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Year 2003 Tributes

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Vacca thru Vulcan

Vacca, 05/2000-11/24/03

Our black and white Vacca baby. Whom we loved and adored. Everyone whose path you crossed you managed to touch their heart with your gentle kisses and loving ways. You will be missed by many. We are sorry you had to go and you will always have a special place in our hearts. Go and be in peace where seizures will harm you no more.

Terry & Robert Stoll

* * * * * * * * * * *

To the sweetest companion, may you now run in heaven with Rumble....

Tina & Ciara

Vada, 07/07/98-04/16/03

Vada, I miss you so much and I am so sorry you had to go through such an awful illness that I couldn't save you from. I really tried and would have done anything if I had been given the chance. Daddy and I planted a pink dogwood tree out in the yard in remembrance of you. You will never be forgotten and I am so thankful that I had the privilege of having you in my life even though the time was so short. You were my everything and I hope you can forgive me for not being able to save you.

Jayme Hoburn

Valdemar (Vally) Andreason, 10/05/94-02/06/03

To our dearest Vally, the best kitty we ever had. We will miss your quiet loving ways, the way you followed us around the house and those wonderful kitty kisses you were always so generous with. You left before your time, long before we were ready for you to go and your loss has left a hole in our lives. We all look forward to the day we can be together again at the Bridge, until then sweet kitty, know we will love you always and you will never be forgotten.

Sherry, Deana, Sandy & Gary

Valentine, 07/21/89-06/23/03

My precious Valentine, what will I do without your dear little heart face, your constant chatter, and your endless desire to be cuddled? You were a special gift from God above, and I thank Him for the special blessing that you were. I long for the day when I see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you. Sebastian misses you. I know you are out of pain and free from suffering. You passed into death as you were in life: gracious, gentle, and peaceful. I will always love you.

Stacey Bellows

Valentine, 2000-6/18/03

She was the best greyhound, my daughter, she will be greatly missed by many.

Valentine, 12/21/93-03/31/03

My little Valentine, We loved you so much and you loved us unconditionally. You were the best dog anyone could ever hope for. You were so good to us and took time to come to all of us throughout the day to say hello and give us a little loving and a bunch of kisses. You never ran out of kisses for me. My heart aches from the unexpected loss of you. You will ALWAYS have a very special place in all of our hearts. I hope you are with my nana and she will watch over you and take good care of you for me. You were my little puppy girl.

Janet, Wayne, Kristal, Heather, and Renae

Valentine, 01/89-02/01/03

To the best friend in the whole world, who gave my life meaning, happiness, companionship and unconditional love. You will be so missed and I will see you over the bridge. Thanks for everything, I love you. Lisa

Valentine, 11/16/86-01/16/03

Valentine came to us on February 14 1986. We had just bought land in the country and was clearing it to build a house. We did not need or want her because we already had two small dogs. But no one else wanted her so she became a part of us. She was with us all the way building our house. She is now buried in the place she first came to Margie. We will miss her dearly.

Margie and Gerald Asher

Valkyrie (Val), 09/14/03 I miss you. A tiny feral kitten that stayed in our Christmas tree branches for the first few weeks we had you. You were our joy. Tag misses you alot. So do I. I will meet you at the rainbow bridge. Please say hi to Batcat. Wait with him, Dr. Pepper and Bel. Love to all of you. are sorely missed. It hurt so much to see you suddenly blind and confused and so sick. I still miss the weight of you in my arms. I know you are well and happy now. Take care, my dearest friend.
All our love, Mace and Dawn

Vanessa of Mountain Breeze, 02/14/91-10/24/03

We love and miss you Nessie. Our hearts may be broken but we know you are no longer suffering. When we think of you now, we picture you running through the green grass and jumping in the cool water by the river and chasing the squirrels up the trees, which you dearly loved to do. It has been such a long time since you were able to get up and run free, we know you are happy now. We were with you on the day you were born and supported you in your final days and we never knew such love for a dog. You will be forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. Good-Bye Nessie, we love you!

Casey and Julie Herren

Van Gogh, 12/18/03

Van Gogh, I hope you know how much I love you and how I miss you. And I hope you know how many times you saved me by touching me with your soul. I should have been there for you buddy. Happy hunting, my friend.

Joe Hazelhurst

Vanilla Bar's Sunny Parfait aka Sunny, 02/14/91-11/26/03

Sunny you were sweet and gentle and always eager to please.
We spent many loving years together but it seems like it passed like a sun on a blade of grass. You are gone from our lives but never from our hearts.

Donna Jackson

Vanna, 03/17/86-08/11/03

She was a sweet little dog and even in her last days, still showed the spunk that was her trademark. She will be missed by us, by neighbors who knew her for years and by our other two dogs who still keep looking for her :(

Patricia & Stephen

Vanna, 08/08/03

You Chose Me

I can remember the first time I saw you,
So small yet so strong…
Your little body broken from the battles you fought,
For all the days long…

I knew I wanted to protect you, give you peace,
Make you whole…
My sweet imperfect angle,
How did you know my battles
Were taking a greater toll?

Our days began slowly,
Your wounds started to heal…
Your spirit never broken,
And mine, I started to feel…

Quietly you shared a secret you knew all along,
You were me and I was you…
Sharing one spirit and one heart
Beating forever strong…

I never thought the day would come,
That we would be apart…
Leaving me with such emptiness,
And less one beat in a broken heart.

You can feel in our heart,
The things I want to say…
So silently I leave them with you,
For those quiet lonely days…

I'll whisper the same words until we meet again,
But just incase I forgot to say,

Thank you for choosing me that long ago day
To share your soul my perfect angle..
My greatest blessing
my eternal friend.

Vegas, 07/30/97-08/27/03

Vegas was the most wonderful and loving dog. He was a 14 week-old stray who found me when the last thing I need was the responsibility of a dog. Over the next six years he got me through so many tough times and was a part of the happiest times of my life. Even when Vegas was a puppy I said he was a doggy angel sent to me. We had so many fun times, going to the beach, singing the "monkey song", and catching snowballs just to name a few. Even though he was very sick he still wagged his tail to try and comfort us. His life was so short and now I know that my doggy angel is watching over me from heaven.


Vegas Girl, 03/18/97-03/15/03

She was so special. She came from a litter from our other Schnauzer named Magic. We gave her to our daughter Michelle when she moved out as Michelle took care of her growing up. We dog sat while Michelle and her husband Eric went on vacation and during that time she passed due to a Bofu toad that went undetected in our back yard. I was so hurt that it happened while I was watching her and my wife had to make the call to tell Michelle as I was overcome with too much emotion. I miss her, my Vegas Girl.

Mark Thomas

Velcro, 4/12/03

Velcro was a loving handsome all black feral cat who lived on the streets of Venice, California for about 7 years before he decided to retire with Velvet (another all black cat) and me. (He looked just like Velvet but with rougher skin hence the name Velcro). He was a gentle, soulful and fun loving guy, who chose to retire his wandering paws for a place on my lap. He left us today in my arms and in the company of the two humans who loved him most. He suffered from the complications of all those years living on the street and contracting FIV and Leukemia. He was a cool Dude. God gives us love - but someone to love he lends us. And what a loaner he was....

Velvet, 07/15/90-10/23/03

Velvet was a very loved and social Lab. When she passed, I held her in my arms, and told her I loved her, and that she was safe here in my heart; and that my heart would go on.
We loved each other very much, and we needed each other; but I know she has gone to a better place.

Jack K Wilkerson

Verdi, 09/17/88 06/03/03

Fly my friend, be free.

Robert Pondolfi

Vern, 03/16/03

Vern was a one person bird who took up with my Dad. He eventually fathered two birds which are now in my care.
He will surely be missed.

Karen Epley

Veso (aka Travieso), 08/18/98-01/17/03

To my dearest Travieso "Veso"
(august 18, 1998 to January 17, 2003)

It was April of 1999 when I met you for the very first time. Together with mommy Marie and jayme, we met you as well as your mom Kathy, dad Oso and your brother Cookie. We were given a choice between you and Cookie and your exuberant lively personality and affection won my heart. I wanted a pet that I could bring to my kid's soccer games and I pictured you as the better of the two, and you never disappointed me. You gave me more than what I was expecting from a 'man's best friend".

Over the years you have fascinated me with your love and affection towards me. The way you looked at me makes me smile. The way you follow me all over the house gives me pleasure and joy. You were the very first dog that I fell in love with and the very first to become attached to. Your affection and loyalty is so immeasurable. Believe it or not, I think about you at work. I even brought a picture of us and I look at it every now and then….

Veso, thank you so much for giving me all those good memories. You have made me so happy and made me realized that life is really very simple and it's up to you how you want to make the most out of it. The love and happiness you gave me is so unconditional. You make me happy and yet you do not expect anything in return. A simple pat or touch on your head is enough for you. A walk in the park or neighborhood excites you. A simple stroll and play in our backyard makes you joyful. How I wish we people on earth would learn from you. Life is really simple when you come to think of it.

I have been grieving for you all this time. I have been crying since I lost you. How I wish I had this crystal ball so I could have avoided that Friday morning. That was a nightmare.

You know Veso, I have so many long term plans for both of us. I envision bringing you and Oreo when jayme goes to college. I envision you being with me and mommy Marie when I retire someday. I envision walking many times in Avila Beach with you and Oreo as we visit Jourdan. I envision bringing you with me when we visit Brandon in college next year. I plan in bringing you to more soccer games and practices. I always wanted to take you to a dog park someday with your friend Oreo.

How I wish I did not let you go to the yard that Friday morning. How I wish I just cuddled you instead. How I wish I never woke up that early. I am very upset with myself. I have so many regret if only you know.

Someday I know deep in my heart that you and I will be together again. I don't want it to be that soon since I have Marie, jourdan, Brandon, jayme and Oreo to care for. But someday we will. And I can't wait for that day….

Veso…..I love you very much with all my heart and many thanks for loving me unconditionally. I will treasure all those memories and thank you for allowing me to meet you and spend time with you.

I love you and I always will…..

Your best friend,

Daddy Gary

Victor, 10/03/03

Dear Victor: you are a great dog. I will miss you when I go to your house. You were one of the first dogs that I met in Arizona. Thanks for being such a good dog friend to me. You are a friendly, gentle giant. I will miss hugging you. I love and miss you. Your friend, Hayley

Victoria (Kiki), 06/07/86-11/11/03

Victoria Thank You For 17 Beautiful Years. You will always be alive in my memories. I am very proud to have been your mommy for 17 years. May you rest in peace and one day we will meet again.

Love Your Mommy

Vincent, 03/17/95-10/18/03

The best friend we ever had. He was always there for us. We love him and will miss "Our Little Man".

Tom, Ruth & Katie

Vinny, 03/30/91-12/11/02

It has been one year and I miss you with all of my heart...

Deborah O'Sullivan

Violet, 06/30/03

On June 30, 1am, my little girl went to the Rainbow Bridge...She was a 9.5 year old black and white Maine Coone mix, smallish in size, with huge white, double front paws, and a distinctive short fluffy tail. She was my very best friend for 9 years. She had been a stray cat in Taunton, MA, a kitten actually, who had already had kittens of her own. We caught her in a Havahart trap, and took her to the vet for spaying, exam, vaccines, etc, and she became mine. She had a very affectionate nature, but there was one rule...all four paws never came off the ground at once. In other words, she never allowed me to pick her up, except on very rare occasions, such as, trips to the vet, and moving to Florida, which she did under protest.

One of her and my favorite times of day was nighttime, when I would take a cup of tea and a book into my bedroom, and sit up, reading. Violet would come and lay her darling head on my leg, and "butt" me with her little head, purring like a motorboat, kneading her massive paws. We both greatly enjoyed this time with each other every night, and looked forward to being together. We loved each other dearly.

For the past few weeks, she had been losing weight. Her appetite, while keen for the food, waned quickly after a few bites. She continued to lose weight, and spent most of her time on my screened-in porch, laying on the cool tiles. I was very concerned about her, having a feeling of dread about her.

Last night, while trying to coax her into my bedroom with some of her favorite treats, she refused to enter. Then I did something she had never willingly allowed me to do. She let me pick her up and carry her through three rooms into my bedroom. I knew then what that meant....that my little girl was letting go of this world. I put her on my bed and she eagerly ate some chicken and a spoon of cream, which she enjoyed greatly. Then something happened that was so heartbreakingly poignant..something she had never done before. She went and sit sphinx-like on the part of the bed where I usually sat during our times together, and faced the headboard. She suddenly started to purr very strongly. She was saying good-bye to our nightly ritual of almost 10 years, I know it. I then put her in her cage and took her to the emergency vet, hoping that the outcome would be positive and she could be helped.

But, that was not the case. My little Vi had liver failure, enlarged spleen and thyroid malfunction. Her prognosis was not good. I made the awful decision to euthanize her, and since she had to be sedated lightly to be examined, she was still unconscious when my daughter and I went to say goodbye. We said good-bye to our little sweetheart and told her how we would be together again someday. She was aware of our presence we knew, by the increase in respiration and body movement. Then, after a bit, I noticed her breathing had ceased. She had left this earth on her own terms, not by a needle's. She spared me the grief of always wondering had I done the right thing, or should I have made extraordinary efforts to keep her alive, which the vet had explained prior to my decision. She loved me so much, she hung on to this world long enough for us to say good-bye for now, then she left it when SHE chose to...and, finally, when her valiant little heart had stopped, I got to hold and hug my brave, wonderful little girl, for the first and last time.

Karen Fostel

Virginia, 12/14/03

Virginia was the daughter they never had. Her sweet demeanor will be sorely missed by all who know her.

Eleanor Smyth Virginia Was Owned By William and Teressa Terrell

Visa, 05/03/90-09/12/02

Queen of our home. Still very much remembered and missed.

Bev Wiggans

Vixen Mistletoe, 09/25/02-10/25/03

You definitely lived up to your name, my beautiful blonde little princess (Princess Vixen). You were my baby girl. I loved and adored you more than words can express. As quickly as you came into my life, sadly you were taken even more quickly. The tears have not stopped since you have gone. I miss those beautiful brown eyes, your smiling face, your beautiful wagging tail, your playfulness, your loving licks, and most importantly your love for everyone. I miss rubbing your tummy and stroking your beautiful hair. You truly were a special gift from God. I pray that you are spreading happiness, smiles, laughter, and cheer in God's kingdom as you did on earth. I pray that you are passionately running, playing, and having a good time. I also pray that you are free of pain.

Together, we finally found a family - Jeff, Anna, and Matthew. You were such a loved part of this family. Daddy (Jeff) really loved you and misses you. He loved you from the first day that he met you. Daddy misses you as much as I do. He loved to take you for walks and to come home to take care of you. He misses watching you prance through the backyard. You were also his beautiful little princess.

I feel immense pain and sorrow that you are not here and part of the our family. I had so many plans for our future together. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

You touched the hearts of everyone you met here on earth and everyone loved you. You never will be forgotten especially by me, Daddy, and Anna. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge until we can be together again my beautiful little princess.

I love you my princess,

Mom (Karen Schlinz)

Von Keisha's Rose of Sharon (Keisha), 07/13/89-06/15/03


JULY 13TH , 1989 - JUNE 15TH, 2003

Keisha - My first German Shepherd, my friend, and special canine
You joined my life in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-nine
It is now the year two thousand and three ...Time for you to follow your path of destiny.

I sit with you in the stillness of the night ... Holding you in my arms so tight
Keisha, my special friend ... I can no longer pretend.
You have always been here for me ... Now, I must see
It is time to set you free.

You look at me with your weary brown eyes
Speaking to me silently, hoping I will recognize.

I look at you and smile.
Once so strong and agile, full of class and style.
I think back to when you were just a pup ...
When you were only nine weeks old and both of your ears came up!
I remember going into the obedience ring, making our debut
Forward on the heeling pattern ... and over the gait you flew.
You found it much more exciting to give Kelly a kiss or two
Then, over the ring gait and back to heel ... As if it was no big deal!

You made me laugh ... and you made me cry
Some times, you even made me wonder why.
You taught me patience, persistence, and unconditional love
You truly are a gift from our God above.

Now, your body, so fragile and weak
You struggle as you reach to give me a kiss on the cheek.

I begin to cry ... it is so difficult to say good-bye.

It's time for you to go .... Yes, I know.
As the heavens open wide ... and you cross over to the other side
Spread your wings and fly ... way up high in the sky
You are no longer weak and frail ... Once again, you can run and jump and wag your tail!
Until we meet ... and we happily greet
On the other side, face to face ... in another time and place ...
You will always live within my heart ... we will never really be apart
You will always be my constant companion and my special friend
Throughout all eternity ... until the very end.

Sherri Clendenin

VooDoo, 04/04/95-07/01/03

Our precious darling VooDoo died in our arms last night. Our hearts ache. We love you so very much VooDoo. She was much more than just a pet she was part of our lives and our hearts. I nursed her with a bottle from one week old just as my own baby. You were the light of our lives. We will miss you very much. Love always.

Vronsky, 12/84-11/141/03

Vronsky was all the happiness and joy in my life. A large, furry guy, everyone in town knew him and he brought smiles wherever he went. He was so highly intelligent and communicative. We did everything together. He contracted bone cancer and a week after the diagnosis I had to face the terrible decision of putting him down, so he would not suffer or lose his tremendous dignity. I really have no desire to live without him. Our souls were meant to be entwined forever.

Judith Perlman

Vulcan, 09/15/02-10/03/03

My sweet, good-natured, slightly neurotic pugboy, I love you and miss you so. From the day you came to live with me, you were the barnacle and I was the boat. You so desperately needed someone who would never leave you, and I never, ever wanted to. A worker left a gate closed, but unlatched and, friendly boy that you were, you slipped out to see if there was a new friend you could meet. Instead, you met a driver who deliberately ran you over and took you from me. So trusting, how were you to know he only stopped so you'd think the way clear and step into the street, before flooring the gas to run you down? You'd never met a human you didn't like or trust - I don't think you had any idea untrustworthy humans even existed. I know our other Bridge Angels were on hand to meet you when you arrived, far too early, and they will take good care of you until we meet again. Run fast and run free, my sweet baby boy.

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