with all of my past pets.
I love then all!

Ken Cosco

Amber, 06/22/07

I love you Amber. I will always remember your goofy smile and you always getting so excited to go for a walk. I have so many memories of you, none of which I will forget. You were (and still are) the best friend I've ever had. Even though you are in heaven, you will always be my dog. You were the best dog a girl could ever have. I love you and miss you so very much. But I know one thing certainly is true: All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Rest in peace, Amber.


Amber, 08/15/05

Spamber lou-we all miss you so much. Your daughter is so much like you these days:) Hope you and Charlie are running free and happy.


Amber, 10/16/89-6 years

Amber, You were our beautiful "Foofie chow". What a nice, sweet girl. You were so loyal and protective, and got along so well with all your doggy sisters and brothers. We loved you so much, and our hearts grieved when you left us after so few years. Despite your illness, you were such a trooper, and we hated to lose you so soon. You'll always be in our minds, hearts, and memories.
Jack, Gail, and Colleen- your human mom, dad, and sis.

Amber, 02/08/07

We miss you and hope you know how much we love you. We are thankful to have had you for the short time we did. You will always be our Amber Sweet.

Mark & Martha Sweet

Amber, 01/05/07

Amber today you join your sister Cuddles and brother Rex at rainbow bridge,We love and will miss you so very much.You were our 1st and you will always have a special place in our hearts that can never be replaced.

Jim McKee

Amber, 02/04/07

A much beloved pet belonging to my friend!


Amber, 08/21/88-01/10/07

You were the best dog in the world.
We'll miss you forever!

Barbara & Walter Greenwood

Amber Adair, 01/18/95-12/07/07

Forever in our hearts. Amber gave her love so willingly to her family, human friends and animal friends.She loved her pool and playing "mow and throw". How wonderful that it snowed on the day she passed because once it started snowing there was no keeping Amber inside. We will love and miss you forever. I hope that you are having fun playing frisbee again.

Bobbi & Garry Adair

Amber Alksninis, 07/05/98-08/28/07

Thank you Amber for 9 beautiful years.
You will be greatly missed.
We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge - it wouldn't be heaven without you!

Beverly & Tom Alksninis

Amber Fox Mahon, 09/02/02-09/01/07

My dearest, fuzziest dog.
My little fox.
I am so heartbroken.
So completely heartbroken.
You were my little fox for 5 years.
We brought you home on Veteran's Day 2002.
You were a surprise for our precious daughter Diana.
Two months prior we brought home the tiniest, cutest chihuahua puppy, Visa Angel, and she died 11 days later, apparently of liver failure.
We didn't tell Diana we bought a new dog.
We let her find you.
"Oh My God, I think a fox got in the house!"
We will never forget that exclamation or you.
You brought me so much joy and worry.
You wouldn't listen.
You would run if there was any opportunity to leave the house.
Yet, you were so affectionate and would grab my ankles or plunk a tennis ball down when you wanted to play.
You loved chewing your bones.
You were such a comfort to me when my dear mother died this year, so untimely.
We finally pulled ourselves together and decided to vacation to try to get away from our sorrow.
Your usual kennel was booked so we tried a new one.
Your new vet said she had never heard anything negative about them.
I wasn't thrilled but never thought that you would die there.
I will never forgive myself for leaving you there.
They tell me you picked at your food for a few days, then ate normally for 9 straight days.
Then you became picky on a Thursday, Friday you didnt eat at all and had diarrhea.
Instead of calling me or taking you to a vet, then did nothing.
They left you alone to find you dead the next morning and call me on vacation to say they were sorry to give me this news, but you passed away.
The anger, the despair.
The vets post mortem x-rays showed nothing unusual, no trama, but no answers as to why a healthy dog would die the day before her 5th birthday after one day of diarrhea.
An autopsy might not be conclusive so I wont let anyone cut you up my precious fuzzy puppy.
Nana loved you dearly, I hope you are keeping her company in heaven.
Diana is devastated and so am I my puppy, so am I.
It will be very difficult to go on.
I miss you so much.
I am so sorry I left you with those people.
Please forgive me, Amber the Fox.
I love you so much.
Your "Mommy"

Amber Lyn, 09/07/91-08/31/07

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. I pray I will see you again, my little sweet pea!! And I pray you are at peace and running free. May the cool and warm breezes always ruffle your beautiful fur! I miss you so much and my heart is shattered. I fear life will never have this much meaning again since I've lost you. You meant EVERYTHING to me.........


Amber Reid, 21/06/06

My beautiful girl Amber, longed for always. from your mum.

Amelia, 07/01/04-01/05/07

we get her in second place to be friend with our first rat. As we knew the rat dealer we manage to get one of her sister. She was not a sociable rat except from the begining.(3 first months) She liked eat cable, wood and fabric. she liked get what we use to use ourself, like clothes, paper. She was a good builder, she built a lot of home with straw. She didn t like water more precisely baths.She didn t like when we put hands or finger in his house because when we did it, she bite us slightly. she was the master of the crue, after fighting with her sister, she always was the winner.she certainly get a cerebral attack but she cure herself well. After that she only had the head a little leaned. At the end of it s life she get fat. She got genital cancer at the end of it life, and dead of it.

Yohann, Beata

Amber, 09/21/90-08/15/00

To the worlds best dog we love you and miss you


Amber, 11/23/02-11/18/06

Amber - the best little cuddler ever. My agility star, my baby, my best friend. I love you and miss you. It was so unfair that you had to be taken from me so soon in life and so suddenly. Wait for me at the bridge - I will find you. Love Forever, your Mommy


Amber Crowell, 01/19/07

You were rescued and on the verge of death. But i fell in love with you after 24hrs and decided you needed a chance. I dont know what u suffered before u came to me but i know u were loved got toys lots of treats lots of food and water.
WE loved u but u loved Simba more and wanted to be with him as we all do.
Have fun with simba and we will see you there together.. We loved u Burr


Amber Goodyear, 05/03/07

Amber was rescued by my mother and father. She was a wonderful dog who gave them much happiness. They gave Amber a wonderful life. Amber will be missed by all her extended family.
Spirit says," Whoof! Whoof! I whove you!"

Lynn Kearns

Amber Josette, Baby Jean, Zeus, 20/6,/07

Amber I still cry every day for you. I miss you terribly my old senior gal-pal.
Baby Jean it's been a week and I am sorry sweetie - so sorry you suffered. Zeus Daddy cries for you every day maybe you wanted to be with your Dog-Mommy. I miss you my children and I'll see ya's soon. Love, Ma

Kare Waterhawk

Amber Reid, 21/08/06

Loved beyond words Amber, my heart still yearns for you so much after 6 months.
I loved you for 13 years but feel I let you down at the end.Think of you every day sweetheart. My one and only cat. mum xxxxxxxx

Amber Rose, 08/15/07

Baby girl, wait for me on the other side.

Karin & Ambrose

Amber Russell, 04/24/07

Amber you will live on in our hearts forever . You were such a beautiful , loving , little girl , with a wonderful spirit .Thank you for your unconditional love . The place seems empty with out you here , but i know you are here in spirit. I had a dream ,that you were with my Mom , you looked young and very beautiful , she put you on the ground and you were scampering around just like you used to .I awoke feeling happy . Until we meet again ,sweetheart ,we love you . Madeleine , Alan and Alana xoxoxo

Ambi, 10/14/07

I'm sorry you weren't with us long, Ambi!
I will always miss you & I look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Margarita Politte

Amelia, 1997-07/15/07

Amelia will be sorely missed by her 2 and 4 legged family members. But what joy she brought everyone in her short 10 years!

Ines Lauva For Lynne Snead

Ami, 02/89-06/04/07

How fortunate I am that you were brought into my life and my home. You were so timid and scared, but grew to be curious about your surroundings. You loved unconditionally, all who were desirous of being with you. You rallied to the very end and never whimpered. I am so sad that you are not here with me now. I will miss our morning snuggles as I sip my coffee. I will take comfort in seeing you out there with some canine and feline pals who've passed before you. My love for you will go on and on and I, too, will love as you loved.


Ami-Cat, 08/09/07

Ami-Cat was very loved and very loving - she was my everything. She travelled with me on almost all my trips. She was a real trooper. Always up for an adventure.

In the last couple of years, she developed diabetes and was very patient with my trying to help her. I almost lost her a few times because of the disease. The last month, she developed a thyroid problem. She was very frail.

Her last act of love was to take the decision of "go or not go" by deciding it was her time. She had become more frail over the last few months.

I am glad that she waited until I came home so she could say goodbye. It was her last gift to me and I will remember her courage and gentleness always.

Marlene D'Aoust

Amiela Nichols DiSimoni, 02/11/94-05/29/07

Amiela, how much I miss you, and I just left you. As you were passing threw the Rainbow Bridge, I was crying on you chest and telling you about the Rainbow Bridge, I know you had suffered enough. My beautiful girl, I'm lost without you, and so is your cat Cotton Candi, she is looking for you, I will have you close to my heart for ever. I miss you so much. I love you, my Amiela, Mamma, and Cotton Candi.

Amie, 07/31/06

thank you for your love

Stanley Massey

Amie and Chance, 02/16/07

Amie and Chance are very missed. They were loved and very much spoiled. They slept with me everynight, layed on the couch with me and went everywhere with me. I loved them as my children. Now I am not as afraid of death because I know they will be waiting for me in heaven.

Melaina Frederick

Amity Perry O'Brien, 04/10/92-01/31/07

My beloved Queen Amity was just shy of her 15th birthday when she passed away from kidney failure.
I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Danielle R. O'Brien

Amos, 11/18/07

you changed our lives

Bill & Carole Murphy

Amos, 08/04/90-04/09/07

We will miss you Amos.


Amos, 07/01/97-02/01/07

Oh Amos I miss you so much. My heart broke the day you left. Your brothers and sister are lost without you. You were our quiet leader. You were my boy. You were my best friend. I can't stop crying. I love you Amos. Those were the last words we shared. Thank you for all the love you gave me.
Natalie (mommy)

Amos, 03/04/07

Amos, my faithful, loyal companion sadly missed.


Ampersand, 10/11/01-03/13/07

to my gorgeous golden boy ampersand -- mamma misses you so much, you left me much too soon.
you are my forever dog and i truly believe you are my soulmate.
i want nothing more in the world than to see your sweet face once again and look into each other's eyes with the special understanding we had together.
i miss you so much little man, i hope and pray there is a way one day we might be together again.
i love you ampersand and i wish you were here.

Susan Corey (Suzy)


A little dog who just walked away form the pack; did it all on her own

Doc Martin

Amy, 11/05/07

Amy brought joy to our lives from the day she was born to the day a speeding car took her all too short life. Wait for us at the Bridge, darling, with the two Toby's and Katy and Ben. We will get to hug you again, please God.

Carolyn Brown

Amy, 03/17/06-01/22/07

We miss you terribly...taken before your time for a purpose larger than even we can comprehend.Your sister Raven also misses you and still looks for you.She has taken up residence in your favourite spot under the big wheel.Sleep sweetly our "little angel"...WE LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH !! xoxoxo

Lisa, Nick and Connor Ladouceur

Amy Girl, 08/08/07

Amy was found Oct, 2007.
She jumped into the car & home she went.
No one claimed her.
She was the friendlest cat to everyone.
And beautiful, gray & white long hair with black around eyes & mouth.
Sooo loving..soo good.
We only had her a short time & will miss her deeply.
But we finally had to put her battle torn body to rest when we found out it was FIV.
Amy will always be in our hearts.
Our love will always be with her.
Amy is now running & playing happily again.

Floyd, Jo Ann & John

Anabelle, 08/10/05-10/18/06

Dear Lord,
please let anabelle have a good life at the rainbow bridge. Tell her I love her and miss her very much.
also please tell her to wait for me.

Anastasia, 08/16/96-05/31/07

A very beautiful companion, one who was there during the bad times, one who was there to help us through to the good times.
You where too young to leave us,
but it was not your fault.
You live in our memories, in our heart, you will forever be a part of our family.
May Anubis guide your journey, may Bastet keep you warm and comforted.
Until we come together again, as a family once again.
Thank you for sharing your short life with us Anastasia.

Ross & Rick

Anastasia aka Asia, 03/22/07


Wow, so much time has gone by, but when I think back, it really seems like you have only been here for a moment.

I remember the day I got you, this little ball of peach, brown and white....You were so cute!

Remember Allie, Your partner in crime? Remember when she would chew on her bone, you would sneak out from behind the corner and pounce on her butt? You two would chase each other around the house for hours, frollicking in your wonderful friendship....!

Remember how she used to lick the top of your head all the time making you look like a punk rocker? You loved her so much, but you were never the same after she had to go live with another family......I think you missed her more than anyone could imagine......

Most people said you had a chip on your shoulder, I knew you just missed that dog.....Your Best Friend.....

You fell in love with my Brother John, and he became yours.

Remember how he would pick you up after he got out of the shower, and you would lick his hair dry?

Remember when I would lay on the floor, and to would go crazy in my hair? And you would growl if I moved? Such good times........I will always remember.

After a while, John and I moved away,
and you have lived the rest of your days with Mom.

I'm so sorry if I ever pissed you off, or messed with you a little to much.

I'm so glad that you let me be your friend again.....I will hold you in my heart forever........and I will treasure all the moments we had together (good and bad)but especially after we became good friends again......

You are a beautiful girl, with those big eyes of yours, I will miss your meow..........

We will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.......One Day.

You will be really missed.......You are a great soul, and we were lucky to get to have you in our lives.....

I wish I could have gotten to see you more, no excuses..........

Know that you will always be a part of my heart forever.
I love you Asia........
Until we meet again................


Anatevka, 01/29/07

We miss our beloved Anatevka, the sweetest cat in the world!


Anatevka was so funny, sweet, and kind! She was always welcome to lie on the rug and make whole wheat bread! She always purred, and she was so purr-fect! She was loved by all our neighbors,including my best purr-fect best friend, Katie! We will never ever say goodbye and will see you in heaven ( hopefully ). We will always miss you poised at the window with your beautiful, bright, blue eyes staring longingly to join us inside. When homework time comes, I will miss you lying on my math, social studies, or whatever paper it is. I will always miss that! Love from us all!

Sarah, Peter, Olivia, Lauren, John, Grandma, Gigi, Katie, and Smaegol

Anatoli, 10/13/04-06/12/07

My sweet boy.
You were my best friend, my companion, my soulmate and my baby. I loved you like I have never loved anything before.
I'm so sorry I couldn't take the cancer away but I hope I was able to take away your pain.
I don't know how I'm going to go on, right now it doesn't seem possible but for you, your memory and how much you loved me I must. Mommy loves you Tolibear.

Andi, 1995-11/2006

Our little Andi,
What a joy she was the short time she was with us.
My husband and I rescue Yorkshire Terriers and she came into our family Feb of 2003 with many health problems.
We were able to make her last three years of her life very enjoyable for her and us.
She would always lay her head on our shoulder and curl up to our neck.
She was so sweet and missed everyday. She was only 5 pounds and we can always picture her little wiggle as she would run through our back yard.
Andi you will always be in our heart.

Janice Tomko

Andie Belle, 07/15/94-07/26/07

My Andie.
My precious girl.
You were mine from the time you were just a little baby.
You were with me through good and bad times. You never had a bad day, and your happy face welcomed me first thing every morning and every evening when I got home. You were loving, loyal and devoted to me.
How I loved to gaze into those beautiful brown eyes, gently rub your nose, and see you gaze back. Oh, my, love, when the end was near, and you could no longer see or hear, I held you tight, and you knew it was me.
I will love you forever, and think of you every day of my life.
Someday, I'll look for you over the Rainbow Bridge. Be at peace, my love.
As long as I live, my baby you'll be.

Cathy Cunningham

Andre, 07/11/04-11/10/05

Andre was the first dog that I had ever owned. He was my world. He was sweet, loving, and loyal even until death. He may not have been the most obedient dog, but he was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. He was truly one of a kind. I will always love him and he will be forever in my heart. Nobody could ever take his place.


Andromeda Leigh, aka Ande Poof, 11/22/04

Dear Ande Poof, I guess you know your sister has joined you now.
I still miss you dearly every day and knowing that you are there to greet her made losing Morgan a bit easier.
Oh, I miss you, my little puff.
I miss the way you'd reach around my face and dig your claws in just enough to make me turn towards you so you could lick my face.
I miss the way you would jump up to see me every morning when I woke up, and mostly I mis your constant purr.
I love you, ma petit poof.
Take care of Morgan the way she used to take care of you.
And don't let her harass you too much.
I love you.

Laura Holloway

Andy, 02/17/94-07/16/07

I just lost my best friend.
The dog I'd had since he was a two month old I could carry around in my arms (he grew to be about 50 lbs., give or take a few).
He wasn't a "family pet"; he was my dog!!!
I miss him more than life itself.

Kirsty Deason

Andy, 12/2006

My sweet and precious boy, I miss you so much every day. One day... my boy, one day...mama loves you and always Andy

Susan K. Reese

Andy, 10/29/91-07/16/07

Andy was a special dog. We were instantly charmed by his outgoing personality and adorable little face. He never photographed well because he suffered from cataracts that made his eyes reflective the camera flash. Still, everyone who saw him in person was charmed by his good nature and face that reminded me of an Ewok from Star Wars. He made several moves with us, including the big one out to Texas. He rode proudly in the RV with his "Meemaw and Pawpaw" while we followed in the moving truck. He was a great big brother to Schnitzel. He ran on the beach in Volusia County and swam in Lake Austin at Emma Long Park. He loved treats and being near people, especially me. He loved to give little love snaps, where he'd pretend he was trying to nibble on you when giving kisses. Andy will be missed deeply and remembered with strong love.

Chanele and Alex Muntean

Andy, 10/2006

Andy was Leona matter what, Andy was always there.
His kidneys failed him and there was nothing could be done.

Leona Mills

Andy Jo Hamill, 09/12/93-07/23/07

I love you Andy!
May God Bless you and hold you in his arms. May you enjoy enternal bliss, until we meet again. I miss you so much!



Andy's Scottish Lace - aka Chatty, 12/05/07

Chat, you are a very special girl and we know that you will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Say hi to Lucy, tell her we love her, and have one heck of a tug with her.

Judy and Phil Riner

Andy Pintarich, 07/30/07

Andy will be missed and always in my husband's and my heart.
He was a very special dog.
He was the most loving companion any one could have or want.
We miss you. Love Mom & Dad

Angel, 05/17/00-12/19/07

Thank you, dear Angelina, for your beautiful blessings to me and all who knew and loved you.
You were gentle, brave and a lady until the very end.


Angel, 12/26/07

She truly was our Angel for 10 years.
We our thankful for the joy she brought us each and every day.
Our lives will never be the same now that she is gone.
We look forward to the day when we will see here again.

Andrea & Amy

Angel, 01/02/96-12/15/07

To Angel the best pet anyone could have. You were very special to us and we miss you more than words can say. We love you Angel. Hope you are happy and free of pain now. You will be in our hearts and thoughts always. We love You!!

Nancy Kolosso

Angel, 12/05/07

Angel was the love of my life she was everything to me. She woluld sleep with me and would be at the door when i would come home.... Angel meet new Friends there names are......Pooh - Pooh... and shego they are Poddles to....All i can say is....Angel Was Mommy's Little Girl And Always will be


Angel, 10/15/07



Angel, 08/31/94-08/13/07

I miss my girl so much. I know she is waiting for me.


Angel, 11/01/07

My Angel baby...It seems like yesterday when you found me. A shaggy, flea-bitten mutt, alone in the cold rain sitting on my porch, I brought you in. Just a few hours at the groomers and you emerged a pretty poodle, as sweet as can be. It was then I named you Angel for your snow-white fur and your gentle manor even though whoever had you before did you wrong and hurt you. Yet still, without hesitation, you became a member of the family. I'll never forget how you loved and won over your sister, Fifi. She was the poodle with papers, and yet you were still as pretty as she. Black and white you two were, sleeping together, curled up like a Yin-Yang. I will not be the only one to miss you.

You were with me through the hardest times...When I was just a girl becomming a woman to when I married and had to leave. But it was only such a short time, and it's hard to let you go. I'm sorry I had to move away and make you miss me. I feel at fault for making you sick. I wish I could have seen you wag your tail when I talked to you gently over the phone in your last hours.

In your sleep, you went, and thought I was not there and though I grieve for you, I am happy you no longer feel pain. Where you are now, I know you'll wait for me, wait for the rest of us who loved you so.

Good bye, my Angely...Until we meet again, my dear friend.

Kara Overson

Angel, 07/21/01-10/09/07

Your name is exactly what you were to us..our Angel. You brought so much joy, laughter, comfort, and love to our lives. You were always forgiving of times we didn't give you as much attention as you deserved, or we accidentally stepped on your feet. Your love was so accepting and unconditional. You were always a great listener during our toughest times.

That's why letting you go, was so painful. At such a young age and with such a love of life, you were not supposed to have to leave yet. You should not have experienced so much pain and suffering.

We struggled with when and how to let you go. In the end, we could not endure seeing our best friend go through so much pain. We could endure the pain of your loss if it meant you were no longer suffering.

Maybe you were needed more up there, than down here with us. Who wouldn't want you with them?
We miss so many things about you....
your wet kisses,
your chasing feathers and leaves,
barking at snowmen you thought were real,
lying in the doll bed while I sung bedtime songs,
your "buzz" when happy,
scaring yourself in the mirrors,
playing hide-and-seek,
putting yourself in "time-out",
and eating the bathtub bubbles!
Most of all, we miss loving and being loved by you.

We hope that you no longer feel pain, but only happiness and the love of all of those you left behind. You will be in our hearts and minds forever.

We love you!!!!
Mommy and Kayla

Angel, 10/05/07

Love and Kisses until we meet again

Melanie and Andy Estes

Angel/Annie, 09/24/07

Angel/Annie, you left for the Rainbow Bridge without letting us help you go.
We have looked and looked for you, but to no avail.
We feel sure you are there now.
We will remember you with much love and fondness.
Steven will greet you one day at the bridge!
Until then, we are missing your gentle presence!

Mickey Goad

Angel aka Our Angelic Blessing, 05/13/99-10/06/07

My precious Angel, Today you arrived at Rainbow Bridge to wait for me.
I miss you so much I truly don't know what I will do without you.
You were my heart and soul for 8 years, 4 months and 23 days.
You were my best friend, my confidant, my snuggler.
You were the queen of the house.
Oh, how can any words say how much you were to me and how I miss you?
There are none except to say I love you my Angel, for ever and always.
You were always Mommy's Baby Girl. My heart is breaking, but I know that you will be safe and happy till we are together again.
Wait for me my precious.
Run and play; eat liver treats and greenies all you want!!!
I will see you when I get there. I love you Angel. Love, Mommy

Angel, 10/01/89-09/26/07

Angel and Chelsey, we miss you both.

Bob, Trish, Tad, and David

Angel, 09/06/07

Angel was and is my everything and with out her i am so lost. She was my little Whims and I don't feel complete any more since she has been gone, but I am grateful for all the good times we shared and she will never leave my heart. I look forward to seeing her again on rainbow bridge. I LOVE YOU WHIMS!


Angel, 08/17/07

To my sweet Angel who was my one true, faithful friend. I could not let you suffer any longer. You left my life with my tears upon your fur and my love in your heart. I will never let a day pass without thanking God that he gave me such a blessing. You were the only pet my children had ever had and they miss you greatly. You were kind, gentle, loving, and gave us unconditional love. We miss you so much our sweet Angel. We love you always.

Pam Schobelock

Angel, 08/18/07

She was one true Angel!!! Our family was blessed for the past 15 years with a wonderful friend and companion! Our home feels so empty with her passing!


Angel, 06/10/94-08/08/07

Angel was a wonderful dog. I adopted her from the shelter at 8 months old.
She won me over with those big browns.
She was 8 months pregnant with 10 puppies, which I did not know until AFTER she had been spayed.
She got diagnosed with diabetes and went blind within one week but has done well with her sugar.
Two weeks ago, we found out she was in liver failure but appreared to make an improvement.
On 08/07 she crashed and couldn't go to the bathroom or eat.
Today, we had to make the difficult decision to end her suffering. Now I know she is playing with my American Eskimo baby, Nosey, who left her several years ago.
I gently whispered in her ear to talk to Nosey and let him know we still love him and we will all meet them there soon.
I am sure she will!
We will meet again on the other side of the bridge, where I expect puppy kisses.
The vet said as he ended her suffering "she is a puppy again now!"
Until then my dear faithful friend, until then.


Angel (Angelina), 07/71/91-08/12/07

We were family from day one.
She gave us nothing but LOVE and Joy.
We miss her dearly and hope she's not lonely and has reunited with Zita (her Shitzu sister). God is watching her for us for now.

George & Kathe Bermudez

Angel, 06/29/92-07/07/07

You might not have been wanted by whoever got you as a puppy, but that's ok, because you were waiting for us when we visited the rescue. You stole our hearts with your sad, sweet face and your "be my friend" attitude. We couldn't leave without you, and after 10 years we haven't regretted a second. You immediately became one of the family, and loved us as much as we did you. Alex couldn't go anywhere without you; you became our autistic son's best friend. We will miss you, and love you always. See you on the other side, mama.

Angel, 06/27/07

We love you, Angel.

Donald and Sharon

Angel, 03/16/96-06/29/07

My Angel was the most perfect kitty I ever had. I found her at the Salt Lake county animal shelter in late 1996 after losing another cat to stomach cancer. She and I bonded almost immediately. We got to the point where she could understand what I was saying and I could intuit what she wanted. She always showed how grateful she was when she got her wish. She was sometimes bossy, but almost always sweet. She was all white with big blue eyes that could melt you. I know she is in heaven with my Mom, who also loved her very much.

Leslie Evans

Angel, 09/95-07/2000

Angel was the perfect name for you ... you are always in our hearts.

Michele Ventricelli

Angel, 06/19/99-06/15/06

You were one of my best friends, and were also special to your 3 brothers. They miss you as much as I do. There is an emptiness in the house without you here. A true companion, always there when we called.


Angel, 01/13/99-06/27/07

Yesterday we lost a very special member of our family.
Angel "bear" was the mother and alpha dog in our "almost 6-pack of weiners."
She wore the doggie pants in her dog family, but always had love and kisses for my husband and I.
Her death was unexpected so our hearts are shocked and aching.
Please think of us in your thoughts and prayers.
At the Rainbow Bridge, she'll be the one with a big pile of toys in front of her because anything that came to our house was obviously for her, since she was our queen bee.

Darlita Nieuwendorp

Angel, 01/08/92-10/11/06

My little Angel loved me like no human ever has or ever will.
I will love and miss her until we are reunited again.

Teresa Revis

Angel, 06/12/07

My little buddy. I knew it was time to let you go. You put up such a fight. I didnt know you had it in you. I didnt want you to suffer or lose you dignity. Regardless of how you felt you always buried your head into my lap to give me hugs. Your tail always would wag when you saw me. I knew you loved me and i loved you. You were my little girl, my Angel girl. What a remarkable time we had together. And so glad to have known you. You were my best little friend. Ill always think of you. I always miss you. Love Daddy

Angel, 11/21/92-05/21/07

She was my best friend. The only one that ever has loved me. She was my companion my heartmy hope in life and know she is gone and I am here alone till I cross the bridge to be with my baby.

Jewel Little

Angel, 05/15/07

Love you Angel, always will...

Lisa, Lenore & Robby French

Angel, 09/09/98-11/14/06

My precious baby, Angel, it's been about 5 months since I had to let you go and it still hurts so much I feel like I can hardly breathe. You'll never know what you meant to me, how you pulled me through some of my darkest hours. Now, losing you has put me in another time of darkness, sadness, emptiness. But I was so very blessed to have had you; we were blessed to have each other. I love you, my sweet little girl, FOREVER.

Evelyn Respass

Angel, 12/31/02-05/02/07

Our sweet little Angel passed away this afternoon. Letting him go was the hardest thing we've ever had to do. It happened too soon.
We didn’t want Angel to suffer any more, and he had gone through too much already, and giving him a mercy shot was the kindest thing we could do for him and the best way to get him the relief he deserved.
We thought we were going to be able to take him home today and have more time with him, but it didn’t work out that way.
He passed away quietly and peacefully with us at about 5:30 pm.
We miss him so much, but we’re glad he isn’t hurting any more.
Even when he was very ill he was always so very loving, sweet and kind, and we’re glad we got to love and care for him.
The years just went by too soon.
Mama, Daddy and your brothers and sisters miss and love you, Sweet AngelBunnyBean!!!
We hope you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge and we'll see you and give you hugs and kisses in a little while.

Karen and John

Angel, 01/10/05-04/23/07

Angel was blowing major bubble nests right up until the day he passed on to Rainbow Bridge. I often wonder if he died of a broken heart as there was no way for me to provide the room or tank for him to have a female. I love you, Angel.

Lisa Eichholzer-Walker

Angel, 04/25/07

We will treasure the time that you spent with us and realize how blessed that we were that you loved us as much as we loved you. Golden Retrievers are the most gentle and loving of dogs, but you even surpassed those traits. Playful, loyal, welcoming of strangers, and accepting of everyone, any age, any mood. You soothed us, understood us, and involved us in your life. Always ready for a game of ball, a ride in the car, or a walk in the park, time with you rejuvenated us and made us realize that those events were just as important as any "had to do" jobs.
We loved you. Thank you for loving us.

Debbie, Frank, Shawn, Chris and Toby

Angel, 04/16/06-04/22/07

Angel - Thank you for coming into my family's life. You came in like a new born baby needing much attention. You left with all our love. Thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our home. We will always, always love you.
Paris misses you so much and says a prayer for you every night.
You are truly an Angel. . We will love you always!

Miriam, Paul, Jelani and Paris

Angel, 06/16/96-04/14/07

Angel was truly our special girl.
She was a therapy dog in the State of Ohio and spent many wonderful visits at St Josephs Hospital.

Debbie and Tom Dahringer

Angel, 11/11/92-04/03/07

My Angel My Friend

At first a small treasure that could sit in my hand.

A spirit so pure and so free would now live with me.

What a sweet greeting to see her at my door each day without fail. It made no difference if I had lost or won during my time away she cared not for what I had or had not done in life she only cared for me. Angel is gone now if my love could have kept her alive she would be here in full power like the super spirit she was.I have a giant hole inside of me that only the small grains of time will fill one grain at a time and time seems to be so painfully slow without my sweet Angel. J


Angel, 10/15/95-03/31/07

Goodbye sweet Angel, we love you so much.

Eddie Montague and Mary Allen

Angel, 03/99-02/25/07


Angel, 03/24/07

You are my Angel & I will miss you and love you always.
I know I will be with you again one day.


Angel, 05/27/93-03/24/07

The sweetest and most happy dog that brought such joy to everyone..I love you'll be missed.


Angel, 11/02/93-03/14/07

Our sweet baby Angel will be with the angels now. She will no longer suffer from any pain.
She will be waiting for us to throw the tennis ball.
We love you and miss.
Mom Dad and your little brother Boomer

Angel, 03/17/07

Angel was a great dog, she never wanted to leave when she was a puppy. My mom had been raising dogs for several years and was going to sell her but she kept coming back to us. Over the years Angel showed us how special she was. We all love her so much and miss her. But I guess Angel has earned her wings.

The Epps Family

Angel, 11/26/06

Angel was a sweet and very loving girl
She was funny and very clever I miss her dearly.
I now have another dog (which I love) but
I still think of her.
she was the BEST

P Corcoran

Angel, 02/15/07

We will miss you beautiful!

Ronnie and Vickie White

Angel, 03/10/99-02/02/07

She was such a wonderful girl, I miss her and she will be with me as long as I live.
I will look for her at the rainbow bridge.
She was very special.

Scott Hasson

Angel, 06/29/83-11/28/96

My sweet little angel, we all miss you. Its been 11 years since you left us. Your brother just passed on this week and I hope he up there with you now. I will always have a special place in my heart for you.

Scott, Susan, Brittany & Bobby

Angel, 02/01/07

I got her from the Chihuahua Rescue Foundation, about three years ago.
As soon as I saw her, I called her 'Angel'
I love her so much

Derek Price

Angel, 07/01/93-01/19/07

Today I lost the most important Loving Dog, my Angel. This pain is like no type of explainable sorrow. I hope she will look down from heaven and remember that she was always in my thoughts, & decisions. I am thankful to have had her for 13 1/2 years of my life. I will never replace her or think of another dog. She is irreplaceable.

Bette Bitter

Angel, 03/10/02-01/16/07

Oh my little Angel girl, it has been 3 days since you left us. How Dad and I miss you baby girl. I was so heart broken to see you get so sick as quick as you did. On Monday we were playing on Tuesday you had to go. I know you are with Kamber at Rainbow Bridge and one day we will meet. You were to some as they said just a dog. But not to dad and I, you were our baby. You gave us the best 5 years of your life. I am going to miss you waiting at the door for me when I get home from work. I already miss playing out fetch game in the mornings. I am going to miss you curling up at the bend of my legs or on my lap to sleep. I already miss your snoring. Angel we will never forget you. We miss you and love you lots baby girl.


Angel, 01/10/90-01/17/07

In memory of Angel, beloved pet and friend. She was lovable to all people and animals she came in contact with. The best cat anyone could ever have. I was honored to have spent 17 years with her. I love you Angel!

Cheryl Castillo

Angel, 04/01/96-01/20/07

I pray that somehow you understand that we thought this was the best thing for you. Now you can be strong and healthy again, and play in mountain streams for all time. I love you and miss you so much baby girl.

Steve and Trish

Angel, 02/27/99-06/29/06

I miss you so much IittIe buns! You have no idea how much you ment to me and everyone eIse, and how much I I ove you. You were the cutest, most awesome IittIe bunny in the whoIe worId! I wiII never meet another rabbit Iike you. I think about you aII the time, and I wiII never forget you, my precious AngeI.


Angel, 01/01/07

You were our house feral kitty until the end, when you finally allowed us to hold you and cuddle you as you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
You died in the company of your cat and human friends.
We miss you so very much, our littlest Angel. Blessings as you cross to be with your old friends at the Bridge, Juju, Spirit and Amber.

Gail French, Randy Boaze

Angel, 12/23/06

You had a rough start in life but some how we came together and then you lived like the princess that you are. You will always be in my heart my baby girl.


Angel and Serena, August and October

You were my steadfast companions.
You were there with me through good times and especially hard times.
I miss you both so much.
Out time was so short.
I'm sorry for any tiome I treated you with anything less than pure love and respect.
I look forward to the time when we will be together again.
Until then, run and play.
Enjoy your new found freedom.
Take good care of one another.
And know that I will always love you.
You will forever hold a place in my heart.

Donita Mason

Angel Adcox, 08/01/07-11/18/07

my little angel i named you angel after a song i heard it seemed so fitting for you and you was my little angel,tonight as i set here alone and sad i can take comfort knowing that i was with you when you took your last breath in my arms i prayed for god to take you so you would not be in anymore pain now i can rest knowing my little angel is finlly at piece. i truely beleave there are angels among us! i miss you and love you baby girl.

love always, mommie and daddy

Angel Baby, 01/01/06

you werethe love of my life. thank you for being such a perfect companion. xxxooo

K & K Scott

Angel Baby, 2001-08/21/07

Angel... My heart is breaking. You were the last baby my mom had. I dont understand why you left for rainbow bridge. Josh said you was sleeping and stopped breathing.. Least you died while in the arms of those that loved you. Plase go see your babies Itty Bitty , Houdini, Big Mama I am sure they are happy to see their mom... Angel know that I will miss your wagging tail and smiling face I will always remember you as I do your babies.. Love mama...

Angel Cub, 10/02/88-09/26/01

Angel was my son for all intents and purpses. I loved and adored him. He has been gone now for 6 years and the pain is still there. He will always be in my heart until we are joined together at the rainbowbridge.

Barry Goodman

Angel-Girl, 02/21/03-09/05

This is to my beloved Angel-girl, that if it wasn't for you I would not be here to tell your story on how you save all of our lives when Hurricane Katrinas Flood waters came. Their will be justice for you and all the others that were murder in St.Bernard Parish. Daddy an Aunt Carol are leading the was so that you ,Bullet,Honey,all the others will have peace. We all miss you all so very much. I know that you,Grandma,Little John,Exxon and Princess will be there to take me home for a big reunion in Heaven.



Angel Harpold, 09/13/07

I miss you angel so much.I know that you were in a great deal of pain with the cancer,and i wish i could have healed that for you.I tried everything that the vets had but it just wasnt enough.Im so sorry and i love you soooo much.the 13 years we had together i will always remember and cherish.You are in my heart forever untill we meet again.I love you .

Angela Harpold

Angel Kitty, 05/23/07

Rest in Peace Our Beautiful Angel, you gave to us so much at a time that we needed it.
Kisses will take care of you darling.
Until we meet again little girl.

Ian & Sarah Dennison

Angel Lady, 11/12/89-11/09/07


Bettie L. Spicher

Angel Ohio Alley, 11/01/93-01/10/07

My Angel, my baby was the epitome of God's love.
She met no strangers. She never hated, held a grudge, became or angry She accepted everyone just as they were and freely gave her love to all that wanted it. Angel if we humans could learn to be more like you, this would be a heaven on earth. Thank you for all the love, companship,understanding, patience, loyalty and happy memories that you gave me. You will never be forgotten. I will be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. I will always love you baby, mama's little puppy girl.


Angel Poodleface, 12/05/90-09/03/07

There aren't any words that can describe how I feel about losing my Angel.
She was my soulmate and spiritual twin.
I gave her all my love but she gave me that 10 times over.
Angel was an independent spirit who touched many lives; well known in my neighborhood and around the world.
I'll never forget her and hope that one day, we'll meet again where pain and want are unknown.

Diane Schwartz

Angel Precious Peck, 11/05/95-01/18/07

My sweet little Angel has gone to Heaven today....

We will all miss her dearly, she was like a family member and one of my best friends....we love you Angel....

Kendra, Kassie, Tyler, Joe, Donna, Charlie, and Chloe

Angel Simba, 07/31/07

He was my best friend, my little "angel" for 13 years.
Rest in peace baby bear.

Leti, Reagan, Robert

Angel Wink, 07/21/98-04/25/07

In loving memory of my little Angel Wink who died on April 25, 2007 - I loved you baby - and miss you so very much - all the joy has been taken out of my life.

Angela, 10/31/93-02/14/07

I love you baby.


Angelbaby, 03/02/06-03/20/07

Our Angel was tiny, only 6 lbs., but her love was not measureable by ANY standards, ...... we loved her dearly, and will always feel the pain of losing her.
I pray she, and my other "furbabies" will be waiting for me, --
because if dogs can't go to heaven, I don't want to, either, .......
I want to go where they go.!!!
I love you, and miss you so terribly much.
Your Momma & Dad

Wilma L. & Terry R. Murray

Angelica (FleeFlee), 05/31/98-04/26/07

Our little Princess Angelica just weighed 2 lbs.
She was a teacup yorkie, but had the heart and stamina of a Great Dane.
With her short tiny legs, she would walk the entire neighborhood without getting tired.
When the walk was over, she still wanted more.
The whole neighborhood knew her.
Angelica was never put on a leash because she was so disciplined that she would walk by you and never get away.
She was always by our side, no matter where.
When I would sit even to put my make up on she would ask to be picked up to sit on my lap.
Angelica had all kinds of nicknames.
It started when she was a puppy and we thought she was as tiny as a flea.
We started calling her the Flea, then Fleeflee, then Flufli, then Flu, Frap, etc., etc.
She responded by all the names.
Angelica was the smartest little dog.
She was never sick one day of her life until the day she died from liver failure, a month before her 9th birthday.

Our dearest Flufli, we miss you so much!!!
We miss having you in bed.
Whenever I said, "stay with mama", you would stay with me.
Then, I would say, "where's papa?, where's papa?", and you would go crazy looking for him.
There's no one to greet us now when we come home.
You're not here anymore to get your toys and bring them over, so that we would toss them and you could go fetch them.
You're not begging for food anymore.
I feel lonely when Papa is working out of town and you're not here to keep me company.
We miss all those special moments with you. You were our little baby.
We have cried for you so much.
When Papa came home from work, the next day after you were gone, he cried and cried.
He couldn't take you for your short walk that morning.
He now, has to go for his walks by himself. The next day after you were gone, Papa was going outside, and he said, "come on Frap" like he always said to you.
He had forgotten that you were gone.
Everybody in the neighborhood misses you.
They were wondering where you were.
It happened so suddenly that no one was prepared for this.
Mama and Papa will never be prepared for what happened to you.
The only thing that brings us comfort is that you didn't suffer for long.
You were always so healthy until your final day.
Why did you have to leave us, so soon and so unexpectedly?
There's not one moment that I think of you and don't cry.
The house is so empty without you.
We just hope you're happy and in a better place with Chessie, your brother, Juliet, your mommy and Chichi, your grandma.
You will always, always be in our minds and in our hearts.
We love you FleeFlee and always will,
Mama and Papa XOXOXOXO

Angelina, 05/27/07

She was a very good hamster, she was very special to me. I did a good job taking care of her, I will miss her very much.
My mom told me about Rainbow Bridge, I know I'll see her again one day.
My whole family and friends loved her very much.

Noah Austin

Angelique, 03/20/96-05/30/07

I always loved animals and cats, but Angelique made me passionate about them.
She was so full of personality, she was a friend and my baby.
Words cannot describe the hole in my heart today and how she will be missed.
I cannot imagine life without her, and can only hope that she is somehow still with me, and that she will wait for me.
Goodbye for now my Sweet Pea.
You know I will think of you everyday.
Stay with me forever...


Angelkiss Reed, 02/27/07

We just loss our Angelkiss, Kissy last night. She had a rough start as a kitten, but we loved her so much. It hurts so much that she is gone, but we look forward to the day when we will hold her in our loving arms. God Bless You Angel.

Robert, Kelly, Kelsey, Kody and Kaylee Reed

Angelle, 11/26/07

You were my first dog i can still remember the first time i laid eyes on you i knew that god had picked you out just for me. you had your brother at my parents waiting for you. i recall how scared i was because i thought that he would hurt you he played so rough. it wasn't long and you were inseperable. i took you for long walks in the woods and you'd chase squirrles up the trees.
then your brother got cancer and died and i ached for you, now you can hardly walk and you have a tumor on your leg that has grown and i know that i have to say goodbye and let you go where you can run and play with other dogs in rainbow heaven but i will be with you again and thats when we will be inseperable forever my faithfull and loyal bestfriend angelle.


Angelo, 07/17/06-08/23/06

Dearest Angelo, Freya's first husband and childhood love, you died because you sacrificed yourself so your wife could be healthy. You took the bad so your wife can take the good. You didn't complain and took all the pain... until you faded away... now we lost you... but your memory and sacrifice will stay with us and is well appreciated along with Elda and Banikong's. Thank you...

Monika Ortega

Angelo A La Primo, 06/21/95-08/02/07

Our most beautiful Baby were the most precious Dalmatian.
We will always be remembering your smile and lovely angel face.
Now you are with your dear brother, "Mickey with a D" who died in 2003.
You two Dals gave us many years of happiness.
Life, for us, will never be the same without you.
Love always from your mom and dad (Stavros and Joan Mihail)

Angelus, 11/04-11/29/07

You are a special little man Angelus. You were the beginning to wonderful journey, and will live on in the hopes of good homes for all future piggies that are adopted.

Rest well sweet angel, and say hello to the others for us. Watch over your Daddy, he misses you so. Until we all meet again...

Gayl For Your Mommy and Daddy

Angie, 02/12/04-10/13/07

Angie was the most precious child to me.
She loved me as I loved her,unconditionally. A personality and disposition of caring, never complaining, always trying to please, she loved all her friends and family human and animal.
She took care of me her Mom and was going to be my helper once I could no longer walk. Heaven will be even more wonderful when I pick her up at Rainbow Bridge along with her other brothers and sisters.

Faye Daniel

Angie, 09/16/07

Angie was a rescue kitty but she was the one who did the rescuing. In my daughter's darkest hours, Angie was there right by her side - loving her, keeping an eye on her, and being her guardian angel kitty. She is deeply missed and left us too soon...she was the best kitty in the world.


Angie, 1993-03/31/07

Angie, You were all I had. You never judged me. You just loved me. I loved you sooooo much and miss you so much. My life will never be complete until we cross that bridge together . Am waiting to see your tail wag when I see you again.No matter how badly you felt , you always wagged you tail when I came into the room. I love you so much my girl and look forward to seeing you again soon. Love Mama

Angie Bean, 08/25/07

My princess Angie was tragically taken away from us on 8/25/07...
She was at my parent's house and took off into the fog very early that morning. She ended up crossing the street and got hit by an oncoming car...
She had just turned 5.

While I know that she will forever live on in our hearts, I can't help but think my life will not be the same without her.
She was truly my best friend, my companion, by my side 24-7. She was the best listener I knew, such a good "helper", she just loved everything and everyone, and no matter what, was always there with a wiggle of her tail.

To my Angie: I was proud to be your doggie-mommy for these 5 wonderful years. I feel like you have made me into the person that I am today.
I will miss hugging you and kissing you every morning and night.
Seeing you in my dreams will have to do for now, until I see you again in heaven as I cross the Rainbow Bridge to meet you.
I will never forget you, as long as I live.

Your Mommy, Laurie

Angie Colleen, 01/19/89-03/21/00


Angus, 01/22/96-12/27/07

Precious AnGUS, You are the one who can never be replaced.
The pain in our hearts by your leaving is unspeakable.
For almost 12 years you did everything you could to ease our pain, and when your beautiful little body wore out, we had no choice but to ease your pain.
You will always be our Forever Scottie, the one who will meet us at the Bridge when we arrive.
We love you more than life itself, Beautiful Boy.
And remember what we always said to you...we won't be gone long and we'll think about you the whole time we're apart.

Rick & Cheri Biggs

Angus, 12/10/07

big angus was our friend, our heart is broken, never was there such a mellow gentle dog he was loved by all who met him he was so friendly in a calm way, christmas will have a big hole in it this year, one thing for sure the rainbow bridge has a special guy now, dear friend angus "go rest high on the mountain" your free now,

your daddy & mommy

love you so!

Angus, 08/01/05-12/13/07

He was the best little cat ever.
I rescued him when he was only about 3 weeks old.
Angus was my little baby.
He will be deeply missed.
I can not even express in words how I feel because of the way that I lost him, it was so tragic.
I will never forget him and I hope he can forgive me for not protecting him better, I love him so much and I know he loved me to.
I keep wanting to wake up from this bad dream but I know it is not a dream.
When I see him again, I am never going to let him out of my sight.
Angus I miss you baby and I will never, ever forget you...Mommy loves you.

Angus, 01/16/97-09/05/07

Angus was a beautiful black ten year old Scottish Terrier with a heart of gold.
He was faithful, loving, smart, and a wonderful companion.
When his mother died, part of his spirit went with her.
He was never the same after February 25, 2006 when his mother went to the Rainbow Bridge.
Angus was strong until the very day he died.
We enjoyed a six week vacation with him & his little Scottie sister only a few weeks before he passed.
Angus seemed to have such a good time on vacation out West and didn't show any signs of the cancer that was invading his body.
He took hikes with us, played, took dips in the many lakes, rode hour after hour in the car, pleased his public by just being Angus, and one morning he put his head on my pillow and looked into my soul, which I shall never forget.
He was so beautiful, such a Prince, and our inspiration.
He has left a large Scottie-shaped hole in our hearts!

Diane & Ed Wetzel

Angus, 07/05/92-06/23/07

Angus our Beloved Friend

I wake each morning expecting to see,
Angus close by waiting for me,

He was loyal and loving never bit a soul,
He gave all he had and this we know,

We inherited Angus when our dear son past away,
A gift from God who wanted it that way,

He filled our hearts with love untold,
We never noticed that he was growing old,

He enjoyed the children especially you see,
He left way too soon for eternity,

When we get to heaven I know he'll be there,
God wouldn't have a heaven without dogs being there,

Right now he's in Steve's loving arms,
God is smiling as he watches a dog with such charms,

If Dogs aren't in heaven then I don't wanna go,
I want to see him again God, just so you know,

God, please pet him a lot and give him a crust of your bread,
And give him a place to lay his poor weary head,

We will miss you dear Angus but this this you already know,
I'll be joining you soon I'm about ready to go,

Thank you Lord for this gift of Steve's precious pet,
DOG spelled backward is GOD and that's a fact don't forget,

Hugs and kisses go with you dear Angus my love,
YOu're surrounded by family in heaven above.

We love you..........Butterflytears

Marsha Allen

Angus, 12/23/92-26/05/07

Dear Angus, We all loved you so much.
You have been a loyal companion and friend all your life long.
We are so glad we had 15 years with you, and are so sorry that you had to leave us today.
Take care good friend, and we'll see you on the other side, no more pain, no more struggle.

Rest quietly beautiful boy,

All our love,

Mel, John, Isaac, David, Bronte and Genevieve.

Angus Eamon, 04/05/04-08/27/07

Your gentle soul made our lives so fulfilled.
We love and miss our Big Guy & we know that we will see you again one day!

T.K. & Bill

Angus Herbert Mcctavish, 07/20/02-02/04/07



Anika, 01/17/93-07/23/07

My loving Akita baby was found dead this morning when I woke up to feed her.
She was still warm but I missed holding her when she passed.

Dennis Parsley

Anisa, 01/17/03

Anisa, we miss you so much. It has been 4 years. We think of you every day and night. Jack misses you so much. It is not the same without you. We are ok though. I am taking good care of Jack and Jack is taking good care of me. Jack sends his love and says hello. We wish you were here. We'd love to take you on more vacations. Hugs and Kisses always,
We love and miss you so much
Mommy, Jack, Alisa and Moose

Ann E Truitt, 09/91-04/20/07

my best friend - I cannot believe you are really gone - I wish I could have helped you more - I miss your purrs and your talks. I miss your little face watching out the window when I pull into the driveway.

Cheryl J Truitt

Anna, 09/06/07

Goodbye our sweet baby girl. You were always able to make us smile and we'll miss you dearly. Be happy in your new home and know that we'll always keep you in our hearts.

Paul, Karen, Michelle, Ashley(Cat), Ladyhawke(Cat)

Anna, 04/92-05/15/07

Anna, you were my "heart".
You had such a strong will to live and determination to take care of all those around you.
You could read my mind and alert me to situations that required my attention.
I know you hated leaving me and suffered to stay.
Thank you for all of the wonderful years of sitting with me, sleeping with me and just for being with me.
I love you and will always remember you.
A piece of my heart will always remain with you and your memory.

Anna, 07/01/00-03/10/07

Anna, you were my special little furry friend.
Your ilness lasted just three weeks, although it had probably been present much longer, we just didn't know about it.
These have been three of the longest weeks of my life and my little precious one I miss you so much, even though your passing was just 24 hours ago.
Those huge pale blue eyes looking at me each and every morning.
Your soft warm company sleeping on my lap whilst I read or sewed.
Dear little Sheba is so lost without you too.
Our last walk to the Vet hospital will live in my memory.
You were so trusting and the medics were so kind as we comforted you whilst you went to sleep for the last time. At 6 1/2 years you were far too young to leave us. My little darling, your suffering is over.
Have fun over Rainbow Bridge with all our little felines: Snoopy, Sia, Fluffy, Misty, Bossy, Modl and Domingo.
We will see you all again one day.

Pat E

Anna Dippolito, 10/24/05-01/17/07

Feline Domestic Long Hair, that’s how the vet described her, but to her family she was “Anna Jackson Dippolito”...daredevil extraordinaire. Anna lived her life in full-throttle chasing her siblings at full speed, jumping farther and higher each time she tried, and taking life by the horns. She loved kitty treats and came running at the mere shake of the can. Although water is typically the cats’ enemy, Anna climbed into the shower each morning to clean off the previous days grime. Never far from her brother she was a master bather and cleaned both her brother, Jackson and sister, Maggie daily. Anna was a “chaser” and chased anything that moved with speed, including your toes under the covers! Nightly she crawled into bed with her family to snuggle under the blankets only to stay awake long enough to deprive her family of sleep. She was a born leader and rallied the troops each time the family went to reenacted the Civil War. By the time we returned she had gathered the Southern Army to greet us at the door armed with kisses and snuggles all around. Anna will never be far from her family and will stay in their hearts as they continue to forge through life. She will be remembered with spirit and love as her memory is honored each day.
Anna Jackson Dippolito joined her name-sake Anna Jackson, wife of Gen. Thomas J. Jackson January 17, 2007.

“Let us cross over the River and Rest under the shade of the trees.” Gen. Thomas J. Jackson 1863

Anna Howard Johnson, 05/23/07

You are My babie girl, and a good girl. I miss you so, every time I think of you a tear hits my eye's. You were such a good girl. I will see you at the Bridge later, and you better come running.

Annabell, 04/02/07

annabell was are baby.. we will really miss her..
she as in really good health until she ate her last dinner... she died because of the pet food

Crystal House

Annabelle, 04/18/00-10/10/07

You brought so much joy to my life and I can not believe you are gone.
Thank you for always being there for me.
I know that I will see you again soon.

Scott McGraw

Annabelle, 04/2000-07/12/06

Annabelle, Your Mommie misses you so...and so does your friends. Tell Pepper, Ginger and Buffie I love them and stil miss them too!
Love, Loretta

Annabelle, 01/01/91-06/20/07

My sweet Annabelle - I can't remember a time you weren't with me.
We'll miss you terribly - you'll be my sweet gaurdian angel now.
I'll carry you picture on our wedding day in October.

I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy and Daddy

Anne, 07/13/07-07/13/07

In memory of Anne who chose us to spend her last 2 years of life with.

Phyllis and Walt

Anne The Cat aka Princess Petal, 04/01/90-11/29/07

Little Annie, we were there the day that you were born.
While only Christopher was there when you went,
I touched you before I went to work,
wishing you would stretch and eat and drink.
You are with your brother Frank, and Daughter Rascal.
You will be missed, you grew up in more locations than most. You would stand up on my lap as we drove to California, and back when we lived down there.
When you were hidden in the basement from the roomates.
You took care of Frank when he was alive, anyone messed with him they met you, and you were smaller.
I often wonder if you outlived all your brothers and sisters, and even though you would have been 18 this April we thought we had years with you ahead.
Goodbye little princess.

Christopher Randall & Michael Meyer

Annie, 07/27/96-10/28/07

i love you, baby girl. wait for mommy and daddy at the bridge. i can't wait to see you again. you are one of the bookends of my life.

Ninette and George Johnstone

Annie, 11/11/07

Annie was absolutely the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever known. Everyone who ever met her, loved her. She touched my heart in so many ways.
Words aren't enough to express how much I miss her.

I love you, Annie girl.


Annie, 09/11/92-10/18/07

My little Annie was the greatest of gifts. She was forever loving and was the sweetest dog I ever knew. Even at the end of her days she displayed the will to never give up. May she be at peace.

Marcy Jones

Annie, 10/23/07

Annie left me early Tuesday morning. I hope she could hear all that I said to her and feel that I was near her. I hope she already knew what was in my heart. Her still quiet face looks again like she did before she got sick - her noble, beatiful face. She was one of a kind. My husband picked her out of a box of look alike yellow puppies who were on their way to the pound. What some one threw away became our treasure. She was with us for nine years - not nearly long enough. How I wish I knew that there really is a rainbow bridge and that she is once again happy and healthy waiting for me. Annie, my darling girl, how I miss you.

Mary Jo Spooner

Annie, 04/01/88-08/05/07

Annie we love and miss you dearly.


Annie, 04/16/96-10/06/07

To our precious girl..know you will be safe without us. Know you will be missed. Know you were such an inspiration and testament to what love and care can create and heal.

Our lives will never be the same without you.

Joe & Jen Vacca

Annie, 09/28/07

You made me happy on my saddest of days.
Your cute face, wet kisses and warm cuddles will be missed more than words can express.
You were my strength, my heart, my soul.
I will miss you terribly.
Hopefully we will meet again.
I love you my Annie Bean. Love, Momma.

Annie, 03/21/03-09/23/07

Mommy & Daddy miss you so much.

Donnie & Jessica

Annie, 2000-08/24/07

Annie- You were such a delight to all of us. Thank you for the wonderful 5 years. I will miss your determination, your patience, your intense stare, your lack of exhaustion, your free spirit, your adventurous attitude and your loving personality. You will always be my princess and I will never forget you.

Ellie Riggs

Annie - Orphan Annie, 08/06/07

Annie gave us ten wonderful loving years since we found her as a stray. She will be sorely missed and never duplicated.

David & Diane Hobson

Annie, 08/03/07

Our dearest Annie, we will miss you so much.
You have filled our lives with so much love and happiness.
Rest now, you are at peace.
We will always love you,
Mom, Dad, Tim, Jeff, Jamie, and Daisy

Annie, 07/12/07

A loyal noble lasting companion to our whole family.
We will miss her so much...


Annie, 03/31/04

I miss Annie terribly after 3 gut-wrenching years, and even a wonderful new adopted dog-daughter (whom I love incredibly!)
I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the loving, caring and responsible people who have lost part of their family.
My heart goes out to you, and the heartache you are experiencing.

I dream of the day that "pets" aren't regarded as "just an animal",
and are finally recognized as integral, loved, and essential parts of the family unit or an individuals life..

Caring for an animal is just not "something you do", it is something you should love to do.
When they become a part of your life, it is even more involved.
They are a part of you and provide unconditional love, which humans haven't caught on to yet......

I wish you all love and faith and "Rainbow Bridge"

Allison Woods

Annie, 12/2005

Annie was a Katrina survivor but took sick and died 2 months after Katrina from cancer.
Her original mommy was Karen.
She loved Annie and misses her very much!

Nancy A

Annie, 08/14/97-06/11/07

Annie girl, we miss you so! You brought such quiet joy and many smiles every day that you were with us. You taught us so very much; how to love, to endure, to give without stinting. We wait impatiently for the day when we will be together again. Give me five, baby!

G. Thorpe & Rita Henning

Annie, 10/19/95-05/25/07

I know that you are chasing those heavenly pheasants with Elvis and Marsha.
I miss you so much.
Good night Annie girl, mommy loves you.

Annie, 01/31/92-05/12/07

My Dear Annie, I miss you so very much.
I pray you are prancing through the meadows (and not sneezing :)

Annie, I am so very thankful that God allowed you to join our family for more than 15 years.

My Dear Annie-Fannie...You know I was holding your pretty face in my hands and loving you, Your eyes met mine as you slowly went to sleep.

I am so very thankful you did not suffer for long. As you slowly went to sleep, I prayed to God, I could not be selfish, I whispered into your ear, "God must need one more Angel today" and I must let you fly.

My days and nights are so very empty, I miss walking with you each day in our neighborhood. I miss your bright and shinning eyes.

My bed is so very empty now.
I actually miss your snoring!

God Bless you Annie, and we Thank You for your unconditional love.

You are my sunshine Annie, and God promises that "All creatures great and small...the Lord God Loves them all..."

I pray to be with you...In the meadow ... at the edge of The Rainbow.

I Love You Annie, I am sending you butterfly kisses each and every day.

We miss you so very much. Mom, Dad, Jason and Dane

Annie, 12/04/91-05/09/07

Today we lost a wonderful loving 15 and one-half year old member of our family, Annie.
Annie was a best friend to each member of our family and our home will never be the same without her.
We will miss her wagging tail and great greetings whenever we arrived home.
May God bless you Annie.
All our love forever, your loving family.

Jen, Rob, Ronnie and Grace

Annie, 05/01/97-04/16/07

We missy you today Miss Annie, as many friends and your vet called you, and Annie Buck, and AnnieBananie,
Moms and Molly

Annie (My Princess Annie), 01/27/02-03/21/07

My precious, irrreplaceable Annie, how will I ever feel love again?
We survived your starvation and illnesses when I rescued you, why couldn't we beat the odds this time?
I will always miss you, I will forever have a hole in my heart that only you could fill.
Everything I do around the house reminds me of you.
God took you too soon, we should have grown old together, but God chose otherwise.
I still can't sleep in bed because you aren't curled up beside me, will I ever get over that?
I miss you so much, my life will never be as bright without you.
I know you are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, be patient because I promise to meet you there.
I love you forever!!!
You are My Annie forever!
Mommy misses you.

Annie, 02/22/07

Annie it was so hard to let you go. You were the light of our lives and will be forever missed.
You came into our lives in 1998 as a rescue and you were our special little spirit for the next 8 years. You were our baby and you put up with a lot of little nick names Pudding Pop, Love Bud, Little Bull Butt, and Oreo Cookie. You were our amazing little Boston Terrier with lots of unconditional love to give. Oh how we wish we could pet you or give you a tummy rub one more time.

Peggy Johnson, Patty Johnson

Annie, 01/01/96-02/02/07

Our Annie has the been the best friend and companion we could ever have.
Annie, you were indomitable and majestic, and you saved our lives from 3 intruders who tried to break into our home and kill us. Your were loyal, failthful, loving, brave, and beautiful.
We will meet you at Rainbow Bridge and spend forever with you. Look for us, we will be there.

Mommy and Daddy

Annie, 02/19/07

Put to sleep because of kidney failure - I love you, Sweet Girl.


Annie, 04/25/98-01/25/07

Annie, the bestest little doogie in the whole wide world.
We love you and will see you again in heaven. We will miss our camping buddy.
Love, your Dad and Mother :-)

Annie, 10/16/06

Annie filled our days with joy and love,
We will always remember
her happy face at the door,
sharing long walks in the woods,
lingering belly and ear rubs,
swims in the creek and car rides,
most of all we are grateful to her
for being our best friend
and for opening our hearts.
Annie, you will always be with us,
we will love you forever.

Pat and Carl

Annie, 07/14/92-11/14/06

Annie was a rompin', stompin', hard charging Beagle girl right from the start. As a puppy she got into every sort of trouble imaginable - and a few things that we could not have dreamed of! Annie kept things lively in our household. She was definitely "in charge". Annie was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about a year ago. She put up a good fight and our vet did a wonderful job monitoring her condition and balancing the meds to keep her comfortable. A mere 10 days after losing our Charlie to cancer, Annie's big, brave heart gave out. I still look for her. Our home is not the same without all of that personality. Annie, you will forever be in our hearts. Mom & Dad

Annie, 12/25/06

To suddenly lose such a loving part of my life on Christmas does not seem fair to her.
She was always there for me with her unconditional love.

Elaine Strauch

Annie, 12/30/06

You were the friend a person can ask for peach fuzz.I will never forgot you, life just wont be the same wihtout you.

Patty Marchand

Annie, 03/31/04

I miss Annie terribly after 3 gut-wrenching years, and even a wonderful new adopted dog-daughter (whom I love incredibly!)
I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the loving, caring and responsible people who have lost part of their family.
My heart goes out to you, and the heartache you are experiencing.

I dream of the day that "pets" aren't regarded as "just an animal",
and are finally recognized as integral, loved, and essential parts of the family unit or an individuals life..

Caring for an animal is just not "something you do", it is something you should love to do.
When they become a part of your life, it is even more involved.
They are a part of you and provide unconditional love, which humans haven't caught on to yet......

I wish you all love and faith and "Rainbow Bridge"

Allison Woods

Annie Brown, 07/14/94-04/05/07

Annie was very loved and will be missed very much. We hope that she finds health and happiness while she waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love and miss you terribly, Annie!! We'll see you again when the time comes. Play nice and remember that you'll always be in our hearts.

Love Forever, Your Family

Suzy Brown

Annie Calvert-Wilson, 08/27/90-03/22/07

My beloved Annie:
I loved from the first day I saw you.
You were named after our beloved Aunt Anne.
Your daddy Jim and I miss you more than words can express.
Please forgive me if I kept you too long.
Your daddy Bill loved you more than words can say as well.
All of us hope that you will be there to greet us when it is our time.
Oh my baby, I miss you so,so much........Daddy

Annie Hemmendinger, 10/04/99-12/07/07

Forever in our heart.

Joan & Al Hemmendinger

Annie Jameson, 11/22/94-11/30/07

I found Annie this morning in her crate. She did not sleep with her sister Scully or I last night and she had been breathing hard but she has chronic bronchitis so I did not think too much about it other than I should take her to the vet today but I was too late. She was the only warmth I could stand next to my face before my brain surgery and she followed me everywhere I went. She loved me and I loved her. Her loss hurts so much but I sure thank a friend like Cathy Donahoe who came to help me get her to the vet so we can bring her ashes home. We miss her and hope she finds her friend Cagney up there really soon. Thank you so much for having this website.

Wynette Jameson

Annie Laurie Stratton, 11/23/93-06/14/07

Oh, for the touch of a vanish'd paw
And the sound of a bark that is still!

Angela Gardner

Annie Lowrey, 06/16/92-04/27/07

Sweet Little Annie.She was such a good girl.
Annie was loved very much and gave much love.
She made all who knew her lives much better.
We were very blessed to have her.
Annie will be missed terribly and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.
We love you precious Annie.Thank you for all your sweetness. God Bless.

Aunt Debbie

Annie Rabelos, 04/01/97-11/21/07

Annie was my baby and my best friend. She came into my life when she was 4 weeks old. She was pure white with the most beautiful green eyes. She was a very playful kitty. Her morning ritual was to attack my husband's shoe laces. He was late for work more than a few times from playing the "shoelace game" with Annie. Her favorite time of the year was Christmas when she would lay under the Christmas tree at night or bat at the ornamaents hanging on the tree. When I was pregnant, she would lay next to my tummy and purr away. When my son was born, he was soothed by the sound of Annie's soft purr.
I will always miss the way she came running into the kitchen when she heard the sound of the can opener, hoping it would be a can of tuna fish as she knew she would lick the can clean. Or the way she would lay of my husband's chest with a little smile on her face because no matter how much he acted like he was annoyed, he loved it just as much as she did! I was the happiest when Annie was sitting next to me or on my lap. She was the queen of the house and she knew it! She passed on Novemeber 21, 2007 at the age of 10 years when she was attacked by a dog. I will never forgive myself for letting her outside. Annie was so loved and will always be dearly missed. I love you Annie and will always hold you in my heart. I know one day that you will be there to greet me when I too pass on.

Kari Rabelos

Annie Redman, 06/01/99-06/04/07

Annie Big Girl,

Daddy and I both loved you very much and are so sorry that you are no longer with us, but hope that you are pain free in heaven chasing the birdies and bunnies like you did in the backyard.
We miss you terribly as well as Zeus.
He really misses his big sister.
I hope you can forgive us for the decision that we made.

Tom and Jodi Redman

Anniebelle, 10/24/07

She was in the puppy room at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. She was in a cage on a shelf at eye level, when I walked in she was whining but she stuck her paw out of the cage and jabbed me in the sholder. She saw me through a bunch of moves, a divorce and many nights, snuggled in my bed.
Always and in every way a good dog.
I thank god every day for the time we had together. I imagine her walking with me as I make my way through the city and still say "Annie!" when I enter the apartment. I feel confilicted since the last year was very trying, with her health issues. But I will miss her, she was the best!

David Hartman

Anniemae, 03/27/07

Anniemae was adorable, gentle, eager to please and charmed her way into the hearts of all she met. She was the ultimate addition to our family. I will miss her forever.

Debbie Appelwick

Anouk (Nooky), 01/10/07


Anthony, 03/29/07

Our beloved Anthony passed away this past Thursday evening leaving many surviving family and friends. He was a very loving cat and enjoyed being with everyone. He always greeted visitors at the door. He was a champion pipe cleaner chaser, bird watcher, purrer and bed warmer. His favorite way to show his affection was to rub his face on your cheek or chin. He hated being separated from his people by a closed door and would make his thoughts known in typical Siamese fashion. For such a sleek & slender cat, he had a very loud voice. We loved him for over 17 years and will miss him terribly.

Sharon Brendle

Antigone, 06/20/07

You were the most loving and giving. You were a mother to us all and we love you so. There are no words to describe our love for you or the grief we feel with your passing. Please forgive us for not bringing you home to pass in your own bed. If only we knew and could wipe out the mistakes we made. We miss you and think of you every day. Twenty years wasn't enough. I'm so empty without you momma.

Anubus, 06/30/95-11/06/07

My itty bitty buddy, you were! You were a gentle soul that has left a hole in my heart and life. You brought much happiness to so many people while you were here... I hope you'll find eternal happiness now.

Linde Smith

AP, 07/13/07

I lost my dear AP.He was under four years of age.A tender oney eyed cutie.He was so innocent.Whenever he was hungry he would make in and out tongue movements until someone in my family gave him the food.He was depressed.He can't find a female cat for himself.

On that fateful day,he suffered a collar choke death.The ribbon which we used to wrap around his neck for identification became his undoing.

AP will always be in our heart.God took him away cos god likes all nice things on earth and he wants them more than us.

AP,I am sobbing and crying for you.Don't worry my son,my child.God will give you lot's of love and lot's of cats in the heaven.

My dear AP,APO,AP anna.My doll.My child.Sorry for any bad behaviour.Forgive us and rest in peace.You have gone where we all will go one day for sure.


Apache, 01/05-12/22/07

Precious moments in our lives.
Forever in our hearts.
We were only together for 5 months.
I am so glad you joined our family.
We miss you so much.
I can't wait to run with you again.

Tim, Kathy, Kristin, & Kyle Reed

Apache, Runt-Runt, Moose, Lil' Black Boy, and Mama's Big Black Woman, 12/01/07

Ok...In late August, I miscarried a pregnancy. My husband and I were devestated. Our Miniature Schnauzers had their babies less than a week after I lost my babies. I knew I would develop a special bond to one of the new babies in the house. And I did. One that I am still amazed by. I have had animals my entire life, but never experienced a connection like this.
I had picked out one of the other puppies to keep, but Apache had other plans. She chose me.
We held onto the litter longer than usual because they had gotten ringworms.
We had to keep the babies until the little bald patches grew back in. In the meantime, one by one, they started to become ill. Within 2 days, one of them passed away. So, we brought one of the other sick ones to the vet. Here, we were told they had a bad case of hookworms (which they had already been treated for). We vigilantly treated them for hookworms, yet we sill lost 3 more over the next day. Friday morning, my husband brought our last baby (MY HEART, her name was Apache) to a different vet where we were given the horrible news that it was parvo. Shortly thereafter, we lost her, too. I do believe God gave her to my husband and I to help us grieve with the loss of our pregnancy. I'm just not sure what His purpose was in taking her so soon. I know He has a plan. It has been two weeks and I still get sick at the mention of her name.
She was my little snuggle bug. While the other puppies played with toys and harrassed their parents, Apache just wanted to be with me. I was her person. She would snuggle up under you in the bed. It didn't matter which direction she was laying in, she HAD to have her head on you, looking at you (as if she was always looking out for you).
Every time I get sad, I think about her getting so excited when I called her. She would run, run, run to me. The last couple of feet, she would belly crawl to me. She would be so excited, she would dribble a little on the floor and drag her little butt through it. It was THE CUTEST THING. EVER!!! Thank you, my "Pache Pache"!!!
It was so sad when the other puppies passed, but a piece of my heart died when I lost you, Apache!!!

Clayton & Whitney Florane

Apache, 06/99-04/07

i hope you are resting in peace our warrior princess


Apache, Patch or Pooh Dog, 12/29/90-02/25/06

Pooh Dog we miss you so much, the tip toeing upstairs popping threw the curtian, scaring the be-jesus out of the cats, heheehhehe, always got a kick out of that one, although KiKi, always found away to get ya back, he hopes you can forgive him, he wants you to know they were truely love taps:)
Clark and MiMi are besides themselves looking for you wandring around waiting for you too come home, it is so special to see not only humans realize something is not right, our other animals truley can tell a difference, and they mourn just as we do.
This new addition Clark, which was a stray in town, became her special friend right of the bat, I kept telling my husband that he knows she is getting ready to pass, We were so blessed to have this wonderful dog in our family, she was always a joy, she went everywhere we did, even on vacations, we would look for hotels that took animals or we did NOT go!
She went to work with my husband everyday of her life up intil she got to be 14, then this horrible lump started growing up under her right arm pit.
We took her to the vet, he said it was from the treats we were feeding her, so we stopped, just went with straight dog bones.
He did a bioptisy, coming back as all fatty tissue, he said he would operate, so we set it up, I took her in, having only 150 of the 300, tell his wife I would be in tomorrow with the other 150.00 when my husband got paid, she was very rude saying, don't bring her back until you have all 300, I was in tears, begging her, the vet does no surgery on fridays, so we had to wait until we got the 300, which took about 4 weeks, where he did one stick with the needle he just got blood, I swear that is why it blew up like it did, in a matter of 3 weeks it trippled it size, still denying us untill we had all 300, we took her in exactly 4 weeks later, with him telling us he could no longer do the operation due to the enlargement of it, good luck you might get two more years out of her.
Never have we ever been so devasted in our lives, will she lived 4 more years, hahahahahaha, best damn four years we had:)
We loved this dog so much, she was just like one of our children, she got a stocking at xmas, right in the middle of the opening of the gifts every year, she was our everything, there will never be a dog that could ever take the place of her, we are so happy that we have so many fond memories of this special furry friend.
We knew the time was getting near, but we just could not bring ourselves to, ya know!
I prayed and ask quit a few others to help me in our prayers to take Pooh Dog away from us while we are together, in no pain please, will we all were watching a movie about 7:30 she ate her dinner at 4pm, she came in to us letting us know she had to go out, she did her business came in laid on her bed, Kyle was petting her, down on the floor, got up on the couch and started rubbing her with his feet, she them just stopped breathing, WE THANK GOD that he granted us our prayers, she went peacefully laying in our living room Sunday night while we were all with her giving her the love she deserved each passing day, she was a beautiful gift from god, so now she can give to them what she gave to us, that was 16 years of love, laughter. enjoyment with a temperment so wonderful our granddaughter could pull and haul on her she never minded, she just enjoyed the play, we also have four parrots, the African Grey calls Out Pooooooh Dooooog where are you, now that is going to take alot of getting used too, he calls her all day long, for she would lay right next to his cage, just so she could be the crumb catcher, boy I am going to miss the help of vaccumming.
Pooh Dog!, Daddy, Mommy, Laura, Stephanie, Kyle, Bradley, Grandmom & Pa, KIKi, MiMi, Clark, Noway Jose, Partner, Gizzy, Spikey Bird, Slinky, Derk, Cickcon we all miss you so much, there are no enough words to explain how we now have this huge whole in our heart with out you. Since your buddy Zack just got put down before you passed, was he up there waiting to pounce on a baby, that's ok we know who ran that Tractor that day girlfriend:) Zach was Pooh Dog's best friend whom they always use to fight over who was going to sit on the tractor seat while the men worked, it was hilairious!
God love you baby, for you are the wonder dog of the year, that's right #1 Pooh Dog!!!!!!! You all would of loved her she was unlike any dog I ever have known, she actually thought she was human, hehehehehe:)

Stevie & Mary Kay LeCates

Apache Bandit Hollywood, 07/09/94-05/05/07

My soulmate and lifelong friend, I will miss you for the rest of my life. You gave me such joy and happiness I cannot imagine life without you, but I know you are with your 4 children, Midnight, shenandoah, Alaska, and Shilo and your first mate, Nakeisha.
Navajo misses you, but we will be together again someday. Please come and visit me, if only in my dreams. I love you forever.

Karen Lopez

Apollo, 10/28/03-10/02/07

Apollo,our baby,it doesn't seem like we had enough time together.Each day that goes by,we pray to God and ask him to watch over you. Our lives were forever changed once we brought you home.Now that you have passed, our lives will never be the same again.You were only here for such a short time but the memory of our time together will last forever. We love you for every second,of every moment,of every heartbeat. Stay close to Keamo and take care of each other until the day comes and we will be together again. We miss you so...much. Love, Mommy and Daddy XOXOXOXO

Apollo, 10/28/03-10/02/07

Our baby,our trusted and loyal companion, you will be missed greatly. We love you so much.Mommy,Daddy,Jessie and RYan will be heartbroken without you.God watch over our baby and take care of him,until we meet again. Apollo you made our lives happy and it was our honor to love and take care of you.XOXOXOXO love, Mommy

Apollo, 12/23/96-07/10/07

Apollo, you were loved more than you could possibly know!!

Brandon Morley

Apollo, 07/13/02-04/24/04

We miss you sooooooo much Apollo.
We think of you today with love and thank you for all that you gave us.
We will remember you always!

Kelly Taggerty

Apollo, 04/04/07

Polly was a big gentle teddy bear with a ferocious bark but the sweetest disposition of any dog I've ever known.
He really loved rolling over and having his tummy scratched. We loved him very much and will always miss him.

Linda Putt

Apollo, 03/07/07

Apollo was gently passed on on Wednesday 3/7/07 accompanied by his dad and held by his mom.
He had an inoperable cancerous tumor in his mouth.
Apollo is buried in his yard, as it will forever be his yard.
He took his favorite squeaky toy, and was wrapped in his blanket, his grandma gave him flowers. He will be greatly missed by his little brother Bubba, his cats Princess and June Bug, his kiddos, mom, dad, and all the neighborhood dogs.
We love you 'Pol


Apollo, 06/04/94-02/22/07

My dog Apollo was the best thing that ever happened to me.
He was there for me every day, cared about me when I was sick, rejoiced with me when I was happy.
Together we laughed and cried and loved.
I will miss him deeply.
God bless you, Apollo, my beautiful dog.

Dorothy Andrich

Apollo Gonzales, 12/06/07

Thank you for trusting us when all the other humans were cruel to you. Thank you for sharing your life with Indigo and making our home happier. We will miss you and forever carry your memory in our hearts. No one really knew your birthdate when we rescued you. You lived a long time in the woods alone after someone hurt you. We are glad we gave you a good home with lots of love.

Rick and Connie Gonzales

AppleBlossoms Whyatt Earp, 06/94-07/19/06

Stryker my sweet boy big baby I miss you and love you so much I bet you and Fancy had a grand game of take the cookie at the bridge .

I am so sorry I didn't know I wish I'd never fed you
dog food that day
I wish I had given you your fav people food .
If I had maybe you'd still be here I am fighting for justice for you and the others thay have died since I love you until we meet again I'll remember you and never forget to fight for your Justice.

My Angel Love MoM.

April, 4/16 /93-08/18/07

April love is a great gift to have and hard to break but our love is stronger than any other day._ :-) <33


April (aka, Pookie), 02/13/96-06/08/07

April, you were so lovely as you chased the ducks in the park knowing you could not catch them.
And when I stroked your head as we rode in the car you would use your head to life my hand for more.
Your excitment when "mommie" would come home from work was a joy to watch. You were our valintine gift that gave us 11 years of pure joy. These are a few of the things I remember.
We will miss you & you will always be with us in our hearts.
Goodby, till we meet again.

Meebok Lee & Vernon Greenwood

April, 01/06/92-04/20/07

My sweet loving girl lost her battle with congestive heart failure on a bautiful sunny day. There wasnt a cloud in the sky so there must have been a clear path to heaven. I know you can breathe better and you feel better.I know you dont ache anymore -
I ache without her
I am lonely and am empty
You will be burried in my heart forever until the one day we will be together again. I miss your firey eyes and admire your soul and love you April


April, 04/01/05-02/12/07

I LOVE you April! You will always be in my heart! You were great!


April, 04/27/06

My baby girl, you lived every moment loving me- My heart aches so much.
I pray God allows me to be with you again one day.



April Chaos, 12/04/93-08/09/07

April was the friendliest, sweetest, gentlest dog we have ever known, she brought us so much joy.
We will spread some of April's ashes from the summit of Whiteface Mountain in New York State at the end of August as she hiked to the top of Whiteface with us during the summer of 2002.
She will be sorely missed.

Noreen & Russell Van Wetering

April Gonzales, 02/07/01-02/20/07

"My pretty girl" She had the biggest green eyes and was so sweet. Never caused any harm, only wantes to be loved. I will miss you so much. I will never forget you. I Love You My Pretty Girl!

The food lady

April's Little Secret, 04/13/07

I wish we had more were such a special girl to us. We miss you terribly and the way you loved to race around the house terrorizing us. My lap has never been so empty, my sheets are so cold without your warm purrs cuddles. I'm sorry that you were poisoned...I thought you were safe...Loosing you and dear old Chief within 2 weeks of each other, is far too much grief.

Marilyn Priest

Aramis, 03/04-09/13/07

The best friend I have ever had in my life.

Sergey Fedosov

Arbie Alvarez, 03/13/94-10/31/07

For my little Arbie Dog...A true friend who loved everyone and who was loved by all.

Rene Alvarez

Archie, 08/28/07-12/23/07

Archie spent his first month on this planet abandoned in someone's backyard.
He was rescued and lived at the APL for the next three months.
He was underweight and undersized for his age.

My girlfriend, God Love Her, knew I was ready for a new buddy.
She "sprung" Archie from his incarceration and gave him to me after the Browns/Bills game as an early Christmas present.

Archie was a gregarious, vivacious little friend.
He'd cuddle with us before bed and play with us for hours.
I've never met a cat with such an amazing personality.

Unfortunately, Archie was only with us for a week.
Last night he got sick and passed on early this morning.
The doctors were unable to diagnose any illness and were stumped by his rapid decline.

Please pray for Archie.
He was an amazing soul who only had a warm loving home for a short time.
He'll be sorely missed.
Pray for Archie.


Archie, 02/03/06-07/04/07

The most loyal and affectionate of dogs... He is and always will be sorely missed xx

Kelly Mayhew

Archie, 04/26/93-05/20/07

Archie, our brave-hearted friend, you have left a big empty space in our home. For fourteen years you loyally filled that space with your gentle spirit. You were such a beautiful, intelligent friend. Linda misses her napping companion and banjo fan so much. The walks are lonely, thinking of you. I hope you are in dog heaven with our Toby.

Linda and Jonathan Sisson

Archie, 04/21/77

I'll always have fond memories of you dear sweet Archie. I'll always remember, the story that you had been left for dead, probably had been hit by a car. My Uncle had found you, and my parents some how managed to pay your vet bills, to get you fixed up. And then they brought you home for us to play with and to love as only we could do. You will always have a special place in my heart, because you were my one and only dog. I will see you later sweet pup. Enjoy playing fetch with all the rocks that you can find. Love Mom

Archie Dorman, 01/06/00-12/11/07

Our Archie was one of the most beautiful Corgis we have ever seen; truly a calendar worthy dog.
But for all his beauty, Archie could best be described as a grouch. We affectionately called him our grumpalump. In his younger days, he was only happy when someone would play tug of war with him until their arms felt like they would fall off...and still Archie would wait, eyes sparkling with the expectation that his beloved winger would be picked up once more and the tugging would commence all over again. Perhaps the most endearing quality Archie possessed was the special sound he made usually upon rising in the morning and sometimes when he was just trying to talk to his mother. He made a sound that came out as a woo, sometimes short and other times he would draw it out into a long woooooooo as he stretched his neck upward to give it all he had.
This is what we will miss the most. Peace be with you, our little woo-boy.....until we meet again.
All our love, Mommy, Gramma and Granpa

Archie of Maine, 10/2007

You'll be sorely missed by Lucky and your loving parents, and by me when i visit with them in Maine.
Even with silly, droopey left bent ear, a more dainty, petite and pretty Siamese kitty could not be found, anywhere.
We will all miss your purring, anxiously snuggling, loving, warmbodied little Being.

Liz Thorunn

Archy, 08/06/07

for my precious, birdi

Amanda Kruse

Archy, 10 March 1994 to 25 July 2007

Our unique black cat, with his different-coloured eyes, his huge personality and one of the most loving natures I've ever known in human or animal. You danced out of our lives when you were in your prime and we thought we had many more years to enjoy. The cancer must have caused you pain but you never complained and we never knew till the last moment. You made friends with everyone you met, Archy, so a lot of people are missing you. "Leave them wanting more" as entertainers say. You've certainly done that, dear little friend.

Janet Wright

Ares, 05/11/95-06/24/07

Ares I have loved you more than life it"s self, you have been my constant best friend.My Heart is breaking into a million pieces. I will prey for you until till the time we are together again
: { God how, I will miss YOU!!!!!!!

Bob and Sheila Maxson

Argos, 09/15/93-11/05/04

We only had you as a loving pet for 30 months.
We hope we made your life as happy as you made ours.
True to your name you waited long enough to see Ken return safely from Iraq in October 2004.
We loved you very much.
You were a special dog and we are glad we were able to rescue you and give you a loving home

Ellen Kippel and Kenyon Donohew

Argus, 10/31/90-12/21/07

Argus defied the odds for dog life. He always defied the odds in any venture.
A small black cocker mix, he had white paws and a white chest, deep brown eyes, and a white spot on the end of his tail, which our daughter would not allow to be shortened. When he grinned, one could also see a black spot under his tongue.
He was quite the charmer and adored his family and their friends. Feisty until a month ago, he would chase, brilliantly in his youth and determinedly in his elder years, raccoons, opposums, cats, and squirrels.
He stolidly allowed his family to dress him in various winter outfits and accepted leashes with favorite college colors.
Until recently, his favorite game was "steal the towel" from whoever wanted to steal it.
He lived through six graduations, a terminal illness, one wedding, one birth, and two funerals.
He was born a Southerner and died a Northern Virginian.
He relished eating snow.
He was named after Odysseus' faithful dog, Argus, a namesake that he bore with pride and joy. He loved Christmas, often wallowing happily amidst the presents under the tree.
His last snuggle under the tree was three days before his death.
His stocking hangs waiting for the treats, but he won't be eyeing them on Christmas day this year except from heaven, the Big Treat.
His family mourns him deeply, each and every place in our home a haunt and an abode for our dear Argie.
Last night I smelled his dog pillow, an action not unlike breathing in a spiritual memory of him.
Life will be different without Argie.
He brought so much life to us, many things we would never have known without him.
God's time for him came, though we probably prolonged it in our selfishness. He is not suffering or in pain anymore. We love you, Arg, and have been blessed with 17 years of fun, adoration, and doghood. My,how much we loved you! And you, us!

Anne Reed

Argus, 06/26/06

Argus was adopted by me on Feb 29,2000.
He was found as a stray. He was about three years old at the time.
For the first six months, he would hold his breath as he gobbled his food.
This ended as he realized that now he would always be fed and cared for.
He joined my other German Shepherd, Sabrina.
With some socialization, they became friends.
We spend the next six years together, the three of us.
As time went on, I became aware of the gratitude Argus felt.
He was thrilled to get a new toy.
He loved to play fetch.
Sabrina, Argus and I spent some time every day playing fetch.
Argus filled my heart and every room he walked into.
He was a handsome lad.
He was a solid black German Shepherd weighing in around 95 pounds.
He was incredibly gentle.
If he needed to be out or wanted something he would gently push his nose against my arm and look at me with those lovely dark, brown eyes.
When he wanted to play, he was less than subtle.
He would drop his ball and patiently wait for me to throw it.
And we would play, the three of us.
Sabrina would run along side of Argus as he went running after a thrown ball.
Sometimes she would snatch his ball and he would cluelessly search for his ball...a trick she played on him occasionally.
When he slept he sprawled all over the place.
Sabrina tried to sleep against him but he would not allow it.
I have no clue why.
As the time passed, he displayed his gratitude more and more. It was something I felt and have had difficulty conveying to other people.
He always seemed to appreciate his suppers, the puppy panakes, new toys and the time we spent together.
We became very close the three of us.
And while he always welcomed company and a chance to play with someone new, he always knew where I was.
It was so rewarding to walk outside and not have to call him or Sabrina.
As soon as they saw me, they would come running.
And while he displayed gratitude to me, I can only hope he knew of the gratitude I felt for him.
For the smiles he put on my face.
For making me forget the drudgery of work.
For making me a better person.
I don't think I can ever thank Argus and Sabrina enough.
I wished we could have spent more time together.
I miss you, Argus.
I love you.

Dan Dupert

Argyle Coye, 03/29/06-07/15/07

Argyle, the cute little playful Scottish Terrier who chose us to live with, was BORN happy. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. Although we didn't get nearly enough time with him, we loved every minute of the year and one month we had with him. He must've believed he was royalty, because when he sat on the floor or the bed, he always wanted to be resting on a pillow with his front paws, as though he were ready to hold court. And when he cuddled up with you on the bed at night, he loved to perch himself in the crook of your legs. His favorite game was to wait at the top of the stairs along the railing so that as you went downstairs he could lick your face at his level. He was pure JOY in a bundle of black fur. Unfortunately, he passed away due to seizures, and we weren't home when it happened. Thankfully my husband's coworker happened to be there at the time, and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Argie, don't forget how much we love you and miss you and I'm sorry we weren't there. But you own a piece of my heart that will always be yours -- you helped my through Mom's death last year and taught me what unconditional love is. In my mind you'll be nipping at my toes, taunting me to play with you, every day. Jack, Hamish and even Cheshire miss you. We love you so much, Argyle. God bless you, and thank you, God, for bringing Argyle into our lives.

Lynn and William Coye

Aria, 10/07/07

She was a beautiful little girl.
She will be missed terribly.
I'd do anything to get her back.
She was hit in the road due to escaping under the fence.

Heather and Nate

Aria Z, 07/26/07

My sweet baby heart is broken into a million pieces.
I will never forget your soft, sweet fur, colored black, brown, orange and cream....your sparkling green eyes...your sunny, sweet, loving, trusting spirit.
You are an amazing, beautiful soul, and I cherish every memory of, and second with, you.
I love you so very, very much.
I can't bear to think I will never again be able to kiss your velvet black nose, your lush silky fur, to feel your gentle paws, to rub your soft ears, your neck and your sweet bury my face in your fur and kiss. I adored all of those nights when you slept on top of my head on my pillow, and I could feel your little paws against my skin.
What a gift that you were able to come upstairs just two weeks ago and do that one last time.
What a joy it was to hear your gentle trilling and chirping upon first sighting of each other in the morning.
How I loved our special gestures and communications, our loving connection.
You have been with me my entire adult life, spanning three decades and every adult milestone.
I miss you endlessly, with all my heart.
Your absence is enormous, and everywhere, and I hope and pray that when I die, you will be there for me, and we will spend eternity together with the rest of our loved ones. Aria, please know how very much mommy misses you and will always, always love you.
I will never forget you, my sweet, precious baby love. I just can't believe you are gone; I would do anything to bring you back to me. My life will never be the same. You mean the world to me, and I am so blessed to have had the privilege of sharing my life with you and caring for you.
My sweet, precious love, darling Zevs, sweet vancille, my bunbun love. Mommy loves you...mommy loves you....mommy loves you.
Oh, how I will always, always love you.

Ariel, 02/04/01-10/24/07

To my beloved little one:
You brought me smiles, laughter, warmth, friendship, and unconditional love.
I love you very much and miss you dearly.
Thank you for the 6 years we had together!
I will see you at the Bridge!

Nancy Rogers

Ariel, 04/19/91-07/02/07


Ariel, 07/03/07

I love you soooo much Ariel. You waited just one week after your nemesis died to go but I wish you had waited longer. You were all of the animals mommy and they miss you too. You had such beautiful green eyes and you were so sweet!

Krista Peterson

Ariel, 06/09/07

Oh, my sweet fur baby, I love you so much.
I know where you are there is no pain.
So I am happy for that...But your mom is having a terrible time getting through each day without you.
Jarrett, Tigger and Riggs all wonder where you are.
They miss you too.

I love you my sweet baby.

Robin Hair

Ariel, 11/15/05

My little blonde princess is gone....such a survivor in life regardless of the horrors of puppymill life.
You were the best you could be for the short time you were with me and life is not the same without you.
I'm sure you are romping playfully in that better place and I am looking forward to being reunited again.

Betty Kryszewski

Arielle, 06/14/07

My husband Charles was fishing on the river near here in Sept of 05. He came home and told me there was something he wanted show me and we needed to drive. I said what? Should I bring my camera? It was almost dark. He said "I shouldnt be showing this to you". He knew what would happen.(I already had 6 cats) We parked and walked down by the river and he told me there was a really friendly kitty there. I kitty kitty. There she came out of the trees. She was about 4 or 5 months old and skinny. There are no houses around there. Just cattle pastures. So we put her in the truck and she was so happy. She drove through McDonalds with us on the way home. She wasnt nervous at all. She turned out to be one of the loviest cats I ever had. Always wanted to be on my lap. And now she's gone. Her little short life here on Earth over. I'm so glad she graced with me with her presence, for a while anyway.

The vet said she was so very sick and suffering.It would have been selfish for me to keep you here. Go in peace little Arielle. Mama loves you.

Arielle, 07/01/88-05/12/07

"We seem to give them back to you,
You who gave them to us.
Yet You do not lose them
by giving them to us,
So we do not lose them
by their return to you.
What you give to us,
You never really take away.
Life is eternal
And love is immortal
And death is only an horizon
And an horizon is nothing
but the limit of our vision."

In Loving Memory of Arielle!
You have left your paw prints on my heart!


Aris, 03/14/02-12/27/06

My sweet precious I loved you for the moment I met you. I miss you every minute of each day. I will see you again someday. I love you...


Arizona, 08/01/94-02/06/07

Arizona was the most gentle, giving dog that I ever knew.
He loved to be cuddled.
I told him every day how much I loved him.
He was my buddy and was there for me through many difficult days.
I will miss him for the rest of my life.

Sharon McBride

Arizona, 01/12/07

Our special girl has passed away. A world class cudler, an early morning kisser and our very best friend. Until we met again, Zona, lover girl extraodinaire, we will find comfort in our memories of your beautiful eyes and your warm puppy breath.

Raquel & Ray

Arlington (Arly), 11/17/91-09/27/06

Miss you boy.
Plenty of friends with you now from the home and farm.

Randay & Karen

Arlo, 1970-1984

To Arlo: My first dog. I always loved you from the beginning of my life to the end of yours.


Arlo, 06/93-09/08/05

We loved our Arlo guy.
He passed away on 09/08/2005 from cancer.
We will always think of our guy.
His cremated ashes are next to our bed.

Terri & Pat Thrapp

Arnie, 06/08/07

ARNIE was , and IS, my guardian ANGEL in a DOG's body. He left this world after fighting an illness so hard and brave. I watched him take his last breath and held him for an hour or so after. My heart has never been so broken, and it feels like it will NEVER heal! I thought we would always be together, and prayed a million times for God to take me FIRST because I KNEW it would be this way without him - a world not worth living in anymore! I know it may be silly to LOVE an animal this much, but he had seen me through SO MUCH, and was with me LONGER than anyone, or thing. I Pray every night since that ARNIE is the SECOND thing I see in HEAVEN after CHRIST! I'll miss him and think of him every day until I see him again. God BLESSED me w/ 13 years of life w/ ARNIE, and for that I am thankful, BUT I STILL MISS my best friend every hour of ever day! I LOVE YOU ARN !!!

Steve Tuttle

Arnold, 08/31/07

He was named Arnold because he was a big, strong, healthy white ferret. His dark haired Maria preceded him in death about 2 years ago.
He leaves behind his ferret buddies, Eleanor and Dexter.

Laurie Sayan

Arnold, 04/06/97-05/06/07

To our dearest Arnold:
Your presence we miss,
your memory we treasure.
Loving you always,
in our hearts forever.
Visit Arnold at

Mr Nick & Mrs. Kim Talbot

Arnold, 1990-2007

Arnie - our gentle, sweet, loyal and beloved friend.
We are grateful for every day you were allowed to stay with us.

Jack/Leslie Plecque

Arnold The Terminator Kitty Atlas, 09/01/88-10/25/05

He was our beloved son for 17 years.

Kelly Atlas

Arrow (Moser's Old Mountain Arrow), 09/93-12/26/07

Our loyal Elkhound for 14 years.

Dennis Moser

Arrow, 01/05/92-10/21/01

Arrow, you deserved so much better.
It seems that you were here for such a short peroid of time.
I still miss you and alway will.

Robert Townsend

Arrow, 11/03/07

Our beloved Arrow, you will be truely missed.
Your spirit was never-ending; we know one day we will see you at Rainbow Bridge. Until then we have memories and pics to remember you. You will forever be in our hearts.

Bob and Clorinda Cormier

Arrow, 01/01/00-10/03/07

This is in loving memory of dear, Arrow, who passed away today at 10:30 A.M. He fought the good fight after being given two months to live after being diagnosed with heart failure and atrial fibrillation on Thanksgiving Day, 2006. He was a joy, took his regular meds and homeopathic meds like a good boy, as if he knew they were to help him. He was so smart and loving, and full of joy. He cheated death once, when he was hit by a car and rescued by Doberman Rescue of Illinois. He became ours after he had several foster homes and we were his forever family from the third week in January, 2002. He has been my rock, going through my dad's illness and passing last August. He will be so missed. I hope he is with our four other Dobes and our cocker spaniel and cat that we have had as pets since 1952.
Run free, dear Arrow, and play with your mates until we meet again! We will love you forever.

Daphne Mitchell and John Cunningham

Arther, 1992-08/29/07

We're sorry you're gone,little Arther,and wish we knew what happened to you.You'll be in our hearts always,and we love and miss you.

Karen Edward (For Debbie Mac Donald-Owner)

Arthur, 10/29/06

To my beloved Arthur... not a day goes by that I don't think of you and how special you were to my life.
I will always remember your wonderful sense of spirit and adventure for life and how much you brought to our family on a daily basis. I miss your very loud purr and your crooked tail and the way you thought you were a dog sometimes. LOL. Thank you for coming in to my life and for staying as long as you did.
You are greatly missed but I know you are in a happier/healthier place where you are free to be you without the encumbrances of illness.
We all love you and miss you Arthur.
God bless you.


Arthur, 05/20/02-05/24/07

Hey little guy.
Your time with us was way too short.
You came when I didn't really think I needed you since I had just lost Piper.
But, you knew, didn't ya.
You followed me everywhere and would climb up on me when I wasn't looking.
I'm going to miss your head butts.
I'm going to miss you.
Now, go find Piper and update him on what's been going on with me. Take care, little guy.
We all love you.
We didn't know how much until now.

Tom Olive

Arthur, 07/26/07

To my Arthur-
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I will never be the same - ever.

Now you can run and play with Shadow, Caesar, Candy, and Socrates at the Rainbow Bridge.
I will see you again.

I love you.

Cyndie Schudel

Arthur, 02/04/07-04/05

to my sweet arthur, momma misses you so much angel. i know you are waiting, at the bridge. i cant wait to see you .
love ,

Arthur, 01/01/92-03/22/07

He was my best friend, we got him when he was 6 in 1998 and he passed last night from kidney failure.
He will be forever missed.
Such a good and gentle heart.
One day we will meet again, and what a happy day that will be.

Carole Scordino

Arthur, 09/15/03

Arthur, we hope you met up with Daddy at the Rainbow Bridge. Now neither one of you are alone.

Joey and I will take care of each other if you promise to take care of yourself and Dad for us.

Rest In Heavely Peace my dear friend.
Give Dad (Richard) a big wet kiss for me and Joey) We love you both forever

Debbie and Joey

Arti Hackl, 03/22/07

Our poochie was a Sherman Tank who was a Lab at heart stuck in a Shi Tzu's body. He loved the beach, the river, sailing, fishing, his babies and of course... treats! We will miss him dearly and never let our wonderful memories of him stray. God took him so much sooner than we ever thought. We know he will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us when we get there and we cannot wait for that very special moment when we meet again! We love you Arts!

Kim & Craig Hackl

Articsand Bravy Cody, 05/15/07

My darling spring lamb, i hope you are happy wherever you are.
Sinna, John and I miss you more than you know.
I hope your life was a happy one, i know that you made us very happy and life just isn't the same without you around.
I'm glad you had the chance to run free at the cottage and to get close to us, you will always be in my heart baby boy.

Kylie Smith

Artis Chewbacca, 03/25/98-10/16/07

100% LOVE.


Arty (Arturo Burrows Furrows), 11/21/07

My darling sweetheart Arty, thank you for all the love you have given me from that very first night when you arrived with your brother as a four week old kitten and from then on as you shared your life with me for the next fourteen years.

A truly special cat ~ loving, gentle and kind ~ with a knowingness and rare magic quality granted to only a few.

In the early years what fun you had! Round and round like a whirlwind chasing the stick; jumping on top of the wardrobe and ‘skiing’ down; sabotaging dried flower arrangements. So full of joy.

What a gentleman you were with your tuxedo style coat and polite way of eating and formal way of sitting, and just your general dignified manner and demeanour.

The snuggles we had! One of your nicknames being ‘Burrows’ for your quite formidable burrowing capabilities as you would forcefully head butt your way under the duvet and cuddle up next to my tummy and sleep there, quite often staying all night long.

Your illness at the end was devastating but it does not define you, except for how you demonstrated such incredible courage, strength, and dignity; I will use your example to guide me through on my own journey. You have taught me so much.

Oh my darling, I am so, so sorry for everything. We fought your illness as hard as we could but it was too late - and I was left so full of regrets. I hope I did the right thing for you in the end. I hope that it was what you were asking me for. I was in complete conflict because your spirit was still so strong. You were fighting for me, to try to save my pain. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do and my heart is completely broken. But for you I will gather my strength to go on and make you as proud of me as I was of you.

Life is short and precious and you would not want me to wish it away, but still, I can’t wait for us to be together again.

I miss you so very much and will deeply love you forever.

May you rest in peace my wonderful Arty, my little angel; you will always be in my heart. I love you. XXX


Arty, 11/11/94-07/28/07

You were a true champ in our eyes. Always sweet, loving and of course gorgeous. You were brave and a true fighter. We love you and always will. You will never be forgotten and hold a true forever home in our hearts.

Valerie and Jeremy

Aruba, 04/12/94-01/23/07

Aruba was the most kind and gentle dog, everyone loved her.
She was so sick and wouldn't eat.
We finally took her to the vet and we were told there was nothing that could be done for her.
We decided it was time to let her go.
We held her while she was put to sleep and we could see all her pain go away.
I think this was the hardest thing a person has to do in life.
After thirteen years she was such a part of our life.
We are still having our moments of coming in the house and missing her presence and it seems so empty.

Beth Kaufenberg/Tim Nelson

Aryana, 10/30/93-08/02/07


You were my heart and soul. You saved my life so many years ago, and helped me to become the person I am today.

Our time together passed too quickly.

I will love you and miss you forever.


Asassy Cute As A Button, 12/08/04-12/03/07

We will miss you dearly Button. You were only with us a short time, but we will always love you and you will always be in our hearts. You were truly an angel sent from God. Beau misses his sister greatly, so please keep an eye on him from Heaven and let him know your watching over him. You will always be our little girl. God took you at such an early age, but we are greatful to have had you for as long as we did. Mommy, Daddy and Beau love you and miss you.

Ash, 11/01/07

Taken way too early. Loved the two short years you were with us.

Misty Jones

Ash, 08/11/05-08/26/07

We love you Ash and we will always miss you.

Renee Savannah Carlee Bear Tim & Jamie

Asha, 07/09/00-12/19/07

Asha, you'll always be my babydoll. I will miss the way you cuddled me at night, the way you massaged my neck with your paws, our little talks, and even your happy drooling. I hope your last dreams were happy ones, booger. I'll be seeing you, little girl.


Asha-Taiyo, 10/207

You can to me a little ball of fur, and stood your ground when your BIG bro Midnight showed you around you gave a lot of LOVE and was so gentle in your senior years with little ones who tried to push you.
You'll be missed greatly by ALL, there are no storms at Rainbow Bridge so until laterWE LOVE YOU "little girl"!

Sandra P

Ashanti, 02/25/07

I saved Ashanti from the SPCA on 2 October 2006. She was my little angel for 5 months. I miss her so much....

Ansunette Swanepoel

Asher, 01/19/96-12/04/07


I didn't know how much you would change me or how many times you would save me when you decided to start sleeping on my porch 11 years ago. We have been on many adventures together and I will miss you so. My hand misses your soft fur, my eyes miss your handsome face and your bluer than blue eyes, and my heart will forever be missing the space saved for you. You were so brave, even in your final days. I am so proud to have been able to call you mine. For now, it is I who lays on your porch, waiting for the day I get to come in and we are no longer lonely again.

All my love my sweet Bear,


Asher, 07/12/07

The Williamson County Humane Society called him Mr. Snags. It was March or April of 1996, and Michelle and I needed a friend for Noah, our developmentally-disabled little terrier mix. We went to the Humane Society and I saw something in this little tangled mass of gray fur. He was busted for stealing food, and his punishment was going to be castration at best, or death if nobody wanted him.
When I held him and played with him he panted, and when he panted it looked like he was smiling. So I named him Asher, the Hebrew name that means “happy.” He came to live at our house and became a good leader for Noah, and before Michelle and I were able to have kids, we each had a dog and a LaZBoy chair. Noah would sit in my lap, and Asher would sit in Michelle’s. Because we didn’t have kids yet, we lavished attention on our little guys, and Michelle’s Mom even sent care packages and Christmas presents to her “granddogs.” I had to clip his messy hair every few months. The first haircut I ever gave him, Michelle thought he was cute for the first time.
Asher was a fast ratter, and when we moved to San Antonio he caught several rats in our backyard. Asher could go and go and go when he was young. He never got tired. After I got transferred to Lubbock and we moved, I would still go on long walks with him. We were both hurt in a dog attack on a walk one night. We took him to the vet the next day and the vet said he was a very lucky dog. One time I discovered I could use the hair clippers (designed for people) on him. Michelle came home and exclaimed, “You shaved my dog!” The hair I shaved was curly and light gray, but it would grow back in darker and straighter. Shortly after that, we moved to a farm in Littlefield and he and Noah got to use a doggy-door in the back door of our house. He was a good companion. He loved to chase cats until we rescued a little black and white kitten we named Buster, and so Asher started tolerating cats.
In the course of time, Michelle and I got pregnant and we moved into a rental house in Lubbock. Asher was a good dog with baby Timmy. Noah wasn’t, and so we had to give him away. Asher bore with us through a total of 10 moves. He was very patient with us and with our growing number of kids, for the most part. As time went by, he wanted to be rest more and more. His favorite place was on a lap or leaning against someone asleep in bed. When he needed to go outside, or just needed attention, he would hop up in my lap and stick his nose in my face. I would ask if he wanted to go outside. Usually he would bolt for the door, but sometimes he would stay in my lap, as if he needed reassurance, to know I still loved him and to be sure of me.
Over time he began urinating in the house, and he started getting cranky, which led to a few scary incidents. But right after each incident, he would be mellow, like everything was okay and like nothing happened. Some of the incidents weren’t his fault. But as time passed, more of them were. He would not hold grudges, though, and would want to be loved and reassured as if he were scared or otherwise upset. And he was sleeping more and more.
Several hours ago, on July 12, 2007, his life ended, and I miss him. I will miss the way he would nuzzle his face under my hand to tell me he wanted to be petted or have his head scratched. I will miss the way he always had time for me when I was sick and needed a warm friend close. I will have to adjust to the silence at my back door because he isn’t there to want in. I won’t have to worry about clipping his hair or toenails again. I will miss that warm furry lump at the foot of my bed and the connectedness I felt. I will miss how brave he was (except for when it was raining). As the Bible says, his spirit returned to the ground. I was not with him in his final moments because I felt like I was betraying him. I am sure he was brave and good at the end and it would have hurt excruciatingly to watch.
I want to have other dogs again. And I know that I will see things in them that remind me of Asher. But there will be times, whether next week, or 30 years from now, that I will miss having him on my lap and scratching his head. God gave us animals to teach us things. One of them is love. Love gives without demanding in return. Asher was a simple dog and was never demanding. He put up with a lot in the over 11 years he spent with us. He taught me that it doesn’t pay to keep grudges, or stay stressed, and he drained a lot of stress out of me by loving me without expectations. I had another one of those separations today that make me yearn for a day when there won’t have to be any more separations, when dying and goodbying can take their rightful place in history as history.
Until then I will miss my friend.

Ashes, 09/04/07

I ran over my Kitty Ashes 9/4/07, not knowing he was under my car. His pelvic was broken to bad to repair. I had to put him to sleep last night. Needless to say I am just devastated.

One sad day you were taken from me And it tore my heart in two God took my hand and made me see What I had to do for you. It's so very hard to let you
go I pray that you can see Please know how much I love you And all that you meant to me. If I were given just one more day I would have held you gently And thanked you for the time we had And wished you a safe journey. My heart is crushed, my tears will flow But now I have to say goodbye Please wait for me, my special friend Until I see you on the other side. Foolish folk say
"He is only a cat" Pity them never knowing a friend such as that. He was mine; I was his from beginning to end How deeply I miss my true loving
friend! Love forever, XOXO Ashes Boy!
Your MOM Debbie

Ashes, 11/96-09/07/06

My beloved friend and protector

Margrit Simkins

Ashes, 02/14/94-04/11/07

We love & miss you so much. I don't know how we will ever heal. I miss you meeting us at the door. I miss hearing you run up & down the hallway, I miss throwing the ball for you, I miss cuddling at night, I miss petting your beautiful fur, I miss your kisses. I miss you so much. Thank you for being the bestest baby girl we ever had. Thank you for comforting me when your Daddy was in Korea, & when your Daddy was in Desert Storm. Thank you for taking care of Avery & always hearding him to keep him safe. Thank you for making our lives so very special.
I love you pooder,

Ashes, 06/01/92-03/23/07

I will miss and love you forever!


Ashes, 01/07/92-10/16/06

We love & miss you Ashes

Teresa I

Ashington's Lady Bailey, 11/10/99-09/28/07

We miss you terribly. You were a sweet, gentle dog whose life was cut short. At the end you were miserable. I'm sorry. Now we are miserable without you. You are in our thoughts every day. We will always remember the fun times we had together. We love you dearly.
Love, your family

Ashlee, 03/20/00-04/16/07

My sweet sweet Ashlee, if only I had known you would not be home again.

Pepper, Tuffie and Onde are sniffing the floor looking for you. This is the first time the four of you have ever been separated.

Who will lead the pack now, Ash? Who will hold court as we all bow down to your Majesty? I know you are in a happier place, I just wish we all could be together there.

You were with me for only seven short years, but you taught me how to be compassionate and kinder. You taught me patience, and how to communicate with other minds.
You taught me tolerance, and courage, something you displayed when your eyed went bad, and I had to drop them three times a day. You taught me courage when you didn't want me to see you suffer, so you hid from me. I didn't know you were in pain.You hid it well my queen.

We all love you and miss you, and this will be a long road of recovery for me. I will never love any other as I have loved you, my firstborn.

Deborah Dorsey

Ashlee Zene Dorsey, 03/20/00-04/16/07

For my Sweet Ashlee,

I did not know you were suffering, although the doctor said the tumor had not advanced, but that it would. I hope you understand that letting you go on the operating table was the best choice....

Ashlee, you were so full of life, and I didn't realize how much life you brought to all of us until you were gone.

Your littermate, Pepper, and sister and brother Tuffie and Onde look for you constantly, but they knew you were sick, and they know you are gone.

It was only 7 years, but I look for you every day. I miss you so much,and this tribute id=s for you Ashlee Zene Dorsey. May You Forever Rest in Peace


Ashley, 06/98-12/18/07

My girl, My own personal Angel, you were with me through many trying times. I will miss your beautiful face, expressive eyes and gentle demeanor. I will remember always how you cocked your head to one side when I spoke. You will be in my heart forever.

Patti Helsel

Ashley, 09/30/07

Our Ashley Smashley past away on September 30, 2007, it was a Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden with no warning my Ashley started vomiting foam.
I rushed her to CARES Animal Hospital in Oxford Valley.
I have to say this animal hospital was the best I have ever been to.
They were so wonderful and took such great care of our Ashley.
She somehow developed a puncture wound in her chest and developed a major infection and was now septic.
There was no helping her, as much as the vet tried she couldn't help her anymore, Ashley was just getting worse. Our Ashley was suffering terribly so we made the hardest decision and decided to put her out of her suffering.
We miss our Ashley terribly as she was only 8 years old and in the prime of her life.
She gave us no warning signs no symptoms until it was too late.
I hope our Ashley knows I tried to do everything that I could to save her.
If this wasn't traumatic enough it was almsot a year to that date that I had to put my 17 year old baby boy kitty "Ernie" to sleep as he was in heart failure.
We have lost two babies in a year.
I miss my Ashley big beady yellow glowing eyes, her loud meow that woke me up every morning, her trying to run out the door everyday.
We will never ever forget her and we know she will never forget us and is waiting for us with our Ernie at the Bridge.

Maryann & Nicole

Ashley, 08/28/07

My cat was a one of a kind cat and I will miss her with all my Heart!! She was very smart and loving!!!



Ashley, 06/25/07

Ashley is still my angel-her cat Cassidy is my other. Ashe touched everyone in a very special way-she was strong and smart and funny and there is a big hole now that I don't know how to fill. Cassidy is sad and misses her so much too.
I thank God for everyday I had with her. I cannot wait to see her again.
We miss you...

Patti Harrill

Ashley, 07/01/93-06/15/07

My unexpected shadow, I never thought that we would become such good friends.
I will miss you every day, but I am glad to know that your pain is gone now.

My dear "Miss Bisk", I will miss you dearly. You and I share a lifetime of happy memories. I know you are with Eevee now and I know you are free of any pain. Remember that Koko stil needs to know her place, so feel free to come back and remind her every now and then. I love you, you'll be in my heart always.

Keith & Tara Allan

Ashley, 02/04/92-05/11/07

I love you Ashley and always will.
You will be so missed.
Be happy with Grandmom and Uncle Jim they have been waiting for you to come and will take care of you until I can come for you.



Ashley, 03/19/07

We had Ashley the hamster for a very short time. But she became a part of lives.
She was very gentle and loving to a little boy.
And kept a mother company when the house was empty. You are missed tremendously Ashley

Patricia & Nicholas Murphy

Ashley, 03/20/07

A wonderful, intelligent, and feisty cat who loved humans, her "master" most of all, but had little good to say about dogs or her fellow cats.
She is greatly missed by her family who were blessed with her presence for 18 years.

John L. Quel

Ashley, 02/26/07

Bless you Ashley and may you rest in peace eternally in Heaven with Jesus Christ.
I will be reunited with you again one day. I will always remember when we first found each other.. You and your brother. I will miss watching out for you and taking care of you.
Maybe you can watch out for my Guarian Angel.. until we embrace each other again.. I LOVE YOU!


Ashley, 08/22/95-01/12/07

We wish you could know how hard it was for us to bring you to the vet for your final rest; but we know in our hearts that you no longer suffer.
We love you very much and we miss you.
Please look down on us from Heaven.
In our hearts and on our minds you will always be.
We love you Ashley.

Sean, Kristen, Lilly-May, & Chester

Ashley, 03/23/93-01/06/07

Ashley, you have a piece of my heart that will always belong to you.
My life was so much better with you in it.
Your love for me was unconditional as mine was for you.
As you are now free to join your father, you will be deeply missed.
With each tear I think of you and what I have lost but I know that you are now in a better place.
Wait for me near that Rainbow Bridge and one day I will join you there.
Until then, I think of you every minute of every day. I know that you are now asleep in my heart.
I love you Ashley, today and always and your memory and our wonderful life together will be with me forever.

Sheron Davis

Ashley, aka Miss A, 04/06/93-12/25/06

We will miss you very much--you were taken from us so suddenly.
Angel Skye waits to greet you at Rainbow Bridge; we anxiously await the day we are all reunited.
Rest well, our "Little Miss A".

Shelby and Dale Beccue

Ashley McFadden, 02/04/92-05/11/07

Ashley you brought me more joy and happiness than anything else in this world.
No one or nobody will every understand, love or help me in the ways that you did during your lifetime.
You were with me a short 15 years and I thank you for my life.
I will always remember my special baby.
Rest in peace little one.

Pat McFadden

Ashley Noel Spinelli Weiland, 10/31/88-12/23/06

Rest in peace sweet angel !You were a great friend !

Fred Weiland

Ashok, 09/01/07

To my furry friend and dear companion. Separated by death, but forever close in my heart. I love you.



You were always there when I needed you, through the good times and bad. I went away for a little while just to come back home and find you not there at the door to greet me with your warm kisses and gentle loving eyes. I was not there for you when you needed me the most but I know you are in heaven now with all the love, sunshine, and treats that you can handle. I miss you more than words can say but I know I will see you again someday. Until then, I will say "see you soon, and I will think of you everyday." I love you mommas. aka (bugger butt)


Aslan, 07/20/00-03/05/05

Aslan min mörke prins, du finns nu uppe hos din låtsas pappa och kompis Dino och din lilla buskompis Ronja Bus. Du kommer nog även snart att få upp din kompis och livskamrater Laban och Lina, då dom nu börjar bli gammla och trötta. Jag saknar dig så min lilla älskling, och en dag ses vi igen om inte allt för lång framtid.

Sov i ro min älskling, vi ses snart igen.


Aslan Butters, 06/13/05-07/12/07

Sweet Baby Boy, Each day without you just gets more difficult. I am so sorry that you suffered in the way that you did. You did make it home. Your endless love will encompass our hearts foever. We miss you! Logan, Gigi, Mr. Boo, and Bonesy misses you too!
We love you more than words can even describe.
XOXOXO Your Mommy and Daddy

Aspen, 09/12/07

Aspen, my beautiful big lilac point Birman. You got sick 2 weeks ago, and I did what I could. I took you to the vet where you were diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a heart murmur. We got you tablets and you seemed to improve.

When I left for work today, I sensed you were not at all well. And I toyed with the idea of staying home. I wish I had. When I got home, I knew the second I walked in the door that something was very wrong. You were howling - the most chilling sound I have ever heard.

I loaded you into the carrier and into the car to drive the short distance to the vet. You were making that awful howl sound and I kept talking to you, willing you to hang on. Then you stopped. And that was the worst noise. I begged you not to leave me, don't you die on me, just hang on, amongst tears.

I pulled up and the vet and grabbed you and ran in. There was no one at the desk so I called for help. All I could say to the receptionist was "I think my cats dying". She grabbed you and ran in to the consult room. It was too late. You were just 6 years old.

I didn't want to leave you there. Even though I know you were gone, I couldn't just leave you. I patted you and kissed you and told you how sorry I was. I really did try. I hope you know that. And now, Cooper is asking why mummy is crying. I don't know how to tell him. You know how much he loved you.

I know you held on until I got home for me. And you died on your own terms, just as you lived in life. You dying saved me from a decision I couldn't make. Thank you. Thank you for being so brave as to hold on until I got home - I would have been devastated had I returned to find you already gone.

I miss you so much, my beautiful big fluffball. The house will be so much quieter without your goofy antics and insistent meow.

Cross the bridge now, my beautiful friend and run again, well and healthy, and I will see you when I get there myself. I can't wait to cuddle your soft, beautiful fur again.

I miss you so much already and I will always love you.


Aspen, 05/91-08/30/07

Aspen was our best friend for 16 years. We love and miss her very much! We will always remember her as a wonderful part of our family.

Elissa & Alan Fritz

Aspen, 07/01/06-04/03/07

Aspen was such a loving kitten that was just not healthy enough to last very long. My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and miss having her around. It was a sudden death and we would appreciate prayers to find a healthy, loving kitten in the near future. Thank you.

Megan Szymanski

Assisi, 07/10/07

good bye sweet boy we loved you so much, till the end when it was hard for you to keep up the good fight we have to let you go, be with all the others and greet us as we come to you , please know that your loved still and will always be......

Richard Walters

Asti, 12/12/91-05/31/07

Asti, you were brought into our lives as a tiny little puppy, about to be given to the Humane Society.
I rescued you and brought you home and gave you to Joe for his birthday.
From that day on you were HIS dog!

You gave us 16 years of unbelievable love and friendship.
Even when you became deaf, you still stayed on patrol for people walking on YOUR sidewalk or in front of YOUR house.

You were the best dog ever, and we will miss you sleeping at the entrance to the bedroom every night.
Even today, four days later, we still tip toe around the door, so we don't step on you while you sleep.

Asti, we love you and will always love you and remember you!

Christine Mueller

Asti, 12/03/88-01/12/07

ASTI. You came to me in doubt that you would survive. But Baby you did!! After many weeks of wondering One morning I woke and you where curled next to me.
It was a start of 10 yrs of pure love
I miss you so much. Sometimes I think you are still walking the rooms. I miss you rolling over me and giving me your love and Dad miss your play and snuggles too. I hope you have your sight and hearing now and you are romping together with all your friends. I am sure you are the boss. Nothing or anything will ever replace you.
Thank you little darling for loveing me and letting me be your mom. We will meet again

Asti Peugh-Mueller, 12/12/91-05/31/07

Thank you Asti for providing us such joy & happiness for 16 years.
We loved you and will miss you every day.
Your bark, your squeaking your toys, your wanting to go for rides -- you were truly a one-of-a-kind dog!
Thank you for 16 wonderful years.
We hope you are happy & healthy where you are now and looking down on us.
We miss you more than you will ever know!

Christine Mueller

Astor, 08/02/93-23/02/07

moja najvetja ljubav...bitje uvek pamtjen i voljen ,isto kao i pre!!!

Maja Vujanic

Astoria Cats, 1992-2005



Astrid, 04/17/07

Astrid was a beautiful cat. He loved to hunt anything he could find. at times it was sad to see the little animals he brought home, but it spoke so much about his personaility. He was strong. He was friendly and sweet, but also playful. He loved to be near his family, including Sammy and Briquette, his brother and sister. Astrid from day 1 looked like he belonged where he lived. He would climb on the screen of the window, behind the tv signaling to be let it. He loved his adventures. He was a curious cat. He was very careful when he went in the street, the smartest cat i knew. He was shot yesterday morning between 7:15 and 8:26. Some heartless person, unknown to us, shot him through his stomach. He is buried on the hill now. We will miss him dearly, He can never be replaced. I LOVE YOU ASTRID I HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! Love your mommy <3

Astro, 05/12/96-07/18/07

To our Dog of a lifetime and Best Friend forever.....we miss you baby bud!!!

Janice & Jon

Astro, 05/10/98-08/17/07

My little boy Astro, I thought we would have so much more time together.
I cannot believe that you are gone.
It really hurts to miss you this much. You were such a star. Thank you for making me proud -- I was so proud of you all the time.
I'm so sorry that our last year together wasn't our best. I wish I had taken you to the park more to run and chase squirrels more, played ball more, had more fun with you.
I didn't know you would go so soon. I will always love you so much.

Elyssa Korman

Astro, 03/19/97-04/25/07

Astro fought her illness long and hard and made it ten years.
She overlooked her pain for the happiness of others.
She has many friends at Rainbow Bridge that will be happy to see her.
She will be loved and missed on earth.


Astro, 02/25/90-04/05/07

I remember when I first saw you as a fluffy puppy, round and plump. You were so excited when you saw me you weed all over my boots.
You were so loyal and trusting. You were incredibly courageous.
I remember how wonderful you were at catching mice. You were such a smart puppy. You looked after me, by keeping me company when I was lonely or scared of being alone and you often gave me enough so that I had a reason to face each day. I miss you terribly. With all the chaos and uncertainty you were my stability and I loved you. Best of all I loved your doggy smile and beautiful soft ears. How you'd tuck your head in under my arm for a cuddle. Gosh, you were affectionate. Too many tears and no one to lick them away.

Louise Patterson

Asylum, 03/04-07/20/07

Asylum, the pit bull ambassador. I love you very much, and I miss you very much. you will always be loved and treasured. love always Mom and Dad

Athena, 06/08/96-08/05/07


Mike D'Andraia

Athena, 07/21/07

Thank you for everything you added to our lives, Athena.
It is so hard to let you go, but we cherish the time we had with you.
Strength and and be free....we will see you again.

We love you and miss you.

Brad & Robin Redman

Athena, 04/22/01-03/06/07

I know you'll be waiting with Kadin. With love from Hershey and Sugar, you are missed.


Athena Daley, 01/30/07

We rescued Athena shortly after being married, she was small, thin, and afraid of people. We treated her with gentleness and love, and she slowly began to trust us. She was with us through my first pregnancy and the birth of our son, through sicknesses, and deaths. Athena was a wonderful companion, and a best friend to our now 9 month old son. We loved her with our whole hearts, and she loved us in return. We will miss that little dog, she deserves to be remembered.

Lindsay and Justin and Jeremiah Daley

Athena (Theenie) Walters, 04/30/91-06/18/07

In loving memory of sweet, sweet Theenie.
Now you are at peace, and there is no pain.
You will spend eternity in the recliner with Grandma.
Until we are together again, watch over us.
We will keep you close in our hearts always.

Goodbye, Girly Girl

John, Millie & Ryan Walters

Atlas, 11/22/97-12/11/06

I miss you terribly! You was the very best friend I will ever have!You brought so much joy into this house! we miss you! My great Dane,my best friend!

Mary Toland

Atticus, 10/17/07

My very first rat:

Atticus was a happy, fat ratty.
She was so sweet and soo gentle, anyone afraid of rodents would be healed by her kind, gentle nature.

She passed away due to a tumor in her front leg that left that whole side of her body paralized.

She loved to bounce around the cage, hogging all the food from her sister ratties and dumping it into a huge pile. It was her favorite pass time.
When she got sick, it was too heart-breaking to see my girl squirn her little body around the cage, not understanding why she couldn't do the things she loved anymore.

I'll miss seeing her fat, old rump sitting in my hand, paws resting on her tummy, tail flopped to one side, and big shiny eyes starting at me waiting for hugs, kisses or treats.

I loved her dearly and have such a passion and appreciation for all rats now that I never had before I met her.

I miss you my dear Atticus.
Sleep well on the Rainbow Bridge.
I'll find you again someday.

Your mommy, & sisters (Vega, Omhali, Lexie)

Always in my dreams.
Always in my heart.

Atticus, 02/04/00-04/09/07

Puppy Boy,

It was all so damn quick. Friday you got sick and Monday you were gone - no warning, we thought we'd have you 'till you were an old boy.

We tried to get you better, you were in the best of hands. We thought you would be home again and it was such a shock to find out that you wouldn't be coming home.

We will miss your:
- "toilet dance"
- "what have you got?" (remember Brookies knickers and socks?)
- "where's your bucket?"
- getting the "fleas" out of mummy
- xmas - you always knew which presents were for
you. Last xmas at Stuarts I can see you now at his back door with your present in your mouth and that sad pathetic look on your face thinking "if I look really sad even though I know I shouldn't have got it they won't be mad at me" look
- going "walkies" and "going to the beach in the car"
- "give me your paw"
- "give me a kiss"
The list goes on

It's only been a few hours, I would love to think that you are playing with Levi and Bess. Scout misses you, Dad is heartbroken and I just want to say how much we all loved you and I hope you knew that. You were such a character! We did try.

Ian and Davina

Atticus, 08/09/91-01/24/07

To our loving little Atticus. For 15 years, he has been the friend, companion, and "child" that we never had. We will miss his unconditional love.

Take care little guy, Adi, doggeral, a-man, stink-a-nator, Adds, and every other name we called you.

Paul Hahn and Kim Radcliffe

Atticus, Rescued 11/18/06-01/20/07

Dear brave Atticus, you had such a hard life. How could we not take you home when we saw you at the rescue that day, skin and bones and covered in scars? You were the gentlest of souls, wagging your little docked tail and looking at us with those huge shining eyes. We hope we gave you enough love, friendship and kindness in the last 2 months of your life to make you forget all the years you were abused. We couldn't have loved you any more if you'd lived with us longer. We all miss you so much--even the staff at the Vet's office. Lulu is moping around the house and you know what a sad site a mopey bulldog is. Please look out for her as she lives the rest of her life. She loved you so much and she picked you out to be her special friend. She's going to miss playing with you. Abner and I miss you too and so does my mom. Good bye Atticus. We love you and we'll always remember what you taught us about life. Love, Abner, Kim, Lulu & Rutherford xoxo

Attila, 1989-09/07/07

My Dearest Attila.
17 years seems too short.
You were my friend when I was alone.
You were with us when we married.
You were with us when our son was born.
I thought we were going to lose you when you were 5 and we were told you were diabetic.
I It hurt to watch you fade so fast but not as much as it hurts to not have you around.
No more playing fetch with the string.
No more sleeping on me as I fall asleep.
I miss you.

Aaron McClure

Aubie, 09/18/87-03/15/06

When I met you at the shelter you won my heart. The many times you played chase and you always stopped to make sure I was coming for you; the many times you would not let strangers near me; the times we had conversations and the times I was in pain and you shared all of this with me; I so dearly miss. You play and run free with that frisky run you have.
Now, you have an open field where you don't have to watch for cars. I will never forget that last large lick (your kiss), as if you was telling me all was going to be OK. Now, I know why; because one day we will meet on Rainbow Bridge; that calms me and gives me peace.

Mary Sue Newton

Aubie Early, 02/14/03-07/31/07

We loved Aubie so much and we will miss her so much!!!!

Tonya Early

Aubie Miller, 01/13/98-09/19/06

I thank my baby boy for all the happiness he brought our family but especially to me. He was my best friend. I am a stay at home and Aubie went eveywhere I went. He had gotten a yeast infection in his paws so we took him to this new vet and she misdiagnosed him and put him on antibiotics ( which fed the yeast so the infection did not get better it only got worse) and large amount of steroids. we called her to let her know he was not getting any better and that his stomache had swollen up to look like a pot belly pig and he had really bad diarrhea. She told us to wean him off of the steroids and he would be fine. We asked her didn't she want to check him out and she told us that if he was not better in acouple of weeks to bring him. A week later on my daughters 16th birthday we saw him acting abnormal and then he started to gasp for air. We rushed him to the animal hospital where we were told she had overdosed his liver on steroids. The steroids had caused a bleeding ulceration inside of him as well as damaging his liver. I had to leave him for the first time ever in my life (when our children are in the hospital we are allowed to stay right by their side and if given the choice that is what I would lito have been able to do with my baby) I thought I was going to die. I went home and curled up like a baby and cried myself to sleep. I called several times through the night to check on him. He seemed to be responding to the diuretics they were giving him to release the fluids built up in his belly. When I picked him up the next morning they told me about a really good vet to take him to because he would have to be hooked back up to the I.V. The new vet was so incredible. She started to confer with the University of Auburn and Georgia. Everyone agreed that if we opened him up for exploratory surgery his liver would not be able to metabolize the anesthesia and he would not wake up.We needed more time to try and get him stronger. We were able to bring him home with us over the labor day weekend and just continue to take him to the vet to have his hematocrit level checked. Everything else had gotten better but his hematocrit level continued to drop so the Universities and the vet decided to give Aubie a blood transfusion to buy us some more time. He had the transfusion done on September 18th and I brought him home that evening. Our vet told me that if we had any problems with him that she would be the emergency doctor at the animal hospital that night and to just bring him up there to her. I held him in my arms until my husband got home from work that night and he was so excited to see his daddy but he started to make this hacking noise so we took him back up to the hospital to have him checked out. He had some pulmonary congestion aso she hooked him back up to the I.V and started him on diuretics to get rid of the fluids. We would be able to pick him up at 7:30 the next morning. I called all through the night checking on him and he seemed to be getting better. When I called at 5:00 that morning she said he was laying on his pillow watching her work. She called me at 6:30 just one hour shy of the time for me to pick him up and informed me that Aubie had passed away. A part of me died that day. I could not deal with the fact that he was not in my arms when he took his last breath for me to tell him good-bye and that it was o.k. for him to let go. It has been 7 months and I still cry for him. He is buried underneath a beautiful tree in my backyard where I go frequently to visit him. His headstone reads... If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I would walk up to heaven and bring you home again. God how very true that is. When my husband and I went to the hospital to pick Aubie up my vet cried and and tried to comfort me as I was crying unconsolable. I was just begging them to bring him back so I could tell him good-bye. I held him in my arms for a very long time that morning unable to put him in his casket and into the earth for eternity. I never knew such unconditional love as I knew with him. I only wish I could have had a few more years with him. His paws left prints in my heart forever.

Lisa Miller

Auburn, 02/01/06-10/13/06

Auburn, I will always love you, and so will Sleepy. What more can I say, your fantastic.

Jake Costello

Audrey, 10/20/07

She loved squirrels and rabbits and she even knew what cows were.
My heart is broken to lose her and her kitty sis Luna all in the same year.
She used to puff up one check when she was being playful. when you pet her butt she would pick up her hind legs one at a time (the butt dance we called it).
She liked nothing more than to sleep next to me on the couch, eat pizza crusts and raspberries, and to chew on meaty bones.

Cathy Carr

Audrey, 08/05/07

To our dear Audrey, we miss you. Thanks you for brightening our lives for ten wonderful years. From the moment we found you as a stray in the middle of the street, to the day you had your litter of kittens, to the day of laying mext to me at night or dozing in a patch of sun, we always knew you were extra a special. Rest in peace dear friend.

Diane Gorton

Audrey Hepburn, 06/08/07

Our beloved Audrey, you will always be in our hearts and our memories. You will be missed not by only us, but your brother.
We will all meet again someday.

Janie , Vanessa, Henry Barajas

Auggie, 01/14/07

What can I say. It was a heck of a 16+ years run. Auggie had a great life, she completely adored me and was the nicest Dog I have ever met! I feel blessed to have had such a great dog. She loved to go camping, fishing, the Dog Park, basically anywhere I went she was happy to tag along and she had it made living on the lake.
I had her since she was 8 weeks old and was rescued from the pound in 1990. I knew the day would come when she would be gone but nothing could have prepared me for it. It's hard to think about getting another Dog sometimes as She is irreplaceable. Life goes on though and I have allot of wonderful memories.

Gregory T. Boone

Auggie, 01/06/07

To my Auggie:
You took over our house the moment you walked in and we never regretted it.
You were gentle and affectionate.
Your intelligence always amazed me.
I will miss you forever.

Jan Empsall

Augie, 11/03/92-10/02/07

Augie what an adventure we had.
So many people thought we were crazy to put up with your quirky behavior, some days I agreed. You could be so mischevious and so very loving. I wouldn't trade my time with you for anything. You had eyes that looked into your soul. Oh, how I miss those eyes. I knew the moment I saw you that you were the one.
I learned so much from you and I am heartbroken because you are gone. You will forever be my Aug.
I miss you buddy and I love you.


Augie, 08/21/07

Augie was my light, my reason to go home.
He was my best pal and helped me through some tough times (job loss, divorce, life in general).
He was the one constant in my world and ALWAYS made me smile.
He was almost a person - only the good aspects.
I love him with all of my heart and now I miss him with all of my heart.
He was truly a blessing from God.
All who met him were impressed by him.
Invitations were almost always given to "DeAna and Augie", "Aunt Dee and Augie"...we were known as a twosome.
He loved me, too - I could always see it in his eyes and feel it when he would snuggle against me.
I didn't know my heart could break like this.

Deana Reed

Augie, 06/11/94-04/11/07

A wonderful soul, Augie doggy shared her beautiful life with us for almost 13 years before passing into the bliss and contentment she richly deserves. While her family is deeply saddened by the loss of her physical being we are ever mindful and grateful for the manifold gifts of joy, love and acceptance that she so willingly shared. These we will keep in all our hearts until we are united again.

Bill & Melissa Parkhurst

Augie, 04/01/01-11/14/06

We still miss you every day and are so sad that you had to leave.

Paul, Courtney, Cameron and Noah

Augie, 02/06/07

Augie We will miss you

Love your mom and Auntie Sue

Aurélie-Belle, 08/07/92-06/02/07

Quatorze années de bonheur :-)

Tu me manqueras...


Aurora, 08/11/06-09/12/07

Aurora was a wonderful friend and shoulder rat. She stayed sweet even through her illness and will be missed by her sister Amour and her 2 little PEW friends Alice and Angelina. She will also be missed by her human pals Tracey, Alex and Erin

Aurora Borealis, 03/04/04-09/16/06

Passed so tragically that day.
You will be missed by your human and animal families.

The Riehl Family

Aussie, 08/28/07

Ran over my own dog.
So devastating.

Ari and Natalie

Aussie, 10/01/06-03/23/07

My youngest son and his wife lost little Aussie, their beloved Chihuahua puppy, yesterday to an accidental fall. He was a spunky little fella and was very loving and protective of his family. He will truly be missed by all who knew him in his short little life. God bless you, are safe and feeling no pain now. See you again someday, sweetie!

La Dawn

Aussie Blue, 02/25/07

My dearest Aussie Blue...

She is not dead, and doth not sleep
She hath awakened from the dream of life -
'Tis we, lost in stormy visions, keep
With phantoms an unprofitable strife.

May Scotty and Becky provide some peace to you in your transition and until we all meet again.........

Cathy Cressy

Austin (Digger), 08/09/94-11/12/07

Our sweet boy, we miss you so terribly.
You lived a good long life and were dearly loved. It is so sad to go on without you here, but we know you are in a better place where you can run, play and be happy.
We picture you in heaven, running full speed like a puppy again.
Your poor body gave out on you here on earth, but you are whole again now. We will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest in peace, dear Austin.

Kathy, Josh and Graham

Austin, 10/15/07

To our dear Stoney Bones...

How we miss your smile, your flops on the bed that woke us up at night, the way you looked at us with all of that unconditional love of yours, hearing your prancing footsteps coming down the hall.
Every memory of you puts smiles on our faces because you were a wonderful, wonderful dog, and the best friend that both of us will ever know.

We both have such deep sorrow since you had to leave us.
You will always have a special place in our hearts that only you have known how to fill.
We know our sweet memories of you will help ease our pain in time, and we know that heaven is an even more wonderful place because you're there now.

We will cherish the time that we were able to spend together for the rest of our lives until we all meet again...

We love you so much, Austy Aus!

Your mom and dad (Michelle & Curtis)

Austin, 05/08/07

i will never forget my puppy as i called him and he will always be in my heart!!!


Austin, 02/16/95-12/04/01

Austin was a beautiful boy.
I want him to know that, to this day, he is sorely missed and loved so very much.
I'll see you again someday, my precious boy.


Austin, 1990-01/22/07

We miss you so much "fat cat".

Carl and Maria

Austin, 02/11/01-07/07/05

You truly were my best friend.


Austin Corporal Texas, 12/25/91-03/29/07

He was my best friend in the whole world. He was ill with the awful disease called Degenerative Mylopothy (human form of Multiple Scrosiss). He fought for two years with it and never gave up. But on March 24th, the test results came back that he started going into kidney and liver failure and it would shortly reach his heart. So I had to put my best friend to rest. I told him on his last dying breathe that I will keep up the fight to find a cure for that awful disease so that no one else will go threw what I did. I will love him always and think of him everyday till we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Aleczandra Kulig

Austin Cowboy, 09/13/05-11/25/05

austin baby i sure do miss you, my heart is so broken without you, i cry every day, everybody around me gets sick of it, but i can't help it, i loved you so much. and in that short time we had. i will never forget you, from the first time i laid eyes on you, i knew you were the one i have waited for 30 years to come into my life. i am so sorry that i fed you that nurto dog food,and you had to suffer those two days. because the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong. then to have you died in my arms, i will never never forget that day you left me. i have been so broken i can't stand it. i know that ice and buck were sent here for a reason, so that you could go to be with cookie dog she loved you so much, and the boys were sent to take care of me,i pray for you everyday little one, and you are always on my mind, until we meet again, know that i love you very very much, give cookie dog a kiss and dallas and ginger to, i love you mom

Autumn, 11/20/07

The full impact of your passing has yet to register.


Autumn, 09/11/96-03/12/01

My sweet Autumn!
Your "mouse ballet" was always entertaining.
Your sweet disposition and love of people made you a special kitty.
You made sure that any human that entered our abode felt welcomed and special.
I miss your companionship, silly "mustache", playing "mouse hat", and your ability to think through and solve "problems" set before you.
You were a "one-of-a-kind" kitty.
I miss you very much!
You left your pawprints on my heart.

Nancy Rogers

Autumn, 05/01/07-09/12/07

In three short weeks, Autumn, taught me the true meaning of unconditional, unselfish love.
I am truly going to miss her with all my heart!!!
I will see you again one day!!!
I love you!


Autumn, 01/20/97-07/12/07

She was loyal and loving, and would never leave my side. I will always love her, and never forget her.

Jared Halter

Autumn, 07/19/07

Autumn was the light of our life, always a smile. She will be so missed.

Janet and Samtrout

Autumn Batta, 03/11/96-11/11/07

to the best friend i ever had - thanks for all your kisses

Heather Batta

Autumn Belle Carr, 09/96-04/12/07

Autumn was a constant companion and source of joy for our entire family.
She was the 'QUEEN" of the house and she knew it.
"Gone, Yet not forgotten, Although we are apart, Your spirit live within me, Forever in my heart".
We Love You Autumn and Look forward to being reunited.

Terri Carr

Autumn Bottom Weismann, 11/96-11/17/07

My dearest Aubumn. I am so sorry that I did not care better for you. I did not realize how sick you were and I made a feeble last attempt at saving you and I am afraid you suffered too much. I am so terribly sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I am not sure I will be able to forgive myself. I will carry this with me always. I will miss you licking my face when you needed food. I will miss you scratching at the door to come in from the outside. I can't help but see you when I look outside. You are always there with me and I know you deserved better. I hope you are happy now and I that God is feeding you tuna and milk as you play together outside in the big open field. That is my wish for you my friend. You came to us in the Autumn and you left us in the Autumn...your circle is complete. I love you my girl and will always miss you.


Autumn-Marie, 08/19/07

In August of this year, my beautiful friend, Autumn-Marie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was only 4 years old when we discovered she had cancer that was not likely to be treatable. She was a light in our day and a blessed friend. We miss her and know that eventhough she is not here in body, her spirit is always nearby.

Diana Cashman

Autumn Sunday, 1988-05/08/07

We love you, miss you and will never forget you.

Sophia Patrick

Ava, 05/11/07

I found Ava staggering down a sidewalk and thought she'd been hit by a car. When I got closer, I realized that she was starving. Every bone showed, and I couldn't believe she was still alive. I carried her in my arms and took her to the emergency clinic. Over the weeks, I cared for her as best I could, and so did the veterinarians (bless you). She gradually gained weight (two pounds) and she began to purr when I was with her. I would lie next to her and listen to her soft purr, which was lovely to hear. Finally, after nearly seven weeks living with mats, she was stable enough to be sedated and groomed (shaved). I was excited to have her come home with her lion cut, as she'd feel so much more comfortable. I'd be able to pet her whole body instead of just stroke her forehead. But the vet found a large tumor in her stomach during the grooming. Ava was quite elderly and the vet felt it was best to send her to the Rainbow Bridget rather than go through surgery or chemo.
I can hardly type this now. My hands are shaking and I can't see well. I can't stop crying for my brave little baby. She suffered so much out on the streets, yet survived - she had such a SPARK and was such a fighter. But now she is gone. I miss her so much and am so angry that she is gone.

Ava, you were such a little beautiful cat. Your blue eyes were a little cloudy but still beautiful, and your little black face and ears were lovely. I can't bear coming home knowing you aren't there. Mornings are the worst, because it comes back to me that you are gone. I know I will see you again, sweetheart, but right now, the pain is almost too much to bear.

I kissed your face and head after you left your poor body, and stroked you and told you how much I loved you. I will always love you.

Kristin Heiberg

Avarie, 01/08/05-01/03/07

Darling Avarie----Little Bubby you're finally free to chase all of those tennis balls. We miss you every day but to not release you to freedom would just have been selfish. We chose to love you and let you go---Our candle will be lit for you Sweet Girl----look down from heaven and see the glow that is forever yours----Love, Love Love
Your mommies.....

Christine & Melissa

Avery, 05/12/07

I adopted Avery a just over 11 months ago after her original owner abandoned her. She was starving, scared, and had a hard time adjusting to life with me and my dog after so much time alone. We never really clicked, but she was always at the door to greet me when I came home. In fact, I could always see her in the window as I drove up (it was wonderful to come home to someone), and then hear her as I walked up the stairs. She had a lot to say, and I don't think she got a chance to finish telling me everything.

I loved her, and all of her eccentricities (chewing on the shower curtain, playing with the computer, refusing to eat anything with fish in it ), dearly.

I miss her desperately.

Cathleen Koken

Axel, 2003

Axel was my sister's rat too..He was lovable as well and loved to play with you! His favorite thing to do was clean you and nibble on your fingers!


Axel Bean Johnson, 01/11/87-08/22/01

A giant of a dog with a heart of gold. He was my soulmate for many years. He was smart and funny with a mind of his own. He knew how to get what he wanted - cookies and walks or love, and he was allways there when i needed him. I still feel him close to me and know that i allways will.

Adelle Johnson

Axl, 04/15/88-07/19/07

I cannot get over the last 19 years we had together. I was 22 when I adopted you, now I am 41. You have been with me through many moves a divorce,a marriage and the birth of your 2 legged friend.(they love you just as much) I will always have you in my heart. You were my first baby. I hope you and Sam feel better and are running and playing. Do not ever forget me. I will never forget you. Thank you! Your 2 legged mom.

Axl, 05/92-05/29/07

I remember the day you came to me.You chose me even though you had a human across the road.I remember when you would follow me around on the street You were only about 4 weeks old.That was before I even knew for sure you were mine or I was yours I should say. Axl you gave me the gift of true friendship.You never judged me or hurt me .Axl you will always be my familiar or soulmate whatever you want to call it.You gave me 15 years of happiness,joy and light I wish you will come back to me soon.Because without you here my heart is like a big empty shell and the pain is so much to bear I don't know how long I can go on with this broken heart.I love You so much bubba.Love Angela

Axl Rose, 07/29/05-06/18/07

I miss you so much, know I loved you with all my heart my baby boy.

Silvia Duckworth

Axle Millen, 10/15/06-04/26/07

We miss and love you Axle!

Pressley Carter and Rhys Millen

Ayla, 06/07/07

Every night for 19 years I would hold Ayla, look into her huge green eyes and say, "You are so smart, you are so good, you are so beautiful, and mommy loves you very much."
She was an only child.
She was my strength.

Veda Levin

Aylee, 05/30/07

Our beautiful Aylee,
We miss you everyday.
Mom, Dad, brother, Molly, and Wonderkitty

Azh Naborr, 03/30/74-06/22/07

Azh Naborr was a legend. He was the number one siring son of the famous stallion *Naborr. He sired over 350 purebred Arabian foals.

Azh came to me at age 21 and I was blessed to have him with me these last twelve years.

He was a kind and brave horse.

He will be greatly missed.

Dorann LaPerch

Azreal (Azzie aka Angel), 10/24/89-02/14/07

Azzie - My Angel Girl,
I love you so much still that my heart hurts....and I miss you every day.
You remain "irreplaceable" to me.
You remain my BEST friend.

Rose Brennan

Aztec, 08/01/07

He came into my life when I needed him the most.

He was my baby my companion my friend.

He always knew when I needed him.

He was always purring.

I will miss you and do miss you so very much.

I Love you!

Mary Brayman

Azzie, 10/04/89-02/14/07

I am not a poet.
I just miss my Angel Azzie. We always had a promise between the two of us - that whoever passes on first - will meet the other.
I had so many silly made-up songs I would sing to her.
She lived a long time, and I feel I took really good care of her.
But she was in pain, and I loved her and couldn't stand to have her feel that way.
The vet couldn't do any more for her.
When she came into my life over 17 years ago - it was the happiest day of my life.
When I had to have her put to sleep this past Valentines Day - it was, without a doubt - the saddest day of my life. I can't imagine never speaking her name again.
I am completely heartbroken.
There's absolutely no words to express how lonely I feel without her.
Azzie - My Angel Girl, My Cupcake Girl, our Little Muffin Head.
I want us to keep our promise.
I miss you baby girl.
There will always be a void in my life now.
I love you Azzie


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