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Year 2003 Tributes

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Saba thru Szakel's Sheeva Gutt

Saba, 10/05/95-07/14/03

Saba: You filled our lives with unconditioned love & companionship. We love & you are always in our hearts. Mami & Papi.

Sabastian, 11/04/02

I want you to know, my precious boy, that mama misses you so very much.
Not a day goes by that I don't cry for you.
You were always there for me.
You knew when I was happy, and you knew when I was sad.
No matter how many babies I may have, you will always be number one.
Good bye my pretty boy.

Barbara Sexton

Sabastian, 06/12/03

My husband Brad..brought Sabastian into this world in our kitchen on a January night...Sabastians mother...a pure bred Red Doberman had already given birth to seven other puppies...but she was having trouble with the last my husband rolled up his sleeves and assisted with the birth of the eighth puppy...he was unlike any of the others..he was a fat little guy with red curly locks..Sabastian was born with an old caring soul...we knew he was special with his first breath..My husband and Sabastian were always locked at the hip...He grew into a fine, handsome adult...resembling a large red Sheep dog...Sabastian was like a child to us...Sabastian Blessed us with his first breath on that cold January night and sadly on June 12,2003 he broke our hearts when he took his last breath...I picture him frolicking in heaven..chasing skunks, riding shotgun in the golf cart out on the course where he grew up, going for rides in the car...these were just a few of his favorite things...We will forever remember our friend and he will forever remain in our hearts...He will be sadly missed...We love you Sabastian and we will be reunited with you one day when our last breath comes.

Mr & Mrs Bradley Mosher

Sabastian, 04/12/01-05/18/03

My Sabastian kitty was my dear friend he was so loving and gentle and never scratched anyone on purpose. He slept with me and stayed by me when I was sick. I miss coming home and having you here my friend. The ocean can not hold all of the tears I cry for you. I know that our love binds us together forever, but I miss your soft purr and your sweet meow. My heart is broken and will need lots of time to heal. There will never be another kitty like you my fat cat.

Saber, 12/02/03

To our beautiful and loving companion, Saber. We will miss you. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. Peace to you...The Diller Family

Saber, 03/08/03

She was a stray and I didn't want her, but I could tell she loved my son, by loving my son, I loved her. Over time she wormed her way deep into my heart and became my best friend. I will miss her always.

Saber Tooth Tiger, 07/31/01-07/10/03

Saber is my baby. She went to heaven yesterday. She was put down because she hardly had a chance. She was my one and only baby that I've really known well. Saber was so loyal and kind to me. She had that bond that special something that's hard to find. When I called she came. When she had a chore to make someone's day brighter she did it. She was just so kind and lovable. But I know that she's up there on Rainbow Bridge with God and my dog Roger that died two month ago. but all I know is that I love her and that she sure did leave foot prints in my heart.

Sabeth, 01/90

Thank You for you love and dedication. See you one day again..:)


Sable, 11/28/03

To Sable, our friend, our protector, and our companion for many years... we loved you so very much.
Thank you for always loving us.
Glory will miss you, too.
Say "Hi" to Smyrnoff in heaven for me!

Chris, Teresa, Ryan, & Kyle King

Sable, 12/10/93-11/01/03

Great companion and silent protector, Sable was known as a very sweet animal. Her passing was quiet and without suffering. We will miss her.

Ian Lagasse & Joan Kloss

Sable, 01/07/93-10/02/03

I will never forget you Sable nor will I ever find anyone (person or animal) who will take your place in your completely devoted love for me. Thank you for the past 10 years, I miss you.

Mona Temby

Sable, 11/01/85-02/26/03

Sable, You will be missed always, but I know that someday we will meet again at the Bridge. Until then find Smokey Jo and play and when its my time meet me at the Bridge.

Love, Donna & Phillip

Sable, 12/05/87-01/26/03

All you ever did was love us.
We hope you know how much we loved you.
You left our sight but you will never leave our hearts.

Chuck Diane & Mike Hupcey

Sabo, 12/05/90-05/16/03

My protector and my best friend - you brought a special love and happiness that will always be cherished.


Sabra, 05/12/89-10/21/03

Sabra was 6 weeks old when I got her, and was such a tiny little thing. She grew into such a beautiful stately lady. There was never a more loyal best friend. I will always miss her. she is now free of pain, and I know I will see her someday on the Rainbow Bridge, goodbye old friend I love you

Dennis Hall

Sabre, 04/04/92-03/20/03

Sabre, you brought so much love and joy into our home. You were a devoted companion that showed unconditional love for all of us.

I remember bringing you home to Ohio from Pennsylvania when you were a puppy and how you fell asleep on my lap. It seems like it has been so long but yet it feels too short.

Our love for you will never die.

Sabre's dad, mom, and siblings.

Sabrina, 12/07/03

Sabrina, My best friend. Thank you, thank you for the time you gave me. In every aspect of my life you were there. All the things that I love to do you loved too. Camping, hiking, biking, skiing, sailing, playing in the waves, hanging out with me at work--who else would do that. Adopting and taking care of JR, kitten to cat. I will miss you more than I can bear. When I first adopted you and took to for your check up, I told the vet that you were the perfect dog. I had no idea at that time what an understatement that would be. I know I had to let you go yesterday. You deserved better than to go through pain and discomfort. I am so sorry the treatments failed. I hope that your spirit is free and that you will come back to me after you have had a chance to explore and have this adventure. I hope you know that was holding you to protect you and not to hold you back. I know how much you loved going to McCall and running in the forest and looking for squirrels. Whenever, I ski and hike there, you will be in my heart. You know where we are going to build the house. That's your place too. Please watch over us. Muffie knows that her best friend can no longer wrestle with her but please let her know you are still with her.
Carrying you in my heart isn't enough right now because I miss you so much. Sabrina, you kept me going so many times. What can be so bad when you have your best friend beside you. You are such an important part of my life. My dear, dear Sabrina.

Jeannie Watanabe

Sabrina, 04/01/88-11/18/03

She was my Beautiful flower and so lovable

Ed L Root

Sabrina, 07/13/03-10/13/03

Our little kitten....We loved you so and looked forward to many happy years together. We didn't know you where sick but now you are in a better place. While you where only with us a short while, you made our lives much richer....with loving memories...Sabrina

Sabrina, 12/15/87-10/6/03

My Precious Little Lamb,

Words could never adequately express how much I love you my precious little lamb. You were, and always will be, my most beloved and cherished friend here on earth. Thank you my precious angel for all the love and happiness you gave me each and every day of your sweet life. The pain of your loss will remain deeply rooted within my heart for the rest of my days. For as long as I live, your precious memory, and my everlasting love for you, will remain alive and constant. I now await the blessed day when we are joined together, once again, for eternity.

With all my love for all time,


Sabrina, 02/09/01

you were my friend and my child. You made my life worth living for to come home and you be wagging your tail, when you slept by my side at night, and being there for me when I had other losses. But my family loved you as well and we all miss you so much, until we meet again.

Love you always,
Jessi (mom)

Sacha, 5/31/03

She is now with the angels. She lives on in our hearts. She will be greatly missed. We love you girly whirly.
Stephanie, Eric and Teddy

Saddie, 7/7/97-10/12/98

Saddie brought joy in my life. As we got her she was my little baby. Many people think how hard it was to lose a pet but this was the hardest I had to go through.

Saddie was born with Heart murmur. My family didn't care about that, we loved her. We only got to spend time with her for a year. Saddie Pasted away 9 days after my birthday.

My brother and Mother found Saddie outside dead. My sister picked me up at the bus stop. Before the bus left I broke out in to tears. The saddest day of my life was that day. I miss her so much.

I miss you so much Saddie. The day I got you, the day I loved, the day we said good-bye. I cryed to sleep that night, my pillow was all wet from my tears. I will never forget you my lil girl. I love you..never forget that. The day I find you and the others at the rainbow bridge. I wont let anything take you from me like it did..never will we be separated. I love you baby girl.

Love Mommy!!

Sadeeke, 06/25/03

I bought Sadeeke for my sister who was moving out of the house but Sadeeke decided otherwise - I was hers and she didn't indulge anyone else.
When I moved out a while later, my mom called me after 3 weeks to please come and get Sadeeke because she didn't want to come out of my room and went on a hunger strike. We were inseperable ever since.
Sadeeke has been my companion and love for almost 18 years.
I was hoping to have a few more years with her, but a liver insufficiency stopped her very suddenly from walking, eating, or living in any real way.
The day before yesterday, june 25, 2003 the vet euthanised her and yesterday she was cremated and I took her home again in a small, handmade ceramic urne. She has her own little place now, not only in my heart but still in my house.
She was so special, "talked" whole day, opened cabinets, doors, windows :-) and slept in my arms every single night.
I feel as though a part of me has been ripped away, with Sadeeke passed away it feels as if an era of my own personal history has been closed.
She has seen me through relationships, new homes, new cities, new jobs. She sat with me when I cried and terrorised me while reading the newspaper :-)
I miss her more than words can even express. I don't know how I will live my life without her.
Sadeeke, pateeke, prutsekadeeke - THANKS for everything !

Sad Face, 06/20/85-08/24/02

Sad Face:
Oh my pretty girl, do I miss you.
It has been over a year now since your passing, and I miss you everyday.
The empty spot in our bed is a constant reminder of your absence.
I miss hearing you walk down the stairs in SAD FACE fashion.
I miss seeing you sun yourself in the front window.
I miss how you love the other cats and take care of them.
I miss you jumping up in my lap for loving.
My heart still breaks for you, and all I can do is take comfort in knowing that one day will be together again, never to be separated.
You will always be my PRETTY GIRL!
I love you Sad Face.

Roberta & John

Sadie, 09/28/03

Sadie, was my first horse I bought her from an auction. she became sick with colic we did everything we could paying over $900 for vets, but it wasn't enough, Sadie passed at age 34. when she died, so did part of me. RIP SADIE


Sadie, 12/05/99-12/05/03

To the most awesome dog I have ever know, Thank you for 14 wonderful years, I'll always love you.


Sadie, 01/02/95-11/16/03

Sadie was my third dachshund, and she was the most even-tempered and best trained of the three. Now she's joined her sisters Fraulein and Cinder, who are also listed here, at the Rainbow Bridge. Sadie was a big snuggle bunny and loved to slip under the covers when she slept in the people bed. Her two biggest enemies were the postal carrier and the dryer buzzer. She frequently vanquished the dryer buzzer, and remembering her jaunty walk afterward makes me smile. For more about her, see the Web site she made *smile* at She was my baby; she left too soon, and I'll miss her always.

Monica Ingram

Sadie, 11/11/03

I loved my Sadie. She was 3 & died w/ heart failure. I didn't know that could happen. Treasure your pet never know when the last time is you will see them. Love you Sadie...your always in my heart.

Amanda Massengill

Sadie, 11/15/88-07/06/03

Sadie was the love of my light, and still is. She was definitely mama's girl, but would settle for Dad, when I wasn't around. She knew when I was sad, and how to make me feel better. Such compassion that some humans never feel. We took Sadie to Florida, Mississippi, and to Grandma's and Grandpa's to babysit. Sadie got sick when she was eleven years old. At first they thought it was an infection, but unfortunately it turned out to be liver failure. We nursed her and took care of her for almost four years while living with this disease. The vets thought it was quite a miracle, but said if it wasn't for the great care we gave her, she would not be alive. The toxins were affecting her brain, and she slowly got worse. I knew the time was getting close when I would have to let her go, but could not bring myself to do it. Finally , one weekend , I knew I had to do this favor for Sadie. It was not fair to her to keep her on this earth, because I was having such hard time letting her go.
It has been four months, and I still miss her. I am convinced that she was my forever dog, and there will never be another like her.
To my Sadie; Run, play and have a ball, watch over me, and always remember how much I love you.....Sadie's Mama

Sadie, 06/10/96-10/20/03

Sadie - Our big black dog - Our special giant girl.
You gave us so much love and happiness.
Look for Dallas at the Rainbow Bridge.
He will keep you until we can all be together again.
Thank you for all the smiles, hugs, and kindness.
We love you and miss you.


Sadie, 10/25/03

You were a very loving puppy. You would greet us every time we would come out the door. You, in your own way would put a smile on anyone's face every time we saw you. You were a good little girl. I am sad that our time was so short to get to know you and do the things we had planned with you. You were " MY BABY" " My Sadie Girl" you were OUR protection here on Earth. But now Girl, you can protect us from up above. I am sorry about the accident hunny, I wish I would have knew and walked Daddy out to his Car, and then none of this would have happened and you would still be here with us and we would all be happy again. It has just now been 24 hours since you have been gone and it seems like forever. I really do miss your " Barking" it is so quiet and lonely out here without you. Daddy feels so bad about the accident. Logan and Cody miss you and are very sad you are gone. We will always LOVE YOU and MISS YOU. We WILL see each other again Sadie, at the Rainbow Bridge and we all will cross it together as Family. We love you Sadie~ take care my sweet Angel God Bless you. Corey~Amy~Logan~Cody~Zoey~Tiger~Shadow

Sadie, 08/11/03

Our sweet Sadie, after almost 6 months battle with lymphoma and having adapted so bravely to sudden blindness at the onset, you are finally at rest. You were a loyal and happy friend and I miss you so very much...My walks just aren't the same and our home feels empty without you. From the time that Kevin and Amy and I found you at the Humane Society here in San Antonio, brought you home to meet Bill and captured his heart as well, you enriched all of our lives. "My Little Girlie," sweet dreams of catching those squirrels, chasing those birds, and getting all the rubs you could want.

Ann Schindler

Sadie, 09/20/96-07/28/03

Sadie, I am so sorry for what you went through the last few days of your life. You are truly loved and missed. I had planned to have many more years with you, my heart cries every time I think of you. I didn't want to watch you suffer anymore, that is why I made the decision to help you go to heaven. I hope you forgive me. We had almost 7 wonderful years together, I will cherish these every day of my life. We all miss you dearly, Love, Stacie, Tony, Caitie, Jeremy, baby Bryce and your dog companion Cheyenne. (even the cats!)

Sadie, 12/90-07/03/03

Thank you Saderdog for the time you spent with me. You kept me going through the darkest times in my life. Play with Tanger, Magnum, and Snoopy at the Bridge. At last you are out of your pain now. Love, Bill

Sadie, 01/04/91-06/16/03

This incredibly sensitive and caring dog was in tune with all the people in her family. Sweet-tempered like a Golden Retriever, with the intelligence of a German Shepherd, she was loved for her smile, her adaptability, and her joyous reactions to her favorite words ("walk," "car ride," "cookie" or "treat," "go.") She could also respond to simple questions just like any human family member - "want to go to sleep?" "want to go potty?" Not just our family, but everyone who knew Sadie loved her -and thought she was incredibly beautiful (which she was) We will miss her terribly.

Sadie, 02/14/94-06/05/03

Sweet gentle girl with the dance of joy, smile, love of life.

J.C. Goodman

Sadie, 08/08/88-05/30/03

We just wanted to pat tribute to the little girl who graced out lives for so many years, and has given us the gift of so many beautiful memories. I hope she is with her "other" mommy right now, as happy, safe and loved as she was here. "Goodbye for now, my sweet little one" I truely hope to see you and hold you again someday.

Mommy and Daddy

Sadie, 05/16/03

I found Sadie walking alongside the highway Friday May 9, 2003. I took her home that night knowing I could not keep her. She was obviously someone's loving pet. I tried to find out whose but was unsuccessful. I had to leave her at the Humane Society the next day. I was just told that after keeping her for a week, they put her to sleep Friday May 16,2003. They said she had become aggressive. The dog I turned in was not aggressive in any way. I'm so sorry I had to leave her. I owe this dog. I'm so sorry.

Sadie, 05/13/03

Thank you Sadie girl for blessing us with your presence. Whether it was spilling the cups on the table or climbing around at dinnertime to see if you wanted to help yourself to anything on our plates, everything about you will be missed. You were a special girl and fought hard to stay with us. Thank you for being Sadie. Forever in our hearts and minds.


Sadie, 04/13/03

Loss of Sadie

You left my side on the 13th of April. I can still feel you rubbing against my leg. Never asking for much, only love, warmth and food. My little fat girl. When I pulled you from our bushes on that hot July you were so pitiful. Born with only one eye. I never thought you would survive. When I took you to the doctor in a hamster cage (that is how little you were) I thought for sure I would have to say goodbye. Well you I did and having only one eye was of no consequence. You could spot the smallest spec on the wall or ceiling before I could. Most of the time not really knowing what I was looking for. When you started to cry I held you in my arms and you left me. I hope you could feel my warmth and me telling you how much I loved you. Until we meet again my love. Love Mom

Donna Kahus

Sadie, 07/24/91-04/28/03

Sadie was a loving, devoted companion and friend to my children and I for 12 years. She was always glad to see us, and had a very special demeanor. She loved EVERYONE and brought a smile to every person she encountered. She was a very, very smart dog and loved to lie in my lap. We will miss her terribly, but know that she is in a better place, and is no longer suffering. She suffered longer than we knew, but would never let on that she was in pain. We will keep her in our hearts forever. We love you Sadie.

Deb Halper

Sadie, 11/21/97-4/21/03

We miss you little princess. Our house it not a home and it is so empty without you. It hurts because we wish we could have you back to cuddle and play and spoil, but we have the greatest memories that anyone could have. Your life was too short and we will never forget you. You were more wonderful than we ever could have dreamed of and we will love you forever.

Love, Daddy and Mommy

Sadie, 04/29/01

Such a loving dog who passed away before she could even have a life. You'll always be remembered with love and for all the happiness you gave us.

Dr. John M. McKittrick

Sadie, 01/25/92-04/25/03

Sadie was my best friend and my heart is broken that she is no longer with me. She was so sweet and made me laugh. Sadie was with me constantly and I am very lonely without her unconditional love and companionship. Sadie had many health problems throughout her 11 years but she have always made it through them but this time was different. I know that she is healthy and can see again. She will always be in my heart. I love you Sadie!!

Marty Farmer

Sadie, 6/10/95-4/10/03

Please remember this week our SADIE GIRL who we sadly and painfully HAD to "let go" on 4/10/03. She was diagnosed with cancer just 6 weeks ago and given but a short 4 months to live. Her "quality" of life would be put to the test, and she put up a brave fight, but we couldn't bare to see her suffer another minute. Selfish as I wanted to be and keep her with us "forever", those big brown eyes I saw were telling me... "it's okay, you can let me go."

I know it was the right and loving thing to do, but we all MISS her terribly, and knowing that she won't be there RUNNING!! to the gate when we pull around the corner every day is almost unbearable right now.

But I know too, that we're not the first people to ever lose a pet, and thankfully she did not suffer long or was injured where she would have needed to be put to sleep. I do thank God for that!! We'll be okay knowing Sadie is at peace, off running in some HUGE field where there are no fences, no pain, with the biggest smile on her face just sucking it all in :)

We will see her again and cherish every memory she's given us that NO ONE can replace or take away from us. Please remember Sadie in all your prayers, as we do for ALL those who have lost their special pets as well.
Thank you!!

We LOVE and MISS you Sadie Girl... Jo, Megan & Scott

Sadie, 4/3/03

I wanted to add Sadie. She was nobody's cat, but the day she died she became a pet to three people. Sadie was born in an animal shelter that I volunteer at. Two kittens from her litter had already died, but the rest looked healthy. Then one day, Sadie was away from her mama, and when we picked her up, she was cold. We warmed her and gave her formula, and the best chance we could. She died while laying comfortably on the chest of another volunteer. I had planned to bring her home and continue to nurse and warm her throughout the night. Instead, I brought her home to bury her. Sadie was nobody's cat, but for one day, she was ours.

Sadie, 3/10/02-3/05/03

Farewell Sadie Girl! You are, and always will be, my squirrelly girl! Daddy, the boys and I miss you very much. We will never forget you. Even though you were only with us for a short time, your love was unconditional and you have left your paw prints on our hearts forever! We hope that Dakota is taking care of you and keeping you in line. You still had so much learning to do! You be a good girl Sades, and remember us!


Sadie, 07/04/88-02/11/03

We are going to miss you very much, we hope that you are now at peace. Brandy, Murphee and Sydney will be there to help you. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, friend and companion. We love you lots Baby Girl.
Your Loving Family

Sadie, 06/16/88-03/30/02

My dear Sadie, you brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible. You were always by my side, we did everything together. You are in my thoughts always, and I miss you more every day. I know you have now gone to a better place where you are young and healthy once again, you have made friends with our beloved Amanda, Tippey, Minnie and Sylvester, and you are waiting for me to join you. Until we meet again, please know I love you dearly and I feel your spirit is always with me.
Your buddy, Duane

Sadie, 03/29/92-01/27/03

Sadie Dog (little black dog) we love you so much. When I rescued you from the pound little did I know how much joy and love you'd bring to me and then to daddy when I met him. You were my little rubber head, my crazy lady and I thank you for all the belly laughs you gave us through the years. Thanks for all the toe licks and warm cuddles at night.
We love you forever...


Sadie, 1/20/03

Sadie was a small bundle of love and will be missed by her "Mommy and Daddy" and her sister Mittens. She is at Rainbow Bridge now and at peace.
Dave and Carol Rice

Sadie Belle, 12/04/96-12/10/03

Although our angel dog came into our home and hearts only a year & 1/2 ago, she changed our lives forever. With her "wiggle butt" when she wagged her nub, singing with dad, hogging the bed at night, and going everywhere with her people mom, she brought a joy to our home that will forever be missed. Our baby girl was a Boxer rescued when she was 6 years old. She came into our home and loved all her furry and people family. She adored "her" cat Bandit. Sadie lost her battle with cardiomyopathy and possibly a brain tumor today. Her spirit will forever be in our hearts. We love you Sadie Bug. We'll see you again at rainbow bridge.

Ed and Rachel Goodman

Sadie Kobreek, 1988-02/96

Sadie was the best friend I ever had. She kept my secrets, kissed away my tears, and loved me unconditionally. She let my toddler son climb all over her, rough house with her, and sleep on her back.
She was polite, smart, loyal and well behaved. I never had to tie her, she kept out of the road, and she had a few neighborhood friends that she would "visit" daily.....on her rounds.
We lost Sadie in 1996 when she became very ill and suffered complete organ failure after being poisoned. It was the worst thing I ever had to do, to look at her face as she struggled to stand up and greet me when I came to the vet on that final day. The vet said she didn't react to anyone, yet when she saw my husband and I, she struggled to her feet, weakly wagged her tail, and in her eyes I saw "Please, end my suffering. I love you and you know what to do. If the situation were reversed, and I could stop your pain, I would do the same for you....for you have given me the best life a dog could ever ask for". I knew then that it was time and I sat on the floor, cradling Sadie in my arms as the vet administered the injection. It was all so fast and peaceful, all I recall was my tears streaming over her beautiful coat.
As it was winter and the ground was frozen, we had Sadie cremated and later scattered half her ashes in the woods where she loved to run..and buried the other half under a tree in the yard, where her grave is marked by a stone I made.
Sadie may be gone, but she will never be forgotten..
It took several years, but I finally broke down and got my son another pet. Added to the family now are Nikki and Emma, and they are loved very much. It I s true, your heart always has room for one more...or, in my case, two. But of all the pets I have had the privilege to know, Sadie will be the one I will remember the most.
I will look for her when I cross the Bridge, I know she is there waiting for me....her last words to me told me so.

Sadie Lou, 09/01/94-10/13/03

We love you, Sadie Lou Who. Your passing has broken our hearts but your presence in our lives has made us all the richer.

Hope you're baying at cars and chasing cats in the other world.



Sadie Mae, 10/10/02

Sadie Mae was my heart and soul and my reason to wake up in the morning...Found her a very sick stray and it was like she had to repay us for the care with her total devotion. She was the littlest among 3 Labs but she ruled. I will be forever thankful she was apart of our life. Till we meet again Sadie, Mom and Dad love you....

SadieMae, 03/16/90-04/28/03

You will be missed my lovely Sadie...The bed will be so empty without you there at my feet everynight. I wish I could have helped you fight that cancer, but I had to let you go and not suffer anymore. I know you will be with us always and you will be so very much missed and you will always be now Sadie feel no more pain ever again....I love you...Judi, Tim, Shep, Lucy, Gretchen, and Powder You are with the Angels now...

Sadie Missy Brown, 04/21/03

putting a beloved old dog to sleep never gets any easier does it? godspeed dear Sadie. I am so terribly sad. I rescued Sadie...a lovely chocolate who was about 7 yrs or so and so one ever claimed her so, I just had to adopt her. She made me love dogs..until then I liked them just fine but, didn't exactly love I do. I can't believe how sad I am.


Sadie Sue, 05/07/92-02/14/03

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Author unknown

My love, my companion, how ever will I get through this 1st night without you?

Jennifer Bertolasio

Sadram, 10/04/85-05/26/003

To Our Beloved Pet "Dodo". Rest in Peace my dear canine companion. We will love you always.


Sady, 01/01/92-01/14/96

Sady, you were a very special dog. You found us and you were my first dog that died. Your death caused us to grief a lot but also to get into rescuing hundreds and hundreds of dogs. Because of you Saboo, Beau and Smokey found a new home, not to mention the long list of dogs, puppies and even cats and kittens who had a temporary home with us and still do. Because of you, I have made a difference in the world that I never imagined.

Birgit Miranda

Sady Mae Marie, 01/31/91-07/03/03

Sady was the best dog anyone could ask for. She loved everyone and wouldn't hurt a fly. We miss her so, but know that she is in a better place now. We hope to see her again one day. Until then, she will forever remain in our hearts.

Terry & Jennifer Lapoint

Sage, 08/10/94-12/22/03

He was my Valiant Protector who took care of me and would not let anyone near me that would hurt me.
I miss him dearly.

Renee Beers

Sage, 01/01/90-01/23/00

Oh, my Beloved, Sage. I will miss you. You came into my life 13 years ago as a feral little gray ball of fur. I got you originally for my best friend and roommate Allan. But it wasn't a good mix. I guess you and I were destined to journey together. You have been with me through the good times and the bad. You and Adric didn't like each other but you became inseparable. He misses you. So does your fur family. And there is an ache in my heart. But there is also Love. you are my Grand Duchess. I will always Love you.


Daddy Jay

Sage, 10/06/98-01/07/03

A most gentle creature whose legs did not want to work anymore. May you find freedom and happiness until we meet again. We love you so much and will miss your sweet face.

Jen & Jamey Stradling

SageWoman, 06/28/03

I only had you for such a short while, yet we had so many plans together. I will never forget you Beloved Friend with the beautiful eyes. I will meet you at The Rainbow Bridge. I will always love you.

Renee' King-Brown

Saggy, 06/15/93-04/07/03

My dog was the light of my life. He died in my arms...and that's the way I know he wanted it. He even mustered enough strength to reach his neck up and rub his nose to my face before he died. It was beautiful.

Poppy Krause

Sahsa, 08/01/89-01/07/03

Sasha, you are my baby, and I miss you much. You slept on my belly for 14 years, and my sleep is light without you. You are the sweetest of sweet, and Mommy misses you. You were loved by all you little "squirrel". Always so happy to be loved, and never giving up to find a hand to ontop you litte head. Sleep tight.

Kirsten Yauch

Sailor, 08/25/01-09/22/03

I loved you so much my beautiful baby boy,
I am so sorry I couldn't make you well.

Saint, 11/05/99-12/05/03

Saint, I know you are with Jesus and the Saints (who you named after) I know they you and the Saints will interceded
for the people of the world. So my special Saint with the heavenly father please help us. Love your earthly family

Saiorse Ann, 07/26/03

My Beautiful Baby Girl Saiorse,
You were my special girl, you never knew how much hearing your meow at the end of a long day or your snuggling on my shoulder or behind my head while I slept at night meant to me. You were there when I cried. You comforted me without doing a thing; you only had to be there. I will miss your bright eyes; when you were a kitten we nicknamed you "Light Bulb Eyes" because they were so big and curious. I will miss your little paws. You were so special to me because of your little six toes, just like your Mommy, Niko. I swear you thought they were hands, you could pick almost anything up with them. I will miss seeing you happy when I would come home, chittering at me, rolling on your back and doing your "rubba face" routine. Aunt Brit will miss your silly "running to the foodbowl" routine. She loved when I would imitate your reaction to something new....."uuuuh oh, gotta eat!" I will miss the way you would sling yourself over my shoulder when I would pick you up, as if you were letting everyone know it was your perch and they weren't to forget it. I already miss you putting your little face right in mine, rubbing your face on my glasses, or on my hat, which if wasn't close enough, you'd grab with your little paws and pull closer; you had the most beautifully long whiskers that tickled my face but I never did mind. I'll miss playing with you with your laser, seeing you sit on the floor and tap the wall with your paw as the laser would go by. How you loved that silly laser, and would look so forlorn when I would turn it off. We would say it was your best friend. We buried you with your little baby, your Rhino beanie baby. When you were younger you went everywhere with that thing, carrying it in your mouth just like it was your own little kitty to take care of. She will be with you now. It is hard to recall all the silly things you did that made me so happy in the short seven years you were with me. I miss you more than you could possibly imagine, but I know I will one day see you again at Rainbow Bridge and there will be no more tubes, machines, or hurt. I miss you, but I know you no longer are burdened by pain, and that comforts me. I will see you again, my Little Face. Love, Mommy

Saitey, 02/08/92-03/28/03


You are still here, chasing the window cleaner and the post man. Wait for me, old friend.

Robert Shaw

Sal, 02/14/92-11/08/99

"Baby I don't want to know the reason why, but lately you don't talk to me and I can't see me in your eyes. I hold you near, but your so far away. Let your love flow back to me, how can you leave and let this feeling die. You alone are the only living thing that keeps me alive and tomorrow if I'm here without your love. You know I can't survive. Only your love can raise me above it all".

Barry, Maurice Robin Gibbs tribute to their brother Andy

Brenda McConnell

Saleen, 10/11/95-01/27/03

Saleen, you have changed my life forever. I feel as though I have lost a child, and in some ways I have.

You entered my life in Dec `95 dressed in a Santa suit. From that moment you stole my heart. The two of us were virtually inseparable for 7 years. I tried to include you in anything I did. At times that would get Momma upset, but she understood our bond and reluctantly accepted it.

I will miss our rides in the car together, the way you used to bark with your racket ball still in your mouth. How you would love to get a "new chewie" from the cupboard and your ways of getting me to give in and give you treats. Riding on the lawn mower with me is one even the neighbors won't forget.

Things are not the same without you here.

I hope and pray you understand that what I did for you was in the name of Love. I could no longer stand to see you sit and tremble in pain. And even though your pain is gone, the pain I feel will not go away. I miss you like nothing ever before. The security of you being by my side is a feeling I cannot get over. Your undying love and affection will live with me forever.

The house is silent. I feel an emptiness I cannot explain. I want so much to be with you again, but I cannot leave everyone behind until my time comes. Please wait for me near the Rainbow Bridge. I will call for you when my time here is through. And we will be together again.

Daddy loves you so much

You will be forever missed


Salem, 11/12/98-07/30/03

My brave boy had cancer and died at home the day he was supposed to have his first chemo, though I think he was too far gone by then but held on for me, if only I had caught it sooner. I miss you and love you Salem-with all my heart, and hope your thinking of me and are happy where you are, I feel my days are so empty now without you and hope you will come visit me if you can, I will think of you every day until we meet again, goodbye my big strong beautiful boy, I hope you are happy where you are.

Sheryl Neufeld

Sally, 12/14/02

Thank you for teaching me to trust.

Linda Misch

Sally, 12/14/89-03/26/03

Sally was a special little dog and we shall miss her so much.

We hope she is feeling well and lively again now.

Lynda Pattie

Sally Gowan, 05/10/00-01/17/03

To one of the most beautiful girls. Whose soul was tortured by horrible previous owners and whose soul is with God now. May she rest with him and stay happy until I reach her. I wish I could have made you happier but I know you needed to rest your sad soul. I hope you know that I never wanted to lose you the way I did, but I tried to give you two great years. I love you, dear Sally girl. Your mom, Julia.

Sally Ragschke, 08/17/91-11/17/03

Sally was the best blonde dog.
Missed by her litter-sister Oprah, her moms BJ & Sandy, and sister cats Lucy, Gracie and HerShe.
WE all miss her tremendously!

Bette Jeschke

Salsa, 02/09/96-09/04/03

Our little Salsa girl passed due to lymphoma cancer of the Gi tract She will be loved and missed for all our days. We anxiously await the day we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tim Copeland

Salty, 06/30/93

Dear Salty,
At the time of your passing it was so sudden I think I went totally numb. It was just one month after mom's passing and I could hardly believe I had lost my companion of eight years who had chased fear from my life.
None of us knew you should not have been given the anesthesia you were given in order to do the dental procedure. I'll always remember how you treed the neighbor's cat on a regular basis and the day you got out the front door and took me on a merry chase through the neighborhood! You were loving every minute of it!!!!!!!!
Now you have another Skye companion to play with. Caspar is with you now, so you and all my other 'bridge kids' can keep one another company until I can be there with you once again. Know I have always missed you my pretty girl.
'Aunt katy' and I always think of you often and you are always in our hearts. Try not to be too bossy with Caspar!
He has a very tender heart and for heaven's sake do not hide his 'Barney'!
Mommy and 'Aunt Katy' and all the others who love and cared for you!

Sam, 11/20/90-12/13/03

Sam loved everyone and everyone loved Sam. He was well known for his ways in the little town he lived in. He was a gentle giant with loving ways. We grieve the loss of our friend and loyal companion. We will never forget our Sambones and pray you are free now from all hurt and worldly pain.

Pam and Billie Smith

Sam, 01/05/92-11/21/03

Sam, you were our baby boy. We loved you, the grandkids loved you and you loved them. Thank you for your loyalty, companionship, love and for sharing your life with us.
we will miss you always.
mommy and daddy

Sam, 09/09/92-11/14/03

Sam, your Kathy and Kimmy miss you so much. One last kiss or one last ear scratch is all we need until we see you again.

Sam, 12/29/89-09/20/03

I'll never forget my most loyal and only companion, I just can't believe she is gone. Hopefully there will be a time we will meet again.
Thanks Sam for all your love.

John Palumbo

Sam, 12/22/89-10/06/03

My little stinkerbell left this world on October 6. What she left me was wonderful memories of an amazing dog who showed so much love to me that I will carrying that love until I cross over and be reunited with her again. Every morning when I wake up and every evening when I get home from work I look for your beautiful face. I hurt so much because I miss you. Friends and family tell me how lucky she was to have me and I tell them that I was the lucky one. I had her with me for 12 years, 9 months and 14 days. Now I will carry her in my heart for the rest of my life. I love you Sam.

Roberta Clark

Sam, 01/1989-9/30/03

To my beloved dog Sam. You will always be loved the most. I miss you so much. Lover you forever and ever, my little doggy soulmate. You at the Rainbow Bridge soon, I hope. Your devoted and loving Mom.

Sam, 08/29/03

Sam is the father of my current baby, Thunder. I learned that Sam was poisoned and my heart just broke. Thunder is his father's son, of that I have no doubt... Sam was a very gentle giant indeed... his favorite toy was a 4x4 block of wood... and no one... I mean no one was allowed to touch it unless he allowed it. If Sam loved you, and there were very few that he didn't, when you came into his yard he would greet you with his version of a hug... jumping up to throw his massive arms (ok... legs) around your neck. Sam was only 5 or 6 years old.. much to young to have his life cut short so cruelly. Sam... as you watch over my baby Simba there at the bridge I have to say thank you, and know that you are forever in my heart, as well as your mom's.... She loves you and misses you very much.


Sam (Runty), 07/15/94-08/08/03

My home is empty without you beside me. The whole family misses you very much. You are and will always be with me.

Deanna Vandyk

Sam, 01/01/99-02/08/03

Sam was a young, loving pet- who succumbed suddenly to a mysterious illness. He ascended to the Rainbow Bridge from the arms of my husband- staring into my husband's eyes. We can't wait to be reunited with him!
Thank you all for remembering him~

Sean and Lorraine

Sam, 1989-08/03/03

Oh Sam, how I'm am missing you now! Those big brown eyes gazing at me where ever I go. You would follow me from room to room. You were so gentle and sweet. An angel in disguise. My heart aches for you now. How am I going to get through this? You were a part of this family for almost 13 years. My sweet Sammy dog! How am I going to get over the guilt, for leaving you at the vet all day, and not checking on you til it was too late? My poor baby died all alone at the vet. I couldn't even go check on him sooner. I didn't know Sam! If I had known just how close to death you were, I would never have left you. The vet wasn't even there. You had to die, all by yourself in that cement cell. I left you for 10 hours before I even called to check on you. The vet told me to do that though. To call at that time. I thought you would still be alive Sam. I would never have done that if I knew you were going to die. Yes, I knew you were pretty sick, but I really thought you'd still be there. Why didn't I go check on you at 3:30 when I felt the urge to call and check on you? Why didn't I do it?! Please forgive me Sam. You were the BEST dog! You would never have left me, if it were the other way around. Thanks Sam for the 13 years of love you gave this family, and I will never forget you! I want to see you waiting for me in Heaven when my time comes, Baby. Love you SO MUCH!!!


Sam, 04/22/91-06/21/03


You were such a good buddy to us. We miss you terribly, as do your many friends- human and canine. You were so brave in your yearlong battle with congestive heart failure. Now that you are at the Bridge, you can do all of the things that you have always enjoyed, now that your heart is new again. We will see you again-be good!

Michelle and Jim Burchfield

Sam, 6/02/89-6/23/03

This dog has been my life for the past 10 years, through very hard times, some good times, but always by my side. He never caused me one minute's trouble, but was always there to help ME when I needed it. He was a great and loyal friend, one never forgotten. God, please help me to get through these next few days, which are the hardest. I love you Sam......

Love, Mom

Sam, 1988-2003

Best dog I've ever met
love you


Sam, 05/17/03

I never knew what unconditional love was until Sam was given to me 10 years ago. Sam was the most loving, loyal and forgiving dog, he was my protector, he was my friend, he was my first child. When my boys were born, he loved them, because I loved them, he excepted them and became their protector and friend. His gentleness and unconditional love is so missed and will never be forgotten.
How do you say goodbye to someone who knew the real you, and loved you anyway? My precious, sweet, loving, loyal Sammy, you took with you a great big piece of my heart.

Sam, 06/06/92-12/26/02

We laid Sam, our faithful, goofy Labrador retriever, to rest the day after Christmas. While it was exactly what he wanted, it was an incredibly hard decision to make - even though I realized that I had been willing him to keep going until I was ready to let him go. As if to punctuate the decision we had made to let him go, he had three seizures in less than 24 hours on Dec. 25 and 26 - something he'd never done before.

Because I work from home, I had the glorious luxury of spending his last day with him. We did a lot of nothing, although he got lots of hugs and pets from me. And I talked with him about his 10 1/2 years with us and all the memories I could muster. He also walked the yard completely more than once as if to say goodbye. Even Miko, our cat, refrained from her usual craziness to cuddle with Sam and touch her nose to his.

Sam, unlike Fannie our sheepdog, was less vocal and a pretty quiet dog. But he was so tuned into my emotions, it was scary sometimes. As I did with Fannie, I'd like to share some of my fondest memories of Sam with you.

* He was the only golden-colored lab in a litter of all black puppies - he was destined to be different!

* He was also the only one napping while all the other puppies were going crazy playing with one another - my kind of dog!

* He came into our home as a puppy, when Fannie was just a bit over a year old. She became his surrogate mother of sorts, a role she played until she died in July 2002.

* Sam loved to retrieve things (no surprise) and he'd bring just about anything to you that he'd find. I'm grateful he never felt compelled to bring anything gross back. He was also smart and defied the adage 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'. He learned to fetch the newspaper at 8 years old.

* He also loved to eat, especially boneys (dog biscuits). He'd stand at the 'boney door' and look at us as if to say 'I think it's boney time'. He taught Miko this trick and now she stretches up the 'boney door' for her 'boney'. (Hey, once a dog person, always a dog person. The cat gets boneys.) :)

* He did catch a squirrel once. It was eating birdseed off of our deck. I showed it to Sam and he got all excited about the 'squibby' (Lee's made up word for squirrels) on the deck. Then, I took the dogs downstairs to let them out. Silly me - I thought the squirrel would run away in the interim. It didn't and, as Sam ran out looking up and back at the deck, the squirrel jumped - right into his mouth! The look of surprise on his face was so funny! Of course, the squirrel was not amused and promptly bit him on the lip. Sam came back with his tail between his legs as if to say 'I'm sorry for not bringing back the squibby.' The bite did necessitate a trip to the vet's to make sure it was only a surface wound. (It was.)

* Another squirrel tale - Steve gave me two plastic squirrels to put into the yard. We hid them from the dogs and Lee placed them on the railing of the deck. THEN we showed the dogs. They both tore out to get the squirrels, each touching one with their nose. Imagine their surprise when the squirrels both fell off the edge and down below. Both dogs stuck their heads between the railings to look down at where the squirrels went. Then they looked back at us (we were now rolling with laughter) with a 'huh??' look on their faces. They only fell for that trick once. Smart dogs.

* Sam was 'the baby', sleeping in bed with me and Steve. Sam clearly thought I belonged to him and he would punctuate this by wiggling in between us during the night. It wasn't uncommon for Steve to wake up perched on the edge of the bed with Sam's feet in his back.

* We live on the edge of the woods and at night Sam would run outside barking at the top of his lungs. I think he was trying to scare away the things that scared him. It must have worked.

* Sam had a HUGE aversion to snakes, even the nice ones. He is the only dog of his size that I've known that could propel himself backwards with all 4 feet off the ground to get away from a snake smell, skin or actual snake. Once, when Steve had to kill a relentless copperhead that decided to live in our backyard, Sam did his jumping thing and then took a very wide berth around the spot where the snake died. He did this for two weeks before the spot lost enough of its smell to become harmless (to Sam) again.

* Sam was introduced to water a little later in life. At first, he hated it. But one day, while I was swimming in the lake, I felt something next to me. I looked over and it was Sam, swimming right alongside, smiling. We had a lot of fun in the water after that.

* Sam was also Lee's night-time buddy. He would stay with Lee, who enjoys staying up till all hours of the night, and end up sleeping on the couch with him. Sam took his duty of 'keeping an eye on Lee' pretty seriously.

* Sam was also a compassionate dog, who would try to help people feel better. Once, early this year, he caught me crying. He crawled up into my lap (all 90 pounds) and studied my face. Then he gave me some heartfelt licks, clearing my face of tears. Then he put his head on my chest for a moment and looked back up to see my reaction. At the sight of another tear, I again got a big lick and a chest hug. He continued to study me even after he had gotten off my lap, to make sure I was okay.

My memories of Sam are more vague than of Fannie, in part because the (presumed) brain tumor that finally ended his life was slowly taking away his personality. Because it was so slow, we didn't really notice, other than some odd behaviors he adopted (nervousness, anxiousness, fear of taking walks) that we attributed to 'age'. If we'd only known. In a way, we've been saying goodbye to him for over three years, just this time, it's for good.

He will always be our Sammyguy, Peabody (don't ask), Shed-boy, Napping buddy, My favorite Brown Dog, The Baby. I will miss his snoring, the feel of his flat, smooth head and the smell that he had when he was sleepy. And I'm comforted to know his pain is gone and that he can once again run, play and swim to his heart's content. I just hope Fannie didn't bite him when she saw him (which was her usual way of greeting him).

I'll miss you, Sammyguy.

Lis Tanz, Steve Poetz, Lee Harrison

Sam, 4/1/89-5/13/03

You were my companion and beloved buddy of 14yrs. I've been blessed to have had you in my life. I will always hold you in my heart and look forward to seeing on the other side. Rest in peace my angel.
Love Momma.

Sam, 04/17/03

Sam has been the best company to all of us. He was a great cat. We love and miss him and his furry face.

Cary Dudgeon, Erin & James Brown, Antoinette, Josephine & James Panarella

Sam, 01/16/94-04/15/03

Sam, this tribute is for you. It is to honor the brave, kind, wonderful partner you were to us for nine years. God sent you to us. He knew you needed special care and he knew we would provide it. Together we battled epilepsy, cluster seizures, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, and finally lost the battle to liver disease. You never complained, you were always incredibly brave and courageous. You were a remarkable friend who never failed to let us know how much you loved us. We miss you Sam, we love you and always will. You touched many hearts and you will be in ours forever.

Jim & Doris Waddell

Sam, 11/27/99

I still miss you with all my heart! I can't wait to see you on the bridge.


Sam, 02/10/90-03/05/03

I lost my best friend 1 week ago today. He was with me for 13 years and I miss him very much. Sam was the best dog that I have ever had, he was oh so smart and very gentle. He was with me through thick and thin, he helped me get through some real tough times in my life. He developed over the past few years arthritis in his hind legs, but he didn't let it get him down, he still thought that he could do all the things that a puppy could do. He started slowing down a few months ago, and towards the end he was having a hard time with one of his front legs as well. I tried pain medicine and steroid shots, and they seemed to work and ease his pain somewhat. He started panting alot and I was told that it was brought on by either stress or pain, he led a good life and he had no reason to have any stress, so I started thinking that he had to be in pain. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to do in my life to make the decision to end his pain. It was so hard to make that decision because some days he would pick up his sock and want to play, but other days he just seemed to want to lie around. I had the vet come to my home because Sam always got so nervous when he had to go to the vets office. I wanted to make it as stressless and painless as possible for my friend. I just want Sam to know that I loved him and that he will always be a huge part of my life and that I will never forget him. We had him cremated and we brought him home again on Friday. I know that he is in a better place now and not in any more pain. I love and miss him terribly, and look forward to the day we are together again. Sam we love you.
Love Lana, Dustin, Cassie, and Kitty.

Sam, 11/15/91-03/16/03

Harley's covering for you. We hope you finally got that Ethan Allen couch to eat you were promised. We miss you.

Susan Roberts & Larry Spitzer

Sam, 11/07/85-02/25/03

Sam was once a busy, bouncing pup, getting into everything. As he aged, his health deteriorated. This morning he joined his two brothers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Karen, Jim, & Sarah

Sam, 02/16/03

My buddy, we will miss you! Your companionship, the games you liked to play, the "peck the finger" game and the tapping game, the music you liked, especially whistling songs. I will miss our rituals most, you yelling until you got the first handful of fresh popped popcorn, eating cheerios on the countertop and especially at night-night time when you would spread your wings and be my big, brave and handsome Sam. I will see you, Snowflake, Spike and Sarah at the rainbow bridge when it is time. Sing pretty for Aunt Louie.

Terri Courtney

Samantha, 05/01/91-12/05/03

Samantha left for the Rainbow Bridge last night after leaving permanent Golden paw prints upon the hearts of every person who came in contact with her.
She is greatly missed and is now in peace and happiness after a courageous battle with diabetes.

Ron and Marj

Samantha, 09/29/02

We love you Samantha and are so sorry that your life ended the way it did. We wish we could have done better. RIP and we think of you always stinker.

Shanna and Del Ritchey

Samantha Aka Sam, Sammy Girl, Sam I Am, 02/06/98

Samantha has been gone for five years now, and her memory makes me smile.
The pain of grieving has passed, and the happy memories remain.
She was a funny looking cat; blind in one eye, and pear shaped, with a short skinny tail.
But I loved her fiercely.
She was very friendly, never met a stranger and meowed for attention from anyone who came along. She was a smart cat, who could fetch and loved to sleep behind my knees. I know she has a special place in heaven.
I eagerly anticipate our reunion, and hope she greeted Sarah warmly.

Karen Lee Scott

Samantha (Sam), 10/13/03

My dear familiar gone to be with the Goddess, you shall never fade from my heart as you still hold it in your devotion and great friendship.

R.D. Murphy

Samantha, 2/27/89-10/06/03

My beloved friend you actually came into my life twice! The first time when Kimberly and I saw you in the pet store and later when you came to live with me when Kimberly moved to England.

Kimberly actually took you home first and you lived with her for the first two years of your life. I came to visit you and you also came to visit us and I have many pictures of those first two years of your life.

Then Kimberly had to move to England and I lost my beloved Tasha to a brain tumor. I vowed I would not get attached to you as you too would be moving to England, but at a later date. This changed as it wasn't in your best interests to be sent to England. Then our beloved Benji passed away just one month after our Tasha's passing. I was beyond lost.

For a time you and I were sad as we both missed Kimberly very much. I was still grieving for my beloved Tasha and Benji during this time. I would come home at lunch time only to find you sleeping on your pillow by the door, just like a little princess. It was a place at the time you felt comfortable with. We would go outside, weather permitting and would sit on the deck side by side both missing Kimberly and my beloved Tasha and Benji. Then somehow, me being totally unaware, you stole my heart!

When Kimberly came back home a year and half later, I knew you belonged with her as she had so much sadness in her life when she returned home. I was so happy that she had you to come home too, even though I knew I would miss you terribly when she again moved. For the first three days of her return you followed her everywhere and slept with her which I knew she needed so very much. She loved and missed you too. Your being with her seemed to ease her sadness. Then the fourth day everything changed. I was getting ready for bed and you came into our room as you had done for the last one and half years and jumped into bed and things returned just as if Kimberly wasn't there. Oh, yes you greeted her and did all the right things, but we had a bond that couldn't be broken. Kimberly knew too that you now belonged to me and that a bond had been forged. She said it was just meant to be and I know she was right. You took over where Tasha left off with her special ways. Sometimes it was almost like she never left. Maybe that's why I fell so in love with you so quickly. You too, Samantha had such very special ways . . . just yours alone and they will always bring smiles to face even through the tears.

You gave always more than I (we) could have every given you. You gave not only your love, but loyal, true companionship. You loved to travel not only in the car, but loved boating just as we did. I have so many beautiful memories of our times together. Even now as I sit at my computer writing this tribute to you, my loving and loyal friend you sit beside me as you always did, only now in pictures on my desk. The pain seems truly unbearable since you left. I will always have these memories which are my greatest treasure and your undying love which I will carry in my heart till my dying day. Your ashes sit on a bookcase shelf where the sun shines upon you. You always so enjoyed the sun, so it seems a fitting place for you now. Someday you will, when my time comes to leave this earth, join me in my final resting place. This too, seems only fitting as you will be my last furry companion. Know that I can only hope that "Rainbow Bridge" exists and that you will again run to meet me one day and smother me with your kisses. Till then, my undying love and gratitude for all the wonderful years we spent together. I recently found this tribute and know that it fits us perfectly my little princess.

Missing You

I knew that I would miss you,
My loving, loyal friend . . .
I knew the special joy we shared
Would one day have to end . . .

But now the time has come,
And though I know it's sadly true . . .
I can't believe you're really gone,
And I'm here missing you.

Some say there is a heaven
For the pets we cherish so . . .
I think God meant for us
To give you heaven here below!

You were a special gift from Him
And gave me so much love . . .
I know He must have smiled on us
From heaven up above.

So 'till I'm sure where you have gone,
I'm convinced, you see . . .
Just knowing you were
"In pet heaven"
Here on earth with me.

Love you always, Mom

Samantha, 10/01/03

My beloved cat Samantha died in my arms on October 1, 2003. She and I had been together for 14 years. She had her health challenges since 1997 with hyper-thyroid and irritable bowel syndrome but handled everything with aplomb and purrs. I didn't realize she was going into renal (kidney) failure until it was too late.

I made the decision to euthanize since she was suffering and I wanted her to be at peace. I so miss her and will love her always. She was an exquisitely beautiful calico that had been a stray and I told her from the minute I adopted her that she was softer than angel's she is with the angels.

Bobbi M.

Samantha, 5/22/89-10/11/03

Samantha,, it's been less then a week and I still can't believe you're gone. I hope you understand that we had to do what we did. Please forgive us for that. We loved you more then anything and would have never chosen this unless you were really suffering and there was no other option. I'm also sorry that I had to leave the room when you're time came, I know it was selfish but I couldn't watch you go. Mommy and Daddy were with you though.
You were the best friend to all of us. We loved you more then anything.
You were always there for us with a tail wag and an excited wetspot on the floor. No matter how bad things got you were always there to make us smile. Thank you for making us so happy. It was as if you're goal in life was to please us and you succeeded.
When you were hit by a car as a puppy, we thought we lost you, then we were blessed with 13 more years with you in our lives.
Nothing will be the same without you.
You're bed is still out for Scooby to sleep on, although he and Snickers are still waiting for you to come bounding through the door.
Thank you for being part of our lives and for amazing us with your sweetness everyday.
I hope you're in a place with thousands of squirrels to chase and no thunderstorms to frighten you. Tell grampa to take you on lots of walks and bring CJ along with you.
We'll see you again someday and we'll all have our walking shoes on!! We'll be waiting to hear you howl "I love you" as soon as we meet again.
We love you Sammy baby and hope you understand why you're not with us anymore.
- You're family

Samantha, 09/20/90-12/07/02

My dog, Samantha, died of cancer. She was the best dog anyone could have! We miss her so much!!


Samantha (A.K.A. Shmoo), 03/18/87-08/11/03

Samantha was my soulmate - a companion who was always there in whatever capacity I needed her. She had a beautiful, quiet soul and a "sac-of-potatoes" mentality that allowed me to hold and cuddle her any way I wanted. She rarely complained, and behaved as if her soul purpose on this earth was to add joy and comfort to my life.

Samantha was with me during all the most difficult times in my life, and she was always the one I turned to first. Now that she is gone, I find myself looking for her to bring me comfort, but she is no longer there. I know that somewhere she is looking down on me, and I hope that one day we will see each other again. She was a beautiful spirit. I will miss her greatly, and love her dearly ... always.

Michelle Kempenich

Samantha, 08/06/89-07/21/03

Our Dearest Samantha:

Though we haven't seen you for 7 long years you are always with us. There was never a day that went by that Sammie name didn't come up. We spoke of you with much love and devotion.

Our hearts were torn when we lost Brandy (your best friend) just 1 short year and 1 month and 5 days ago and then we lost you.

Sammie, you are in a better place as we were told about Brandy and Daddy. Now you have someone to meet you at Rainbow Bridge to be with and play with.

Daddy will take you for a walk and play with you and Brandy.

Have fun.

And as Mommy and I try to accept your loss and cope with the loss of your best friend and cousin Brandy and our Daddy we will say "Good Nite" SEE YOU IN THE MORNIG LIGHT. WE LOVE YOU SAMMIE AND ALWAYS WILL.






Samantha, 08/04/03

Dearest Samantha,
You need not ever fear the lightning & thunder anymore, are free from pain and fear and live now in peace and bliss. You were a living blessing in our lives. And though we miss you we know our eyes will meet again.

Uncle Richard L.

Samantha, 9/30/83-6/17/98

Lil' Doggie Angel, you are their love, still. They cry everytime your old bowl falls from its shelf. Sam, you are an angel, your friend Suzy is commemorated here too, on the special needs list. Sadly, though, for your family, you may see her soon. We all miss you Sam, love you so.

Amanda Inman

Samantha, 07/31/03


Sammy was a tuxedo cat, black on top and white on her underside. She was strictly a house cat and never went outside.
But she loved it when you would pick fresh grass and bring it inside for her to eat.

She was a dainty little cat in stature, no more than 6 lbs. when she was her heaviest.

She was kind of a scaredy cat and would run and hide when a stranger came in the house. Yet once she knew someone's voice and foot step, she would accept them being in the house but she didn't necessarily like it.

She didn't like being put in the pet carrier to be taken anywhere, especially the Vet's office. She was so afraid she would wail the entire time until we got her back home. She would then hide for several hours just to show us she was mad.

We have another cat and Sam loved chasing her or being chased through the entire house. When they ran through the room you happened be in, one in particular would be chasing the other. When they came running back through from the other direction, the one who had been the chaser, would suddenly be the one being chased.

Sammy loved to sit or sleep in a window and enjoy the sun. She would also sit in the window for hours and watch me on the riding mower or when I was working outside.

She was like a child and very much a part of the family. She was warm and loving toward us and liked it best when she could at least be close to one of us.

When she was growing up from her kitten stage, we didn't know that she was ready to move into heat. She howled constantly and we finally figured it out. We took her to the vet to be spade and she was alright afterward.

Except for one thing. After she went through that experience, she absolutely loved having her butt spanked.
So much so that your arm would wear out spanking her, before she would move away.

A month or so ago we found that she had a malignant tumor in her month. The tumor was so advanced and she was so old, the veterinarian felt nothing could be done. The good thing was she wasn't suffering any pain. The vet. said she might have a month or so left and we took her back home. We wanted all the time with her we could have, but it was so hard for us to watch her deteriorate almost on a daily basis.

To the very last she was loving and very close to us all the time, particularly the last week or so.
I feel she knew what was happening and was trying to spend as much time with us as she could, she loved us very much as we did her. But the tumor in her mouth was getting bigger and she reached a point where she couldn't eat. The vet. had warned us that when it got to that point, she would begin to starve to death and we couldn't allow her to suffer through that.

The end was yesterday at 5:00 P.M. We took her took her in, said our good byes. We told her of our love for her as she was put to sleep and afterward given the lethal injection. After nearly 15 years we don't have her anymore.

She was so good to us while she was here. I know this morning she is in cat heaven, chasing mice, drinking cream and being happy and healthy once again. I'm hoping she understands what we had to do. Knowing Sam, I believe she did and forgave us even at the end of her life here on earth.

Life will never be the same without Sammy and she will never be forgotten.

Sam if you can see us now, you see our grief and know how deeply we have always loved you and always will.


Samantha, 08/06/89-07/21/03

To My Beloved Best Friend and Special Companion, Samantha,
You were always there when I came home, with golden tail wagging, offering warm, wet golden kisses, meant just for you and me to share. Your reason for living was to give that rare commodity, unconditional love. I can never return the light you brought to my life, but I shall remain grateful to have been a part of yours. You will live in my mind and my heart forever, with deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for all you gave to me. I miss you deeply, and I hurt, for losing you.

Samantha, 05/25/90-08/02/03


You were such a faithful, loving friend. We will love you forever and a day. Don't be afraid, girl.

Love, Mom and Dad

Samantha, 12/26/89-07/15/03

To my faithful companion Sam, For the 16 years we were together, you stood by my side, births of children, divorce, moving from place to place, and you were always their for me. I parted with you yesterday and my heart is so heavy. Your missed terribly, and I hope you know that I love you, and did not want to see you suffer anymore. I will see you again some day, and we will be together again.

Patti Fasano

Samantha (Sami), 06/30/03

We want to pay tribute to our beloved cat, Sami (Samantha). She was the most beautiful and loving cat a family could ever ask for. She knew how to sit on command, and when she was younger would actually fetch on occasion. She was a great snuggler and loved people, especially adults. She loved kids too, but adults were gentler with her, especially in her old age. She purred like a Harley Davidson, and because of this we always knew where to find her if she was hiding. She was so loving that cat-dislikers became cat-lovers just being around her. She had a beautiful gray coat with little white paws. She took such great care of her coat we never had to wash her. She was always so soft. We will miss not being able to touch and pet her, and listen to her purrs get louder. We love her, and she will always be in our hearts forever. We know that she is in heaven with family that loved her when they were on earth. She will always be with us…to protect and love us from heaven. She's our guardian angel cat. We love you and miss you Sami!!!! Your family, the Hewitts.

Samantha, 06/23/03

For eighteen years you were by my side. Sharing my joys and heartaches with you made the highs that much sweeter and made the lows seem not so low. You will be missed.

Greg Evans

Samantha, 6/13/03

Samantha had the most beautiful blue eyes. I've never seen eyes that shade on any other cat. She had this thing that if I ever started to cry (for real or jokingly) she had to come over to me and cheer me up. I know that if she saw me crying for her now she'd be right against my leg trying to get me to stop.

I know she's not in pain anymore, as she was sick for the past month or so. I will always have a place in my heart for her, and hope to be rejoined with her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Samantha, 04/11/90-05/07/03

Samantha we will miss you forever and ever. You were always there for us when we felt bad or had a bad day. You were with us for 13 years and were very special to us. When Blake was born you were always there to protect him from harm and when he awoke you awoke us. We will all miss that special part of you being our alarm clock and letting us all know that someone was awake and stirring. I know that you are now in heaven with dad now and I know that you are together again. Please take care of dad and we all miss you babygirl. You will always be in our hearts forever!!!

Randy, Jennifer, Blake, & Grandma

Samantha, 02/02/98-05/14/03

We miss you Sammy and will always love you forever. You meant so much to us in these past years you will surely not be forgotten. We will each keep a special place in our hearts just for you. We love you Samantha.

Christopher McReynolds

Samantha, 06/15/89-12/28/01

In memory of my little angel, Samantha. She will forever be missed.


Samantha, 04/13/03

To my beautiful little girl Samantha, I love you very much and miss you very much. Please be a good little puppy until we meet again.


Your mommy

Samantha, 04/03/92-02/17/03

Sammy was the sweetest dog, she is missed terribly. She was loved by all and will be remembered in our hearts forever.

Samantha, 12/09/02

I just found this list today. Even though Samantha has been gone for almost two months, I miss her so much and still cry about her. We rescued her, and she lived with us for more than 10 years. My husband was her special 'pet', she was my best friend through my pregnancies with our two sons, and she was one of the kindest and most forgiving souls I will ever know. Thank you, whoever you are, for letting me write this about her. Sincerely, Jennifer G.

Samantha, 08/08/86-01/27/03

My beautiful baby girl. You were taken from us without warning. You were my best friend. Thank you for 16 and a half wonderful years. Your ashes are kept on the fireplace in the master bedroom - the room you loved most of all. I do not think I will ever stop crying for you. Your brother Sebastian has CRF and I was mentally preparing myself for his passing, never expecting that you would go before him. You looked so healthy. I guess I was expecting you to be there for us when Sabby passes. I keep wondering if I missed something. I would have done anything to save you. You looked so peaceful lying on the bed, like you were asleep. If only I were a minute earlier then you could have went to the Rainbow Bridge from my arms. I know you heard me coming upstairs and were getting ready to jump off the bed to greet me when you passed away suddenly. Samantha, you were the best cat anyone could ever have. I miss you so much. I treasure all the wonderful memories of you liked to listen to music, how you would always like to lay with me with your little paw resting on my leg. How I would tell you every day - "you will always be my baby're my baby...always and forever". I know that one day we will all be together - never to be seperated again. Thank you God for blessing us with the best cat in the whole world. We will never forget you.

Jeff and Bill

Samantha Angelique Rogell, 10/10/92-12/02/03

My precious angel, you have now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss you every day until we met again.

Golaunda Zoet

Samantha Ann, 02/12/97-11/28/03

My baby, ,you
were and always be my precious little Angel. You were always at the door waiting on me and nudging in the middle of the night to get under the covers. You brought so much joy to my life. You will always be in my heart. Mommy talks to you everyday and sheds tears for everyday. I miss you little one. I tried very hard to save your life . I am so sorry . Just know that mommy loves you very much and you will never be replaced. Love,

Samantha Ann, 07/15/93

My samantha was a wonderful and dear friend. I love and miss my baby deeply. I hope I can see her again and hold her once more.

Mary Walton

Samantha Cattail Racoon Wheeler, 07/21/87-07/29/03

A loving tribute to Sammy, my friend, my precious little kitty that passed on after giving me 16 years of companionship. She will be so missed and a piece of me will forever be missing.... Your Loving Mom, Michele

Samatha Driscoll, 10/25/03

May Samatha walk, run and jump again just as she did when she was young and now watch over my friend Cynthia.

David Driscoll (c/o Cynthia Adrachick)

Samantha Grace, 11/26/03

My Baby Samantha:

You were only with me two days, but I fell hopelessly in love with you.
You were so tiny and frail but you took my heart. I miss you and I love you.

Rhonda (Mommy)

Samantha Jean, 06/05/03

Samantha blessed us with her presence for 13 years. She was the most beautiful little cross eyed girl that there ever was. Nana our house is so empty without you my sweet baby. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much and cannot wait until we meet again.

Samantha (Sam) Lynn, 04/11/90-05/07/03

Our "baby girl" was the joy of our lives. She had the sweetest personality and she was so protective of our home and our son. There will never be another like her! We have such an empty feeling in our home and our souls. We will never hear her bark or feel her kiss or even be able to stoke her little head or her chest. She will forever be missed. Please pray for our family. Thanks!
Sammy-thanks you for adding so much joy to our lives the past 13 years. We will love you always & forever! Dad, Mom and Blake

Samantha O'Barr, 11/27/88-01/26/03

In loving memory of our baby girl. You was and still are such a special part of our lives. Thank you for your visit in the night on your way to Rainbow Bridge, that brought us so much peace in our hearts. It helped us to move forward. Even in your passing you was still looking out for us. Unconditional love... We miss you so much! There will forever and always be a special place in our hearts for you. Kramer (the dog) sends big wet kisses to his loving big sister. Sweet dreams angel...XO

Charlotte O'Barr

Samantha Rae, 11/1987-08/11/03

She was the most amazing dog...the most obedient, playful, sweet and gentle dog with an amazing and beautiful spirit. She was always at the ready to happily tag along as my dad went out to mow the lawn or do yardwork, she was always happy to keep my mom company while she would sunbathe, and she was always there for me when I needed companionship during the rollercoaster rides that life throws. She always seemed to know when something was wrong, and that was when she would always do the little things that she usually wouldn't tolerate, like allowing us to hold her paws, or laying her head on our lap. She would sit there calmly and quietly and give gentle kisses from time to time as we would talk and deal with the little curveballs that life throws us.

All of my friends loved her, as did my boyfriends. She was always antsy to meet all of the new people that would walk through our front door, and was especially fond of the males that would come in! A boy crazy dog that could melt even the toughest heart.

She lost her hearing in late 2002 and began sleeping through more and more of the day. When she was awake, however, she still knew when dinner time was, she still knew that she would be given two dog biscuits every morning, and she still knew when we got home, and would happily wag her tail while staring through the back door, anxious to see us walk into the living room.

Up until the very end, she still got that look of excitement and love in her eyes whenever we were around. She left this Earth knowing that she was loved and treasured by all of us.

Samantha Trilli, 12/01/87-01/17/03

We love you and miss you terribly. Be at peace, Sammy!
It's hard for us to live without you and we're not used to having a quiet house. You're the best dog we've ever had and we are lonely without you. We miss your smile! You were a very good dog. The day I came home from school my mom told me and my sisters that you had died and we cried the rest of the day. Have fun with your pals, Rudy, Buzz, and Squirt. We loved walking you in the wagon. You committed peace in our house. Our candles will burn eternally for you!

Donna, Dave, Anthony, Natalie, Cecilia and Spot

Samaria and Hoohiki and Lilo
Samaria and Hoohiki: march 24 '03 Lilo march 25,'03

My love for them keeps on growing. Their time with me to short......Ashes to ashes, dust to dust my babies are here because they must. They just couldn't handle it God wanted them safe to be next to Him in their tiny place. Like the one in my heart that all of you will always hold, for my sweet babies died when not very old..........

Sam Chaussey, 10/01/02

Sassy Sam,

Mommy misses you Baby.

Sambo (Or Sam), 03/84-06/07/03

Sambo was my best friend and the best cat I have ever known. I miss him so much.

Naomi Sykes

Sambuca, 02/11/87-06/02/03

Sambuca filled my life with peace and love. He was my soulmate in a way no human could have been. I want him to know how much he meant to me and know that nothing will ever fill this hole in my heart. I miss you and honor you, Boonie. You were my friend.


Sambuka, 11/01/00-04/27/03

To Sambuka, The Greatest Dane of All . . .I wanted to bring you home the moment I laid eyes on you at 4 weeks of age. Two weeks seemed like an eternity, but the day finally arrived. I was dreading house training you, but I underestimated your intelligence. At 10 weeks of age you were completely housebroken and very obedient. You were an instant member of the family. You watched over your human "little brother" Chanse like a hawk. You sensed his disabilities and stood directly between him and any stranger who ever approached him. Never aggressive, but with your ears perked up, your head held high and your senses keen, you ensured no danger befell him. I am forever grateful for the noble and valiant service you offered of your own accord. The $2,200 sofa you stripped down to bare wood? I didn't blame you then and I don't now. I had been home with you on a daily basis, then took a part time job. You were lonely, you missed me and had to act out your frustrations - much as any child would. I was shocked to see our entire house covered with sofa stuffing, but it's also my favorite "goofy" memory of you. You were my constant companion and faux guard dog. You "barked the bark," but in reality you were a gentle giant. You loved me unconditionally . . . when I was late with your dinner, when I scolded you, when I ignored you, and even when I tethered you to a tree when visitors were afraid of you. When I return home from shopping, etc. I still expect to see you galloping down the driveway toward my car. Reality hits and I remember that you're gone. I drive the remainder of the driveway and open Sambuka, my gentle giant, I miss you so much - my empty heart feels like it's going to explode. The only comfort I find is knowing that we will unite again in heaven. I know I'll find you watching over the little ones. I love you.


Sami, 06/01/88-09/09/03

Sami had character and an unstoppable spirit all of her life. She was our hero when she saved the life of her friend, Molly, our other jack russell, by leading us to a hole in the ground where Molly had become buried by an accidental cave in.

Sam Mann, 05/01/87-12/02/03

Sam: How quickly these 9 years have gone by. It seems like yesterday we were picking you up from the shelter at the ripe old age of 7. You were the most amazing dog, there could NEVER be another like you. You loved me and John unconditionally. You even found room in your heart for all the kitties in our home. Pierre especially loved you, and I know you loved it when he cleaned your face and ears. The house has been sooo sad since you left us yesterday. I wonder if the part of my heart that you occupied will ever beat again. I miss everything about my Sammy dog. I know you're in a much better place now, and the only comfort I have is that someday we'll be joined together again to live happily ever after. All my love to you SAM SAM!

Roberta & John

Sammi, 06/12/91-10/27/03

To my best friend and companion of 12 1/2 years. You will be missed and will always be in my heart. Thank you for being a devoted and loving friend. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge I will always remember you.

Tina Cragun

Sammie, 08/27/03

I would just like to wish my Sammie well and I want him to know that I miss him more than I can handle! We will be together again someday! I love you Sammer Jam!

Love Kelly and Andy

Sammie, 08/14/03

Sammie was a special special friend - she was our baby. Never have I experienced a dog with such love and compassion. She loved people and even had human friends of her own that would come to visit her. Our house is empty- the silence is deafening- her absence is unbearable. She would talk to us not a bark but special mumbled part bark part growl part whine. And such a sweet face she would get. She loved to be cuddled and petted. To say we miss her cannot even come close to the loss we feel and the part that hurts the most is that there is nothing we can do to fix it. Nothing we can do about it at all except to endure the pain and pray that time will help.

Gary & Debbie Borelli

Sammie, 21/06/03

My little sweetheart, missed so dreadfully, the house and our lives are not the same without you.
You gave us so much love and the pain of losing you is unbearable, things will never be the same without you.
The Rainbow Bridge is such a lovely thought and I hope one day I will be able to hold you and smother you in kisses again.
Until we meet again my little teddy bear.
Mum and Dad xxx

Sammie, 07/18/94-01/21/03

That is the phrase on the picture frame above my desk with Sammie's photo in it. It exists now as one memory of the dear sweet dog that left us today at around 5:30 pm. After fighting a losing battle with liver cancer for many months, it was time for the end to come.

She was born on July 18th 1994. I was twelve, and that would have been the day after my birthday. However, I didn't know of her existence until about 12 weeks later, when my mothers coworker brought two little Dalmatian lab mix puppies into their doll shop. I remember looking into the little cage and seeing the sweet and shy little white dog in the back. It was love at first sight. I spent the rest of the day, after I coaxed her out of her cage, carrying her on my shoulder. She always clung on when I did this. I also spent some time working on my mom to have her let me keep the little puppy I was now quite attached to. Of course, she agreed, and forced my father to as well. We took her home, and named her Sammie after the fourth child my parents never had. The spelling came after a fortunate accident when my mother bought personalized bowls, and didn't know how to spell the name right. So the spelling stuck :)

The next few years, Sammie became my pal. She slept in my room (quite often on my legs) and it felt like she was truely my dog. One day (after a viewing of the Life of Brian by Monty Python), my mother and I were playing with Sammie's ears, and somehow one got named Roderic (wod-ewic) and Brian (bwyan) because we were "weweasing" them. You'd have to see the movie. FYI- the ear on her black side was Bwyan, and the left was Wodewic. My mom always forgets that, but I don't.

Then came Sammie's love of frisbees, which seemed to be her favorite pastime. Of course, this led to her tearing them up, and us having to buy new ones, but that really wasn't a problem. She would always bark after going outside to signal that she wanted to play. After a while, we were trained to understand this message.

Another of Sammie's favorites was treats, like all dogs. At one point I trained her to say "poof" before receiving one. She was also quite enamored with squeak toys in her youth. And from Emmer she learned another pastime, licking feet. Her favorite were my dad's. I guess they have just the right amount of salt.

Sammie never really got the hang of not pulling people over while she was on the leash. Being a strong and very muscular dog, she was always too hard to walk. One time I tried, she got out of her collar and started running down the street. Luckily, she listened and came back.

Then a few years ago, things started to change in Sammie's life, with the addition of Neo. This led to lots of "narling" which is chewing on each other, and lots of fun for the both of them. The would run outside and attack each other, and Sammie would always try her best when they were out there. Inside, she would be more careful so not to injure the house, though she did manage to do so a few times. She also learned at one point how to let Neo out of my sister's room on command, which was quite cute as they would run out of there barking and narling.

During my times away from my house, she would spend lots of time eating my stuff in my room. This has quite contributed to the mess in there. I think she got mad that I left, and she kept being put in there at night, giving her ample time to do so.

In the last few months, we learned that Sammie had liver cancer. We gave her all the medications we could, being told that chemotherapy would only make her worse. For a while, her treatments worked and she continued to live a happy life at the house. We played frisbee with her as much as her health would allow, and tried to make sure she continued eating. Still, her illness took it's toll of her strength, and she lost about 15-20 pounds over the course of it.

And then a few days ago it became apparent that she needed to go to the vet. So she did, and stayed for a few nights to get nutrients and see if she could get better. She wasn't doing so, and as a last effort my parents consented to the chemo. However, it didn't help. Today, when I saw her, she couldn't even hold her head up long, and her breathing was difficult. The only thing that she could still do was wag her tail, which she did as much as she could. I got to say my private goodbyes to my little girl, and let her go with the knowledge of how much I loved her.

Where is she now? Some would argue that she is gone... I don't know where, but I do know that she had as much of a soul as humans do, and I hope wherever she is, it is a happy place. In my heart, she remains forever my sweet little Sammie dog.

Sammie Cat, 05/84-12/23/02

Sammie Cat, my beloved baby girl, you were with me for 18 years. You went through so many emotional moments with me and gave me your loving support through each one and I can't begin to express my appreciation and love for you. Your last year was very difficult for you and watching you go through it was very difficult for all of us. It was especially difficult for me, because I couldn't face the fact that you were old and sick and dying. The night you died I was able to hold you and let you know how much I loved you. You climbed into my lap and lay there for hours while I pet you and held you. And then, when you were ready, you left the comfort of my lap and laid down on a blanket and peacefully passed away. Thank you for the time that you gifted me with in your last hours. I will always cherish it. And always know, wherever you go, that I love you dearly and I know that we will come together again.

Lisa, Jonathan, Brenna and Kyra Lynch

Sammy, 09/13/03

Sam, I know you stand at the gates waiting for us, I want you to know that I am sorry I couldn't be there to say goodbye, I love you very much and I hope that you keep all our other loved ones close to your heart as you watch over us. We miss you very much and love you.

Keith Momberger

Sammy (Elliott-Kraft), 11/28/92-12/07/03

Sammy - fought hard to stay with us, he just lost the battle and was to weak to go on.
We will never forget him and will always love him.
Looking forward to the day we meet again

Shirley Kraft

Sammy, 03/03/75-11/25/87

In loving memory of my first great and wonderful pussycat, Sam.
He was the greatest friend anyone could ask for.
He helped me through alot and this is just a little reminder to all pet owners to please care for your pet always.
Love them and cherish them while you can.
Sam is up in heaven now and today I am sure he greeted Useless Boy, my second great pussycat in the whole wide world.
I can still smell his fur and feel his breath on me.
He was very, very ill this morning, but he's not ill anymore!!
Love and kisses to you

Mary Hyland

Sammy, 07/04/91-11/22/03

Sammy was the best boy the world has ever known. He gave more love than was possible and will never ever be forgotten. He loved going to parties and traveled the world with us. His two Shih Tzu "brothers", Patrick and Benjamin, no longer have him to look up to but we know he will be with us in sprit forever.

Rob and Ray


Sammy, my dear Sammy. How can I put into words what you mean to me? You saved me from my grief when my mother died. You were always with me and happy to be. I took you everywhere - I clung to you, and you seemed to understand. You were MY cat and my cat only. Never did you get close to anyone but me. I sang you so many songs, and you sat so many hours by my side. It helped me so much. It helped me to go on. No one could ever understand what you mean to me, Sammy. Only you and I understand. But we communicated on a higher plane, didn't we? You always did what was right and helped keep all the other cats in line. You were my main guy always. You danced, you jumped, you entertained. Always playful and always funny. You always made me laugh. But only when it was just me and you. You were so tolerant of all the other cats, and I appreciated it so. I was scared I'd lost you so many times. What a tragedy that it finally came true. I've mourned for you for several years, and I still miss you terribly. I still expect to find you somehow, and I'll never stop searching. I can only hope that your ordeal wasn't painful for you or traumatizing. I can only hope that you found your way to where you're supposed to be, and that you're happy there. But I haven't given up on you, Sammy. It's all right. I know you'll always be inquisitive, sensitive, and one of a kind. My favorite cat, ever, and one that I fell so in love with and feel so lost without. Know how much I love you, Sammy, and how my life will always fall short without you in it. You gave me strength and comfort. You gave me companionship. You gave me friendship and wonderful days. You waited for me, and I looked for you. I'll never forget your loyalty and true love for me. I love you, Sammy. Be happy and look forward to our reunion. I can't wait to see you again. Oh, and Sammy, you slow danced so good. I could never find a partner like you. Thank you.

Love, Marty

Sammy (SUS), 02/14/86-10/16/03


Sammy, 05/03/91-10/03/03

Sammy you will be missed terribly. You gave me so much love and comfort and my heart is broken. You brought so much happiness and sunshine to my life. I will love you always. You were such a brave and courageous little guy...Your Mom

Sammy, 08/31/88-10/03/03

Sammy: you were my baby. You were so special. Such a love bug with your constant need for attention and kisses on your crown. Every time I called you, you came instantly, talking all the way, greeting your Daddy. Such a good baby. My heart is heavy and I can't believe you are not here. I know you were very happy in your country home this past year with Daddy Dan, Nakita and Brewster and as always, you loved all the company that we had, always in the middle of every conversation. Nakita is mopping around and misses you dearly. Brewster is Brewster, independent, but Daddy Dan and I know that he misses you, at least misses trying to get your food behind your door.

I love you, baby. Rest and I am happy knowing you are with Molly, your sister.

Love, Daddy Jeff

Sammy, 08/01/86-09/22/03

My sweet little Sammy cat, how I'm going to miss you. You fought so hard to stay with me since you got sick. Thank you for being such a strong girl and giving me those precious 2 1/2 years. I'm sorry you were in so much pain those last couple of days. I hope you and Squeeky are getting along at Rainbow bridge. Give him a big kiss for me and tell him I miss him so much.
Did you know you died 2 days shy of the one-year anniversary of his death?
My heart feels very heavy. I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace my sweet Sammy cat.


Sammy, 01/02/92-09/27/03

The house is so empty without you. It was time for you to go, your little body had battled so much and for so long. I'll always remember you as being a brave, lovable, loyal friend. At the Rainbow Bridge Puss, Mitsy and Chico are waiting for you. One day I'll join you, until then have fun with your friends and don't be afraid. All my love.


Sammy, 05/95-09/20/03

Sammy the ferret, will miss you my little Sam sam. Be well and good journey to you old friend, thanks for the joy you brought to us.

John Bentley

Sammy (Samuelson), 10/20/02-09/01/03

Sammy, we will miss you attacking our legs when you wanted to play. I will miss your smell and your fatness. You were what kept me going after Sadie died and thank you for that. I just hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you. Forever in our hearts

Terra and Family

Sammy, 07/22/03

We'll miss you Sam.

Pat and Paul

Sammy, 09/06/03

For a beloved pet and friend. You will be greatly missed, your loss felt in our home and hearts for a long time to come.

Tracy and Ken

Sammy, 1985-08/12/03

Oh, Sammy.... I wish I were more eloquent, and could find some beautiful words to say what is in my heart. But you know already what I feel, don't you. I didn't want to let you go, my precious furbaby, but I knew it was time somewhere deep within me. You were getting old, and you were sick and weak, and couldn't do the things you loved so much. It was the most loving thing to let you go... keeping you here with me would have been for me, not for you. Now you are healthy and young again, and at the Rainbow Bridge, and I know Leo and Tasha are there to greet you and show you the ropes. You are not alone, and someday I will be there with you again. You are always with me in my heart and soul, Sammy... You showed me so much love, and I loved you so much in return. It was gift and a blessing that you shared your life with me for so long! Be happy, my Sammy.... someday we'll be together again.

Carol Mainzer

Sammy, 02/87-08/09/03

When God created you, he created a precious little soul who was an example of how we humans should treat each other in this often times uncaring world. You were the sweetest and gentlest kitty ever and your spirit will always be with Daddy and me. Your passing has left a void in our lives that only God and time can heal. May God know keep you in his loving care and we look forward to seeing you again ... for we know that "With God, all things are possible".

Ron and Denise Thrower

Sammy, 02/13/94-07/01/03

Three-quarters doesn't make us whole
With three-quarters there is a hole

He is gone - passed away
And my heart breaks and I cry and a look for solace unsuccessfully

Three-quarters doesn't make us whole

First it was 3/3 with Simon and Sam
Then 4/4 when we added Miss Maddie

But ¾ makes us less than whole

And I miss him

I miss the way he brought me joy each morning when he came back upstairs after breakfast to be with me

I miss how me would lay by the desk in my office - knowing that I would need him to tell me I am smart and loved

I miss how he cocked his head when I spoke to him - not only did it make him look incredibly cute but it made me feel he really understood

I loved how after he ate his cookie he would come and burp in my face

I loved how Give meant Take and Drop meant Hold - It was like we had our own special language - and we did

Our language mostly went unspoken but rather was communicated though kisses and long loving looks, cuddles and soft touches

It was communicated by the way he would place his paw on my arm in really dark moments as if to say - don't worry - I am here - all will be okay - because I love you

Our language spoke in volumes about love - and loyalty - a love I don't think can ever be defined - we didn't even have to say the words - just a look into his eyes was all it took

I knew how much he loved me - he was my great protector - always on lookout for baddies lurking in the dark that might attack those he loved the most.

There was no limit to his love - he gave it endlessly to anyone who would pause for a moment to engage him.

He was his mommy's boy - Always running to me when he thought he had done something wrong - but nothing he ever did could be construed as bad as it was always completely without malice or ill-intent.

He was my Velvet Prince - my best friend - my confidante.

He filled my heart with so much love it grew in size geometrically - on a regular basis.

You couldn't help but fall in love with him

He was everything that was good in life and with him I knew that I could

He was a great friend

And in the end all I could tell him was how much I loved him and how he changed me and how he changed my life

And I asked him to unfurl his angel wings and fly away - above the rainbows - and on his journey to pick a star and it would become our special star and we could share it in the night sky together - and through that connection we would always be together.

Fly away my angel - you earned your wings.

Mommy so misses you - is so grateful that "we" happened - so sad that it has ended.

Your gifts of love and life to me will never be forgotten as they have changed me forever - You made an indelible mark in my life and in my heart.

There are no words in the human vocabulary to begin to describe the love I felt/still feel for you - I love you a million miles to the moon and back in a million different ways in a million different times.

I love you forever and for always.

I miss you desperately Boo.

I love you,


Sammy, 07/09/03

You were always a good dog, Sam
Always there when we needed you, no matter what ups and downs life handed our family- you always were ready with a wagging tail, an eager lick and two large ears for listening.
Unconditional love, a best friend to all of us no matter what As a last act of our unconditional love to you, we let you go today; may you now be free from the pain and suffering, and know that the angels in pet heaven will look after you and take good care of you until we are all reunited again someday.
Thank you for all the memories, our dear friend and companion, and always know that we love you and you will be in our hearts forever. You were always a good dog, Sammy- rest in peace now, and may the light of a beautiful sunny day always shine upon your sweet, gentle face.
Love from your family,
Tom, Lisa and Rhianna

Sammy, 11/18/88-6/9/03

There is alot to say about him, he was a wonderful dog that loved to swim enough that we had a swimming pool put in 14 years ago. He loved to ride on jet skis and 4wheelers. He developed diabetes 7 years ago and had to have insulin shots twice a day, went blind , but because of science and a good vet got his eyesight restored. He is so greatly missed and leaves behind his little brother Cody who is 12 years old.

He left such a hole in our heart, its so unbearable at times to think he is gone.

Mommy and Daddy love you, and will always remember you

David and Chris Cash and Cody

Sammy (Handsome Kitty), 09/24/98-05/20/03

Sammy, we are so sorry that you did not have enough time here with us. Your illness came upon us so quick. Feline Leukemia. Last month you were our handsome boy, this month your gone. We hope that you have found daisy, moses, blacky, whiskers, and the rest of your friends who have gone before you. You will always have a very special place in our hearts. We love you and miss you so very much. We hope that you are having lots of fun in that much better place and with all of your friends. We also hope that you and Daisy will watch out for each other. We love and miss you. You will always be with us forever. Love you much, Hugs, and Kisses. Mom and Dad. Also Rachel.

Sammy, 09/07/90-05/05/03

I am a person whose life revolves around animals. I work at a vet clinic, and I spend my days with other people's dogs, cats, and horses. But Sammy was more than just MY dog. She was my best friend. She reminded my every day how much I wanted to be the person she thought I was. My dear Sammy, I am still trying to be that person. And I will continue to try until I see you again.

Kristine K, Stapelberg

Sammy, 11/88-04/2002

Sammy was our first dog and a real sweetheart. She loved to retrieve more than anything, even dropping her toys down the stair well so she could go get it. When she was a puppy, she drove us crazy with retrieving, a trait little kids really enjoyed. Even as an old dog, she wanted to retrieve just two days before she died of congestive heart failure. She was a loved member of our family and we miss her very much.

Laurel Wilson

Sammy, 10/31/91-02/21/03

Thank you Sammy for the years of companionship and the very strong bond we had. Although I'm devastated by your loss, you will always be in my heart. We all love you Sam.


Sammy, 9/9/96-2/1/03

Dear Sammy,
We loved you before you opened your eyes. You were a loyal friend and the house feels empty without you. You will never be forgotten!

Rest in peace,
Gary & Carla

Sammy, 02/27/85-01/28/03

Always so happy to see you no matter what. Will miss your spunky run and dancing feet.

Ken & Betty

Sammy, 05/30/89-12/08/02

You were my baby and my best friend. You always took care of me and then I took care of you. I loved you till the very end and I always will. I'm glad I kissed you goodbye and held you.
I feel you are still with me. I miss our walks together. I look out the window and expect to see you and Daddy planting together. Sleep tight my little one. Mommy and Daddy miss you.

Sammy, 01/01/83-01/16/03

Hugs to mis and Ripple, who are sad and missing their beloved Sammy. From all the Pubbers.

Lynn, Gary, & Woo Lippman

Sammy Beach, 08/01/03

Sammy was a cat that knew exactly what he wanted. He was a stray, He was fed by neighbors, chose me. Every morning and every night, he was in my back yard, waiting for me. His patience worked. I adopted him 8/12/97. A faithful and loving cat, right to the end.

SammyBoo, 08/24/92-06/04/03

SammyBoo was orphaned by Hurricane Andrew in Miami on August 24, 1993. I've used this as his birth date, since he was a shelter dog. He was my special friend, especially over the past five years when I've been confined to my home. He loved to play fetch, swim in pools and the ocean, and knew just how to relate to every person he met - from babies to the elderly. Although a brain tumor debilitated him, he responded to my calls and caresses until the end. I have to believe that I've done the right thing ending his suffering. I just didn't expect my heartache to be so overwhelming.

Arlene Adams

Sammy The Princess, 09/01/88/-08/24/03

This is for Sammy, who we rescued from a puppy mill, almost 16yrs ago. She moved from S Calif to N Calif to Alaska then Hawaii (& 4mos of quarantine), during our military career. She outlived 2 other male fawn pugs in our lives. She's just tired now & we need to let her go. Our Vet will come to our home to euthanize her in the loving comfort of our arms on Sunday. Please pray for our strength & for her speedy direct passage to a happy, healthy existence over the rainbow bridge, to join her brothers Roscoe & Max.
Aloha Sammy


Sampson, 05/12/92-08/11/03

So long for a while trusted friend, we will miss you especially this holiday season.
In our hearts you live on until we meet again.

Mike Pickerill

Sampson, 07/04/02-12/07/03

He was my little baby bunny boy (he had no tail)
He brought us all so much happiness and joy
We were all smitten... ever since he was a little kitten

One early morn he went out onto the greenbelt
He loved to chase the mice... he thought they tasted mighty nice

But.. he never returned
Even though we kept blowing the horn
He must have been feeling rather dopey
On that fateful morning when he ran into the Coyote....


Sampson, 08/91-12/04/03

Sampson was my sweet and sensitive boy.
I will miss you forever.
Rest in peace with your Papillon sister Puffy

Robin Parkhurst

Sampson, 11/21/03

Sampson blessed my life for ten years. He was diagnosed with diabetes in Sept. We never could get his blood sugar regulated, and after many wrenching ups and downs, hospitalizations and all, he prepared for his journey on Thursday night and departed early on Friday. Friendly and outgoing, he loved to groom people's hair, and he liked to greet people on the path where I live. He had huge eyes that held the light of love in them, and they always will in my memory.

Antonina Rose

Sampson, 11/13/02-10/13/03

He was the clown that was always there when you needed him. He was always there to lick the tears that rolled down my face, but he is not here now to comfort me, and I will be very sad for some time! Anytime I was sad he sat with me; knowing something was wrong. He was truly a great companion and friend; he almost never let me down. He was the strangest, but the greatest pet I have ever owned. He was only a puppy, however, he was wise beyond his years. I have never felt this way about an animal because, I think, he was more; he was my baby, my friend, and my companion all rolled into one. He went with me everywhere I could take him, and now he is gone. No one to greet me at the door. No one go to with me just because they want to be near me. I honestly feel that no one loved me as much as he did. I will be lost without him for a very long time to come.


Sampson, 06/14/92-01/04/03

Sammy, we love you and will miss your happy smile. You were so kind and gentle and loving. Many kisses to our gooshey balooshey

Marta and Bob O'Brien

Sampson, 12/28/01-12/29/02

Our special friend Sampson came into our lives unexpectedly, not really planning on getting a puppy anytime soon but when a friends dog had puppy's and a few weeks after they were ready to go I stopped by. And here comes this chubby little puppy, mouthy as could be howling at me. Well needless to say he won my heart and I surprised my 3 kids with our new family member. Well he soon became a 4 child to me and a best friend to my 13 year old son.....This is fairly recent and my heart breaks for my son .... the girls were close to him but didn't like him eating the feet and hands of their barbies. I know they will grieve for him but it's my son I worry about. My son doesn't have many friends so this was it for him. And now Sampson is gone. I know we will all get through this but my mouthy four legged son is gone and greatly missed. The loving, overly friendly, pal is now just a memory.


Well it's the 4th day without our beloved friend... I would give anything to find a huge hole in my mattress or to find a shoe chewed to bits, or to have him chase the cats whom he thought just wanted to play. He was only in our lives just under a year but he was a special member of our family, it leaves a huge empty hole in our hearts. Sampson we love u and we will always hold u dear to our hearts

Sampson T. Tyler

Sampson my dog, my Loyal, true dog, I love you Sammy, and I always will, I will find you someday I promise....
Remember the day we saw you? Remember when we would play Catch? Remember all those happy days when you were here, and now your not? If only I could hold you once more, if only I could see you play once more, dashing through the fields and chasing butterflies. The Value of a pet is more than a friend, and closer than a brother. I love you....

Katie Zurbrick

Samson, 01/01/98-12/16/03

As I write this, it has been a week since Samson, our beautiful OES, died two weeks shy of his sixth birthday on New Years day 2004. Yesterday we placed Sam’s ashes next to those of our first OES. It’s taken me this time to compose myself enough to write the following open letter to Sam, in a feeble attempt to find closure with his passing.

Hi Sammy,

The tears that continue to fall express more than any words how much we miss you. Although I wouldn’t… couldn’t, accept that you might not get better, we all knew that was a possibility. What we didn’t know was how little time you had left. But you knew. You knew you were dying. Why else would you have hopped into the bathtub? You knew and you died alone; for that we’ll always be sorry. We miss you, we’re still crying, we love you.

Goodbye Samson

Bob & Barbara Butler

Samson, 06/24/02-10/14/03

Samson came into my life just one year ago. I found him at the shelter in a bottom corner cage that wasn't very visible. The moment I looked into those beautiful green eyes, I knew he was something special. Samson had a way of loving me that I'd never felt from an animal before. He was my baby, my little prince. He'd actually place his paw into my hand at night to hold it...he loved to have his paws rubbed. Sometimes he'd plop down in the nook of my arm and lay his head on my shoulder placing him arm on my chest to give me a hug. My heart aches for my beautiful boy. I will miss you, my little prince...sleep well until we meet again...I love you so much...Mommy

Samson, 04/01/01-03/15/03

A loving companion that we miss very much. Such a good dog, and so smart.

John and Judy Daquano

Samson Boucher, 11/21/98-05/10/03

No one will know the loss we feel.... The way he would console us without saying a word, the way he knew when it was time to play, and when it was time to lie down in your lap and not say a word. He was demanding! I guess because we spoiled him so much or maybe he just liked to be the center of attention. I think it was a little of both. He was the biggest expense we would ever pay on any family member, even if you combined all of us together! But no matter the expense; because he made it up in the unconditional love that he gave to each of us. He treated each family member in his own special way Dad was for playing; if he doesn't play with me I will bark at him until he has no choice. Mom was for cuddling; she always knows just where to scratch. Justin was someone he could bully; if you don't play with me I'm going to grab dad's shoe! But along with that he gave each of us love and affection. He will always be our "lil buddy" or "fat boy" and every time we hear the word "treat" we will remember how his face would light up. Hearing that one word would send him running up the stairs so fast, sometimes he looked like he was running in place. Every time we get ice you think you will hear the clicking noises his nails made against the tile floor, charging towards you for his ice cube. No one will ever know the excitement we all felt in bringing him home the first day. We never expected to hear a dog snore the way Samson did, his snore would actually vibrate the house! In the beginning the thunderous noise would keep us awake, but after awhile it became a soothing lullaby that gently helped us sleep. We will miss Samson meeting us at the door with his bone in his mouth. Holding his head high, with that sheepish grin you could see beyond the bone, kicking his back feet as if he was unable to control his joy.

No one will ever know how much we loved Samson! No one will ever know helping him breathe his last breath, after that sweet creature passed away out of our lives forever....until we meet again sweet dreams "Lil Buddy"

Sam Spade, 03/03/77-11/24/03

Sam, a big part of me has now gone with you.
I know you are now healthy and pain-free once again, and I look forward to our meeting some day in the future.

Love Mom

Samuel Benjamin Thomasina

Sammy, my soul, I'm lost without you. I've clung to you since the moment I brought you home, and you helped me get through some pretty bad times. You were my friend that wouldn't leave and my boyfriend that I slow danced with, and so graceful! You accompanied me everywhere and always made me so proud. So elegant, so well-mannered, and so stoic - always calm and in control. You knew how special you were - your 3 fancy collars, leader of the pack, trusted confidante and elder. Aloof, and yet always right on top of things, you knew how you wanted to live and ignored anyone who tried to stop you, except you always knew I needed you and came to help me along, silent and strong. You're an upper echelon cat with royalty all about you. I sang you songs, took you for walks, gave you rides in boxes and things with wheels, you were an adventurer and an explorer. Nothing seemed to scare you because you trusted me so. You got the best I could give, yet you made sure you stayed close by me at all times, and I thank you. Even those 24 hour stints in front of the computer, you never left. I never thought you would, and I still keep hoping you'll come back. I hope I'll find you patiently waiting for me as I find my way home just as you did before. You and I had such a special relationship; really no one else understood. But we knew, and we trusted each other with our lives. Sammy, I looked for you for 3 years, and I still look for you. I can't give up on you, and I cry about you all the time. I think you're out there somewhere, and I wish you could find your way back to me.

I pray constantly for your return, I know you'd find your way if you could. My soul is empty without you, and a special place will never again be filled. My soulmate, my friend, my companion, my angel...I know you were sent to me from above. Because no one could fill that void like you did. You just knew. You believed. You felt my pain, and you understood. You saw what others couldn't see with a clarity so rare and so real. You weren't just a cat, you were MY cat, and I'll always cherish what we shared. I love you so dearly, and there's never time that goes by that I don't think of you and mourn for you. I lost so much when I lost you. I'm glad for the time I knew you, Sammy; I'm so glad we had 11 good years together. Such a blessing to have you in my life. You're irreplaceable, you're one of the last real gentlemen. Though young at heart and full of life, you always remained a gentleman. Thank you, Sammy, for coming into my life and bringing the constant joy we shared together. I thought I'd have you forever, and I guess I will, when we meet in Heaven. I truly hope you're happy now, and I know you can take care of yourself. Life with you was so comfortable, Sammy, and much happier. We had a good life together. Thank you, and I miss you and love you with all my heart and soul. I'll remember you like you were sitting here with me now with such class and such style, yet always happy to bring me a smile. Good-bye, my gorgeous, gentle black cat. No cat in the world will ever take your place. With love and fond memories, Marty

Samuel Lee, 06/10/90-10/20/01

Miss the one that loved me unconditionally when I was so very ill. God sent you to love us all and you will remain in our hearts always. Momma

Samuel Wedgewood Bartholomew, 07/11/87-10/21/03

born July 11th 1987
died October 21th 2003
aged 16 years 3 months 10 days

Today I held you in my arms,
Your breath still warm against my hand.
Our hearts were beating together
But I wondered if you'll understand.

The few hours I got to hold you
Before the light had to leave your soul
I knew I would always keep you
Forever in my hold.

My face on yours, yours next to mine,
Your head in the palm of my hand,
I felt your body tense, then limp.
I hope you understand.

And so your life slipped out of mine
On this quiet sunny day,
But I knew that a part of you
Will always be here to stay.

My dear Sam on the blanket,
We were together 'til the very end.
I will always love you,
My dear devoted friend.

Your loving mommy,
Susan Roghair

Sam Youngwith, 3/1/81-1/17/03

My constant companion, best friend and kitty for 22 years. We all miss you so much. Love, Janice, Dick, Julie, Matt, Jenny, Elizabeth and Your buddy, Jingles.

Sandee, 6/30/03

Sandee was our baby girl she was a mix breed dog, she was 10 years old and she passed on 6/30/03. Marie & Ron Sannino. We are having a hard time with her not being around anymore, so i would like to tell her how very much she is missed and still very much loved. Until we meet again my baby girl we love you, Mama & Papa

Sandi, 10/28/98-10/30/03

Sandi was a very special "daughter" to us. She was faithful and loving, up til the day she had to be "given her rest". Our heart hurts so bad and we know that the memories we have with her will remain. Hopefully, we can find a female to have her son's puppies to keep the AKC line going.

Fran Clay

Sandi Angel & Rommel, 12/86 & 1/95 & 12/95-7/18/95 & 7/05/03

Sandi Angel and Rommel you love us unconditional and you were all my beautiful babies that we also love unconditional Sandi you were the first you be set free in that peaceful place up in doggie heaven on 7 18 95 that was the hardest thing I could ever do was to set you free from pain and suffering from your cancer but you looked at me and said with those big brown eyes set me free, I brought you Angel that white german shepard and told her to take care of all of you and love you unconditional so on July 18th 1995 we set you Sandi free. Angel guide us and loved us and brought us Rommel a few weeks later. Rommel was black and tan german shepard who also loved us unconditional. Then one day I heard you Sandi telling me it is getting closer for you to guide Angel and Rommel to that special peaceful place in doggie heaven, then I knew the pain was going to be so tense and that void and emptiness was going to repeat itself and another big piece of my heart was going to be taken from me with all of you's Sandi Angel and Rommel and on July 5 2003 you Sandi came and opened the door at 12:00pm and guide my other 2 babies with you to that special place up there and took my heart with you three. I will always treasure the memories and unconditional love all three of you babies gave me and the pain and crying is because I love you three so so very much and want all of you's Sandi Angel and Rommel down here with me your mommy. I know you will be waiting and watching over us and till that day comes when you are going to guide me your mommy to be with all of you's, you three will hold that huge piece of my heart with all three of you's, Sandi Angel and Rommel and when I come to the three of you's that huge piece of my heart, the emptiness and void will be filled again. I will always Love you Sandi Angel and Rommel forever and ever. Love your Mommy

Desiree M Bell

Sandy, 12/16/03

In memory of Sandy, my friends' dog who they lost on Tuesday.
Sandy was a loved, certified therapy dog until her last day.
She will be missed by all.

Liz Hansen

Sandy, 12/11/03

My sweet baby girl Sandy. My life was so blessed when you came to be my furkid. You know momma was never able to have human babies, but it didn't matter, you filled my heart in a way no one ever could. You will be inside of me until the day we meet again. I love you sweetheart!

Jennifer Johnson

Sandy, 01/01/93-12/10/03

To Sandy,
You were the best: friend, watchdog, babysitter, cat fight referee. Thanks for sharing your bowl
We will remember you always,
Love Deb, Mike, Kelly, Biz, Itty Bitty and Red

Sandy, 02/92-11/28/03

Thank you for being such a loyal friend.
Your love, loyalty and companionship will never be forgotten.

Leslie T

Sandy, 04/17/91-11/19/03

We miss you so much and can't wait to see you again someday.

Chris Waldrup

Sandy, 11/91-28/10/03

I love you so much and since you've been gone my life is not the same, I cry the whole day and cannot live an normal life.In every minute I'm thinking of you. Sometimes I like to be dead because it hurts so much and I want to see u again. You've been my only friend and I can't live without you. I hope we meet us one day in heaven. Hopefully, very soon.
I miss you and love you so much

Your friend Michael

Sandy, 11/01/87-10/18/03

She made our family happy.

Janice Walker

Sandy, 06/10/89-09/03/02

Dear Sandy,

Though it has been over a year since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, I miss you as much now as I did then. You will live forever in my heart. I am soooo sorry we left you there in that hospital. You were getting well and they, in the hospital, did something to you to cause that aneurysm in your mouth and the gangrene of your tongue. Your mouth was perfect when you went in there. Please forgive us for letting you there for them to do what they did to the point where I heard you cry for the first time in your 13 years of life. I miss you so much, Baby, and still love you and will forever. Please wait for me by the Bridge when we can be together and play again.
Love you much,

Sandy, 09/22/03

In memory of Sandy, our dog for almost 14 years.... she lived a long and happy life. We will always love you, and you will never, ever leave our hearts and our thoughts. Go find Rock now, you two belong together in heaven, with no pain...just the grass, and your toys. Both of you can run fast now, and play just like puppies. You guys have fun, and we will ALL see you one day looking for us!

Sandy, 07/15/03

No truer friend was ever known,
nor evermore will be,
Than Sand-man was to me.

John Brown

Sandy, 01/02/88-08/13/03

We were lucky enough to have this special dog for nearly 16 years before he left us. During his time with us he was a great friend and protector and we will miss him dearly.

Melinda & Denise Wilson

Sandy, 1977-1995

I got Sandy when I was seven years old. My parents had just divorced and my mom got her for me to help ease my pain. Sandy was a yellow and white mixed breed -- tiny, only six weeks old when I got her -- but we formed a special relationship right from the start. I've never met a sweeter natured dog. She died when she was 18 and I 25 and I'll always miss her.

Christy Alexander Baker

Sandy, 07/07/03

Sandy - you gave us years of unconditional love, loyalty and devotion and asked for little in return. We miss you terribly, old friend.

Steve Douglas/Susan McGuire

Sandy, 05/03/03

Ciao Sandolino, kiss

Rita Scardigli

Sandy, 01/07/89-05/10/03

Sandy, you were my guide, my companion, and my inspiration. I will never have another friend quite like you. Never again will I know such loyalty, honesty, and kindness. For fifteen years, we shared everything. You were by my side as I wept, and wagged your tail when I laughed. You were always there to keep me company as I studied late into the night, encouraging me with that sparkle in your eyes as I wanted to give up. You know all my secrets, all my sorrows and regrets. You know where I want to go in life, and what I want to do. Sandy, you were such an important part of my life, and I love you so much. Nothing will ever compare. The void in my life is cold and hollow. I miss you so much. Thankyou, bubba, for sharing life with me and making it good. I will never forget you. You are always in my heart, bubba, and I know we will see each other again one day. Love you forever, Simon XXX

Sandy, 15/04/02-31/03/03

Dear Sandy, You are gone, but continue to live in our hearts. Thank you for the time we spent together. Lets meet in our dreams...


Sandy, 07/23/90-03/30/03

Sandy Tidwell passed away on Sunday March 30, 2003. He was a faithful companion and friend. Through good times and bad these last 12 and half years he was always there. There is a big emptiness left without him by my side. He left behind a little sister "Bailey" who misses him terribly. Together she and I will move on, but Sandy will always be with us in our hearts.

Jennifer Tidwell

Sandy, 04/15/02-03/31/03

We miss you. Thank you for coming into our life! You are in our heart.


Sandy, 03/17/03

Sandy Sutton, was the gentlest most precious dog you have ever seen, all Boxers seem to be so gentle, she loved all the family and especially the new infant child , if she had lived she would have been very protective of the new little boy, Elijah, Sandy ran so very fast, because she was a small female born in Texas, and lived in Alabama with us the Suttons..... She is sorely missed, and the pain of her early death is so great, she had the cutest floppy ears, and one was crooked, which made her all the more special, she was known as Sandy, or GOOBERGIRL

Sandy, 3/25/91-01/01/03

Sandy, I miss you so much that it hurts to do anything or go anywhere that we have been together. I miss driving around with you in the front seat. We love you so much and we are glad that you are no longer in pain. Sandy, you were my best pal, friends forever. You are and will always be "my good girl." I love you and miss you terribly. Do you remember the times we would sit next to each other on the back porch and have lunch? I would buy two sandwiches, one for you and one for me. You were my partner in crime. I wish I could have gotten home sooner and I regret not driving myself home that day. Please forgive me. I love you so much.

Sandy, 03/04/03

Sandy belonged to Cindy and Robert Payne and was the sweetest dog a person could ever ask for. She was the only dog I knew that actually smiled! She would always sit in front of you and wait to be rubbed and then smile as big as day! I know Sandy is now at the Rainbow Bridge where she is running, playing and always smiling and one day, she will stop when she sees her family as they enter the Rainbow Bridge. Until that day, I know that our Brandy will take good care of Sandy. Love to all, Betty and Richard

Sandy, 1983-07/2000

The dearest companion I could ever wish for. I miss you every second of my life Sandy. I still cry when I remember our goodbyes. I will never forget the deepest love and loyalty you gave to me my friend. I hope that you can still hear me say how much I love and miss you. I would do anything to hold you in my arms again. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I know deep in my heart that I will see you again.
Your best friend, Craig
I miss you more than words can describe

Sandy Ba-Dandy, 11/23/03

We love you so much Ba-Dandy.

John & Laura Tonyan

Sandy Marie, 08/02/98-03/14/03

Words cannot express how much I care for you and love you. You meant everything to me. You will always be my little San San Girl! You were the best dog in the whole world! You brought me so much happiness in my life. I miss you with my every being. You had the most understanding eyes that I will never ever forget. There isn't one day that passes that I don't think about you. I know that we will be reunited one day and I will once again be able to hug and kiss you and we can play together. Until that day, I will pray that you are at peace and enjoying yourself at Rainbow Bridge. I love you with all of my heart forever and ever. Your mommy, Batool.

Sandy Shoobridge, Spring of 2003

Sandy was a beautiful fur-child from God. She loved Certs! She knew that after I smoked outside, I would go into my pocketbook for a Certs, and she always followed and patiently waited for hers. She was a good, kind, loving girl, and I and many others shall surely miss her !!!

San Ellissa Kyomo Kuroi Kuma, 06/09/93-08/05/03

Faithfull, loving, always a GENTLEMAN with a smile

S Pipitone

Santa, 12/04/03

I miss you so much already. I miss how you waited on me to get home from school and how you always followed me around. You are the friendliest and sweetest cat; God could not have picked a better pet. I think of you everyday and I'm sorry your life ended too soon. I know you are waiting on me in Heaven and someday I will see you again. I love you very much.


Santee, 07/06/94-09/15/03

To my darling, magnificent, healthy, spunky, life-loving, gorgeous, smart, wonderful horse. I loved you beyond words, I was honored to be by your side, I loved feeding you carrots and apples, gazing into your eyes, watching you run, whispering in your ears, petting you, scratching your ears, chest, and belly. I know you are frolicking, free, eating the best grass and clover, apples, carrots, sweet oats, and have wonderful friends to play with. I see you on every hill, pasture, field, in clouds in the sky, in my heart, in my dreams. I am so sad that you left so soon, I thought we had decades to go... I will try to live my life fully as an honor to you, and know that you love me as I love you, know that you watch over me, and are urging me to have faith that the deep overwhelming pain will pass. I love you for that my Santee, thank you, thank you for being my friend, thank you for letting me have the honor of being with you while you were here. I hope to see you, and have the honor of being your friend again, when it is my time to pass. For now, I know that my old ones who have gone before me are honored to have a chance to feed you an apple, scratch your ears, laugh at your frolicking... I know that you are all watching over me and my daughter, and that you will be there waiting for me to ride away into Heaven together. With all my heart, Darling Santee.... my love Forever, and ever. Your friend, Jennifer oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo....

Sapphire, 08/22/00-11/07/03

Sapphire was a extremly awesome pet even though he was a small hamster. He was very loving and adorable. I will never forget my Sapphie and will miss him deeply. Please keep him in your prayers. God bless you honey!


Sapphire, 05/08/88-11/29/02

Our beautiful Sapphire, 05/08/88-11/29/02, adopted Doberman Pincher. She brought us sunshine in our darkest of days. Every moment with her was like a morning in May. We miss her terribly, as do her buddies Bosco the Dalmatian and Demijen the GSP. The magic of Love is that it never dies. We Love you, Sapphy, Ever and Always, Les and Frank

Sappy, 05/13/89-08/04/03

My beloved Sappy! How we miss you my precious little boy. You were the light of my life. You were my sunshine and my little encourager of life. The Lord Jesus Christ used your life to brighten mine. You taught me to love unconditionally. The Lord giveth and taketh. He gave you to me for 14-years and took you back with Him in the afternoon of Aug. 4, 2003. Your life was a good one. You loved laying beside me in bed and you loved treats. You were my beautiful white long-haired Chihuahua, I often told you how beautiful you were and how God has designed you so uniquely and wonderful. You were one of a kind, designed by the master Himself. I miss you but I know without a doubt that God has you in His kingdom and that I too will see you there one day. Jesus is my Lord and my Savior and in Him is who I trust for salvation. I will enter into heaven because of Jesus. He's the key and all animals are in His kingdom because they are without sin. People must repent in order to enter into His Kingdom and I've already repented and given my life to Jesus. Now, I'm certain that I will see you again. Amen. I believe! See you in heaven someday my baby boy. I love you, forever! Say hi to Jesus and give Him a great big kiss for me. See you!
Love mommy and daddy

Sara, 10/11/89-09/18/03

We would just like to say that we miss you little girl & even though you are no longer here in our home you will forever be in our hearts!

Kerry & Carol Schmitt

Sara, 06/01/92-05/23/03

Sara made our house a home. She always had a smile on her face, even up to the very end. We know she is now in heaven playing with Ga-Ga. She was our "black-face lady" who we miss so much. We know that God brought her into our lives and now He chose to take her home. We love you Sarie girl. love Sally-lou, April and Brandon

Sara, 06/01/92-05/04/03

My Collie was there for me in years that were difficult for me. I had heart problems and she was the best companion and so loving. We had a really special bond. Sara suffered from a bladder infection that we could not cure. We took to her Iowa State Veterinary college and tried every antibiotic we could. The virus would become immune to that antibiotic and then we would try another until we finally ran out of options. They tried an exploratory surgery but could find nothing. I brought her home and did my best to care for her but she could not hold food down and on May 4,2003 we lost the battle. She was so brave and suffered so much. She did all that was asked of her and never complained. Her beautiful sweet face and loving eyes always looked at me for reassurance. Today I am feeling immeasurable heartache and can not see how my days will ever be the same. I grieve for her terribly. Everybody liked her and she always had a wagging tail and greeted people openly and was always interested in what was going on in the world. I will miss her so.


Sara Catherine of Mayland, 12/02/03

Old girl, you will be truly missed.
Your thump of the tail in the mornings and those helicopter ears.
We love you Sara.

Gina & Anna Hamel

Sarah, 12/15/03

This is for my 7 year old niece who's horse died suddenly last night.
While Sarah will be missed she will never be forgotten.


Sarah aka Sarree, Sarahlee, Hound Dog, 06/10/90-07/03/03

My girl, you are the fulfillment of my life.
Your unconditional love always warms my soul and completes the essence of my spirit. Every day my heart breaks from the emptiness of missing you.
You are and always will be My Girl!

Pam Lietzow

Sarah (Touchstone's Cavalier), 06/27/90-04/13/03

Thank you, Sarah, for your friendship and love. You were my gentle giant. I could have never asked for a dog that was better with children, more loving, more of a lapdog. I will love and miss you forever.

Pamela Lindemann

Sarah, 11/14/89-02/13/03

My sweet baby left this life on the 13th of February, 2003. She was my buddy, my confidante, my support in all situations. She was loyal to a fault -- she even BIT a person who she thought was trying to harm me several years ago.

I miss her greatly, but I know death is part of the cycle of life. I sincerely feel I will see her again one day in Heaven and, until then, I say, farewell my precious baby. You were the best, I love you.

Sarah (Lee Cheesecat), 10/15/03

Words cannot express the depth and breadth of my loss at your passing.
You were, and always will be my precious baby girl.
My sweet girl, my Sarah cat, Miss Sarah, Miss Priss, little missy, the princess, and sometimes even the queen. I ache to hold you, to feel your warm soft body against mine, to caress your downy fur, to gaze upon your beauty, to receive your adoring gaze, to hear and feel you purring, to be comforted simply by your presence.
I miss everything about you.

Karen Lee Scott

Sarah Islam, 12/24/03

Cheyenna is my 9 year old grand daughter. she is a very good saver and she loves cats more than anything. she saved her money and picked out a beautiful gray kitten who had all its shots and brought her home. she took very good care of her little kitten and named it Sarah. the kitten grew into a beautiful gray cat, very shy and hesitant - only responding to Cheyenne for love and care. cheyennas parents divorced and Cheyenne and her mom brought Sarah to live next door with cheyennas grandmother. Sarah was hesitant to stay inside at first but as time went on, Sarah decided we were all safe and she started staying in more and more. at first she loved to sit high on top the entertainment center. then later, she sat low, on cheyennas desk. everytime we passed by, she let us pet her and talk to her. we were all so happy that Sarah accepted us as her new family. still, she loved Cheyenne the best. she enjoyed outside still and in the afternoon of Christmas eve, she was run over and killed. a neighbor came to tell us the news. Cheyenne was devastated crying "my baby, my baby." she still cries for Sarah. I cry for Sarah and I cry for Cheyenne. we buried Sarah on Christmas morning. cheyennas grandfather put a cross on her grave in the back yard. cheyennas sister put a angle teddy bear in the coffin, and cheyennas friend, reidi, put a beautiful poem inside the coffin. the neighbor brought over a box of candy for Cheyenne, trying to soothe her, but Cheyenne could not be comforted. Cheyenne put the box of chocolates in the coffin for Sarah. we lite a candle for Sarah and we said a prayer for her, thanking her for the time she had spent with us. if you pray, please say a prayer for my grand daughter who misses her Sarah beyond all telling.


Saranac Top of The Morning - (Challenger), 08/10/90-07/19/03

He was our Southern Gentleman. He was alert and happy to the very end. Now you sleep next to your mother, grandmother and great grandmother and all your aunts and in peace...We shall always cherish you.

You taught me to be brave in the show ring since you hated it. You taught me I could put all your AKC points on you even when you wanted to be home. You taught me that next time I have a show Sheltie that doesn't want to be in the show ring...not to be so stubborn and let them be a happy pet.

Anne Foreman

Saran Ice Boots Aka Sargent Minty, 05/13/91-04/28/03

A wonderful gentle boy. My heart has broken, till we meet again.

Liz Flyger

Sara P, 05/01/88-06/20/03

We miss our loving and beloved P-cat. No more shots, no more illness, no more pain. Still, it's hard to let go.

Missy, JJ & Miss Sammy T

Sarge, 11/13/03

Sarge, You will always be young and happy.
We know you and Cosmo are running free.
May your tails wag forever!
We love and miss you both.
Love, Mommy Shannon, Daddy Joe, and Baby Taylor XOXOXOXOXO

Sarge, 07/26/03

Sarge was everything his name implied. Self appointed sergeant of the household. He had to sit in the most prominent place where he could see all comings and goings. For the last 5 years, he has made a truly valiant effort to keep moving in spite of worsening hip displaysia. Today the unknown mass in his lungs took over, and he has gone to be with our Lord, and my father, who passed away on Dec. 5, 2002. He was my dad's dog too. He called him "The Big Guy" appropriately. In his prime he was 115 pounds. He still managed to keep 80 pounds on up until he died. He was the big boned style of shepherd, but we knew he was just a big baby in disguise. We don't know when he was born, are estimating he was 13. What a joy to be able to have him for the last 5 years and spoil him!! He came to me 3 months after my last shepherd, Missy, died. I put her on this candlelight ceremony too. I just took him to the vet, and the grief hasn't fully hit me yet. My God, what a space they leave. He had so many health issues, but I was continually amazed at how stoic he was. The rear harnesses we got for him bought him a lot of time. He used to pull us through the house. His front legs were still so powerful, even with his back legs wasting away. I'll have to put the dog cart with wheels on the web to sell to someone who can use it. Sarge was such a big dog, but when his hearing was still good, he used to try and dive into the smallest spaces when there were storms, or fireworks. And he was a champion food begger. It was never a problem giving him his pills, his appetite never went away, until the very last day he was with us. That's how we really knew. He was so special, he left us while lying peacefully on his favorite bed, looking out the front window in his favorite spot. I couldn't have asked for a better exit, but it was still too soon for me. God we loved him, we'll love him forever. I pray every day that God will allow all of our beautiful pets' souls to go on like ours, so we can be with them in the end. Thank you for this beautiful way to memorialize our very best friends. I won't say goodbye my love, just goodnight. You are my baby forever. Thank you for sharing your life with us, it was a privilege and a pleasure. All of the ladies at the vet's office are crying for you today, big guy. It's going to take me a long time to heal from this one. There never was a sweeter disposition, or a nobler soul. Like dad would say "see ya later Big Guy!" Karen, Rose, Ward, Chris, Jim, Wanda, Cathy, Ken, Bob, Terry, Joan, Danny and Courtney, and all the people who stopped by the house during his stay here, who all loved him too.

Sascha, 08/09/90-01/29/03

To our special Sascha ... you were the most incredible, beautiful and intelligent girl. When Igor left us all, you were there to fill that emptiness, more than we imagined. You were so elegant and so much a part of our lives. Thank you for filling our lives with your love. Your passing was beautifully peaceful and with dignity - exactly as you deserve. You're with your brother now. We love you both with all our hearts. Thank you Sascha for everything you did for us.

Ric and Debra Dejarld

Sasha, 03/15/94-12/12/03

Our little Roo Roo.
Looked like she was made out of spare parts that they had left over when God made kitties.
She came up a little short on brains in the bargain, but always had love to spare.
We miss you, sweetie.

Jenna & Steve

Sasha, 03/31/86-12/11/03

Thank you for your unconditional love and companionship for 17 wonderful years. You are truly an angel, and Daddy and I miss you very much.

Janis Monk Dussault

Sasha, 01/29/95-12/19/03

We lost our baby yesterday. Sasha was the sweetest angel with four velvet paws. She was tiny, only five pounds, but she was always full of life and full of love. We are going to miss this sweet soul. We know that she is in a better place with plenty of cream and a soft place to sleep in the sun. We are left with beautiful memories and broken hearts. Sasha was one of a kind. She was the most loving tender kitty we have ever had the pleasure of being adopted by. She was our sweet little girl and we know that when we get to heaven, she will be there to greet us with her quite soft purr and velvet paws to touch our faces.

David and Jacquie Black

Sasha, 04/13/01-11/29/03

Sasha was a sweet, gentle soul.
She loved people and other animals.
She loved to go for long walks with Angie, and run on the farm with her dog friend Dixie.
Her life was short on this earth, but she while she was here she brought so much love and joy to her family.
She will be missed, but never gone from our hearts.

Mike, Darleen, and Angie Enfield

Sasha, 11/16/03

I miss you very much, and hope you know that I loved you with all my heart.
I can't wait until we can see each other on the bridge . . Love, Mama

Sasha, 11/28/03

We lost our beloved girl Sasha on 11/28/03. Sasha enriched our lives for nine and a half years. She had two beautiful litters of pups. Could do almost anything you asked and always had a beautiful smile. Every time you would walk in the door she had something to give you be it the phone, a shoe whatever was close to her. So many people loved her people would stop by just to see her. She will never be forgotten and may take a lifetime for us to heal from her passing. She now is pain free, running with her baby King and her Uncle Bear chasing creatures. I wish everyone could have a dog that was as wonderful as Sasha was. We know she is at peace, and this gives us comfort.

Christine Lundgren

Sasha, 04/30/93-11/03/03

My beautiful funny girl lost her 4 month long battle with Osteosarcoma.
Sashy, I'll always love you and you'll always be my Sasha puppy.

Lissette Estrella

Sasha, 10/15/03

Sasha was blonde with blue eyes, not only beautiful to look at but a beautiful disposition.
She dug a place into my heart that I thought only cats could do. She will be missed but not forgotten.

Margie Giddings

Sasha, 08/09/93

My little Sasha passed on in 1993 but it still hurts my heart as if it was yesterday. She will never be forgotten and will always be kept in my heart


Sasha, 06/01/03

Sasha girl, it's been over 4 months since you went on. Begs died 12/01/02, and you died 6 months to the day after her. I dreamed of her the Thursday night before you died. I think she was letting me know, she loved you more, and she was coming here to take you home. She wanted her baby with her and she seemed so happy. I hope both of you are happy now, you with her, and she with you. We thought we would have you for a few years longer, but, -this was not to be. Al, Maria and I miss you and love you so much. We light a candle every Monday night, for you and Begs and Casey and Missy. I hope you have seen them and have been reunited in Heaven and are having fun again--you girls and the Big Guy had so much fun here. Someday-- one day,- I pray the Lord will bring us all together again. Goodbye cold nose.. I'll love you forever. ... Please give the other dogs a kiss from all of us here.

Joe, Al, Maria and Smokey

Sasha, 02/25/03

Missing longtime friend lost to lymphoma.

Vicki Sorensen

Sasha, 01/05/99-06/08/99


Our beloved friend. You were more than just a dog to us, every day I longed to return to see you eagerly wait for me. The kids loved you so much, and believe it or not your mummy did too. I miss our long walks together. You'll always be irreplaceable. Please keep an eye on your children.

Your loving family.


Sasha, 08/05/03

We are sorry Sasha. We thought we had found you a kind and loving owner, because we didn't you were taken out much too soon. We want you to know, it was nothing you did. We tried to get your owner to give you a second chance, but she insisted on taking you to the pound. She said you were mean, but my sister and I both know, you acted that way because of the way you were brought up. We are sorry that we didn't do right by you. At least now, you are with your brother and able to run as free as you want. We will always love and miss you. Your human friends, L & L. P.S. Your sister and brother misses and loves you too.

Sasha, 11/18/88-06/30/03

Sasha came into my life at when she was three. She had been given up for adoption at a local humane society and I went with my Mother and a friend when we adopted her. My Mother had lost my Dad barely three months before and I knew my Mom loved dogs. Well, I especially fell in love with little Sasha. My Mother passed three years later and Sasha became one of the cornerstones of my life. I adored that dog. She was so special. Her amazing intelligence, poodle-like willfulness and special qualities were unique. I loved everything about her. The signs of old age started slowly appearing about two years ago, then during the last six months she started noticeably going downhill. At the end, it all happened very quickly. The weight loss, dehydration and her extreme tiredness. I took her to the vet for the last time on Monday, June 30, 2003, one of the worst days of my life. I miss her deeply.


Sasha, 04/25/03-07/19/03

A wonderful friend and companion who will forever live on in our hearts and memories. She will be missed

Arthur MacLeod

Sasha, 08/04/89-03/17/03

They ay in your lifetime you have one special dog and that was Sasha. Born with deformed front paws she just had so much to give.

Carolyn Tamin

Sasha, 08/08/90-07/08/03

I ask God to look after my dear dog Sasha who has been my baby for the past 14 years. My daughter who was adopted in 1997 is hoping that our Sasha will be well and know she is loved by all while she is in Heaven.
Sasha, I love you babygirl and pray that I did the right thing for you and that you will be in my heart always.
You were the best Sasha, and Mommy misses you so much it hurts. Be well my love and God please give Sasha all the things that she needs and desires, for while she was with us, though maybe I couldn't give her my all, my Love was always there and always will be.
God Bless You Sashagirl, be happy and well once again.

Love Mommy and Tyler xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sasha, 07/12/03

We will miss you Sasha. We loved you so much. Sleep well.

David & Suzanne Saville

Sasha, 03/10/03-06/19/03

Always a special place locked in our hearts. See you at the Bridge.
Love n Hugs

Pip & Dean

Sasha, 09/94-06/18/03

To Sasha

As I wake there you are like an Angel by my side
We walk to the kitchen, and you rub against my leg,
And gaze up into my eyes
The food is set, and I hear you purr

The day continues as all along
You play, and sleep, and roll around
Your eyes so sweet and kind
You're my precious little angel
As you lay upon the floor I stroke you with a comb
You roll around with delight, as the comb soothes your beautiful soul
Your coat is smooth like silk, as it glimmers in the sunlight chocolate brown
As I lay to sleep you leap upon the bed, and rest your self upon my leg
As I read you begin to play with the tassel of my book
I close my eyes and hear you purr,
As with we both fall into a peaceful slumber
As I close my eyes I can picture you up
In the heavens above playing amongst your friends
You're rolling around on luscious green grass
Chasing butterflies as they fly a top your head
Resting under a beautiful oak tree,
While looking upon a sparkling pond.
God blessed me when he sent you here

You've brought me so much wonderful joy, and unconditional love
You'll always be here at my side
Forever, and ever, and unto Ages of ages

I'll Always Love you my little boy!

Joanna P. Duffney

Sasha, 06/06/03

"Sasha", a wolf hybrid was unique with strong instincts and was more to herself and exhibited her 'wolf play' during her younger years. She mellowed during her old age and that was good for us, the humans in her life. She was a wolf 'calendar girl' and so beautiful with every pose and stance. Even with her tons of hair all over the house, she is terrible missed. The house is clean but empty. WE love you Sasha !

Sasha, 01/91-06/09/03

This is for my parent's who lost their "little girl" yesterday. Sasha has been part of our lives for 12 wonderful years and she will be greatly missed. We love you Sasha.


Sasha, 05/28/03

To Sasha, the best friend we could ever have. We love you and we'll see you at the Bridge!

Sasha, 05/20/03

We love you and will miss you!

Kathy D

Sasha, 7/1/89-3/23/03

Sasha brought me true happiness for so many years. She was my reason for waking in the morning and for rushing home from work in the evening. She comforted me in ways that now seem imaginable. She was a great friend and I truly miss her. Now, the only comfort I have is knowing that she's in Heaven with her sister Frisky, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge together for me to join them.

Christine Cuccia

Sasha, 11/1990-05/2002

In my heart, always.

Jes Walker

Sasha, 04/05/03

My little sisters and brother wanted a cat, Mom and dad said "no!" so I went to the pet store anyway and my sisters and brother picked out this little fluffy black fur ball. We took her home, Mom and Dad said "take her back" well that was 19 years ago and needless to say Mom and Dad came to love you so much, as did the rest of the family.
You truly are missed Sasha.

Sasha, 12/01/98-03/14/02

My Darling Sasha,
It's been one year since your physical body left this planet but you are still very much alive in my heart. I look at your picture every day and see your sweet face and I can still feel your soft fur and velvety black tongue. My heart has grown stronger knowing how much you loved me and my adoration for you was not waned one bit. We all miss you and hope you are happily romping around in a nice field of plush grass chasing the birds and squirrels.
Love Mommy, Joey, Chance, Bandit, Magic & Felix

Sasha, 01/31/03

Dear Sasha,

Even though we only had you for a short time, you filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. We are so sad that you had to go, but we know that you are playing with grandma's Buddy right now. We can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Hilary and Austin, your pack.

Sasha Ann Potter, 09/23/96-11/08/03

Sasha was a sweet kind gentle meek baby who loved everyone with all her heart. She made everyone feel loved who met her. Her time with us was too short but each day was filled with joy laughter playing and lots of hugs, kisses and smiles. Our hearts are broken and missing you but you have no more pain, because you deserved the best.
We love you Sasha Ann.

Lori and Ron

Sasha By The Seashore, 11/01/03

I loved my faithful friend.

Ana Ferer

Sasha Sue Marlene Preuss, 02/04/03

Sasha Sue was the most darling, sweetest little girl I've ever known. She was a rescue on Christmas Eve, the best present I ever received. No matter what difficulties came her way, she never, ever, changed her sweet nature. I love you and hope you are happy and well in Heaven my dearest Sasha Sue.

Sashi, 04/28/85-08/08/00

Love you always, our little golden boy.

Kim and Bill Frederick

Sassie, 1993

This loving, devoted animal helped me through the loss of Bear.

Undisclosed tumor took Sassie away.

Nancy Cours

Sasslefrass Mittens Lambert (Sassy, Sock), 06/1995-11/2002

Sassy, you were the best cat in the world. You were always so affectionate especially to your "wife" Copy Cat. She misses you so much. Minnie tries to comfort her but not the way you could. We didn't have you very long. Seven years is not long enough. You were the first cat we ever had and we weren't even sure we wanted a cat but you sure made us see that cats are just the best! When you had your first stroke the vet told us that you would probably have another one. I am glad I was home when you got sick again so I could hold you until you took your last breath. We all miss you, Sassy and we keep your ashes on the shelf next to Scrappy's so we can feel your presence always with us. Rest in peace our beloved Sassy and know that you are loved and missed so very much. Love Always, Tim, Debbie, Timothy, Tami, Sean, Mary, Jacob and your special "owner" and "mom" Emily!

Sassy, 05/01/93-12/02/03

We lost our furry baby girl on Tuesday. Words can't explain how much joy, happiness and laughter Sassy gave to us. She was a gift from God. Our hearts are broken in a billion pieces, but we keep in mind hers is whole and healthy again and that will help us go on. We loved that little girl with everything we had, and she will be missed to the end of our days. God Bless you Sassy. Mommy and Poppa miss you and will always love you.

Sassy, 07/23/95-09/26/03

My beautiful precious angel I miss you so terribly. I cry daily for you and kiss you pictures. How do I live without you. I am so heart broken. You were my best friend, my protector and how we loved each other. A piece of my heart went with you. How I want to hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you. I remember everything about you:the rides, the squeals when I came home, how you wanted just to be close to me. The nights of cuddling when you layed your little body next to mine and slept. My God , how do I make it without you? I cannot believe you are gone from me. I am hollow inside. Nothing will ever be the same without you my precious angel. Rest well and wait for me. Please Dear Father in Heaven comfort her and me. I will always love and miss you. There are so many wonderful things I could say about you, but that would be endless. My angel my heart aches so for you.

Sassy, 01/19/89-10/10/03

When we adopted you in 1995 we knew you were so very special. You immediately stole our hearts. You loved so many things - running outside and exploring (you loved it so much we called you Lewis & Clark), going bye-bye, treats. And you loved everyone and everyone loved you. You'll never know how many lives you so greatly touched - your mommy and daddy, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Your visits to the nursing home brought joy and smiles to a whole other group of people. You brought light and unknown happiness to everyone you met. No one was a stranger. We always called you our official welcoming committee as you would run and, with a wriggling body, greet visitors, from family to the UPS man.

You had always been exceptionally healthy. So, when you suddenly began having seizures that night, seizures that never really stopped and worsened at time, we were so scared for you. The vet examined you and said things didn't look good. When you got to the point where you couldn't breathe on your own, we knew it was time. The two things we decided as you grew older was that we would never let you suffer needlessly and that we wanted to be there with you when you passed on. We honored our promise to you.

Lucy, Rogue, and Loki miss you and look for you. When we told them, Lucy quietly sighed and Rogue and Loki quietly meowed as if they understood. Lucy still looks for you and smells you everywhere.

It's was so hard to say goodbye, but we know that our grandparents who have passed on are taking care of you, feeding you all the goodies you liked, and that you're running free and happy, eyes wide and bright, and your tongue hanging out, licking everyone you meet. We know we'll see you one day. Until then you live on in our memories as the best friend anyone could ever have.

We love and miss you! Mommy and Daddy


Sassy, my best and trusted friend.... I was not even there to hold you on your last day. I am so full of grief and guilt... I found you that night, when I came home from work and you didn't come greet me at the door. I tried to heal you with the meds, but it didn't work... Sassy my best little one, forgive me. I loved you so and I still can't accept you're gone... I still see you and I still hear you... You were not my first, but you were my beloved. There will be no other like you.... Till we meet again, dear sweet kitty!

Sassy, 06/09/96-06/28/03

We love you Sassy...Thank you for choosing us. Run and play with Casey.

Nicole, Chris, Chip, Gloria, Sam, Charlie

Sassy, 04/05/93-05/04/03

I love you sassy and miss you. I cant wait to see you someday again.


Sassy, 09/96-03/24/03

Sassy was always quick to show her love and liveliness. She had a rough start in life but loved her adoptive home and family who cared for her with open hearts and minds

Julie Homik

Sassy, 4/12/02-3/6/03

To my darling Sassy, my 10 month Doberman who died suddenly on March 6th 2003.We all miss you and Rosco especially misses you even though you drove him mad. We gave you everything but you just weren't meant to be here too long. Mummy is suffering badly abd would give ANYTHING ON THIS EARTH to have you back but its not going to happen. We went on your favourite walk today where you used to chase the pheasants, Rosco and I, but it wasn't the same. Rosco just mooched and I just cried. I hope you forgive me for ending your pain and that you are having fun wherever you are baby. We will never forget you, you silly puppy with the waggy tail and dribbling mouth at dinnertime and I hope to be with you some day again, sooner rather than later. All our love but especially Mummys love as it was me that had wanted you for so long in the first place, twenty two years to be precise!!!!!! Honestly don't know how I can live without you my sassy puppy pink belly as we used to call in peace my perfect puppy...Mummy xxxxxx(Cathryn Brian and Rosco)

Sassy, 09/95-01/14/03

My precious Sassy, we miss you so much. It has only been a week and it still doesn't seem real that you are gone. When I'm in the kitchen, I keep expecting to feel you bump against my legs and meow up at me when I look down at you. I miss the way you would come into the living room and stand up on my lap as if to ask, "Is it OK if I sit here with you?" I miss your beautiful green eyes and your sweet little meow. I miss seeing you beg for turkey lunch meat and Fancy Feast cat food. I miss seeing you lying out on the screen porch regardless of how hot or cold it was. Every time I hear that cat door open and close, I expect to see you come walking by. Last week we received a sympathy card from Ebenezer and today I received a mold of your paw print from the animal hospital where you died. I am so sorry, Sassy. I blame myself for cutting short your life. I should have waited until you were stronger. Then maybe you would have survived the surgery despite the odds. I am so sorry that we didn't get to see you one last time before you went into surgery. I wonder if you thought we had abandoned you and maybe that is why you couldn't fight. I hope that you knew that we were there holding you when you died and that we have cried an ocean of tears over losing you. Arkin misses you too. He goes out onto the porch several times a day looking for you, calling you. Before we left the hospital to bring you home that day, they wrapped you in a towel and put you in a cardboard coffin for us. Your daddy built you a coffin of walnut and cedar and routed your name and the date on the top. As he worked on that, I held you, rocked you, petted you, kissed you, and told you how much we loved you. I looked at your incision all stapled up. It was horrible. I snipped off some of your beautiful black fur and put it in a ceramic box for safe keeping. I wrapped you in one of our towels and kissed you one last time after we put you in the coffin. It was so hard to put the top on that box knowing that we would never see you again. You were such a good girl. Our house will never be the same without you. This spring we will plant flowers and shrubs all around your grave and make a nice garden in your remembrance. I have picked out a nice memorial stone for your grave and I'm going to order it when I get your picture done. I'm also going to order a locket with your picture on it and put your lock of hair in it so I will always have you near me. I wish I knew the person who cared enough about you to put you in a place where you could be adopted. I wish I could thank them for giving you up so that we could have you. I wish I could tell them what a joy you were to us and how sweet you were. Seven years wasn't long enough. I wish I could've had just one more day with you so that I could've told you goodbye. You were so special to us. We will never forget you, Sassy, and we will always love and miss you. I hope to see you again someday.


Sassy Diana, 08/01/97-10/14/03

Sassy, You were a precious kitty that stole our hearts the first day we saw you. Sassy, we loved you so much. We miss you baby. We miss your little freckled nose, your feisty personality. Our hearts have a hole in them in the shape of you. We are so sorry you suffered. It was so painful to see. We know you are no longer in pain. Enjoy Heaven. We will always remember and love you. You were our "Sunflower" on rainy days. We had 6 wonderful years with you. We wouldn't trade them for anything.
One day we will be together again in Heaven. Until then remember how much we love you, "Sass Rat".

The Trammells

Sassy Marie, 06/10/91-08/05/02

My Dear Sassy,

I think of you everyday my Little Angel. How I wish I could hold you once again. You meant the world to me, and death can not break our bond. My life seems so empty without you - but all the wonderful memories you left me with helps me keep going. Mommy did everything I could to help you, but the horrible cancer you had over powered us. I know you're happy at Rainbow Bridge and painfree my little one. Wait there for mommy and daddy, and then we'll all play together again. ALL MY LOVE SASSY. Always and Forever. Love Mommy & Daddy

Sassy Sue, 10/31/86-04/01/03


Thank you for giving me so much happiness!
I love you with all my heart. My heart is so empty now. I miss you!

Sue Ramsey

Sata, 02/14/89-11/01/03

Dear Sata, We will all miss you very much. Arena and Kuki know you are gone now. We know you are not suffering and again feel like you old self. We believe that you and Shawncie are running around and playing together and looking down on all of us! Thank you for sharing your life with us and for bringing us such joy and companionship. We loved you very much and you will always be with us.

Linda & Susan

Satch DeFelice, 01/2003

You were always my devoted companion and friend in life, and you will always be my canine Guardian Angel.
You will always be "MY BOY."

Satellite, 12/03/91-05/24/03

If ever there was a dog that didn't know he was a dog it was you buddy, You became our third child and the one I always bragged about. You were so connected to all of us in our own different way. Dad & Kevin were your play buddies, Kelly you had to be careful with since you outgrew her at first, and you were Mommy's baby. Ever since you were a baby Dad told you to watch Mommy and you did. everywhere I went you were there also. We weren't expecting you to get so big, and I guess you didn't know it since you sat on our laps. There wasn't a trick you couldn't learn, even in your old age.
We were always so proud to show you off to friends and family. What we will remember most is your loving eyes and the way you knew us so well. always so eager to please. Buddy we knew you were slowing down and getting older and it hurt so bad to see it. If we could have, we would have kept you with us but it would have been cruel to you. Our hearts ache for you everyday and we miss you so terribly. There will never be an animal so loved as you.

Love Mommy. Daddy, Kevin, Kelly & Cowboy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Dear Satellite,
How we miss you!! We loved you so, and did not want you to suffer, so Mommy and Daddy did the right thing and showed their utmost love for you in letting you go now, so you didn't suffer.
How I will miss you coming to Grandmas door and barking for a treat, of barking for PaPa when he was in the sunroom.
You were a great and wonderful dog, and your Mommy and Daddy will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge when its time.
Love, Grandma and PaPa

Satin Cheyenne, 02/91-07/14/03



One day in my pocket at work fifty dollars I did have, and a man came along with a dog and said for fifty dollars I could have.
He took my fifty dollars and I took my dog and walking home I thought to myself I got the best deal I got the dog!
As that dog became a part of our family and stole our hearts, I'd just smile and say for fifty dollars I got one great dog.
That dog became my best friend and protector the person I told my problems too and cried my tears upon and for fifty dollars that's alot.
She played in the yard with the kids all the while taking charge and standing guard and for fifty dollars that's alot.
She walked with me while I did my chores, and sleep by our bed without missing a night, and for fifty dollars that's alot.
When it came to her family she knew no fear for a black bear she would chase so it couldn't get near.

We knew when Grandma or Connie and the kids we're on their way, she'd stop what she was doing and run and try to open the gate, we always wondered how she could hear them coming a mile away, and laugh at the dance she would do knowing the kids we're there to play.

Always faithful to be at the gate and watch her Dad and I come and go from day to day. She never liked to hear a fight not even in play, and when it came to pushing and shoving she would be the one to take control and put it to an end, and for fifty dollars that's alot to get from a friend.

I remember her pushing Amy in the closet with her to have her pups and my daughter looked a little queasy and green but quite proud to hold them pups.
And at times when I was alone I never feared Satin was near and when anyone came in late she always stayed up to wait.
And I remember the laughter we all shared watching her chase Tim on his roller blades, or chewing tires on the go cart so the kids would come to no harm, or standing watch at the pool while they swam and forgetting her own fear of water she 'd dive in to save Zac and we got all that for fifty dollars and that's alot.

And I knew when JD was attacked by dogs that he'd be afraid of her but she was smart and sensed his fear, and with a gentle understanding she chased away that fear and won his heart, on that day we realized for fifty dollar, we got one smart dog.

She loved to wrestle and play with her Dad and he'd yell load up and away they'd go, and I'd just smile and shake my head, and think to myself that was the best fifty dollars ,that I have ever spent. So many times I've sat and wondered if that man ever realized what he gave up for fifty dollars.

And I remember laughing at Tammy and Desi when they would complain that she refused to eat again while we we're away. And even in her old age when the grandkids wanted to hug and play she tolerated it throughout the day.

Sitting in the vet's office waiting for them to run their tests, I'm remembering all these things ,and then they came and told me all the money in the world wouldn't make her better again, and that it was time to let her go.
So with a heavy heart, I stood strong and I held her tightly in my arms as I watched her life slip away, and all the while I kept telling myself she's with the Lord so she'll be okay.
I know that I must stay behind and let my life run it's course, and all the while I'll make sure that I keep fifty dollars close. And one day when my life is done and through you'll hear me say ( LORD, I have fifty dollars and you have one fine dog, can I make a deal with you !)

I Miss you girl,
Love Mom

Sausage Phillips, 04/14/03

Thanks for the memories and a wonderful 17 yrs.

Jo Ann Carver

Sausha, 02/27/01-08/14/03

We will remember all the smiles and love that you gave us
You were always my baby girl
They said only 9 weeks we would have you
You made it 2 1/2 years
We will love and miss you until we meet again Love Mom, Brandon and Railynne

Savannah, 05/07/89-01/24/00

My little Savannah. I miss you so much and love you so much. I know you have crossed over into the rainbow bridge now. You were always there for me no matter if I was sick, or crying, or on top of the world. I loved sharing 11 years with you. Every time I awoke, and saw your little face, It was pure joy like I've never known before. Take care Savannah, mommy misses you.

Savanah, 03/15/01

We adopted Savanah from the local pound when she was about two years old. It was advertised in the paper as a white Pomeranian and we had a little black one, so Dianne (my sister) and I thought it would be cute to adopt a white one.
Well Savanah was about twice the size of Blackie and so nervous and shy. I fell in love with her instantly. I carried her and babied her and everything. We believed that she had been abused at one time and that just made me want to love her more to make up for that past.
I got her in high school when I didn't have any friends and she was a great comfort to me. When I was around her, I knew she loved me and she would never abandon me. She was incredibly nervous around other people. She shed constantly and left her hair everywhere in the house (we still find it to this day) and in the morning my sister would let her in the house from outside. She would barrel down the hall like a horse, making a terrible noise, and would either slam into my door or jump on my bed and bounce around on top of me to wake me up.
In 2001, she was hit by a car. I buried her myself in the backyard.
I loved her so deeply, I still cry when I think about her. I hope I get to see her again some day.

Angela Quillen

Savanah, 02/07/97-08/16/03

Savanah came into my life when I was very ill and needed a special angel and will always be my guiding light !!!

Mary Goding

Savannah, 11/06/03

When I found you, you were lost without your Mother. You meowed loudly, so I heard you. I treasured your time with me, I remember hearing you purr. I hope you were happy with us, because you had such a hard life before you found me. I loved you so, I wish you could have stayed with me. You had the saddest eyes I have ever seen on an animal before. I picked you up and took you into my home. You were only here for 4 days, but you took over my heart and I will always remember you as my special little kitty. You will forever be my Cat Angel.

Phyllis Cooper

Savannah, 2/22/89-4/19/03

Savannah, oh how we miss you pedup! Savannah was our beautiful black cocker spaniel whom we had the joy of sharing our lives with for 14 years. We traveled all over the country with you and to Wyoming and Montana where you loved to help us fish! Savannah, you got so sick so suddenly, congestive heart failure caused your death. For three weeks we tried our best with medication and hand feeding you boiled chicken, rice, beef and anything else that was bland that you would take. Then came the day when you turned your head away at every offer of food. We knew we would not let you suffer, for we loved you like our own child. The vet came to our home and I held you in my arms as the vet gave you the injection that took away your pain and suffering. We felt like our hearts had been ripped out! You are buried in our yard under the hemlock trees. I talk to you every day, sweet Savannah. We will never, ever forget you!
You were our best friend, our "baby" for fourteen years. You gave unconditional love all the time. I miss seeing you come to greet us at the door when we came home. I can still see your little stub wiggling. Your new little sister, Cheyenne, is helping our hearts to heal, but she will never replace you, Savannah, because you were such a wonderful and unique dog.
Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge, Savannah. We will meet you there one day. I know you are running and playing and chasing rabbits with your "new" body. We love you dearly,
Doug, Barbara and Cheyenne Seay

Savannah-Booboo, 04/22/89-01/29/03

You came into my life 13 years ago, you must have known how much I needed you so. The cutest little puppy I ever did see, you loved unconditionally, you were a soulmate to me. You were there through the good times and the bad, you always knew how to make me feel better when I was sad. I looked forward to your sweet kisses everyday and when you would say "I love You" in your own special way. There were tough times when I thought I could not cope but you were always there, picking me up giving me hope. There were good times when my love had to be shared with others, you stood fast by me, loyal and loving and accepting them too. You were the kindest little soul, my little Booboo. I had to say goodbye last night and it hurts so, so bad, but at least you did not suffer much, for that I am Glad. I thank God for lending you to me for our almost 14 years, I thank you for choosing me to be your soulmate and mommy, the tears are slowly fading and it's your beautiful memory that I see.

Savannah-Booboo I want you to know how very special you are to me and how very, very much you are missed. It's so hard imagining my world without you, but I can feel you here with me and I know you are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me. Always and forever you will be my soulmate, my booboo. I love you!

Mommy Shann

Savannah Moon, 06/16/85-04/14/03

Rest in peace my dear Savannah. Your presence lives on within my heart.


Savimbi (Vimbi), 07/94-07/19/03

Vimbi was such a special friend and companion. Words cannot describe how much she will be missed. She came from the humane society as a stray puppy and was fiercely loyal and caring and was very happy to have found a wolfpack of her own. Nine years was far to short of a time for her to have on earth. Thank you for understanding.

Paul & Melissa Mastando

Scamp, 11/89-12/19/03

Sweet, gentle shelter rescue, our precious companion for 14 years. Goodnight, girl. You are in the summer land now, where you can chase the seagulls again and stretch out in warm patches of sunlight.

Risa English

Scamp, 29/11/03

My darling little boy I miss you so very much and your always in my heart and you always will be, I love you scamp


Scamp, 09/27/90-09/19/99

To my beautiful baby Scamp, still love and miss you so much. You gave us all so much joy and happiness and asked for nothing in return. The house is not the same without out you.

Elizabeth McGinley

Scamper, 11/18/03

Scamper was my very first pet, and the best natured cat you could find, Her arthritis and illness in old age got the better of her and even though she was a trooper to the very end, she never let it show.
She is out of pain now and be happy.


Scamper, 11/05/03

Oh Little Scamper. You were the light of my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins' lives. You were like a cousin and even with your grumpiness you were loved. May you be free of the pain you were in in this world and keeping watch on your Mom, dad, Sister and Kitty brother. They will miss you my friend.

Love you!
Cousin Lolly

Scamper, 04/05/88-10/15/03

Scamper was the most loving, sweet and special dog I have ever owned and I was blessed to have had him for 15 1/2 years of my life. He was with me through every momentous time, always staying by my side whenever I needed him. When I met my husband he showed the same affection to him and spent 6 years with us together - making us a family. When he got sick and it became evident that we had no other options to help him, that he was beginning to suffer, so we made the decision to give him peace. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I miss him everyday.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share our feelings for him and let everyone know what a wonderful little guy he was and that we will never forget him.

Stacey & John McCarthy

Scamper, 05/15/86-01/27/03

Scamper lived to the ripe old age of 17. She had a good life! When she passed she did it with the dignity and grace only she had. Although there are alot of breaking hearts here, we know she has gone onto a better place.

We love you and will miss you Scampie Damps!

Scamper, Summer, 2002-Fall, 2002

Scamper was a darling little black and white kitten, complete with a tail that was tipped with white, as if it had been dipped in white paint She was born to a feral cat in our yard, and was becoming comfortable with people when she vanished one day.

Ann Reynolds

Scaramouche, 02/27/89-03/31/03

A beloved friend and companion of 14 wonderful years. You will be missed by everyone who knew you.


Scarlett, 11/10/03

Scarlett, I know you had cancer and we tried to help, but your little body just couldn't get through it.
I love you and I know you are with Mom-she just must have missed you too much when she got to Heaven.
Now, Mom can comb you all the time and keep you pretty. Goodbye, sweet, sweet kitty.

Karen B. Martin

Scarlett, 07/16/93-10/24/03

Thank you, my precious angel. For all the love and joy you brought into my life. You Scarlett, will be deeply and greatly missed. You'll forever be in my heart and soul. Go be with the Angels Scarlett, we'll meet again soon. I know you'll be watching over me, my best friend, my love, my precious baby. Take care. I love you.

Michelle Van Landingham

Scarlett, 01/25/93-08/08/03

I could never in this life time, or any other life time find a dog more perfect than my princess Scarlett. She made me soooo happy. I worshipped her Now I can only hope the hole in my heart, and the void in my life will somehow lessen. I wish you all had the opportunity to experience my wonderful GIFT...SCARLETT

Lisa Marando

Scarlett, 04/20/92

Scarlett was a very sweet, beautiful, affectionate girl who died much too young. Everyone misses her very much. We will never forget her.

Dona and Steve Cucich

Scarlett Coffey, 1/24/03

Miss Scarlett, Mommy will always love you! You will forever remain close to my heart.

Scarpia, 07/01/03

I love you Scarpia! And I know that Willy(his cagemate) misses u too! Please send him strength so he'll get back to his normal weight, I think he's pining for you because we looks so tiny. We love you and miss you!

Schatzie, 02/14/03

My Schatzie Woo Woo girl. O Woo Woo.

Kim Ploschek

Scheina, 12/15/87-01/24/03

To my precious dog, Schenia. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have given to me. I will love you forever, and I am looking forward to the time when I will see you again. God received a precious angel when he got you. God, please take care of my very special and beloved dog, for she has taken good care of me.


Schmoozy, 10/07/99-04/02/03

Our lives were forever touched by the sweetest, most loving friend. She will be in our hearts forever. Schmoozy, our sweet, sweet puppy, we will miss you dearly. Thank you for all that you have given us. We were truly blessed. Be at peace. We love you!

Joe, Gabriele & Alina Garrido

Schnapps, 11/11/03

To my best 'bud!! 'Nappers Take Care Till we meet again!!

I Love You and Miss you so very much!!

Keith Plane

Schnapps, 02/06/03

Rest in peace Schnapps. We will miss you very much and we loved you dearly...ALL of us. Thank you for being you, and for your brave fight. You were a tough little guy and you amazed everyone with how long you were able to hold on after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. See you at the Bridge.

Kristen and The McCuskee Family

Schnecke, 10/05/92-03/12/03

Schnecke came to live with us in September 1993 here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I remember being all nervous and going to the airport to meet her for the first time. When her flight finally came in we were like two expectant fathers meeting our little girl for the first time, and we did fit that description. Well she finally got in from Ohio and she was the cutest, sweetest, shyest little thing you ever could see, ten pounds of love and joy. We originally got her as a playmate for our little boy Lester. That night Schnecke was so shy she didn't want to be picked up or played with she was so scared. Well the next morning Lester and Schnecke be came the greatest of friends, and after that they were inseparable, you never saw one with out the other. Schnecke and Lester would play, pounce and run around the house from 4:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. every morning until they would tire themselves out. Schnecke became a member of our family in no time at all, I guess you could say she was the Queen of the house. Well, Schnecke became our second show dog and she and her little mate Lester became very good and both had nice long careers in the ring. Schnecke and Lester had a beautiful litter of puppies in February 1994 of which she lost one of her babies at two days of age. We called him Van Gogh, and the other two boys were Max and Cliffy. We kept Cliffy.
Schnecke was a very strong little girl who never gave up on anything but after she lost her little mate Lester on May 4, 1999 she started having her own problems, first it was cataracts, then she was struck with an auto immune problem, Schnecke had to have her right eye removed and in February 2003 she got a digestive infection and she always came back fighting and never gave up, Schnecke was just starting to get well from the digestive infection and then on Monday March 10, 2003 Schnecke had a stroke, she still never gave up, she was a real fighter, She ate, drank water, went to the bathroom on her own. Her favorite thing in life was to be with the both of us and her bonies that's what we called her milkbones, she lived for her bonies. On March 12, 2003 at 7:03 P.M. Schnecke passed away in our arms, she fought to the last breath and even after that. We are both crushed at Schnecke's passing but we know she is with her sweet little Lester, and we know that we will be together in our future where Schnecke and Lester, and all that have gone before us will be waiting to greet us and we will all be in happiness together again. Schnecke's favorite game was Seal Baby, where she would stretch out and have me rub her little back while she kissed my face. We will miss you our Sweet little Seal Baby, until we are all together again when we will all live again, we will live again forever. We Love You and Leaster Always, make sure you come and see us with Lester. Love Always and Forever . Your Dad of Dads Jim & Peter, your little boy Cliffy, your little girl Lisa, your granddaughters Melody & Nefer, Your grandson Rerun and great grandson Repete

Schnookie, 07/26/03

Schnookie was a very special animal - gentle and kind and full of love. He was the best! He was full grown (or almost so) when he found his way to Karen in 1989. He could not have picked a better owner, nor she a better pet. Their love for each other continues through time and beyond. We can envision Schnookie romping happily in Heaven with Jack at his side. Thank you, Schnookie, for the love you have given and we give in return.

Karen Arcuri

Schnookums, 04/04/83-04/25/03

I bottle fed you when you were born and you became my furry daughter. My real children complained that I treated you and your younger sister better than they. That was probably a little bit true. After all, you never complained, ate what I put before you, was always there to greet me, and loved me unconditionally. You loved playing ball more than any dog I've known and during your younger years was never without one in your mouth. You guarded me and actually stopped the house and office from being robbed on several occasions. The last month of your life was hard on us both. You lost your mobility and you became totally dependent on me. You had given your all to me, so now I gave my all to you and became your legs, helping you whenever you wanted to move. You spent your last days enjoying the breezes outdoors, watching bugs and listening to airplanes overhead. You still wanted to be close to me, loyal dog that you were. You died at the foot of my bed, waiting for that moment that I was gone so that I wouldn't witness your passing.

I hope now you are running and chasing balls again. I will see you again. I will always love you, Mom.

Schoolboy, 04/02/91-07/14/03

We took you in as our own after your Daddy crossed the Rainbow bridge. He must have been lonely, because he called you home so soon. We will miss you!!!

Brett, Tina & Kitt Supplee

Schotzie, 06/23/89-06/28/03

You are now with sight, hearing, your heart is strong and you feel like a puppy again. Play nice with your fellow 4-legged friends until we meet again. We love you so much and miss you.

Mommy and Daddy

Schotzy, 12/10/87-06/17/03

Schotzy was always a happy loving little dog. He loved everybody. He has the typical doxies tubborness and that added to his appeal. He will always be in our hearts and missed forever.


Scooby, 05/03/96-07/27/03

Scooby je was dapper , maar je hebt 't niet gered .
Je bent nu in de katte hemel , vergezeld door onze Remie .
Rust zacht , we missen je
Peter & Thora
en je speel vriendjes Micky, Gizmo en Dropje

Scooby, 05/29/92-05/12/03

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories form a lane,
I'd run right up to heaven,
and bring you home again.

We will always love you and never forget what joy you brought to our lives Scooby. We miss you! Our little buddy...

Joe Anyzek

Scooter, 12/24/03

In loving memory of Scooter, beloved kitten of Nina and Earl Brown.

Lynn Hogan

Scooter, 07/15/89-12/04/03

To my best friend and companion. I miss you so much. Thank you for the love, comfort, and company you have given me over the years. You gave to so many when you worked as a pet therapy dog, but you gave the most to me. Thank you. I love you and miss you.

Janet George

Scooter, 03/02/82-03/03/02

My little Scooter passed away early last year after 20 years of faithful companionship. She started life a little ruff she was being abused when I rescued her. She had nothing but love and a nice warm place in my heart. She is sadly missed but will never be forgotten.

Beverly Parsons

Scooter, 04/02-10/15/03

You were only a Baby, a lifetime ahead
The good lord called you, its time for Bed.
Were left brokenhearted. in pain for our loss,
That little ball of fluff who showed us who's Boss.
Such love that your gave us will go on forever,
My Baby I love and Miss you so. God bless you in
Heaven. God Bless SCOOTER
Your loving Family

Scooter, 10/6/03

Scooter, you died in my arms today (10-6-2003). I felt your heartbeat, so strong against my arm, vanish at 11:15 a.m., as the drugs took effect. Goodbye my sweet boy, seventeen years young.
Joe and Bev Iorio

Scooter (A.K.A. Gretsky or 99), 09/26/03

Our beautiful little Black Cat Scooter, also known as 99 or l'il 9, passed away on Sunday, September 26th, 2003. She had given us 18 years of happiness and love. We nicknamed her after the Great Gretsky, because of her ability to 'outplay' anyone - with a ball made of rolled up silver foil. She would also do great ballet moves when petted down her silky black back. She loved Christmas and liked to think (or know) she was the prettiest gift under the Tree. We will all miss her like crazy, but won't forget her ever, and we know she will be happy with hr many sisters, brothers and cousins who gave gone before her. Bye 99, we love ya!

Kendra Morley

Scooter, 02/14/95-03/15/02

Scooter was our very special boy we found cruising down a busy street. We could not find his original home so he became part of our family. Scooter was the best friend I have ever had. I loved him with all my heart and soul and he loved us (he loved me more than I can describe). He took care of our family but really lived to see me pull in the driveway at night. He was a "mama's boy" and it was quite obvious that he knew so. He was a very important part of our family. He and our other very special and important dog, Scout, were in a house fire one night when I was at work. I received a call informing me that my house was on fire and "all your animals are dead". I fell to the ground and sobbed. My kids were OK, but my boys, Scooter and Scout, had died from the fumes. I have never felt so much agony and despair in my life, except when my mother died 10 years earlier. My life changed forever and I miss my boys every day. Not a day goes by without at least one cry. My youngest daugter(8) tried to bury herself in me when she found out that the dogs were both dead. She thought Scooty was alive...maybe. Her heart broke and she still cries often about this horrible loss. My oldest daughter (9 at the time) disengaged immediately from the trauma. She later sobbed and told me that she forgot five minutes after it happened. She could not cope with it any other way. We were at the vets one time and we read the story of the rainbow bridge. My 9 year old dreamed that night (she thought it was real.) that she was in a meadow, filled with flowers and sunshine. Scooter was there and so was one of our new kittens. She said Scooter looked happy ("you know how he looks mom when he is happy"). He liked the kitten and jumped around (like he did before) for a while. My daughter then saw Scooter a couple more times. At least twice he would climb into her blanket and snuggle with her (He loved to lay next to my feet). She would fall back asleep and wake up and he would be gone. She said to me, Mom, I know Scooter is OK now, I am worried about Scout. Scout was not visiting her. She said "I think Scout must have a very important job, like being one of God's guard dogs". That, she said, was why he couldn't visit. Scooter came to visit again and somehow left her in peace about Scout. She is certain that he is doing well now. I have cried for the past year and a half. My strong little daughter tried to hold us together by trying to protect me from sad things. She had to make the decision to go into the vets and get their ashes, I could not make that move. This same vet lived in our neighborhood and got the dogs from our house... so we wouldn't have to. He and his wife (and staff) have cried with us on many occasions around this horrific trauma. His business did get very busy after that and I believe (magical thinking perhaps) that my two boys and the vet's unbelievable acts of kindness were working together for him to remain in the business that his heart is so connected to. I miss my Scooter and feel like I will never recover from this pain. Scout was my big brave, sweet boy that I will never forget. The pain and despair is sometimes too much to handle. I hope I can one day think about these guys and not hurt so much. Maybe someday we will get another dog. The kids want one.

Barbara Dominique and Ravin Simone

Scooter, 05/14/87-09/02/03

Scooter left his family with dignity and in peace. He suffered from severe dementia, was deaf and blind. He remained a beautiful Westie up to the end. He will be dearly missed. Our house is so quiet it's deafening.

Carolyn Anderson

Scooter, 6/21/03

Scooter died recently and I am wrecked without him, but I want to do justice to his love and to his memory. Scooter had a certain sophistication, and he was perhaps the most adjusted dog I've ever met, despite his hard life before I adopted him. (He was in a pack of wild dogs and coyotes before I brought him to the city.) I just love him so much. Life is not complete anymore, because he was my joy. My boy is gone, but I know that my life was validated by him. Truly, he was my best companion, and I will miss him, always.

Scooter, 02/95-06/04/03

We miss you terribly and you will always be our special boy :)

Asa and Vicki

Scooter, 06/99-05/2003

In Memory of Scooter: 1999-2003

In 1999, Scooter came into my life in the most unpretentious packing, brought to me in a plain paper bag. He was one of three tiny kittens held by a volunteer working at the local “humane society” who told me that they would all be killed the next morning if no one took them. Already having 14 cats at the time, I was most reluctant to take more, but as everyone around me made excuses I acquiesced. You could say I was left holding the bag. I thought I would be their guardian just until I could find others to adopt them. Little did I know that the kittens in the bag, Scooter above all, would prove to be a blessing and not a burden.

Scooter, Shag, and Willis, as I named them, were like unruly human babies. Being a lifetime member of the club of Non-Breeding Bachelors, I was not accustomed to waking every 2 or 3 hours to bottle feed. Each tiny body fit snugly in the palm of my hand. As will surprise no animal lover, with each nursing period and every passing day, I grew increasingly attached to all my new babies, despite the constant noise and messes and overall chaos they brought into my peaceful world. After two weeks of bottle feeding, I put them in a box and took them to every house in my neighborhood in an effort to find them a good home and to prevent even larger tumbleweeds of cat fur rumbling through the hallways of my house.

As it dawned on me how difficult it would be to adopt them together to a loving home, it hit me like a thunderbolt that I already had fallen in love with all three and I suspect by then they felt I was their lumbering, ill-shaven, two-legged mommy.

And so it was, they entered my family as my own children, not temporary adoptees, and I joyfully embraced my new found responsibilities while I awaited the return of nights of unbroken sleep.

All three kittens and I shared a deep bond, but Scooter stood out from the rest, indeed from all my cats, even though I was loathe to admit I had a favorite. Scooter was an orange and white, short-hair, striped tiger cat. He was always skinny, not because I didn’t try to feed him enough but because he was the most finicky eater on the planet. If the dice of the I Ching rolled right, Scooter might not turn away from the food offering on a given day. And he had another trait: he scooted a lot.

The intuition behind the name proved sound as Scooter loved to run throughout the house. He cherished his time on the roof, often standing still on the front corner like the wise gargoyle of my street. Every day I heard him thunder across the rooftop as though Charlton Heston were running a chariot race. It was a comforting sound, like raindrops.

Very early on, Scooter assigned to himself the role of being my shadow. He followed me from room to room, he glided across me as I tried to read and write, and, most poignantly, he slept with me every night, if not on my chest, nestled within the crook of my knees. Every morning, without fail, I repeated the same ritual. I stirred to consciousness, felt Scooter’s warm body next to mine, sat up, stroked him, and said matter-of-factly, “I love you, Scooter.” The day was born. If I woke too early and went back to bed, Scooter always returned to assume his rightful place.

Scooter was aggressive in his need to give and receive love, and he had no respect whatsoever for my work deadlines. If he jumped on my lap, I would counter by lowering my book to block his move to my face. Scooter easily evaded that by maneuvering around the obstacle or climbing under or over it to get to my face. Checkmate. Scooter rubbed his face against mine while his vibrational purr glided past my cheeks like an electric razor. Typically, his will was stronger than mine. All work ground to a halt, and it was time for a Scooter break.

Scooter had a perverse sense of humor. Whenever I lay prostrate watching TV or reading a book, he would leap onto my upper chest, slowly turn around, and then back his rear end directly into my face. The best sense I could make of that habit was simply that Scooter liked to play practical jokes on me. When I turned him around to face me in a more pleasing direction, I could see a smirk on his face and smug self-satisfaction while his purring roared.

Scooter’s favorite game of all was to do everything in his power to stop me from making the bed. As soon as he heard the sheets snap before draping down on the bed, he tore through the house, flew onto the mattress, and pounced onto the sheets to make it impossible to complete the task. If I outwitted him with the bottom sheet and managed to pull it over all four corners of the bed without trapping him underneath it like the Loch Ness monster about to surface, he raced about as the successive layers of bedding came down and then waited furtively to attack anything that moved around him.

I played jokes on Scooter too. My favorite game was to pick him up, hold him in the air, roll him over, and bury my face in his stomach in order to feast on a delicious “Scooter sandwich.” He endured my face cheeks good-naturedly, just as I tolerated his butt cheeks.

One of my favorite mantras to say with Scooter was “friend to the end.” That was my way of reaffirming our special bond everyday, knowing that nothing could disturb it until either he or I met our inevitable end.

Not in my worst nightmares did I fear that Scooter’s end would come so soon, so terribly soon, after only three years of joyful romping, creative bedlam, and soulful loving. An avalanche of grief engulfed my world and for many days everything stopped but the tears.

I remain the privileged guardian of nine wonderful cats. There is not a place I can go in the house without seeing furry bodies up to no good. Yet without Scooter, the place is eerily empty and devoid of life. Space is haunted by his absence. The center is gone. The house is not a home.

People ask me how I cope with his death without believing in the postulates of God, spirit, and the afterlife and with total honesty I answer: I cannot. I cannot comfort myself with the belief that Scooter went to a better place, that there was a cosmic reason for his death, or that I will see him again when I too “pass.”

I will never find another Scooter in any skinny orange and white striped cat and I will never see him again. I doubt his soul is in heaven, but I know his body is buried in my yard, nourishing the bushes and flowers he so loved to run through.

Without God or the afterlife as reference points, I have only my memories of Scooter and the knowledge that we shared a profound love and bond. When I sit by his grave and water the flowers with salty tears, I do not bother praying to a void. The pain is pure, unrelieved, and inconsolable.

This aggravates the grief, but it increases my appreciation of life. It means I can only live and love now, and fulfillment and enjoyment cannot wait for another life or world. It makes living, loving, and four-footed beings like Scooter all the more special. Accordingly, I gave my whole heart and being to Scooter, as he gave me his.

Friend to the end, Scooter. I curse the darkness that the end came so soon and I miss you so terribly much.

Scooter Photos:

Steve Best

Scooter, 01/24/01-03/07/03


Hi! This is mom! I miss you terribly. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and how you were taken away from us so soon and unexpected.

I miss you getting into the bathroom trash cans, sitting at the top of the stairs with your favorite toy and greeting me with the hop of your body and the wag of your tail.

Tyler and Donnie misses you too. We feel the pain and loss of losing you, but we are grateful that we had 2 wonderful years with you and we wouldn't trade them for anything!

I would do anything to have you back, but I know I can't, so I have to believe that you are in a happier place even though you can't be with us.

I had the marble stone specially made to put on your grave. It was difficult to put it there as I knew you wouldn't be coming back to me. But it is very nice and it has a cross on it as well.

You were the greatest Shih Tzu anyone could ask for! You were so adorable!

We all have our special memories of you that we will cherish forever!

I will always love you and miss you! Until we meet again...

I love you very much!


Scooter, 04/19/03

Scooter is a healer cat. I had her "put to sleep" on Saturday. Her kidneys had failed her after two years of treatment. She was 20 years old. Whenever anyone was "hurting" or "sick" or just in a difficult space she would "heal" them/us. I want her to know how much I love her. I want her to know how sad I am that she is not in my physical life right now and how difficult it was to let her go. I want her to feel the peace and dignity I wanted to give her. I feel so much grief and pain and guilt (for not doing more). She is a wonderful spirit and loved so very much. I have always felt that Scooter will make the transition to a human because she was so human. I consulted with her vets prior to doing this. There was no physical hope. Now she is free. God bless you Scooter - my healer girl. I love you.

Jo Ann Toporski

Scooter, 11/18/88-03/07/03

We lost our little Scooter this evening... He was 14 yrs, 3-1/2 months old.. We saw him through major open heart surgery last January 2002 at the University of Minnesota where he had his pericardium removed. The $3000 we spent was worth every penny as it gave us 14 more months with him.. He had become very thin and preferred sleeping all day due to his arthritis but he still had that spunk we knew so well. He loved guarding his dog biscuits from our other poodles and even today he took out after one of them when they came too near.. I think he was trying to tell me something because he insisted on sitting up in his little orthopedic dog bed instead of laying down. He watched me constantly and I remember remarking to one of my teenagers that I felt he was trying to tell me something... He began to breath rapidly everytime he came inside and when he'd try to walk up the steps. This last time, he stood up in his bed, which meant he wanted to go out so I picked him up and carried him to the door, talking to him and nuzzling the side of his soft little face.. He went outside and used the bathroom, I picked him up and brought him back in and he began to breathe rapidly. Something told me to try and call the vet, my son was holding him and, while I was on the phone with the vet I knew it was time. I took him in my arms and he took two breaths and then was gone.

I miss him so much.. For 14 yrs he slept between my feet at night and tonight he won't be with me but I know he's gone to the Bridge, to join Muffin, our little guy who went on July 29, 1999...

Scooter, our little "Cooters", we miss you so much..

Glynn & Kim

Scooter, Princess, Scruffy and Bubba, 12/28/02

My in-laws had an electrical fire December 28, 2002 and lost all four of their dogs. We will miss them very much and will think of them always!!!

Denise Wolfram

Scooter Boy Blue, 10/10/03

To my baby boy - You will always be in my heart and mind my sweet ray of sunshine.
Thank you for all the wonderful years.
Take care of Lilly.
your mom

Scooter Pie Witham, 4/30/90-03/17/03

I miss you my little sweet Scooter Pie kitty. Almost 13 years with you was not enough time together. I wish I'd been able to make you well. I would do anything to have you here with me again. You were the sweetest little baby guy in the world. So small and roly poly when I found you. Just a baby kitty, covered in black grease, whiskers all broken off, and booboos on your precious little leggies and feet. It was like you'd been scooting under cars to hide. I picked you up and you kissed and nibbled my chin. Instant love...for both of us. After your first bath, there you were. Such a handsome red tabby baby. You were such a joy to me here on earth. That sweet little round expectant face always looking up at me. And your big round, gold jewels. I still have every one of your precious whiskers. I don't know what I'm going to do without you Scooter Pie. Who's going to stand in the bedroom doorway and meow at me that it's time to come to bed, and who's to lay on my arm in bed every night with sweet chirping purrs to soothe me to sleep. I believe that God will bring us together again someday Scooter Pie. matter how far apart we are, we'll always be together. You will always be Mommy's "Littlest Boy", and "The Baby". You were one of best friends I ever had. Love, Mommy"

Scooter Ripley Lee, 10/28/92-12/08/03

Scooter had the softest belly and nicest fur. He loved to dig around the trees. He was so wonderful and I loved him with all my heart. I'll miss him so as will his brothers and sisters. Poor Scooter is now in a better place but still my heart is broken.

Judy Shimoda

Scottie Tagwerker, 12/24/01

Thank-you Scottie for giving me the best years of my life. Your love saved me because you were always there smiling at me and wanting your nightly cuddle. You were always great at finding the stinkiest things outside and completely covering yourself. You were happiest when dirty, rolling in the grass, or doing the snow plough in the winter. Every time the snow falls or I smell something funny in the air I know that you're somewhere close by smiling and having fun. Your unconditional love will never be forgotten.

Tanya & Ron

Scotty, 07/15/86-11/05/03

Scotty was my sweet, friendly kitty with big green eyes. He was always there to greet me at the door when I returned from work these past 17 years. He loved to play under the sheets whenever the bed was changed and loved to sleep on the large window sill in the warm sun or in front of the fireplace on a cold winter's night. Some mornings, I'd wake up to the gentle touch of his paw on my face, nudging me awake to feed him breakfast. I miss him more than words can say but have some comfort in knowing that he is now in a better place. May you rest in peace Scotts - the best kitty cat in the whole wide world, I love you. You are always in my heart and I was blessed to have you in my life for so long. Until we meet again...

Kate Rouleau

Scout, 05/10/93-08/27/03

Go with the wind strong friend. You are the SPIRIT of life, the comfort of quiet. You are the conversation of my life, the pride of my being. May God bless your soul in every way. Have a safe journey. Someday we will be together again. I love you, Scout. You are the greatest !!

Stewart Hondorp

Scout Finch, 07/96-09/02/03

We loved her very much and will miss our little Scoutie

Abby and Meg

Scrappy, 1/20/02-5/5/03

Scrappy was the most unbelievable pet and brought so much joy and happiness into my life. Scrappy, you were my little angle and I will love you forever.


Scrappy, 10/31/89-05/07/23

We were friends for a long time but then not nearly long enough. You will always be in our hearts. We can be happy that now you can run and play without pain. We miss you.

Teri, Tera, Luke and Chimera

Scrappy Clark, 05/04/01-05/02/03

Scrappy was with us for such a short time, but the love that she gave was immeasurable. She was the original 'Teddy with a heart' and will be missed forever. Never forgotten by her mum or dad, we will all meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Jenni Dudman

Scrat, 11/23/03

My baby Scrat. I was your mother when you had no mother. Daddy was your playmate when you had no siblings. You were only with us for a short time, but in that time we grew to love you more than life itself. Our lives will never be the same. I would give anything just to be able to bring you back again. I am so so sorry for not being able to save you. I was suppose to be your protection, but yet I could not protect when you needed it the most. I am so sorry. I love you with all my heart.


Scruff - Stray, 04/21/03

We would like to take this opportunity to honor a wonderful male stray kitty who entered our yard 3 days ago. We did our best to make him feel comfortable and loved over the weekend but we had to keep him in the garage so that he would not come into contact with our other four cats (all ex-strays) until medical clearance was given.

We so enjoyed getting to know him on our hourly garage visits where we were greeted by head butts, purrs and endless chatter. During the course of the weekend we decided that if he remained unclaimed and was certified healthy by our vet he was moving in for good.

We took him into the vet this morning and we were all ready to have him spayed and cleaned up but our worst fears were confirmed. He tested positive for FIV.

We accepted his fate and returned to the vet's office to be with him in his time of need. He went very quietly.

I cannot express our extreme sorrow for this lovely fellow. Most of the "stray stories" that we have been involved with have had happy endings. We are blessed to have four great examples to remind us every day. We have said a prayer that we hope that the "late" Glenn and Tex look out for you on Rainbow Bridge. We hope our paths cross again some time.

Scruff, we love you and will miss you.

Bob, Linda and the furballs Abu, Bonk, Sammy and Sabrina

Scruffles Lonaghan, 11/02/03

I knew you were an angelic being from the moment I first saw you -- now you are home, and I miss you mightily.


Scruffy, 08/08/89-08/20/03

You are missed and loved

Leslie Fernandez

Scruffy, 8/1/03

Scruffy, I am so very sorry. I accidentally ended your precious life and I hate myself for it. Please, know that it was a horrible accident and I wish so much that I could turn back time. I love you.

Scruffy, 07/04/90-05/31/03

My heart breaks for you my sweet baby. My true soul mate. Please forgive me for failing to make you healthy.oh hard I did try. thanks for 13 years which lighted up my life and gave me so much love. which your love I will carry with me forever and always. till we meet again a piece of my heart will be with you my bestest friend. I love you mommy

Scruffy, 31/01/89-23/02/02

Love you forever xxxxx


Scuffy Schad, 12/02/03

Here's to a good dog; Kristen's Best Friend and Merlyn's Best Friend. We're all looking forward to meeting up with you again.

Jim & Sandi Hill

Seafort, 06/26/03

Dearest Seafort,

From the moment I saw you there was an immediate bond. I remember your bright green eyes staring deeply into mine as I walked into the back room of the shelter. It was as if you'd been waiting for me. I wanted Simon the Siamese to have a playmate, no matter how old he was. I went straight towards you and I knew you were the one right away. Your greyish-blue coat was matted and your eyes begged for love and attention. I took you in my arms, held you and looked into your eyes once more-you were coming home. Despite the fact that you liked to eat Simon's food, claw my couch, attack the dog, jump on the kitchen counters for leftovers and meow crazily at every meal, I enjoyed your company and the blessing of you love. You and Simon became best buds and I even caught you grooming Chester, the Labrador, every now and then. When you were with us, you were full of life, love and such human attitude. You were such a social guy, coming out to say hello to all our visitors and friends, even bonding with some of them. You layed by me when I was sad, purring and licking my face with your sandpaper tongue. I regret now all the times I pushed you away when you wanted attention, especially before your passing. You had spunk and were hilarious, I will have some good memories of your life with us. I am sorry that you got was so hard to see you in so much pain. I know you were so young still, not even two years old yet, and I will pray each night that you don't hold the choice I made against me. Seafort, I'm sorry that your time was so short with us, and although I cried and pleaded with our Heavenly Father that it wasn't fair he take you so soon...there is a reason for everything and I know that I was meant to love you and take care of you during your short life. I also know that you have taught me a valuable lesson...that time is limited and we must cherish and relish every moment of it. The decision I had to make came so quickly but I knew it was for the best. I wanted you to be happy, without pain and without fear. It was difficult to see you go but I know that you are still alive in spirit. Although I cannot see you, I feel you and think of you all the time. I will love and remember you always, thank you for the good times and the way you have touched our lives even if it was for a year. I know that you are watching, I know that you are looking out for us. I will pray for you to let you know how much I love you still. It is time to say good-bye for just a little bit because I will surely see you again. We miss you and love you, but you are in our hearts and in peace now and you will never be in pain again. Here is a church hymn that came to my mind as I wrote this, and it is a reminder that we will be happily together again someday:

"God be with you 'til we meet again,
by his counsels guide uphold you,
with his sheep securely fold you,
God be with you 'til we meet again....

'Til we meet, 'til we meet....
'Til we meet at Jesus feet...
'Til we meet, 'til we meet...
God be with you 'til we meet again".

In love and peace,
Momma, Simon, Chester & all those who loved you in life.

Seal Harbor (Scooter), 04/19/81-09/08/03

He was always a star and a gentleman to the end.

Lynda Case

Seamus, 12/14/03

Seamus... Our much loved puppy.
You will be in our hearts forever. See you in Heaven.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Sam and Katie.

Seamus, 05/2001-11/14/03

Seamus was hit by a car and passed away in my arms about an hour ago. He was the most lovable and affectionate dog I have had in my family. When everyone else wanted to play he just wanted to snuggle. He slept every night on my pillow above my head. I have become accustomed to this and having his warm presence will be very very hard to let go of. The emergency vet says he did not feel a thing. I am glad. I miss Seamus so much... Hopefully he is playing in that grassy meadow with his sister, Satine, now.

Sean Sweeney

Sebastian, 03/20/89-12/20/03

The most amazing cat in the world passed away yesterday. Sebastian's name means to be revered or venerated and he spent his life living up to that name. He was a big, black cat and he knew he was special. Sebastian was a one in a million cat and while I will have lots of cats in my life, there will never be another like him. Sebastian never met a stranger. Every new person was someone else to pet and admire him. He was my strength, my comforter and my rock. Without him, there is no one to wipe away my tears. No one to hug me around my neck and let me know it's going to be okay. Sebastian my love, I miss you so much and my life will never be the same without you.

Tina Thomure

Sebastian, 11/20/03

His only flaw was he thought he was a person.
Our family hurts, now that he is gone.
We hurt because we miss him and his life was cut short.
He wanted a simple life--to be part of the family.
He misses life.

Steve Schultz

Sebastian, 07/27/98-10/01/03

Sebastian was a happy soul who always made everyone smile. I will always remember the joy he brought to everyone around him. I hope to see him again someday.

Marie Larko

Sebastian, Adopted 1998-02/25/03


You went to the Bridge in February but a few weeks later, I brought Willow home. Unfortunately she met the same fate and lost her battle to CRF last week. I pray that you were at the Bridge awaiting her and now you two are together. (Fatter and fluffier than ever!) It's been 8 months and I think of you daily. Please bring Willow to the Bridge w/you when I arrive. Until then, I hope you're happier than ever! As for me, my heart still aches but my memories still flourish. You're very loved and missed immensely Bastian Boy!


Sebastain, 08/06/90-09/11/03

I Knew I should have made you come in, I guess you were running across the street and never seen that car, our neighbors woke us up to gather you gone from this world. You will now be reunited with your brother Gebo and Misty. I will see you soon, I am so... sorry Sebastain. I love you and will bury you in the grasslands next to your family.

Sebastian, 08/20/03

Sebastian was the most gentle and lovable creature I ever knew. Please pray that he is safe and that he has love wherever he is now.


Sebastian, 07/15/85-07/15/98

Our Sebastian was 13 years old when we lost him. It was such a sudden loss for us, as well as his "sister" Belle. It was obvious she missed him but went on to live a good five years longer. Sebastian, you will always be in our hearts. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sebastian, 01/10/94-6/13/03

My dearest Sebastian, today I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life; I had to choose to ease your suffering. You fought bravely and never complained; but today you told me that your time had come. I will miss you always being one step behind me, to watch over me. One day I hope to see you again, along with Amadeus, and we will play again. Sebastian, I hope that your 9 years with me brought you the same happiness, as you did for me. Sleep well, with no more pain.

Sebastian (Ceasar) Thompson, 03/31/86-06/03/03

Ceasar has been a faithful, loving companion to us for 17 years. He was a joy to us and added to our quality of life. We will miss him so much but now he is at Rainbow Bridge with his sisters Cleo and Sabrina. It makes us happy to know that they are reunited together and that they are now healthy and happy again together. Someday we will all be together again and that puts a smile on our faces. Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you very much.

Sebastian, 06/09/90-06/05/03

I will never forget my son, Sebby. You're in my heart forever little one. I love you.

Leigh Amer


Sebastian, I will miss our walks, having a cat that loved to ride in the car...your sleeping on my stomach at night with your paw stretched out to touch my chin. Looking out to see you perched on the fence like my Sentinel. But most of all I think I will miss coming home from work to find you waiting and hiding...even in the shortest grass like I couldn't see you. I will always love you, my wild and Crazy Cat.

Kai Stringer

Sebastian, 03/15/92-05/01/03

My dear sweet best friend, you are never far away from my thoughts. Many thanks for all the love and companionship through all the years. You saw me through thick and thin, through good and bad. And although we are no longer in the same world, I trust that we will be together again one day. You will always be near to my heart.
Love, your best friend,

Sebastian, 09/15/87-10/04/02

Loved and wonderful companion of 14 years.....

Bob & Kathryn Massey

Sebastian, 02/22/92-03/15/03

The Best Friend I ever had.... I miss you so!


Sebastian, 5/96-1/23/03

To my beloved Bastian. Even though I showed my humanness sometimes, you always loved me no matter what. Thank you for always loving me. I'll remember you always. Please wait for me at the rainbow bridge dear little man of mine.


Sebastian & Babies, 06/07/03

Sebastian was a feral cat who lived in our yard. He turned out to be a she, who had 3 kittens recently. Sebastian was too young and the kittens just drained her. She died leaving the kittens alone. By the time we found them, one was dead, the other died shortly thereafter, and the third - a little fighter - was determined to have a grave prognosis after a trip to the emergency vet, so he was put to sleep. Sebastian, I hope your life is much better now that you are at the Rainbow Bridge with your babies. We did what we could for them, they are all buried in the back yard garden now, and uncle-daddy George has been seen out there frequently sitting on their graves - somehow he knows. He misses you and I know you mama Jezzie does too. Find our other babies over there and stay with them until the time your adopted parents join you. We love you Sebastian and will really miss seeing your beautiful little face peeking in our front window. Lots of kisses and love and please know that even though you were a wild thing we could never touch, we loved you and your sweet babies immensely. Anne Zimmerman & Bob Morgan.

Sebastian Barbero, 11/14/96-04/21/03

You were an angel sent by God...and you deserve to be remembered as the "Regal...Royal...Pet that you were" will forever remain in our hearts...your pawprints remain indented there touched so many lives with your grace...poise...and loving...unconditional ways...we all love and miss you terribly...Our loving forever family pet...You are your "Daddy's Boy" mommy....Jerry and Sandra Barbero

Sebastion (Sebas), 01/01/03

The December month and January month were not the best for my mom. She lost her dog and her cat. Sebastion was found in the middle of the road, after he was hit by a car. My mom and sister were going to the store when the found him. He was only about a year and a half old. I guess god needed Jasper, thunder, sebastion, bumbles, and suzabella more than we did. I just hope he stops taking my babies. There so special and three out of the five are only babies. Why wont he stop taking my babies?


Sebastion, 11/16/03

Sebber Dog - You were our friend for so many years.
We hope that you will always know how much we loved you and the strength that you gave us when times were hard. You taught us to love each other more than we ever could have without you.
We love you and miss you so much.
We hope that you are running in green fields and chasing the sheep, happy and healthy the way you deserve to be.
We love you and will always carry you in our hearts.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Mom and Dad.

Sebastion, 02/14/98-11/07/03

My young friend passed away suddenly this past Friday. He was taken from our family before his time due to a tragic accident. He will be missed. His warm kisses, he knew when a hug or cuddle was needed and didn't ask for anything in return other than a smile and pat. I'm sorry Sebastion please know I am thinking of you and I can hardly wait until we meet again.

Tara Lloyd

Seeker, 12/07/02-03/03/03

You know, it was the strangest thing...last night she just wouldn't eat, didn't want to cuddle, didn't want to play. I went on a special trip to the store for some milk for her to drink. When I woke up this morning she was under the chair, and her body was already almost stiff. By some miracle she was still breathing. I knew just by looking her. I sank to the floor and took her into my arms and she just died. I love you Seeker...


Seiko, 02/01/88-08/20/02

Seiko, I am sorry I did not post a tribute for you before this, I'm not sure why I didn't. I did post you on the bridge list. I miss you so much. Every day I think about you. I love Dollie, but she isn't you. There won't ever be another boy like you, so smart, so funny, so demanding and affectionate. I remember your four favorite activities: Eating (of course, esp. wet food or human food), sitting in the window, sleeping, and tummy rubs. I am so glad we had the time together when I was finishing my dissertation right before you got sick--in fact, only weeks before you got sick. Remember how I would have to go to you in the window or on the bed every 15 minutes or so because you would demand pets or a tummy rub? Words cannot express how special you were and how much I wish you were here. I miss you almost every night when I go to bed and you're not flopped by my head with your big seal body. I miss you when I come home and you would greet me at the bottom of the stairs with your funny tail up. I hope that we meet again sometime, and the three of us, you, me and Kiko, will be together again.
Love, your mommy.

Seku, 01/08/92-09/25/03

Seku was the most beautiful Husky I have ever seen. She had a grace about her that earned her the nickname Princess. She had a gentle nature that was unmatched. She was the only dog I ever knew who would smile when she was happy. She never really knew how to bark, so she greeted me with a series of loving "woos" and howls. She loved to play in the snow and afterwards she would curl up on her pillows in front of the fireplace to dry off. Seku started this life very sick with distemper, but she was such a fighter she pulled through it and went on to live a full life. The love, friendship, companionship, and comfort she gave me was immeasurable. She truly was a treasure. She was the heartbeat at my feet. A special dog that will live on in my heart and memories. I love you Seku. You will be forever missed.


Selena, 12/25/03

Our sweet little girl was taken by FIP, as was her brother just a few months ago. They're together now, playing and chasing birds on the other side.

Shelley and Josef

Selket, 11/11/03

I remember when I first came along and you would jump on my head because I was sleeping in your place in the bed. You would give me a look that said, "Okay--who are you and when are you leaving?" Over time, you came to accept me and I came to accept you and we became close friends. That was over five years ago. Over the past month or so, I wondered why you wanted to cling so close to me. At every opportunity, you wanted to be in my lap and cuddle close to me. We shared "ear nuzzies" with one another and would often fall asleep together curled up in the chair. Now I know that this was perhaps your way of saying good-bye to me. I hope you know that even though I may not have always showed it, I always loved you. Even though I was just a "step-daddy" to you, you treated me as I was your flesh and blood. You gave so much of your life to bring us peace, comfort, and unconditional love--as only a cat can do. Now I think about how you are now sitting and purring in the lap of God, remembering you in my every thought and dream, wishing somehow I could move the Earth to bring you back home, but also knowing that someday we will see each other again. Save a place on God's lap for us.


Seneca, 02/15/89-06/12/01

In Loving Memory of Seneca
1989 ~ 2001

I got to the gate of Heaven yesterday after we said goodbye.
I began to miss you terribly, because I heard you cry.
Suddenly there was an angel and she asked me to enter Heaven's gate.
I asked her if I could stay for someone who would be late.
I wouldn't make much noise you see, I wouldn't bark or howl.
I'll only wait here patiently and play with my tennis ball.
The angel said I could stay right here and wait for you to come
Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven if I went in alone.
So I'll wait here, you take your time, but keep me in your heart.
Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven without you to warm my heart.

If It Should Be

If it should be that I grow weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won.

You will be sad, I understand;
Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day more than all the rest,
Your love for me must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer so,
The time has come, so let me go.

Take me where my needs they'll tend
And please stay with me until the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time that you will see
The kindness that you did for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I've been saved.

Please do not grieve, it must be you
Who had this painful thing to do.
We've been so close, we two, these years,
Don't let your heart hold back its tears.

~ Author Unknown ~

Ronald & Michele Harper

Serena (Shmoo), 05/90-04/04/03

Shmoo was my best friend, and more human than any animal I have ever known. I had this beautiful creature in my life for thirteen wonderful years. In the end, she hung on for me. Even though the cancer had started to eat through her, she still meowed at me and came to me for pettin's. I shall forever miss her meow, and her fathomless blue eyes. My house feels empty without her presence. Her housemate Luna and our dogs search for her every night since her demise. Just know wherever you are my sweet pookie, we love you. And we shall think of you every day. Rest in peace.

Rebecca Sartor

Sergeant, 11/26/03

He was one of the best dogs in the world and will never be forgotten, we love him.

Chelsey, Conner, Donna, and Bruce Dzinski

Serina, 12/17/89-09/13/03

We miss you so much! We miss your smile when you frolicked at the beach with us. We miss the serious way you guarded your food bowl from the cat, and chased off an occasional bird you didn't like. We miss how you cleaned up after us (our hairy hoover!). We miss how you would wait to greet us at the door, and always welcomed us with your wiggle bottom and smiles. We even miss how you would steal our underwear and embarrass us when we would find it out in the yard. You were the best traveling dog, and so much fun to take camping. You were the sweetest dog imaginable, with your big brown eyes and your calm and loving personality, and you made friends all over the world - everyone loved you. You were Dannikke's best friend when she was growing up, cuddling with her in the car on all of our trips and playing the princess and the key endlessly. You never minded when Aven gave you a bath and you even enjoyed it when she would spruce you up with pomade or give you a special mohawk hairdo. You let us dress you up and take pictures, but you were always our everyday friend - always faithful, always present, always comforting. We will miss you forever, goofy girl.

Teya, Marten, Dannikke, & Aven

Seta, 12/15/93-12/01/03

Seta was my life , he was so gentle and kind to me. I am 75 and alone he meant the world to me. I was so lucky to have him, I know I belonged to him.

Bill Richards

Seve, 1963

The first and so often remembered.

Mary Lou

Seven, 08/02/00-02/16/03

Seven was our most special cat and we lost her to a heart condition way too soon. We are in deep pain because she was so amazing. She was never without her Daddy when he was home and loved him more than anything. We know she is still sleeping with us each night and laying with us and purring all the time. She snuggled more than any cat we have ever known and showed a love for Ted (her Daddy) like no one before. She couldn't have been loved more. We miss her so much. We love you Seven!! We will never forget you!

Ted and Stacie

Sewanee, 1994-10/27/03

To the dearest of friends and companions. My life is so empty now. I don't know how to go on without my dear friend

Joanne Galbreath

Shadie, 1988-10/17/03

Thank you for coming to us that August day in 1990. We were all the lucky ones to have you in our lives, Thank you and all our love then, now and forever.

Cindy Swan

Shadoe, 07/17/87-10/15/03

I am so lucky to have been blessed with a creature who, for 16 years, was a companion and friend. He just happened to be in a cat's body. I know his soul lives on. And I am a better man for having known him. Thank you, God, for blessing me with Shadoe. And thank you, Shadoe, for letting me be your companion. I will miss you forever.

Shadoe, 04/01/90-03/10/03

Shadoe - you are the light of my life. I will always miss you. and love you. You were a special girl.


Shadow, 09/30/90-12/22/03

Thank you for your beauty, loyalty, friendship, and unconditional love.
You were truly "the best."

Roth Family

Shadow, 02/01/99-12/06/03

Shadow was so special to me.
A little dog with a big heart. I will miss our walks at night.
Goodbye baby.

Jim Bezdan

Shadow, 11/15/93-11/22/03

Shadow was our first greyhound and also a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International.
We always knew he was special, but until his death, didn't realize how many other people knew he was special.
We will always miss him and remember his gentle ways.

Diane & Sean Keith

Shadow, 12/04/03

Shadow was very special, he asked for so little but gave me so much love, I never had him when he was a pup, he wandered into my home on a dark night as I was working under the carport I first noticed a Shadow moving behind me and there he was ,lost and abandoned, anyway I kept him ,after all my Shadow picked me to take care of him , he was around 4 when I found him and for 8 more yrs we walked together in love and friendship, then just 2 weeks ago we parted his kidneys were shutting down , I had the vet try to do what they could for him ,but it wasn't enough, I held my boy as they put him to sleep ,it broke my heart , I miss him so much ,he knows I loved him and always will I'm 69 yrs old so I don't think it will be long before we meet by the Rainbow Bridge where Shadow and all my little boys I've lost will happily walk me across that last long bridge where we'll all be well again and never fell sadness again

Jackson R Tyree

Shadow, 05/98-12/06/03

Shadow you were such a special kitty.
You changed our minds about what being owned by a cat could be like.
You loved our dogs, hamsters, birds, rabbit and chinchilla as it they were people just like us.
You will be a part of our hearts forever.

Gail, Bruce, Scott, Sandy & Greg Tompkins

Shadow Aka Pappy, 11/14/03

You were already 10 when you came into our lives.
Thank you for letting us care for you for the last 7 years.
We're sorry you were sick all these years but hopefully we made life easier for you.
You are so loved & so missed!

Patty Bailey

Shadow, 10/28/03

I realized when I wrote the first tribute that it wasn't enough, so I am rewriting it.
Shadow came to be my "shadow" twelve years ago.
I found him at the pound while picking up a friend whose dog had surgery.
My former dog Laddie had passed at fifteen years, about six months before.
I vowed never to have another, till I saw "The Face".
He was doomed to die, twenty four hours from the time I was there, and I was at the door at 7 AM to take him home.
He brought into my life joy and acceptance.
His behavior was that of a gentleman to the end.
He didn't want to leave me, and he told me with every look of his blessed eyes.
My heart is broken and my eyes have never cried so many days in succession.
Sleep tight my Angel. Mom

Shadow, 03/29/91-10/31/03

We brought you home when you were only 7 weeks old. We had so much fun watching you grow and investigate everything in sight!! I don't think there was anything that you didn't get into and inspect thoroughly!!
The years went by and we had ourselves the best cat in the whole world!! Always there with those curious eyes, a purr that would get louder and louder, and a gentle kiss to show us your love in return.
Unfortunately for us, 6 months ago you had to start insulin for diabetes and between the diabetes and arthritis your poor back legs just became more immobilized each day.
Friday was one of the hardest days in our lifetime for your daddy and mommy!! The time had come that we had to put "OUR LITTLE BOY" to sleep so that he could die with dignity. We had to do it before you started to feel very much pain!!
Shadow, we miss you soooo much and we will always love you!!
We both look forward to the day that we will see you again at the RAINBOW BRIDGE and feel your warmth once again!!
You can now play with Whiskey in those glorious fields until we meet again!!
We will always love you with all our hearts and we want to thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives!!
You brought us so much pleasure and love over the years!!
Daddy and Mommy love you very much!!
Until we meet again our loving furbaby......
Love Daddy & Mommy
Bob & Nancy

Shadow, 10/22/03

God is lucky to have such a loving soul with Him.

Mark & Rose Hemmelgarn

Shadow (Doedoe), 06/01/90-08/05/03

Shadow was our beautiful, kind boy. He loved all the other pets in our house and took care of them. He would jump in the tub and take a shower with the parrots, just to keep them company. He was my best buddy and I'll miss him forever! See you there, sweetheart!

Julie and Jim

Shadow, 11/28/02-10/20/03

Shadow: Although you were only with us a short time, you were truly a blessing. You are at peace now and in a much better place. Run, play and frolic and remember the thought that we will one day be reunited. We miss you dearly.

Eric, Catherine and Erika Blair

Shadow, 11/18/91-10/12/03

For my dear missed companion. You gave me purpose in life, someone to care for and someone to love with all my heart with nothing held back. You looked at me everyday with caring eyes and the hope that I would just simply look back at you and say "good girl." I Love you so much and will miss you bunches.

Lou Onesto

Shadow, 1975-10/04/03

Shadow was a very strong-willed horse. She also had a really sweet side, she loved to be brushed and fussed over. Shadow is missed by our whole family.

Katie, Zach, Chris and Ralph

Shadow, 01/92-10/06/03

Gentle friend, you guarded us and loved us faithfully your whole life. You had such patience Now your pain is gone and you can run and play with Missy and Zebra again. Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge, dear friend.

Myrna and William Streeter

Shadow, 10/04/03

Shadow, I miss you more than I can stand. You have left such an empty space in my life. I wish I could have been a better person for you. I miss you and always will. You were the best dog there ever was.

Diane Burgess

Shadow, 1/30/99-8/3/03

It is time to give,
For I have been giving so much from Shadow.
And now it is time to give in return.
I have a pleasure and sorrow triumph and defeat
Have seen the joys of life with Shadow
and watched the face of death as he looked up at me and died naturally in my arms.
Shadow I keep on going knowing one day we will meet at Rainbow Bridge
Crossing, and be with you once again never to be parted.
Love Mommy

Shadow, 05/1991-08/29/03

Shadow, I just wanted to let you know how special you were to me and that you will always have a special place in my heart.
Ever since you were a puppy, I knew that we had a special bond that would last a life time.
Never in my life have I loved anyone the way that I love you. I would do anything for were always there with a puppy kiss or those beautiful brown eyes-no matter what type of day I was priceless.
I have totally enjoyed my life because of you..thank you for just being you.
The hardest day of my life was the night I had to let you go to rainbow bridge..apart of me left when you did..I will never forget that day as long as I live.
I still think of you all the time and wish that you were back here with us and that you were well again-running and playing in the yard-like you loved to do before you became ill..I would do anything to turn back the clock and have you here..I miss you so much. A big part of my life and heart is missing and I don't think it can ever be replaced.
Although time will heal the hurt and sadness that I am feeling..I will never-ever forget my best friend.
I am so proud that you were apart of my life for 12 years, they were the best of my life.
You have a new master now, who will be just wonderful to a good boy. He will take care of you until I am able to get there. Have fun playing with the other fur babies.
You will forever have a place in my heart-forever and ever.
I love you.

Shadow, 04/01/90-02/02/03

She never met a person she didn't love.

Bud & Linda

Shadow, 10/15/93-07/06/03

My beautiful, loving Shadow, gone too soon. I know you're waiting for me. Mommy loves you.

Shadow, 04/84-07/31/02

It was one year ago today that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You are still a part of me and I miss you everyday. I have had a few new additions to the family. You are my most special cat and no other will ever take your place.

I love you Shadow!

Elizabeth Williams

Shadow, 07/28/03

This was a very special little girl who like to nap on my belly. Her brother Milton stayed with her while she died.
She was so dear to me. She was definitely my fur baby & I miss her so much.

Jean Collier

Shadow, 05/23/93-08/11/00

I love you and I know I will see you again. Three years later and I still think of you.

Matt Groveman

Shadow, 05/01/03-06/06/03

Tiniest star Shadow, we will miss you hard and often! To have known you and loved you for such a short time was truly a blessing. To have lost you so quickly is absolutely heart breaking to the three of us who are left here. You will never be forgotten, and cannot ever be replaced, for never was there a baby who so needed a mommy and who was so sweetly obedient. I will always remember you riding on my shoulder and nuzzling at my neck. PS - Minya apologizes for having hissed at you, and looked for you for hours after you left to go the vet.

Erica and Fallyn

Shadow, 06/07/98 05/20/03

Shadow, you left me too soon. You were my comfort, my solace, my safe haven. You were there for me when no one else was. You went through thick and thin with me. You saved me. Oh, my little boy, what am I going to do without you? Mommy misses you so much. I promise you that I will meet you at that Rainbow Bridge someday. Until then, I hope you and Sheena are together, snuggling like you used to do years ago. Until then, don't forget Justin and I. Love, mom

Shadow, 10/31/88-05/17/03

To My Furr Angel-----I Love You and Miss You so very much!!!

Pat Kramer

Shadow, 05/15/03

Shadow was my first baby. She was there whenever I needed her. Unfortunately she no longer was able to enjoy life everyday and it seemed cruel to keep her here any longer. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make and I hope that it was the right one for her. She was a beautiful, sweet girl with a gentle and kind soul who touched all those that she met. Shadow will be sorely missed by all who knew her, but no one will miss her more than I.

Carter Lee

Shadow, 11/6/88-5/9/03

You came to me a kitten

a shadow of black and white

your eyes as bright as diamonds

a spirit full of fight

The years just passed so quickly

my eyes refused to see

your gait had slowed, your eyes had dimmed

time was stealing you from me

though each day you grew older

your body frail and weak

I selfishly hoped the next day

would find you mine to keep

I nursed you thru your sickness

Then with heavy heart i knew

that letting you sleep the final sleep

was the kindest THING to do





Shadow, 3/24/94-4/07/03

My hearthound. It has been a month now and I am still grieving for my dear friend. I don't want her to be forgotten, ever.

Shadow, 10/22/88-05/09/03

It was the most difficult thing I had to do when you were put to sleep last night, but your time had come and I wanted you to die with dignity.

I awoke to today and heard your cry for your breakfast and rushed to the kitchen but you were not there. I miss the feel of your cheek against mine. Someday we will be together again. You will be the wind in my hair, the rush of the ocean waves at the beach, the snowflakes as they brush gently against my face. You are now pure energy and light. Are souls will be intertwined forever and ever.

Thank you a thousand times over the unconditional love and tenderness you have given me. Mommie Ellen

Shadow, 05/04/03

Rescued German Shepherd. For the last 5 months of her life, she finally enjoyed being a dog, getting to do "dog things", something of which she didn't get to do during her previous 7 years. This was thanks to the loving heart of my daughter, Jennifer. Bye for now, until they meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.


Shadow, 12/19/89-04/13/03

I remember the little fuzz ball that fit in my pocket. She was a dedicated and loving dog. I will miss her.

Debra Brady

Shadow, 07/15/89-03/26/03

For 14 years, you were always there for us and we will always love you. We miss you greatly and will keep you in our hearts.

Katherine, Luis, Alex, and Amanda

Shadow, 11/15/93-07/07/02

My beloved Shadow, of all the many, wonderful pets I have had in my life, you were probably the "most special." I can't really say why, but you won my heart the very second I set eyes on you in the kennel at the Humane Society. You were definitely "my Shadow" from the very beginning. You never met a stranger, loved everyone you met and everyone loved you.

You were such a cute puppy and never in my life have I seen a puppy that could shred a piece of typing paper into as many pieces as you could! You were so smart and knew how to wrap me around your paw and get what you wanted. My sweet girl, I loved you so much and still miss you every day of my life. You were taken from me so quickly, but I am so thankful that your illness was short and relatively pain-free. I know that you are in a wonderful place now and have met up with my other wonderful pets and will be waiting at the Bridge for me one day. You were the "light of my life" and I will ALWAYS love and remember you.


Shadow, 08/15/00-02/07/03

Shadow ran off into the woods with her two sisters and brothers on Friday evening, something they all did everyday. Thirty minutes later, only four dogs returned. Shadow, I wish I knew you are not sad or scared, hungry or hurt. I wish I could have helped you, could help you now. I'm so sad that you are not here. We've all looked for you, we asked the neighbors about you. I hope you are at peace, I hope you have no pain. Please know that we love you, we miss you,

Kristy, Hailey, Rich, Riley

Shadow, 06/13/97-02/05/03

To my dear little girl. I hope you have found peace and comfort wherever you are now. I am sorry our time was so short, yet am happy for every minute of happiness you brought me. I promise to look after your sister with all my love until the time comes when the two of you are reunited. I hope to see you again in the future.

With all my love and your family's love to you,

Jessica, Bobby, Bruce, Marge, Jim, Ashes, Einon, Casey and Aeron

Shadow, 06/20/89-01/24/03

I did what I could to make life best for you.
I'll never forget, if I wanted to,
My Shadow trotting behind.
Day after day, the whole day through,
Wherever my road inclined,
Shadow said, "I'm coming with you!"
And trotted along behind.
You spoke with your eyes.
You read my mind.
You became a part of me.
My Shadow, you'll always be.

Shadow lived to eat and to be with me. He developed cancer of the mouth and arthritis. I miss him so much.

Connie Nagel

Shadow, 12/25/91-01/22/03

Shadow, my gentle companion for the last 11 years passed into the next life yesterday (1/22/03). I know that he is with friends who passed earlier and that he is well now. There is no cancer where he's gone.
He was sweet, innocent yet fierce when he needed to be. He is missed and loved and I am grateful for the time we shared.

Michael Van Eekhout

Shadow, 01/14/02

She was a wonderful and faithful friend until the end, I just want her to be happy


Shadow Bear, 07/05/90-11/04/03

I lost my beloved Shadow due to an unexpected illness, I am so very much in grief that it's almost unbearable.

Karin Jacobs

Shadow-Blue, 03/25/88-12/05/03

Shadow-Blue started his life out against all odds I don't know when his exact birthdate was because he was abandoned
on Buffalo Creek Gulf Course in Palmetto Florida sometime in 1988,where some of the workers there at the time where using him as gatorbait . My Stepfather who also worked there saw this grabbed Shadow and brought him home. That was in the February of 1989. One month later after his first vet visit he was mine. His vet was amazed he lived through all that because he was only 12.8 lbs at his top weight.
Shadow-Blue who was almost named Buffalo by his grandpa, but I would not allow such a cool dog to be named that as well as the very first dog of my own that was not a family dog. So I named him Shadow for being all black and Blue because I was watching the Blues Brothers on T.V. I had just moved to Florida from New York where they had a no pet allowed in the apartment I lived in. So no matter what when I found a place down here Shadow was staying with me! Thanks to my Mother who put up the $500 non refund Shadow and I were off to our new place. Everywhere I went Shadow went with me for years he was the only friend I had down here. Shadow had many human friends and many girlfriends! He recovered from many things other dogs wouldn't have. He played right up until the last week of his life, no matter how long I live for 16 and half years Shadow-Blue will always be the best gift I ever had!

Lesia M. Johnson

Shadow Carroll, 1/30/99-8/3/03

Will I think Of You Shadow?

Only that we are apart,
and the aching joy-pain of our love surrounds me.
Filling the air I breathe.
Only with each blink of my eye which yearns
to reopen to find you here with me.
Only when I daydream and re-dream of our coming together again and meeting
at the Rainbow Bridge Crossing, Is the peace I receive knowing that we will be
together forever.
Love Mom

Shadow Cat, 1983-03/03/03

You were our Shadrach, our black boy and we know you are with Emmy. You will be basking in the sun of our hearts forever.

Howard, Christie and Ripley

Shadow Face, 3/15/86-4/18/03

Dearest "Shadow" face, we so miss your presence. At every turn, we expect to see you. For 17 years you were always there..running under foot, on our laps while watching tv, on the bed with us, on your little house every morning,(how I missed seeing you there is morning) by the facet, between us and the computer monitor saying, "Notice me, Mom!" or "I'm here Dad, pay attention to me!" At every turn, you were there. If I left a room and was gone for just a little while, soon you would be there too. You were so much of our lives...we so miss all your little daily is so empty in this house now. We hear a sound, expecting to see you, saddened when you do not appear. We had to leave the house this morning, just for a little while, but it was even harder to return, because we know you were not there to greet us. I dreaded opening the door. This is our first full day without you. It was so very hard for both of us. Understanding our strong connection, God granted us the most wonderful miracle yesterday just before your passing...and I want you to know, I know it was you talking through that lovely, kind stranger outside the vets office. For a brief moment, your words came through her, and we were able to communicate in a common language. Her hug was yours, too. I know that and have no doubts of it. Thank you, you gave me the strength I needed to do what was best for you. Thank God for this wonderful gift. I love you, too. I know we will meet again on The Rainbow Bridge. Until then, enjoy your new friends, be happy and do not be sad...time will pass quickly and before you know it, we will be together again. :-) Mom & Dad

Shadow Griffith, 03/23/91-02/07/03

Our little Shadow girl. You were our rebel kitty and turned out to be such a little cuddly lovebug. You left us so suddenly. You gave us so much love and our arms seem so empty now. We miss you so and you will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We love you so and will see you again someday.

Shadow Jo (Bobby), 03/28/92-01/30/03

Tribute: In loving memory of my doggie soul mate: Shadow Jo Bobby, my precious baby, I pray you rest in peace and that I see you again when I cross over. You were nothing but a blessing in my life and I will never forget you or your gifts to me. As I told you before you left, you were my "1". I think of you daily and miss you terribly but I am also thankful you no longer hurt. Our bond was so deep and true that it was nothing that will ever be matched with another dog. Thank you, pretty girl, for spending your life with me. I will love you forever.

Sue Marcum

Shadows Double Take Storm, 09/13/91-10/07/03

Storm, faithful friend I miss you your stop by the kitchen door is now empty I look for you each time I pass by .

I know you are happy to be free from all the pills and limits of your running and playing , you are now young again and free from the cancer that took your life you were such a healthy boy for 11 years I am so sorry your last year you had to be so sick, my tears can not bring you back I wish they could, but only if you could be healthy I am sure you would not wont to come back to this old world of sickness and pain, your free now and have all the bridge kids as play mates and Fancy and Button met you there.

Remember Storm if you get there before I do don't give up on me I'll meet you when my chores are threw and I don't know how long I'll be but between now and then till I see you again remember I love you . Love Mommy


Shadow & Spanky King, 03/21/90-09/27/03

Shadow & Spanky King Poms 03/21/1990 to 09/27/2003 owned by Joy King Always there to greet me. Night or day you did not care. Always there to console me. No questions ever asked. You've made me laugh and made me cry, my love for you both will never die. No more pain or suffering, I let you go to see your Mother. Now you romp and play with her, until my voice you will one day hear. It broke my heart to let you go, but to see your lives in pain broke it more. I love you guys and hope to see you on the bridge with all the others that have left before you. In God's hands you are safe and without pain and know I love you so.

Shady, 02/05/91-10/30/03

To our little wolfdog - you will always live in our hearts and souls. The best birthday present ever. We will never forget. Please forgive us but we did not you to suffer any longer. When the sun shines on you, I hope the warmth you gave us will emit through. We love you and miss you.


Shady, 09/17/89-05/06/03

On March 17, 1990 my husband brought home a stray dog that had been running around the set of the Young Rider's TV show in Mescal, AZ. He was a Civil War Reinactor and extra and was adopted by this sweet little dog. For over 13 years she was our loving companion animal. We called her Shady and she was always our 'pretty little red headed girl'. She had the instinct to herd but no sheep or cattle so she led our little terrier around by the ear. As my husband said, it was the closest thing she had to a sheep. Shady had beautiful eyes and a very sweet smile. She was our 'Meanie, Biggie, Petit Feet, Fly Dog and miss her so much. She is at the Rainbow Bridge now along with Goldie, Suzy and Thor, no longer in pain and running with the wind blowing through her beautiful hair.

Diane Salsbery

Shae, 12/26/03

Shae girl has left us, its hard to take, but we will meet again. You were there from the start and never shall we forget you. You will be in our hearts for all time. Farewell sweetpea until our next meeting.

Rest In Peace "Little Puss".

Greg , Diane and Loki

Shag, 12/12/90-07/19/03

You came into our lives and left pawprints on our hearts. We are so thankful for our time together. Our hearts have truly been broken by your death. You will always be our Shag Boy and we will miss you forever!

We love you,
Suzanne & Herbie

Shag, 10/01/86-07/08/03


My friend, goodbye. Thank you for 17 wonderful years of happiness, joy and love. You were a great cat. I wish there could have been more time for us to be together.

Shag, you knew me. Better than anyone. I said if you were tired, you could go and you did. Take a part of me with you, wherever you go. I will hold on for the rest of my life, the memories. Thank you for coming into my life and staying for as long as you did.

When I look to the stars, the planets and the moon, I will know that you are somewhere there. Living. Using the stars as your toys, the moon as your ball, the sun as your basking place, space as your home. I know that you will see me here.

We will see each other again.

My deepest love, Shelley

Shai Xakara, 04/07/99-08/16/02

Shai, mommy misses you more than mere words can describe. My heart was torn from me on August 16, 2002 when you left me here. Life without you is unbearable. I will never recover from your parting. I don't understand why God could let me have you longer than three years, five months, and four days. I can only look forward to being with you again when my final day on earth arrives. Most days I wish it were here. You are the love of my life, my heart, my best friend, my everything. I cannot believe how cold, dark and lonely my life is without you baby Shai. I will remember you all the days of my life, with every breath I take. I look to the stars at night and talk to you. I try to see you sweet, little face. I try to see some sign that you are there...looking at me too. My tears have never ceased...I don't know where they all come from. I have pictures of you everywhere and will always have the one of you in your angel outfit right near my pillow. You were the best Shai. And I can hardly breathe without angel, my baby Shai. Love eternally, mommy.

Shaka, 10/01/96-03/02/03


Have I told you lately that I Love You? Have I told you there's no one else above you? Shaka, you filled my heart with gladness, took away all my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you did!

Love, Always,

Shaka L'Ami Du Vin, 01/03/77-04/24/91

What a wonderful Valentine's present you were. Such a loyal boy who traveled everywhere with his Military Dad and Mom. From Hawaii to Alaska, you gave us so much love. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, Old Friend.
Love, Daddy D and Mom

Shakespeare, 09/92-11/23/03

Our beloved Shakespeare passed away on Sunday and we miss him terribly.
Baby, you were my pride and joy, mommy's boy!
We love you so much.

Brenda Harding

Shakespeare, 03/17/90-07/19/03

Shakespeare - You came to me on St Patrick's Day and left me on James', my brother, wedding day. Both days were special but are extra special now because you are involved in them. You are my heart and my soul. You adored me and I adored you. We all miss you here. I love you so much. We were together for almost 14 years... years that I will always cherish. I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to hold your hand when you left us. I love you. You will always be my first love and my beloved friend. -- Your mama

Shalimar, 2/19/92-10/13/03

Shalimar was the most special thing in the world to me. He was always there for me. I loved him more than words can say and he is so missed it hurts. I hope for him to find me in heaven. This time on earth is going to be unbearable without him. I needed him more than I think he ever needed me, he came to me at a time when I had no friends and he has been with more through friends come and gone, men come and gone, and the fact that I had to put him to sleep is killing me. No body understands how this loss is killing me. I only can say one thing I want him back, and my life will never be the same without him.

Shamoo, 4/20/89-1/7/02

My dear sweet Shamoo, you gave me 15 years of affectionate and devoted love, I'll remember you always. Lisa

Shamrock, 03/17/02-03/06/03

Shamrock was only a year old and lived with us for only five short days. He was diagnosed with feline leukemia and had to be put to sleep. He was a sweet little boy who never had a chance. Be good, little Shamrock, and be happy and well at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll miss you.

Christine Kirk

Shamrock McEntee-Jass, 04/25/03-11/24/03

My Wild Irish Shamrock

My wild Irish Shamrock,
The dearest Shamrock that grows,
You may search everywhere,
But none can compare,
To my wild Irish Shamrock.
My wild Irish Shamrock,
The sweetest Shamrock that grows,
And someday for my sake,
He may let me take,
The bloom from my wild Irish Shamrock. Mommy sang this song for her loving, precious baby Son Shamrock all the time, cradling him in her loving arms, and I will forever cherish our incredibly loving, joyous, precious and heartfelt moments forever! Your time with us was sadly very short, you touched my life and captured my heart with your incredible beauty, charm and loving nature, fur like spun silk. A stunning, majestic, elegant, innocent and vivacious young child. The twinke of your Mommy's eye, the brightest star.You are my inspiration, my miracle.. My precious Son, you will always mean the world to me. You entered my life and made it beautiful, gave me strength and a love to last a lifetime. My dear little Shamrock, Shammy. My little Irish boy. Your purrrrrrrrs, oh, such a delight, they always made everything alright.
The dearest of the dear, a very special baby was Shamrock, so full of love, compassion, empathy, all of this and more that radiated from his very soul, his emerald green eyes, a truly beautiful creature inside and out. You captured my heart from the very start. God, how I will miss you so very very much.
Your loving brother Sprouty, Mommy and Daddy love you more than life itself. You have made my life beautiful and your love will live within me until I meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

I know that your dearest loving older brother Kid who sadly left us in May, and whose incredible love we were blessed so with, is holding and loving you now, and you will forever be protected by Kid and in each other's loving embrace continuing all of your miraculous works of love. My dearest sweetest angels, Sons, the greatest gifts of love my life has ever been blessed to have known. May God bless and keep you always.

There's a dear little plant that grows in our Isle,
'Twas Saint Patrick himself sure that set it;
And the sun on his labour with pleasure did smile,
And with dew from his eye often wet it.
It shines thro' the bog thro' the brake, thro' the mireland,
And he call'd it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.

The dear little Shamrock, the sweet little Shamrock,
The dear little, sweet little Shamrock of Ireland.

That dear little plant still grows in our land,
Fresh and fair as the daughters of Erin,
Whose smiles can bewitch, and whose eyes can command,
In each climate they ever appear in:
For they shine thro' the bog, thro' the brake, and the mireland,
Just like their own dear little Shamrock of Ireland.

Love Forever and Always,
Mommy, Daddy and Sprouty.

Shana, 11/22/93-01/20/03

Shana, you only wanted to be loved and we wanted you around to love for more years than we were given with you. This horrible disease took you from us. You will always be loved and missed. The paperboy will not have anyone to bark at him now. Bailey keeps looking for you at the gate. I hope you are in a better place with cheeseburgers everyday and all the toys and love you deserve.

Shana, 01/17/03

My Shana was a family pet who spent the last 14 years of her life loving all of us. Unfortunately, we all get older and eventually must pass on. My baby will be truly missed by the entire family, but will now be with family gone before us to wait until we are again reunited.

Jennifer Doderer

Shandi, 05/01/90-10/07/03

My Beloved Shandi Girl ~ Good bye my Sweet Brown Eyed Girl, you will always live on in my heart forever. It’s hard not having you here anymore; a piece of me definitely went with you. I lay in your bed at night savoring that sweet scent you left behind. Oh how I just loved to nuzzle my face down in your fur and just breath you in. That sweet smile and bark will be missed deeply. This pain is overwhelming and I feel so lost without you. Who now will go with me Sat. & Sun. mornings to get breakfast, who will cry out for me when I leave to go to work, who will greet me with such enthusiasm when I come home, who will I play Frisbee with or go for walks in the park? You taught me so much about love, about how to be forgiving, to be passionate about the things you love, how to be understanding, and patience…your unconditional, unwavering faithfulness I’ll miss forever. Thank you sweet Shandi for all that you gave me without knowing what you were giving me. May we meet again one day…oh how I look forward to that time in my life, Momma loves you girl! In your loving memory…Shandi Girl ~ May 1, 1990 to October 7, 2003 Thank you so much for giving me the best years of my life little girl!

Shane, 05/12/93-06/22/03

My Shane was truest friend you could have. I remember the day I adopted him. He was already 4 yrs old. Completely shaved because the last owners didn't take care of his coat. He was my baby though. He woke me up every hour that first night like he was checking to see if I was still there. I was his third family he had been to. I promised him that he would be with me forever. No one was going to take him from me. He was always there for me and I for him. I almost lost him when he was 8 from bloat and he pulled through that. He was such a fighter. I remember him guarding me. He stood over the top of me and growled at my husband when my husband and I were playing around. He thought I was being hurt. Always stood by me. I love him so and always will.

Jennifer Jones

Shane Olson, 02/15/90-10/29/93

Now your pain is gone, but ours is just beginning.
We love you so much, we couldn't bear to see you suffer any longer.
Although you were still a puppy at heart, your body grew old.
Please know how much you are loved. And thank you, for always being glad to see me,
for brightening my days, and for just being you.
You will always be my favorite dog in the whole wide world.
Wait for us at the Bridge, Shaney dog, we will see you soon.

Michele Taylor

Shanna, 10/16/03

To Shanna who died of renal failure on October 16, 2003

Such a happy little dog
One day
so small and sick
breathing labored
vet and drugs
breathing so delicate
small puffs
still - staring

Diana Perkett

Shannon, 12/01/93-03/27/03

This is for our Shannon, our beautiful, sweet, loving Golden Retriever. She was born on 12/01/93 and went to Rainbow Bridge on March 27, 2003. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in January 2002. Miriam and Jerry Feldman

Shante, 6/1/92-3/10/03

My dearest Shante, you will always be my angel princess kitty. You and I have always had a special bond, and I know it will continue in spirit, until we meet again. You were my first baby and you will always have a special place in my heart. You taught me a special kind of love, and I will miss you terribly.
Love, kisses and scratches,

Shaq, 08/02/03-12/19/03

Dear shaq its been about 4 months since you left us and I can help but blame myself, I would give anything even my life just to see you one more time, you were everything good to me and still are. You were my dog, my best friend, my brother, my playmate, and the only reason I felt like carrying on some days. words cannot express how much I miss you, how much we all miss you, you are in are minds and hearts at all times and will forever stay there. It is so empty without you here, the love you gave us and the fun times we had will always make me happy when I think about them. even now it kills me to think that you are really gone forever, it felt like you would never die and we never wanted you to either especially in the painful way you had to go. I am so tired of coming home and not having you there to meet me at the fence or by laying down in the living room. Wherever you are I know you have to be happy because no matter what you were always happy so you have to be know. I just want to say that everything that I achieve in life and everything I do, I dedicate it all to you until the day we meet again your spirit is what drives me to push on and live my life, I will love you until the end of time and beyond that, so to end I DEDICATE MY LIFE TO YOU. Mom, Dad, Nikki, and friends and family also really miss you alot it kills us to know we cant see again but one day we will I PROMISE.

Love beau, dad, mom, nikki, and friends.

Beau Delauter

Shaq, 01/25/97-03/12/03

You were a joyful part of our lives. Forever will you remain in our hearts.

Marilyn Camilosa and Family

Shaquella (Kela), 04/05/95-08/15/03

To our sweet angel that God now has...Thank You for all the loving companionship and memories that you have brought into our lives the past 8 years. You will always be #1 to us and live in our hearts forever. May your sweet soul now rest in peace and be free of the cruel cancer that came and took you from us. Kela, you will never be replaced. We want you to know that you are sadly missed and very much loved. Until we meet again........Our love always and forever.....Daddy, Momma, Lane, Pa-Pa, and Nan

Shasta, 05/30/03-12/08/03

Always our "little puppy" the best snuggler ever!

Bill and Deborah Short

Shasta, 03/11/02


You were my best friend for 16 years. Time can't erase the pain and emptiness I feel. You should see the beautiful portrait I did of you. Tears fell as I worked on it. I still miss you dearly and just recently Winky left us to come be with you. I pray God will allow me to see you and Winky again for that is all that gets me through. I Love you, my dear friend for all time.

Shasta, 05/01/96-05/24/03

Shasta was a beautiful, high-energy terrier mix who loved all life had to offer. Like most terriers, she ruled. Her time on earth was cut short by cancer at the young age of 7, but her spirit will live on. She will be forever remembered and deeply loved by her human companion, Michele, and her canine friend, Oscar.

Shasta, 09/20/82-03/21/03

After Glow

I'd like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done.

I'd like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways.
Of happy times and laughing times
and bright and sunny days.

I'd like the tears of those who grieve
to dry before the sun.
Of happy memories that I leave
when life is done.


Shatze, 05/01/00

My faithful and independent companion for 20 yrs...still missed greatly

Michelle Simone

Shatzi, 10/01/87-11/06/01

My precious little man, "Shatzi" -
You passed away almost two years ago and left a hole in my heart that never can be filled. Though the initial blast of pain and the emptiness I experienced for weeks and weeks after you left has subsided somewhat, there is not a day that does by when I don't think about you. I slept, everynight, with your blanket wrapped around me for more than two months after you left ... that helped a little. Joseph talks about you so much and what an impact you made on his life as well. I know that you are in a happy place and WOW, "Maggie" is with you now ... hope you two are behaving. Though "Maggie's" passing last week was so terribly, terribly sad for your family here, Sean, Marlise and me, I take so much comfort in knowing, without a doubt, that it was you who was seeing her (and she seeing you) over the bridge and what joy that would bring to her tiny heart... and yours! Now you HAVE to know that we will also make that journey some day and you can look forward to that ... I do! I knew also that, immediately, "Maamoo" would not be afraid ... she was with her best, best puppy friend. Play well my darlings and "Shatzi", just as sweet "Maggie" joined you, rest assured, someday it will be me coming over the bridge and my eyes will be anxiously searching for you and knowing I will once again hold you in my arms, forever. I love you my precious angel and always will. You have been a sweet blessing in my life. MOMMY xoxox

Shawn, 07/15/03

Shawn died recently of a stroke. Shawn, to me, was the best dog there ever was and ever will be. He was my best friend, my companion, and my dog. I will miss him until the day that I too must leave this world. I don't know how I could ever have another dog and if I ever do he could never replace Shawn, he was such a sweetheart. I love you Shawn and I always will.


Shawna, 1991-02/17/03

Goodbye Shawna

I cannot easily put into words how I have felt the past few hours and days and the emotions I've endured. I will be haunted by the question of whether I did the right thing, made the correct choices. It was a sunny, warm but windy February 17th Monday morning when my sweet baby girl was put to sleep. She died in my arms peacefully at 9:30 that morning ending her courageous but short battle with cancer. She smiled and wagged her tail 'till the very end. We were together almost exactly 10 years, with her at my feet always, loving with all her might. She will suffer no more and wait for me at the rainbow gate, where we will meet once again to be reunited forever. My heart aches and I feel so empty, so alone and so afraid. My grieving will be long and severe. I have tried to prepare myself for this day many times in the past, knowing it would be the most difficult, heart wrenching decision of my life. I bonded with and grew to love her like nothing before in my life. She was always there for me loving me unconditionally in return tenfold. She has touched others in my family as much and it has been a sad day for all. She will live in my heart forever. I will miss you so much and will always love you. Goodbye Shawna.

Dean S. Nielsen

Shawn Junior Pak, 1996-01/30/03

Shawn Junior Pak came to me in summer of 1996 from one of my girlfriend. Over the year Shawn health was really on till a week Monday that her back legs were not working right so I got her to see two doctor the first doctor was not able to help not very well. But the other one knew about rabbit those she ran some test and found out that she may have cancer.
This past Monday Me and a good friend of mine Shawn Seargeant brought her to the vet but did not have result in yet. On early Thursday Shawn died I guess in her sleep. I really miss her now and it still really hurt inside.

Jeany Pak Shawn Mom love her very much.

Shay, 5/01/93-5/10/03

I will miss you my friend...I will miss your happiness as I walk through the door after a long day of waiting...I will miss my shadow following me...I will miss your friendship, the ears you always lended, the kisses when I was down, the leans against my body just to let me know you are always there...I will miss your excitement and enthusiasm for life and your willingness to always please...I will miss our little games we played, hide and seek, dun-daladun-daladun-dun-dun...I will miss grooming you, making sure you had enough treats and giving you hug, kisses and telling you what a good boy you are...There is a void now, an emptiness that encompasses my day...I will learn to fill that void with wonderful memories of our friendship and life together.
I Love You Shay and I Miss You!!!!


you were only a baby when you left. 14 months to be exact. I miss you every day and still cry for you. I loved you so much and hope to be with you soon. I still laugh when I remember how you used to nip at your daddy's nose when he would come to give me a goodnight kiss. He loved you too. I planted some of those flowers you used to like to tear up on your grave. It' been a year and I still can't get over the loss. you will always be mom's protector and daddy's little girl. We will be together again soon Shayker and I still have you toys.

I miss you and love you with all my heart.

Vanja Hacquard

Shayna Casey, 11/06/90-12/04/03

Shayna came to me as a 5 week, 5 day old puppy and has been a joy for all 13 years. She was a very ornery dog up until this past August. She battled bladder cancer for almost 16 months and was a trooper in fighting renal failure since September. She was a stubborn yet loving dark colored golden. I loved her with all my heart and she will be sorely missed. Her two golden brothers will miss her energy. Shayna you will always be in my heart!

Rosanne Weiss

Shazan, 02/28/81-12/04/95

To my beloving dog Shazan, who I loved more than anything. I was blessed to have him in my live and his spirit will be with me forever.

Aranzazu Crespo

Shaze, 2/1/88-9/6/03

The passing of our baby girl has been more than we can bear. But the love and joy she gave to us and our family will be with us as along as we live. Thank you Shaze. We miss you.
Mommy & Daddy

Shea, 06/11/03-12/02/03

Shea - I still remember the day Ian called to say he found a kitten limping around in his parking lot. He had just moved into his first condo and all I could think of was that the last thing he needed was a kitten to take care of too. We swore we'd take you to the vet and drop you off as a 'good samaritan' case. But we couldn't leave you there, with your little paralyzed paw. So you and Ian made his new condo a home, together. You were such a little terror - jumping on all the counters and tables (you would think with only 3 good legs you'd have been a bit more mellow) but nothing stopped you - and nothing phased you either... loud noises, water guns - you were determined to be queen of the castle. And so you were. I still can't believe you're gone - I woke up this morning and had to stop myself from filling your food dish. 'She still at the vet' I told myself, '2 more days before she'll be home'. But that wasn't true either. You passed away yesterday - never woke up from the anesthesia. Maybe it was a bad reaction to the drugs, maybe whatever paralyzed your paw did more damage than we knew - we'll never really know. But know that we love you and that Mel, Pita, Ian and I miss you terribly. Keep Runt company. We'll never forget you.

Ian Ratzlaff and Louise Caruso

Sheba, 07/31/90-11/24/03

Sheba, my heart is breaking for the want of you. Our little Sweetness, gentle, happy, playful, loyal with an understanding of humans beyond belief. We always called you the little girl from across the street. That house that you lived in was the pits, no love, just left alone outside or chained. We were going offer $100 for you and instead he came one afternoon and said you want a dog and we said yes. He marched across the street, came back with you, a huge chain and a bag of dog food. While we were still working we would come home at night and find my socks or George's slippers in the middle of the living room. You loved the car. Remember one night we thought you had gotten out of the car, but when we couldn't find you went back to the car and there you were sitting in the back seat with paws crossed. People always stopped us to comment how beautiful you were. You were beautiful alright, inside and out. I wonder if I will ever stop crying for you. I doubt it just as I know I will always miss you. I see your sweet face before me and if only just once more I could give you a kiss on the head. My best buddy, my love. Peace to you little one.

Ann McDermott

Sheba, 10/11/03

Sheba, I miss you!


Sheba, 12/05/03

My darling Sheba, you were taken from us unexpectedly.
I wish I could have just said goodbye.
We miss you, and will always love you!
You were our big beautiful lady!
I love you!

Janet Kalbfleisch

Sheba, 07/07/92-12/03/03

Sheba, you came to us as an abandoned church kitty 11 and a half years ago. We don't know what your story was before then, but we want to thank you for all the joy you brought into our lives and home! Thanks for all your wonderful purring, waiting for me to come home by sitting in the window, your meows, your lap time and for being our kitty alarm clock! We were glad we could bring you home for your last two weeks---God Bless You now and always!

Kris Dietzen and Fred Schmidt

Sheba, 05/02/85-11/16/03

Sheba--you were my beloved companion for 18-1/2 years. I adopted you when you were only 7-1/2 weeks old, along with your brother, Simba. I loved you dearly, and will love you till the end of time. You were a smart kitty, always loving, not an ounce of unkindness in you. I'll miss your "squeak" meows, how you slept on and in the bed with me, how you loved to be held. I'll miss your queenly quality--you were truly the image of a cat--mysterious, sometimes aloof, but always loving and affectionate. I was privileged to share all these years with you. Rest in peace, beloved friend--we will see each other again, and it will be a time of joy.

Joan L. Redd

Sheba, 09/92-06/01

Remembering Sheba

This is a tribute to our beloved cat Sheba. After her death in the summer of 2001, I felt compelled to record our memories of her for posterity.

Sheba joined our “family” in October of 1992. We had just moved into our first apartment on Briarcliff Gables near Emory. I saw a sign on a bulletin board at school (Kennesaw State) advertising free kittens. The person giving away the kittens happened to be a professor at the college named Keith Tudor, who lived in my parent’s neighborhood. Sheba was one of a litter of 4 or 5 kittens. She was the only female, the only solid black cat, and the only cat whose eyes weren’t crossed. Her brothers were all white with black patches with crossed eyes. Sheba was also the friskiest of the litter. The mother cat was a Siamese who had been left behind by the Tudor’s neighbors. She mated with a neighborhood tom and gave birth to her kittens in the Tudor’s garage.

Jennifer Johnson

Sheba, 04/01/94-11/03/03

Baby dog we miss you so much! It is not the same without you. We are so lucky to have had you as an important member of our family, and you taught us so much about love and life and ourselves. You will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for letting us love and care for you. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is our time. We love you, Daddy and Cindy.

Sheba, 01/10/90-11/10/03

Sheba, I can't express with words just how much you are missed. We Love you so much. I miss those big brown eyes of yours looking at us with such love. We miss being greeted at the door with your tail wagging fiercely, having you lay your head in our laps and looking up at us waiting for us to pet your head and talk to you, playing ball with you, taking long walks and later on, short walks and just knowing you were always there. I never realized till now just how much I used to talk to you everyday. I still find myself ready to say something to you and then I realize, you're not there. But you are here, in our hearts and you always will be. You were our best friend. Rest in peace, Sheba and know that you will always be remembered and forever loved. And "Thank You" Sheba, for sharing almost 14 wonderful, unforgettable years with us. We love you, baby girl.

The Morris Family

Sheba, 12/24/89-08/27/03

Sheba was a loyal and loving friend. She will be missed more than words can say.

Tory Gildred

Sheba, 06/23/03

Our sweet and special little Sheba passed away yesterday. We miss her very much. She was our adorable and affectionate companion for many years.

John Karustis

Sheba, 10/30/91-02/24/03


How can I ever put into words how much you mean to me? I can't believe how much I miss you.

I wish I could see you now - I'm sure the sparkle is back in your eyes and the pain you felt is all gone. I'm sure you are running and playing just like the old days.

Have fun now - old girl. Don't forget me. I'll be looking for you at heaven's gates when it's my time to go.

Thank you for 12 years of unconditional love, devotion, loyalty, and fun. You were truly my best friend and you will never be forgotten.


Sheba, 04/01/90-09/17/01

My doggie will always be in my heart. Now, you are tattooed on my back for everyone to see!


Sheba Martinez, 07/07/93-03/19/03

May you rest in peace Sheba, I will always miss you.

Sheba Willingham, 03/19/86-09/22/03

Sheba was my lovey. I could always count on her for love and companionship.
She seemed to know when I needed that little extra hug. She always gave me her kitty hug." I will miss her so much.....Suzie

Sheba was with Suzie when I met her in January, '99... I asked Sheba to "help me with Suzie" and she did....we will have our fourth wedding anniversary in October!
Sheba brought us to our home. She had her morning routine, a wake up call with head butts and soft paws for her drinks from the faucet and breakfast.
She was always waiting to greet us when we came home and she loved Suzie.
They were each other's hearts....Jimbo

Sheeba, 11/21/89-01/04/03

You were our first baby and mommy and daddy miss you so much. Daddy misses you following him around the yard. Mommy misses you following her around the house and seeing you lay in your fav spot. Jeana misses you so much, you became such a good friend to her in three years she misses laying with you and talks about you all time.

You were so special in our lives and will love you forever. Love, Mommy Daddy and Jeana

Sheeba, 05/24/1988-01/09/03

I knew we belonged together the first time I saw you! When I learned you were born on my birthday, our fates were sealed. You saw me through the highest and lowest parts of my life, and am grateful that we had almost 15 years together. Thank you for always being there for me. I get great comfort from the fact that the destiny that brought us together will see us together again...I miss you, Love Puppy!


Sheeba-Lynn Taylor, 02/24/88-12/15/03

Hi--11 29 p.m. SUNDAY,
1. I'll simply say...
And now the end is near, for now I face the final curtain . . .My friend I'll state my case of which I'm certain...
I face an untaught task
of doing my 'fatherly" duty--all the while wearing a mask.
I am straight, meaning I hadn’t been drinking but maybe I should
For tomorrow---I must give my best friend up...
I keep trying to believe I am giving her back to God, Who loaned her to me for these nearly 16 years. Years that seemed so long yet, flew bye too fast as I recount the happy times we all shared with one Sheeba-Lynn Taylor.
I must stop her suffering. I must think of her ahead & instead of myself. My home will be a lot quieter, I may even finally get a full night's sleep...
but I'll still miss my best friend and for this I can't help but weep.
Did I try my best ?
Did give my all that I could have giver her for a better life ?
I've ask myself far too many times. I had the best doctor–Dr. Raspberry --for her. People doctors could only wish they had ½ the compassion Dr. Ron has displayed over all the years we’ve had Sheeba-Lynn. I’ll never forget his telling me that Sheeba is the only choe he ever trusted treating withOUT a muzzle. I’ll never forget how I tried to follow his directions, by limiting her diet & food intake. I think her being placed on a diet finally got to her for she was an Italian food loving dog. <smiles>
I tried to write a song to immortalize her in rhyme. Yet, All I could do was remember the good times..and all I can do is cry.
Is it for ME I cry ?or the fact that my life will be so empty w/o her ?
So tough to type w/ all the tears welling up in my eyes as I recall the good times . . .
As she is just trying to sleep in the living room--she can hardly walk. Yet she AGAIN surprises her daddy by taking a few more painful steps to join him in the den as he write this.
Dedication, Loyalty & Love=Sheeba-Lynn.
Sure, I know she won't suffer any more . . .
Yet, the thoughts of never seeing her again except for all the pics I have taken don't & won't ever come close to hearing her barks of "welcome home Daddy."
Earlier today, before the heavy rains I, and a close friend, dug her final resting place
deep in the backyard.
Her Daddy wanted her close-by and... her Daddy didn't care to spend the $200 to get what might be her ashes. No, he wasn't being cheep--he wanted her final resting place to be what was and is always . . .HER Domain.
I don't have a better closing to share w/ the world except whenever I think of
Unquestioned Loyalty & Love
I'll always think of my second daughter=Sheeba-Lynn.
That's Sheeba-Lynn Taylor
May God accept her and may Diana Lee (my 1st daughter, tho not a furbaby) enjoy her for eternity as we all did for this brief time. May we all meet again.
I am Sheeba-Lynn’s
Daddy Don
Monday 12:14am

Sheeba Vom Schwartzbach, 8/15/91-04/19/03

Sheeba forever in my heart I Love You forever my sweetie

Laura Schwartzbach

Sheena, 10/23/94-11/08/03

We love and miss you very much. We hope you at peace running through a green meadow.

Troy and Christina

Sheena, 02/85-07/14/03

Miss Sheena!
You had so many wondrous adventures in this life. You were loved by so many. 18 years you lived with me. You were my confidant and friend, sister and baby, you were so special to me. The two of us were quite a team, we knew each other so well. I will always remember our routines, the way you loved to drink from the sink, the way you would take treats from my hand, the way you just loved me!
The way you tolerated all the other cat friends, Skybo, Kittycat, Master Po, and then Tony (wony). Tolerating CJ, when she stayed with us. The love you brought to my family sparked a passion for the feline friends to expand. Although thru the years many other pets have joined our family, our faith and loyalty to one another remained strong!
There are so many fond memories that we all will share and I hope someday we will meet again. I hope this life you had with me was the best it could be, I always tried to keep you comfortable and safe from harm. I hope you see CJ and Grama & Grampa soon, Grama just loved you "Shay-nah!" Everlasting love and kisses to you!!!!
Your best friend, Amy~

Sheena, 5/31/88-2/15/03

Sheena was not like a dog but rather like a lovable old school friend, she always did the best she could even to the end. Sleep well my dear old friend. Daddy

Sheena, 06/28/88-10/06/02

Sheena was my best friend. I got her when I was seven years old. We grew up together. She was extremely soft, and so beautiful. She was more beautiful every day. She loved to eat froggy food, and she loved even more to be mean! She was gray and white, and she had this little splash of gray on the side of her nose. I could write a million pages about her. Sheena taught me so much. A day has not gone by that I have not thought about her. I hope she is happy now, and that we meet again someday and cross the Rainbow Bridge together, paw in hand.


Sheena, 06/01/91-01/18/03

Now your suffering is over and you are free. I will look for that special star in the sky and you will tell me it will be ok. I miss you so much....


Sheena, 03/26/84-04/14/01

It has taken me a long time to enter a tribute for Sheena. I guess I had to be in the right space to do so and the recent loss of a friend's dog brought me here. I often called her Sheena Marie Moreau. I don't know why but it fit and I would even sing a song about it. I gave her so many nicknames and she answered to all of them. She was house broken in 2 days, She was bright, friendly, a real looker and everyone in our neighborhood adored her. She would sometimes be found on my neighbors stairs, waiting for cheese slices or macaroni. What a little cutie! There is so much to say about a dog who brings such unconditional love for 17yrs. She was with me when both my parents and sister passed away and she shared my tears, joys and inner most secrets. I felt I owed her so much and I guess that is why I tried to keep her alive in her physical life here during her last few days, by giving her fluids every four hours. Then I realized it wasn't fair to her spirit-to the soul she shared with me that now needed to be free. I carried her in my arms as I walked her around the block for the last time. I spoke to her all the way to the vet's office and when it was time she looked at me and I knew she would be okay. I can't explain the peacefulness of it all. I knew her spirit was/is soaring. It didn't stop me from crying then or now but my tears are based on 17yrs of love, a love that will always be here, now and 17 yrs from now. A love she has taught me to share with both 2 and 4 legged friends. God Bless You Sheenie Weenie, Sheena Marie, Mariposa and of course SHEENA. I love you!


Sheena Nicole, 05/25/87-05/13/01

Sheena came into my life when she was 3 months old. She had a heart defect. I took her to North Carolina Vet School, where they preformed open heart surgery on her & she lived a normal life until old age set in after 14 years. She was my best friend, we traveled the eastern part of the US.
People called her the traveling dog. She was my lap puppy at home, on the road & at work. She was happy as long as she could lay in my lap & sleep beside me in bed. We stayed in many a motels early in her life & ate along the mountain tops or sandy beaches. She loved to play fetch & tug of war, but she also liked her baths, grooms & painted toe nails. She was always a loyal companion with so much love to give, & taught me the meaning of unconditional love.
Sheena was the greatest, she was my baby girl & I have a big hole in my heart now that she is gone, and I will never ever forget her & will miss her always. Her picture sits upon my computer table, along side my bed, on my mantle & 6 photo albums full. She's buried outside my living room window, with a full size grave marker, so when I'm gone to meet her, her grave will not go unnoticed. I thank God almost everyday for giving me those 14 years with her. Moma loves you baby girl & always will.
Cathy Tharrington

Shelbi, 07/04/90-05/05/03

To my best friend. I miss your sweet face and presence in our home. I will always love you.

Shelby, 07/26/91-12/04/03

My best friend has left and my heart and home are so empty. I devoted my life to her as she did me.
She was my little girl and always will be!!!

Amy Brown

Shelby, 11/17/03

The dog who wouldn't swim until Mama got in the stinky bayou to get her toy. The dog who let Daddy dress her in funny things and take her picture.
The one who wasn't afraid of wheelchairs and ended up needing one herself.
The one who helped foster children heal.
The one who trained all the other dogs about good manners.
The one who had "shoe puppies" and stole the puppy of a foster-mom dog while she went out to the bathroom.
The one stole our hearts.
She went to Texas, Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days, Old Washington, Arkansas, moved every time we did, she jumped off cliffs along the river, and was always the lady.
She would lay down and bark just for fun.
You could throw out 4 or 5 balls and she would watch each one land and then go get each one of them.
She tried to retrieve the clay pigeons.
She liked to chase the water hose water.
She thought that Paul hung the moon and the stars.
She gave us more than we ever gave her.

Paul and Dianne White

Shelby, 08/23/03

Many loved her she was kind and gentle.

Reynolds Family

Shelby, 03/14/91-07/13/03

Shelby Deal, a loving shepard mix departed on July 13th, 2003 after discovering a large tumor on her left kidney. She was 12 years old. Shelby was found on the streets in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1996. She has three sisters, Cecile, Maggie, and Shadow. Shelby was a gentle and loving dog, who has a special way with children. She was very protective of those she loved. She enjoyed playing with stuffed animals, going on walks, and barking at squirrels. She will be greatly missed.

Sarah Deal

Shelby, 05/29/03

Shelby, you were the best, so loving, so pure; you were always there and always comforting. We miss you terribly, and can only accept our parting by knowing that you are at peace, and to realize that you knew that we loved you every bit as much as you loved us. Your family

Shelby, 06/99-05/07/03

Shelby lost her long battle with seizures, pancreatitis and other problems at about 10:30 pm on 05/07/2003. She was born in 06/99, so she wasn't even four yet. We don't know the exact cause of her death. She was euthanized about 10:30 pm, but she would not have survived the night. She was my sister's dog, but my sister lived close to us when she got her & then my sister and her family moved next door to us, so Shelby was here a LOT from the time she was a tiny puppy, so it was like she was our dog, too. Her best & most beloved friend & companion was her "Uncle" Ajax, our 70 lb., 9 yr old 1/2 Border Collie/1/2 Husky-Shepherd mix.
Shelby was golden brown with white chest, dark brown eyes and prick ears. We think she had Greyhound, Shepherd & hound or beagle in her or maybe a little collie.
She loved playing with sticks & going in water.
Another beloved companion was my sister's boy cat Marcus, a lavender & silver classic tabby Maine coon mix. Marcus was born in 04/00 to my sister's mother cat & Shelby was crazy about him. He died in 11/02 from feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He was euthanized, but he was dying when it was done. I know he was waiting for Shelby on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you.
Linda Koenig

Shelby, 07/03/93-01/06/03

Today, Sam and I lost our best friend. I'm so sorry. I already miss holding you in my arms and looking into your big brown eyes. I haven't stopped crying since you left me resting in my arms. I will forever miss you and forever remember you. Goodbye my dear, innocent Shelby.

Dave Edwards

Shelby, 5/06/89-12/28/03

A Funeral For a Friend (read at the scattering of ashes ceremony)


We first saw you in the summer of 1989 at your home in Hayfield. Of all the puppies in the kennel on that warm summer day you played most and worked the hardest to be noticed. You were an instant hit with the entire family. You joined our family in August of '89 and instantly won our hearts. You were our faithful friend for 13 ½ years. Although you were a Shih Tzu you took on the traits of us human family members.

You were there for us when we were sick or down and you rejoiced with us when we were happy. Through the years you taught us many things that we will never forget. You taught us true loyalty and trust and love and companionship. And you surely taught us how to tear into a Christmas present.

You were true to your breed. In the Chinese language Shih tzu means Lion and you were truly regal. Shih tzus are known to be a fun loving breed who will play tirelessly but also can chill out with the best of them.

Today we are gathered here on Shelby's hill to say goodbye to our dear friend. It is nothing that we want to do but something that we must. You left us so quickly we never felt as though we had the proper time to say goodbye. We all wanted one more day, one more hug, or one more laugh, but it just wasn't to be. Although you are gone physically from us now no one can take away the memories, the joy, and the love that filled our hearts because of you. We gave you 13 ½ good years and you repaid us ten fold.

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye but your spirit will live on with each of us forever as our faithful companion. The Shelby stories will be told in our household long beyond this day and I can guarantee that you will never be forgotten.

If there is a God, and I know there is one, and if there is a heaven, and I know there is one. I know that you are frolicking in the sunshine now, with all the vigor and health of your youth. So play on Shelby and enjoy yourself. Someday we all hope to see you again.

C. J. Alfonso

Shelby ChooChoo, 10/26/87-01/21/03

The best Boston and little sister ever. I miss the hugs and the love and the snores at night. The welcome homes and the walks at night. Most of all I miss the big Boston smile from the little Boston girl.

Shelby Cosby Kensha, 5/17/93-10/17/03

Shelby was the best dog I could ever have. She has been with us for so many years. She was with us through our wedding, our numerous moves, the birth of our children, and finally our now home where she was able to roam in a big yard and woods and be a true german shepherd. Our family is in great shock and sadness right now, Shelby will truly be missed. Our thoughts of Shelby brighten our day when we feel sad, and her memory will carry on forever. She will be with us eternally. I love you Shelby.

Tracy Forget

Shelcy, 05/26/94-05/29/03

My little girl Shelcy was the sweetest, most special dog I could ask for. I was so blessed to have her in my life. It is a great comfort to know that everyone who met Shelcy loved her so much and that my loss is shared. She touched so many with her gentle demeanor and loving personality. I love Shelcy with all my heart, I wish I could have done more for her but she rests in peace now.

Kristi Truscott

Shelly, 01/12/89-07/07/03

My darling Shelly who gave me the best 13 yrs of my life. I love you so much and miss you even more. I remember all your special ways and the bond we had.
I'm sorry they operated on you, I was hoping they could fix you up and make you better, please understand, I didn't want to lose you. I have had nice dreams about you and I hope they are messages to say you are happy and you still feel my love. Tiffy misses you too. All my love, Mum

Shemmy Girl, 06/01/95-12/23/02

You were our beautiful little Shemmy girl who gave so much to our lives, yet expected so little. Your bright eyes were the light of our home, and your soft meows brought us so many smiles. Thank you for all you gave to us. I am so sorry you had to go so soon little one. May you feel safe and warm in Heaven. You'll be in our hearts forever.
Mom, Dad, and Shady

Shenakah, 03/94

Rest in peace, little girl, I'll see you again someday. I love you!

R. McGehee

Shep, 12/12/03

In loving memory of my best friend.

Dear Shep:
You would have given your life for me.
I wish I was there holding you when you died, but know my dear friend that if I would have known that you were finally going to pass on Friday that I would have moved heaven and earth to be with you.
You were the canine love of my life and have inspired me to be a better person.
Thank you. I love you.
Your forever friend,
Kim ("mom")

Shep, 02/14/90-06/04/01

Shep was my best friend and the one true love of my life. I still love him more than anything or anyone in the world. We shared a lot of hard times and a lot of great times. Unfortunately, there just was not enough time. I miss him more than I can say, but he will always live on inside my heart.

Donald J. Hennig

Shere-Khan, 05/25/89-07/25/03

A feisty feline full of spunk, you lived a good life, was never sick, lived a long and happy life. Was a smart and clever kitty.

Carol Richane

Sherman, 06/26/91-01/27/03

To Sherman who meant the world to me. I will never forget you. You will always be in my thoughts. I miss you, but you will always be a part of me.

Love, Mommy

Sherman, 07/04/98-07/13/01

Sherman was a very special little dog. He was my pal, my bed snuggler, my confidante. He started having seizures early in 2001 and his vet did not think it necessary to start him on medication at that time. It was a seizure that ultimately killed him (I was sleeping at the time). I feel guilty still today because I feel like I should have done more but, as with all pets, I'm sure Sherman forgives me. I love ya, Buddy.

Linda Kingston

Sherman, 7/10/01

Our big soft 'big son'. Wonderful Shermie who we loved so much. Such a big soft boy who loved his cuddles, headbutted us for attention, and loved his Dad the best of all. We miss you big boy, its not the same without you. Our house feels empty without your presence. We will always love you and think of you constantly.

Love always from Daddy, Mummy and Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sherry, 15/11/98-25/10/03

Missing you Sherry. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Till we meet again.
Love from Mummy, Pepper, Sheba & Vicki. xxxx

Sherry, 06/26/85-07/11/03

Sherry, you have been my very best friend for 18 years. I love you more than anything in the world. I know you are no longer suffering and now you can be with your brother, Jesse James. It's only good-bye for now, not good-bye forever. I love you Fluff.

Karen and David

Sherry Jaglarz Garner, 3/15/03

Our beloved mare, Sherry, passed away Saturday, March 15, of natural causes in her favorite pasture at home. In her heyday, she won many a blue ribbon for a smiling child! She had a good life, and a luxurious retirement. Our tears of grief are tempered by the knowledge that she is grazing at pasture and flying on gossamer wings in horse heaven.


I am lighting a candle for my friend who laid her companion, Shilo, to rest in hopes that the light will reach her heart.


Shilo, 07/24/02

Shilo, My precious, precious guide and companion and friend. Tomorrow you will have been gone for a year and Mommy misses you so much. I won't be sad for long I promise, cause I want you to be happy and play with Max and Shula and Smudge and Rascal if he's there! I love you with all my heart. You loved me more than anyone. I miss your loving ways You're right, Kodi's taking good care of all of us, and were taking good care of her too.
I'll see you one day Sweetheart. Have fun in heaven
Love Mommy, Tommy, Kodi, Baby, Daisy and Jake the new cat xoxo

Shiloh, 11/27/03

Rescued and adopted when he was about two years of age, he never left my side. The biggest, gentlest dog there ever was. We had the time of our lives together.

Lanie Walters

Shiloh, 09/25/03

Its been 2months and5 days since you went away. Mommy misses you so much. Can't wait until we are together again. I love you my sweet little boy. Love mommy

Shimoda, 05/06/89-12/30/99

The light of my life has gone out.
Died in my arms at 3am, I know you are at peace and without pain, and I'm so sorry I couldn't give you that peace sooner, and you had to take it for yourself before I could help.
Every day without you is still empty, even tho we have another dog and we now have a baby girl too.
I keep thinking how she would have loved you and you would have loved her, because I remember how much you loved children, and used to cry if I made you come away from them without being able to get your cuddles.

Toddy Eardley

Shinobu, 09/10/00-03/09/01

It's been almost two years since Shinobus passing. I still cry and miss him terribly. No other kitty can ever take the place of my beloved Shinobu.

Leslie Murphy

Shinook, 01/05/92-10/29/03

With heavy heart;and tear in our eyes after all these years; we had to say goodbye to I beloved Shinook. You will be miss by your 2 brothers Trapper&Maximillion

Love Mom & Dad PS Take care of your sister Kelly & say hi for us, you with her now.

Bye Baby

Shiny, 02/01/03-09/05/03

Shiny, you were in our home only for about 3 weeks to be rescued and find a new home. In that short while, you found many people that loved you, and you even had a boy waiting for you to get healthy. I guess you already fulfilled on your mission in this short time - to have love present.
You will have to meet a lot of people when we join you because you are loved by so many.
We will never forget you.

Birgit Miranda

Shippa, 07/2002-05/14/03

Shippa was a stray picked up off the streets last winter. She bonded to me, and it feels very empty without her. What killed her is not known, but I believe it was a scorpion bite.

Shirley, 10/24/03

Shirley was a great friend to our family. She was bought at a farm and brought home along with her sister before Amanda was born. When the kids were born she would hang around them, unlike her sister Laverne. We would feed her a lot cause she was the second to runt. She became big like our cat Lucky. Her and Laverne had separate ideas of love. Laverne loved me (Deb) and Shirley loved everyone. When the kids got older we brought home a rabbit, then a second. Shirley was quite interested. When we had Abby, and had to move to a new home. but before we moved, one of their rabbits died and the kids were sad. Shirley helped them through it. Then we moved to our new house. Shortly after, we found a cat (Lucky) outside a grocery store and brought her home to stat. Then Amanda went sledding up at the high school and found another cat (Andy) and we decided to keep him too! A few years later on July 4th of 2002, Laverne (Shirley's sister) ran away. We had no Idea she was gone because she got out of our house when we were leaving for my sisters house. We got home and could not find her. We were up till 2:00am for the rest of the week, looking for her. We looked for a year and then gave up. Shortly after Laverne ran away, our other rabbit died and once again the kids were sad. Shirley started to become weaker after Laverne ran away. She stopped eating several times but she would always become better. She was a strong soul. She kept getting weaker and weaker. She started peeing around the house so we had to lock her up in a bathroom with a litter box for a while. She soon recovered. This summer, our son Adam went over seas with the people to people student ambassador program and was petrified that Shirley might die while he was gone. She did not die and he was happy to see her when he came back home after 3 weeks. Shirley was getting worse though. a month ago she started peeing everywhere again so we locked her up again. We soon thought about putting her to sleep but everytime we were going to, she became better. last week she started to become sick, she soon wouldn't eat, and became sick. On Thursday night she was acting funny and we knew it was time. Friday morning we were all tears. The kids came back from school and Adam came with us to the vet to say goodbye. I held her the entire way there. She knew something was up. We arrived at the vet and went in the room. It was horrible. We were all crying and were sad. We said goodbye. Adam said I love you and gave her a kiss. Adam and I went out to the car. We could not stay in there. It was to sad. Doug came out with Shirley and it was over. She was lost, gone. The ride home was all tears. it was hard to think of our new life without her. We buried her in our backyard right away. We let our youngest watch, she said Shirley was her cat and she was said. We put some grass in the hole with her. She would always eat the grass. We covered up the hole. She was wrapped in a towel to stay warm and was in a box, laying the way she did in our living room. We put brick over the dirt when we were finished to keep animals from digging there. Today Adam made a cross for her and put it there. Were all better now but still sad. Shirley was a great part of our life. These past few days our the first days without Shirley in our kids lives. We would like everyone to mourn for this courageous soul and would like to mourn for yours. She was as if a part of the family for 18 years. She preceded her sister in death 1 year, 3 months and 20 days. We miss you Shirley and we will see you again. Love Deb, Doug, Amanda 17, Adam 14, and Abby 6!!!

Shiva, 09/05/88-12/02/03

Shiva was a beautiful, gentle spirit who loved freely and was loved very much by all who knew her.
We had her since she was five weeks old and are so glad that she filled our hearts and home.
She will be remembered and loved always.

Linda and Terry

Shiva, 05/01/05-10/25/03

This is a tribute to an animal whose spirit and will to live was truly amazing. Shiva Lowe lived well beyond anyone's expectations, including the vets at the Vet Specialty Hospital in Cary, North Carolina. She was born with hemolitic autoimmune anemia and was put on various red blood cell "boosters" including prednisone and lukeran during the second year of her life. She was not expected to live on these medications for more than a few years, but lasted over six on them. Earlier this summer, her condition worsened as she developed a blood clot and had a hematocrit level of 5. Expected to never walk again, nor even recover from such a low hematocrit, our baby fooled the experts once more and walked and gave us several more wonderful months of her life to share with us. She finally died at home last Saturday, laying between my husband and I on our couch. We think she had an aneurism and her suffering was not long. We buried her in our back yard, where our dog, Peaches, and my husband's earlier cat, Isis, also are buried. While Shiva is no longer physically alive, I think her spirit lives on nonetheless.

Constance & Jay Lowe

Shoji, 08/04/93-12/30/02

Shoji - you left your pawprints all over our hearts - you are missed terribly by your entire family.

Please join us in saying goodbye to our great, loyal, fun-loving friend.

Jan and Scott Shafer

Shoroder, 10/12/95-03/03/03

He loved to shred & go crazy.

Debbie Fox

Shortstop, 12/93-06/04/03

Dearly missed and ALWAYS in our hearts :)

Asa and Vicki

Shorty, 08/23/03

One of the most gentle dogs I ever knew. She so loved children, most would not understand. Kids would come to visit, and if they went into the house (she was an outdoor dog) she would cry and cry until they came out to play.
I have many times heard the phrase "she (he) won't bite" and later found out that wasn't the case. Well, Shorty proved them wrong.
She could hardly bite a flea.

We miss you ShortyPup! We will always love you!

Mom, Dad, & Steve

Shorty, 11/24/03

Shorty was not with us for long.
He spent most of his life looking after Jimmy and being his companion.
Jimmy passed in May 2002.
His son Tom had lived with Jimmy for 14 years and Shorty transferred his devotion to Tom.

Tom passed in November 2002 and his widow Joan left Shorty with us.
Shorty was "mopey" for about a month, but his newest companions Schenley and Shadow (our Cockers) brought him out of it, and soon "the old man" was playing tag, barking at the squirrels, and washing the cats.

His last day started out like most for the last six months - Schenley and Shadow raced outdoors, while Shorty had to be coaxed.
Once outside, he visited with Mike next door, scolded back at the squirrels, and laid in the sun.
We came home from work, and he was laying where the sun had been about noon and Shadow was trying to get him up.

He will be missed.

Roy and BJ (Surragates For Jimmy And Tom)

Shorty, 12/28/98-06/18/03

Dear Shorty:
If I knew it would be the last time that I would see you run and play; I would have stayed in the yard a little longer.
If I knew it would be the last time I would see you looking up at me and begging to be held; I would have held you a little longer.
If I knew it would be the last time I would snuggle with you at night, I would have snuggled a little tighter.
If I knew it was going to be the last time I would share your day, I would have spent more of my day with you.
If I knew it was the last time I would say I love you, I would have hugged and kissed you longer, so that you had no doubt of Mom's love.
Sleep well my little boy and remember, Mom & Dad will see you, when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Mom & Dad

Shotzie, 11/21/90-12/05/03

In Loving Memory of My Beloved Shotzie


Run Faithful Companion Run, through the lush green fields

Run Faithful Companion Run, through the snow cold and white

Run Faithful Companion Run, chasing rabbits hot on their heels

Run Faithful Companion Run, you’ll never be far from my sight

Run Faithful Companion Run, God has opened up the door

Run Faithful Companion Run, your soul is now free

Run Faithful Companion Run, where the pain is no more

Run Faithful Companion Run, but glance back and look for me

Run Faithful Companion Run, where everything is bright and clear

Run Faithful Companion Run, God has opened the door

Run Faithful Companion Run, you no longer have anything to fear

Run Faithful Companion Run, run free forever more.

Rest in Peace

Eric Potts

Shotzie, 02/22/03

You were our beautiful little Shotzie girl who gave so much to our lives, yet expected so little. You were the light of our home, and you brought us so many smiles. Thank you for all you gave to us. We all loved you so very much. May you feel safe and warm in Heaven. You'll be in our hearts forever.
Mommie "Sandy", Daddie "Roy", Crystal & Aaron

Shresha, 04/10/85-11/10/03

Shresha came to us 18 years ago just after we married. And she had been one of our family. We have 2 sons and she was our daughter. Her memory will be in our minds for ever. May she fine peace.

Anoma Kulathunga

Shu-Shu, 6/11/86

After all these years you are missed and thought of with
love everyday.

Tracy and Phyllis Allman

Shy, 10/11/03

To Shy. You were a loving and sweet cat. My friend until the end. I will always love you.

Dorothea Herron

Shyla Mariah, 12/09/03

For all the Love, Loyalty, and the Print you left on my heart. I only pray that the love I gave you was enough, because you gave me so much more.

I fell for you the first time I saw you. When you came home to live with us, you completed our family. Now that you're gone from our lives, the house is empty.

Yes, you were our family pet, but you and I shared a special bond. Nobody has felt the pain of your passing more than I. It was times like this one when you were the only one who would be there to listen; no talking, no judgment, only that spot between your ears where your fur was soft and your love.

I know that I could have, and should have, been a better friend and caretaker. I did what I could, girl, and I hope you saw that.

In the end, when I sent you one your way, it broke my heart totally; I made a decision that I know you would not have made yourself, so strong was your loyalty. I pray you saw that I loved you enough to send you to the place where you felt no pain and had your dignity. Had there been a way, I would have done something, anything, to help you.

My teacher, my mentor, my partner, my confidant, my "four-legged shadow," my friend, my Shyla-girl.

I miss you, girl.

I love you.

John Hinkle

Shylow Manatee

To Mama's Little Love, Manny, I will miss you so Much. Your time here was so short lived but you enjoyed every minute of your life. I will miss so many things about you. You were my sweet special little calico that I always wanted...with much sadness and many tears I say goodbye to my little friend.

Si, 11/86-08/19/03

Sleep well, my gentle sweet Si. You have been a gift from Heaven, and one day I will see your beautiful face, again. Thank you for being a precious part of our lives for all these years. You stay in my heart, my shy little question mark kitty.


Siao, 3/4/94-4/6/03

Teardrops softly fall
When the heart can't hold them all
As the passing of a loved one takes it's toll
though now we feel an aching in our soul
May time ease our pain and make our heart smile again

Sid, 07/25/02-12/23/03

To my wonderful Sid, we had you for too short a time, but you brought such incredible joy to us.
We love you and will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dawn Lawson

Sidheni, 9/22/03

To Sidheni, our wonderful, loving friend. If you had not been rescued you would have died that night. Instead, you gave us 19 joyful years with you. Your mom, your brother, and your sister Silma miss you a lot. We'll always love you Papino! Be happy with Sidhe and Pompi, and tell them we love them always. Enjoy all the Kookamunga you want, and wait for us; we'll all be together soon. We love you always Sidheni!
Annie and Carlos

Sidney, 01/26/97-12/22/03

Sidney was the bestest ferret boy there ever was. He loved raisins, bananas and ice cream. He brought us so much joy and we were blessed to have him. We have so many wonderful memories. We will never forget you, Mr. Sidney.

Sarah and Beverly Nothelfer

Sidney, 09/13/93-11/28/03

You will be extremely missed...the house will never be the same, but we know you are now in a better place

We will always love you!!!


Sidney, 08/19/01

Darling Sidney, it is almost one year since you left us and we all miss you so much. Your brother Jordan is growing up to be a wonderful cat, you would be so proud of him. He is teaching Jeremy, our new kitten, to be a good and careful kitty just like you taught Jordan to be. I will love you forever and wait for the day we will be together again at Rainbow's Bridge. Thank you Sidney, for being the best cat a human could ever love.

Gabrielle and John

Sidney, 02/07/90-01/15/03

Dear Sid Vicious,

Your Mommies miss you. We hope that you have found your sisters, Pearl and Cookie and are happy and pain free. You were such a sweet, loveable boy and we will never forget you. May you rest in peace until we meet again.

Sidney, 06/24/92-05/29/03

Sidney, you were with me through it all-never leaving my side. Even in the end, you hung on to spend one more moment loving me. I love you. I always will. I am blessed to have earned such devotion.

M. Ann Gardella

Sidney, 11/30/92-3/7/03

Sidney was a very happy dog. He was basically like a brother. He has been there through good and bad times, and is the best friend and companion that a person could ever have. He loved to play and also was a major cuddler. He loved going for rides, swimming and most of all McDonald's hamburgers. When baby Morgan was born he was slightly jealous because he had to share the attention with her. He took it upon himself to steal her toys and blankets, I think to let her know who the head dog was in the house. The day we got him was one of the prime happy moments of my life and the day he departed felt like someone ripped my heart out. Sidney was 10 years old when he left us. The night after he died he left us a message reassuring us know he's still with us. He took Morgans bib out of the bathroom and put it under the table where he usually laid after swiping something from someone. He will never be forgotten. We all miss you and Love you Sidney!!

Sidney Marie, 02/05/93-08/30/03

Sidney Marie
You were the best companion anyone could have. We were very lucky to have you in our lives. Ten years was simply not enough time. There will always be a piece of our hearts missing now that you are gone. We love more then words can say. Mom, Dad, and Damian

Sidney PieFace, 03/01/83-03/31/03

To our beautiful Sidney, you were the most compassionate, sensitive, and gorgeous kitty. We loved you with all our hearts. You will live in our souls forever. I pray that you are once again with your brother Mickey waiting for us. Please know that we are always thinking of you with warmth and love for all the joy you brought us.

Mummy and Daddy

Sidhe, 10/07/02

We miss you Papo! Play with Pompi, and tell her we love her. We'll see you soon "Gato Perfecto!" We love you always Sidhe! Carlos and Annie

Sienna, 09/12/03

Forever faithful, forever loved.

Sienna came into my life as an abandoned hunter. She had broken ribs and a punctured lung which required vet treatment. She was in pain. Despite this, she pulled through and became a healthy, bouncy ferret who loved to play with her friend Azalea. She was happy for five weeks...digging, exploring, sharing ice cream with me, but one day I found her flat on her side in the cage. We took her to the vet but it was too late. Sienna died. The vet said it was Lymphatic Cancer. Azalea and I will never forget her. I will one day start a ferret rescue. it will be called The Sienna Halfway House.

Ennui Coney-Catcher

Sienna, 12/04/93-04/15/03

I miss you so much! There will never be another dog like you. I have another dog now, but you can never be replaced in my heart. The love I have for you is so great. If I could have taken your pain I would have. I just hope that the joy I gave you was matched by the joy you brought to me and others. Be at peace now and free from pain.


Sierra, 10/12/98-2/13/03

My beautiful birthday gift. You were precious to me because of who you were and because of who gave you to me. Such a proud, strong, protective, and loyal dog I have never known. Why did you break out that night? I will never know, but I miss you.


Sierra was loved by Al and Carla as well as the family of foster kids. She will be missed.

Sierra, 11/30/89-22/01/03

You were my family when I had none
You were my best friend
I miss you greeting me with your smile and your crab walk

In my eyes you never aged
You were always young and healthy
Now you are gone and my heart went with you


Sierra, 01/10/93-12/27/02

SIERRA, my beautiful baby girl boo. You were my best friend, and I miss you with all my heart. I love you so much You will always live in my heart. Thank-you for being in my life. Love forever Mommy

Jori Warren

Sierra, 04/03/93-12/31/02

You taught me what a true friend really is and how important unconditional love is in this world. You knew my feelings before I could even express them and you always were there for me, for happy times and sad!! You will be so greatly missed, Girly, but you will live on in my heart and my soul forever! I know with you being as loyal as you are that you will know when I'll be arriving at your new home above and will be waiting patiently for me. I love you, Girly Whirl....thank you for sharing your life with me!!!

Toni Seed

Sierra Nevada Bryant, 01/14/98-11/22/03

My mother died 1/14/98 but on that day a very special thing happened. My cousins husband had a friend in Florida who bred cocker spaniels. five weeks later I received my Sierra. From the very first moment I held her we were inseparable. She followed me every where I went. she always met me at the door when I came home wagging here tail and always waiting to tell her that I loved her and she was a good girl before she would go out to play. Sierra was a black-tan-white (party mix) and she was the most beautiful dog around. She loved to go swimming in the sound and the ocean. She ate pizza, got bones from the butcher james, and basically was spoiled rotten.
on 11/22/03 at about 9:30 a.m. she was outside playing in the trailer park like she always did when I heard her and knew immediately that I lost her.
Sierra, baby, I miss you so much I don't know how I will cope without you. You were the light of my life and this is honestly the worst thing that coulda happened to me. you taught me compassion and selflessness. I will miss you so much Sierra and I want you to go play at rainbow ridge and wait for me--I will come and be with you before you know it you always, your mommy
good bye

Sierra Rose, 09/10/03

This little girl was the love of our lives and we are so lost without her. Our hearts and home are so lonely. We miss you so much sweetheart and love you.

Brenda and Arleigh Kincaid

Siggy, 1991-06/29/03

May she rest in peace and run happily always.

Marsha Sunderland

Siggy, 10/13/93-01/18/03

Today I lost my friend.

Someone who loved me without questioning, someone who that trusted me completely. I wish I knew how it felt to love like he did. We laughed and played together for only nine years of our lives and I will always remember this. From hiking in the woods to taking road trips, he was always happy. Why is it that he never showed his pain, even until the end as he went in a quiet peace. My prince and my friend, he will hold a place in my heart forever. I know his soul lives on in the heavens and I am thankful that he is no longer suffering. Goodbye, dear sweet Sig. Someday I will see you again.

Jim and Nancy Barbera

Silas, 01/11/87-09/02/03

I miss you so much, Silas.
You were my best friend and no one can fill the void

Mimi Pollow

Silas, 06/19/89-10/19/03

I want to scale the utmost height And catch a gleam of glory bright; But still I'll pray till heav'n I've found, "Lord plant my feet on higher ground."

Bonnie Ramba

Silas Ballard, 08/10/02

Silas was one of nine puppies that we found at the dump when they were just 8 weeks old.
He was very timid and shy, we adopted his sister and him and found homes for the other seven siblings.
He was very special and was somebodys loss but definitely our gain!


Silky, 24/12/90-13/11/03


You are made of pure love & sweetness. I miss you so much. Thank you for being in my life. I will always hold you close to my soul.

Love you and will never forget you.

Forever in my heart,


Silver, 11/01/02-12/27/03

You helped Mommy and Daddy deal with a very tough year little girl. We lost Brett in Iraq, you were there. We lost Grandpa, you were there. Daddy lost his job, you were there. Mommy got very ill, you were there. Now you are gone. The happy jingle of your tags has been suddenly silenced in our house. Daddy will miss your over-the-top greetings at the door when he came home from his new job. Mommy will miss your companionship and the early morning awakenings to go into the backyard to do your thing. Our child has gone to heaven....please let it be so...

Silver, 03/31/03

The breeder's originally named him Shadow but we changed his name to "Silver" once we brought him home. As we got to know him it was evident that his name should have remained Shadow since he always loved to follow right behind. He had very droopy ears, baby blue eyes & was clumsy as "heck" since his paws were so much larger than the rest of his slinky body. He was the cutest dog I had ever seen inside & out!!! Unfortunately, Silver experienced a tragic death due to the neighbors overfeeding him on cat food (good intensions gone bad). Oh how we miss him so much & how we feel time has cut us short of being able to have spent time with him & teach the things we yearned to teach him. I hope he enjoyed the time spent with us as much as we enjoyed the time spent him. Silver WE LOVE YOU!!!!

The Lally's

Silver, 03/28/03

You showed up one cold rainy day on our back deck and you took our hearts. When you left me you took apart of it with you. We miss you so bad and will never forget the joy you brought to us. You can never be replaced!


Simba, 09/12/02

I miss you so much Simmy.
Its been over a year and I still can't get over your loss.
I hope you are happy my baby boy.


Simba, 11/08/99-12/07/03

You lived only a short time and were in my life for only 4 years and yet I will never forget you my little friend. I tried to save your life last night and I just couldn't do it. Forgive me my friend. I will miss you forever.


Simba, 05/05/90-11/11/03

I will miss you so much.
One day you, Jake, Sammy, Daddy and I will all be together again.
Thank you for always being with me though all these years.
I'll never forget you.
Go now and play with Jake, he has missed you.

Sally Porter

Simba, 11/10/03

We all miss you fat boy. our house is quiet now. Things aren't the same. I hope your out of pain. You will always be in ours hearts and never forgotten! We are going to miss you under the Christmas tree this year. We love you! Love, Your Family

Simba, 10/29/03

My Love Simba,

God sent you into my life for only a short time. Although others were cruel you found everlasting love with me. God blessed me with you if only for a short time. I will love you forever, Simba. Love, Your Mommy.

Simba, 01/07/95-10/04/03

Our dearest Simba,
We miss you so much. You are our baby. I wish I could have done more to help you. Your family will always remember you. WE LOVE YOU SIMBA!

Simba, 1998-06/03/03

Simba was only 5 yrs old when she died and we only had her two years but are very thankful that she came into our lives and will miss her very much.

Natalie Gabel

Simba, 11/15/01-01/19/02

My baby - you left too soon. Mommy will never forget you. Play with the others at Rainbow Bridge and we will meet again!
I Love You Simba

Simba, 05/02/85-03/23/03

Simba--beloved friend for nearly 18 years, beautiful golden tabby cat with white tuxedo and paws, "Mr. Personality", also known as BooCat, BooCatta, Handsome Cat, Beautiful Boy, Boogser, and many other affectionate names. I have always loved you and will love you til the end of time. You were a loving, gentle, yet sometimes bossy cat, and everyone who knew you loved you. Thank you for letting me care for you all these years. Be at peace, old friend. We will be together again. Meantime, hug your buddy Harley for me.

Simba, 06/05/97-08/23/01

Simba was a very peaceful and loving cat.:):):):) By breed a male Domestic Short Hair, black and white in color and 9.2 lbs in weight. Born the 4th week of June 1997 in the litter of the family of Mary Katherine F.
I received him from Mary Katherine, daughter of a friend in the 2nd week of June 2000. He was a Gift.:) When I arrived home with him I went to my bedroom. When I let him out of the carrier he ran right under my bed. Then as he explored the house he found the perfect immediate hiding place: behind the dryer. When I'd found that he's gone there I was just able to put my head around the corner to speak to him. I wanted to try to coax him out but not having had any experience with cats before, I didn't know that he was very frightened and had found the perfect temporary hiding place for reasons of safety. Many times over the next 3 weeks I tried to get him to come out but he was still too frightened. I could hear his many yowls as he cried out from under the dryer. I feed and watered him down there til he felt safe enough to venture out.
Finally, I was one day wondering where he was when I didn't hear him anymore. I have a small townhouse with little to my name. I wondered for the life of me where he could've gotten to! I was convinced that he'd some how gotten out some how though there is just one way out of the house. Finally I looked under my couch and to my delight there he was!:D :D:D I was able to coax him out of there and let him explore the house as he wished. After staying downstairs for months in the window or sometimes in my spare bedroom window. Then for months he chose to sleep strictly in my room on my desk while I played on my pc!!: She'd sleep there for hours! (to make a long story short):he'd learned how to get and give all the attention he wanted from me; when I'd gone to lie on my bed he'd immediately looked up and saw where I was he jumped down, ran over, jumped up onto my bed and started humping my arm!!:D:D after a few weeks he's started to nudge his head up under my chin. He's gotten to play a game with me: once he'd let me know he'd wanted to play, he'd come over and sit next to the bed looking up at me. Then I'd get up and sit with my hands between my legs and look at him. I'd lie down then he'd jump up with a huge "meow", walk across my chest and play. When he done he'd simply get up and jump down. Sometimes he'd look at me as if to say: 'I'm not done yet". Then we'd go back and repeat this 5-6 times sometimes for 20-30 minutes! He gave cat toys only passing interest.
Whenever I'd go somewhere and get back he's be in the window. When I entered he'd be on the floor greeting me!
Over time he could be found anywhere for a resting place. He'd walk back and forth between me and my pc for my attention and sometimes sit right between it and me and look me dead in the eye "go to the bed" which I'd do instantly! Then one day he didn't come running to eat when I filled his bowl and I was concerned from what I'd read in a book: if they stop eating just one day take them to a vet immediately! I did and after testing was told he had fiv and felv, no cure for either one!!:(:(:(:( I went through much discussion with everyone I knew but held little hope. After 3 days all he ate were his treats!:( I tried baby food too, one jar of 8 kinds, but he ignored it all. I had to do the Unthinkable!:((((( I took him to an animal shelter which does this for free. I told them I definitely wanted the body. When I got home, I carefully lay him our on the bed "lying in state" and took pictures of him. I then had him cremated. My happiest memory of him is of him hopping onto my shoulder as u typed, then between me and the pc, yowling as he waved his head from side to side and I knew what was coming. I'd say "ok lil fella ok":) then I went to the bed. A few times he'd sit there and with definite affection, "swat" my face with his paw:)when I'm able to i'll make a donation in his name to the Humane Society of Northern Virginia. His ashes sit in an urn on my desk. Currently it's metal. I plan to buy a marble one and have his name engraved on it. This concludes his eulogy.

Tom Horner

Simba (Big Black), 04/17/02

We still miss you big guy. Simba, was a beautiful sleek black cat that we were fortunate to have as a member of our family. I don't know why he had to leave us to suddenly and it still hurts so much. I hope he did not suffer and that he is now across the Rainbow Bridge enjoying sun bathing, his favorite catnip and keeping company with our silly face Mitchell (13 yrs old) who we lost on October 17, 2002. Both our babies gone from our lives but not our hearts.

Joanne Wood & Lon Van Gilder

Simba, 10/01/02-01/11/03

Simba, we love and miss you very much. I am so sorry for the accident and if I could do anything to bring you back home to us I would. I eagerly wait for the day I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Mama and Daddy will never forget their Sweet Baby!

Simba Joe, 07/03/97-10/26/03

Simba my baby Beagle

Dear Simba. You were only 6 when I had to tell the doctor that you had suffered enough. Just the day before you left I told you that we would do anything to make you well. I feel that I let you down. The doctor said that the cancer had spread too far to do anything, but now I don't know.

I remember when Amanda and I went to pick out a Beagle puppy. There you were with that little white dot on your nose. As soon as we saw you we knew you were ours. You gave us 6 incredible years and I know we could not have had a better companion then you. You were always there when I wanted someone to talk to when no one else would listen. You ran your friend Nala around the house with your long silky ears flying in the air.

I also miss the way that you would follow me upstairs when I would get home from work and you would leap upon the bed ready to play. We would wrestle until you went running downstairs, ready to sit up by the table to beg for food.

I am so sorry that we let you go at such a young age and I am looking forward to the day when we meet up at the bridge. Please don't hate me for what I have done. I couldn't make you suffer another day.

Love Rich, Judy, Amanda and Ashley

Simba L. Monroe, 10/15/99

Simmy... your existence has forever altered my life. Thank you for teaching me how to love. I am eternally indebted to God for giving me such a gift, and as I carry on without your body near, your memory and the happiness you brought continues to brighten my life. I will miss you always... and I know in my heart I will see you again. Your loving owner, and buddy, LINDSAY

Simmie, 09/01/86-06/13/03

Simmie gave unconditional love and inspiration to Laurie.....and kept watch over mischievous Buddy...
She loved sardines and fish heads.....
She was finicky (like Marcia)...
She had many friends....Max "Boo-Boo" Schmall, Lady Bird, Zoe and Molly Dever, Saki Santana

She's in the sun that warms and the stars that shine - a furry angel watching over all.

Laurie Holtz

Simon, 02/17/84-12/15/03

Simon was a wonderful, big friend!
He was with me for almost 20 years and we aged together. He was older than our children and we all loved him and will miss him

Carolyn Stroud

Simon, 12/11/03

You were the most wonderful gift from God. We will love you always and you will always be our "Buddy Dog". We look forward to the day we are all together again. Grampa

Simon, 01/01/93-12/11/03

Dear Simon,
We are thinking good thoughts of you.
You were our best cat ever.
Actually, our only cat but you were still the best.
We will miss you.
Jan, Riley and Laney

Simon, 9/5/03

Quite a cat, much loved for 14 years. Solid black with margarita green eyes. Some days he drove me crazy and some days he was my boy, but he lived each day just as he liked. Even his last. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Mookie, I wasn't ready. I will love you forever.

Simon, 1992-08/31/03

The light of my life and the center of my universe--my heart, mind, and soul kind of dog.


Simon, 08/87-04/21/03

This is for Simon. I can't believe you have been gone for more than two months. I have felt you in my dreams and heard your bell whenever I have needed you. You are always there to comfort me.

I hope you understand I had to pick up your bed. You now have a bed in my heart and in heaven. You can finally rest there. I will see you again. Don't forget me, I couldn't forget you. I love you so much. You are truly my baby.

Love, "Meoma", Mom, Dad, Gizmo, Raja, Gabby, Cleo, Starr, Rosebud, and Pepper

Simon, 06/15/95-05/16/03

Our truest friend and devoted "Sugar Boy," Simon, who will live in our hearts and forever in our memories. We will never enter our home without expecting his enthusiastic greeting, nor will we fall asleep at night without wishing him "sweet dreams."

Joe Strickland and Tom Pack

Simone, 12/14/02

Its been just about a year now that I lost Simone. I remember struggling so hard with the decision to put her down. Looking back now, I know the decision was right. But on days like today, I still cry and miss her so very much. I look forward to that reunion on the Rainbow Bridge. I have two kittens now who I love so dearly. It constantly amazes me the different personalities and am thankful for those difference (otherwise I would constantly compare them to my Simone-girl). I just got word from my ex-husband that another one of our original kitties has passed on - Biscotti. All three of our original kids are now gone, but the memories they've left with us are so very dear, soft, poignantly sweet and almost excruciatingly (on days like today) touching. I wouldn't miss out on those for the world. Steve and I loved all three with every ounce of our being - Simone, Biscotti and HobieCat.


Simone, 12/30/88-10/23/03

Forever in my heart and so sadly missed. I know we will one day be together again. I love you. Mommy

Simone, 04/07/87-09/03/03

Best cat ever...

Mary Carter

Simon W. Rentas, 03/15/03

Simon was my little baby, and was only in my life for nine months. Simon was such a good boy and I will always love him forever. He loved me unconditionally and taught me true love. My life isn't the same without him. One day I'll meet you at Rainbow Bridge, baby!

Mommy loves you always and forever, Simon!

Simpkin, 12/02/03

Simi, I never got the chance to say goodbye to you, my sweet, sweet Bimble cat.
Now you are with Affy at the bridge.
It's only been a short time since you passed and I miss you so, so much.
Rest well, my dear, sweet baby, until we meet again....

Helen Harvey

Simpkin, 04/15/03-06/04/03

You were so small, so very, very tiny...such a small ball of orange and white fluff. So full of adventure...not like your brothers, who wanted to stay in the tack room all the had to venture out into the barn and explore...
I still remember how tiny you were, you fit into my hands so perfectly. The color of melting creamsicles, you were my kitten, my darling little boy. I remember how you would walk with your little blue harness on, and you'd be annoyed when I wouldn't let you sniff at bugs. You were only just beginning to learn to purr...such a tiny, frail sound.
I love you little man, always.

Sinbad, 2/14/90-9/22/03

Sinbad... You were loved by everyone you met. We had a wonderful twelve years together and you were such a good friend. You tried so hard, and we fought for you when you couldn't fight anymore. But today your little body gave out and you told me it was time to go. Now, you are with Floyd and Cleo. Please find them and play with them. I will miss you and your sweet face. Love always, Mom.

Sinbad, 11/27/90-08/30/03

Died as he lived, in the arms of those who loved him best .

Ken and Denise Hardin

Sinbad, 10/05/90-05/03/03

To Sinbad my Schipperke... Love you more than words.. Entered Earth 10-05-90. Entered Heaven 05-03-03. Rest now my Son, Close those Eyes. Always carry with you Mommys last KISS GOODBYE... See you at the Rainbow Bridge....xoxoxoxoxo

Sinbad, 04/23/86-02/13/03

Sinbad, my baby, my beautiful girl, you've been gone a week this morning, after nearly seventeen years with me, and I miss you more than words can say. I'll always love you. You were a tiny white kitten when I first saw you, the runt of the litter, but you stole my heart when you stalked across your momcat's owners' living room and bravely tackled the leg of a piece of furniture a thousand times your size. You'd been misidentified to me as a tomkitten, and when I was asked to name you at once so the children in your previous family could call you something besides "the little white one" until you were old enough to leave your mom, I named you Sinbad, for your brave spirit, and left the name unchanged even after I brought you home and found out my sweet little kitten was a female. You grew up to be a huge cat, the most beautiful cat I'd ever seen -- no one ever saw you without saying how beautiful you were, even the last morning of your life -- though you looked nothing like your pretty Himalayan mother, and it's only in recent days, maybe as a result of your nudging from the other side, that I finally found out that the cats that most look like you are ragdolls, bicolor ragdolls. I remember your watching over my young relatives as they slept, and your playing hide and seek when you were younger and how you'd get so excited when you found someone that you'd bounce up and down as if there were springs in your legs before running off to hide. I remember how you would follow me everywhere like my shadow, how you were always waiting for me when I came home, how you were always there to comfort me. But most of all I remember how you curled up beside me at night, your head on my pillow, and the feather-soft touch of your paws when you were lying under the reading lamp on the table beside my favorite chair in the evening, when you'd touch me gently from time to time, looking at me with those huge blue eyes. My home seems empty without you, and my family including my other cats miss you. I know you're safe and healthy again, and young again, at the Rainbow Bridge, but I'm so sorry we had to say goodbye even for a little while, and I'll miss you till we meet again.


Sinclair, 08/27/03

Cutie Boy, You were one special friend to Me, Ashleigh, & Dad. We will always miss you and love you with every piece of our hearts. You were strong right up to the end and forever we will be grateful to have had you in our lives. We Love you always and forever and look forward to seeing you one day soon. Know that we will never forget you or what you did for Dad.

Sipsey Sue, 12/26/91-10/31/03

My sweet little angel, so gentle, so true. My beautiful little Sipsey, oh, how I love you. My best friend through so many years. Gone now, so many tears. Sweet, sweet little Sipsey, I will miss you so! Your beautiful black hair in the breeze would flow. Lifting your nose upward to smell the air. You had such a grace. You were so fair. Your quiet little bark, barely enough to scurry a mouse, didn't matter a bit when you offered protection to the house. Rolling around with happiness after putting on your sweater, knowing you'd be protected from the frigid weather. Your little wagging tail made everyone smile. I wish I could hold you again. Just for a short while. You were gone before I knew it, I can not fathom how; my precious little Sipsey, her presence gone now. Your last days were painful, but I never will forget the wonderful times spent with my most beloved pet. My child, you were, as breath taking as the most beautiful view. My little sweet, sweet Sipsey. I forever will love you.

Jennifer Jones

Sir Abner Bourbon, 06/24/13

Such a great boy! One more day with you and we could have done all those special things you loved. I will forever miss your big pretty eyes and your dance! I love you buddy!

Sir Barney of Chambord, 06/08/89-08/03/03

He was a true companion and friend for 14 years. I will miss him forever.


Sir Brutis, 07/12/99-07/12/03

Sir Brutis Lotts was a very lovable companion. He enjoyed rough housing with his boys and was always there when we needed a friend. He enjoyed to eat raw vegetables when I would cut them up for our dinner and he especially loved potatoes. Brutis was the best dog we could have ever asked for and he returned his love to us by giving plenty of hugs and kisses. We will always love and miss our beloved pet. He will be in our hearts forever.

Angie and Sam Lotts

Sir Budweiser Amadaus (Buddy), 11/20/03

You were the sweetest companion and part of our family. We all loved you very much. The happy go lucky attitude doggie who just wanted to play ball and love us.
My best friend & protector when daddy was at work all night. We will love and miss you always.

Leslie Deason

Sir Dino, 11/01/03

A beautiful, beloved friend & companion, taken by lymphoma. He will be missed.

Mj For Leslie, Lynn & Jerry

Sir Fenwick, 04/28/88-04/06/03

Sir Fenwick, you were so vocal and LOUD! Now, your voice has been silenced and we miss our "conversations" with you. You were such a loving cat; everyone's "favorite". You were so loyal, loving and tolerant. I could search the four corners of the world and would never be blessed with finding another "Fen the Man". You were an original. Fen the Fen I will forever miss you and will keep my love for you alive in my heart even longer than forever. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be owned by you and have you share my life. Enjoy life at the bridge Mr. Fen. There you are free of pain and old age. I will remember you as a young, playful guy and know I will find you that way when I see you again at the bridge. Your birthday is coming up and as you celebrate it with your bridgefriends, your furfamily here will celebrate your memory with the annual birthday dinner. Corsica & Ms. P know you are gone. They sit and stare at me often. And, they cry for you. I told you to let go and soar with the angels the day you left on your journey to the bridge. You are one of my angels Fen. You were an angel here on Earth and now you watch over us. Oh, Fen, I miss you terribly, but, know you are in a better place. We love you Fen! Mommy, Daddy, Sydney, Kristopher & Furfamily: Corsica, Ms. P, Serena (Meezers)and Hampton & Puppy Syd (Cocker Spaniels)

Sir Galahad, 11/15/03

You were with me for such a short time, yet we had such a special bond.
You were so handsome in your black and white tux and those whiskers were like no others I'd seen. You showed up at my house one day as wild as a march hare and sooner than any of my other feral rescues, you tamed down until you actually climbed on my lap to be petted.
I feel so honored to have earned your trust. My sorrow is eased a little knowing that you finally knew what it was like to be loved. I really miss you, little buddy.

Jeannine Desmarais

Sir Ian MacTavish II, 11/90-09/12/03

Our broken hearts will mend eventually, but we will remember you forever. You brought so much joy into our lives. Enjoy your life at Rainbow Bridge and run and play with the rest of your family. I know they are awaiting you. You will always be in my heart. Mom

Sir Kohl, Nina and Little Babies, 07/07/03

Dear Sir, Nina and babies, This week has been a terrible week as I lost all of you. The little babies died first and then Nina, my persian had to be put to sleep and then my beautiful black Pug died violently. The were all so special, babies only lived a few days, Nina lived almost 12 years and SirKohl only five. Nina you were a rock and was always around and the best mama to her babies. You took care of yours and everybody else's that needed an extra hand. We always thought she would be there and when she turned ill it happened so fast, renal shutdown and she went into a coma. We rocked and cuddled her until we knew it was over and that she shouldn't have to suffer anymore so we took that last journey to the Vets and said good-bye to our Nina. Then the next day Sir Kohl was attacked and killed. Sir, my tears are blinding me as I write this as I still can't believe you are not with us anymore. I am so sorry that happened to you. You were as beautiful as any Pug could be. Your black glistening coat, the proud way you held your head and body, what a champ! Please believe me dear boy I loved you with all my heart and I hope you are in no more pain. Run with Nina and the babies plus all of your other family up there remember, Shi-Ann is there with you too. I will always love you guys and I think about you daily. I am sure it won't be long until we see each other again. Farewell little angels and please stay with me as I will you. God bless all of my little babies that have gone to heaven. Your ever-lovin........ Mom

Sir Leather and Lady Lace, 06/17/93 & 06/18/93 to 11/17/03

Sadly Leather and Lace died on November17,2003 due to old age. Leather had been blind for sometime but was getting along just find with our help, but with age he got worse and became aggressive. Lace had a skin problem that she was born with, And she had bad hips and was going deaf. With a tough decision we had decided that Leather and Lace had suffered enough and decided to end the suffering so they would be happy. It was the hardest thing for us to do. Even though they are buried on our land its hard not being able to be with them. But I know they are waiting for us, to be with us once again. They were one of a kind dogs and no one can replace them. And Since Baby Noah never really got to know them we will show him pictures and tell him stories to keep their memory alive. Here is their website with their last pictures taking.
If you want to take a look at our one of a kind dogs. They are special and hopefully they are happy.
We will always love you "Bubba and Lacey" we will never forget you guys, you were one of a kind and no one will ever be able to take your place.
Love forever.
Pam (Mom) Don (Dad) Danielle, Sarah, Jon & Baby Noah and the rest of the family.

Sir Maximillion Midnight Blue, 06/09/94-12/01/03

Max was the most caring and loving dog anyone could ever ask for. Though his cancer may have defeated him, our love for him will never die. Some day we will all be reunited together in a heaven that will never separate our souls again. God speed for now, we will all be together and happy again.

Erik Eyler, Kyle Eyler, Barry Eyler, and Bonnie Eyler

Sir Maxwell Bono The Prancer (Max), 01/13/96-08/12/03

There are no words that can express our gratitude for your unconditional love.

You were Mommy's boy and shadow from the time we picked you up until the time you crossed the Rainbow bridge.

Thank you so much for trying to please us during a time that must have been so excruciatingly painful for you.

We will never be the same without you and Goldie is devastated without you.

We only find comfort in knowing that you will never have to suffer again.


Mom, Dad, Goldie, Herbie and Dandy

Sir Maxwell Gayle, 8/4/03

The best dog a family could ever have. A unique spirit who lifted our hearts and made us smile with just a mere glance. Loving, devoted, intelligent, happy-go-lucky and handsome in every sense of the words. Thanks to him we have Scout who we'll treasure as long as he's here with us and have a wonderful reminder of what comes from such a perfect dog. He'll be missed immensely and forever and always in our hearts.

Sir Nobel Fletcher, 02/24/95-11/08/03

We miss our little boy...he was taken way too early.

Kristi & Brian

Sir Oliver, 01/13/94-09/21/01

If tears could build a Stairway
And memories a Lane
I'd walk right up to Heaven
And bring You home again.


Sir Rodknee, 10/01/90-03/13/03

I rescued my "Bubba" when he was 5 months old.

We immediately found that special connection that only special pets and their humans ever get to experience. For 12 1/2 years he served as my best friend, my sounding board, my comfort, my silent partner, my confidant and my world. We shared many walks, tears and laughter. When our hearts were as full as we thought they could be, we welcomed Lisa into our lives.

She became my wife and Rodknee's Mommy. From the day we met - both Rodknee and I took her into our special 'pack'. When the pack seemed complete, we welcomed another gift into our lives... Sierra came to us in August of 1996. From that day on - she was Bubba's little girl. He didn't know what to make of her at first, but then went on to love and protect her as one of his own.

Again, the pack was full, but still had enough room for one more to join us... Cujo (a Brazilian Mastif) wondered into our lives. Rodknee did not know what to make of this little ball of fur. After a few weeks, they were the best of buddies. But look out if Cujo tried to be a threat on anything that belonged to anyone else in the pack... Rodknee could not spring forward and protect any of us (or our 'stuff') as he used to, but did he ever let the pup know when he crossed the line. For a year, Rodknee taught Cujo all that he knew, especially how to take care of us.

For weeks, we agonized over Rodknee's health, his legs were getting weak, he fell down the steps several times. He started coughing - then it got worse. He seemed to be in pain, but would never, ever show us that he was suffering. We (especially myself) knew we had to make a decision. I made the dreaded appointment - and cried every night for over a week as the day approached. I spent as much time as I could with Rodknee the last few days - I cried to him, I hugged him, I asked for his forgiveness, I promised him that I would take care of 'his' pack (his family) and I told him how much I loved him.

On the day that he went to the bridge he spent 45 minutes out in the pouring rain, giving his yard a last minute inspection. He looked at me with confident, trusting and loving eyes and kissed me 3 times in the van on the way to the Vet. Once at the Vet - we went to put him on the table - this is the point where he would normally cry and struggle and fight tooth and nail... He got on the table without a fight, looked at me - kept wagging as I put the muzzle on him - and just gave me a look that made me feel confident in my decision. The look simply said "Thanks, dad - I didn't want to tell you, but I have been suffering... I love you, and I will see you soon!"

I know we did the right thing, but 3 days later - I can still not stop the tears. I cannot stop the empty feeling that I feel either, even though the rest of my 'pack' keeps loving me.

I will never forget you Bubba - please remember me as well!

Shawn, Lisa and Sierra Meder

Sir Timothy Edward James, 07/27/95-09/09/03

Timmy was a one of a kind puppy. No matter how he felt, I was always his concern. He was friendly, loving, GREAT with children and just kissed anyone who wanted that kiss. He came down with polycythemia rubelo vera ( a form of Leukemia) and our vets did everything they could do including calling in specialists. But that Sunday before I took him for blood work, he crawled under our bed. My husband said that animals usually do that to tell you it's time for them to go. Both of us were with him the next day and my husband held the lil fella tightly with tears and I love yous as the vet put him to sleep. He didn't have a chance cause his blood count was 15 and he was bleeding inside. Timmy will always be my lil angel and I hope to pick him up when I go over rainbow bridge one day.


Sir Tyberious De La Wilson, 06/22/88-11/01/03

Tyler was with me for all these years and saved my life on more than one occasion. He was the only one who could get through to me when I was lost in depression. He saved me from myself. He came to me in the middle of the night to tell me the heater was on fire. He stood by me through all and never asked any more than to be with me. I know I'll get by but I won't be complete. not without my Tyler beside me. God's speed Tyler and know I love you.

Sis, 03/23/87-06/30/03

She was a constant source of joy and comfort for over 16 years.


Sissy, 03/14/88-11/24/03

I miss you so much, my little sweet girl. You would always listen to me, as I talked to you constantly. You loved to eat--and in your earlier years you always amazed me with your houdini-ways--you could always find a way to the garbage can everytime! When you were 13, you climbed your first mountain--what a healthy girl you always were. I am in so much pain now, but I had to make the decision to let you go, my sweet baby. I hope your life was rich enough with us; you certainly gave me everything you had and I will always love you. Sigmund misses you so much and loves you with all of his heart too. You come home and be with me as much as you want--I'll keep talking to you; I know you can hear me! Enjoy yourself in Heaven and be happy. We will see you at the bridge, my little "Baby-Girl". Love, Mommy.

Sissy, 03/03/81-07/17/03

Sissy was one of the sweetest felines that ever lived and was a huge part of our family. She lived a good long life and will be always be in our hearts forever! Sissy you are very much sadly missed and there is never a day that goes by that we don't think of you and the wonderful companionship you gave us. Bobby, Ricky, Baby, and Tiger miss you more than you know....they are still making messes for us to clean everyday and carrying on the tradition! We know you are in an even better place! So run and play and be youthful, until we meet again. With love, Gail and Carey

Sissy, 08/07/03

You were the greatest dog in the world and I loved you and will always miss you


Sissy, 12/11/91-03/13/03

Sissy, I love and miss you so. You will always be my little baby girl. I hope you and L.B. are together. Take care my baby.

Sissy, 09/19/01

This is for our special girl who helped up raise our boys and loved everyone that came along. She also showed us what a true pit bull dog was all about. Thanks to her love, slobbery kisses, butt wiggles, snuggles and all the special things she did in her life time, we have now become affiliated with a rescue group to save more of these precious dogs. Sissy, I know you are here with us and watching over us. We miss dearly and at times wonder how we get through the days without you, then we stop and realize that you are still here with us in spirit and watching over us and all of these foster babies living in your house.

We love you Sissy (Sister Susie)!

Mom & Dad

Sissy, 02/06/03

To one of the sweetest little kittens that I have ever known. You fight so hard to live and I am glad I was able to help you to fight. Rest in peace and I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is my time......


Sissy Britches, 03/96-03/16/03

To Sissy Britches, The one who kept me going when I was down, the one who loved us without conditions. I miss you little one, with all my heart. Anne

Sissy Elizabeth Houde, 06/24/99-07/31/03

Sissy was a beautiful Bullmastiff who lived a short life. She was put to sleep when she was four. About a year before that she was having seizures and I found out it was a brain tumor. The type of tumor was called oligodendroglioma. We had it removed and she was doing great. However, she started having problems months later and the doctors thought it was something else. They found out it was a spinal tumor and tried to do surgery but the tumor was in her spinal cord and there was nothing they could do. I found out from the autopsy that somehow the original tumor spread to her brainstem and five places down her spinal cord and they classified it as metastatic oligodendroglioma. Sissy you brought me so much happiness in the short time we were able to spend together. I hope you know I tried everything in my power to save you. You were a fighter until the end. I love you and miss you so much. I hope to see you in heaven one day. Her website is

Love Mama

Sissy Girl, 07/05/89-07/26/03

Our sweet baby girl, we miss you so much and are finding it very hard to let you go. Everyday we remember something else that you did that touched our lives. We knew your time was near but we still longed for that hope of us always being together forever. You were and always will be a precious precious baby and our lives are better for having you and our other babies in it. We all miss you girly girl. Mommy, Daddy and your lifetime mate, Sammy and your daughters Sheeba and Maggie.
We will love you and miss you forever.

Buddy and Margaret

Sister Hall, 05/12/90-11/11/02

We love you Forever, Sister

Our Angel Unaware

Chad & Carol

Sitka, 11/26/03

Sitka was our friend and protector. He was always sweet and goodnatured. He was obedient an loving. We miss him so very much.
His passing has left a large hole in our lives and our hearts. Everyone who met him fell in love

with him. By writing this tribute it helps to know that there are people out there who understand and give us hope for an acceptance for our loss. Thank you for reading this.

Anne and Bill Wetzork

Six, 02/05/03

This is a tribute to a very special dog and his brave family. Six was diagnosed with bone cancer last summer(2002). He had surgery and chemotherapy and several weeks later he was at a summer dog-walk with bright eyes and a happy face. We all continued to hope in November 2002 when he was given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately he was wanted on the other side, but he was happily snitching french fries until the day he died. His parents are a symbol of loving, caring pet owners who give there pets happiness in life and dignity in death.


Skeebo, 07/07/03

Skeebo...he was a lover, lived in a pen in the backyard, always ready with a run and wagging tail. Comforted me through many an upset in my late teens and saw me through the loss of my grandmother. He was a fine dog. He was and is loved and I'll be glad to see him run to welcome me across rainbow bridge. Take care furry boy, mama's boy.

Skeeter, 10/01/85-12/02/03

I lost my beloved Skeeter yesterday. He was 18 years old. He waited for me to come home from work and I had time to pet him and tell him that I loved him, then he peacefully went to sleep. This morning my dog Sassy looked for his companion who ate with him each morning. I miss him dearly and will love him always.

Nancy Van Horn

Skeeter, 01/24/95-11/19/03

Skeeter you have now passed over and walked the rainbow bridge.. I miss you and your brother does too we are both lost without you.
But one day we will all be together again.


Skeeter, 10/23/03

To my special feathered friend, skeeter who loved me unconditionally. Demanding and clownish, you always made me smile. May your feathers grow full and strong as you go on to the big sky. I am sorry for your sickness and your pain and I set you free to fly to Jesus. I will see you again and hear your little happy squeak when we meet, never to be parted again. From your mommy and daddy, Debi & Steve

Skeeter Levitskie, 04/01/95-04/08/03

My Skeeter was a dear little boy with a loving and affectionate disposition. He was snatched away so suddenly that I still can't believe I won't see his sweet face peering around the corner or have his warm body lay in my lap. The silence is deafening, but I take comfort in knowing I gave him a wonderful life and couldn't have loved him more. Until we meet again, my sweet little Mommy!

Skidder, 05/02/03

Skidder I can't believe your gone. It was only last night that I held you and you gave sweet bunny kisses. Last night as I slept you went without warning. I love you always and we'll meet again at the rainbow bridge...

Laurie Young

Skiddoodle, 06/87-01/27/02

Doodle was my everything. He was a very special boy, who made my life whole. He was my best friend, who was there for me when no one else was. Through boyfriends, surgeries, illnesses, happy times, and bad, he was always by my side.

He lived such a full life. I think he knew how much I loved him. He is missed so much. I still think about him everyday.

He died in my arms. I always told him that I would never leave his side, and that I would be with him until the end. I was. He will be forever in my heart always. I love you old boy. I can't wait to see you in heaven.

Love, Mommy.

Skila, 02/12/94-02/09/03

My beautiful Skila, thank you for your unconditional love and for always being so in-tune to my emotions. I will miss you, Wiggly Butt. Keep your head pointed toward heaven as you look for the birds in the trees. Trixie and Kaiser miss you too, Weela. I'm so grateful that you went to sleep in my arms.
Love, Momma

Skillet, 09/07/91-09/18/03

My dearest Skillet, we all miss you very much. ChaCha and Marcel don't know what to do without you here keeping things in order. You were the leader of the pack in our house and you will be loved and missed forever. I will miss our talks and your stepping on the scale every morning. Since the day you were born you have been the best cat anyone could ever ask for. I hope you feel that I gave you a good life here. I hope you are happy in your new place. Wait for us and we will be there eventually. God be with you and take care of you, until we meet again!!!...loves and hugs, Cec, Cha, Marcel and BC. I'll always remember!!

Skimble, 06/17/85-04/22/03

Skimble was my faithful companion for over 17 years. My heart is breaking now, but I'll know we'll see each other again.

Skimble, you will forever be in my heart. Thanks for always being there for me when I needed you. I love you and will miss you more than words can say.

Amy Spintman

Skimbleshanks, 05/15/88-04/30/03

I miss you baby -- my heart is broken into pieces so small that each one could fit through the eye of a needle.

Chris Rhone

Skip (Lil Big Man),

Skip was my best friend. He was always by my side. He left alot of people that loved him. He was a daddy of two daughters and a husband. His wife Tibby which was a Tibetan Spaniel loved him so much. Tibby was sent to a loving family and his daughters also. And I would like for him to know that sense that day you were hit you haven't left my heart. I miss you so much I think about you all the time. And I love you. P.S. Dad, Mom, Jordan, Maw Maw, Paw Paw, Granny, Papa, Tibby, Heidi, Jolann, and all my friends want to say how much they miss you. And R.I.P Skip (Lil Big Man) Lil Big Man was his nickname Cause he always tried to be bigger than he was.

Skipper, 03/19/95-09/20/03

My dear, dear Skipper; do you remember how I always called you "My baby'? How we napped together and you loved to lie across me full length and I called you my doggie blanket. How you loved to rub on my pillows so I always had to make the bed quickly to keep you off there. You made me laugh so many times. And how much fun you had with your sister, Sadie, playing tug off war with your doggie or lambie toys and you ran around the house and yard so hard that you would sometimes run so hard outside that you would fall on your side. You and Sadie were my own little side show act and so often you gave me joy. And you were always so good and obedient - and smart. Now don't I sound just like all loving Moms, because I saw only perfection in you always. And right up to the last you knew that your time was coming and you were so brave but in the end it was I who had to be the bravest and make the decision to take away your pain and suffering. Wait for me by the Rainbow Bridge; one day I will join you there. You will never be forgotten. There is so much more I could write; I have so many wonderful memories of our time together and I thank you for your unconditional love and devotion. You were a gift from God to grace my life. from Mom, Sheri Kohout

Skipper, 07/07/02

You were my little Pooh bear. I could always count on you to bring a smile to my face. I miss you sooooo much. I LOVE YOU POOH!

Tammy Carwell

Skippy, 07/11/03

My husband and I lost our best friend yesterday. His name was Skippy and he was 16 years old. He was an American Cocker Spaniel. In 2000 he had his leg removed due to squamous cell carcinoma. He also had cancer of the prostate for which he received chemotherapy and did go into remission. Talk about a WONDER DOG As we sit here tonite we feel totally lost and we miss him terribly. We knew the end was near but we did not wish to face it. He is in a better place now and most importantly he is without pain. We will rely on each other and God to get us through this difficult time. Thank you for letting us share our feelings about our beloved Skippy.

Nick & Suzanne Novak

Skippy, 05/30/91-06/04/03

I miss you so much, but am grateful for having had the experience you in my life. I love you for now and always.


Skippy, 01/29/89-05/05/03

Our toy poodle Skippy was a beautiful dog. He gave us years of joy..His favorite food was apples. And he loved to tear off your socks. And chase you around in the snow. He went blind 2 years ago, and began a diabetic. We loved him like our child....we had to put him to sleep on 5/5/2003. He also had arthisis.
Skippy Our Precious Little Angel 1/29/89-5/5/03

Steve and Sharon Barger

Skittles, 12/16/02

Skittles we all miss you love you. Not a day goes by we don't think about you. Hope your enjoying yourself. Someday we will meet again. Rest in peace my love.

Kimberly Miller

Skupper (Skup's), 02/14/90-04/27/03

Our true friend who will be greatly missed. She was a fighter and a loved family member. It broke my heart to have to make the decision to let you go, They said you were in pain, I could not bare to let you suffer. I hugged you and stroked your velvet soft ears as you left me.
They say that it will get easier as time goes on but you were the best mate anyone could ask for. Not a moment goes by when I don't think of you and frequent lumps form in my throat. You were my baby, when the kids came along you were both loving and protecting of them. I could trust you with them and not have to worry that you would snap at them. Oscar sits lonely outside looking for you, I think he knows that you are gone but he still looks.
Jo the lady who washed you every 2 weeks came today and told me about this site, she was shocked to learn you had passed over. You were always scared of water, but when she started washing you, you started to enjoy your baths. Oscar was pleased to see her and enjoyed his bath.
My sweet black dog I miss you so much I wish I just had 1 more day with you. I love you and will look for you when my time comes, please don't be angry with me for letting you go.
I hope there are lots of dogs cats and people that you are now playing with. I wont say good bye I will just say I will see you. Hugz and huggles sweetie I love you.

Sky, 11/02/97-07/07/03

I miss my baby boy who was so dear to me. He's forever on my mind and in my heart. I luv you my cuttie pootootie!!!


Sky, 11/09/03

SKY......oh were you a good puppy.
I swear I'll find out who it was that thought shooting a puppy was acceptable. I'm gonna miss you terribly girl.
Little Bear is missin" ya too!!!
I'll love ya forever!!!!!!

Tanya Penwell

Skya, 12/11/89-12/01/03

She was a good friend, loyal companion, always happy, never mean. She lived a long, happy life with someone who truly loved her. I will miss her dearly.

Amy Griffiths

Skye, 11/01/92-07/27/03

You were white, small and quiet when we brought you home.
You were friendly and soon grew a huge pink tongue.
Dusty was your companion and you drove him crazy. Later when he passed you were alone. For a long time, alone. Sad. Our time finally spent together was not nearly enough. Our fault. Then we brought you to our new home. To stay with us always. You ran, you played, you went on long walks, you painted. You were a part of our family again.
We brought you home a companion, a friend, Zoe. You welcomed her into your life. Things were great.
But bad news came suddenly, you were sick, very sick, very quickly. A choice. A very difficult decision. Had to protect you from pain. I watched you cross over. I wept. Sad. We displayed photos of you and your beautiful artwork. Happy again. We love you Puppizza. We will never forget you, and what you brought to our lives......................

Cynthia and Chris

Skye, 02/11/93-10/03/03

You brought such joy to our lives during the time you were with us. We appreciate your unconditional love and devotion. From the very beginning, you had us wrapped around your heart with all the little things you did that made you unique. We were so hurt and sad when you developed the cancer, and so relieved that you pulled through the surgeries and cancer treatments. You are our little trooper. Even though you were taken from us so suddenly, we will miss you very much, and look forward to the time when we will meet again at the Bridge. We love you, Skye!
Mom, Dad, Ashley (your Siamese 'sister'), Scarlett and Cassi (your Pom 'sisters')

Skye, 10/24/92-09/12/03

Skye, We'll play together again.
Love Poppy

One day we will be together again.
I love and miss you very much.
Love Mommy

Sky King, 12/05/03

Savior of the Free World, Protector of the Universe... a tribute given to our beloved King, who always wore an American Flag Bandana

Nanci Lamarque

Skylar, 07/01/85-07/03/03

To my Sky Guy - For 18 years, we were the best of friends. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for sharing your warm and beautiful companionship, your loyalty, and your love. I will miss you always until we meet again. Love, Mama.

Skyler, 05/15/86-10/16/03

He was our inspiration, the love of our lives. he was so caring and loving, only wanting to be around us for his happiness. We spoiled him like no other and he was well deserving of it. Skyler, I love you dearly and will be with you as soon as possible at Rainbow Bridge.

Robert Bogan

Slasher Vitiello, 2/21/90-6/14/03

I am so sorry I did not get a chance to say good bye to you today. You were very loved little boy. Now you will be with your buddy Max. Run and play and feel better.
We will miss you so much. We love you!

Slater, 02/14/91-12/25/03

You left me at Christmas and now I will always have that day for my wonderful memories of a forever friend.

Gail Dolphin

Slick, 09/14/03

Slick, you made me laugh, and you played the dumb blond to the hilt, but you were such a good friend to me and to your sister Girlfriend.
We miss you.

Janice Lane

Slick, 04/1985-04/14/03

April,1985-April 14th, 3:30p.m.,2003

In June of 1985 Rick and I found Slick outside of his apartment on Jackman Road. He was all alone and I ask if we could keep him. Rick said we would and that he would grow with our love. That was one marriage, two children, and five homes ago. Eighteen years.
Slick began life with us without a name for awhile. It wasn't until one day when we were going away and discovered he had gotten into the floorboard in the front that he got his name. Rick said he was pretty slick to have done that.
So the name stuck. Slick.
From then on Slick would go lots of places with us. He loved riding in the car. Most of the time he would sit in my lap while I drove and put his paws on the steering wheel. He looked as if he was driving. He was so funny.
Sometimes he would bring baby animals to me. I guess he thought they were presents. He did however kill a bird and eat it in our apartment but when I found him he was jumping in and out of the garbage throwing away the feathers. He was cleaning up after himself. Maybe he didn't want me to see what he had done.
When Rick and I would go to bed sometimes we would shut the door and he wouldn't stand for that. He would jump up and paw at the door handle and knock it back and forth until he got in. He was very clever.
Slick threw up alot. I never knew why. It was just what he did.
When he was about eleven years old we moved into our last home. Soon after that Slick became very ill. The vet thought that he should be put to sleep but I insisted on paying for test to see what was wrong. It turned out that he had Diabetes. They told me how hard it was to regulate a cat on insulin and that it was alot of work and that he probably wouldn't live much longer. I didn't care. I wanted to take care of him.
And so it began.
Seven years of giving him a shot every morning and regular feedings about every four hours. It was alot of work and sometimes very stressful. But I miss those days. Slick would get very sick every year or two and we would think we were going to loose him. But he always seemed to bounce back.
Over the last few months Slick began to loose weight. He had became very skinny. He slept under Stephanie's bed alot because it was very warm under there. When we had him locked up in the utility room he slept under the furnace. He was cold alot. Whenever I would lay or sit on the couch he was right there.
He wanted to lay on top of me most of the time. I guess it kept him warm or maybe just because he loved me. I loved him so much. At night he had started spending more and more nights in my room. For a long time he used to sleep on Stephanie's pillow. Then he stopped and then went to sleep in Nick's room for awhile. But he ended up back with me towards the end.
On Sunday March 13th Slick was on me in my bed. He seemed so little, weak, and old.
As I pet his head and cleaned his eyes I told him if he needed to go that he should go.
The next day Slick wouldn't eat. Finally at lunchtime I was really worried. I gave him some tuna and he ate it. But very soon after he threw it up all over. He tried to poop several times but couldn't. Then he began just laying there and peeing all over himself.
I knew it was time. He was dying. I woke up Rick and ask him to hold him in his blanket while I picked up Stephanie from school. Then with all of us there we said our goodbyes to our beloved cat Slick.
Nick road with me to the vet and held him. It was a very hard but brave thing for him to do. I love him for doing that for Slick so he didn't have to lay on the seat alone in his blanket. I took him in and kissed him and they took him back and put him to sleep. They brought him back to me and I kissed his little face all over and his still wet nose and lips. They were so soft. I tried to leave but had to go back and kiss him again. Then I left. Never to see my old friend again.
We love you Slick and will miss you forever.

Slick Willie, 01/01/92-05/27/03

Slick Willie was a wonderful companion for one who lived alone. He will be missed very much. The house is very empty now . . .

Lee and Elizabeth Maice

Slinda, 08/17/00-05/01/03

This was a mistreated loving pup that was badly neglected by those who claimed her as theirs. She came to us for love and protection and we gladly gave it and finally took her as our own. We couldn't save her from the past neglect she had already experienced but we made her last year one filled with love and happiness in which she also gave the same in return. We shall always hold her in our thoughts, hearts and prayers..We Miss and Love You Slinda.

Slinky (my little baaaaaaabeeeeeeeeee), 09/07/03

I'll always remember the hugs and kisses of my little kitty with the beautiful green eyes. She gave me so much love. She loved it when I sang:
My Slinky, My Slinky,
My Cat with the beautiful eyes,
My Slinky, My Slinky,
Who always loves a surprise,
Everyone loves My Slinky.

She would meow and hop into my lap and cuddle against me with her little paws around my neck, hugging and purring and lick me with kisses everywhere while I sang and beyond. I only had her for six years since I bought her from a cat shelter but I am so glad she was in my life even for a little while. I'll miss her terribly but Mittens and I will see her soon, when it's our time.

I love you sweetheart, my little baaaaaaaabeeeeeeeee. I'll miss you forever until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge where we will travel beyond together. Love Always, Mummy and Mittens

Slippers, 02/13/03

My Loving tribute to Slippers

Slippers was a very special cat. She had been rescued from an abandon building by Paws and More Animal Shelter in Washington Iowa. She lived there for 6 years with a few of her kittens, until we took her into our home. She was a foster cat for us, but after 2 years, our home was the only home she would ever need.
Slippers was always a thin cat, but had nothing wrong with her, as we could tell. We gave Slippers all the love in our hearts. She was always with me, and there was never a time that she wasn't at my feet or on my lap. She was my special friend. I gave her special attention, as she was a special needs kitty and had a very hard life. I loved her so much, and wanted to do anything in my power to help her. I knew that the time was coming that she needed to go, but didn't think I could cope with her not being here for me. The night before she passed away, she was having trouble walking and couldn't walk up the stairs. It seemed as though the years of living on her own and a liver disease (later diagnosed) was talking their tole on Slippers fragile little body. She had a strong will to be there for me, and even though her body was failing her, her spirit was stronger than ever.
The morning of the day she passed, she was having a really tough time doing much more than standing up. I knew by the look in her eyes, that she was trying to tell me goodbye and that she loved us very much. I knelt down to Slippers ever so failing body so I could be eye level with her and told her "Slippers, I love you more than anything, but I know that you have to go, and that I would be ok. I t seemed at that very moment, our minds and body were as one, and we both knew the time was growing near. Before I left for work I gave her what would be a final kiss on her little lips and told her, "If you need to go, I understand".
During the day, I made a special prayer to St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, to reach down and raise Slippers up in his arms and help her be at peace. I had a feeling throughout the day, that this prayer had been answered. I had an inner peace now, and just knew Slippers was gone, but in a far better place.
People say that they can sense a loved one is still with them even after they have passed. Even though slippers may be gone in body, her strong spirit that had kept her alive for so long, is still with us, and always will be.
Even though Slippers may be gone, I'm able to move on knowing that she is in a happier place free of disease and pain, and that I will be with her again someday.

I miss you Slipps, and I will never forget you my sweet angel kitty!!!

Hugs and Kisses, Mom and Dad

Slugger, 6/3/91-1/11/03

My best friend is gone and can't be replaced,
My best friend has gone, gone on to a better place.
Her pain was unbearable; her heart is now ceased,
She's in kitty heaven and there she's in peace.
She'll always be with me, wherever I go,
Our love was reciprocal, that much I know.
No one as kind could ever exist,
My heart just broke when she kissed her last kiss.
She's in a better place now; I know this is true,
I just can't stop loving; I'll forever be blue.
My dearly beloved Slugger : 6/3/91 - 1/11/03

Lauren Levine

Sluggo, 08/08/90-11/26/03

I took Sluggo home when he was 8 weeks old and I promised him that he would always be my baby. Sluggo was with me through a diagnosis of diabetes, a heart-breaking miscarriage, several operations,3 months bed-ridden after foot surgery a terrible divorce, then the happy addition of a new daddy and little human sister! At 13 years, 3 months and 18 days, my blind, arthritic baby was worn out and I helped him cross over. I was with him looking in his eyes when he left this world and I held him wrapped in his blankie as his daddy drove us to the crematorium. He will always be in my heart as the best dog I ever had. I will never have another dog, as I don't think my old heart can handle this pain I now feel. I know I did the right thing and I was a good mommy to my little Sluggo but it doesn't help the emptiness I feel. I do however find comfort in knowing that all dogs go to heaven and I will someday cross over the Rainbow Bridge with him.

Franni Vermeer

Sluggo, 2/17/03

'And, when he shall die
Take him and cut him out
in little stars,
And he will make the face
of heaven so fine,
That all the world will be in
love with night,
And pay no worship to
the garish sun.........................'

Bev Keane

Sly ( Big Sly or Sly Man), 1/1/87-1/15/03

Sly ( Big Sly or Sly Man) was born 1/1/87(approx) and crossed the bridge 1/15/03 at 5:30 PM, in my arms, surrounded by his feline and canine family. Sly was a gray/brown tabby domestic short hair and the oldest of the family. He is my heart, my big boy and I will always miss him. I am glad he is now free of the lymphoma that ravaged his body, taking away the use of his hind legs and motor skills, but never did it take his spirit. Until the last few hours, he was still "Big Sly" Until we meet again you have many friends there to keep you company. I will always love you Sly...

Kathy Genuardi (Kat)

Smerlas, 11/14/03

I am soo going to miss my buddy of 15 years.


Smidge, 05/88-01/09/03

Smidge was a fighter. She was deaf from kittenhood. She was very self-confident and very headstrong. She had her own way of doing things. She was so quirky and determined that she often got puzzled looks from other cats. She went blind a few weeks before she died. And even in her blindness and deafness, she found a way to do things herself. She was 14 years old. I like to think that she is with her cat companion, Pedro, who passed away 2/14/02 at the age of 18.

Kevin McNair

Smidgeroo, 10/28/00-02/13/03


You were my babygirl
I loved you like no other
I truly felt I was
your one and only mother

We found you as a kitten
so small scared and frail
but it took only some love
for you to proudly raise that tail

you gave me two years
of joy and happiness
loved us unconditionally
and never any less

I loved to watch you play
or talk to your lil birds
no matter what anyone says
I know you were speaking words

You were so very special
truly and totally unique
you helped my days go by
week after week

now you are gone
to a place where you have no pain
a place that healed you
and life is not a strain

you are happy and free
but please believe me
down here in this place
I miss your pretty face

I miss your soft mews
and your soft black fir
without you
life is like a blurr

a blurr of sadness
and of pain
without you I feel at times
like im going insane

Life has taken you from me
I loved you from the start
And I will love you forever
for you are
the biggest piece of my heart
I will love you forever
my heart just breaks for you you my love will always be my true love
love forever

Smiley, 11/22/03

We love you, Smiley. You were so special, and we miss you so much. God is taking care of you now. You can walk and jump again! We will see you again in Heaven. Come and find us when we get there, ok? We will love you always.

Marilyn Techen

Smithers, 02/24/94-11/04/02

You have not gone on but just left my presence just the same. My heart has been broken. You were my best loved pet. So unique. so intelligent. Funny, too! You will always be #1. Always in my heart


Smitty, 1984?-08/15/02

This cat was truly irreplaceable. He is still sorely missed this 1st anniversary. The nights are quieter without his purring, the porch is empty without his tanning presence, and there is one less furkid begging for "special" each Sunday morning. Smitty taught me about cats, about loyalty, and about love.

I promised I would never forget you my Sweet Boy, and I won't.


See Smitty at:

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Do the chairs in your parlour * Seem empty and bare * Do you gaze at your doorstep * And picture me there?

You're far away... From me, my love * But just as sure my Baby * As there are stars above * Someday, we'll be together

Smocha, 4/1/87-9/8/03

Smocha (Smokey)--- A.K.A. Smotchka * Mokey Moke * Gray Girl * Pussywillow Paws * Purring Princess * Powder Puff * Luminous Lovely * Chatty Catty * Beastie Baby * Monochrome Meowler * Chub Cheeks * The Swisher * Sensuous-Tailed Lovely * Silvery Sweetie * Golden-Eyed Lovely * Silver-and-Gold * Head-Butt Champ * Chunky Deluxe * Super Chunk * My Little Potato on Toothpicks * Purr Box * My Little Motorboat *

I can't believe you're gone, Smokey Baby. No more kissing your flat head or pinching your chub cheeks (all fur). I can't stop thinking of you and where you should be right now: on the third step from the bottom. Sometimes when I walked downstairs and carefully stepped around you, I would turn back to look at you, and your right eye would be cracked open to watch me; the other was buried in your left paw as you relaxed. You were the Queen of Relaxation.

And how gorgeous you looked in any position. I always said of you "Every pose a portrait", and how true it was: you never looked awkward or ungainly. When you sat on your haunches looking up at me, your two front paws would always be neatly together, your tail wrapped just so around them. You were so regal --- where did it come from? I was told you were just a domestic shorthair, but somewhere in your lineage there must have been Chartreux, the blue cat of France. You were fit for palaces and penthouses, not a Brooklyn townhouse, but I'm so glad we shared lives.

What was it about you that possessed me so? All the little things: the way you would caress inanimate objects while looking at me to make me jealous for your attention; the way you would head-butt me when you were impatient; how you would greet me at the door after a day's work; how you would caress me with your tail. You knew your tail was a lethal weapon and you used it expertly to garner my attention when I was wrapped up in something riveting and all of your other wiles failed. While walking past me you would swing your back end toward my shin and wrap your tail around my calf. That got me every single time. And how sensuous that tail was! You used to swish it in the most amazing manner.

I loved your tail best, but how could I not mention your fur? It was so soft, like a powder puff, and you were always such a good groomer. Your fur may have been gray, but it shone silvery on your nose and paws, which was why you'll always be remembered as my Pussywillow Paws. I would often announce to the family that you had the best tail and best paws of all the Britz cats, and it was no idle boast.

You were so feminine, not only in your looks but also in your bearing. It was such a pleasure to watch you pad across the floor, stepping daintily. That was hard to pull off in a pussycat as well-fed as you. You also meowed so delicately, like a Southern belle of old. Even your purr was ladylike, although I can't understand how it could be so; it was so loud it shook the rafters! I can't forget your chirping too. Whatever way you communicated, meowing, purring, or chirping, you were really chatty.

You were one smart furball, and, as you proved, cats must be smarter than dogs because you CAN teach an old cat new tricks. You were all of six years old when you learned to pee into the toilet, gracefully, of course. By the way, I'm sorry for taking a photo of you doing so. I know it was undignified, but I was just so proud of you and I wanted to show everyone else what my baby could do. Another trick: hailing the queen. And the loyal subject was always rewarded with a treat (or two or three.)

I miss all of your little quirks and mannerisms: the way you would jump into any box I placed on the floor, even ones into which you barely fit (Remember the time your butt didn't fit? You unintentionally mooned me.); how you would peek between the balusters to try to engage me in combat; the way you would flop heavily on the floor in front of me when you wanted a caress; how a plastic bag was always just too good to pass up, and how you sometimes got it stuck on your head. Of course, you always behaved in a dignified manner, and would calmly back up until I noticed and came to remove it.

I greatly miss my placid, loyal beastie who asked for so little, but gave me so much. I have no doubt we'll meet again. Until then, revel in your new youth and give my love to Logan, Bumper, and Daisy.


Smoke, 08/15/00-04/02/03

Smoke was a bright, fun loving feline who loved the outdoors and we will miss him dearly.

Mary Harlan

Smoke, 07/19/97-01/09/03

Smoke was a very special cat to me, saw me through some very tough times. I will miss you greeting me at the door when I come home, seeing you in the chair next to me when I watch TV, by my side as I surf the net, or looking out the window at me as I leave home. You were always a good cat, very friendly and loyal, from the moment I got you as a kitten, you were my best friend.

I hope you are in a better place now, as you suffered those last few days, please forgive me for what I had to do, it was the hardest decision I ever had to make, I love you Smoke, you will not be forgotten and I hope to see again some day.

David Floyd

Smokee, 11/22/89-03/19/03

To my protector,
You have been my strength through the worse times of my life. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have you to help me through it. You were my purpose in life. Now it is another very difficult time in my life without you, but you are not here to help me. You will always be in my heart & I will think of you everyday. But you are in a better place where you can run and play catch again, & eat all the treats you want. We will be together again. I love you Smokee and always will!

Joyce E

Smoke, Shadow, Precious & Reba

We learned so much from you.
Your love was unconditional.

Each of you
Captured our heart.

You never judged or criticized;
You were loyal,
no matter out moods,
or our behavior.

You brought so much joy & laughter
To our lives...
You helped us feel better about ourselves.

You served as our guardians;
You were tuned
Into our needs.

You showed courage in your battles
With pain and disease.

We are so grateful that you came
& enriched our life.
Thank you Smoke, Precious, Shadow & Reba.
Our loving friends forever.

You will be etched in our minds,
& living on in our hearts,
Forever & ever.


Smokey, 07/01/88-12/16/03

Our beloved friend is gone from Earth but forever in our hearts.

Denise, Ed, Ricky and James Axmacher

Smokey, aka Smoka & Siamesey Baby, 06/28/98-12/11/03

To Our Loving Smoka,
We are so sad and sorry your heart wasn't strong enough for you to stay here on Earth with us. You didn't give us enough time to prepare for this separation and we are hurting so much right now...... but being the beautiful creature that you are, you probably didn't want us to know you were going to leave us soon so we wouldn't have to be
sad while we still had time to spend with you here, or see you in pain. But you could have given us more than a day to know you weren't well! Wednesday afternoon you were fine...
running around bugging daddy, me & Bandit, as usual.
Then all of a sudden, Thursday morning you were so listless..... you wouldn't even eat your treats that you love so much, and you didn't purr like a motorboat when I picked you up like you ALWAYS do. I told daddy there must be something wrong because since you were just 5 weeks old I never saw you even close to that! (It's amazing that you never had a sick day in your young life besides the time you caught a cold when you boarded at the animal clinic.) On your passing day, we took you to see Dr T the minute she got out of surgery with another pet, but she said you were too weak and your heart wouldn't hold up any longer.
When we brought you to the Vet on Thursday I had NO IDEA that was going to be our last day together on Earth! So I hope you will forgive me for being so sad but I'm in a little bit of shock right now :o(

We miss you sooooo much and will always love you and have you forever close to our hearts. Daddy & Mommy promise to take good care of your best friend, your brother Bandit.
He's not sure why you haven't came home from the Vet yet and he keeps looking for you. It's been so hard for us to see Bandit without his life long companion....the two of you have NEVER been separated in your whole lives! But we will do our best to keep each other strong instead of cry by thinking of all the wonderful times we've had the honor of sharing with our beautiful Smoka baby.
Please take good care of the other animals in heaven, and mind your manners and don't pester them too much!
(The other animals are not used to having an especially unique and high maintenance Siamese Ragamuffin around!)
Love & Kisses to our Heart Angel baby,
Your Family

Smokey, 09/08/95-12/03/03

We miss you Smokey.
You were always there for us and we hope you still will be.
We hope to see you soon, take care.
We love you and you're always welcome back home!

Dennis, Suzanne and April Fessler

Smokey, 05/16/86-09/26/03

Smokey mommy misses you so much, and I thank you for blessing me with 17 years of your love. You'll always be my sunshine!


Smokey, 01/01/93-07/04/99

Smokey, I always will remember you. You taught me so much and whether we called you a permanent foster dog, you knew your home was with us. I know Roy will always have you in his heart, and maybe that completed your mission. Love was present for him.

Birgit Miranda

Smokey, 09/18/00

It's been three years, Smokey, but I've never forgotten you. The mouth that you suffered from will trouble you no more.

Meaghan Edwards

Smokey, 03/15/88-07/13/03

I couldn't have imagined accidentally ending up with the best, sweetest dog. Over the last 15 years, Smokey has been my companion, confidant, best friend. I will cherish my memories of her for the rest of my life.

Karen Turner

Smokey, 8/25/77-4/23/88

Our first cat. You taught us how much love a cat could bring into our lives. We will never be without one, thanks to you. We will always love you.


Smokey, 06/16/03

Smokey was such a sweet dog. Abandoned at the vet, he was so happy to have a home with Lewis and I. He was always glad to meet another dog, or person, and shared his happy heart with all.
He and Lewis will now be back together to play again. Hopefully there are lots of watermelons and chew sticks in heaven.
You will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you.

Susan Goree

Smokey, 02/03/03-06/10/03

Smokey was the greatest dog I ever met he was so loving and when the rest of my world seemed to collapse around me I could count on him to be there and love me. In the past year my uncle and one of my favorite teachers died. Even though Smokey only lived 4 months he became a part of me and when he died he took a part of me with him. I believe in Jesus and the bible says that if you ask you shall receive so it looks like I may get to see him when I leave this world. My dying wish will be to be buried with him in my arms.

Smokey, 06/01/02-05/11/03

Smokey was a much loved bunny, who left us suddenly.
He leaves behind his "wife" Smudge.
We remember him as a big cuddly, gentle and friendly bunny who brought much joy into our lives.
We remember him sitting on our laps as we sat at the computer, we would give him an occasional bunny treat or rich tea biscuit to eat, which he loved. He would lick us
in appreciation of the attention we gave him. He loved to get in the garden, often giving bunny kicks with his back legs in joy.
We will miss him forever, and hope he knows we did the best we could for him and will look after his Smudge bunny.

Smokey, 04/20/03

To our beloved kitty Smokey - She was a sweetheart and will forever be remembered with a loving smile. We will miss her as will her brother, Sparkles. She brought us smiles when we were sad and always responded with a purr when petted and cuddled. God bless you always dear Smokey. We love you!

Lauren & Savannah Jacques

Smokey, 1995-3/26/03

Smokey was a wonderful angel, passed on to me when my Mother became too ill to care for him anymore. He was Mom's constant companion and joy of her life during her illness. He was with me, 5 days short of 2 years, but in that short time brought much joy and happiness to all he came in contact with. I miss him terribly!

He is now with Mom at the Rainbow Bridge.

What a reunion that must be!

Smokey, 03/11/03

I can never imagine sharing my life with another cat that will love me as much as Smokey did. I was the first thing he saw when he came into this world and I love him more than I thought possible. The pain of his passing seems so insurmountable right now because my home and my life seem so empty. He was my best friend, my baby, my alarm clock, and my closest companion. I hope that one day I will again be able to hear him talk, feel his love, and smell his fur. I miss him more than I have ever missed anything and I love him with all my heart.

Tao Valentine

Smokey, 02/01/01-03/03/03

I love you forever Smokey
I hope to see you again soon.
Lots of Love

Smokey, 01/01/87-01/08/03

The best kitty whoever lived. You will be missed and loved forever. Smokey, we will never forget you and we wish we could have kept you longer. We did our best, but God decided you had had enough pain and it was time for you to go. At least you did not suffer. We are so sorry.

Gerry Boston

Smokey, 1995-01/2003

My best friend, Smokey died last week. He was the best being I have ever known, truly sweet-hearted feline-being. Will miss you sonny-boy, you were truly a part of heaven that came to me and will be forever grateful that we shared time as family, son-ship and love . Forgive me'mokey, I can't stop crying but in time when the sadness goes away will be able to remember all the good times. Thank you Smokey for teaching me about love, trust and forgiveness.

My boy came into our home in 1995 when I took our tabby (Sparkle) to the vet and she had to stay overnight. When I went to pick her up she was in a cage next to this gray & white lovey. I noticed he had stitches in his eye and asked the vet what happened to this guy. He told me a horrific story that Smokey was hung off a tree 6 months before and lived in a cage in this vets office. He was saved by a good samaritan and Smokey was in very bad shape. The vet told me he had to perform 6 eye operations and a long operation to fix his damaged collar-bone and shoulder. I looked at him in utter horror and disbelief that a person could do something so horrible to one of God's sweet creatures. I put my hand in the cage and he licked my hand and whimpered something that sounded like , "please love me". This poor boy was so mistreated, yet he trusted another human being unconditionally. He was at that moment my boy then, now and forever. Before anybody commends me for taking him in and giving him a better life, which we did, I want it known that the love he returned was a hundred-fold and he made my world a better place. He was light and love. Smokey you will always be missed and I will never find the right words to explain the depth of our love so I will just say I love you so much. Goodbye my sonny-boy. PS- Thank you for all the kissess and bumps.


Smokey, 01/01/87-01/08/03

Smokey was one of the bravest cats we ever had. He had heart disease, thyroid disease and FIV. The medicine and procedures he had to go through for all of these was heartbreaking. He died under anesthesia while trying to find out what was wrong with him for the last three months. We will never , ever forget him.

G. and J. Boston

Smokey & Bandit, 12/02/03

I miss you both so heart is broken.
You have been with me for 17 years -- through lots of good times and bad.
Always there for me without question.
I love you both -- you lit up my life and I'll grieve for you forever.


Smokey Joe Vittitow, 07/30/85-03/30/03

Smokey Joe, we miss you so much. For 18 years you were a part of our family, growing up with us and you are SO missed and loved. Life isn't the same without you and it never will be. We love you forever, Smoke.
Love, your family

Smokie, 04/86-12/22/03

Smokie, our beloved cat, came into our lives in 1986 when we found him in our back yard shed. He was a little spit fire who tried to conquer the world. What he did manage to conquer was our hearts. He was a loving, loyal friend right to the end. We love you Smoke Dog, and miss you very, very much! (Smoke Dog was his nick name because he would chase large dogs out of our yard without thinking twice about the size difference!)

Michele Barnes

Smokie, 03/23/91-01/01/03

We miss our Smokey so much. We feel the loss in our home and in our hearts. He was a good, friend and companion. He brought us joy and laughter. He is greatly missed.

Delores & Stevan Griffith

Smuckers, 02/14/86-11/02/01

Well my friend it's been over a year. I miss you more today than yesterday. You were my very best friend. I know you are better now with no pain. I see your eyes look at me each night. Life will never be the same. I love you Smuckers and I always will.

Love your Mommmy

Smudge, 01/11/99-11/21/03

My little fur angel was my best friend-he died of a brain hemorrhage very unexpectedly and the pain is so great. I let him go because he was suffering and I could not let his little body go through it. I love and miss him so much and wonder when it will get easier. I know he is on Rainbow Bridge waiting for me- goodnight little bear- I love you.

Kristy Key

Smudge, 06/01/83-01/18/03

Smudge was the love of our loves and the light of our lives. She came to us when she was a week old and we nursed to until she could eat by herself with the intention of finding her a new home once she was older. Well of course that never happened the little sweetie worked her way into our hearts and never let go. She was always there when we went to bed lying next to us purring. She was always in wonderful health until old age caught up with her. We did all we could to make her old age easier. Finally having to make the final decision to send her to heaven with God. Smudge you are loved and deeply missed!!!

Charlie, Pam and Ron Eneix

Smudgely, 2000

A much loved family pet who watched us grow, and was a big part of the family. So strong till the end. Sadly missed by all of us, though your memory lives on in our hearts.


Snapper, 08/01/03

Snapper was a one in a million cat. A stray who came to me in midlife, so full of life and personality he was immediately loved. Two years later he became diabetic. For 5 1/2 years I took care of him through many ups and downs and he was the most amazing patient I've ever come across. My love for this cat is unbounded. His loss is overwhelming. On 8-1-03 Snapper went out and never returned. I never got to say goodbye to him. To the most special cat I've ever met: I love you Snapper. Goodbye. I miss you so much. You were truly one in a million. Goodbye my friend, my love, my boy.


Snaps, 06/17/03

We lost our family friend, Snaps, yesterday. She was a part of our family for over 8 years. From the time we brought her home from the shelter, until the moment she left us yesterday, she was the most loving, gentle spirit. The disease that caused us to make the most difficult decision to allow her to go with dignity and to end her pain was ugly, but our Snaps was a beautiful animal.
We miss her terribly and I'd give anything to look down at the floor and see her at my feet - she always had to be close to people. The loss is greater than I ever imagined, however I have to be thankful for being able to have had the honor of being entrusted to bring Snaps into our home and into our lives. She made us better people! Snaps, we miss you and we love you more than we can ever say. We will be together someday-at Rainbow Bridge.
Steve, Na, Chris, and Brad

Sneakers, 08/30/00-05/27/03

He gave the whole family happy and gave us a lot of happy moments. He mad me laugh all the time. We used to play catch with his slappyhand. I'm going to miss him a lot and wish he has never gone to the rainbow. I love you Sneakers! miss ya!


Sneakers, 04/01/85-03/13/03

We love you so much Sneakers and always will.
We miss you beyond words and hope you are at peace.
Now, may the gentle care of St. Francis keep you safe
in the palm of his hand.

Francis & Mary

Snickerdoodle, 06/19/95-11/08/03

Snickerdoodle, the sweetest little brown lop bunny, died yesterday morning. He was 8 1/2 years old.

I put up photos and a tribute to him on my knitting blog at

Nanette Blanchard

Snickers, 07/04/91-12/23/03

To my beautiful baby boy, I miss you with all my heart and soul. I want to thank you for allowing me to share my life with you for the 12 short years that you graced us with, for that I have been truly blessed.

I will always remember our games of hide and seek and the stories that you always had for me when I came home from work.

Rest in peace Snickers - have fun playing with your brothers who have been waiting for you (Smokey, Sylvester, Simon and Sparky) - one day we will all meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

I miss you baby

Susan King

Snickers, 12/18/03

My Snickerdoodle, you were such a sweet, loving, playful girl. Your sister already misses you even though you didn't like her very much. Rest easy my little one, I love you. Wait for me at the bridge, and keep Tara company.



You are sadly missed. Hope you found your Bart Simpson Doll we bought you when you were a baby.
Please take care of Aimee when she gets there. (Hopefully not too soon)

Aunt Mary Lou & Uncle Jeff

Snickers, 09/23/86-11/24/03

Snickers was a loving, sweet, faithful little dog.
A one-of-a-kind with more patience than most.
He tolerated teenagers, cats, children, large dogs, and Michael.
I will never forget him....

Marie A. Hantak

Snickers, 06/88-11/21 or 22

Snickers, you were daddy's little girl, rolling over on command just for him only. I knew you were dying late on Friday night the 21st. Yes you were gone, little Ticky, by Saturday morning. This is not good-bye but see you later.

Beverly and Joe Iorio

Snickers, 06/22/03-08/28/03

snickers was my cat and was always nice to everyone but always by my side as soon as she heard my voice, she would curl up on my chest and watch tv, and when it was bed time she was under the covers curled up between my legs. I wake up every morning to her loveing on my cheek and kissing the tip of my nose. I cant exactly write how much I miss her and the pain I feel inside, but imp longing for the day I get to walk the rainbow bridge and can be reunited with my baby. I love and miss you more than anything baby! love everlasting....~*~JiNx~*~


Snickers, 07/27/86-05/21/02

My dear little dog was my constant shadow and companion. Reminders are everywhere and I miss her so much.

Pam Burkett

Snickers, 09/04/94-01/06/03

The best dog we could have ever wanted. He loved, he played, he protected, he comforted.
Our baby for 9 years. Our home feels so empty without you.

Jeff and Melanie

Sniff, 11/14/03

A wonderful and very special black cat that has been my friend for so long and she is so badly missed. I will never forget her and I love her so much.

Karen Scott

Sniggies, 10/16/86-10/16/02

My angel cat


Sniggy Pig, 03/23/03

Sniggy Pig passed away peacefully in my arms (sat 23rd NZ Time) A much loved little friend and Guinea Pig..Will always be remembered.... Kelvyn.


Snitzel, 05/14/87-06/17/03

Our beloved pet was laid to rest today at 9am. He was his "mommy's baby" as we were unable to have children of our own.
The are no words to describe the pain and sorrow I feel with this loss. He was my best buddy and pal. My lap dog on cold nights and my wake up call in the mornings.
We love you snitty-baby. You will always be mommy's little "rat-boy".
Don't chase to many balls in heaven as I know how you love to run.
You were with me sixteen years 1 month and 3 days. It still wasn't long enough. I love you snitty-boy.

Sno-Ball, 08/28/86-07/28/03

My Precious Little Friend Sno-Ball,
You have been with us the longest of all your sisters. You have been a good baby since the day you were brought home. You were the oldest and the wisest. Mommy & Daddy love you and miss you so much. You have always brought us joy. You were a loyal pet. One of the best. You are now in heaven with your sisters, Minnie & Dusty. Look down upon us from time to time and know how much you are LOVED. Mommy & Daddy will be with you one of these days and we will all meet at the rainbow bridge. Mommy & Daddy Love you and Miss you so much. Be a good girl. We Love You! Love Always, Mommy & Daddy

Snoball, 04/01/87-01/24/03

Our sweet Snoball. You brought many years of love and joy into our hearts. We will miss you so very much, but we know that you are happy and free from pain. It does our hearts good to know that you can run, jump and play as a pup again. You were a very special lady and we love you so very much. You will be missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We Love you girl.

Mommy, Daddy, Richard, Mikey, Whitefang and Sugar

Snoekens, 15/12/03

snoeky you will always be my friend, u always made me happy when I was sad, you came to me when I cried, I wish you didn't have to die like that =( snoeky babe I have known you my hole life, you have been such as great part of our family, I love you snoeks, I can remember when you used to scare big old Mandie, you have been a tough cookie and you still were on you last day, I can remember your lasts months you weren't to well, bumping into walls, and all other stuff, but snoeks always remember you will always, always, always be loved and apart of our family forever and ever and ever. I'll see you again someday, I promise you lots and lots and lots of love from your Kandis (me) sister, Mum, Dad and sister April I love you Snoeky babe take care huny

Snookie, 01/12/88-07/07/02

Just the thought of Snookie, the years of fond memories, always brings a smile to my face - imagine the joy she was to live with.
She won the hearts of everyone she met - with her, the world was a far more beautiful place.
Always by my side, through good times and bad, her love and devotion unconditional.
She appeared to wait all day to share a walk with me - our tender bond.
Snookie, you'll always keep a special place my heart.

Paul Piergross

Snooky, 11/09/03

Her urn was delivered on my doorstep this morning as I was getting ready to leave for work. My heart is so broken. I will light a candle tonight and pray that she is with my mom in Heaven.
Snooky, your pa did everything he possibly could to try to save your life and I would have spent every cent I have to keep you here with me.
I will always love you.
I will see you again when my time comes to leave this world.

Mark Darcourt

Snoopy, 04/17/98-08/18/03

In memory of my beloved Snoopy, who we lost too soon.
I hope you'll wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
We love you and miss you.
Mom & Dad

Liz Hansen

Snoopy, 03/04/96-08/09/03

Snoopy was the best cat I ever had in my life, he was always there for me and so in tune with me that I never could imagine life without him.
He was diagnosed with Cushing's disease in October 2002,which gave him heart and kidney problems and diabetes.
Snoopy was such a happy cat, and I believe he lived for as long as he did to stay with me. I had to put him to sleep when he could no longer breathe with the help of his lasix.
Even though he was so sick I think he only suffered that last night.
He was so happy with such a great attitude, always purring and happy to see me.
He was just too young and too good to be true. I will miss him forever.

Karen Lacasa

Snoopy, 03/18/91-11/17/99

Snoopy was the best dog & friend anyone could ever have.
If we could have cloned him, we would have.

Steve & Jana Haston

Snoopy, 25/12/92-08/09/03

You were our special child, coz you were born much before we got married and gave us special joy, happiness, compassion like no one else would. You had neither complaints, nor expectations from us for all the troubles you took and the pains you endured to keep us happy. How we wish humans would be like this! Snoopy, your younger sister is doing well at school and today she won her 1st medal and I am sure you would have been the first to feel happy for her achievements. How we wish, we could see you just one last time beside us! Though your sister keeps us busy with her pranks and makes us give in a jaded smile, the feeling of emptiness and hollowness have become an obsession the moment we reach home from work! Snoopy, how we wish we were old enough to meet you at heaven's gate! Till such time we will remember you every minute and every hour. May your soul rest in peace! You are and will be our special child!

Arun and Naveena Ambatipudi

Snoopy, 1977

My very first dog!

David Roberts

Snoopy, 07/21/91-07/03/03

To my dear sweet loving Snoopy. I miss you so terribly. You were the light of my life and my best friend, always happy to see me, always full of energy and love. The way you slept in our bed with your head on the pillow and the covers falling around your shoulders, the way you carried socks around the house looking for the perfect place to put them, the way you howled with excitement when we had company-especially your Grandma. Mommy doesn't know how to go on without you-it seems so empty and hollow without you. Kayana and K.C. kitty miss you so-you are the one constant companion that K.C. has ever had and he so mourns your loss. I am still feeling the effects of not being able to help you-as hard as I tried I couldn't find the answer to make you better-and I feel it was my responsibility to help you and I couldn't-I felt so helpless. I hope you know how much I loved you and that I would have done anything to make you well again. I am grateful that you were able to stay with me and go in peace on the bed in your spot right next to me knowing you were deeply loved. I know in my heart that you are in a wonderful place full of love and the sunshine that you so enjoyed but I would still give anything to have you here with me. You will forever be loved and missed by all of us as you truly were our ray of sunshine. Mommy loves you sweet "Boo-Boo"!!

Mommy, Daddy, K.C. and Kayana

Snoopy, 01/75-11/87

Rest in peace, you were a very special friend.

Bill Kutz

Snoopy, 06/07/89-05/03/03

The best friend I ever had. Until we meet again, I loved you so much and can't wait to see you on the other side.

Rick & Bonnie Novakowski

Snoopy, 03/23/03

I will always remember finding you at the shelter and how you let Aaron pick you up at that first meeting. I will always remember all your purring and chatting, how big and strong you were, how handsome and proud you were, and how gentle and tolerant you were. You were the most amazing hunter I've ever known! Please forgive me for not keeping you inside. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We all love you and will miss you very much.

Wendy, Aaron, Steve, and Daniel

Snoopy Ricci, 12/5/89-01/21/03

While Snoopy's candle is burning my heart is healing. The dog that had so much love in him will be missed forever..."until we meet again my Snoopy, I love you so... please Kiss Cecil Precious Spunky Coco and all my other fur babies for me and tell them I love and miss them so much.. You get my other babies together and meet me at the tunnel of light for I will never go to heaven and not be with my BABIES."
Love your Mommy

Snork, 12/01/03-07/10/03

Snork -
Mom, Dad & Beaner all love and miss you terribly!
Thanks for being a very special part of our lives for the last 9+ years!

Snow (AKA Dweebs), 01/16/88-01/09/03

To our beautiful Snow - Thank you so much for sharing your life with us these past 9 years.
Although we miss you terribly, we know that you are now so free and in no pain. Our souls are intertwined and you will be with us forever. We think of you always and will try to only remember the good times - which were many. You've changed us both in ways we are only starting to realize. We will see you soon. We love you.

Mike Paternostro & Lucinda Valero

Snowball, 12/03/03

I will always love you! I'll see you at "The Bridge"

Laura Lambert

Snowball, 05/13/89-02/12/03

The looking is over.
You ran free before you were taken to be with your mom who passed one year ago.
I love you and you will always be in our hearts.
I know that time will heal.

Mary & Steve

Snowball, 03/2002

I got Snowball when I was 4 and at fist we thought he was a she!! He died at the age of 8 and was a big piggy tomcat with about 2 inches of fur on top of that and he died of a Feline Blood Clot. We all miss him alot.


Snowball, 10/24/03

I miss you my best friend, you were the only one in my life who never hurt me. I miss the purrs, all the cat hair, and knowing you were always here no matter what. I didn't know you were sick, you never complained. I am sorry I had to make the decision with the vet, snowball, I didn't want you to suffer. I miss your pitter patter through the house. At night it was only you and me, now, I feel like my house is an empty shell. I can't tell you how my heart hurts, how hard this is to deal with. you were NOT " just a cat", you were my loyal friend. God came to fast. I now think about how life is so sad, but, I know you are in a better place. I am thankful you were MY cat for all these years and I was honored to be your owner. It will take a long time to heal, you were with me through everything. People can see the sadness in me, I'm not the happy person I used to be. No other animal can ever replace you,( and don't worry, I won't have another cat in your house)..I miss your soft fur, and how I taught you to give hugs, I would give anything for one of your hugs again. You sure liked your shrimp, I'm glad you had a chance to have some before God came. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. You will always be my " love muffin" . Missy asked God to do what he thought was best for you. I still catch myself shutting the kitchen door fast so you don't get out, it will take sometime to get used to. You will forever be in my heart, mommy loves you. Goodbye my little friend !!!!!
Love and hugs

Snowball, 10/25/87-09/20/03

I will greatly miss you. You will always be my Best Friend.


Snowball, 09/02/89-09/06/03

Snowball, I love you so much, you were the sweetest soul. Snowball died when he was hit by car. I was calling him towards me, running towards him, and this car hit him going very fast and killed him instantly. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Snowball deserved to die more peacefully. He was 14yrs old, yet he still looked like a puppy. I got him when I was 9, I loved him so much, he meant so much to me. What I had to see this morning no one should ever have to see.

Snowball, 04/10/89-07/14/03

To Snowball, our first baby. You were a loyal, loving and devoted loving friend. No one can replace you! We miss you terribly but know that you are in a better place. We look to the day when we will meet again, on the other side. May GOD bless you always. We love you, big girl!

Mommy and Dad

Snowball, 02/87-12/20/00

Buckwheat was put down after 16+ years and an illness of a few months, and he goes now to join his brother Snowball, whose tribute was posted in 2000 (1987-2000). Bucky and Snowy were litter mates: two porcine felines--one white, one black--and I loved them very much. Those who met them grew to appreciate Snowball for his excellent behavior, hunting skills, and the way he would sleep on my head and knead my chest. Bucky was much loved for his amazing intelligence, devious ways, refusal to conform to any expected standard of behavior, the way he would sit next to you with one paw on your leg, and his incredible bleating meow. Bucky was scary smart and horribly behaved and for this he was much loved. Snowy was just a great, tender, sweet cat.

I miss you guys! Lilly says hi as well. Thank you for being so wonderful for so long and for giving me so much, especially in difficult time.

your lonesome friend,

Snowball, 05/01/97-03/20/03

Snowball (Snowy). . .

It's been a short time since you left us, but it feels like an eternity. We'll never forget your gentle brush, your silent purr, your elegant presence. . .You were beautiful in movement, but so frail of heart. We feel as if you were taken too soon, but God must have needed your angelic grace. You'll soon be back home, and we've saved your special spot in front of the fireplace. Wait for us at the bridge and we'll cross together. Until we're together again, take care little fur-baby!

Sadly missed. . .Dave, Lorina, Laura, Jen, Goliath, and Ebony

Snowball, 12/11/96-03/15/03

Snowball, you were my beloved little cat. You will be missed. I will hold you in my heart forever. Till we meet again on Rainbow Bridge. I love you forever. Love, Vera

Snowball, 11/02/99-05/25/00

Snowball was the life that flowed through my veins when a truck took him from me. I know you wait for me my dear friend. I miss you so very much.


Snowbelle, 11/20/90-03/10/03

My beloved cat was sick, she had a tumor. We were treating it with shots every 3 weeks but it was to no avail. I knew I was going to have to put her to sleep. As hard as it was I did it yesterday. I know she is now in a better place but I sure do miss her, and I feel really sad. I have tears in eyes as I write this.

Linda Rawlins

Snowfall, 07/89-10/11/03

Beloved pet of 14 years, we will miss you dearly. You live on in our hearts and memories. your loving family

Janice, Dean, Amanda, Rachel, Sammy, Laura

Snowflake, 01/01/98-10/15/03

It was love at first sight the day I found you at the humane society! Snowflake, so proud and grand, you gave your love unconditionally and always. You were so handsome and so loved playing with your balls, going for walks, riding in the car, and your favorite treat was going out for ice cream! Now I know that you were a healer, a best friend, my safety net and knew who needed your healing powers the most. I miss you so much, I miss your bark when I arrived home, I miss your loving nature, the way you almost purred when next to me and most of all I miss what I did not know about you until you passed on. I am sorry that you were in so much pain and had to leave but God must need you more than we do here. So with that I treasure all the pictures and reminders I have of you. Know that you are missed but everyone who ever knew you and as for Riley, well, he too is sort of lost without you and is trying to take over as the "great protector" around here but no one can measure up to you. May you have all the balls and toys to play with, get your fill of ice cream, heal those who need your healing powers, guide others to such infamous obedience training and above all, love and live well you great, great Snowflake! All my love and part of my heart and soul to you. Someday we too will meet again!

Sue Backes

Snowflake, 04/29/01-08/21/03

We didn't see this coming were the most loving, trusting, beautiful cat, and someone took you from us LONG before your time. I wish it hadn't taken this to make me realize just how much I loved you. We love you and miss you Snowy, you will be forever in our hearts.


Snowflake, 07/01/88-05/05/03

I grieve the loss of the best, most gentle cat, my friend, Snowflake.

Judy Rivera

Snowman's Whyte Wee Willie (aka Willie), 7/04/93-03/10/03

Little Willie, our hearts ache so much, it seems that it doesn't get any easier as time goes by. How we miss you, and can't understand why you had to leave us at such a young age. You were loyal, loving and fearless and our love for you will endure forever.
Mommy and Daddy

Snowy, 04/28/86-08/12/03

To all the loving veterinarian's and compassionate staff at Dr. Sue Marshall office and Dr. Barry Kipperman. Even though our Snowy is gone, she always had the very best care a cat could ever have!!
Thank You

Jan and Larry Brown

Snowy, 02/10/01-07/13/03

I knew you were to leave my side, but so soon it came as swift as the tide...I love you forever and now you are with Smokey.


Snowy, 04/93-04/01/03

My dear sweet Snowy,
Your warmth and love added so much joy to my life. You will forever remain in my heart. You are my sweet little sunshine and are sorely missed. My heart aches without you.

Micol Levi-Senigaglia


Snowy, a loyal and trusting family member who brought a lifetime of companionship and happiness into our lives. We will miss you as much as Andrew. Love Colin and Margaret

Snowy, 04/28/90-01/08/03

If there was ever a perfect companion created in this world, it was Snowy. She was born on my kitchen floor from her Shih-Tzu mommie, Lucy on 4/28/90 at 10:23 PM. She was the largest of her other two sisters and one brother, but she didn't mind that distinction at all. She was the only one who decided it would be a great idea to live with her mother and not be sold, so she hid in a closet and wouldn't come out whenever a potential buyer appeared. She spent most of her days playing with her mom, trying to eat everyone's food and giving love and wags to anyone who would accept them. She became a pet-therapy doggie in 1992 and went to nursing homes, the school for deaf children and hospitals, showing off her silliness and humor to help people feel better. She was sad when her mom passed away just before her mom's 10th birthday, and learned quickly how to be the only dog in charge of everything. But she assumed the role of the cutest, sweetest and smartest shih-tzu in the land, even learning her first tricks at age 10. She proudly came when called, sat down, shook paw, then shook other paw 3 times, lay down and roll over!!! She became so smart, she even told us what to do and when. But sadly last October she was diagnosed with a fast growing cancer and tried very hard to stay with us until January 8th, 2003. Her friends all sent words of loving remembrance and we all know she is watching over all of us from Heaven.

Judy Weiss

Snuffers, 07/04/88-11/10/03

The house seems so empty without you...I keep listening for the jingle of your collar in the middle of the night...We miss you so much...There will never be another dog like my Little Butts...


Snuffles, 07/26/01-12/07/03

You were so full of curiosity and energy. Always a happy and playful little fellow. I was never alone because I had you. I can't believe I will never again be awaked by your little paws scurrying over me. I will miss you forever.

Diane Hain

Snuffy, 12/25/85-11/15/03

RIP, little guy you were dearly loved, and will be dearly missed.

Bill Stallings

Snuggie, 02/07/85-03/31/03

This is SO hard to write, but please bear with me.

My 18-Year old PRECIOUS Male Himalayan (his name is Snuggie) passed yesterday (3/31/03) after being diagnosed with diabetes last Thursday (3/27/03). Rest assured it was not the diabetes that took him from me, his little kidneys just failed him very quickly and I had to end his suffering. I am totally devastated, can't even eat or sleep very well. I miss his SO MUCH! Miss his head butt kisses, him curling around my head on my pillow at night, him standing at the top of the stairs meowing while I prepared his breakfast, his purrs. My dad said something to me yesterday that describes Snuggie very well. He said that Snuggie gave up being a cat for me and let himself be held and cuddled and babied like a little teddy bear. From age 11 I took care of my baby and used to even dress him up in doll clothes. He always loved me and just purred. I have never bonded with another animal or human for that matter like I did with Snuggie. I am numb inside and feeling quite dead. Don't know how to move on from this. I knew it was coming though, I told the vet on Thursday that it was Renal Failure and he said to wait until the diabetes was under control. We just didn't have time to wait did we? I can only say, trust your instincts and insist on the care you KNOW your beloved kitty needs. Never be afraid to demand better care.

When I was 11 years old, I watched Snuggie being born. Almost from the moment he come into this world, he attached to me. Followed my hand even before his eyes were opened. Following me around the house before he was even weaned. He used to sit in my shirt pocket and watch TV with me. Thats how he got his name, he was ENTHRALLED with the Snuggle Bear from those Snuggle dryer sheets commercials, he would just run to the TV and watch that little bear and paw at the TV. Snuggie was just precious, I believe he really thought I was his mamma. He never wanted to be out of my sight, he even used to crawl into the bathtub with me and lay on my stomach, with his belly totally soaked and just purr to me. When I would go out of town and have my mom watch Snugs, she said he would sit at the door the whole time just waiting for me. He loved everyone, but I KNOW he loved me more than anything in the world. Snuggie lost an eye at one year of age to cancer and he never loved me any less when I had to have his eye removed, he actually loved me more. He would read with me and even lay on my feet or lap when I sat on the toilet. He was amazing. Loved the hairdryer too, when I would turn that thing on in the morning, he'd coming running in and jump on the toilet seat to have his hair blown warm. He used to love to go outside and roll around on the patio in the sun, he would sit there and sniff the air with his little eye closed and just purr. There was even a time when I would take Snuggie with me places in my backpack, he'd just sit in there with his head poked out the top, head butting me and being happy.

He raised many other kitties in his days, but none ended up remaining in our family for various reasons. He was such a Grandpa too! It was so cute when I would brush or pet him and stop, he'd "grump meow" at me to start again. And he was VERY meticulous about his litter box, would cover his poo's and pee's for minutes which would drive me crazy at night. Oh god how I wish I could have him drive me crazy with the litter scratching one more time.

Snuggie was a hugger too. He would literally wrap his paws around my neck and hold on to me. He did those little paw squishys on me too, when they open and close their little paws. Sometimes he'd lay on my chest at night with one paw on one of my eyes. He'd try to get so close to me that I always joked around saying that if he could crawl right up inside of me he would.

He was so precious, even up to the very last minute. He tried so hard to give me one more day yesterday, I even got purrs out of him while I was patting his behind at the vets office (he loved that, we called them the butt beatings). His little face was angled toward the sun coming through the window and he just rested in my arms.

I am mourning this loss like I never thought I would. The pain is FAR greater than anything I ever could have imagined.

I love my baby Snuggie more than words can ever express. My heart is shattered from what happened. I am wearing his little collar on my wrist and when his tag jingles I hear my baby running to me. I hope he knows how much I loved him and how TERRIBLE it was to have to let him go. He was my best friend, my closest relationship, and an animal that will never be replaced. I pray he rests in peace.

In loving memory of Snuggie (aka, Snugglebug, aka Bugser, aka Bug) February 7 1985 - March 31 2003 (5:05PM)

I love you baby and will miss you until the day I die.

Shay Morgan

Snuggies, 1981-2001

My son. You were part of my life for 20 wonderful years. A part of my soul died with you. I miss our walks together. Wait for me on the Other Side of the Bridge, sweetie. I'll get there - you know how slow Mommy is. I love you and miss you every day more than I can say. Be a good boy, Bug, and I will see you as soon as I can.
Mom & Dad

Snuggles Huggins Stevenson, 05/03/00-02/17/03

Our dear Snuggles:
We drove through a snowstorm in the middle of the night, but we still could not save you.
We loved you so much and miss you terribly. You were our first "baby".
We hope that we will see you in heaven some day. You were so precious to us and we will never forget you.

Snuggy, 10/10/86-12/31/02

Snuggy (10/10/86-12/31/02) was an orange and cream male tabby who was the best friend one could ask for. He was more and more affectionate as he got older, and in his old age he was beloved by two young Siamese and well as myself and many other humans, especially Patricia. All three cats indulged in "lickfests" and bumped heads at each others' cheeks. Snuggy would awaken me by rubbing his jaw against my ear, licking my ear, nose or even lips, and purring VERY loudly while walking back and forth over me. It was time for him to go and join Shadow, McCarthy and little Pyewacket under the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget him -- my beautiful little boy.

Jill Bosworth

Socks, 10/30/97-08/23/03

As I sit here thinking.. all the joy and love you gave me Socks comes rushing back to me.. All the times you wanted your special spot scratched.. All the silly looks you gave me.. How you used to snuggle with Daddy and I on the bed while we watched T.V.. Everyday you were with me was a blessing and an honor... I miss you so badly I can't think of anything else.. Oh my precious baby how I love you.. Why were you taken from me so quickly.. You were supposed to grow old here with me.. I pray that you are happy and healthy were you are now at the Bridge, playing with all the Bridgekids.. My life will truly never be the same without you..

I love you Socks..( aka.. Wigglebutt )

Nickie & Stu

Socks, 01/27/98-08/08/03

Socks was the biggest of a litter of seven puppies, left in our care at two days old after the death of our beloved German Shepherd, Bertha. We called them "Bertha's Brood." 24 - 7 we bottle-fed them, cleaned them, talked to them, cried over them. Needless to say, we couldn't give them up--they were ours. Socks was the leader, the strongest, the eye-catcher. As the babies grew, the boys began to argue so we moved Socks into the house with us.
It was a nightly ritual..Socks at mom's feet, dad getting down on his hands and knees to lay his head upon that mighty chest and say: "How's my baby doing?" There would come a deep grumble and a paw would raise to lay across Dad's head.
Socks, your death came out of the blue. You were just five and were to grow old with us...Night, sweetheart. Love you.

Mom & Dad

Socks, 05/28/03

Socks was, and will always be, the best friend anyone could ever had. We all love him very much, and he will be missed dearly.

Socks, 10/20/98-02/17/03

Socks was a wonderful little boy. He seemed to live just to hide all our sandals, and slippers. He suddenly left us on the night of 2/17/03 to move on to the Rainbow bridge. He leaves behind a family of humans and a Ferret sister. He was, and is very loved by all of us, and will be missed till we meet again. Socks you will always have a special place in my heart. I love you baby boy.
Till we meet again,
your human dad,

Socks, 07/91-02/25/03

Socks died tonight. He was diagnosed with a huge gastrointestinal tumor that was also creating blockage to a bile duct. Additionally, there were suspicious lesions on his liver. Greg, Sarah, and I drove to Texas A&M Vet hospital tonight to say our goodbyes. Greg, out of the goodness of his heart and because we just couldn't do it, stayed with Socks until it was all over.

Some of you knew Socks and some of you only knew how much I (and my entire family) loved him. All of you are animal lovers and can appreciate the joy our little furry friends bring into our lives. They provide us with an unconditional love (although sometimes we tend to question that when it comes to cats because they so often have an "attitude") unlike any other...

Socks was our little "California Kitty" with a mind of his own and an attitude unlike any other cat I've ever known. From the moment Socks was born, he was a member of our family - even though it wasn't official until 6 weeks later when our children, led by our oldest daughter, Angela, begged us to let them hide him when we had people coming to look at our litter of kittens. We gave in (thankfully) and when we discovered that our crazy neighbor hated cats and dogs - Socks became our first "indoors only" cat. He always knew when one of us was sick and had a special way of curling up at our side on the sofa...he unmercifully terrorized our dog Zack (I think he really loved him) just to ensure that we all knew who was boss in THIS house, he always met us at the back door when we came home (something I think Zack taught him), he (almost) never had an accident in the house, he knew when the alarm went off in the morning, it was time for me to get up and feed him (even at 3:45 AM, which often carried over into the weekend) and he loved for us to carry him perched high on our shoulder (claws imbedded in skin) so he could give us kisses and purr in our ears. I left him curled up on Greg's lap, cleaning his little paw...calm and ready to go to sleep.

This whole thing might sound silly to some people because after all, he was "only" a cat...but he brought an awful lot of joy into our lives and I will forever be grateful for the presence of his little kitty spirit for the last eleven and one half years.

Ilona Hood

Socks, 04/99

Socks was a wonderful orange and white stray that enchanted an entire neighborhood. While he refused to move inside of any of the homes offered to him, he could be found every day waiting patiently on the tree stump outside the apartments on the corner of Bungalow Lane and SpanishTown Road. He had many caretakers who kept him well fed and his water bowl filled. He left us on Holy Thursday of 1999.

Ann Reynolds

Socks, 08/01/86-01/04/03

Socks loved her gas fireplace for heat and loved her water bowl. She also enjoyed biting the toilet brush! She was a good kitty that gave great love and asked for not much in return. I hope to see her again one day.

Cindy Cloe


Socrates was a loving male cat, black with white whiskers and white socks and a siamese voice. He lived with me about 17 years until he got a tumour. He was a joy and a comfort to me and will always be remembered as a gift from God. We miss him dearly. I miss his little paw on my shoulder. I miss his deep connection and bond with me. I will always love him.

Donna and Steve Anderson

Sofie, 04/11/82-06/15/03

She helped feed the baby, she played with the toddler, she helped with homework as they got older. She kept watch with nervous parents until the teenagers got home safely. She kept our laps warm in winter and even snuggled in summer, with the air conditioning blowing her fur. Twenty one years is a long time to have such a sweet pet. We will all miss her, even the dog, who always admired her hunting ability.

Frank, Nancy, Tom and Will

Soliegh, 02/02-07/27/03

A year and a half ago my husband who was my fiancée at the time decided to get me a kitten. We got a lil boy and we named him Soliegh Eugene Schlake. He was so adorable and sweet and just fun loving but we always knew from the moment we got him he sure thought he was something bigger than he was. He would attack bigger cats at 6 weeks old. At that time we sure thought it was adorable. My husband already had a adult cat names Popeye. They became best friends and slept together and played and did everything together. Two peas in pod. We have so many pictures of them allover the house growing up. We live in the country so they had plenty of room to play. Through out time we developed more animals since we are such animals lovers. We have no children but they are our children. My husband now is stationed in the kore since he is USAF and he will be there for 10 more months. My babies are all I have till then and they always keep me busy and keep me going, lift me up when I feel blue and love me. Two weeks ago I was standing outside on my porch and saw my Cat Soliegh (now 1 1/2 years old) limping along and I wondered what is wrong with him. I went to him and he collapsed. I saw all kinds of blood. I realized quite quickly he had been attacked. I found out later it was a Bob Cat that had gotten. Devastated I rushed him inside and tried to stop the bleeding but it would not stop. He had a large portion missing from him. Then he started to go into shock. Being the selfish person I am I wasn't ready to let him go. I assumed since he came home instead of running off to die he came home wanting me to save him. So off we went to the emergency weekend vet clinic as this happened on a Saturday night. They told me he was in shock I said please save him. So they did. I took him home cuz they said if he died there was nothing we could do and I wanted him home with me. To my amazement he is the strongest cat in the world. He did not die. And so with an e-collar on his head and locked up in the bed room we tried to begin the healing process. Lots of medications and cleanings and so forth I did what I could and dedicated my time to him. Through out this time I noticed a change in him so drastic I grew afraid of him. He was attacking me and the other animals. Now we knew he didn't have rabies as he was current on his shots. So I called my vet, he said let him out of the house that's what he wants. so I did. he came home a few hours later attacked again. I didn't know what to do. for the next few days he lay around my house attacking me and the other animals. so I contacted my friends and my husband in Korea to see if I should have him put down they all agreed I should. I felt so guilty. I realized I had to murder my baby. I made the appointment, and then this morning came. I woke up at 5 am as he had a 7:30 appointment. I kicked all my animals out of the house but him. I cooked him breakfast his favorites for his last meal. Bacon and spaghettios with meatballs and a big bowl of milk. I looked at him as he eat it down and said "ya know son that isn't good for you" and smiled at him he meowed at me. first sound he made in days. all of a sudden he was being very loving and friendly. nuzzling me and rubbling me and licking me. well the time came. we arrived at the vet and he urinated in his kennel as he always does car rides scare him. they bring me a towel since he is covered in urine as I wanted to hold him during the process. Soliegh was tired and wanted to go he was happy I was allowing him to finally let go. he stared at me and never stopped. the vet put the needle in and he didn't even blink or jerk he just let it happen he knew it was time. the vet said he will pass in 22-60 seconds. the vet began the injection Soliegh still looking at me, He got bright eyes and wide eyed as to say thank you I am happy with is and to say here we go, took a deep breathe and before the vet reached the count of three my baby Soliegh had passed. The vet was astonished. didn't believe it. he even double checked for sure. but it was true. Soliegh was so ready to go and in so much pain and his wounds were so infected that he didn't fight one ounce and he passed in record time. and he never stopped looking at his mommy. he died with me in his eyes just the way he wanted it and I as well. I then drove him a hour away to have him cremated. I had to pay the price for a medium sized dog due tot he fact that my car was so very large he weighed 22lbs. he was my big boy. I thank the dear lord for allowing me the last year and a half with him. he truly was my baby and my big strong boy. rest well my son I will be with you some day and you will sleep at my feet again and tear up my house again and I will chase you again yelling at you to stop tearing holes in the bread and eating half the loaf, you bring the litter box and ill bring the spaghettios. WE LOVE YOU and may you rest well in the lords strong but soft hands.

Michelle Schlake

Soleil, 05/20/03

We will always miss you. I am so sorry I didn't catch it sooner. As you know, Kallie came soon after you did. We didn't know either of you had the Feline Leukemia...we honestly thought the vet vaccinated you, she was supposed to. We miss you so very much and hope you and Kallie are having a good time with all the animals at the Rainbow Bridge. Hey, Karen's dog Ripley died this week...make friends with her. Hope to see you soon. Love Dad and Mom

Solomon, 07/20/84-07/11/03

Solomon lived a full and happy life. He was smart, brave, gentle, and very loving. He will be very missed. He was, indeed, a good dog.

Sandie Kappa

Solomon, 08/18/00-05/17/03

Ten Best Things I Love About Solomon

1. Spontaneity
2. Ready for fun
3. Curiosity
4. Never gives up
5. Play for keeps
6. Compassionate
7. Focused
8. Knows his own mind
9. Never met a stranger
10. My best friend

Billy Gooch

Solomon, 01/94-07/26/02

In Memory of A Gentleman
Solomon came to our attention when he was a puppy about 10 mos. old. He had been abused by his first owners, and the sight of him shivering, scared to death in that cage will be forever etched on my mind. We could not resist this gentle giant as our hearts were touched and broken by his condition. We immediately offered him a place in our home.
When we got him home, we of course wanted to pet him and begin showing him love. I'll never forget that first day when we would attempt to touch his feet, he would growl at us and it was very scary. We thought he was going to bite us at any moment. As it turned out, he would never have bitten us. He was just telling us that we were in a painful area and that we should be very careful. Careful we were.
We had another dog in the house, queen Brandy. She was the alpha dog and the house belonged to her. But as everyone knows, the younger more powerful pack animal will eventually rule and become alpha. Wrong. This gentleman never once attempted to challenge the position of Brandy, even as she aged and became very ill. As long as she was alive he would dutifully defer to her in all instances. She was always at my side and Solomon was content to be in the background. Then the end came for Brandy. She became so ill that we had to put her to sleep. We all grieved deeply including Solomon. Until the day we moved out of our home, Solomon would go to the place where the doctor had put Brandy to sleep, and lay there for a while every day. He missed her so much. Who knows what he was thinking? Who knows if dogs can even think as we know it? Who knows what he was doing? I just know that a day did not pass without him going to lie in the last place where he saw Brandy.
After Brandy's death, Solomon was our only dog and he seemingly decided that he had to replace her in our hearts.
To watch his effort was heartwarming. He would constantly be at our sides, attempting to satisfy our every wish. He was a great pal, easy to talk to, always up for a walk or a play session even though he was in tremendous pain. He loved our granddaughter Emilie with all his heart. That love did not go unreturned. He would let her sit on him, pull his ears, ride on him and step on his painful feet, and never complain or snap at her. They also loved to give each other kisses.
Finally the pain overcame his desire, and he could no longer walk. I pray that we chose the right time to send him home.
I cannot describe the loneliness I feel without him. My heart aches for his companionship, but I know he is finally at peace, pain free, in Heaven with God and Brandy. That doesn't make it any easier for those of us left here without the love and company of this true gentleman. We will forever be grateful for the years we had with this wonderful animal. They just seemed so short. I guess time does fly when you are having fun. Solomon was lots of fun.
To Solomon,
I miss you every day buddy. I hope we will be together in Heaven. Till then we will be together in my heart. Tell Brandy hello for me and that I miss her too.
I love you both.

Solomon, 01/11/03

In June of 2001, I went to buy dog food. In front of the store was a Toy Dog Rescue seeking forever homes for many little furbabies. I walked over to the kennels and in the corner, looking at me with such sad brown eyes was Solomon. I picked him up and he burrowed his nose into my arm and fell asleep. I had to put him back into the kennel and I went into the store. All I could think of in the store were those sad brown eyes that seemed to melt when he looked at you. I came out of the store and again picked him up. Again he burrowed his nose in my arm and fell asleep. I could not make a decision to take him and told the Rescue owner that I would call her in a week and if she had not found him a home, I would take him. For the entire week, I could not stop thinking about those beautiful brown eyes. I called the lady back in a week and he was not adopted and so, Solomon now had a forever home with me. Solomon was a chihuahua of unknown age that was picked up off the streets of NYC. He was placed in a shelter and was scheduled for euthanasia when the Toy Dog Rescue found him and ultimately he found me. Solomon had many medical problems, heart problems, joint problems, he had macular degeneration, and on our first vet appt. a few days after I got him, we found out that he was also deaf. Solomon was the best dog I ever had in my life. He was from the very beginning, loving and wonderful. He brightened everyone's day who came in contact with him. A few weeks after I got Solly, as we called him, we took him to a Basset Hound function, the " Slobberfest." Solomon just seemed to love all the attention he got and he seemed to truly enjoy himself. Throughout the time we had together, Solomon loved to eat. If a refrigerator opened, he was right there. If someone was cooking, he could hardly contain himself. He had a funny little personality and he had energy then. I rescued a young male chihuahua, Simon, from the same rescue. From day one Solomon and Simon were best buddies. They would race through the house chasing each other and barking. It was wonderful to watch them. Then Solly's joints began to get worse and he had symptoms of what I thought was diabetes, turned out to be cushings disease. My poor little boy stopped racing through the house, it seemed a chore for him just to go out to the bathroom. Soon he became so weak and wouldn't eat. Eating was his favorite past time and I knew that he was ready for the bridge at this point. Even though he was very sick, his beautiful brown eyes were shining. He looked at me as though pleading with me to be OK, so he could move on. I whispered in his ear, that Simon would take care of Mommy and that he should go to the bridge and meet Dobie, his uncle and my father, Pop. Solly went to the bridge that day and I know he's running around with Pop and Dobie. Solomon was with me a short time, but gave me a life time of unconditional love. He saw me through alot while he was here with me and I will never forget those eyes. Til the day I die, I will never forget those eyes looking at me that day at the store.

Sonatina, 02/01/86-11/21/03

Sonatina was completely devoted to her mommy. She could still terrorize any cat she laid eyes on, just by giving them that look, but to her mommy she was the sweetest kitten that ever lived. She could have held on longer. She never would have left her mommy, no matter what medical tortures she had to suffer. That is why her mommy had to finally set her free. She pleased me more than she knows. That is why I miss her so. She was the love of my life, and I will hold her in my heart forever.

Sonny, 01/06/03

Beloved and faithful sweet companion that was so appreciative to have a home with us
b/c he had been on the streets....kind and gentle

Michelle Simone

Sonny, 07/88-07/25/03

I had Sonny's mom as a pet and when she had kittens we gave all of them away but Sonny, We thought he was a she he had so much long orange and white hair until the vet did one last check before doing the surgery! Sonny was the neighborhood cat he has several people that left basement windows open for him or left food out side for him. Even though he had plenty here he still made the rounds. If I was is one neighbors house he would sit on the front porch steps until I came out he had to keep track of all of us. He never scratched a kid or was a mean cat in anyway he grew pretty big and was a wonderful mouser I never knew what was going to be on the front porch. The last six months took a very hard toll on Sonny, and today when I saw him he looked so miserable, and gave me this awful sound and I knew that he had had enough he could hardly stand and was looking awful in the eyes. So we went to the vet, I hoped he wouldn't make me do it but I owed it to him to help him cross he had been a excellent friend. I am going to miss him dearly. He would walk down the sidewalk each night to see me safely into the house after work, from now on I will walk alone. Sonny was 15 years old this month. I love you Sonny and will miss you everyday

Resa George

Sonny, 06/01/94-06/18/03


We miss you so much and hope you are happy and no longer in pain. It was so hard to see you getting thinner but you never complained, never lost your smile or the sparkle in your eye. You made every little thing seem like it was fascinating and fun, whether it was going for a car ride, or just making dinner. Thank you, Mister Man, for making us laugh.

Your little sister Cher looks over at your bed or water bowl and misses her brother, but has really been strong. Mom has been very sad and misses having her constant companion, even if you were like a shadow, especially during thunderstorms!

Thank you for watching the house, taking care of Mommy and Cher, and being ever at the ready to make life's day-to-day events seem special and fun.

I love you, miss you and look forward to seeing you again.


Sonny (Fat-Boy), 02/23/03-05/17/03

Sonny you were loved so dearly here, you will always be remembered. I am sorry you were taken from us so tragically, I will never be able to look at baby food again without thinking of you. We all love you.
Love~Emily & the girls

Sonny, 06/02/99-05/09/03

Sonny was my cat and I will love him forever it was very unfortunate that he died and very sudden he was only a baby and didn't deserve to die he wasn't sick either just a foolish curious cat. But my life must go on with or without him I have cried my tears I pray that god watches over him and takes care of him until I meet him when I go to heaven. He was my first cat and a cat that I will most remember. I LOVE YOU SONNY
Jamie, Jessie, Jeremy, Kim, Jim, and Granny will never forget you as long as we all live.

Sonny, 11/11/91-03/05/03


Noble and true. Rest in peace friend. We will love and miss you forever.

Brenda, John & Karma

Sonny, 07/29/94-01/10/03

Sonny, you were the sunshine in our lives everyday.
You were the one who met us at the door each night.
You were loved by all your extended family...Tauna, Jeff, Chelsey, Grandma, Doris, Karen and so many more who called you part of the family. The wonderful memories you have given us all will give us strength in the coming days, weeks and years until we meet at the bridge. You loved everyone that you met Ronald, especially, has lost his very true and best friend.
You two had so much fun and energy together when you were healthy. We know that God has special tasks for you. You were strong, courageous and everloving throughout the time that the horrible disease took your happiness. Those were your greatest attributes! And now you are giving us the same strength. We love you SonnyMan and look forward to the day we can be together again.

Ronald and Vivian

Sonya, 1987

MA's best friend.

Sooner, 04/12/03

Old dogs are the best dogs.

Connie & Jerry Brown

Sooty, 06/26/03

I will always Love you,
You were a big part of my childhood
Nothing will ever replace you
Rest In Peace Soots


Sophia, 07/01/02

Sophia was a cat who had been abandoned. He adopted us when we bought our house. We took him to the vet for a check up, shots and neutering but found out that he had leukemia and feline HIV- so we had to put him down. He was very sweet & affectionate (after wooing with wet food & lots of patience) & he was only our friend for a few months, but we miss him.

Sean & Rachel

Sophie, 07/25/96-11/29/03

Sophie~ We will always love you. You were our angel on earth and we will miss your sweet smile. You'll always be our first baby and we will carry you with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you for choosing us to share your life with ,we are so grateful.. Love Kirsten, Michael, Hannah, Caroline and Big Henry

Kirsten, Mike, Hannah, Caroline and Henry

Sophie, 07/23/03

May your bright eyes and wagging tail know no further pain.

Robin Shields

Sophie, 09/12/00-11/20/03

We miss you little puggy woo. The house seems so empty without you there. You were a very special pup. I never thought I could love an animal as much as I loved you. I hope your up in heaven scarfing down those good n plentys you loved so much...

Kendra & Karen

Sophie, 09/22/03

My darling girl, you can't imagine how much I miss you. I want so much to remember all the little quirks you had, the unrelenting appetite, that "snotty Scotty" image you affected, and how you never quite got the knack of wagging your tail side-to-side. Up-and-down was your way. Sugar misses you too, though she'd never admit it. I fear she'll join you soon. Please play together nicely until I'm there.

I like to imagine you curled up on the softest down-filled pillow ever made. Please feel free to continue to snore like you did with me. At mealtimes you're the first in line, then you linger to clean out your buddies' bowls too. Why waste good kibble, right?

Thank you for being in my life. I can't wait to hold you and rub your belly again.

Stacey Almond

Sophie, 11/04/03

Sophie was a special friend.
She loved dress up, going bye-bye, McDonalds, toys and most of all us.

Dawn, David, Erin, Murray

Sophie, 05/18/88-05/01/03

To my beautiful little girl. Mummy will miss you always.

Lori McGuire

Sophie, 04/20/92-07/12/03

Sophie Read, Honorary birthday 04/20/92-07/12/03
Sophie came to me because a friend found her one night after she'd been hit by a car and left. When I met her she'd had the top of her head shaved and stitches ran down the center of it. Several years previously I'd lost another white and blonde longhair terrier mix who died from trauma to the head after a car accident. Some people believe that in time your lost loved ones may come back to you on earth. Of course, I took her in.
Of all the animal companions that I have been blessed with, Sophie was unquestionably the most devoted to me. As long as I was in sight she seemed content. She followed me everywhere, was as close as possible to me always, even waited on the bathmat while I bathed. Perhaps she was a guardian angel. I just know that she gave me everything she had and was a comforting presence at all times.
Sophie, I hope and pray that you know what you meant to me and that I would have given anything to have been blessed with more time with you. Anything. The suddenness of your decline is and will remain extremely difficult for me to reconcile. After only eleven short years I thought we'd have many more together. I am utterly heartbroken.
I know I could never begin to repay what you've given me. You are surely worthy of far greater things than I could have ever hoped to provide.
I will miss you more than words can say.
Good-bye for now, Baby Sophie. I look forward to the day that we are reunited along with all of my other animal companions.
I love you, God bless you and thank you.
Your's always,
Elizabeth A. Read, "Mama"

Sophie, 01/28/00

She was my baby. Loved her like my own child. I miss her yet...after 3 years. She was 5 weeks old when I got her & was 16 years old when she passed away.


Sophie, 03/27/89-05/09/03

The air holds no laughter, the sun has no rays
The sky has no birds, and the sea has no waves
Chocolate tastes bitter, ice cream is warm
My centre's off centre, my calm is a storm.
My heart's torn in two, although it beats on
My home's only a house, now my Sophie is gone.
A big furry ball of unconditional love
Now honours the home of the one up above.
I look out of the window, it all looks the same
But for me it won't ever be the same again.
So, the sun and the rain, please take them away
'cause my rainbow has turned black and white today.


Sophie, 07/06/89-05/03/03

Sophie, I am deeply honored to have shared my life's journey with you. Your love, gentleness and compassion have made me a better person. You are alive in my heart always. I'll be looking for you when my time comes to pass on. I love you!

Karen Blum


Happy Birthday to my sweet little "wire" girl Sophie. Saturday, March 29th would have been your 8th birthday. We miss you very very much, but know that you are healthy and happy again, surrounded by beauty and lots of room to run and play. I will never, ever forget special baby girl.

Sophie, 06/17/98-02/15/03

A lovely, gentle and sweet natured bunny. You are very much missed by us and your partner Monty. Love Alex, Martin and Monty XXX

Sophie, 11/15/96-3/13/98

With all that's happening I had to post this a week late this year -- but I did not forget you, even on the night of your anniversary. Five years later, I still think about you every day and night, about the joy you brought us and made us a family. It's not fair that I lost you and my family, and it's not fair that you had to lose your life at such a young age. But somehow, I'm dealing. I'm still here because you saved me. And I will never ever forget that, and to this day I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

I think of all the happy times we had and I smile. Thank you for being in my life, for all you did for me/us, and may you rest in peace and run free forever.

Love, Linda and Tom aka Mommy and Daddy

Sophie, 02/25/03

Sophie came to me through my bunny vet, who had rescued her from her previous owner. She had been left to die from a serious infection as her owner felt it was too much trouble to give her her medication. So, she came to live with me, my mini-lop rabbit and my cat.
She was very anxious, very high-strung and bit out of fear. It took a long time to convince her that we weren't out to hurt her, but eventually she trusted us and began to have fun. She loved to play "chase"-I would pretend to come after her, and she would waggle her ears, flick her tail and hop away. If I tried to stop the game, she would run in front of me and stop...she wasn't ready to finish yet!
Sophie enjoyed her treats and would get so excited when the treat box was opened. She would grunt like a little piggy when she ate something she really liked.
Recently, Sophie developed a massive infection which, despite my and the vet's efforts, didn't seem to improve. This morning at 3am, she told me, in her quiet, unobtrusive way, that she would like to sleep. She had fought the good fight and now she needed to rest. She was sweet and kind to the end, and now a hole is left in our hearts. I am grateful to have had her in my life-she taught me alot about being patient, and taking time to teach someone about trust. She was our Sophie-Bun, and we will always love her.

Kelly Neufeld

Sophie, 08/01/95-02/23/03

We will miss you our smiling kept our whole household alive with your silly antics. A dear dear and loyal friend. We miss you so very much...until later ...hugs,

Linda & Dorsey Gruver

Sophie, 08/15/89-02/09/03

So very loved


Sophie Louise Bubbles, 12/08/03

My sweet little princess, always had time for a kiss, and a good petting session. She taught me to appreciate a sweet bunnies love, and now she can teach others on the other side what feisty really means. Goodbye Angel, don't forget to wait for me.

Devin Fountain

Soushi, 08/06/88-04/25/03

Sweetest friend, loyal, and faithful to me, I miss you so. Please know that you were greatly loved. So sorry that you had to leave us and were in pain. Love you always.

Bev and Nelson Mathias

Sox, 05/01/86-12/28/02

Sleep peacefully darling Sox

Vicky & Mick Essam

Spanky, 12/08/03

Ol' spanky; loving pet of 8 years was put to rest today at 12:45pm. It's only been hours and it feels like eternity; not sure how I will cope; she meant more than words could ever say. In her memory; I want all to know Spanky was the best friend I could have every asked for!!


Spanky, 11/24/03

To our dear Spanky,

Please forgive us for loving you to much. We knew you were hurting but wanted you to go here at home. I didn't want you to suffer but time took it's place. The hardest thing ever was taking you to the vet. But you let me know once you were leaving that it was the best you purred so loving and I kissed you good-bye. Spanky we love you and always will please understand that there was nothing we could do you lost the battle with Cancer boy and then had a stroke on top of it. You were hurting but holding on. I know you were holding on for Mom (julie) and Silver(Daddy Cat) but we are all fine but miss you dearly.

WE love you Spanky rest with the rest.

Julie, Bobby and Family

Spanky (aka Funky Chicken), 06/16/93-10/03/03

To our Spanky (aka Funky Chicken) - we just lost you yesterday, five days after the death of your mom's daddy. I guess maybe you had to leave to be with your grandpa. We will forever miss our Funky. From the moment we first laid eyes on you, with your black eye patch, we just knew we had to have you and that your name would be Spanky. Even though you ate our couch, dug holes in the drywall, scattered potted plants all over the floor, and ate the contents of the vacuum bag, we loved you with all our hearts. We still love you. When baby Joshua came, things weren't the same for you we know, but slowly, you became Joshua's buddy. You loved to just hang out in his room with him, and I'm sure that Joshua is wondering what happened to "Doggie". Spanky, I know that you are happy and well at Rainbow Bridge, with no more pain. We will never forget you, you had to be the sweetest dog on this earth.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Joshua

Spanky, 03/28/92-09/02/03

Spanky came to our front door tiny, shaking and weak. As I opened the door to show her to my wife she walked right in and sat in front of our Buddhist altar. She looked up and greeted the altar, as is out custom, with all the strength she could muster. The altar symbolizes our life and Spanky somehow knew that. We had found a cat that also was Buddhist. Or rather, she had found us.
Spanky was a part of our lives from that moment on and has brought us only love and pleasure for the wonderful time we were given together. We are profoundly grateful for having Spanky in our lives and look forward to the day that we meet again. She is joining her friend Peggy who left us last July and I know ther are both happy to see each other again. See ya later kids. I love you.


Spanky, 06/10/86-08/06/03

Spanky was our special dog and had became very ill, thank you for the happiness that you brought into our lives, we will see you someday.

David & Kaye Alexander

Spanky Shu, 06/00/99-10/22/03

Spanky Shu,

We miss you so much. The pain in our hearts is unbearable right now. We know you held on as long as you could, but your little body was too tired and weak to keep you here with us. I'm grateful Mommy and Daddy were here to hold you and comfort you as you passed away. Our home feels empty now without you, but we will try, in the days to come, to fill that emptiness with all the wonderful memories and love you had given us all your life.
Your spirit will always be with us, kept in a special place in our hearts.

Until we are all together again,
Mommy and Daddy

Spare Change, 01/26/03

Dear Spare Change,

I would like to acknowledge you for being such a great companion. My whole entire family misses you so much, how I wish you were still here! I remember how you used to always chase me around the house so furiously, I miss those old days. I am glad I have your daughter as a pet now, but you will NEVER be replaced with her. Spare Change, I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart no matter what happens to you, or to me. Thank you for being such a great dog. Hugs and Kisses, Tya!

Sparkey, 1/10/03

I will always love you. You were so important to me. you were loved so much I just wish you could have stayed longer. I miss you and will be happy when we meet again at the rainbow bridge. and cross over together and never part. I will pray for you at the candle ceremony. I took it so hard when u died it was so hard to let go. now every time I look at dogs I will think of you. I new you were sick I just wish I had the money to try and fix you. I remember when you used to run and play in the field we used to play little games. no matter what I will love you. From the loved owner of Sparkey.

Sparkie, 09/01/86-08/08/03

Dear Sparkie, We're so sad at having to let you go. You gave us so many happy years and you'll live on in our memory for all time. PJ will be so saddened to hear you had to leave us while he was away in the Military in Kuwait but he knew you were old and didn't have much life left to live with us here on this earth. You are and will always be here with us in our hearts.

Sleep well old girl. We love you!


Sparkles, 08/05/03

This stray found me when it needed love most, in it's final moments. I gave it the love it needed before it had to be put down. Sparkles was only with me for an hour, but in that hour, this poor broken cat was given a lifetime full of love :)

Rhonda Boer

Sparky, 03/04/91-12/14/03

Our best friend, Sparky boy..."buddy boy."
Sparky was the most gentle, beautiful, loving and faithful companion we could have ever wished for.
He made our lives happier. For us he was like a baby.

Sharon and Michael Budwick

Sparky, 05/05/89-12/11/03

Sparky gave more love and companionship than I ever thought was possible.
I miss him very much.

Cheryl Gregory

Sparky, 12/09/02

Very much loved and missed everyday


Sparky, 10/31/95-02/22/03

My Dear Sparky

You will always be in my heart
And My love for you will never part
You brought fullness to my life everyday
And brightened my life everyday

God Bless You My Sparky and May You Rest in Peace.

Your loving daddy and family

Sparky, 06/12/86-10/04/03

Sparky you were such a part of our lives. We miss you so very much. You were the best!

Lon & Mary Moeller

Sparky, 09/29/03

I promised Grandma nearly two years ago that I would take good care of you. I hope you felt as much love from me as she gave you.

I so miss you and your gentle eagerness to be with me at all times; your soft, little paw, touching me, asking me to pick you up; your wagging tail, expressing your happiness to go riding in the car; your greetings when I got out of the shower; your quick little walk to keep up pace with me; your trust in me when I held you; your big black eyes that held so much love; and your extraordinarily long tongue that I so wish to be kissed. I miss your constant watch on me, following me from room to room, never letting me out of your presence. I miss your nervous chatter barking when another dog was in site or when the doorbell rings. I miss your queer whining when I groomed your nails. I miss saying, "No, licky, Sparky" when you started marathon licking. I miss your attention you gave your companion Cricket; you kept her well-groomed.

You were the most gentle creature God has made, yet. You made Grandma so very happy, and I am so glad you were mine, too. I so hope you are in her arms right now, and that I will see you again. Never can you be replaced.

Sparky, 09/91-09/23/03

You were there when others were not. You will be missed and I will keep you in my heart till I meet you at the bridge and we will cross together and all will be right again.


Sparky, 10/13/92-6/21/03

Sparky, our little Pookie. We all miss you so much. You were our sunshine. We will always love you.


Sparky, 07/04/89-06/19/99

What a truly remarkable friend you were. You appeared on our doorstep on the 4th of July. The next morning when you were still there, I brought you some water and dog food. You did not want anyone to come close. But after I gave you the food and water, you licked my hand. I was hooked. We had to keep you. So we named you Sparky because you found us on the 4th of July. Your time with us passed so quickly. It was heartbreaking when you back legs gave out on you and you could no longer walk. The vet informed us that there was not much more that we could do for you. So with a heavy heart, we spent our last night with you, sleeping on the floor with you, bringing you food and water, and feeding you steak. We cried our hearts out as the vet administered the shot. We whispered in your ears that we loved you very much and hoped to see you again. Sparky, you gave us unconditional love and friendship and we will always remember and love you.

Karol and Vic

Sparky, 12/01/98-06/17/03

Sparky McAnally
My Little Man - My Best Friend
Forever Loved and Remembered

Brenda McAnally

Sparky, 11/28/88-06/07/03

Sparky was a beautiful Golden Retriever/ Shepard born on 11/28/88 and died in my arms 06/07/03. He was a trooper and healthy until he got diabetes in April of 2002 and turned blind in July 2002. I have been giving him two injections of insulin daily and have been his guide since then. Fortunately, I was out of work for the past year and God allowed me to take care of my best friend every single moment of the day. Since he couldn't find the water bowl, I would provide him with water all day and feed him well to give him insulin. Then suddenly on 06/07/03 he started vomiting blood and we called the vet to come to the house, but he decided he wanted to depart on his own and to spare us of making this painful decision of putting him to sleep. So , he passed away in my arms and now he is in heaven. Sparky my boy, I miss you so much. My days are empty and so is my life without you. I love you and miss you so much. Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love mom,

Maria Tsucalas

Sparky, 09/09/95-02/21/03

Sparky. I miss you so much and think of you always. Love you and I hope you are happy.

Barbara Barrett

Sparky (Sparketo), 03/09/83-04/13/03

Sparky cat, my sweet little boy. Thank you so much for spending the twenty years of your life with me. I miss you so very much. We will meet again someday. All my love, Daddy

Sparky, 05/08/85-05/15/03

My little baby was the faithfulest of companions.
He was ailing and getting old, but he died from a tragic accident, and it was a shock to the whole family.
He was small in stature, but very large at heart.
He loved me when there was no one else. He loved me when there was. He loved me no matter what.
He was the truest of true.
He will be missed everyday that I am here on earth without him.
May Jesus keep him till I can be with him again.

Sharon Shank

Sparky, 06/01/94-04/14/03

To our Sparky
Our faithful friend of 9 years
We love you and miss you.

Jim and Judy

Sparky, 10/01/92-04/04/02

Sparky was the happiest dog I have ever seen. We have his tennis ball waiting here for him. He will always be in our hearts. He passed away at the vet. I was with him until the very end. I could tell it was his time to go. Before he died I seen tears drop down his eyes, and he seen tears in my eyes too. No other dog will ever replace him! I love you Sparky and I'll never forget you!!
Love, Jess

Sparky Anderson Finchley, 12/19/03

Dear Son Sparky, You are a unique tabby Persian who was an exceptionally cute kitten who grew into a handsome, dignified, serious gentleman and who proved to be a tough old man when struck by renal failure and hyperthyroidism. I pray your dreams were fabulously uplifting before you were sent on your way to the Rainbow Bridge. Pops, Joyce, your vets, Nichole and even rascal Claudius who annoyed you send their very best to you. Sparkus Tabbyus Persianicus Caesar! I will always love you, my precious baby. Till we meet again please have fun with Bruno, Bowe, and Twilly! Love to you all.

Love always, your human mother Vic

Sparky Brandon, 5/12/90-1/12/02

Sparky Brandon was the most wonderful dog in the whole world. When I lost him I lost my heart. It's been one year and three months and it's like I lost him today. I miss him so much. I cry every day and night. I have him on the top of my bed in a beautiful marble urn. I have only one thing to say and it' Sparky Brandon I love You with all of my heart. I miss you so much that know words can ever say.

Sparky-Kitty, 02/86-12/17/03

You were my best friend thru thick and thin. both of us had some tough times, but we saw each other thru them. im so thankful God sent you down to me-I just wish we didn't have to be separated.17 years that were wonderful with you. you were my furbaby soulmate, and the best companion any one could wish for. You are sorely missed. Until we meet again-I look forward to that day.
I love you-love me

Chris Westcott

Sparky Seibert, 05/15/86-01/27/03

You are my life, I can't wait to see you again.


Spartacus, 10/20/00-02/08/03

You will be missed very much and remembered always by me and Jeffrey and your brother Cymba.

Bradley Richardson

Spats, 01/97-11/11/03

Our handsome, sweet little tuxedo kitty, we miss your purrs, your 'seal dives', and that outstretched paw that always demanded our attention. We miss the conversations we had with you (and you never stopped talking!). You were suffering so much at the end, we had to let you go. Know that we love you dearly.

Claudia Linquanti & Steve Sue

Spaz, 10/11/03

We love you and miss you so much girl. You were so brave and so good, even through the pain. Rest comfortably our Spazzy Bear.

Matt & Niki

Speck, 05/02/03

I will miss you Speck, my friend and my companion for many years. I will never forget you and will always remember and love you. Mom



You brought such love and joy to your mommy and daddy all those years. The luckiest day for Rosie (besides when she was adopted by your Aunt Rusty), was the day you moved next door. You two were pals and soulmates from day one. Whenever I see a Dalmatian, I always think of you. You are at peace now. You can see again and you and Rosie can play all day. You were waiting for rosie, weren't you? You were loved alot and your mommy and daddy miss you very much. Be at peace little one. Love, Aunt Dani


Speedy was an angel to me, I wish she did not have to go.


Spencer, 02/13/88-03/24/03

Smartest cat that ever was.
My boo boo.
I miss him every day.


Spencer, 12/12/03

A Tribute to a Friend

Dear Spencer:

It is too bad that you had to leave use so soon,

You where only nine but you were a friend to all who met you,

I remember all the great times we had and I’m saddened that they will never happen again, I miss you so much and I hope you are having a good time,

I wish you didn’t have to leave us but I am happy for you knowing that you are no longer in pain, You where my greatest friend, Like I said before I hope you are having fun,

And I am sorry if I personally put you though any pain

Down here we all miss you very much,

And I know some people just thought of you as a dog but to me you where much more than a dog you where a friend,

But in the end I hope to see you again, then you and me could be together forever.

I close this tribute by saying Rest in peace to the greatest friend I have ever had.

- From the heart of Kristopher

Sandi & Kristopher Bridges

Spencer, 09/24/94-12/16/03

Spencer, you were our faithful friend who brought us so much joy.
We loved you so much!
You will always be in our hearts and a day will not go by that we won't think of you.

Galen & Joni

Spencer, 06/21/96-05/31/03

For Spencer who gave me more than I could have ever given him, For Spencer who with his love and joy truely saved my life many times over. I'll miss and love you forever! Love Mommie

Spencer, 05/22/03

You were a good boy spence and I'll miss you so much. I know you are not suffering any longer and you have found your well deserved peace and rest. love mommy

Spencer, 08/04/99-05/13/03

Spencer, You left us so suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically. None the less, we know, you know, you were loved beyond words can describe. You left and indelible mark on us with your quirky personality and sweet disposition. Your funny face, your precious eyes, beautiful stature and childlike nature endeared you to us for all of eternity. Not a day went by when we did not look at you and think how lucky we were to have you in our lives. We saved you from a home that did not want you, and gave you the time of your life, and ours, for two plus years. Your “step brother” Keeper misses you as he sleeps at our feet. Please know in your heart that you will never, ever be forgotten. We love you. John & Kyle, Keeper & Katie-May 14, 2003

Spencer, 04/06/96-05/10/03

Here's to Spencer, a loyal and loving pet who in my heart is a brother to me. I will never forget the times wherein I needed you and you where there for me, especially when I was sick. I know that where ever you are now, you're happy. I'll see you again soon. I love you.

Bianca Deloso

Spencer MacGregror, 08/27/90-03/12/03

To my beloved little "Big Boy" Spencer, I miss you so much and will hold you close to my heart always. Until we meet again Hootie.
Love your momma, Laurie

Spencer The King of Dogs, 11/10/90-12/16/03

Spencer, you had the heart of a lion but were as gentle as a lamb. I will miss every single little thing about you.
Thank you for all the love you brought me and everyone you met.
So many friends loved you back.
Be free my very good friend, I will look for you one day with your wagging tail.

Trish & Maryann

Spenser, 07/17/91-12/15/03

Spenser will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. May he meet up with his brothers and sisters on the rainbow bridge.

Chris & Susan Shinn

Spenser, 09/01/99-11/16/03

We love you, Spenser.
You'll always be remembered as our big Love Bug!

Gary and Melissa Green

Spice, 08/18/94-02/21/03

She was a sweet , gentle little cat. She was s art and beautiful Her beauty wasn't just on the outside. She was mischievous and loving. I miss her as much as her brother does.

Linda Taggatz

Spice, 03/01/85-01/20/03

I remember the day I brought you home as a kitten almost 18 years ago. You brought joy and unconditional love to my life every day you lived. These last two years were so hard for us both. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, renal failure, hypertension, arthritis, anemia, gastrointestinal bleeding. We fought them all, and you were so brave and uncomplaining about all the needles and pills. But finally you stopped eating; your head began to twitch; your expression was so pained. The day the vet came, it was sunny and unseasonably warm. You suddenly got out of your sickbed and walked into the yard, staring out at the trees for the last time. It was so hard to go through with the euthanasia while you still had the energy to walk. Forgive me, my baby. I just couldn't bear for you to suffer any longer. Wait for me. I know I will see you again, because heaven would not be heaven without you, my precious little Spice.

Sherry Freeman

Spicey, 09/23/84-11/20/03

Spicey will always be remembered for her wonderful purr and loving personality.


Spider, 5/2002-10/27/03

Spider you showed up last May with your Momma and 3 brothers. You would come in, sleep next to me, and purr so loud. You didn't bother the other cats, ate, played, slept, and cried that pitiful meow to go out. I tried to keep you in, but you were a little hobo, and wouldn't stay safe and inside. You got hit by a car and I am so sad for you. I loved you so much, and I know you know that. I don't even have you to bury, I am so sorry and sad that you are gone. Oh Spider man, you will be so missed

Spider, 05/03/03

She was a wonderful friend and companion for 13 years who went suddenly and without warning. My little buddy cat - I'll miss you, Spider. :-(

Christopher Fedak


May this tribute bring Lucy peace.

Lucy and Dean Taylor

Spigott, 07/01/87-08/14/87

Little Spigott, we had you so short a time; just nine days. And your stay on Earth was so wrenchingly brief. But I'm so glad we did have you, and knew you, for you were such a sweet, timid little soul. At least you had those nine days where you knew something of love and comfort.
I pray you're surrounded by both, now.
We remember you, little Spigott; God bless you.


Spike, 12/04/03

Spike was adopted in Sept.1994. He was 51/2 years old. I kept his name, but he was really more of a 'fluffy guy".I always tried to figure out what breed combo he was beagle/corgie/sheltie.. I don't really know.
I do know he was a wonderful, sweet, bright-eyed, happy little guy.
I will remember him looking in the sky and barking at the airplanes flying by oof,oof,oof. He loved to have the insides of his floppy ears scratched and he'd lean toward that side and moaned with pleasure.

He was pals with my other 5 beagles, Ruffus, Daffodilly, Peppy. Crystal, and Magnolia. They respected Mr. Spike. They kept him young and playful even at his old age.

When I brought Spike home in '94 to meet Peppy #1 and Roxannie, they loved him, They have crossed over the bridge in 97', and 2000. Now in 2003 Spike has joined his original buddies. My 3 muskateers have gone to a peaceful place..where no cancer happens and kidneys never fail,

Spike had a few close calls and I thought his time had come. I had some very good vets to say no he's not ready to leave yet. They were right, he was my little Miracle Man. He'd rally to see another and another day. EVERY day was a present he gave me

On Wednesday 12/3 he didn't eat. We went to the vet and found out his kidneys were failing. I could leave him and try more IV and hospital stays. I knew it might be time to say goodbye..

I brought Spikey home and tried some fluids under his skin. The next morning I called work and said I'm not coming in. I stayed with him, I laid down on his pillow next to him I sang HIS song in his ear "You are my sunshine" as I did most every night before bed. When he threw up and just laid on his pillow with his
eyes half closed..I knew he was tired and told him it was OK to say goodbye.

Dr. Kathy came to the house at 5;30 that night. I held his soft little head and put my face next to his and sang HIS song in his ear one more time and told him I loved him and I knew he loved me too. My lil ol' man was tired, he went to sleep very peacefully.

He lives in my heart with wonderful memories of convertible rides and walks and his deep voice, and bright eyes. Thank you Spike for being in my life, you were a super pal. We will always love you ...
your Mom and Chrissy, Dilly, Ruffus, Maggie and Peppy#2

Spike, 10/18/97-11/24/03

Spike was a true prince.
He existed only to love and be loved.
If love is the only thing you take with you when you go, Spike had an excess of baggage.
He left earlier than he should but is saving space for his two sisters and me.

Jon Newman

Spike, 10/29/03

My darling baby boy
God promised at the birth of time,
A special friend to give,
His time on Earth is short He said,
So love him while he lives.
It may be six or seven years,
Or Twelve or then Thirteen,
But will you til I call Him back,
Take care of Him for me.
A wagging tail, a cold wet nose,
And silken velvet ears,
A heart as big as all outdoors,
To love you through the years.
He'll bring His charms to grace your life,
And though his stay be brief,
When he's gone the memories,
Are solace for your grief.
Now will you give Him all your love,
Not think your labour vain,
Nor hate me when I come to call,
To take Him back again.
We'll shelter him with tenderness,
We'll love him while we may,
And for the happiness we've known,
Forever grateful stay.
But shall the angels call for Him,
Much sooner than we planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
And try to understand
Sweet Dreams Sweet Prince - Rest In Peacemi

Michaela Jane

Spike, 08/87-11/15/03

Spike was a wonderful, wonderful, warm and special best friend.
His heart and his love and his kisses will be missed forever.
Sadly mourned by his family... mom and dad, little girl, and Pepper

Mary Grant

Spike, 10/29/03

Spike was a loyal friend to our family. We really miss our friend alot, but we know that she is much better off where she is because of all of her pain and suffering she had here on earth. Your family misses you. We will see you when we cross Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for the many years of your companionship. You were the best dog anyone could ever have. WE LOVE YOU SPIKE!

Rick & Karen A

Spike, 09/19/03

Dear Spike,

It's taken me awhile to write this because it is hard believing you are gone to a better place. Having been one of four to survive a house fire in 1997 made you very special to me. You had a good life and are greatly missed. I hope Heaven is fields of catnip. You will live in my heart forever. Until we meet again---be at peace.

Merle Feeser

Spike, 02/89-04/30/03

He had a bigger than life personality that only his mother could love, and I did, for 14 years. I miss him greeting me at the door, as much today as the day I came home from the vet's office without him. He was my lifeline for so many years and I will always be grateful to him for saving my life. I love you, Spike.

Spike, 10/15/90-09/05/03

Spike, You were my heart there isn't a precious memory in the last 12 plus years that doesn't have you in it. I Love You So Much. You were/are my "forever dog" . I hope that you are at peace and not in anymore pain. I think of you everyday and my heart just breaks into tiny pieces.
You were such a good boy, faithful, loving, patient and giving. I hope they have lots of pepperoni's and cream puffs at the bridge. I will see you again my Dear, Dear friend.
Love Mommy. P.S. Your two legged buddy misses you very much too!

Spike, 09/20/00-09/28/03

Spike, thank you for all the love and joy that you brought to our life. Your time on earth was much too short. Zelda and I will miss you always.....and we'll see you in heaven. Have fun lying in the cool green grass and enjoy!! We love you!

Spike, 6/23/87-9/7/03

My one constant companion for nearly half my life. You were my sanctuary when there was nowhere else to go. Your love saved me over and over again. You were a joy and a beauty. You got me through the worst of times till I found the way to a better life for us. So sad you're gone but so grateful you were here. You'll forever be in my heart. Love Marion

Spike A.K.A. Precious, 08/21/03

You are missed my friend. You were a true survivor. You will live in my heart forever. May Heaven be fields of catnip. I will always love you. Peace.......

Merle Feeser

Spike, March 1986 to 31 July 2003

The greatest treat-loving dog ever. No sausage was ever safe in his presence. He could beg food at 50 yards with one flash of his big brown eyes and a slight cock of his head, and broke the resolve of many non-dog lovers. A dog who loved his comfort, fuss and routine, and who always knew how to behave. Gentle, polite and determined. A true gentleman among dogs. Reunited with his brother Skip - the dynamic duo live on!

Sharon and John Meredith

Spike, 07/12/03

My beloved Spike was very ill and had to be put to sleep on Saturday because he was no longer able to function, but for some reason was holding on anyway. I love him and miss him very much. I feel as though I have killed my best friend and I think his sister may sense this. She is grieving as well. I hope that he knows this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I only did it because I loved him so much I could not see him suffer in such immense pain any longer.


Spike, 07/08/03

Look at the stars Spike, see how they shine for you....


Spike, 05/06/02


It has been a year since you passed but, your memory is forever etched in my mind. I miss you so much my sweet little iggy. You were one special iguana that I was blessed to know and love. I never knew that a cold-blooded reptile could be so full of warmth and love until I met you. We will be together again someday, until then, I will never forget the joy and love you gave me.

Hugs, love and kisses to my little green boy,
Love you & Miss you lots...

Mom (Dena)

Spike, 04/15/89-03/03/03

Spike, we miss you very much. You were a wonderful dog, so full of life. We hope to one day see you again. -John, Nancy, and Danielle

Spike, 05/15/90-01/23/03

He didn't mind what we did as long as it was together.

David Bailey

Spike Ritter, 04/01/86-08/18/03

We loved you dearly and wish to thank you for the gift of unconditional love you showed us plus many years of happiness, joy and fun. We will be together at the bridge and think of you very frequently as we celebrate your most wonderful life. Muffie your companion misses you also and sends her meows along.

Spikey, 10/29/03

I first met Spikey when she was at the age of about 4 1/2 years of age. Her situation was a pathetic one; all of her life until then she'd spent living in a 20 gallon fish tank. Her companion/mate "Sundown" had wasted away (from the neglect) 1 1/2 years earlier, leaving her all alone and without any love from her "caretakers". Barely more than a pound in weight, she was very frail and undernourished; I stepped in as per request of a friend who saw that this little girl was living miserably.......

My beautiful little Spikey, with your long, wavy hair falling over your big, beautiful dark will be terribly missed. You were the sweetest little friend I have ever known and such a good little patient, too. Your bravery as shown in your will to survive to the end was inspiring. I am sorry that we had to put you through all that we did, in the hope of trying to keep you with us for a little bit longer. I truly hope that the three years you lived with us were very happy ones and made up for all the pain and loneliness you'd suffered in the past. We will always love you very much and cherish the memories you've left us with. Stay near us always, my beautiful little, Mommy, Daddy, Ziven and Baby Nina, especially.

Spikey, 05/13/96-10/14/03

Spikey even though you were small in size you were very large on LOVE. You gave our family so much. We Love YOU.


Spikey, 07/01/01-08/23/03

My Dearest Spikey, I love you so very much. You are just like one of the kids, and life without you will never be the same. You are the sweetest kitty I have ever known. I will miss you combing my hair and snuggling on the couch. I am having a very difficult time without you. You was so very, very sweet, and I appreciate our short time together. I will always think of you, and look forward to seeing you again someday, my beloved friend. Please give love to my mother.
Sincerely, With all the love in the world, Mama

Spinnaker, 10/29/89-08/05/03

Spinnaker, my beloved angel dog, shared every day of my life with me. I was away from my husband more days than I was away from him.

Spinnaker, you were truly a light in my life and I will always love you, cherish my memories of you and long for you until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. You never wanted anything more than to be with us. It never crossed your mind to leave home or wander. I thank you for all the nights you sat up with me and all the days you spent with me when I was too sick for human company.

I will never forget you or get over the pain of missing you. No one else will ever fill the void in our hearts.

My heart and soul are so lonely and empty. I long to gather you up in my arms and feel your wet kisses upon my face. I will always miss you. Spinnaker, I love you so.


Spinoza, 09/24/88-09/04/02

Thinking about you this Christmas - my first without you! You are so special to me and I miss you so much! I can only hope you are running free with Dobie in the tall green grass over the rainbow bridge! I love you and think about you all the time. I hope to see you in my dreams! You were a very special friend - never losing your special sense of humor. Merry Christmas my little Spinners! Love your "mums".

Spirit, 03/21/03

Thank you for saving my life!


Spittins, 10/16/03

I found Spittins semiconscious, in an alley, 4 years ago. He was living in a colony of feral cats and probably had calici virus. All of his life, he suffered from chronic upper/lower respiratory problems. He always had a runny nose, and frequently required antibiotics, and the vaporizer. He was a caregiver. He comforted a dying , orphaned fawn, and curled up with 16 year old Bundle. He and Maggie May spent hours cuddling. In fact, the dogs were more accepting of him than the other cats. A few months ago he developed ascitis and probably a heart valve problem. Fluid built up and he patiently allowed me to administer lasix twice a day, He looked so bad, but was strong enough to take away a dead chipmunk from a much larger cat on Wednesday. He slept atop my other ill cat Polish as she lay in a coma Wednesday. A few hours after Polish died, Spittins seemed to give up. He looked so bad. He patiently allowed me to draw fluid off his abdomen in an effort to give him some relief. I hope he knew that I was trying to help. He died 6 hours after Polish died. Polish and Spittins were both special needs pets that God sent to me to fulfill my special needs. I know that they are finally enjoying perfect health for eternity. They deserve eternal bliss.

Sandra Tindoll

Spivee Lou, 04/16/86-12/23/03

To my furry soulmate, you'll always have a place in my heart.
I miss you terribly.

Jacalyn Mignogna

Splash, 07/14/97-04/21/03

Here's to the best friend a girl ever had!
In loving memory of my forever friend;
July 14, 1997 - April 21, 2003
May you live forever in my heart and
may our souls meet again. You have
touched my life so deeply, you remain,
my very best friend.

Lisanne Dickenson

Splash, 07/15/88-12/26/02

You were so much a part of our lives and family. We will miss you more than words can say. We will always hold you dear in our hearts.

We love and miss you very much.

Gus, Gina, Gus and Amanda Alfonso

Spock (Deputy Dog), 10/20/94-12/05/03

Spock our deputy dog you have left your paw prints on our hearts.

Hanmore Family

Spock, 05/26/03

I have only admiration and love for my valiant cat. He fought so very hard to stay with us. I will always treasure the most precious bond between us. May he be remembered as one of the coolest cats to ever grace the earth.

Marie and Matthew Ganz

Spodumene, 9/18/89-4/3/03

You never showed me any signs you were leaving soon. You were so happy and enthusiastic and playful. Even your last night with me, I held you close and you kissed my face over and over to comfort me. You enriched every life you touched and you left your footprints on all our hearts. My dear, sweet Spodumene I miss you so much! I love you always!

Spoiler (Spoil Me Rotten), 06/14/03

Bless your heart, Spoiler, for we miss you so.
You've touched so many hearts, and now we don't have the opportunity.
Who would've known?
Mike's been locked up, he'll pay for what he did to you.
I'm so afraid for when he's let out.
Spoiler, since you left me, everything else dear to me has been torn away, and I don't think I can bear it anymore.
I need you here, Spoiler, you were my shoulder to cry on...I wish I could have been there, could have saved you, could have protected you from Mike.
I feel so guilty, so sorry Spoiler...please, meet me at the bridge, I need you there...and take care of Sansadore, who I know will rest with you soon.
When he does...bring him along with you to the bridge.
RIP Spoiler, I'll never forget you...till we meet again...


Spook, Early 1998-09/15/03

My heart and soul is gone.

Spook was only 5-1/2. I woke up this morning, dished out the food. Spook wasn't there. I looked and found her soft, sweet body.

Spook was my life. She made me laugh. She got me thru Princess' illness and final days. When Princess, my dog, died, Spook comforted me.

Spook had the most wonderful purrsona. I'm going to miss her antics, her hugs and cuddles. I'm not the same without her. My heart and arms are aching for her. She was the one I'd hold and hug when I needed comforting. None of my other 4 kitties is comforting me.

I can't remember if it was when I was napping the afternoon before, or when I went to sleep for the night. She was by my side, and put her rear leg over my arm. She used to do this a lot, but hadn't for some time. After awhile, I turned away, cause I needed to sleep. I wish I hadn't turned away. I wish I could remember when she was there, because she might have been trying to tell me something, maybe goodbye.

I brought her body to the vet. Before leaving, I put my face into her soft furs for the last time.

I love you my baby, and will always miss you.

Kami Scott

Spook Craft, 08/26/91-01/25/03

Spook was a loving and vital member of our family. He left us suddenly & unexplainedly, & we will grieve for him for a long, long time. We love you & we miss you, 'bud'.

Edwin Craft, Lynne Fouraker & Sundance

Spooker, 09/15/86-03/25/03

Spooker was one of our family. We love him so much, and he returned his love to us too.
He was like a son, he was a friend, buddy, he was here for us on lonely and rainy days, he always made us smile.
He is missed so much. He will always be loved and in our hearts.
Spooker's Parents
Cher and JC

Spooky, 12/20/03

Our beloved Spooky, who was a part of our family for 16 years. I hope you realize how much we all loved you and miss you terribly.

Debbie Allegretti

Spooky, 07/25/03

My dear little Spooky. You are loved and missed by many for despite your physical limitations, your spirit and zest for life made you greet each day with joy. You are an inspiration and I thank you for opening my mind and heart.

Spooky, 08/04/03

Spooky, we loved you dearly and we will miss you terribly! You were so loving, affectionate, and the best "mouser" anyone could ask for in a pet cat! You were so beautiful...your proud, strong face, sleek coat, and great personality! In fact, I swear sometimes you acted more like a dog than a cat! You were the best...and you were my very best friend! Love you forever, Your Family

Spooky, 06/05/01-06/27/03

Spooky, Mommy and Daddy will always remember you. we miss you very much and hope that you are not hurting any more. Odie, Tekayah , TJ and Jake also wish you were here to play but they hope you are watching down on them and keeping them in your heart.

Spooky, 04/04/87-02/04/03

My special baby....I miss you.

Veronica Miller

Spooky, 01/14/03

She was my friend, always there for me. Her love unconditional and unbound.

She lived her life on her terms and allowed me to share with her her joys and her sorrows. It is a journey that while I grieve the end I enjoyed the road we traveled to get here.

She gave me her love and at the end when she know it was her time she extended her love with a few last kisses and while looking deep in to my eyes she crossed to Rainbow Bridge.

I love you pookie and you are always in my heart!

Jesse Vardaman

Sport, 12/09/03

You will be so dearly missed sweet little guy.
We miss you at nightly story time, the way you would cuddle in bed with us.
Look down on us now, we love you.

Brian, Lisa, Connor, Hannah, Allison


My babys gone I owe her everything

Vicky Clarke

Spot, 11/12/03

RIP my Spottymus, you will be missed girlie



I would love o have a tribute to my cat Spot, who survived being run over by a car at 6 weeks of age, with terrible injuries. Spot was a real survivor, lasted 19 years. She was the most unique, and loving pet I have ever had . I miss you, Spot, I will never forget you.

Spot, 02/07/92-08/18/03

Spot, you were the greatest dog and bestest friend anyone could ever have. I hope that you didn't suffer too much and that being at home and in my arms when you took your last breath somehow made it better. I miss you so deeply, I can't imagine when I will be able to think of you and not cry! Knowing that you are happy where you are and running and playing once again is the only thing that makes me feel better. I bet you are digging in the sand and playing in the water 8&)... remember the lake?! You always had so much fun there and on the boat! I love you so much and will always keep a special place in my heart for you! Have fun... and be happy till we meet again! Kissies from Mommy!

Spot, 05/11/89-09/15/02

Baby Spot we miss you so much, life just isn't the same.
Please hurry home back to us.
Love your best friend

Julie Beyer

Spot, 08/10/91-03/28/03

Spot, You will always be our baby, we Love you and miss you so much, sweet dreams, Mom & Dad

Spot, 3/15/03

"My Blue Boy"

Beautiful, shining blue boy, with the big blue spot on your back.. your name was obvious. I brought you home as a present for my daughter but like all the others you found a place in my heart and there you will stay forever. You accompanied me on some major life journeys, you were my only companion through some hard times. We drove over a thousand miles together, and I worried about you the whole time. You did wonderfully and settled into your new home beautifully. I really believe that you would still be here with me if it weren't for the ridiculous and unfair airline regulations that wouldn't allow you to travel home with me for a few days. You were never the same after those two weeks we were apart and I'm so sorry. I am so sad that you developed a tumor 4 weeks ago and I you suffered so long and fought so hard. I wanted you to get better but if you couldn't how I wanted your suffering to end. Once again I will cry, grieve for you, look for you, but I will never forget you. Every life is precious and has meaning. You were and will always be my little gift.
I love you blue boy....

Spot, 03/15/88-01/25/03

To my beloved Spot--

You were my first dog...
You were my best friend...
I loved you with all my heart...
Rest in peace--

I know we will be together again.

Sherry Vaccaro

Spot, 01/10/03

Spot you were a very special cat, I tried my to do my best for you and you returned my love time after time. I miss you under foot and waiting for your toast each morning. You knew your time had come, your love for me was there in the gentle rub of your head on my hand, your meow, and the look in your eyes. Rest well my friend, go to Spook and Cub and all my other furbabies that wait at the bridge, and tell them I love and miss you all so much. Someday soon we will all be together and there will be no more parting and only tears of joy. Gentle Spot rest now. Love Mommy Sally

Spot Boop Deboop, 8/10/91-3/28/03

Our dear Spot we miss you very much. You have been a part of our family for over 11 years. You were our best friend. We are glad we were there for you, as you were so many times for us. Your blanket was a close part of you and we will treasure it always. We love you baby.
Good night dear Spot
Until we unite again...

Spot De Cat, 05/02/93

May She Stand Before the Lord With All the Grace And Dignity She Deserves, Love, Mum

Spotee, 09/09/94-10/28/02

I would like to remember the beautiful moments that I shared with Spotee. I will never forget the hugs and unconditional love that we shared. She was my soulmate and she still is for life. I love you Spotee with all my heart.

Spottie, 10/24/98-5/24/03

Spottie was my beautiful SweetPea. She was so shy and so scared in the beginning. But, as time passed, she became so loving and sweet. Everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her. She developed a liver problem and stopped producing red blood cells. The doctors had done all the tests and they were all negative. They still don't know what happened to her. After two weeks of suffering in the hospital, I finally made the decision to end her torture and set her free. She will live on forever in my heart.

Spotty, 09/08/03

Spotty was my best Buddy. I rescued him from the Escondido Humane Shelter in June 0f 1998; no one wanted him because he was kinda GRUMPY, & because he had a tear on his lower lip. . . but I saw through his grumpiness, & overlooked his torn lip, & saw him as a special bunny. . . as time wore on, I found I wasn't mistaken about him.

I got to like his grumpy ways. . . how he'd GRUNT like a pig when he was mad; how he'd hop into one of his box hideaways when he didn't want company; how he'd LOUDLY chew on a cardboard box when he got irritated.

But he wasn't all grumpy. . . he gave great bunny kisses; he'd let me rest my head by him when I was sad & needed a warm buddy to be close to. He had a wonderful way of begging for treats (which he was very fond of. . .); he'd look up at me, then lower his head down to the treat bowl edge, then look up at me again; if I didn't pay attention, he'd nudge me on the leg! Then, if the treat wasn't quite what he had in mind, he'd 'chin' it, to let me know that he wanted something else. I loved hearing his soft pitter-patter as he hopped around on my bedroom floor.

He was also my 'watch bunny'. One day, at Christmastime, I left the flashing lights on, on my tree, while I took a nap. I was awakened to the sound of him thumping loudly outside my bedroom door, while looking in the direction of the tree. He thought the tree was on fire, I suppose! Once I reassured him, he realized that the tree was O.K., & he never 'thumped at it' again.

I could go on. . . but all I will say, is that I miss my little buddy so much. . . there's a hole in my heart that will take time to heal. . . God, give my bunny a hug for me. . . your new 'angel-bunny' is very special. I love you, Spotty!

Mary E. Troy

Springsteen, 10/84-02/13/03

Springsteen, our great friend and companion for over 18 years....We miss you with all our hearts and see you in our dreams

Roz & Howard Smith

Sprocket, 04/07/93-06/23/03

Our baby Sprockie..we love and miss you. Wait for us at the bridge.
Mom, Kevin, Frankie D., Emmitt and Echo.

Spud, 07/22/91-06/23/03

To my Boo-Boo I miss you so much Love Mom

Spud, 03/18/03

I will miss you terribly my loyal and faithful friend. Save a place for me in Heaven so I can hold you again.


Spuds, 02/01/89-03/09/03

You are such a tiny little thing that brought us great Joy in the short time you lived with us. I wish you could have came here sooner. You were one special little guy who loved his belly rubbed and loved to give hugs. I am so sorry that your little body decided to give out on you. I know you are running a playing with babies now. I am sure there is a kitty or two to play with also. I know you were happy here even though you always had a sad little shy look on your face. Even though you are tiny, you had one BIG bark. We are greatly missed and always will be. Go play and run and be free of any discomfort.
Love Mommie

Spudz, 09/02/86

My dearest Spudz.. My best friend, still. I know it has been years since your departure but I still miss you so. You, the grandest of all dogs, saw me through so much and you loved me unconditionally. I wish I could say the same for you. I know I wasn't always the best mama and I have no excuses. I love you my black beauty and I miss you more and more as the years have passed, if that is possible. You were and are my heart, my soul. How I would have loved to have you around for my sons' births and to see you watch over them as you did myself for all those years.
What I remember most about you is your kisses when I cried, your cold nose pressed against my window at night watching over me as I went off to bed.... Your love of life and your zest for the simplest things. You taught me so much in life and even in your death..
The thing that I wish the most is to have been there when you left this world. I know you must have been so scared, felt so alone and I am so sorry. I wish I had done more to prevent your being stolen and had been able to find you before those horrible 'animals' watched as another of your kind tore you asunder. Your trust of us, of everyone, led to your demise my faithful friend. I am sorry you had to experience the worst of us in the end, that I wasn't there to comfort you and to lead you to the rainbow bridge as it should have been.
I make this promise to you... I am forever in your debt and I promise to you that as long as there is breath in these lungs I will speak up for you, for your breed, and against the horrors we humans afflict on you all daily. And once again, in the years to come, I will commit myself to another of your breed and I will show this world exactly what the heart and soul of a Pitty truly is.
My best friend, my soulmate, my confidante', my love.... I will never forget you.
Love, MamaJ

Spunki, 04/15/89-12/17/03

To my little baby, whom I saw come into this world- you will always be my best friend, my Spunki-doodle, and I will see you again, I promise.
I will always love you.


Spunky, 12/27/88-10/18/03

Spunky a dog who caught my eye and captured my heart. More than a companion Spunky was the smartest dog I ever met. Every Sunday night at 7:00 pm he would stand in front of the refrigerator waiting for his doggie ice cream (Frosty Paws). He enjoyed going for walks, eating veggies, camping, and the snow. Tossing snowballs at him and watching him try to catch them was a riot. I remember when we first brought him home he didn't even know how to climb stairs...and the things he did as a puppy OH MY!! chewing electrical cords, eating shoes. Spunky was always there to welcome you home from work-tail wagging. Spunky was more than a dog. He will always remain in my heart and that of his daddy Paul. You are missed Spunky and we will always love you...Roseann and Paul your Mom and Dad

Spunky, 07/29/94-07/07/03

Spunky was a wonderful cat. He was friendly, and affectionate and forgiving. He was taken before his time, although he lived a wonderful life. This is here to commemorate Spunky, and all the joy and wonderful memories he brought into my life and the lives of all he met. He was my baby and he will be greatly missed. He is free of pain now, and I hope that he is happy. I will never forget you Spunky.

Spunky, 01/04/03

We're glad that you came into our lives. We miss you very much.

Mandy Szwarnowicz

Spur of The Moment, 03/18/91-02/10/03

My buddy, Spur, I miss you so much. I know you are with Cain now and your hips don't hurt at all. But Dixon and me especially, can't seem to do anything but miss your wonderful presence. Thank you for waiting till the kids had gone to school. You always kept track of them all so well. I'm glad we had such a good time playing in the snow on Sunday. I will always see you doing the boobie roll down the driveway. I miss you being my shadow, I still hold doors open for you to come after me. I wish I had seen you on Monday AM. I will regret that always, but maybe you didn't want me to see you. You are the best. I will love you always.

Spyder, 09/18/03

You were the link that brought us closer together and made us a family. You were the perfect dog - intelligent, eager and so very affectionate. We are distraught over your sudden and unexpected departure. We will think of you often and miss you terribly. You will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Daniel and Allison

Spyderman, 06/99-06/2002

I still see you stalking the birds. You are there sneaking past me in the doorway. You're on the steps watching me sweep. I don't mind.

Ted Wisniewski & Leslie Xavier

Squeak, 11/11/90-09/07/03

Her real name was squeak. But we usually called her old faithful. All she wanted in life was to be loved and petted. Her last week she was very sick. I know it was best for her to leave us and go home. My heart is broken I wish I had known it was her last day with us. She gave a lot more than she ever received. PLEASE LIGHT A CANDLE for SQUEAK AND PRAY FOR US. We are still devastated by her death. She was my best friend. It is a real comfort knowing we are not alone in our grief. We miss her Squeak's Family

Squeaky aka Squeakers, 12/13/03

Squeaky lived to be a ripe old age of around 5 ( I think ) we got him from a friend who got him from a friend who could not take care of him, so his exact age is unknown, but he had all the signs of old age when he passed away December 13 2003, he is so so missed, I am crying as write this,... he was my little buddy a good good friend, we were really close, just like one of my kids.
He would love his chin scratched and his hair stroked his little head would pop up and he would look around for me when he heard my voice, every morning he would be waiting for me all excited with
Precious next to him, waiting for breakfast saying Squeak! Squeak!
he would look at me and every time I talked, he chewed to the rhythm of my voice.
We were so so connected,. I still cant believe he is gone!
I wish I could have been the one who had you from the start, then we could have spent more time together, but for now you are safe in the lords hands, happy, safe, and forever young, running and playing.
Daddy has just a little wile yet to travel on this road of life, it will seem like a twinkle of an eye to you, and we will be together forever.

David Cunningham

Squeaky, 06/25/91-13/12/03

A hundred days had made me older
Since the last time that I saw your pretty face
A thousand lights had made me colder
And I don’t think I can look at this the same
But all the miles that separate
They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

The miles just keep rolling as the people wave to say hello
I hear this life is overrated but I hope it gets better as we go

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

Everything I know, and anywhere I go
It gets hard but it won’t take away my love
And when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done
it gets hard but it won’t take away my love

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

I will come for you someday, Squeaky, at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you.

Jodie & Willie

Squeaky, 12/05/03

Last night I watched you in your agony in your last dying moments. But there was nothing I could do for you. You cried and howled occasionally. You broke my heart with those cries. I knew you were going, but there was nothing to do but make you as comfortable as possible. I watched you take your last dying breath at 10:18pm.
And I watched your Spirit leave you, free at last. You were the most loving, affectionate, comical cat I ever had. You brought much joy to me for the last 12 years. I can hardly believe you're gone. As my tears flow down writing this I will always remember you and hope you are somewhere happy forever...

Dean G. Ambrose

Squeaky, 10/04/03

My Princess, my confident and my best friend..You will always be with me in spirit.

Marianne Messick

Squeaky, 04/01/85-09/10/03

Our very special cat, Squeaky passed on today after filling our lives with love, indifference, attitude and companionship for 17 years. She had been ill, a possible stroke suddenly blinded her, but for the last 4 days she was treated like a Queen. A title I think that she thought she was quite deserving of. She could again see a little, had stopped running into walls and was content and comfortable. I checked on her several times last night and one time she was sleeping with her head off her bed with one paw over her eyes. I didn't disturb her, 'cause she looked like her old self and quite comfortable. I hope she is no longer stiff with arthritis, can hear and see clearly again and I hope she finds a big pile of dirt to roll around in.

Brenda Palmer

Squeaky, 11/30/96-05/31/03

Squeaky came to fill the void of another beloved cat "Ears" who died of cancer. She became the companion of our male cat "Spot". She was a very special cat and I loved her dearly. She became sick on Easter Sunday, after several weeks of test and a special trip to the Vet school at Texas A&M it was determined she had a very aggressive type of cancer that had spread to her brain. We brought her home and gave her quality life for five weeks. She went to rest at our Vet's office in my arms with everyone there in tears. She is now beside Ears in our yard.

Gayle Luikens

Squeegee, 09/2003

Squeegee was a beautiful Siamese and leaves behind a loving mommy, daddy and two other Siamese kitties , Holly and Cinnamon. Squeegee died very quickly and it was a shock to his family and his friends. He died less than two weeks after being diagnosed. Squeegee I hope you are playing at the Bridge now, we all miss you so much.
Love Auntie Carol

Squeeker, 05/29/03

Our little Squeeker angel died yesterday, May 29 2003.

He was not yet 4 years old. White male kitty.

Had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy....HCM an enlarged heart.

He was diagnosed 3 months earlier and we helped him in his fight with 4 types of medicine and a wonderful feline cardiologist.

We miss him very much, and hope/pray that he is waiting for us at the rainbow bridge when we die.

Susan & Robert

Squeekie, 08/90-10/15/03

Squeekie was ours from the time she was a kitten; we had her love for 13 years. After Squeekie battled lymphoma for several months, we had to make the agonizing decision to put her to sleep yesterday (10/15). Words cannot describe our pain! It is so hard to make this decision for a pet who cannot understand. I only hope that someday we'll see her again and know the truth about God's love of all creatures.

Ray and Carol Patrone

Squidgitt, 03/05/93-02/25/03

In loving memory of my baby. Sleep well, my darling.


Squiggles, 02/18/92-01/26/03

Our dearest beloved Squiggles,

We will miss you all the days of our lives. The world is a better place because we were a family.

Love, Mom and Dad

Squirrel, 02/05/03

The End of an Era

Probably the last Papillon to carry the illustrious affix INVERDON

Was today reunited with his mum Netta Henderson

Who I know will have been waiting for his visit with eager anticipation

Just as she did in life , when Squirrel would go and visit her at her retirement home in Shotley Park

Netta asked me to take Squirrel because she wanted him to sit on the furniture, beg for tidbits at the table and go for walks in the park

Well, he did all of that, and more !!.

He had a long and happy life and, when his health started to fail, it was my decision to let him go while he still had quality of life and the dignity that is so important.

He died peacefully in my arms and came home to be buried in his garden.

I will miss my sweet boy

Squirt, 12/23/03

The last of the three musketeers, Runt, Peewee and now Squirt. Squamous cell is a nasty cancer. Enjoy your brothers and please share the Kentucky fried chicken with Runt. Forever in our hearts. Kiss Peewee and Runt.

Sandy Kuplis and David Page

Squirt, 07/2000-02/25/03

I am sooo sorry Squirt. I did everything I could. The disease was just too much for your body. I love you and hope you forgive me for not letting you leave sooner. I know you hung on for me, even though you were soo tired. I love you soooooo much buddy. I'll see you on the rainbow bridge. Sly says hi and he loves and misses you too.

Squirt, 2/4/03

You brought more joy into my life each and every day than I could have ever imagined possible. I love you Squirt.

SR. Gordon of SC (Spikey), 11/19/88-07/25/03

My best and dearest friend he will be missed

Craig Gordon

Stablemate's Reba Is Special PT, 06/26/99-09/19/03

To my little herding girl, you were taken from us TOO soon.
May you find some sheepies to play with at The Bridge.
I love You.

Betsy Sholes

Stacey, 24/05/89-18/06/01

To my darling Stacey I miss you very much u mean everything to me and always will I miss the long walks we hade together I also miss lying on field. Next to you you are always in my heart lots of love your darling David xxxxx


Stanley, 09/06/03-11/15/03

Stanley was 10 weeks old and during his time with us we made him part of our family and loved him regardless of any physical short falls. There is no question that he loved us and was a happy pup!
We miss you terribly little Stanley Snuggles you sweet baby.

Dave and Laurie Atkinson

Stanley B., 02/18/90-10/28/03

We miss you, Wonder Dog!

The Lindsey Family

Stanly, 09/18/03

To the biggest, baddest cat to ever bless the face of this earth. We will always love you, and always, always miss you!

Carly Graff

Stanton, 07/07/98-08/13/03

My precious kitten died too soon. Always loving and loved.

Kimberly Sullivan

Stanzi, 04/12/88-07/07/03

We love you Stanzi and we miss you every day.

The Turocks

Star, Early 1997-11/28/03

Star loved to bark whenever she demanded treats or for our undivided attention. She loved squeaky plushies. She will be greatly missed and the house, sadly, is more quiet since she left us. We'll never forget her.

Joseph & Sandra

Star, 08/16/03-11/18/03

You were my baby, my guiding light Star.
Now you guide me from oh so far.
I feel so much pain, it is so unreal,
Will this heart of mine ever heal?
I miss your purrs, your soft little kiss.
I never dreamed it would end like this!
Not long at all did you stay,
I wonder WHY it was now you had to go away.
So many questions, so much empty space,
I can't wait to again, see your sweet loving face!!


Star, 07/03/03

Star;*::* I Miss you Dearly....I wish you hadn't have gone....that day was the hardest day of my life seeing you there......your body remained but your soul had fluttered into heaven to join the others on the Rainbow Bridge, I couldn't believe my eyes as saw you there on the side of the Road, why did God have to take you so soon? at the Age of 1 you had been gone away from my touch :( I miss you girl , we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge

Amber Rahming

Star, 7/5/03-9/13/03

Our beautiful 2 month old kitten, Star (black with blue-green eyes) got seriously injured a week ago when our son's stroller fell on him and crushed him. He was in shock with internal bleeding and a dangerously low body temperature. He went to the vet who gave him injections to stop the bleeding and kept him overnight. He came home the next day, but his body temperature was still dangerously low. The vet kept monitoring him, but his body temperature never came back up, and he never ate on his own again, walked, or played. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, September 13th. God bless him.

Star, 1993-05/08/03

Star, you were such a sweet little bird. I love you and I miss you. Rainbow will miss you too.


Star, 05/13/88-04/04/03

.......just a little touch of star quality.

Susan E. Hebert

Star, 05/08/95-04/03/03

16 days were far too few to share with you
But more than enough to fall in love.

Thank you for your grace, your kindness, your patience, your forgiveness, and for your vast and gentle heart.

I will NEVER forget you. Rest in peace, my sweet prince. I am so sorry for the pain you suffered, and for the fact that I was never able to give you the life of sun and wind and joy that you deserved. May you be free now, and may you have your wings.

"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some Paradise where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again."
-Stanley Harrison

In memory of Star
May 8, 1995-April 3, 2003

Star, 03/25/03

Star, your light will shine in our hearts and memories forever. We love you.
-Mommy and Daddy

Star, 10/20/92-03/01/03

A Tribute to My buddy Star who made my life so happy. I loved her. She was the sister and twin of Venus. She was a wonderful pet and I will always remember her.

Ezella Pearson

Star, 12/24/90-02/05/03

She was the best dog anyone could have shared their life with, a nurse at times a queen but always a friend to all


Star, 03/25/85-12/23/02

Love you Star

Karen Schlein

Stardust, 08/19/92-01/20/03

Star Baby, you are gone but not forgotten, Mommy knows that you are still here with her in spirit, I pray that Gods holds you safe Until I come home and we can be together again, I love you My Sweet Baby Boy, and I will never ever forget you.

Starsky, 03/25/95-02/05/03

Mommie knew you were going, but did it have to be so fast? You waited for grandma like I asked, but I know your body just couldn't fight the cancer that ravaged you for the past 10 months. You passed on the day of my surgery and I have not had time to grieve until now. I miss you, my little thumper-girlie, my little squeak. Your sister misses you, too. She looks for you everyday and asks where you are, but she's taking care of me for you.
I miss you, baby girl, and love you so very much!

Starsky Haldeman, 03/25/77-08/01/02

From the first time I held you when you were only 20 minutes old, to the last time as you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge twenty-six years later, you were my baby and my loving companion. Wait for me.

Laurie Haldeman-Lambe

Stealth, 09/08/03

My life has been touched by many, many cat souls, but it took a rescued siamese to wake me up to be compassionate. To my Kitty-the sweetest little buddy I've ever had. We fought the illness for 4 months and it won, but it never took away our love. For all the head-butts, fur, and snuggle naps. For all the silliness of under-the-blanket-cat, catnip addiction and water splashing. I miss the greeting everytime I came home, the way I was followed everywhere and the weight on my blanket as I slept. I miss you so. May we meet someday again

Brittney Young

Stella, 10/20/99-11/12/03

Stella was God's gift to me and everyone she touched.
Her role in life was just to give love and affection.
She is missed deeply by myself and her sister Maddie.

Catherine Goedecker

Stella, 5/12/03-6/16/03

"Stella!!!!!" This was the first thing we thought of when we brought this kitten home with his brothers. Not knowing at the time (Stella turns out to be a male) whether it was a boy or girl we just had to call him Stella because he was the biggest talker of the whole bunch. All of Stella's brothers and sister died during the week but Stella hung on. We nursed Stella for two days constantly until we had to take Stella to the emergency clinic for treatment. We decided to go ahead and do everything we could, IV's, antibiotic injections, whatever it took we didn't care how much it cost as this little creature had won our hearts. But the panleuk was too strong for him even though he tried to fight it and he died Sunday morning. This was the last of 5 in the litter of fosters we took home. He would crawl up on my chest and sleep under my neck just as peaceful as could be and would give me kisses and kisses. I will never ever forget him even though he was in my life for such a short time. Bless you baby Stella, I love you and miss you so much. I will keep your pictures forever.

Stella, 09/21/01-02/27/03

Stella is the love of my husband's life. She was the only gift I ever gave him that he asked for. The life she gave us was short but so full of unconditional love, devotion, play.

Sterling, 10/01/93-08/25/03

"I think I shall miss you most of all"

Ron & Bev Braunsky

Sterling, 05/21/02-07/01/03

Sterling-You were such a sweet, wonderful guy - the best kitty anyone could ever ask for to grace her life. I will forever miss your purrs, and the way you drooled when you were really enjoying our special quality time together. I will miss your soft fur and your gentle paws. You will live in my heart forever. I hope you have found peace and comfort after fighting a valiant battle against cancer. Everyone who knew you said you were such a fighter. I love you.


Sterling Silver, 04/18/94-11/07/03

The day I brought you home our lives were changed forever, We soon found out that you were very clever. From playing catch and shaking paws, to bouncing around in the coldest of weather. Your favorite things were ice cubes, beef jerky strips, and rawhides, plus destroying every stuffed animal or toy that I would buy. When you came running across the yard, you knew just how to melt our hearts. With you curly tail and big beautiful head, you always let us know when it was time to be fed. You would bark and bark, until you won everyone's heart. For nine years you showed no fear, you were just a big teddy bear. You were a pal to Gemini, Daddy's best friend, and Mommy's protector, with the two of you things could never have been better. One day you became very sick, and my baby it was way too quick. Even though we did all we could, in the end it did no good. The time has come for us to say goodbye, and all we can do is cry and cry. In time we know this will pass, but our love for you will always last. You are truly missed, but yet I feel so blessed. To this day you are still my best friend, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

In loving memory of Sterling Silver 4/18/94 - 11/7/03


A tribute to Stetson
Thank you Stetson for over 13 and a half years of friendship.
You put sunshine & warmth into everyday I had you. I know you are in GOD'S hands now and HE has made you whole again. I can see you running and playing with your sons, Jetson & Hershel and your cousins, Dixieland , Princess & Bear. I know there are a thousand tennis balls for you to play with and lots of chew bones. I know you can now run and have the young healthy body you once had. I am so lucky to have had you for so long. You broke all the great dane rules on how long they stay on earth. Even your sons stayed long..... 9& 1/2 yrs. and 11 yrs. Thank you all for that. Please give my love to Jetson & Hershel and a big giant hug for them. I love you all forever and you'll never be replaced. The hurt in my heart will heal when we are all reunited again in eternity.

Stevie, 06/85-03/07/02

Stevie, I miss you so much...I miss your constant meowing, I miss your adventurous spirit in protecting me and our homes so many times! You were really the grand lady of the house...I have so many happy memories of us at the cabin, in Texas and Minnesota, on all of our many walks with two were quite the pair! I will never forget how Rita and I had to climb up the tree to get you out! I know that you and Tommie are hanging out together...sitting side by side, waiting, loving and sending so much love and energy back to are still with me and I feel you around me and protecting me as you always did...I love you...


Stevie (Darlin Boy), 06/01/91-01/31/03

Stevie brought so much love and happiness into my life, he had many health problems and I was always there to care for him....I had to put him to sleep today but as always I was holding him in my arms until his little heart he is at rest and I will miss him always...

Kathleen Martin

Stevie and Shelly, 19/05/03

Two true little Aussie who should be flying high within the blossoms Fly free no pain.

Sandy Penman

Stevie Boy, 08/02/03

Stevie Boy, I will always love you! You are the sweetest dog anyone could have. I know you were sick, and you had to go. I miss you so much! No matter how bad a day that I was having, you were always there, tail wagging, and happy to see me. You would always listen to me if I had a problem. You were my best friend in the world. You will always have a special place in my heart. One day we will meet again, at The Rainbow Bridge. Until then, everyday, I will think of you. How sweet you are, how smart you are. I LOVE YOU! For ever and always! My protector. My friend. Remember, you will ALWAYS have a place in my heart! Love, Livi

Stevie Nicks, 07/15/86-08/10/03

Thank you Stevie for being in our lives. You brought many people much joy and Converted some "non-cat" people. Here is a big high five for you! Many your journey be filled with many Cheetos, and peaceful time in the sun. We love you so much.

Athena and Jennifer

Stimpy, 08/01/92-07/01/03

My sweet, handsome baby boy! Mommy and your sisters miss you so much! You were such a brave kitty, putting up with treatments for 6 1/2 years, with hardly a complaint. I know you're happily playing with Saharabara. We love you and we'll see you again.

Michele Wisneski

Stimpy, 08/01/92-02/17/03

Stimpy had a personality like none I have ever encountered. He was very intelligent, perceptive and charismatic. He had many friends in places all over the country, many of whom had never met him in person. He loved to visit his friends at the beauty salon. Stimpy loved to cruise in the car, hanging one arm out the window and "surfing for love". He almost never failed to draw a smile out of anyone who passed by. His suffering is over and he is happy at the Rainbow Bridge and I look forward to seeing him again. Please join me in honoring his, and all our canine friends' memories by fighting to close puppy mills, and in supporting the veterinarian community in their efforts to find ways to end the diseases that genetically plague our wonderful companions. Stimpy was bred by a backyard breeder and his life was cut short because of this. It is my hope that others will not suffer the same fate. I love you Stimpy. Mamma

Sting, 05/09/86-08/16/03

Stinger..You were the best friend anyone could have. You gave unselfish love like no other. We love you so much. You will be so missed.

Jeff and Jeanie Bollinger

Stinky, 07/18/03

Oh, Stinky...

We miss you so much our hearts hurt inside. It's been two days and I still can't stop crying. I'm sorry I didn't try harder...I thought you'd be best off on the other side, but now the guilt is terrible. I rescued you twice before...I wish I could have rescued you a third time. I can't think of anything but you...I loved you more than I thought was possible. I miss your paw so frequently touching my face, and your cheek rubbing against my cheek. I miss hearing you run down the hall, grabbing hold of me when I walk by, that look you got in your eyes when I was petting you and talking to you. I cannot forget that haunting, knowing look you gave me the morning before you died. I only hope you know I loved you with all my heart. There will never be another to take your place, and I look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Johanna, David and Jessica

Stinky Boy, 11/11/03

I don't know why you were taken from us so terribly. Our hearts are so heavy. It wasn't your time! You touched more people than you know and they all miss you. We'll take good care of your sister. We'll miss you forever little boy.

Joanne Bland

Stitch, 04/07/03

This brave little soldier beat one spinal tumour - he couldn't beat the second. The best friend in the world

Anne & Nick Grose

Stohlie DeNutte, 03/05/03

Stohlie, you were dearly loved and you are dearly missed by your mamma and the rest of the family. I'm sure when mamma rescued you she had no idea how much you would change her life for the better.

As you make your way over Rainbow Bridge and into the Summerland, know that the Goddess awaits your arrival so that she can welcome you and take you into her warm embrace.

We shall all meet again and your mamma Marlene sends her love.

Stokie, 12/11/03

Stokie, an old male cat we called Bob was around 22 years old when he passed on.
Welcome to your new home Stokie at Rainbow Bridge.
I'll bet you are running with all your new friends; jumping and enjoying your new life.
We will always hold you close to our hearts and miss you.
What a unique cat.
Thank you for letting us share the time together - you were a great teacher of independence.

Connie and Rick Gonzales

Stoli, 06/10/01-11/08/03

My beautiful baby Stoli was the light in my life. He brought me so much happiness in the short two years that I was blessed to have him. We shared many happy times together and I will forever miss my baby. He loved sleeping with me at night, playing with his toys and sleeping in the window sills looking at birds. Although Stoli left me so soon in his life he left a legacy with me that will never die...I love you, mommy

Jeanie Pursley

Stoli, 6/15/96-01/16/03

Your Starfish Paws, Your Scrunched Face, Cotten-Candy Fur, Your Croaked Meow, Challenged and Bossy with the Kindest Disposition - My Beautiful Sweet Stoli I will Miss. Treasured will be your smell, the sound of your purr and the feel of your fur as I bury my face deep into the security and comfort of your presence. I will miss you so very much, Boodle. We will be joined again one day - Until then, I will just remember how your strong fluffy tail whisked away and soaked up my tears of sadness.
I Love You, Possum Bottom!

Stone, 1989-05/22/03

My Precious Stone: Once my rock, now my diamond in the sky. So tired you were for so long but still so determined to be by my side. When it hurt too much and you cried to me on Thursday morning, I hope you understand that I saw you needed to rest and not feel so duty bound. We can look after each other for a while, though you will be so sorely missed, just don't worry no more.

Diana and Pete Attwood

Storm, 12/15/03

Storm, my buddy. I hope you are at peace. We will meet again some day. stay by my side always. Mommy loves you bud

Storm, 03/02-12/01/03

I love you and miss you, Storm. There will never be another like you. You were so special to me.

Stephanie Kypuros

Storm, 08/23/02-06/01/03

Stormy was a true friend. We miss him every day.

Storm, 1992

Our Storm was only 2 years old when she passed last year. She was beautiful and loving and left us so young. We miss her every day and have her picture framed so we can see her all the time. She had enlarged heart and kidney failure. She died in Andrew's (daddy) arms.

Storm, 04/09/95-12/27/02

Stormy Girl I miss you so so much. You were a wonderful teacher showing me how to love and trust. You gave me the courage and energy to start NC Rottweiler Rescue and your memory lives on by giving the gift of life to many wonderful companion pets. You were my soul mate and you will continue to live on in my heart and soul. Until we meet again.........
I love you
Diane Sacripanti

Stormi, 04/27/01-05/28/03

Our baby girl, it has only been a matter of days since we lost you. you are so deeply missed. You made our lives so incredibly happy. I know that you are in a better place and that you are happy there. You mean the world to us and we will always love you and hope to be with you someday and cross the Rainbow bridge together. Love, "mommy and daddy"

Stormy, 01/30/88-10/16/03

Stormy grew up with Stephanie, she was loyal and loving.
We all miss her very much.

Debbie Edwards

Stormy, 05/15/93-07/31/03


I miss you with all my heart. I will NEVER forget you.
Oh why oh why did God not know.. I wasn't ready to let you go. But I saw your eyes - I heard you speak - you were ready to lie down at someone else's feet. May you be as special in Rainbow Heaven as you were here on earth.

Every time there's a storm, I will go outside (as we always did together) and enjoy nature's wonder.


Stormy, 05/28/87-07/19/03

Stormy was a gentle, loving best friend and companion. Also a very good hunting dog. She is deeply missed.

Ann Simon

Stormy, 04/01/85-06/14/03

Thank you Stormy for being my childhood friend. You were a part of my family for eighteen years. You were the best cat anyone could have. So well behaved. You never did anything wrong. I know the last year was a tough one for you. It's ok that you couldn't fight it anymore. Thank you for hanging on for eighteen years. I will miss you and I hope to see you the day that I cross the rainbow bridge.

Stormy, 06/06/90-12/18/02

Stormy... you were my WHOLE world, and I was yours! My heart is still broken, way beyond repair, even months after your untimely demise. Though I blamed the Vet for being TOO NEW to the practice, I've learned today that a woman had lost her sweet "Darby" to apparently the same ILLNESS that took you away from me, at the same age her "Darby" was. I'm so-o-o-o sorry there was nothing I could do, but comfort you in your final moments on God's green earth. All our lovin Even though my grief is unbearable, I know that I am the LUCKIEST person alive, because God gave YOU to ME!!!
Good-bye for now my: "Beasty, Woolie-Bullie, Coo-Coo, Loo-Loo, Choo-Choo, Coon-Coon, Baby Boy."

Stormy Weather, 03/13/91-02/20/03

She was the love of our lifes. We will miss her greatly as we do her mom. She left this earth laying in her rocking chair and will be remembered as our four legged grandbaby always. She died of cancer that could not be cured as her mom did. I guess her bloodline had the cancer in it b4 we got them but they did make our world go round:). Stormy will be loved here until we get to meet her at the rainbow bridge when we go home for good. God bless us with her and her mom for almost 13 years each and we are just waiting til God decides it is time for us to look for another baby.

Stosh, 11/24/03

You came to us as a tiny kitten out of the rain and graced us with your presence. You are missed, Boas meowed all over the house last night searching for you. It was with so much grief we realized you would be better off waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge than suffering in this life. I Love you and will miss my tubby, furry, hot water bottle on the cold nights ahead

Carol and Mick Welcher

Stoupes, 10/01/90-02/24/03

Stoupes - You will always be remembered. I still have thoughts of being with you until the last minute, but at least I have good memories to replace those. Thanks for being such a joy to the Julianos.


Straggle-Tag, 06/02/03

I love you with all my heart. I will never forget you and the love we shared over the last 11 years. You are SO special and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your life with me. With all my love, Jason



Stray was a "gift", sent from above!
God gave him to me, to care for and love!

He stayed by my side, through the storms in my life,
Just to feel him close beside me, made everything feel right!

There were many times he suffered, but kept fighting all the way,
So I'd hold him close, love him more, and to my lord I'd pray.

We had seventeen years together, our time has come to end,
It is time to give him back to God, for he was just on lend.

I've let you go, your pain is gone, it's time for you to fly,
With tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart, I finally say: good-bye!!

Written with all my love and dedication in memory of my beautiful cat, Stray!, on this 17th day of January, 2003 by Peggy Diana Parks.

Streak, 3/98-7/11/03

Streak, you were like a baby to me, when you came to the farm I bottle fed you. When you were a kid, your real name of "Angel" never seemed to fit you very well because of all of the trouble you got yourself into and because of the way you streaked across the pasture. When you grew up I helped you to raise your first kid. You were not "just a goat" to me. You were my friend, and you always made me laugh. I know that I will see you again, and we will walk through the pasture together just like we did every day at feed-up time.

Streaky, 03/30/03

My Streaky was one of the most wonderful cats I could ever dream to have. I had my friend for 21 wonderful years. I know both she and I were fortunate as most kitties don't live that long. She was a sweet loving friend and she will leave a void in my heart that will never leave.

Kathy Wilson

Street, 12/01/98-09/26/03

My dear Street Cat, how my heart aches. You were taken from me so suddenly and without warning. I miss you so very much. I felt such a special bond with you, as you knew always just when I needed you to come and snuggle into my chest. I know no-one actually believes it but I know that you actually talked to me with your cute little cat sounds. I took you for granted my dear Street Cat. I never in a million years thought you would die so young. I was not prepared. It tears me apart that I was not holding you as you passed over the bridge. Sometimes, I truly feel as if your here still and I reach for you only to learn that no you are not here anymore. My soul is starving without you, I am slowly learning to feed it on my own. Till we meet again my Dear Street Cat.

Love, your Mom Carol

Stretch, 06/01/92-11/17/03

I loved him so dearly and he made each day worthwhile.
My heart aches for losing him.

Nancy Weishuff

Stretch, 29/09/02-26/08/03

Stretch went onto the special needs list last month for incurable liver disease. Sadly we sent her home this morning, before she became too ill to know who we were. From heaven you came, now home again. Rest in our hearts forever. Missy, your constant companion pines for you and couldn't understand why you stopped playing today.

Missy licked you when you went away, but she is only a baby and doesn't know death. You were such a joy and made our lives perfect. It has been a privilege to love you and so many people have told us that you were meant to come to a home that loved you and would let you live you short little life in safety and love. Be happy baby, I don't doubt that all the rest of our gang (about 15 so far) will make you welcome in the field and play with you until we come for you all. We have made your place under your favourite bush where we could never quite get a hold of you when it was time to come indoors and that will always be yours. It is so cruel that such a loving spirit had such a short time here. You deserved so much more. You are Adam's little princess and you broke his heart, and mine, come and visit often as you are always welcome sweet spirit.

Fiona and Adam and Missy

Stripper, 12/19/03

We Love you Stripper! I am soooo sorry I did not get to you in time to help you ! You helped me so much just by listening to me and then gently squinting your eyes and giving me a big gentle head butt ! Thank You,,I Love You!
Goodby Strip-de-doo,,,You will be terribly missed by your family--Lizzy, Rocket, Sammy, Mysty & Penut ..................

Wayne & Brenda

Stryper, 10/18/98-03/17/03

Constant reminder of what is important in life

We will miss you being by our side, but we take comfort in knowing you will always live in our hearts.

Swim well - Run fast - we will see you at the bridge

Fran & Kim Littig

Stosh, 11/24/03

You came to us as a tiny kitten out of the rain and graced us with your presence. You are missed, Boas meowed all over the house last night searching for you. It was with so much grief we realized you would be better off waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge than suffering in this life. I Love you and will miss my tubby, furry, hot water bottle on the cold nights ahead

Carol and Mick Welcher

Stuart, 09/04/03

Little Stuart was with me for 18 years, She was just fine then she stopped eating on Saturday. When I got home from work on Wednesday at midnight, I told her it was time to go see Zuzu in heaven and go to the Rainbow Bridge, I bid her Aloha. She stopped breathing right then and left me. I love her and miss her. She was my friend.


Stuart, 03/05/03

He brought love and laughter to our lives. Whether he was chasing the dog or jumping on our laps to give us kisses, his cheeky, charming personality was unique. He was truly a braveheart bunny who will be greatly missed by his human family and his poodle friend.

Jessica Murphy

Stuart (The Soose), 01/00-11/03/02

My little Sooser......Mom and Dad miss you.

I don’t know anyone who had more nicknames that you but.....You will always be “The Sooser; The Soose; Right Turn Stu; Upside Down Stu; Crazy Stu; Little One.”

Always up for chow and always up for a fresh sunflower seed.....ESPECIALLY a “stick of cheese.” Sometimes a drop of vanilla ice cream seemed to hit the spot!

Always liking sitting in my hand and getting your right cheek rubbed – but for some reason, didn’t like the left one ‘scirtched.’

Always licking the vegetable oil off of the spindle in your wheel when we cleaned house. You know that was to keep it from squeaking, don’t you. :)

Popcorn Stu riding in the travel cage on the warmth of the transmission tunnel inside the truck.

The best thing I bought you for Christmas was that funny little bird ladder. It definitely helped you from jumping up and sometimes missing the grate cover, although, I readily admit that you were awful good when you stuck that upside down landing.

Sleeping in Mom’s shirt pocket at her work one day when she was conducting an interview for a new hire – Crazy Soose!

We love you so very much little one. We will see you when the time comes again, but until then, don’t eat TOO many sunflower seeds.

Mom and Dad love you little one.

Stuart Joseph, 12/01/94-09/07/03

A Loving member of our family who will be dearly missed every day of our lives. A wonderful companion who loved us so much, and was loved by us. We will keep his memory alive as long as we live.

Scott & Heather Nyman

Stubb, 11/11/03

Cats choose who they will live out their days with.
Thank you for deciding to live with and love us.
We will miss you, buddy.

David, Marty and Dutchie

Stubby, 03/23/90-06/28/02

Stubby was the best friend anyone could ask for. He will be missed dearly by all. We look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Jackie English

Stumpy, 06/15/75-03/24/93

Even though many years have passed since you left this earth, I still think about you everyday. You were my very best friend. I remember the many times we would play fetch with a rubber baseball or the times we would take turns chasing each other. God allowed us eighteen years together, filled with many, many wonderful memories.
Of all the happy memories I have of you, my lasting impression of your love was on a sad occasion. The day my grandpa Doss died. I was grieving so much that day and needed to get away by myself. I went to sit on the side of the hill to cry. I heard the noise of little feet approaching and looked up to see you. I could tell you knew grandpa was gone too. You climbed up that hill and into my lap, and you began to whimper. I held you close and we both cried.
You were so much more than just a pet, just a dog, you were a true friend.
I know grandpa is taking care of you now in heaven.
I love you Stumpy. I miss you so much, but I know that one day I will see you again.
Love ya' little buddy!

Sugar, 12/11/04

We will have a hole in our hearts that can never be filled until we are together again. Sugar was an exceptional dog, she gave us so very much love. She also introduced us to the boxer breed and they have a heart that is so huge and loving. It was the best day of our lives when we rescued her from a busy road. We love you and will keep you in our hearts Sugar - always, everyday! Miss you SugarBear!

Janelle Church & Louie Leezer

Sugar, 09/20/03

Sugar had a lot of pride; she very rarely begged at the table, didn't follow people around, and though if you threw a ball she'd gladly chase it down, but she'd only bring it back under protest. She played fetch to win.

She was a sweet dog, though. Always happy to see you, always happy to be petted or scratched. When my folks got a kitten, Sugar adopted her. She even groomed the kitten, and kept doing that through the years long after kittenhood.

I'll miss her terribly.

Gary Krepps

Sugar, 1/12/97-7/17/03

Sugar was our first champion show dog. She was our first "doggie mommy" and we will never forget her for what she gave to us. She will always be remembered.

Sugar, 07/16/92-07/03/03

Sugar was a precious lassie-faced girl. She loved to play with the waterhose, have a whole wheat bagel as a treat, and go look for bunnies in the front yard. She was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in December of 2002. She underwent chemotherapy which failed in February of 2003, but had an added gift of a prednisone type remission until this past week. She was beautiful, kind, and loved to chase storms. We miss her terribly. She is preceded in death by her kitty siblings, Tiger, Muffy and Shawon. She is survived by her littermate sister, Spice, and her two kitten sisters, Katie and Molly. She had wonderful gentle veterinary care by Drs. Roberts and Henson.

Sugar, 10/11/90-06/11/03

Sugar ,I will miss you forever. she was a great friend to me.


Sugar, 11/28/99-02/13/03

Sugar was rescued from a family when I moved to Kansas City. She came with fleas, in heat and never had been groomed. She suffered through dog fights and surgery for a cut on her back, but always remained my faithful, lovable pet. Her time with me was short as she died unexpectedly and with no explanation as to what happened. I will always remember her eyes and how they lovingly looked into mine. She will always remain special to me and yes, I know I will find her waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you Sugar.

Linda Jacobs

Sugar, 09/10/86-03/13/03

The best pet ever. Good-bye Sug!

Ken Riddle

Sugar Baby, 7/19/97-3/04/03

Sugar was the Light of my Life. As I was the light of her life. She will forever live in my heart, and live on in my mind. I love and miss you, my little baby girl.

Sugarbear, 03/11/94-12/05/03

My sweet, beloved best friend-you will live on in my heart.


Sugar Bear, 06/18/93-10/31/03

To Sugar who made our lives sweet and wonderful, who loved us just as we were, we'll miss you forever. May you have as happy a life across the Rainbow Bridge as you had with us, and please wait for us there.

Susan and Frank Finkenberg

Sugars, 02/2002-04/26/03

My dearest little Sugars - Thank you for all the fun &amp; joy you brought to my life in the short time we had together. I miss your cute little face and having you with me all the time. I don't know what I am going to do without you. You were my best friend. I can't believe you're gone. But you will never be forgotten. The ladies at the bank miss you, the mailman, the UPS guy, the brothers &amp; sisters at the hall, the clients at the travel agency, your whole family - everybody loved you. You were the best little dog, even when you were bad. Grandma, Grandpa &amp; I miss you and all the funny little things you would do like running off with our socks &amp; shoes, jumping at the door, nudging us to give you a massage and just loving us. We see your teeth marks in our shoes and tears roll down our faces. We will love you forever. I miss you, my little Pooters - our little Flutesnoot. You were the best.

Sugar Samantha, 1/1/92-5/15/03

Dearest Sugar,
How can I tell you how very much we love you!! You were a true and loyal friend. We will love you forever. We will see you soon, you will always be in our hearts. Love you, Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Angela, Mike and Teya.

Sukee's Hunterboy, 07/12/92-03/22/02

Dearest Hunterboy, Tomorrow will be one year since your gone. Not a day passes that you are not in our thoughts and in our heart. You were the most wonderful companion and friend that anyone could have wished for. Your grand nephew Bondoboy is trying to look after us now and love us as you did so well, I know your pleased. So run and play with your ball and your friends in the meadow by the rainbow bridge, but from time to time look over to the bridge, for one day I will be standing there and we shall again be together for all time my sweet Hunterboy...

Buddy Tyler

Suki (Skinny), 06/14/03

"Skinny", we had so many great memories... starting 19 years ago when I remember you being a part of my life when I was just a baby, I knew from there on that you were special in my life. We will all miss you very much... and we will meet again someday ... but until then, we love and miss you SOOO VERY much! Love ya boy.

Melissa and Stevann

Sukie, 1996-04/2002

To my good friend and companion
A thousand flowers cannot equal one tear,
I miss you so much and I wish again I could hold you near.
But it is good you know at rainbow bridge are waiting for me,
when that day comes we meet again I promises I will scrich you behind the ears for eternity
(you have it in writing too now).

Thank you very much

Suki Tawdry Temple, 07/31/90-06/30/03

My best friend crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She was the most loyal and valiant and kind friend I have ever had. I prayed to God for a special dog of my own, and she volunteered, and did an awesome job. We shared a bed for 12 1/2 years, and every morning when I woke up, she was in the middle. She was polite, polished, brilliant, elegant, enthusiastic, opinionated and very brave.
I told her as she left to wait just beyond for me, and play and sit in the light and be happy til I get there, so we can go the rest of the way together. I'm sure she will, because I had to tell her last week that she didn't need to hang on just for me anymore, that it was okay to go and leave behind the body that held her perfect soul tied to this world of illusion. So she began detaching last Friday. This morning at the vet's I watched that finest of souls depart, and felt her move into a place of peace and no more pain.
I just heard her bark at the back door about a half hour ago to be let in, so I went and opened the door and called to her to come on in. The door is still open so she can come and go until her spirit is ready to move farther along.
So to all of you who ever just met her or those of you who knew her well, Suki Tawdry Temple, AKA "The Woo" & "Chan"; said (with a big Poodle sneeze for emphasis) to say "Au revoir".
Chan's person,

Su Ling, 06/24/87-06/30/03

We were always each other's protector. I was always happy to hide her under my wheelchair to protect her from strangers and you always slept near me to protect me as I slept. I wish I could have protected you from the cancer that took you away from me!

Steve Curry

Sully, 06/12/90-11/20/03

Sully was a dog at heart. She came when called, aggressively sought attention and kept her eye on everyone. She was the one cat that anyone (even toddlers) could pick up and pet. She always slept with me (OK, ON me). I was happy to find her when the owners who had bottle fed her as a baby gave her up because they heard that cats hurt babies. Sully shared the crib with my babies and (surprise) they are still here. I miss her so much. The house is lonely without my loving cat (even with the kids, dogs and other kitties). See you at the bridge Sully!!

Susan Casabella

Summer, 12/22/03

Summer came to us with a torn and broken body but her spirit was completely in tact. She was a trooper through hours of veterinarian visits. Let us wrap her injured foot without complaint. She loved to play with her friends but cuddling with her human friends was even more special to Summer. After all of this, just when we thought she would make it and go on to find that special forever home, Summer succumbed to that horrible disease known as Distemper. She fought it to the bitter end. Summer wanted to live but it just wasn't meant to be and we had to let her go. Summer, we see you now, happy and whole, playing in the green grass in that land of endless golden sunlight and puppy contentment. You have been an inspiration to all of us that had the honor to know you and we thank you for coming into our lives. We know that even now, you are sending puppy kisses to those on this side who are in grief from losing you. Please dear Summer, let them know that it was time for you to go, that your work here was finished. We love you and will miss you.

Tassie's Hope Animal Rescue Carrollton, Texas

Summer, 01/16/96-10/25/03

Summer, you were the best girl. We are looking for another dog, but you will always be so special to us. We miss you so much!!!! We tried so hard buddy girl, sorry we couldn't make you well. We hope that you know that we didn't want it to turn out this way. We will always love you!!

Kelly Loschiavo

Sumo, 07/17/99-12/31/02

Sumo, we will always miss you. You were our special friend, our protector, our love. You will be in our hearts forever.

Mark, Pam and Anthony

Sundance Aka Dancer, 02/01/84-06/01/00

I remember the day you walked into my family's life. You were a stray cat from up the street. Dad didn't want to feed you cause he was afraid you'd hang around. Mom took pity on you and fed you anyway and convinced dad to let us keep you. We never could figure you out Sundance. You looked like a tortoise shell kitty but the vet said you were the wrong gender to be one. You were always shy around us. Whenever you walked into a room you'd walk along the edge of it and wouldn't walk in the middle. You were Lauren's cat and Grace was mine. We got you two about six months apart. Grace passed on to the Bridge a few years before you did. We always said you two were friends and I'd like to think you were. You went through many moves together and stays at the vet. You saw her try to have kittens in the washing machine and I bet you wondered where she went when we whisked her off to the vet to have a C-section. You two were quite a pair. You were quiet and shy and she didn't hesitate to nip the ankles of those she didn't like. You survived the move to Wake Forest but then you got a tumor on your leg. I wish we'd known that's what it was. Lauren kept saying there was something wrong with you and we should've listened to her. We put you down because we didn't want you to suffer. I look forward to seeing you and Grace when my time comes. We'll all be together again someday. love, Ruthie and Lauren

Sundance, 06/10/93-12/10/02

He was my very best friend in the whole world. He was there for me when no one else cared. He helped me through alot of surgeries. God love his soul. He will always be with me.

B. Pummill

Sundance, 02/15/03

We never dreamed we could love a bird like we came to love our Sundance. He gave us hours of entertainment and lots of love. We don't know you why he died as he was very healthy. He died in our hands so at least he didn't die alone. We will miss him and never forget our little friend.
"Bye Sunny"
Love Lisa and Steve

Sundance Gater, 07/06/94-10/16/03

No words can describe how I feel. You are and always will be my best friend. Mommy Loves ya!!!!! (forever & ever)

Sundrop, 08/01/85-04/27/02

Sundrop was my baby. I had him half my life and I miss him terribly. I don't think I can ever love another cat as much as I loved him. I still think about him everyday.

Joan Gillon

Sunngle Bugs, 05/25/89-10/06/03

Why did you have to go. We all miss you a whole lot. We all wish you were still here. Why can't you come to us. We all need you really

Chelsea Poe Loves You Baby

Sunny, 09/07/03

Tears will not bring you back
Our hearts broken because we had to let you go
Memories forever we will keep you close
We shall meet again...our friend....we shall meet again.

Sharon Arnheim

Sunny, 04/29/03

Thank you for all that you taught me. I miss you so much. I'll never forget you. I'll love you forever.


Sunny, 04/25/75-01/08/87

To Sunny, my kissy kitty who rattled the nightstand drawer handle to wake me up. You trained me well. You taught me the power of human-animal communication. I am forever grateful and I miss you so much.

Kaylen Bennett

Sunny, 06/20/89-02/04/03

He was the best guard dog. He protected his territory for 13 years. He will be missed.

Kathy Tallant

Sunny, 05/06/02-01/11/03

Sunny was our family dog but more so my best buddy. I stay home with our 2 yr old daughter and being home all day with him, he became my best friend. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and during his recovery Sunny helped me so much when I was feeling down or sad. He was the best dog I could ever imagine having. Excellent with our little girl and loved her so much. He was the most appreciative animal..always showing his love..making sure we knew he loved us. He was extremely smart, house trained himself..fetched...shook. He loved to give hugs and would literally climb onto my lap (and he was a big boy) and put his paws and head on my shoulders and hug me. I loved this dog more than any pet I've ever had and I am extremely devastated over the loss. I know I will never ever forget him. We love you Sunny and miss you so much!

Staci Dye

Sunny Girl, 12/30/91-09/03/03

She is my bestest friend, and miss her so...........

NanciLynne Johnson

Sunshine, 10/31/03

My dearest Sunshine You gave me the happiest 3 years of my life. I have loved taking care of you and watching you grow into a brilliant, beautiful, and amazing little budgie. You made Mama grow, too. You have taught me so much. Now, I request that you be my guardian angel, and guide me at all times and watch over me. I miss you my baby. Wait for Mama at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ysobelle Villanueva

Sunshine, 04/15/91-05/15/03

We will all miss our tiny little baby. She was the "sunshine" of my life. Now she can share her time again with her Mom - Precious - who we lost four years ago.

Donna Moss

Sunshine, 04/12/95-02/05/03

Sunshine was the best dog I have ever had! She was always there when I needed a laugh, a cry or whatever. She will always remain in my heart and my thoughts.

Michelle Jones


You were an amazing friend to an amazing person and you will be missed, but never forgotten. Your loyalty and unconditional love will be felt forever.


Susam, 11/15/03

My dearest in this last 12 years has finally decided leaving me. Although he seemed like preparing me to this end, I realize that I'm never prepared at all and don't know how I will be able to adapt to. He was a great big-hearted cat, uninterrupted love-giving.. I had a real special relationship with him, while him meeting me at the door in every circumstance, following and reacting to all my behaviours. who else could be more patient in this insisting, continuous, never giving up love transmission? I hope he's relieved from all his pains. I'll remember him forever with his unchanging place at my heart.

Fatma Erkok

Sushi, 07/03/85-05/16/03

My best friend, my big kitty, I will always love you. I miss you, and I wish you much love and happiness in your next life and beyond. You were a perfect kitty, my firstborn, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. I know that we will be together again someday.

Love, Mom

Sushi, 08/99-01/25/03

In Loving Memory to our baby. Sushi I miss you baby, I will always know that your spirit is still laying there in bed with me, I Love you.

Taryn & Sharon

Susie, 03/01/89-11/26/03

This tribute is for my aunt whos 14 year old poodle passed away this morning we will miss you susie we love you go have fun with your mommy in heaven.

Jenny Coker

Susie, 10/19/94-10/14/02

To Our Beloved "Susie" We still miss and think about you.. Now you and "Mikko" are together at the Rainbow Bridge Running around together.. We love you very much and think about you all the time. But your at peace now..
You will always be in our hearts, our minds and thoughts.

Love your family,

Linda, Dave, Josh, Rose & David

Susie, 07/01/89-05/29/03

Susie was a very special dog to us, our best friend, she couldn't talk of course, but her moves and look were enough to let us know what she needed. Born from another male dog that we had that also passed away, we kept her for almost 14 years, she was able to see, hear and eat fine at that age, but unfortunately her heart failed without notice.
You parted to a better place, but you have left a lot of pain in my heart and soul. I remember you every second, I remember the time you had your meals, the time to go to bed, at night before going to bed, I used to take you out to do the necessities and the little cup of milk you had, you will then go straight to the room where you would wait to be picked up to be place in bed on your own bed. In the morning no later than 7am, you would wake me up to take you out and then have breakfast. So many beautiful memories of you that I will never forget, I adore you and love you, I will never forget you baby. Prayers to all those specials pets as well.
Your Mom and Family

Susie, 1987-01/26/03

Susie was a good dog. She just got old and couldn't get around with arthritis. Her eyes were bad and she was getting where she couldn't hear. She wouldn't eat at the end, but she is in a better place now.

Susie Flaherty, 03/12/91-06/20/03

Thank you Susie for 12 wonderful years.

Suzie Q, 05/24/02-09/09/03

Your in my heart forever my Suzie q and I love you, not a day goes by that I don't think of you, god be with you my sweet angel, never forget that mommy loves you.


SuSu, 12/16/89-07/01/03

SuSu leaves us today to join her mother, Saasha, at the Rainbow Bridge. She graced Barry and my life with unconditional love. We can only hope that we gave her the same love and comfort she shared with us. We were truly blessed to have both Saasha and SuSu in our lives.

Love to them always, Paula and Barry

SuSu, 8/27/90-5/13/00

My tribute to my SuSu is, You were there for me at all times and loved me so much. I will never forget your wonderful ways and the love you had for every living thing. I will always remember the time you made me get out of bed when I was so depressed, you made me well. I will always feel that God sent you to me to help me and you did, one day we will see each other again. With love forever, Your Mom

Suzabelle (Bella), 12/03/03

Last night at around five p.m. I had to bring my baby to be put to sleep. Let me tell you a little about her first. She wasn't what you would call a normal dog, but she was special. She was born to early and that caused her to have seizures. Every time she had a seizure she got worse, she was blind in one eye and couldn't stand well. She couldn't really play. So yesterday she was having trouble standing and she was having seizures. After the worst day of her life we decided that it was time to let her go. She was weighted at the vet and she was only 31 pounds. When ever she was fed she never gained weight. As I layed her on the table, me and my mom were both crying. The vet had told us that he was surprised that she lived that long. When the vet injected the needle, she kissed me. It was like she was telling me that it was her time to go. I didn't want to let her go but she was suffering and I couldn't force her to go on. It would of been so cruel. The vet even said that it was the right thing to do, but it hurt so much and I felt it shouldn't of been done. We brought her home and buried her in the back yard. The house feels so empty with out her. Her mom carries around stuffed animals and crys. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to help Zena (her mom)?


Suzee, 08/08/90-10/14/03

yYou will be missed beyond what words can say, you were a good girl and a trooper....I've learned so much from you over the years, which only made me a better person, but I miss you and I know I always will. My heart breaks that your gone sweet girl of mine. Your spirit lives on.

Michele Akey

Suzie, 08/01/88-07/02/03

Thank you Suzie for loving us as much as we loved you. You have been a very good girl. Today we say goodbye, but we'll meet at the bridge. God needs another angel.

Mick and Corrine Ingrassi

Suzie, 03/91-04/28/03

To Suzie a very special cat who acted more like a dog than a feline she only offered love, affection, companionship, and comfort.
She was my best friend and companion since adopting her 4 years ago at the age of 8yrs old. I didn't know her birthday, I believe she was 13 when she died but I tried to make everyday her birthday showered with love and attention. She had picked me to be her family and I miss her terribly and want her to know I will always carry her in my heart.
I miss our time together I miss her sweet face, her greetings when I came home from work in the evening, her sitting on the floor watching me while I got dressed in the morning. I miss her inquiring meow when she couldn't find me, running all over the house until I told her where I was. Most of all I miss her presence, the touch of her paw on my hand or arm letting me know she was there.

I so hope she is in a better place and time. I hope she doesn't hurt any longer and that she forgives me for making the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, to have her put to sleep yesterday, I didn't want her to suffer anymore. She was in kidney failure and I knew she was in much discomfort. I am so thankful she allowed me to hold her while she passed on. Thank you Suzie. I hope you have friends where you are and they are good to you, you really gave me so much I hope you have someone around who will care for you as much as you cared for me. My heart hurts but I will always carry you in my heart and will always remember you. Good bye sweet kitty and God bless
Love you. Thank you so very much for being my cat!

Love always

Suzy, 10/11/95-06/11/03

Suzy was a great gentle and patient. loving heart..I will miss here forever. her loss has just broken my heart. I miss her so much.


Suzy, 10/31/02-3/16/03

Suzy was only four months old but she was are baby she loved us dearly & we all loved her alot. We know that even though her time with us was short the love she gave us will live on in her memories and in are hearts. May her soul fly free in the winds of paradise until we meet again. We love you Suzy!!!

Heather Peter & Jonathan

Suzy, 09/25/92-12/31/02

Suzy Ann Baran at the age of 10 years old, passed away Dec, 31 2002. She had been diagnosed with Liver disease on Dec 7th. This came upon her suddenly and the Doctor did the best that he could, but she got progressively worse and there was nothing more that could be done. So at 4:12pm she crossed over the Rainbow bridge.....


Suzy B, 11/92-12/08/03

"Inside our dog beats the heart of a hero".
Suzy since you have passed over to spirit, you will always be loved and in our hearts.
We miss our wonderful friendship, your life with us was to short.
I just want you to know how very much I miss you and loved you.
Thank you.

Suzy Broers, 1984-5/27/03

I knew you for over half my life and almost all of yours; we grew up together you and I. With you I learned about winning and losing, patience and healing, trust and daring, and the simple joy of loping down a dirt road at sunset. You were a link to the memories of childhood and home, and in loosing you it feels like I'm ending a chapter in my life. Be happy my beautiful little girl--eat lots of green grass and run again on four sound legs. I'll be with you forever someday and we can go loping again. Karla

Suzye, 12/25/87-12/17/98


Your daddy still misses you for you were his first dog. I use to joke that Daddy had three loves in his life, his car, Suzye and me except the first two could change order! LOL.

You left us much too soon and died one week after removal of your spleen due to cancer. On Friday February 14, 2003 your friend and buddy Trixie joined you at the Rainbow Bridge. She lived four years and two months after you died so the two of you have a lot of catching up to do. You were an athlete until the end so don't run her too fast because Trixie became a real couch potato after you died. She can tell you all about her "son" Mickye she left behind and the house you never got to see even though you picked it out on the internet.

So wait for Mommy and Daddy along with the other fur babies I had before we were married (Duke, Rinny, Dracula, Tessie and my dear sweet Candy.) Have fun until we get there! Play nice! ;-)

Daddy and Mum

Suzy E. Walt & Tessa M. Walt, 12/25/83 & 05/18/84 to 11/17/90 & 01/27/95

Suzy was Our Little Angel I got Suzy for my wife to keep her company when I was working snow storms for the state of Maryland. And then when my wife became ill with cancer Suzy stayed right by her side she would not leave her. She was a little momma to all her toys and to any other little friend we could find for her. We lived in an apartment at first then when we got a home of our Owen we got Suzy a little sister named Tessa Marie Chihuahua/Terrier mix. My wife named Tessa for St Theresa they were together until Suzy died of cancer on Nov.17th 1990. Tessa was left here looking for her sister till we went to the SPCA and found her another sister to be her friend. Tessa was Heaven's Little Gate Keeper she always set down by the gate and waited for someone to walk by. She was a joy to have around and she got along with her new sister just as good as she got along with Suzy and the day Suzy died I saw little Tessa turn gray right before my eyes. Tessa is now at rest with her sister and my wife and I believe that Jessie is there also. Sarah is still here with me and she has a new sister named Glory Anne a Long Haired Chihuahua.

Svetlana, 8/86-2/8/03

Our beautiful Svetlana left us on Feb 8. She was 16 and a half, and died peacefully on her bed with her mommys holding her. After a long struggle with kidney failure, the light that lit up every life that she touched, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, taking a piece of me with her. Her name itself meant "Light" in Russian, and we didn't even know that when we named her. I will never be the same without you sweetheart, but I know that you had a wonderful life and God gave you a beautiful, peaceful, pain-free passing, and I am so grateful for that.
In her last days, she saw everyone who loved her one last time, went outside in her yard, and even slept with all the other kitties in the house, who she would have nearly nothing to do with in all her years. She knew that her time was coming, and was a total peace with it. She tried to comfort me because she new that my sorrow could not be soothed, but she tried. I look forward to our reunion someday, and pray that I can learn how to live without your constant presence in my room. The candle burns by your urn to show that your light still shines. The love you gave to me was something that will never be equaled.
I love you honey.
Until we are together again.
Love Mommy.

Swan, 01/09/91-11/28/03

In memory of a friend who never questioned me, who was always there for me.
Who consoled me through a divorce, the burial of my 21yr old son, and through all the hard times I faced. I never knew my bond was so deep with her.
I will never forget her, and I pray that one day, when its time for me to go to heaven, when I see that white tunnel, I will hear the footsteps of my friend to come meet me.

Angelo & Sons Alex and David

Swayze, 01/10/03

Swayze a true and loving friend. We'll miss you lots! Love, Chris and Rascal

Swayze J. Levine, adopted 6/6/91-6/21/03

O my Kentucky Wildcat. You are so loved and so missed. You were the most perfect cat in the world. Life will never be the same without you. We miss you greeting one and all, never knowing a stranger. sleeping in our bed with you human parents and your furry brothers and sisters. You are at peace finally and will be able to eat, run and play as before. As I said you are SO loved and So missed but will forever be in our HEARTS. Hang out with Ashley, Abbi, Reggie and T.T.
Until we will all meet again
Mom, Dad, Demi, Ghost, Harley and Sadie

Sweet Abby, 07/31/90-12/30/02

Our precious little dog took her last breath in my arms on December 31, 2002. Life as we knew it changed at that moment, We miss you sweet baby girl!

Randy and Judy Bracey

Sweet Baby Joe Colliver, 09/16/90-04/05/03

Our beloved dog, Joe, succumbed to a severe form of mast cell tumor. We had to finally assist him in crossing the bridge; he was so tired, so weak and literally covered with cancer, inside and out. What a brave heart he had...fighting for life so long, because he did not want to leave us unprotected. Now he can play with friends, and run like the wind -- again.
We miss you so much, Sweet Baby Joe.

Sweet Hannah Mae

Oh my Sweet Hannah Mae, I will never see you again. I am so sorry, I hope you know I didn't abandon you, your daddy loved you very very much.
I hope there are lots of chewsticks at the Bridge, and no bees, I know how you hated buzzing around your ears. I hope your ears are no longer infected, and you're happy and pain free.
Fly free my sweet girl, I love you and will see you again sweet Hannah Banana, you were the best girl ever.

Sweetie, 10/29/03

Sweetie - you came into our family as a feisty, little bugger that transformed into a loving, funny and sweet little bundle of love and feathers that brought us all happiness and joy. We will never forget how you loved to play in running water and drinking glasses, walk on our keyboards when you wanted us to play, land on our shoulders and cuddle, exchange chirps with Chewie to let each other know you were "ok" and "still there". We truly miss you and feel that losing you is like losing a friend and family member. You held on till the very end and your will to live was incredible - we love you little girl and promise that we will take good care of Chewie for you.
Now you can play with Spike, Pretty Girl and Ringo in heaven - we will all be together eventually - I am looking forward to being with you again... Until then, our memories of you will never fade. Thank you so much for the love you gave us all during your short time on this earth.

We Love you and will see you soon.
Love Mom, Nicki and Dad

Sweetie, 10/30/83-09/29/03

Sweetie was my special best friend. She did such an excellent job of taking care of me and loving me. Sweetie was an angel that God sent to show me unconditional love. I know she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge with Feeny, Motess, Bruno, Cocoa Puff. Sweetie will be missed so much as the Queen of our home.

Pam Ranberg

Sweetie, 09/07/93-07/26/03

Sweetie taught me what unconditional love is. She taught me how to love. I miss her so very much. My heart is broken.

Diane Elias

Sweetie, Spring of 2000 to 6/15/03

Sweetie was a very handsome but thin black & white cat who showed up on our doorstep in the spring of 2000. He and another cat had traveled throughout the town going from house to house until they finally got to our house. The other cat would beat up Sweetie constantly, but Sweetie wouldn't let us near him to help him. It took a couple of months but we finally gained Sweetie's trust and he moved in and became part of the family. The other cat got adopted by another family in the area. I think that both of these cats were abandoned by some jerk who thought they could fend for themselves. Sweetie went to the vets and got checked out, and we found out that he had FIV. I didn't know anything about FIV at the time and I learned all I could about it. I learned that cats who have FIV can still live long lives, depending on their health, and they can live with non-FIV cats if there is no aggression. FIV can only be transmitted through deep bite wounds, and FIV is most seen in free roaming un-neutered male cats. Sweetie finally got the life that he deserved to have when he moved in with us and he got pampered with affection and adoration and treats. He got along great with the dogs and cats in the house, and there was one cat in particular that Sweetie really liked, a Himmy named Purcy. They were the best of friends. Sweetie touched all of our lives and his death left a huge hole in our hearts. I don't know what exactly caused him to die, but he started having seizures and he died about 30 hours after the first seizure. He had a loud heart murmur and when he saw the vet Saturday morning she also noticed that there was a problem with one of his kidneys. They were going to do more tests on him, but he passed away in the early morning of Father's Day, June 15, 2003. He looked peaceful, as though he had died in his sleep. We miss him dearly, especially Purcy. We know he's watching over us and waiting for the day when we can come to Rainbow Bridge and be together again. We will never forget the things that Sweetie taught us about life, such as never giving up and being strong. Sweetie was wise beyond his years and also such a lovebug. We are blessed to have been a part of his life.

Sweetie, 03/05/89-05/15/03

Sweetie made her transition in a very loving and caring way, Thursday, May 15, at 4:00 p.m. She was suffering from what appears to be a Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS) and there were no feasible treatments available.
I loved Sweetie so much that her pain, and eventual prognosis, was more than I could endure. My only thought was for her to move on to a more peaceful existence. There is a huge hole in my heart and my house is very empty without her beautiful presence.
Sweetie, I hope you understand what I did - I truly love you and hope you are pain-free and happy.
Yours Eternally-

Sweetie, 03/06/98-12/23/01

My dearest, little Sweetie, I knew you were mine from the moment I laid eyes on you running around in that parking lot. Your perky little ears, and that cute little body wiggle that nearly threw you off balance when you were excited, penetrated my heart. The way you took on my "big dogs" and didn't let them boss you around sometimes made me nervous, but you held your own. I still miss you lying beside me on the couch while I watch television and under my desk at my feet while I'm on the computer. I see you in my mind's eye as you run through the kitchen and leap over the back of the family room couch, bouncing off of the cushions as you played with Grace and George. I miss you, my baby, every day of my life, as I do Chris, and all the others who preceded you. I only wish that you could have lived longer than 3 years and nine months. Megaesophagus was a terrible disease and took you from me way too soon. I love you, baby, and I know that we'll be reunited someday.

Dave Filing

Sweetie Pie, 09/15/86-04/01/03

Sweetie died after a brave 8-year battle with liver disease and arthritis. She was my best friend.


Sweet Jazmin, 11/08/90-04/22/03

Goodbye my angel, Jazzie Girl, my little girl in a dog suit. My heart is truly broken beyond repair now.

Machelle Wells

Sweet Maggie Jetty, 15/22/92-08/18/03

This is this mornings chronicle of my sweet 12 year old Maggie Beagle's trip to the bridge or heaven or where ever good beagles go:

Its 8 now and I have an appointment for Maggie to have labs drawn at 9:30. The benedryl isn't working for her breathing and she is struggling to breathe so much its killing me. Watching her lay on the floor and struggle. She also cannot keep food down. I have been trying mild different things but she is still vomiting.....I think I am selfishly keeping her around and she is doing it for me.
She is in pain and I am going to talk to the doctor this morning about maybe forgetting the labs and just letting her go. I can't stop crying here now, but she is truly suffering and I am breathing with her all night if you know what I mean. She breathes like every breath is her last. I swear she is hanging on for me. I just keep holding her trying not to sob........its not working......I hope I have the courage to do what I know is right. Pray for me please, she is an angel already and perfect.......I am just a dumb hoomin.......who does not want to let her go.....


I just called the doctor its 8:37 am and told them we may have to do this as she struggles so to breathe and they told me that when I bring her in they will evaluate the situation and we can decide there.
The absolute most awful thing is that is my sweet Maggie has lost her smile.....its been gone for too long now......

Maybe there is something they can do other than euthanize her. I don't know..........the appt is for 9:30am so pray please.
We just got home from saying goodbye to sweet Maggie......the doctor used Telalsole and she quietly went to sleep. I am grieving so hard but she is the best baby we ever had I Kari went with me & we kept telling her that while we kissed and hugged her. She knows.....
We are having her cremated.........well her spirit isn't there its with us always. She knows we love her. The hardest part is she was finally smiling........I will miss her so....she is the pet that used to wash Nigel's little head when he was a baby....she loved every animal and person she ever met except the guy next door our dentist.....maybe she saw him hit his dog once or something.......Just wanted to let all you all know......the world is a worse place now without my feels soul doesn't.........a very sad...and missing my best friend...


Sweet Miss Muffin, 06/30/00-02/04/03

It's been 4 months since you have gone to the Rainbow Bridge and we miss you so much little Muffy. We love you


SweetPea, 11/27/03

You were so cute with your little red head and your sparkling blue eyes. We will miss you.


Sweetpea, 05/14/03

I really didn't know Sweetpea very well. Sweetpea isn't her real name, one of our volunteers gave her that name. I was going to take Sweetpea as a foster dog because she had given up and was so skinny.

I asked the shelter to hold her for me and I would pick her up on Saturday, well someone didn't get the message and they put this sweet baby down.

I'm sorry Sweetpea, I wish I had reacted sooner, take care of Josie for me she is just a baby and will be scared. I hope to see you at the rainbow bridge.


Al and Linda

Sweet Pea, 1985-02/22/03

Sweet Pea was a loving, magical cat. I feel fortunate to have had so much time with her and to have formed the strong bond that we had. I love you Baby and I miss you more than words can express.


Sweet Pete, 09/03/03-12/03/03

It was on September 4th I set my eye on you and carried you in my arms to your new and future home with me. Then the day came which I knew would come you left this world with many memories of you and me together. Thank you for all the songs you sang to me. sorry we called you a girl. I hope someday we will reunite at The Rainbow Bridge and stay together for ever and always.

Cierra Jackson

Sweet Sammy SUS

Dear Sweet SUS, It hasn't been twenty four hrs since left us, My heart is breaking for how I long to hold you in my arms once again, I hope it is not very long til I can be with you, and Dad misses his little helper at the park picking up the pop cans he misses you very much. 17 years is not enough time to be together but when we meet again it will be forever and I hope that is very very soon. Mom and Dad love you all of our hearts. And Larry"s heart is broken and he misses you so much., he sends his love to you and will see you in Heaven. Loving you always Mom Dad And Larry.

Sydney aka Sydsyd, The Doz, Dozlyn, 05/27/03

I miss you SydSyd. Thank you for taking care of me, Charlotte, and Laura. I think of you every day and this house isn't the same without you.

When I think of you - I feel these words "Always by my side, Forever in my heart".

Thank you Sydney for taking care of me when I was pregnant. I miss our naps together and you sleeping on my pillow at night. The Doz is the best! Always the best. I miss you chewing on plastic and drinking my water. I just miss you.

Patti Czapiewski

Sydney, 10/31/88-10/10/03

My pain at making the decision to let her go has subsided somewhat. But I still feel tremendous guilt and sorrow over losing her. And the emptiness of my life is all I can see. I have sometimes wished that there was a heaven for my sake. But now, I desperately need there to be one for hers. Sydney, my one true and faithful companion. There isn't and will never be another like you. Forgive me. I loved you so much.


Sydney, 04/92-04/27/03

Sydney, there is a big hole in the world in the shape of you--you, who inhabited such a tiny body, but who created so much love, gentleness, sweetness and beauty. It's been three weeks since we allowed your failing body to die so that your spirit could be free...I just miss you so much. I keep thinking I see you just out of the corner of my eye, but I turn to look and you're not there.
I don't know what I believe anymore, but I hope that you know how much I love you, how badly I wish you'd never known pain, and that, if I can, I will meet you again someday. You were my little beam of sunshine and that light still warms my heart. You were the sweetest soul to ever grace the Earth. Be well. Be free.
"Blackbird singing in the dead of night; take these broken wings and learn to fly..."

Jacki, Al, Melbourne, Jenny, Beau & Lucy Lu

Sydney, 09/20/97-01/30/03

Sydney, you were the greatest I loved you from the second day of your life when your dog-mom bit you and gave you a fractured skull. I needed you later in your life when mine was so up-side-down with medical problems. You were always there for me and me for you. Please wait at the Rainbow Bridge for me and all of your adopted fur brothers and sisters. You left this world so fast we didn't get to say goodbye but I know that you knew we loved you so very, very much. You were the best friend anyone could ever have. I love you, Sydney and I miss you so much. You've only been gone a few short hours but it doesn't seem possible your really gone. Love forever from your human-mom and all your fur-siblings. Till we meet again

Wanda K. Smith

Sydney Lou, 05/25/03

Can I live with such a large piece of my heart missing?
Miss Sydney took it with her.

Kristi and Deb

Sydney Schultz of Oregon, 9/0/89-2/22/03

Sydney, you are the model of aliveness...we climbed mountains, cross country skied, did the dog person race at Mt. Bachelor, we hiked Tam MacArthur Rim, Suttle Lake, Black Crater, the Metolius, we walked the streets all over Portland to get ready for my trip to Everest Base Camp and the Anchorage Leukemia Team and Training and the Hood to Coast grandchildren, Peter and Alison love you..Peter loved to feed you dog bones and be dragged around by you thinking he was taking you for a walk..little Alison dropped food for you from her high chair when she was 6 months old with tears in her eyes because Daddy said no...You chased the cattle in Sisters, cornered the sheep, dashed after the deer and loved the freedom of the high desert...I can not wait to see you and your brother, Charlie, a the Rainbow you forever, Momma Joanie

Sylvester (Simon), 06/07/86-11/14/03

Thank You For 17 Beautiful Years. You will be missed by all your family. We love you and till we meet again my little one. Mommy loves you and will never forget you.

Maria Elena Ramos

Sylvester, 05/05/85-11/14/03

Had someone known how special you were, they wouldn't have thrown you away at 3 weeks.
It was my blessing that I found you to love and care for 18 years.
You are in a better place now but I will miss you so much.

Virginia Moseley

Sylvester (Syllie), 10/04/03

he was just too sick and wasn't getting any better so I sent him to be with God. I miss him so much already...

Linda, Alex, and Amber Smith

Sylvester, 01/09/95-08/03/03

I'm so sorry I couldn't catch you last night & it broke my heart to see you crushed on the highway early this Sunday morning by someone who didn't see you or didn't care.
You were some lap kitty & you will be missed a great deal!
Hope you have plenty of toy lizards to play with now!
We love you big boy, Al & Pat

Sylvester, Jackson, Sarah and Zachary

Many hugs, kisses, backrubs, and bellyrubs to Sylvester (silver ferret), Jackson (dark eyed white ferret), Sarah (blk and wh. DSH cat), and Zachary (tabby and wh. DSH cat). May you all rest in peace. We love you. Mom and Dad. We'll never forget you.

Darlene and Mike Fox

Sylvestre, 03/07/03


Nos escogiste como a tu casa y tu familia, desde el dia que llegaste hice todo por ti y te di todo lo que pude, me diste todo tu amor y llenaste todos mis dias con una sonrisa, estos 6 meses contigo nunca los olvidare, asi como tampoco olvidare esos momentos en que me recibias al llegar, y como te gustaba marchar en tu camita cuando te acariciaba, sigue marchando donde quiera que estes hasta que nos veamos de nuevo. Te extraño mucho.

Con todo mi amor, Tu Mama...

You chose our home and us as your family, since the day you came I did all for you and gave you all I could, you gave me your love and filled all my days with a smile, this 6 months with you I will never forget, and I will never forget when you would greet me coming home and how you liked to "march" in your little bed when I petted you, continue "marching" where ever you are until we see each other again. I miss you so much.

With all my love, your Mom...

Sylvia, 12/03/03

To our loyal companion, friend and family member.
Be at ease in the lovely place that you are at, until I can hold you in my arms again.

Lynda and Martin

Sylvia, 01/19/03

She captured everyone's heart in the short time she was here. Much loved and never forgotten.

Melissa Koch, Donald Robinson

Sylvia Becerra, 12/31/88-01/22/03

I love you Sylvia. Mom

Sylvie Pie, 01/31/88-02/22/02

Sylvie, you were my oldest friend. Thank you for seeing me through so much. And thank you for showing me your daddy was "the one." You were such a special girl and you touched so many hearts. We miss you very much and will love you forever and ever. Daddy says, "I miss your little pink nose."

Stephanie Clarke

Szakel's Sheeva Gutt, 07/23/96-03/26/03

MY Darling Sheeva Gutt,
The days are quite without you, even with the other Peibies in the is empty with out you my darling Gutt-Gutt girl!! My heart aches to see you, my arms ache to hold you!
Know you are still and always will be my #1 Peibie!!
For you my love!
Til we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge......
Momma-Chellie Szakel

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