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Year 2003 Tributes

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Wacka thru Wystan

Wacka, 03/11/91-12/30/02

We miss our little pink-nose a lot. She was as fine a cat as we have ever known. Our Wacka doodlina is free from pain but our hearts are full of grief. Sleep well, beauty doodle. We miss your whisker-love.

Joanne & Dave Platt

Waldo, 07/23/03

My dear Waldo, thanks for those five wonderful years. You were my unconditional friend, my companion, my confident, always by my side my sweet "viejito". I will never forget all the moments we shared, the walks everyday even when it was raining, the car rides with you in the back seat , the warm welcomes when I returned home, but most of all I will never forget your beautiful face and those friendly eyes looking at me with love and tenderness.
I miss you so much it hurts. I wish I could touch you, hug you, kiss you my angel.
Waldo thanks again for all your love, I love you so much, please don't forget me , I will never forget you my dear friend you are always in my heart. Until we meet again....


Walker's Jessy Girl, 07/10/90-01/25/03

Walkers Jessie Girl was helped to the bridge on Saturday January 25, 2003. Jess will be remembered for her courage, her love and her amazing ability to yodel at full moons. Jess was a tree climber - she had been known to climb a tree and stand nose to nose with Mountain Lions twice her size, and quite often force THEM to back down. We always thought that we would lose her to a lion. Unfortunately, the big C Monster decided to take her first.

Run free baby girl! I look forward to the day that I can hear your sweet singing voice again! I'll see you at the bridge.

Marcy Walker

Wallpaper, 04/18/03

To Wallpaper:
You bit his toe.
You bit his dad too.
But you were still
really cute.

Also, I'm sorry I couldn't
keep you at my place.
My dad, you know.

I bet Onnre misses you;
she always licked you when you escaped.

you were a better person
than we ever tried to be.

love, J + C

Wally Schuster

My dog died last night. While the loss is a major grief experience, I am thankful that she lived for 16 years.
She was the "Best Doggie in the World". We told her often. She knew she was loved very much.
The vet called a couple of days ago while she was in the hospital and asked if I could come into the office and try to get her to drink some water. I simply asked, "Well, did you put ice in it for her?" They had no idea the dog was so particular in this need. She wasn't spoiled as much as she was just "pampered". She taught my wife and I so much about love. If you hurt her accidentally she would instantly forgive you. So nice. If supper was late, it didn't matter, she had to greet you first as if to say, "I understand."
She used to bring in the paper, get the remote, hand the money to the drive-thru person at fast food restaurants, perform tricks, and really really LOVED to go down the slide at the park. Then we would chase the ducks. Everybody loved my dog and was kind envious and wanted me to train their dogs, but I just told them that she was a one-of-a-kind. May Wally Schuster rest in eternal peace forever. I love you old dog. You are so missed.

Walter, 04/01/95-10/21/03

My "baby boy", we miss you so.
You were the light of our lives.
Be happy until we see you again.

Helen Meyers


Walter was the official greeter at Companion Animal Clinic for nearly 10 years and has greeted thousands of fellow fur babies. He has been there for the patients as well as their owners. After a difficult bout with kidney disease he passed away. Walter was a very special cat who will be missed by many.

Dr. Alan Ross

Warhol, 30/11/03

Warhol you were the first ferret with a Guinness World Record for being the fastest ferret down a tube at Blythe UK. You gave me my 15 minutes of fame and over. My last outside ferret now I only have Kenny for company inside. I miss seeing your face at the window of your home by my dining room window.

Jacqui Adams

Wasabi, 01/25/02-10/09/03

To our faithful little friend- now free to roam

Strugnell Family

Wasichu, 05/05/02-04/14/03

Just know that I love you (and your brother, Ogala) very much and I'm so sorry for what happened. The people at the kennel promised to give you shelter until we moved in to our new place - not euthanize you! I miss you terribly and I wish this tragedy never happened. I hope you are both safe and happy now and weren't too frightened. I only wish I could have been there for you, but if I was it wouldn't have happened. Please take care of your brother and make sure to snuggle with him every night… he needs that reassurance that you're there and you love him. I promise to think of you every day and say a prayer - I will see you both again soon! I Love You! Please forgive me.
Love, Momma
You were my life… my love… my pride and joy! A part of me died when you were taken away and I will never be the same. I wish you weren't the reason I can't stop crying because then we could all curl up and you could lick away the tears.
Ps: I hope you get lots and lots of dog bones and ice cubes on your birthday! I wish I could be there… just remember to share with Ogala J HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!

Waylon, 07/19/90-02/24/03

Waylon you brought such great joy, laughter and affection to all that had the privilege of knowing you. You were truly a character and are so missed. You were always the "big brother" to Chester even though he was twice your size. You immediately welcomed him into "your" domain without a second thought and loved him, taught him how a good kitty should be, where the best hiding places were and how to just enjoy life.

You will be in our hearts forever and we will feel your spirit always.............we need to.
We Love you and always will, thank you for giving us so much! Kathleen, Chester, Rodney and Brian

Wazzle, 2000

You wasn't

A bit too big
a little too small
to fuzzy for me
too fat to crawl

{//SOB, SOB\\}
you was just right and I can't believe your dead and I'll always talk to you and Granny will see and feel you, I'll always hear you scuffiling to get to your dinner!!!!!!

Charlotte Morris

WC Classica aka Classy, 05/03-12/25/03

To my beautiful Arabian Girl.
You had the kindest soul and the biggest heart of any horse I have ever met.
Thank you for bringing such joy to my life and gracing me with your beauty for these past years.
I love you Classy and I'll miss you.
Run proud and free at the Bridge...until we meet again.

Janet Blume

Webster, 03/11/03

You brought me such affection and happiness all these years; today, I brought you peace and rest from your illness. Thank you sweet pumpkin for being so brave today and during these past months of treating you. May Mozart greet you with open arms as you cross the bridge. I will miss you terribly but love and remember you always.

Webster, 06/12/94-01/01/03

Webster was a special companion. The vet told us when he was younger, if he was human he would have cerebral palsy. He survived many traumas, one of the worse being an attack by a German Shepard. The vet said she could either put him down, or I could bring him home to die, because he would never walk again or be able to eat on his own. I brought him home and laid him in his bed. He fell out of it and got up, propped himself against the wall and walked down the hall way. That was 2 years ago. He since has had to be on phenobarbital and aminophylline. New Year's eve he came over to me and barked to be fed. I had to hand feed him everyday. He couldn't jump on anything and always had to be picked up and put down. Walking on non-carpeted areas was also a tricky feat for him. As I was holding him and rocking him to sleep like a little baby, which I often did, my friends commented how child like he was. I just cradled him and kissed him and called him my million dollar baby, cuz I have spent almost that much on vet bills. New Years day he wasn't himself. He started wheezing bad and I noticed his tongue was purple. I called the vet and told her his condition and she said meet her at the office in 5 minutes. She took him right away and told us to go home and she would call with prognosis. 30 minutes later the dreadful call came- "Mary, I could work on him, but it will cost a lot of money and honestly, he doesn't have the will to go on!" I wanted my own life to end right there. My husband took the phone and agreed it was time to let him go. I said I had to be there. I had to rock my baby one more time. By the time we got there it was too late. She said she revived him twice but he couldn't hold on. He died 2 minutes before we got there. I raised Webster from the time he was 5 weeks old. His mother wouldn't care for him - he was different. I cannot imagine what life will be like when I lose a family member - cuz this is killing me. It has been a week and it is not getting better. The nights are the worst. He would snuggle in the small of my back at night or coming home from work he would do his little "happy dance" (as we called it) and now there is none. I know he is peaceful and in heaven looking down, but I really would rather he be with me. This is a beautiful site and I am so grateful there are others who love their pets like I do. Thank you.

Mary Bierbrodt

Wee Baby, 02/14/89-12/28/02

Wee Baby was my best friend for almost 14 years. I lost her 12-28-02. I believe it is the hardest thing I have ever had to endure since the death of my mother 10 yrs. ago. She was loved and she returned her love unconditionally. It is so hard adjusting and I know there are other dog lovers who are going through the same thing I am. I was so lucky to have her so my advice is; do not cry for what you have lost smile for what you had. God bless

Sandy Cunningham

Weebie Schardt, 05/23/92-09/19/03


You dear little Webelo scout, little rocketeer. Your mom and dad love you so much. I hope you understand now why Daddy drove you 7 hours to Missouri for treatment of your cancer. I hope you understand that we had to leave you for these three weeks because we thought you would get better and come back home and be with us for a long time to come. When you left and I kissed you and told you how much I loved you and that we would pray for you and think of you every day, I hope you know we did. You did so well, all the people in the hospital called you ROMEO because you were so loving and nice to everyone. I hope that you did not suffer. They told us last night that you had started not feeling well, right when we were making plans to bring you home next week. All day today they called and told us things were going from bad to worse. . I am so sorry for all you've gone through.

I will never forget when I found you and gave you a bath and you slept for two days, I thought the flea shampoo had poisoned you but vet said you had probably not slept from scratching fleas! You were always the best boy. . . I remember how you used to sit on my back when I bent over to do something, how you would try to sharpen your claws on my jeans! How you would "rocketeer" around the house. . . how you would cuddle with all of your friends. Every time we see anything black and white, like the Gateway computer boxes, we call it a "Weebie", like Weebie cow, Weebie horse, Weebie car, etc. You will always be a part of us.

Weebie, we are lessened without you. I know you are in Heaven with our family, I just hope you know that we never meant to leave you there and not come back for you. We love you so much and will miss you every day until we see you again. Your brave little heart and spirit are a part of us always. Love, Mommy.

Weekee, 04/15/34-10/21/03

You were our precious baby girl who we loved very much and will miss forever. Not a day went by that you did not bring great joy to our lives. We will think of you every day.

Kurt & Donamarie Kubinski

Weenier, 7/8/98-9/14/03

The neighbor's dog came into our yard and took her little life. She was only 7lbs and was so sweet and lovable. She touched all of them she met, and now is with Rosiey, who met the same fate, my God, if there is a Hell and Heaven, that dog that did it won't be seeing you again, 'cause if there is a Heaven, you DEFINIATLY made the cut. You were baited by the squirrels to go into the big yard, that wasn't so wonderfully fenced, they are like ants out there. She came and got you in your moment of glory, I swear if that dog gets out of her cage or sets one atom of her body our of line, I'll let her slide down the chute while you climb up the latter. I love ya' lil' Ween, you made my life complete and if there is a heaven you and Rosiey go and get the squirrels, God will provide them in the millions, so you can hunt all day long and never get tired. Her urn is on my shelf, so wherever we go, she can go to. WEENIER- I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING AND WOULD GIVE SO VERY MUCH TO HAVE YOU BACK ON EARTH WITH ME.

Wee Miss Molly McDuff, 01/07/91-03/19/03

In my heart always will you be, I will never forget the unconditional love and companionship you gave to me... Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge again, you will never be forgotten my Molly Girl!!!! I love you. Your Mamma

Weepee and Gucci, 14 and 12, 03/28/03

The universe seems such an empty place without the companionship of my two beloved dogs. How can this be? What is that power of love they hold that need not be expressed in words and in deeds and that so few human beings possess? Simply being there, in tune with our emotions, our feelings, our moods. So much to ask from another human being trying in his own way to fulfill his own needs. And the reason thereof they are so important to so many of us.

Irene Quirion

Wellington, 12/26/87-11/11/02

Wellington was a well loved member of our family who was my first "baby", then an "older brother" to my two human kids. We are glad he never suffered and hope he is happy wherever he may be... he is always in our hearts.

Jennifer, Tom, John and Genie

Wellington (Welli), 01/16/86-02/13/98

To My Dearest Welli,
Mommy still misses you so very much. I think of you often and remember all of the wonderful times we shared, you were my very best friend for 12 years. I love you, you will be forever in my heart and mind. It took me a long time to decide to get another yorkie baby, but Courtney, Daddy and I have Dilli now. He is so much like you but much naughtier! You were ALWAYS such a good boy, my perfect boy. We will meet again one day at Rainbow Bridge, until then my precious, never forget my undying love for you. Love Mommy

Grandpa & Grandma miss you so much, you were always such a good boy and such a smart boy. Mommy buried you in our backyard so that she can visit you often. Grandma talks to you when she gardens and Mommy always comes out to talk to you when she visits Grandma's house. Dilli comes out to say hi, I'm sure you can hear him barking at the birdies just like you used to do. You are such a beautiful boy and we miss your gentle loving ways. Mommy put pictures of all of us with you in your coffin so that you'll never be alone and you will feel our love around you forever. We all love and miss you so much but take comfort knowing that you no longer feel any pain. We love our sweet angel "Welli". Love Always, Grandpa & Grandma Willis

Wendy, 09/24/03

Wendy was my dearest friend.

Wendy, 07/16/03

Wendy was our hero. She saved our lives during a violent break in. She was about 16 when she passed. She will be memorialized in an urn with her photo and name. Wendy was a rescue and came into our lives in 1992. She worked cattle and horses on a ranch in Wyoming before being surrendered to the shelter.

The Servetas Family

Wendy, 06/15/83-12/31/02

Just a small white Siamese who loved everybody.

Chester and Kathryn Malon

Wesley, 10/15/03

To my cheese man. I can't believe I lost you one day after losing Ringo. The house is not the same without you. You are always in my heart. You could always make me laugh. We all love you and even miss your stinky breath. Ziggy isn't the same without you buddy. You were such a good boy. Until we are together again.

Joanne Langman

Wesley Zemola, 04/26/00-11/11/01

I truly think that Wesley was sent to me from God, dropped on my backdoor Father's Day of 2000. A stray cat, who came from nowhere brought 5 kittens that day, but Wesley was the first one to be dropped off, I call him the chosen one. Everything went fine until January of 2001, then I found out he had FIP... that's when my heart brook the first time. The vet just said he could live for 2 weeks to 2 months, just make his time here comfortable and loving, and that was all I could do. Months went on, he fought, I cried every night asking God to spare his life, without Wesley, I wouldn't have been able to deal with my parents divorce. Then when I came home 11-10-02 I found him lifeless, extremely thin, but found the strength to climb onto my bed for one last time, and cuddle. He was put down 11-11-02 at 6:30 p.m. Now I am dealing with the same problem, with a new kitten, he is very ill, but is also fighting like Wesley did. The vet said to not give up hope on the little guy. I hope Wesley, my hero and best friend, is watching over the new kitty, Jake. -Tabitha

Westin, 02/09/94-06/02/03

Anyone who has known the joy and unconditional love that a dog can bring to one’s life also unfortunately knows the sorrow in saying “goodbye” to that special friend. It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing to say we lost our beloved Westin last Monday (6/02/03) to a brief battle with cancer (hemangiosarcoma of the heart). He was my first Golden and my first male dog. Westin was not a Champion in the show ring, but as a Guide Dog, Therapy Dog and beloved pet, he touched so many lives and was a Champion to each of them. From the stroke patients who increased their range of motion by grooming him to the non-responsive, severely depressed patients who shared their deepest thoughts with him, to the man with whom Westin was partnered as a Guide Dog, he brought joy to many. And Westin knew how to work a room—no one was a stranger for very long. Even on the day he collapsed, as he left the emergency clinic, Westin greeted everyone in the waiting room.

Rest in peace, dear sweet Westin. May you always have an endless supply of tennis balls!

Linda Richardson

Wheezer, 09/11/93-11/20/03

My sweet Wheezie girl...Oh how you are missed.
I can't believe you're gone, but I know you are not in pain.
Thank you so much for the most wonderful 10 years I could ever ask for.
You were my pride and joy, and I was so proud of you always.
My heart will never be complete until I see you again.
All my love (and treats!) always.

Greg Johnson

Whiskers, 11/10/03

Whiskers was truly a lady.
She was my first cat and gave me so much comfort and companionship.
I know she is at Rainbow Bridge running and playing.

Cindy Schreck

Whiskers, 06/01/89-11/25/02

Whiskers, you are so very missed and loved. We hope that you are happy where you are now. You were such a wonderful cat to have around. All the funny things you did to bring joy to our lives. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Love you always, mom and dad.

Whiskers, 10/31/90-01/14/03


You were the most wonderful dog in the world and we love you! We will never stop loving you and never forget you. You were a good girl and our baby and we are so thankful to have had a you in our lives.

Rest in peace Whiskers baby, run with the other dogs in Heaven and know that when we pass we will be looking for you!

Mom and God, please take care of her, for she is deeply missed!

The Bordenski Family

Whiskey, 05/15/94-11/22/03

Wait for mamma and daddy, we'll be there soon. Run and play!!!! Go girl.

Dee and Larry Strong

Whiskey, 09/03/86-01/16/03

Whiskey was really "my dog" and I miss her very much!

Carol Epstein

Whiskey, 09/01/90-02/01/01

Whiskey was such a playful kitten and she loved her brother, Cokie.


Whiskie, 06/22/03

Whiskie, you vanished so suddenly, and you are missed so intensely. Your favourite "roll in the dirt" spot, worn bare of weeds or grass by you over the years, is undisturbed; it is poignant evidence that you are now rolling in the dirt on the Rainbow Bridge.

You were our little clown, and you brought much joy and laughter into our lives. You were so affectionate, and you did love to talk and talk and talk; your voice was so distinctive, always "questioning" -- I hear it so clearly in my mind's ear.

You left my house as soon as you could figure out how to climb over the garage door, because there were just too many of your relatives over here; you preferred the relative peace of Bill's house. But you were still always "my" Whiskie.

You were so funny when you flopped over and played "slinky" down the front porch steps, like you were made of rubber.

You were so silly when you would jump on Whitey Dog's back and ride him around the yard like a cowboy at a rodeo; you were so brave (and foolish!) when you jumped on the huge stray dog's nose who came into our yard -- YOUR territory, and you rode him down the street, and he yelped in pain and tried to shake you off.

You were such a "Destructo-Kitty", but you never remained at the scene of the crime long enough for us to catch you, and you had such an "innocent" face when we questioned you afterwards. I called both you and your brother "the Schitzkies", because you were always in trouble, and I was always yelling at your vanishing backsides, "You little SH**S!" as you gleefully ran away from all the messes you made.

You were so brave when you survived the being caught in the middle of a gang shooting in our front street, and being clipped by a truck as you tried to escape the gunfire; we thought we had lost you then, but you recovered well, with the splayed toes of your back foot the only evidence of your injuries.

All your antics and loving affection are missed, my sweet Whiskie, and we long to be reunited with you eventually when we, too, are called Home. Keep the dirt stirred up on the Bridge, my sweet Whiskie Schitzkie.

Dwight Dirks and Bill Armbruster

Whisky, 02/09/95-11/16/03

We love you Whisky and we will miss you very very much!!!!!!!!! See you again someday.

Kyle Thompson

Whisper, 10/01/03-12/13/03

Dear Little Precious Whisper:
God surely sent you to me for a reason.
Although you were only with me for four days, please always know how much you were wanted and loved.
My heart breaks because irresponsible pet shop owners failed to do a simply inexpensive $12 test and follow on treatment which would probably have saved your life.
You deserved so much better.
Be assured that "Daddy" will ensure these people are put out of business permanently.
I hope one day to be reunited with you little one - and in the meantime, please KNOW you are loved!
A very saddened "Mama"

Whispher, 09/20/98-10/31/98

I didn't have Whispher very long, but he made an impact on me forever. He was the runt of the litter at the Humane Society at which my sister is a Human Officer. I brought him home to love and nurture him. For a month, he loved me and I tried to restore his health. At times, I have thought I must have done something wrong that he didn't make it. But I was reminded by a kind person that he lived his short life in a loving home and not in a shelter. He died in my arms on Halloween eve that year as children stopped to get candy. I just held him. He just couldn't get strong, no matter how many times I took him to the vet. I learned alot about myself thru Whispher. I learned that I had lots of love to give and while I fought the thought of getting a new kitty, one was already waiting for my return to the shelter. She was there when I adopted Whispher and though many people looked at her, it was like she waited for me to return. She knew that I had to take Whispher home and love him first before she could have her time with me. When I went back to the shelter, she jumped out of the cage onto my shoulders...kissing me with her nose. Her name became Mistletoe.

I now have "two girls" from the shelter....Mistletoe is five now and Taddie is three. I know Whispher always looks down on us. It was because of him that I truly learned how to love an animal. He was only here for a short time, but the lessons I learned transcend time.


White Lion, 09/25/95-8/31/03

Lion was my soulmate. I loved him a lot and miss him daily.
Whenever I was feeling down, sad, he would come over and want to be petted, or wink at me, which would make me smile.
When I called his name, his tail, whole body would wag, glad to see me.
Lion helped me through a lot, divorce, several moves, lost jobs, etc.
I will make a memory-story quilt using his pictures. his pictures can be seen at in the liontude folder

Whiteman, 08/02/02

What a handsome boy you were. Everyone thought you should have been a kitty model with your flame points and blue eyes. I hope Cooper has found you...he just left us the other night. We miss him, but it helps so much to know that the whole gang is all together now, all five of you! If you were here I would tell you how hard it has been losing each and every one of you. You all meant so much to us. We will always love you. Now you go and play!

Steph, Jeff & Jake Siatta

Whitey, 06/03/03

We Miss You!
Love, Dad & Mom

Whitey, 03/01/95-02/13/03

Whitey was my survivor boy, who had limped home with a bullet in his shoulder after being shot by a "human" who didn't like cats. He pulled through that eventually without any problems, save for the big slug that remained in his shoulder. He was the last of two separate litters of "strays" that a mamacat brought to my parents' back deck. After the shooting, I enclosed my back deck as a sunroom for Whitey, and my beloved big boy lived there oh so happily for two years. He had FIV from his early days, but was able to fight everything off. He brought me so much joy and taught me so much about life and love and bravery. Sadly, he began having kidney problems out of the blue, coupled with what the vet thought was lymphoma that had already spread. The tough decision was made to let him pass over to the Rainbow Bridge. I hurt something terrible that first day, but since then, I've had at least five distinct signs/visits/noises from Whitey that let me know he's alive and well in the spirit world now, with his entire family who had to be so happy to see him. Thank you for six glorious years, Whitey. I'll never forget you. Please come and visit anytime, sir purr. God bless you and your whole family.

Lisa Berg

Whitney, 12/01/03


You were the greatest cat I've even known. I will never forget the way you liked to play, even when you were really ill and how you liked to lie on the back of the couch and look out the window--you didn't miss much! I hope you understand that we did this for your own good, so you won't suffer any more. I will miss you every day.

Donna Crombie

Whitney, 10/28/03

In Loving Memory of Whitney

Wendy Burch

Whitney, 10/11/91-03/24/03

To my Beloved Whitney who is in a better place now with no more pain and suffering, remember your not alone you have sess, bubby, lacey, mokemoke, sam all looking after you and running thru the grass and bright sunshine, you'll always hold a special place in my heart girl we've been thru thick and thin. Someday well meet at the bridge and be able to go for walks, play ball, just like we used to. You were my girl my special girl and you never be forgotten. Ill love you always.


(in memory of a beloved pet)

She was 14 years old
Full of beauty and grace
She had eyes that embraced you
Framed by a glorious face
She was the love of my life
My companion and friend
Till God said, "It's time,
Her life has to end"

It may seem foolish to grieve
For a creature called dumb
But she understood feelings
And could she ever show love! (chorus)
She's left a hole in my heart
That can never be filled
But it's worth having heartache
To keep her sweet memory real

My life has been blessed
By the time she was here
Her nature was gentle
Her personality dear
No strangers in her life
She loved one and all
And her love never stopped
Till she answered death's call

Repeat chorus

Short musical interlude

Repeat chorus

You'll always be with me
You're my sweet Whitney still

© 2002 Hayden Baker
© 2002 Back To Tradition Publishing, Inc.

Whitney Nicole, 12/31/88-02/06/03

Whitney was a very special soul, beloved by her entire family and her best friend, Mac. She will always be loved and missed.

Bonnie Barksdale

Whizzy, 09/01/00-04/01/03

To our Whizzy, He came to us as a tiny tabby newborn and we fed him on a bottle. My Daddy was dying at the time and did indeed die the day Whizzy was one month old. Having my kitten baby to feed and take care of put an important purpose in my life at that sad time to take some of the focus off so much sorrow. Whizzy grew into a bundle of striped energy and meaness and we would exhaust each other playing. I never had a kitten before or since that was so much fun! As he matured into cat manhood he came to believe he was the only thing on God's planet that held any importance. My husband and I adored him and served his every whim so it is not hard to see how he came to this opinion. He was arrogant, imperious, stalking into a room with his clear green eyes taking in all his subjects. He did not like cats, couldn't understand why we kept them and was totally selfish and self serving and in that lay his immense charm. I grieved over the way my loving, playful kitten had given way to this temperamental autocrat. I called him "A terrible puss." But, once in a while he would cuddle close in my arms and curl his head over to lay it on my shoulder and gift me with his sweet purr, and then he was my baby again. When he died, all too soon, I held him and cried great tearing sobs until no more would come. My husband held us both and sobbed too. Good night, my terrible, sweet puss, until God joins us again. Brenda and Bud Ogle

Who, 11/11/03

Cindy Lou Who, Who for short, was a faithful companion for nearly 15 years. She traveled and lived with me in 4 different states. She was beautiful, intelligent, intuitive and happy. She was my family and friend. In poor health, we had to make the choice to let her go and her absence from our lives leaves a hole in our hearts.

Christina Shetterly

Whozit Louise (Whozie), 1990-10/09/03

Whozit, I'll never know why God let me have such a special little girl in my life, but I'm so grateful He did. You were the best part of me. I love you, so. :-)


Wickett, 04/15/99-11/28/03

You will always be in our hearts and in our memories. We love you Wickett!

-The Luna Family

Wickett, 03/05/03

Wickett "The Little Bulldog" 3/5/03
We released Wickett to a happier, pain-free place on 3/5/03.

Wickett was truly a special companion to all of us. It was a summer day in Florida when we went to choose one Boston Terrier puppy from a whole litter. You can only imagine our surprise when one outspoken puppy picked us out instead. She met us at the car when we got there and never left our side. Always a friend and playmate, she traveled with us to many different states and gave us 17 years of love and devotion. Even in the last year of her life, when it was a challenge for her just to get out of bed, she always managed to greet us at the front-door whenever we came home.

Wickett had such an overwhelming and magnetic personality. For such a little dog, she had a ferocious attitude. Whenever the doorbell would ring, she would jump to her feet and bark like a Pitt-Bull only to attack the entrant with nothing more than a ton of wet kisses. There was not a Christmas, Halloween, or birthday party where Wickett was not in attendance. Whether she was wearing a Christmas bow or a party hat, 'the little bulldog' was always everyone's favorite event.

Growing up in a family that moved around so much, Wickett was an especially central part of my life. I cannot remember a time when she wasn't there to lend comfort and support. Sometimes, a couple of 'Wickett kisses' healed a scraped knee more effectively than a bandaid. As I grew up, I also realized that she was very suited to healing a broken heart. There was never a time of tear-shed when she was not there to help me through, and losing her, for me, was like losing a sibling.

Wickett, we are sorry you suffered so much, and we can only hope that having us with you made it easier. You have truly earned your place in heaven and we hope you have all the 'bonies' you can eat. You may never know how hard it was for us to let you go, but we only did it because we knew we had to. We find peace in knowing that you are in a better place, where you are young again, and can chase all the cats you want to. One happy day, we will all be together again, and until then 'Bo-Bo', always remember how much we love and miss you.

Love always,
Sister Patti, Momma, and Daddy

Wickett Our Little Girl, 02/02/91-12/02/03

Our muffie died 4 weeks prior to our wickie going.
I wrote a tribute for muffie, and this is a follow up for wickie.

waiting at Rainbow Bridge
ufff waits everyday, it's taking too long.
she knows wick was ready, she should be along.
a man steps up front, and say he will go.
and explain to her why, sho she will know

her mistress will cry,fast friends they have been
but now she needs comfort, her father will lend
it's time,,,wick you must come,, and close that door.
in your mistress lap , you can nap no more

sick trys to hang on, her spirit hoovers near.
her mom still crying, she snuggles her dear.
she doesn't want to go, togather always they'v been.
but she knows she must leave, so her mistress cand mend.

the man walks slowly, with wickett in tow.
and explains to her softly, to the bridge they must go.
as the sun shines so bright, and they walk to the light.
the sickness and soil all drop away, her coat is so bright.
her tettering steps turn back to a prance.
her little hart pumping ,is now doing a dance.

muff's there waiting, so pretty she stands.
her friend now comming, let's strike up the band.
muff tells of her new friends, and the paw they did lend.
and howher sick body, now it can mend.

a tear in her eye, wickett still will not go.
but muff steps up forward, and tells her no.
we'll romp and we'll play, and remember the past.
and someday they too, will come, and be with us at last.

K. & S. Nusbaum

Wiggles, 04/06/96-12/16/03

Wigs I will miss you and love you always. You gave us a lot of joy and happiness. I will miss that way you slept above my head at night or the way you always try and beat us to the kitchen in the morning. I also miss you looking out the window waiting for one of us to come home and be at the door as we open it ("wigs why didn't you open the door" We had 7 wonderful years with you and always love you 4ever

Love from us always
Mom and Dad
April and Brian

Wiggles, 12/13/03

Wiggles I loved and still love you. I remember all the good times we had. I'm just sad to see that you lived a short life. A year and half was not long enough and I did not even get to say goodbye. I hope you are happy and pain free. so here is my goodbye. my heart is hurting and I cant stop crying, but I will met with you again. When I do we will never be apart again.
Love forever and always Tiffany

Wild Spirit, 11/29/03

She was a feral kitten, caught in a trap. I wanted to tame you, so you did not have to return to the Harbor. You just wanted to romp in the grass with your brother. I realized you wanted to go home, to have your freedom, so I brought you back. I remember letting you out in the very place I trapped you. You stepped away from me, looked into my eyes, and thanked me. A few days later When I saw you playing with your brother again, I knew you were happy. Yesterday, I found you, dead. Someone sped through the Harbor, and they hit you, never giving a second thought because "it was only a cat". At least I found you. At least I can help you to cross over. You see, "Wild Spirit" was a feral kitten. She did not ask to be born, and she did not ask to die. She did have someone that cared for her, and I will not forget her.

Lisa Grosso

Wiley, 03/06/03

Wiley has gone to join his sister 'Tabitha' and brother 'Oscar' at the Rainbow Bridge. I will love you forever, Wiley and I know that we will see each other again. Your daddy Joey loves you very much too, and he only wishes that he could have spent more years with you! You are forever in our hearts. Goodbye until we meet again my little baby boy!

Amy Teague

Will (William Stossmeister aka chatter-box. Meow baby, meow.), 04/01/03-10/20/03

To our precious baby Will. We will love you forever and we will always be with you. Your sweet life was so short, but we enjoyed everyday and you brought love and happiness into our home. Grace will forever miss you, and and all our lives will be so empty without you. We love you baby, we will never forget you - never!

Leslie & Jimmy Stossmeister

Willie, 08/06/90-10/31/03

On Friday, October 31, my precious Will-Cat went to be with Jesus. Do you believe in Jesus? I am not sure I do. It comforts me some, though, to imagine Willie climbing on His chest while He’s trying to read, making starfish paws on His chin. I’m not embarrassed that I love a cat this much. I’m glad.

Amy Whitehead

Willie, 11/16/96-10/20/03

Willie was known for his joyful spirit, quest to eliminate all rabbits, and his desire to be best friends with all dogs and kids.

His personality was so magnetic that people would pull their vehicles over to meet him on his walks. And, all of the neighbor children would insist on a cuddle with him when they spotted us walking. Even perfect strangers would start grinning when they saw him.

Although more of a lover than a fighter, he did protect me from anything he perceived as a threat...including blowing leaves and squirrels.

He always had kisses for me. And, each time I came home, he would spin in tight circles and "tap dance." And, when I was blue, he was there for me.

He had an incredible zest for life and adventure.

Willie was euthanized by the vet due to severe kidney disease that resisted all treatments.

He was my angel bear and truly a miracle.

Stephanie Limbert

Willie, 10/31/91-10/13/03

You are at Peace now, Willie. Good bye to a true and special friend. You will be sorely missed. We all love you.

Vance Augustine

Willie, 08/27/02

Willie, a beloved boy that my father worshiped, he was his friend companion. AT around 14 years old Willie suffered so much, and there was nothing that could be done. Just love him and make him as comfortable as possible. He will me missed and always in all of our hearts. May your journey across the bridge, be good and may your pain and suffering be gone at last. We will always remember you for the caring companion that you were, and thank you for being there for my father.

William Dwyer

Willie Hoskins, 10/03/03

Sweet Willie was a beautiful & loving soul, his friendship & companionship was a true blessing to all he met. His is missed greatly by his family, Jim, Deb & Buttercup and his countless friends.

William, 12/28/91-06/27/03

William was the most loving, caring and loyal animal we have ever known. He was more than just a member of the family, he was the center piece of it.
William always put others first and was loved by everyone who knew him.
Our lives are the richer for having William spend his eleven and a half years with us and we will miss him terribly.
So our beloved Wills, mum, dad and Taylor will light a candle for you each Monday evening so that we can keep you so very much part of our lives - We love you dearly darling.
Goodnight and God Bless.


William, 04/16/95-08/29/02

Oh, William! How we miss you! We knew you were getting sick but the vet wouldn't listen to us until we insisted they do bloodwork. Then we knew. Your kidneys were failing. We tried. Oh, how we tried to save you. But it wasn't to be. Our new vet was so kind and helped us to help you for as long as we could. Then he helped us to let you go. We'll see you again one day and the marker in our yard says, "If tears could build a stairway, and memories build a lane, we'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back again".

Tomorrow we will go to find another Sheltie to love. And we'll tell him about you and show him your picture. We know you'll be watching over us always. We love you, William!

Dennis & Judy Perez

Willie, 06/02/89-06/13/03

You are missed every single day. You were the best friend anyone could ever hope to have and I will see you at the bridge someday.


Willie, 31/03/86-25/05/03

My true friend

Tina Hemingway

Willie Cat, 02/26/03

Willie Cat was a wonderful creature who gave me a lot of joy and smiles during his short life. He had such a serious little face but he was full of so much mischief! He was a beautiful cat and everyone who met him thought so. They were all so impressed with him. I am so thankful he was in my life and made it that much better for the time he was in it. I miss him so much and think of him a million times a day. Willie will never be gone from our hearts. This is from Skyler (his brother) who just happened to hop up while I was typing --> (fgmyujhrbv vc m,nvgf)

Pam Oldham

Willie McCary, 03/26/92-03/08/03

Sadly missed and cherished forever in our hearts. Willie was our furry angel and our earthly beacon of unconditional love.

Christine and Timothy

Willis Longfellow, 06/27/94-07/06/03

You were the best of the best. You were the sweetest and most loving dog that anyone could ever dream of. You were Papa's boy, you were Mama's boy, and you were Nanny's boy. You were everybody's boy! You will ALWAYS have an enormous place in our hearts, and no one will EVER forget you. You have an absolute blast playing with Yoda, Bert, Dudley and Mr. Bunny, and know that you were, are, and always will be loved every second of every day. We love and miss you buddy...

Brad Thompson & Susan Miller and Kim Thompson

Willow, 10/2003

Willow, I adopted you last March and although I knew you were an elderly cat, I wanted to be the one that loved you while you were here. I never thought that we'd only spend 8 months together, but in those 8 months, you brought so much joy into my life. Although it hurts so much now that you're gone, I am so thankful that you were a part of my life. I can only hope that I am the one that's hurting now and that you're in a peaceful and happy place. I pray for us to be together again when I pass too. I only wish you knew how much you meant to me. I will remember, love, and miss you each and every day of my life. Love, With All of My Heart & Soul, Mommy

Willow, 09/15/99-08/27/03

My sweet little Willow,

Your time with me was so short, but, wonderful. I know that it's time for you to move on, there are so many other people out there who need your special kind of love, it would be selfish of me to keep it for myself. I miss you desperately, it's so hard to fall asleep without you snuggled up beside me. I hope you know, that everything we did, we were doing to help you, I never meant to hurt you, and neither did the Doctors. Please forgive me for not being able to stop your hurting, and for not being able to save you.

Willow, 8/11/02-7/2/03

My precious cat Willow was put to sleep today. She had a terrible illness that was preventing her lungs from working properly. I didn't really think it was going to be this difficult to deal with. She was in so many ways like my child lol. She needed me and I needed her. I miss her so much already. She was such a playful kitten and so full of love.

Willow, 1989-06/22/03

My sweet little Willow came into my life one month after I lost another dear kitty and my partner in a house fire. She was sent to help me with my grief and became my constant companion ever since. We were inseparable, she followed me everywhere and wanted to be near me. Our bond was like no other, even human. She was pure love and a princess. I miss you terribly Willow and love you with all my heart. Our love is forever.

Diane Stromp

Willow, 09/01/02-05/25/03

Dearest little Willow, you were so brave and bold and curious. You were always the first to come to the side of the cage to say Hi, give kisses or receive treats. You came when I called you, and always wanted to share your observations about the world. You loved your sister Tara and didn't begrudge her alpha position. You gave and took grooming with grace. You loved the ham steak and bones Daddy would sneak to you when I wasn't looking. You were a very bright and much too short light in this world, and our home is dimmer without you. We are taking care of Tara and Mab and Cordelia and Fred, just like we know you would want us too.

Kirsten Williams

Willow, 10/03/91-04/01/03

Our beloved Willow, gone but never, ever forgotten.

Brandy Edwards

Willow, 1/7/03


Thank you so much for choosing me. Your love and gentle spirit enriched my life during the time you were with me, and I miss you so much. It's hard to sleep without you to cuddle up with, and Tasha and Sinatra miss you, too. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm so grateful to God for sending you to me.

You are my baby, and I'm so glad I was holding you when you left. I would give anything to have you back, but I know that's not possible. So please just know how much I love you, and that I will carry you in my heart always.

Look for Mamaw Krenek when you get to heaven--I've told her all about you, and I know she'll take good care of you until I can see you again.

I love you,
Mommy Karen


My mam and dad found her in a Sycamore tree before I was born. Willow was only a kitten and she was the loudest cat ever, always crying. If she wasn't crying she wanted to play, always chasing string. She could jump up at the window and bang on the glass so we would open the door for her. She could open the door with her paw into the Kitchen. When she reached around 20 she wasn't the same cat, obviously she was older but she still didn't scratch anyone all her life. This year she was so badly ill with Liver Failure we had to take her to the vets. She was 23 years of age and just before Christmas she was running around but now I can't tell you how much I miss her because she was a huge part of my childhood, always there for me. I miss her so much.

Stephen, 17

Willy, 02/14/87-07/28/03

He was my best friend, and was always there when I needed someone most. I'll always keep his memory alive in my heart.

Steve Jalbert

Willy (Wilbur), 02/28/03

We miss you deeply, Willy. You were given to us by a very special man, veterinarian Paul Barrett, when you were barely six weeks old. Having just lost our cat, Toby, to cancer, I wasn't expecting this black, fuzzy little kitten with the scratchy meow to worm himself into our hearts so quickly. Now, nearly 18 years later, it is hard to imagine our daily routines without you. We love you so much. Our hearts hurt. That sunny spot on the seventh step is always yours. We are sure that Maggie greeted you with a sock in her mouth. Love, Mom, Dad and your buddy, Colin.

Willy Max, 12/09/03

Thank you willy for being a part of our lives. We'll miss all your kisses, tail wagging, couch perching, acrobatic feats, and love of motoring. May you never lack for good treats. A standup dog in a lowdown world. Love you!!!

Susan and Courtney Hoblock

Wimp, 02/19/02

Wimp what a bundle of joy you were! Always begging Daddy for a bite of his cheeseburger from McDonald's, even recognizing the sack they came in. And you wouldn't take a fry until you were sure all the cheeseburger was gone. You were a comfort for Daddy during the years he was alone and lonely. Even the last couple of days when you couldn't walk any more and just drug yourself around and Daddy had to sleep on the dining room floor beside you was not an ounce of trouble for all the joy you gave. WalMart will never go broke with all the pictures developed of you over the years. Rest in peace by the Rogue, precious Wimpie. "He's a good fella."

Windcliff Penny Wise - Cara, 08/04/91-05/12/03

a wee beardie - didn't make champion by 1 challenge but always a true champion in my eyes - rest well my first beardie - my support - and my true friend -be at peace at the Rainbow Bridge till we are reunited- love you cara

Kay Walden

Windsor, 03/09/01-07/17/03

My littlest of Angles has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him so much. His bright eyes, begging bark, and following me everywhere will be missed forever. The entire family misses you and your sister Fergie is lost without you. Rest well my little Win.

Tim Everett

WindWalker's Mirage (aka: Red), 08/21/99-05/21/03

No matter what else happens in my life, or how many other beautiful Pugs I am blessed to know, I'll never stop loving you, my beautiful baby boy.

You are, and always will be, the "Pug of My Heart." You are my sweet sweet baby boy, my best buddy, my favorite snuggle Pug. The one who always knew when I needed a paw on my hand to say, "I'm here."

The one who always knew how to make me smile.

No one will ever fill the hole in my heart. You have it with you there.

I see you now, with all the little WindWalker Puglettes, who were never of this earth, and little Willie, who went just two weeks ago. They need a big beautiful kind and gentle boy like you to be their hero.

I will expect to see you there with them when I arrive. Look for Kimmie, she's the black Lab that loved the Pugs, and Kieko and Ceyenne, too! Remember how you loved to play with Cey-Cey through the fence when you were little? She must have been missing you terribly!

Thank you for the honor and the privilege of knowing your sweet gentle soul. My life is better for it, and without you will never be quite as sweet again.

I love you, my dear sweet sweet Red-O, until we meet again, I'll miss you!

Windy, 02/13/03

Windy was and still is the one being I loved more than any other. I miss her so very much and the pain of her loss yesterday is going to take along time to go away. There will never be another Windy-pie.....I love you so much Win....

Elizabeth Spear

Winkie, 04/04/81-10/2/03

Winkie was made of something special allowing her to share our lives for 22 1/2 years. We will forever miss her.

Winkwomp, 2/12/03

My Winkwomp's tribute is located on his own webpage:

I miss you, my sweet little boy.

Winky, 05/02/02-11/04/03


You were an inspiration to us on how to live life. Every day as an adventure. You had no worries, no fears and no regrets. Although our time with you was short, you will be in our hearts forever.

Rhonda Bartlett

Winnie, 10/02/89-11/10/03

Nobody loved a dog as much as we loved Winnie... and nobody loved her humans as much as Winnie loved us.
Godspeed, baby girl... we'll see you on the other side.
Your mummy, daddy, human baby and baby Max love you so much.

Mindy Fenton & Dennis Samuels

Winnie (Winston), 02/16/88-07/10/03

To Winnie (02/16/88 - 07/10/02):

A girl could not have asked for a better friend than you. Time went by too fast. You are missed and we will keep you in our hearts until that day when we meet again.

Thank you for all the years of love, laughter and devotion. Thank you for letting me dress you up and thank you for staying by my side when I was sad or sick.

You can never be replaced and we will always remember you.

Remember, you are now, and will always be, my best buddy. I will see you at the bridge.

Love, Christine

Winnie, 04/09/89-05/02/03

There are no words to say about the special bond that Winnie and I had. She was a rescued from an abused home and I was the lucky one to get her. I had just had my 10th miscarriage and she must have know that I needed her. Winnie gave me peace and unconditional love. She knew when I was down or not feeling well. Winnie was a very fragile and has lots of special needs. I know that she should have left me years ago but she hung on as long as she could. I will eternally miss her and I sit here today trying to figure out how life will go on without her.

Linda Breault

Winnie, 02/12/92-01/30/03

Winnie was a beautiful, sweet baby that will always be in our hearts. She was a best friend that only wanted to be with me and give unconditional love. Words cannot express the joy and happiness she brought to our lives. The loss of my angel has left my heart broken. I am so used to her being my little shadow and desperately miss her. I only pray that she has found happiness and peace in her heaven and is aware of the love that we will always have for her.

Kim Sanchez & John Paul Key Ii

Winston, 11/20/03

We miss you, Pooh!
Love, Mommy & Daddy.

Winston, 11/29/03

We rescued Winston 4 years ago as he lost his owner to illness and we hope he enjoyed running and playing with his new family.

Val and Bob

Winston, 11/21/03

Weanie, you were such a comfort to me when your brother Monty passed on. You held my heart in your little paws and gave me back my heart!
I tried to keep you safe from harm, but little did I know that instead of the kidney failure you were starting to have, the cancerous lump in your bladder would be the one I could not fix.
My heart broke on Friday when the nice lady vet told me she couldn't save you. I know you knew Daddy and I were holding and loving you right up till you went to sleep, because I could feel you purring, and then you were gone.
When you woke up Monty was waiting for you to come chase the butterflies, and I can see you sleeping under that big tree in the sun.
God keep you happy and safe until Mummy and Daddy come to stay with you again.
Sleep in peace my love!


Winston, 10/23/94-09/29/03

Win, may you enjoy the freedom of running and jumping in the grass
And may you frolic with the other dogs in endless joy and love of heaven.
Thank you for being a part of our lives.
You will always be in our hearts.

Mary and Allen Pankopf

Winston, 01/06/88-10/05/03

To Winnie - You were like a little brother to me, a true part of the family for over 15 years! We were blessed to have you in our lives for so long. You were always the center of attention, full of personality and love, and so brave even up to the end. I miss you so much, and so do Mommy and Daddy. You're my good boy, and we'll see you in heaven when the time comes. My Love Always, Laura.

Winston, 03/16/91-10/23/00

WinnieBoy, We miss and love you so much. We miss the way you use to fall asleep sitting up and the way you cuddled up beside us. The day you went over to Rainbow bridge was the saddest day in our lives. So much love and joy you gave us.
We think of you each day. We love you Winnie. Here is a hug and kiss until we see you again xoxoxox.

Love you Winnie
Lisa and Pete

Winston, 09/02/92-06/12/03

Winston brought so much joy into our lives. He entertained us, surprised us, puzzled us and often amazed us. He could open closet doors, find the highest perch in the kitchen and chase lizards and insects day after day and never lose interest in the spectacle of nature. His life was all too brief but very full and he was very loved. Our hearts ache for that little gray furry body that greeted us after a long day, slept with us and curled on our lap for a nap. We miss him and will always hold him in our hearts.

Charles and Delores Nelson

Winston, 10/28/97-04/29/03

My Winston was my best friend. He saw me through hard times when no one else was there. He mourned when I was sad and was filled with joy when I was happy. He fought so hard to stay with me after being diagnosed with lymphoma. He knew I needed him. He rallied time after time and his veterinarian was amazed at how he continued to stay with me. Three days before he died I took him to his favorite spot, the Columbia River. With the last of his strength he played with me on the bank, waded in the cold water, and grinned his happy Boxer grin. He grew tired and I took him home. That was his last good day. Three days later his doctor and I helped him across the bridge.

I think Winston wanted me to remember him that way. All the happy times we shared and how much we loved each other was so clear on that bright shiny day. I love you angel and I will see you at the bridge. I can't wait to stroke your beautiful head and look in your loving eyes again. My heart rejoices because you are no longer in pain. I miss you so and the love I feel for you won't die. Please watch over me until I can be with you again. Your Mom

Winston, 05/16/91-02/08/03

Winston was the light of our lives and the joy in our lives. He always greeted us with a smile and a strong thump of his tail. He never judged; he just loved and loved. I will miss his understanding and compassion when I was upset. I will miss his happiness when we went out in his truck. I will miss his companionship most of all. He was always there with us and for us.
With all our love,
Mommy & Daddy

Winston, 1991-01/21/03

Winston was a stray, but he turned out to be one of the most loving cats I've ever known. He always met me at the door when I came home, and slept up against me at night. He was always coming around to be pet and to sit on my lap. The love in his eyes was so apparent. He was only 11, but got cancer in his throat. He will always be remembered and mourned. He went too young and I miss him terribly. I look forward to arriving at the rainbow bridge where I can be reunited with him and others again.

Linda Meyers

Winston (AKA Churchill), 01/17/03

Thank you for staying the extra eight months (after you were diagnosed with lymphoma) while we fought the cancer beast side-by-side; each day you were well was precious to us. It appeared the insidious beast was losing until January 5th, but that formidable enemy was not to be beaten. Thank you for being in our lives--for the gift of your gentle and steadfast love and for all the joy and laughter you brought and shared. I have sent you on a journey to a land free from disease, not because I didn't love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay. As I held you when you went to the Bridge, I promised I'd always love you and hold you in my heart, and there you will always stay...until we meet again my little "Love Sponge".

Winston, 11/01/94-01/15/03

Rest in peace my beautiful boy, our walks will be greatly missed. See you in heaven.

Tracy Brandis-Gray

Winston Spencer, 11/01/90-09/27/03

Winston, the best of the best, we miss you and will always remember and love you.

Danielle Allen

Winter, 05/29/96-09/12/03

You were our first pet. The brainiac alpha cat who loved 4:30 am pettings, belly rubs, warm laps, pipe cleaners and plastic grocery bags. You had the most wonderful, raspiest meow for a Siamese. Seven years ago this month back in 1996 you decided to pick us out at the cattery and we were so blessed to have you in our lives for those seven years. I only hope you didn't suffer very much. The vet told us your pancreas had basically withered away to almost nothing, yet you showed no signs or symptoms. From the time I found you hiding under the bed drooling uncontrollably to the time you passed away was only 3 short hours.

We will all miss you, Winter. Your fiery spirit, warm and loving personality and vocal prowess are all fond memories that we have of you. You will forever remain a part of our family, in our hearts and in our pictures and remembrances. And we can't wait to see you again someday over the Rainbow Bridge.

Amery Ray

Winter (Bow-Boney) Johnston, 03/15/99-12/14/02

Winter --
God sent you to us because you showed all of us how to love. He needed you more then we did. You made such a difference in all of our lives. We will miss you forever. We love you and can't wait to see you again. Our hearts break every day. Never forget us because we will never forget you. Rest in Peace Bow.
Mommie & Daddie
and your brothers
Whiskey, Willow, Weston, Wilson & Wyatt

Wishbone, 07/21/98-09/14/03

Wishbone moved on to the Rainbow Bridge at 10:45am today. His final moments were spent cuddling and kissing his people. He will be missed by his people family and his brother Farfalle and his "girlfriend" Bazil.

Goodbye My Buddy. I hope your journey brings you peace.

Witch, 10/23/03

Witch - we found you dying in a culvert, you brought joy to our lives as we gave you a second chance at life. We never begrudged you of food or love knowing that your first 6 months of life had been so hard. I'm sorry I let you out if I had known there might be coyotes in the area I would have kept you in. Your spirit will always be here filling our house with love. Everyone is missing you dearly Deb, Mike, Seiger, Yim, and Shaolin.

Wizard, 11/21/03

I love you Wizard and I will miss you oh so much.


Wizard, 02/15/03

II only met Wizard (I named him) on Friday Feb. 14. I was asked to pull him from a high kill shelter so that he could be transported to a rescue group. I said I could pick him up on Friday or Saturday. Decided to go Friday because I wanted to go to an antiwar demonstration on Saturday. I had been told he was old and had trouble walking.. When I met him, I realized he hadn't been cared for for a very very long time. (Way longer than he had been in the shelter) His fur was matted and dirty his nails so long they were curling under, He could not get into the car by himself. I took him to a kennel, where he could be cared for until he went to the rescue group... he drank a lot of water and laid down on the floor and we hoped he was just finally relaxing and feeling safe. On Saturday he walked a little bit, and we bathed him and trimmed him, tried to make him feel better. He left for the Bridge around 5pm ...he wasn't alone. Thank you Liane, Glen, and Jane


Wizard, 04/28/87-02/06/03

Wizard crossed the Rainbow Bridge Thursday. I miss him deeply and know that although his body had left this place his spirit lives on in my heart. He was always proud and dignified and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. He battled illness with the same pride and dignity that he carried his entire 16 years. Please say a special prayer for my baby boy, my heart and soul, he was and always will be a very large part of me. I love you Wiz, you are mommy's special boy and I love you more than I can ever express. Be free....we will be together forever...

Shelli Lutz

Wizzly Woz, 06/29/91-03/10/03

My poor little baby died in my arms on monday night, he was the most beautiful little cat there ever was, I got him when I was pregnant with my daughter and they grew up together laughin and playin and even sleep like little funny kitten together there is a little cat shaped whole in my life that will always be empty without him here to share my life. He will always be in my heart and my dreams...I love you wizzly woz and always will...Sweet dreams little baby cat.


Wolf, 11/11/03

I will miss the best friend I ever had. He knew when I was happy or sad and always was there for me, never wanting anything but to be loved. And I think he knew he was loved very much.

Dawn Erickson

Wolfgang, 02/01/92-06/17/03

I made the excruciating choice two days ago to let my beloved Golden Boy Wolfie pass on to Rainbow Bridge. For the past month, he has suffered from hemangiosarcoma, or a cancer mass attached to his spleen. He went downhill fairly fast, but never was in much pain. We had painkillers for him which made him sleepy, but overall, I know I did the right thing by saving him pain and agony. I just miss him so much, I don't know how I'll carry on! He was my boy. I brought him home when he was six weeks old. My heart will forever have part of it missing until I am reunited with my precious boy. Wolfie, I love you.
James (dad)

Wolfgang, 10/27/01-2/27/03

Wolfgang was the best friend any one could ever have and I really prey there is a rainbow bridge and we will meet again, I hope we will be together for ever. Sandy McClung

Wolfgang Amadeus Baker, 7/4/88-6/22/03

Jacquie just called. She was still in tears, as was Sam and Alex. We were glad Jake was gone. Wolfgang, my best friend since '88 is gone. He didn't suffer. He was "bouncing around" till the end. Jacquie stayed with him to the very end when the Vet administered the lethal dose to spare him a horrible death from inoperable cancer.
Attached is the sunset at Emerald Bay. I couldn't put my hands on a digital picture of my best buddy. But, for perhaps the happiest years of my life Wolfgang, my Schnauzer, and the beach home were two of the things most closely associated with me. It is the end of a wonderful epoch in my life.
Wolfe and I lived there together by ourselves after Pepper (cat since Anaheim Hills days) died and Joe (African Gray Parrot) flew away. He was my shadow. He asked only to be as close to me as possible.
We sat and listened to music and read by the fire and looked out across Emerald Bay and Catalina Island into God's vast Pacific. He rode with me in the car up and down the coast or wherever and whenever I could take him with me. If I couldn't he was overcome with joy and excitement when I returned whether I was gone for all day, a week or ten minutes. He kept me in shape because his greatest joy was a long walk down to the beach and back or downtown or anywhere.
When I was unable to keep him with me because of where I lived "The Bass Bunch" took him in and nobody ever had a more loving home. When I was there, he was back to being my shadow. I have missed him terribly, but I will always be very grateful for Jacquie, Sam, Alex and Jake for loving Wolfe as much as I did.
Until I wrote this I had forgotten how much I have missed my little Schnauzer buddy, Wolfgang, and how much I always will.
All the BEST!

Wolfgang Amadeus of Agridor, 07/01/95-04/15/03

Our Borzoi, Wolfgang Amadeus of Agridor, who was born on 07/01/95, crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight, 04/15/03. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease last September and, because of his strength, was able to hold on to the life he loved until 2 weeks ago when he just decided "enough is enough" and virtually stopped eating. He went to sleep very quietly at the Plainfield Animal Hospital tonight, with me holding his face and telling him how much I love him, and my husband silently weeping by his side. He was a very large dog; 32 inches at the "withers" and 118 pounds in his prime, but the most gentle, playful, loving pup a person could hope for. We will miss him terribly, but we know he is with our blue eyed, half Siamese cat, Rudy, who crossed 2 years ago and they patiently wait our arrival.

Wolfie Manfredi, 07/07/03-07/08/03

I never knew I could become so attached to something in less than 24 hours. Wolfie, your time here was very short, but you are very loved and missed. See you at the bridge, pup.

Amber Larson

Wolfta, 07/26/03

My puppy passed away today. At about 7pm July 26, 2003. She had been my friend, my companion, my protector and the one person I could always count on to bring me up when I was down. I met this wonderful person when she was only a few weeks old and during the last 8 1/2 years we were only apart for a maybe 1 or 2 days. We were inseparable! She will be missed. The hole in my heart will never mend.

Goodbye my beloved friend, I love you.


WoollyB, 05/25/94-05/01/01

WoollyB, we love you and miss you so much. There is not a day that passes without looking at your pictures, thinking about you and loving you.
We all miss you so much - you will be in our hearts and minds forever.
Mommy, Dad, Shooter, Bud, Red, Sunny and Lady

Wonka Manfredi, 07/07/03-07/11/03

Wonka, you were my special little guy. I did everything I could to keep you with me, but you were meant to be called home. I love you very much, and it comforts me to know you can be with your brother now. See you at the bridge.

Amber Larson

Wonton Joyluck of Sharson, 09/04/91-04/22/03

Wonton was my special boy... He graced my life for 11 years & I'll always remember him with love.

Tom Thayer

Woody, 10/16/91-11/03/03

I love you woody.
We all miss you, but we know you are not sick anymore and you are in a better place waiting for us!


Woody, 08/31/91-07/18/03

Woody, you were the fattest cat I've ever seen. Yes, you did decapitate mice and leave them all over the lawn and yes, you DID trip me in the garage and cause me to break my foot. But otherwise you were a very very special kitty to everyone who knew you. You will be missed. Say hi to Smokey!


Woody, 08/01/01-07/21/03

To our funny and fabulous cat who thought he was one of the dogs. We will miss you so much.

Meagen Jenkins

Woody, 01/03/91-12/21/02

Our first sheltie. Lost to cancer just before Christmas. We did our best for you, Woody. Wish you were still here, by my side, looking at me. I love you, Woody.

Holly R

Woody, 10/29/89-12/31/02

I saved Woody once from a horrible existence and gave him many happy years.
When he was no longer happy here on Earth, I sent him on again to a happier place where there is no pain or sickness. I'll love him forever, he will always hold a special place in my heart.

Jessica Miller

Woofie Rumpus, 01/19/91-12/04/03

Travel on, old well, old friend...
It's hard, but our path now parts.
Travel on, old friend...fare the' well, old friend...
You'll always be in my heart!


Wooftie, 17/11/95-22/03/03

This is a birthday tribute to my darling boy - miss you loads little stink, wish you were still here but know you are happy and healthy now, running free. Lots and lots of love today and always, Mommy & Simon

Wookie, 07/05/90-10/31/03

She loved me unconditionally and constantly. We nudged heads as we fell asleep next to eachother. She was my first baby. So sweet, so beautiful. I will never forget her

Christine Fusare

Wookie, 03/28/00

It was my good fortune to have picked you up on the streets, sick and hungry. You were nursed back to health and brought me nothing but joy and pleasure for the 9 years that we had each other. You are missed every day. Your brother Shadow passed on today, and I know that you will take good care of him. We will all be together again someday. I miss both of you so much.

Ellen Seidmann

Wookie Kitty, 3/12/92-5/12/03

My poor little kitty girl! You were sick when mamma went to the hospital and you passed away while I was there. I never got a chance to tell you how much I love you and how sorry I am that I wasn't there for you. Even though daddy helped you through, I know you wanted me and I am so sorry.
I miss you more than anything and I still see your beautiful green eyes everywhere I turn.
Wait for me over the rainbow bridge and I'll see you there one day.
Don't forget me - I love you, silly billy.


Wool, 02/06/96-07/09/03

He was my light, my joy and my lovey.
He was always grinning and ready to play.
He was my constant companion and now he is my four-footed angel.

Nancy Wolf

Woolfie, 10/04/01-08/14/03

Woolfie was so precious. She was the most lovely and sweet hamster I ever had. Never afraid of people, climbing all over them, marking her territory and even including us. That was Woolfie. She was a little bit silly at times, but so lovely. We miss her so dearly and I wish I could just see her lovely face again and smell her lovely scent on her fur. She was the best hampie ever!!!



Wordsworth was my very favorite orange tabby cat who I had a special and deep bond with for the past three years that I've been a volunteer at The Humane Society of New York. I volunteer at the Society every Sunday afternoon, and as soon as I walked over to Wordsworth, he looked into my eyes with such deep love. I immediately picked him up and held him in my arms and showered him with abundant hugs and kisses. So many times, I just placed him in his special furry bed by the window so he could enjoy watching the world go by. In the past year, his health was really disintegrating and we all watched him dying right before our eyes..he really put up a valiant struggle to go on...all the volunteers at the shelter said he had 20 lives instead of 9! Each Sunday for the past year, when I left the shelter, I'd kiss him good-bye and tell him that I'd see him the next week, never knowing if this would be the last time I saw his loving eyes gazing up into my face, as if to say...I love you. I know Wordsworth is looking down on all the wonderful people who took such extraordinary care of him and gave him the love he so deserved. I loved you and I will never forget you, life was so much richer just by having you in it! Rest in peace, my wonderful furry friend.


Wormtail, 04/20/03-12/13/03

Wormtail was a lovable kitten that we had the honor of having him for only a few short months. We had him neutered on Tuesday and had to be put to sleep, due to complications. He brought so much joy into our lives and we miss him so much. He played with us, bite our hands with little "love bites" and would crawl up and sleep on my shoulder during the night. Losing Wormtail has left a big empty void in our lives but his memory will live forever. We have so many pictures of him. Wormtail can never be replaced and no kitten could come close however in honor of his memory, we went to an animal shelter and adopted a cat that looks alot like him but this cat will never ever be Wormtail. With his death, another cat now has the chance to live a full life. Wormtail, you were loved by each of us and I promise that you will never be forgotten. We love you Wormtail.

John Bailey

Wrigglee, 08/17/88-08/18/03

Thank you for coming into our lives Wrigglee. I hope I did well by you. I was blessed to have you for 15 years and one day. You will be forever missed. Be with Otis, and know that we love you.


Wright's Baileys Irish Cream, 08/21/99-09/14/03

Our beautiful four-year-old yellow Lab, Bailey, succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He took sick only a week ago, so it was a shock to us that he was soon to cross the bridge. We hope that Bailey was met by Hershey & Beau, who preceded him across the bridge in 1999 and 2002. We are heartbroken at the loss of such a loving and wonderful member of our family. Godspeed Bailey-boy. We love you and miss you always.

Donna & Donnie Wright & Chip

Wrinkles, 12/21/03

I love you wrinkes and I can't begin to tell you how much I will miss your cheerful whistles.
I hope that their is always someone to sing to you and tell you how beautiful you are.
Thank you for all that you showed me.


Wuhan Anshan, 09/09/92-12/13/03

Goodbye my long time companion.
Words cannot express the joy I saw in your eyes every time I returned.
Your light will never die in my heart, in my home or in my life.
Yours was an eternal gift that has touched me a million times more than I can ever say.
You are my joy, my heart and my soul.
God grant me the courage and strength to show the love to my fellow you have shown eternal love to me.
God speed, my love.

Donnie Salter

Wuzzle, 12/09/03

Thank-you Wuzzle for loving our family with an undying, unconditional love for the last 11 years. your's was a love that was so pure and true.
we will miss you greatly while we are apart. Until a brighter day my love, mommy daddy and bubby.

Wyatt Earp, 01/08/96-03/02/03

Wyatt was and will always be my best friend. He had cancer and was let go to his new home 7 years to the day (and almost minute) that I brought him home from the breeder in 1996.

He loved my little boy, but most of all, he loved me. He was always faithful. I love him so much. I am very sad today for me. But I know that a special friend like Wyatt is in a very special place.

Lori Acquistapace

Wylie, Before 1989-03/24/03

Most "Wyl-a-cious" of cats, best cat in the universe, each day is empty without your abundant funnies, each homecoming incomplete without your spotted self in the window. You still make us laugh. We love you always and miss you fiercely.

Laura & Miles

Wy-O's Granite Shadow - Stoney, 11/12/92-05/16/03

My sweet, sweet Stoney. You will be sorely missed. I told you I loved you every day, and you shared yourself with your boy, Matt and I. My home will be empty without you dear friend. You fought long and hard and I wish you rest and joy at the Rainbow Bridge. You will always be the Schnauzer Ambassador.

Martha Clausen

Wystan, 08/30/03

Wystan was a beautiful black and white tux cat and was my beloved friend and companion for 18 years. He saw me through divorce and cancer and the usual ups and downs of life. Nearly every day when I came home from work he was there at the door to greet me. We loved each other so much and I miss him terribly. He had gotten very weak from cancer and I gave him the last gift of love that I could. I took him to the vet and held him in my arms as he passed peacefully away.

Dagmar Achtelik

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