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Year 2003 Tributes

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Tabby thru Tzu-Tzu

Tabby, 03/13/03

Dearest Tabby,
You were loved more than words can express during the 15 years we shared together, and now that you are gone, you are missed more than words can express.
There will always be a special place in our hearts held just for you.
Rest in Peace our beloved Tabby girl.

Harvey and Edie Dolinsky

Tabby, 08/13/85-05/02/01

To my Tabby,
I will always love you. You had a long life, but it was not long enough.
You were my best friend. I can't remember my life without you, which means I can never forget. I love you my princess. See you again someday.

Jenni H.

Tabby Gurske, 02/02/03

We will miss you...XOXO

Sharon, Cindy & Beth

Tabby Sue, 06/17/03

Tabby was a very special cat who exhibited love and devotion to her owner right up to a few hours before her death. We loved her so much and will miss her terribly. She has been a very important part of our lives for 17 years. She will leave a void in our hearts.

We love you, Tabby Sue.


Tabitha, 05/15/84-12/20/03

My childhood friend, I miss you dearly..
I look forward to the time we are together again..

Colleen Wolfe

Tabitha, 01/90-10/21/03

Tribute to Tabitha.

You came to me when I was going through chemo for Hodgkin's disease in the summer of 1999. I was outside one evening, and you just appeared on the deck. You were SO pretty and friendly, so I went out and bought you a brush, and then began the daily brushings, and then came the daily feedings of Fancy Feast. You were SO intelligent, and such a lap cat! I fell in love with you immediately. There were some days when I was so sick from chemo that I could barely get up out of bed to greet you. You left me a Valentine's morning present on Valentine's Day of 2000, a field mouse that you had caught. Then, a week before my birthday in July, you brought me 3 baby rabbits to the backdoor, all within a 30 minute span, and then I finally stopped you. You came one Saturday evening in the snow, and that began your living with me. In October of 2002, you became deathly ill, and you were diagnosed with Diabetes. You were in the vet for a week, and then I gave you daily insulin shots, pills, etc. You became sick again on October 17, 2003, but even the days before that day, I began noticing a change in you. That Sunday and Monday were very bad for you, and you were not able to use the restroom, and I knew your kidneys were shutting down, so I took you to the vet on Tuesday, October 21, 2003, I had you put to sleep, and I stayed with you even for an hour after you were gone. I had you cremated, and now you are with me, just in a different form. I love you with all my heart, and am heartbroken at your leaving me, but I do know I will see you at the bridge when I get there. I KNOW you are waiting for me. We have your sister with us as well, and she is missing you too. We love you, and cannot wait until we can all be together again. I love you, Tabitha..

Jack Pickett

Tabitha, 04/22/03

You are in my heart always. At least now Raider has his sister with him until the rest of us get there. You will always be my 'little girl'.


Tachikara, 05/31/90-02/07/03

Tachibear... we miss you more than you know. Your face always had a smile, and your love was selfless and never-ending. You hold a place in our hearts forever!! Thank you for all you gave to us in your short 12 years. We love you and miss you.

Diane Dean

Taco, 02/13/89-11/05/02

Taco was our little friend, our "poco amigo."
He lived with us for 16 years.
He died a year ago today, and he will never leave my heart.
He's my little Baby, and I still see him in my heart, in my dreams, and in my life.


Taffy, 07/04/81-07/05/99

Our feisty little lady

Lou, Mary, Joe Bottino

I found her in the last cage in the pound's small dog section. I looked into your concrete prison saw nothing but a set of saucered eyes that seemed to be on stalks. Nevermind how long ago this was, that first sight of you is burned into my memory. A blonde beauty of unknown breeding - maybe some dachshund, maybe some pomeranian. It didn't matter. We brought you home and oh, if I'd only known what time would bring! You were a brat - many a time you escaped by devious means and terrorized the cars that had the bad fortune to be traveling on our street. Run run run - you would manage to stop an entire line of cars down the street while I chased you down! You stopped chasing cars the day my mother's doxie followed your latest escape and you saw him get struck by one of the cars you loved to pursue. No one could call you less than intelligent after that tragedy.
You were always there, always loving. When depression isolated me from the world it couldn't isolate me from you. Through my troubled years 'a mere dog' was the only element of my life that never wavered. Sometimes you were all I had to focus my emotions on..thus I loved you wholly and without restraint. For sixteen years I heard your tags jingle through the house. For sixteen years I listened to you bark and howl with simple frenzied joy just because you were getting a car ride. For sixteen years you hogged the bed pillows. For sixteen years you reigned my lap and wuffed at me when I didn't prepare your meals fast enough. Sixteen years, Taffy..and in that time you gave me more love and understanding than any of the people in my life. But that's a dog's job, or so I've come to understand.
You were barely fifteen when the heart disease made itself known. Until then your age had no behaved as you always had. Your fur turned white in places but you still played, ran and sang your happiness - usually in my ear at full volume - when taken on one of your beloved car rides. But your old heart began to weaken, and within a few months you were on several medications. You had fainting spells and I couldn't let you play hard for fear that you would collapse again. I denied you nothing despite the vet bills..but in the end I tried to deny your mortality.

We both made the best of it, but the day came when your stamina failed. On wobbly legs you wheezed your way over to me for yet another trip to the vet, and you would go again the next day, and the next..meanwhile I tried to pretend that old age could be cured. Blood tests told us that you had pancreatitis on top of the heart disease while your blood pressure was falling steadily.

I couldn't let go.

More medications! IV fluids! More xrays! Hours were spent on the treatment table with me at your side and a needle in your leg. You were unsteady on your legs and weary in the eyes. But worst of all were the car rides to and from the were silent.

I still couldn't let go.

Your wheezing turned to cries of pain that no medication was able to quiet. The weariness in your eyes was touched with desperation now, and your belly swelled from the uncontrollable infection within you. I cried with you, partly in shame...

because I couldn't let go.

On November ninth you lay like a dead thing in my arms at the vet clinic and barked aloud your agony. Your breath was hard won, your belly bloated with fluids tinged with blood and pus. But god help me!

I just couldn't let go.

We made one last effort, the doctor and I. You were placed under anesthesia for an abdominal exploratory surgery. I held the gas mask that sent you to sleep and carried you to the operating table myself.

I think you knew that I couldn't let go, Taffy.

Is that why you took the decision out of my hands while you slept on the table, old dog? Your heart stilled minutes before the doctor would have lifted a scalpel. My hands were on you when you left me behind. Something inside me died with you, old dog.

As I type this it has been exactly twenty hours since your passing. The tears have come and gone, but they were hindered by confusion; you've always been there, but now you're not. My mind just can't grasp on that. Or are you? I can hear your pained cries in my kept me awake all night. I couldn't let go of you and you suffered for my selfishness..I hope you can forgive me as I can't forgive myself. This morning I had your collar in hand, and when I set it down on my desk the tags jingled in that old familiar way. The pain that came of that simple sound drew a wail from me..and in that moment I think I finally let you go. I curled up on the floor and sobbed until my throat was raw, collar clutched in my hands. I cried for me, not you...this was your Great Escape, your last escape. You are free of pain, even if mine has only begun.

I know you still exist. There will always be a place on my pillow for you to claim - even though you can't nudge me off of it anymore, silly girl. Your husk will receive the full fledged cemetery burial that it deserves. In your peace I hope to find my own some day. I already know what I will have engraved onto your grave marker love..and I'll say it here first. "If tears could build a staircase and memories a lane, I could walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."

I'll see you at the Bridge...


Taffy, 11/25/01

Taffy girl - your foot prints will forever remain in my heart.

Carol Ennis

Taffy, 10/01/86-10/27/03

I just want my dog to be recognized at the special pet that she was. She was my very best friend in the world. I am happy that she is no longer ill, and will be happy again. She will be missed by her friends and family

Terri Anderson-Schlader

Taffy, 01/05/88-10/10/03

Thank you very much for all the wonderful memories you left me with. You were the love of my life and I miss you tremendously. I still want to put your treats on the sofa for you before I leave for work each day. Hopefully, you have met up with Missy and the both of you are running and playing together again. Please remember to watch over me!
Miss you and dream of getting a kiss from you!
Love forever,

Taffy, 04/10/89-08/29/03

Taffy was a feisty, bouncy dog who always slept with me for 14 years. Her warmth comforted me when my Father died. She loved chasing her cats and seagulls and running by the ocean.

Karen Ballinger

Taffy, 08/14/03

A special little girl who left a big hole in our hearts by having to leave us.

L. Rice

Taffy, 06/19/03

She was the light of my life. One look into her eyes and calmness and serenity filled my soul. We met eleven years ago, and from that moment on she has blessed my being. Her playfulness of earlier years, a game of fetch & retrieving reynolds wrap balls was her e forte'. As she grew older though, a few romps in cat nip were much more her speed. She would follow me wherever I went in the house.
Yes! Of course the bathroom. She slept with me every single night, usually on top of my chest, back or side, whichever she had access to. All the while purring in contentment. I was all she needed to be completly satisfied, me! with all of my flaws and human ways,she loved me unconditionally, more than I'll ever learn to understand. Of course I loved her more than any single living or not, thing in this entire life time. There will never be another Taffy, a special friend like her comes once in a lifetime. I do thank God for allowing me to have known her, to have had the priveledge and blessing to have her in my life.

Primarily she was an indoor cat, but she loved to visit outside. Each morning she would accompany me on the patio, me drinking coffee, her basking in the sun grabbing a grass snack here and there. Taffy was the kind of pet that turned non-animal lovers, into feline worshipers. I kid you not. Many of my house guests, she literally altered their opionions and feelings towards "the cat". A close friend and co-worker of mine, didn't care for cats at all, she only thought dogs made good pets. She thought cats were non-socialbe, mean, bad luck, you name it, she thought it. After ONE visit to my home, and hours of Taffy parading all over my friends lap, purring, licking her. Sprawling out on her back, in her most vulnerable position. My friend could not help but to fall in love with her. A few months later, she herself became one of us blessed people to be chosen by a feline. Her cat's name is Mr. Bigglesworth and he has enriched her and her families life. That is the type of effect Taffy had on people. I've had pets my entire life. Several of them being cats. I still have three other cats, but there was something different about Taffy. Her soul was like no other and she acted more like a small person, if you would. Without her my house does not seem like a home. It feels empty and lonely. The same way that I feel! I have lost a part of me, that will never be replaced. As I sit here worshiping her pictures and replaying memories in my mind.

She was struck by a car the morning of June 19, 2003 approximately around 4:00 A.M. She was found only four houses down from our home. She never was one to wonder off to far. And never had she went near a street, the sound of a car frightened her. For those reasons, I didn't feel worried about her spending the night outside for those two evenings. June 18, 2003 at 10:00 P.M. I openened the door and offered her some Wendy's french fries, to which she most happily accepted. I gave her a pat and closed the door. I don't even remember if I told her that I loved her. Why didn't I coax her in the house? Why didn't I share my frosty with her? After all, that was her favorite snack. Why? I have been tormented with these thoughts. I cannot help but to feel responsible for the tragedy that claimed her precious soul. I burried her last night on my property, I want to create the greatest garden/burial site for her. She deserved the very best. I know one thing, she surely did not deserve to be taken away in the manner that she was. Taffy should have lived the remainder of her years with me in comfort and passed away from natural causes in my arms. Why was it so brutal? I burried her with a few of her favorite things, I laid her on one of our favorite down pillows (she was laid completly on her back all sprawled out. Which was ironic b/c that was her favorite postion to lay.) I placed a toy, one of my shoes (she loved to lay on my shoes, I think that's where she could really lavish in my scent)
I put pictures of the rest of her loved ones, other family pets and family members. A spoon full of that Frosty that I wish I would have shared with her the night prior to her death. A toy, and I layed one of my favorite T-shirts in with her. I've already made a small step in honoring her with the "dream" garden I have in mind. Heart shaped plaque, a memorial flower arrangement, garden wind chimes, a guardian angel. It's a start. I've been out to sit at her resting place several times since last night. And I cannot seem to part with her pictures and her collar. I pray that she is still with me in spirit and that she knows how much joy she brought into my life. I will never forget my Nanner Bear. My life and all of those that met her were much richer for having to have known and loved her. Now, I cannot wait until she greets me on our Rainbow bridge.

Thank you for hearing my story,
Nikki Vanderpool

Taffy, 03/01/93-06/07/03

Taffy was only about 10 years old when she was put down. She had kidney failure. The vet said that she may have eaten a plant called "Lily of the Valley" which is very toxic for cats. Taffy was apart, and will always be apart of our family. We will really miss her but she'll be in our hearts forever.

- Jennifer

Taffy, 2002-2003

I know you were a very special friend to my niece, please remember us in heaven....we love you your family!!!

Taffy, 04/84-05/16/03

You were such a constant in our lives that it is hard to believe you are no longer with us. I so wish I could have seen you one more time. I am so glad we were all able to have you for 19 long years. If anyone had told be when we got you as a kitten that you would be with us through marriages and children, I would have been amazed! I remember how much you loved being outside, and how you loved your Pedro. And now you are with him again, and you can lick his cute black face. Know we all loved you so, and will always remember, our lighter that air kitty. XOXO

Taffy, 1981-01/20/03

My dearest Taffy,

At the age of 22 I finally had to put you to sleep, after being diagnosed with the fastest spreading oral cancer. I tried everything to make you eat and drink. Sometimes you would eat my fresh chicken or beef, milk or just plain water. Anything to keep you alive. I am so sorry that this was selfish on my part, because you knew time was close. You would just sit there and look at me and talking, and I got to frustrated not knowing what you wanted, you just simply wanted to be held. You tried to tell me, by acting real funny, you changed sleeping places just to be near me. You gave me and everybody else here soooo much and this afternoon I decided to end your misery. Ester was with you and so was I, while holding you I watched your doctor slowly putting in the solution that will send you to heaven, you were gone in seconds and the tears were running over my cheeks, wished I could put the clock back many years when you were rolling in the grass, or when you would put your head in my elbow while I was sitting behind the computer, or when you were kissing me and knocking off my glasses from my face. You knew you were loved and you had a special place in my heart, that nobody can take over. So Taffy go and see Pebbles who went to heaven in October, roll in the grass in the sunshine without pain and have lots of hamburger meat and ham and chicken that you can eat without being in agony, and mommy and daddy will be there sometime in the future, and then we can hug and give you lots of kisses again okay?????

Sweet dreams my Taffy and we will see you later!!!!!

Taffy Panici, 07/25/89-12/08/03

Taffy loved to hunt and she loved to lay outside in the sunshine

Panici Family

Tahnee, 03/23/95-09/14/02

Tahnee was a very special dog. I grew up with her and as far back as I can remember she was there. We love you Tahnee and all of us miss you.


Tahoe, 12/2/03

Tahoe, you were my sweet angel. You were such a good, loving dog. Always kind and gentle. I loved to watch you swim. I loved our time at the rivers and lakes. You were my strength and support when I felt alone. I loved you dearly and I am grateful for the 13 beautiful years we had together. I hope now you watch and protect me from heaven and you are free to run and play without pain. With much love and gratitude I say goodbye.

J. E. Parker

Tahoe, 01/24/96-01/03/03

For our sweet Tahoe. "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." We love you and miss you always. Our love, Momma and Daddy, Ryan and Squeak

Taj Mahal, 01/31/99-09/05/03

Some pets we rescue from a life of despair, some pets rescue us from a life of despair. Taj Mahal, I thank my Creator for sending you to rescue me. You were a faithful and loyal companion, and a perfect gentleman. Your unwavering, unconditional love was a reflection of God's love. God, I thank you for the time, the joy, and the privilege of caring for Taji.

Matt Henderson & Petmate Kody

Takara, 05/87-10/23/03

Takara was the best kitty in the whole world and I cannot say how much she will be missed. She has been with me during the good times and the bad. At least she is not suffering anymore and will be forever chasing the birds.

Denise Bullard

Tali, 08/14/03

To our beloved Tali. You always knew when we needed extra love. We will love you forever.

The Heredia Family

Tallie, 06/25/93-08/27/03

Tallie was a stray who adopted us 4 days ago. We took her to the vet and were going to give her a forever home. We thought she was a baby (she didn't have a birthday, so I gave her mine) when in reality she was 10 years old! She was FeLv+ and in the advanced stages of cancer. It broke my heart to hear that! I held Tallie and rubbed her little head and told her how wonderful and beautiful she was, and she purred as she fell asleep in my arms and crossed the bridge to wait for us to give her the forever home she missed.

Tallie Stella, 10/23/01

You were a wonderful angel here on earth and I still miss you so much! Merry Christmas little sweetheart! Kiss Julia for me! Love mommy

Darlene Follett

Tallulah Jane, 03/19/03

Tallulah was a blessing, a gift from above. She had a huge heart, a sweet disposition and a loving spirit. She was loved by all those who knew her. She will be greatly missed.


Talon, 07/03/94-01/29/03

In loving memory. You will be in my heart always.


Tam, 16/05/87-31/08/03

To a brave girl. Have fun running and seeing again. We miss miss you forever. Love mum and Josh


Tama T, 01/01/02-04/12/03

Tama was so feisty and protective that she was killed suddenly protecting her property. It was what she loved to do. Being just a little thing, she had such a huge personality and was so full of character and lover for us that today I cannot imagine getting on without her. I miss her so bad. She brought so much joy and laughter to our home and hearts. It was less than a year ago we lost our other beloved dog and now Tama. I thank God I still have my other two dogs to help me through this, it was so sudden that I still can't stop crying-Thank you Tama for so much love, so much. I will miss you for all eternity. Have fun with all the pets before you that I know have greeted you. I love you. Mom

Tamaqua, 04/13/90-10/27/03

T, T, we miss your cute face.
You were an amazing doggie and your presence is missed.
Our house feels empty now.
But we know you are not suffering anymore.
We'll meet you on that bridge.
Enjoy the pastures waiting for us.
We love you and will miss you until we meet again.

Stella D

Tami, 11/07/90-01/07/03

Tami, I miss you so very much. You saved my life more times than I can remember, going for help when I needed it. I wish there was something more I could have done to help you. You had strength and courage till the end and there is a hole where you used to be. I will always love you for the joy you brought to my life. I love you.

Linda Reiter

Tammie, 02/86-02/19/03

I loved and lost my best friend my daughter in every way I love you so much I hope you know this, you are and always will be my best friend, although I ache to see and hold you again I also know it was your time to leave and you have more than earned your wings, heaven has now another very special angel, my angel Tammie (Bud) you will always be in my heart and one day we will run and play together again I miss you baby girl and I love you with all that is me.

Tammy (Lady Tamar Noelle), 10/06/86-11/18/03

Tammy gave me 17 long years of her life. 4-1/2 years ago she was diagnosed with Cushings and far outlived the two years they said she would live with Cushings. She was the "child" I could never have. She stayed by my side through major surgeries, moves, divorce, etc and finally accepted the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with. She will be missed but I know her suffering is long gone and she is frolicking in heaven with all the other doggies. I love you, Tammy. You gave me the best years of your life!!!

Sharon Robison

Tammy, 11/13/94-7/01/03


We were blessed by God the day you came into our lives. You were six weeks old and during your eight years & eight months of life, you touched our lives in the most unforgettable ways. You were not only good, but kind, gentle and very sweet. You loved people and they all loved you. We love you so very much and have cried rivers of tears since your death. We have made a beautiful Pet Memorial for you. The Animal Hospital made a contribution to a nice foundation in your memory, Tammy. They loved you as much as your mommy, daddy & pa-paw. We had you cremated and have put your ashes in a pretty box that we had specially made for you. Your name is engraved on it with a beautiful rose painted above it. I know how much you would love it. You always liked pretty things. It hurts us to look out at the backyard and see your doghouse so empty. I miss you so terribly, Tammy. Mommy is in a bad place right now. You always gave me hope when I felt there was no hope; joy when all the joy was gone out of my life. Now, I am lost. Daddy & I miss your unconditional love that you so freely gave. I know you are in a better place & free of pain & for that I am glad. One day you will be buried with mommy and we will walk into paradise together. We love you sweetie. Until we meet again.
Love, Mommy & Daddy

Tammy, 10/03/03

A very gentle little girl with no vices, who bore her illness with such bravery.
I hoped her passing would be peaceful, but even with the help of friendly vets it was not.
May she now rest in peace.
Goodnight Little Elf

Veronica Palmer

Tanda, 12/88-01/2003

No longer in this world...

No longer in this world,
Will you groan at the sound of the alarm clock and
Wait patiently by the door to go out in the morning.

No longer in this world,
Will you shiver and chatter your teeth on cold days
Hiding under the covers to stay warm.

No longer in this world,
Will you sing for your breakfast or dinner

No longer in this world,
Will you do the happy dance, waiting at the gate,
Happy to see me on my return home.

No longer in this world,
Will put your nose on my bed as if asking permission
To warm my feet at night,
knowing well you'd end up there
Even if I said no.

But in the next world,

You'll dance with joy at our reunion,
wagging your tail and happily giving me kisses.

In a world where there are no alarm clocks or cold mornings.

In a world where, we can eat all the waffles we can stand
without having to worry about gaining weight.

In a world where, we can roam the fields together,
sniffing daisies and chasing butterflies.
We'll never have to worry about the rain.
and skunks don't stink...

In a world where, at the end of the day,
you'll always be welcome
To keep my feet warm,

We'll never have to be apart.

(Gregg White)

Tandum, 11/11/03

Tandum was a great dog. She lived and breathed her tennis ball. Not a day went by that she didn't drop that saliva-soaked tennis ball at our feet. My family will miss her terribly as will her "sister" Zero. We love you, Tandum.

The Shawlinski Family

Tandy, 08/22/90-02/03/03

Nos da, beautiful. You came to us when you were 12 weeks old and filled our lives with joy and happiness for over 12 years. You are much missed and will never be forgotten, ever. See you on the other side.

Darren, Gwyn & Ken

Tango, 04/01/91-11/30/03

We'll miss you, bud-dinsk. You were the best boy cat in the world.

Carilyn and Greg Wieland

Tango, 11/21/02

I miss and love you Tango!!!
You were the sweetest puppy all your life!!!

Donna J. Wheeler

Tango, 22/04/96-28/11/03

I love you Tango.

Kayleigh McGroarty

Tango, 04/01/98-07/04/03

"My Tango - a heart warming dog that loved those Maple cookies in the morning; would "Rooo-roo-roo!!" always meaning "I love yoo!!"; and retrieve his blue cong every time it was thrown far, for hours without end. Just for you - I miss you very terribly and I'm sorry for not having seen you as much as I thought I would have. At the very least you where happy with your best buddy, Andrea, to the very end. Both Andrea and I loved you very much and always will. Andrea just wanted you and me to be perfect, and somehow, we both let her down. Not the happy ending you or I really envisioned - but it's okay - you can finally go anywhere you'd like and you can come to work with me, again, every day like you once used to. So Tango, my wonderful loving dog, lick my ears again, for I miss you very much and know you miss me too. But one day soon, we'll be together again. We'll all understand and accept each other once again, with no conditions. Have a vacation for now & enjoy yourself as we enjoyed your spirit. With all of my heart: I still love you very much and will never forget you by my side."
- Toni.

Tannenbaum, 5/1/90-5/24/93

Dear Tan,
You were the greatest Baby Girl. We will all miss you forever. We will love and remember you forever.
Love your family(Jan, Mom, Dad, Tanya, Jack, Dee, Mitch, Val)

Tanner, 04/93-04/11/03

How can you say good bye to the one who has been your best friend for 10 years? Tanner joined the family in spring and let in spring. He always welcomed me at the door no matter how long I had been gone. A full days work or just to go get the mail, he was there. Eyes always full of love and warmth. Head tilted slightly sideways waiting to be scratched. The paw that would rest on me when ever he was by my side. I knew when it was time to say good bye.
I prayed to God to let Tanner go quietly in his sleep and not ask me to do it.
But I knew. Tanner looked at me with eyes asking to give the greatest gift of love that I could. So I did. Tanner grew up with a cat named Harley. For the first three nights after I put Tanner to sleep Harley slept on Tanner's grave. His buddy was so close yet so far away. I have since brought another golden into my life and it is so amazing that this new little lover does so many things that Tanner use to do. Life and love go on only if we let it. I will always have a deep special place in my heart for Tanner. He was my first Golden and I miss him so.

Jo Walters

Tanner, 11/21/03

I would like to remember and thank Tanner for being my companion, friend and thank him for giving me purpose. I don't really know what I will do without you Tanner! You were my light, my life .. and I will never ever forget those little brown eyes that would look up at me and make me feel like everything would be ok. I will miss your sitting on my foot.. and watching me eat.. hoping that I drop something. I love you Tanner.. and I'm sorry that you are not here to share more time with me. I know that Daddy is waiting for you to join him.. as you were his purpose too.. Tanner Do.. Doodle Butt.. I love you with all my heart and I will miss you and love you forever.


Tanner (The Mook), 08/14/93-04/19/03

To our best Friend and the best son anyone can ever ask for. Everywhere Tanner went he touched so many lives and brought smiles to everyone's faces. His positive attitude, undenying support, unconditional love, and kindness can not be replaced. We know that he is looking down on us with a huge smile and we pray that he is comfortable and safe. Tanner will have our heart forever.

Kevin & Caryn Golden

Tantomile, 08/84-03/93

My 19 year friend and companion, always there, always loving, always comforting.... and greatly, deeply, profoundly missed.

I was privileged to have held her as she took her first breaths of life, and honored to hold her in my arms as she took the last....

Liz Patrick

Tanzer, 08/01/91-03/24/03

Today we lost a beautiful girl - Tanzer - our 12 year old Rottweiler. To anyone she ever met, she left Rotty kisses and a loving feeling. This sweet girl did not have a mean bone in her body. She struggled for over 6 months with a brain tumor and fought the good fight. As my vet said, "She remained a lady" through it all. I will miss her and keep her in my heart forever. I only hope that those who have misconceptions about Rottys can meet one half as sweet as my little girl.

Tangie, 1995-10/97

It has been over 5 years now since you disappeared. I remember when I took you to the vet and found out you had feline leukemia. The vet asked me if I wanted to go ahead and euthanize you, and I said no. I didn't even have to think about it. As long as you were alive and feeling OK, I was going to give you a good home and lots of love in the time you had left. You were such a sweet little thing, just like Sassy. You loved Fancy Feast too, just like Sassy. I will never forget the last time I saw you. We were going on a camping trip to the mountains and we were taking Arkin, Pearl, and Sassy with us. I told you that you could go next time. When we got back a few days later, you were gone. I called you. I searched the woods for you. I put up a poster with your picture on it and our phone number. I was so upset that I was physically sick for 2 weeks. Finally, I told myself that I couldn't do it anymore, and I had to give up hoping and looking for you. I assume that you knew you were going to die that weekend and you went off into the woods alone to prepare. Even after all these years, I still have pictures of you up and you still hold a special place in my heart. We just lost Sassy last week, too. I am going to buy you a memorial stone too when I buy Sassy's. We are going to plant a nice garden in the back yard just for the two of you. I never knew where you came from, whether you were set out or ran away from your home. I will never forget you, little Tangie, and I hope to see you again one day. You were such a joy to me in the short time I had you. I love and miss you every day.


Tar, 09/27/03

To one of the best friends and greatest cats ever!

The Geiss-Neibauer Family

Tara, 06/93-12/01

Tara was my first best friend, I was only 18 when she was born, and she was a gift ( the best gift I will ever have ) a true friend and protector. I loved her with all my heart, she left me in 12-01. It was to fast and I was not able to say goodbye! She had cancer and I was not able to save her. No one knew of the cancer until it was to late. The whole family will miss her. A real true friend...

Derek Smith

Tara, 08/23/91-10/08/03


Every time we ventured out beneath the forest trees You would race a ways ahead then stop and turn to check on me. It was rare that you walked by my side for your curiosity lead you astray but never enough that you didn't stop to see if I was OK. Was it the comfort that I was behind you guiding you as I should? Or were you clearing the path for me as your loyal heart would? Either way, we protected each other and our bond will never be broken. Whether it's our love, our souls, our hearts, I'll carry it all as a precious token. Jesus came down for just you alone and you have gone on His glorious way. I lay behind broken hearted and lost yet I know you will stop every now and then and look behind to see if I'm OK.

I love you Tara...Always

Mama Jamie

Tara, 07/31/03

Tears will never stop, my dear old girl. You just passed away a week ago after (Thank God!) a short inexplicable illness. Nobody could say exactly what was wrong with you, but I knew it was your time to go. I knew you only for two years, you were my first friend when I got in the US and married my beautiful husband. You were the first Lady in his life and I will always respect this. You were his shadow for 13 years. This is why we can still hear you in the house and we both jump, thinking that somehow, you found the way back home...But this is not possible, right?
I wish I could hold you in my arms one more time. I wish you could give me your endless sweet kisses. The funniest part is that you died with a huge rock in your stomach. You adored rocks, balls and sticks. You went away with your favorite rock inside you. I hope you are in Heaven, in the most special place, somewhere near a lake, and you swim all day long, chasing sticks thrown away by angels. I will love you all my life and I know that when I'll pass away, you, Tara, will greet me with a big smile and you'll be my friend again.
Kevin and Lory will never forget you!

Tara, 04/06/03-04/06/03

She came into my life on my sixteenth was the best day of my life....she drifted out in my arms....which was the worst day of my life....she is always going to be in my heart, which is breaking...the only thing that may get me through this is believing I might see her again.

I love you tara (you were always my favorite)

Tara and Marty, 09/07/02

Tara and Marty;

I miss you both so much. If only I could do it over again. I am so sorry for what happened. More than anything I hope you can forgive me. I love you and miss you both.

Love, Dad

Tara Lipinski, 8/15/99-10/8/03

Tara we will miss were our little Baby Ta. You will always be in our hearts.

Kathleen A. Lipinski

Tarbaby, 07/04/89-07/29/03

Tarbaby! What a good kitty! You were a great hunter, a great climber, alert and quick. You were master of the home and yard, ready and unselfish with affection. You had such a sweet meow and wonderful personality. Rest in peace. All things shall be well. All will be well. All manner of things shall be well. Tarbaby! What a good kitty!


I held Tarbey in my arms as she went to the Rainbow Bridge for a very special Mommie who could not bear her loss. I had lost two of my babies, Nightlife and Llasa just months before and I know that feeling. I was there for Tarbey and I held her for her Mommie who was so upset. I said a special prayer and layed her to rest. She was calm and at peace at last. She was warm and VERY SPECIAL. I cried and remembered that Nightlife and Llasa were awaiting her. Now, her Mommie must realize she is at peace and is awaiting her.

Target & Blazer Blain, 8/12/03

Mommy (Target) and son (Blazer), always together. You had long, happy, wonderful lives and brought your family so much happiness. You are loved and missed.

Tarnoff's Night Fyer (Bubba), 04/17/99-12/31/02

Cancer took you away from me way too early. I thought you would be with me for at least 12 years not 3.With medication I had 7 more months of your wonderful personality, even if we couldn't go to the dog shows you so loved. People were drawn to you just with a look of your big brown eyes or the slight wag of your tail that let them know you knew they were looking at you. I miss the way you would steal something of mine just so I would have to retrieve it from you and you would have my attention. Once getting into my oil paints and chewing the tubes to bits. When I came out to see what you were up to, you were just sitting there looking at me wagging your tail ever so slightly, thinking you got away with something, except one paw was blue, one was green, and your chest was red and yellow. You were a true showdog and my clown. I love you and my heart does not heal easily from your absence. Goodnight my prince! Your Mom

Taro-Bear, 03/17/91-05/12/03

My beloved boy you will always be in my heart.



I am not very good at writing, especially something like this. So it will be very short, but there is a lot of love and sorrow behind these words. Tasco was my best friend. He was smart, loving, funny, caring and protective. His heart shown through his big, brown eyes and his smile. He is truly missed. Thanks for giving me a place to share him with others.

Nancy Luka

Tasha, 12/09/03

I kept my promise. I took care of your cat and sent her home to you.

Jackie Varnell

Tasha, 05/30/92-12/04/03

Tasha, you are half of my heart and it's broken.
I need to know you're no longer in pain.
I love you beyond words.
You are my heart. I am broken.

Jayne and Peter Shoemaker

Tasha, 26/08/01

You my special little girl will always have a place in our heart. You gave unconditional love and friendship deeper than most humans give. Be at rest little one, no more pain for you
please wait for me at rainbow bridge and
for the years you gave.

Patricia Gall

Tasha, 09/14/94-11/24/03

Tasha - CH. Iyengar's Jewel

You brought so much joy to our lives. You were beautiful, strong, and courageous. a professional always in the show ring and an excellent mother to your puppies. We thank God for each day you were part of our family. We will love you always and miss you very much. Our hearts are aching. We will never forget you.

God bless you, love, mommie and daddy


Written by: Brittany
Tasha, It's been three long months since we had to put you to sleep Me, Wikki, Mom, and Chris all miss you so much. I'm sorry but we had to put you down because of you tumor and your bad arthritis we miss our big lovable Rottweiler. Wikki misses you and now she only has one playmate which is monkey, monkey also misses you, her and wikki still look for you. we buried you with you necklace since you hated it when we took it off. Every day wikki brings your soccer balls and you tennis balls to you grave. I miss you so much mose butt and you knew it was time to go when Chris put you in the back of the truck and when you looked at me and it looked like you were crying and when you pulled out of the drive way I started to cry and I'm sorry but I couldn't watch you get buried but wikki did and so every day she tried to dig you up she doesn't understand that you were 11 an you were really sick you may be gone but I feel you are still there watching over us from heaven Tasha we all miss you so much and you'll never leave our hearts ill see you at the rainbow bridge keep good care of wikki when she gets there in a couple of years we love you and miss you,
Brittany, Wikki, Monkey, Jack, Mom, Chris (your dad)
p.s. take care of BB if you see her k love you moose-but


Tasha from the moment we met we bonded and I miss you so much.

Cathy Gillespie

Tasha, 03/14/89-09/28/03


You felt a sleep in my arms forever, in peace I told you we will meet again. I told you always how you were "my precious girl", but I never told you how grateful I was about your unconditional love.

No one can ever replace you and I feel a true void in my heart -- I hope you know that every person you touched always said how special you are.

I love you forever


Tasha, 10/10/88-09/12/03

To my sweet, loving little Tasha, who was loved so much by her family and all those who met her. We miss you so, so much. Our hearts are aching and we will never be the same without you here with us. I hope and pray that you are happy now and wagging your tail for Phil and Jeanette who are going to love seeing you again. All our love sweet pea from your family, Daddy, Carmie, Shelly, JJ and David

Tasha, 02/02/88-08/20/03

I remember you in my heart as the little 1-3/4 pound puppy I brought home from the pet store. That's why it was hard to watch as you got older and older, and it was SO hard today to let you go to join Ebony at the Rainbow Bridge. I promise I will always remember and love you, my first Pekingese, my wonderful canine friend.

Cindy Ward

Tasha, 07/07/93-07/23/03

Tasha came into my life unknowingly. I wasn't searching for a dog - she was just brought home one day. I was not happy at the moment. She was 8 months old and untrained. Day by day, this sweet puppy won me over. We were her 4th owner. She was the sweetest dog I have ever known. She could bark and sound so vicious, but she was just a 130lb kitty cat. She just wanted to be loved. She was so beautiful with everything and everyone. I miss my sweet baby so much. I miss hearing her pant. I miss telling her good morning, petting her, and giving her a morning kiss. I miss her greeting me at the door when I came home from a hard day at work. My poor sweet baby had to have a malignant tumour removed from one of her breasts 3 and a half months ago. The cancer must have caught up to her. It consumed my sweet joy of love and made me saddened in her last days. I was there when my baby went to sleep at the doctors. I have weeped ever since. If I could take the days back to relive them all - I would. I miss you sweet Tasha-doo. You were forever true and I love you. May you greet me again someday. Until then you will be in my heart.

Gretchen and Brian

Tasha, 07/26/88-04/22/03

IN LOVING MEMORY OF TASHA our beautiful Siberian Husky
(July 26, 1988 - April 22, 2003)

Perfectly harmonic
Sweetly sounding
We hear your doggie tags sing
As you run and leap
With eternal wings
You're finally at peace
At Rainbow Bridge

A melodic bark
We imagine to hear
Time to do the "Happy Dance"
We imagine to see
Time for "Noogie Head"
We imagine as we used to do
You're finally at peace
At Rainbow Bridge

The treats we gave
We thought were yours
But in your loss
We truly know
The treat was really our gift so sweet
With your loyal love in a boundless flow

Farewell for now
Our beautiful Tasha girl
You deserve to be young and healthy
You deserve to run and play
with all the Doggie Angels that you meet along the way
Your Spirit will always live lovingly in our hearts
While you roam the Summerland
Wild and Free
At Rainbow Bridge
Someday together reunited we will be

We will always love you,
our Tasha girl

Tasha, 03/03/03

Tasha was a wonderful, affectionate, beautiful cat who passed away 03/03/03. We will always love her and miss her.

Julie Perkins

Tasha, 11/28/88-02/28/03

In memory of Tasha, the sweetest, most gentle soul I have ever known. There will always be a hole in my heart where you are missing. I love you.
Your Mama

Tasha, 05/28/00-02/13/03

Tasha, you were and always will be my best friend. I love you so very much, and miss you deeply. You are the true meaning of "unconditional love".
I pray when we meet again, it will be for eternity.
I love you my sweet baby girl.

Tasha, 09/06/90-02/03/03

Fly, You were SO loved.

Joanne Kennedy

Tasha, 10/11/87-02/01/03

Tasha girl,
You left me today, it is the saddest day of my life. You were my sunshine, my special angel. I will cherish what you gave to me in my heart forever. You are were so precious. Always know that I loved you with all my heart. I am comforted to know that you are in peace.
Til we meet again, lovely one.

Steve, Sherri, Jordan, Zeke & Sidney

Tasha, 06/26/00-07/11/02

My beautiful, faithful puppy, taken from our family so tragically while out on a run with me.
Chased by 2 uncontrollable beasts onto the road where she was hit by a car. She died in my arms and the owner of the 2 other dogs just put them back on their leashes and left the park.
It was 6 months ago but the pain is still so acute. There is not a day that passes that I don't think of her.
I hope she knows how much we all love her and miss her so much. She will always be in our hearts.

Susan Burnett

Tasha, 07/29/89-11/06/03

Tasha was our loving baby girl, and we miss her unbearably. She was the sweetest little girl ever. She was full of spunk, and was such a good sport. When the tumor on her tongue made it difficult for her to eat or swallow she did her best anyway. She still ran around after us and did not appear to be in any discomfort. She even had to give up playing with her beloved thirteen year old ball, which had to be very hard for her. We finally had to put her to sleep when even spoon feeding did not make it possible for her to eat. She was such a good girl, and we were very blessed to have her. I can't wait until we can be together again.

Laurie Nunez

Tasha (Little Tashita of Egypt), 01/24/87-01/25/03

She was our friend and buddy. She was always there for us. We'll miss her licks, kisses and compassionate eyes. Tasha, thank you for taking care of us all these years. We were happy to care for you this last year, but we've sent you on to be healthy and free. Sleep well our beautiful dear little friend; you'll always be in our hearts. Love Mom & Dad

Tasha, 12/29/02

Our sweet Tasha, We miss you terribly. You were the BEST!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Tasha Beijing Mefford, 11/29/93-09/30/03

Sweet Baby Tasha, we all miss you so very much. We will see you again some day. Until then sweet girl, remember you will always be in our hearts and memories. You gave us so much love and devotion. Love Mother, Daddy, Chico and Sissy and all of your Family. Hopsingh and Kayla too.

Tasha Sheba, 86/88-01/94

Mother and daughter reunited at Rainbow Bridge.
Two doby

Jean Weaver

Tasha The Princess, 04/04/88-09/28/01

You were a retirement gift who became a Doggie Calendar Girl, 5 times in 8 years your pictures were published for all to see. You were beautiful, both inside and out and always had such a happy smile. When it comes time, we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, L'il Bit.
Love, Daddy D and Mom

Tasha The Wonder Dog, 03/07/90-07/07/03

Thank you, Tasha, for coming to me as a puppy to help me recover from chemotherapy. You have been the most adaptable and flexible friend, enduring my crazy life for over 13 years. Your amazing abilities to body surf the ocean, swim strong river currents, climb any mountain have gradually diminished over the years and finally transitioned to your slow, panting limp. How did you always maintain your sweet attitude and adorable puppy face? I know you were bravely giving all your effort to our neighborhood walks and basic living over the past few months, and I want you to know how much appreciate your goodness.
Love forever,

Tasmin, 20/03/02

Beautiful Tasmin always in my heart


Tat, 04/01-10/01/03

You are not only missed by your human friends, but also by your kanine friends. You are so special to us all. Love MOM, Dad, nicole, kayla, ryan, kenny, and jay your human family and pixie and winnie your kanine family


Tate, 10/02/00-11/02/03

We loved you so much Tate. You were are angel sent from God. So many are grieving for you, you had many, many friends. You have left a big hole in many lives, ours foremost. You were with us such a short time, it seems only yesterday we brought you home. Such a little fluff of fur. Sometimes I don't know if I can go on with out you. You gave me strength when I had none. You never hurt any one, why did God have to take you from us? We had plans for Tater's Territory in our new backyard. You went every place with us, we couldn't even stand to leave you home by yourself. Oh God we miss you. Tate, we'll never stop loving you. I can't stop the tears. I'll never forget how you died in our arms. It hurts so bad. The house is unbearable without you and your little barks to go outside. You were so young, just 3.I miss you baby!!!

Tate, 03/10/93-7/12/03

May I go now?

May I go now? Do you think the time is right?
May I say goodbye to pain filled days and endless lonely nights?
I've lived my life and done my best, an example tried to be.
So can I take that step beyond and set my spirit free?
I didn't want to go at first, I fought with all my might.
But something seems to draw me now to a warm and living light.
I want to go, I really do. It's difficult to stay.
But I will try as best I can to live just one more day.
To give you time to care for me and share your love and fears.
I know you're sad and afraid, because I see your tears.
I'll not be far, I promise that, and hope you'll always know that my spirit will be close to you wherever you may go.

Thank you so for loving me.
You know I love you too, that's why it's hard to say goodbye and end this life with you. So hold me now just one more time and let me hear you say, because you care so much for me, you'll let me go today.

Written for a beloved pet & friend by Susan A. Jackson

Tater, 12/25/88-11/29/02

Sweet dreams our little girl. The world has lost some of it's color without you in it. Everytime I turn my head, there you are. The corners of my mind still see you faithfully following me. Until we are forever together as a family, watch over us and our other creatures and know that you were the first and only 'baby girl' we will ever know.

In loving memory............

Your mom and dad.

Tator, 10/26/90-07/15/03

Tator, you were loved and cherished although I only had you for a few years you were the light in my life when all else was dark. I could not love you anymore. You will be deeply and truely missed. I can still feel your presence in your favorite chair when the sun shines there and in your seat in the car. love always your second mom

Tauton, 10/99-12/12/03

To my little lizard man. Such joy you brought into my life with your calming presence. I miss seeing your bright amber eyes pop out of your cage when you wanted to explore and hearing you splash about in your waterfall. Having you climb on my shoulder and bury yourself in my hair so you can sleep while I draw.

My little warrior I am so proud you. For holding out as long as you did, working against such odds in an environment that was never really meant for you. I am grateful for all the time we did have together.

Good bye my little Tauton I love you...


Tawney Boo, 06/19/03

Tawny "Boo" and her sister Ashley Marie were adopted in North Haven, CT when Larry was completing a fellowship at Yale School of Medicine and Cynthia was studying Theater in NY. They were about ten wks. old. Tawney was a tawney colored tabby who used to jump out fr. behind the couch she scare her sister Ashley (the color of her fur). Tawney was my boo baby. She was fiercely indep. but would have "belly time" every morning while I caught a few more winks. She would take a bath and then settle down next to me and purr. When she would get bored she would jump on the counter and jump on my back. Both paws were not so gently placed on my scalp where she started to groom my head, and sometimes bite my scalp. She would settle down on my bent over back with each paw (an extra toe on each) resting on my shoulder and her face nuzzled in my hair. We were kindred spirits, we didn't say much. We loved to be quiet. Three months ago she developed a tumor under her left leg. They excized the tumor. A month later it came back. We opted not to do the radical surgery, but provide palliative care. On Monday she stopped eating and she had that glazed look. Weds. she let us know that it was time to say goodbye. I had asked our Vet. for a sedative prior to taking her in to their office. It was the best thing for both of us. The life came back in her eyes. We were able to each say goodbye. I specialize in complicated bereavement and I must tell you this is the most pain I have experienced in years. I miss her so much. Yesterday was hell, coming home and watching her sister search the house for her. We have given her extra attention. I have never loved an animal as much as I did my dearest Tawney Boo.My thoughts and prayers to all who are grieving the loss of a special friend.


Tawny Rae, 8/12/88-6/16/03

I love you Tawners, we had so many good years together. You will always be my "little girlie" and I'll never forget you! We are planting the white (just like you) flowering dogwood tree right by your grave so I can look out the window and always think of you! The entire family will miss you sweetie!

Taylor, 11/02/03

In memory of Taylor, my Bright Eyed baby boy. You are loved in many ways and will always have a place in my heart called home. Thank you for the opportunity to love you unconditionally as you have loved me. You are safe and comforted, now, in the arms of God and his Angels. I will see you again as I promised. I love you forever, bright eyes!


Taylor, 02/17/93-10/27/03

Taylor was my best friend in the whole world! He loved me despite all of my flaws and always let me know that he was there for me. He has seen me through so many happy and sad times and he will forever remain in my heart! He is very loved and greatly missed. I love you my Taylor! You are in God hands now and not sick anymore. So until we meet again at the rainbow bridge always remember we love you and you are my guardian angel!

Taylor, 05/03/02-08/19/03

She was my companion through a car wreck, a broken leg, and rough times. I only wish I could have been there for hers. I miss her, and will always.


Taylor Boy, 02/02/89-08/11/03

Taylor Boy you were and still are connected so deeply in my soul. From the very first day we came to look at you and your siblings I knew you were the one. I didn't even think I wanted a boy dog, but you ran right to me and put your love on me so thick I didn't think twice, YOU WERE THE ONE. And from that moment on we were forever connected. You were there for every major event in my life and tragedy too. You waited so patiently for me to bring home each of my babies and your babies too from the hospital, I can still remember what you used to do in Drews nursery before I brought him home, you jumped up in his stroller and slept with his stuffed animals just waiting for him. I remember the 1st time you laid eyes on him the day we brought him home from the hospital, you were in love! You were so excited you looked like you were gonna burst. The same goes for when I brought Christian and Sarah home . You have given us so much love and friendship over the years and you will never know how many lives you have touched. Who will lick my tears when I cry, who will lay by the bath tub while I bathe, who will sleep right next to me, who will come running with tail wagging until I acknowledge him when I come in the door, who will look into my eyes and see my soul, who will love me the way you did? Not another doggie for sure because there will never be another like you Taylor boy for me. Sure there's Cedar who misses you terribly, but she can never replace you. She is crying for you today as are the kids but I reassure them you are in heaven waiting for us and Sarah tells me we will see you again in heaven, oh out of the mouth of babes. We will take good care of Cedar for you and love her tons! Please rest easy now and give Brandy, Tiffany, Tasha, Lassie, all our love until we meet again. You are my hero, my love I will never forget, thank you for so very much for all the years you gave to me. I love you always, see you at the bridge. oxoxoxoxxo

Mommy, Daddy, Drew, Christian, Sarah

"The Ellis Family"

Taz, 01/09/97-11/05/02

Gone too soon loving boy.
watch over the babies from the bridge. Cu soon xx

Aandrea Osborne

Taz, 12/31/94-11/06/03

Wonderful and faithful dog who made everyone's life better when he came into being a part of it. My dearest friend & "adopted child", always happy just to be a part of my life and be around people, he thought that everyone who came to our house was a guest who came just to greet him.

Patricia Graff

Taz, 10/09/94-11/03/03

We will forever hold you as our very first born. We will miss you and will someday we together again. All our love baby, Love Momma, Daddy, Cole Tori Austin & Simba your very best friend.

Taz, 02/14/96-11/02/03

Taz was my baby. He was sunshine on a rainy day. He could put a smile on my face after the worst day of my life.

I love him dearly still, and I will never forget the joy he brought me. He was the best companion anyone could ever ask for. He had a heart of gold.

I miss him terribly, and I know that I'll see him again... at Rainbow Bridge.

Sherrie J. Hall

Taz, 02/00/01-10/31/03

Taz was my very first foster dog. He arrived over Labor Day weekend of 2003 -- he was with us for two months. He had only ever known abuse and neglect and as a result, his fear aggression was too much for him to handle. While he was with me, I saw his sweet, gentle side and did my best to shower him with love and affection. He fought off heartworms, kennel cough, ravaging ear infections and severe allergies. I had hoped he would make it and find a forever home. It was not to be. I loved you sweet Brindle Boy and hope you are running free: free of pain, fear, and the demons that haunted you.

Susan Sheldrake

Taz, 10/24/03

Taz the hardest thing for us to do was to let you go. I know in my heart it was the right thing to do. When you came to me last night in a dream running in the field with Samantha I knew you were telling me that you are ok.
Baby I miss you and love you so much.
Someday we will all be together again and we will run in that field as we once did.
I know that Samantha is so happy to have her best friend with her. Give her kisses for us.

Take care old friend until we meet again.

Love you,
Mom & Dad

Taz, 10/12/03

I miss you so much, Taz. Please be happy where you are. Your sister, Squeak misses you also.

Bill Bell

Taz, 10/09/03

Will see you in heaven my friend. You were the best.

Tanyna Nester


Taz was a very special cat while he was at the shelter. He ruled the room. He took quite a shine to Mama Lee and Baby Mini Me. I missed him when his new mommy & daddy took him home but I was happy for him. When he passed on to the Rainbow Bridge his mommy and daddy were very upset. He was a special cat and always will be. You are loved alot Taz and we all can't wait to see you when we cross the bridge together.

Love Dani

Taz, 06/22/03

I loved my dog dearly and I can't wait to get to rainbow bridge. He was my best friend..

Rick West

Taz (Turk's Tazmanian Razzmatazz), 08/05/94-05/14/03

God sent me a sweet soul that loved me unconditionally and I will love him forever.

Tazz, 5/17/92-5/24/03

To our first child we will always love you.

Tazzie (Tasmanian Devil)

Our Tazzie (short for Tasmanian Devil) I got him from a rescue as a kitten. He's got a BIG personality.. and is just the cat's meow (and handsome to boot). His vices include destroying rolls of toilet paper in the holder, chasing the ball on screen during a football match, and pretending he's a tiger and intimidating Dolly dog. He likes to accompany us when we walk the dogs.

I miss you Tazzie!!!!!!!!!

Tazzie, 11/25/65-02/19/03

I love and miss you my baby boy with all of my breaking heart. You saved me and loved me and I thankyou for giving me your heart with unconditional love and protection. I cry for you often and look at your pictures, for I love you so much and pray that we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge and unite to love each other once again. You gave me 7 wonderful and beautiful years of memories that I will always cherish. I pray that you can still feel my love and know that I will always love you. God bless you my little lamb, I pray that those white stripes upon your shoulders sprouted wings and guided you to heaven, just like your momma told you would happen. I love you Tazzie, will all of my heart momma. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Tazzie, 05/02/85-01/12/03

We will miss you at the foot of our bed, beloved Tazz.

Pat and Bob Friggens

T-Bone, 01/01/90-06/16/03

Dear T-Bone was gentle and loved by all. She will always be in our hearts. I miss you so much! Lou

Louis M

T-Bone, 06/01/88-03/14/03

T-Bone was an absolutely wonderful kitty. He had pretty green eyes and a beautiful long-haired orange coat. In his youth, he was a fierce hunter who caught more than his share of rats and gophers, keeping our yard free of these rodents. As he got older, he was forced to give up his favorite hunting hobby, but he still enjoyed sitting outside in the sun. He was very devoted to his human parents, and we loved him very much.

Niki Shaffer

TC (ToughCat), 011/17/03

My furry little friend TC is now up in heaven playing and laughing with his cousin Monica.
They are now whole and healthy, never to be sick again.
Till we are together again.


TC, 3/26/03-8/26/03

TC was named for Top Cat he was always there to greet you at the door when you came home he will be missed by this family. But We know he will be waiting at the Bridge to greet us when we come home.

T C, 03/99-06/26/03

A very special friend for over 14 years.

Janet Gilmore

T.C. (Terribly Cute) Maxwell (Max), 07/06/88-05/31/03

"to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence." Thanks for loving me Max.

D Smith

T.C. (Top Cat), 07/08/02-02/10/03

T.C., you were the cutest little thing ever since we took you home. I'll miss your 6 little toes that you had on each foot that would grab our fingers, not to mention noses. You had a good heart to live to have survived this long even though your mother abandoned you, but we took you in and gave you all the love and attention that your momma cat would have given. But now you are free from pain and can go back to playing again along with the other kittens that we have lost. We will miss you "little guy". We'll meet again somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. We love you!
Miriam and Pat

Teal, 12/13/03

Pooh bear, I miss you terribly. You left us on Saturday, December 13, 2003, a day that will always be a very sad day for the rest of my life. My life or home will never be the same without you. Ozzy misses you terribly as does Angel. You left us so suddenly, that no one knows what to do without you. Christmas will not be the same. For now I find it unbearable to live without you, but in time, from what other grieving pet parents tell me, my memories of you will make me smile. I really hope so. Teal, I will love you forever and always. Sweet dreams baby. Mommy, daddy, Ozzy, Coty, Angel, Gordy, and Baxter. Until we meet again baby.

Teana, 11/11/86-17/11/203

I love you Teana forever in my heart...I will never forget you,


Ted, 07/03/03

My friend, Ted the Cat, died suddenly on July 3. His was a gentle and loving soul. He loved Yogurt, flowers, V8 juice and sleeping beside me. A big grey Tabby, he came when called, his soft fur caught many tears over the years, he would also lick the tears from my face. He is not here to do that... my heart is broken. I don't know what to do with myself, everywhere I look I am reminded of him. I cannot bring myself to move his water bowl, it breaks my heart...the water Thank You, Mary

Ted Bear, 24/10/89-27/08/00

There is only one you. xxxx

Gillian Monger

Teddi Bear, 1/27/03

Teddi, I will miss you very much. I will miss your playing with the ball, in the snow, and just licking my face.-David Jr.

Teddi(scrapper), I remember when you were smaller than my foot. You filled our lives with almost 16 great years. We will surely miss you. - Dad

Teddi Bear, I love you so much and miss you a lot! No one could ever take your place. You were always there laying right beside me when I needed someone by my side. I remember all of the days you were with me keeping me happy and keeping a smile on my face. You will be missed so much and will always be in my heart. I love you. -Danielle

Teddi Bear you gave me so much unconditional love for so many years. I will miss you. I know you will always be with me. I love you. -Mom

Teddie, 07/03/86-12/15/03

Ted, for a little chap, you've left a huge gap in my heart.

Marian Peters

Teddy, 09/05/02

I miss you so much my little Teddy. You don't know the quilt I have for leaving that darn gate open. Not one second goes by every single day that I'm not thinking about you. I love you and miss you very much.


Teddy, 12/30/93-12/05/03

My best friend and companion, Teddy - what a wonderful 10 years we have spent together - from the time I first saw you, just a little furball I could hold in my hand, to the sad day the choice had to be made, the hardest choice to make.
I told you how much we loved you, I looked into your eyes for the last time, and in seconds you were gone.
My heart is breaking Ted, but I know we will be together again soon. Love always, Ma

Teddy, 02/02/98-10/28/03

Mommy loves you, Teddy, and she always will.

Teddy, 12/22/01

We miss you Teddy Bear!

Paula Smith

Teddy, 11/11/94-08/06/03

With all my heart Tedders your are so very much missed and loved. Not a day will go by that I will not think of your happy smile and the joy you brought to my life. With all my love, Mommy, Kiko and Boe

Teddy, 01/07/88-07/02/03

Teddy, I love you and miss you. I pray I will see you again someday. Love you


Teddy, 05/22/02-03/22/03

Teddy was a 10 month old kitten who died of FIP. He was an affectionate kitten who loved to be picked up and held. He was the most lovable kitten I have ever known and he is missed.

Anne McKay

Teddy, 10/15/92-01/14/03

Teddy was the kindest dog I've ever known. Even people who didn't like dogs were drawn to Teddy's warm, loving temperament. He would get so excited when he heard the drawer opening that his leash was kept in, because he knew he was about to get a walk or go to the vet (which he LOVED). In fact, my mom knew it would be extremely difficult when he was taken to be put to sleep because even though he was sick he would get very excited when they were at the vet, which would make it that much harder to see him go. When I'd come home from college he'd always be the first one at the door to greet me, tail wagging and eyes full of happiness. Sadly, Teddy fell ill over winter break and things got progressively worse in a short amount of time. When the vet said there was nothing more they could do to help him, my parents brought him home for his last few days and lavished him with his favorite meals. It hurts that I had to be away at school during this and didn't get to give my final farewell. Teddy, you will be truly missed... I'm dreading the next time I visit home because I know how hard it will be not to have you waiting at the door for me. I will never forget the day I first saw you in the pet store window and said I have to have you, you brought so much love and happiness to our family.


Teddy, 11/24/96-01/10/03

Oh Teddy, we love and miss you so very much. We are all so devastated, but know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge running your heart out, and doing all the things your hips wouldn't let you do. It just isn't the same without you here with us. We will miss you forever!!!!!!! After your hip surgery as a 4 month old puppy, I promised myself that I would never let you go one minute uncomfortable. When the first sign that Rimadyl wasn't working anymore, We prepared ourselves to say goodbye. We are so glad that we were able to be there with you. Sorry for being so upset. We hope that didn't make you feel uncomfortable. You will always be loved, you will always be missed our dear dear best friend!! Until we all meet again, run teddybear, run! Rodney, Dina, Rodney and Ryan

Teddy Armstrong, 1/03/93-06/20/03

I waited all my life for Teddy, and he was so much more than I ever dreamed he would be. Teddy taught me about love and friendship. He was faithful from the first day he came home to the very last. He left us by laying down on his bed by the door "still waiting for his Mom to come home." No one will ever replace him in our hearts. His work here may be done, but the love he shared will go on forever. His live encompassed much of my life, my losses were made lighter by his touch. Forever in my heart, Teddy, I love you. Deputy Dawg, your friends miss you. Big brother, Guinness misses your guidance. Until we meet again...

Teddy Bear, 05/04/83-11/06/03

Teddy, you were my first horse and will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you and the memories you gave me. I love you always! Love, Mom


TeddyBear, 12/09/03

TeddyBear was a very gentle and loyal friend. I will always miss him. He was always there for me no matter what. I love You TeddyBear!


Teddy Bear, 04/93-11/20/03

You were the best!
We're going to miss you so much.
Love you!

Annie, Bob, Caitlyn & Ryan

Ted E, 02/03/96-03/03/03

I miss you so much! You were my best friend! You are suffering no more, your eating anything you want, and I bet your chasing bananas....xxoo til then I love you

Tegel, 04/28/92-01/17/03

Bye bye Tegel, gentlest dog
You were so ill and yet so strong
We loved you the day we got you home
from London's Battersea Dogs home

The last 10 years have been beyond joy
At our side, our love for you
Was only matched by your love for us
Thank you for your life with us

This weekend we have revisited
All your happiest walking haunts
Avenue House Park
The small park by our flat
The large grounds in Edgware
And of course Sunny Hill Park

But you were happiest
In the summer sunshine
lying in front of the cottage door
or in our back garden in London

Oh how we miss you
It's unbearable
but we will continue
to celebrate your life
And always think of you.
Please wait for us
When it is our time to join you
in the afterlife.

Nick Lansley and Brin O'Reilly

Tego Bay, 03/29/87-03/24/03

I will always love you, Tego Bay. You gave me sixteen happy years. Although I cry and grieve for you now, I know you're in a much better place than I am. I'll see you when I get there. I love you, Tego.

Carol Frankenberg

Tegra, 07/22/95-05/11/02

This is to honor a very special friend and very important member of our family who is greatly missed.
Tegra was a perfect example that it is not the breed that makes a bad reputation. She had no idea that she was supposed to be a "Pit Bull" nor did she ever act as one.
Until the day she passed away, she was always smiling, which was one of her funniest attributes, and wagging her leathally strong tail.
She was a very special and beautiful friend that was loved by everyone and will always be in my heart.

Nancy L. Downes

Tehko Kahn, 1989-01/06/03

To Our Precious Tehko Kahn,

Sent to Rainbow Bridge with saddened love
Our little 21 pounder, so soft as a dove.
And gentle on his way
With wings of softness say,
"Thank You Dad, for showing me the way."

Tehko shall be forever missed, by Don and Donna Fornal in Georgia.

Teke, 8/12/03


I remember the day that I brought you home - pure white hair and wiggling around in a small cardboard box. Little did you or I know what we were in for over the next 13 years! I was 20 and in many ways just starting out in life myself - you taught me as much as I ever taught you... responsibility, loyalty, and of course the importance of turning 3 times before laying down to sleep.

Thank you for your help in getting me through the difficult times in my life and making me laugh when I never thought it was possible. You will be greatly missed but I know that you are in a better place now and patiently waiting for my arrival at the Rainbow Bridge... someday we will cross it together.

Teku, 11/15/03

In Loving Memory of "Teku Beku"

Wendy Burch

Tempest, 01/02/91-08/15/03

Tempest was the runt of her litter, but was the one who got everything she wanted by being the bossiest.
I got her and her full sister Echo on March 17, 1991 and never knew having two dogs would be such a treat. I enjoyed watching their personalities form, but no matter what, the smaller "Tempest in a Teapot," aka Tempest, T-Dog or more formally as Jordan's Blue Tempest, she was my protector.
She loved helping me dry off after a shower by licking my legs and licking my toes if she could get at them. She was my snuggler and would spend hours lying on my chest on her back while I read and petted her.
She was the first to bark at anything and everything, even me, but that was all right.
She starting getting sick earlier this year and started into kidney failure this week.
When I could see she was sick and not her yappy little self, I knew it was time to visit the vet to hear the news we all dread.
Tempest went to the Rainbow Bridge at 3:15 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15, 2003, in my arms.
I know now she's finding my other beloved dog Sassy up in the field by the Rainbow Bridge and they'll have some big fun there until Sassy, Tempest, Echo and I can go on together. Thanks for letting me write this. I'm glad to know a few are folks got to know of my little one.


Tequila, 08/06/89-10/19/03

You will be held in our hearts Forever..... Run Free now... Run like the wind...Run with Bear.

Pattie Hill

Terrah, 06/14/88-04/08/03

Terrah was the most loving dog you could have imagined. She comforted me, played with me, and was next to me every minute we were together. I was so very fortunate to have found her and enjoy the most amazing time I had with her. She will NEVER be forgotten and always be missed. I will love her for the rest of my life.

Rochelle D'Amato

Terri T, 06/01/85-02/26/03

We miss you so very much. You made our lives so much richer by including us in yours. The only consolation is that you are now with your beloved Tiffany. One day we will all run carefree once again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Go with God my baby and remember how much mommy loves and misses you.


Terry, 11/10/85-03/13/03

She was the "Best Dog Ever."

Sara Ritter

Tess, 09/09/94-12/02/03

Tess-You were as precious as life itself. We cannot wait to see you again. We will love and miss you forever.

Karen & Skip Kugelman (McKenzie, Too)

Tess, 04/19/91-11/14/03

Tess left us unexpectedly last Friday.
She died in my arms.
It hurts so much.
I know she is keeping my Dad company in Heaven. We love you and miss both of you.


Tess, 07/15/90-08/17/03

Tess, our grey kitty, passed away last night. She had been fighting chronic renal failure for the last 21 months.

The past month has been really though on her and Saturday she gave up the good fight. She was a good cat who was my friend of 13 years. I raised from a kitten of 6 weeks and she died very close to our 13th anniversary together.
She loved a good sunbeam I will remember her stretched out in front of the window enjoying her 'beam.

Her favorite foods were mushrooms, beef, and tuna. When she
was young she loved to ride in the car and was always fascinated by big semi-trucks. She also loved to play ball and would even fetch the balls for me to throw again so that she could chase them.

We will miss you little 'boober'

Scott and Karen Migaldi

Tess, 6/29/03

My Schnauzer, Tess, passed away today (6/29/03) sometime in the early morning hours. She was 8 years old - too young to die. I found her in the back yard lying on her side in the grass when I got up this morning. Actually Mollie, my other Schnauzer, showed me where she was as Tess was behind a big flower bed and I couldn't see her from the patio. Mollie was standing over her - either guarding her or waiting for her to wake up, I don't know. Those two were crazy about each other.

Last night after midnight Tess and I sat on the lounge chair on the patio and I held her and petted her and talked to her about all sorts of things - she was a good listener. I'm glad we did that. I think sometimes angels nudge us to do things. We both came in the house after that and I went to bed. Sometime during the early morning hours she managed to jump through the pet door and go out into the yard. How very like her to leave the house and go outside when I suppose she knew it was time to leave. She would have never wanted to bother me with her illness, she always went outside when she wasn't feeling well.

She had been sick with Cushing's Disease since last March. We were treating her with alternate does of a chemotherapy drug, Lysodren, and Prednisone to counteract the bad side effects of the Lysodren. She bottomed out twice after a Lysodren treatment, the first time really bad, I thought I was going to lose her then but after a 5-day stay at the vet clinic she slowly bounced back to near-normal. The second time was last week. I took her to the vet's office 3 days in a row and they hooked her up to an IV to get her sodium level up and her potassium level down and gave her a ton of Prednisone. She seemed to be on her way back to recovery but I guess her little body had taken all it could or maybe she was just ready to go.

She had been a bit lethargic since all of this started - she hadn't been really happy in several months. You can tell when your baby just doesn't feel too well. The joy is missing from their eyes.

I know she was "only a dog", as so many people think, but she was my baby girl, my companion, my Tessi-tura, my Tinker Toy, my Tess-ala - her Yiddish name given to her by a Jewish friend of mine- and christened "Tess the Wonder Dog" many years ago by a good friend who now lives in Alameda, CA. She had a million names and she brought a lot of joy to my life. Everyone who met her instantly loved her. She was a gentle, loving little dog. I'm so very grateful we had those last moments together. I didn't know they were the last moments.

I called my vet this morning and he met me in his office 10 minutes later. She will be cremated and they will give her ashes to me.

I miss her. I wish I could have done more for her, she deserved more. I wish I had spent more time with her. But mainly, I wish she hadn't died alone. I hope Mollie was with her.

Please pray for me. This is tough.

Tess, Adopted 03/96-11/01

Tess was our "pound puppy." She was a wonderful pet and a very dear member of our family. We will miss her ALWAYS.


Tessa, 04/07/03

Tessa was a fighter until the end. She had a rare and aggressive form of trachea cancer which claimed her body, but not her spirit. We miss you terribly, Tessa, and look forward to being with you again on the Rainbow Bridge. We love you. - Your Family.

Tessa Martha Pawlyk, 8/26/03-8/10/03

My best friend!......"Mommy loves you!"

Tessie, 04/15/95-11/12/03

My best friend, my faithful companion has passed..
Words can not describe the emptiness I now feel, the sorrow I must now endure, time will heal my pain, but you will never be forgotten.
Thank you Tessie for being the best friend I could have ever wished for.
You live on in my heart, and in the hearts of those you touched..
You were an angel..
I will welcome your kisses when again we unite together again at the bridge.

All good dogs DO go to heaven !

Jack and Lisa, Allie, Katie, Brianna, Libby And Buddy

Tetra, 10/90-7/14/03

My little bear~

Thank you for all of your love, head-butt kisses, and purrs. Thank you for putting a smile on my face when nothing else in the world was able to. It's hard not having you here to purr me to sleep and I miss you hogging most of the pillow. You will be in my heart forever and I know that one day we'll meet again at rainbow bridge.


Teto, 11/10/03

In loving memory of our best friend.

Ryan Cook

Tex, 09/15/99-12/17/02

Tex Rex my buddy boy!!! I miss you more everyday he was the best dog I've ever had the calmest smartest most caring dog you'd have ever met. I always loved dogs but I never thought I could get that attached he is a special part of me for many reasons that is now gone but will never be forgotten!!!! We love you buddy!!!!
Love always
Tony ,Rick, Lisa, Hope and Danielle

Thai, 10/29/03

Thai was my best friend and companion and will be sadly missed.

Thomas Smith

Thai, 11/01/81-08/23/03

I had to put my beloved Thai to sleep last Saturday. It was the hardest thing for me to do. We had 22 wonderful years together. I'll miss the snuggling and the comfort that she gave me. We both weathered some crisis together (human and feline) and helped each other through them. I am missing you so much, but now you are across Rainbow Bridge and very happy.

David R Pizzica

Thatcher, 08/04/95-02/03/03

You've been our friend/family and we are so sad to have lost you. May God guide you into a beautiful place and may you know that we all love you so much. You will be so missed from our home...Enjoy being back with Bernie and find Big Poppy, he'll take good care of you.
Love, yint yint t-bone
Your family
Mom Dad Justin and Kiersten

The Honorable Thaddeus J. Whizzlemane, 04/22/03

The Honorable Thaddeus J. Whizzlemane died last Tuesday. He was my huggable, wuvable kitty. I miss him already, but I know he will be with me at the Rainbow Bridge again! I miss him curled at my feetsies, and our huggles and chats.

Eric Thomas Newsom

The Incredible Beam-Beam, 07/19/89-04/08/03

To My Dearest Beam-Beam,
Thank you for being so genuine in heart and tirelessly courageous through everything that you went through. I don't know how you found the strength and bravery to go through all the physical ailments you had, but you never once complained and only showered us with love. We were so blessed to have you in our lives.
We miss you terribly but know that you are free now. Free to run, play, purr, and do all the things you couldn't do here on Earth.
We love you and hope to see your sweet face when we cross the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again, our hearts are with you always...
Love, Mom

The Little Black One, 02/23/03

Sunday, February 23rd, 2003 my daughter and I found a young cat about 9 months old badly injured. This little black cat must have crawled on it's belly using only his front legs at least 20 yards to get out of the snow and out of the street. We are guessing that it had been hit by a car. The use of it's back legs was gone completely. The cat was not friendly to say the least. He was terrified, shaking severely, wet and so cold. There was no way we could just leave him there. I made several phone calls to try to get him some help but to no avail.

We knew we would be his only help so my daughter ran to the local pet store and purchased a cat carrier and then the task came of trying to get him into it. Luckily there was one of those grabbers that people use to get things off of a high shelf. We were able to use that and a broom to get him into the carrier.

The local 24 hour emergency vet was only about 15 minutes away. When we got him there and promised to pay for his requirements the vet finally took a look at him and the prognosis was what I expected. This little one would require at least 2 operations and rehabilitation, IF it survived the surgery at all. The cost would have been well over a thousand dollars at least. Considering he didn't have a home, was a wild cat and the horrible pain he was already in we decided to put this little one out of his misery and send him on to the bridge where he might find warmth, comfort and peace. Please remember, "The Little Black One" in your prayers.

I wish we could have done more for you sweetheart and I wish you knew that we were trying to help you. You were so frightened. How sorry I am for your pain. I hope you are now at peace and find love.

Thelma, 10/22/03

A gentle soul


Thelma, 01/09/02

It has been a year since we parted and I miss you. We will be together again. Please remember that I love you always.

Thelonious, 03/01/94-12/03/03

He who shines brightest, shines briefest.
Shine on my brother.

Paul Cillo

The Madison (Maddie), 08/20/99-05/17/01

To Madison: You were a wonderful force in our lives and you brought us so much joy. It's sad that your young life was cut short so soon. Everyone always said you were one of the most beautiful Goldens they had ever seen. You are gone, but not forgotten and still missed very much. Your photo still rests on my desk along with Abby's.

Our love to you and reminder that we will see you some day again.

Joanie, Ron and Greg

Theo, 09/05/02-11/13/03

My name is Cat Brook and I am 14 years old. I received Theo for my thirteenth birthday, three days before I became a teenager. My mom says he was the last in a litter of kittens to be adopted, and I must admit he wasn't he most handsome of cats. But he grew, and sported the most beautiful black and white coat and stunning green eyes. He was loved by everyone, including his adopted father and two brothers, my family's other cats. He loved to chase sting around the house and wouldn't even run after a tennis ball or two if he was in the right mood. His favorite foods were roast beef and fried chicken. He also loved the snow, though he only lived to see it once in the winter following his September birth.

Theo no longer lives with us mortals because of a criminal of mankind. A man had stolen a car to flee from the police, and, in doing so, ran over my beloved fuzzy child. Theo was the greatest pet I have and ever will own, and it's not fair that he died merely because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's buried in my backyard beneath some berry bushes, marked with a modest rock bearing his name.

Please honor my eternally one-year old kitten in your candle services, it will be like watching stars appear on as he floats among the true ones.

Cat Brooks

Theo, 09/09/02

She was my life, my love, and my sherpa, she will be forever missed.

Theo, 17/03/02-01/05/03

My darling Theo,

You are missed beyond words. Sleep tight my darling, you are out of your pain now. Go and make friends at the rainbow bridge. We love you very much.

Good night little spunkie

Love mummie and daddie

Theo B, 3/4/87-6/19/03

My beautiful boy, I have given you wings. Thank you for so many happy times. Thank you for hanging on just for me. Be happy. Play and run the way you used to. You will be in my heart always. Love

Theodore Roosevelt Boyd, 9/01/97-7/03/03

Theo - As your father and I sit and reminisce we realize how much you meant to everyone. You protected an entire neighborhood for so many years.

With the heart of a lion, the diligence of a shepherd and the soul of a teddy bear. (And the personality of a cat, you got that from Cisko, we know!) Through it all, with your waggy-bearish ways you taught us to tolerate the big stuff and never sweat the small stuff. You put up with your sister, adored your older brother and were Cisko's Main Dog! Your eyes lit up every time we walked into the room. You showed us what it means and how it feels to be unconditionally loved. For that we are eternally Grateful.

We promise to watch over your siblings and as they continue to protect us from the trains, sirens, trees and wind. We all love you dearly and miss you desperately, OH! - And your Dad said, "OK, Kiddo, you can go outside...but stay close!" "Go on! Go Play!!"

You will always be close to us in our hearts.

We love you very much!

Mom and Dad

Theodore -

Was a BIG dog.

He was a lot of fun to be around and he always made you feel liked.

In 1997, when I brought him home at 3½ months old, he looked like a teddy bear. He would scramble in your lap and kiss you for as long as you would let him. Well, I already knew a dog whose name was Bear. My Grandma gave me the bear I cherish the most when I was 8. His name is Teddy. And, frankly, I thought Ted was kind of dumb.

So, I named him Theodore Roosevelt. It fit him perfectly. Miss Nola, his sister, agreed.

When Casey Jones, the 1-year old Collie, returned from a 14 day 'walk-about'; Miss Nola and Theodore Roosevelt greeted him with wagging tails and lots of energy. Casey Jones was less than enthused nevertheless with great care began to watch over his new sister and brother. He was not amused by the addition of Cisko Kidd, the 12-week old kitten, 6 months later. However, Casey was grateful for the distraction it gave Theo.

Cisko climbed on Theo, used him as a springboard and showed him how to clean his eyes. In return, Theo chased him around the yard and made sure he was safe during our late night walks.

Theo was the neighborhood siren for almost 6 years. When the local Fire Department rolled out we all knew it. We calmed down about his "chorus", when, after many months, our neighbors convinced us to believe their assurances. They really truly did not mind! Mrs. Myrna, neighbor and retired English teacher, said it made her feel safe. That was good enough for me. From then on, his Dad and I spent most of our time trying to hear the sirens before "Theo And The Clowns" started in. He was the entire neighborhood's newsman. If it was happening locally, we knew about. Be it the sirens from the City Police Dept., Fire Dept. or Emergency Svcs. or the leaves on the mulberry tree - which according to him - were flapping much too hard in the wind and therefore could, of course, cause terrible damage should they lose their tenuous grip on the tree and drop to the ground. We knew the midnight cargo train was not late before a lot of people were sure it was on time.

Theodore was very sick at one point and saw his Doctor every week, on Saturdays. He made a trip out of it. He always behaved for Doctor Ayers, regardless of how he felt. To charm Nurse Mary and Nurse Debbie out of two cookies instead of just one was quite a feat, yet he never ceased to amaze me by doing just that. (The one cookie rule is a rule I have seen enforced many times!).

He napped in the front yard under the Willow tree. He wore a long-sleeved crème T-Shirt. He slept on a pillow with a rainbow colored tie-dyed flannel blanket. Just as comfortable as you please.

His family - Miss Nola, twin sister and forever pillow partner; Casey Jones, big brother and favorite protector; and Cisko Kidd, his very best friend, love him and miss him as much as his father, Lance, and I do.

Theo was the most genteel creature I have ever met. Even on that very last night, as tears ran down my cheeks and he washed them away, he gave me a waggy-waggy tail and a smile that came from deep in his soul.

Everybody loved him.

Especially me.


The Shadow Dog, 11/15/03

She always protected all the little animals as well as us.
She was the best ranch dog ever & never hurt any of the baby animals but protected them as her own. She never forgot a person that she had met...even after not seeing them for years. Shadow, we miss you so that there is a hole in my heart.

Susan & Bill

Thi-Ming, 01/22/03

Thi-Ming:O gentle soul rest in peace for your work on earth is done. We loved you so much and you will be in our hearts thru out our lifetime. You gave so much and asked not much in return, I loved you enough to let you go to sleep, with no more pain and long days and nits will always keep you in my heart and prayers. Love you always: mommie

Thomas, 11/28/03

Thomas - Mommy misses you so were such a good boy...what am I going to do without you?
Jake is still looking for you..he thinks you're hiding.
You are so missed!!
Mommy will always love you...I hope you are free from the pain and resting in Kitty Heaven.


Thomas, 01/08/88-11/18/03

My Tommy cat, you were the perfect cat, quiet, tender and always there, funny, I always thought you would be here forever, none of us are but were as much a part of my life as my children. My heart hurts. I love you, Tommy. See you on the other side. Wait for me.

Jane S. Hicks

Thomas, 23rd December 92 to 26th September 03

Tommy (Thomas)

I love you dearly and know you love me too.
You will forever be in my heart because you were a special cat and a wonderful best friend. I'm scared that you might be lonely and missing me, but I trust my friends words when they tell me that you are at the Rainbow Bridge where you will be happy and safe. I long desperately to see you again, but know I must wait until the time is right. God, please look after my Tommy boy until we can be together again.

Thomas, 11/14/93-08/14/03

A diabetic gem who could no longer suffer. Cancer got him in the end. Good time Tommy is making those on the other side happy. Our hearts are heavy and our home empty without him. He was something special and we were blessed to have him for eight short years.

Terry and Sue

Thomas, 03/25/03

Rest in peace my friend

Sl Fall

Thor, 05/04/94-11/29/03

There will never be another Thor-man. We miss you terribly, and will keep you in our hearts and memories forever.

Val Westhoff

Thor Einstein Barragan, 08/28/94-08/05/03


Thanks for all the LOVING MEMORIES and years that you had with us. You will never be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts and we look forward to the day we will meet again. your presence is DEEPLY missed.



Thumper, 04/2003

I want everyone to know about my Thumper. I rescued him so everyone says from the Human Society 12 years ago, but little do they know how my little fella rescued me. He rescued me from empty laps, loneliness when everyone else was doing other things and he just filled my heart with so much joy. I keep his picture with Santa on my desk at work because he will forever be my little fella.

Lisa Lewis

Thumper, 06/07/03

As I held his noble head and scratched his battle-scarred ears, the vet put my once mighty warrior to sleep.

He used to be king of the neighborhood, taking on all comers and the bane of birds and rodents everywhere.

In recent years he has slowed down a lot, preferring a sunbeam to a fight, but he was always my little toughie.

I didn't want to do it, kept thinking he'd get better, but the yowling from the basement and the obvious discomfort told o lies. You weren't happy anymore. The lap that used to be yours alone was now taken up with a baby. The pillow you used to sleep beside was now used for nursing the new baby.

You let us know your unhappiness by peeing on our clothes and I tried to overlook it, when it was dirty laundry. But when you began getting the clean clothes (including baby clothes) and started yearning to go back outside I knew it was time.

I tried to find you a new family, but at fourteen years old you were set in your ways. I held on, hoping you'd come around, but you started not grooming yourself, sleeping constantly and generally being miserable. You walked the halls all night, and threw up. The vet tested you for everything that would be simple to treat. Everything was negative.

So today I kissed your little nose, and told you it would be okay, even though I knew it wouldn't. I'm so sorry I lied. One last meow, not quite the trumpeting war cry of yesterday and you were gone.

I wish I had been a better mom.

I love you.

Sleep well, sweet baby.

Thumper, 19/10/02

Thumper was a very special little bunny who taught me more than I could ever teach him! I didn't have him for very long but he will live in my heart forever.
Goodnight HunnyBunny, sweet dreams Mummys boy - I love you xx

Catriona McPhail

Thumper, 01/00-01/02/03

My precious Thumper (Baby Pink Nose), I love you so very much. You're time here was far too short. You filled me with such joy. My heart aches with sadness to know that you will never kiss me or cuddle with me again. You were my little strange guy who never knew quite how to react when you were playing. You always got so excited that you scared yourself and had to run hide. You really were a baby, through and through. Crash will miss you too and he wants you to know that he will eat your marshmallows for you. I hope heaven has all the marshmallows you can eat (red vines too) and I hope you don't have to worry about sharing any.

Thumper, mommy is so sorry for being so careless today. I would never hurt you intentionally. If only I could have today to do over again, you'd still be here.

I love you so much, my Baby Pink Nose. You will always be in my heart, my head and my soul.

Thunder, 01/19/87-05/01/88

Thunder we all miss you very much and you were a wonderful addition to our family. I know it has been a few years since you passed on but my boy, I miss you greatly

Keith Momberger

Thunder, 12/05/92-12/15/03

Thunder was a cuddler, lover and loyal family member.
His passing has evoked so much sadness.

Brian & Leah Peters

Thunder, 10/31/84-07/28/96

Thunder with a heart of gold...huge heart and always so full of love... My love for you will never end... Such a wonderful friend and protector... My love, my Thunder...

Vicki White

Thunder, 12/23/02

Thunder was with our family for all seven years of his life. We sadly lost him on December 23. He was my mothers dog. He would sleep at her bedside until she got home. He had a seizure then passed away.

Thunder mommy misses you so much. Please wait for her with sebastion and Jasper at the rainbow bridge. Even thought you are no longer with us, we will hang your four foot stocking this year. Thunder no one can ever under stand the connection between you and my mom, but maybe that's how its supposed to be.


Thunder, 11/11/97-08/26/03

I miss you so much my Big Buddy, I hope you are happy and not frightened.
Please know that I tried so hard to help you. We shared 5 1/2 wonderful years together.
Having you in my life has surrounded me with friendships I never knew could have existed.
You left this world just as you ought to - with your attitude.
You will always be with me... please know that I will never, ever forget you.

Michelle, Dan & Ame

Thunder, 07/16/89-08/13/03

He was the most wonderful dog I have ever had the pleasure of loving. He died today being so tired that he had to rest till I join him when I am ready to face the same fight and outcome. I love and miss you Thunder.

James Layden

Thunder, 08/28/89-09/28/00

I couldn't make a friend, so I bought one.

Thunder Bay, 05/15/95-04/16/03

Thunder was my best friend, he just happened to have four legs. No greater friend have I ever had or ever could have. I will never forget his wonderful selfish love a total devotion to all of us. He was wonderful.

Karen Fairfield

Tia, 04/2002

Tia was a part of my family for ten years and I loved her dearly. She died of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. She was gone 6 weeks from when she was diagnosed. She went from a healthy 120 pound mound of energy to a 50 pound skeleton. Her disease was a cruel one. I miss her so much and will never forget the happiness she brought to me and my family.
I love you and miss you terribly T.

Janene Turner

Tia, 04/18/86-05/14/01

Always in my heart, kiss you, miss you.


Tia, 11/08/99-04/29/03

Truly the sweetest most loving dog ever and I miss you every minute my most precious Tia.

Pat Hankamp

We bought Tia after our first Golden Ret. was put to sleep due to complications with canine diabetes. She was 11. When we got Tia she was so much fun. She was full of life and love for the water. She would put us through our paces often when she would escape out the front door and head straight to the lake. She would go out just far enough to tease us almost as if saying “what are you going to do. Huh huh…. Where’s the stick” mind you timing was not always the best when she would do this. She often did this right before we had to leave for work or somewhere else, but one look at that grin she would have on and you could not stay mad. She walks and retrieving sticks. We will miss her dearly, but we know that she enjoyed her life here thoroughly. I know that when we cross the rainbow bridge, she along with our other dogs, Brandy (well he is a little stubborn, I expect him to be late) and Gelda will come bounding to us greeting us with kisses and sticks to be thrown. Thank you for giving me the chance to write this, losing a pet is never easy, being able to express your feelings makes things a little easier.

Kimberley Hankamp

Tibby, 08/01/94-05/07/03

Dear Tibs, you left us far too soon. We will miss and love you forever. Rocky sends his love

Love, Mom and Dad

Tiddies aka Tiddles, 31/04/00

She helped me through devastating illness where no human could.....I loved her and still miss her....I hope we meet again Tiddies I never got to say mummy...XXX

Tide, 10/02-10/27/03

You were with us for such a short time, our hearts are broken and we miss you!


Tieasche, 10/23/89-10/04/03

My sister wrote this poem on behalf of my sweet TiEasche. Beautiful puppy, always so sweet It's hard to come up with the words that meet. From her cute, shy sideway glances To her funny side-sweeping furniture dances. Bright-eyed and always on the mark Ready to give the unexpected bark. Whether fuzzy and furry or shaved and shorn You better believe her personality shown. Every step we made there she was Not for any other reason than just because. We'll always miss her and shed so many tears Thank God for the memories we'll have through the years. Please remember this was not all in vain An angel on earth and so in heaven she shall remain.

Melissa Bettis

Tieka, 4?-09/04/03

Tieka was a very special part of our family. When I first brought her into our home I never imagined the life and joy she would bring to me. She came into my life in October of 2000 and in December of 2000 she gave birth to 3 perfect babies. 1 lives with my mom. The other 2, Mulder and Scully, stayed with me. I couldn't bare to get rid of either of them. Unfortunately Scully passed away in March of 2003. Hopefully Scully was waiting for her mommy at the Rainbow Bridge to show her around and they are both happy and healthy together.
You are both missed terribly!

I love you!

Tiffany, 10/96-12/02/03

For a wonderful companion. What happiness you brought to my life. You were taken much too soon. You are missed dearly by many.

Bobbi Jo

Tiffany, 08/02/89-10/16/03

Have courage for the greatest sorrow in life
And patience for the smallest
And when you have laboriously
Completed your day,
Go to sleep in peace.
God is awake.
~Victor Hugo

Love that dog
Like a bird loves to fly
I said I love that dog
Like a bird loves to fly
~Sharon Creech, Love That Dog

"There is no such thing as a problem that doesn't have a gift in it." I have learned to believe that my job-our job-is to find the gift and to celebrate it with others. Here goes my feeble but humble attempt. She went peacefully at around 6 p.m. Thursday evening, October 16, 2003. And here I sit, holding the pieces of my broken heart, wondering how and when and if they'll fit back together. Peacefully, though. That's how she went. And I felt the presence of peace, of spirit, of God, at that moment, which was both the most difficult and the most profound. And I take comfort in that, in believing she wanted to, was ready to. Later on, maybe an hour or so, I happened to look up in the sky, and be it my imagination or some trick of my mind and heart, I saw the clouds stretch themselves into the shape of a heart, and next to that, what appeared, to me, a paw print. She made it. Quickly and painlessly. And that is all I need to know. But it's not all I want to celebrate. Tiffany. AKA Blubba-Lynn. AKA Lassie. AKA Kabeishka. AKA Fluff-I. AKA everything in my heart. She enriched my life in so many ways. Those 14 years were by far the better half of my life. So faithful, so noble, so pure, so beautiful, so constant. It's difficult for me to remember a time without her, the time before her. So constant. From the first moment I gathered that pup on my lap, until . . . forever. I love that dog. She lingers, nestling warmly in her own corner of my heart, just as she nestled on her bed at the floor of my corner sofa, protected and secure. Protection and security. The things she provided all her life are also the things she received. I love that dog. And there are stories I have to tell. In time. In honor. In celebration. And in the tapestry of telling those stories, I weave my heart. It's all I can do with the pieces I hold in my hand right now.
All my love, always, sweet Tiffany. I miss you so much!


Tiffany, 01/15/88-07/17/03

You were the best friend, always there when I needed to talk or just didn't want to be alone. Words cannot express how empty our home is without you. We will love and miss you forever!
Mom and Dad

Tiffany, 07/21/88-05/23/03

This day, I place a tribute to my departed Tiffany-Jane who died on May 23, 2003.
Tiffany came to me on my 11th birthday. I can remember my mother telling me to choose a kitten, but they all were soo ] cute that I could not decide. So, I told myself whatever kitten came to me first I would choose to take home, and wouldn't you know, she came running towards me. I picked her up and the bond between us was instant. We looked into each- others eyes and I knew right then and there her name was to be Tiffany.
Time had passed and I grew older and moved away from home. My cat Tiffany stayed with my parents. But, everytime I came down to visit the first kiss and hug I would give would be to my cat.
Tiffany and I had a connection like no other I have ever felt She knew when I had a bad day and needed some extra loving. Or when I was sick, she was right by my side. The love I have for her is like a love a mother has for her child. I feel a great sense of loss.
Dedicated to my Tiffany. May you rest in peace!! I love you!!

Sally Deline

Tiffany, 09/23/97

Tiffany was the best friend you could have, we got her when she was a pup from the Humane Society of Utah and she gave many years of happiness.

Elvie Devor

Tiffany, 04/25/03

Tiffany was my parents beloved Boxer, She was like me and my sister Lisa, She was their child, Their Daughter in a sense. She passed on from Uncurable Cancer and she will be so very sadly missed by so many friends and family members.

Tiffy may you rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge, We will all see you again one day !

Love always,

Tiffany, 08/21/01-04/12/03

She had a special way of playing with her BIG dog friend Tank. Even though she chewed up my ribbons, she somehow always made me happy again. Begging was an easy trick for her and the first trick she learned.


Tiffany, 06/19/94-12/03/02

Tiffany Was a beautiful, fun loving mother-hen who was the Queen of the house. She loved to play ball, which is an understatement. You would tire out before she would. After taking a small break to get water and catch her breath she was right there with her ball. She had so much energy and loved her life. I spoiled her to no end. She loved to go for a cruise in the car. She would immediately hop in to the passenger side till I would get in my seat and would hop on my leg and sit with her little paws on the window to make sure she caught all the sites. She loved to dance as I would pick her up she would put her paw on my shoulder as I held her other. She would love to bark at animals on TV after I pointed them out to her, she would stand on her hind legs and bark her little head off. She would cuddle up to me in my times of sorrow and just give me all her unconditional love. I always called her "MAMA" and she new she was the boss. She left me two beautiful girls who are half Poodle and half Chihuahua by the names of Selena & Cinnamon which are five years old. I'll always love Tiffany with all my heart and soul. I miss her more than words can say and the hole in my heart is tremendous. I know she has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" and is with my father and will be reunited with them someday. Tiffany I adore you and miss you with my whole being. I love you "Mama".
Your Daddy Ruben

Tiff Hall, 12/10/90-04/25/03

You will be missed by everyone. I will never forget the good times we had together, I love you so much.


Tiffy, 02/20/92-01/31/03

Thank you sweetheart for the joy you gave to us. Thank you for the woowoos when we came home. Thank you for the piercing stare you gave us when it was time for dinner or for a walk. Thank you for being there when the one thing we needed most was a loving glance and a warm doggy to sit with.

Though you had to go before us, I can promise you this my little one...when my time comes and I leave this Earth the first thing I will do when I too go home is to listen to hear your welcome, to look for your beautiful eyes, to pick you up and hold you once again.

We miss you so much.

Cecil & Gail

Tige, 6/29/98-10/10/03

Tiger I am sorry to put u to rest but we all know it was the best . u will be in my heart 4ever. until we meet again u will always be my #1 furry little friend

Tiger, 09/13/03

Tiger was a special cat. We adopted him in Jan.2001, and the ride home was a memorable one! He will always be missed, we look at his picture's daily, and always get a laugh.

Mike and Staci Spencer

Tiger, 15/09/02

A wonderful friend who trusted again. Died of feline AIDS. My big lad, playing at last.

Lisa Pearce

Tiger, 12/01/90-09/16/02

We lost Tiger September 14, 2002 to an extremely aggressive liver cancer. She was our first cat when we returned to the States from England in 1991. We were in a rental house while we looked for a house to buy and had been in the house about three months when we started noticing this extremely scrawny, tiny little grey tabby in the neighborhood. I started going out with a dish of food when I saw her and placing it about 10 feet away from me on the walk leading to the house. It only took about two weeks after that that I lured her into the house with a dish of tuna and the rest was as they say "history". Tiger loved being carried around and would tuck her head under my chin and go to sleep while I did housework (one handed of course). She was our little over imaginative "velcro" cat. She was the only cat I've ever seen that would "velcro" sideways across the furniture, or stick upside down on the footrest of the recliner and bat at anything (usually feet) on the top of the footrest. Even though she never topped 6lbs in weight (in a house with a 12 lb, 14lb and 22lb cat) she would go into "Sheena of the Jungle" mode and charge around the house at full speed and send all the other cats to high ground *grin*. Our favorite "Tiger Story" was when she walked into the living room and saw the small, bright green piece of knitted material I had made for them to play with and totally freaked. She arched her back, fluffed out to the maximum and growled and hissed at the 3" green "monster" like it was the worst thing in the world. Our biggest cat Scruffy (she was 22 lbs at the time) who is also our biggest chicken, gave Tiger a "LOOK", walked over to the material, picked it up in her paw, sniffed it, gave Tiger another look of total disgust, dropped the material and walked off. Tiger then proceeded to crawl on her belly toward the material, growling all the way, until she was just within paws reach, then "WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM", stop for a second, WHAM it a few more times, sniff it, then walk away as if nothing had happened. We were laughing so hard we hurt. We miss her horribly, but we've got myriad "Tiger Stories" to remember and smile about.

Dale and Lauren Kramer

Tiger, 03/21/94-06/04/03

Tiger, you were my chubby buddy. You were so smart and quick and were always in my face with whatever you were demanding at the time - whether it was to turn on the bathroom faucet so you could get a drink, or a pat on the back of your legs where all your long hair hung down (your "bloomers"). I loved you more than words can say and miss you terribly. My house isn't the same without you and I can't believe you had to go away so suddenly. I hope you didn't struggle and were at peace there in your favorite morning nap spot. Who knew how long one week without you could last? Good-bye my precious Tiger-Baby. Give Mom a head nudge and I'll see you both one day over the Rainbow Bridge.

Cathy Vanarsdale

Tiger, 05/19/03

We are a military family living overseas. My husband is currently deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been gone since March. Our precious kitty that we have had in our family for 8 yrs. got very ill in March. By the time we saw the signs, it was too late and the cancer had progressed too much for us to do anything. My 8 year old daughter has always been extremely close to Tiger. He has been like a sibling to her, especially since she was an only child for so long. We did everything we could for Tiger. At one point I was giving him meds and subcutaneous IV's at home. We had an excellent team of caregivers at the base. Our military vet Capt. Kelly Brooks is the best.

Tiger went downhill over the weekend. I knew it was time. I couldn't let him go on in pain. My daughter was so scared. We took him to the vet yesterday and had him euthanised. My daughter was so brave. She even held him after he passed and gave him kisses. She cried the whole way home. When we got home and she went in her room where he spent many of his final days, she let it all out and screamed "He's gone mom, he's really dead. I never thought this day would come. Please tell me this is a dream!" She finally fell asleep in my arms late last night. She woke up this morning crying for him.

To make matters worse, my husband has only been able to call once. We got word to him about Tiger and he was able to call a week ago Tues., but we thought there was still hope. I guess I was in denial. He told me to go with my gut instinct and with what the vet thought was best. He doesn't know that we put him down yesterday. It may be a month before he is able to call again, so this is really tough. He and my daughter were closest to Tiger. My husband adored him. It will be hard on him, but of course he'll be fine. He'll be more worried for the children than anything. My daughter is worried for him not being okay with Tiger's passing. I keep trying to reassure her we'll all be okay, but we'll always miss our special kitty.

Amanda, Erin and Andrew Clothier

Tiger, 06/29/00-05/23/03

For our baby who's brought so much joy into our lives in such a short time, we love you and miss you. Grandpa will keep you company until we meet again.

Elut Hsu

Tiger, 1987-03/04/03

Tiger was with me for 16 years. He comforted me, loved me, made me laugh, and at times really made me mad. He was demanding of affection and attention, with his howls and yowls. Like a sentry, Tiger would check out whoever came into our home. One time as we all gathered to pray and bless our food, Tiger stood right between two dinner guests, looked up at them and cried loudly. Everyone cracked up laughing. I think he was telling us to hurry up so he could get his table scraps. I'm so glad his suffering is over, but I miss my "old buzzard" so much

Debbie Chambers

Tiger, 02/20/03

It's hard for me to say goodbye
And I know that I am going to cry
How do I say goodbye to you?
It's something I simply cannot do.

So rather than say goodbye
I'll envision you high in the sky
So when I see a star so bright
I'll know you saw me in the night

Eternal peace is what you'll know
In a place where cancer cannot grow
Gecko's will run and play chase with you
And Angels provide you belly rubs too

But when it comes to going to sleep at night
I know that it just won't seem right
You'll be searching and circling just for me
And I'll be laying in misery.

So at that time we must search within our heart
And know that we aren't really apart
You'll always be a piece of me...
And you rest peacefully ETERNALLY...

So sleep my baby and dream for me
Of birds singing in the tree
The sun is shining and the sky is blue
And I will always remember you.

Steven and Beverly Scalabrin

Tiger, 01/01/90-02/15/03

Tiger, you were my best friend, my protector, and my buddy. I will miss you always.

Geri Ann Sefton

Tiger, 08/15/84-01/20/03

My dear friend, you are gone but will never be forgotten

Dana Alan Ruthers

Tiger, 06/22/020

My dearest Tiger: We miss you so much You were the special yorkie we rescued 3 years ago from a horrible life. We gave you the best we could but for some reason you were chosen to enter the Rainbow Bridge sooner that anyone expected. I am so sorry that the veterinarian at Michigan State University did not know what he was doing when he inserted that nasogastric tube down your little trachea instead of your stomach. You poor baby how you must have suffered. I am so sorry that this horrible event had to happen to such a loving and wonderful puppy. Please forgive me for taking you there to have this terrible thing happen to you. I just tried to help you with your intestinal problems. I miss you so very much little one - we will meet again one day and we can huge and kiss like we did before. Tiger I miss you and cry for you everyday.

Love mom

Tiger, 12/24/86-01/07/03

To "Tiger"
You were a special friend, an important part of our family. Your love and energy to share with us, even in your illness, will always be treasured. We miss you so much already, and we'll miss you even more in the days to come, but we know that you're with "Lillie" and "Tramp" and that your doggie family is together again. We, your family left behind, will never forget you and we already long to see you again, to hear your bark, to scratch your tummy and tickle your ears, like we used to. WE LOVE YOU, "TIGER" AND WE KNOW THAT YOU LOVED US! WE'LL SEE YOU AT THE BRIDGE! Daddy

Tiger, 02/04/89-12/28/02

Tiger you were a quiet one until your pal passed away. Then you had something to say about everything. You showed us your love with head butts, then as you lay on the arm of the couch, reach over grabbing our wrists so we could give a good chin scratch. At night, you chose the spot beside my pillow to sleep with us. In the morning, if I wasn't awake you would tap me on the cheek, if that didn't wake me up, you jumped over my head to Dad's side of the bed & tapped him. Then is dinner wasn't fast enough it was a tap on the back of the leg. We had one special saucer that you knew the difference from the others. Any other one you looked at & left but that one would have you talking a mile a minute cause you knew a small treat of milk was coming. We gave it a good fight this month our friend. You were loved & you gave that love back. Thankyou. We will never forget & will always miss you.

Loraine & Dennis Harper

Tiger Doggie, 06/17/96-04/25/03

He brought me so much happiness. No matter how hard my days were, he was always so happy to see me. I will miss him so much, he was the few good things in my life. "Wait for me Tiger Doggie for I will be there soon." Cancer took him from me!!

Ron Tafoya

Tiger-Lily, 02/08/91-16/04/03

My precious Tiger-Lily, after 12 years god has chosen you to cross over the rainbow bridge.

Sweet dreams sweetheart, sleep tight. Say hello to the boys for me, tell them I love them.

What will I ever do without you?. Will you ever know how you touched my soul. I love you so very much and wish you were here now and forever.


Tigger, 12/01/03

I was blessed to have you in my life for 18 long years...but NOW it seems like such a short amount of time. I take comfort in the fact that you led a long and healthy life, right up until the end, and you had the best care that money could buy in your last few days. I know that right now, you are playing with your sister in Heaven, and being taken care of by my mother. You're no longer in pain. But that doesn't make my heart hurt any less. I will miss you until the day I die.

Love you, baby!! Wait for me by the bridge!!

Tracie Clothier

Tigger, 11/20/02

I adopted Tiggy from a shelter when she was eight years old. So many thought I was such a wonderful person to take an old cat. What they didn't know was what joy that old girl brought into my life. We had seven years together that I'll always cherish and thank God for. What a sweet old girl she was. I moved her across country and it was hard but she adapted. She was a shy cat but let it be known in a loud voice just what she wanted and she always got it. I was so proud of her the first time she got brave enough to sit on the fence to take a look at our new world. You can teach an old cat new tricks. She had the most beautiful huge green eyes that let you see her sweet soul. She was one of God's special angels. She had a tumor and was in pain on Thursday night so we made the trip to the emergency vet and did what we had to do but it broke my heart even knowing I was doing it for her. I am crying now but that is for me because I know she is getting her love from the Author of Love, now. She had so much fur on her feet and between her toes. It was soooo cute. Her nickname was Fuzzy Feet.


Tigger, 11/16/03

What a wonderful sweet baby.
Your constant companionship, orneryness and unconditional love will be missed terribly.
You will constantly be in our thoughts and prayers. I love you so very much and so do Nana and Lizzy and the others.
Have fun playing with Ty, Molson and Kasha, and give them my love.
I know you loved me very much and that you will be well taken care of.
Have fun Punkin--I love you always.
'til I see you again.

Tigger, 11/17/03

Tigger, You have no idea how much you meant to us.
You were content being part of the family and the whole neighborhood.
The difference you made in our lives is immeasurable.
Play with the angels.
We will always remember.

Susan, Lewis, Maggie and Matthew

Tigger, 01/09/92-10/02/03

To my Tigger-Bud: I love you, I miss you, I'm so sorry for the way you left this world. You didn't deserve it. You were a wonderful boy - I'm dying without you.

Your Mom

Tigger, 06/03/93-09/27/03

To my baby Tigger--I'm sorry that the insulin injections weren't helping you. We thought that it would fix everything and you would be ok, but we were wrong. I'm sorry. I know that you're in kitty heaven now, and you can be outside, eating grass, getting brushed, rolling in catnip, stealing chairs from people, and playing with your string, forever. I love you, and I miss you.


Tigger, 02/25/96-04/19/00

He was my little boy. I got him when I was very young and he was very young as well. A little gray tabby, with all the love in the world stored in his tiny little heart. You could do anything to that cat and he wouldn't bite or scratch or anything. He truly was a little angel. It's been 3 years but I can remember it like yesterday. My baby boy died from kidney failure that wasn't detected quick enough. I can still remember saying goodbye. All that love and spirit in his heart was slowly being defeated by the pain he was suffering. And finally I couldn't bare to put him through it anymore. We put him to sleep that night. I love you Tigger, and I always will.
---Amanda, age 12

Tigger a.k.a Mr. Pants, 08/01/87-12/31/02

Baby boy, I miss you terribly, and I look forward to the day that I can see you again. I know that you are looking down on us right now, and that in you are having an eternal supply of catnip in Heaven. I love you more than anyone else in the world, and I miss your little Tiggy smell and the way you would always sleep on my pillow so that you took up most of it but you gave me a little bit to put my head on. I miss you following me into the kitchen and pawing at my leg for treats. I miss you sneezing on my pillow at night, and chewing on my wet hair after a shower. I miss you sitting next to me on the couch and watching TV, and I miss you licking all my pictures. I miss you "making places" in my blankets, and always managing to sit on my black pants right before I put them on. I miss coming home every day to see your sweet little face sitting by the door, and I miss scratching you under your chin while you made that cute little face and purred. I miss your fat little "wubbies" and the fact that when you sat down, you resembled a Christmas turkey, but you still had the boniest shoulders. I miss trying to read a book at night, and having you nudge my hands with your wet little nose until I paid attention to you. I miss you sleeping with me to protect me every night, and sitting outside my room when I went away to college, just to make sure that everything was safe for "your person". I miss racing up the stairs (on those rare occasions when you would run) and I miss falling asleep with my nose buried in your soft tummy. I miss the times you would attack the bag of catnip and rip it open, even when you weren't supposed to have anymore (you were so spoiled). I miss carrying you around like a little baby, and having you cover my mouth with your paw when I would try to sing. I miss holding you up to my shoulder and having you put your little arms around my neck. I miss grabbing your tail and having you look around to see who had caught you. I miss your regal little pose and I miss sitting you down and having you play the bongos on your little tummy. I miss your awkwardness, especially when you were little and you had those giant ears and that teenage acne. I miss your loyalty, compassion, and undying love, even up to the end. I miss you visiting me when I was in the bath, and I miss your little love nips. I miss your orange fur, and knowing that when I came home, no matter how long I had been gone, that you would be there waiting for me. I'm sorry I left for school, I know you wondered where your person had gone. I'm sorry for all the times that I didn't pay as much attention to you as I should have. I'm sorry that I selfishly tried to hold on to you in the end, even though you were in so much pain. I'm sorry for everytime when I could have kissed you, hugged you, scratched you, or spoiled you, and I didn't. I miss my best friend, my little boy, my Mr. Pants, my angel, my baby, and the greatest person on this Earth. I know we will see each other soon and when we do, I promise that I will never leave you again. I love you so much, Tigger, and I will never forget you.
Godspeed, baby boy.

Love, Andrea (your favorite person)

Tigger, 06/90-04/29/03

The world's sweetest cat. We loved him so much and miss him terribly.

Eloise Meachum

Tigger, 06/28/89-03/03/03

Playing soccer with 'Doc' at the Rainbow Bridge--- Until we meet again.
Be at peace were a ray of sunshine in my life.
Love Carla

Tigger, 06/99-02/24/03

I really didn't break down until my grandpa took him to bury him and then it hit me. I so sorry tigger if I could have had anything to keep you from getting old I would have done it all for you I Luv U ~ Morgan

Tigger, 02/02/97-02/17/03

I don't know what to ask for or what to write here. All I know is I took my Tigger in to the Vet yesterday for normal blood work and stuff and he never returned home. For some reason his heart just stopped and they couldn't bring him back. He was completely healthy when he went in, they even said so. Now we just cry from not having our big kitty around us anymore.

Scott & Sandra

Tigger (Big Tig), 8/10/02

My dearest Tigger,

You always greeted me at the door so happy I was home, you followed me around and never left my side, you slept right next to me every night I never felt alone. I will miss those big green eyes, that loud meow of yours, that precious little face I love so much and your happy, calming purr. Thank you for the many years you brought a smile to my face. You really were my best friend and you'll always have a special place in my heart. I love you and miss you so very much. You'll always be mommy's Big Tig.

Love Always,

Tigger II, 05/20/88-08/19/03

Tigger was my loving companion and baby for 15 years. I rescued her from abuse and she paid me back in so many ways over the years. I will miss her head bumps to get me up in the morning, the way she came to find me and remind me when it was bed time, the way she hunkered down to sleep on my hip and purr. I will miss her attitude and the way she ruled the other cat Teddy and I with an iron paw. She was much loved and spoiled rotten but she gave me so much back that I don't know how I will go on without her.

Cassandra Miller

Tigger James McLeod, 07/96-07/30/03

Tigger was and will always be the best friend anyone could hope to have. We will never forget you. You are in our hearts and souls forever. We will miss all the times spent together. Time moves on, but you will never be alone wherever you may be. Our love for you will follow you as you would follow us from room to room. We look around and you are not there, but we feel you all around us. Nobody will understand the bond all three of us had/have. It is unique and special, and you changed our worlds for the better. We want you to know we love you and you can never be replaced. Thank you for tolerating your humans and loving them even when we were difficult. Thank you for blessing our lives everyday. We are better people because of you. We love you so much Tink Pot. We will see you again someday.

Love, Your Mommy and Your Darrick

Tiggy, 04/09/97

Beautiful doggykins

Clarity & Susan Williams

Tiggy, 12/30/02

Tiggy had Kidney disease for a year and a 1/2. I iv'd her every other day. She was doing so well and then she started looking very ill. I took her in for her labs and they were sky high. It was time. My Baby was suffering. I loved her so much and miss her dearly. Knowing she will be with her mate Smokey who passed away 3 years ago from a diabetic coma (Didn't even know he had diabetes)eases some of the pain. I know that they will greet me at Rainbow Bridge and we will carry over one day.

Until then I hope her & Smokey will be happy and play together and be with one another as they were for 11 years on earth.

All my love Babies!

Tigre, 06/01/86-04/08/03

You were the love of my life. Thank you for choosing to be in my life for 17 years. You always made this house a home. You were the reason for waking up in the morning, walking in the door after a long days work, and falling asleep at night. You are deeply missed, my sweetheart. May you now have health and happiness. Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge until we can be together again. I love and miss you deeply.

Karen Schlinz

Tigre, 09/30/88-02/25/03

A very special and loving "mama's kitty" who was all boy and had a TON of "cattitude" You will be missed, my Angel Boy.

Dale Landers

Tigre Gambacorta, 02/28/86-01/10/03

My family and I would like to say goodbye to a very special and dear family member. Our life long cat Tigre, whom we loved so dearly.

It caused us great pain to see you go,
But it caused you greater pain to stay,
It was time to say Good-Bye.
But it's not good-bye forever,
For we will meet again,
And re-unite our family,
And that will never end.

He was indeed, the most wonderful cat and he will be dearly missed.

We thank God for bringing him into our lives and giving us many happy times together. No other could ever replace our "Cutlet"

May his tiny soul rest in peace and may he find joy, happiness and lots and lots of green green grass to eat and roll in IN HEAVEN.

You will never be forgotten..
Always in our Hearts.....
Till we meet again Tigre...
We love you!!!

Sam, Mona, Dion and Anita

Tigris, 07/12/03

Tigris was a wonderful cat, she loved classical music and being scratched under her chin. She was all white and had beautiful green eyes. She waited up for me, sometimes until three in the morning, and walked me to my door. She will never be forgotten.

Alicia Castro

Tika Kara, 10/12/89-05/31/03

We had 14 years with Tika, who began to age rapidly this past year, with a bad right front shoulder, bad left rear Hip. She went 90% deaf from an ear infection and began to loose her dignity. We Sadly miss her, but know she was suffering and this was the most humane thing to do.
We Love you, and miss you.

Sam Hoover

Tikanis, 04/02/89-08/01/03

Tikanis was a very special cat. Very temperamental and at times aggressive -specially towards men who were too loud. Friends and family have countless stories of her fearless attitude and behaviour - it was nothing for this 10 pound cat to go up against a 200 lb man and she always won.

She was very dear to me. She gave me 14 wonderful years and I am going to miss her immensely.


Tiki, 06/06/96-10/25/03

My special digger, my garden buddie, my warm soft furry friend. There is a huge space in our house without you that no one can fill. Please find "Baby" so she can take care of you now. I will forever keep you in my heart so never ever forget how much I love you. Please be happy Tiki, you're the best!

Tiki Nub Nub Smooshface, 06/06/03

Tiki, or "The Nubber", was found by us on the side of a county road just before Easter weekend, 2001. Lucky for her that she was a grizzled old boxer or she would have ended up at the shelter over the holiday weekend. Even though we didn't NEED a third dog, she stayed with us and became our third and eldest dog daughter. Tiki ended up being a certified therapy dog and visited nursing homes. She also got me involved with boxer rescue and together, we helped to approve homes for boxers like her.
Tiki was euthanized this morning on the surgery table after being diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor only last night. Although we're in shock that we lost her so quickly, we're grateful that she remained comfortable and enjoyed life to the fullest until a few hours before her death.
We'll always remember her playful dance, her happy "woo woo" when we came home and her vertical leaps (Boing!) Nothing could compare to her gooey kisses and we were captivated by her "Magic Nub Breath".
Thank you for coming into our lives, Tiki Liki Smoosh Face. You opened our hearts and gave us more than you'll ever know. Go find Shakti and Archibald and remember us down here until we meet you at the Bridge. We love you forever!
Mommy and Daddy (Laurie and Dave)

Tilde, 01/30/03

Tilde, I can hardly write this tribute, because it's hard to believe you have left us. You were a dear, beloved friend, sweetheart. I'm crying now, remembering your still form on the kitchen floor (in your favorite spot). I kept thinking you were breathing, and that you'd open your eyes and kiss me. I can't believe I kissed your forehead for the last time. You were, without a doubt, the finest dog I have ever known. Incredibly smart, affectionate, funny, loving, beautiful. Truly a gift from God. It breaks my heart to think we won't play together or go for walks, and that I can't give you the tummy rubs you loved so well. Your passing has left a hole in my heart.
Mark and I love you so much, Tilde, and I know John, Roxanne, and Pearl loved you immensely.
My only comfort is believing that I will see you again, and we can then be together forever.

Tillie, 12/22/00

Its been a whole year; but we remember you and pay this little tribute! Maybe we will meet again!


Tilly, 05/05/85-11/15/03

For Tilly who came to her Mommy with no expectations but to love and be loved in return.
She taught her Mommy to love again, that it was okay to love again even when it hurt so much.
Honey, Mommy's heart is forever yours!
Your strength and courage humbles me.
Rest in peace my sweetheart!

Diana Higinson

Tilly, 11/15/92-11/08/03

Tilly, the sweetest little soul. You were with us from the beginning. I'm so sorry you were sick. I wish I could have made everything better. Mommy loves you and misses you SO MUCH. Sleep well baby. We'll see in a little while.

Laura and Mark Feeley

Tilly, 11/27/89-09/10/03

Tijuana "Tilly" Von Trapp

Tilly was born on November 27, 1989. She died this morning, September 10, 2003 after a brief battle with cancer. She fought until the end and we never gave up on her or her on us. In the end she relied on us to do the right thing and end her suffering. She died with a loving veterinarian and her friends around her.

She was a tiny little wisp of a dog, but had a BIG personality and an even bigger place in our hearts. She was a champion tennis ball retriever and swimmer. She was a constant companion to Dave and he to her. He most of all, will miss her warm touch and gentle spirit. She grew even closer to us in the past few weeks. She traveled over 4,000 miles with us in our car and enjoyed every minute of it. These last memories of her will be forever in our hearts and the lasting impression she had on most people was a gift.

This has left a huge hole in our hearts. To deny or repress the sense of loss we feel would be to devalue the love and affection Tilly brought into our lives for almost 14 years.


Tilly, 07/04/94-06/21/03

“Tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.” Definitely true when it comes to Berners.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, our Berner family has lost a great friend. Our girl Tilly didn’t make it.

Tilly had a wonderful last day with us.

I arrived at the hospital Saturday morning and was greeted with a thunderous Tilly greeting. (It’s amazing given how critically ill Tilly was that every time I arrived she jumped up, bounded to greet me, wagged her tail furiously, gave me a big Berner smile and howled as if she hadn’t seen me in years.) Although Tilly’s condition was stable and her numbers were holding Friday night, as she did many other days she again took a turn for the worse. I spent a few minutes with Tilly and then looked at her chart.

My heart sank.

Her PCV had dropped to 13. Her TS to 3.8. I looked at Tilly and saw it in her now sunken eyes. It was time to say good-bye. The DVM came in and based on my sobbing, he knew I knew. The first thing he said was “I’m sorry. We did everything we could.” He told me her PCV and TS were down, her liver enzymes were up, he did not see any platelets on her blood smear and she was beginning to waste away. I looked at him, and sobbed “I want to take her home.”

They offered me to drive my truck around to the back to pick her up. But Tilly and I wanted to walk out the front door the way she came in. My girl wasn’t going out anyone’s back door. We gathered her things and began our walk to the truck. She was psyched. She knew she was “outta there.” Tilly – the character she is wanted to make sure she had the last laugh. When we got to the middle of the waiting room Tilly proceeded to squat down and take the longest pee I have ever seen. The Vet just looked, chuckled and said “Well, that’s okay. She can pee there.” Being a Saturday morning, the waiting room was very full. Everyone was just watching. I’m sobbing and laughing saying, “It’s okay girl. You pee where ever you want”. People had to be wondering what the heck was going on. When she was done she picked up her head and proudly walked away leaving a spot about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long of pee. My funny girl Tilly decided that wasn’t enough. We went outside and started down the walkway and just as Tilly reached the end of the walkway she squatted again and left a big poop right at the walkway entrance. The Vet laughed and said what a good dog she was, so good she would never go in her cage because she was so well trained.

As soon as Tilly saw my open truck she started jogging towards it. The Vet remarked that she’s one amazing dog. She certainly didn’t look sick. He said all other dogs would have given up 5 days earlier and what remarkable spirit she has. We put her in the truck, I gave her a frosty paw for the ride and we started home.

Tilly’s favorite place in the world is at my parents - in the middle of 25 acres of woods. Tilly loved to chase the chipmunks and squirrels, dig holes, lie in my mother’s garden and spend lots of time there. It was obvious that would be her final resting-place. We called our home Vet and he agreed to come over that afternoon.

What a wonderful day we had. We laid down a blanket on the lawn, under a dogwood tree and spent the next 5 hours enjoying our time together. All Tilly’s favorite people were with her. She never lost her ravenous appetite, had another frosty paw and stole a blueberry muffin, a tuna fish sandwich and some chips from our plates. My parents made her a special last meal, a Venison burger. You would have thought she hadn’t eaten in years the way she gobbled it down. Being the wonderful dog she is, despite her condition, twice she jumped up, walked off the lawn into the woods to pee and came to lie back down. She knows that Grammy and Grammpy prefer she didn’t pee on the lawn. Then Tilly got up and went and laid down in the garden under the dogwood tree. I hadn’t heard Tilly bark in over a week. Somehow, for some reason she all of a sudden let out a bark. It wasn’t the powerful Tilly barks I remembered, but very weak and frail. I knew and she knew it was time.

In Tilly’s last moments her favorite people, her Buddy Sasha and her Golden Retriever cousin Winnie surrounded her. I held her in my arms and told her it was okay and she didn’t have to fight anymore. She peacefully went to sleep.

Several odd things happened that day. Ironically, just minutes after Tilly was in her final resting place and we said our good-byes, what was a sunny day turned into a cloudy rainy day. Even the heavens were crying. Next, when I arrived home I went to the candle I had lit for Tilly a week earlier and it was down to its end, looking like it would soon go out. I didn’t have the heart to blow it out so I put it inside my grill so it could continue to burn out while I wasn’t there. A friend said we should go for a ride just to get out and away. We’re driving down the highway, it’s 9pm, raining hard and there is low cloud cover. When up ahead I see a fireworks display. My friend and I just looked at each other in astonishment. Why on a random, rainy, cloudy June 21st? We pulled over and watched the fireworks and knew it was a sign. Tilly’s birthday is July 4th. She came in with fireworks so why not go out with them. I knew Tilly had crossed over the rainbow bridge and was letting us know she was okay. Oddly enough while we were watching the fireworks I saw a vision in my head – the candle I had lit for Tilly went out. The next day I got home and opened up the grill to see the candle. My jaw dropped to the ground. The plate the candle was on was there, but there was absolutely nothing left of the candle but 1 very small wick remnant. Not a drop of wax. Not even a hint that a candle was there. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. I expected to see a pile of wax left and there wasn’t a trace. I knew that the candle had continued to burn and the timing of its end was about 9:00 pm – right with the fireworks.

I miss my dear Tilly terribly. I can’t believe she is gone, and so fast. The pain in my heart is agonizing. But, I know we made the right decision. Tilly put up a tremendous fight, but she was tired. We did everything we could. Tilly and I talk now and she tells me that she misses me too. But she is happy. She is meeting all of the other angel dogs and having a blast. She promises that she’ll be the first to greet Sasha and me when we both arrive.

I was truly blessed to have Tilly for almost 9 years. She was the best dog in the world. She can never be replaced. She was also my first Berner and I know now I will never be able to be Bernerless. I put a picture on the web. It’s definitely a Tilly shot. I want to share Tilly with everyone so feel free to look. ( go to the Tilly and Sasha link at the bottom.)

Please say one last prayer for Tilly. Wish all the best for her and be happy that she is now resting peacefully.

We miss you AngelDog Tilly Pam and Sasha

Tim, 19/02/03

Tim was our little baby and we miss him very much

Glen and Bob Jackson

Timber, 10/07/90-10/15/03

Our wonderful big boy, you will always be with us.

Dianna & Kent McNamara

Timber, 04/21/94-08/12/03

We miss you!

Sandra & Rob Urwin

Timber, 06/13/84-11/26/02

Tim was the best cat anyone could ever want! I had him since he was 7 weeks old. He will live in my heart forever.

Timber Downing, 03/08/03


Goodbye to a loving and faithful friend. You were always there when I needed someone to talk to, and to listen without judgment, without taking sides,

You so perfectly epitomized the saying "when everyone else hates you, your dog is still your friend."

Even when age and disease robbed you of your sight, and eventually of your life, you remained a warm and gentile friend, brave and "happy dog" to the last.

I hope that you know that we could no longer stand to see you suffer. As I held you at the last, you heard me say, through my tears, that I loved you. We all loved you.

Rest in peace, Timber, my old and dear friend. Someday, we may meet again, and go on that last, neverending run together. Until then, you will be remembered and loved as long as I have a spark of life within me. You will never be forgotten, you will never be replaced. Rest in peace.

Timee, 02/14/84-09/04/03

We love you and we'll miss you


Timmy, 06/01/87-12/16/03

You will always be with me......I love you

Tina Petraline

Timmy, 12/18/91-07/15/03

An Animals Prayer
If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep.
Then, you must do what must be done
For this, the last battle, cant be won.

Dont let grief stay your hand
For this day, more than rest
Your love and friendship stand the test.
Weve had so many happy years.

What is to come can hold no fear,
Youd not want me to suffer, so
When the time comes, please let me go.

Take me where my needs theyll tend,
Only, stay with me to the end.
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time you will see,
It is a kindness you do for me.
Although my tail its last has waved
From pain and suffering, Ive been saved.

Dont grieve, it should be you,
Who this thing decides to do.
Weve been so close, we two, these years,
Dont let your heart hold any tears.

Dec. 18, 1991 -----
Jul. 15, 2003

David & Gaby

Timmy, 06/23/02

My darling boy kitten Timmy ! In your short life, in spite of the cruelty that mankind had inflicted upon you, you gave more love and affection than I thought to be possible. You were left to die 2 days old, still with the umbilical chord attached, but you survived against all odds. I will never forget you - and your tiny, tiny paw so softly touching my chin, saying thank you for caring for me. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. In loving memory - MOM - Anne Britt

Timmy, 03/06/03

My little Timmy was my lap buddy. He was a wonderful little friend, and had the heart of a lion, even though he only weighed about 3 pounds!
I miss him so---
But he is in pain no longer,
and I will see him again one day.


Timmy, 08/01/81-03/06/03

A real character sorely missed by all who encountered him. People would be astonished at his almost human attributes from showing off to getting in trouble. One time he knocked ornamental stones off of a neighbours wall and upon watching the person put them back, followed him behind, knocking them off again. Another time he was told by my father to stop opening cupboards for food and he walked the length of the kitchen opening all eight cupboards on the way before leaving the catflap. From the day he first left presents of mud and other garden flora on the doorstep the day I received the news, I loved him and appreciated the time I was given.

Andy Thorne

Timmy, 07/02/89-01/21/03

Timmy was the only constant in my life for 14 years. I lost him to Diabetes. He was my little fuzzy bear, who was always up and ready to go and play. He was true to his breed, with stalking wild animals, and snakes. I will never forget the way he loved to lay in his swimming pool during the summer, and on a given day would chase me with the water hose. Timmy was kind, loving, and brave. I miss him more than anything in my life. I know he is running in big green fields, then resting for awhile, laying on his back with his big belly and 4 paws up in the air sleeping, just waiting for his MaMa to come and play with him once again.

Timmy Trot, 19/02/03

To our little boy well meet you soon. always loved.

Glenice & Bob

Timothea, 11/2000

Timmy you were a pain in the but, but you know I love you. I will never ever forget my Timmus ever. I heart you.


Timothy, 09/09/88-08/27/03

My baby, my best friend, he leaves a hole in my very soul.

Lynn Dudish

Timothy, 06/29/02

Timothy was my best friend. He was with me through my teenage years into my marriage and for the birth of my children. He is missed horribly every single day of my life. A true friend. He rests now, His pain is gone and he is healthy again of this I am sure. He is loved,

Marie Marquez

Timothy Alexander, 06/27/85-10/11/02

What can I say about the best friend I have ever had? What can I say about my baby? The one I really thought of as my child? Words fail me, as I keep on thinking that I failed you, my baby, by not having seen just how sick you were earlier. When you lost half of your weight, and just would not get any better, despite how many times I took you to the vet, I thought, in a moment of tremendous weakness to put you to sleep, and now I cannot live with that decision. I cannot forgive myself for what I did to you, after all you have done for me. After all the love you gave me, I failed you. Forgive me, my baby, there is not a day that goes by that I could forget you, or not talk about you, or love you. Even after seven months and having come to own three more beautiful kittens, it is you I think about while I am holding them. Forgive me, my baby, and rest in peace.

John Tuck

Timothy Christmas, 08/04/86-08/12/03

He gave unconditional love for 17 years, forever in our hearts.

Patsy and Eddie Walton

Tina, 11/11/87-17/11/03

My darling cat Tina passed away from this world on 17/11/03. She was my life, my soul, and my baby. She wasn't feeling well a few days before. She had arthritis, vet said she may have suffered a stroke, and she had kidney, liver and thyroid problems. My brave girl, even though she couldn't move her legs she insisted she do her toilet in the litter tray even though we said it didn't matter. She died with her front paws wrapped around my brothers hand and in my mums lap. I miss her so much. When I didn't have anything I had her. She taught me unconditional love, when I had only hatred from people. I love you tina, always and forever. I hate it without you, everything is empty.


Tina, 04/22/89-10/09/03

You are our world
Our night & day
Always in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts
We miss you so much
Until we meet again
At rainbow bridge
Goodnight baby
Love always mummy & daddy xxxx

Tina, 09/16/03

You brought such love and joy to my mother until her death. You were her protector, companion and friend.
When you were with Youie, you brought him the same companionship and love that you brought my mother. You were a noble dog, who knew her role and did it well. You brought love and joy to two very lonely people who needed you. Both of them left you for so very different reasons.
I miss you! You were so broken hearted when Youie couldn't keep you. I took you but our time was not long. Your little heart was broken and you hung in for so long and you tried so hard, but it was not to be! Rest in peace with my mom whose joyful arms I know you fell into! What a blessed day for both of you!
I miss you and will forever be grateful that you were in my life. Rest in peace my little ambassador.

Tina, 02/20/03

Tina a spectacular white borzoi girl found on a Chicago street in late august of 1998. the people who found her put her in the lost and found section of the newspaper. we saw the ad and took her home. she had no collar, no tags, no tattoo, and no microchip. it was like she just came down from heaven.
we cherished her for 4 years. in October of 2002 she developed hamangiosarcoma. despite surgery, chemotherapy, and everything else we gave her, she could not beat this vicious disease. she wanted to live so badly. but her beautiful body was dying. we let her go to the rainbow bridge at 9:20 AM on 2/20/03.
we loved her deeply and miss her horribly. she was our grace, our beauty, our glamour girl. she made us laugh with her sly antics. our world is diminished now.
we don't know how old she was or where she came from. her vet believes she was only 8 or 9. that is far too young to die. Tina was cheated of life, of happy days gnawing bones in the yard, lying upside down on the sofa, eating snow, going for car rides, and meeting new friends.
we love you, sweet white angel. we miss you every day. we are so sorry we could not save you. we hold you in our hearts and hope we will be with you again one day.


Tina Brown Cat, 10/21/03

I miss you, sweet Tina.


Tini, 08/22/03

Tini lost a long hard battle with renal failure. I could no longer let her suffer and decided to let her pass on to the Rainbow Bridge on August 22. She is truly missed as she was the love of my life. She was my first cat. She brought so much love and life into the home that cannot be replaced. She was a beautiful Princess and dignified to the end. I hold her in my heart and pray that someday I see her again when we can play, cuddle and snuggle just like old times. I love you, Tini, and miss you terribly, especially your beautiful green eyes. Thank you for all your love and support. Till we meet again...Your Mom, buddy and life companion, Paula

Tink, 04/27/01-05/02/03

Love had been a painful thing in my life, so I learned to keep love at arms length. Until you came along...a goofy looking little orphan, another chore, another cat - didn't need either. But - you unfroze my wounded heart, little man. Looking upon you my heart sang. I felt such pride and joy. I had to tell everyone your story (like they cared!). You were my beautiful boy. How could such a small creature leave such a big hole in my world? I love you so. I love you so....mummy

Tinker, 02/14/96-11/15/03

Tinker, You have a very special place in our hearts as our first pet.
You have fought a very tough battle with the cancer and I know losing your sister Gizmo was rough on you.
The comfort we lent to you over the past month, I know you felt - I still know you had a void without Gizmo.
You are together now and we want you to know we love and miss you both so much.

Robert and Tara

Tinker, 11/06/87-06/12/03

My Dear Sweet Tinker-
I got you for my 22nd birthday and we grew up together. You were my friend, my companion, my baby---my (our) "little buddy". I still can't believe that you are gone. I'm not sure what is worse---the pain of losing you, the loneliness of not having you in our lives or even the guilt that I couldn't do more to help you. My love for you will never end and I miss you so much....I would give anything to still have you with us but I guess that wasn't meant to last forever. You are always with me in my heart and I will never be the same without you. Wait for me on the bridge.
Love- Mommie

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Dear Tinker-
Tomorrow is your birthday and you would have been 16 years old. Daddy and I still miss you very much and think of you all the time. Some time has passed since you left us and at least now we can talk about you without breaking down in tears (at least some of the time). I am trying to remember all the good times and how much you meant to us. I love you with all my heart and wanted to post this tribute for your birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Thank you for being the most wonderful little buddy in the world.
your mommie

Tinker Bell, 8/14/02-8/31/03

Tinker Bell, My Baby, I Love You more then anything in this world. There was never a day that went by that I didn't stop to Thank Jesus for you. You were my little Angle, my little Sunshine. I miss your tiny little Barks, Your face in the window when I would drive up the drive way, I miss the scratching at the bed, and seeing you chase Tigers around the house. I miss watching you give kisses to Lions, and taking you with me every where I went. Baby, your Grandma's and Grandpa's, your cousins, your Aunt Elizabets, and Aunt Tina miss you soooo much. The children in the neighborhood all come to see your grave every day. they have helped to decorate it so special. Baby, I will never forget you and all the Love you brought to everyone. You gave me so much Love, and brought the Love out in me that I never knew existed. Baby, Me and your Daddy will see you in Heaven one day, I Love Tinker Bell.

PS. Tinker Bell I love you and will miss you dearly. You completed our family and it will not be easy without you. I would let you poop on my office floor, tear up all my bills, and sneak into the cat food everyday if I could only have you back in our lives here on earth. I hope you are making God and everyone as happy as you made us. Love Papa.

Tinkerbell, June 1997 to 14th April 2001

I still miss you Tinks - two years have passed by.
Still the pain doesn't go away........... I know you fly high and free now but I just wish I could hear you say just once more 'See you in the morning' and that it would be true.
All your chatterings constantly brought a smile to my face.
And I smile even now as I think about you.
God bless my beautiful gorgeous girl...............

Meryl Fitzgerald.

Tinkerbelle, 06/28/01-01/27/03

Tinkerbelle was a very special little girl. She was only here a short time, but in her short life she never let her illness get the best of her. She was good natured and lived every day to it's fullest when she was feeling good. She'll be missed dearly.

Tinky, 01/07/03

Dearest Tinky, We did not know you had a ticking time bomb in either you liver or brain. For three glorious years you were ours to love and love and love. Emma, Molly and I will miss you forever. You are at the bridge now--taken by Jackson and Shannon. Be happy little one. I will always love you.


Tiny, 11/18/03

Tiny was my dearest companion. She helped me get through some very hard times in my life. She was my lap cat, always ready for a kiss, hug and snuggle and she was always there to give one as well. I will miss her dearly. My greatest comfort is knowing I will see her again and be able to hold and love her.

My babies kidneys were failing and she had less than a week to live. She wasn't eating anything. Just deteriorating rapidly. She was very weak and I chose to put her to sleep rather than wake up one morning and find her dead. I wanted to be with her when she passed away. I refused to let her die alone.

I love you Tiny...

Julie Kay

Tiny, 11/15/89-10/18/03

My husband & I had Tiny put to sleep because his kidney's were failing due to old age. It hurt so bad to let him go, but we didn't want Tiny to suffer, or be in pain.

My husband & I have been blessed to have Tiny, & his brother Whopper for 14 years.

Tiny tot, we Love you& miss you so much. You brought so much joy & happiness in our lives, and one day we will be together in heaven. Whopper misses you so much too, and we will take care of Whopper, Tiny. One day you& Whopper will together in heaven.

Sadly missed by Lisa, Gregg, & Whopper, Tiny's brother.


Tiny, my children and I will never forget you! Tiny knew when my sons were sad or happy, and their world was crumbling because of my divorce, Tiny was able to comfort my boys like no one else could. Tiny followed my boys everywhere, and she licked their tears away. She has been a faithful friend and childhood companion we had around for seventeen years. Tiny, I will always remember you with love! My son B, now 25 gave you the happiest month of your life, when he paid so much to have you operated, he wanted you to remain with us for a few more years

John M Bennett

Tiny Delozier, 08/08/94-12/06/03

Hey Little Man!! No more shots, huh? I bet you like being able to see again too, huh? Momma and I miss you very much little buddy, but don't be sad for us. We know that you are in a better place now waiting on us to come and play with the tennis ball with you and give you lots of hugs and kisses. We love you with all our hearts Tiny.

David & Michelle

Tiny Little, 08/04/95-10/25/03

You were the tiniest bunny in the world, but you will always be a giant in our hearts. We love and miss you so much, baby girl. Wooly will have a very hard time without you there to snuggle and take care of him. Wait for us all at the bridge.

Tiny Tink, 06/03/95-07/22/03

There aren't enough words to say what you mean to me.
How I'm a better person for knowing you.
You are more than just a dog.
You are my child, my confidante, my angel with fur.
I love you with all of my heart and miss you more every day. Your passing has been devastating to me. Enjoy your rest, my little one.
Be happy.
One day you and I will cross the bridge together.

Rhonda Jones

Tipper, 08/15/00-03/08/03

Always faithful, always there for me. So many happy memories. Playing "soccer" with a ping-pong ball. Leaving your toy mouse in my work shoe for a morning surprise. Starting everyday with me and greeting me at the window every night. No matter how bad the day, Tipper was always there with something to make it better. Such a courageous, loving example. My tears are selfish tears; for you I am so happy there is no more cancer, no more medicine and no more struggle to breathe. Though I cannot hold you in my arms again, I will hold you in my heart forever more my loving friend.

Pat Cooper

Tippi Cardinal, 07/12/88-10/13/03

a.k.a. Tippi-Moon, Tippi-Bear, anything that sounded like Tippi, and Little Old Man or Gummy-Bear in his later years, passed away peacefully at home on October 13, 2003 at 12:34 am. He left this world as he came into it, feeling the gentle, loving touch of his human mommy. We will miss your purrs, watching you roll in the grass, giving you brain tickles & head kisses, and watching you chase the dog. Bye my baby:(

Chris & Kirsten Cardinal, Auntie Shannon, Gramma & Sunnie

Tippy, 11/14/03

Tippy was the best dog anyone could ever asked for. To me she wasn't a dog. She was my best friend. She always listened and understood me. Being the only child for 13 years, she also was like a sister to me. She is missed dearly.


Tippy, 08/27/03

Tippy was a great dog she was a friend and sitter for my children were ever they went she was not far behind. She would hold all our secrets and never had to worry that she would tell. Tippy we all miss you and love you Rufus and Brownie are lost without your guidance
love always
your mommy

Tippy, 05/02/92-05/29/03

God bless Tippy my shadow, my friend. I miss him every minute. I miss his companionship, unconditional love, his jingle, his job well done of telling me when the cats want in or out, him greeting the walkers, and being the most patient, kind, gentle angel.

Peggi Pleiman

Tippy, 11/30/86-04/18/03

Thank you for the joy you brought to all of us. Thank you for teaching us so much. Thank you for the gift of yourself. We miss you so much. We love you.

Paul, Cherris, Lydia, Nicholas

Tisha, 09/01/91-04/27/03

A beautiful, gentle, and friendly Red Female Doberman. You got a second lease on life when we got you from your uncaring former owner who wanted you put down. You became part of our family. You were our loyal friend and protector for the last 11 years. Your kind heart finally gave out on Sunday 10:50pm April 27,2003. We will miss you and remember you always. Until we are together again, goodbye, rest in peace dear friend.

Love always,
Your Family
Chuck, Deb, Michael, and Sean

Titan, 10/04/94-05/13/03

You are still my boy, I miss you terrible Titan..You are and will always be with me in my heart and soul. You were a wonderful boy and such a loving boy. I know that you are no longer in any pain and we will be back together one we can walk together forever.

Gloria "angel" Brinson

Titan, 5/95-4/13/03

My best "friend" of 8 years died yesterday. His name was Titan & his heart was bigger than his 210lb. mastiff size! I hope that he is at Rainbow Bridge now & in no more pain, restored to his old beautiful loving self & that he waits for his family to come & get him when out time is done. I want Titan to know how much he was loved & always will be. We are all hurting right now & miss him more than he knows, I can't believe he is gone. Titan we love you, hope you understand & will wait for us. Titan, you are the best dog/friend anyone could have wanted, thank you for sharing your life with us!!!!! We hope that we will see you when you get to Rainbow bridge, try to be patient big boy.


Titani, 03/05/00-05/25/03

You were only part of our family for a few short years, but we all loved you very much. Your brother, Taz and dog family, Angel and Chauncey miss you very much, as much as we your "human" family does. 'Lil Billy prays for God to watch over you now, as do we. I know that you are happy and content now that you can finally run, play and not deal with the seizures any longer. Say "hello" to my Fat Cat and Raven for mommy, I know they will watch over my Titi for us. Daddy says to "take care, baby girl."

I love you Titi and will miss your cuddling with all the purring and most of all your beautiful, bright eyes.

We know you are at peace and in a better place, but we love you and will always be thinking of our sweet baby. Until we all meet again...

We love you "baby girl"!
Mom, Dad, little Billy, Taz, Chauncey and Angel Harrell

Tito, 08/12/03

You were a special, sweet little friend. We will all miss your kisses and your special greetings to us. May you be at peace across the Rainbow Bridge with your sister Des. We will never forget you.

Nancy McClelland

Titus, 05/04/88-06/26/03

Pet quality is what they called you. Too big, crooked teeth and slight underbite made you unsuitable for show. Pet quality indeed; for you were the grand champion of pets for 15 years. Every aspect of our home and life was better for your presence. Little in size but mighty in love and spirit, today you passed from our life, but never from our hearts.

We will love and honor your memory forever, Baby T.

Tizzie, 04/30/95-06/13/03

Tizzie, you were truely my best friend and the best cat ever! I'm going to miss you, my lap warmer, my cuddle bug, my pillow partner, I'll miss playing hide and go seek, and mostly your kisses. The only thing getting me through this is knowing how much we truely loved each other, and knowing that we'll see each other again someday. I love you.


TJ, 01/09/96-12/03/03

You gave us unconditional love and joy.
You were the gentlest and kindest Shar-pei that could be.
We will miss you terribly.
Especially your crazy-dog wild runs around the house while you were still able.
I shed a tear tonight.

David Hardy

TJ, 01/01/92-08/17/03

To & for my trusted & loyal friend.

Arthur Hewett

T. J., 04/08/91-08/13/03

My TJ was the best!!

Bonnie Linthicum

TJ, 06/28/03

She was a special friend whom we loved and will miss.

Rufus & Julie Smith

TJ, 03/01/94-04/18/03

TJ...our baby TJ. The emptiness ripped in our souls with your early passing is unbearable. Of all the companions and friends we could ever be graced with upon this earth, you shared a larger part of our lives (and hearts) than words could ever express. You gave us your warmth, love and much, much more. You nuzzled us with your soft nose when we felt down, you listened with cocked head when we bared our souls and told our secrets, you licked away our tears in times of strife, and protected our lives from any danger, real or perceived. We called you our people with fur, our baby. Some are quick to say 'he was just a dog", but we know now, that "just a dog" is a phrase from those who have never experienced the heart warming feelings of having unconditional love and companionship given so freely; those who have never had their very essence ripped from them in the anguish of loss. We long to give just one more scratch, one more hug, one more walk...but TJ our baby, we know you have not really gone but only just run ahead to a better, more brighter place, there to wait for us with a wriggle of your rear, wagging of your tail, and warm kisses to our faces as welcome. Until we meet you at the rainbow bridge, our eternal love is with you and we know yours is with us. Love forever - mamma and daddy. (Mike and Jonni Pikey)

TJ, 1/6/02

TJ was such a special dog, and all of us here will miss him so very much.

T.K. (Tiny Kitten), 5/27/03-6/2/03

My sweet little were so small the day you were born. Your brother
& sister were so much bigger & stronger.
You were my special little baby. Sweet love, your now with God who can take better care of you than I ever could. You'll be free to run with Gizmo, Cowboy, Cassie, Kali, Duchess, Dusty. I know I'll see you again someday my sweet little furbaby. You will be missed so much. You will live forever in our hearts.
We love you Tiny Kitten...go with Jesus and be happy now.
All our love Ann , Jim, Kiki (Mom) Jazz, Precious, Cowboy, Ashley, Harley, Petey (Father)
J.R. Zak, Peanut.

Tobe, 11/07/88-05/02/03

You were a very special dog and we miss you so much. We will always have our "Tobe Stories" to tell. Thanks for being our loyal dog. We will love you forever.

Steve Baker

Tobee, 04/14/01-03/25/03

There was never any better beagle!! You gave us the happiest times over these last 21 months Tobee. We will see each other again....we love and miss you.

Mom, Dad and Pammy


Dear Tob, You were my special bud I will always remember you and miss the way you turned your head when we talked. Ill never forget playing ball with you and throwing oranges in the grove while you chased and then ate them. Ken -- My Tobi Puppy, how I love you. I will always miss seeing you out my kitchen window. I will miss your soft little ears. Camping won't be the same without you snuggling with Jeff and I. Thank you for all the love you have given, Mom -- Dear Tobi, You were my big brother. I will miss you a lot. I remember how you used to chew on a flat basket ball all the time. I wonder if anyone will ever find that bone you buried in the back yard. We all will miss you.

Tobias, 06/10/95-05/04/02

Our dearest Tobias, Mommy's little guy, how special you were and always will be in our hearts. We remember how you would get under the sheets and bite our toes" hence the name "toebiter". We adopted you when you were almost 3 years old, and you were such a little porker. I suppose you spent alot of time in the cage before you came to us...but oh how your life changed. You had sisters and brothers now and you used to bodyslam them around, specially Freddy. I suppose there was some jealousy there, but Tobias you became such a Mamma's boy. You would follow me around everywhere, and you loved the big "out" .When Daddy and I would take all 4 of you's for a ride, as soon as the car stopped, your head would peek out from under the blanket as If to ask "are we there yet?" You were such a handsome little guy with your pretty blue eyes and your tiny pink nose, and that sweet little face that I fell in love with from the moment I met you. You always appreciated the new toys and the new things that Mommy would make for you. I was utterly devastated when the x-rays came back and you were loaded with cancer. My heart was shattered to think I would lose you. We loved you so much Tobias, so so much. Daddy and I did all we could to help make your last few days bearable for you, we knew the time had come that we had to let you go. We loved you too much to watch you suffer. We will see you again Tobias, in another place and time. Thank-you my little toe-biter for all of your "love and tisses". Until then remember we love you always. Mommy Daddy Freddy Missy and Katie

Tobias (Toby), 12/96-01/31/03

Toby, your passing was so unexpected, the smartest little boy doggie I've ever seen. And trained so well. You could even open doors, without a thumb, and we never could figure out just how you did that. You would sit and cry with me over my problems, for months at a time. Now, you're gone, and I feel I am too. How can I face life without you??
Everyone loved and bragged on you. Especially your human daddy, sleeping right above his head on the pillow every night and guarding everyone and everything as we rested. I love and miss you, your mom, Dee.

Tobias, 6/16/86-11/29/02

How do you say goodbye to part of your life? For sixteen and a half years, my baby was there to talk to, but never to judge and always to love. When nobody else was there to live with me, he was and he always listened and never complained about how much I talked. My house is quiet and my lap and bed are empty, but my mind and memory are full of good times. I always promised to take care of him and I did even at the end, assuring him it was alright and I loved him and always would. His head grew heavy in my arms as my heart grew heavy in my chest, but I never left him. I will always love him and hold him in my heart.


Tobias Q. Bear (Toby), 01/01/91-09/11/03

Toby was a special little guy who loved life and fiercely protected his people and property. His passing has left a large hole in our hearts. We miss you Toby!

Sharon Rauh

Tobin, 02/21/03

My Big Baby Boy, my Tobester, he took care of me much more than I of him. He loved me unconditionally through all my turmoil, and left me only when he knew I was finally in a good and safe place. The little soul had a short illness (kidney disease), it came on suddenly and we gave him a dignified departure. It was unexpected and is so painful, however the briefness of his suffering is really a blessing. I wouldn't have wanted my little buddy to suffer for even a moment...... I miss you Tobe and will always love you and keep you close by, in my heart.

Toby, 03/20/90-12/21/03

To a most loved boy. I will always love you and never forget you.

Peggy Coddens

Toby, 11/08/96-11/04/03

He was my very best friend and I miss him each and every second of every day.
I can't wait to be with him again.

Debra Pickett

Toby, 10/8/89-10/5/03

My darling Toby, you were the best friend I ever had. I love you so much. and I will be thinking of you until we are together again.

With all my love.


Toby, 11/18/88-06/09/03

My Toby was the most precious and loving friend to me for almost 15 years. He was there for me through good times and bad times. He was my special companion from the day he was born. He is my soulmate and I miss him more than words can express.

Ilona Welacha

Toby, 07/07/92-03/12/03

He was a lover and pleaser and only brought joy to those around him - to many he did not even know. Always such a good boy, he is hopefully chasing tennis balls, getting all the pets, and eating all the kibble and treats his big heart desires.

He became the little angel that he always was to us. Toby didn't go away. He's in all the good things that are still here. He was in that sunset as we left the vet's office. And he was in the birds songs as Bailey and I took our walk that evening. And he'll always be in our hearts.

Pete and Jeri Ann May

Toby, 10/8/89-10/5/03

I will always love you my darling. And one day soon we will be together again.

Yours for Eternity.


Toby, 09/15/03

Our Toby bear was a great kitty. He provided unconditional love for the 4 years of his short life. Toby had to be put down due to a thrown blood clot which could not be treated. Now he is in a place where there is no suffering or pain. We will truly miss our precious Toby bear. Toby, we love you and we will always remember you. Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our lives.

Love Mommy & Daddy

Toby, 09/18/85-09/06/03

In Memory of Toby

Black and White Male Cat

Sept 18, 1985- Sept 6 , 2003

You will always be in our hearts. You gave us so much and asked for so little.

May God pick you up and cradle you in his loving arms.

We will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge


The Jaquays Family

Toby, 09/1985-09/2003

In Loving Memory of Toby

A cherished cat with very nice black and white markings.

You gave us so much, and asked for so little.

Sept 1985- Sept 2003

You will allways be in our hearts . We miss you so much,

May God pick you up and cradle you in his loving arms.

Sarah, Ellen and Bill

Toby, 08/05/03

Toby was a beautiful cat, inside and out. He passed on much too soon. We will miss his sweet and gentle nature. We love you, Toby!

Until we meet again...

Toby, 03/24/89-08/04/03

Toby my beloved little friend and pal. You will be missed very dearly. You have been a great friend to us and too your 2 little cat friends. They also miss you. May you be at the Rainbow Bridge with Pandy and KitKat that have gone on before you. Maybe some day we all will be together again and be happy. We hope you are happy and have all your favorite things from toys and all the treats and goodies that you love so much. You will also be in our hearts forever and no other will take your place. You have been very special to us and always will. We had our fun times and sad times. You loved us no matter what happened or how sick you got. You never said a word about it. You always let us know that you loved us, no matter what. You are in a place now where there is no pain and we know that you are at place.
Will all the love in the world from Lisa, Edward, Morris (cat) and Simon (cat)

Toby, 1989-07/21/03

Toby was the most amazing cat I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His beautiful qualities are too numerous to list, but here are just two to demonstrate his wonderful nature, amazing understanding of humans, and his total lovingness. He was the most gentle of souls and aided my Mother after her stroke in calming here down by jumping up aside of her on the sofa and nudging her to pet him. He invited my 1 year old granddaughter to play by showing her his belly and allowing her less than gentle pats. HE was my best friend, my angel here on earth, my comforter. I miss him to the core of my soul.

Jan Childress

Toby, 03/14/93-03/20/02

By Beautiful Toby, We miss you so much. Cory has taken over as our watch dog. I wish you could have met our Michael. He is such a beautiful boy. He was born two weeks after you passed away. Cory just loves him. We miss throwing the tennis ball and you barking when you want food. Family walks are just not the same without you. I hope you and Cody have met again and the two of you are playing at the rainbow bridge. Hopefully, Cody now gives you a chance with those wobbies. I just wish that you did not eat that rubber. You would have still been alive. A dog so terrific and loving as you did not deserve to die such a tragic death.
You will forever me in our thoughts and in our hearts!

Loving you forever,


Toby, 07/20/03

Toby was a bird that was found in the middle of the road, struck by a car but still clinging to life. We only knew him for time it took to drive him to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic where he could be relieved from his misery, but we were honored to share those last few minutes with him. We hope he is at peace.

Belinda Barnett

Toby, 1/26/92-6/8/98

Toby was a Border Collie - Sheltie mix. She was my beautiful princess. She gave me a special gift - bringing her into our home gave my ill father a sense of purpose. He was given only 6 months to live, but he lived for 18 months. She gave me an extra year with my Daddy. When she got sick, I didn't know what to do. The doctor said it might have been her kidneys. He didn't know how serious I was when I offered one of my own if it could save her. I left her in the hospital at 2 AM. She died just before 11 AM. She had a tumor in her liver the size of a grapefruit. And she had been born with only one kidney. We never knew.

Toby, 05/12/94-05/06/03

In memory of my sweet Toby who filled my life with happiness and love for the past 9 years.


Toby, 05/01/85-06/11/03

Toby, despite all of the cruelty you suffered at the beginning of your life, you were a loving and special kitty. You taught me so much, and I will love you a miss you forever. I am glad you are now at peace, and healthy and whole again.

Kerry Flanagan

Toby, 04/07/01-03/01/02

Beautiful Toby was amongst the first litter of 10 puppies born in the UK to our Chocolate Labradors, Grenade and Pin. He was destined to live with Carole¹s sister and her family in Pittsburgh in the US and we had him for the first four months until the day came for him to travel. He established a happy life in the US and was adored by his new family and all their friends. He returned the affection with constant attention and boundless energy, sharing his time between the suburbs of Pittsburgh and the snow covered Allegheny mountains. We would often hear about his antics in the snow, how he would rub his nose in it and then lick it off, his long walks in the trails and how he would chase skiers down the slopes.

Toby would talk with his real Mum and Dad on the telephone, listening to their barks as we had them ³speak² into the handset. His tail would wag and his ear would cock as he recognised the origins of the sounds. He was incredibly intelligent and just loved life.

Then one day he started to become a little lethargic. The vet said that there was nothing to worry about but he only got worse and stopped eating his food. His family members would take turns sleeping with him and comforting him but he continued to go downhill. Toby was taken to another vet who immediately diagnosed Parvo ­ a different strain from the one he was inoculated against before he left the UK ­ and he was put on an IV drip. He seemed to recover for a short while but then his health began to deteriorate again, although this did not stop him from showing his love whenever he could by wagging his tail as you approached him.

Toby went to the animal hospital for intensive treatment and the nurses there watched over him as we kept our fingers crossed that he would recover but, sadly, the Parvo had already done irreversible damaged to his organs and it was not long before Toby slipped away peacefully and quietly.

Although he had only been with us for a short time the pain of his loss was intense. He has left a vacuum in the lives of everyone who was close to him and over one year later he remains the subject of sad conversations and misty eyes.

Grenade and Pin have now produced a second litter with a further eight puppies. Carole¹s family have visited us in the UK and chosen one of the puppies ­ named Lola by them ­ to be their newest family member. This is so poignant for everyone because Lola is Toby¹s lookalike sister and now they can once again share in the happiness that Grenade and Pin have brought to us for many years.

Toby, we all miss you so much ­ I remember visiting you in Pittsburgh a few months after you went out there. You had not forgotten me and you covered my face with your kisses. Now, although you are gone, Lola will walk in your footsteps and keep up your tradition of chasing skiers down the snow-covered mountain slopes. She is your living memory.

Carole and Michael

Toby, 12/01/89-05/01/03

We got Toby from the SPCA in Buffalo, NY. at the age of 9 months. He was the featured Pet of the Week in the local newspaper. He was my best friend for 13 years and a wonderful dog who will never be forgotten. We miss him terribly but will always be grateful for the 13 years we had together.

Vic & Judie Fezekas

Toby, 04/30/03

Toby we had been together from day one. I don't remember a day I hadn't spent without you. You where my little baby, and will always be. I just wanted to tell you that you are in a better place, and god will take you by his side. You will be able to walk again and drink as much water as you want. I love you baby and please don't forget about us. Love, Jesse, David, Mom, and Dad

Toby, 09/16/02-04/27/03

You were with us such a short time, my darling boy. Oh, how you are missed!

Linda W

Toby, 4/07/88-2/20/03

Toby, you were my joy, the love of my life, and my best friend for so many years. From the instant we met, we knew we belonged together. Our life together was exciting and so much fun.

Right from the beginning, you were the ultimate ham. At nine weeks old you glued yourself to my leg and accompanied me wherever I went. You were a pleasure to teach and a joy to have around. You were always so willing to please me, your partner.

In the obedience ring, you were a pistol, soaking up all the applause from the many people who stood at ringside watching you perform. How you loved being admired and you often talked to me while in the ring. Always thrilled about going in the car, whether it was to class, to shows, therapy visits, a seminar, to the beach, even spending a day on a movie set once. You were always a gentleman and everyone loved you. You slept quietly in the car until we got to a rest stop and were always ready for a new adventure. We even went on two cross country trips together and you were admired by everyone along the way. Such a gorgeous and happy little Sheltie and it broke both our hearts when your arthritis got too bad for you to continue performing.

You were a good friend to the other dogs and they loved you like we did. In your youth, you were always ready for a good game of tug of war with one of them. When Teeka died, you hurt as much as I did but you put aside your sorrow so you could be strong for me. You were the one I turned to for consolation and no one can ever take your place.

You were the one to comfort me when I went through a series of cancer treatments which made me very weak and sick. You stayed on the bed with me through all of it except for when you ate or had to go out. How I appreciated having you there.

I know your old friends Gretel and Teeka were there to help you cross over and now you are embarking on a new adventure. I'm sure you're going about your business with the same zest you did in life.

Good-bye my dear friend. You are forever in my heart and we will meet again one day.

Love always,

Toby, 03/18/03

Toby came to us 11 years ago when our son passed away. Toby saw us through that devastating time, he brought solace, eventually much joy and more love than we could have imagined. He gave us a reason to go on, a vital purpose. He made us a threesome. We will always love you Toby. Job WELL done.

Linda & Graham

Toby, 02/11/03

For our darling Toby - we all love you and miss you. We especially miss seeing you come out to greet us everytime someone came home. With our beloved Monty now.


Toby, 02/18/88-01/22/03

To the most loving and faithful friend that we have ever known. Thank you for all the happy and fun times that we have shared. To all the places that we have explored together. You will leave a big hole in our hearts until we meet again. Love you always. Goodnight, no more suffering. Love Mummy and Daddy.

Toby, 10/13/90-01/25/03

You were my best friend for over twelve years and the best pal I could ever have had. I will always treasure our time together, remember you for your gentle, caring soul, and hold you close to my heart. You were always there to greet me when I came home and gave me strength to succeed through my years in elementary and high school and university. You have been so brave at the end when you got sick and showed such heart while it hurt that you are an inspiration to me. Some day we'll be together again and will meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I will love you always.


Toby, 05/15/92-08/03/02

A wonderful friend for 10 years, still missed very much.


Toby, 12/31/02

Toby, thank you for giving us so many years of joy. Every day you loved us and made up happy. By caring for you during your illness, we learned that love and commitment can make just about anything possible. Finally, we had to learn the hard lesson about letting go. We are glad we were able to be with you, to hold you and to love you as you crossed the bridge.

Jeff, Cathy and Mallory

Toby-Joe, 7/21/87-9/19/99

My darling little boy Toby-Joe, born on 21st July 1987,went to be with our lord on 19th September 1999, Babe you were the best friend I ever had, I will love and miss you always, you went in my arms Babe, the way I think we both wanted the end to be, I still look at your picture and cry, I miss you so much, I won't ever forget you Babe, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Toby Poppleton, 06/15/88-01/13/03

Loved always, remembered each minute, missed forever.


Toby Stansberry, 1995-07/03/03

There is so much to say about Toby.
Toby was given to my husband when he was 2&1/2 years old. John and I married and Toby came here to live with the rest of the Hee Haw gang. We have horses and other dogs and cats too. He fit right in with all the mad cap things that all the animals do. Each has his own special "thing" that they do that makes you laugh or is just their touch to the moment. Toby would take my hand in his giant mouth and lead me around the property. When he would try to "hold hands" with other people they thought he was trying to eat them.
He was as gentle as a kitten. Speaking of which several of our cats would curl up with him to sleep. And when the baby horses were born he would lay outside their corrals and be the watchman so no harm came to the babies.
When I hurt my back moving hay that I wasn't suppose to touch he layed beside me to comfort me until someone got there to get help for me. When my husband wrecked his dirt bike on the sand dunes, Toby was the first one to his side, he knew that his Dad was hurt and we had a heck of a time trying to check on John because Toby wanted to be right beside him and we needed to be there to see what was wrong. John was unconscious, Toby was licking him and trying to bring him around. He loved his Dad and his Mom. He loved his kids too. The boys had to be careful not to bring other kids in the yard and play tackle anything because Toby would get the other kids by the ankle and drag them off of "His" kids.
It was so hard to let Toby go. We had to have him put to sleep on July 3, 2003. He had Osteosarcoma in both femurs. He was in a lot of pain. We had gotten a morphine patch placed on him by our vet and even that didn't help him much so we had to say good-bye to our much loved family member and friend. We had him cremated and will be bringing him back home to be with us forever.

We love you Toby

Toby Tyler, 12/05/88-04/07/03

Toby, you were a gift from God, and now I have returned you to him. I will be eternally grateful that He gave you to me. Until we meet at the bridge, I love you, my big baby boy. Mom

Todd, 06/18/03

My best buddy for 16 years. We had the rambunctious puppy times, the fun of your adult years, and the sedate companionship of your old age. You crossed over, carrying a whole lot of love with you. I rejoice because you are well, happy, and cared for by angels. You can run again, see clearly, and wag your tail. I'm sad because my world will never be the same. We will be reunited in due time because love goes on forever. In my heart, I'm giving you a big hug and I feel your soft fur against my cheek. Love, always, Mom

Toes, 12/03/03

Our beloved sweetheart who knew everything there is to know about love. She will always be a part of us, and we will be a part of her forever.

Chris and Craig Jacocks

Toffey, 09/03/86-04/23/03

To my "Honeyboy" Toffey, you were the best dog in the whole world; my best-friend! Thank you for 17 years of unconditional love and companionship. I will forever have a hole in my heart. You are greatly missed. I love you!

Tofu, 12/16/03

Tofu, what a hole you have left in our hearts-our tears seem endless and I can barely catch my breath when I think of you. Your spirit is everywhere I turn. We loved you for a lifetime with everything good inside of us. You gave us joy and playful happiness in return. We will always remember your spirit with a smile and a humorous story.

Sue & Frank

Tom, 08/12/03

Tom-Tom, You have been our perfect Siamese gentleman. We will love and miss you with all our hearts.

Gary, Barbara, Bryan Chlan

Tom, 03/92-08/21/02

We love you big guy, and will never forget you.


Mommy & Daddy

Tombstone, 10/14/99-06/17/03

This was our very mushy baby who was laid to rest due to canine lymphoma. Our big guy was so very brave and never whined or complained at all about the medical procedures. To a wonderful friend and companion, we will miss him so dearly.


Tom Gill, 03/05/03

Last night we lost our "Benign Dictator". His name was Tom Gill, he came to us after his owner died and he was turned in by relatives to be put to sleep. Realizing that the world would be the poorer for losing him we adopted him and brought him home. He was the oldest and biggest cat in the house and soon became top cat and kept all the younger, rowdier cats in line with tender discipline thus his nick name. It was his job to stop fights and settle disputes amongst the younger cats and he did it with the utmost sense of fairness and justice and we came to completely trust his judgment. Every one loved Tom. What else can I tell you........ he had a weakness for curly fries and would sit and sweetly stare at you if you were in his chair letting you politely know he wanted to sit there, it always worked. We will miss him.

B.T. and Ann Robertson

Tommy, 07/81-08/2002

Our great buddy

Lou, Mary, Joe Bottino

Tommy, 12/15/03

My sweet Tommy,

I had to let you go yesterday. I'm getting better, but there is still a huge hole in my heart. I wish I could have made you better. I'm so sorry such a great cat had to go through this. I'm glad you're not suffering anymore, but it seems like nothing else matters anymore. I will still miss seeing you and petting your soft grey fur. I hope you're in a place now where you have everything you want. Please don't feel bad you left me. You gave me so much joy and made me feel so much better. You were such a good hunter. Once on the Saturday before Easter you caught a rabbit and we joked it was the Easter Bunny. It seemed like you could sit on my lap for hours sometimes. Once, a friend said she could hear you purring 3 feet away. One day my dad was petting you and you were purring so loud my Mom thought something was wrong. It seems like this house is so empty without you. I will love you always.


Tommy, 04/89-08/22/03

Tommy was a wonderful pet. He was very loving and loved to "talk". His brother Jerry passed last November and I know he missed him as we all do. Tommy was very courageous and loved people in general. He was the boss of our neighborhood and always protected our home from other kitty intruders. He is so very missed and was so loved. I am looking forward to seeing his again one day.

Glinda Samano

Tommy, 10/11/96-08/11/03

To my beloved Tommy which I will never forget and cannot stop missing. I only wish I could return in time and hold you just once again. I know this is impossible but I really hope you know I will always love you because you are the only one who really understood me and who was always there for me

Caroline Janssens

Tommy, 06/06/96-07/10/03

Tommy was a wonderful stray that I adopted. He has a son called Floris (who was shot at on the 20th of August).
Tommy had lost a hind leg after getting trapped in a fence and that was very difficult for him, but his love for his son Floris helped him through those difficult first days.
He died of FIV and CRF. I still miss him very much, he had a great character.


Tommy, 07/26/95-08/07/03

Tommy was a special angel that touched our lives. His love of our family, his companion, Sasha, and of fetching anything thrown for him brought joy to everyone around him. He is irreplaceable and will be missed dearly.

Brandy Abreu

Tommy, 05/05/88-07/29/03

Tommy was the sweetest, kindest, prettiest, delicately fun little sheltie angel. I don't know what happened Tommy, I miss you and I love you forever. You have taken another piece of my heart with you along like Sam, Snoopy, Tony, Teddy, Paco, Ryan, Corky, Bobby, and Danny did before you.
I wish I had you for all of your 15 years - but am glad we found each other for the last ten. You have followed Danny to heaven - you loved each other so much. Please look after Tinker, Packy and Timmy, we all love you and Danny, and all the brothers you have just met. I love you guys.

Tamara Dooley

Tommy, 07/25/03


You were such a strong and brave cat, yet so gentle and affectionate. You were there to purr and comfort me and see me through the tough times; my heart aches wishing there were more I could have done to help you through yours. Thank you for the 3 years you were content to share with me, and the many fond memories that I will treasure always. You were a great friend and a beloved companion, and I miss you dearly.

love always,


Tommy, 04/26/03

I had the sweetest most unique kitty in this whole world. He talked all of the time, he always greeted us at the door every time we came in. He was grey and white, and very long, I loved his fuzzy little white arms.
He got sick a couple of months ago (vomiting, diarrhea, and drooling), so I brought him to the vet and we got him on antibiotics. He got better then, but over the past week he lost a lot of weight and he stopped eating, so I brought him in again, still the vet didn't understand the problem so we got him on antibiotics again. When I woke up the following morning he was barely breathing and he couldn't even lift his little head up, so I rushed him to the hospital where he soon passed away.
I just don't know what to do with myself, I love him so much and I don't understand why he died at such a young age, I don't know how I'll go on with out him. He was truly one of a kind, and I will miss him and love him forever and ever. And I just pray to god that he keeps him safe and happy. Please my little Thomas, know how much I love you and I will never forget you!!!!

Trisha, Ryan

Tommy, 09/01/96-01/03/03

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.

I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.

I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am the birds that sing
I am in each gentle thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die.

Andrew & Lisa Greatorex

Tommy Baby Lambert, 03/01/00-02/10/03

A shoulder or paw to lean on. You were my laughter on the best of days. You were not only my best friend but you were like a son to me. Mommy prays to you every night hoping that you can hear me. You will never be forgotten my son my best friend. I miss the jingle of your collar when I come home and the bark you gave when you seen me and most of all the loving kisses you gave me endlessly. I will meet you at the rainbow when my time comes but for now your spirit remains close to my heart. I love you!
Love Mommy (Elizabeth Lambert)

Tommy Lee, 07/22/03

Tommy Lee you were a part of our lives for the past 20 years. Now you are free to join the rest of our family at the Bridge: Ozzie, Crystal, Lotus, Billy, and Max. Give them all a kiss from us. We love you, we miss you, and we will never forget you.

Art & Pat Ribbel

Tom Pouf, 02/01/84-01/27/01

Tom was the our first cat and taught us a lot


TomTom, 10/12/93-08/18/03

We lost Tom suddenly. Please let him know he was loved.


Tom Tom, 01/20/03

"Tom Tom" 01/20/2003
I just wanted to say that Tom Tom was very special to us, even though he was a stray cat that lived in our backyard. I befriended him and got his trust almost two years ago. I started feeding him and three other stray cats, along with our own cat Douglas. He was a huge black tom-cat, so the name "Tom Tom" kind of stuck... He was a very gentle and loved to be scratched & petted! We loved him as if he was our own. He did not die cold, hungry or starving, in fact I think he probably ate better than we did. He was nice and healthy after we adopted him as our own. When we arrived home he was laying on the sidewalk outside of our house, he looked as if he just layed down and went to sleep. I began to cry as Al and I picked him up and put him inside a brown box. I didn't want him to just lay there. He was part of the family. I had just fed him hours earlier. He deserved better than to be left on there... He indeed was loved. We will all miss you "Tom Tom" stay fat and we'll see you again soon someday. Love us!

Amy Beidler & Al Hatter


Oh how I miss you after all this time. I remember you flying around the house and the sign (bird crossing) we had to put up to let visitors know you may fly by to see who they were. You were such a great teacher and friend to Liberty who recently passed. Oh, how he mourned your loss. He found a new mate but I when he heard you voice on the tape recorder he chirped for you. I still sing your song "You Are So Beautiful to Me Nella". I still cry for you and I think you may even be on my shoulder now and then trying to nestle in my hair. Wait for me, watch for me. Liberty and Ari are there now and so I know you are happy preenie them and following Ari everywhere. I love you. Heidi is there now too, look for her. Until we meet again... Maybe we can fly together when I cross that the bridge. Wouldn't that be neat. I miss you Nella. Love, Mom.

Toniqua's Little Gizmo, 08/23/91-10/26/03

Here is a special poem I wrote for him 2 years ago and published on It says it all. I will really miss the love of my life. Peggy

Gizmo, My Pet

Gizmo you are special and God only knows,
The love I feel in your tiny little paws.
Ten years you have been here to love me through hard times,
Your devotion knows no bounds without reason and without binds.
I would do anything for you my sweet little friend,
And never have any fear for I will be here till the end.

Peggy Kazee

Tonka, 07/03/95-08/21/03

Tonka - You were my heart, my soul, my everything. I feel so empty without you. Every room I enter reminds me of you. Every space in my yard reminds me of you. Every time I get into or out of the van I think of you. Every morning I get up, I miss you. Every night when I go to bed, I miss you. Every minute of every day I think of you and grieve for you. I only hope that Mom has found you and can comfort you until I join you. For now, Tonka, please send me sign that you are ok. I love you forever.


Tony, 1989

Tony, your sweet face I will always remember. Your quiet disposition and willingness to love touched my heart so tenderly. Please forgive me for hurting you. You know I didn't mean to. I was so confused. Tony, I used to sing to you and I loved taking care of you when you and your brothers and sisters were so tiny and scared. I can picture your sweet face still, and I still sometimes sing, "Tony, Tony, Tony do you love me?" I will always love you and will never, ever forget you. I pray you are blissfully happy and eternally content. I loved having you for the short time I did.
You'll always be in my heart.

Marty Thomas

Tooga, 09/26/89-07/17/03

I loved her dearly. She was always there for me. I only regret that I was unable to help her when she needed me the most. I will miss her for the rest of my life.


Tookie, 12/13/02

We will miss our "Tookers". He was our best buddy!

Audra and Bryan

Toonces, 09/01/91-11/23/03

You were the perfect kitty for 12 years and I will miss you.

Liberty Dickinson

Toonces, 01/28/03

Toonces lost his battle with asthma after dealing with the disease for six years. He leaves behind his owners and his sister Boris.

Tooncie, as he was also known, will be missed by all who knew him.

Patricia McCabe

Tooter (Meghan), 04/16/86-12/15/03

You were a blessing to us for all those years, my baby, you will be missed but we will be together again.
Rest now sweetheart, put your head down - Mommy loves.

Judy Walter

Tootle May Humberd, 01/24/99-05/12/03

Never to look into your warm brown eyes, or have your nose snuggle me in the night is nearly unbearable. You never judged only loved me and for this I will be ever grateful. When Tootle May died a part of my heart died with her. She was my little blond air head, whom I miss every day.

Tootsie, 07/04/81-06/20/95

Always in our hearts.
Miss you every hour of every day.


Tootsie, 07/89-06/23/03

Tootsie, You were the love of my life and always will be. The angels sang the day you were born and the day you returned to them. You changed my life, little Tootsie. Thank you for being my dog!!! Sleep good, Tootsie, I ll see you in the morning!!! Rest in Peace, Little Girl--- We will love you and miss you forever. Your Mommy and Granny

Tootsie, 02/14/86-05/12/03

To my sweet little girl. You were my angel with fur. I miss you so much. I was so very lucky to have you for 17 years. I am honored you chose me to share your life while you were here on earth. I am truly blessed to have known you. Be at peace, sweet girl and please wait for me by the Rainbow Bridge. I promise I will come for you when I can. I'll love you now and in the forever after! You'll always be Mama's girl.

Tootsie, 06/05/92-12/31/02

The day tootsie came into my life I learned the meaning of love, unconditional love. She was by my side through so many difficult times and she was there during the joyous ones too, to make them even more joyous. She never let me cry alone or be depressed, she would fall over her tennis ball or dig a huge whole in my freshly laid grass that I just would have to laugh at her. I am sure she kept up the comedy routine to make me smile. I miss her every minute of every hour of ever day she is never out of my thoughts. I don't think I could have ever loved any one any more than the great love I have for her. She was there to get me through all my difficult times, with her by my side I never faced any problem or any day alone. Now I am finding it impossible to face the loss of her, but I hope she is still with me, if only in my heart. Love Tammy

Topaz, 02/09/86-02/25/03

Topaz was the sweetest kitty, funny, affectionate, and very intelligent. She was my sweetie girl for 17 years and I will miss her desperately.


Topaz, 02/03/83-01/06/03

Topaz, adored best friend of Trish and loved by Kay and Lisa. He touched many hearts and will be missed always.

Trish Williams

Topaz Rascal, 10/01/97-08/14/01

My best friend in the hardest times, my constant companion, supporter, teacher, comforter. The only one to dry my tears until your cancer became the source of them. Taz you know I still cry for you, and I always will. I miss you so much, and you were the best dog I could ever dream of. I love you so much... I wish you were still here. You had so many years left we could have spent together... but I believe with all my heart that we'll be together again someday. No matter how many other dogs I love in my life, you will always hold the dearest place in my heart. You taught me more than any person ever did, and I thank you for everything you've done for me. There is no way I can ever repay you for the three years of unconditional love and joy that you brought me... Thank you for everything.

Ashley Roberts

Top Cat, 03/10/97-04/28/03

I'm sorry that you ever had to suffer, Buster. Your sister and I miss you every single second of the day. You will never leave my heart, and you will always be my T.C. Kitty.

Topper, 08/13/86-04/19/03

Topper was the most devoted cat one could wish for. He was pretty much a loner but he was always there for me. It seems as thought I needed him more than he needed me. I feel lost without him and so empty. I have two other cats that I love but not as much as him. I feel as though he is my child, my best friend. I am lost without him.

Topper, 07/01/87-03/25/03

Loyalty & love are the best things of all, and surely the most lasting. - Willie Morris

John Fries

Topsy, 02/15/99-01/26/02

I listed Topsy's passing on date as January 26, my birthday, because that is the day she disappeared.

We love you Topsy.
If you are still alive and can't return to us, please be safe and well.
We miss you!

Sheila Emanuel

Topsy, 06/04/90-08/15/03

Topsy is my Mom's Lhasa Apso and also the mother of my dog Yoshi. We euthanized her today. Topsy was born June 4, 1990 - she was 13 years and 2 months old. Topsy is the mother of 7 beautiful puppies that she helped Mom and I deliver 10 years ago... 4 of which have stayed in the family. Topsy had the good fortune to live with her mate, Scooter and to raise one of her son's, Tipper, in a family setting. She has always been a great Mom and Tipper is going to miss her terribly!... as will Scooter. They are used to looking out for each other and taking care of each other... just like any other family.

The 3 little fat dogs always greet me at the door when I go over to Mom's. They always remind me of "The Three Little Pigs" story, mostly because there are 3 of them, but also because they are so fat and crowd me, which makes it difficult for me to get in through the door... so I always laugh and say, "Little pigs, little pigs - let me come in!" They get so excited to hear me say that... and of course that always tells them ahead of time that it's me. It's not going to feel the same without you Topsy.

Topsy developed arthritis, became blind and lost her hearing - among many other problems. My Mom made her heartfelt decision out of Love and, although I still don't feel strong enough, I went with her to support her. Topsy passed peacefully in our arms and we lovingly buried her in the country where the rest of her family will be buried someday.

I know with all my heart that we don't really "die" and that Topsy Lives on in our hearts and minds forever... but we're sure missing her body right now. I told Topsy she will be happy and will understand all things once her body went to sleep... I promised her we will see her again someday and I welcomed her to continue to watch over us, like the good Mom she has always been.

Topsy: Thank you for teaching me this difficult lesson of Love - in a form I never knew before. You are truly one of God's special Angels! I realize I don't completely understand it all yet, but I promise you I will honor you by continuing to learn all that I can from your Life and passing! You're a goooood girl... I Love You! You're gonna know me when I get there - 'cause the first thing I'm gonna say is: "Little pigs, little pigs - let me come in!" :'-) Thank you for being a part of my Life!


Tora, 09/30/91-04/19/03

Our "Big Orange Boy" will always be with us. A devil to most, but an angel to us. Our mornings will never be the same without 20 pounds of orange purring love climbing on sleeping mom in bed as her alarm is going off or insisting on being on dad's lap as he reads the morning paper and drinks his coffee. So little time passed between his normal self and his final hour. The ultimate act of love was needed by two loving parents. How can that be love? How can it not? We miss him desperately.

Jeannette and Kolin

Tori, 11/30/03

Your courage and love of life has inspired so many family and friends.
I am so honored to have shared these wonderful years with you.
Please run free and know that I dream of the day we will be reunited.

Chere Larose-Senne

Torilyn Kirsch, 07/92-12/25/03

Rest in Peace Tori - and thank you for sharing your life with our family. From the moment you were adopted from the Addison County (Vermont) Human Society you stole our hearts.
Your antics kept us on our toes from climbing on roofs to reign over your domain - to getting stuck in the dryer vent.
It's hard to believe you won't be here anymore.
You were my first granddaughter and will always have a special place in our hearts.
We love you and will miss you always. Mom and Grandmom. 12/25/2003 - Photos of Torilyn can be seen at

Tortis (aka Torti or Tori) Johnson, 3/94-6/13/03

Torti cat always was looking out for us. I will miss her chitchatting with me, and following me around everywhere, wanting to be right there for everything that I did, or wanting to share about everything that she did. I miss her so much.

Kirstie Johnson

Tory, 03/03/94-11/20/03

The little black dog that never complained and was always happy will rest peacefully forever now.


Tory, 08/14/03

Your life before you came to me was rough but you gave so much love to everyone you touched. Sleep well and know that you were loved. I wish for you all the joy and love that you deserve.

Susan Musser

Toto, 03/17/89-10/13/02

Our beloved and much loved "Toto" came to us 11 years ago from being picked up by Colorado Rescue. We were not "dog people" until this little bundle of fur came into our life. She asked so little and gave so much. When we were caregiving our 92 year old mama, Toto spent every meal with mama, making her days brighter than ever. Toto left us on Oct. 13, 2002, a greater loss neither of us thought we could bear until five weeks later, we lost our mama. Toto came from the rainbow bridge to get mama and help her make the transition to the next life. We saw "Toto" do this. Non-believers- wake up -- Love is all around you and waiting for you, often in the form of a little white dog. We Will Always Love You ToTo and Mama - we know you are together

Nancy E. King

Toto, 05/15/88-07/01/03

Toto brought joy to our lives for 15 years. We will miss him terribly!

Sandy & Terry

Toto, 10/28/83-12/07/99

Dearest Toto,

Although you have been away from us for several years, we are adding your name to the Rainbow Bridge List now because we had to put your best friend, Andy, on it this year. He missed you so much when you left, but he knew that you were suffering and your time had come. We were so sad when we had to send Andy to Heaven, but we consoled ourselves with the fact that he would be reunited with you. The two of you were so cute together and such good buddies. We have missed you dearly, Toto Bug, and hope that you and Andy are having a great time in Heaven. Remember how all the neighbors called the two of you salt and pepper (the Westie and the Cairn) when you were out for a walk together? Toto, you brought so much joy and happiness into all our lives! You will be in our hearts forever.

Till we meet again,

The Ravenburg and Warrington Families

Toulouse, 04/05/03

My most treasured baby. She was the best friend a woman could have. She was happy and loved to run on the beach and roll in the sand. I will miss her always.


Tozie, 02/02/85-04/17/01

Tozie came to us when we moved to a new apartment. She fast became my husband's kitty. She's gone now but never far from our thoughts.

Pat Moeser

Tracey, 12/07/93-02/19/03

We listed her last January when she had to stop her chemo after the first two weeks for lymphatic cancer due to complications. (see our post) Well, she recovered from that and went on to have a very good, happy and pain free year due to the mastry of our Dunham Animal Clinic's Dr. Todd Beatty. He used the Madison protocol of chemo. He modified it to suit Traceys needs. It was amazing to see her have a whole year with no adverse reactions. For the past few months the lymph glands were enlarging, as her chemo resistance increased. Last night was all we could bear. She was up most all night with her weakened heart (probably chemo related) and labored breathing. We took Tracey in to the Dr. this morning and talked. We decided to let her go with dignity, and held her face in our hands and kissed her as she slipped away by the kind doctor's caring hand. All the girls there cried, as Tracey steals hearts. May God bless and keep her happy until our meeting again. Into God's hands we committed her spirit. Hardest thing in the world. Tracey will be missed for the rest of our lives. Ten years old. Died 12:30PM EST 02/19/03. God Bless.

Phil and Lynne Bader

Tracy, 05/24/89-08/05/03

Truly the best friend I've ever had. I love you, girl.

Doug P


I will always remember how you chose us, your spunky spirit, the joy in the love you gave us. You were such a fighter. You'd always go the extra mile for us. You kept us amazed with your intelligence and humor. You were too young to go. You fought so hard to stay with us. I'm sorry baby. Mommy tried to protect you, but my protection was not enough. May God's love shine on you now and keep you safe and happy until we meet. You filled our home with your spirit and we will never forget you. Love always, Forrest, Logan and Mommy

Tramp, 02/89-09/20/03

For my very sweet Tramper:

I hope you are playing with your old pal Spike forever now and that you know we loved you very much.

Shirley Skinner

Tramp, 05/01/92-08/19/03

We really miss you wagging tail and greeting at the door when we come home. We miss your warm body in bed next to us. You were truly the best friend we had and you were loved. Everyone was your friend so we hope you are making friends while waiting for us.

Sue Caquelin

Tramp Gentle, 01/20/03

He was our shop dog for 17 yrs! See you at the bridge Tramp!

Central Heating and Cooling

Trapper, 08/15/98

Trapper: From the day we rescued you from a garbage can, to the day that stupid disease took you away from us, you were the BEST and coolest dog. We miss you and love you and cherish your memory. We are feeling the pain again. It gives us comfort to believe that our beautiful Buster is with you . Please take care of Buster. He was very special and we miss him very much. How lucky are we to have been touched by two beautiful, loving dogs. Until we meet again..

Lisa, Paul, and Anna Clarkson

Trapper Jon, 10/27/89-01/08/03

We helped Trapper cross the bridge on Wednesday evening, January 8, 2003. He was diagnosed with CRF only a week ago. It seemed he hid his illness from us and when we found out, he declined so suddenly. There shall forever be an empty place in our heart and soul.

Marty Wilson

Traveler, 06/06/96-11/11/02

Tr was a brave boy, sick all his little life with upper respitory problems, had his spleen removed early 2002, developed a cancer tumor on neck behind ear. I Let him join his mommy after he had his stroke and could not function for good quality of life until then he always begged for his morning treat of Lactaid fat free milk and oat cereal. Him and his mommy are and always be very much missed.

Travieso (aka Veso), 08/18/98-01/17/03

To my dearest Travieso "Veso"
(august 18, 1998 to January 17, 2003)

It was April of 1999 when I met you for the very first time. Together with mommy Marie and jayme, we met you as well as your mom Kathy, dad Oso and your brother Cookie. We were given a choice between you and Cookie and your exuberant lively personality and affection won my heart. I wanted a pet that I could bring to my kid's soccer games and I pictured you as the better of the two, and you never disappointed me. You gave me more than what I was expecting from a 'man's best friend".

Over the years you have fascinated me with your love and affection towards me. The way you looked at me makes me smile. The way you follow me all over the house gives me pleasure and joy. You were the very first dog that I fell in love with and the very first to become attached to. Your affection and loyalty is so immeasurable. Believe it or not, I think about you at work. I even brought a picture of us and I look at it every now and then….

Veso, thank you so much for giving me all those good memories. You have made me so happy and made me realized that life is really very simple and it's up to you how you want to make the most out of it. The love and happiness you gave me is so unconditional. You make me happy and yet you do not expect anything in return. A simple pat or touch on your head is enough for you. A walk in the park or neighborhood excites you. A simple stroll and play in our backyard makes you joyful. How I wish we people on earth would learn from you. Life is really simple when you come to think of it.

I have been grieving for you all this time. I have been crying since I lost you. How I wish I had this crystal ball so I could have avoided that Friday morning. That was a nightmare.

You know Veso, I have so many long term plans for both of us. I envision bringing you and Oreo when jayme goes to college. I envision you being with me and mommy Marie when I retire someday. I envision walking many times in Avila Beach with you and Oreo as we visit Jourdan. I envision bringing you with me when we visit Brandon in college next year. I plan in bringing you to more soccer games and practices. I always wanted to take you to a dog park someday with your friend Oreo.

How I wish I did not let you go to the yard that Friday morning. How I wish I just cuddled you instead. How I wish I never woke up that early. I am very upset with myself. I have so many regret if only you know.

Someday I know deep in my heart that you and I will be together again. I don't want it to be that soon since I have Marie, jourdan, Brandon, jayme and Oreo to care for. But someday we will. And I can't wait for that day….

Veso…..I love you very much with all my heart and many thanks for loving me unconditionally. I will treasure all those memories and thank you for allowing me to meet you and spend time with you.

I love you and I always will…..

Your best friend,

Daddy Gary

Treasure, 08/21/00

This little girl was the sweetest little thing that ever lived- she is missed.

Gerri Himberger

Trevor, 02/14/88-01/13/03

My beloved friend and companion
I miss you terribly and love you very much

Julee Bennett

Trevor, 2/9/03

It's been about 12 hours and already I feel a tremendous loss. You had such a presence. Like sunshine; your demeanor was always so sunny, bright and warm. Such a sweet natured and playful little boy; my 3 year old kitten. That presence; It's more evident to me now that your gone. The delicate balance you created, its effect on Caleb and Nathan is especially obvious to me now. I wonder how your loss will affect them. I think it will always be a little less brighter around here without you.

I know it is natural for me to wish that I had had some warning. To have known so that I could have spent more time with you. I'm so grateful that you came to me, as you had on many days, and pawed at me to let me know you wanted to sit in my lap. It was customary for me to need to pick you up but this time you sprang up on your own. It surprised me and I thought it was special. You always had to lay that way of yours, facing away on your right side with your paws hugging at my knees before relaxing and finally settling in. I'm glad we shared that time, that it was the last thing that you experienced before your sudden passing. I just wish the moment had been longer. I can't believe that you're not here. I love you. You had such a way of showing me that you know that. I will forever miss your sunny ways. I miss you terribly.

Trevor, 05/12/94-01/27/03

Trevor>>> We love you we will never forget you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be in our hearts forever

Courteney Armstrong

Treya, 09/17/95-01/24/03

I lost my baby girl Treya yesterday. She was a beautiful Rottweiler born on 09/17/95 - 01/24/03. She was my baby. Treya and I did everything together, she was with me through a lot of good times and bad times. She was born in Oregon and lived on my family's farm where she ran free in the country and pastures. We took a road trip from Oregon to Virginia together and she got to see everything and even swim in the Atlantic ocean! We visited a friend in Alabama together where she got to run around in the park and see the heart of the South. We live in Arizona now were she got to see the desert and swim in our pool and bark at all of the birds and rabbits she would see. Now she is gone and I am lost without her. I love her so much. I hope that she is happy and in a great place. She was more than a dog, she was my best friend. Please light a candle for her. I love you, Treya, you will be in my heart forever.

Tribble, 03/01/86-05/01/03

If you looked up "Curiosity" in the dictionary, Tribble's picture would be there. Always investigating everything, always acting like a kitten to the day he died. See you later, Big Guy. :)

Jeanne Hedge

Tribbles, 05/01/99-09/04/03

Tribbles will be missed by all the Pet Refuge volunteers and was loved very much by Sandy P. May he cross the Rainbow Bridge and find peace and happiness forever.

Sandy Parr and Sandra Toney

Trigger, 01/04/03

Trigger was always a special kitty, but he always was happy to be in the background. He wasn't needy at all...but was always there keeping an eye on Qym Singh (who preceded him in death), and young Banzai...who is now my only kitty. Thank you Trigger for being a good boy...I will miss you.

Devin Lussier

Trinity, 05/86-12/23/03

We got Trinity two wonderful years ago, and her sister jasmine. They was in a puppy mill when we first got them they would stay in one room like they was in prison but towards the end they was learning how to jump and go where they wanted to go. We are going to miss her dearly

Peggy S. Fitzpatrick

Trinket Joy, 01/25/02

Trinket was my first pet who had been terribly abused in a puppy mill.
She was with me for only 15 months before she died of congestive heart failure and she is the reason I will have no other than rescue dogs from now on.
She was my heart and I still miss her every day.

Linda Sasser

Tripod, 07/06/03

I need you to know the pain I feel for you now is how much I love you! This love gave the strength to put my selfishness last for wanting you beside me but knowing that the best thing I could do for you is to let you go. I send you back to your creator as he was kind enough to find me worthy of your unconditional love after you had been abused and already lost a leg. Please always remember the last words I spoke to you as I felt you fade away in my arm will always be true. I love you Tripod you'll be forever in my heart, I love you Tripod!!!!!!
Your loving mother & friend to the end. (Lisa Mason)

Tripod, 01/16/03

You were only with us a short time, but stole our hearts. We love you.

C Rogers

Tripp, 07/04/97-10/01/03

I am grateful to Tripp for giving me comfort.

Kelly Ireland

Tripper, 10/07/89-07/10/03

I let him go today. I held his head as he took his last breath just as I will love him until mine.

Good night, sweet puppy.

I will see you again.


Trisha Marie (Miss Prissy), 1985-6/2003

This is a tribute to our angelcat "Miss Prissy" as she was loving called. Her real name is Trisha Marie. She was with us for over 17 years. She had to be put to sleep because she had diabetes really bad and they couldn't get it in line. She was losing weight and not eating so we let her keep her dignity and go to heaven with her brother. We loved Trisha like she was our child. I miss her beside me at night on the pillow...the room is so empty without her purring.Trisha, we'll see you someday again. We love you. Your Peoples Mom and Dad Judy and Larry

Trixi Anna, 10/30/01

You were the best dog in the world my Trixi Nana! I miss you and the fur grandbabies you were carrying when a hit and run driver hit us both. I hope you are in Pet Heaven enjoying yourself and loving your puppies!

Trixie, 12/11/03

She was our joy.
She came into our hearts that day long ago and gave us laughter, and love.
She will be missed.

Charles & Sue Brown

Trixie, 10/05/81- 22/07/96

My baby Trixie. Though you're gone from our arms you are never ever forgotten. Even now, 7 years on, my heart breaks at times when I think of how much love you gave us all. You were so beautiful and definitely one of a kind. Our little furry friend. You're little idiosyncrasies made you so unique - and you always believed you were human too! We're still missing you terribly now sweetheart and would do absolutely anything to see and stroke you again. Rest in peace 'Dixtin', we love you girl. xxxxx

Jo Martin


Another of Chicos pups. Trixie was a tiny little thing and was adored by my Gran and Grampsie who owned her. She loved her bed and loved her chocolates even more! Her body gave out and she had to be put to sleep.

Mandy Jane Todd

Trixie, 04/30/00-04/05/03

Trixie, our hearts are broken without you, but you will always have a very special place in our hearts. We miss your companionship. You were a cherished family member and you gave us so much happiness and love. We look forward to joining you someday at Rainbow Bridge.

Dad, Mom, Amber & Joseph

Gone but not Forgotton!

Trixie, 06/21/86-02/16/03


Heaven's Doggy-Door
My best friend closed her eyes last night,
As her head was in my hand.
The Doctors said she was in pain,
and it was hard for her to stand.
The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled her in my arms.
Were of her younger, puppy years,
And Oh...her many charms.
Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart that's filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.
But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends, He's installed a 'doggy-door'!!!
Jan Cooper '95


You will remain in our hearts forever, Love, Mommy, Daddy, Stephanie, Patty, Mom Mom, Daisy and Chelsea

Trixie, 03/10/90-02/14/03

In a two dog family, you were my special little girl. You made me laugh on days I was feeling really low and to look in your lovely big brown eyes always gave me joy. You loved me for me, but you also enjoyed our walks and our lazy afternoons on the front porch. And when John's "Suzye" died, you became a comfort to him and assumed the alpha role in the household.

You loved birds and spent hours watching them from your special window. And every night when I came home, you were right there to greet me with a big smile and wag of that bat of a tail of yours waiting for me to get the mail and give you a big hug and belly rub.

We had almost 13 wonderful years together and when I saw you were in pain and begin to fade away last week I knew it was time. I held you all through the night on 2/13 and at 8:00AM in the morning of 2/14/03 (how fitting..Valentine's Day, for you were such a sweetheart) I took you to the vet and had your favorite doctor put you to rest. It was a hard decision but I had to do it. I could not see you suffer anymore.

Goodbye for now my lovely Trixie with the flaming red ears. I'm very glad that I adopted you that day in October of 1990. Although your original canine companion Suzye left you in 1998, you raised a beautiful poodle "son', Mickye who was very devoted to you. Now you are with your best friend Suzye and the two of you will be there waiting for me, John and "Mickye" when we reach the RAINBOW BRIDGE.

Hugs and Kisses from your "MaMa Human" - Desiree

Trixie, 04/01/93-01/20/03

Trixie was not just a dog, she was my baby, a child I never will birth, the only true love I have ever known.

Siobhan Ogilvie

Trixie Quinta Wolfie, 03/14/88-05/10/00

Trixie was the first she had of her dream dog. She had her miniature Lassie. She always wanted a collie. Spoiled but she was very loved by the whole family. She is missed and she was a beautiful dog from the inside out. I got the call at work from my Mom that she got hit. She was a great dog off leash never chased bunnies or cats. She was very gentle. Love having a bath and being brushed. She would nudge our hands to pet her. She before getting hit was having a difficult time in moving around she had arthritis. She would lay around in "her" certain spots in the corner of the room. She is missed dearly and we will be making a memorial of all the dogs that we loved and that have touched our lives. Trixie I don't have to tell you to be a good girl cause you wouldn't have hurt a fly. Have a great time up there, with Goldie, Bear, Caesar, and your special kitty Lucky. Love you girl and see you when I get up there.

Trixie Ware, 11/04/03

We were graced by getting Trixie when she was a mitten and have enjoyed 12 years with our beloved family member.
She always had love to give, always greeted me at the door, and loved to have her neck rubbed.
Trixie we will miss you dearly.
This is a great loss for myself as well as my wife and children.

Mark Ware and Family

Troi, 12/16/96-02/03/03

Troi was the best....all she wanted was lovin and for you to play with her. She thought she was a doberman.....someone forgot to tell her she was a 5 pound poodle. She loved when I would throw her toy....which was usually all day, but I didn't mind. I would give anything to have her back. I miss her so much it hurts.
Troi-b-kins....I will always love and miss you. I hope you are having fun at the rainbow bridge, I will meet you again some day. Please don't forget me.

Heather Ohara

Troopa, 06/04/91-10/22/01

Troopa, you would be twelve years old this year. We all miss you and talk about you all the time. Troopa you are not forgotten. It's still lonely coming home to the house without you being here. You were the best babysitter we could get for the kids. We love you and miss you, I know your in God's hands. I love you baby boy.

Paul and Kathleen

Trooper, 07/01/93-01/20/03

Trooper came to us late in his life, as a rescue. It boggles my mind how anyone could not love such an amazing animal. You taught us things we never knew existed. Thank you, you were the best dog in the world. David & Aaron

Trooper, 04/2001

He was my best friend, he did everything with me. Even though it has been 2 years since he past away I still cry when I think about him. But we had to put him asleep he had bone cancer. He was suffering to much. I love you Trooper!!!!

Trouble, 05/11/03

Trouble you were my best friend in this whole world I know deep down you knew I loved you with everything I had you were my fourth child I treated you better then I treated myself u used to love when I brought those porterhouse steaks home from waffle house. I know that were ever you are that you are chasing that big bad pit bull you always dreamed of chasing and every now and then you will get him and then chase him some more. Baby I miss you more and more everyday that goes by I shall never forget you and god let me find you in that abandoned trailer with Sassy for a reason. You pulled me out of a depression I thought I would never be ever to find the way out of you were everything to me and I'm sorry I was not there to protect you that night and I still blame myself for it. well as the tears are falling now I just want you to know the day I come to Heaven I hope you and Smurf are waiting for me with that tail wagging. I love you Trouble

Trouble, 03/29/86-02/28/03

Sweet, quiet, loving faithful little companion for 17 years.

Ray Gonzales

Troubles, 02/21/87-12/25/03

THE Most loving and loyal companion we could ever have, deeply and sadly missed, we can not of hoped for a better day of passing for our best friend.
Loving Parents Domenick
& Susan
and yorkie sisters Gabrielle and Daisy Mae

Trudy, 01/01/92-10/28/03

I wish to honor the indomitable and brave spirit of my beloved English Springer Spaniel, Trudy, who came to me, as a gift, only three years ago, when she was 8 years old. She was from modest circumstances, without pedigree, but her heart and courage were tremendous. She was kind to all, devoted to me, and a pleasure to be around. She valiantly fought hemangiosarcoma for the last three months, but lost her battle this morning. I will always love her; I will always miss her. My only consolation comes from knowing that she is now at peace.

Maureen Harmonay

Trudy, 06/08/88-02/12/01

Rescued from an abusive home, she became my protector, and guardian angel, she still is.

Kelly Bennett

Trudy Girl, 08/14/03

we love you and miss you more than words can say. You were a large part of our family and there will be a void in our lives that will never be filled. Memories of your protective instinct, tender playfull-ness and unprecedented swimming ability will forever remind us of your companionship, dedication and loyalty to our family. You will be incredibly missed! We are all mourning your loss and hope that the fond memories of our best dog will soon overcome the sorrow and emptiness we now endure. We will miss you girl!

Kim and Dan

Trudy The Trail Terrier, 06/22/03

Trudy, you were the light of our lives and we will carry you in our hearts always. May you trot forever down that big beautiful trail in Heaven.

Maud and Cesar

Truman, 12/10/03

I adopted Truman from the MSPCA in March 1992. I don't know how old he was when I did but about 2 years the vet thought. He was the best dog I ever had. Always slept with me and always exuded pure love. 2 months ago he was diagnosed with Lymphoma so I knew his time was limited. Finally after failing health, he couldn't eat this morning and he gave me "the look". I knew it was time to let him go, so I did. I stayed with him until he was gone and told him how much I loved him and would miss him. And I already do.

Will Crocker

Truman, 09/29/00-10/12/03

Thanks for sharing your life with us. Enjoy the tulips in heaven! We love you.

Karen & Mike

Truman, 10/26/90-12/06/01

Truman, you were the most gentle, faithful, and loving friend a person could ask for. We'll always remember you and thank God for the time we had with you. You will live on in our hearts.

Michael, Julia, Gabrielle, and Helena

TsingTao, 01/10/95-04/20/03

For our dear girl, TsingTao. We will always, always love you and miss you... It is so hard not having you with us. So many wonderful memories: your soulful eyes, your velvety fur, your contemplative nature, your sense of humor, your love of the outdoors, your love of fortune cookies and all cheeses, your adventures, your courage in all your adversity-and finally your bravery in the face of your disease, at only 7 years. I learned so much from you. You defied the odds and blessed us with 3 extra quality months. We will always remember your last twilight in the we said to you, "Tsingi, you can stop fighting soon" and you lowered your head. The following day-Easter morning we prayed to St. Francis to take you mercifully and you died a couple of hours later. At home-you decided when you were ready to go, we didn't need to decide for you. How you wagged your tail at me right at the end and tried to get up as if you were chasing something...we do not say good bye to you. We say, see you later. Like I have always said, Tsingi, wait for us, always look for us. We will always celebrate your life!! We planted a lovely birch tree on your grave in your honor. I have been so blessed to care for you, Tsingi. Thank God for you.

"For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise unencumbered? Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountaintop, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance."
The Prophet

Tuaca, 05/01/03

Tuaca is a very special cat.
She is so beautiful and loving, she will be missed by her human family very very much.
She had a long happy life here with us.
Her feline family in heaven will be waiting with open arms to receive her. JD her brother (cat), Kaluha her cousin (cat), sponge her cousin (guinea pig), and her cousin Tuna (cat), will keep her company as she plays and frolics in heaven. She is in the best company there.
Although her earthly time has passed she will never be forgotten by those here for all the love and joy and sweet memories that she has given us.
God bless and keep her safe.

Patti Hudson

Tucker, 08/17/97-12/13/03

My beloved Smooth Collie Tucker had to be put to sleep today. We tried hard to find a cure, but there was none. I could not bear to see him suffer any more. I loved him with all of my heart. He's crossing the rainbow bridge now. I hope to see him again some day.
God Bless his soul.

Kristin Murphy

Tucker, 12/25/92-11/25/03

A week has gone by without you. My grief is overwhelming. I miss you so. Remember what I told you about the bridge. I'll see you there. All my love. Mama

Tucker, 07/21/03-10/15/03

Tucker, even though we had you for such a short time, we feel blessed to have had you in our life! We miss you so much and our heart aches for you although we know you are better off playing at the 'bridge' with all your friends! We will never forget the happiness that you that brought into our lives!! Dusty misses you too! We all do, we love you so much.

Tucker, 04/10/93-08/01/03

I love you and miss you puppy.

Jennifer Howe & Brendan MacDermott

Tucker, 06/09/92-07/05/03

I am not very good at expressing myself when it is most important. However, I wanted to do this for my boy. 11 years ago I had no intention of getting another dog just then and especially not a Rottweiler. Well, I have been converted. This boy was so gentle and special. I have had several dogs, but none has ever owned me quite like this one. My heart is heavy but I have to hold on to the thought that he is no longer in pain that I could do nothing about.
I also hold on to the thought that maybe these animals that we love so dearly move on so that others that need us may come into our lives.
Tucker you were my best friend, my protector, my baby. I miss you so much and always will. Tia is trying to be the protector now but she is a little afraid, so look down and help her out. Thanks for everything bud..

Kathy Encinas

Tucker, 05/22/02-03/13/03

I would like to thank Tucker for being such a wonderful friend, for being social with every person and animal, for putting up with the baths.... for being the very best, sweetest, dearest angel a cat could be. I love you, Tucker, and will miss you so much forever. I wish I could have been there for you in the end. Until we meet again, butterfly kisses and tunnel hugs. I love you, baby.

Tucker, 07/04/94-02/05/00

You were our little chocolate boy. A one of a kind. How empty our lives have been without you. You were taken too soon, but you fought a courageous battle for us, thank you for that. We have been so blessed by having you in our lives.
Until we meet again...
Love and miss you forever,
Christene, Jeffrey, Bachi, Dziadiu and Louie

Tucker, 12/28/02

Tucker, Tuck, Tucky, Tucky Mucks, T,
You were the most wonderful dog a family could ever ask for. You made each one of us feel loved and adored at all times, no matter how many people were in the room. You were so smart, how you would take our hands and bring us to your cookie jar, or to your closet full of Chew-eez, or to the family room sliding door if you needed to go out. How you would rip your stuffed animals when you were getting no attention, and then be rewarded with a cookie. How did you ever manage to pull that off so many times?! Anytime someone would walk through the door, just seeing your tail wag and catching a glimpse of your handsome face, would be enough to brighten anyones world. Little boy we miss you so much!! You were taken from our family too soon, and we are so sorry that your last few days were spent suffering, but we had to make sure that we were doing the right thing. We hope you're over that rainbow bridge having lots of fun. . .we hope there are cookies and chew-eez galore, and endless amounts of vanilla ice cream and pizza crust. We hope you're finding lots of sticks to carry and nice patches of grass to rip up. We hope that there is a huge beach for you to play on, and an enormous ocean with someone there to throw your tennis balls. We hope that you are having a wonderful time, but don't ever forget about us Tuck because we will never forget you, and you are forever in our hearts. We love and miss you terrible. XOXOXO Dad, Mom, Lindsay and Mer

Tucker Moore, 12/02-02/09/03

Tucker, even though you were with us a short time, you will not be forgotten. Your sweet gentility will be imprinted on my mind forever. I will look for you again, my friend!

Jennifer Cowley

Tudorlabs Patsy Fagan, 11/04/81-09/17/92

Fagan, everyone who knew you loved you: Bill, Camille, Chris, Stephen, Anna, Rick, Irene, and our moms and dad.

You possessed beauty without vanity, strength without ferocity, intelligence without conceit and courage without insolence ... in short, all of the human virtues with none of their vices. You were my guru, and taught me to enter into joy, without guilt. Though a canine, you may have been the most human of all of us.

I've no doubt we shall meet again, in the Happy Hunting Ground, on the farthest shores of existence: I await that happy day with expectant joy!

Bill Courson

Tuffie, 04/20/88-11/13/03

Tuffie was a sweetie, she was so special.
A part of me has gone with her, I miss her so much.
But I know it was her time, it is just hard with her gone now. Really hard.
:-( ....

Merry Joy Larsen

Tuff Roberts, 04/16/01-06/16/03

You were the world to us. Your kind loving memory will last forever in our hearts...I see you now running after that butterfly, jumping in the air. I can still feel you jumping on me and stretching your legs....We will love you forever and ever...Amen


Tuffy, 12/26/03

I will love you forever...Thank you for our 23 years together....sadly, mom

Tuffy, 01/94-12/18/03

If I could have clone this little boy I would have...never have I seen a buddy like him, he has a special place in my heart and always will...I miss him...

J Hackbarth

Tuffy, 07/76-06/23/92

We still love and miss you so much baby girl.


Tuffy, 09/29/03

Our Feline Baby Boy & Long Time Buddy! (1988-2003)
We Will Miss You Dearly...Peace Be Yours Now....
See You Soon!

Tuffy, 07/27/03

Tuffy cat was run over by a car this morning. His family is grieving. Good-bye my beloved friend.

Nancy and Craig Dupree

Tuffy, 1987-11/19/02

Tuffy filled our lives with so much love and happiness from the first day we got him as a pup and for the 15 years there after. We never gave up hope on finding him for the whole month he was missing, We thought he wouldn't be home for Christmas 2002, but God let us find him Christmas Day 2002 to be with his family and so we could give him a proper burial. Tuffy is in good hands ( he's in Gods hands) We all love you Tuffy.
Jack & Elaine & Family

Tug, 01/29/95-08/11/03

Dearest Tug Boat,
You were our special friend and companion. We are sorry that you were sick. We did our best to make you comfortable. You were gentle and loving through your very last moments with us. You are with Jesus and Boris now. No more rainy days, no more horse flies and no more visits to the kennels. We miss you so very much. Katie wants you to know that she is lonely, but will be fine. She seems so small without you. The house is so very quiet. You filled our house with love and companionship. I am sorry to let you go, but I know that you are with Jesus. A loving and kind God would never turn his back on a sweet creation. I know that He has you waiting for me (with Boris) until we meet again. We love up to Heaven and be happy. Enjoy the everlasting Frosty Paws....remember Mommy loves you! Daddy too!
Dear World,
Tug was our yellow lab. Katie his is friend, our other yellow lab. God knew what he was doing when he created our pets. I am sorry for your loss as well. Jesus is keeping all our beloved pets for us...they are waiting for us. They love us.

John, Christie and Katie

Dear Tug: We loved you very much! You left a hole in our hearts. You were such a wonderful boy. Grandpa and I always loved the way you ran and caught your freezbie and brought it back to us. I always enjoyed watching you play with Katie Lab and Boris the cat. You looked especially adorable this past Christmas with your reindeer antlers on. You always would do the silly things Mommy and Daddy asked you to do.
I know you are with Boris and Buster, Cindy, Kemo, Fluffy, Amanda Baby and Tiger Kitty. You must be having a wonderful time in heaven with all our family pets. Send all of them our love and tell them we miss all of you. We will always remember you, our Big Boy!
Love, Grandma and Grandpa O'Connell

Tugger Bunnis, 06/27/00-03/13/03

Tugger was the best bun a person could ask for. She would never bite, and had a habit of doing what we called "chinning." Everything I read about rabbits said that you should never touch under their chin because they would bite. Well, if you held out a finger to Tugger, she would rub her chin all over it to say hello. last Tuesday, she hadn't been eating for a couple days and was diagnosed with GI Stasis. She didn't seem very ill, and continued running around the living room until Wednesday evening. On Thursday, we found her splayed in the bottom of her cage, unable to get up. We rushed her to the vet, who determined she had a severe case of colic. Then, as he was explaining what we needed to do, Tugger had a heart attack and died.
She is and will be missed terribly. Please, if you notice your bunny losing interest in foods that she once loved, get her to a vet immediately.
In memory of Tugger Bunnis.


Tuggles, 11/25/03

Tuggles you will always be in our hearts, You were such a good companion and friend.
We will miss you so much. We love you.

Joann Maguire

Tuggy, 06/14/92-10/22/03

This is to our beloved "Tug-Man". He left us unexpectedly. Our good friend Tuggy went to sleep and never woke up and went to Rainbow Bridge. We hope he is happy. Wigger loves you too, Tug. We all miss you and love you forever!
That is why we write to you. We hope you are playing with Thumper right now!
You will never be forgotten and you will always be a part of our hearts.

On Tuggy's last day on Earth, it was a glorious fall day and my daughter, Kayleigh got out of school at noon. I was at the office. Tuggy and Kayleigh and Meera and their "Ganny" went on a walk around our neighborhood that day. Tuggy loved to go on walks with us even though he was a Himalayan cat, and cats don't usually do that! I am so thankful that his last day here with us was filled with so much love and happiness! My 7 year-old takes great comfort in knowing he spent his last day with her playing outside! We are heart-broken by his sudden death, but we are thankful that he never was sick or injured. We love you Tuggy!!

Love, Amy, Kayleigh and Meera

Tulip, 02/25/94-01/08/03

We will always have a heavy heart as we reflect on our little Tulip. We miss her so ~~ every inch of our home holds precious memories of her. She gave us such joy ~ it's hard to take another breath that doesn't smell of her. I know someday our thoughts will be taken over by *something else...but I will dread that day when it comes. The hole in my heart will forever be filled with you *My little Tulip.

Leslie Lawrence

Tum Tum, 11/19/02-11/01/03

Dear Tum Tum,
It indeed is a sad day for us to see you leave with our very own eyes. We cannot get over this grief. To us, you were our baby and not just a rabbit. The joy and happiness you brought us, the love you showered to us, the unconditional giving......
The day is so different without you. No matter how much we cried, we want to feel peace knowing that you will be safe. It is not easy for us but we know you will go to a place where you will be happy.
When we held you in our hands, we felt nothing but deep grief. We felt it was our fault no matter how the doctor assured us it wasn't.
Tum Tum, thank you for everything you have given us. life has been unfair for you and for us not to have time to give you more.
Till the day, I wish that you be safe and when our turn comes, we will reunite again and you will be in our arms again.
Our baby, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. If you can hear us, know that we are praying for you every second of our lives. You will not be forgotten because in our hearts, you are deeply there, staying forever.
We love you, we love you, we love you.
We will always be there for you, throughout your whole journey. always remember us.....
WE LOVE YOU.....Your parents, Joanna & Francis

Tundra, 9/12/90-1/31/02

Tundra was a special and beautiful companion who gave a tremendous amount of love to her family --- human and animal. She came into my (Helen's) life when she was 5 weeks olds and I cherish every moment we spent together. She shared her life with two animal companions, first Rommel who passed away 7-1/2 years ago and then Jungle, the love of her life. Jungle is a collie who Tundra and I rescued 6-1/2 years ago. They were the best of friends, always playing together. Jungle misses Tundra tremendously.

Marty Saccone and Helen Longest-Saccone

Tunes, 11/24/03

So long, Big Buddy. Thanks for your love and devotion. Everything we did for you was from our hearts and we we'll miss you, but faith strengthens our belief that we'll meet again. Try to get along with the other guys if you can. If you can't, just find a peaceful place to hole up and we'll find you. Love ya' - Mom & Dad

Tung Tung, 07/16/91-02/07/03

Tung Tung , you will always live in our hearts. Wish you all the happiness in Heaven.

with love from Papa Mama sister Crystal

Richard Ng & Sophia Lao & Crystal

Tuppence, 07/14/85-10/13/03

To my beautiful and brave little boy, the all white cat with the crossed blue eyes and the goofy meow that sounded like a cross between a lamb's baah and "mom". Tuppence was the family clown. More loyal and devoted than any dog that I ever owned. Eating, curling up with his sister Katie and riding in the car were his favorite pastimes. Tupp was an old soul who loved his human & cat family unconditionally. Tupp was always cheerful and loving. He never scratched nor bit and birds & lizards knew that they were safe in his presence. He fought his final illness with bravery and dignity and never complained.

I take comfort in the knowledge that his brother Winnie and mom-cat Lindsay are waiting for him on the other side of the bridge.

Tuppence, you were my little boy, protector and best friend for 18 years and I will never stop loving you. The world is a different and lonely place without you in it-I miss you little buddy. God Bless.

Susan Briggs

Tuppy, 02/25/87-05/26/03

My darling Tuppy has left this earth and I am devastated. He is now with Jessie-Belle who went to the Bridge in January 1999. Tuppy my sweet, I so miss your company as we traveled together in my car. I have never known a kitty who loved the car but you did. I remember how you loved looking at the Christmas lights on the houses last Christmas. You are my forever friend, my close companion who curled around my arm and neck at night and I love you, love you, love you. I can't wait for the day when we are reunited. Until then, darling one, I will go on missing you. My sweet boy, you had the most gentle and sensitive nature I have ever known. Wait for me.


Tuptim, 12/06/03

Tuptim was my best friend for 17 years. We grew up together, meeting when I was only 12 years old, and she was only 6 weeks old. She taught me the strength of love, and the intense pain of loss. Tuppers, I miss you so much it hurts. I would do anything for one more kiss your soft ears again, to sit on the porch and watch the sunset. Our home is so quiet and lonely without you. Wait for me baby. And thank you for loving me too. Oh Tuparoo. I miss you. I love you.

Shawna Fehlmann

Turbo, 10/28/03

To my little man,
You were my child for six short years. Whoever had you before I did missed out on so many wonderful things. Now, I'll miss out on so many more. You are the world to me, wrapped up in such a small package. A piece of my heart passed away with you; keep it safe and warm until I see you again. Never forget mama loves you...I kiss your nose.
I'm sorry,

Turbo, 03/15/02-06/25/03

To the most loving and special kitten ever. He was our little man, taken way too soon from us. He was just too good for our world.

Aaron Smykowski and Maghan Vaughan

Turtle, 09/03/92-05/24/02

Turtle, I miss you so much; my heart aches for you. I haven't even got another dog because you were so special; I know no other dog would replace you. You were the greatest! I Love You!!


Tutonka, 02/19/03

We will miss you forever, and forever will you be in our hearts. We will someday see you soon.

Thomas & Angela Green

Tutu, 10/17/03

After a 6 1/2 mo. fight with auto-immune hemalytic anemia, the medication prednisone & cyclosporine took it's toll on our sweet baby girl's liver and kidneys and she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Tutu was a little less than 6 yrs. old and we had adopted her when she was a year old from the SPCA. She brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. She was so very smart, funny and loved to be loved and give love, she loved to play, go bye-bye, go for walks and loved treats, ice cream and eating in general.
She always got so excited when she knew she was going somewhere, even when she had to go to the doctor everyday, or every week to get stuck with needles for her bloodwork.
She was so good and never complained, she was such a little fighter, even to the end, trying her best to get better. She was our little angel girl.
It has been 3 1/2 weeks and we are heartbroken and devasted over losing her. She will forever be in our hearts and we love her and miss her so very much. We light a candle and sit it at her little grave in the backyard every Fri. night and now will participate in the candle ceremony along with others on this website.
We appreciate that there are other pet lovers that feel the same pain as we do and understand. It's so hard when you talk to others that are not.
Good night our sweet little "Buggy Boo", we love you!!!

Ken & Carolin Harris

Tux, 10/14/99-01/26/03

Tux will be and is sorely missed. He was loved very much and was a great mouser and there will never be another who can take his place. We love and miss you Tux, everyone here does.


Tuxedo, 1985-2/17/03

Tuxedo, a feral kitty all her life was greatly loved by Uncle Nicky, who passed on last year. She has gone now over the Rainbow Bridge to meet him, bringing with her tales of how well Auntie Rosie took care of her after he left, and how Rosie's honey Steve adored and cared for her too. She will also be telling Uncle Nicky how 11 days before she died, Rosie brought Auntie Katherine to the lake who was grieving her kitty, and how much love she gave too. But most of all, modest as she is, Tuxedo must tell Uncle Nicky, how much love she gave to everyone who came to the lake, Don, and Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn's autistic student Ken, and the many walkers who spoke of the sweet Black and White kitty who slept beneath the tree at the top of the hill. Rest in peace, sweet Tuxedo. Romp and play forever in the meadow of love and sunlight and many treats. Rose petals cover the ground where your paws once walked, birds sing and Mama Grey, Buster, Blackie, Girlie Girl, Green Eyes, Tiger, Son of Grey, Sweetie Pie, all miss you and send their love too.

Twain, 05/01/02-08/11/03

You were only on this world a small time,
But you were a wonder while you were here.
Not traditional in any sense
But loved in every moment
Watching you grow, changing every day, miracles
Your end brought heartbreak,
Bleeding hearts,
A small little grave
But I know you are on the Bridge
Singing your wonderful throaty song
I'll hear you in my dreams...


Tweety, 11/03/03

We will miss the way you would sing with any kinds of music . We would listen to. And the way you would try too bark like doggy. We loved you Tweety so much.

The Wehling Family

Twiggy, 08/15/01

She was my first real pet and I loved her with all my heart. I hated leaving her and I should have taken better care of her and noticed she was getting sick, but by the time I took her to the vet her vital life functions weren't working anymore. I know I'll see her again one day and I hope she's chasing a lot of lizards and eating a lot of tuna and salmon.

Aliza Edery

Twilliwin, 02/17/03

We miss you buddy boy.

Twilly Spree, 12/11/02

Dad and I (maybe even Sparky) miss your beautiful singing voice and bratty ways, my precious feathered angel. You certainly demonstrated how female canaries can indeed sing, and sing quite well at that! You are so special and beautiful.

Thanks to you and precious Bowe for entering our lives, and we know the two of you are enjoying yourselves in the world past the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mama

Twinkie, 04/24/88-10/28/03

I remember the day Donna brought you home; a little bundle of white fur with big blue eyes. It was 15 years 5 months and 4 days ago. It only took you two days to get Mom to melt. You were originally a Snowball until you got yourself rolled up in a gold scatter rug. All we could see of you was two tufts of white fur sticking out from each end of the rug. We knew we were keeping you when Mom said, we should name you Twinkie as that's just what you looked like. You quickly became one of the most precious things in my life. I remember you "reading" with Mom every night of the four years you lived at her house and letting Dad know it was time for bed by waiting at the cellar door for him to let you down there for the night. You loved to sit on the front porch in the sun or in an open window at Granby Road. I think your favorite part of the Granby Road house was that you didn't have to go in the cellar any more. For 9 years you had the run of the house and could sleep where you wanted. I loved when you slept on my back after I came home from a busy night at the hospital. How I missed sleeping with you when I got married and John vetoed a cat in the bed. After 5 years of you sleeping with me it was hard to get used to you not being there. As long as I worked nights you slept with me during the day though, it was our secret. When John and I moved you to the new house, you adapted so well. I hope the almost 3 years you were here were happy ones. I am so glad I have photos of you and Grace and that she got to spend the first year of her life with you. The house is so quiet at night without you calling out though, I miss that. Christmas won't be the same without you lounging across the gifts under the tree. I'll cherish forever the night a couple weeks ago when you jumped on the couch and cuddled with me for a while. I know you were moving a lot slower than usual on Monday night but I never thought it would be the last time I saw you alive. I hope I didn't miss clues that something was wrong with you that could have been fixed. My heart broke on Tuesday evening when I went to get you and I found you lying there. I knew you were gone before I touched you but I hoped I was wrong and that you were just sleeping. I will forever regret not being with you. I only pray you weren't there for long and that the end came quickly, peacefully and during one of your naps. It was so hard for me to brush your beautiful white fur, pet you and kiss you for the last time before John and I settled you comfortably on your cushion in the box and covered you with your blanket. A piece of my heart was buried with you last night. I hope you like the spot we picked for you. You are irreplaceable. Mom, Dad, Donna, Brian, Thumbalina and yes even John all loved you. You were a huge part of our lives. Watch over us all my precious Twinkatha. Keep us safe, especially Dad when he starts his chemo on Monday. I hope you knew how much I really loved you, I will forever miss you. Rest in peace my beautiful baby girl.
Mommy Debi

Twinkie P, 07/26/03-10/22/03

Twinkie P,
You were a special and happy girl. We all loved you even Peenut even though she brought you to your resting place. I feel that I could've prevented this and you would still be here, but I know you know I loved you more than life and I will grieve always for you. You are now with Boo Boo and Uncle Charlie. Someday I will be with you again, Until then, Please forgive me for leaving you in the house with Peenut and know I LOVE YOU!!! You are free now!!! Your life was short but had a great impact. I will miss you!!! love

Twister, 08/15/88-04/28/03

Our Beautiful Twister went peaceful April 28, 2003. Our lives will never be the same without her. She Blessed our lives in so many ways. She was the most perfect, loving and Happy dog we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving. Peace to you twister, Remember we are 2 Witches Forever, Your Mom. Peace to you Twister, I will always Cherish all of our days we spent together, Your Dad. We will never forget your crazy ways, smiles and Barks, Lots of barks. You will be forever young and strong in our Hearts. LOVE ALWAYS ,MOM AND DAD

Dale and Lisa

Twoface, 12/06/03

To my beloved Twoface, moosh-moosh, sweet-pea. Today you passed over the bridge to another world where you are healthy and whole again. I miss you terribly and long for the day when you will be at my side again. I have loved you for so long that I it will be hard to get on with life without you. Frolic in the sun, cavort in the grass and spring joyfully towards that sunset. I will be with you again one day my friend.


Twyla, 02/14/83-08/11/03

I will hold you in my heart forever, my beloved 20 years' friend, my sailing companion, my early-morning lap partner. I am sorry we won't see Marinique together; but I will see you on the other side of the river. I promise. Go in light, my best kitty friend.

Julie Lambert

Ty, 12/12/03

Yesterday I lost my best friend in the whole wide world. He came to me 10 years ago and had the most wonderful disposition have ever seen. He had enough love for untold numbers of cats. He loved everyone that came into our house and never left my side day or night. He was sick for 6 months and I did everything in my power to save him but the cancer won the battle and yesterday the angels came and carried him away to heaven. His love was something words cannot describe and he has left a terrible void in the heart of a lonely old man. May God welcome him into cat heaven.

Joseph Buxton

Ty, 09/25/87-06/20/03

I spent the last 16 years with the most loving, trusting and most wonderful dog that I have ever encountered. I claim him as my first born son and I will miss him terribly. He has been with me through my father passing away, going through everything to survive breast cancer, and divorce. He was always there and I will love you forever! I stayed home from work to spend the day with you and I'm so glad I did, but it was also very hard to watch you die in front of my eyes. I will see you again someday and we all love and miss you very much Ty. Love- your momma

TyBo, 09/11/98-07/28/03

I am so sorry, my dear TyBo, for the pain you endured. It's all my fault, if I had more money or wasn't such a procrastinator that I am I would've afforded to place a roof over your kennel and you'd be safe right now right here with me. Please forgive me. I love you and miss you so so much! You didn't deserve to go like this. It will never be the same without you. I will miss the tiny licks you give me on my leg when you say 'hello'...=(


Today I again write in memory of a forgotten cat, who I met briefly yesterday whilst walking through the cattery to get acquainted with my new family member. In the corner all by himself was a lonely and distraught child cat who nobody wanted. This poor baby who I have named TYKE, stayed in my thoughts and heart over the next 24 hours. I had made a decision that I would also give this baby a home and today made inquires at the cattery informing them of my desire to adopt him, I was too late. I was informed that TYKE was put down some time yesterday afternoon. I feel so saddened by his loss and yet so relieved. The sadness comes from knowing that he was constantly disregarded as an adoptee child which I am sure he knew, but relieved knowing that he has been set free and he is now in a place where he is accepted and loved by all. He has gone on to Rainbow Bridge and I know that he will be loved eternally.
I didn't know you TYKE but you touched my heart. May your spirit roar and may your heart be filled with the love and affection you never experienced on this earth.
Love Donna

Tyke, 4/??/92-6/18/03

Tykey, we love you and miss you so very much. You are a very special boy to us and we will always hold you close to our hearts!

Tyler, 8/9/91-11/16/03

We all love him very much and will miss him forever. I hope to see him at the Rainbow Bridge.


Tyler, 05/16/90-08/09/03

I miss you so much Tyler. You were such a good friend and always there for me. Your spirit will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. I love you.

Debbie L

Tyler, 12/17/93-10/01/03

Always there to comfort me...always able to make me laugh...the biggest heart...I will miss him always.

Stephanie Brown

Tyler, 09/20/03

You were rescued on that very hot summer day. You have minimal amounts of water and lots of love to give. You were so very loved for 14 years and made us so happy. You will be greatly missed and we thank you for the opportunity to love a dog such as you.

Mom, Dad, Kim, Chachi, Hooch, Rebel, Sable, Peanut Butter

Tyler, 2/26/85-7/14/03

To Mommy's Little Man and Daddy's Best Boy-To the Funny Man the Bunny Man -To the little buddy of Regina-To Alana's Handsome Boy. It is with the heaviest heart I have ever experienced that I said good-bye. You were the most determined little guy to live another day, but the difficulty you endured in moving became too much for us to bear. We'd have carried you forever, but could not watch you struggle to carry yourself. I've never hoped more than I do now that there is a hereafter, and that I will meet you there. To kiss your nose and hug you again and see the love in those big brown eyes is my greatest wish...I will miss you forever and love you with all my heart, Bunny Man. Love Mommy

Tyler, 06/11/03

Goodnight, Sweet Prince. I will always love you.

Jess Zimmerman

Tyler Baby Boy, 06/06/90-07/15/03

Ty was the kindest, most lovable dog we'll ever own. It was our sincere pleasure to teach you how to swim and socialize with other dogs, and of course to take you bye-byes to the ends of the earth. Thank you for the days you welcomed us home from work and the mornings when you would awaken with such a zest for life and your "let's have a great day" attitude. Thanks for your big chest that I cried life's hardships into. Thanks for thousands of tennis ball games, especially in the ocean. And while the hardest thing for us to watch was our "baby boy" grow into an "old man", you made us proud because you never ever gave up, even in the final hours of your life. We were very proud to have been your owners. God granted us a gift when he allowed you to die in our arms - and we'll never, ever forget you Ty - your in our soul - we'll see you on the other side - Love, Mommy, Mommy Girl, and Bradford.
p.s. - we'll never look at Arby's the same way again!

Tyler Brooke, 02/01/90-12/27/01

This is to let you know how much I still love you. I think about you often. You were my best friend. It's o.k. you bit me once I know you were sick and didn't mean it. Lotsa Love. Emilie

Typhon, 04/15/89-02/03/03

I wrote this epitaph which will be inserted with his cremated remains: Born on April 15, 1989, under a porch to his mother, he and his brother SAMSON, lived long & faithful lives. Samson left us & lived in Southern Illinois for his elder years and passed in the summer of 2002 due to natural causes. <><><> TYPHON reigned over his private harem of 3 female companions and was Lord of my home all his natural life. He survived thyroid surgery in his senior years and passed on February 3, 2003. <><><> I as his owner & Friend, could not have asked for a better Friend & companion. I will miss him terribly!!

Steve Slaughter

Tyrone, 06/07/88-12/15/01

Faithful and loving. Always did his best whatever was asked of him.

Beverley Wiggans

Tyson, 03/16/02

My little boy I miss you more and more, I'm having a hard time getting use to you now being with me, even though it's been nearly 2 years. I still cry for you my beautiful boxer boy. We had something very special that not alot of people would understand. The only thing I'm grateful for is that you didn't suffer with the cancer, it took you before any of that could happen. I'm sorry my friend I have to go, it's hard to see for the tears, I love and miss you so so much.

Love Chris

Tyson, 04/15/97-10/23/03

Tyson was our baby and will always be loved and remembered forever in our hearts!

Connie Short

Tyson, 07/27/03

My dear friend...I'll miss you more than most will ever know. You are the smartest dog I've ever had the privilege of being matched up with. I'll miss the tricks you did, the way you talked to me and the comfort you gave me when no others would. "Roh roh roh" still means I love you...the big yawn & howl means out and not one time will I hear bells that I don't think of you. Rest now up in heaven and look for Jeremy...I'm sure he needs a good dog up be a good dog just like here and I'll see you in the 'morrow.
Love ya so much,

Tyson, 4/21/03-6/16/03

My baby Tyson, you were only in our home for two weeks but you will always be in my heart. You always brought us joy when you were around and could always make me laugh. We love and miss you very much. xoxox Mommy, Daddy, Bear, and Moxy

Tyson, 05/27/03

For my best friend Tyson. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you anymore, I hope you are free from pain. You were my reason for reason and I will miss you so much. Sleep tight baby xxxx

Donna Hicks

Tyson Parsons, 08/14/99-01/01/03

Ty P

Tyson, you were only with us for a short time & we miss you so much, you are our son, we loved every moment that you were around & will never forget you!!!!!!! We miss the way you would get us up in the morning, the way you would wait outside of the bathtub, the way you would cuddle like a lapdog even though you weighed 72 pounds, the way you would play with me, the way you were in a whole, we miss you badly buddy!

Mom, Dad & Damien

Tzu-Tzu, 07/23/86-10/04/01

Tzu-Tzu, You are our beloved angel. We miss you and love you dearly. Your Mommy and Daddy, Elise and Dennis and your sister, ZhenZi

Elise Slifkin-McClure

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